You know, it kinda sucks that we’re getting to the point now that we have to worry about people getting butthurt about our opinions. When we first saw this video, we thought to ourselves that it’s going to be really difficult to review. We’d have tons to say about it, but it would probably just get people upset. We’re anticipating our YouTube channel to have a lot of “WTF IF YOU DON’T LIKE PARK BOM THEN SHUT UP YOU RACISTS” or something like that. Uhh. Hopefully that won’t spill over into the discussion here. YouTube comments are out of our hands. The comments on this site, though, tend to be more civilized.

So, allow us to repeat: we like Park Bom. We like this song. We like 2NE1 a lot, and – as we mentioned in our interview on Arirang’s Heart to Heart – we think they’re one of the few Kpop bands to be able to make it internationally. But, really, this video was just not a good representation of 2NE1 or Park Bom. Maybe they scripted her to have such a soulless role, but – good googly goo – the acting was so terrible in this that we cringed. Why can’t she show any emotion? Why does she have to look like a doll?

Does anyone else not view this video as being really, really miserable? Your husband dies, you see his ghost and you go chasing after it, and then when you catch up to it, you hug your dead husband, and then he takes your rings, ties them together, and disappears. Who cares if the song is called Don’t Cry. Anyone who wouldn’t cry in such a situation is either dead or a robot. We put ourselves in Park Bom’s shoes for this video, and there are far too many times in which we’d collapse on the ground and sob uncontrollably. No pretty song telling us not to cry would change that. In fact, a sad song would probably make us cry EVEN MORE. Ridiculous!

It’s a really pretty looking video, though. It’s odd that it smacks of Tim Burton’s remake of Alice in Wonderland, though. Check out the picture here:

Park Bom Don't Cry Alice in Wonderland

Park Bom's "Don't Cry" really looks like Alice in Wonderland

See what we mean? The garden gates look almost identical. The sky has the same cloudy, grey, dingy look. The garden is overly abundant. In fact, Park Bom was originally with her hair up and in a pink dress, but in the garden she’s wearing a blue dress with her hair down, just like Alice. What’s the significance of Park Bom imitating Alice in Wonderland? We’re not sure. Alice follows the rabbit, Park Bom follows her dead husband’s ghost. Alice grows older and wiser after she leaves Wonderland, as does Park Bom. Alice is distracted by the blue hookah-smoking caterpillar, Park Bom is distracted by a blue butterfly. The similarities just seem a bit too much to be accidental. Their significance? We don’t know. We gave up on doing English-Literaturey things back in University. Anyone have any guesses?

Anyhow, that’s it for this week. We don’t know if Park Bom is going to have an album out for Don’t Cry, so we’re not sure how to recommend her album. We know that YG’s promoting their YG Family album. Does that count? It’s got 2NE1 songs live, along with a bunch of other YG Family songs from Big Bang, Se7en, and Psy. Woot woot! Check it out by clicking on the link below :D

2010 YG Family Concert (DVD + Photobook + Poster in Tube) (2-Disc) (First Press Limited Edition) (Korea Version)
  1. I know I’ve said this before, but where the hell do you get this shirts Martina?

    And it’s funny how, when you talk about the “multiple” faces of Park Bom, I just thought about Kristen Stewart and her many acting faces ability (as shown in Twilight… a lot!). And you even said “maybe if she opened her mouth a little”… ohhhh Kristen Stewart, you are not alone anymore…

  2. >>this is not directed to simon and martina, but to the commenters yapping abt bom’s supposedly pumped-full-of-plastic face<<

    i know this is an old post but for god's sake can no one mention park bom without relating her to plastic surgery??? "SHE'S EXPRESSIONLESS BECAUSE HER FACE IS 75% PLASTIC!!!111!!!" yeah that really pisses me off. it's NOT true. i mean, yes she has probably had minor work done on parts of her face but really, she's just really not a good actress. don't believe me? watch kim jieun's Tell Me Once More MV and you can see her acting is just as dull as it is in here.


    and just the same with that MV you can also see how expressionless she was in we belong together and also forever with you and even in that old CF with hyori and lee joonki.

    i don't get all this plastic surgery talk. goo hara admitted to doing minor plastic surgery on her entire face and she's still a girl FULL of expressions. and bommie is the same! it's just that her expressions don't carry on well when she has to act it out. especially if it involves being sad. wanna see her with a genuinely devastated expression? go watch 2NE1TV where she cries and sobs heartwrenchingly at her aunt's grave. people can really be such cruel jerks.

  3. OMG I thought that I’m the only one who sees the similarities of Park Bom’s Video and Alice in wonderland, but I have to say, we shouldn’t point out everything to her as she only receives instructions and directions from the director of the video, the video would always be on producer’s decision and everyone behind the project , I once saw on 2ne1tv that she’s being instructed to smile a bit but with a bit of bitterness, she’s also by that time working for Don’t Cry while CL is in Europe, Minzy is in her hometown and Dara’s enjoying her first own car. Maybe she’s all wired up xD

  4. well i the guess reason why park bom cant act naturally because she had her face job.. :))) so the expression wasnt there. :)) i guess.. =))) but i so love 2NE1…. <3

  5. I know I’m going to get a lot of hate for this, but I honestly do think that Bom did have plastic surgery and that it did kind of…restricted her facial movements a little. I don’t think there’s anything WRONG with plastic surgery; it’s HER CHOICE and she has her own reasons, even if some of us may disagree. But I do notice that she’s usually pretty stoic, even when she’s genuinely happy (though sometimes, her expressions are pretty hilarious and adorable).

