Soy un Dorito!


Yes, Taemin at 2:08 says, in Spanish, that he’s a Dorito. Well, he probably doesn’t…but it sounds like he does!

Ok: less talk about Doritos, more about the awesomeness of this song. For starters, we’ve read some comments from people who were upset by the song and found it disappointing, which is shocking to us, because this song – to us – is one of their catchiest songs. It could be because we’ve only really gotten into SHINee since Lucifer. I mean, we liked SHINee before Lucifer, but we weren’t really Shawols. Side note: we don’t know how to pronounce Shawols. We keep on saying “Shawls” and think of scarfs. Anyhow, the whole point that we’re trying to get at is that maybe because we weren’t dedicated die-hard SHINee fans for a long time, maybe everyone else was expecting something different/more from SHINee? I don’t know. We’re totally digging the song and we’re happy that SHINee’s finally made their comeback.

Otherwise: we went on another Engrish rant here. We’re happy that SHINee didn’t fantastic elastic anything in the song, but that newspaper at the end was just absurd. Did you get a good look at it? If not, here it is:

SHINee Sherlock Newspaper

Shinee jewelry found 3:00 am yesterday Louis had found them in the museum is a jewel.

BBBBABABABBRRFGGGHH! What is this nonsense? Why would SM include this part? Who’s it for? We’re not Korean, so we don’t know how Korean people will react to seeing this. Maybe “oh! It looks cool”? I don’t know. But for those of you English speakers: how can you look at this and NOT cringe? This is unnecessarily bad. And – come the hell on – SM’s a freaking multi-million dollar company. Can’t they afford an English speaker? We’re Eatyourkimchi: a nowhere-close-to-being-million-dollar-worth company, and we can dole out the money for a Korean translator. And our Korean audience is surely smaller than SM’s English speaking audience. Why can’t SM do the same for their foreign audience?

Side note: the headline for the 1910 article was hilarious. A) March 23rd 1910 is a Wednesday, not a Friday, like the article suggested (we checked) and B) Stupidest article ever. It’s an article about being the most beautiful woman and jewelry? Who would write an article about that?

Writer: “Hey Boss! I got a great idea for our main headline for tomorrow’s news: here’s a picture of a hot chick in front of some jewelry”
Boss: “Wow that’s bloody brilliant! Write some nonsensical drivel about it and I’ll publish it without spellchecking!”
Writer: “Deal! Gee Boss, you’re the best Boss ever!”

Ok enough of that. The plot for the video sucked, but the song was awesome and so was the dancing. I mean, come on! You don’t have to be a Kpop fanatic to respect the dancing. Sure, some of it looks silly, like the Russian peacock dance, which we happen to personally like, but when you see SHINee moving with each other in line, popping out of line, grabbing each others arms…you know you’re witnessing something pretty impressive. Seriously: SHINee can freaking dance.

Altogether, we’re so impressed by SHINee’s comeback that we felt compelled to go out and buy a couple of albums to give away for you all. Want to win them? All you gotta do is tell us your favorite part of the dance and your clever name for it. Boom! It’s that easy. You can do so over at Facebook in the Contest Thread, or here in the comments. If you’re gonna post it here in the comments to this post, though, make sure you add your YouTube username so we can make sure you’ve subscribed to us, of course! Woot!

Otherwise, if you’d like to pick up the album on your own, you can do so through iTunes, or by going through YesAsia. Woot!


Also, we’d like to apologize for all the confusion over the KpopCharts for the past two weeks. We were in Japan last weekend, and we thought we’d have enough juice to come back and make a video, but helllll Japan exhausted us – in a good way, mind you – but we were still too pooped to make a decent Music Monday. And, yes, we know that the counters keep on crashing. We’ve got a developer working on fixing it (but it ain’t easy. You all just looooooove crashing our servers). Hopefully it’ll be fixed soon!

