UHHHH! GANGNAM STYLE! Haven’t seen this glorious, glorious video yet? Get ready to hear what is going to be played all over Korea for the next six months:


Holy freak! Wasn’t that amazing? Really, this has the potential to be one of the biggest songs of the year, similar to how UV’s “Itaewon Freedom” was so adored last year. It’s just so freaking fun, and so non-serious, and Kpop could really use that sometimes, you know? Kpop artists are very often in a state of endless arousal or unendurable pain, and so seeing watching a video where someone is – in a British phrase that I’ve always wanted to use – taking the piss, is extremely refreshing.

Now, we know that 90% of you, according to our stats, are outside of Korea, so you probably don’t know about Gangnam all too well. Basic explanation: Gangnam is the rich, hoity-toity area of Seoul. It’s loaded with plastic surgery clinics, it’s got celebrities around everywhere, and it’s very overpriced. We looked into renting an apartment there instead of in Bucheon. For roughly three times the price, we’d get a place half the size of ours. BALLS! Now, not everyone is rich in Gangnam. Some people hang out there and attempt to give of the appearance of being rich, supposedly, from what we’ve been told. Anyhow, long story short, we’re not fond of the area. It’s just not our thing. We like the younger, artsier vibe of Hongdae instead.

So, when we heard the name of Psy’s song, we thought “Gangnam Style” would talk about the superficiality of the area, but we were surprised. We read the translations of the lyrics online, and according to them, this song is basically Psy talking about a level-headed classy girl, and how he’s a level-headed classy guy whose ideas are bigger than his muscles. And this surprised us, considering how whenever we’re in Gangnam we see lots of ads for gyms everywhere. We’re not really sure how Psy’s “Gangnam Style” represents Gangnam. Maybe there’s a different side to it that we don’t know about, or maybe the lyrics are deeply ironic. We don’t know. It baffles us. Korea experts: please let us know! Tomorrow (Tuesday) is our day off, and we’re thinking about hanging out in Gangnam to try to get more experience in the area.

Ok so that bit on Gangnam was probably more confusing than edifying. Attribute that to Psy’s implicit profundity. On a less profound note, if you’re as amazed by this song as we are, make sure you pick it up via iTunes or YesAsia, because it’s so awesome. Lastly, we’ve got some bloopers for this week – even though it felt like the entire Gangnam Style recreation was just a giant blooper reel to begin with. Maximum lols?


OH! And, just in case you’re interested, here’s EAT YOUR KIMCHI Style, the song, if you want to listen to it. Maybe it can be voted in for next week’s Kpop Music Monday? In that case, if we were to review the song, would we make a parody of it by showing Psy’s video? KPOP MUSIC MONDAY INCEPTION!!!!

  1. Happy 300,000 subs, you guys!!

  2. 300,000!! Way to go, guise!

  3. Love that Hogwarts houses shirt Simon!

  4. simon’s shirt matches the colors they talk about; blue, yellow, red and green.


  5. hilarious but cool…lmfao

  6. okay, I need something answered. I have a friend who is NOT a Kpop fan at all, and yet, he was INSISTING the lyrics are Oppan Gnagnam style, and not Oppa gangnam style. is he right? Also, he’s become a huge jerk as of late, trying to correct people and actually tried to tell ME what Oppa means. anyway, if anyone has the answer, please let me know.

  7. Gangnam Style has been named “Video Of The Day” on my Facebook page in celebration of it breaking into the US Top 10 (it’s at #2 this week).

  8. Guess what song played on Atlanta, Georgia radio this morning as I was driving to work? :)

  9. yeaahhh..i like Hongdae toooooooooooo!!lovee it

  10. Well I would like to say that I’m in Los Angeles and being the only person that is into k-pop among my group of friends, I was surprised when PSY’s song “Gangnam Style” made its way into the conversation during our soiree (no, I was not the person to initiate the conversation). Jajaja “Gangnam Style” surprised me once more when on my mom’s favorite Mexican channel the news announcer started talking about PSY and the video. Congratulations PSY you’ve made your way to the Americas! Oh one more thing, my friend(who initiated the conversation) reports that the dance floors at WeHo (West Hollywood) are playing “Gangnam Style”! Congrats on your high numbers of viewerships PSY!

  11. Gangnam Style Parody Contest

    Join Myx TV’s Gangnam Style Parody contest for your chance to be featured on TV and win prizes!