    • ,,,she is a natural ..even she is making plastic sugery or not..she is very adorable gurl..n always make me laugh..with happy go lucky attitude..everyone can be herself..i still love her even ..she is plastic or not ahhahaa

  6. It is not only the video…I have noticed that in some photos and even in some interviews she looks so void of emotions, her eyes look death to me sometimes, like a doll…I was wondering if they told her to act like that or if it was the makeup. I love the happy, 8D Bommie and I love it when she smiles and is all happy. 

  7. In Japan, a butterfly is a symbol of a person’s of a soul after death. Korea shares a lot of things with Japan, so maybe?? ( ^^;) That’s the only possible answer I can think of.

  8. if u dont like park bom thn go away, kpop dont have time for u

  9. ur stupid and racist its a sad song get ovr it ur a retarded american freak

  10. agreed she puts no emotion watsoeva but love her voice especially wen she sings acoustic

  11. agreed she puts no emotion watsoeva but love her voice especially wen she sings acoustic

  12. i agree with you guys! definitely love park bom love the song love 2ne1…but the video….mm…
    and i get your point about netizens getting a little ,,,you know what…. but i mean it’s a review, there’s bound to be criticism. 
    BtW, i absolutely lOVE LOVE LOVE you 2!!! THUMBS UP!! 

  13.  I don’t know what happened to Bom’s acting. She was doing fine in the past (in We Belong Together, to be exact). I think ever since she debut with 2NE1, she got a little bit…rusty. So rusty it’s awkward. Maybe she was being shy around the model so she got a stiff. Or maybe it’s really just the director’s fault.

  14.  Hahaha Pak Bom goes Hollywood but she should’ve looked for inspiration from Hallyuwood instead! (^_^)

  15. According to the lyrics, the video is not supposed to be about being devastated and she’s not chasing a dead husband. Some of the words in the lyrics indicate this:

    It’s okay baby please don’t cry,
    This long journey is about to end.
    But someday, we will meet again,
    In the next life, we will see each other again

    She’s basically saying they have to break up because they keep hurting each other so it’s for the best. But I agree with you guys about Bom’s expressions. I think her face is just like that… her features don’t make a lot of movements. Lol.

  16. Martina! I love your “I’m late on purpose” shirt. Where’d you get it? Haha. Anyways, you guys have an awesome blog. Keep up the great work!

    I vote Park Bom :) I know her world is supposed to look depressing, but…it doesn’t. It looks magical and fun to explore!

  17. im voting for park bom!!!

  18. I’m for Park Bom 

  19. Plus, what’s with the lucifer cut?

  20. No, offence, I don’t think you guys really got the video…..
    Park Bom looks stunning, I know, but I don’t think your comments are that right, especially the ‘break a nail part’ 
    So please, delve deeper!!!! 
    I still love you guys, thoeeeee..
    Keep posting awesome vids!

  21. Park Bom
    Orange Caramel’s WTF world is kinda…WTF-ey

  22. well, to let you know about the butterfly… butterfly is generally representation of spirit of a dead person(especially loved one) in Korean literature.. so it is not so strange for koreans to see a girl finding her dead husband suddenly seems to interested in a butterfly with the same color as her last husband.. because it can be himself… as ghost.

  23.  IU…Park Bom, Their All The Same

    shes better than orange caramel so i vote for her!!


  26. i vote for park bom!


  28. Orange Caramel gets my vote because their world looks FUN instead of creepy and depressing!

  29. Bomj sould win  

  30.  Park Bom.

  31.  i think the butterfly was referring to the ancient Chinese story called the butterfly lovers….basically… because the couple could not be together when they were alive, after they died, the became butterfly and so they live happily ever after.=] the couple could not be together when they were alive, after they died, the became butterfly and so they live happily ever after.=]

  32.  orange caramel ftw!!

  33. Beautiful color on those nails Martina :) You have a really cool styleKisses from Portugal <3 keep up the good work

  34.  The wonderland is actually purgatory, either Bom’s own personal one (since she since she hasn’t moved on) or a literal purgatory where the dead are still chillin. This was mentioned in a brief interview with an YG exec before the video was released.

    I choose Bom’s world. Orange Caramel’s multiple plagerism scandals killed their music for me. Bommie’s concept feels like forced anyway.

  35. Heya,

    did Martina get a new tattoo on her neck, or I have I just missed it all this time? It looks like some kind of script. What does it say?

  36. please do Lonely’s 2ne1 on monday!:DD

  37. I got some updated info on the song plot! YG Producer Teddy said: “The lyrics are not about the lover that has passed away, but instead I
    wanted to portray a song about lovers parting ways in a beautiful way.
    Should I say it’s sort of a strange farewell song? The two loved each
    other and tried so hard but they feel sad as they watch each other
    slowly changing, and eventually letting each other go.”

  38. 2ne1 next week…..

  39. jajaj scaning sarcasm………sarcasm detected

  40. 2NE1-Lonely :D

  41. Please review the ‘Let it Go’ MV- Heo YoungSaeng. :)

  42. my vote goes to …..drums..bbabababa …
    ‘PARK BOM’ 2ne1…..eeehehe

  43. do jay park’s tonight

  44. Park Bom’s WORLD!!! :D

    Please do 2ne1′s lonely for nxt week…

    I reallly really really lopve ur videos :D

  45. PArk Bom!!!!!s world should win!

    she really does have trouble making her face move, its actually very mysterious! but i like the music video, it was all just a dream like in alice in wonderland, but then just like in Alice in wonderland her rings are together and so its like “WAS IT A DREAM!Ð!Ð?!?” or am i remembering the wrong alice in wonderland……. hehe I love your reviews always!

  46. Hello Simon&Martina!

    I really like your videos! And I learn a lot thanks to you (about korean culture and the english)!

    You videos are so funny!

    Don’t change and continue!


    P.S: Plz do 2ne1′s Lonely for the next Kpop Music M

  47. prob gonna get killed for this… but can she even move her face that much to show emotion? is it just me or the plastic surgery/heavy makeup (whichever… har har)… but i concur. she needs to work on her facial expressions.

