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Kpop Music Monday: the 100th Episode Special!

September 4, 2012


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Hello all you Nasties!

This here, today, is our 100th Kpop Music Monday! Thanks to a all of you for sticking with us for so long, and for not booing us off stage (or the internet). For our special, we’ve got some things we want to do, which we’ll mention at the end of this post. For now, though, let’s start with our review G Dragon’s “One of a Kind.” If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out here:

So, as for the video itself, let’s begin with a disclaimer: there’s far too much for us to talk about in this video. There are tons of different approaches to take, tons of different talking points. We could have talked about the symbolism the entire time, but our video’s already 10 minutes long, and we kinda want to keep these videos no ridiculously long. Then we could have talked about G Dragon’s weird hair, which – it seems – a lot of people don’t like, from the comments we’ve read at least.

One of the things we don’t really get to talk about for Kpop Music Mondays, though, is how much we disagree about songs sometimes. We really disagreed about this song and video, but talking about it thoroughly in video would take too long. That’s what this site’s for, yay! Unadulterated rambling!

OK, so here’s the deal: the imagery of G Dragon hanging with his crew and looking hard – we’re not sure how we feel about that. Well, Martina feels no way about it, but I get the hibbly jibblies watching it. I don’t know why. I can’t fully put my finger on it. I think it’s because, to me, to look hard with your crew is something that suggests street cred, which – yes I know I myself don’t have any – but I don’t think GD has any, either. Am I wrong here? Maybe he’s a lot more gangsta than he lets on. I could be wrong, but I don’t think he is gangsta or hood in any way, and so this screams of insincerity to me, and it makes me feel icky. Sure: maybe GD is just acting here, like he is when he’s playing tennis. I don’t think he’s sincerely trying to say he’s a tennis player, so why should I think he’s sincerely trying to be gangsta? I don’t know guise; I don’t know. Help me through this! Am I misunderstanding something here? Martina sure thinks so, but we can’t put the words to it properly.

Anyhow, if you like the song more than Simon does (it’s alright, not not GD’s best stuff), you can pick it up via iTunes, though, that’s only a music video link. Can’t find the link to the song itself. Hrrm.

OK! That’s it for now. I feel like we can’t have all too serious a talk here about the video (sorry for people looking for a more protracted discussion) because we’re just happy to have reached what is, to us, a pretty big milestone!

So, for starters, here’s our special Music Monday video. It’s pretty much a compilation of our favourite Music Monday jokes ever, the jokes we keep on using over and over again. If you’re new to Kpop Music Monday, then this will serve as a primer to our lame humour. If you’ve been around for a while, hopefully this will give you a few chuckles.

BE WARNED, THOUGH: this is over 18 minutes long! So, you’re gonna need to have some free time on your hands to get through it all:

Ha! We couldn’t help but squeak out a few awkward laughs out loud in the coffee shop as we were editing this. Seriously, guise: our skits are so incredibly lame, and we can’t help but laugh, not because they’re funny, BUT BECAUSE THEY’RE SO LAME.

Anyhow, we want to thank you for watching our videos and for letting us continue to do this. So, we’d like to give away some Eat Your Kimchi shirts to you awesome people. Yes, it’s not a Kpop CD, but we didn’t know what CDs to pick. GD? That’s just this episode: what about the 99 others? Know what I mean? We’ll do other Kpop CD giveaways later, for sure, as we always do.

So, we’re giving away an Eat Your Kimchi shirt, a Bilasa shirt, a Batoost shirt, and a Spudgy shirt. If you want any one of these, here’s what you gotta do to win!

To Our YouTube Subscribers:
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2) Either in the comments to this post or our YouTube video, tell us your favourite Kpop Music Monday moment. It could be one of the many listed here, or another we left out.
3) If you chose to leave your answer in the comments here, leave your YouTube username in the comment as well, so we can make sure you’re subscribed :D

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We’ll pick four winners and announce them in the bloopers to next week’s Kpop Music Monday!

And, lastly, we’ve got bloopers from today’s video as well, in case you’re in the mood for more silliness. HELLO!



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Kpop Music Mondays


Kpop Music Monday: the 100th Episode Special!


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  1. Here’s to the next 300,000! Like GD, EYK is truly one of a kind!

    Here’s a happy song to celebrate. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-N3BjVMWziE

    youtube id: blackcatamaran

    4 years ago
  2. My favorite scenes were in MBLAQ’s Cry KMM, you did the segment about raising money so that Kpop stars could get umbrellas to prevent themselves from having things like wet socks. But my favorite favorite thing was Simon’s underwater photo shoot. I loved how he complained about the little things that could happen, and it totally sounded like a me type thing to do. That was my very first introduction to EatYourKimchi. I saw the icon of Simon every time I looked up MBLAQ and I’m so glad my sister made me click on it. Now, whenever I think of EatYourKimchi the first thing my mind pictures is that image of Simon, in his loneliness bedsheet, wearing nose plugs. XD

    Youtube: AjunebuggybugK

    5 years ago
  3. Simon your version of GD’s AY YO! sounds like Joe Pesci to me. To which now when my cat misbehaves I yell at her AY YO! Quit scratching the couch! in that same tone of voice you use…so hence I sound like Joe Pesci (O_O)

    5 years ago
  4. Hahaha!!! I actually found that pretty funny too, since I always joke about Big Bang endorsing Samsung when they always use Apple in their daily lives….hmmmm….. :p

    5 years ago
  5. My favourite Music Monday moment was with the B1A4 “OK”, when Simon started to call them “Bilasa”. Me and my friends can’t even remember their real group name sometimes, but when we say Bilasa – we all know who are we talking about :D
    The same with Junsu’s “Intoxication” – “kiss me and touch me, rub my bananas” :D

    Thank you EatYourKimchi for so many inside jokes. You guise are soooo naaaastyyyyyy!


    5 years ago
  6. i vote for GD!!

    5 years ago
  7. They’ve posted it on here.

    5 years ago
  8. “Give me the biggest Banstamp available dipped in the freshest blood of 15 virgin bunnies” – this was the most funnies moment in all the Music Monday episodes for me (Even though it was the 1 year anniversary, it still counts as Music Monday, right? :D). I laughed so hard!!! I think I rewatched that “Ministry of Banishment” episode for 3 times!

    (youtube account: arta21)

    5 years ago
  9. What? I have to pick only one Kpop Music Monday moment? That is impossible! You guys have been with me every week since I discovered your site two years ago (wish it was earlier :D)
    I’ve been including your funny vocabulary and adaptations of Kpop videos in my normal life and my friends now do not freak out when I loose something and start singing ‘I lost my XXXX, Ripito Fipito Sipi Slow Motion!, or ‘Soy un Dorito!’ or ‘Bunnies are Puffy!’ etc. Now I moved back to another country so I’ll have to recruit more Nasties here! UHHH U SO NASTY!!
    Also, I specially loved the ‘How to dance Kpop’ videos edition, I always end up trying to copy the steps in my room while not breaking anything in the process ;) (Super Junior’s Sorry, sorry was epic lol)
    Martina: I also find Turtlenecks annoying so when I saw your moment back in Canada destroying some tshirts I laughed so hard.
    So, yeah, THANK YOU for everything you have been doing these past years (Spudgy too!Love him! and Meemers too! soo cute ^o^) and wish you all of the same happiness you have brought to your fans. I will surely remember you when I’m an ajumma! Lets live Eat Your Kimchi Style forever!
    Youtube user: lcastrib

    5 years ago
  10. So…I was gonna ask where the clip from Face Arousal Raunchy Thrusting was, and then I realized it’s from your guys’ 2010 Top Ten Kpop dances video… ><
    That was actually the first video I watched by you, and it was also the first video I ever watched that had anything to do with Kpop what-so-ever. So, thanks guys. Thanks for brainwashing me.
    Anyways, ever since then I've been watching all your guys' videos and every time I do I'm so glad that my friends made me watch that first video back in 2010 because you. guys. are. AWESOME!!!
    And you've been making me laugh ever since. So, I really wanted to thank you both for doing what you do and being so dedicated to Kpop and your fans (OOOOOH we're so nasty!) XDD

    As for my favorite Kpop Music Monday moment… (well, aside from the ones that have already been mentioned), it would probably have to be Mr. Pedo Bear from Teen Top's Supa Luv. I just remember watching that video and laughing at the entire thing, (that video was and is one of your most hilarious, in my opinion), but that bit about Mr. P using his Korean boy dispenser still makes me lol. (and I also lol'd when Mr. P became Pedo Bear while he was in the shower XDDD)

    My Youtube user name is: thatssumgoodcurry

    5 years ago
  11. Yes! more makeup tutorials for all your different eye makeups! I really liked your purple eyes!

