DREAM GUURRRLLL!!! SHINee’s back, and we didn’t review them last week though we super love this song, but we’re talking about them today at least. YESSSSSS! If you haven’t seen it yet, check out Dream Girl and its awesome video editing here:


Hey: what’s up with Amber and Taemin and their terrible fashion? It just dawned on us today that they’re both androgynous figures in different SM bands. Taemin’s the male Amber, Amber the female Taemin. Is this something that’s a result of their personal dispositions? I’m not sure. I think it’s the clothing that’s picked out for them that gives them that image, and I’m not sure if they’re intentionally dressed this way by SM in an attempt to convey androgyny or if it’s just accidental. I doubt it. Basically, what we’re saying is we’re not sure how much of their images are controlled by SM, and – if SM is picking out their images – then we’re not sure if SM is intentionally going for the more androgynous look in both of them. Thoughts? Maybe we’re just looking too much into this. We’re just trying to figure out why the eff they’re dressed so terribly, why Amber was dressed in a male hanbok for Chuseok, and why Taemin looked like Pocahontas for Sherlock. Can you imagine if Taemin and Amber made a love baby? Actually, we can’t. Trying to. Hmm…nope. Can’t see it happening. We still stick by GD and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, though. That seems to be a perfect match.

Back to what we said in the video about SHINee, one of the things we’d do if we formed a Kpop band is make sure their singles have common English phrases in the chorus. Surefire way to popularity. There needs to be a song with “Bless You” in it. Just imagine all of the people you’d accidentally convert. There are polite people all over the world. You get them close to a sneezy person, they’ll be polite, and then start singing your song. Boom! And polite people are the kind of fans you want, anyway, not internet trolls. It’s a perfect recipe for success. Other phrases that need to be made into Kpop songs: “Who’s there,” “Where’d I put that?” “Pass the ketchup,” “Who is your daddy and what does he do”…

Actually, I don’t think we should get into the song making business.

Lastly, a sucky side note: we were so happy with the SHINee song and video that we wanted to go out and buy the album and give it to you guise. So we went to the CD shop where we usually get our CDs…but it shut down :( That sucks! We didn’t have enough time to drive out to a different one, so we just have to settle with telling you our intentions. We wanted to buy you a CD! Anyhow, since we’re not a source of CDs this week, but if you’re still hankering for the album, you can pick it up via either iTunes or YesAsia.

But who won the B.A.P. CD? We reveal the winner, along with some of our bloopers in this week’s Blooper reel! Whoa: was that ever a cheesy lead in!


And…GGRRRR! We totally forgot to order a copy of our Taemin “Soy un Dorito” shirt to wear for this week’s Music Monday. Too bad! It would have been totally appropriate. If you haven’t seen its awesomeness yet, do so by checking it out here. And then buy it! It’s so cute!

  1. AzureShade

    Hey Martina, did you see that Taemin had a cameo on Dating Agency: Cyrano? episodes 4 and 5 (I think)
    I’m not sure what I think of the actual KDrama, the jury is still out, but I did think it was cool that Taemin had the cameo.

  2. LOVE your hair this week! (Are you tired of my comments about your fashion choices?….Sorry) I love you guys though. Martina, love the shirt. My FAVORITE part of the MV is the dance routine they do with the mic stands. Really liked this song though. I thought it was interesting that they took the time to tell us about all the special camera angles they used in the production of this MV AND WHO produced it, etc… Well hey, if you’re going to spend a little extra money on production I guess you should go ahead and point it out and toot your horn so everyone else can look at this MV from a completely different angle. LOL Bloopers were cute! I hope you got money from Doritos for that representation. Fighting!

  3. UKISS DORADORA. That anti-gravity room was just epic!! I love dream the song but the vid was very distracting and threw off the song. i had to listen to the dance version to really listen to the song and thats when i fell in love with it but when its comes to the room ukiss takes this one for me

  4. I feel that this video was the exception, rather than the rule, when it comes to recent Tae(man) fashion. From the photos of him that I’ve seen recently, I’d say that he’s getting a better wardrobe selection these days. Good for him ;) He’s always wanted to seem manly and at least if they’re giving him pencil pants in the videos, they’re giving him the good stuff in the magazine shoots.