  48. hey I love this video u guys made, I was like LMAO. But hold on, have u guys watch an MV call Mia (2009) which was of IU ( she has amazing voice <3). The concept of Don't cry seems to be inspired (or copied) by Mia-IU. wat do u think? Iris.

  49. Hey @simonandmartina:disqus I love your videos! Jay Park just released his video for Tonight and it would be amazing if you guys could do a review for it next week!!! Thanks~!


  50. I dunno?
    I think Orange Caramel is gonna win so… FTW ORANGE CARMEL I’m so sorry Bom

  51. Hey Martina! don’t worry so much! A review is a review, you’re not here to please people or hurt them. You’re just sharing your honest objective opinion (bearing in mind that you like 2NE1. So share away! It’s really refreshing and different to see reviews that is totally to the point and HONEST. I do agree with you that the concept is very pretty… Bommie is really gorgeous in her own way ;) Keep up the witty reviews!

  52. Vote for Orange Caramel!
    I think Park Bom was supposed to be emotionless. after, the title is “Don’t Cry”.
    And don’t worry about your review opinions! I knew this wonderful vlogger who got scared away by a very small number of users and now thousands of people are sad she isn’t doing anymore reviews.

  53. Martina, you said “A boat” at 1:21. Oh, Canada!

  54. I just wanted to comment on your statement: “You know, it kinda sucks that we’re getting to the point now that we
    have to worry about people getting butthurt about our opinions.”

    You don’t. You really, really don’t. It’s a review, if people don’t like it, oh well! As soon as you start worrying about it and catering to the people who don’t actually care about you or your videos you’ll stop having fun with this. You became popular because you’re quirky and fun and your true, loyal fans will keep coming back for more of that. Also, the only people that should get butthurt are the ones you are making fun of (in very good taste I might add), and judging by the fact that the U-Kiss members loved your review and even laughed at your making fun of the math reference, I think you’re in the clear.

    Please, don’t let the random jerks on YouTube worry you. Anyone with half a brain understands that you’re doing this all in good fun and that you guys have a lot of respect and love for Korea and all things Korean.


    • Diane

      I agree! The fact that people reply negativly is that they feel the utmost compassion and dedication to their favourte idols that sometimes looking at a film clip or listening to the song and really judging whether its Great or not… welllll it kinda goes out the window. I know, cause i can get that way myself. But sounds like Diane and I are on the same page, we think both you are quirky and fun.

      I just wanna add that myself found you through your blooper reels and seeing that side of you got me hooked first. Then to see how dedicated you are with the K-pop mondays, the time spent to making these fantastic reviews and the wonderful treasure Finds. Simon and Martina, you both inspire everything and anything about Korea in me and ive found so much music because of it and as for the youtube jerks, well… I dont even need to finish the sentence. Diane you said it perfecttttt.. HIGH FIVE!


    • Diane

      I agree! The fact that people reply negativly is that they feel the utmost compassion and dedication to their favourte idols that sometimes looking at a film clip or listening to the song and really judging whether its Great or not… welllll it kinda goes out the window. I know, cause i can get that way myself. But sounds like Diane and I are on the same page, we think both you are quirky and fun.

      I just wanna add that myself found you through your blooper reels and seeing that side of you got me hooked first. Then to see how dedicated you are with the K-pop mondays, the time spent to making these fantastic reviews and the wonderful treasure Finds. Simon and Martina, you both inspire everything and anything about Korea in me and ive found so much music because of it and as for the youtube jerks, well… I dont even need to finish the sentence. Diane you said it perfecttttt.. HIGH FIVE!


      • Aww! Thanks you two. I know we shouldn’t keep people’s sensitivities get in our way. They don’t, in fact. We keep on saying what we want to say. We just get annoyed at the repercussions afterwards.

        Ah well. Can’t win them all. But thanks for kind words :D YEAH!

  55. When I saw Simon’s shirt, All I thought was – PROTECT YOUR NUTS.
    This was totally right. I agree with you guys completely. my mom said she looked like a doll and it was freaking weird.

  56. As a devoted fan of YG, 2NE1, and Park Bom herself I must say- I have to agree with you guys on this. I really like the look of the video, the story, the song, her voice, and even her outfits (yes that is important!), but yeah, there could definitely bea lot more emotion to make the video stronger. I think it was focused too much on how pretty she is (because let’s face it, she’s gorgeous and you know it). It would have been great if the emotion in the video matched her soulful singing. But, despite all of this, I do still like the video. :)

  57. Ahhh Simon that t-shirt is awesome! As soon as I saw it, I just bursted out laughing! Just a squirrel trying to get a nut. hahahahaha!!!

  58. I vote Orange Caramel! Yay now I know the meaning of intonation and it’s all thanks to YOU :D Thanks!

  59. I vote orange caramel! Way cuter and more playful. The other one is sooo sad :(

  60. vote for orange caramel :)

  61. i vote for bom parks dont cry!
    i also thought that it was pretty weird and unnatural that her face looked the face almost the entire time through. she’s soooooo pretty though!

  62. Why does everyone assume wooden acting skills are the result of plastic surgery? Have you watched 2ne1 tv? She has facial expression! OK so she’s a bad actress I agree. Anyway I think its a great song and keep up the great work you guys!

  63. Park bom ‘don’y cry

  64. Oh and I vote Orange Caramel.

  65. I’m going to have to agree here with the “she’s had so much plastic surgery her face doesn’t move anymore” crowd. Her face looks more and more alien every time I see her. That being said…she does have a truly tremendous voice :)

  66. i definitely vote for park bom’s alice in the wonderland.. oops. i mean ‘don’t cry’ :D

  67. butterfly is kind of a symbol of a death person’s soul(especially your loved one) in eastern culture. therefore, park bom in the mv is so happy to see the butterfly

  68. AING!~ I vote for Orange Caramel’s Aing ~

    S & M, I think you guys shouldn’t really mind about the negative comments you’re getting or you’ll be getting cuz, this is your own review about the subject involved, your honesty is what we need and I totally agree with you :)

  69. you forget that she has a shit ton of plastic surgery so she prolly CANT move her face at all. ever. ever again.

