The curse is finally broken! But I’m sure some of you are going to think that it was a warding spell of protection, rather than a curse itself. Check out Nu’est’s video if you haven’t done so yet and let us know where you side:


Ok, so let’s have a real discussion here: does Nu’est do anything new in terms of style and tempo? I don’t necessarily see it. Some might argue that it’s unfair to single out Nu’est as opposed one of the many other boy bands that debut and don’t necessarily bring anything new to the table. But, when it comes to those bands, they don’t market themselves as being different. Nu’est’s very name, their brand, what we identify them as, is what suggests the desire to be seen as different from the rest. We didn’t impose that on them, right?

So, the question stands. Educate us. What’s new about their style and tempo? Different BPM? Different instruments? Different sound mixing? Different clothing? What is it?

We were also really confused by the video. Can someone explain why the girl is so violent and grumpy? Isn’t the person who cheats usually apologetic for hurting the other person, rather than violent towards them after being caught? Nu’est just looked like they’re getting abused all video.

And, yes, I know some of you came here for more awesome humour and word play, but I’m all out of steam. I tried SO HARD to figure out a way to squeeze “Pu’est” in there. Tru’est? Blu’est? I got nothing. I spent my best material in the video and now all I got is…no I got nothing.

Side note, if any of you say that we pronounced Aron’s name incorrectly, we’ll send you to the principle’s office for being Insubordinate, and Churlish.

Also, allow me to say: GOTDAMN we forgot how to YouTube. We filmed without the audio recording, and then we filmed with the audio too loud, and then we filmed with the audio too quiet, and then we changed to something different and filmed without the audio recording again. HOLY HELL! Way to many mistakes. Here are a few more in this week’s bloopers:


As for the poll, umm, the site is acting a bit buggy at the moment, and I can’t make a poll like we usually do. Sorry! We’ve been adding some features to the site and one thing isn’t playing nicely with the other :(

And lastly, we’re back from Japan now. Yay! We were there for the weekend (we filmed this Music Monday right before flying out) and we got a lot of good footage. We might be coming back to Japan again next week to get some more footage. We’re not sure yet. We’ll let you know! Yes, we’re being mysterious about what we were doing. OOH WE’RE SUCH TEASES! If you want to know what we’re up to, make sure you’re subscribed :D

  1. Thanks for the “Insubordinate, and Churlish.” link; that was hilarious!

  2. I’m really glad for the return to the ‘traditional’ Music Monday. I was starting to lose interest in EYK tbh, with the Music Mondays being mostly skits with no depth… the humour is great but it needs grounding. Plus Sungerina was starting to become a parody of itself since it didn’t evolve beyond a narrow parodying the shallowness of fangirls, and so through repetition became shallow itself, and thus became a parody of its self-parody; a good joke only works once, and it was best in B1A4′s ‘What’s Happening’ MV review, and none since have matched up to that IMO. Repeating skit segments bust be broad enough for new material. Also, reviews should never be positive all the time, so I’m supportive of this approach – although I still think you should review popular MVs you don’t like, and find something positive to say about them even when you mostly dislike them. You’ve got to do reviews of popular artists even if you hate them, so you are catering to the site’s audience. This was mostly what the Lee Hi ‘Rose’ review outrage was about – the freedom to choose from the top 3 must take into account which of the three is the most popular with the site audience, and of course also should take into account the SM bias of what would make the best Music Monday review, has the best material to work with. This was not ‘Rose’, and that was the problem. Again, great return to form! Love the in-depth MV analysis + the humour on the side!

  3. Agiza

    Finaly! (FINALLY!!!) EAT considered NU’EST. But I’m upset(( U like almost every song, which u consider, but not this(( I love this song very much((

  4. Hi Simon and Martina!
    I know you guys have been getting some bad press on Tumblr recently and I’m sorry for it. I’ve been a Nasty for a few years now and I really love the work you guys do. You guys are smart, funny, creative and best of all, honest! However– and I don’t mean to be a hater– I’ve been a little let down the recent KMMs. You used to do skits, funny bits and impressions. That was what made KMM awesome and hilarious!! I used to follow you guys all the time and I’d get so excited every time you put out a video but now, I feel like the amount of videos and the quality of them have gone down. Maybe this is part of a transitional phase for EYK from silly and funny to more serious, but I do miss the old KMMs a lot. Please bring back the skits and the hilarious bits! Recent KMMs have been so bland :( They’re all of you guys just talking in front of a wall and it lacks the old creative spirit you guys used to have.

    Sorry if I was a debbie-downer! I still love you and support you guys :)

  5. BILASA definitely conquested my vote.

  6. yanagiba yusuke22

    if its possible…next 2,3 week will b jyp, sm, yg battle… sunmi vs snsd vs 2ne1… who will b review in KMM…its hotttttttt

  7. Bilasa for the win cause honestly I didn’t like this MV at all and was seriously disappointed cause I loved their others.

  8. I’m a little confused about this Music Monday and why would a video from last year replace a EYKMM for this year. I like the best potential music monday category for EYKAs but not if the winner is going to replace a following years chart winner. I much rather hear about a new video then one from last year that’s old and played out.

    • CeceAvila

      They have done this two years running. Its a way of redemption. Sometimes S&M miss a KPMM because they are away on vacation or business, or a popular video get bumped down just before voting ends. Sometimes really interesting MV’s get looked over and this is a way to give them a second chance.

      • But if it takes the place of the next years chart winner for 1 week then your just adding to the existing problem. I really don’t vote often and I only watch music mondays when I’m curious. But I’ve seen some fans commenting on not knowing if and when their is going to be an actual Music Mondays and they feel like they have wasted their time voting.

        • CeceAvila

          Thats true, the thing I think makes this seem pointless is 1) There were many other (what I felt) more interesting videos to review and 2) Simon and Martina have been really lacking in releasing KMM for that past 2 months. If they stayed a little more up to date then I think something like this would make more sense.

          Either way, I still think its a fun way to allow the fans a way to pick a KMM and guarantee it gets reviewed.

        • I agree, you made a really good points it really the huge gap in KMM. I don mind Nu’est was picked it was a loyal sweet gesture from their fans. But because there have been i think maybe just 1 KMM since the new year this review was released at a very bad time. What I really can’t understand and it makes no sense at all to me is why do they not post on the charts if they are going to have a KMM or when the next one will be.

  9. Asked my korean students and it is definitely pronounced B One A Four not Balasa. Screaming Korean fangirls cannot be wrong.

  10. Love this video most honest review ever thankyou for notbeing those people who just complement them cos they are biased

  11. The girl was probs jealous of Ren yeah and btw the members were suppost to be playing the same person WtF and the girl is somehow cheating on them and randomly getting members for a sad (yet that Ren stare though) bathroom scene that resembles something.


  13. GOD have i missed these! My mondays felt so empty without kpop reviews!

    Especially since Music Monday is how I hear some new songs that I may not have otherwise gone to listen to.