    5 years ago
  12. Aww you guys should’ve done a K-pop review of both That XX and One of a Kind here.
    Not fair…another GDragon review by next week…LOL well its alright. Bad timing of MV releases xD

    This review was pretty good though. Interested to see what you guys are gonna have to say about That XX :-)

    5 years ago
  13. i think the most memorable moment from KKM is when you guise reviewed BIG BANG’s ‘monster’ in Canada and Simon was seen running out of a garage (pretending to be T.O.P.)……a ball was thrown at his face and he had a neutral face on…that was so jokes…i busted out laughing so hard that my parents thought i was crazy….they dont get you guise….lol

    funniest thing ever!! love you guise!
    youtube account: teddy2965

    5 years ago
  14. Martina’s makeup looks great! I always try to make mine look like that but it never works. Wish I knew her secret

    5 years ago
  15. Ooh favorite kpop music monday moment. that’s a toughie. I’m a relative newbie (like since January) but I definitely loved the cologne moment in Monster. Hilarious. but I have to agree with like everyone that “AAAAAHHH lost my paaaants” is great and frequently sung by my little brother around the house. Pantless: minus five to diplomacy and he would say. Basically to choose a favorite is impossible and for all I know my new favorite will be in your next video. Keep up the good work! :)
    (username: LepantoGirl)

    5 years ago
  16. one of my favorite moments on kpop mondays was when you did the skit for Tick Tack where simon and martina were pretending to be members of Ukiss and martina asked simon to make some peanut butter and then he crushed it. I think it’s so funny!


    5 years ago
  17. (youtube username: TheKazenoSuna)

    My favourite kpop moment was in B1A4’s “Baby I’m Sorry” review when Martina killed the crazy stalker fangirl with a baguette XD (Simon’s English review made the episode even better XD)

    5 years ago
  18. My fav KMM moment? First thing that comes to my mind is: “They fly so high, they touch the sky and punch the harmless eagle in the eye” – EPIC! And also – I know it can’t be described as “moment” – I love all the random characters like Mordney, Brohoho, Dr Whatsherfrigginname, time for kisses girl and others :D And how you notice all these little things: Max’s mysterious box, a fridge full of pickles and so on.
    And lastly- what I guess I like the most is the fact that after these two years you guise still present your honest opinion instead of saying what blindli-in-love fans want you to say. Keep it that way!

    youtube username: Agatapaszcza

    5 years ago
  19. favaroite EYK moment is simions ohh you so nasty! BUBBLE POP dance! lol hillarious and way better then the original! >.< lol not really but it was a funny moment tht i cnt forget (youtube username: maymilove

    5 years ago
  20. Mordney present….LOL!!!

    5 years ago
  21. My favorite kpop music monday moment has to be the “BUNNIES. ARE. PUFFY”, mostly because I’m a die hard B.A.P fangirl and when I heard that the first time, my bum was on the floor.
    Get it? Because I..y’know..laughed my ass off…*ehem*

    ANYHOW I just thought that was pretty genius, considering the masked bunny is their mascot and all.
    Also just because I have to say it, my other favorite moment was when Simon lost his pants in super slow (exo) motion. I mean come on. I wish I could lose my pants in super slow motion, that would be SO COOL.

    My youtube username is TheCupcakeLuver

    5 years ago
  22. youtube account: MarakuAnGeL
    Favorite KMM : When you guys always supporting JYJ in your videos, thats really so cool of you.
    as you said: “JYJ is f**king blocked in Korea”
    I’m glad you care… thank you simon and martina.

    5 years ago
  23. I’m going to post here because it’s not totally clear whether we’re supposed to leave our answers under the 100th episode or the 100th episode special (though, logically, I’m guessing it would be the 100th episode… anyway).

    Where to start? You do realise you’ve set an impossible task this time, don’t you? I could easily say your little kitten’s reactions (particularly when it wandered across in this video), or the Mordney Present vampire or the Ministry of Banishment for practically ever song that Junsu did, or the spoof versions of the songs you do (Eat Your Kimchi style was brilliant). Max Time! had me laughing for hours (I showed that to my friends), but the Music Mondays I love most are the ones where you’ve done B.A.P.’s songs, and I have to say… I think the Music Monday moment that just pips all the others is the Power episode when Simon was dubbing over Martina because she lost her voice (and the Shower song). I don’t know how many times I re-watched it; it was just genius. I showed it to some not-into-K-pop friends when they came over to visit me in Belgium and they ended up insisting that we watch all the Music Mondays thus far and some of the songs so that they could understand all the in-jokes (I was supposed to be taking them around Brussels that afternoon). One of them commented she really wished somebody would do what you’re doing for Western pop music.

    Sorry… that was kinda long….

    I would also like to say that I have never been able to view a packet of Doritos in the same light after that SHINee episode.

    And before I forget: youtube name = soullessgingerninja

    Thank you for the wonderful videos! Helped me settle in to what could otherwise have been a terrifying ex-pat year for somebody just out of school. You two are awesome.

    And I vote for TVXQ in balloons. There’s nothing that beats those animal costumes XD

    5 years ago
    • Edit: I just remembered something else. I can’t remember who you were reviewing, but it was when a couple of different artists had used the same brick-walled room as the one U-KISS had filmed part of one of their music videos in, and the deeply-meaningful message of this particular Music Monday video was (quoting Martina), “U-KISS WANT THEIR ROOM BACK!” It makes me choke with laughter every time I think about it. Which is quite a lot.

      5 years ago
  24. I don’t need an extra t-shirt (I already have a sexy Spudgy shirt ^^), but I thought I’d share my favourite parts of your KMMs thus far:

    The episodes with your parents.

    In fact, I like all the ‘cameos’ your friends make in your videos (like that couple from AnsanAnswers, Brendon, Martina’s friends in the cafe when Simon dances in, Nick – who I think opened some lockers for you, the friends who came over to play monopoly deal and drink milk, etc). As Simon said regarding GD&TOP’s High High, “It’s nice to see [Simon and Martina] getting out of their boxes and interacting with the real world. Real girls!!” HAHAHAHA!!! xD
    Especially since you entered the stage when all you did were indoor videos. Now you have WANKs and FAPFAPs, and good on ya for making that change. ^^b

    But I especially liked the episodes with Simon’s dad, when he visited Korea back in the day, the episodes with Martina’s parents when they came to Korea as well, and also their KMMs in Canada. I just feel really touched when I see how supportive your parents are of your bizarre jobs (I mean, you’re not rich lawyers/doctors), to the point that they happily act out embarrassing skits in your videos for the whole world to see – and by embarrassing, I mean, uh, very professional and entertaining *cough*

    ……….*runs away* ((((((((((((( >_>

    5 years ago
  25. The number of times I randomly start singing ‘ I lost my pants’ is quite scary, actually……

    5 years ago
  26. Youtube username: BunBunJaegseun

    Hi Simon, Martina, Spudgy, & Dr.Meemerworth ♥,
    I have been following you since the 1st KMM & I just want to say that you 2 are just amazing! I have to say my favorite KMM moment(s) are when Simon kept singing “Kiss & touch me, rub my banana.” That is my alarm for when you guys post up a new video (: Also, I love when Simon sang “I’VE LOST MY PANTS” I swear, I sing this for everything. Ex: “I’ve lost my phone! Hope to god it’s in my pants” &… anytime Martina sings or smiles, anytime Spudgy dances at the end of the episode, and anytime you two make me laugh ♥ Those are the best parts of KMM! Thanks for the memories!

    5 years ago
  27. My favorite moment was when Spudgy raged because of Zelo and Ricky’s blue hair. Spudgy being cute is a bonus. Oh, and also Junsu’s fridge full of pickles! :D-PwNdPiEP.S: I love KMM!!

    5 years ago
  28. i want a t-shirt!!!

    my favorite kmm moment has got to be the swan dance from Girl’s Generation “be my baby” and the fact that you kept doing it again and again in other videos, and wanks and stuff. it’s just the most hilarious thing to me. also, i’d never heard the song when you guys reviewed it and i grew to love it so much and now it’s definitely one of my favorites ^_^

    although… does my favorite moment have to be one of the ones you showed in the video above? because if so, i think your gangnam style parody is hands down the winner. plus, you included all your past inside jokes in the lyrics, which was pretty awesome.

    oh and i also want to say congratulations on the 100th episode. i think kmm are definitely your best videos and what you guys are famous for. i’ve only been following you for about a year, but i actually went back through your archives to watch all the past kmms… you guys are THAT funny. so well done *clapclap* actually, i just recently got to the very first ones, and i almost choked when Martina was doing the video battle at the end and saying some thing like “120 people voted for vid no.1 and 140 people for vid no.2. wow, thanks guise!” and i was like “wait… she’s excited about 300-ish people voting?!?” *neverending laughter* Still. i think it’s awesome you guys have evolved so much. don’t you?
    As for the GD kmm though, guise… it was not your best… why so short???
    oh, but i agree with the “wild and young bit”… actually, i couldn’t hear he was saying that at all at first, i thought he was saying something in korean… fail T_T
    PS: my youtube name is the same as this.

