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Psy – Gangnam Style: Kpop Music Monday

July 24, 2012


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UHHHH! GANGNAM STYLE! Haven’t seen this glorious, glorious video yet? Get ready to hear what is going to be played all over Korea for the next six months:

Holy freak! Wasn’t that amazing? Really, this has the potential to be one of the biggest songs of the year, similar to how UV’s “Itaewon Freedom” was so adored last year. It’s just so freaking fun, and so non-serious, and Kpop could really use that sometimes, you know? Kpop artists are very often in a state of endless arousal or unendurable pain, and so seeing watching a video where someone is – in a British phrase that I’ve always wanted to use – taking the piss, is extremely refreshing.

Now, we know that 90% of you, according to our stats, are outside of Korea, so you probably don’t know about Gangnam all too well. Basic explanation: Gangnam is the rich, hoity-toity area of Seoul. It’s loaded with plastic surgery clinics, it’s got celebrities around everywhere, and it’s very overpriced. We looked into renting an apartment there instead of in Bucheon. For roughly three times the price, we’d get a place half the size of ours. BALLS! Now, not everyone is rich in Gangnam. Some people hang out there and attempt to give of the appearance of being rich, supposedly, from what we’ve been told. Anyhow, long story short, we’re not fond of the area. It’s just not our thing. We like the younger, artsier vibe of Hongdae instead.

So, when we heard the name of Psy’s song, we thought “Gangnam Style” would talk about the superficiality of the area, but we were surprised. We read the translations of the lyrics online, and according to them, this song is basically Psy talking about a level-headed classy girl, and how he’s a level-headed classy guy whose ideas are bigger than his muscles. And this surprised us, considering how whenever we’re in Gangnam we see lots of ads for gyms everywhere. We’re not really sure how Psy’s “Gangnam Style” represents Gangnam. Maybe there’s a different side to it that we don’t know about, or maybe the lyrics are deeply ironic. We don’t know. It baffles us. Korea experts: please let us know! Tomorrow (Tuesday) is our day off, and we’re thinking about hanging out in Gangnam to try to get more experience in the area.

Ok so that bit on Gangnam was probably more confusing than edifying. Attribute that to Psy’s implicit profundity. On a less profound note, if you’re as amazed by this song as we are, make sure you pick it up via iTunes or YesAsia, because it’s so awesome. Lastly, we’ve got some bloopers for this week – even though it felt like the entire Gangnam Style recreation was just a giant blooper reel to begin with. Maximum lols?

OH! And, just in case you’re interested, here’s EAT YOUR KIMCHI Style, the song, if you want to listen to it. Maybe it can be voted in for next week’s Kpop Music Monday? In that case, if we were to review the song, would we make a parody of it by showing Psy’s video? KPOP MUSIC MONDAY INCEPTION!!!!



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