    On that note – I’m glad to see Nu’Est on here! I’ve had a bit of a soft spot for them for a while now since I saw a video with them dressed in blue suits and dancing in a freeway tunnel (the name of that video would be super helpful because I can’t seem to find it anywhere and I’m pretty sure it was nu’est…) ANYWHO~! Thanks for the comeback! We’ve missed you a lot!

  14. I’m so CURIOUS yeah!!

  15. Martina you are great but i think you Samon dont have sense of humor like Martina

  16. OH! This was great, but I know it might not be appropriate since this is Music Monday but for WANK how about a trip to the anime convention in Korea? It happens once every month over there, you should be able to find where it is held online

  17. it’s been a while since i last time laughed like this while watching KMM, great work ^^ KMM has clearly found it’s magic again.

  18. But…isn’t it JR that smashes the phone? :o If so then he’s the wizard and Aron only wishes he was, lol

  19. curse is broken!! finally!!

    insubordinate and churlish… do i see a key and peele there :D

  20. The crumpled phone booth has JR in the scene, not Aron, Martina. And now I can’t watch that dancing in the end without thinking of Riverdance, which made my sis and I giggle through all of it. I love the song. The MV is good, but like Simon said, it’s fuel for fanfiction.

  21. But Ukiss does go around kissing people! At their concert, they stayed true to their name by blowing kisses to all their fans. So, yeah :)

  22. What is Martina using to be as tall as Simon on this k-pop Music Mondays?

  23. Bonie ass? Really? Haha it made my day!

  24. I lost it with the chicken XD

  25. I love the song, I love the band, I love half of the music video, hate the girl.

  26. I laughed so hard I almost died when Simon pretended to be a stalker. It just kept getting funnier and funnier! Loved this Kpop Music Monday!

  27. Blueberries

    I’m glad to see NU’EST in KMM.. it’s not like I have waited for it couple years or anything.. cough. Yes well I pretty much anticipated that S&M won’t like the song much since it’s ballad (and they don’t that often like those) so I wasn’t disapointed or mad or anything about the review. I think it’s was entertaining to watch :)

    Personally I really like the song, it’s one of my favorite ballads and I like the mv lot too. I did find it quite artistic and having intresting references like the scene where JR kissed the girl who was hugging Minhyun same time. Overall I think the mv portrayed well boyfriend who clings desperately on his girlfriend although she is clearly cheating him. There is many ways cheater can react when her/his wrong doings comes up and I think being mad and blaming the victim is one way which makes weaker person to bend and accept the cheating.

    I think there still would have been better songs from NU’EST to review but I enjoyed this review as well.

  28. While I love this song, I honestly can’t fault you guys for putting your honest opinions out there. Moreover, I loved this because it really felt like a classic Music Monday in that you guys were critical and articulate and really analyzed the video and song in an entertaining way. You guys did an awesome job, despite the hard time you had, which you should be really proud of. I loved it! =D

  29. Omg I missed your KMMs, I literally was laughing the whole time xD
    And yessss Key and Peele :DDD

  30. thatssumgoodcurry

    Yeah…Hello doesn’t do much for me either. :/
    But! That’s not to say they don’t have catchier, more interesting-sounding songs that stand out from the norm. You guys should check out Sleep Talking. The rapping is cool, as is the dancing. Though I’m not sure how well snoring sounds fit into music… (Spoiler alert: it doesn’t)

    Also! My vote is for Nu’est for the Cheater-McCheaterson girl, because while I’m a way bigger fan of B1A4 than I am of Nu’est, Nu’est’s girl was way crazier and considerably more douchebaggy (can I say douchebaggy?) than Bilasa’s. Which may be a good thing for Bilasa now that I think about it.

  31. Umm….maybe the guys of NU’EST like it rough….and she was trying to distract them by getting them all hot and bothered…

  32. Ermahgawsh that bear pillow in the background! I assume it was a fangift??

  33. Amyaco

    Am I the only one who thought it was pronounced “new-east?”

    • It is technically “new-east” but almost no one pronounces it that way. I like the “newest” one more because it’s easier for me to say with a retainer.

  34. Maybe Nu’est like being abused and mistreated? idk, but it was just kinda…bleh ya know?

  35. Lol. While I do love the song, I totally get Simon’s rant…but I have to agree with Martina that it’s a K-pop problem (and I lurved that U-Kiss comeback). I also don’t think it’s fair to only blame NU’EST for the silly acronyms in K-pop. Also, I really loved this KMM because it made me laugh out loud so much. You guise certainly haven’t lost your quirky and hilarious sense of humour. Hwaiting!

  36. I like nu’est their second favorite in my book behind batoooost but I didn’t find this offensive in any way. I love the song but I see where your points are coming from. Honestly no one should hate you guys for an opinion and its not like you say “omg this was so bad I died a little inside” Lol that’s so silly.

  37. Renee

    Yeah, Kpop group names are so weird. B.A.P aren’t the best, absolute (how can one be absolute) or perfect. Not saying I don’t love B.A.P, but their name is stupid.

  38. was i the only one who notice this? o.o … lol…
    and does SHINee live up to their name?? o.O
    =.= *blinded by SHINee Rays* AHHHhhhhh!!!! i’m blind !
    *laughs* XDDD pastel pants..-///-

    love your kpop mondays~ :3 will always be here to watch!!
    <3 simon's weirdness!! love your jokes~ they are funny!! :3

  39. Gnu-est? mooooo

  40. You know what other song in k-pop sounds almost like a stalker-ish song? “Greedy Man” by CN Blue. I love the song but I do understand it sounds kind of creepy…Also I vote b1A4~!

  41. After ten minutes of trying to remember my account info for this thing, I finally got to type up a long and probably excessively late comment, so here I go.
    I love Nu’est as my favorite kpop group, even if I still pronounce their name as “newest” and not “new east.” (Hint: It’s the latter one). Their fans were actually really chill for a long time and were known as one of the nicer fandoms, which was kind of impressive considering a majority of their fans are younger teenage girls. It takes some effort to get over feeling like a pedo with them. Things also get really ugly really fast with these fans, which I think this site experienced firsthand and needs no explanation.

    Onto the main point of how absolutely depressing it is to be a Nu’est fan. They debuted in what was generally a great year for rookies and a horrible year to be one. Basically, BAP and EXO happened. They’re both incredibly talented groups and had explosive debuts, through one marketing strategy and grueling hard work. Not that Nu’est is different. The have talent, they know hard work and despair as well. But for all of 2012, it was always the other two. Nu’est never won any rewards. Any time they won recognition on websites, it was through reckless spamming. But what drives a horde of teenage girls to desperation, in the first place?

    It’s heart aching to be a Nu’est fan, because these boys are lovely and work so hard and they ARE talented and yet they are simply pushed aside time after time. Sure, people may know them at a glance because of their wild card Ren, but it’s always the same. Heck, there was an article about Nu’est about a quote that they felt like BAP were their rivals. Of course they were. They were both rookies in the same year. You want to know what the comments were all about? Not even two comments in they completely brushed Nu’est aside. … Oh, they’re not important. BAP is so far ahead of them. Hey, look at THIS GROUP (cough EXO cough)! Nu’est isn’t nearly important enough to be their rivals! What a joke! … And then it turned into a huge argument between BAP and EXO stans about which one was the top rookie. On a Nu’est article. This is what we deal with. How, because BAP is so special and so explosive with their awesome albums and EXO has that incredible talent between all of its members and SM to back it up, Nu’est just isn’t important enough to give a thought to them.