  12. This song was played on the USF campus and on the Radio here in florida!

  13. Looking at people’s reactions, those are really funny.

  14. So I’m trying to revamp my music collection because I’ve been stuck in opera land for the last 3 months (I’m an singer doing my masters at UofT! :D) anyhoo, I’m browsing through iTunes and what do I find? Oh! Psy’s Gangnam Style is the #1 Music Video on iTunes?!?!?! Kpop in my Canadian iTunes !?!?!?! I’m doing a little happy dance right now :D

  15. gangnam style played in hawaii radio while i was in school.. and everybody got so addicted to it. im hearing it everywhere.. lol

  16. Eat Your Kimchi Style !!!!!!aaggghhhh I can download it!!!

  17. There’s a female version of Psy’s Kangnam style now ;)))


    I don’t think it’s as good as Psy’s but it’s still a treat!

  18. I think this blog post might help you understand what Gangnam Style means

  19. Was anyone else reminded of the not-intended-to-be-as-ironic-as-it-actually-was “Beverly Hills” by Weezer? At least as far as the song goes, anyway?

  20. I agree with Jisoo as a Korean. It’s definitely sarcasm and I agree with her interpretation but I think we can see other espect too. He is mocking gangnam where is considering the richest place in Korea. Not that many people who live there are actually rich. In other words, it becomes the place for showing their richness even though they are not rich enough to afford it. So many people go gangnam because they want to prove they can afford sfuffs from gagnam. It looks luxurious but actually it’s not true like that playground in the first part of video. In addition you can’t find classic but nasty in gangnam at night time like a girl who is classic in day time but becomes sexy at the night time. The richest place is actually the most contradicted place in Korea. I’m not sure you guys understand my words since I’m not a native ^^; Anyway, I always enjoy your video through youtube~ Take care yourself from the heat !

  21. Gangnam style translation.

    Obban Gangnam style(I’m Gangnam style) [Obba means a man was called by a girl or girls. Actually "Obba is= obban"]
    Gangnam style
    a woman who is warm and human by day.
    a woman who is high-class to keep her composure about a cup of coffee.
    a woman who is getting hotter the heart at night.
    the woman who has the reversal.

    I’m a guy.
    a guy who is warm like you by day.
    a guy who drink hot coffee bottoms up.
    a guy who explode the heart himself.
    I’m that guy.
    [U're]beautiful, lovable
    yes it’s U. (hey) yea that means U. (hey)
    [U're]beautiful, lovable
    yes it’s U. (hey) yea that means U. (hey)

    I should run my course from now?
    Obban Gangman style
    Gangnam style

    Obban Gangman style
    Gangnam style
    Obban Gangman style
    eh- sexy lady
    Obban Gangman style
    eh- sexy lady
    Obban Gangman style

    a woman who seems like virtue but play well while she play.
    a woman who loosen her hair for a guy to seduce.
    a woman who is very hot not expose her body.
    the woman who is sensual.
    I’m a guy.
    a guy who is a gentle man but play well while he play.
    a guy who is insane when the time comes.
    a guy who is stronger his mental better than his muscle.
    I’m the guy.
    [U're]beautiful, lovable
    yes it’s U. (hey) yea that means U. (hey)
    [U're]beautiful, lovable
    yes it’s U. (hey) yea that means U. (hey)
    I should run my course from now?
    Obban Gangman style
    Gangnam style

    Obban Gangman style
    Gangnam style
    Obban Gangman style
    eh- sexy lady
    Obban Gangman style
    eh- sexy lady
    blue and better blue(flying man above running man)
    baby baby
    I’m a man who knows some stuff.
    blue and better blue(flying man above running man)
    baby baby
    I’m a man who knows some stuff.
    You know what i’m saying
    Obban Gangman style
    eh- sexy lady
    Obban Gangman style
    eh- sexy lady


  23. why would he make fun of the gangnam people …?! maybe he is one of them !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. korean subtitle is not korean.-_-

  25. who is the guy in your parody in the elevator? a friend of yours or a random stranger? 0_0 i just wants to know

  26. Even a week after this video was released, I still come back to listen to “EatYourKimchi Style”. Hey, it’s catchy!

  27. Haha I was waiting to see if someone could actually outdo Itaewon Freedom’s awesomeness. I found it profound…ly hilarious.

  28. this song always makes me wanna dance XDD op op op op oppa Gangnam Style~

  29. OMG, this song is EPIC! I was instantly hooked. And S&M, when are you going to do ur own album? Seriously, your ‘tribute’ was brilliant! Best Music Monday Evar!!

