The curse is finally broken! But I’m sure some of you are going to think that it was a warding spell of protection, rather than a curse itself. Check out Nu’est’s video if you haven’t done so yet and let us know where you side:


Ok, so let’s have a real discussion here: does Nu’est do anything new in terms of style and tempo? I don’t necessarily see it. Some might argue that it’s unfair to single out Nu’est as opposed one of the many other boy bands that debut and don’t necessarily bring anything new to the table. But, when it comes to those bands, they don’t market themselves as being different. Nu’est’s very name, their brand, what we identify them as, is what suggests the desire to be seen as different from the rest. We didn’t impose that on them, right?

So, the question stands. Educate us. What’s new about their style and tempo? Different BPM? Different instruments? Different sound mixing? Different clothing? What is it?

We were also really confused by the video. Can someone explain why the girl is so violent and grumpy? Isn’t the person who cheats usually apologetic for hurting the other person, rather than violent towards them after being caught? Nu’est just looked like they’re getting abused all video.

And, yes, I know some of you came here for more awesome humour and word play, but I’m all out of steam. I tried SO HARD to figure out a way to squeeze “Pu’est” in there. Tru’est? Blu’est? I got nothing. I spent my best material in the video and now all I got is…no I got nothing.

Side note, if any of you say that we pronounced Aron’s name incorrectly, we’ll send you to the principle’s office for being Insubordinate, and Churlish.

Also, allow me to say: GOTDAMN we forgot how to YouTube. We filmed without the audio recording, and then we filmed with the audio too loud, and then we filmed with the audio too quiet, and then we changed to something different and filmed without the audio recording again. HOLY HELL! Way to many mistakes. Here are a few more in this week’s bloopers:


As for the poll, umm, the site is acting a bit buggy at the moment, and I can’t make a poll like we usually do. Sorry! We’ve been adding some features to the site and one thing isn’t playing nicely with the other :(

And lastly, we’re back from Japan now. Yay! We were there for the weekend (we filmed this Music Monday right before flying out) and we got a lot of good footage. We might be coming back to Japan again next week to get some more footage. We’re not sure yet. We’ll let you know! Yes, we’re being mysterious about what we were doing. OOH WE’RE SUCH TEASES! If you want to know what we’re up to, make sure you’re subscribed :D

  1. Thanks for the “Insubordinate, and Churlish.” link; that was hilarious!

  2. I’m really glad for the return to the ‘traditional’ Music Monday. I was starting to lose interest in EYK tbh, with the Music Mondays being mostly skits with no depth… the humour is great but it needs grounding. Plus Sungerina was starting to become a parody of itself since it didn’t evolve beyond a narrow parodying the shallowness of fangirls, and so through repetition became shallow itself, and thus became a parody of its self-parody; a good joke only works once, and it was best in B1A4’s ‘What’s Happening’ MV review, and none since have matched up to that IMO. Repeating skit segments bust be broad enough for new material. Also, reviews should never be positive all the time, so I’m supportive of this approach – although I still think you should review popular MVs you don’t like, and find something positive to say about them even when you mostly dislike them. You’ve got to do reviews of popular artists even if you hate them, so you are catering to the site’s audience. This was mostly what the Lee Hi ‘Rose’ review outrage was about – the freedom to choose from the top 3 must take into account which of the three is the most popular with the site audience, and of course also should take into account the SM bias of what would make the best Music Monday review, has the best material to work with. This was not ‘Rose’, and that was the problem. Again, great return to form! Love the in-depth MV analysis + the humour on the side!

  3. Finaly! (FINALLY!!!) EAT considered NU’EST. But I’m upset(( U like almost every song, which u consider, but not this(( I love this song very much((

  4. Hi Simon and Martina!
    I know you guys have been getting some bad press on Tumblr recently and I’m sorry for it. I’ve been a Nasty for a few years now and I really love the work you guys do. You guys are smart, funny, creative and best of all, honest! However– and I don’t mean to be a hater– I’ve been a little let down the recent KMMs. You used to do skits, funny bits and impressions. That was what made KMM awesome and hilarious!! I used to follow you guys all the time and I’d get so excited every time you put out a video but now, I feel like the amount of videos and the quality of them have gone down. Maybe this is part of a transitional phase for EYK from silly and funny to more serious, but I do miss the old KMMs a lot. Please bring back the skits and the hilarious bits! Recent KMMs have been so bland :( They’re all of you guys just talking in front of a wall and it lacks the old creative spirit you guys used to have.

