You hear that Martina? It’s Gotta Talk to You, not IIIII Gotta Talk to You. That’s ok. Martina’s bad with names. She still calls Quinoa “Qwynona Rider” and Carcoal “charcoil”. That’s not the point. Point is: Seungri’s song is awesome. Check it out if you haven’t already:


You know what? I realized that there’s a bit of a flaw in the 30 second showdown, in that, we’re both honorable people, and we’ll stop talking when the 30 seconds is up, even if we’re in the middle of a sentence. I ended up with saying that GD and CL try too hard, but didn’t get the chance to say “try to hard to make big, booming songs and videos.” Subtle difference, but an important one. I know Kpop became popular, among other reasons, for its explosive colors and sounds and just being a sensory overload. But, after a while, you get used to it all, you know? Explosions used to be cool in movies. Now every freaking movie has explosions and you’re like “meh.” Because you’ve seen it all. After a while, you want something with more subtlety, which is why I like this song so much.

Seungri’s voice is very faint here. He doesn’t have big booming vocals like IIIII LOOOST MY PAAAAANTS where he bellows at the top of his lungs. Bellowing, though effective at times, isn’t always effective. I used to hate Leonardo Dicaprio, because, whenever he had a movie that he cried in, he’s scream and froth, very powerfully, granted, but a bit redundantly. I like seeing quiet crying. Micro-expressions are more gratifying. A quiver of the lip. A darting of the eyes. Not hooting and hollering.

The point of all this is that Kpop is very hoot and hollery, and a lot of times it’s fun for that, but sometimes I want something more reserved, and I think Seungri totally freaking nailed it with this song. I’m not fond of the dubstep breakdown at the end. It’s good on its own, but I didn’t want to wait 15 seconds for it to build in. I AIN’T GOT TIME FOR THAT! The world ain’t got time for that. Attention spans are dwiiiiindling to nothing. Our Music Mondays are shorter because we noticed that people don’t watch long Music Mondays (sure, some people do, but the majority doesn’t). Keep it short and sweet.

I just noticed that this blog post seems a bit, umm, higgildy piggildy? We’re just excited right now. We had fun filming this Music Monday. And we’re getting all ready for our AUSTRALIA TRIP!!! HOLY SMOKES! We’re flying out Wednesday night, and today we were packing up all of the Australian Nasty shirts, as well as some extra shirts and hats in case people want them while we’re there, and it’s 1:34AM right now and we’re all still totally pumped and energized and I don’t even wanna sleep tonight I’m just gonna run around in circles.

Ok…breathe. Calm down. Back to the showdown, time to vote!

If you want to see us be a bit more silly and ridiculous, check out the bloopers below.


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  1. Fifty shades of Seungri, it is.

  2. All I can hear now is “persimmon”…

  3. Wah, going through major EYK withdrawals! It’s like caffeine withdrawals, only worse! :P I know it’s only been a week..but still…

  4. You guys are so awesome! Please do Teen top’s Rocking please

  5. lmfao to the “Ayyyye gurl can i buy you a drape”

  6. omg if this becomes a reality that would make me a very happy person :D

  7. Wait, Martina, that choco…. what’s the brand? Cuz I’m really thinking it’s nutella, but I don’t think they sell it in South Korea…

  8. I’m so late with this KMM T.T But I loved it! The “what girls really do” skit was spot on Martina! :P
    And poor Seungrina! Don’t worry you’ll get another chance for more kisses!!!

  9. oh god, this KMM was gold!

    “It’s only gross if you’re not hot”
    “Hey girl, can i buy you some drapes?”

    i loled. but most of all, the Martina skit of what girls do when they get home from a date. so true (well, maybe minus the intense farting). you forgot the pulling off of the eyelashes though!!

    too short though!! wtf?!

  10. The only reason the plot of Seungri watching her is cause veryone knows Seungri is a manwhore. He proved it in the Fantastic Baby MV haha we still love the manwhore maknae though ^-^

  11. oh my gosh Martina..I laughed so hard at the “what girls really do”…That is totally how I lounge around the house. Bras are for people who aren’t my family,lol.

  12. I like both of them, Seungri and MBLAQ ♥ But Smoky Girl is my most favorite track like ATM ^^

  13. Its official…I cannot UNhear I’m a Persimmon xD

  14. “It’s only gross if your not hot” lmao xD

  15. I love Seungri; I root for him as the least little BB…overlooked in favor of his more flashy hyungs. But I agree with Martina. Though this is a beautiful video, there is no real hook. As I’m typing, I’m trying to remember the melody, and it has vaporized into the ether.
    But the real crime of this song is it is Too Long!!! Isn’t the perfect song length 2:43 or somesuch? I’m down with 3 minutes, something, but 4 plus, and my attention is definitely starting to wander.

