A GIRL BAND ON KPOP MUSIC MONDAY! It has finally happened! After 13 weeks of pure Kpop Sausage festivities, Miss A finally breaks the streak to be a girl band on Kpop Music Mondays! If you haven’t seen this record-breaking video, check it out here:


So I’ve noticed that as of late we are saving our deeper thoughts for our blog posts. We had a bit to say about this Miss A video, or more so, what it stirred up inside of us regarding implications about Korean culture, but we feel like Music Monday should remain at least a bit entertaining rather than a heavy lecture about what we think about stuff. But the fact that we have to hold ourselves back a bit for Music Mondays doesn’t make us upset because we feel like there are different communities of people existing on YouTube, Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, and on the EYK blog itself that have different kinds of conversations and enjoy commenting in different ways. While a lot of viewers overlap into all of these communities (the Nastiest of the Nasties!), we must confess that this blog here has our favourite group of individuals, who all seem to promote conversation and to discuss things in a level-headed fashion. YAY! So onto our thoughts about the video:

While Miss A’s message seems simple enough, truthfully, it’s difficult to fully grasp the context of the video if you don’t live (or if you have lived) in Korea. Even thought we really love Korean culture, there are some parts we don’t love, one of which being the rampant materialism. I’ll give you an upsetting example: when I was still teaching at my all girls high school, dating was a hot topic, so I tried to incorporate interesting concepts like opinions on dating into my lessons to foster class participation. One of my classes was an open class survey where I asked questions in English, and the students would vote, and then we’d discuss why they voted for what, and then they’d present their findings to the class.

One of the most appalling discoveries I made was during a survey about dating and marriage. Out of my 14 classes of over 40 students, around 80% of them would choose A) a good looking, tall, rich person that treated them like garbage over B) a short but good looking average paid person that treated them like gold. I was SO shocked and I wanted to know why they would make such a poor choice, to which they’d respond that appearance to other people was more important. And somehow, they thought their personal happiness would increase if other people were envious of what they had, even if what they had didn’t result in their own personal happiness. And there was also the added bonus they could buy things to make themselves happy.

Now, I’m glad that there was a small percentage of students that wanted to meet someone that wasn’t a jerk, but even when I adjusted the survey more in favour of the shorter guy regarding happiness, it seemed like shortness in itself was such a HUGE problem. A huge shallow problem. When I told my students I dated a guy who was a foot shorter than me (true) they were shocked and even responded with “ewww”. I really REALLY tried to impress upon my students the importance of a person liking someone for their personality, rather than for just money and looks, but it was hard to convince them when they’d say, “but you married Simon and he’s really tall.” I didn’t marry Simon because he was tall!!!! O____o

Now as I got to know more Korean adults, I discovered that, in my personal opinion, some of their priorities were out of order. When my friends started dating a new guy, I asked them what they were like and every single person started to tell me about their job, how much money they make, and if they were good looking. I even had one friend tell me in advance, “he’s not good looking and he doesn’t make a lot of money”. And I was like… “Um. I don’t care about that. Does he treat you well? Does he make you laugh?” I really had to needle my friends to find out WHAT their boyfriend were like outside of their jobs, so I feel like something is going wrong with priorities if people are more concerned about impressing their friends about their boyfriends’ job. Now obviously, not everyone in Korea is like this, but I experienced it enough to feel worried about my friends.

Now what does this have to do with Miss A’s song? Well, it seems that the idea of dating or marrying rich is a very big goal in Korea (and other parts of the world), but it’s more weighed towards a woman snagging a rich man, rather than a man snagging a rich woman.

Even if you look at Korean dramas, the concept of wealthy women seem to fall into three basic categories: a really old grandma CEO, a heinous b*tch of a crazy CEO, or the heinous b*tch daughter of a rich CEO trying to hook up with the rich guy that is interested in the poor girl. Why aren’t there any talented F4 flower girls that are sought after by all the boys? Super rich woman driving hot cars and saving a poor guy from his rough life of not-richness? I want to see a Korean girl forcefully grab a guy by his wrist and drag him somewhere against his will. I really think that this is a small reflection of how gender roles are seen in Korea.