On a less serious note: Bloopers! Doesn’t Simon make the best Taemin? Ooooh! You so nayusty!


And, lastly, if you’d like to rock out to our awesome instrumental rendition of SHINee’s “Sherlock: (not sure why you would because it sucks!) you can do so here:

  1. What about when Min-ho says “Binata” but it totally sounds like “pinata”. I blame you for this, Simon. I cannot stop speaking Spanish with my Shinee!

  2. Oh yeah, LOVE the russian peacock dance…

  3. Where was this song all my life? I seriously, seriously need to get with the program. The harmony, melodic shape and even the choreography has serious MJ undertones and I LOVE MJ!!!! Ah yes, KPOP…we were talking about kpop. I totally agree about the breakdown of the party detective story. MUrder mystery time! That dancing was so badass though. Sooo high energy!

  4. I was at the MAMA concert in Hong Kong this year. I screamed “SOY UN DORITOOOO” as loud I could in SHINee’s performance of Sherlock. My friend looked at me like I was crazy. She learnt Spanish :P

  5. poor taemin. why would they put that thing on his head?

  6. ´O .o` OH POR DIOS!!! es el fantasma de la difunta novia de Junsu en Heven!!! (^_^ jejeje)

    ´O. o ` OH MY GOSH!!! is the ghost of the dead girlfriend of Junsu in “Heven”!!! (^_^ jejeje)

  7. Taemin hair extensions!! my vote :D

  8. i vote GD’s hair! its so cool!

  9. Shawol is a combined and shortened word from SHINee World. So it should be pronounced Sha-wol. I admit I am a great fan but as we don’t have their official fan club in Japan, so I am not an official shawol… but maybe just another SHINee girl!

  10. its saying OH IM CIROUS YEAH it keeks repting

  11. I’m voting for Taemin’s hair because honestly, GD looks creepy. Oh, and my favorite dance move is right after Key’s bunny hop straight into the crouch then Minho pop’s out in all his of his Korean gloriousness. He’s like “BAM!!! I AM MINHO!! COME SEE ME!!! I DARE YOU!!!!” *cue his air punches* I call it the Surprise Flame Attack…honestly what else can you call it? ‘Minho beats the shit out of you if you defy him?’ actually, i like that, so yeah, I WANT THAT DISC…! XD

  12. Oh god. I….

    I usually watch all your videos. All of them! You’re fun and I appreciate your opinion about stuff in Korea, specially now that you have the wank section. I came across your blog when I was starting in Kpop fandom. I’m a huge TVXQ fan (five members TVXQ) and I like SHINee quite a lot too.

    It has been weeks since Sherlock came out, weeks since you reviewed it. I can’t stop hearing “Soy un dorito”!!! I hadn’t processed the sounds before you said it and now… the song is so… hilarious! I’m Spanish! I should have heard it!

    Thank you so much for all the laughs! Even if won’t be able to keep a straight face whenever I see/play Sherlock… xDDD I think your blog is really great!

  13. god i laughed my ass off when you pointed out that if the unfolding line dance sequence was done by suju or exo they would be vomiting in the end… hahahaha.. this is what i love about you guys… the witty and funny lines…. hahaha.. still can’t get over it… XD

    and the recent videos i find funnier when you curse… hahaha… XD just so cute.. 

  14. My favorite part of the dance is at :19 of the dance version of Sherlock and I would call it “Super Slow Motion Running Man”, and curtsy to Simon for inspiring the name of this dance…..super slow motion and I vote for GD!~ My YouTube user name is: bunny12400

  15. on this video (SHINee sherlock only dance ver)0:09 La matrioska (is the doll with more dolls inside XD, they look like doll XD)0:32 DIRECTION OF DRUNK because all points on different sides0:46 SEPARATING IN THE WATER (like Cristo XD)

  16. GD hair!!! that beginning scene where he looks like a demented cross between rapunzel and beetlejuice was totally epic XD

  17. irritablevowel

    My favorite part of this review was when Simon put himself in ghostly harms way to save befuddled Spudgy.

