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Kpop Music Monday: SHINee “Everybody”

October 29, 2013


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It’s SHINee’s “Everybody” for this week’s Kpop Music Monday, and it’s good timing, too. We’ll talk more about that at the end of this post. But first, check out SHINee’s “Everybody!”

Okokokok quickly, I’m gonna get this off my chest again and then get back to the things I like: anyone else think the songwriters got a bit…lazy with the chorus? The chorus is a very long chorus, in which the word “everybody” is repeated for 90% of it. Come on now! Might as well have replaced them with La la la’s. It’s so redundant that it hurts. But that’s it! Our only major gripe. Other than that, we don’t really have any complaints with the song. It’s a genre we’re not really all too fond of, or a sub genre or related cousin genre – whatever – and we actually liked its implementation in the song, when we’re otherwise worn out of the grungy electronic sound showing up in so much Kpop lately. And, even better, we weren’t barraged with UNNECESSARY RAPPING! Just singing! It was a fun song: no need to be a hard rapper or anything like that. Just lighthearted fun, I’d say, and we like that.

We also mentioned how we liked SHINee’s “Symptoms” more than this song. Even though Everybody is fun, Symptoms is AMAAZZZINNNG SAUCE. See for yourself:

Which one did you like better? We can’t be the only ones who liked this more. Then again, we do really like old R&Bish type songs. Maybe it’s not for everyone? Anyone feel the same about Rum Pum Pum vs Shadow?

Another thing we didn’t mention in the video: we joked about SHINee’s main dance move, but the rest of the dance was really, really freaking cool. The whole wind-up toy concept, with them being jumpy like those toys of old, and those parts of the video being all black and white, were really well thought out. Tie that in with the video having the concept of plugging in and waking up, being wound up like toys fits. It fits. We don’t often say that dances fit the concept of songs and videos. Dances are usually just awesome things that you watch that accompany a song, but don’t really add much meaning to it, you know? Usually, at least. I, for example, have no idea how SHINee petting the giraffe has anything to do with “her whisper is the Lucifer.” Amiright? But this was clever. I dug that.


The YouTube Music Awards, Presented by Kia

Ok, so the YouTube Music Awards is less than a week away now. We’re going to be there, along with a bunch of other YouTubers, as you might have seen from David Choi’s Tweet:

Can you spot them all?

Anyhow, we’re gonna be spending this week doing videos with them for the YTMAs. SO COOL! We’ve got one major one planned for tomorrow in which we announce some major things we’re doing for the YouTube Music Awards in Seoul. Major. Like, biggest thing we’ve ever done major. Schedules change a lot in this industry, I know, but I’m hoping it doesn’t, because it’ll be really big if we can do what we were told we’re going to do. HO LEE SHMOKES!

Even cooler, how about this: because you guise are awesome, we did our best to pull some strings, and we have TEN TICKETS TO GIVE AWAY. This is only for the Seoul event, not for the New York or London Events, so you have to be in Seoul to cash in. You’ll see us there! You’ll see SHINee there! Miss A! 4Minute! Sistar! And other artists which we can’t reveal yet, but TRUST ME you will be happy to see them there. Woot! If you want a ticket and you live in Seoul and you’re free to go to Ilsan this Sunday, we want to give you a ticket! All you have to do is:

1) Follow Us on Twitter,
2) Then tweet at us with a #YTMA tag. Let us know who’s your favorite band performing at the event. You can do so by clicking this here:

We’ll pick ten winners, and then send you a DM with details TOMORROW on how to get your ticket. Booya!

And don’t forget to subscribe, because we like you guise and give you free tickets to stuff! You’ll want to see the other cool things we’re doing this week. Definitely worth subscribing for!



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