  5. X”DD Hilarious video guise!! terrific work(as always)! :D Love you!!!! > . < (that coffee scene was humdinger X''DDD)

    Oh yeah… about the "Dream Girl" outfits… my first thought of them was "Am I the only one that finds these outfits ridiculous?? really?? (there must be something wrong with my head then *bangs head into wall* nope…feel the same @.@ )"


    P.S: SUBS are back!! *yey* I actually missed them :D

  6. I just noticed they were supposed to be pencil pants :P I vote u-kiss I love Shinee but I loved u-kiss’ video a little more than shinee’s this time ;)

  7. i vote for SHINee! i just love it

    but Dora Dora was the first review i saw from you guys :D

  8. Of course U-kiss ! Plus, wouldn’t it be awesome if they can keep their winning streak!

  9. Holy crap the editing is very very nice like wow love it!

  10. I vote for SHINee, and maybe you could say “YES” the way Minho does as a catchy Kpop English phrase. Seriously the thing I most remember from the video. And with the arm swing too.

  11. The SHINee room looks like fun, but U-KISS’ room set is more awesome! It’s so antigravity! Plus, U-KISS can walk on the walls, not just roll around on them… and SHINee kind of falls all over… it looks too dangerous!

    Love this review! The conversation at the table was great XD And nice sombrero! How on earth did you pack that…?

  12. So, how come no one is freaked out about flower face girl? That image is very disturbing.

  13. Dear God,
    Please fulfill poor TaeMAN’s pray…..


    -from a serious fan

  14. I like the Doradora video but I vote for Shinee. Much cooler rotating rooms. O yeah, and the rooms have Shinee in them.

  15. hungry.hungry.catapillar

    u kiss doradora!

  16. Shinee will be back on 14 March with a new Japanese Single “Fire”, so I’m hoping for a killer dance routine there. :) I love SHINee’s video more. It plays with the idea of dreaming and the waking world. XD

  17. So am I the only one that noticed 2 t-ara songs yayaya and rolypoly but Martina you said it wrong , it’s “Let’s me see you Yayaya love me say yayaya u hee

  18. OMG, you guise! The conversation with Amber on Twitter? She is so cool and she watch your videos :) it’s time for a DANCE OFF!!

  19. <OMG OMG OMG! your conversation on twitter with Amber. She is sooooo coool! <3 <3 <3 it's time for a DANCE OFF!!!!!!!

  20. Ooh … I love U-KISS, but I’m going to have to go with SHINee for rotating rooms, they were funky and fresh and it was funny watching Onew roll all over the place

  21. I’m pretty sure U-Kiss is already demolishing SHINee in the showdown vote, so I don’t know if my vote will matter anyway, but I vote for U-Kiss as well lol.

  22. I had no idea you could sing Simon. ewe


  24. i think u-kiss should there alsome songs rocks

  25. the Blooper reel is ?? xD … LOOKS LIKE I MISSED SOMETHING HERE

  26. I vote U-KISS. Shinee’s bizzare room just seems so painful to be it…

  27. The worst mistake that the designers made with Taemin to me was when they put eyeliner on him for a Lucifer live performance….he looked like a girl, I felt bad for him >_< I never saw that again so hopefully they got fired…he still looked adorable though ^_^

  28. No complaints about Tae’s outfit accepted from ppl who wear fruit/ cake earrings XD

  29. The suspense was so terrible, but YAY you guise reviewed Dream Girl! I was so hoping you would, you both seemed so excited to talk about it. It gave my Monday a beautiful start. ^^ (Side note: Dream Girl, Dazzling Girl, SHINee Girl, JoJo? SHINee sure sing about girls a lot. LOL)

    I have to say I pretty much laughed the entire way through – I didn’t notice the pencil pants either Martina, but no, I really wouldn’t want to see anyone in that outfit, much less a boyfriend – but my favourite part of the review was definitely the use of the Doritos. Simon’s sombrero’d stoic face combined with the funky jungle background music you guise used just had me rofl’ing, and still does even now the third time through… It was well worth the wait, Simon. Well worth the wait. (But don’t be mean to Martina about her skits! Remember that next time you try sneaking food during a live chat. :P)

    Also worth the wait will be SHINee’s Chapter 2 to their album – Misconceptions of Me. I think SHINee’s marketing strategy this time around, as well as their composition, is so smart and really shows a much more varied, mature side to SHINee. Each of them had active parts in the creation of this album and it’s just so darn great to see SHINee so happy about what they put out! Watching their Music Spoiler on LOEN Ent’s channel also really has me jazzed for their Chapter 2 – 떠나지 못해 is such an emotional song. As for Chapter 1, there isn’t a single song I dislike, but Spoiler is my favourite. Really love how dark it is, as well as the inclusion of each of their song titles! SO CLEVARRR.