  70. GREAT voice from Bommie as usual….but yeh, her acting~~~ I kinda get the feeling it’s her botoxd/plastic face that’s causing all the problems =_=” shame really, cos Bommie looked really pretty already back in around 2006…..the obsession Koreans have for surgery >n<" anyway….Bommie's a SINGER….so, her VOICE it's what really matters!!! and she has one heck of an AWESOME PIPE o^v^o

    • oh yeah, and the butterfly thing….traditional Chinese culture (so I suppose Koreans too) believes that when a person dies, they’ll transform into a butterfly or a moth to be with their loved ones just for a little longer…..like they’re here to let them know that they’re doing fine so don’t miss them – I’ll move on now, and so should you – something along this meaning. I guess YG used this “story” for the MV.

  71. i vote for bom! cuz i never watched orange caramel :p

    oh, btw, park bom NEVER did surgeries

    it’s just that she easily get fat (especially on her face)

    she is still the same park bom in forever with you, but a little more fat

  72. I vote for Bommie, I like the video than Orange Caramel

  73. I vote for Bommie, I like the video than Orange Caramel

  74. I vote for Orange Caramel

  75. actually she did plastic surgery a lot. she was beautiful too before. i dont know why she did but
    she can move her face natural. that’s why her face was same all the time. -_-;;;;;;
    but she is pretty as everybody knows

  76. I VOTE BOMMIE! : D

  77. I vote for Orange Caramel. Park Bom had an insane amount of plastic surgery and now her face is frozen. I remember her in “Forever with you”, she was stunning back then. Too bad really because she is a very good singer.

  78. Someone mentioned that they liked VVIP’s fantasy world the most, so I must choose GD’s world from “Butterfly.”

  79. The butterfly represents her “husband’s” soul. (Like in the “Kuroshitsuji” Part 2 ending credits. I think “Loveless” also used a butterfly to represent the soul. It’s not a Northeast Asian thing either. I think it’s Greek. I vote for Orange Caramel’s WTF world.

  80. Hey guys. I’m Korean and live in Canada now. I I vote for park bom. i hope you guys don;t mind about other people saying that kind of insulting. I love to see you guys every day even if it’s a only online.

  81. Totally would love to live in Park Bom’s world!

  82. My brother and I were talking about that(how Bom uses only ONE facial expression). Glad to know we’re not the only one’s that noticed~ ^_^;

    My vote goes to Bom.

  83. Even Spudgy’s expression is more devastating than Park Bom’s. :O

  84. Dumbfounded I never realized Bom didn’t open her mouth o.O

    I got the butterfly thing in the MV though.

    I love this song :) And since I love Tim Burton movies, I loved the look & feel of the MV. [I wish Burton would make MVs for YG teehee]

    When I requested Bom’s vid, I knew what I was gonna get — honest review from simonandmartina :) I was ,as always, entertained. Keep it up lovely couple! <3

    And! 1 vote for Park Bom :)

  85. Park Bom one of my faves.

  86. The reason why Park Bom doesn’t have acting skizzles…

    She’s had PLASTIC SURGERY! *dundundunnnnndunnnnn* I don’t think anyone who’s had plastic surgery can move their face to anything else but a smile…ish. And I dunno. I feel her eyes show her emotions enough…

    And I have the same thoughts as
    Sapphireblue013. The butterfly is the husband… it’s blue like he is.

  87. I think the butterfly led her to her dead husband. Like he sent it or something.

  88. Park Bom’s fantasy world has so very much more dimension and beauty, have to pick it. Park Bom has one of the best voices ever. But her flat affect was just bizarre in this video. Really pretty eye makeup Martina! Spudgy at the end was priceless!

    You are the first two people I see in the morning. I open my laptop waiting for you to post a video.
    Am I too obsessed?


  90. My vote goes to Park Bom. (:

  91. omg!! at 5:43 Spudgy winks at me~(^o^)~
    and i totally agree. Bommie’s voice is emotional, but her ‘acting’ was far from it. but i prefer her fantasy world. it looks peaceful. oh and i love the t-shirt of the week!!

  92. You guys are hilarious as always love your videos. As for the choosing I’d have to go with Park Bom. Her land looks more awesome? The other is too girly and cute. I like the more mysterious.


  94. 2NE1 fan here but not going to bash you with the things you guys said plus SPUDGY AT THE END DESERVES AN AWARD FOR REAL!

    i vote for PARK BOM cause the fantasy world of ORANGE CARAMEL looks a little cheaper…so yeah as much as I love the girls the set was just hmmm I COULD HAVE DONE THAT IN HIGH SCHOOL…so I vote for Park Bom’s “Don’t Cry”

    NOW LET US ALL VOTE FOR SISTAR 19′s “Ma Boy” for next week kthanksbye.


  95. I like Seungri’s fantasy world based on Alice in Wonderland in VVIP best! :)

  96. I think the reason she wasn’t all heartbroken at the end of the video was because she learned to accept his death. The lyrics go “it’s okay baby please don’t cry”, and the song is about moving on. soooo…..yea.

    I totally vote for PARK BOM! I loved this video, i thought it was amazing :)

  97. actually, i thought it was her dead boyfriend she was chasing after when i first saw this video, and i thought those were couple rings, not wedding rings.

    anyway, i personally think that the butterfly was supposed to represent her boyfriend/husbands spirit. that’s why it lead her to him – so they could properly say their final goodbyes. and at the end of the video, she wasn’t devastated because she was able to accept his death. the lyrics go “it’s ok baby please don

    I would definitely pick Park Bom’s fairy tale world. It was really pretty, and the music video was really touching and it just about made me cry.