Now I know, we could look at North American TV shows and be appalled by what they say about North America, but yeah, I do think that a lot of the trashy reality TV shows out there are a reflection of what needs to change. How is Toddlers in Tiara’s still allowed to be on TV?! What is with this HoneyBooBoo crap?! But since I live in Korea, I’m out of the loop with North American TV and I just read random articles that appall me from time to time.

Altogether, I wasn’t necessarily trying to make a point in this blog post or form a hypothesis or anything. I just wanted to talk a bit about my experiences of gender roles in Korea and how those experiences relate to Miss A’s song and video, which might not be as relatable to people living outside of Korea. Living in Korea, though, this video makes a lot of sense to us. Alright, I need input people, input! Anyone else have similar experiences while living in Korea? Outside of Korea? Inside of a hamburger bun? What….

And, on another super serious note, JYP yells out his name whenever he pulls something out of his pants, and more in the bloopers!


  1. Meemers’ cameos are distracting, but in the best possible way. XD Yay Meemers!

  2. Hi guys, I’ve been living in China for more than one year, and though I know Chinese and Korean are not the same, I must say they do have many similarities in their cultures, like this one, and beyond the materialistic point, the root is about “lose face”. I think many people know that Asian people are really proud, and one of the reasons it’s because of this, they would do many things to impress other people, and being like this it’s not because the capitalism or something like that, of course now it’s more even clear, but they have these kind of thoughts since long time ago, they would do many things to pretend they are fine, so people can think that they are good, now they like to stand out, but the thing is that this has some Confucianism roots, because Confucianism stresses out the need to be in harmony, so initially it was referred to be in peace and go with the flow, so you were not suppose to be outstanding in any way, thing that many Chinese and Korean still like, (this is a really deep and complicated point in Asian societies), but as time passes this evolve to be a way to pretend in society, you can have a horrible personal life, but as long as people think you are happy and you have a wealth life, that will make you shine in society, and I think we can appreciate some of that in Korean dramas.

    Well, the point is for me, this song is also very important, because also China is a patriarchal society who relies in what the guy can give to get a “good” women, so many girls have a lot of pressure from their families to find a good guy, that means that have money, the more the better, I mean, this also happen in many other countries, but this is like a must in China to get married.

    I feel a little bit bad, because since I heard it, I knew it wouldn’t be like the greatest hit because its content at least in the Asian market… anyway still I love it. ^^

  3. I’m actually really glad you posted this because it forced me to take a look at my own “ideal type.” I’ll start by going back to my earliest memories of what I thought a husband should be like. When I was a little kid I used to design my future life. I had an imaginary husband, I think his name was Ron or something, and 5 boys and 5 girls, they all had names too, but I can’t remember them. Anyways, I really wanted to live on a farm. “Ron” was a farmer, and I don’t really recall having a very specific image of him when it came to looks; in fact I don’t think I pictured him as very attractive at all, he was just really nice and caring. I think little kids model what they think an ideal spouse is after their parents, off of loving relationships.

    In middle school I started getting into really cute boys. I thought when I got older I’d marry some hot punk rocker and spend my life touring with him. To me the starving artist was the best kind of guy, really emotional and sensitive. I thought all the emo/scene boys were the hottest thing. Looks were all that really mattered to most girls my age.

