It’s SHINee’s “Everybody” for this week’s Kpop Music Monday, and it’s good timing, too. We’ll talk more about that at the end of this post. But first, check out SHINee’s “Everybody!”


Okokokok quickly, I’m gonna get this off my chest again and then get back to the things I like: anyone else think the songwriters got a bit…lazy with the chorus? The chorus is a very long chorus, in which the word “everybody” is repeated for 90% of it. Come on now! Might as well have replaced them with La la la’s. It’s so redundant that it hurts. But that’s it! Our only major gripe. Other than that, we don’t really have any complaints with the song. It’s a genre we’re not really all too fond of, or a sub genre or related cousin genre – whatever – and we actually liked its implementation in the song, when we’re otherwise worn out of the grungy electronic sound showing up in so much Kpop lately. And, even better, we weren’t barraged with UNNECESSARY RAPPING! Just singing! It was a fun song: no need to be a hard rapper or anything like that. Just lighthearted fun, I’d say, and we like that.

We also mentioned how we liked SHINee’s “Symptoms” more than this song. Even though Everybody is fun, Symptoms is AMAAZZZINNNG SAUCE. See for yourself:


Which one did you like better? We can’t be the only ones who liked this more. Then again, we do really like old R&Bish type songs. Maybe it’s not for everyone? Anyone feel the same about Rum Pum Pum vs Shadow?

Another thing we didn’t mention in the video: we joked about SHINee’s main dance move, but the rest of the dance was really, really freaking cool. The whole wind-up toy concept, with them being jumpy like those toys of old, and those parts of the video being all black and white, were really well thought out. Tie that in with the video having the concept of plugging in and waking up, being wound up like toys fits. It fits. We don’t often say that dances fit the concept of songs and videos. Dances are usually just awesome things that you watch that accompany a song, but don’t really add much meaning to it, you know? Usually, at least. I, for example, have no idea how SHINee petting the giraffe has anything to do with “her whisper is the Lucifer.” Amiright? But this was clever. I dug that.


The YouTube Music Awards, Presented by Kia

Ok, so the YouTube Music Awards is less than a week away now. We’re going to be there, along with a bunch of other YouTubers, as you might have seen from David Choi’s Tweet:

Can you spot them all?

Anyhow, we’re gonna be spending this week doing videos with them for the YTMAs. SO COOL! We’ve got one major one planned for tomorrow in which we announce some major things we’re doing for the YouTube Music Awards in Seoul. Major. Like, biggest thing we’ve ever done major. Schedules change a lot in this industry, I know, but I’m hoping it doesn’t, because it’ll be really big if we can do what we were told we’re going to do. HO LEE SHMOKES!

Even cooler, how about this: because you guise are awesome, we did our best to pull some strings, and we have TEN TICKETS TO GIVE AWAY. This is only for the Seoul event, not for the New York or London Events, so you have to be in Seoul to cash in. You’ll see us there! You’ll see SHINee there! Miss A! 4Minute! Sistar! And other artists which we can’t reveal yet, but TRUST ME you will be happy to see them there. Woot! If you want a ticket and you live in Seoul and you’re free to go to Ilsan this Sunday, we want to give you a ticket! All you have to do is:

1) Follow Us on Twitter,
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We’ll pick ten winners, and then send you a DM with details TOMORROW on how to get your ticket. Booya!

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  1. It’s so funny that he’s now MANHO because I swear he became that for me since the MV for Sherlock. There was just something about those jeans! Or his legs in them, I don’t know. But it was like I had never noticed he was male before. And suddenly he was oozing man-ness. Yep. MANHO.

  2. Wait who is Angela?

  3. kpopfan123

    how can some people have so much energy? Shinee really shine dancing their flawless… complicated choreography…. the song is nice…

    Symptoms!… is a lovely song!

    …and speaking of costumes… the army suits presented in individual shots….I want them! XD …also Key with that suit and long-haired wig…. that outfit is definitely one of the best he ever had the chance to wear!! (by the time the music video was finished… I think I built an entire plot of an anime based on a look-alike character! *hope that made sense* )

    Thank you for your great work! :D


    P.S: I was wondering if you guise would invent your own swears…what they would be like…”Seungrina’s armpits” or “Spudgy boogers” or “Meemers’s deadly claw” XD did Meems ever bite or scratch anyone and make that person’s finger bleed (a little more sever than usual)?

  4. I love Symptoms too! :) I wasn’t too hip on Shadow from f(x). Personally my fave from Pink Tape is Step.

  5. Symptoms is definitely the better song. So catchy and just… beautiful~!!!

  6. Indeed SYMPTONS IS AWESOME *_* It took me 30seconds to like it, while Everybody grew on me after listening to it 3-4 times. ASDFGHJKL Still spazzing everytime i listen to symptoms and the performance at YTMA was nice too. Jonghyun <3 <3 :D
    Looking forward to the interview~

  7. Can I get that last little Simon song as my ringtone? o.O That would be ahmazinngg. [:

  8. I heard symptoms first and I was like AHH! This is so good! and then I found out it wasn’t their title and I was also like…why is it not the title? It’s the best song on that album!