    Sorry if I was a debbie-downer! I still love you and support you guys :)

  5. BILASA definitely conquested my vote.

  6. if its possible…next 2,3 week will b jyp, sm, yg battle… sunmi vs snsd vs 2ne1… who will b review in KMM…its hotttttttt

  7. Bilasa for the win cause honestly I didn’t like this MV at all and was seriously disappointed cause I loved their others.

  8. I’m a little confused about this Music Monday and why would a video from last year replace a EYKMM for this year. I like the best potential music monday category for EYKAs but not if the winner is going to replace a following years chart winner. I much rather hear about a new video then one from last year that’s old and played out.

    • They have done this two years running. Its a way of redemption. Sometimes S&M miss a KPMM because they are away on vacation or business, or a popular video get bumped down just before voting ends. Sometimes really interesting MV’s get looked over and this is a way to give them a second chance.

      • But if it takes the place of the next years chart winner for 1 week then your just adding to the existing problem. I really don’t vote often and I only watch music mondays when I’m curious. But I’ve seen some fans commenting on not knowing if and when their is going to be an actual Music Mondays and they feel like they have wasted their time voting.

        • Thats true, the thing I think makes this seem pointless is 1) There were many other (what I felt) more interesting videos to review and 2) Simon and Martina have been really lacking in releasing KMM for that past 2 months. If they stayed a little more up to date then I think something like this would make more sense.

          Either way, I still think its a fun way to allow the fans a way to pick a KMM and guarantee it gets reviewed.

        • I agree, you made a really good points it really the huge gap in KMM. I don mind Nu’est was picked it was a loyal sweet gesture from their fans. But because there have been i think maybe just 1 KMM since the new year this review was released at a very bad time. What I really can’t understand and it makes no sense at all to me is why do they not post on the charts if they are going to have a KMM or when the next one will be.

  9. Asked my korean students and it is definitely pronounced B One A Four not Balasa. Screaming Korean fangirls cannot be wrong.

  10. Love this video most honest review ever thankyou for notbeing those people who just complement them cos they are biased

  11. The girl was probs jealous of Ren yeah and btw the members were suppost to be playing the same person WtF and the girl is somehow cheating on them and randomly getting members for a sad (yet that Ren stare though) bathroom scene that resembles something.


  13. GOD have i missed these! My mondays felt so empty without kpop reviews!

    Especially since Music Monday is how I hear some new songs that I may not have otherwise gone to listen to.

    On that note – I’m glad to see Nu’Est on here! I’ve had a bit of a soft spot for them for a while now since I saw a video with them dressed in blue suits and dancing in a freeway tunnel (the name of that video would be super helpful because I can’t seem to find it anywhere and I’m pretty sure it was nu’est…) ANYWHO~! Thanks for the comeback! We’ve missed you a lot!

  14. Martina you are great but i think you Samon dont have sense of humor like Martina

  15. OH! This was great, but I know it might not be appropriate since this is Music Monday but for WANK how about a trip to the anime convention in Korea? It happens once every month over there, you should be able to find where it is held online

  16. it’s been a while since i last time laughed like this while watching KMM, great work ^^ KMM has clearly found it’s magic again.

  17. But…isn’t it JR that smashes the phone? :o If so then he’s the wizard and Aron only wishes he was, lol

  18. curse is broken!! finally!!

    insubordinate and churlish… do i see a key and peele there :D

  19. The crumpled phone booth has JR in the scene, not Aron, Martina. And now I can’t watch that dancing in the end without thinking of Riverdance, which made my sis and I giggle through all of it. I love the song. The MV is good, but like Simon said, it’s fuel for fanfiction.