    In high school, I started looking at reality, and also my image to other people. It became important to have the latest fashions, the newest phone, iPod, etc. If you wanted to look cool to other people, you needed money to have the latest stuff. This was also the time when I started watching kdramas. Like the girls in your class, I started thinking about money and status. Also, height is very important to me too, I started really liking tall guys (I even have an ideal height – 5’11”)

    Today in college, I will say that my dream husband is a rich, attractive business man (bonus points if he is Korean). What bothers me though is how shallow this is. In fact, I have never given thought to what kind of personality I like or how I want to be treated. The sad thing is I’m having trouble changing this image. It’s still hard to imagine marrying someone not attractive, or with a low income. But thanks for making me analyze myself to try and change :)

  4. I heard that JYP puts his name in the songs that he wrote. Maybe he didn’t write this one?

  5. MISS A!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D:D:DD:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D::D

  6. I think it’s the same in most asian countries. Most girls dream of snatching and bagging that ultimate dream guy who drives a nice car, lives in a big house and is good looking like prince charming. Unfortunately, I have to say I’m a little in that conception myself..I would love a man who drives a better car than me and at least have enough money to feed himself and me. This skewerd mindset may be coz of the whole idea that if you were rich, the poor guys will be a burden and he may leech on you. Parents and friends of parents look down on you for being ‘not normal’ (whatever normal is..) hence why many of my friends date guys who are better off than they are. It’s just the whole slanted notion that a guy has got to be your ‘man’. they are the ones tasked to fend for themselves and their ladies…if not, it’s seriously a no go in many families.
    Then again, many guys in asian countries have their pride…they’ll never go for girls who are richer than them, and unfortunately that’s my case…being too independent sticks out like a sore thumb. So yeah…the dilemma for living in an asian countrry, being chinese and living in a chinese centric culture…but having a western concept/mindset is a b*tch and a pain in d arse.
    So yeah…I’m looking for a guy like that too…but reality bites hard you know. So reality checked..I’m happy to just have a guy who can feed himself and love me. As long as he doesn’t need me feeding him I’m a happy happy girl…>.<

  7. the thought of girls having biases towards marrying the rich or someone good looking even if the guy’s actually an ass is SSOOOO encrypted in us as Asians that we end up asking a girl whose in a new relationship those sort of questions unconsciously… Even if we don’t want to! With such a hectic lifestyle these days, we girls, who are undermined by society (I HATE THAT about “society”) search for financial security and reassurance so that in our old ages, we won’t suffer financially… Well, everyone’s worried about that directly or indirectly we girls are almost paranoid about this cause we might not get to be independent (due to “circumstances” like the sexist husband e.g.)… It’s not like I’m agreeing to the idea of judging a person by those two perspectives but all I’m just trying to say is, with the world as it is today, these questions come to our minds repeatedly and we can’t change our ways of judging a guy so suddenly like that… it’ll take a REALLY long time to accomplish this change of view…

  8. I’m happy to say that women here in Sweden aren’t as severely materialistic as the girls you describe, Martina! Although of course shallow people here as anywhere else will think that a man who doesn’t have a well-paid job and is good-looking by standards is worthless. That special problem is global, I think.
    The general opinion though is that a girl should choose someone she likes because of who he is, someone who treats her well because he loves her in turn. People won’t shudder here if you tell them that your boyfriend is short, and most parents doesn’t care about such things as appearance as long as their in-law is good at heart.
    I feel sorry when I read everyone’s description of the questions they get when they say that they’re in a relationship; that the first questions are ‘is he tall’ or ‘is he rich’ is so sad! We can do better than that, girls! :D

    • Yeah, and I find it that in Sweden when it is apparent that the girl has only chosen the guy for his money or car or home she’s more or less looked down upon by others, especially by other girls. There’s a long tradition that a Swedish woman should be independent and self-sufficient and not rely on a man, and I agree with you that what’s important for most parents is that the guy is stable and treats the
      girl right. To be with a guy, and to sleep with him, just because he buys you nice clothes, has a nice car and some money is just illogical in my eyes. I can get that myself through my own hard work, why do I need a man for that? I would never degrade myself for something like that. And it’s sad that some women do. I get stooping to prostitution to be able to put food on your table and feed your family when there’s no other choice, but to do that (which, let’s face it, it really is) for a Prada bag or Gucci heals is not only stupid, it’s an insult to those women who sacrificed so much so that we women today can live the independent life we live to day. But then again our culture is a different one from Asian and with other values and philosophies…

  9. I vote for “I don’t need a man”

  10. all the best to the new album, “I don’t need a man”

    One of my friend suggested me dkpopnews.net, i just gone through the site, it is simply awesome

  11. This reminds me of a conversation I had with a colleague where she made fun of me because I said I’d rather have a hardworking man that treats me with respect and lovingly than a rich beautiful man. You can find materialistic people everywhere but what really alarms me is the fact that that’s the trend; even among men.