  98. guys i think your opinions are great! they’re not even offensive! it’s terrible how everyone feels the need to filter themselves because the fans are too overzealous. please keep making the videos the way they are! love you guys!

  99. I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought the video was not good and that her acting was terrible… TERRIBLE. So stiff! (That’s what she said…) LOVE Park Bom and 2NE1 but dang… Anyways, I like the honesty of the reviews you both do all every time. Keep up the good work! Itaewon Freedommmm~

  100. Haha guys don’t worry. I’m a VIP and a Blackjack but your reviews are always awesome and speaks only what’s on your mind.. Continue to do great reviews!

    and yeah there are really some issues with bom’s acting, and we know that.. haha.

  101. well i do agree with the facial expressions but not with the butterfly part well maybe but I felt like it was leading her to her dead husband
    but still cool video very funny as usual

  102. i totally agree with you guys. i was really excited when i first saw her video, but as i watched, it really felt soooooo lacking in emotions… i was very disappointed. i love the song, though…

  103. I totally agree with everyone else. I love the new makeup!! xD And I was actually kinda freaked out when I found out Park Bom was in 2NE1. She looks a liiiiittle too old to be in a girly kpop group… Hahah but it may be just the hair. I’ve found that when people crimp their hair or whatever she did, they look older.
    OKAY. Waaay off topic. So whatever. Hahaha I would probably choose Orange Caramel…Park Bom’s is waay too gloomy. That may be because I’m still a little girl… Hahaha:) But Yeah. I CANNOT WAIT FOR B2ST’S COMEBACK!! MAY 17TH, BABYY!

  104. lol. Rice just flew everywhere when Simon said “Why do I sound like a truck commercial?” [in the blooper reel.
    I was not expecting him to say that…haha

  105. IA I was actually really dissapointed to see this make it to the Music Mondays list but you guys did a great job reviewing it. I love Park Bom to death but she is just not an actor not at all. I’ve seen her upset (anyone who’se seen 2NE1 TV has ans she can convey emotion, maybe she just isn’t good at faking it. Which is understandable shes a singer not an actress. I hope next week you get to do something funny. This MV was kinda blah Itaewon Freedom and LOVE Girl had so much more going on.

    Personally I think she did PS when she was going to join 2NE1 to look younger ( I mean half her bandmates are 10 years younger and Dara is an unaging vampire) but she was beautiful before and she might’ve been ok even if she might’ve looked a bit older (they are kinda hard on the older celebs) but what’s done is done. Plus she has weight issues and other things that make her face look out of wack at times.

  106. It’s actually not her acting.. she is not a expressive person.. if you search any 2NE1 photos or live performances or MVs and you compare her to the other members, you’ll see Minzy, Dara and CL making the most funky expressions, but Bom never.. she will always have this peaceful-smiley expression. But she’s getting better lately, she’s smiling more now.

  107. Did she get botox surgery? Cuz her face seems frozen in the same expression….

  108. You know, I dont think you should listen to those who are complaining. Your videos are SO special because of their honesty. You aren’t just trying to advertise, but you’re actually trying to help the audience get an idea of the MV. If you were nice all the time, then your videos would just be like everyone elses’. Besides, your videos are actually pretty funny and they arent that offensive at all (those are uber fangirls who are just too sensitive when it comes to their stars).

    For example, I can see people getting upset at the “we be lurkin” in your review of 0330 or the fart bubbles in f(x)’s MV, but thats the funny part that makes everything so much better. It isnt meant to be offensive, and its not, because its not like its true anyway. Ukiss dont stalk and f(x) dont fart pink balloons; there isnt any actual hurtful intentions behind what you’re saying.

    Anyway, I think you guys are doing great at what you’re doing right now. Keep it up! Fighting!

  109. I’m surprised you didn’t point out all the sets the recycled in this vid, but I do agree it’s a fantastic song Bom just needs acting lessons.

    As for the voting…personally it has to be Orange Caramel.

  110. I don’t want to be murdered for saying this because I LOVE PARK BOM but I have a theory about her emotionless face………….
    It might be that her face is made entirely of plastic. DDDD: Don’t hurt me fellow 2NE1 fans!! ><
    Anywayyy I didn't know her hubby was dead in this. It seemed like he was just like "Oh nice ring. Yeah. I'm taking mine off. Time to disappear into my swirly cloudy vortex!"
    If you guys wanna cry at a video…watch her video for "You and I" because good GOD. I cry just describing it to people!!! Yeah…

    Also my vote goes to Bommie's crazy wonderland. I don't think I'd want to be in a WTF world with giant mushrooms. o_O

  111. i love a-ing<3 jejejejej theyre so cute!

  112. okay, this just made me laugh and laugh!! really loud at some parts!! the “terminator martina” made me DIE!!! esp the butterfly part!! HAHAHA

    martina, your eye makeup looks really pretty today.

    also, that’s def the new wonderland there. that crumbled archway is where alice defeated the jabberwok!!

    as for bom….love her voice, but she looks like someone who’s had faaarrr too much surgery and botox and now really can’t make her face move b/c she’s physically unable. it’s really sad the amount of surgery these young and beautiful people seem to think they need to get. :(

  113. Ohh, I vote for Park Bom. I guess it’s because I never saw the mv for A~ing, but the Park Bom world looks darker.

  114. A~ing ♡

  115. I think YG has some infatuation with Alice in Wonderland…Seungri, now Park Bom….

  116. I think YG has some infatuation with Alice in Wonderland…Seungri, now Park Bom….

  117. Don’t worry about others, keep doing awesome reviews =)

  118. Park Bom!!!!

    Creo que en alguna parte escuché que en asi se cree que la gente vuelve después de muerta en mariposas, por ende la mariposa que seguia era a su esposo…creo… de todos modos… gran rewiew!!!

