You know, it kinda sucks that we’re getting to the point now that we have to worry about people getting butthurt about our opinions. When we first saw this video, we thought to ourselves that it’s going to be really difficult to review. We’d have tons to say about it, but it would probably just get people upset. We’re anticipating our YouTube channel to have a lot of “WTF IF YOU DON’T LIKE PARK BOM THEN SHUT UP YOU RACISTS” or something like that. Uhh. Hopefully that won’t spill over into the discussion here. YouTube comments are out of our hands. The comments on this site, though, tend to be more civilized.

So, allow us to repeat: we like Park Bom. We like this song. We like 2NE1 a lot, and – as we mentioned in our interview on Arirang’s Heart to Heart – we think they’re one of the few Kpop bands to be able to make it internationally. But, really, this video was just not a good representation of 2NE1 or Park Bom. Maybe they scripted her to have such a soulless role, but – good googly goo – the acting was so terrible in this that we cringed. Why can’t she show any emotion? Why does she have to look like a doll?

Does anyone else not view this video as being really, really miserable? Your husband dies, you see his ghost and you go chasing after it, and then when you catch up to it, you hug your dead husband, and then he takes your rings, ties them together, and disappears. Who cares if the song is called Don’t Cry. Anyone who wouldn’t cry in such a situation is either dead or a robot. We put ourselves in Park Bom’s shoes for this video, and there are far too many times in which we’d collapse on the ground and sob uncontrollably. No pretty song telling us not to cry would change that. In fact, a sad song would probably make us cry EVEN MORE. Ridiculous!

It’s a really pretty looking video, though. It’s odd that it smacks of Tim Burton’s remake of Alice in Wonderland, though. Check out the picture here:

Park Bom Don't Cry Alice in Wonderland

Park Bom's "Don't Cry" really looks like Alice in Wonderland

See what we mean? The garden gates look almost identical. The sky has the same cloudy, grey, dingy look. The garden is overly abundant. In fact, Park Bom was originally with her hair up and in a pink dress, but in the garden she’s wearing a blue dress with her hair down, just like Alice. What’s the significance of Park Bom imitating Alice in Wonderland? We’re not sure. Alice follows the rabbit, Park Bom follows her dead husband’s ghost. Alice grows older and wiser after she leaves Wonderland, as does Park Bom. Alice is distracted by the blue hookah-smoking caterpillar, Park Bom is distracted by a blue butterfly. The similarities just seem a bit too much to be accidental. Their significance? We don’t know. We gave up on doing English-Literaturey things back in University. Anyone have any guesses?

Anyhow, that’s it for this week. We don’t know if Park Bom is going to have an album out for Don’t Cry, so we’re not sure how to recommend her album. We know that YG’s promoting their YG Family album. Does that count? It’s got 2NE1 songs live, along with a bunch of other YG Family songs from Big Bang, Se7en, and Psy. Woot woot! Check it out by clicking on the link below :D

2010 YG Family Concert (DVD + Photobook + Poster in Tube) (2-Disc) (First Press Limited Edition) (Korea Version)
  1. I know I’ve said this before, but where the hell do you get this shirts Martina?

    And it’s funny how, when you talk about the “multiple” faces of Park Bom, I just thought about Kristen Stewart and her many acting faces ability (as shown in Twilight… a lot!). And you even said “maybe if she opened her mouth a little”… ohhhh Kristen Stewart, you are not alone anymore…

  2. >>this is not directed to simon and martina, but to the commenters yapping abt bom’s supposedly pumped-full-of-plastic face<<

    i know this is an old post but for god's sake can no one mention park bom without relating her to plastic surgery??? "SHE'S EXPRESSIONLESS BECAUSE HER FACE IS 75% PLASTIC!!!111!!!" yeah that really pisses me off. it's NOT true. i mean, yes she has probably had minor work done on parts of her face but really, she's just really not a good actress. don't believe me? watch kim jieun's Tell Me Once More MV and you can see her acting is just as dull as it is in here.


    and just the same with that MV you can also see how expressionless she was in we belong together and also forever with you and even in that old CF with hyori and lee joonki.

    i don't get all this plastic surgery talk. goo hara admitted to doing minor plastic surgery on her entire face and she's still a girl FULL of expressions. and bommie is the same! it's just that her expressions don't carry on well when she has to act it out. especially if it involves being sad. wanna see her with a genuinely devastated expression? go watch 2NE1TV where she cries and sobs heartwrenchingly at her aunt's grave. people can really be such cruel jerks.

  3. OMG I thought that I’m the only one who sees the similarities of Park Bom’s Video and Alice in wonderland, but I have to say, we shouldn’t point out everything to her as she only receives instructions and directions from the director of the video, the video would always be on producer’s decision and everyone behind the project , I once saw on 2ne1tv that she’s being instructed to smile a bit but with a bit of bitterness, she’s also by that time working for Don’t Cry while CL is in Europe, Minzy is in her hometown and Dara’s enjoying her first own car. Maybe she’s all wired up xD

  4. well i the guess reason why park bom cant act naturally because she had her face job.. :))) so the expression wasnt there. :)) i guess.. =))) but i so love 2NE1…. <3

  5. I know I’m going to get a lot of hate for this, but I honestly do think that Bom did have plastic surgery and that it did kind of…restricted her facial movements a little. I don’t think there’s anything WRONG with plastic surgery; it’s HER CHOICE and she has her own reasons, even if some of us may disagree. But I do notice that she’s usually pretty stoic, even when she’s genuinely happy (though sometimes, her expressions are pretty hilarious and adorable).