  18. My favorite dance move in SHINee’s Sherlock is at the beginning of the music video where they do that awesome spin i would call it SPIN OF THE NEW BEGINNING because it’s there come back and that move is the one they start of with and it’s a really strong move and there trying to show there new self ‘s with that strong move in the beggining of the music video PLEASE READ MY COMMENT and my youtube account is kuroblackdarkness XD    

  19. My favorite dance move is a close tie!  The first is SHINee dragging their fingers on the floor, which I call “the persnickety poke.”

    Jonghyun: who didn’t sweep the floor, b*tches?
    Key: You were supposed to do it!
    Jonghyun: Whatever! You’re not my umma!

    The second is the famous, lovable “Heil SHINee! goose step.” Seriously–the first time I watched the dance, that part immediately reminded me of footage from the Third Reich. :P  

    My youtube name is polkadotdoor99

  20. GD! Totally he’s by baby <3

  21. Hm… At the beginning, after the whirlwind of flying hair, they have the stomping the beetle into the ground. :) Ksakano0713 is my youtube username!

  22. YouTube Name = HeartTheMightyBoosh 

    & Also, Hmm I Can’t decide which dance part i like best , But ill choose the beginning of it when they un-twirl themselves from within the line & I would name it Shawolocked ( I had many ideas but i chose this one mainly because of the “Shawol” ;D Anyway ,The meaning behind is it is because it looked as if each member was a lock bolt & they Unlocked themselves :P & basically it locks all their Shawols into the video (:

    & I vote for Taemin’s Hair >‿◕.-Fighting!

  23. My favorite part in the dance was at 0:28-0:34 adn I would call it “The nazi march”

    Because that was Actually how  the nazi marched…:) 

    my youtube name is Samdeming11

  24. I vote GD!!!! Sorry Taemin but your extensions are very noticeable and your long hair looked sexier in Lucifer than in this one :P GD’s hair is just too awesome and colorful and oooooo!!!!! xD

  25. Vote: Wow~ Fantastic, baby!

    Oh woooow I love the song!!! Though as a Sherlock Holmes fanatic, I laughed pretty hard while watching the video xD I wonder how Jessica didn’t get fed up. Actually, maybe she did and possessed a dog to drag them in there. :D

  26. tee-hee thanks a lot for making me hear -soy un dorito- over and over again, i just couldn’t resist… :P:


  27. In the practice video :from 1:16 to 1:20 and i’m gonna call it “We need to go slooooooooooooowly from here to here” 


  29. Oh yeah! My favorite part was this:

    I call it… “STOMP THE COCKROACH WHO WASN’T DEAD YET” move. Hoho.YT Username: dilagangforeverKudos Eat your kimchi! :)

  30. OMG!! Where do you announce the winners??? >< I am a n00b OTL

  31. Oh yeah! SHINee made it! I am so happy yet so nervous about your review guys! I’ve been taking note on some parts of the video which I think you’ll notice too. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a SHINee fan and I am as excited as much as other Shawols. Yay SHINee! SHINee’s baaaack!:)

    YT Username: dilagangforever (ikr, my username sucks) 



    3:40- “MY BODY IS READY”

    hehe when are you announcing the winners?