  9. Totally agree about Everybody vs. Symptoms. I think Everybody is a really fun song despite the repetitive chorus and it is a perfect compliment to this awesome choreography. However, Symptoms makes me so happy. It’s just such a beautiful song and showcases everyone’s voices very nicely. And thank God for an album without obligatory rapping!

  10. singing the manho anthem and then fangirling with all the ouran host club fangirl pictures xD

  11. I have one request for you. I think it would be fair that you do topp dogg say it MV in next music mondays. they are rookies and they are new in this, so it would be great more people heard for them in this way :)
    thanks <3

  12. Simon, “Dance Bitch” has become my new jam on account of how catchy it is. I died when I heard Mr. Brohoho at the end because now I know I’m not alone. Perfect Music Monday was perfect. :3 Can’t wait to see what MV is reviewed next week!!

  13. marbie

    I thought Simon deleted the Candy Crush…

  14. =( awww, no bloopers?

  15. LinZi

    I would go for Symptoms. Plus I thought that “lyrics video” or whatnot is just… the coolest. ::pushes glasses up on nose::: for my korean language studies. Snort. Ahem, anyways loved your review. you guys never fail to crack me up.

  16. The whole album has so much man *^*

  17. We missed your super awesome and super funny KMMs! Happy that you are back!

    I like “Everybody” a lot more than “Why so serious” (sorry, but that line belongs to GD and if you wanna say it, say it like him ^^) and the outfits are the most military-like I ever saw in Kpop. And lol “Manho for VICE President of the Galaxies” XD Now I can even see 2min ruling the cosmos :)

    side note: Omg Just Kidding Films (at least I saw Joe and Bart) in the Eat Your Kimchi Studio – I just can’t … :) When they announced in one of their videos that they are going to Seoul for the YTMAs I thought “Maybe they meet Simon and Martina” – and they did! Wow

  18. thats a massive pillow pet.

  19. Damnit… now I have to get to lvl 216 of candy crush just to see what that’s about.

    (problem being that getting forward in that game takes forever for me since I refuse to go to the next level until I’m in the top 3 ^^; )

  20. Annie

    SYMPTOMSSSSSSS!!!! Have you seen them perform it live? Just TEARS of a proud fan!!!!!! Man that song is to epic it needs a video!

  21. …Who is Angela? O_o

  22. I think they didn’t promote it because they performed it live back in February or March, when they teasing about the 2nd part of “Misconceptions”. Probably threw out the idea once Jonghyun was injured, and the album turned into Why So Serious – Misconceptions…I’m not completely sure, but I know there was one song that really stood out during that promotion.

  23. I like Symptoms better too. The choreography for Everybody is awesome IMO

  24. I was feeling really blah yesterday after fighting the hurricane of doom! But I feel better now and this video is super funny. I bet you guys are going to interview Shinee, emg!

    • Marzia Matalone

      If they’ll do so, Taemin will finally know about his Dorito Nature…XD…I hope S&M will bring a sombrero with them and take a pic… it’d be epic…

      • Oh god, right? I hope SME will be cool about it and let me be their crazy selves. I am pretty sure the SHINee members will find it hilarious! xD

        • Josh Chinnery

          They’d probably be like, “Who are these weird Americans and why do they have a giant hat with them?”

  25. no bloopers there? :( I really really appreciate these little extra scenes… *meow*

  26. LOL the manho skit cracked me up
    and dawwwwwwwwwwwwww spudgy ^_________^

  27. Holy moses, I just noticed the EYK-print bowtie of Mr Brohoho. Brilliant! :D

  28. I was completely awed by “Symptoms”. In my opinion, it’s probably one of the best songs Jonghyun has written thus far. It makes me incredibly disappointed they weren’t promoting it along with “Everybody”. My goodness, the dance for “Symptoms” is ridiculous. There is a lot of hip movement.
    I really liked their dance for “Everybody” as well. The “toy-windup” dance was clever. Also, did you guys see Onew rotating his arms maniacally in the “airplane” dance?

  29. Thy tits cannot be calm…best line ever hahaha

  30. ManHo may yet become the next Taeman. ManHo, for Vice-President of the galaxy. LOL. Well, since Taemin is takng over from Zaphod Beeblebrox, anything can happen.