    Jonghyun actually said that Dream Girl is meant to be a continuation of Sherlock, and I really think that’s the best way to describe this album. It just has much more depth to me (not that I disliked Sherlock at all) and I feel it’s a great direction for SHINee to head in in terms of expanding their range without losing that signature ‘SHINee’ sound. (GRAH I HOPE YOU GUISE CAN INTERVIEW THEM ONE DAY IT WOULD BE SO DARN AWESOME I’D SPEW ALL THE RAINBOWS IF TAEMIN EATS YOUR DORITOS)

    And at the risk of sounding wayyy too wordy with this comment, I wonder if you guise have seen the Dance Version to Dream Girl? I love SHINee’s dance MVs too, so I’m glad there’s one focusing solely on the dance, because hell, Tony Testa brought it again! And despite all the live mishaps with the mics, SHINee have handled it like bosses. When I first watched the dance, I thought ‘This is a dance only SHINee can do.’


    Well. Until the SM managers came along. XD

    P.S. I vote for SHINee. I love U-KISS but SHINee’s playful use of the trampolines and deceptive camera angles really had me feeling nostalgic about Wonderland. Plus, who doesn’t love Onew Condition? I just thought it was really well done all throughout, so my vote is on Dream Girl. :}

  30. It’s sooooooooooooooooooooooo funny~!!! ^^

    Acutually, I’m not a native so I can’t understand all words. But I think you made a nice analysis about SHINee’s brand new music video.

    This web-site is not only helpful to upgrade english skill but also enjoyable to me. Thank you ~! ^^

  31. I’m
    glad I was not the only one trying to fix my laptop at the beggining of
    the mv, until I noticed that maybe it was part of the video.

    My vote goes to U-kiss for all the funny sexy dance

  32. I’m glad I was not the only one trying to fix my laptop at the beggining of the mv, until I noticed that maybe it was part of the video.

    My vote goes to U-kiss for all the funny sexy dance

  33. U-Kiss yay!! <3

  34. I miss the old kpop music mondays when you guys made fun of the storyline/plot of the music video. It was super duper fun and I laughed a lot. But the recent MVs you reviewed don’t have any storyline or the storyline is so perfect that you cannot really make fun of them anymore.

  35. Shinee is coming back in April. You don’t have to wait for another year Martina.

  36. I couldn’t decide which one I preferred so I flipped a coin. ^_^ My vote goes to U-Kiss.



  39. What was the name of the winning dance?

  40. I DIDNT FEEL ur excitment im litle bit despointed u didnt show ur love neither ur hate to this ahhh i mean u didnt talk bt the sttand mics and the mv quality i mean it wasnt just closed boxs like usual i dont noe !!

  41. u -kiss

  42. hahaha love your TAE-MAN shirt xD U-KISS for the showdown :D

  43. I think I heard somewhere that the SHINee members are very close with their designer, Ha Sung Baek, and the members often collaborate on their fashion with the staff. And actually they also liked the concept for the almost-porn-woah-there-taeWOman photoshoot for the Sherlock album.
    Oh and you should put the TaeMan sweater you had on in the store! ;o; so cute ahhhh

  44. I was waiting for a “seeeexxxxxaaaaaayyy haaaaaai” reference :P TBH I quote that song almost everyday…

  45. For one amber dresses like a boy because she finds it more confortable. She has said it in interviews before she doesn’t like wearing girly clothes so much.

  46. I’m usually into SHINee, but Dream Girl isn’t earwormy enough for me. Or anything on the album. D:
    I vote for U-KISS!!


  48. don’t ask me that! it is imopsable to awnser SHINee and ukiss are awmazing. fine i will i geuse SHINee. i am sorry ukiss.