    Have you ever bothered to stop and think about that? Obviously I’m not asking you to automatically love Nu’est. That’d be ridiculous. But we have seen JR apologize for not being a good leader, for not being able to win his group rewards. It’s heartbreaking. I cried when I saw that, because it isn’t their fault. They haven’t won any music shows. Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if the other two weren’t there, and if Pledis was better at scheduling comebacks that weren’t right next to ones from, say, the big three. I wonder what you would think of them then.

    This KMM was hardly about the song. A lot of it was just the utter desperation for Nu’est fans, to finally get the group the kind of recognition that they deserve. Almost every single one of BAP and EXO’s songs have been reviewed.Some of them were not the best. Some of them were ones that we knew S&M would dislike, but they were voted up anyway. Nu’est fans tried so hard. It just got worse and worse with the “curse,” because no matter how hard we tried we couldn’t get the reviews. Other groups were just always too important. We voted up fan service MV’s, just to finally get that KMM and finally be able to put Nu’est up there with the others. And even now, a lot of the main comments aren’t even about Nu’est. There’s another discussion about BAP and why they’re amazing.

    This is why, as a L.O./.E., I’m so upset. The Music Monday wasn’t bad or offensive or anything, but it could have been so much more, if only it were a better time and another MV. There was hardly anything about the members themselves or how they did talent wise. It didn’t even have to be positive, but if it’s a generic song like you say, then shouldn’t it be important how they managed to pull it off? Most of it was making fun of the name and the imagery. Which is all fun and I bear no grudge for, but it’s like a repeat of the endless cycle. This is why I feel that it’s hard to be a fan of Nu’est, and why you may see so many raging fangirls, because this is what it’s been like since day one.

    • hi
      I know that as a fan who supported your singer form day 1, it is exceptionally hard for you to accept how this group has been treated by the industry. I totally get that.
      However, we should know that entertainment industry is a very competitive industry and if you don’t do something hype or eye-catching, you wouldn’t survive in the harsh reality. It is a tad bit unfair to say that since this group work hard, they are the only one deserve recognition. Keep in mind the hard hours many korean singers have to endure for practice, performance and others.
      Thus, it is important for them to be more outstanding than the others in terms of music, performance, lyric and others if they want to succeed. Using the same generic, formulaic kpop recipe that has been used by countless other band won’t do the trick. I think that is why simon and martina are particularly harsh on them. They want this band to stand up to its name, as kpop right now is getting to bland and too formulaic.
      I just wanna stressed out I am not a fan to any band, I just enjoy the vids published by S&M. So, maybe I did not feel the fandomness of kpop the way many of you did, but music is my thing and I had a long year of experience on this industry and whatever I write in this comment is purely based on observation and experience.

      • Heya!
        Sorry if I was a bit confusing there, that was a bit of a word vomit and I probably didn’t read over it as much as I should have.

        I’m not necessarily saying that Nu’est should be the only one who deserves recognition, not at all. They all work very, very hard. I agree with those who are genuinely concerned for BAP at how hard they’re working with all the comebacks and concepts that their company has pushed them to doing. Hard work is a factor in terms of acknowledge, but this is the music industry and if you work hard but make crappy music then of course you’re not going to do well.

        And I see your point about the name, but one of the favorite groups here on EYK is BAP. Their name is an acronym which stands for Best Absolute Perfect. When they got negative feedback on Rain Sound, I don’t remember anyone talking about how they didn’t live up to their name of being absolutely perfect. Clearly, most people don’t take names seriously, or as Martina said, you would see UKISS running around kissing people and that would be.. interesting.

        Honestly, I’m fine with the industry. It’s the music industry. It’s hard for all of them, especially if you’re not out on top, but even then it’s difficult. What saddens me, as a fangirl, is most people’s dismissal of Nu’est completely. Disinterest is normal. But when people absolutely refuse to pay attention to or acknowledge a group on their own articles and own videos in favor of another particular group, /every single time/, that just makes any bit of criticism hit so much harder. I love BAP and EXO so much that it hurts. But I’m upset with how many fans of the two groups refuse to acknowledge Nu’est at all just because they favor the other groups and their talents more. It’s fine to dislike them. It’s fine if you don’t care. But it doesn’t mean that they’re irrelevant as a group, because they certainly are not.

        • oh, now i see. so sorry if i misread your opinion. It is sucks when you are talented but nobody acknowledge your talent. However, I stressed the opinion where they should do something eye-popping. this way, they will have the coverage they needed for them to propelled

        • just mentioning that unlike nuest other groups name has nothing to do with their music though so imo the name criticism is not invalid. thing is ppl don’t want to put effort to get interested in a band its just something that happens through good marketing and bands own talent like me there are so many groups out there that being unique is getting rly hard. i think its has less to do about the group and more about marketing because for someone like me who is not a big fan of a specific group, there isn’t a big difference in talent of different groups its more of a personal preference thing with the occasional person standing out. so hopefully their company will come up with better marketing strategies in the future. i like face the best so far.

        • CeceAvila

          As far as the name goes, there are definitely groups out there with equally cringey names. B.A.P. and MBLAQ for example. However, I think the reason more criticism is being placed on Nu’est’s name is because it actually sounds like newest. New is in the pronunciation of the name… it practically IS the name. B.A.P. and MBLAQ have horrible acronyms, but they aren’t really part of their names. People don’t go around calling them by what their acronyms stand for. They are simply B.A.P. and MBLAQ.

    • CeceAvila

      This idea of voting the MV up like crazy to simply finally get them a review is (what I feel) a wrong way of thinking and is not in the spirit of EYK. Vote up a song that is truly interesting and great, not because of the group/artist behind it. Which is why we are here now with this review. The song was nice, I agree with Martina on this part, but it wasn’t their best work. Y’all pushed for it so much, but it wasn’t by taking into consideration the actual song. S&M try to stress this so much (and this includes other groups as you had mentioned, not just Nu’est) especially during the EYKAs.

      You need to remember that not everyone on here are as big of fans on Nu’est as you are. You seem to look at them on a more intimate level. I think this goes for Simon and Martina as well. I like them, I listen to their songs too, but I’m not as involved in their careers as you seem to be. It’s not that we don’t care that they have been working hard or anything like that. Try not to look at it that way or to take it so personally.

    • I kept thinking of Face when Simon used the word generic that isn’t a word that ever came to mind when watching that video. I’m sorry if you feel depleted and sad for the Nu’est members.I don’t think winning should be important as long as it’s members are still happy performing. And they still have really caring dedicated fans. I look forward to their next come back soon. Remember even negative publicity is still publicity so don’t be disheartened by it. And I’m sure the members are happy having great fans like you. S&M spend a lot of time trying to make us laugh and spend less time trying to promote the video their fans loved enough to vote in. So it can sometimes be a bit of a let down even when they like the video.