  119. I was fine with her acting because I actually NEVER noticed Bom expressing some kind of emotion. She’s just one of those people that are perpetually stoic. Even when I witnessed her smile, it looked like she was forced into it by a gun against her head. So yeah…emotionless Park Bom = Emotionless video. It’s just that the other 2NE1 members are there to prevent us from noticing it.

  120. I voted for this one <3 thank u! I hah, martinas imitation of robot-park bom! "oh. A butterfly." i lol'd!

  121. Martina, did you get a new tattoo? Or have you always had the one on your neck? What is it? It looks really cool, lol. Anyways. I actually like how you’re so honest with your reviews, but I’m a normal 19 year old and not a ridiculously kpop crazed 14 year old fangirl -__-. If you were going to say just the good things about every single video, then why even make them, you know? An opinion is an opinion, I’ll never understand why people leave such stupid comments on your youtube page attacking you guys :T But hey, I appreciate what you do, and I’m sure many others do as well.

    But yeah, I’m really not sure what’s going on with Park Bom and her acting. Her singing is incredible, and it always has been, but even sometimes while performing, she just looks sort of… miserable. I remember a few years ago when Big Bang first debuted, she was featured in a few songs, and even in the music videos she was expressionless. Sort of like Kristen Stewart. It’s just so… bleh.

    Again, thank you for putting so much time and effort into making videos. It makes me miss Korea so much, but it’s always nice to see different (and honest) reviews on kpop videos, and what you think of Korea. I’m definitely your fan for sure.

    Oh wow I didn’t know my comment would be so long! Sorry D:

  122. I noticed you said this video was difficult to review. You know what song would easy to review? Itaewon Freedom.

  123. Asians believe that dead people come back as butterflies la LOL go figure O.o

  124. PARK BOM!!!!!!!!!!

  125. Great review as always – must say, I have the same reaction to Park Bom as you, insanely good vocals but that static-emotion face has always left me wondering if it was an ‘affected persona’ or something else (?) – none of which has ever kept me from liking her – A LOT.

    I’m glad you spoke-out about the youtube comments – every now and again I go back and watch the older ones, because they’re ALL good, and I’ve been surprised to find so many really nasty/mean comments from people who clearly don’t *get* that your reviews are meant to be FUNNY and …honest. You’re not writing for a corporate entity – it’s a vlog FFS. Please don’t EVER change for the haters.

    I concur with all those who’ve commented on Martina’s fresh-faced make-up for this vid – SUPER PRETTY. Which is not to say you aren’t always – I love the experimentation with eyeliners & colors. You’re really Pro at ‘self-styling’ ❤

    And Last….congrats on the new crib! Hongdae or Bucheon? (not my business) just curious. :)

  126. The squirrel shirt is nuts! But you guys have gotta stop beginning every video or change of subject with “Ok”, “So”, or “Ok, so…”. It seems as invariable and inviolate as Park Bom’s expressions. I’ve seen so many of your vids featuring this trademark I’m starting to unconsciously do it myself now – not good for a radio announcer! Ok, so…we cool? On the other hand: the content rocks! Screw my pedant obsession. (Speaking of obsessions: Lee Tae Ran. ‘Nuff said.)

  127. loving your videos! though i am a huge 2ne1 fan, i respect your opinion. you actually made some really good points about the video. & it opened my eyes to some of the things i missed while watching it. and yay jay park and taeyang won! haha it was honestly so hard to choose between them!

    for the womderland contest, i choose park bom’s ‘dont cry’. :D

  128. Park Bom’s fairy tail *u*! Her husband was dead? o_o ok… I get the video like… now XD Her nose is different now ;_; Nice song & video ^^ Love ya guys :D

  129. If you people dont like your favorite band being review GTFO.

    Dont watch them. dont leave hate messages for these awesome and talented individuals.

    martina and simon keep up the great work. its okay some people just cant take a joke.

  130. Random comment is random, but I had to do a doubletake here: Martina, you don’t have a chin! D: The magical fuzziness of the video has evaporated your chin… but your skin looks really nice and smooth, though.

    I see most people are talking about Park Bom and everything, but I just wanted to say how I laughed a lot more thanks to this video than some of the others – the Martina-bot was particularly hilarious. Yaay! 8D

    Oh, and congrats for the new apartment contract~ I’m going to miss the current background, though – harhar.

  131. And for the record, I love it when you guys are brutely honest about videos…I may not always agree but I like seeing how other people react to things. I mean everyone is entitled to their own opinion and you should be able to share it! Just wanted to let you guys know :) Keep up the good work!!! I love music mondays!!

  132. okay… haven’t seen the video yet but the screenshots really make her look like a freaky china doll…
    the song is nice though!

  133. I vote for Park Bom! Park Bom!
    I think she can act, but in this video, she’s wearing a ton of make up that makes her face looks like porcelain. If she smile, she breaks.

  134. I didn’t like the video ” thaaat much” but i mean Park Bom just rocks ! so i vote for her !! other than that Martina n Simon u always keep entertaining us ..keep up the good work ! and we shouldn’t forget Spudgy too… FIGHTIIING <3

  135. i think the butterfly is actually symbolic. i am not sure about korean religion, but in japanese buddhism, moths represent your ancestors. so perhaps the butterfly is an incarnation of the guy?? anyway, i liked your video but i don’t think the butterfly is that random.

    • Yea i know that in Chinese a black butterfly means that a dead ancestor visiting their family members. Or, its the form the dead ancestor have to go to heaven or something.. i dk remember it that well but its along those lines.