  49. I so Loved the set for U-kiss’ DoraDora!!!

  50. nooooooo… i can’t believe there were barely any mentions about all the references to dreaming in the video! like the transition between color and black and white scenes cos some people apparently dream in black and white, and how the dream girl’s face is covered with flower cos some people don’t remember faces from their dreams. this video was so thoughtfully and artfully filmed! i thought you guys would’ve at least mentioned it, if not delve into it :(

  51. U-Kiss’s video is better. The outfits are cooler, especially the blood red and black. The editing is less frenetic, so my eyes are allowed to linger on the eye candy. It’s generally less distracting — unless you count all the great dancing. Hmmm, hadn’t realized how much I appreciate U-Kiss….

  52. First, I vote for SHINee! :D:D
    And yes, Martina, I would love for my non existent idol boyfriend, Kim Kibum, to wear that outfit. (Pfffft, no, Key, don’t wear that. XD)

  53. Goodness,Ukiss vs. SHINee! i’m both, but i do agree with Ukiss :)
    I vote for Ukiss

  54. i vote for SHINee! :)

  55. Fashion Terrorist Outfit Designers…BWAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA. Funniest K-pop Music Monday EVAR.

  56. i agree with you about there not being a really memorable catchphrase in this song :(

    and randomly, today i was singing along with their song Dynamite, and i caught myself saying “Shinee-a-mite” instead of the actual word Dynamite, or as they say it, “Dy-e-na-mite”

  57. Oh my god! I had a Nasty dream last night about you 4! Okay, it wasn’t a “nasty” dream it was a dream by a Nasty! (ie. me… a Nasty…)
    I dreamt that I watching all 4 of you, the Nasty Crew, make a video and you were all wearing turtle necks and I was waiting for the punch line, but it just never came… I started thinking, oh god, have they converted Martina? and now she is making everyone wear them??

  58. SHINee’s back and again diagnosed with pastelpantophilia :D

  59. There is a dance version to this song though :)
    And I’m going to have to go with SHINee

  60. U-KISS…….. I VOTE U-KISS!!!!!!!!! <3

  61. Actual moments where I broke into K-Pop mode:

    -My vocal teacher asking the class to “put your hands up.”
    -Explaining why inexpensive fruits didn’t taste good: “Everything happens for a reason. Everything happens for a reason.”
    -Acting as Yepikhodov in Chekhov’s The Cherry Orchard, I call myself a “trouble maker”.
    -Being late for something: “I better run…run, run, run, run”
    -Buying provocative stuff and looking at the cashier: “Keep my head down.”

    I swear all of this really happened.

  62. Martina, I love the “I’m your TaeMan” shirt you created! And Simon, the Doritos (ranch flavored of course) and sombrero really cracked me up! Great KMM. I liked how U-KISS used the revolving rooms, but SHINee’s seems more fun, so I’ll go for SHINee on this one. But, I’m really looking forward to U-KISS comeback next week (spotted the teaser image on the laptop).

  63. I like u-kiss but I have got to give my vote to shinee XD

  64. Taemin’s outfit was just ugh. Why do they always put him in ridiculous outfits?! Like no SM stylists, no. Aaaaaaaand I see U-KISS in the backround!!! I’m so excited for their comeback!!!

  65. I’m glad you pointed out the lack of a memorable dance move. Half the reason I love Shinee is their fabulous dancing. ;-; a little disappointed with this video…

    and I’m surprised you guys didn’t mention bizarre flower-face girl.

  66. How can he get away that ugly attire–The simple theory is that Taemin can do no wrong he is so handsomely adorable. His outfits can be contrary to sexy and still end up looking ok or “dang that outfit is awesome”. Only major complaint is=> Taemin’s PENCIL legging/pants come on people…really..not acceptable especially after the hot cameo in Boa’s music video? Am I the only one that thinks that?

    • Exactly! I thought the overalls looked super duper cute on him, but its most likely cause I think he is super duper cute. If anyone else wore the pencil eraser pants id probably cringe but when I saw it I couldnt help but think “well he is experimenting, i guess” His face helps me forgive all fashion wrongs ^-^

  67. MarVi

    I think u-kiss was quite amazing in spinning rooms but they seemed more depressed than they had to be, and SHINee had some fun in their spinning room, but it looks like they were having too much fun with a touch of alcohol intoxication. But I have to say SHINee wins my vote. So SHINee fighting!