  12. Congratulations~~ Finally you got a table :D

  13. My mom always wanted me to marry a rich guy, but that’s just because she wants to make sure my future husband can support himself. She wants me to make my own money, and (in her own words) be able to comfortably support myself and be rich on my own in case my husband turns out to be an ass.
    Boy, Asian mothers are hilarious.
    Me personally, I would of course like a guy with a decent job, but I want a guy who can treat me well rather than a guy who treats me terribly. I know my mom wants a guy with the money, but even she will never let me get with a guy who doesn’t treat me right. I’m pretty thankful for that.

  14. It seems like a very strong cultural thing, to focus on affluence and appearance above other qualifications in a partner. I think it stems from the idea that wealth = stability, which isn’t always the case. It drives me nuts, especially when my mom pulls it.
    My family isn’t Asian, but both my parents came from low-income backgrounds, and have succeeded in working their way up and providing for me and my sisters. Whenever my mom talks to me about dating, though, it’s always about whether or not the guy has a well-paying job and is attractive, instead of what I find attractive in a guy.

  15. I don’t know why, but some some reason this music monday video keep lagging on my computer. My MacBook Pro computer. I tried another video and it’s working normally… I’ve even restarted my laptop for the first time in …. weeks? What ever is the problem I really hope it’s not my computer….

  16. Real life in Korea is nothing like K pop mvs or dramas! Not all koreans are materialistic or obssesed with looks. I think they just have higher expectations (in themselves and in others) and wants to become the best version of themselves.

  17. Thank you for this thoughtful post, Simon and Martina. I enjoyed reading it and agree with your words

  18. I remember when I was in Japan their was a similar concept of a woman needs a man.

    I remember watching TV with one of my host families, and they were on the topics of apartments. They showed this common house were you could rent a room. It was basicly a very nice, clean, and beautiful all women dormitory. The first reaction of the daughter, about 8 years old, was “well that’s a bad idea, how can they be safe without a man in the house”

    I was totally shocked and baffled. In her mind set, no women could live a good safe life without a man, on both the actual physical safety and financial.

    Although I know that this way of thinking is not valued by all citizens. I remember quite clearly in my first week at school, the guys in my class asked my what my type was. I didn’t know what to answer since (miss)A. I don’t have a a specific type and (block) B. I could barely speak Japanese at that point. So they asked questions like “Do you like happy(genki) guys?” or “do you like cool(kakoi) guys?” they did ask me a few questions about looks, but they mostly were curious about my personality tastes. And then the teacher got annoyed because we were talking in class…

    And also, although it is starting to change, and this is not all japanese work places and families, their is still pressure for women to marry in Japan and to quit their jobs when they marry, if not then, when they get pregnant.

  19. I’m Pakistani-American (meaning that I was born in Pakistan, but I’ve lived in the U.S. since I was four.), so I understand the ideology that some people have that marrying a rich man means that their life is set. I’m not sure that my culture(or what I’ve gathered from friends and family in Pakistan) completely follows the same ideology as Koreans. I’ve been taught that to marry well, you need to be successful yourself. In other words, if you want to marry a doctor or lawyer or someone with a successful government job, you need to have a good education and a well-paying job yourself so you are considered worthy to have familial ties with. Arranged marriage in Pakistan usually is for the benefit for the family’s image rather than just about the couple. People perceive that a well-paying job makes you more appealing to be associated with, so it heightens the social status of you and those around you.

    Their are some arranged marriages that are done just because the parents of the couple are friends and had already agreed to have their children married to each other before they were born or when they were little. These kinds of marriages I think, are more of a favor from one family to the other if one has a better social status than the other. I know that because I know my grandfather had my uncle marry my aunt because her mother begged him to since her husband was a god-for-nothing and a cheater having an affair. Since my aunt’s father was having an affair many families wouldn’t want that associated to their own family and be perceived in a negative light.