  16. Martina could not be more right about what girls do after an outing. Like literally she was SPOT ON.

  17. I love this song, but seriously if you all haven’t listened to the entire album, I highly recommend it! It is amazing :) All of the songs are fantastic and completely awesome, yet somehow tie together nicely, even though they are a wide variety of genres! This is literally my favorite album right now! I can’t stop playing it!

  18. I loved everything about this KMM! I absolutely adore this song and mv (and Seungri, of course…please don’t hurt me Seungrina…) And I agree with both of you – ‘Gotta Talk to You’ is one of the best songs this year, but CL and G-Dragon are just larger than life, which might make it seem like they’re trying too hard to some people (Simon), but they can’t help it that they’re just that good! Hehe :P Anywhoooo…thanks for a fantabulous KMM, guise ^_^

  19. I liked GTTY but not as much as Smoky Girl. The “hustlin” hook didn’t really match the rest of the song for me. And it annoyed me a bit, similar like “smoky gill.” I dug the creepy vibe and the guitar in the beginning, and then it ends with techno club music? No. Also the dance was not as cool as SG, and one hot guy does not compare to five of them! Seungri’s awesome tho.

  20. wow, u guise… lost a LOT of weight… like, i noticed u guys losing getting thinner throughout the videos and all… but in this video (and especially the scene where martina says goodbye to her pervy- sacha baron cohen- looking boyfriend) u guys are really slimmer… great job! (and now for meemersssssss)

  21. I really like this song too…it’s quite “out of the line” in respect of the last YG works…so original! Even if I like also the artsy side of GD’s songs and MVs I could appreciate this kind of music even more!


  23. I like the way this KMM loads in HD at the intro and ends with 144p. YOUTUBE Y U DO DIS?

  24. Ah yes… as much as I can appreciate your efforts for trying new things, these types of KMMs are still my faves. “Ay girl, can I buy you a drape” I lol’d… Also your bloopers with “beat boxing”? that was wow, fantastic, baby.

  25. Mini-Nutella exists…omg…must acquire.

  26. I remember when Fangurilla first popped up! The old, old apartment! Have you guys found a new apartment yet or is this not happening until next year?

  27. “She still calls Quinoa “Qwynona Rider” and Carcoal “charcoil”. ”

    Spelling versus speaking… It’s a world where no one wins~

  28. Are Simon and Martina secretly kpop music producers? You guys have got some mad freestylin’ skillz.

  29. I agree, something like “Fangurilla Fridays” of something like that :P

  30. WHAT?! I watched any and ALL KMMs no matter if their long or not lol sometimes MVs and songs are just worth more than 5mins yeeesh~

  31. I have to say, I’ve always been a fan of the longer KMMs. I understand that these videos take a lot of work and you have an extremely tight schedule each week, but the more Simon and Martina in my life the better. I’ve always got a silly smile on my face by the end of your videos.

  32. I still don’t understand why there’s a random bit at the end of the MV

  33. that’s exactly what I wanted to say. “FREEEDOM!” It’s the exact thing I do when I get home from work. SCREW BRAS. SCREW PANTS. FREEEEEEEEDOMM!!! (seriously…)

  34. Firstly, I love this song so much, and it is definitely on my list of top Kpop songs of 2013. Maybe top 5. Yea, top 5. Secondly, Martina’s “female in natural habitat” was spot on and hilarioius. It was like looking into a mirror. The bloopers were also really funny! I really liked this KMM start to finish!
    Also, I think Martina was super pretty in this video. Tutorial on that hair bun braid thing?

  35. I totally understand that people who might complain about the longer videos will not post their comments here. Although we nasties might enjoy S&M talking and ranting or fangirling or seungri-ling… not everyone else…

  36. Plus scratching the girls. That always follows the bra removal….

  37. Hahahahaa, this was so funny! And aaaaw, poor Fangurilla, she looked so disappointed! I remember when my previous boyfriend and I moved in together, I suddenly one night after dinner when we snuggled up for some tv slipped off my bra like Martina did. I then flung it across the room while shouting “Freeeeeedooooom”! He stared at me and said: “So now reality is coming”. It became a daily routine :D

  38. Does that mean that the ole adage of wanting a knight in shining armor on a white horse is no longer fairy tale friendly??? ::Mind Blown::

  39. Omg I couldn’t stop laughing. I love you guys

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