  68. this was my favorite sketch ever. <3
    my conversations in real life are exactly like this. Most of the time no one gets me but i don't care because i'm too happy singing~

  69. I’m super disappointed that you guys didn’t talk about their awesome dance more. The microphone stand idea was as SHINee as ever and all the cool tricks they did were great. In short, it was original and amazing but it was pushed aside to poke fun at Amber and Taemin? I feel like you could have used that time to talk more about the dance… Regardless, fun to watch. I love the song, dance, and video. Thanks for reviewing.

  70. I am definitely a KissMe, but I have to admit, SHINee’s crazy rooms were more polished looking than U-KISS’s. That platform that U-KISS had to stand on to “lie” on the bed just bothers me every time I see it, even though I love Doradora. U-KISS looked stiff in those awkward positions, while SHINee got to bounce around and really interact with the environment. Probably the difference between 1 comeback per year and 3.

  71. Hareem Siddiqi

    U-kiss Doradora!

  72. irritablevowel

    “Go home Shinee, you’re drunk.” That made me lol.

  73. Martina, I’m with you with the dancing, but I think the dancing with the microphone stands. I choose U-Kiss for the showdown. I liked the rooms in Dora Dora better.

  74. Show down vote: U-Kiss!

  75. U-kiss wins!

  76. I noticed U-KISS in the background. :o I can’t wait for their comeback! x3 I vote for U-KISS, mostly because the room-turning effect seemed better to me. Sorry SHINee!

  77. I prefer Shinee’s use of the rotating rooms… The way there are connections between scenes and how it all relates to the idea of a DREAM girl…

  78. I like the editing in “Dream Girl” but I swear I haven’t noticed those sound effects before you mentioned them. Cannot unhear now. And Taemin got my attention not only for his ridiculous clothes but mostly because I was impressed by his singing :)
    I don’t have friends that listen to Kpop and I usually don’t talk in English in everyday life but still some words and phrases are ruined for me. Besides those already mentioned: “I lost my ___”, “slow motion”, “careless” and “anonymous” (EXO), formula for circle area (U-KISS), “I don’t care” (2NE1), “Do you hear me” (Infinite), “Oh yeah”(MBLAQ), bananas and pickles make me think of Junsu (well, that’s actually EYK’s fault) and sometimes I say “I like it like it like it” like B1A4. Last semester I had ecotoxicology and every time the lecturer mentioned poison, I had Secret playing in my head. Not to mention intoxication. Toxicology you so nasty!

  79. Is that U-Kiss on your computer? I think it is :D

  80. *U-KISS desktop detected* hooray for the comeback!
    of course I vote for U-KISS! at least they managed to live in their room and not just roll around all the time :))

    • I am SHINee biased, but it makes me happy to see how many who likes U-Kiss among the nasties. To me it seemes like U-kiss is very underrated, at least in Korea. They should have won more. They are so good. But at least they have lot of support on Eat your kimchi :) And since then know about EYK and follows it, it makes me even more happy ;) Me starting to love U-Kiss is very much because of all the EYK/K-pop music videos of them. I still love SHINee more, and doubt that will change, but U-kiss has grown A LOT on me, and is on my top list now <3

  81. Is it me or the Music monday-s became shorter lately? I mean I was used to something like 10 or even more minutes and now there are max 8 to 9? *sad* -_-
    And yeah, I love the song! Shinee should come back (again :p) in Aprtil as long as I know, so I hope to see them soon ^^^

  82. ukisssssss
    i love dream girl and i am a 99% shawol but doradora was and still is my fav song i love the dance moves and everything and especially the howt boys covered in paint
    and taemans pencil pants were a big fashion state ment to the wolrd: no pencil pants everrrrrr

  83. SHINee. (Yay for Block B last week.) Why is Spudgy so dirty-looking? Or was that the work of his colorist?

  84. Yeah, I don’t see myself saying “Dream Guuurr” all that often. Actually it’s the chorus that kinda ruins the song for me. It’s just too cheesy. If I met Taemin while he was dressed in that wreck of an outfit and he told me I was his dream guurr…yeah I’d prolly still pass out but not as quickly as I would if he was wearing a TaeMAN outfit and said something cooler.

    Oh and I prefer the U-Kiss video…even with Kevin’s tablecloth poncho. At least it’s a manly plaid =)

  85. Hmm I never noticed the sound effects on the cuts until Sion mentioned it… oh well. Awesome song and good review guys :)

  86. LOVE your Taeman shirt!!! And I love the K-pop references conversation!!! You guise are so adorkable and funny!!! I am so glad you are on the Internets.