  30. nooo they dyed her eyebrows with her hair!!!!!~

  31. OH MFG! SIMON! Your t-shirt! I want it! No! Scratch that! I NEED IT TO LIVE!
    This review was amazing! And Hyuna’s eyebrows are still there. She just died them >.>

  32. I don’t know why is confused you guise so much, I thought from the moment I saw Psy in the beach chair on a playground, I knew it was supposed to be poking fun at “gangnam style” and how Psy is not that way but he tries and fails, epically. xD

  33. While I do love this song and video, a Korean friend of mine introduced a good point. He said that this song was actually ironic in that Psy is from Gangnam – he was born and educated there, then went on to attend an American university, in true “Gangnam rich person style”. So he says, “That’s why even if the MV is funny, I hardly sense the sarcasm from it.”

    Maybe Psy is actually portraying a parody of himself…?
    Just thought it was interesting to note. :P

  34. i know i watch this late, but am i wrong to say what i’m seeing on simon and martina’s laptop is beast’s midnight sun teaser image?

  35. I vote for Psy’s Gangnam Style!

  36. Woah Martina, I can’t believe u didnt recognize Daesung and Seungri! Well, it’d be hard to, I couldnt recognize them, even when others pointed it out

  37. I’m surprised Martina didn’t catch this but, at 0:53 in the music video. Daesung and Seungri are dressed up as two old men. LOL.

  38. wasn’t the guy in the elevator the singer from Ulala Session??

  39. The reactions for this music video at youtube is hot!!!!!!!!!!!!
    There are so many reaction videos for it.
    Martina you look pretty in the subway scene. Maybe better than Hyuna (I personally don’t like her) love it!!!
    Oh, and the scene reminded me of the video you guys made on Chuseok(or other holiday) where you dance in your dinosaur suit lol

  40. I heard Seungri and Daesung were in the video, as the old men.

  41. HILARIOUS!!!!! kekeke i downloaded your version of gangnam style, it was just too funny to ignore xD but seriously, this song REALLY grew on me…EEEEEEHHHHH SEXY LADY O O O O O OPPAN GANGNAM STYLE!!!!

  42. kawaii_candie

    this is quite possibly the best video you’ve ever made. it’s SO funny… hahaha…

    also Martina, stop buying the same clothes as me! i have that same lacy white shirt :p

  43. OMG, I might’ve wanted B.A.P to win, but the EYK Style song was so OSM!! I replayed it like a million times, your parodies are always so funny

  44. ALERT! Daesung and Seungri from BB are the ajjushi’s in the video (wearing white) i didnt realize.. this makes this more epic!

  45. Can I vote for Dr. Meemersworth?

    (I know I can’t. I vote for Gagnam Style)

  46. I loved Itaeowan. But Psy’s “Gangam Style” exceeds it in epicness, catchyness and raunchy thrusting.

  47. Is this video shorter somehow than the one you posted last time?

    (Or maybe I just want to see the elevator scene on loop instead of the video itself ;D)

  48. Elevator scene makes me infinitely happy.

  49. first Martina you look good with long brown hair
    second I Love you guys

  50. I wish you guys would have put that note about Gangnam in the video instead of the blog. It would’ve been a cool informant for those who don’t come here or for anyone watching randomly on youtube.

  51. simon rapped like CL(?) in EatYourKimchi Style

  52. OK possibly the best part of this entire thing (which is hard to pick, for sure!) is the guy above Simon in the elevator….HIS FACE, hahahahaha. Kudos to this guy and also, his choice of shirt for the occasion. LOL guys, awesome work!

  53. Iteawon Freeedom!

  54. This is the best MUSIC MONDAY ever. “EAT YOUT KIMCHI STYLE” kekeke

  55. lol i loved your Eatyourkimchi style ^^ lol epiccc but i wanted you guys to answer my question on what is gangnam style? … ah oh well i’ll get it answered any ways i vote for Gangnam Style over Itaewon Freedom ^^

  56. This has got to be one of your best, if not the best that you have showed in terms of your creativity. Need MOAR Kimchi style videos

  57. Psy’s song is amazing and this was also an amazing Kpop Music Monday!! I loved it! Thank you for working so hard and making me have so many moments where I choked on my pepsi from laughing! :)

  58. 0:16 Dr. Meemersworth’s first Music Monday appearance ^^

  59. I do Vovinam (Vietnamese martial arts) and I want to applaud Martina’s form when she was air kicking Simon….

  60. Was it just me or did Simon really say ‘ My penis sexy wig and swan walking illegal ‘ ? :P Aha, my favorite review EYK review thus far, hands down! :D

  61. this was a great review. I am just a causal kpop fan, so if it wasn’t for your review, I would have never thought to look up to see who Psy was, or even attempt to watch and listen to his works.