  33.  1:21 FEET ON FIRE

    1:24 IN PAINTING

    1:56 SOY UN DORITO (LOL)

    2:45 SHINee HALLYU

  34.  on this video (SHINee sherlock only dance ver)
    0:09 La matrioska (is the doll with more dolls inside XD, they look like doll XD)

    because all points on different sides

    0:46 SEPARATING IN THE WATER (like Cristo XD)

  35.  on this video (SHINee sherlock only dance ver)
    0:09 La matrioska (is the doll with more dolls inside XD, they look like doll XD)

    because all points on different sides

    0:46 SEPARATING IN THE WATER (like Cristo XD)

  36. I just love the instrumental, by the way! c:<

  37. hi i hope im not too late but i im gonna do it anyways the dance part form 3:07 i wanna call that part “dirt on shirt” dance^^ okay bye^w^

  38. I really liked the Russian Peacock dance. Although if I’d tried it, I’d probably just run into a wall ;~: I brings back memoried to the dance for MBLAQ’s Oh Yeah. Just that one part. Maybe I’m just weird.
    youtube: overlycasual

  39. its quite a coincidence they have this timely dance manner where one follows thereafter like a domino effect. not being sensitive or whatsoever but the dance like the waves before key’s kangaroo dance reminds me of TT : Tohoku Tsunami. Danced in slowmo as well repeated 2x, it shows the slow but deadly fx made to shawols that they slowly pull our souls away. So this should be a commemoration after 1 year in March, and their comeback in March, and incorporating a worldly event to their dance. So it would be their soul-grabbing shawol tsunami cum commemorate-the-country-we-are-going-to-return-and-do-concerts-after-sherlock-promos-done. JAPAN, SHINEE, HWAITING !!!

    youtube user: taeminhwantastix

    and well, as much of a shawol,GD’s hair is way more interesting.

  40. I vote Taemin’s hair <3 He's so cute

  41. GD hair cuz Taemin looks really weird!

  42. I got two favorite parts of the dance (well, three, but I have no idea what to call the third one…)

    1) Taemin’s “bowling pirouette” at when he sings “soy un dorito”.Taemin wants to do sporty dances (remember his ‘swim kick’ in “replay”)

    2) “SHAKE IT OFF! (SHAKE IT OFF!)” from 2:55 to 3:00. First Key has something eeeeew on his hands, then all the other members see that they have it to. They manage to get it off their hands, but then they have it on their feet. In the end (after hitting the invisible piñata), you see that they stomp on it after getting it off. It seems at it was something alive…  Perhaps Jessica wasn’t the only ghost in there?

    3) “This move is to awesome to not be mentioned” at about 4:28. It looks like a semi robot dance with a mix of marionette. “The marionette robot wrap-leg dance”

    YouTube usnername: luluamu
    Oh, 3 tries is unfair? I’m going for no. 2. Because that is, in fact, is my favorite dance move in the whole dance. Even though I think the other two names is much better. EVEN THOUGH I REALLY want that Key album… (But too poor to buy it)

    I’m voting for GD’s hair. It is AWESOME!

  43. For the Cd thingy, I say in the Dance practice video, it would be during the time 0:33-0:36 I’d call it the ATL or the Abuse Taeminnine Line xD because when Jonghyun pops out of the line to sing he bops Taemin in the head ^^ Didn’t even notice it until someone told me about it~ Poor Taeminnie :3

    Username: iM2Dinos4Shinee

  44. If you look at the official mv at the begining they’re all supposedly walking slowly. That part of the dance I would name it the “Wait!! I’m coming as fast as I can!! Turtle Walk Dance or the TWD. Haha!! FYI: Simon I’m Latina so everytime I hear Taemin’s “Soyongdorichyeo”(That’s what he actually says, but in romanji and I think you already knew that)I hear “Soy Un Dorito!” I can’t get it out of my mind! Oh and I just want to comment on the side by side pictures of Simon and Taemin with their beatiful hair extensions. I also see no difference!! LOL!!!! XD Love you Simon and Martina and I hope Shinwa or Nu’est wins tommorow.(Mostly Shinwa)-__-   Also LOVE your instrumental. It’s super cool!!! <3 =D
    YT Username: SaranghaeKpopworld

  45. I avoided watching this one for the longest time because I just get sooooo annoyed when people take flashy-non-technical dancing as Greatest Dancing Ever, and that’s all the Sherlock choreo WAS. I usually don’t mind it so much in KPop, because that’s the best way to take a group with a wide variety of dance ability and make them all look good. However, I was so deeply disappointed that SHINee was given this choreo because their ability is so much better than this. The dance was nothing more than flashy timing tricks with no real talent involved, outside of counting. So yay, I guess, SHINee can count. *sighs* They truly are one of the best dance groups out there, and they simply do not need to have this kind of choreo. So just speaking professionally, this dance really is not as good as it looks, and moreover, is completely underusing SHINee’s potential.