    PPS: i’m sad you guys didn’t talk about GD making-out with the giant Barbie…

    PPPS: Martina, your make-up and hair-styling is the hottest yet in this video ^_-

    5 years ago
  29. somehow this music monday seems ‘deep’ with all analyzing attempt

    and I prefer GD-one of a kind!

    5 years ago
  30. I have to say one of my favorite K-pop Music Monday moments would be when you guys are saying “BROHOHO” . I always laugh every time you guys mention that word! :P …and it’s still hilarious until now. One of my favorites also would be Batoost and Bilasa :) Every time I see them on the internet or watch their videos, I always say those words (Bilasa & Batoost).It’s like it’s always automatic that I will say it every time I see them :) Haha

    HAPPY 100th KPOP MUSIC MONDAY EPISODE! Looking forward for more videos!!

    utube username: puccaem

    5 years ago
  31. 100TH EPISODE HAPPY DANCE~~~~~~!!!

    Wow….it does NOT feel like 100 weeks of Music Mondays! (well….probably 98…or 97…since you missed some for important reasons lol)

    But! Out of all of the ups…downs…lame-ness and such…

    The most unforgettable Music Monday had to be the DBSK Keep your head down week. It was full of laughs, tears, and anger throughout the entire 6 minutes and 36 seconds.


    ……yet so lame LOL

    oh! youtube ID is: littlespazz1914


    5 years ago
  32. Although you guise have had so many memorable moments, which will go down in KMM and K-pop history, one of my all times favourites was during your 1 Year Anniversary for KMM, when you were talking about Itaewon Freedom (DUNUN DUN DUN ITAEWON) and wondering how people will someday make fun of our culture.
    “I am apologetic, I am apologetic, I am apologetic”, “There is a glass panel device between me and the female robot that I desire. I will now commence to lower that glass pane device”, and the best of all time: “HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA” “Oh no, he is infected by the Kanye Virus”
    Never ever gets old. Congratulations on 100 episodes, and here’s to hundreds more!
    Youtube username: boredandmakinvideos

    5 years ago
  33. my favorite moment was the create your own kpop music video skit.i would so buy that is it was real. simons tranformation into seungri’s girl is a bonus.
    youtube name: littlelynn19

    5 years ago
  34. YT User: CerberaLM

    My top three MM videos.

    #3 FT Island – Hello Hello
    It was the second MM video I watched and it was a home run. Plus I got to see Flaxton Street jump the shark.

    #2 Psy – Gangnam Style
    Eat Your Kimchi Style best EYK song ever.

    #1 MM video is U-Kiss – Believe
    The Captain Spudgy’s Kpop Video Crisis game was LOL so it beats Eat Your Kimchi Style by half-a-Spudgy nose.

    I’ll be watching the next 100 MM videos.

    5 years ago
  35. my favourite EYK moment is when spudgy is angry towards zelo and ricky for copying his blue fur.

    5 years ago
  36. Youtube: fatjuicy

    lol, my absolute fave moment was when you guys reviewed Psy’s “Gangnam Style”

    and Simon was recreating the dance in several public locations, one being in an elevator.
    LOL! I could not stop laughing and the look on that other dude’s face, you know, the one standing over Simon while hip thrusting, was awesome.
    Props to you for even doing any of that in the first place.

    Congratz on your 100th episode!

    5 years ago
  37. Spudgy is surprisingly professional when Meemers suddenly attacks his junk….OOOoo she’s so nasty!! and at such a young age…*sniff*…so proud.

    5 years ago
  38. its a tie between the Bilasa “I like it” robots and the swan dance. Both had me crying laughing weeks after just thinking about it XD

    youtube: mrtaraterrrific

    5 years ago
  39. I love it!
    and special ep was hilarious ! Rofl!

    5 years ago
  40. Hey guise, if we happen to be a fan of/subscribed to/follow you guys on facebook, youtube, and twitter…does that mean we have 3 chances to win? Or will we be disqualified/not considered to win if we enter more than one way?

    5 years ago
  41. youtube: puppichu

    My favorite Eat Your Kimchi moment has to be the Animal suite dancing around korea for Chuseok.
    But since that’s not really KMM related my next favorite memory has to be you guise always placing little things around your apartment for us to find! (the notes on the tapped TV remote, your laptop backgrounds, Toilet paper and cup for SHINee’s review, ect.) I love it because you always make things so interactive with your fans! It makes me feel so much closer as a viewer and is one of the many reason I have stuck around for so long!

    5 years ago
  42. Youtube username : Pandanieshii
    Ohhh! Thats really hard to choose >< I love so many of the little inside jokes. But I think the one that I use the most is randomly singing about rubbing my bananas…. It gets really awkward when people aren't nasties xD I say LIKE A MAN a lot too when people ask me how to do things. For ex: How do I do problem 9 on the trigonometry hw? Answer: LIKE A MAN.

    5 years ago
  43. every time you guys say eatyourkimchi, I always hear…ITCHYKIMCHI :))

    5 years ago
  44. youtube name : infinitelybeasty

    Every moment is my favorite moment on eyk. Honestly, I could choose when you first started calling Beast…BATOOOST in Breath and did the invisible sandwich thing. Or I could choose the whole dance you did in Nothing’s Over in gym clothes, just because I’m Beast and Infinite biased.

    But I’m not going to choose them, because the one moment I absolutely love is the segment in your F.T Island Hello Hello review. The whole take a nap, wake up head to the music, flail your arms around to stop the smoke, gets me every time. The sarcasm and hilarity of it all is just tooo overwhelming.

    5 years ago
  45. When I first thought about my favourite EYK moment, I said”man, this question is really hard to answer, cheese”, but then, I started remembering all the crazy stuff you guys have said through your videos, and this 100th Kpop Music Monday Episode Special has helped me a lot. I really really like your videos, they’re so fun, and they distract me from everything I’m doing (yup, you guys distract me), and I laugh so much everytime. So, if I had to pick one moment of ETK Kpop Music Mondays, I would pick the turtle neck moment. I mean, common, we could see a man at his house looking awkwardly at Martina lolololol, all beacuse of TOP’s fault. Anyhow, thatnks guys for making my Mondays less boring. I’m a nasty nasty girl from Peru. Keep kpoping (I mean, like Hyuna, in Bubble Pop, but with Kpop, lolololol)! :D

    5 years ago
  46. Well I am having a hard time choosing between eating Bullo Jerky and Don’t Take it in the Butt and trying to pronounce Tarantallegra and Spudgy beating up anyone with blue hair and … wait wait wait Eat Your Kimchi Style TOTALLY WINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    5 years ago
  47. Youtube User — Puppydog20038

    my favorite was probably ran over the turtleneck sweaters. I don’t know why but it was sheer comic genius. Oh, and pretty much all of Simon’s T-shirts :D

    5 years ago
  48. Ughhh, I can’t choose just one! One of mys favorite Kpop Music Monday was when Martina pretended to be Super Junior’s stylist on SFS and she came up with their “expensive, designer-label” clothes. I loved the “eat your kimchi style” song and actually think of it when I hear the original song. Same with What is Love. But what makes me crack up is when Simon tries to hit on girls with the “I’m ready to bingo!” H-i-l-a-r-i-o-u-s! (youtube username:wowgchvzfj)

    5 years ago
  49. YouTube user: refebure

    I loved the whooole Pastelpantaphilia skit. That was so awesome!

    5 years ago
  50. The Ewwwww moment (IU) 5years after with Lord Pennington Wigglebottom III and the BREADx))) (Youtube Username: BloodyVampireJL7)

    5 years ago
  51. The Ewwwww moment (IU) 5years after with Lord Pennington Wigglebottom III and the BREADx)))

    5 years ago
  52. my favorite is calling B1A4 “bilasa” and B2st “batoost”. my friends are all like i love b2st. me: no isn’t it “Batoost” or i love B1A4. me: it’s Bilasa get it right! XD
    Facebook is Rachel Sysiong

    5 years ago
  53. Youtube: kokololio
    My favorite moment has to be “Seungri, Time for kisses!” It cracks me up every time! Second to that would probably be Simon dancing across a field because Martina couldn’t~

    5 years ago
  54. My favorite moment is definitely “Dial tone! Call me!” in U-Kiss’ 0330 review. It’s just awesomely absurd.

    I’m not taking part in the contest, I just wanted to share. Nothing to do about the shirts design, that are super cool, but these times I’m just careful about where the stuff I wear/use is produced and in which conditions, and District Lines didn’t convince me.

    5 years ago
  55. GD’s bear was better :)

    5 years ago
  56. my favorite KMM moment:  when spudgy gets furious when he sees an idol with blue hair and the concequences of it haha I LOVE EYK!!!! you so NASTY!!!!