  31. These TaeMAN and MANho could probably happen because they are under Lee Soo MAN’s management.
    *sorry for lame joke*

  32. Woo! Crossing my fingers for the tickets. That’s awesome that you guys are getting a huge opportunity… can’t wait to see what’s in store! :D

  33. I LOVE this song, but I respect everyone’s right not too. I find it funny that you guys like Smoky Girl, with the repetitiveness, yet don’t like SHINee. In comparison, I couldn’t stand Smoky Girl because of the repetitiveness, yet like Everybody. I guess people just like what they like.
    I loved this KMM. I guess the only thing I didn’t like was how long the Manho song was. The song was funny, but I think you may have played it to long, especially cause your KMM are not that long. But that is my only criticism, I loved it otherwise.
    (Also, Martina, I remember you saying in the Lucifer KMM that Key was your favorite member. What changed? Did Taemin just grow up? Poor Key!)

    • Oh, I didn’t really like Smoky Girl too, waaaaay too much repetitiveness for my tastes. I didn’t notice the repetitiveness of all the “everybody”s until maybe my fourth or fifth listen, lol.

  34. I was sooo disappointed by this song. Military outfits, I told myself. How can they go wrong with such HOT FAUX MILITARY OUTFITS?! (How can anyone go wrong with faux military outfits?) And the dancing was cool except for that “Check it, I’m a DJ Baw baw BAW” arm move. But who the hell took an upbeat, happy song like ‘Everybody’ and mixed it with the darker sound of dubstep and severe visual theme?
    Every time I listen to it I feel like I’m listening to some sort of super shitty war between 2 different songs that should never have been mixed. I can deal with them both separately, but together they unleash an angst of disappointment which clashes with my utter visual contentment. At least ‘Lucifer’ sounded badass to go with the angsty view- ‘Everybody’ is like throwing kittens into an angle grinder, but on the upside, making it look damn good.

    For the record, I totally attempted to scorn both Dazzling Girl and Dream Girl, until I realised the true joy of belting them out in the car on the way to… well, all places. And then ignoring any weird looks when you pull up at traffic lights and someone’s looking at you like you’re an alien. They are amazing.

  35. Omg, TaeMan and now Manho? Shall wait for the rest of SHINee to receive their own manly titles/songs :3
    I found Everybody’s chorus a tad too repetitive at first, and I just preferred Symptoms over it, but after listening to it so many times, it’s stuck in my head 24/7 and I started to really enjoy it, plus the dance is so freaking epic. And speaking of the dance, what about Onew’s propeller dance move? BROHOHO

  36. for me I love symptoms more than everybody bcause I can hear every each of their voice but I prefer to use Everybody as my alarm to wake me up! ^_^

  37. get spudgy back! mr brohoho can’t dance for nuts hahahhahah

  38. Holy smokes, I also liked Symptoms as a promotional song for the ‘Everybody’ album. Funny because at first I actually thought it was their promotional track, but then I heard it was Everybody and was like, “Ah huh.”

  39. OMG IS THAT Just Kidding Films THERE??

  40. No bloopers? :((

  41. minho is a manho, literally man hoe… im a HUGE shinee fan and all shinee fans know he’s a hyung whore ^.^ don’t get me wrong people. I <333 minhoo <33333 & SHINee <33

  42. Cyber_3

    It’s been a long day for me and I’m too tired to properly comment but awesome KMM guys! Two in a row! Go for three! You can do it! Can’t wait to see what you’re doing the rest of the week.

    Martina, I think that you need to put the camera just a titch higher on the tripod, it’s at a great angle for your face but it seems a little off and causes your boobs obscure your waist and makes you look a little barrel-chested – thankfully the graphic on the Metallica shirt was way flattering and helped the situation. I may be exhausted, but that was really bugging me, you should look as awesome on film as you are in real life.

  43. Feygarden

    I completely agree about Symptoms. That song is sooo awesome! I loved that Shinee did promote it on all the music shows. It was even better live.

  44. omgeee!! for the YTMAs, i’m so excited!!! are u guys gonna MC a short piece or something?! or like present an award to a kpop artist or like talk with them backstage?! (like how they do at inkigayo or watevs?) XD so happy 4u guys!!!

  45. The ending killed me with the “come on, come on! dance, bitch!”. Hilarious!

  46. would love to see a MinHo ‘Reaction’ video………. I could only imagine how much teasing he got from everyone, especially TaeMan,lol.

  47. RIIIGHT?? Symptoms was defs the best :)

  48. I love the choreography! It actually really makes sense and is pretty creative :D
    Symptoms is a glorious song. I don’t mind Everybody but definitely love Symptoms =]

  49. the fact that you guise acknowledged the perfection that is Symptoms just made my day.
    also the Manho song killed me. XD

  50. Aww yeeeaaah midterms are over, Simon and Martina are back, I can now return to commenting on blog posts!!

    First thing first..this song didn’t do it for me. I actually get super annoyed with loud blaring dubstep, so although i liked the verses and I loved the dance, the loud dubstep and the chorus ruined it for me. I agree with Martina on the album, I really fell in love with Symptoms. I feel like SM is trying too hard to fit into that bombastic mold even though their artists sound so much better in jazzy dark tunes! Oh well at least they make it to albums so I’m not complaining.
    Secondly, is that Troublemaker in the background? For some reason I totally love that unit. I’m not a big fan of HyunA or Youngsaeng (when he’s solo outside of Batoost) but them together make a super sexy and funky couple! They are really something else than the usual kpopness, so I hope they get voted for next week :D
    And lastly, Youtube Music Awards!! YAAAAY You guise should totally make a fanlist of things you should do during the event, kind of like your travel bingo. They should be pretty funny things like “Touch Key’s toes” or something xD I would love to see that!
    (P.S. so excited for Martina’s upcoming drama reviews!!!!!)

