You hear that Martina? It’s Gotta Talk to You, not IIIII Gotta Talk to You. That’s ok. Martina’s bad with names. She still calls Quinoa “Qwynona Rider” and Carcoal “charcoil”. That’s not the point. Point is: Seungri’s song is awesome. Check it out if you haven’t already:


You know what? I realized that there’s a bit of a flaw in the 30 second showdown, in that, we’re both honorable people, and we’ll stop talking when the 30 seconds is up, even if we’re in the middle of a sentence. I ended up with saying that GD and CL try too hard, but didn’t get the chance to say “try to hard to make big, booming songs and videos.” Subtle difference, but an important one. I know Kpop became popular, among other reasons, for its explosive colors and sounds and just being a sensory overload. But, after a while, you get used to it all, you know? Explosions used to be cool in movies. Now every freaking movie has explosions and you’re like “meh.” Because you’ve seen it all. After a while, you want something with more subtlety, which is why I like this song so much.

Seungri’s voice is very faint here. He doesn’t have big booming vocals like IIIII LOOOST MY PAAAAANTS where he bellows at the top of his lungs. Bellowing, though effective at times, isn’t always effective. I used to hate Leonardo Dicaprio, because, whenever he had a movie that he cried in, he’s scream and froth, very powerfully, granted, but a bit redundantly. I like seeing quiet crying. Micro-expressions are more gratifying. A quiver of the lip. A darting of the eyes. Not hooting and hollering.

The point of all this is that Kpop is very hoot and hollery, and a lot of times it’s fun for that, but sometimes I want something more reserved, and I think Seungri totally freaking nailed it with this song. I’m not fond of the dubstep breakdown at the end. It’s good on its own, but I didn’t want to wait 15 seconds for it to build in. I AIN’T GOT TIME FOR THAT! The world ain’t got time for that. Attention spans are dwiiiiindling to nothing. Our Music Mondays are shorter because we noticed that people don’t watch long Music Mondays (sure, some people do, but the majority doesn’t). Keep it short and sweet.

I just noticed that this blog post seems a bit, umm, higgildy piggildy? We’re just excited right now. We had fun filming this Music Monday. And we’re getting all ready for our AUSTRALIA TRIP!!! HOLY SMOKES! We’re flying out Wednesday night, and today we were packing up all of the Australian Nasty shirts, as well as some extra shirts and hats in case people want them while we’re there, and it’s 1:34AM right now and we’re all still totally pumped and energized and I don’t even wanna sleep tonight I’m just gonna run around in circles.

Ok…breathe. Calm down. Back to the showdown, time to vote!

If you want to see us be a bit more silly and ridiculous, check out the bloopers below.


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  1. Fifty shades of Seungri, it is.

  2. DARN IT. I downloaded the song expecting the dubstep at the end…it wasn’t there. I was jamming. NOW, I’m not jamming. WHY? WHY? WHY?

  3. All I can hear now is “persimmon”…

  4. Wah, going through major EYK withdrawals! It’s like caffeine withdrawals, only worse! :P I know it’s only been a week..but still…

  5. You guys are so awesome! Please do Teen top’s Rocking please

  6. lmfao to the “Ayyyye gurl can i buy you a drape”

  7. Wait, Martina, that choco…. what’s the brand? Cuz I’m really thinking it’s nutella, but I don’t think they sell it in South Korea…

  8. KATHyphenTUN

    I’m so late with this KMM T.T But I loved it! The “what girls really do” skit was spot on Martina! :P
    And poor Seungrina! Don’t worry you’ll get another chance for more kisses!!!

  9. kawaii_candie

    oh god, this KMM was gold!

    “It’s only gross if you’re not hot”
    “Hey girl, can i buy you some drapes?”

    i loled. but most of all, the Martina skit of what girls do when they get home from a date. so true (well, maybe minus the intense farting). you forgot the pulling off of the eyelashes though!!

    too short though!! wtf?!