  62. Beast’s Midnight Sun picture on your laptop!!! :D

  63. I think this is one of the top K-pop Music Mondays ever! You did an awesome job with ‘Eat Your Kimchi Style’! Loved it!

  64. Simon where can I get your awesome Harry Potter shirt??? I love it!

  65. Its nice to see a video where Hyuna is not trying to be way too sexy! Nice!

  66. Omg you’re so brave to actually dance around in public *-* I laughed so hard at the elevator part hahahahaha ! And i was actually thinking about the same thing when i saw Hyuna. I was like “Hyuna Lisa” ? XD

  67. Looks like you guys had lots of fun. Can’t wait to see the gangnsm dance in your WANKS! XD

  68. I don’t know if you know it, or if any else thought so, but they guy in the yellow suit? As soon as I saw the video, i thought the guy looked alot how Martina looks when she dresses up as a guy. Idk guys, maybe its just me

  69. The shallowness of the place definitely gets to me. i lived in Korea for about 1.5 years, during which time I had a small office-tel which like Martina and Simon intimated costs about triple the cost of Ilsan -which I think is a nicer area anyway- while being a third as small. My biggest regret was that I lived in the Gangnam area. That was with a 1 year lease.

    I have some fairly wealthy family members, so I basically trolled around here and there for the last half year. I stayed in Chung-dam Dong (probably the single most exclusive area in Korea) right across the street from Gucci for about 3 months, and what I found ironic was that I was never approached for directions from the “tourists” when I actually lived there with my flip-flops, but it was after I moved out and had to go back for a friend’s b-day party, decked out with vests, suits, etc… that I was suddenly barraged with requests for directions. And you do see a lot of celebrities but the A-listers usually live in seclusion around the Ilsan-suburb area.

  70. You know, I was just bopping along, eating my bacon sandwich (which was amazing) and then


    and then it went back to Simon and Martina. And then I I was just thinking it couldn’t get any better, when


    and that kind of made my day. Until I saw Meemersworth in the bloopers video. It was amazing!!!!

    P.S. this is not a reflection on the quality of the Music Monday. I believe it kind of reflects more that I am a crazy old cat lady even though I’m only 22. You put a seven week old kitten on my screen. It you teo hadn’t already won me over, you would have then!

  71. The most awesome Kpop Music Monday I’ve watched so far! And again, for the showdown, I vote for OPPA GANGNAM STYLE!8D

  72. Lol I see Mr Meemersworth at 0:52. Can you guys possibly make a vid of M.M & Spudgy doing something together like going to a pet cafe or something?

  73. This entire thing (the review, the bloopers, the parody song, and the actual video itself) are so mindblowingly awesome that I think I need to lie down for a while so my body can absorb all of the epic that it received through my eyeballs and ear…..sockets? Holes? I don’t even know anymore….

  74. HyunA’s eyebrows are really dyed that color o__o

  75. I think that he’s saying that even if there is garbage blowing in his face or a blizzard of snow, he still enjoys life. He may not be on a tropical expensive vacation to Hawaii, but still enjoys the sun in a kid’s playground as if he was in a luxurious vacation. His optimistic take on life is to simply enjoy life, so in that way he’s a “gangnam style” oppa. Take your life by the “reins” and ride out those good times! You may be partying with a slim wallet, but you can still party hearty!

  76. So funny!! The elevator scene. And first Music Monday with Dr. Meemersworth!! Really like both but have to go with Itaewon Freedom.

  77. You guise are so creative. Bunnies are PUF FEEE. :) Thanks for making my day!

  78. im just at a loss for words this was the most epic MM ever! great job! loved the elevator scene and martina was great as YJS!!!

  79. Oh and i vote for Gangnam style.

  80. Kpop music mondays have been getting better and better and funnier and funnier. you guys are out doing yourselves every week!!!! OMG I LOVE IT!!!! If i had an iPod i would download the EYK Style song and loop it all day long. Instead I am going to download it onto my phone and set it as my ringtone. <3 <3 <3 <3 love you four! (omg thats my first time including Dr. Meemersworth into the love. YAY!)

  81. OmG … Genial! :D

  82. Am i the only one that had no idea what Simon was saying at around :50 because Dr. Meemersworth was passing by. <3 <3 <3 Sorry Simon!