    5 years ago
  57. nah

    GD’s own version of rose colored glasses i think. i mean fan girls are crazy and think there idols are one thing but need to take of the blinders and see who they are with out a bias- ness(?) and i think my Favorite Kpop music Mondays would be Simon smashing the SM ads as i want to do the same every time and took a lot of pleasure from that part of the video.

    5 years ago
  58. I just wanted to let you guys know how awesome you are! I feel bad when I hear how some people hate on you. You do so much to help make kpop and Korean culture more accessible to English speakers in a hunorous and fun to watch way. And whenever I’m feeling down I just have to rewatch your vids to start laughing again. Thank you so much for that!

    5 years ago
  59. My favourite kpop music monday??…aish so hard..but the phrase i say the most lol is “Rub My banana’s” lmaoooooo I say that in real life and have my friends saying it along with me lol so basically I love most music mondays because most have that phrase in it lolllll

    Youtube User Name: Speckleddots

    5 years ago
  60. it maybe a bit weird, but my favorite Kpop Music Monday momnet is when Simon is ruining every sexy dance out there. It’s freaking hilarious, Uuuu, you so nastyyyy! Actually i don’t know anybody who would be brave enough to do it in public, and sober.
    Youtube user: biralachana

    5 years ago
  61. My favourite KMM moment was when you did your own parody of PSY’s Gangnam
    Style. I mean, Eat Your Kimchi + Gangnam Style. Could it get any
    more awesome?
    (YouTube account: Chochanie)

    5 years ago
  62. That Samsung thing reminded me of glados from portal xD

    5 years ago
  63. my favorit scene was Big Bang – Fantastic baby. I loved it and played it already so many times :D

    5 years ago
  64. i love the shinee lucifer moment when you guys said: “grasshopper!! yes sensei!!” xDD funny shit!!

    5 years ago
  65. My favorite moment <3 when Simon was wearing the wig and yelled (?) "SOY UN DORITO" while holding the Dorito haha I loved it. <3 ever since then, every time I hear "Shinee's Sherlock" its just not the same, I start laughing like crazy!!! My mom even asked me if I was okay xD haha she watched it with me after I told her how Funny it was =)
    Now she understands haha

    5 years ago
  66. Nothing, nothing can compare to Shower song from B.A.P ‘Power’ review (I have that on my mp3 player, it was my ringtone for a while :D)
    (Youtube: Chemilija)

    5 years ago
  67. http://hallyuguru.wordpress.com/2012/08/25/g-dragon-is-one-of-a-kind-in-k-pop-indeed/ << I found this review on GD's one of a kind and thought that you might find it an interesting read :)

    anyways~ I am so proud of how far you guys have come! started watching your videos about 2 years ago now and I've enjoyed watching all of them since x) hope you guys keep making these videos for us and I hope I get to meet you guys one day too xD wish you all the best for the future and hope you get to interview more korean artists as well!! Happy 100th K-pop music monday episode!! EatYourKimchi forever!!! <3 x)

    5 years ago
  68. My favourite scene was literally Hyuna’s bubble pop music monday when Martina warned us at how Simon was really gonna ruin our image of Bubble pop and then I ACTUALLY did start shivering and flinching at every single thrust and burst of movement and grunts that Simon was doing while gasping at horror while watching it ;_; IT WAS JUST TOO MUCH SIMON!!! And ofcourse, also it was the birth of our fanclub name NASTIES!!!!! :D WE OWE HYUNA ALOT FOR THIS Hahaha!

    Youtube: Bagal92
    Facebook: Yazan Al-Sanad

    5 years ago
  69. I’m so surprised that you guys didn’t talk about the drug reference at :52, especially since you talked about it in High High! But that’s okay.
    Thanks for making 100 MMs for us!
    Also, my favorite moment in Music Mondays was the scene from SUJU’s Spy MM where all the idols (meeting at TOP’s headquarters) were afraid you were going to expose the fact that kpop idol have powers! (hopefully that description made sense…) That was hilarious! Maxtime, Junsu, and GD’s A-yo were just so good there! My username on youtube is tuesbakadesu.

    5 years ago
  70. YT user: erianiita

    Congrats guise! Congrats spudgy for dancing at the end of the KMM :D!!
    well..;A; there are many KMM Moments that i loved! but if i had to pick one…is JYJ – Ayy Girl sexy window EVER!! x’D

    5 years ago
  71. :3 Congrats on reaching your 100th KMM video!
    I haven’t been a fan of you guys for a very long time (prolly like 2 months at max?) but since I discovered you guys, I’ve watched almost all of your videos. Proud of what you two have accomplished! Keep it up! ^_^
    Anyway, my favorite KMM moment? Has to be the very first video I watched of yours, your review on 2NE1’s I Love You MV. “Bull-O-Jerky Everyday!” <—-Had an insane giggle fest because of this. That part also showed me that I'm not the only one who hears these crazy lyrics in KPop songs. (Super Junior's "Sorry, Sorry" is forever ruined because of that!) So keep up the great work! I'm always looking forward to your next video! (^_^)/ Fighting!
    Oh, and YouTube user name is TaebinSe7en (Cuz I'm a dork…with no shame though!) U_U
    *Oh! And I always fangirl (which I don't do often, I swear!) when Simon calls himself a Dothraki man warrior. Forever a Game of Thrones fan! It is known! XD*

    5 years ago
  72. I feel like the Dr. Meemersworth shirt should be her being held in a ball like you guys do. Or doing doctor things.

    5 years ago
  73. My fav moment: Hyuna’s Bubble pop and Martina saying “If I wasn’t married to Simon I would be deeply disturbed by now” I think this sentence captures your essence and your awesomeness.

    Tat said, Martina you look Gorgeous in this video, and the make up is amazing!

    5 years ago
  74. Youtube user: livelifewell10
    I loved the KMM Psy ‘Gangnam Style’ parody! XD

    5 years ago
  75. Hah! forever a Nasty!

    5 years ago
  76. Honestly, guys, picking ONE favorite moment would be like asking someone to choose between their children!! However, if I have to pick one, I am going to go with the very first episode because it kicked off something that has been amazingly epic!

    5 years ago
  77. YouTube account: luluamu
    My favorite KMM have always been my first meeting with Mordney when he uses the scarf, and says: “dees ees geeft!” (this is gift), and “magically” turn the scarf into the manbra. I totally did not see it coming! I laughed out loud, something I barely do because I don’t like to gain attention. But I totally didn’t care that moment.

    5 years ago
  78. one of my favorite KMM moments (other than the ones mentioned..and well…ALL of KMM moments) is actually not mentioned in the video. i really like the part where simon is imitating TOP running out of the collapsing building in MONSTER! that part was HILARIOUS! i could not stop laughing for days…(TOP…i think you should get some tips from simon)

    5 years ago
  79. My favorite KMM moment was during Big Bang’s Monster Review. When we find out that Martina hates turtleneck shirts and proceeds to get rid of Simon’s turtleneck and run over it with her car and her neighbor in the back is like “oh look its our neighbors and what in the world are they doing?” O.o Also Simon as TOP doing the slow motion run and the cologne ad XD that whole video was just so hilarious.

    5 years ago
  80. youtube user: adaliz3
    My favorite part was “A Man’s Guide: How to Kiss in K-Videos” in Bang Yong Gook’s “I remember” Kpop Music Monday. It was soooooo accurate. (Also works for K-Dramas)

    5 years ago
  81. I voet for TVXQ! I love your video’s

    5 years ago
  82. YT handle: cloiebuggeater (same as here)
    Congrats on 100 KMM! and I have watched every single one. I think my favorite moment is the “Bunnies are Puffy.” rap (My 5 yo randomly shouts this on a regular basis). It’s closely followed by EYK Style and “Top in a cup” (Matina’s glee at top in a cup is epic).

    5 years ago
  83. youtube user: imnotgonnatakeapill

    Watching this video I was trying to think of my favorite moment ever. That’s like asking which kpop song is my favorite ever.
    Anyway, I think I have to pick Simon’s “Power” parody because I downloaded it from your SoundCloud months ago and STILL listen to it all the time. My mom has walked in on my countless times as I sing and re-enact your re-enactment. It makes me laugh every time!

    5 years ago
  84. Simon and Martina Stawski, YOU guys are One Of A Kind.

    Thank you for 100 episodes of Music Monday, and two years of amazingness.

    Honestly, I think I can say with certainty that no matter how famous EYK gets, you guys will never change and will always be the same fun-loving, quirky, laid-back, hyperactive family that you are. (Meemers and Spudgy of course, included.)

    Therefore, my favorite Music Monday moment is how, regardless of the song or artist, two years have passed and you are still as genuine as the very first episode. :)

    (And because of that, I’m actually going to support you guys and buy an EYK shirt.)
    Oh yeah, I’m so NASTY. ;P

    May you continue to enjoy success doing what you love. I will forever be a faithful Nasty, creating my own small group of Nasty followers for you guys !

