That’s how you spell out the Christmas song, by the way. Side note: we don’t really even know what the name of that song is. We just sing it.

Anyhoot, here’s our Christmas themed Music Monday, in which we talk about a bunch of Christmas Kpop songs. Some are fun, some are merry, some are odd, some are forced, some are WTF, but all will make you feel like it’s Christmas!

Ok, for really reals: where’s TOP singing “Little Drummer Boy”? I played my drum for him doom dada doom da! Me and my druuuum. Ok that might not be the best song. Why isn’t YG on this list? YG needs to make a Christmas song. Christmas in the YG Hood. Lots of Green and Red bandanas on their faces. Diamond grills made out of Christmas ornaments. Merry Christmas MOFOs!

So, yeah, that might not work out all too well, but the other labels are chipper and not-ultra cool enough to fit the Christmas vibe, I think. Let us know which one of the songs was your favourite. And someone PLEASE tell me what EXO’s video is all about. Maybe the lyrics give it a happier, Christmas-ier feeling, but I don’t wanna see people cry! Why did the girl disappear? Why give a blank canvas to someone for Christmas, and why caress it beforehand? That video was just a mess of WHYs, even though the song was pretty. I just wish I didn’t see the video.

On a sillier note: bloopers!


Anyhow, we’re writing this blog post now as we’re packing for Canada, so we’re in a bit of a hurry, seeing as we’re flying out in less than 24 hours and we still haven’t put anything in our suitcases yet, and we still have to drop of Spudgy and Meemers at our friends’ places. SO SAD! We can’t bring the animals with us this year. But we’ll be seeing family for Christmas, at least! Our first one with them in Canada in FIVE YEARS! EEEEP! That could probably be why we’ve been so Christmas themed lately. Our WANK is a Christmas video, too, though that’ll be published when we’re in Canada, even though we pre-filmed it.

On that note, later today, at around 3AM Korean time we’re going to be publishing a video for the Project for Awesome campaign, so stay tuned for that. It’s important! Not as chipper as a Christmas movie, but it’s still important to watch! Subscribe if you haven’t already to make sure that you don’t miss out on that video, or any others!

  1. is it just me or orange c and nuest were so awkward with each other ,like …omg what to do she touched me aa aaa aa.
    now jyp awwww…jyp is just me again or JYP was the main and everybody were so stressed not to still his spot light?

  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=er1RYWQf0Gc
    My ALL TIME favorite Kpop Christmas Song (Well, next to Crayon Pop’s that is)! Their voices just get me every time :)
    And yeah…this post is a little late…X3 Worth a listen if you’ve never heard it :D

  3. Santa: making the world a better place, ear after ear.

  4. um so i’m wondering and i know somebody probably mentioned this already but when is the next music monday? i know that when christmas comes around there sometimes aren’t any so when is the next one?

  5. Late addition just released – History: All I Want for Christmas is You http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pgb_Xp1jGqk

  6. I was hoping you would of included Starship Planet’s Christmas Song .. They all look so close in theirs !

  7. Isn’t that Roh (or Noh?) Ji Hoon? He did that song ‘Punishment’ with the pants dance… I’m pretty sure S&M did either a KMM or KMM Update on him once…

    EDIT: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AYfqORbqRmc

  8. Interestingly, none of the people in the Dashing Through the Snow In High Heels video are actually wearing high heels. What?

  9. YG should’ve followed your advice…any of your suggestions would’ve been better than that Bom&Hi song. I couldn’t bear to hear/watch it more than once; Bom’s singing made me feel tired just listening to it; and their acting/lipsyncing was cringeworthy >_< I had to go listen to the original just to clean the gunk out of my ears. Sorry, I love those girls, and YG, but no :(

    As for my favourite Kpop-ish Christmas song, by far, without doubt, hands down – Ailee's My Grown Up Christmas List:

    It's a cover, but the song, video, and vocals are all absolutely stunning.