  51. MarVi

    And 2min has evolved to 2MAN.

  52. I see you sneaking in scenes of Ouran High School Host Club in there! Manho!

  53. Hey guys! don’t forget to vote for your favorite kpop star for MAMA2013 :) http://mama.interest.me/visite?s=1382655955099

  54. Isabel Ruby

    tht moment when you play so much pokemon you know the super effective screen was from it [plus goldenrod city got destroyed by manho unless i'm much mistaken.... i approve of these choices!]

  55. We have Tae-Man, Man-Ho..when will we get O-Man, Man-Key (pokemon anyone?), or Jong-Man (Man-Hyun or Man-Jong??)?

  56. I think many people got a bit hyper at Taeman abs showing… XD Though I didn’t really notice Minho– sorry, MANho to that extent. I was too distracted by the fact that HE ACTUALLY SINGS. I think I fell in love with his voice. Just because of that, this song has become one of my favorite SHINee songs.

    Holy crap, 10 free tickets? That’s amazing, guise! I really hope I can win, ‘cuz Nov. 3rd just happens to be my 21st birthday. What a coincidence. XD It would make for one hell of a birthday present, though. Good luck to everyone going for them, though!

    • I agree it was really great to hear his singing voice in a large quantity. He has a nice voice and I am thrilled with how it has developed. I wish I was in Korea for a chance at those tickets….Good luck everyone.

  57. Чудесный клип. Мне очень понравилась хореография.
    Спасибо за ваш обзор, я посмеялась над МэнХО :D

  58. Dammit, I love SHINee in military costumes so much! But at the end of the day, Genie is one of my favourite songs ever (definitely my favourite Soshi song).
    nuuuuh another conundrum T_T
    gotta love ManHo though :P

  59. Can i just say that i absolutely love you for liking “Symptoms” better than “Everybody”?! I freaking love that song. The first time i heard it, my ears died of happiness. Not only that, but the lyric video that SM made for it was amazing ♥

  60. Gemma Deacon

    I am loving this song and video at the moment! This is gonna sound shallow lol but I’ve never really considered Shinee ‘hot’ however when they’re wearing those uniforms… hnnng
    oh yeah the dance is awesome too.

  61. I loved both SNSD and Shinee military uniforms.

  62. Why must you guys make it so hard for me?!?!?!?!?!? SNSD or SHINee?!?!?!?

  63. Symptoms is awesome. I’ve seen the dance too. *dies of happiness* They could do like exo and make a video for the song :P

  64. I must say. I have a teeny tiiiiny hope. When you guise asked us in Norway what our favorite MV this year was, I said SHINee’s Dream Girl. And that is in your video, and since it had a connection to the YouTube Music Awards, that SHINee somehow would get to see or somewhat know that I was the only Shawol who said SHINee there *omg* I KNOW IT’S SILLY, BUT I CAN STILL HOPE EH? ^_^ Hahah.. Love you guise!

  65. Omg, I’m so happy you made a video on this! ^_^ I love SHINee more than any other kpop group (as you may have seen in the EYK in Norway: Day 2 video where I was the only one who said SHINee!!).. I really like some of the songs on their new album! If you meet them, please tell them that I said I liked SHINee LOL!! XD No, but srsly you guise are the best and I can’t wait for the YT Awards.. I see you’re with JustKiddingFilms in your studio ahh!! I love them!! ^_^

  66. Okay now seriously… Where are the lyrics to Manho??!? How can i belt this song in public without the lyrics?! Please someone post it for me… I suffer from a severe case of ‘lazy ass’ and I just really ceebs :)

  67. hahaha MANHO! i laughed so loud at a puplic place… yes. EVERYBODY thinks i’m crazy now!

  68. I don’t ship 2Min, I ship 2Man.

  69. BROHOOOOOOOOO I missed you so much!

    I loved the song I couldn’t stop laughing after I heard the first ManHo… like really guys? really? clever lyrics and I found it catchy and so serviceable for double meaning.

    Have you guys seen the Dance for Symptoms? NO? BLASPHEMY! MANHO makes sexy love to the air, JongHyun makes good use of the Blue steel, I would even dare and say it was a Magnum. Its just pure awesome like the song. All the aforementioned just to say… obviously you’re right, Symptoms deserved being the promotion song, with a video and all that entails.