    Love always,

    5 years ago
  85. youtube = hahahatessa

    I like that in the very first KMM you (Simon) are wearing the exact same shirt as in this one. Simons shirts are all my favourite moments. <3

    5 years ago
  86. ……I take a shower!!! WHOA!! For half and hour!!! WHOA!! :D :D lol

    5 years ago
  87. i vote for GD’s One of a Kind ’cause he’s so weird that even the bear seems “Dafuq did i just see ?”, but GD’s still cute and funny XD

    5 years ago
  88. Intoxication was the very best inside joke. Why? Well it just happened to be the birthplace of THE NASTIES! Junsu is a kindred spirit for all the creepy dorks out lurking on the internet and most heavily on eatyourkimchi.com :D

    5 years ago
  89. Simon/Martina, I know you think that GD’s ghetto-nest is fake or he’s not sincere, but the first time I saw him after heartbreaker, i can’t remember which video it was, but I felt like he would come out with a video like this someday because my first thought was that he is so ghetto and would fit in perfectly with my brother’s crew. Trust me there is no insincerity with him and his ghetto looking crew in this video and the corn rows suit him perfectly in those scenes. GD IS GHETTO IN HIS BONES DEEP IN HIS SOUL!!!

    5 years ago
  90. All the things you do in your videos are absolutely hilarious, but my favorite is definitely Simon’s “I LOST MY PAANTS RIPITO FLIPITO SIPPI SLOW MOTION” hahah…
    I actually walked around singing that for weeks after I first heard it ^^”
    (youtube username: thunggyuuu)
    Love you and your videos, keep up the amazing work ♥ ^^

    5 years ago
  91. the 100th anniversary special was so touching

    5 years ago
  92. YouTube username: BeEnvious (I’m embarrassed of my username too)

    Saying this partially because I’m a bit YG-biased too but all of your Big Bang and 2NE1 reviews. Seeing Martina so happy and doing her celebratory happy dances always makes me happy too :) and that time when Martina hurt her ankle (that wasn’t my favourite part, but I digress) and made Simon do her dance in her place lol and how Simon pretended (?) to be unhappy to do it

    I love how sincerely you two make these videos every week along with your other videos, thank you! ♥♥

    5 years ago
  93. congrats for 100th episodee <3 ^-^

    5 years ago
  94. Youtube username: jaershk27

    my all time favorite Kpop Music Monday moment was when Martina was ordering a sandwich from Simon on Super Junior’s A-cha! My sister and I were literally rolling on our bed while watching! My sister even watched it for like 3 times just to memorize that part so that she could re-enact the scene with me! It was so hilarious!

    5 years ago
  95. J.J

    seriously i think the funniest moment (of course for me) is Cosine the Infinity of my love :
    give me two sides of the opposite angle from the star that equals half AB sin C…into the depths of my heart give me a right angle, what have you hot to lose? Baby i whip out the length of my hypotenuse…i literally peed my pants
    also my favorite part …What master mind could be some kind of a puppet master to this people? BUAHAHA ! Do you know me ? this is Mordney present….. and of course Max time. On second thought that whole episode was my favorite

    5 years ago
  96. My favorite part of KMM was the reenactment of the girl trying to protect Thunder in MBLAQ’s “This is War.” I couldn’t stop laughing for 3 minutes straight!
    My youtube username is latias412

    5 years ago
  97. GDs one of a kind!

    5 years ago
  98. I’m going to vote for TVXQ ‘cuz that was a frighteningly cute mv. It was an image shattering (or making) type of video. :) So adorkable.

    5 years ago
  99. …. but I already have all those t-shirts …. *sniff* *sniff* TT^TT

    5 years ago
  100. Youtube username: scrambledegz

    Music monday fave would have to be the “Getting slizzard like a wizard drinking lizards in a blizard” aka: 2pm Hands Up.
    Funnily enough I don’t acutally like the song itself but love the review video. Crack-Up funny. Awesomey incorporation of the inside jokes, flaxen street and the rollin down the sexy window.
    Top lines: Martina *droll* “Put your hands down sh-sh-shut up” XD
    and Simon – “P-p-please finish your sentence”
    *Clapey clapey* good job :)

    5 years ago
  101. Youtube user: nubesoare
    There are quite some epics moments in your series, but i thing I choose FT Island – Severely.When the boy gets hit by a car and the girl starts crying because she will get late to her ballet competition (or something like that).
    I laughed so hard with that part…

    5 years ago
  102. My favorite moment is when Simon did his “Math Poetry” during your Music Monday review of U-Kiss’s “0330”. I remember that was back when I first started watching your videos. I was in my college’s computer lab and I was laughing so hard. People were staring at me. It was also funny how AJ and Kevin said that they saw your video on it too.

    Honestly, I have so many favorite moments (a lot of which were in your special). I love it the most when you two do your own versions of the song. They are so funny and creative. Love ya guys!

    My Youtube name is: JennaLaw24

    5 years ago
  103. my favorite moment has got to be when you guys did a tl;dr in the middle of your KMM….I really can’t remember which video it was in [I’m trying to watch all of them right now hahah….] but I thought that was so memorable. I think it was shinee…or someone with multi colored pants.

    username: jessicaaaturbox3

    5 years ago
  104. My favorite part was from The KMM of Teen Top’s Be Ma Girl and Simons awkward “knife” choreography……I couldn’t stop laughing!

    5 years ago
  105. I vote for G-dragon’s One of a kind!!

    5 years ago
  106. Thank you Simon and Martina for 100 fun filled episodes of Music Mondays. I really appreciate all the hard work that you put into each episode. I don’t know if you will read this because there are so many comments but if you do, just know that all the time, hard work and lack of sleep that you have sacrificed to make Music Mondays possible will forever be appreciated. I love you both so much and I look forward to watching the 200th episode of Music Mondays. Your loyal Nasty forever, Marta <3

    5 years ago
  107. Well. That would have been SO HELPFUL a few months ago, when I first discovered Eat Your Kimchi. I had to search for the origin of your every single inside joke on my own. I’m quite proud of myself, I managed to find everything except Mr. Brohoho.
    And I can’t help but notice how the two of your best covers are of B.A.P’s songs. Coincidence? I think not.
    (After watching your rendition of “Power”, while listening to the original I kept expecting the lyrics in the chorus to go “I took a showeeeeer”. It took me a lot of time to overcome that.)

    5 years ago
  108. my favourite Kpop Music Monday moment “I LOVE BUUBBLE GUM!!!!!!!”

    5 years ago
  109. my fav moment is from Batoost’s Beautiful Night Music Monday –
    waving/serious face of Doojoon – srsly every time i listen to this song
    now i always think of your idea of what happened xD another one from
    that episode would be pooping rooster Hyunseung – this is one of the
    cannot be unseen things that changed they way of how i see this vid
    forever xD
    KateKl91 on youtube :)

    5 years ago
  110. One of my favorite Eat Your Kimchi moments was Hongki’s (Hunky’s) Demonstration on what to do when you enter a burning building. enter the burning building. Flail around hopelessly. Give up almost instantly. When you see a band playing music, JOIN ‘EM! After you play a song with them, confindently walk out of the burning building into the arms of the firefighters? FANBOY ALERT(: So… dude’s a psychic. I’m a psychic. I predict that I will win a shirt? right? guise? right?;)
    Hahahahaa love your guises videos and congrats on your 100th MUSIC MONDAY!! (Awesome background music):D
    Youtube: Mara Y-Brown:)

    5 years ago
  111. Youtube username: vannasosweet

    My favorite KMM moment has to be when Simon and Martina did their interpretations of the plot of Bilasa’s Beautiful Target. Now I just see the legendary Conquerors of Kitties and Teenage Girls’ Hearts as strippers at a Bachelorette party….thanks, guys.

    5 years ago
  112. Cee

    Youtube user: SnowiexTenshi

    My favorite KMM moments are how creative you guys are when you do your own impersonations of the artists and dress up. It’s especially entertaining to see the reactions of people on the street when you film outside and start doing random dances. :P

    Keep up the great work, it’s always a great time when I watch your videos!

    5 years ago
  113. Wow I love when you guys do you interpretation of the song…my favorite so far is the one about bunnies are fluffy, love the rap!!!!! Your music Mondays are the best!

    5 years ago
  114. I just realized that one of my favorite skits was from a K-Crunch update, not KMM. :( It’s a brief review of Jay Park – in the skit, Simon is photo-stalking Martina, but not for long, ROFLMAO!!