  42. i’m friends with aron’s cousins

  43. Could you pretty please make the bleeps a bit quieter between the bloopers? I love watching the bloopers, but the beeps just blare so much louder than the dialogue and are so obnoxious that I often don’t watch them.

  44. I think the girl was surprised and upset the the boys found out she was cheating on all of them with eachother and started to hit/slap them in the hopes to distract them and make them feel bad instead if being mad at her

  45. Glad you two are back! I love your video’s.

  46. Simon’s commentary on the English and name were absolutely hilarious and well put. Also, something interesting is Chinese also uses the word “hand” (with machine) 手機 in its word for cellphone, too.


  48. The guy who broke the phone was JR, not Aron…

  49. yayyy finally some music Mondays~ and one for nu’est~ ok ok i know that this particular song doesn’t live up to there name. But really some of there other songs do way more…. this just happened to be the only nu’est song on the list for a best potential kmm… even so it was pretty funny :)

    and if u-kiss went around kissing people ubeat would be in jail probably

  50. Wishy

    I think that Hello was a… less “new”-ish single from NU’EST. Their other songs/videos are quite interesting- they are from the same company as Orange Caramel. Like Sleep Talking- I loved the concept and the sound. I really don’t think Hello fits their style.

  51. thisisjustforfunval

    I’m really glad that Nu’est finally got a KMM. For me, I really like the song and find myself randomly singing it. I know that I voted for Hello to be reviewed though, not because of the song since ya’ll don’t like ballads, but because the video was not like any other kpop video I’d seen at that time. One girl for them all yes, one girl for them all at the same time in the same scene?! O_O No. I think since then I’ve seen other videos that touch on it but not like Nu’est did. Overall I love this KMM, it had me rolling. Simon, though, you gotta let your acronym obsession go. Nu’est debuted almost two years ago, that’s like 20 years in kpop, so they aren’t exactly new anymore, and their “new” style has moved away from the sound/theme they had when they debuted. I don’t take the group names serious, if I did Teen Top would have to switch out their members like Menudo did when they reached 20 years old. :-P

  52. Simon and Martina can you see the video request i made for you?^_^ https://twitter.com/Mimchetu/status/432909637512200192

  53. ey do min joon uses a pager and still looks cool with it.

  54. KATHyphenTUN

    Noooo the curse almost lived on for me!! After the first 30 secs in suddenly the sound just stopped!! I thought you guys where playing a joke so i continued watching, but it didnt come back. I don’t know what happened but it fixed when I reloaded the page. But that was scary guise!

  55. I’m so excited that Nu’est finally got a review!!! It was more about us fans making it happen than whether or not you guys actually loved the song. I agree though that Face or Action was more “new” and would have made for a more interesting review for you guys. I actually think a review of the PCC versions of Hello would have been more enjoyable for you guys. lol In that ver. their love interest is a mannequin dressed as a Nu’est fangirl and in addition to using a payphone they attempt to make calls from a phone made of two cups tied together with string and a pink plastic toy phone. :)

  56. yanagiba yusuke22

    s&m…can u count next KMM on 00:00 kst friday so that u can filming it b4 u fly to japan again this week?? im afraid u cant make KMM next week… there will b many cb this week n so many potential mv that u should review

  57. LOVE IT… I laugh a lot!!! there is so many true points about the video…. I actually only see one time and I’m a l.o.λ.e xD by the way the name of Aron is -Aaron- but only use one A, for the pronunciation of the korean people (I don’t know) hahaha thanks for finally make the review!!!

  58. i get that this song is a “typical kpop song” with the piano and the ballet but if you watch some of the other videos, for example- “sleep talking” by nu’est is a really original genre, and if you haven’t heard, they made up the “mystic fantastic” (i think thats what its called) genre for sleep talking and thats when i think the “new established style and tempo” thing comes into place. btw, im not trying to rag on you guys. matter of fact, i love EYK and the videos and blogs and everything that you guys have XP so sorry about my litttle rant. Thanks for everything that you guys do~

  59. i get that this song is a “typical kpop song” with the piano and the ballet but if you watch some of the other videos, for example- “sleep talking” by nu’est is a really original genre, and if you haven’t heard, they made up the “mystic fantastic” (i think thats what its called) genre for sleep talking and thats when i think the “new established style and tempo” thing comes into place. btw, im not trying to rag on you guys. matter of fact, i love EYC and the videos and blogs and everything that you guys have XP so sorry about my litttle rant. Thanks for everything that you guys do~

  60. Finally!! A KPMM on Nu’est ^^ Good job. The curse has been lifted.

  61. Doungbagai Stellar Leo

    i think the girl was mad at Ren for being too pretty

  62. Oh no! Video isn’t working for me so I’ll have to come back and watch it later, but..

    I agree this wasn’t the best video for you guys to review..I’m sure with years to come, with more experience and bigger albums that Nu’est will come out with songs that us LO/ES will vote to the top and just maybe – you guys will love!

    As for how people react after getting caught, in my experience… My ex was very angry after I caught her. After the course of a 2 and a half year long distance relationship she had cheated on me with 6-8 people. She would get angry at me for everything, and would blame me. Maybe this is why I understood the video and liked it so much? Hm

    As to my fellow NASTY LO/Es who are disappointed,
    You love EYK, and you love nu’est,

    but this goes to all sad fans after this kind of review…You don’t need validation from someone you love to enjoy something!
    You like those shoes yes? But your sister doesn’t? You can still love your sister AND your shoes.

    that was probably a terrible example

  63. hapagirl

    Really happy that Nu’est got their KMM, but slightly disappointed about the song. I’ve been meaning to get into them, but all I’ve seen is this. I like the fact that instead of making it about being in love and using the same girl, she’s actually cheating. Seriously, is it that hard to find multiple girls to be in a video? I like the beginning, but the song kinda dragged for me. Also you poor things! But I didn’t realize how happy I get from watching this, I smiled so hard when I saw Spudgy.

    Also the acronym thing, even as a Starlight and a Kissme, I agree. I actively don’t look for what their names stand for. Also doesn’t U-KISS make out with each other? Or that could be their side job, run a kissing booth, they’d make millions.
    And even though Nu’est actually did show cheating a lot better than B1A4, What’s Happening got me into them and was one of my favorite songs of last year.

    • Blueberries

      Well the mv and song was about cheating girlfriend and boyfriend who just doesn’t want to let go and pretenst that it isn’t true that she’s cheating him although evidence is all over the place.

      NU’EST is still fairly new and doesn’t have lot of stuff.. so if you want to watch their other stuff there is Face, Action, Not Over You and Sleep Talking, that’s it :)

  64. Hello is definitely not my favourite NU’EST song (I’m more of an Action and Beautiful Solo kind of girl) but I do have to admit I’m glad they at least get a review now. Granted, I wish it was for Sleep Talking, because that video was full of gold, but, I’ll take what I can get.