  10. For Simon’s Christmas education:


    Also, considering Boy George and George Michael both show up in under the first minute, it could probably be a strong argument against the little editing bit about the one kpop song being reminiscent of 80s Christmas songs but more gay…. :)


    Okay basically the EXO song is all about wanting to go back to a time where there were good memories with the one they love (representation of the girl), to relive all the memories and to wish that they weren’t selfish about being indulged into their powers. Their powers are shown again in this video and is based off of the powers from the MAMA video, so Xiumin allows to snow to appear and Tao controls time. Tao’s controlling the time to represent the desire that each EXO member has to turn the clock back and to show their loved one how they really are and how sincere they are. The disappearance of the girl represents, like i was saying before, how the EXO members wanted to show who they really were, but the fact that they were so induced into their own powers they regret not being able to keep their lover and treat her as well as they could have. There is actually deep symbolism of Kris’ painting, speaking as an artist myself i can relate to what was actually going on with Kris’ painting situation. In the beginning Kris wasn’t necessarily caressing it, but was actually struggling to find a subject to paint. It follows through with him almost breaking into tears and gifting a blank canvas, which actually is very symbolic. The blank canvas represents how when you care for someone as with all your heart and even more, you tend to want to give them a home made gift, in this case it was a painting. The fact that Kris left it blank represents how no gift can ever level up to show how much that person ( the painter) cares for the other person. As an artist myself, i do struggle to find what can truly represent how much I would feel about a person, and sometimes i realize that no painting can be worth how much i love and care for that person. Initially this is what is symbolic about the painting, the fact that Kris cannot express his love just through a painting, and that no matter what he paints it cannot level with his emotions for that person. The lyrics, like i stated before are about wanting to turn back time to treat this lover especially well, and how EXO is waiting for a “Miracle” to happen that would actually work in their favor to show how much they truly love that person. The lover is not necessarily dead either, just because of the disappearing scene, it means that she has moved on, which explains Sehun’s heart broken face, showing what he had lost and not kept.

    I hope I answered your questions to the best of my ability!

  12. I remember in a previous video that y’all were saying that Christmas in Korea is really more for couples and less for family. Since it’s celebrated a little differently than how y’all grew up, wouldn’t it make sense for the songs to be about love? :x I’m not really bothered in the slightest that they weren’t singing all about holiday cheer and that kind of stuff. Plus, I’ll be even more inclined to listen to these songs all year round this way.

    Anyway, EXO’s song and video were my favorite on this list by a VERY large margin. I think the video goes along quite well with the lyrics as well. It’s about looking back on someone they loved so very much, how they should have treated them better, how they wish they could go back in time to when they were together etc. The song and video are both so beautiful.

    Y’all should definitely check out some of Jellyfish Ent’s Christmas songs. I like the one they put out this year, but I really enjoy the one they did last year more. ^^ I feel like it beats a lot of the videos on the list for me too.


  13. I’m not sure if you’ve already gotten the explanation how Miracles in December’s MV relates to the song title itself but what the hey;

    The song is about a man yearning back for his ex-lover. As the trans of the lyrics go “I see things that I couldn’t see before,
    I hear things that I couldn’t hear before” it actually means that the man has realized how he selfish he was to have taken advantage of the relationship between him and the woman.

    I don’t celebrate Christmas but I know that it is taken as the month/day where miracles could happen. So the man wishes for a miracle in December to happen because the break up supposedly happened in the month of December as well, and as you know, a miracle did come when Tao used his alien time control powers and turned back time. Now, I just need to say that no, EXO is not chasing after the same girl. When the time was going backwards and the snow was going upward, Sehun (the tall, blonde guy) got a chance to see his lover again and thought the miracle was actually happening. But it only lasted for a few seconds and in a blink, the girl was gone and the snow was falling downward normally again.

    The reason why the other members were crying too is because they all had the similar feeling of loss as did Sehun felt. Chanyeol, the guy with the two rings (*coughs 10080 *coughs*), was supposed to give the other ring to his lover but didn’t get too, so he just played it off and wore both of the rings instead. Though, I’m not really sure about the Nature Republic gifts and the canvas (which is not blank, if you watch the BTS of the MV, there is actually a drawing. But I doubt that it was Kris’s lol) but yeah, I’m certain that those gifts were left unaccepted and in the end, they were left under the snow, just waiting.