  70. Oooh, Manho. You so nasty!

  71. That is so sweet of Mr. Brohoho helping SHINee put furniture in their new boxed home. Oh wait, that room looks like U-Kiss’ new home from “Stop Girl”. Does this mean U-Kiss is homeless again?

    • Damn right he is! I hope he help us decorate for the Eat Your Kimchi US tour!

    • thisisjustforfunval

      Of course U-Kiss is homeless again, remember they were living in an abandoned parking lot dancing around “hobo fires” in Standing Still. Now we know who got their house. ^^

      • You’re right. U-KISS were homeless once again in “Standing Still” so I can’t be mad at SHINee for making them homeless again. Well, I am hoping “Mysterious Lady” gives U-KISS a place where they can call home. If not, I am keeping my donation to open my home for U-KISS. I have a couch and I am open to discussions on “spoongy”.

    • maricampanaa

      omg did anyone else notice that simon’s bow tie has the eat your kimchi logo? I love it!10 cookies to Simon for originality. oh and one for Martina, Spudgy, Meemers, Soo zee and Leigh…you are all awesome!!

    • Gina-gina Maye

      spoiler alert, u-kiss is living rather lavishly, albeit out of their car. hahahahaha.
      new video is out! ‘She’s Mine’

  72. Elizabeth Le

    hey, you guys are working with j.k films?

  73. Manho hahahaha Oh my gosh. I guess Taemin and Minho’s couple name should be changed into 2man now. As the president and vice president of the galaxy, I’m pretty sure they could end up doing all sorts of interesting things…. Someone write this into a fanfiction? lol

    Anyway, I really love the dance to this song, but the song itself and the MV are kinda meh for me. And I agree: Symptoms is much better. I actually reaaaally like that song.

  74. hapagirl

    I’m really happy you guise did this. I needed Block B and SHINee to be reviewed. And I can agree with the whole Symptoms over Everybody, I think since we don’t hear a lot of music like that now, it instantly grabs me. It was the same way with Now, Smoky Girl, and Growl. I sorta abhor dub step now, so Everybody took awhile to grow on me, maybe 5 listens. I will agree with the whole chorus, but still for SM that’s pretty good. I don’t know why for just that song I don’t like considering I don’t mind it in other songs.

  75. Although I favor SHINee over SNSD, SNSD really rocked those military outfits.

  76. I feel like “Manho” is a tad bit…Nasty lol I wonder what we will call the other members once they are recognized as Manly…Man Key? Jongman? Manew? IDK >_<

    • I thought of that too and made a post…O-Man, Man-Key is so pokemon, and Jonghyun I am confused so many choices…Jong-Man, Man-jong (mahjjong haha), Man-Hyun?? I love the naming Simon and Martina do to Shinee as they grow up…hahaha

  77. Are you guys gonna be doing the EYKAs again this year?
    ‘Best Engrish’ Last year was too good. In da bildin, race is exciting.

  78. I overall liked the sound of Everybody, but that chorus really turned me off. Sure it’s catchy, but really didn’t like that it was “everybody” repeated over and over. It just made it sound super cheesy to me. But Symptoms isn’t really my style of song, though it still is quite good, so I can’t really decide which song I like better.

    But yess, when I first saw that chess piece, I was brohohohoing all over the place. xD

  79. very extremely unrelated post here…. just wanted to let you know that i reallllly miss “korean like a pro”
    T.T T.T

  80. bigbangfosho

    I actually really disliked this song. Dunno, I can’t get myself to like the SM produced dubstep. I mean, GD’s michiGO was nearing the limit of my dubstep tolerance. I don’t like it in my kpop, i prefer the distinct kpop electronic sound. dunno how to describe it, but this certainly wasn’t it. It’s kinda like what T-ara has achieved. And Nell. SM’s been putting quite a bit of that dubstep-not-really-dubstep-electronic sound into their music recently. Don’t really like it.

    As for the man ho(e) it’s the best. Who sang that part? It doesn’t sound like either of you.

  81. I’ve been mulling this over and didn’t rush to comment on Everybody… because I did not like it. Sure, it is catchy as hell, but not my cup of tea. However, it did grew on me. Be as it may, SHINee boys were my first… *blush* k-pop band and they have a special place in my heart. Dance moves are, as usual, awesome and jaw-dropping and what not and shirtless Taeman made me fangirl. Oh, and three bowls of rice of Manho here, please!

  82. Metallica and Shinee on the same episode? This is a wild one! <3 Also Spudgy was too cute! Does he really likes to sleep next to him?

  83. Woah, OK, I’m wicked confused about the YTMAs. There are going to be events happening all over the world for this? Are they airing separately, or will they be spliced together like the Disney Christmas Parade (they show stuff mainly from Florida and Cali, but it’s all the same program)? Cuz I’m only interested in the KPop stuff to be honest. XD;

  84. PunkyPrincess92

    *_* PLEASE…TALK TO SHINEE when you go to the YT thing!!!!
    oh god i LUUUUUUURRRRVVVVVEEEE Symptoms and think it’s the best song on the album!! i have listened (and still listening) to it countless times!!