    Now, I’m personally not going to get an arranged marriage. My parents, I’m sure, will try to make me have one, but it would be to the benefit of the other party that they don’t unless they want me to raise hell. I’m not going down, I’m gonna fight it! They’ll never take me alive! I will marry if I want to marry, and on my own terms. I will marry for love, trust, and respect to someone who treats me like gold and believes in me to be his equal. Otherwise…I’ll have more time to volunteer at animal shelters and help the environment and community! :P Ooh, and I’d be able to afford a pet, and get an apartment that I might end up sharing with my closest friend who also doesn’t want to get married(she’s not asian, she just doesn’t trust easily) and we’ll just travel the world and cross things off our bucket list! :D

  20. But there is a famous k-drama ‘couple or trouble’!!!!
    How can’t you know this??
    There is a really rich(millionaire),independent woman who falls in love with not that rich guy…

  21. I’m in my 3rd smt in my university. But back then when i was still in high school, so sad that all my classmates just talking about relationships and dating (not about the lessons in class that . The boys would always talk about pretty girls they’ve met around, and it’s almost the same with the girls. Most of them came from rich families, and almost all of them alr had their own car so they’d drive to school or from school with their cars. One night they did a car race in their house complex and one of their car crashed to a banana tree (=.=”) and they joked about it. I’m really wondering what were they thinking that time when they had car crash even the car not crashed badly (the car got dent).

    They’re spoiled young kids trying to be adult by playing race car at nights. Some of them I met in my university, one of them is now smoking =.=

    We all came from a good Christian school that providing a biblical devotion for 15 minutes every morning before the class start. Even that devotion and all the teachers’ warning never affect their mind to be a better person after they graduate from high school, or even become better in the next day.

    They’d just playing around with a good looking guys or good looking girls that are rich.

  22. And..the french captions hahaha xD How the hell did you come up with such randomness? xD And I beg your pardon, my mother is not a hamster..at least she wasn’t the last time i saw her…DUN DUN DUN DUN!

  23. Brohoho boutique has a chandelier every meter? Seems legit. I really liked that song actually, it was very refreshing and it’s fun to listen to when doing chores or groceries ^^

  24. I’m so glade that in my family the women are respected. We are told to get an education so that we can stand up for ourselves. But in other families it’s more important to marry the girl off, with or without an education. What happens to you when your “man” decides to leave you or when you want to leave him because he isn’t treating you right, but you can’t because you have no education and can’t get a decent job because of that? I really enjoyed the message of this song also because it touched on not taking money from your parent’s all the time but insted giving them money and taking care of them.

  25. I recommend u to watch I Do, I Do It’s a good example for independent lady in Korea), Prosecutor Princess (although the girl is rich, I don’t think it’s suitable to the context. But the drama is really good and it has twist.) Then I love Italy/Itaeri (The lady is super rich but the story is absurd so I haven’t finished watching it). And Bachelor Vegetable Store (The girl was poor and got adopted to a rich family but the story is complicated. Still good though). And there is a Japanese drama starred by Kim Tae Hee and Taecyeon (They are Korean so I think it counts) which its title is Boku to Star no 99 Nichi.

    Good thing that u raise about this independent lady up. I want to share too….
    Well, I think the “marry a tall-good-looking-rich-person concept” has been knowing
    on to every kid in the world since long long time ago. I remember watching Disney cartoons when I was a child like Cinderella, the most vivid one in portraying this concept. And most of the dramas in the country where I live, Indonesia, have the same concept, poor lady getting married to a rich man. And I think it goes the same with Disney films or other teenager movies like Twilight (which the main male character is a super rich man, tall and good looking aka Edward Cullen).