  10. The only reason the plot of Seungri watching her is cause veryone knows Seungri is a manwhore. He proved it in the Fantastic Baby MV haha we still love the manwhore maknae though ^-^

  11. Leo is a god. Never insult the Leo ever. What’s Eating Gilbert Grape….there was foaming for a reason. The Departed….genius. Catch if you Can….brilliant. Inception…mind blowing. Jango…..southern racist bastard played to a T. Titanic…a period piece of epic proportion. Romeo + Juliet…well that is just Baz Luhrmann. Never insult the Leo. EVER

  12. yes i love this song more den the other….

  13. oh my gosh Martina..I laughed so hard at the “what girls really do”…That is totally how I lounge around the house. Bras are for people who aren’t my family,lol.

  14. I totally agree with Simon and that I think “Gotta Talk To U” is one of the best songs of the year so far :D
    Really wish he could win a trophy for it ♥

  15. I’m a big fan of Big Bang and all members but when watched this video i realised that Seungri is a good singer and his voice is catchy and sweet. Also I admire the sense of humor of Simon and Martina. Greetings from Russia! Excuse me if i made mistakes but i did not spoke english very well.

  16. I like both of them, Seungri and MBLAQ ♥ But Smoky Girl is my most favorite track like ATM ^^

  17. ChrysiyApls

    Its official…I cannot UNhear I’m a Persimmon xD

  18. “It’s only gross if your not hot” lmao xD

  19. I love Seungri; I root for him as the least little BB…overlooked in favor of his more flashy hyungs. But I agree with Martina. Though this is a beautiful video, there is no real hook. As I’m typing, I’m trying to remember the melody, and it has vaporized into the ether.
    But the real crime of this song is it is Too Long!!! Isn’t the perfect song length 2:43 or somesuch? I’m down with 3 minutes, something, but 4 plus, and my attention is definitely starting to wander.

  20. What Dark, Sexy, Shadowy, Mature video did you prefer? I cannot decide… Y_Y

  21. Martina could not be more right about what girls do after an outing. Like literally she was SPOT ON.

  22. I love this song, but seriously if you all haven’t listened to the entire album, I highly recommend it! It is amazing :) All of the songs are fantastic and completely awesome, yet somehow tie together nicely, even though they are a wide variety of genres! This is literally my favorite album right now! I can’t stop playing it!

  23. I loved everything about this KMM! I absolutely adore this song and mv (and Seungri, of course…please don’t hurt me Seungrina…) And I agree with both of you – ‘Gotta Talk to You’ is one of the best songs this year, but CL and G-Dragon are just larger than life, which might make it seem like they’re trying too hard to some people (Simon), but they can’t help it that they’re just that good! Hehe :P Anywhoooo…thanks for a fantabulous KMM, guise ^_^

  24. omg seungrinas the best LOL

  25. I liked GTTY but not as much as Smoky Girl. The “hustlin” hook didn’t really match the rest of the song for me. And it annoyed me a bit, similar like “smoky gill.” I dug the creepy vibe and the guitar in the beginning, and then it ends with techno club music? No. Also the dance was not as cool as SG, and one hot guy does not compare to five of them! Seungri’s awesome tho.

  26. wow, u guise… lost a LOT of weight… like, i noticed u guys losing getting thinner throughout the videos and all… but in this video (and especially the scene where martina says goodbye to her pervy- sacha baron cohen- looking boyfriend) u guys are really slimmer… great job! (and now for meemersssssss)

  27. Marzia Matalone

    I really like this song too…it’s quite “out of the line” in respect of the last YG works…so original! Even if I like also the artsy side of GD’s songs and MVs I could appreciate this kind of music even more!


  29. I like the way this KMM loads in HD at the intro and ends with 144p. YOUTUBE Y U DO DIS?

  30. Ah yes… as much as I can appreciate your efforts for trying new things, these types of KMMs are still my faves. “Ay girl, can I buy you a drape” I lol’d… Also your bloopers with “beat boxing”? that was wow, fantastic, baby.

  31. I agree with everyone missing the longer KMM’s. I remember when we thought the one for power was short, and that was 7 min long despite the fact S&M were sick. I understand if they can’t do them because they take too much work, but if they keep them short so more people will watch, I wonder if they are mistaking correlation with causation. They just happen to get more popular at the same time they were shortening their videos.