  65. Melody Rasor Blade Razi

    As much as I have been waiting for this review I can’t bring myself to watch it knowing that NU’EST would thrive under a company that actually invests in them instead of churing out new group after new group.
    Thats what hurts me most about being a LO/E…seeing the group who brought me into kpop being royally effed over. ;~;

  66. And Martina!! The star on your shoulder! I must se the whole thing.I mean. just the star… It looks so fabulous close up, like: http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_md6vumqywX1qe3p9bo1_250.gif

  67. your reviews are usually great but this one almost made me fall on the floor because I had to laugh so hard at Simon’s ‘mum’s calling’-acting! HILARIOUS! and I think you are really funny, Simon! I even cracked up at ‘shouldn’t you say “mooh”?’ :P:P:P

  68. Martina is the Winner for this weeks Music Monday with the
    comment of UKiss should go around kissing people.

    Simon gets negative points this week due to not remembering
    about the stalker quote from the EYK news report from Xia’s Incredible video.

  69. Victor Ha

    I love these 30 seconds to disagree skit. Sometimes I disagree with your opinions (either I agree with Simon, Martina, or both if you are at the same level), but I enjoy KMM anyways because you always make it seem to be very entertaining like comedians. I am with Martina this time that “Hello” by NU’EST is not a bad song (*whispers* although I like SHINEE’s “Hello” as well…).

  70. So, I’d just like to say that I really love this song. Although I am a L.O.Λ.E (Just like I am in a couple other fandoms), that doesn’t mean I discriminate other songs or bands xD I was positively surprised by the video and so I’ve seen it a lot of times. “fan-eroticism”? Well, that’s a term I haven’t heard before. I was blown away by the kiss not being K-Drama material; it actually looked pretty real. Rookies… Reinventing the market. (Note: halfway sarcastic here. They do… But not always.) I laughed totally hard at some poins and damn! I’ve missed KMM.

    I wasn’t worried about you having a different opinion than me or just down right not liking the song (because people are fully capable of having their own opinions without being wrong. Right? Oh… This is the internet. OH NO! A troll ~ *Hides* Anyways…), I was just looking forward to them getting a little PR and your jokes and personality. I mean, that’s why I’m here. But when you were like “Is it a curse?” I worried if you were gonna go all “Troblemaker” on it.

    Luckily not. But I accept your opinion (And I freaking love the god-damned dance. Ugh! Such a good song.) and I am gonna go back to looking forward to more of your videos. Yeah! (and stop filling your walls with momomomo.

  71. What is this song Martina and Simon are singing?

  72. StrawBerry

    Well, I think one thing is new: ROOKIE IDOL KISSING?! o.O
    Hahaha, didin’t expect that.. Anyways, the video was great!
    Simon, as for the humor I’m giving this a 3 outta 5. Kidding, you guys are hilarious, loved it! :D

  73. María Nicole Baldelovar

    Omg Simon got owned in the 30sec showdown hahaha xD Good one Martina :D

  74. Ohh, I was slightly disappointed that Nu’est won (and not Heo Young Seang), but this KMM was really funny and enjoyable. It’s good to have you guys back. <3

  75. Lol, Martina, every time you wear that purple skull sweater you just make me regret that I didn’t by it myself when I was in myeong dong XD It is so cool!

  76. Ellen (alatariel)

    Aahaha loved this! I totally agree with everything and I don’t think there was any bad comments, they were all true but they don’t make the song bad or anything. But I gotta say that I practically LMAO through the whole video, ahaha. :’D Thank you for reviewing this. :’D

  77. HOW DO YOU JUST GET FUNNIER AND FUNNIER?!?! You guys are great. And awesome. And hilarious. And I vote for BILASA

  78. I NEED A GIF OF SIMONS BLOW YOUR MIND FACE. SERIOUSLY. IT’S EVEN BETTER THAN: https://31.media.tumblr.com/6935841c27fd701d9af3c343aa0d206e/tumblr_inline_mmh3sakt3j1r05bej.gif

  79. Molly

    I haven’t laughed this much in weeks! D: Seyeballmon…

  80. I only came to tell you guise that A-Ron wasn’t the one slamming the phone booth it was JR, the leader of Nu’est. I also agreed about the whole WHY ARE THEY USING A PHONE BOOTH, DO THEY NOT OWN FREAKIN HAND PHONE?!!??!
    I’m a LO/E FYL

  81. Please add MOTORCYCLE by Super Junior Donghae and Eunhyuk to your Music Chart :D :D

    • Funniest video I have seen in a while, of course I think Donghae and Eunhyuk make hilarious videos…except for Still You…but I love them all…

    • yanagiba yusuke22

      yeah…i want it too but the full PV will b out later… the mv now actually te short version oF MV

    • Simon and Martina stopped reviewing Japanese pv’s by Korean artists around two years ago. UKISS’ Tick Tack was the last one. It’s unfortunate, but in a way I think it’s better because that way there is a larger variety of groups that get voted in for KMM.

  82. When I saw this on my YouTube dash, I remembered all that time I spent on this site trying to get NU’EST reviewed and I was kind of scared to watch it. It took a moment’s hesitation before I finally opened the video.
    As I watched it though, I realized that it was never about the review. The time I spent on EYK was not about getting a review. It was more about the process. I mean this review was so trifling when I compare it to my experience on EYK. My time on EYK was about making friends, talking about things I love and just having a good time. A review was just a means of stimulation.
    I enjoyed it though. It was nice hearing two people I love talk about the group I love for the first time, and it wasn’t as bad as I had expected given the warnings. It was nice and refreshing, and it cause a wave of nostalgia within me as I remembered my time in EYK.
    So, thank you S&M for finally reviewing NU’EST! May this be the first of many NU’EST reviews! :)

    • Kyoko Souen 早園恭子

      I agree, I mean I wanted a review but just talking to everybody and discussing the video was what kept me coming back. I have other groups I like but in the votes I don’t feel like talking to people but on the NU’EST videos everyone was talking and I had a few nice conversations.

    • Ahh the memories. All the teamwork and sharing. For example remember that time we got out voted by Psy’s Gangnam Style? Or Super Junior’s Spy? We would get so close and then we would reach rock bottom. But it’s nice to see this review now it feels like a job well done.

  83. I was actually looking forward to this kpop music monday, because I thought I might be the only one having the opinion that this song is a bit … how should I say … usual. Nothing that blows my mind. ha. ha.
    But no, seriously, it is a bit disappointing that kpop videos and songs are becoming more unoriginal and less breathtaking. It is like they are being produced on the treadmill! Maybe they ran out of ideas? If that’s the case, they shall give me a call. My head’s exploding from all the ideas that are inside of it. Anyways, another music monday that brightened my day!