  83. haha was it intentional that the cups were arranged red-yellow(whitewhite)green? because I feel like I only really noticed it when you guys were talking about the color symbolism.

    Loved your parody! The dance is made even better with Martina’s high ponytail waving around so much >w<

  84. KATHyphenTUN

    My favourite music monday yet!!! hahaha!!! Well done guise!!!!!!!!

  85. Holy crap! I didn’t think this .could get any more epic than the song already was… I love you guys

  86. my favorite part of the video is when he’s singing “heeeey sexy lady!” and he’s partying in a mirroball-ed bus filled with old ladies!! <3 <3 <3

    this song and video grabbed me by the balls!! and you guys eat your kimchi's style was awesomely hilarious as well!

  87. Any excuse for Simon to dress up as Taemin is a good excuse! XD

    For the contest, I’ll have to vote Gangnam style. Itaewon freedom wasn’t that great of a song, but Gangnam is on my Ipod and I never get sick of it.

  88. This music video was… odd. And a little creepy but very catchy.

  89. The song and the video are cool. I like it…and the dance, ppl must this dance the most.

  90. I have to admit that every time Dr. Meemersworth comes on screen, I get highly distracted.

    Really, control you kitty. I don’t want to be in a puddle of mush before I even finish the video.

    Dr. Meemersworth I LOVE YOU….

  91. u should definitely release an album of u guise doing parodies or remakes for korean kpop songs lol ill be the first one to buy it ~

  92. Omg, Itaewon or Gangnam?
    EYK Y must you make me choose??!?

  93. I was so excited for this! I watched it as soon as I woke up, before getting out of bed or even checking my emails. So awesome!

  94. Just paused the video to say SIMON YOUR TSHIRT- I AM CONNECTING WITH IT!!!! :D <3 You have just becoming infinitely more awesome than you already were.

  95. Random thoughts while watching this:
    *explodes at the cuteness of seeing Dr Meemersworth dancing*
    That’s right, S&M–gotta start them young!
    How many takes did that elevator scene take?

    Ayiyi, but Martina does the Hyuna FJS really well!
    Just read the AwehTV interview and Simon–way to go on creating this vid despite the badjillion people watching while you were filming! Woot!

  96. I’m a Korean and the moment I first saw this video, I knew it was ironic. One thing I want to add to Jisoo’s comment below, is that he is trying to shout out to the Korean society where looks and money is everything, where everyone wants to look like those people even if they don’t in reality. He is saying that “Oppa is gangnam style”, which he clearly isn’t, kind of making fun of those people who try too hard to be someone they aren’t.
    To people who want to see more videos by PSY, I really recommend “예술이야”. It means, literally, “It’s art”, but the real meaning is “I feel awesome!”. The music video will give you a glimpse of the atmosphere in his concert, which is so AWESOME. PSY is known as “the King of the stage”, and he really knows how to get the crowd going!

  97. simon you look really great! (not flirting)
    keep up the great work on your diets you guys!!
    btw that mini-video was hilarious.
    I have seen cuts from this mv all over tumblr and had NO idea what it meant until right now.

  98. I want to see Martina and Yoo Jae Suk do the grasshopper dance together.

  99. Okay XD First time that KPOP Music Monday made me cry. I usually laugh like hell but first time I’m really crying when watching! So amazing! The elevator scene – epic! XDDDD

  100. You make the best k-pop music monday ever!!!! It’s was just so cool this week!! You are awesome.

  101. you guys are the best!!! laughed so hard i cried! and could barly breath for about half an hour!

    I vote for PSY
    and b2st. ^^

  102. I am LOVING Gangnam Style, don’t get me wrong~~~but Itaewon Freedom?? You cannot beat that! JYP is 2 legit 2 lose!! Itaewon Freedom, all the way!!

  103. I’ve been wondering what the heck “Gangnam style” is…

  104. OMG THE ELEVATOR SCENE IS THE BEST!! i love u guys

  105. pure epic awesomeness!!! u guys r the best!!!!!!!><

  106. Best kpop song ever. It’s been awhile since i’ve really felt blown away by a song and Psy totally did that… Oppa Gangnam Style is like crack and IMO beats Itaewon Freedom hands down :D

    Simon… your elevator scene might beat Psy’s though… it was pretty freakin’ epic.

  107. I loved this Music Monday!! You are are simply A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! love it, love it, love it!!!