  32. Mini-Nutella exists…omg…must acquire.

  33. I remember when Fangurilla first popped up! The old, old apartment! Have you guys found a new apartment yet or is this not happening until next year?

  34. “She still calls Quinoa “Qwynona Rider” and Carcoal “charcoil”. ”

    Spelling versus speaking… It’s a world where no one wins~

  35. Are Simon and Martina secretly kpop music producers? You guys have got some mad freestylin’ skillz.

  36. ChrysiyApls

    WHAT?! I watched any and ALL KMMs no matter if their long or not lol sometimes MVs and songs are just worth more than 5mins yeeesh~

  37. I have to say, I’ve always been a fan of the longer KMMs. I understand that these videos take a lot of work and you have an extremely tight schedule each week, but the more Simon and Martina in my life the better. I’ve always got a silly smile on my face by the end of your videos.

  38. I still don’t understand why there’s a random bit at the end of the MV

  39. Firstly, I love this song so much, and it is definitely on my list of top Kpop songs of 2013. Maybe top 5. Yea, top 5. Secondly, Martina’s “female in natural habitat” was spot on and hilarioius. It was like looking into a mirror. The bloopers were also really funny! I really liked this KMM start to finish!
    Also, I think Martina was super pretty in this video. Tutorial on that hair bun braid thing?

  40. I totally understand that people who might complain about the longer videos will not post their comments here. Although we nasties might enjoy S&M talking and ranting or fangirling or seungri-ling… not everyone else…

  41. Hahahahaa, this was so funny! And aaaaw, poor Fangurilla, she looked so disappointed! I remember when my previous boyfriend and I moved in together, I suddenly one night after dinner when we snuggled up for some tv slipped off my bra like Martina did. I then flung it across the room while shouting “Freeeeeedooooom”! He stared at me and said: “So now reality is coming”. It became a daily routine :D

  42. i’M A PERSIMMON PERSIMMON. Died. Forever can’t un-hear.

  43. hahaha awesome review, but I just listened to the song now all I hear is “horseman” haha
    Fangurilla betta b in the next kpop monday, I like her segments

  44. Omg I couldn’t stop laughing. I love you guys

  45. the “Ayyyy Gurl, Can I buy you a Drape” made me laugh soooo hard! I had to pause and laugh for a good 5 min XD

  46. Are you freaking kidding me?! It’s the first time I wanna hide under my bed and cry over a show down… I guess… Mmm… Aish… No, A+ and VIP, fuck this shit, those songs are awesome.

  47. I don’t think CL and GD are trying too hard at all. I agree with Martina on this. It’s their style and while there style is more bombastic people like Taeyang and especially Seungri have always had that softer sound to them. To each their own and that’s what makes YG so amazing. They each have their own style, whether they’re in a group or not and have the freedom to show it off.

  48. I wish there were a Fangirling with Fangurilla section :(

  49. “Remember, kids, it’s only gross if you’re not hot.” I LOLed so hard.

  50. omg when fangurilla popped up i was eating a sandwich and almost chocked on it from laughing to hard when Simon said “Seungri…time for kisses!!!”

  51. I loved it! But, I don’t know. It feels like you’re in a hurry or something. Five minutes of you two isn’t enough for me. Make them (kmm) longerr!!!

  52. I always have a cazy Fangurilla moment when I look at the youtube bar and the KMM video is more than 8 min >< I love your long videos! When I first watched Seungri's video, I thought he was saying "I'm a hustle man, hustle man!" O.o

  53. And will the hip hop Music Monday intro song be on your next cd? lol
    Martina’s interpretation of ladies when they get home was extremely accurate :P I spend too much of my time thinking about when I’ll finally be able to take my bra off :P

  54. Guys… you look so thin now. Specially you Martina. wow… fantastics baby. Good Work ^^

  55. I have to say I like Gotta Talk To U better than Smoky Girl. I found SG kinda meh, but GTTU has been on repeat on my playlist for WEEKS. I can’t get enough of it. And every so often I find myself attempting to dance to it or attempting the dance they do in there. But the MV was a bit meh for me. I have to agree with the stalkerish bit. That WAS kinda creepy… Which is why I usually just listen to the song. XP

    Though, is it just me, or does the MV remind anyone else of that one scene in Skyfall where Bond is in that huge skyscraper glass building in Hong Kong? ‘Cuz it sure as hell reminds me of it.