  20. But Ukiss does go around kissing people! At their concert, they stayed true to their name by blowing kisses to all their fans. So, yeah :)

  21. What is Martina using to be as tall as Simon on this k-pop Music Mondays?

  22. Bonie ass? Really? Haha it made my day!

  23. I lost it with the chicken XD

  24. I love the song, I love the band, I love half of the music video, hate the girl.

  25. I laughed so hard I almost died when Simon pretended to be a stalker. It just kept getting funnier and funnier! Loved this Kpop Music Monday!

  26. I’m glad to see NU’EST in KMM.. it’s not like I have waited for it couple years or anything.. cough. Yes well I pretty much anticipated that S&M won’t like the song much since it’s ballad (and they don’t that often like those) so I wasn’t disapointed or mad or anything about the review. I think it’s was entertaining to watch :)

    Personally I really like the song, it’s one of my favorite ballads and I like the mv lot too. I did find it quite artistic and having intresting references like the scene where JR kissed the girl who was hugging Minhyun same time. Overall I think the mv portrayed well boyfriend who clings desperately on his girlfriend although she is clearly cheating him. There is many ways cheater can react when her/his wrong doings comes up and I think being mad and blaming the victim is one way which makes weaker person to bend and accept the cheating.

    I think there still would have been better songs from NU’EST to review but I enjoyed this review as well.

  27. While I love this song, I honestly can’t fault you guys for putting your honest opinions out there. Moreover, I loved this because it really felt like a classic Music Monday in that you guys were critical and articulate and really analyzed the video and song in an entertaining way. You guys did an awesome job, despite the hard time you had, which you should be really proud of. I loved it! =D

  28. Omg I missed your KMMs, I literally was laughing the whole time xD
    And yessss Key and Peele :DDD

  29. Yeah…Hello doesn’t do much for me either. :/
    But! That’s not to say they don’t have catchier, more interesting-sounding songs that stand out from the norm. You guys should check out Sleep Talking. The rapping is cool, as is the dancing. Though I’m not sure how well snoring sounds fit into music… (Spoiler alert: it doesn’t)

    Also! My vote is for Nu’est for the Cheater-McCheaterson girl, because while I’m a way bigger fan of B1A4 than I am of Nu’est, Nu’est’s girl was way crazier and considerably more douchebaggy (can I say douchebaggy?) than Bilasa’s. Which may be a good thing for Bilasa now that I think about it.

  30. Umm….maybe the guys of NU’EST like it rough….and she was trying to distract them by getting them all hot and bothered…

  31. Ermahgawsh that bear pillow in the background! I assume it was a fangift??

  32. Am I the only one who thought it was pronounced “new-east?”

  33. Maybe Nu’est like being abused and mistreated? idk, but it was just kinda…bleh ya know?

  34. Lol. While I do love the song, I totally get Simon’s rant…but I have to agree with Martina that it’s a K-pop problem (and I lurved that U-Kiss comeback). I also don’t think it’s fair to only blame NU’EST for the silly acronyms in K-pop. Also, I really loved this KMM because it made me laugh out loud so much. You guise certainly haven’t lost your quirky and hilarious sense of humour. Hwaiting!

  35. I like nu’est their second favorite in my book behind batoooost but I didn’t find this offensive in any way. I love the song but I see where your points are coming from. Honestly no one should hate you guys for an opinion and its not like you say “omg this was so bad I died a little inside” Lol that’s so silly.

  36. Yeah, Kpop group names are so weird. B.A.P aren’t the best, absolute (how can one be absolute) or perfect. Not saying I don’t love B.A.P, but their name is stupid.

  37. was i the only one who notice this? o.o … lol…
    and does SHINee live up to their name?? o.O
    =.= *blinded by SHINee Rays* AHHHhhhhh!!!! i’m blind !
    *laughs* XDDD pastel pants..-///-

    love your kpop mondays~ :3 will always be here to watch!!
    <3 simon's weirdness!! love your jokes~ they are funny!! :3

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