    Since this concept has been growing on inside the kids’ mind until they grow up, it seems that marrying a tall-good-looking-rich person becomes their dream. I don’t put
    “treat-me-like-crap-guy” because most of the teenagers never imagine what their
    life will be after getting married. They innocently think life will be easier and they’ll have no problem after marrying a rich person.

    And it’s true that many Asians old and young like to ask what type of the guy’s job, what are his parents do, how many siblings he has, on top of other questions like personality.

    In other cases, there is a marriage when the wife has higher education and job level than the husband. Usually this kind of marriage wont last long coz the husband will feel inferior at a certain rate (although the wife is not dominant in the family). Male in our country has – what I like to call as – SILLY DIGNITY at a time like this. *sigh* So, it’s safer to get a husband with a same amount of payment or lesser than him.

    But tall is not our important criteria coz our men are taller than the girl in general. It’s hard to find a tall man but it’s harder to find a tall woman here. Normal man is
    usually around 165cm. What? And normal woman is usually around 160 cm. WHAT?? It’s real. Indonesians are shorter than the Western people. For me, I’m considered as a really tall girl (the tallest girl at school and the second tallest at uni among all of the female students. Can u imagine that??). In fact, I’m 175cm. U can imagine what I feel when talking to the opposite sexes. Or what the men feel when talking to me. Lol They often tease me about this. :/ Personally I want my future husband to be taller than me but it’s like finding a needle among the straws. Lol STILL, my PRIORITY is to find a loyal and hardworking husband. It’s useless if we just try to find a lover based on outside appearance coz it never lasts long. But inner beauty aka personality lasts longer.

    Actually the way people think about their future husband concept in Indonesia are mostly influenced by their education skill. Female who supports “marry a good looking rich person concept” usually just graduated from high school or less than that. Meanwhile female who graduated at least from uni has much better way of thinking in selecting their future husband. Of course. But yeah, studying at uni is expensive here.

  26. I think that as far as gender roles go in Korean society you can’t deny the 300 plus years of Confucianism during the Joseon Dynasty in Korea. Confucian values laid clear cut rules of what your role as a woman is which is that your basically subservient to men. When your young you are represented in society by your father, after marriage your represented by your husband, and after your husband dies your son represents you. The job of the woman was to produce a son to continue the family line as everything was passed down via male lineage and nurture them so they can have bright futures. Ever wonder why they are such mama’s boys it because their moms do everything for them. These values still have a hold in today’s society.

    As far as why they would choose rich douche bag husbands who knows really. In my studies about Korea the relationships in Korea are truly fascinating. But as far as my research has gone Koreans really value first impressions and place huge emphasis on their status in society. So I suppose its not to far fetched to assume that having a rich husband secures in the elite group in society whether he is a douche bag or not. As far as them being materialistic, I theorize that how other people perceive them, “face” for lack of a better term, plays a big role in this and that is why there is a constant need for stuff. Or it could even go as far as the fact that Korea for most of their history has been either invaded or colonized meaning that they were forced to conform to whatever the regime at the time was. So maybe their nationalistic pride and their constant need to be successful stems from their gloomy past. Who knows. Thought I’d just throw my 2 cents in since this is my current area of study and I will be going to Korea soon to begin my research on North Korean defectors in South Korea :)

  27. I live in America and never been to Korea (though planning on it soon!) and I don’t know if it is worse in Korea, but this type of attitude is pretty common here as well, and it is really sad! And as the oldest of six siblings, the youngest being 4, I have to agree with you on your disgust for things like Toddlers in Tiaras and HoneyBooBoo, those types of things make me sad to be an American sometimes. People need to both A) control their children and not let them do whatever they wants and B)Treat the kids like kids and not let them wear makeup and get freaking plastic surgery at 3 years old!

  28. Pumpkin stuffed unicorn, THE ORIGINALITY! Also, Monty python FTW

  29. I almost spewed DP when Simon brought out the sausages….LMFAO

  30. erm..kay, tried to submit a video but it was rejected because it was already submitted but um…cant find it anywhere.