  87. Martina I think you are personally responsible for changing Taemin’s name for a lot of people! Seriously everytime you said Taemin I was like…”Taemin…what? that doesn’t sound right!” Lol…..he will now forever be TaeMAN!!

    I thought there was something wrong with my computer when I first watch this MV…all those random gliches. Can’t say I’m a fan. However, love the song and the rest of the video!…..well except the atrocious clothing :/ SHINee actually look like they had a ball filming it as well….which is alway nice to see since they spend hours and hours filming!

    Oh and my vote is for SHINee. The room in Dora Dora didn’t throw me off anywhere near as much as the one in this video did

  88. I totally didn’t notice all the sound effects until Simon pointed it out… :( Oh geez…

  89. I vote for both Shinee and UKiss :)

  90. I prefer Ukiss Dora Dora

  91. I vote u kiss!!

  92. One of my favourite KPOP music Mondays, I don’t really know why. Maybe it’s the sombrero. Yes. Simon you made this an amazing KPOPMM. And the Shirt….I love your shirt Martina….

  93. I honestly think that SHINee’s had better songs. I mean, I like Dream Girl… I just like their earlier ones more…

    Of the two, I’d actually pick U-KISS, mainly because in the room-turning, there’s more than one person on different walls numerous times, which gives the feel that they’re walking on the walls. It was a neat effect.

  94. thisisjustforfunval

    OMG I love U-Kiss, I’m U-Kiss bias but for the first time ever I must choose against them. :-O I honestly think SHINee’s Dream Girl utilized the rotating sets much better and that it came off as more believable. I’m sorry but I’m still bothered by the bed on the wall in U-Kiss Dora Dora video. I can’t unsee how the room is done. So my vote is for SHINee Dream Girl.

  95. AMEN AMEN AMEN. You guys ALWAYS say what I think!! I always joke that JongHyun steals my clothes… it looked like he stole my mom’s this time. -_- Let’s get TaeMan some proper clothes! You sound like my friends with all the Kpop convo references… haha this is an awesome Music Monday. :) Keep it up, Fighting!
    And it’s SHINee’s time to win! There’s my vote.

  96. SOMBRERO!!! :D
    lol “Go home SHINee, you’re drunk”
    I love you guise, thanks for making awesome videos!

  97. TaeMANS pants are pencils. :)

  98. Martina it took me 3 days of watching this mv to realize that taemin pink leggins are actually pencils, so the pink part are the erasers on the top of said pencils. Didn’t know if you noticed it but even though I have to agree with you about his outfits being a mess. :)


  100. i vote shineeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  101. U-Kiss in the background :) Can’t wait for their comeback! AJ is back with them.


  103. Actually, I’ve always wanted to know how much say Kpop artists get in their own “looks” and how much they’re determined by the studio/producer/someone else. Maybe a question for future interviews?

  104. That’s not how you pronounce v in polish… We pronounce it like v in word “very”. Just thought i should let you know

    • Simon said that his mom tends to mispronounce v and w, that’s why he asked Martina if she’s Polish- not because he doesn’t know the right pronounciation ;]

  105. I like that little dig at GG’s IGaB. Totally subtle. Way to forgo diplomacy and call it crap =P

  106. I think Shinee’s looked coolest! I vote SHINEE

  107. I would buy and wear the Soy un Dorito shirt till it’s rags; and then wear it some more :3 It’s absolutely adorable ^^ Also, I’d be going poor Taemin right now, but I’m pretty sure the dude would still be able to bag as many girls as he wanted in that getup. So no sympathy from me, Korean pretty boy!!

  108. I love how it sounded like there was a laugh track cause the EYK crew laughed in the bloopers…

  109. Yes shinee dream girl is out the way. there only so little time till there new vid comes out we need to vote our kpop bands to the top quick.