  108. The most I’ve ever laughed at a KMM. AMAZING!

  109. Awesome review. I actually didn’t like this song at first. Then I rewatched the video and now I watch it over and over. :)

  110. In Korea they have those exercise playground? wow! :)

  111. I still like Gangnam >.< i lieved there and liked it a lot. Anyway the song is AMAZING! And it will stuck in your heat^^ Thanks for reviewing

  112. Oh my gosh! Eatyourkimchi Style has got to be my favorite skit you’ve ever done! XD Seriously OSM!

  113. You guys have just made my day xD

  114. Oh my gosh that was awesome in the bloopers! Simon had someone copying him as they walked by! Also Memersworth is so freaking cute, I got shot with a cuteness overload at the Lion King reference and again when she was crawling around in the couch.

  115. Oppa gangman style! This made me laugh so much!! And I have the female version of Simons t-shirt! Woo Harry Potter :D

  116. HAHAHAH shit you guys! xD you all did that publicly xD you guys are too awesome! :D
    I’m glad this video won, it’s truly epic xD this review was fun to watch ^_^

  117. can someone do the gangnam style dance around michigan with me? BECAUSE I TOTALLY NEED TO DO IT!!! And yeah, as you can see I vote for PSY’s Gangnam Style. That song and mv have taken k-pop to a whole new level!


  119. I am glad you got to review this video. My sis in law is just getting into kpop and I forced her to sit through this. Really I held her in the chair until the video was over. She woke up with the song in her head, hahahahaha. As for the vote…definitely Psy’s video. Despite the funny, quirky aspect, you can pull any sort of symbolism out of the video-from not taking image too serious to sometimes you have to laugh at yourself to live freely. Loved it and am totally digging Psy’s style.

  120. really great song!! and hyuna, OMG i know was here!! well, i not a big fan of her but do it great!!and the eat your kimichi stile video is epic, really you need do more videos like that!! :D!! o and I vote for Itaewon fredoom!

  121. is there suppose to be a link to that YG Family Concert video you guys made?

  122. I love Simon’s shirt, btw! The work those artists come out with is amazing!

  123. PSY FOREVER!!!!! And horsies in a music video OMG!!! WOOOO

  124. This video was so awesome and the song was so epic I put it as my ringtone ….it went off in class while doing a presentation .. It was quiet and randomly OPPA GANGNAM STYLE OP OP OP OP OP OPPA GANGNAM STYLE …It would have been ok if the kids who knew this song didn’t yell out eyyyyyyy sexy lady -.- hahaha. So embarrassing :P

  125. Hey~! Your re-enactment of the music vid was AWESOME!!!! But, I was still kinda disappointed that you did not mention how anti-Korean MV PSY’s Gangnam Style MV really was!!!!! Taking place in real locations (rather than any of the clearly-re-used sets), the over use of back-up dancers (seriously was there like 200 at the end there?), the over use of cuts (on average there’s about a cut per second for Korean MVs(yes.. I’ve counted multiple different ones)), the use of satirizing a choreographed dance with a theme, and of course your typical raunchy thrusting put to extremes(and so much more, but now I’m ranting, which isn’t nice). I’m glad that you mentioned how serious PSY is as an artist (in all senses of the word) and I just felt that you could have gone in-depth with how purposeful and how critical this video was of K-Pop MVs.

    That aside, I’m so glad you asked your community to vote for it, I wouldn’t have discovered it otherwise and I don’t think it would have become as popular if you didn’t mention it in your last review!!!! I truly believe you made his video become viral and PSY has you from EatYourKimchi to thank. Both of you and PSY are ppl who are just as serious about their work in such a fun-loving way that makes ppl watch and be entertained for the right reasons!!!!

  126. Wow Gangnam sounds a lot like New Jersey! Very superficial, lots of plastic surgeons, everything more expensive?! Yep. It’s like a tiny Korean New Jersey. At one point my financee and I were looking into moving to LA. Everyone was like “OMG IT IS SO EXPENSIVE!!!” Nope. Same price for everything. And better yet, apartments were newer than the ones in New Jersey.

    Perhaps Psy is making fun of how rich people are expected to be certain things (that they aren’t) like being smart, profound, and polite. Now there are some polite and smart rich people, but I know a few, and my goodness they can be rude, dumb, superficial, and lack any common sense.

  127. after watching the mv, i really started to wonder how r u plannin to review it… XD but u did quite a good job :D i really liked ur mv version haha xD and martina – u look soo good in long hair *O*

    as for the voting… tough choice >.< but i think it'll be PSY i guess…?? XD

  128. You can consider it as similar contextual usage with ” I’m sexy and I know it” by LMFAO

    with bit more sarcasm referencing Korean social trends.