    The chorus of this song translates to “stopping the time, I go back to you. I open up this book of memories and I open up the page where I am there with you” which made me cry so hard I don’t even know why but it might be because of the beautiful harmonization and also the situation where the Sehun thing happened.

    P/s: I don’t think many people realized that Xiumin also used his alien freezing powers to make it snow.

    [TL;DR] The title of the song is called Miracles in December because the man wishes miracles could happen in December to get his lover back. Though, it’s not stated in the lyrics, that would be the only explanation why that’s the song title.
    But I get it, this song doesn’t really give you the Christmas spirit, probably because that wasn’t the aim of it in the first place. I’d like to think of this song as a story that took place on Christmas instead.

    I’m sorry that I wrote so long, I just wanted to make things clear (which hopefully, I did).

    I’m really happy that you guys reviewed this song and video and hope that you’d have a very Merry Christmas! ^_^

  14. I’ve seen girls on mountains in heels, but crazier than that, at Jisan Valley Rock Festival, I saw a girl wading in a creek in heels. Seriously.

  15. Nope, the EXO song’s lyrics are just as depressing as the MV. I was the same as y’all. When I read the title, Miracle in December, I thought it would be inspiring or joyful/peaceful/hopeful – things associated with Christmas. The song was gorgeous and the MV left me scratching my head. So I went and found the lyrics and was like, oh… Other Kpop Christmas song lyrics are just as depressing though. It’s all about being lonely with no significant other on Christmas. That’s NOT what Christmas is about. Why Kpop gotta make Christmas be depressing?! I’ll stick with my dashing through the snow, ho-ho-ho, joy to the world Christmas songs.

  16. I love Crayon Pop’s song and the dance is super cute and funny

  17. I’m pretty sure EXO’s miracle in December is having three quarters of the group stand outdoors in a public venue without getting attacked by a large number of crazy fans.

  18. Hello I’m new here. and Yes, my DP is actually me. I’m just modelling.
    Anyway, My theory behind SM using just one boy or girl is a very optimistic view that they like to show a normal looking boy/girl and say that you could be attractive to multiple types of girls or guys.
    On the other hand… I also think it could be laziness, utter mind-numbing laziness.

  19. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tbsp7cn34NA

    You forgot this one, I really like it it has a very christmasie feel, and everyone plays and sings together all mixed, no ackward rooms…:):)

  20. Verbal Jint came out with a Christmas song recently :) Its really nice http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fSWW-lPOd4Y

  21. When Hyori was being persude by SPICA to become their “Sistar X” she specifically made them climb a mountain in their high heels! Saw it on MNET!

  22. I heard the reason why they do this whole group with one girl or one boy is because its like some kind of law in the k-pop industry. If you pay attention, there’s no kpop music video in which each member of the group has a differente girl/boy

  23. i can’t believe you guys didn’t add ‘pink romance’

    this was my JAM last 2 years! :3
    everybody’s together having fun and it’s a really cute video too


  24. Easy & Lovely~^^
    Has anybody heard of ALFABAT yet? :)


  25. BIGSTAR’s I Got Ya or I Got The Feeling or I Get A Feeling or whatever it’s called is pretty cool too.
    And Turbo’s White Love.

    Crayon Pop’s Lonely Christmas dance cracks me up.

  26. Next year at Christmas, we’ll get to hear what you thought about the BH song! And any other songs that pop out. And I agree, YG needs to make a label song for Christmas.

  27. The video was about Michael Jackson who was trying to kill Rudolph
    And Rudolph retaliates with a gun.

  28. The guy with the teddy bear in Cube Ent’s Christmas Song is Kim Kilee. He’s a comedian and he’s under Cube. Does anyone here watch Gag Concert?