    But yes, I totally agree with Simon that GTTU may just be the best YG song of the year, IMO.

    • Yeah, it’s definitely the best YG song of the year. Look at the competition. The only other YG song that came out this year that even came close was, maybe, Michigo, but that was a bit debateable lol. One of those love it or hate it songs. And you really have to be in a certain mood to enjoy it. But GTTU was just a really fun song in general. And for the first album that he produced himself, it’s so impressive. I’m so proud of Seungri now :)

  56. Seungri gotta talk to you…..

  57. “AYY GIRL!!! CAN I BUY YOU A DRAPE???” XD hahaha yes please do

  58. So I’ve got to say, that representation of what girls do when they go home after work/a date/ etc., is so perfect Martina :D. We totally can’t wait to get comfy huh? Also, although I’m going to have to vote for MBLAQ’s “Smoky Girl” (because it’s probably my favorite MV of the year, and I think the neon paint club scene is FLIPPING FANTASTIC), I’ve gotta give Seungri props for a really catchy song and mesmerizing MV as well. On a side note, that dance is called the “Gyro Drop Dance”. Here’s a link to the Seungri Ask In A Box (that series is so well produced and such a refreshing format, thanks LOENENT) for some words from the man himself and a cute demonstration of the point dance (albeit in a chair, lol). I will say Simon, it’s clearly “Hustlin’” when he says it in the interview, lol. His English skills have improved over the hears, ne?


  59. “It’s only gross when your not hot” – LOL!!!

    I still think the line in Junsu Incredible KPop Music Monday was better line but a 3.5 for trying Simon.

  60. now i hear the song and sing i’m a horseman a horseman…. and thats just soo worng….. hahaha

  61. Gemma Deacon

    Haha this kmm is brilliant! Couldn’t stop laughing at Simon in that wig xD Also I can’t wait until CD makes their debut!

  62. Dang-it Simon, because of you all I hear when the chorus comes up is “I’mma horseman, horseman…I’mma persimmon, persimmon”. I can’t un-hear it….oh the humanity!

  63. Uhm.. how can I choose between those 2 MV’s… I really can’t. ;A;

  64. OMG that’s so funny, I completely forgot how Sanguri happened. She was so sweet and cute until that drink. Then she became “Naaaasty ;3″

  65. Cyber_3

    “Carcoal”, are we going back in 4-D to running cars on coal? LMFAO! (not that they ever did run on coal, just trains….)

  66. i think i’m the only one who actually sits around in their date outfit after the date is over, but i’m just lazy and don’t feel like putting on different clothes ( i almost slept in dress after my senior prom but my mother would’ve had a FIT). well, that and my “date” outfits aren’t usually much fancier than my normal everyday outfits so….

  67. This song is perfect for smooth Seungri’s voice, and I think that’s the point in whole GD and Cl trying hard to make bombastic videos. I think kpop industry is hard for solo acts. You have to admit that kpop is build on groups and most of solo acts are either people that are (or were) in kpop groups or were on some audition program (I’m not an expert but that’s my point of view)

    And it’s a global thinkg that the easiest thing to be recognized id to make something bombastic/shocking(perfect example Lady Gaga) And that’s why GD is more popular than Seungri. Another thing is that GD and CL are rappers and singers, and Seungri is just a singer. Hip-hop in Korea is not as popular and most hip-hop artists are more indie than mainstream (once again it’s only my opinion. I have no idea if it’s true, but that is how I feel about it) and to deliver hip-hop you have to be more vivid and MV should be strong. Of course it’s no excuse to loosing pants *In Ripito Fipito Sipi Slow Motion*

    Back to the song!

