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Psy “Gentleman” – Kpop Music Mondays

April 16, 2013


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So, this isn’t a regular Music Monday. We didn’t talk about the song as we usually do. This was a special event for us, so we made a special video. INB4 ALL THE PARODIES! Also, we worked FOREVER on this video. We made the song all day Sunday, and worked on it all day. In fact, we’ve been awake now for 22.5 hours straight. But we’re so excited, and we hope you like it. Also, we’d be super happy – if you liked the vid – that you like and share it on YouTube. Or, if you’re feeling extra nice, share it with Psy on Twitter by clicking this link. Let’s see if Psy appreciates the Nastiness :D

Well, before you actually watch our video, you should probably see Psy’s “Gentlemen” so you could know what we’re parodying. Check it out here:

So, a few things we’ll talk about. We’d like to talk about Psy’s video and then talk about our own. We usually give our thoughts on a song for Music Monday, but didn’t have the chance to do so this time. Is this the next Gangnam Style? Do we like the song? Where does it miss the mark?

Psy’s “Gentleman” Reaction

For starters, let’s just say we love this song, as much, if not more than “Gangnam Style.” That’s a difficult statement to make, though, because we can’t listen to Gangnam Style without the overwhelming weight of its context affecting our perception of it. It’s probably one of the biggest songs, if not THE biggest song, of the century, and it’s difficult listening to it now without remembering that. The song was great when it came out. Now, though, we heard it so much that it hurts us a bit when we hear it, and I’m sure we’ll have the same response to “Gentleman” if it ever gets as popular. Hypothetically, if both songs came out at the same time, however, which one would we like more? That’s a tough choice to make, because both are ridiculously infectuous.

I will point out, though, that I do notice one difference between the two songs that I think might weigh in Gangnam Style’s favour. For Gentleman, I don’t hear that same anthemic chant that I felt for Gangnam Style. People can all shout along to AYYYYYYYYYY SEXY LAYYYDAYYYY on the top of their lungs. Gentleman is more smug, and doesn’t make you shout in the same way. I mean, you can shout out “WET PSYYYYYY” or reappropriate it to “WEST SIIIIDE!” but that’s not even that shoutalongable as AYYYY SEXY LAYDAY, and not as universal! A “West Side” shout would be something more appreciated in Los Angeles than it would be in New York, and I’m not sure how many West Sides are in the rest of the world, you know? Sexy Ladies, though, and hollering at them, is universally understandable.

I want to talk a bit about the universality of Gentleman as well, and how Psy tackled his Worldwide audience. Gangnam Style had Psy blow up exponentially, and, with Gentlemen, a lot of people wanted to see what he did next, if he could win the world over like he did before. To us, though, it seems like Psy didn’t try to win over the world this time. Gentleman seems a song made for his Korean audience instead. It is a throwback to the Abracadabra dance, which explain’s Ga-In’s appearance in the video. And the use of the cast of Infinite Challenge seemed…forced? Having Yu Jae Seok in the elevator was flawlessly done. He had the same suit as in Gangnam Style, and his role was a funny one, and fit in with the video theme of Psy being a jerk to everyone. But the rest of the people in the video? What was it with the hugging and swaying over Psy at 1:22? Maybe it’s something Korean audiences will appreciate more, but it didn’t really fit with the rest of the video, you know? And the skunking in the park? I’m not sure how well those translate.

But the point of this isn’t for us to complain. What I’m saying is this: Psy has been around for, what, 13 years? He’s been big Worldwide for 1. I think he’s going to focus on the people and the country that supported him most, and not focus on the people that just NOW find him cool. His dedicated audience will stay dedicated, and so he’ll reward them with references they’ll appreciate more, instead of trying to please his new and quite possibly very fickle audience, many of whom really want to see him fail and just to dismiss him as one hit wonder. And that’s not us saying that this song isn’t as good to us as was Gangnam Style. That’s just us saying that it might be difficult for this to live up Gangnam Style, because it doesn’t have things which we think helped skyrocket it to fame to begin with, and – in a way – turtles itself in.

Eatyourkimchi Like a Man

Well, now that we talked about Psy a bit, let’s talk about our video, which was THE MOST DIFFICULT VIDEO WE EVER SHOT. We’ve got stories to tell!

1) We did the bridge dancing scene IN THE EXACT SAME SPOT PSY DANCED. Exact same. Soo Zee looked at the video and was like “hay! I think that’s ______ bridge” (I can’t remember what it’s called). So we all took a taxi there, found the spot, and framed it allllmost exactly. We had a great time there, and were happy with the shots we got. We forgot to factor in one thing, though: transportation. We took a taxi there, and it gladly dropped us off, but NO TAXIS WOULD PICK US UP WHEN WE WERE DONE. We even called taxis and none of them wanted to come out there. PFFFFT! So we had to walk a long way, underdressed and cold, to the subway. That took up a good hour of our time, just trying to find a WAY to get back.

2) We picked the wrong Kimchi to work with. We love kimchi. It’s great! This kimchi, though, wasn’t kimchi for eating, but for cooking. It’s great for putting in ramen, but eating straight up? Nooooo! This kind was very sour. So, we didn’t really enjoy the scenes of us eating the actual kimchi. We also didn’t plan out the margherita scene all too well, since we wanted a slush margherita so we could pick out the kimchi from the drink and enjoy it afterwards. We ordered the liquid kind, unfortunately, so when the kimchi went in, the drink was ruined :( Side note the bar we shot the scene in is awesome. It’s called the Lounge. It’s right beside our studio, on the hill. The owner speaks English fluently, and the drinks are PROPER. It’s hard to find proper mixed drinks in a lot of Korean bars, but this place gets their mixed drinks right. Check it out if you’re in the area, and you might see us there :D

3) Don’t make fun of our bad song, ok?! We’re so sucky at making music. We didn’t just rip off Psy’s song, because that’d be copyright infringement. So we made it ourselves, from scratch, and it’s lame as all hell. We’re learning how to make music. We’re not as comfortable with music software as we are with video software, but I’m sure, if we were given enough time, we’d learn how to fiddle around with it enough to be able to put out something decent. Four years from now, you wait. We’ll be droppin fat beats bigger than Gangnam Style. WORD!

Anyhow, we’ve got a lot of bloopers for this, TONS MORE BLOOPERS than actual footage, because we messed up so much. Check out the blooper reel…….no, not reel. More like, blooper marathon. We’re so bad at acting!



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