That’s how you spell out the Christmas song, by the way. Side note: we don’t really even know what the name of that song is. We just sing it.

Anyhoot, here’s our Christmas themed Music Monday, in which we talk about a bunch of Christmas Kpop songs. Some are fun, some are merry, some are odd, some are forced, some are WTF, but all will make you feel like it’s Christmas!

Ok, for really reals: where’s TOP singing “Little Drummer Boy”? I played my drum for him doom dada doom da! Me and my druuuum. Ok that might not be the best song. Why isn’t YG on this list? YG needs to make a Christmas song. Christmas in the YG Hood. Lots of Green and Red bandanas on their faces. Diamond grills made out of Christmas ornaments. Merry Christmas MOFOs!

So, yeah, that might not work out all too well, but the other labels are chipper and not-ultra cool enough to fit the Christmas vibe, I think. Let us know which one of the songs was your favourite. And someone PLEASE tell me what EXO’s video is all about. Maybe the lyrics give it a happier, Christmas-ier feeling, but I don’t wanna see people cry! Why did the girl disappear? Why give a blank canvas to someone for Christmas, and why caress it beforehand? That video was just a mess of WHYs, even though the song was pretty. I just wish I didn’t see the video.

On a sillier note: bloopers!


Anyhow, we’re writing this blog post now as we’re packing for Canada, so we’re in a bit of a hurry, seeing as we’re flying out in less than 24 hours and we still haven’t put anything in our suitcases yet, and we still have to drop of Spudgy and Meemers at our friends’ places. SO SAD! We can’t bring the animals with us this year. But we’ll be seeing family for Christmas, at least! Our first one with them in Canada in FIVE YEARS! EEEEP! That could probably be why we’ve been so Christmas themed lately. Our WANK is a Christmas video, too, though that’ll be published when we’re in Canada, even though we pre-filmed it.

On that note, later today, at around 3AM Korean time we’re going to be publishing a video for the Project for Awesome campaign, so stay tuned for that. It’s important! Not as chipper as a Christmas movie, but it’s still important to watch! Subscribe if you haven’t already to make sure that you don’t miss out on that video, or any others!

  1. Wow, I didn’t know she could sing well. She sounds better than him IMO. Surprising!

  2. is it just me or orange c and nuest were so awkward with each other ,like …omg what to do she touched me aa aaa aa.
    now jyp awwww…jyp is just me again or JYP was the main and everybody were so stressed not to still his spot light?

  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=er1RYWQf0Gc
    My ALL TIME favorite Kpop Christmas Song (Well, next to Crayon Pop’s that is)! Their voices just get me every time :)
    And yeah…this post is a little late…X3 Worth a listen if you’ve never heard it :D

  4. Late addition just released – History: All I Want for Christmas is You http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pgb_Xp1jGqk

  5. Isn’t that Roh (or Noh?) Ji Hoon? He did that song ‘Punishment’ with the pants dance… I’m pretty sure S&M did either a KMM or KMM Update on him once…

    EDIT: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AYfqORbqRmc

  6. Interestingly, none of the people in the Dashing Through the Snow In High Heels video are actually wearing high heels. What?

  7. YG should’ve followed your advice…any of your suggestions would’ve been better than that Bom&Hi song. I couldn’t bear to hear/watch it more than once; Bom’s singing made me feel tired just listening to it; and their acting/lipsyncing was cringeworthy >_< I had to go listen to the original just to clean the gunk out of my ears. Sorry, I love those girls, and YG, but no :(

    As for my favourite Kpop-ish Christmas song, by far, without doubt, hands down – Ailee's My Grown Up Christmas List:

    It's a cover, but the song, video, and vocals are all absolutely stunning.

  8. Yeah i know that (i’m an exotic), but it felt unnessecary for them to have super powers in this song/mv. To me it was kind of like SM decided they needed to stick to the concept and jammed it in there.

  9. Nope, the EXO song’s lyrics are just as depressing as the MV. I was the same as y’all. When I read the title, Miracle in December, I thought it would be inspiring or joyful/peaceful/hopeful – things associated with Christmas. The song was gorgeous and the MV left me scratching my head. So I went and found the lyrics and was like, oh… Other Kpop Christmas song lyrics are just as depressing though. It’s all about being lonely with no significant other on Christmas. That’s NOT what Christmas is about. Why Kpop gotta make Christmas be depressing?! I’ll stick with my dashing through the snow, ho-ho-ho, joy to the world Christmas songs.

  10. I love Crayon Pop’s song and the dance is super cute and funny

  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tbsp7cn34NA

    You forgot this one, I really like it it has a very christmasie feel, and everyone plays and sings together all mixed, no ackward rooms…:):)

  12. Verbal Jint came out with a Christmas song recently :) Its really nice http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fSWW-lPOd4Y

  13. Lol. In Big Bang’s Bad Boy each of them had a different girl but yes, the rest of the videos are pretty much like that.

  14. i can’t believe you guys didn’t add ‘pink romance’

    this was my JAM last 2 years! :3
    everybody’s together having fun and it’s a really cute video too


  15. Easy & Lovely~^^
    Has anybody heard of ALFABAT yet? :)


  16. Next year at Christmas, we’ll get to hear what you thought about the BH song! And any other songs that pop out. And I agree, YG needs to make a label song for Christmas.

  17. I love when you guys do these kinds of videos. It’s like a bunch of mini-kmm’s mashed into one magical fragical video and we get to hear your thoughts about a handful of videos that may not otherwise get a ton of attention on the kpop charts. The relaxed feeling of the video is fun as well!