    Psy is using the phrase ” Oppan Gang Nam Style” to make fun out of those pretending people who try hard to look cool or look like they are in higer social class than actually they are in. Throughout the lyrics, he describes his ideal woman and how he swags without nice body and classy items. He says Gang Nam Style to say he’s awesome in different way from those common-awesome -guys and to say there’s no such things like Gang Nam style in reality at the same time.

    Although his music sounds just fun and good to enjoy with, sometimes he’s lyric delivers little more than just fun. You may know what I am talking about if you dig his songs and albums more.

  129. OMG one of the best and funniest KMM ever:D I love your eatyourkimchi style and that guy Brendon was awesome as well.

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  131. We need lyrics! I wanna memorize this song! XD

  132. I should also mention that your deep analysis of the symbolism in the video was fantastic.
    I never knew wiping a brow could have so much meaning.
    I will remember that whenever I next play basketball.
    I am in awe of your wisdom, O Ex-English Majors. ;P

  133. Awesome job, you two. :) This was my favorite video so far this year. I’m still sorry about giving you a hard time last week about Nu’est. This video was worth it. ;P

  134. 21anis

    awesome cover! laughed my ass off at the elevator part, i did not see that one coming xD i’m voting for Itaewon Freedom ‘cuz i love the classic setting more n it sticks in my head right after without me wanting to xD

  135. Martina, your dancing skills are flawless.

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  138. PSY Gangnam Style!!!! Everybody show some YG love and vote for him!!!!

  139. Itaewon Freedom is pretty bada$$ but I can’t stop dancing around my house Oppa Gangnam style, so I’m going to have to go with Psy!

  140. This is on the level of Crispi Crunch’s “Thumbs Up”!!! hahaha.

  141. Actually RAIN did something involving a toilet. ^^A comercial for a mobile phone.


  142. I can’t stop laughing!! This is quite possibly the BEST KPOP MUSIC MONDAY IN THE HISTORY OF THE UNIVERSE.

    • I SECOND THAT!!! :D
      They clearly put sooo much effort into all the skits for this one, I’ve rewatched it 3 times and still feel I haven’t absorbed it all xD

  143. What about Hyuna’s Bingo shirt? No SuJu reference? lol. I loved this review, great parody. I have a feeling there are going to be a lot of variations of Oppa Gangnam Style in the future….Yoga Spudgy Style!

  144. For me as a Korean, the song is ironic. As you could see he’s not really gangnam style because when he’s “bathing in the beach in the glorious wonderful sunlight like some rich tycoon” he’s actually in a children’s playground and the mom is like taking her kid away like WTF. And you think he’s in some kind of those awesome IDOL music video sets with the cool underground background when he’s just actually in an underground parking lot. and you know etc. So it’s about the irony that although he’s not muscular an dhandsome and instead this chubby fellow, not a sophisticated man who sips his coffee but drinks it one gulp, he’s still a good guy and considers himself gangnam style…even though by other ppls standards he isnt. I think he’s saying that I’m a classy “gangnam” style guy at heart, not by my looks.and he wants a sweet cute but confident woman who knows what she wants.

    • ahh so gangnam style is a rich and handsome fellow? or did i interpret that wrong? O.o

      • On the positive side, Gangnam style can be explained as this ; rich, good-looking, young, trendy and flashy fashion style….a nice car. Ah! I got it!! The younger version of Richard Gear in “Pretty Woman”. OK. That wraps it up.
        On the negative side, it can be explained as a spoiled young person, spending out of his/her parents’ money.

    • I like this summary. I haven’t read the lyric translations, but it looks like he’s bringing attention to the overrated-ness of a lot of music videos out there. Like how dancing in a parking lot is still dancing in a parking lot. Maybe going to the bathroom was his idea of performing in a box? Being at the sauna? That’s his way of saying “it gets hot in here too.” I like the walking through the wind blowing part “THIS is what really happens when the wind blows stuff your way.”

    • This is a good summary and it’s very insightful. I’ve read articles introducing ‘Gangnam style’ but none are as insightful as yours. The video makes more sense now. You said the video was ‘ironic’. ‘Ironic’ is kinda negative, think ‘deeper meaning’ would’ve been better(:

  145. Love Psy but my vote goes for UV. Itaewon Freedoooom rulz. Heheh.

  146. ok, I really wanted BAP to win today, but after watching your vid, I am so happy you did oppa gangnam style
    *love you simon and martina*
    fingers crossed for BAP for next week

  147. I love watching you guys review songs you’re really excited about like this one. (Don’t get me wrong, I like your reviews anyway, but seeing you all: “Oh my God, you guise!” is just that much more entertaining.)