  110. I’d LOVE to see you doing a whole story with all these songs (and more) ㅋㅋㅋ
    I can’t get enough of your jokes! I’m already looking forward to your next MM ♥

  111. Taemin’s pencil pants are freakin awesome!!

  112. I was waiting for Simon to lose it during the Dorito scene when he was smacking Martina. He held it together though lol

  113. Now that you pointed out the noises at every edit, I HEAR THEM ALL!!!! AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

  114. Completely loved the skit…and I vote for U-KISS!!

  115. I love that shirt and would totally buy one but the sizes only go up to 2xl and don’t think that would be big enough =/

  116. I actually like the pencil pants… I think they are cute…

  117. HAHAHA! I swear the better half and I have that conversation all the time with the K-pop references. O.O

  118. Love how you put the tae in front of man on your sweater Martina! xD And I see you guys are already using props that some nasties sent you :D Loving U-kiss on the laptop! Can’t wait for their new stuff!! The part where you guys say amber and taemin may have been confused in the groups they were put in, I couldn’t stop laughing. Had to pause a bit. lol And Martina! If you didn’t know, this album will have a second part in april I think…so maybe another single?? :D :D

  119. 2:28, my favorite skit of yours EVER

  120. KATHyphenTUN

    Haha i couldn’t stop laughing at simon’s hat and eating doritos… so simple, but so funny!
    Also, the hyper links in the description are the same color as the blog background (can’t see them unless you scroll over.. just so you’re aware)

  121. Now that taemin is taeMAN I think he should be able to pick out his manly man outfits! He should be wearing a tie like the rest of the group T3T darn you pink turtlenecks >□<

  122. SHINee~ Outfits are… hmm, a “bit” crazy? Song isn’t my favorite, but the video is interesting. Doritoooos~ Now the most popular from SHINee is TaeMan, another members are forgotten.

    Also, could you tell me how the winner named the Zelo’s dance? Because there were funny and interesting titles :D

  123. PunkyPrincess92

    SHINee!!!!!!!!!!! woo!!!!!
    hahaha i love your top Martina!!!!
    Simon wearing that sombrero and eating those Doritos has got to be THE BEST skit EVER!!!! well done Simon!!! well done!!!………hahaha!!
    yeah i agree i didn’t like their colourful outfits and their b&w outfits were amazing!!!! and Kpop lyric referencing from this is so hard!! there is nothing!!!!
    oh except now i do say ‘YES’ like Minho does in his rap part…..but it’s still not noticeable!! T_T Simon maybe you could start saying ‘you’re so beautiful, yes!’ to Martina!! hehehe!! i’d use it in life, but it’s weird to say that to anyone…..
    hey!!!!!!! SHINee’ll be back in….april!!! you don’t have to wait that long!!!!!

    too bad you guys didn’t dance around with mops……but then again SM already did that!!! ahahaha!!!

    I VOTE SHINEE!!!!!!!!!

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    Curse my no-kpop-friends-in-real-life status ~

    CURSE Uuuuuuuuu~

    *listens to the leaked EXO song “Wolf”*
    ps. I TOTALLY think That SHINee’s going to win Win WIN!!!
    Because have you SEEN that room??? It’s like my childhood dream come true~

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    And to answer your question Martina, if T.O.P were my boyfriend he could wear outfits picked out by SHINEE’s stylist on acid for all I care :P

  131. “Where’d I put that?” sounds like a potentially very dangerous catchphrase….I can hear the x-rated versions right now…I’m sorry but aren’t we all self-proclaimed nasties?…lol.
    Sidenote: This is definitely one of the most creative “in the box” videos done by SM…definitely a step in the right direction.

  132. I am a video games character design freak and create lots of weird, unusual clothing for my charas, but Shinee’s always gonna be a excellent inspiration if I run out of ideasxD *looks meaningfuly at Taemin’s diaper*

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  141. I want that TAEMAN sweater !!!

    I loved the kpop conversation, it happens so often that I think about songs when saying certain phrases but since none of my friends are into kpop it’s always really awkward.. :D
    I also wanted an awesome dance in their new video, I mean it’s still a cool video and the song is so freakin catchy but I was kinda disapointed with the dance.. I expected something more complicated and more epic. :)

    Oh I almost forgot.. did I mention that I want that TAEMAN sweater !!!! :D

  142. Wait a second the first guy (with the blond wig) looks like one of the characters of Jacksfilms. Inspired by a fellow youtuber? :)