    5 years ago
  115. Wait…I’m supposed to just pick ONE of my favorite Kpop Music Monday moments?? Is that even humanly possible?? I’m REALLY NOT good at these kinds of contests, and I have many favorite EYK KMM moments…but I’m going to have to say that some of my favorite moments are:
    – Mordney Present…amazing character, enough said.
    – When Simon gave Super Junior a 5 out of 5 for the English portion of “Sexy, Free & Single,” and then changed it. Oh, that was hilarious.
    – Soy Un Dorito!! I now have to say that every time I open a bag of Doritos or it just feels wrong.
    – BILASA!!
    – Supporting JYJ.
    – Dying not from a lack of oxygen but from hypothermia.
    – Fantastic Elastic poetry reading.
    I greatly appreciated the compilation video you made…I remember watching all those videos, even though I haven’t been following you guise since the start of it all. Keep up the amazing work!! Love you guise and your videos!! :D
    (Youtube user: Blondesaxplayer)

    5 years ago
  116. Youtube user: creolebeautyqueen
    my favorite music monday is when you guys reveiwed Psy’s gangnam style.. it was so funny XD i couldnt stop myself from laughing and i caught myself singing your version of it around my house. ^^ happy 100th music monday!! love you guys

    5 years ago
  117. well ‘ayyy girl’ is one of my tops, but ribbido flippito super slow motion, and the awe-inspiring BILASA are just too good to leave out!!!!

    youtube: serchnrescue :D

    5 years ago
  118. haha! “SEUNGRI, TIME FOR KISSES!!!” ^^ lawl

    5 years ago
  119. best KMM moment? when i found ur YT site:D cheeeesy i kno but it made mondays smth to look forward to!!! :D

    5 years ago
  120. I’m VERRRYYY proud to say that I watched every single one of those 100 videos and can actually guess which of those scenes come from which videos!!!…
    One of my all-time favorite and the very first KMM video I saw was GD&TOPs Knock-out!!! Once I saw Martina doing her happy dance/roll/jump on ice I know I found a co-VIP at heart <3 <3 <3

    I really suck in this kind of contest but I REALLY want that EATYOURKIMCHI shirt!
    I feel like I'll have bragging rights if I got hold of one of those! But even if I don't win anything, S&M please know that you made LOTS of Mondays better because of your videos :D

    Love lots,(youtube name: muggledore1)

    5 years ago
  121. my favourite Kpop Music Monday moment/episode was the one when you switched your minds/bodies [Secret-Garden Style] ^^ I laughed so hard I cried ^_^

    YT: michalinah

    PS: Meemers is so naaaasty!

    5 years ago
  122. My favorite Kpop Music Monday moment probably consists of all the times you guys have poked fun at U-KISS because, even though I love them dearly, they are sO EASY TO TEASE. Especially the “don’t deny our R squared pi”! Every U-Kiss joke has forever stayed embedded in my heart~

    5 years ago
  123. Hey guys, I just wanted to say… YOU’RE AWESOME!
    The first KMM I saw was your review on f(x) “Hot Summer”. We, foreigners, are sweaty because we’re NASTIES. It was love at first sight. I’ve been a subscriber ever since. I shall now rephrase my previous statement. You guys are not just awesome, you’re hilarious and truly inspirational. You managed to make a living doing what you love despite the hard times. I wish both of you the best of luck on your future projects. I’ll always be NASTY :D

    I think this is the first time I commented directly on your blog…
    Take it away, random comment!

    5 years ago
  124. My favorite eat your kimchi music monday moment was in EWW’s (IU) review for you and I when Simon named the goosey Lord Pennington Wigglebottom III ! It was absolutely hilarious and seeing Simon defend the name was amazing! :D

    5 years ago
  125. youtube account: MarakuAnGeL
    Favorite KMM : When you guys always supporting JYJ in your videos, thats really so cool of you.

    as you said: “JYJ is f**king blocked in Korea”
    I’m glad you care… thank you simon and martina.

    5 years ago
  126. Congrats on 100 episodes! My favourite moment is probably Simon’s dance in One of a Kind, although his Hyuna impersonation comes in at a close second.

    Youtube username: MichelleeeLi

    5 years ago
  127. YT account: t3ndave
    fav moment: Martina’s turtleneck rage. Makes me giggle every time I remember it… I hate them sooo much too :D

    5 years ago
  128. (youtube name; silverdollgleek)

    My favorite video would have to be B.A.P “power” because of simons epic and hilarious song and even though marina’s voice was gone. it was super hilarious when simon was dubing over her and making fun of TOP. haha thank you guys for the very entertaining videos! they always brighten up my day :]

    5 years ago
  129. Love y’all! I’ve been an EYK fan since September of 2011, and I’m so glad you two are here to make us laugh, help us discover new bands, and to spread the word that other cultures can be fun, too. :-)

    5 years ago

    5 years ago
  131. My favorite KMM moment was when you guys reviewed Block B! ^^ They even watched your review and appreciate all your criticism but your video actually got more people interested in them and that’s always a good thing! :D I also like how you guys put a Block B wallpaper on your Macbook during the Thailand controversy~

    youtube username: woocheeksu

    5 years ago
  132. Lya

    Yootube account : Lya1193
    Congrats for your 100th episode : )
    As for my favourite Kpop Music Monday moment, without any hesitation, it was when Martina “wakes up” and all of her actions are “sound-effected” : P Hilarious. Particularily her roar. What a b2st … (ok, that was lame. Sorry sorry)

    5 years ago
  133. My favorite EAYK moment happened during the “Sherlock” Music Monday episode, where the two of you Russian danced your way across the park. My sister thought I was having a some kind of fit, I was laughing so hard. There are so many moments/skits that have made me laughed, but this particular one is the favorite. Also, thanks you all, I actually look forward to Mondays!! :) (youtubename: sapphirestarlight)

    5 years ago
    For reals… XD

    5 years ago
  135. (YouTube name: Hysterical Sarah)

    I think my most recent favorite KMM has to be B2ST’s “Beautiful Night.” I loved the fact that you pointed out there were NO Asians in the crowd and that the actors were just that… actors, not die-hard Batoost fans.

    I seriously look forward to every video you upload and want to thank you for all your hard work. Can’t wait for the next 100 videos! <3 EYK FIGHTING!!

    5 years ago
  136. :)One of my favorite Kpop music mondays was the Pastelpantaphilia. My sister and I memorized that whole thing. We would recite it all the time, and our friends would be like… “O.O what’s with them??” Haha

    Youtube: Mara Y-Brown (I think… I’ve been trying to figure out my channel and things… yeah.. um.. yeah. (._.)

    5 years ago
  137. Voting for TVXQ, although I suspect they were probably as reluctant to perform as the animals in GD’s video. :/

    I think part of the uneasiness about GD’s “gangstaness” comes from knowing what the reaction would be from a mainstream North American audience. Probably a bit more…outspoken than Simon’s hibbly jibblies.

    LOL at GD/Simon in Canada!!!

    5 years ago
  138. oh god Simon!! did i have to be reminded of you from the Bubble Pop review!
    Mordney Present!! Mr Brohoho!!! Max time!! Taemin in Spanish=Soy Un Dorito!!!!! Ministry of Banishment is AWESOME!!! (not in real life though) Simon’s Shower song!!!! ( and WOW i just had a terrible typo with the word Shower…..wrote it as Shawoer…..cos of the word Shawol….^^;;) I lost my pants and slow motion!!! yeah loved that beating-the-crap-outta-that-ad part!!! Soy Un Dorito and Sherlock strut!!! EYK style!!!!
    …i just felt like listing my fave parts from the Special vid for no reason!

    5 years ago
  139. my favourite kmm is when simon was beating up the ad because i always wanted to do that to the ads in sment’s video when the ads pop up, but then when simon was hitting the ads it felt like he just got rid of an annoying fungus. It made me laugh a lot :D

    youtube account: ixxcreamy

    5 years ago
  140. I agree with Simon (except for the part about the fast rapping because that was awesome). I’m a huge gd fan but as far as i know gd has no street cred, although the people in the video really are his friends and people he’s worked with. I like what you said about gd constantly changing his image. It’s one of the things I love most about him but i think that’s the reason why I can’t take hip-hop gd seriously. At the end of the day I feel like it’s just another image for him.
    Congrats on your 100th episode!

    5 years ago
  141. My favorite Kpop Music Monday moment is the “Soy un dorito!” because my friends and I love to say it at random times in random places and we get weird looks from people who know enough Spanish to know what that means hahaha

    my youtube account is: MNKYMNKYMNKY

    5 years ago
  142. Cat

    My youtube is: BlackJackDalmate

    How does one choose….a FAVORITE MOMENT?
    When I just love them all, So much? D:

    It must be all the terms you have created that I can now use to confuse all my non-kpop friends! Possibly, Bull Jerky? This might confuse them the most, because I don’t eat meat. Possibly Soy un doritos?