    I love Seungri’s voice and this song perfectly suits him, but that pseudo dubstep ending is a big misunderstanding. It feels more like remix of this song that a part of it. It’s more like “hmm… we have to make this song longer, so let’s make remix and paste it into song” It was too much. Though it could sound better on it own.

    As for shorter KMM, well I prefer longer ones. The most important thing is to not struggle to make it longer/shorter, because it should be longer/shorter. So I hope that when you will have good material for KMM you won’t cut it just because it’s too long. It’s should be fun to watch nothing more.


  68. I totally loved this song, like Seungri said maybe in his first album he wasn’t totally himself, it was more like trying to be more mature, but in here, he nailed it! and I love that, he’s totally my bias in BB, anyway, I hope they can do a live performance of GG be. Thanks for this music Monday!

  69. KMM are so short now, I miss the longer format :(

  70. I seriously cannot pick between both these songs…because i absolutely loved both of them so much!! Smoky Girl was a great song in general, and Gotta Talk to You is just so smooth and catchy~~!! I admit i didn’t like seungri’s song on the first listen, but after i heard it on music shows it grew on me so quickly and i found myself thrusting into the air [tell me i'm not the only one../sigh] ..my point is that i’m just not going to pick any to be fair(?) i think that’s fair…i think…?

  71. vvip album for me was too pop. It’s kinda bored me. no offense. But I love this album much much better. He definitely improved. I agree that this is so far the best release from YG. But not until I heard coup d’etat lol. Ok the song kinda strange and very unlike kpop. But the rest was stil dance pop-esque. And the mv was stealer!! And just admit it kpop is not only about music, right? I actually like the song from CL, the baddest femele, if only the mv not too “in-your-face” gangsta wannabe. yep.. But seungri really did good job here. Oh I really laugh my as$ out when the the “supposed-to-be-mv-girl-in-vvip” made appeareance lol!! Oh and btw, we do love longer kmm!!!!! YEAH WE DO!!

  72. I actually miss the longer music mondays~~ it makes me understand more of your opinions which i can soak in…you get me? …no..yeah, i though so~

  73. “Remember kids: It’s only gross, if you’re not hot!” LMAO Simon….
    Oh, and the bllopers rocked!!! :D

  74. Applesauce 21

    Sparkly shoes :D

  75. Applesauce 21

    Your portrayal of girls when they’re home alone is so realistic it’s unreal :D

  76. :O with the chorus I heard in the verry beginning something like I’m a mosselman. (mosselman is the dutch word for mussel man. And then I where not thinking about his song anymore but started to think of an other song that’s singing mosselman >_< So yeah suddenly I got all like ohw old song let's search for that nice hardcore song from my childhood.

    I'm talking about this song:

    But other then that I love the song a lot.

  77. Why is everybody hating the ending of the song? For the first 3 and a half minutes I was like “Yeah this song is really cool.” then when that ending happened I was like HOLYCRAPOHMYGODTHISISMYFAVOURITETHINGEVER.

  78. omg that beatboxing with the timer in the bloopers…too good XD
    also dang if it weren’t for that dubstep breakdown in the middle of gttu I would have voted for it T_T

  79. The last part is a taste of the remixed version that only comes with the pysical cd. The song itself is without that dubsteb beat. So buy the song and you will avoid it^^

  80. Hearing about chorus “i’m a horse man ” somewhat remembered how he was saying -> He wanted 2 be a horse …. but not any horse a “white horse “…. well dreams came true…. (cannot stop laughing ^v^ )

  81. So that’s where Seungrina come from! It all makes sense now *epic derp face music*
    I liked the sound of the dubstep outro but why did it have to be one minute long and sound NOT LIKE THE REST OF THE SONG? Oh that bugs me.

  82. Yes! Thank you Martina for doing an accurate representation of what girls ACTUALLY do when we are home alone. Kpop mvs are so misleading on this that it leads to people to think girls like being all dolled up and do cute things at home. P.S. the bra thing is totally true!!

  83. Martina, it’s like you have a camera in my apartment… o_o

  84. This girly home alone stuff is so true! This video was awsome and really funny!

  85. I really liked this KMM, guise! I was afraid Seungrina would totally hijack it, regarding her kinda obvious Seungri bias, but you managed to keep control. Well done!