  84. Bilasa for sure.

  85. Elanor

    Oh the I lost my pants track in the background xD That was one of my favorite part

  86. I actually couldn’t stop laughing at this, even though I love Nu’est. (And btw, I think if Nu’est are expected to start acting like their name implies, so should U-Kiss for sure.. Yep. You should make a video about it :3 tehehehe)

  87. NOP :/ kinda disappointed (and im not Love or whatever their fan club name is)

  88. I agreed with you even if you said I don’t have to agree. And I also laughed after a long time (last weekend was a long time… that is when you’ve got depression). So yeah… I just wanted to tell you guys: thank you! And I really mean it. :)

  89. Best part of this KMM was definetely LOTR’s reference. You’re doing it right guise ;)))

  90. Double mooooooooooooooooooo not double booooooooooooooo Martina, gosh you are terrible :P

  91. Simon! The part with creepy guy on the phone- spot on! So funny thou! Missed your KMM + so glad you’re back!

  92. I didn’t really expect you to like Hello so I was ready for a harsh review. It wasn’t that harsh though! And I’m happy to see a Music Monday again, it felt a bit like a throwback for some reason, maybe because it has both Dance and English sections? I don’t know. But man, that squeaky chicken (?) toy was super creepy.

    That scene where one member hugs the girl while the other one kisses her was probably inspired by Kim Ki Duk’s movie 빈 집, at least it looks exactly the same as a scene from that movie.
    Edit: Whoops, someone’s already posted the same picture.

    An oh, the payphone! Of course they had to repair it, it’s not just some ordinary payphone, it’s Mr Brohoho’s One Payphone To Rule Them All! It’s made multiple appearances in Kpop vids and photoshoots before and after Hello (most recent one: Bilasa’s Lonely) and will probably come back in another bagillion of MVs.

  93. I was almost disappointed in the ‘laying the smacketh down’ in this one because I thought it was relatively tame given the level of warnings! I was totally expecting Fangurilla to show up once Simon started mentioning all the fanfic stuff in the vid, but I suppose she got a well-deserved vacation too :)

    I actually love the song itself. (I know S&M aren’t big ballad fans in general, and I’m not normally but love this one and B1A4′s Lonely.) The dance was very complimentary, too. Is any of it groundbreaking new? No, but meh, I don’t usually think band names reflect much. Lol’d at the eh? a Ron? part.

  94. Your ears are really red Simon, are you okay ?

  95. This story is actually true. I mean the story of the MV. JR onced sayed this happened all to one of their manager.

    Also NU’EST always trying something new in each genre of music, as like their sleeptalking albums contains dance music, rap, rock, sth like a bit of jazzy slow and so on…

    I really love Hello by NU’EST as much as I love SHINee’s Hello and FTISLANDs Hello~

    But still, thanks for making a MM with NU’EST ^^

  96. Ely

    Nu’est had a new and fresh style/tempo when they debuted with songs like Face and Action, but then they became more normal? Idk… XD

    • I kind of agree. When I first say Face I was blown away by the message and the fact that they held to being a bit odd with the black and pink theme. Action followed and I was like, wow they can be great if they keep it up. Then it was like they quit trying to be different and fell into rote Kpop to make sales. I was disappointed.

      • YukiRed

        I agree. I think they could live up to their name if they send messages in their song that isn’t in a normal kpop video. But am I the only one that really liked this song? lol

        • elizabeth mefford

          I did not dislike the song, I am all for a group trying new things. However, if they keep falling into the typical kpop routine I will probably find myself looking for more unique groups.

  97. Marzia Matalone

    Isn’t it B.A.P.’s “Angel” screesaver that in the back? It’s a beautiful song but it was a bit hard to understand the video at first…it’s a beautiful meaning though…Ah, I missed KMM so much!!! Anyway Nuest’s “Face” and “Action” are a lot better than “Hello” and even than “Sleep talking” maybe…sice they were a lot more original…hoping next time thay’ll go back to their old style…

  98. I think they had new establish style tempo in there previous songs because they where singing a00bout the problems in the society but they branched out with hello and sleep walking , that’s what I think anyway

  99. You should watch the other music videos (like face or action) there you can see that NU’EST is different (at least as far as I know) ;)
    I am a fan of NU’EST but this KMM was so hilarious and funny :D i think it’s important that as a fan you don’t take things said about your favorite band too serious and that you can laugh about them too ^^ (i hope it’s understandable what itry to say…)
    Anyways… i love KMM because it’s your honest opinion about a song/video.
    love you guys ♥
    Greetings from Germany ^-^

  100. Cyber_3

    Yay! I wondered when you were going to do this one! Myself, I kind of like Nu’est and this isn’t my fav tune but the video really was so surprisingly creepy that, that alone, was worthy of notice. Girl’s got some serious guts/freak on!

    I thought that this was a nice classic mix of your commentary and skits but I did actually laugh harder at the bloopers. I, for one, really enjoy your cheesy humour Simon – LOL! BTW, if you shoot your “studio background shot” with a little better/more lighting (genius idea too allow people to work while you’re filming) it won’t be so obvious that you’re green screening it.

    Cyber_3 – Martina – you be Madagascar! ;)

  101. Guise, question! Ga In’s “Fxxk U” is in 2nd place on the home page where it shows the K-pop chart rankings… but when I go to the actual K-pop charts, it’s in 4th place. Which one is accurate??
    On topic: “Hello” is definitely not one of Nu’est’s better songs. (Though it did do an excellent job ruining the word “Yeoboseyo” for me.) It would have been nice if you could have reviewed “Face” or “Action” instead, but hey, at least the curse is broken.

  102. I have to agree with Simon that their really isn’t much about Nu’Est that is an originally established style and tempo. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely adore their music and even used their song Face in one of my teaching lessons against bullying [my students thought I was extra cool for that one ::winning::]. But other than borrowing the 1997 slang spelling for the word new, they are quite comparable to other K-pop groups…which isn’t at all an insult to their skillz and vibe! How’s this one for your humorous tickle, Simon: Stu’Est –>Same, typical, usually established style and tempo. All for one’s soupy goodness.

  103. wha Simon and Martina tore it up for them lol. Simon put a real hurting lol VOTE B1A4 for showdown!

  104. Simon, you were really giving me a Hannibal/Mads Mikkelsen shark eyes moment when you were, uh…choking the chicken. I couldn’t look you in the eye (for multiple reasons lol). Well done!

  105. Simon i think the girl pushing him away and being violent may have been because he was looking at her phone.
    Im happy to see this tho…i wonder if the curse shall continue… Quite frankly however, i liked this song but it wasn’t my favorite from them. I really enjoined sleep talking and think that would have made for a better kmm…maybe even the song Face.

    however for the showdown i vote NU’est because that was a fan fic writers wet dream.

    I will add however Martina if you want to see more dance look at their live performances, hats where i came to like this song more..

  106. I’ve been a fan of Nu’est from their debut, but lately their songs have really been disappointing me. This got what it deserved. I think being a fan doesn’t mean you have to blindly like everything they do, but I wish they would follow their original style more, which was deserving of the name Nu’est. I really wish you guys could have reviewed one of their first songs because those were good songs. But if I recall correctly, Nu’est was up against G-Dragon at one point, and that’s a tough man to beat.

    • I totally agree! I do prefer action and face before this.

    • Wishy

      I think Sleep Talking had a much better concept and sound. It came out in 2013, and I was so disappointed when Hello went on the nominee list instead of Sleep Talking.

