UHHHH! GANGNAM STYLE! Haven’t seen this glorious, glorious video yet? Get ready to hear what is going to be played all over Korea for the next six months:


Holy freak! Wasn’t that amazing? Really, this has the potential to be one of the biggest songs of the year, similar to how UV’s “Itaewon Freedom” was so adored last year. It’s just so freaking fun, and so non-serious, and Kpop could really use that sometimes, you know? Kpop artists are very often in a state of endless arousal or unendurable pain, and so seeing watching a video where someone is – in a British phrase that I’ve always wanted to use – taking the piss, is extremely refreshing.

Now, we know that 90% of you, according to our stats, are outside of Korea, so you probably don’t know about Gangnam all too well. Basic explanation: Gangnam is the rich, hoity-toity area of Seoul. It’s loaded with plastic surgery clinics, it’s got celebrities around everywhere, and it’s very overpriced. We looked into renting an apartment there instead of in Bucheon. For roughly three times the price, we’d get a place half the size of ours. BALLS! Now, not everyone is rich in Gangnam. Some people hang out there and attempt to give of the appearance of being rich, supposedly, from what we’ve been told. Anyhow, long story short, we’re not fond of the area. It’s just not our thing. We like the younger, artsier vibe of Hongdae instead.

So, when we heard the name of Psy’s song, we thought “Gangnam Style” would talk about the superficiality of the area, but we were surprised. We read the translations of the lyrics online, and according to them, this song is basically Psy talking about a level-headed classy girl, and how he’s a level-headed classy guy whose ideas are bigger than his muscles. And this surprised us, considering how whenever we’re in Gangnam we see lots of ads for gyms everywhere. We’re not really sure how Psy’s “Gangnam Style” represents Gangnam. Maybe there’s a different side to it that we don’t know about, or maybe the lyrics are deeply ironic. We don’t know. It baffles us. Korea experts: please let us know! Tomorrow (Tuesday) is our day off, and we’re thinking about hanging out in Gangnam to try to get more experience in the area.

Ok so that bit on Gangnam was probably more confusing than edifying. Attribute that to Psy’s implicit profundity. On a less profound note, if you’re as amazed by this song as we are, make sure you pick it up via iTunes or YesAsia, because it’s so awesome. Lastly, we’ve got some bloopers for this week – even though it felt like the entire Gangnam Style recreation was just a giant blooper reel to begin with. Maximum lols?


OH! And, just in case you’re interested, here’s EAT YOUR KIMCHI Style, the song, if you want to listen to it. Maybe it can be voted in for next week’s Kpop Music Monday? In that case, if we were to review the song, would we make a parody of it by showing Psy’s video? KPOP MUSIC MONDAY INCEPTION!!!!

  1. Well I would like to say that I’m in Los Angeles and being the only person that is into k-pop among my group of friends, I was surprised when PSY’s song “Gangnam Style” made its way into the conversation during our soiree (no, I was not the person to initiate the conversation). Jajaja “Gangnam Style” surprised me once more when on my mom’s favorite Mexican channel the news announcer started talking about PSY and the video. Congratulations PSY you’ve made your way to the Americas! Oh one more thing, my friend(who initiated the conversation) reports that the dance floors at WeHo (West Hollywood) are playing “Gangnam Style”! Congrats on your high numbers of viewerships PSY!

  2. This song was played on the USF campus and on the Radio here in florida!

  3. Hmm you’re right. Thanks for noticing :)

  4. this is quite possibly the best video you’ve ever made. it’s SO funny… hahaha…

    also Martina, stop buying the same clothes as me! i have that same lacy white shirt :p

  5. That’s funny. I hear Gangnam used to be mostly wet farmlands and pear orchards a few decades ago. Then lots of development happened, because of land availability, and lots of rich people moved to the new, nicer town, so basically same as your town.

  6. My favourite music monday yet!!! hahaha!!! Well done guise!!!!!!!!

  7. You guys have just made my day xD

  8. Wow Gangnam sounds a lot like New Jersey! Very superficial, lots of plastic surgeons, everything more expensive?! Yep. It’s like a tiny Korean New Jersey. At one point my financee and I were looking into moving to LA. Everyone was like “OMG IT IS SO EXPENSIVE!!!” Nope. Same price for everything. And better yet, apartments were newer than the ones in New Jersey.

    Perhaps Psy is making fun of how rich people are expected to be certain things (that they aren’t) like being smart, profound, and polite. Now there are some polite and smart rich people, but I know a few, and my goodness they can be rude, dumb, superficial, and lack any common sense.

  9. I should also mention that your deep analysis of the symbolism in the video was fantastic.
    I never knew wiping a brow could have so much meaning.
    I will remember that whenever I next play basketball.
    I am in awe of your wisdom, O Ex-English Majors. ;P

  10. awesome cover! laughed my ass off at the elevator part, i did not see that one coming xD i’m voting for Itaewon Freedom ‘cuz i love the classic setting more n it sticks in my head right after without me wanting to xD

  11. I SECOND THAT!!! :D
    They clearly put sooo much effort into all the skits for this one, I’ve rewatched it 3 times and still feel I haven’t absorbed it all xD

  12. Itaewon Freedom is pretty bada$$ but I can’t stop dancing around my house Oppa Gangnam style, so I’m going to have to go with Psy!

  13. hahahahaha Eat Your Kimchi Style was freakin’ awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    oh gosh yeah, Hyuna freaked me out with her eyebrows that were hardly visible!!
    oohhh too hard to vote between those videos!!!

    and also……SOY UN DORITO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh yeah!

  14. Simon, your voice was really sexy hey~. Just sayin’

  15. HAHHAHA EATYOURKIMCHI STYLE IS EPIC. You guys should make an album, really, I’d totally buy it.

  16. do you guys watch running man because you said something about grasshopper

  17. Oh. My. Gawd. You actually did all those things IN PUBLIC???!!!
    Especially that hug at the train station….looked so awkward lol….

    Hahahahahaha how did you live it down….got me cracking up here at 4 am xD

    Btw who was the guy in the elevator?! Props to him for putting up with your crazy ideas :p

  18. Wow. You actually talked/wrote about the lyrics for once :O

    Btw I had to rewind around the 50 second mark cos I got too distracted by Dr. Meemersworth~ xD

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