    The “real girl” skit was super funny, but it seems like most girls here rely to it much more than I do! Girls… do you really treat your bras like that? Ripping them away without even undoing them? Bras deserve more consideration. Think about how much they help you! Imagine if you had to carry your boobs around all by yourself all the time, you would die from exhaustion (especially you, Martina). Not to mention bras cost an arm. I’m shocked *storms off and creates an association to protect mistreated bras*

  86. Gosh i love this KMM!!! ty so much guys

  87. Sarah

    This was so cute! I liked it! Poor Seungrina got cut ;_;

  88. You guys forever ruined the word hustle for me.I used to hear hustling and now i hear horse man!

  89. I understand that statistically more people will watch the KMM videos if they’re a bit shorter, but also, I think that most of the long-term Nasties, like me, prefer to see more content.

    I think that a good way to please everybody would be to have like an extra video, kind of like the bloopers video, but just a bonus footage video or something, with five minutes or so of the little rants and whatnot that you guys don’t want to put in the final video. Only if you guys have time, of course. But I think it would be a fun idea :3

    • they already do that, but there bloopers are just extra’s for people who want to see behind the scenes.
      S&M’s old video’s were good quality because of how long they are just like a video game let’s play, longer versions help you experience more of the content without feeling like anything was left out. Now they feel rushed without much effort put into them.

      Like S&M’s review for Growl caused so much drama, even when I saw it I was dissapointed they could’ve done or added so much. But everything felt so incomplete. If you’ve been watching there video’s no one ever complained about length until now. People don’t like it because many nasties have been watching S&M reviews for 1+ years. So of course they won’t like the idea of cutting them in half. Now it ust feels like a segment and not a full review.

  90. ahaha I was eating Nutella when I watched this…I made the -_- face…

  91. Omg, I’m so happy you reviewed this video. I almost cried from happiness xd Seungri is really underrated, even though he’s so talented and I was worried, that you would ingore him too (yeah, sorry for underrating you xD). I’m also glad you liked the song and the video. Plus the horse-man thing was really funny :D

  92. First I was like “oh… no Teen Top” but then I was like “Wait a second I wanted this to be reviewed too!”. Just do what you like guys and keep making those great reviews. But still I think Teen Top’s latest mv is pure gold, PURE GOLD I TELL YOU!


  94. Wow this is a hard showdown truthfully i like both but the one that i find my self knowing all the word and singing along to the most without being biased is actually Seungri’s. Minus the dubstep breakdown which must be for another song cause it doesn’t fit. But MBLAQ’s Smoky Girl I still like just don’t find it as singable and sexy as Seungri’s super mature song Maybe MBLAQ needed a single female interest for each girl or more provocativeness it just wasnt as sexy

  95. irritablevowel

    Martina, that date sketch was SPOT ON.

  96. his name is not pronounced saong-ri but “seung-ni” ;)

  97. Cyber_3

    Fantastic KMM guise! All the traditional elements and a skit, just smokin’! Martina, I love your ‘what girls really do’ bit, I think you could have pushed it a little further but it was really great. Did you guys switch the aspect ratio or something? Suddenly you both look much MUCH thinner, especially the date at the door scene. Maybe it was intense working out for the last 3 weeks, but it seems more of a mechanical change to me. I am very jealous of your butt Martina, you go girl!

    Yes, all mature kpop videos will be shadowy from now on because nothing actually happens in them so it’s the mystery that makes them sexy.

    Those moustache bloopers were hilarious Simon, I don’t know how you kept on because I know you hate the “lip tickles” – LOL! No one but no one looks good in that pencil moustache with one exception – Magnus Scheving as Sportacus, but then, perhaps that’s also because I’m French Canadian, and French Canadians back in the day sport that look more than most.

  98. PunkyPrincess92

    hahah oh my gosh your skit reminds me of the hilarious Japanese Drama ‘Switch Girl’!!!

    Fangurilla in the back is pretty creepy!!