      • Yeah, they momentarily got back to being “Pop” in Sleep Talking. Maybe they weren’t “NEW”est in Sleep Talking, but still better than this cutesy, targeting fangirls thing. And they danced more! I want to watch them dance more! Hello’s dancing was like… meh. It’s not like they’re horrible at it! They need to show off how good they are! I don’t really want cute either, I have Bilasa for that. Plus Ren is enough cuteness for the entire group. JR looks the most comfortable when he’s “cool and sexy” — not cute, and he’s the leader! How can there be any direction if he’s stuck being too kawaii to live…

        Finally… as a “fangirl” I don’t find this cute stuff “wet dreaming, fanfic inspiring” as some other people are putting it. If anything, it makes me jealous and mad. Mean girls, stop touching my boys! And as a writer, I thrive on good, passionate music. Watching Action and Face was INSPIRING and made me want to write — the rhythm, the beat, the style, the passion, the sexy moves, the lyrics and the message… mmmm! All this sappy, girly, lovey-lovey music is a yawn. I think the band members of Nu’est, in their hearts, would prefer their music be inspiring and not just exist as puppets to do as the label desires, a marketing technique to gather more fans and make more money the safe way. Of course, I don’t know how they actually feel, but I’d be ashamed to be a fan of a group of boys that claims to be a “band” when all they do is flash their pretty faces.

        • Blueberries

          Actually I don’t find this mv cute at all. They all look great but that’s the fanservice part to me. I think this is just mv with pretty scenery and pretty boys and pretty solid storytelling.

          I guess I pretty much disagree with you, this is one of best songs NU’EST has in my opinion. It’s ballad but not too slow for me and I like it music wise and I think the mv is great also. It’s okay to think their other songs are better, I like Face and Action myself (though I don’t understand what is sexy about those) but there is always people who thinks other way. It’s all about preferences and I really like that NU’EST sometimes does more emotional ballads and sometimes upbeat songs (and I think all Action, Face and this has message).

        • Ah, yes, well in the heat of the moment maybe I overreacted a little >_>” Of course, I don’t think this is a bad song, poorly written, or badly composed, it’s just a complete 160 turn around from what they started off as. I thought when I decided I really wanted to be a fan of this group after their first songs came out I would be hearing more of what I first heard. I followed just about everything they did including their show. But my excitement quickly died down when they started to release all this other ballad stuff, and I guess my disappointment after the dedication I put into this band (the FIRST band I’ve ever liked from debut and have ever been REALLY passionate toward), it just put me in such a grrrrr mood. I appreciate that some people like the ballads just like I love it when some of the other bands I haven’t followed as closely really push that stuff out in a beautiful way, but Nu’est was supposed to be… NEW :c

          I won’t take back that they were sexy in Face/Action and cute in Hello… To me, it’s more like… I separate MV into these categories most times. Yeah.

        • Wishy

          Yea, I didn’t really see Hello as cutesy either. I also don’t dislike the song, just the fact that it’s a bit generic, along with the video. NU’EST… T.T Pledis Entertainment is a bit lacking in promoting bands/songs, but their MV concepts and styles are usually great- look at Orange Caramel. I hope that NU’EST will be back to a unique image soon.

  107. Martina’s all purple look is totally awesome !
    Thanks again EYK to make me laugh at work alone infront of my computer XD. I always feel my coworkers looking at me like ”WTF” lol. ( Im at lunch break ..dont worry XD ).
    Anyway I totally loved MBLAQ invasion in the Bloopers XD. I hope it’s a sight of their upcomming return ! Those guys breaks are too long !! ( And I really wonder why all my favorites groups ( JPop and Kpop ) are always the one with the longuest hiatus time….Seriously … )

  108. Simon and Martina teasing us about Japan, ooohhh you so nasty! And I wasn’t that impressed with the song either, but then again the boy groups in kpop are a huge hit and miss for me. I don’t care for a lot and got a few songs I really love.

  109. In some ways the MV seems more like a movie-poster photoshoot…say for 3-iron … So in other words: fan service :)

    • I’ve seen this movie… It was fairly weird :D

      • irritablevowel

        Yeah that’s a Kim Ki-Duk film, and he’s quite artsy fartsy. I liked it though. It almost qualified as a silent film. There is maybe a paragraph of dialogue in the whole movie.

        • Yeah :) It’s been quite a while since I saw this though so I can’t remember it too well. That guy went to prison and learned how to creep around unnoticed.. but did he also break into people’s houses when they were out and lived there for a few days before moving on to the next house or was that a different movie? It was probably a different movie… XD

        • No that sounds kind of right…it’s been a while for me too

        • irritablevowel

          No, that was the same. He was a delivery guy and he was able to figure out who wasn’t home by the number of delivery menus that were gathered on the door. He would do a little housework and minor repairs as payment. It gets pretty bonkers when he basically moves into this woman’s house to protect her and be with her, and her husband has NO IDEA he lives there (hence the poster).

        • Oh yeah :D I remember I thought it was kinda cool how he just moved from house to house, getting to see how people lived without them putting up pretenses like cleaning the house before guests arrive… But at the same time, it was creepy as fuck XD

  110. thisisjustforfunval

    “Isn’t the person who cheats usually apologetic for hurting the other person, rather than violent towards them after being caught?”
    Bwhahahahaha you would think, right. But no, no, not always. I’ve experience an ex-boyfriend who went nuts and verbally abusive because it was MY fault for finding out about his cheating. Never apologetic, just down right mean. That I only had myself to blame for being hurt by finding out he was cheating…..uhm yeah for real.

    • Hey, me too! High five! No, wait…

    • I’m glad he’s an ex-boyfriend now :)

    • Oh man. I’m sorry to hear that. That’s ridiculous. Just ridiculous. It’s like…you’re living in a Kpop video.

      • thisisjustforfunval

        HA! It was indeed like living in a kpop video. It’s very possible he was cheating with enough different people to equal a kpop group, you know like Super Junior.

        Thanks guys, it’s all good now. It’s been a long time now but one does not forget the confusion of a situation such as that. Ren may be be prettier than me but he and I had the same facial gesture at the cheaters outburst.

    • Totally agree! I was/am a tomboy with more guy friends than girls. It always surprised me how psycho some girlfriends got when caught cheating. One said it was all the guys fault she cheated and trashed his car. So the girl in the video didn’t surprise me by behaving violently.

      As far as their sound, it sounds a step above a cappella /acappella. Their voices seem to be the focus, with a majority of background music being rhythm not melody. But that’s just my take. I have to go back and listen to their other songs to see if there is a substantial difference. I do remember the first time I heard them, something set them apart from the groups I was used to….I just don’t know why. (It’s been too many years away from musical theory & application.)

      • thisisjustforfunval

        Yup, I’ve seen the other spectrum, like the video, were the girl goes postal on a guy for finding out she’s been cheating. What is with vandalizing vehicles? I think that needs to be in the next cheating/multiplayer kpop video. Cars receive a giant brunt of abuse and damage by both parties.