  31. when’s BlockB’s interview coming out??~

  32. miss A! The message 4 Minute was sending isn’t very clear whereas miss A is like really very on the dot :)

  33. Your blog reminded me of Playful Kiss which was one of the most frustrating dramas that I have ever watched! no offense to anyone, i liked the drama and watched it till the end. The thing that I did not like was how the girl would endure all the things the guy did to her! =S so frustrating! I also always thought that stories like this one would impose on girls the idea that a guy would change or that he would like her in the end if she would follow him everywhere or do other stalk-y things, which is not true. I don’t live in Korea but some of the things that I watch in dramas have made me wander if this message that women are getting from TV is something that has to do with Korean/Asian culture. It is very interesting and frustrating at the same time.

  34. seeing everyone is talking about it…I shall give my 2 cents in too.
    being a South East Asian descent, I am bombarded with these stereotypes that women need to be soft-spoken, soft-hearted, dependent, silently accept every dictate and just be a ‘model’ woman who does everything to be a comfort to the men in their lives.

    And let’s just say being bold, brash and LOUD and not to mention a bit unhinged at times is unacceptable. I mean, I don’t really like kids but I can’t say that out loud except with my family who knows very well I don’t like kids. Not liking kids make me look like a cold-hearted person with a dash of cruel thrown in. @_@ Which is just not true… if I didn’t care, I wouldn’t want to be a teacher for goodness sakes.

    My sisters and I have a hard time with guys mainly because of our independent and outspoken streak. The guys around us just avoid us. And think what comes out of our mouths is drivel like any other girls. The guys NEVER listen. The funny thing is, they know we’re good at what we’re doing and they would come back to us for help. =__=
    It just makes me feel like banging my head against the wall 8 of 10 times.

    And that’s just personality!
    When my eldest sister say she’s financially independent with her own house, car and everything material she could ever want…men just avoid her more.
    Me? When I say I’m saving to buy my own house, car etc (social status symbols here) they either look interested for 30 seconds or just surprised. Then when they ask if I want to marry soon (I’m 22) and I reply “not until I finish studying” they give me these freaky pitying looks tampered with admiration. the blunter guys would just say “you don’t really want to get married do you?” o__0 wut?

    Being a girl and financially independent is just a big problem for some reason. Well, that’s just my experience I dunno about anyone else.

  35. The version you put up was not the English subtitled one. I really appreciated the English one (which came out the same day I think) and i am using it to improve some of my Korean skills.

    I loved the message of the video and actually thought that if they had put a bunch of dancing it would have diluted the message. And I put the video up myself on my facebook the day it came out and alot ofd people enjoyed it waygooks and Koreans.

  36. okay ewwwwwww “kpop sausage festivities” I spit out my water from laughing so hard, I will be scarred for life —-___—–

  37. Woah, so interesting reading all these comments. Where i’m from, Sweden, it feels like it’s almost the reverse. I can barely let a guy treat me to coffee without feeling the need to somehow state “my independence” (arguing for buying the coffee next time or something :P). The thought of letting my future (especially my economical situation) depend on someone else seems terrifying! I plan my life as if im going to live it by myself, and if im lucky enough to meet someone to share it with, sure, but they’ll have to drag their own weight. Since I grew up in a family where my mom had the well-paid top-job and my dad cooked dinner every evening, i always get shocked (and quite scared) when i realize how many still live with old-fashioned gender stereotypes…

  38. Yeah, my rents are Indian and care way too much about image and what others think and school and money and all that. It was really too much for me cause I was born and raised in Toronto. So yeah, it’s really old fashioned and sometimes I felt like I was living in the 1800’s. Indian parents are also really strict and controlling and think it’s ok to hit your kids. Well, that’s my experience. I’m also thinking of Japan cause I lived there too.

  39. Well that’s kind of sad that what thu think in korean and actually I kind the suspected its so wrong. Back in my home country out of korean and North America just one particular city is almost the same the only difference is that both have to have a really good job and be beautiful to show everybody how good life they have sad but true. Hopefully I fine a man that works hard and loves me they way I am

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