  99. The song wasn’t bad but I like GG Be much more. Wish GG Be was the title song…great review as always ^_^

    • bigbangfosho

      I seriously loved You Hoooo (however many o’s). It’s really catchy and I want him to use it as a followup or something.

      • Oh god, both GG Be and Yoo Hooooo are my favourite songs on the album. They are so BOUNCY and FUN. Tbh, I actually liked Seungri’s album better than part 1 of GD’s new album that came out today, which is surprising. GD’s MV was great, but the album was a bit too dramatic and not as wacky as I’m used to with GD. I mean, I didn’t become a fan of BigBang because they took themselves seriously, did I?

        • bigbangfosho

          I totally get what you mean when you said Seungri’s album is fun! I mean, they were just so pleasant to listen to. GD’s album I still have to listen to more to see if I really do like everything, but on first listen, I like them quite a bit. ROD and Black are so pretty, but I understand what you mean by dramatic. The MV was TOTALLY dramatic. BB fooling around is the best.

        • Terribaditude

          I do like the album, but it’s not as FUN to listen to as Seungri’s is. R.O.D. is great though, and so is Who You?. It’s just not the fun, bubbly sound that I’m used to from BigBang members lol. I hope what’s left of the album is a bit more upbeat and less intense.

    • The “mini-stage” for this song that Rii performed when he first comeback was so cute!
      Loved the interaction between he, the girl, and his back-up dancers :)

  100. Feygarden

    I agree with Simon on GD and CL trying to hard, trying too hard to be wannabe gansters. It doesn’t work for me at all. When this song and video first came out I was like “meh its alright”, but it has grown on me since. I looooved Fangurilla in the background, fricking hillarious. And yes we girls are exactly like that at home.

  101. “It’s only gross, if you’re not hot.” Words of wisdom from Simon :D lol

  102. CL+GD=CD. lol

  103. HAHAHA, I’M A HORSE MAN HORSE MAN! (wish it is more longer though)

  104. I thought Simon (without the mustache) looked more like Goo Jun Pyo from Boys Over Flowers in the curly hair scene.

  105. bigbangfosho

    Wow! I LOVED this KMM. The skits, the english, the showdown, the dance, all of it was entertaining and very reminiscent of older KMM’s (I loved the longer ones so much). But I was really surprised you guys actually liked GTTU, since it didn’t have a really huge buildup and the chorus didn’t really sound any brighter than the rest of the song. But then you guys talked about how you thought GD/CL (CD) tried too hard to have that sound. To me, that’s the YG sound. But I didn’t enjoy MichiGO or The Baddest Female because they did sound too..dubstep-y(?) and that’s not really my thing.

    I’m looking forward to what you think of Coup d’état.

  106. I like longer KMMs no offense

  107. hahahahahah the horseman part had me dead! DEAD OF LAUGHTER!!!

  108. Am I the only one who was reminded of that video where Seungri has a little rant in English/Seunglish about wanting to be a white horse? Because he wants to run and be “fast and strong and best”?

  109. Imma persimmon, persimmon, persimmon…. Love it…..

  110. OMG, I can’t POSSIBLY choose between my two favorite K-pop songs at the moment.. I looove love love MBLAQ’s sexy “Smoky Girl”, but also my love for BigBang and especially Seungri oppa is too high and everlasting to ever be able to choose between them!! ♥ *-*

  111. Loved it! And the bloopers were absolutely hilarious :D
    Martina, you’re portrayal of the female in her natural habitat was perfectly on point!
    I wish the showdowns were longer though :P


  113. Nuuuh! We like the longer Music Mondays!!! Some of the best ones have been good old looooong ass rants :D

    • Have to agree here! KMM is what made me love EYK… Sorry but I like it the way it was before too, more funnier and entertaining.

      • I think they’re looking at stats, not viewer reaction. They’re a business now so they need to have people wath their videos to make money.

        • To bring in more viewers you also have to look at the reactions and see what people like though… The more views your video gets, the more $ youtube gives you

        • Terribaditude

          They have done that though. They found that the majority of people only watch the shorter videos. I like the longer ones too, but they can’t please everybody.