    T_T i wish i lived in Seoul!!!! i wanna see SHINee!!!

    ahahaha Brohoho at the very end!!!

  85. I’ve been waiting for a SHINee Music Monday for FOREVER :) I really liked symptoms too. To be honest I thought it was better than Everybody just because SHINee has really good R&B songs, it’s like they’re voices were made for it. c:

  86. So… Idk if it was your source material or if you guys are just this awesome, but this is one of the *funniest* Kpop Music Mondays I’ve *ever* seen!! Like oh my gosh, I have *never* laughed this much when watching one :D From Martina ripping on the chorus (which is insanely catchy like a T-ARA song) to the Complextro villain skit (quite flawless indeed :3) to the return of the Brohoho (I know you guys have been waiting to use this character again, and so have we), I just couldn’t stop laughing. Great job guys :D

    I have one thing to bring up, though; why no Fangurilla? She would have been the *perfect* addition to this week’s KMM, especially with those scenes of Taeman’s shirtlessness. Wait… Maybe that scene (along with all the other solo scenes with the exception of Key’s because that weave… Still not here for that!!) was too much for her and it *killed* her!! OH MY GOSH, THE HORROR!!! WHO IS GOING TO MAKE US FEEL NORMAL FOR ALL OUR FANGURL/FANBOI MOMENTS Y_Y WRY SHINEE?!?!?! WRY YOU DO DIS TO US?!?!?!?!?!!?!!!!!!!

    *ahem* Sorry about that, my emotions got away from me XD Anyway, can I discuss a few things with you fanbois and fangurls? Like, who Key pissed off enough to be stuck with those horrible horrible extensions (Taemin’s Lucifer and Sherlock were bad enough; please SM, JUST STOP IT!!)? Or who Onew sold his soul to for his new found powers of sexy (like seriously, I needed a moment after *every* one of his solo scenes… Hell, I need a moment now just thinking about it XD)? Or how Minho came to own and expand Kevin’s giant chess piece collection? Or even why Taeman has a giant bear/panther? Like seriously, that thing was hideous; you should know better Taeman XD Since our lead fangurl cannot be with us this week, can we take the time to just discuss these questions and why SM continues to exploit SHINee and EXO (semi-confirmed comeback for November) when f(x), SNSD, BoA, and TVXQ would be perfect candidates to make a huge comeback with in these last few months of 2013?

    So… I totes picked SHINee for the best military outfits showdown for purely selfish reasons; I like Everybody more than Genie. I mean, I don’t *hate* Genie (well, I used too XD), but I just like Everybody more :3 #ComeAtMeBro ^_^

    And in other news, Shadow and Symptoms would totally have made better title tracks than Rum Pum Pum Pum Pum or Everybody. It makes me wonder if it’s SM just not being smart about picking their title tracks or if their albums have just gotten so good that they’re full of potential singles… Who knows :3 #ManhoShrug I honestly would have prefered any other song on XOXO than Wolf as the title track (it was a huge no no of SM to feature the album tracks in the drama versions of Wolf and Growl, because it just highlights how weak they are as songs) and I actually kind of wish that SM kept that horrid Duffy replay by SNSD in their vault because it was just one big no no (one should not release a song that’s aegyo infested with a cutesy dance when you’re trying to shed said image -_-).

  87. I am happy you mentioned that Jonghyun is confined in a room of pecs and ass sculptures. But no mention of him angrily smashing them? It was almost as great as Henry throwing a lamp around in Trap. SM 2013 trend: smashing things.

  88. I didn’t really like the song at first, I thought it was lazy and not well thought. But than I saw the first live, and I saw the MV again, and then the live once more and NOW I think this is one of the best songs they have.
    I don’t really dig the overly strong and ‘hard’ songs. Even though I’m a shawol I don’t like at all Ring ding ding, Lucifer still sounds kinda unpleasant for me and I have to listen it a couple of times to get used to it with Sherlock. That song though is so catchy and so easy to listen. It reminds me of Amigo, not so ‘cutesy’ like Juliette, Hello or Dream girl, but still good and harmonious. I love it.

    And yeah, I long gave up on Shinee – with every comback they have, the opening song is better than the actual single.
    Up&Down – Lucifer
    Stranger – Sherlock
    Beautiful – Dream girl
    Shine – WSS
    Symptoms – Everybody

    Why SM, why?!

  89. Symptoms is really amaaazing! I’ve liked other songs from the albums rather than the promotional songs from SHINee ever since tho.. there’s actually better songs in DG and WSS albums than the title tracks themselves..