    • ,,,she is a natural ..even she is making plastic sugery or not..she is very adorable gurl..n always make me laugh..with happy go lucky attitude..everyone can be herself..i still love her even ..she is plastic or not ahhahaa

  6. It is not only the video…I have noticed that in some photos and even in some interviews she looks so void of emotions, her eyes look death to me sometimes, like a doll…I was wondering if they told her to act like that or if it was the makeup. I love the happy, 8D Bommie and I love it when she smiles and is all happy. 

  7. In Japan, a butterfly is a symbol of a person’s of a soul after death. Korea shares a lot of things with Japan, so maybe?? ( ^^;) That’s the only possible answer I can think of.

  8. if u dont like park bom thn go away, kpop dont have time for u

  9. ur stupid and racist its a sad song get ovr it ur a retarded american freak

  10. agreed she puts no emotion watsoeva but love her voice especially wen she sings acoustic

  11. agreed she puts no emotion watsoeva but love her voice especially wen she sings acoustic

  12. i agree with you guys! definitely love park bom love the song love 2ne1…but the video….mm…
    and i get your point about netizens getting a little ,,,you know what…. but i mean it’s a review, there’s bound to be criticism. 
    BtW, i absolutely lOVE LOVE LOVE you 2!!! THUMBS UP!! 

  13.  I don’t know what happened to Bom’s acting. She was doing fine in the past (in We Belong Together, to be exact). I think ever since she debut with 2NE1, she got a little bit…rusty. So rusty it’s awkward. Maybe she was being shy around the model so she got a stiff. Or maybe it’s really just the director’s fault.

  14.  Hahaha Pak Bom goes Hollywood but she should’ve looked for inspiration from Hallyuwood instead! (^_^)

  15. According to the lyrics, the video is not supposed to be about being devastated and she’s not chasing a dead husband. Some of the words in the lyrics indicate this:

    It’s okay baby please don’t cry,
    This long journey is about to end.
    But someday, we will meet again,
    In the next life, we will see each other again

    She’s basically saying they have to break up because they keep hurting each other so it’s for the best. But I agree with you guys about Bom’s expressions. I think her face is just like that… her features don’t make a lot of movements. Lol.

  16. Martina! I love your “I’m late on purpose” shirt. Where’d you get it? Haha. Anyways, you guys have an awesome blog. Keep up the great work!

    I vote Park Bom :) I know her world is supposed to look depressing, but…it doesn’t. It looks magical and fun to explore!

  17. Plus, what’s with the lucifer cut?

  18. No, offence, I don’t think you guys really got the video…..
    Park Bom looks stunning, I know, but I don’t think your comments are that right, especially the ‘break a nail part’ 
    So please, delve deeper!!!! 
    I still love you guys, thoeeeee..
    Keep posting awesome vids!

  19. Park Bom
    Orange Caramel’s WTF world is kinda…WTF-ey

  20. well, to let you know about the butterfly… butterfly is generally representation of spirit of a dead person(especially loved one) in Korean literature.. so it is not so strange for koreans to see a girl finding her dead husband suddenly seems to interested in a butterfly with the same color as her last husband.. because it can be himself… as ghost.

  21.  IU…Park Bom, Their All The Same

    shes better than orange caramel so i vote for her!!



  25. Orange Caramel gets my vote because their world looks FUN instead of creepy and depressing!

  26.  i think the butterfly was referring to the ancient Chinese story called the butterfly lovers….basically… because the couple could not be together when they were alive, after they died, the became butterfly and so they live happily ever after.=] the couple could not be together when they were alive, after they died, the became butterfly and so they live happily ever after.=]

  27.  orange caramel ftw!!

  28. Beautiful color on those nails Martina :) You have a really cool styleKisses from Portugal <3 keep up the good work

  29.  The wonderland is actually purgatory, either Bom’s own personal one (since she since she hasn’t moved on) or a literal purgatory where the dead are still chillin. This was mentioned in a brief interview with an YG exec before the video was released.

    I choose Bom’s world. Orange Caramel’s multiple plagerism scandals killed their music for me. Bommie’s concept feels like forced anyway.

  30. Heya,

    did Martina get a new tattoo on her neck, or I have I just missed it all this time? It looks like some kind of script. What does it say?

  31. please do Lonely’s 2ne1 on monday!:DD

  32. I got some updated info on the song plot! YG Producer Teddy said: “The lyrics are not about the lover that has passed away, but instead I
    wanted to portray a song about lovers parting ways in a beautiful way.
    Should I say it’s sort of a strange farewell song? The two loved each
    other and tried so hard but they feel sad as they watch each other
    slowly changing, and eventually letting each other go.”

  33. jajaj scaning sarcasm………sarcasm detected

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