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SHINee Replay – Kpop Music Mondays

June 13, 2011


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Yay! We’ve always wanted to do this song! It’s a really, really good song. Really good! It’s really old also, but we think it’s one of the few Kpop songs that actually aged well. Not sure about you, but whenever we listen to Kpop songs, we really like them for the first couple of months, but then, after a while, we can’t listen to them anymore. We loved Miss A’s “Bad Girl, Good Girl” at first, but now we can’t listen to it anymore. Does anyone else get that feeling with Kpop songs? There are a rare few songs that escape this pattern of intensely-love-then-can’t-listen-to-ever-again, and SHINee’s Replay happens to be one of those songs. In fact, it might be our favorite SHINee song ever. It’s definitely better than “Hello,” and – even though we liked the dance for “Lucifer” more – we happen to prefer the song for Replay.

We’ve also gotta say, we’re quite impressed with what Kpop’s doing outside of Korea. There’s a lot of attention being paid to the SM Town Paris, as well as the impact of Kpop in Japan. Seriously, when we were in Japan for a couple of days, it was amazing how popular Kpop was there. The convenience stores had lots of Kpop magazines there, TVXQ was advertising something in the Japanese 7-11s, and we even saw some girls on the elevator watching to Super Junior’s “Bonamana” on their cellphones. Now we’re seeing SHINee and Girls’ Generation releasing tracks in Japan. SHINee’s also supposed to be performing in London pretty soon as well. When we first came to Korea three years ago, we didn’t know that much about Kpop at all; we didn’t hear about it when we were in Canada. We wonder if that would still be the same now. Looking at the stats for our website, Korea’s not even our #1 source of traffic. It counts for only roughly 12% of it. We know that it’s a bit difficult to trust the Korean media’s take on hallyu and the spread of Korean culture, because they’ll always be more likely to toot their own horn louder than usual, like a mother praising her child’s accomplishments, but – from an outsider’s perspective, seeing as we’re not Korean by blood, marriage, or even visa status – we’ve gotta say that we’re impressed as well.

So hooray to the Japanese version of Replay, which seems to have translated well into Japanese…we’re guessing. We don’t speak any Japanese at all. Wish we could give it a Japanese meter. Anyone here know what they’re saying? As for the Japanese in the song, you’d give it a __ out of 5? We’re curious if they say anything like Loverholic Robotronic Supersonic Hypertonic…cuz that would be great if they did! We’d assume that the Japanese has to be better than the use of English in the song: for the Kpop version, the target audience is Korean, and English is sprinkled in; for the Jpop version, we’re assuming that the target audience is Japanese, and the English is still sprinkled in (with little to no improvement). The Japanese is dominant in the Jpop version, though, so somebody better have done their homework.

Replay Macro

All The Boys Love Me

As for the video itself, we’re a bit confused with the story line here. Our best guess is this: all of the guys are doing their own thing, and then they see this girl while they are all doing their own thing. They each, separately, fall in love with her. At the end of the video, when they’re all in this random room talking to each other with MacBooks and acoustic guitars (what are they doing in that room, anyway?) she walks in, and they all awkwardly laugh. Somehow, by looking at her, they all come to the realization that they have a crush on the same girl. Is that right? That’s our best guess. If that’s what the video’s supposed to be about, then a) this girl has one wickedly busy schedule if she’s doing art class, dance class, coffee shop studying, and fashion modelling, but that’s just a quibble. B) What’s this room that she walked into? How does everyone start laughing? And, more importantly, wouldn’t she feel awkward, knowing that all of these guys totally have the hots for her and are nervously laughing in front of her? We’re guessing that maybe she’s happy, because she happened to wrap and entire Kpop group around her pinky finger. Dont’ hate the player, hate the game.

Also, in our last video on F.T. Island’s “Hello Hello” we joked about the Kprop shop and how the same things are being reused in different Kpop videos. Did you see what was reused in this video? Anyone? It was by another SM band. That’s right: it was from TVXQ’s “Before You Go”, when they use the Matrix cameras. See, back when they used it for the TVXQ video, we found it kinda funny. Sure, it was befitting the context, in that Yunho jumps up and shoots his gun off midair, so the matrix camera made sense. Here, though, using the matrix camera for a pirouette and an awkward basketball shot just seems…awkward. Matrix cameras are cool when used for action sequences, and should not be used every time somebody jumps.

Otherwise, we hope that everyone was impressed at the introduction of our new Kpop group, F-Art: Fantastic Artists Reaching for Top. We were inspired by all the names we saw on Soompi’s article on Kpop names. Names like MBLAQ, F.Cuz, CN Blue and such made it clear to us that Kpop bands must have ridiculous acronyms in order to qualify, so we made ours. F-Art. We’re artists at heart, and we’re reaching for Top, though Martina’s idea of Top might be different than Simon’s idea of it. That doesn’t matter. What does matter is that when we finally release our music video and album, make sure you buy it. We need to start thinking of a name for our fangroup as well. Maybe the Farticles? Get a group of you together and you should be called the Fart Cloud. P.S. yes, we’re adults and we still find fart jokes hilarious.

And on that note, since SM is doing so much in Japan now, we’re gonna recommend checking out Super Junior’s “Bonanama” single in Japan. It only seems fair, seeing how we saw girls in Japan watching Super Junior on their cellphones, and also seeing how we always tend to end off our WTF Contest videos by accidentally singing Bonamana. Hooray to Kpop in Japan! If you’re interested in buying the album, they ship internationally, so don’t worry about where you live. Yeah!




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