    P.S. Martina’s decorations were splendiferous and lovely and SO MUCH CHRISTMAS AHHHH YAYYY FEEL THE JOY.

  18. Lol the unknown girl in the Cube video is Shin Ji Hoon. She was on SBS KPop Star 2 and made like top 10 or something. She gained a lot of interest because she is (was?) also a figure skater. :)

  19. Yesterday, I was walking home and I see this girl wearing OPEN TOED high heeled shoes with a dress that went up to her mid-thigh. I looked at her strangely and though “Ehhh, it’s Korea. Nothing to see here.”

  20. I must be the weirdo who understood that EXO’s mv was something about losing a girl and that even if you turned back time, the girl would not be there. I saw the girl they lost, Tao trying to turn time back, and the girl is there for a bit, but she disappears. So, I figured it was a sad reality.

    Maybe all that time travelling the Doctor and the Tardis made got time travelling logic in my head. Or that kid from JYJ’s full version of In Heaven telling me that even if you went back in time, tragedy will still happen.

    Here’s the extremely strange thing. I HATE CHRISTMAS SONGS, yet EXOs Miracles in December is the best Christmas song I’ve heard in a long time… I have problems… Happiness in Christmas songs is overated.

    Yeah, cheerful Christmas songs are annoying if every bloody store plays the same song 5 times in 30 min. Also, my brother got to play Christmas songs in the middle of June or July… I now hate Christmas songs.

  21. What you said about EXO’s song is exactly what I was ranting about with my friend like WHY YOU WANT TO MAKE US SAD ON CHRISTMAS DDDD: and i personally think that their song ‘first snow’ on their album would have been so much cuter/have more potential for a happy Christmas song ^^

    oh and idk if anyone mentioned this but there is also Secret’s Christmas song :D

    시크릿 (SECRET) – I Do I Do M/V

    so broadway sounding isn happiness :D

  22. Just have to say that I love Crayon Pop’s video and song. I may get around to checking the other tracks but I make no promises! I don’t know if either of you are familiar with Lupin the 3rd but check out the 2nd series opening and tell me you don’t hear a similarity to a certain song in your list. Also maybe the picture of Fujiko in the thumbnail gives a hint to some inspiration?

  23. The English title for Crayon Pop’s song is “Lonely Christmas”

  24. I don’t think anyone’s mentioned FNC’s Romantic J (CNBLUE’s Lee Jonghyun & Juniel): Love Falls. There’s a sweet romantic Christmas song & MV! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rqD_zaJAdUY

  25. I spied a Honey-sempai mug in the bloopers! Glad you are getting use out of it Simon!

  26. ….i pronounce boquet as beau-quet

  27. oh, I have to be honest and say I didn’t listen to the whole thing and I’ve never heard Mariah Carey’s~ so~ nvm then :)

  28. I’m with Martina on the bouquet debate. Just wanted to weigh in before I go listen to the songs.

  29. I watched this first thing when I got to work and pretty much made my entire day already. :D

    You guys’ sense of humor is the absolute best! (°ワ°)/

  30. Miracles in December doesn’t really get any Christmas-ier when you know the lyrics.. The youtuber Silv3rT3ar made an English cover of it, and I think she did an amazing job with it (I’ve replayed it numerous times).. but I still don’t get why it’s a Christmas song, apart from the MV being filmed during winter & a the song having a softer feel >.<" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bYk_Rfbo65A

  31. OMG! I cried to tears with this post! JAJAJAJAJA THANK YOU GUYS! X’D

    Why most of the songs have sad lyrics? If it is Xmas, they are supossed to be happy and cheerful…I don’t get at all!

    I would love to see you talking about Korean artists doing songs for Japanese Seasons (Summer and Xmas)…they always end-up looking so RIDICULOUS! JAJAJAJA

  32. WAO! At least for me, It’s the most natural KPop Xmas Video so far!

  33. Really really realllllyyyy like this! Perfect Christmas song and the mv is refreshing and loads of cute :DDDDD


  35. Finally, this thing works! Stupid Firefox, you give me back my captions on youtube and then take away my ability to post on here.
    I will say you hit the nail on the head why I didn’t like EXO’s Miracles in December music video. With the lyrics I got the plot, but that mv. I do agree with you on the fact that there’s no real Christmas feel when it comes to the whole company comes together to do a collaboration. It’s very forced, I like the songs, but it shouldn’t be so hard to get everyone for a couple days to just do a video together. Just have a christmas party the day of the shoot, film it and make them sing at the party. And can we have a happy song? Or just do covers or just translate it into Korean, Hawaii does that all the time and I still like it.

  36. Martina, the decorations were lovely! ^^
    The dude with G.Na is Roh Ji Hoon, you would have easily recognized him if he did his signature dance move, the frontal wedgie.
    My favorite Kpop Christmas song is Infinite’s “Lately”. Someone has already posted the video, check it out if you haven’t. It’s not so in-your-face Christmas-ey and maybe that’s why I sometimes listen to it even when it’s not Christmas time.

  37. loved this video :)) so funny. MERRY CHRISTMAS GUISE! and Have a safe flight!

  38. What about BH’s ‘All I want for Christmas is you’ ? :o

  39. Is it because you can only use white on a black canvas?
    (sorry haven’t seen it yet)

  40. yg did make a christmas song. Lee Hi and Park Bom did a cover of All I Want For Christmas

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