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    Moving on from the awesomest TaeMAN shirt…… Are you guise using the new wings and mustaches from the recent fanmail you got? Cuz they look so cool! Can’t wait for move colorful mustaches :)
    Also this might sound silly but my friends and I ALWAYS have the kinds of conversations you guys show in the video! It was even a bit scary how that’s the way my kpop friends talk to me…. Oh god, what are you doing to our lives, you, KPOP!!! :D
    And lastly, it seems like TaeMAN decided to keep on evolving from Taemin to TaeMAN and now he’s…… TaeSuperMAN with his…. ermm….. superhero outfit….. yeah. I wonder what should we expect from him in SHINee’s new songs…..
    P.S. Thank you gusie for reviewing SHINee’s song! =^ㅅ^=

  149. I just love the whole SHInee’s new album! I have so much fun listening to it!

  150. MARTINA DID YOU REALLY NOT NOTICE THAT TAE IS WEARING PENCIL PANTS? i find that shocking. it’s still a tragic outfit, but in a slightly different way.

    and ok does anyone else get a David Bowie feel from the Dream Girl album? i’m so enjoying it.

  151. this song don’t have a catchy dance, but in the same album there is a song “Beautiful” that has a super gay dance (1:31). is really catchy, everytime I heard the song I -try to- dance!


  152. Whee!! Despite it being probably really late at night in Korea, you guys uploaded KMM! Thank you!! Please rest well now! Haha

  153. That conversation at the table is like my whole life. However, I don’t have friends that listen to K Pop, so no one ever appreciates it. :(

    • Though I really did expect simon to say “I’m not surprised you like it, girl you like the caffeine.”

    • Hareem Siddiqi

      same here, can’t say anything without breaking into dance, by far the two phrases i say most are wow (fantastic baby) and stop (girl in the name of looove)

    • I know exactly what you are talking about! I wanna start a sentence, talking about kpop so often and then have to remind me that none of my friends know what I’m talking about, nor find it funny… :/

    • I don’t really do that when I’m around people, but when I’m alone… Oh Lord, when I’m alone XD Everything turns into a K-Pop reference

    • I’m just glad I’m not the only person who casually quotes kpop in real life. No one ever gets it, but I try~

      • Oh, trust me, you are not the only one! I do it ALL THE TIME. I can’t say sorry or play bingo without suju, can’t lose something without exo, can’t be curious or answer a phone without shinee, can’t like something without b1a4, can’t do a proper “yeah” without TVXQ, can no longer eat doritos without saying I am one, can’t say goodbye without miss A, can’t miss something without infinite, can’t wonder the time without 2pm or 2am, can’t put replay on youtube without shinee, can’t eat a lollipop without bigbang, can’t learn about electricity without f(x), can’t think ” OMG” without Minho… I can go on forever. XD

        • Can´t say “I don’t know” without block b or without breaking into a bad imitation of Yoseob´s vocals :’D

        • My fiance and i break in to kpop songs all the time. Today we were hugging and he was like “i can hear your heart beat” which led me to sing “listen to my heart beat” and him to sing “cause i listen to my heart beat one by one”…KPOP NERDS FOR LIFE!!!

        • Otaku-chama

          My friends and I do that frequently (well, the ones who know and like Kpop, anyway). We’ll be somewhere in the school and it’ll be boiling and I’ll start singing “I don’t know I don’t know I don’t know but I’m hot, hot”, and my friend immediately responds with “You know what you know what you know what what I mean, mean”

        • I have a kpop dance team (we’re about 18 people, most of us are nasties as well) and we talk like that aaaaall the time when we see something like sexy or nasty we start screaming “cream! cream! cream! cream!”!!!! And we have a pet dog and we make it talk with spudgy’s voice xD

    • Me too! I say curious about and you know what that means…. Hmm I wonder how that work. Just curious, IM SO CURIOUS YEEAAHH! ew that shirt is ugly. I THINK IM UGLY AND NOBODY WANTS TO LOVE MY, JUST LIKE I WANNA BE PRETTY! I WANNA PRETTTY………. I know I’m the best. NOOGA CHE CHA LA GA, CHICHECHE CHA LA GA. BEE BOM BA RAT TAT TAT TA TA TA TA TA TA TA BEE BOM BA RAT TA TA TAT TA TA TA TA OMG

    • Ha-ha I do it a lot too, though only my younger brother gets it because I played the songs a lot lol. He is the only one who gets my antics although he isn’t a huge fan of kpop…

  154. Haha I was expecting a cutaway of Simon rolling around the streets of Hongdae at 5:40

  155. This was such a great MM guise. :)

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  157. “SHINee’s back.” SHINee is always back…. Where does SHINee go?

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