    • AzureShade

      Yep, I’ve been there too. I remember one time, (two days after he was caught) I was still seriously messed up in the head and emotional. (this was the father of my two kids, not as easy to walk away) he screamed at me in public, to “stop being a B**** and to get over it all ready because it was in the F***ing past” (remember this is only TWO days later)

      meh.. he was always like that. apologetic (sometimes) when he first got caught for about 10 minutes, after that he was aggressive and I was a b**** for not being able to turn the other cheek. Or it was my fault he cheated for this reason or that reason.

      I stayed with him, trying to make things work for a couple of years before I realized my kids deserved better, and that I wasn’t helping them by keeping the family ‘whole’. (the kids and I have had a blessed and happy life since)

      I think the girl in the video slapping Ren was a “how DARE you invade my privacy by looking through my phone!” type slap.

      I’ve been in his situation ahahaha. I’ve even made the same face.

      • thisisjustforfunval

        I’m glad to hear you got yourself and your children out of that situation. Toxic, emotionally abusive relationships are a mighty weight to handle, carry and overcome, and I know it’s even harder when you have children. It’s glorious that you overcame that not just for your children but for yourself. A happy and blessed home with the love and laughter of your children, is worth getting away from that relationship any day. :)

        I think you’re right about why the girl slapped Ren, pfft I was never allowed to even gaze towards my ex’s phone, so Ren touching her phone and seeing that she was a cheater McCheaterson pushed this girl into slappy mode cause she was caught. Oh Ren, you need another girlfriend, you know without four other boyfriends…who happen to be your best friends….

  111. great Simon! now i will have nightmares, because of you and your …chicken… :D

    but… omg i laughed so hard the paper phone and the “handphone” :D!!

  112. So if UKISS should go around kissing people, what should Big Bang be doing?? Hehehe

  113. “But was it a curse? Or was it actually a blessing? You decide after we’ve finished this KMM.” As soon as I heard that, I immediately just went
    “Oh noes, this is not going to be good.” and retrieved my sieve to put over my head… You know, as protection for the impeding fan wars.
    So tell me guys, do I dare continue? How scared should I be on a scale of 1-10? xD

    • If you’re a fan of Nu’est, no, I wouldn’t continue. It’s not Teen Top “No More Perfume” level thrashing, but it’s not sunshine and roses either.

      • Hahahaha hmmmm, you got lucky! I’m not actually much of fan.

        But I’m just kidding :) I actually like it when you guys give your honest opinions instead of going all gung-ho (rainbows and ponies galore) just to satisfy people. Even if our opinions were to differ (and sometimes they do – I’m looking at you, Simon!) I respect that, and I think a lot of other fans of yours probably do too. So keep on keeping on!! Nevermind if people don’t agree :)

      • I think that depends on what kind of fan you are. I love Nu’est and the review, i thought, was fair.

    • As a fan of NU’EST I’d say around 7. It’s not the best but it’s okay I suppose. At this point Im just glad we got one. So much waitinggg ;u;

    • Elanor

      Hmm… it can be harsh.. but on a level where if you get too mad then KMM is just not for you… so if you are a chill fan you can watch it I think xD

  114. Yay! I really liked this music monday, maybe because you weren’t necesserily only spawning good stuff about the music video. It felt more like your honest opinions and also, I noticed that in the last half year or so..? You haven’t really been talking about the music and did more skits etc? And you brought opinions on the music itself back in this one Huzzah!

    • Wow! Awesome! Thanks for the words of encouragement. We weren’t really happy with this Music Monday, and we’re worried that people are going to be very upset with it. I’m glad you liked it!

      • You did a good job! So many lols! And Simon! Stop throwing stuff at Martina! You know you’ll get your ass kicked! (By Martina, I would never dare to slap either of you. That’s for married people).

      • I don’t know maybe because I’m not really a Nu’est fan? I used to be back in the Face and Action eras (because those were so awesome and harsh and I love it) but then they went to cute and I found B.A.P (aka rice. I would say it’s mostly fans that get upset though, and honestly if you said something like that about Secret and B.A.P I would I have no idea what I would do? Not angry or anything just because I love them so much. I am rambling and goodbye HAHA! (just to say I would never bash you or anything because this is your honest opinions so I can’t change it and those who bash you are being kind of stupid)

        • Agreed! B.A.P. is my favourite group and they got a pretty good thrashing with Rain Sound. Seeing as I personally like the song, I remember being more disappointed than anything that Simon didn’t feel the same way – more like “oh, boo. No recognition for B.A.P.” which I would feel if anyone had said they didn’t like it. But I wasn’t angry about it at all. That’s his opinion, and it’s his KMM, so I respect that. KMM is for Simon and Martina to share THEIR views on a song/MV and so they shouldn’t have to fear being bashed for it, otherwise there’s no point of even having KMM in the first place.

        • Yeah have you been reading my mind? I mean I can kind of understand critique if they say something really offensive or in bad taste, I’m not saying they have done it (I don’t remember anything so) but the KMM is their honest opinions and they should be able to say anything they want without getting unecessary hate for it. For example No more perfume review, I appreciate that KMM so much because they’re being so honest (and also because I hate that song so much myself haha).

          On another note: Yay, another B.A.P fan! Haha

        • Haha yeah true! I mean, they’re saying they don’t like things for understandable reasons. It’s not as if they’re insulting them outright and saying they suck. They just… Don’t like the song. Big whoop, I suppose xD

      • I really enjoyed this music Monday! I liked how the humour was all integrated into the discussion about the music. Like that I lost my pants joke? Flawlessly integrated into Martina’s criticism!
        …I also laughed at the GU’EST joke, though, so maybe my opinions are a bit questionable.

        I start student teaching soon, you know >:D

      • CeceAvila

        This Music Monday was perfect! I love hearing your guys’ opinions on MV’s (is that not the point of KMM?), hearing you guys talk is great! Often times the skits get in the way and interrupt the video. You guys were still super funny and fun to watch. I also don’t believe you guys were too harsh or mean towards Nu’est at all. All your points were spot on. I feel like it would have been more appropriate to review either their Action or Face MV’s, since the majority of the people here seem to agree that that was their better stuff. It seems their fans were too desperate to finally get them reviewed that the MV that “broke the curse” ended up being a mediocre one.

        On that note, I’m really disappointed in the direction Nu’est has taken. I LOVED them when Action and Face came out. Those songs and MV’s were just great. I couldn’t wait for them to release new content, I seriously had big expectations for them. But their newer releases haven’t been up to par. They don’t feel like the same group anymore. :/

    • I totally agree. And, to be honest, it’s sort of boring to watch videos that only talk about everything they loved about a video. It’s more fun to notice ridiculous things about it and things that I never would have questioned logic-wise. If I like a song that’s being reviewed, I already know why I like it, you know?

      And it was cool to hear them discuss the music more. I feel like 2013 was a severely “eh” year in terms of songs. Even the groups I used to (perhaps spastically) love, well, I didn’t like their new songs very much. Might be just me, but they all started sounding the same and had these weird dub-step things in them. I’m hoping this year we’ll all have more to talk about in Kpop music!

  115. btw it was JR that broke the phone, not Aron lol

  116. The NU is supposed to sound like new, then the EST part means the Establish Style and Tempo. My guess

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