  136. Don’t worry about what people say pplz! Just keep on making funny videos with your opinion!! I love Park Bom and 2ne1 but i have to admit this video really isn’t her best!! Love you GUYS!! YOU ROCK!!

  137. Does Martina and Park Bom have the same nailpolish color?? =D

  138. Don’t worry about what the fans say. I remember hearing that the moment you let your fans dictate what you should say or do, then you’ll only fail. True words from Bakuman.

    Great video.
    Just wondering, did you make your shirt yourself Martina?

  139. I would like to point out the butterfly is probably the reincarnation of her dead husband. There is a famous tale called the Butterfly Lovers, and I think the Koreans have a similar story as well. I have noticed in some movies and MVs and tv dramas that butterflies are used to represent the dead. That is what I would like to point out.

  140. that is my favorite dance!!! hahah

    omfg ur dog is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cuteeeeeeeeee!~~!!~!Piejolrfvn kdjfn wlvEJFM,S.CN



  141. ok, I haven’t watched anything yet, just started reading your description but…i’m really not liking your tone these days. Please, “butthurt”? And I don’t even like kpop. I just watch your videos cause they’re funny. Please try to avoid obnoxious comments. You were plenty funny without them before.

  142. Martina looks so pretty in this video :D (Well she always do, but today’s makeup was awesome).. I love this song and park’s voice. Also I love the Alice in Wonderland feel of the video. But I totally agree with you, she has the same face in the entire video!

    Great review guys as always XD

    ohh and my vote goes to Park Bom (Only because I adore Alice in Wonderland not because I want to chase my dead husband)

  143. I vote for Aing!! Even though Bom will win for sure.
    Aing’s WTF-ness makes it awesome.
    can’t wait for Orange Caramel’s next single (please not something like Bangkok City though).

    Btw your review is a spot on, I neither like nor dislike the MV, but I just didn’t get the feel.
    It’s weird though, You and I was better, is it because we can see the dude more (and the video was less focused on Bom)?

  144. as much as i love park bom, you’re right.. she only has one expression. everyone says it’s because of plastic surgery, well go watch big bang – forever with you, shes exactly the same… even her pre-debut photos, always the same. but she can sing well so i guess that’s all that matters really?

  145. Guys, help us trend
    #eatyourkimchi on Twitter- Simon and Martina don’t think they’ve enough fans for this to happen so let’s show them they do!!

  146. You know why that chick isn’t expressive? Because she has had too much plastic surgery. Duh!

  147. Peeps, can you please leave out the surgery comments, yes she did double eyelid surgery, and that’s that. As you can see from 2NE1 tv and YG On Air, minor surgery does not effect her ability to emote, the director does.

  148. You guys are absolutely right and even if I would disagree, I wouldn’t be so butthurt even when I am Bom’s fan. I guess the expressionless face stuck on her after the cool meditation scene in Clap your hands, I’m really looking forward to a change in Lonely…

    One thing I have to say though, the butterfly represents the spirit, soul or whatevah, so she wasn’t distracted at all. :) Thanks for a great review! I’d also like to thank for the new commenting box, but it seems to not work so great right now. I can’t see my writing completely behind the twitter thingy. Also biased or not I find Orange Caramel world plain creepy.

  149. omg why this MV, this was so boring.
    sorry to say. anyway, too much Botox = lack of expression. simple as
    that. about today’s voting, god neither. aing~
    is nightmare and Bom’s world is boring. ah, my comment sound bitter :PPPP “ The
    similarities just seem a bit too much to be accidental. Their significance? We
    don’t know. We gave up on doing English-Literaturey things back in University.
    Anyone have any guesses?”Um I would say, it’s just a very popular theme
    in pop culture, and it is very graphic. You know they could fill the set with unusual
    and interesting background, make it more interesting that normal kpop mv set. And
    YG seems to be very obsessed with Alice lately (vide Seungri’s last MV)

  150. your bloods and crips comment had me in stitches … and i vote for Bom because Orange Caramel was just … to cute.

  151. Mmm At first I didn’t like that song at all. But after hear it some times more… I like it very much. The vid is amazing (I love Tim Burton’s style, so…) but she..yes, I think the same. Her interpretation makes the vid confusing.

  152. …I think I’d prefer “A~ing”. Um…it was really creepy (my friend said that it disturbed her), and there is no exit unlike “Don’t Cry”, but at least there was food, right? …right?

  153. spudgy looks confused XD “what? what it is? what shoud I do?”

  154. inabily to emote? martina just repeated like a thousand times that she is very good in delivering her emotions in the song. and she’s just bad in ACTING!

    i’m not here to argue that Park Bom did or did not have plastic surgery. i think she’s a wonderful person inside out with or without plastic surgery and her voice is super amazing.

    she is successful NOT because of her looks. and she didn’t have a good voice because she had plastic surgery.

    the video, is just a media to try to deliver the song better and the satisfy the fans. the song didn’t do well because of her acting in the video. nor because of her inability to smile like a normal human being.

    yes, plastic surgery does affect her facial expressions but not the song.

    i just don’t understand why people like to bring her down with the plastic surgery topic. and i don’t understand why people just can’t accept people who did it.

    it’s a matter of personal choice.
    not that you’re affected with her plastic surgery in anyway. ugh!