    Though, after giving it plenty of thought…..
    Even though these things are awesome and they keep me watching:
    – Simon’s references to old school music most kids ( or most people out of North America…) wouldn’t understand. ( but I do! xD Even if I am just a 90’s kid. )
    – All the awesomely funny skits that make my day, and help me laugh even if my day has sucked…:)
    – Spudgy’s…spudgyness..How does one even describe spudgy? xD He has his own category.
    – All the ranchy-ness….No. Not Raunchy. Ranch-y. :D
    – Dr.Meemersworth suddenly showing her adorable face by climbing EVERYTHING..Including legs. (SOOO CUTEEE. ;u; )
    – The random Doctor mode moments? xD Those gloves…
    – The wigs..Oh dear lord all of those wigs. xD

    I love all these things, so picking a favorite is HORRIBLY HARD!
    So what can I say? I love all of them! You guys make Mondays awesome! Even a truck load of cookies ( and I love me some cookies.. ) couldn’t make me as happy as you guys do on a midday Monday!

    Oh and uh..Sorry this comment is so long. -dances slowly out of the room-

    5 years ago
    • Cat

      Speaking of references…..About an hour ago:
      My dad: Have you tried these doritos? They’re really good.
      Me: SOYYYY UNNNN DORITOOSSSSSS!-flails arms in the air- No, I don’t really like doritos anymore.

      That point in life where your weirdness no longer surprises your parents.

      5 years ago
  143. My favourite KPOP music Monday has to be your review on bigbang’s monster. It was just gold XD I’ve watched all music Mondays and I’ve laughed a few times. Not that you guys aren’t funny, i just never found myself laughing uncontrolablly. But I laughed my head off for at least 5 minutes during your monster review, I even had to pause and go back a it to watch what I had skipped from laughing so much (only to find it was another laugh out loud moment…=.=”)

    I also really like that review because you guys were honest, not that you lied in all the others, but you didn’t see the need to sugar coat everything for the sake of some weak hearted, yet to develop the understanding of opinion fangirls. And I really appreciate that. You expressed your opinion without caring about how much shit you would get from trolls and that really stood out to me in this particular review since people seem to think your yg bias, but iu clearly stated out your dislikes despite it being BIGBANG :3

    Also my favourite moment from music Monday has to be the turtleneck incident, Simons squeal and martinas “what are you wearing?! (屮゚Д゚)屮 and the top cologne bit… I think I cried a bit…XD

    YouTube username: YG2ne1fanatic <(I think you can tell who I'm a fan of…XD)

    5 years ago
  144. Hello! my youtube account is emmyangel13, I know it’s lame, but it was created long time ago :)))
    Totally love all your shows, especially KMM! I subscribed not long ago, but I’m watching every KMM from the beginning now :D here are my top three episodes (I couldn’t choose one) :
    3) Exo-k – mama, Simon reading english parts of the song, it’s just hilarious!
    2) 2ne1 – I love you, Martina’s parody to the dubbing of the video. When Martina is speaking and Simon appears on the screen, I can’t stop laughing
    1) SuJu – Sexy, free and single, when Martina is a costume designer. “just drape it all over your body” :D
    Sorry for my English, it is not my native language :)))
    I seriously love you and all your dorky shows :)))

    5 years ago
  145. hmmm… I wait since 2 years every monday to watch your videos. Its my ” dont be sad, its not only monday. its simonandmartina day. ^^/ ” I saw all your kmm in time. Even if i couldnt understand a lot back then. So…I think simons announcement in your first kmm is one of my favrite moments.
    thank you for doing so awesome (and lame XD ) jokes. Non of my frinds understands them, but… who cares?! ^^’

    5 years ago
  146. My thoughts on GD’s video is that to me the song and the video is his way of having a laugh, a piss take, he’s showing aspects of himselfthat the media twist and playing with it for eg; the dining table scene the veiwer sees ‘bad’ GD through tinted glasses but when the glasses are taken off ‘good’ gd is there. Thats what i got from the video/song anyway :)

    5 years ago
  147. Epic! THIS is what I’m showing to all my non-Kpop friends – now they will understand why I laugh when offered a banana! One of my favorites, though, is missing: 0330! DIALTONE?!?!? Although, I guess imaginary girlfriends are difficult to keep in touch with…
    (youtube: GreyWitchKarla)

    5 years ago
  148. Yay! 100 K-Pop Music Monday’s! I’ve seen them all, even though I only started following you guys last year. U-Kiss 0330 review. I still can’t watch that video without giggling, all I think is “Captain Crazy Pants.”

    For your GD review, I love that you talked about my two favorite parts of the video. The dining room scene is by far my favorite part. Which view of GD is real. Oh Martina, if you can’t do the dance I surely can’t. And sooo want to, but I have ZERO rhythm.

    5 years ago
  149. Your old APD… i got so used to see the new one =)
    Happy 100th…. and that you will do many many more!

    5 years ago
  150. youtube account: erins1317
    Favorite Eat Your Kimchi moment: When Simon copied Mblaq’s Cry underwater scene, he looked like a squid wrapped up in all those cloths. haha That honestly made my day.

    5 years ago
  151. Youtube user: OtakuChama

    Man, that’s hard to choose lol. You guys are just so funny and amazing haha.
    Alright, I guess my fave Kpop Music Monday moment is Psy’s Gangnam Style episode, simply because one day I found myself singing “Eat Your Kimchi style” instead. That parody music video? BRILLIANCE, GUISE. YOU MAKE ME PROUD TO BE CANADIAN LOL!

    5 years ago
  152. In Nasty mode, losing my pants in FippetoRippetoSuperSlowMotion, while hip thrusting like Hyuna, above a pack of Doritos, in an elevator, screaming EATYOURKIMCHISTYLE. Thank you Simon and Martina for all the hilarious videos! (youtube account: Gwinshin)

    5 years ago
  153. I will answer your question!! xD
    A:- My favorite part is the “Martina Hates Turtle-Necks” :D But not the I-Hate-Turtle-Necks part no,……its when Simon is solving a Taemin Cross-Word Puzzle xD Epic Man..and the answer to the puzzle is SOY UN DORITOS 8’D
    and~~ My YouTube name is zazo1431
    x’3 Hope i win~~~~

    5 years ago
  154. so naaaasty! <3

    5 years ago
  155. wow, I can’t believe it’s been a hundred Kpop Mondays :O
    I hope it’s going to be another hundred ^^ <3

    5 years ago
  156. Oh memory lane <3
    I adore KMM and it's hard to believe that we're already at 100 videos!
    My favorite EYK moment would definitely have to be the birth of BATOOST. It was the first inside joke I was apart of (in the sense that I saw its conception) and they were my first ever KPop group :D
    YouTube username: thereadingchica

    5 years ago
  157. youtube name : sonja23sonja

    My favourite kpop moment was -> Big Bang “Monster” martina’s hates turlenecks!! ^^:D

    martina seems really hate turlenecks in that video! :D i have short story, when i was go out with my sister i see a man who use turlenecks and i was laugh so hard!! because i always remember martina face if she look turlenecks! hahaha =))

    5 years ago
  158. Awsome ~ ! Thank you guys for the awsome videos ^-^ I love the recap of previous music mondays.

    5 years ago
  159. make a picture of dr. meemersworth in a doctor suit with a cat head! and maybe some “like a sir” glasses or something :D

    5 years ago
  160. You guys should do ( G-Dragon that xx ) for your next Kpop Monday.
    I never heard a song by G-dragon with an acoustic guitar, it’s very different.

    5 years ago
  161. My favorite moment KPOP music monday moment is when you guys do the Wonder Girls happy hop clap dance WITH the Wonder Girls! Made my life….

    YouTube username: ix3oth

    5 years ago
  162. EAT YOUR KIMCHI STYLE! Haha The Gangnam Style KMM was my favorite. :D
    Youtube Username: Sakura11101 I’m subscribed to all of your channels~~~~~~~~~

    5 years ago
  163. Congratulations on #100~!!! I can’t believe that I’ve only been watching you guys for just over a year. You provided so much entertainment that it feels like forever. @ 3@

    Copy-pastaed from FB: I was very happy that we fans
    banded together to vote in Gangnam Style to be reviewed – knowing how
    much you guys wanted to do so. In return, we got the best Gangnam Style
    parody! EAT YOUR KIMCHI STYLE! *gallop*

    YT username: MamushiLove

    5 years ago
  164. oh you hate the phrase leggo simon.LEGGOLEGGO LEGGOLEGGO MWHAHAHAHA!!!! I’m a strange child.

    5 years ago
  165. Scarred for life Simon. For life. XD

    5 years ago
  166. My youtube name : sonja23sonja

    My favourite music monday is G-Dragon that xx!!!! :D

    5 years ago
  167. totally would have loved GD’s song if it only consisted of the chorus too!!! the chorus was just freakin’ AWESOME and i love the beat!!!!! i could listen to that part all day!!
    hahahahaha at the Samsung part!!! and Meemers running away!!! aaww!
    now off to watch the Special video!!