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  149. How are you guys able to do those things in public? lol!

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    It would’ve been even more awesome if random people joined the gallop dancing, like the one guy in your bloopers. LoL
    I’m glad Dr. Meemersworth is helping out as well!

  151. I can’t believe you guys add the elevator part!!! BUWHAHAHHAHA i just had a blast!

  152. Gangnam sounds my my neighbourhood… it has a few people who are indeed rich by owning large business or inheriting said large business, but most people move here for either 1, kid friendly neighbourhoods or 2, the bragging rights of living here. (With option 2 most probably being the most common). Houses here do cost a few million Swedish crowns, so it’s not for the average family to buy. At my old school, we had brats, which were in our terms: kids with rich parents who paid everything for their kids, including for Canada Goose jackets and Henry Loyd outfits. Most of us regular mortals went to H&M.

    This made this story (for me) so much more laughable, as to how small the world is. My family, au contraire to most people living in these neighbourhoods, have been living here for 3 generations, as much as lived in the same house for 3 generations (counting myself). My grandpa moved here with his wife and 2 kids when this area was known for farming. Back then, some richer families moved here as well, because there was a lot of land available, but mainly people out here were not known for either money or social standards.

    This makes me wonder what Gangnam looked like before it became known for Gangnam style, anyone who knows?

    • my family just purchased 2 apartments in gangnam just a couple of months ago. when queried over the financial sense of this investment considering how loaded the real estate area is, my mom replied,” what investment, we bought it, so we could tell our korean friends, we have prime real estate in gangnam too.”

      seriously, sometimes parents are so immature.

    • That’s funny. I hear Gangnam used to be mostly wet farmlands and pear orchards a few decades ago. Then lots of development happened, because of land availability, and lots of rich people moved to the new, nicer town, so basically same as your town.


  154. Martina, I noticed when you were dancing in the tennis court how slim you are!!

    As for the showdown.. I love both songs but definitely voting for Itaewon Freedom. DANANANA ITAEWON!

    Thank you for this weeks Music Monday, wonderful as usual :3

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    oohhh too hard to vote between those videos!!!

    and also……SOY UN DORITO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh yeah!

  156. I have been anticipating this review all freaking week! I swear, something about this song is really special. I showed this video to my boyfriend, who has ever-so-slowly come around to liking Kpop. INSTANTLY he’s become just as into Kpop as I am. He’s been watching videos and looking up songs I’ve never even heard before! He just loves Psy too. He’s probably watched the video more times than I have. My mind is just blown. I mean, sometimes it can be really hard for people to get into Kpop. All it takes it that one song I guess (mine was Gee) to make you LOVE it.

  157. Simon, your voice was really sexy hey~. Just sayin’

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  161. Martina, your top is soooo cute!! Where did you get it?

    • I got it in Harajuku, Japan! Sorry, I can’t remember the name of the store but it was a three story woman’s store, it was really really cheap, almost like a more disorganized H&M…

      • aaaaw…too bad I don’t live in Japan >.< All the stuffs I find cute are either in Japan or South Korea (most of them are too small for me anyway, but still)
        but thank you for answering :) <3

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    I think i cried a little at how awesome this week was :D
    The ‘Eat Your Kimchi Style’ video was just genius

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  168. Taking the piss is a British phrase? Wow I’ve lived all my life in England talking to my Canadian half brother thinking he actually understood what i was saying.

  169. Haha anyone see the random girl dancing on a bench in the bg in the subway seen?? LOL so out of place!

    Simon and Martina: great review!! Too bad 2NE1′s jerky didn’t win :(
    Can’t wait for your next one :))))

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    Oh and Batoost fighting! Here is to hoping they get voted in next Monday <3

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    Props to you guys for doing all this in public.

    This song is just so damn catchy and so fun to listen to.
    The MV is really fun to watch too.

    Even though I’m rooting for B.A.P, I’m still very happy that Psy won! Love that dude.

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    Hahahahahaha how did you live it down….got me cracking up here at 4 am xD

    Btw who was the guy in the elevator?! Props to him for putting up with your crazy ideas :p

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    Btw I had to rewind around the 50 second mark cos I got too distracted by Dr. Meemersworth~ xD

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