  155. I vote for Park Bom cause she’s teh bomb! haha…*crickets chirping* okay that was a bad pun but her acting is much worse! just sayin’ ;)

  156. not a fan of her acting too. it sucks. her voice in the other hand is incredibly amazing. i think she better sticks with singing rather than acting even in her own music video

  157. !!!!!!! Look it’s a Spudgy !!!! XD
    Love the vid as always ^o^

    I prefer Park Bom’s universe… actually I find Orange Caramel… sort of creepy… SORRYYYYYYYYY T________T

  158. and seungri’s vvip had an alice in wonderland theme… so maybe YG’s running with it

  159. I love your vids! And Park Bom! Don’t stop making vids.Love you guys!

  160. Bommy! Yay! ^^ I love the song, I love the video, I love Bommy but I agree with you her acting is kinda weird.. ^^’

    I voted for Orange Caramel, I more like their wonderland ^^

  161. Should’ve reviewed the acoustic version instead. haha. Bom showed much more emotions there and her voice in the acoustic version is really mindblowin~ :)

    about the alice and wonderland thing.. i think they really patterned the video to it. so no coincidence or what ever… i think the mv is an “interpretation” of the movie. :)

    https://www.facebook.com/pages/Fox/165817973472159 -follow our page people! :D

  162. i think we all know why bom can’t emote *ahem*

    thanks for another hilarious music monday

  163. I always listen to the music! I love this song VERY much! (They always play it in Kpop Zone on arirang radio.. hmm.. But I don’t mind waking up to this song (after the news))

  164. i agree on the comments for the MV here, me, too, was very disappointed after watching the whole video. i was really looking forward to this…

  165. I can sympathise with the whole trying-to-not-anger fans thing. Exploding fangirls are the 3rd most deadly creatures in the world right? ;) But I think that if you’re stating the truth in a constructive way, go for it!! Kudos to you two for braving all the oncoming haters – but you know we love you right :D

    As for the fairytale land, even though I’m a MASSIVE Bom fan, rofl that Orange Caramel land was crazaaayy~ :p They get my vote just for being plain weird.

  166. I’m relieved I wasn’t the only one who thought she looked very strange in the video…don’t worry about the butthurt stans!! The reason why I love you is because you’re not afraid to tell the hard truth in a funny way =D I hope you never stop because that’ll be the day I’ll stop being your fan =(

  167. Ok, have not seen the video yet, but started reading…and must tell you: Who cares what others may think? One of the reasons I love your videos is because of how honest you are about your opinions, the creativity you display every single week and how it allows us to see more than one pov (way beyond the, “OMG! They’re so hot!” that is all some people are able to say).

    Your videos are refreshing and welcome. And if there are some that cannot take it, then let them say whatever they want. It will not take away from your awesomeness. So, keep up the excellent work telling it how you see it, and thank you for all your hard work. I know that I’m not the only one to whom your videos give something to look forward to every week.

    So, like they say over there, “Fighting!” You are the best, never forget it.


    Say hi to Spudgy ^-^

  168. Seriously, guys, don’t worry about people who get upset about sarcasm and humor. They just want attention and by complaining they get what they want. So ignore those guys and please never change. Because you guys are awesome.

  169. and I vote for Bom because Orange Caramell is too much… way too much. (why couldn’t leave Korea that kind of… ******* to Japan and its million membered girl groups is beyond me)

  170. I’m loling so hard at Spudgy’s acting ability. I think he was emoting better than Park Bom

    Must be hard to pull a smile with that much plastic in your face.

  171. You are right. Bom acts awfully in this MV.

  172. I forgot to mention that Martina’s shirt on this Music Mondays is super awesome cool and pretty! :D

  173. Park Bom and I together. It feels alright

    Ofcourse, my vote is for Park Bom :D

  174. i really agree with you guys, she really looks like a super beautiful robot… well she cant be perfect tho :P

    it remebered me alice in wonderland but i didnt question the change of clothes XDDDDDD

    My vote goes for Park Bom :D cuz Orange Caramel’s video is too bizarre for me :P

  175. Honestly it’s nice to see you’re not being biased because honestly the acting made me cringe too ESPECIALLY that part when she’s looking at her ring with that smile I don’t know it was kinda creepy… Love the song though, I play it like all the time on my Ipod. That’s weird though because her acting was much better in ‘You and I’ if I recall well…

    Also I’m pretty sure she’s not going to have an album for ‘Don’t Cry’ they just said it was some digital release to kick off 2NE1′s new round of promotion for their upcoming album. I wish she could release some full length album in the future though :) Two great solo songs.

  176. orange caramel all the way, they make me happy XDDDD

  177. LOL…no need to be afraid…cause I do agree with you! ^^ too bad I don’t have a Youtube account…or else I would have posted nice things at there…^^

  178. Speak your mind freely! Who cares what others think, these are YOUR thoughts and hey some will agree some wont. Plz don’t ever be afraid to speak what you really think because in the end you can’t please anyone…trust me.. i know. lol Great job as per usual.

  179. awsome video:D butterfly haaahahaahahaa XD

  180. i agree that it looks like bom had some surgery done (she’s looking like ryeowook of super junior…who i also love, don’t get me wrong) but perhaps it has limited her facial expressions? plastic surgery is very popular and common in korea, so theres a really good chance she just had botox before the video and can’t make facial expressions whether she wants to or not…

    • We’ve been reading a lot of comments about this, and a lot of people arguing against those comments. We’re not sure if she’s had surgery or not. We’re just shocked at how expressionless she is in the video…

    • She has only done eyelid surgery if I’m not mistaken ;) You can check back on her older photos online they look similar just that she had single eyelid back then!

  181. Great Music Monday as usual, but I don’t see the cool annotations and underscript thingies (english is not ym first language ^^’).
    I choose Orange Caramel’s A~ing for the showdown :)

  182. i love it your video >.<

    and also agree~keke =)

  183. awesome video, love it

    I love
    your shirt simon, it’s cute

  184. i like more park boms song but in fairytale style i prefer orange caramel ^^

  185. yeah. i noticed that she never opens her mouth throughout the entire video,

  186. Don’t be afraid please… too boring

  187. really good song, but bom look like she did some plastic surgery :( she didnt need that

  188. Awesome video. Thanks.

  189. Where’s Itaewon Freedom?

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