    5 years ago
  168. 6:50 – 7:00 <– Simoooooon!! Have merrrrcyyyy on my eeeeeyes!!! They are bleediiiiiing!!! T^T

    Anyway, I really love the beat of the song… aaaand the bear, so fluffyyyyyy! It's "one of a kind" after all!! ^^ <3 <3 'ellooooooooo~ Yes, sir!! d(-_-)b

    5 years ago
  169. I’ve gotta respectfully disagree with the “Can’t have ya’ crew, no street cred” thing. I don’t see it like that. It’s not like he had hella actors behind him, playing this role as his crew. Those people around him were people who helped him get to where he is and supported him and had his back. It wasn’t a street cred thing, it was a “These are my people,” thing.

    All in all I liked this review. It was super serious compared to other reviews, but was review fairly and Simon should never do da’ raunchy thrusting.

    I have eyesores now.

    5 years ago
    • It would have been awesome if he had the REAL yg people there… maybe I’m not yg enough, but weren’t they just thug looking stand-ins? I thought the long-haired dude was Tiger JK my first glance, but nahh..

      5 years ago
    • Thanks for respectfully disagreeing, and for not freaking out on me, as I’m sure other people might :D

      Anyhow, I still don’t think I buy it. Sure, those people are part of GD’s crew. They’re all supportive of him. I’m not gonna argue against that. It’s jut the image of hardness in which they’re depicted that I’m unsure about. Like, if I – for instance – were to talk about the people who supported me, we’d look happy and smiling, rather than portraying an image of hard-ness. Know what I mean?

      My issue isn’t with the fact that they’re there, or with who they are, but with how they’re depicting themselves. Am I still wrong in thinking this? Again, I’m still open to talking about it, and I’m hoping to see something I’m missing :D

      5 years ago
      • I guess it’s what they’re aim is. It’s very calculated. I love the video and you can tell that every single detail was thought about down to the mixed race babies front and center. It’s so ultra stylized that it’s hard to seriously believe he wants us to think he’s some thug. It’s like playing dress up, right?

        It’s the same, sort of, with Drake. He’s some suburban prep school kid who got down with Disney and yet now he’s some wannabe thug. And yet he has his teeming millions of fans.

        I wonder if G-Dragon was a country singer and if he dressed up like Tim McGraw would he be taken seriously?

        5 years ago
      • I really like the video, and i enjoyed watching the people in the video, ppl who supported him in all these years… most of them are rappers, so i dont think they would like to look “cute for the video”, that s not their style. For me this video has a lot of meaning for GD, the part of the tennis, he is showing us that he is breaking or leaving behind his past, his inmature past, or maybe leaving behind all the problems he had last year. Def, I will buy it. I respect ur opinion, this is the first time i read ur review.

        5 years ago
      • Hey, just thought I’d join the discussion – when I first saw this MV, I didn’t know who any of those people were, so my first reaction was LOL so fake~ couldn’t GD get better actors for his MV?
        But when I found out (from the comments) that they were actual ‘people’ and not actors, like Lydia Paek and Choice 37, then I completely forgave them. After all, when you’re invited into a hip-hop video, what else can you do? Act hip-hop~y, right – and for just average people who aren’t from the hood (like me), I’d probably be doing the same as them – acting gangsta, looking gruff while making record-scratching movements. They’re not professional actors, but they were still trying to fit in with GD’s image to the best of their ability, but that wasn’t their job. If I was GD, I would be honoured that my friends were even willing to be in my videos, and not scold them on how they look. So, yes, it was awkward, but I find it more realistic that way.
        I’m not quite sure if that made sense, but yea.

        5 years ago
        • You raise a really good point there – viewing singers and musicians as actors.
          I’ve noticed that S&M have always pushed the idea that in the MVs, singers are acting, and the way they act in those MVs shouldn’t be taken as how they really are, because it’s just what the director told them to do. That very conveniently removes the blame (of sucky MVs) from the actual singers and puts it all on the director – but at the same time it also demands better acting from the singers, since there’s someone overseeing the production, and it’s not just them showing us their life story.
          For example, Teen Top were portrayed to be very convincing cheaters in ‘No Perfume On You’. According to this theory, we could just say ‘The director came up with a bad MV, but Teen Top acted really well’. Fans agreed with S&M in that case, because it made Teen Top look better.
          Whereas, with Park Bom’s ‘Don’t Cry’, the director made a really nice MV, but her acting sucked. Fans weren’t so happy with S&M’s review at that time, because it made her look bad. I’m starting to feel that people will view musicians as actors when they’re acting in a way that they dislike ‘oh but they’re just acting like a douchebag’, whereas when the singer is acting in a way the like, they take it as the singer’s actual character ‘She’s so cute/sexy~!!’ -> when she’s actually just ‘acting’ cute/sexy.

          So, iff we looked at this MV as an acting production, then we could say this video came out looking fake because of poor direction and poor acting. Seo Hyun Seong, your ideas sucked, man!! GD’s homies!! Your acting sucked too!!
          ….but you see, I happen to like GD’s homies (especially Choice37) so I’m gonna come up with a biased explanation to make him look better: Director Seo Hyun Seung respected Choice37 so much that he didn’t dare to correct his crappy acting. Does that make sense? :p

          5 years ago
        • Wait a minute…Kiss Your Kimchi….are you the guy who interviewed Marius? *gasp* :D

          5 years ago
        • Yes, that’s me! Marius is a cool guy.

          5 years ago
        • That’s so cool!! I didn’t realise you were still around. Well since you’re here *scrambles through messy pile of videos* can you take a look at this, and tell me if it’s ok?
          I was wanting to request a video for K-Crunch Indie that addressed the issue of black people in Korea, since it’s been a pretty heated topic lately. However, since I’m neither black nor Korean, I often end up saying something wrong and digging my own grave. So I would really appreciate it if you gave me the ok on this video I made (if it is ok, that is).
          I also linked to your website, if you don’t mind :S

          5 years ago
        • I agree with what fuuko4869 says here, but I’ll add that I also got the hibbly-jibblies over the mug shot scene. To me, that seemed the kind of fake that was putting Simon’s back up too.

          Oh my gosh…how to choose a favorite? Bullo-jerky? Punch a harmless eagle in the eye? -37 for SuJu’s english? Martina’s kitten rap?(Love it! I want it as my ringtone!) Eat your kimchi style? Rub my bananas? DON’T TAKE IT IN THE BUTT! There are just so many!

          But my favorite of all time is probably the KMM moment with the Idols-are-mutants skit. XD I LOVE Max time! The Jo Kwan signal! “He’s a cold blooded killer man!” Pfffthahahaha! XP

          My second favorite might be the Martina-is-a-wild-shawol and Simon-is-a-documentary-filmaker skit. That was awesome!

          I vote TVXQ. At the time Balloons came out it wasn’t a huge departure in image for them. You guys, however, came in during the Mirotic era so I can see how it might seem very unlike them to you. :) In fact, Junsu in balloons is closer to how most Cassies see him I think.

          My youtube username is swirlofclouds

          5 years ago
    • i agree. i don’t think GD was trying to be all hard and gangsta but showing that he’s strong because of all those people who helped him and he’s where he is now because of them.

      and i also agree about “no crew no street cred” thing. i’ve heard that with this release of one of a kind, some underground rappers were finally able to give him some props for his rapping skills and i think that gives him way more ‘cred’ than any idol rappers out there. also not to mention that dok2 worked with him for another song in this album. and that’s saying alot considering dok2 has been known to not really show any obvious love for mainstream artists. and he’s got tablo supporting him too now and we all know about the whole epik high vs gd top thing with the underground mainstream war thingy, so i think GD was able to break a lot of walls this time. and that kinda gives him at least some cred. hehe.

      but i liked this review. and yeah, simon shouldn’t do the hip thrust thing anymore. keke. i think we’re all a bit traumatized by that simon. haha!!

      5 years ago
  170. my favorite music monday moment is ANY into-xiah-cation moment.
    “OOOOh you so NAASty.” (;YT username: japans1girl

    5 years ago
  171. I love you GD, but I’m gonna vote for TVXQ :D

    5 years ago
  172. As a tennis player, my mind couldn’t wrap around the fact that not only was GD holding the racket wrong, but he was using a baseball as the tennis ball…and shattering glass. That shouldn’t actually happen, haha.

    5 years ago
  173. Simon, you wore that shirt on purpose didn’t you.. :)

    5 years ago
    • Ha! You know, I wanted to throw it out, but I kept it just for this. You’ll see it again next year as well!

      5 years ago
  174. gddd!

    5 years ago
  175. Youtube user: LightP14:

    I think my favourite Kpop Music Monday moment was when Simon put on his Taemin wig and shouted “SOY UN DORITO!” for the first time. That will forever be an epic line on EYK! FIGHTING!

    5 years ago
  176. yeay, I’ve been waiting all day ^_^
    I think having GD’s song for the 100th KMM is perfect timing ^^

    5 years ago