  90. this is just so random, but i am weirdly happy Minho.. err.. MANho was your icon for this vid.. :) i don’t know, maybe its just i miss him so much.. :3

  91. NO BLOOPERS?? Nooooo are you guise becoming so experienced that you don’t have bloopers? I hope that day never comes haha

  92. I agree that Symptoms is an absolutely gorgeous song, and Shadow is great too, but I think the title song isn’t always about which song is objectively better, but more about which one makes a bigger impact when performed and promoted. It needs to be more explosive (Everybody) or quirky (RPPP) or memorable in some other way. I personally preferred RPPP over Shadow, but out of the songs on Pink Tape, my favorites are Pretty Girl, Airplane, Step and Goodbye Summer. I just don’t know how much of an impact they would make as a promoted song! (Btw, I was just waiting for a Taeman sequel. Thank you for announcing MAN-HO (whose name is, believe it or not, even better than Taeman!))

    • I LOVE “Airplane,” and overall Pink Tape is such a fun album (but then, I LOVED last year’s album too!). But when I saw the performance of “Airplane” the dance was meh, and I can understand why they went for the quirkiness of RPPP (eventhough I have issues with that song’s choreography as well).

  93. As soon as my sis and I saw the chess pieces we screamed “Brohoho!” Not to mention the ever-consistent SM formula. But, oh, so many EYK references “Taeman! 360 camera”. Shinee never disappoints when it comes to dancing (I will stay clear of “Why So Serious”… -_-) But you guisssse! Couldn’t you give just one ticket to an international Nasteh? T.T
    Anyhoddlepoddlestroddle, I’m looking forward to your Halloween Special…. (I am planning to dress up as Simone and my boyfriend could go as Martin….)
    And YESSSS! Symptoms was amaze balllllssssssss!
    Btw did you find a new house?

  94. why was Lee Minho in that Manho montage? xD

  95. I’m glad that there’s a universal agreement about how awesome Symptoms is and how an MV for Symptoms would have been super amazing. Also MANHO~ lololololol

  96. MANHO~
    I’m thinking the next should be… “kinkybum”? It seems better than “mankey” or “keyman” hahaha!

  97. andrea chan

    Fangurilla was probably too busy gushing over Taeman’s chest and now, Manho. Tis too bad. I miss that gurl’s commentary.

  98. don’t make me choose between GG and SHINee TT____TT I love both

  99. thisisjustforfunval

    By the way did you guys know that Brohoho is taking is prop-shop market to the live stage? Check out SHINee’s Inkigayo performance from this weekend ; ) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AOBlRBF4GFY

    PS. SYMPTOMS IS PHENOMENAL! Glad you guys mentioned how wonderful that song it. Even my phone agrees, it seems to play it more that Everybody.

  100. the full version of symptoms since you guys posted the short version:

  101. I think 90% of the shawols I know liked “Symptoms” better. Really grrrrrreaaaat song! “Everybody” slowly grows on you though.

  102. Is it just me, or did Mr. Brohoho sound a little bit like Mickey Mouse when he took over from Spudgy in the end of the video?
    Also, Symptoms is fantabulous. I like Everybody for the dance more than anything, but Symptoms doesn’t need a dance (probably why it wasn’t picked over Everybody) because the vocals are enough.

    • ZodiArk-x9

      Though the dance they did come up with for Symptoms is awesomely smooth and sexy. It goes with the song perfectly.
      Everybody is more of a whole-package performance song though so I guess that is why they chose to promote it as the title?

  103. Watching this video yesterday all I could think about was what Simon and Martina would say about it, especially the dance. I really like SHINee, but I’m not THAT big of a fan. But OMG the dance. The daaaaance, sweeet dance moves

  104. Marzia Matalone

    We went from Taeman to Manho…I wonder who will be next…XD…anyway, I said this before, I really REALLY like Symptoms, since I like this genre a lot more than techno…complextro…WHAT???? But Everybody is indeed catchy and the obsessive repeat of the word made me addicted (could it be a subliminal Message? A kind of Hypnosis?)…Anyway, I’m wandering What do you think about tha nasty nasty video of “Now” by Trouble Maker…I’m still trying to recover from the schock…XD

    • I am really, really disappointed with Now. Reeeally. All I could think while watching it yesterday was how much it reminded me of Rihanna. I don’t like Rihanna’s mvs.

      • Marzia Matalone

        Yes, I know what you are talking about, but, well, it is also true that they had a LOT of courage to go out with a video that’s not exactly fit for the Korean standard of decency (the minister for banishing will forget about Junsu for sure, this time XD) …The song it’s cute, but indeed, I still don’t know what to think about the MV…

        • Lina Balestrini

          Yes, it does take a lot of courage. But is it worth it? To just do what a whole lot of other internacionally known artists are doing? But I get your point.

  105. does anyone know if they’re going to live stream the Seoul event on Sunday, too, or just the one in New York?

  106. omg i see bart and joe from jkfilms :D and i wanna say thats keith from seoulistics.com but im not sure about anyone else..v.v

  107. thisisjustforfunval

    Awwww Spudgy! He needs Manho Minho to come wind him up like the other members of SHINee.