  29. I love when you guys do these kinds of videos. It’s like a bunch of mini-kmm’s mashed into one magical fragical video and we get to hear your thoughts about a handful of videos that may not otherwise get a ton of attention on the kpop charts. The relaxed feeling of the video is fun as well!

    P.S. Martina’s decorations were splendiferous and lovely and SO MUCH CHRISTMAS AHHHH YAYYY FEEL THE JOY.

  30. I’m so glad I’m not the only one that noticed that the canvas was blank in Miracles in December XD

  31. Lol the unknown girl in the Cube video is Shin Ji Hoon. She was on SBS KPop Star 2 and made like top 10 or something. She gained a lot of interest because she is (was?) also a figure skater. :)

  32. Yesterday, I was walking home and I see this girl wearing OPEN TOED high heeled shoes with a dress that went up to her mid-thigh. I looked at her strangely and though “Ehhh, it’s Korea. Nothing to see here.”

  33. I must be the weirdo who understood that EXO’s mv was something about losing a girl and that even if you turned back time, the girl would not be there. I saw the girl they lost, Tao trying to turn time back, and the girl is there for a bit, but she disappears. So, I figured it was a sad reality.

    Maybe all that time travelling the Doctor and the Tardis made got time travelling logic in my head. Or that kid from JYJ’s full version of In Heaven telling me that even if you went back in time, tragedy will still happen.

    Here’s the extremely strange thing. I HATE CHRISTMAS SONGS, yet EXOs Miracles in December is the best Christmas song I’ve heard in a long time… I have problems… Happiness in Christmas songs is overated.

    Yeah, cheerful Christmas songs are annoying if every bloody store plays the same song 5 times in 30 min. Also, my brother got to play Christmas songs in the middle of June or July… I now hate Christmas songs.

    • YOU’RE NOT ALONE! I understood it as well :)
      At first I was like ‘what is it? A memory?’ since Tao makes them go back in time, and the snow stops when the girl appears, and stuff.
      But once I red the lyrics, I understood the meaning of the MV: they WISH for a miracle to happen, that is the girl coming back to them- being reunited; but it never happens. That’s why it’s sad and represents the emotional side of Christmas.
      But the song is awesome, and sticks in your head! :D
      And I agree with you, this songs is refreshing when comparing with most happy christmas songs out there.

  34. My fam says bowkay so SIMON IS WRONG!!!!!

  35. You didn’t rank my favorite one – Starship’s Snow Candy.
    I love how natural the vocals/background music sound (minus the awkward rap part). Although this may be because Starship Entertainment featured their great vocalists (K.Will, Hyorin, Soyou and the vocalists from Boyfriend) and kind of ignored the nont-as-great-singers in the groups.

    The video is cute – they actually all interact with each other.

  36. What you said about EXO’s song is exactly what I was ranting about with my friend like WHY YOU WANT TO MAKE US SAD ON CHRISTMAS DDDD: and i personally think that their song ‘first snow’ on their album would have been so much cuter/have more potential for a happy Christmas song ^^

    oh and idk if anyone mentioned this but there is also Secret’s Christmas song :D

    시크릿 (SECRET) – I Do I Do M/V

    so broadway sounding isn happiness :D

  37. “Merry Festivus” lol! It’s a Festivus for the rest of us!

  38. Merry Christmas guys! I’m glad you’ll get to spend the holidays with your family. I don’t celebrate Christmas, but I definitely know what it’s like to be alone on a big holiday, and how much you miss family. We had a giant dump of snow over the last few days here in the GTA, just in time to welcome you back. Safe travels! I hope you guys are able to have a meetup while you’re in Canada, it would be lovely to finally meet you!

    On that note, I must get back to studying for exams and cursing U of T, lol.

  39. Just have to say that I love Crayon Pop’s video and song. I may get around to checking the other tracks but I make no promises! I don’t know if either of you are familiar with Lupin the 3rd but check out the 2nd series opening and tell me you don’t hear a similarity to a certain song in your list. Also maybe the picture of Fujiko in the thumbnail gives a hint to some inspiration?

  40. The English title for Crayon Pop’s song is “Lonely Christmas”

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