DREAM GUURRRLLL!!! SHINee’s back, and we didn’t review them last week though we super love this song, but we’re talking about them today at least. YESSSSSS! If you haven’t seen it yet, check out Dream Girl and its awesome video editing here:


Hey: what’s up with Amber and Taemin and their terrible fashion? It just dawned on us today that they’re both androgynous figures in different SM bands. Taemin’s the male Amber, Amber the female Taemin. Is this something that’s a result of their personal dispositions? I’m not sure. I think it’s the clothing that’s picked out for them that gives them that image, and I’m not sure if they’re intentionally dressed this way by SM in an attempt to convey androgyny or if it’s just accidental. I doubt it. Basically, what we’re saying is we’re not sure how much of their images are controlled by SM, and – if SM is picking out their images – then we’re not sure if SM is intentionally going for the more androgynous look in both of them. Thoughts? Maybe we’re just looking too much into this. We’re just trying to figure out why the eff they’re dressed so terribly, why Amber was dressed in a male hanbok for Chuseok, and why Taemin looked like Pocahontas for Sherlock. Can you imagine if Taemin and Amber made a love baby? Actually, we can’t. Trying to. Hmm…nope. Can’t see it happening. We still stick by GD and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, though. That seems to be a perfect match.

Back to what we said in the video about SHINee, one of the things we’d do if we formed a Kpop band is make sure their singles have common English phrases in the chorus. Surefire way to popularity. There needs to be a song with “Bless You” in it. Just imagine all of the people you’d accidentally convert. There are polite people all over the world. You get them close to a sneezy person, they’ll be polite, and then start singing your song. Boom! And polite people are the kind of fans you want, anyway, not internet trolls. It’s a perfect recipe for success. Other phrases that need to be made into Kpop songs: “Who’s there,” “Where’d I put that?” “Pass the ketchup,” “Who is your daddy and what does he do”…

Actually, I don’t think we should get into the song making business.

Lastly, a sucky side note: we were so happy with the SHINee song and video that we wanted to go out and buy the album and give it to you guise. So we went to the CD shop where we usually get our CDs…but it shut down :( That sucks! We didn’t have enough time to drive out to a different one, so we just have to settle with telling you our intentions. We wanted to buy you a CD! Anyhow, since we’re not a source of CDs this week, but if you’re still hankering for the album, you can pick it up via either iTunes or YesAsia.

But who won the B.A.P. CD? We reveal the winner, along with some of our bloopers in this week’s Blooper reel! Whoa: was that ever a cheesy lead in!


And…GGRRRR! We totally forgot to order a copy of our Taemin “Soy un Dorito” shirt to wear for this week’s Music Monday. Too bad! It would have been totally appropriate. If you haven’t seen its awesomeness yet, do so by checking it out here. And then buy it! It’s so cute!

  1. Hey Martina, did you see that Taemin had a cameo on Dating Agency: Cyrano? episodes 4 and 5 (I think)
    I’m not sure what I think of the actual KDrama, the jury is still out, but I did think it was cool that Taemin had the cameo.

  2. LOVE your hair this week! (Are you tired of my comments about your fashion choices?….Sorry) I love you guys though. Martina, love the shirt. My FAVORITE part of the MV is the dance routine they do with the mic stands. Really liked this song though. I thought it was interesting that they took the time to tell us about all the special camera angles they used in the production of this MV AND WHO produced it, etc… Well hey, if you’re going to spend a little extra money on production I guess you should go ahead and point it out and toot your horn so everyone else can look at this MV from a completely different angle. LOL Bloopers were cute! I hope you got money from Doritos for that representation. Fighting!

  3. UKISS DORADORA. That anti-gravity room was just epic!! I love dream the song but the vid was very distracting and threw off the song. i had to listen to the dance version to really listen to the song and thats when i fell in love with it but when its comes to the room ukiss takes this one for me

  4. I feel that this video was the exception, rather than the rule, when it comes to recent Tae(man) fashion. From the photos of him that I’ve seen recently, I’d say that he’s getting a better wardrobe selection these days. Good for him ;) He’s always wanted to seem manly and at least if they’re giving him pencil pants in the videos, they’re giving him the good stuff in the magazine shoots.

  5. X”DD Hilarious video guise!! terrific work(as always)! :D Love you!!!! > . < (that coffee scene was humdinger X''DDD)

    Oh yeah… about the "Dream Girl" outfits… my first thought of them was "Am I the only one that finds these outfits ridiculous?? really?? (there must be something wrong with my head then *bangs head into wall* nope…feel the same @.@ )"


    P.S: SUBS are back!! *yey* I actually missed them :D

  6. I just noticed they were supposed to be pencil pants :P I vote u-kiss I love Shinee but I loved u-kiss’ video a little more than shinee’s this time ;)

  7. i vote for SHINee! i just love it

    but Dora Dora was the first review i saw from you guys :D

  8. Of course U-kiss ! Plus, wouldn’t it be awesome if they can keep their winning streak!

  9. Holy crap the editing is very very nice like wow love it!

  10. I vote for SHINee, and maybe you could say “YES” the way Minho does as a catchy Kpop English phrase. Seriously the thing I most remember from the video. And with the arm swing too.

  11. The SHINee room looks like fun, but U-KISS’ room set is more awesome! It’s so antigravity! Plus, U-KISS can walk on the walls, not just roll around on them… and SHINee kind of falls all over… it looks too dangerous!

    Love this review! The conversation at the table was great XD And nice sombrero! How on earth did you pack that…?