  108. The 10 lucky nasties who win one of the tickets, have fun guys! I wish I could win one of them but Belgium is not a neighborhood of Seoul… :’(

  109. Aw. I was hoping they’d mention the awesome propeller dance move onew does at the part at around the 3:37 mark.

    • andrea chan

      LOL I can’t help but want to believe that being a part of Onew Condition and not an actual dance move. Because he saw it fit to do it or something


  111. Laura Pinto

    What is cool about this song is that I do not like dubstep AT ALL and although this has many “hints” of that genre, I was still able to enjoy it and dance in a spazzastic way across my living room.

  112. That Ouran high school host club picture…..

  113. Symptoms was FREAKING AMAZING.
    Like, no kidding.
    Plus the lyrics are awesome too.
    Symptoms is a COMPLETE package, I mean, it even has a dance routine to it!!

  114. I wasn’t found of the style but later it started to become so addictive.

    BUT YES.
    Symptoms is good, even better. Also Jonghyun wrote the lyrics. It’s so good. The whole mini album is good.

  115. Symptoms is definitely my favorite from the album. I freakin’ love this song and the dance they have for it. It’s so great and deserves a video. lmao though at Manho. Toooooo mucchhh.

  116. I’m not a technicalmalogical individual, but I need a .gif of that “B*tch I’m fabulous” shot of Key…That made me spit out my coffee…

  117. I’m thinking [and this is just a radical idea for you] but the Eat Your Kimichi Crew’s next single could be Manho!!! The epicness of that song and video are just dying to be unleashed and the world is ever so ready for it! I see it, can you?!?!?

  118. Note to self, don’t watch KMM in the library. NEVER A GOOD IDEA. Should have taken the hint when I saw Manho. But in other news, great job Simon and Martina! :)

  119. ManHo lol. Minho is still my bias : ) I have to agree that I like Symptoms more, if you listen to that song with headphones, my gosh it is an awesome, beautiful song. When I watched Everybody dance practice video I was just more impressed with the choreography since you can really focus on their dancing.

  120. Starsania

    Holy smokes .. That Symptoms song is really fantabulous! Thanks! I would have never known otherwise ^-^

  121. I watched this at work and had a really hard time not bursting out laughing.
    Also, someone’s been playing Pokemon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  122. Margarita

    Are these the fan packages I see behind Simon at the very beginning??!??! Omo, I hope one of them is ours! We sent it all the way from Israel and hope you guise will open it soon so that all the delicious candy and other yummies don’t expireeeee! :D
    oh and this was a HILARIOUS music monday, thank you guise :DD

  123. I wish I could be there, but I’m not in Seoul…

    I wish I could watch it, but I have exams the next day.


    On the other hand. I laughed throughout the Man-ho interlude. Tickled me pink. :)

  124. I agree about the repetitiveness of the chorus but I’m honestly surprised it bothered you guys since you liked smoky girl so much lol

    symptoms is a better song imo, but I do like everybody more as a performance piece.

    • Smoky girl tho….I thought the same! It’s actually why I can’t stand smoky girl….they just repeat smoky girl….like ten times….it’s freaking annoying lmao, but they have a problem with everybody? Oh odd….

  125. No rating on the English of the song? D:

  126. This song is still growing on me but yes! BROHOHOHHO was the first thing I said when I saw the massive props. So happy you guise are back!

    • And we didn’t even pick out half of Mr.Brohoho’s things. Even the floor looked like the Ukiss “Stop Girl” room and that banther was awfully familiar too…

      • thisisjustforfunval

        Not to mention SM’s love of that fur have. But then again how else is Onew suppose to stay warm rolling around the floor instead of sitting in the warm chair. Not that, you know, I mind him rolling around on the floor.

        • Josh Chinnery

          I don’t think anyone minded him rolling around on the floor with dem eyes… #JustSayin’ :3

        • thisisjustforfunval

          You are correct. Just as am sure no one minded Taemin’s intentionally nip slips XD

          Oh man, Onew’s eyes. *dies

        • Josh Chinnery

          I am so not Taemin biased (that honor belongs to Onew), but I needed a moment after that too…

        • thisisjustforfunval

          Lol same here. I’m super Onew biased (with extreme Dino feels) but Taemin refused to be ignored, in fact I believe he insisted upon our attention during his scenes.

          (Geez I had to go back and edit, replying from the phone sucks.)

        • Josh Chinnery

          Lawlz… You totes just described all my SHINee feels XD

        • Sometimes I wonder if the sm artists pull straws for the fur hat. there would be a lot conversations like this:
          “OK, Onew, your turn”

        • thisisjustforfunval

          Awesome theory! And since SM will never run out of artists to wear it, the hat will live on forever.

      • The checkerboard floor is an industry staple, though. If you actually aware of it, you’ll notice that it’s used in music videos all the time in America too.

      • The crystal/diamond panther/something looks like SNSD’s The Boys giant crystal piece leftover…

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