        • kyuhyun lover

          ummmmm when did they do that? If you look at the stats there most popular music reviews all average like 9 minutes.

        • Terribaditude

          It was an assumption based on the fact that they probably know their stats and they personally feel that they get better results from shorter videos. It’s up to them tbh. I prefer the longer ones too but if they feel that they get better results this way then they’re the ones providing the content. Sometimes time is money and maybe spending less time on a video is more beneficial to them,

        • kyuhyun lover

          If it’s an assumption why say they know a majority of people like there shorter video’, when that is not the case at all? No one has complained about there video’s beingtoo long, if you look at comments a majority of them show the viewers have watched the ENTIRE review. Like I said before, cutting out 50% of your former content won’t necessarily mean it’s better. No one complained about there video’s being long or there segments being bad. This cut just came out of the blew from something that really did not need any change. The fact that people are saying they liked them better long, shows the change wasn’t needed.

          I know it sounds harsh but there viewers opinion matters, especially those who supported S&M to get there studio.

        • Terribaditude

          I said I made the assumption based on the fact that they said themselves that they get more views on shorter videos. Read the blog post above. They said “Our Music Mondays are shorter because we noticed that people don’t watch long Music Mondays (sure, some people do, but the majority doesn’t). Keep it short and sweet.” They obviously know what they’re talking about. Whether the people who do watch their videos prefer it long or short, the fact is that they have said that they get more views on shorter videos, and they are in the business of getting views after all. They make their living off of this show.

          Anyway, calm down. They’re bringing you content. If they feel that making a shorter video is better for them as a business, then that’s their decision to make, not yours. They are bringing you free content that you obviously enjoy. They don’t have to do that at all. Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

        • Nam-Kyu Beauregard

          Thanks for agreeing with me! :)

        • It’s not that people were actually leaving complaints in the comments. EYK checked out the stats on their videos and viewers tend to click away after 6 or 7 minutes. So they don’t have to force themselves to come up with 6 minutes of extra content when most people would click away anyways.

        • Allison Merkel
          Allison Merkel

          It’s funny though, because I’ve rewatched the longer KMM the most and a majority of the fanbase I come in contact with seem to enjoy the longer episodes the more. Maybe the shorter viewer stats on these videos isn’t from people leaving half way through the video but people only watching for their favorite skits.

  114. “I think Seungri totally freaking nailed it with this song”

    Agreed!!! <3

  115. I gotta agree with Simon. I also feel like CL and GD are trying too hard to make those kind of songs :S CL with her scream rapping and GD with wearing… no… pants… Anyway. It’s not like it’s such a bad thing, but I do feel like Seungri isn’t getting enough credit because of that right now.
    edit: HAHAHA you did the Busker Busker wins! I LOVE YOU FOR THIS!

    • Couldn’t agree more. I feel like YG got this unique, cool, label back in the days, that they’re now desperately trying to hold on to, which results in try-hard-ing (nice word).

      • Exactly and that’s basically why I support Lee Hi and this song from Seungri. Even though they are from YG, they haven’t made this gangster/over the top video. I appreciate that a lot.

        • Yeah, I’m really thankful they didn’t push this gangster format video again, and I’m happier YGE didn’t push the rap and hip hop part in his album.

      • omg if this becomes a reality that would make me a very happy person :D

    • totally agree with this!

    • I would agree with that if not for GD’s Coup d’etat, which brings a bit of that older G-Dragon; more mature and still bizzare, but more in a classy way.

      But apart from that, Seungri does not get enough credit, it couldn’t be more true. I honestly think Gotta Talk to U and Strong Baby are two of the best songs YG produced. Come on, Strong Baby is just soooooooooo catchy, and you could listen to it constantly!

    • i think it’s actually more abt both CL and GD finally being able to do whatever they want to do to 100%. GD doesn’t feel like he needs to create pop songs anymore for his solo stuff

  116. Love ur ‘home’ edition!!!!!!! XDDDDD

  117. SEUNGRI TIME FOR KISSES <3 <3 <3 <3

    Oh, btw I heard the dubstep bit was a preview of a remix track. Or something. Someone clarify?

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