  12. So, how come no one is freaked out about flower face girl? That image is very disturbing.

  13. Dear God,
    Please fulfill poor TaeMAN’s pray…..


    -from a serious fan

  14. I like the Doradora video but I vote for Shinee. Much cooler rotating rooms. O yeah, and the rooms have Shinee in them.

  15. Shinee will be back on 14 March with a new Japanese Single “Fire”, so I’m hoping for a killer dance routine there. :) I love SHINee’s video more. It plays with the idea of dreaming and the waking world. XD

  16. So am I the only one that noticed 2 t-ara songs yayaya and rolypoly but Martina you said it wrong , it’s “Let’s me see you Yayaya love me say yayaya u hee

  17. OMG, you guise! The conversation with Amber on Twitter? She is so cool and she watch your videos :) it’s time for a DANCE OFF!!

  18. <OMG OMG OMG! your conversation on twitter with Amber. She is sooooo coool! <3 <3 <3 it's time for a DANCE OFF!!!!!!!

  19. Ooh … I love U-KISS, but I’m going to have to go with SHINee for rotating rooms, they were funky and fresh and it was funny watching Onew roll all over the place

  20. I’m pretty sure U-Kiss is already demolishing SHINee in the showdown vote, so I don’t know if my vote will matter anyway, but I vote for U-Kiss as well lol.

  21. I had no idea you could sing Simon. ewe


  23. i think u-kiss should there alsome songs rocks

  24. the Blooper reel is ?? xD … LOOKS LIKE I MISSED SOMETHING HERE

  25. I vote U-KISS. Shinee’s bizzare room just seems so painful to be it…

  26. The worst mistake that the designers made with Taemin to me was when they put eyeliner on him for a Lucifer live performance….he looked like a girl, I felt bad for him >_< I never saw that again so hopefully they got fired…he still looked adorable though ^_^

  27. No complaints about Tae’s outfit accepted from ppl who wear fruit/ cake earrings XD

  28. The suspense was so terrible, but YAY you guise reviewed Dream Girl! I was so hoping you would, you both seemed so excited to talk about it. It gave my Monday a beautiful start. ^^ (Side note: Dream Girl, Dazzling Girl, SHINee Girl, JoJo? SHINee sure sing about girls a lot. LOL)

    I have to say I pretty much laughed the entire way through – I didn’t notice the pencil pants either Martina, but no, I really wouldn’t want to see anyone in that outfit, much less a boyfriend – but my favourite part of the review was definitely the use of the Doritos. Simon’s sombrero’d stoic face combined with the funky jungle background music you guise used just had me rofl’ing, and still does even now the third time through… It was well worth the wait, Simon. Well worth the wait. (But don’t be mean to Martina about her skits! Remember that next time you try sneaking food during a live chat. :P)

    Also worth the wait will be SHINee’s Chapter 2 to their album – Misconceptions of Me. I think SHINee’s marketing strategy this time around, as well as their composition, is so smart and really shows a much more varied, mature side to SHINee. Each of them had active parts in the creation of this album and it’s just so darn great to see SHINee so happy about what they put out! Watching their Music Spoiler on LOEN Ent’s channel also really has me jazzed for their Chapter 2 – 떠나지 못해 is such an emotional song. As for Chapter 1, there isn’t a single song I dislike, but Spoiler is my favourite. Really love how dark it is, as well as the inclusion of each of their song titles! SO CLEVARRR.

    Jonghyun actually said that Dream Girl is meant to be a continuation of Sherlock, and I really think that’s the best way to describe this album. It just has much more depth to me (not that I disliked Sherlock at all) and I feel it’s a great direction for SHINee to head in in terms of expanding their range without losing that signature ‘SHINee’ sound. (GRAH I HOPE YOU GUISE CAN INTERVIEW THEM ONE DAY IT WOULD BE SO DARN AWESOME I’D SPEW ALL THE RAINBOWS IF TAEMIN EATS YOUR DORITOS)

    And at the risk of sounding wayyy too wordy with this comment, I wonder if you guise have seen the Dance Version to Dream Girl? I love SHINee’s dance MVs too, so I’m glad there’s one focusing solely on the dance, because hell, Tony Testa brought it again! And despite all the live mishaps with the mics, SHINee have handled it like bosses. When I first watched the dance, I thought ‘This is a dance only SHINee can do.’


    Well. Until the SM managers came along. XD

    P.S. I vote for SHINee. I love U-KISS but SHINee’s playful use of the trampolines and deceptive camera angles really had me feeling nostalgic about Wonderland. Plus, who doesn’t love Onew Condition? I just thought it was really well done all throughout, so my vote is on Dream Girl. :}

  29. It’s sooooooooooooooooooooooo funny~!!! ^^

    Acutually, I’m not a native so I can’t understand all words. But I think you made a nice analysis about SHINee’s brand new music video.

    This web-site is not only helpful to upgrade english skill but also enjoyable to me. Thank you ~! ^^

  30. I’m
    glad I was not the only one trying to fix my laptop at the beggining of
    the mv, until I noticed that maybe it was part of the video.

    My vote goes to U-kiss for all the funny sexy dance

  31. I’m glad I was not the only one trying to fix my laptop at the beggining of the mv, until I noticed that maybe it was part of the video.

    My vote goes to U-kiss for all the funny sexy dance

  32. I miss the old kpop music mondays when you guys made fun of the storyline/plot of the music video. It was super duper fun and I laughed a lot. But the recent MVs you reviewed don’t have any storyline or the storyline is so perfect that you cannot really make fun of them anymore.

  33. Shinee is coming back in April. You don’t have to wait for another year Martina.

  34. I couldn’t decide which one I preferred so I flipped a coin. ^_^ My vote goes to U-Kiss.

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