    That said, I still loved the song. Just, you know, can’t watch the performances whatsoever without making me want to throw my laptop at the wall. SME, FYI: SHINee is better than this. I don’t know if you forgot or something, but they are.

    And I vote GD. At least his looked good. (Taemin, REALLY. Every shot of you with those extensions had me laughing so hard.)

  46. Hey Simon & Martina,
    The more I watch Shinee’s Sherlock, the impressed I am with their choreography! Yeah, i agree that Lucifer & Ring Ding Dong were definitely more addictive tunes than Sherlock when they were first launched, but Sherlock dancing choreography is really pretty epic to me. I’m not a great dancer, but there are quite a few moves, that i feel, are gonna be soooo….. epically defined as Shinee’s dance steps now. There are so many of them that really defines this song, like the opening sequence of spinning out one by one, headbutting, then mannequin-robotic walk from 0:10-0:30; jonghyun’s “Ah… I’m-resurrected-by-Shinee-powers” head hug with the rest of them channeling their energy into him at 2:00; Key’s vampire-bunny hop at 3:06 and lastly the amazing leg- split at 3:46 “Tonight! Shinee’s in the house!”. Talk about Russian Peacock dance, I realised that G Dragon did it too – catch him on Fantastic Baby at 2:30 Inkigayo April 1st! I give it to GD for the Peacock dance bcos it can only be GD to peacock dance so cockily with his Fantastic White peacock hair (or tail?).
    Oh yes, my favourite Shinee dance move? So many, but I’ll give it to their opening sequence of the “Triceratop Head-Butt Wave” at 0:20 – This move ought to be patented as Shinee’s head-butt wave…
    My YT ID is KimuraEzo. Thanksya!

  47. hiii!! sorry for the late reply! I’m from Italy and SHINee is my fav group of all time!! well, I really hope to win because I’ve never won anything in my life so.. well…  my fav part of the coreography is at 2.00 (dance version)! It really reminds me of an italian spot that says ‘ALTOLA’ AL SUDORE!’ that means ‘STOP SWEAT! STOP BAD SMELL!’ :D lool so I would call that part the ‘stop sweat & stop bad smell dance’ XD
    yt name: ChiaKairi

  48. I vote for GD’s weave…every time I see it, I think, “Wow, fantastic baby.”

  49. my favourite dance move is from 0:30- 0:34, when they start walking forward like zombies.. and I call this SEXY ZOMBIES RISING FROM THE EAST!

  50. I vote for Taemin’s hair.My favourite move in the video is during the chorus,I call that the dinosaur-walk.

  51. My favourite part of the dance is when the blonde guy (Key) does the so-called dino-hoppy dance until the other member pops out. I name it the “Harvest” dance. Just imagine Key flicking his hands as him sowing (scattering the magical crop seeds over the land). Next, he with the help of the members use their feet to even the soil. And after a few moments, tadah, the human-like crop has finally grown! You can see the other members pulling some things out of the ground, well, they are actually harvesting.

    Youtube Username: FaustinaLim6

  52. For the hair, I think GD wins. Hands down.
    Taemin is adorable and my ultimate bias, but
    GD just has so much swag that he can pull off anything. ANYTHING

  53. For the dance, at the part in the chorus where they say: I’m so curious yeah~
    I CALL IT………
    Run from the crazed fangirls~!
    My youtube username is libbychan101

    And for the hair……

  54. I’m torn between the part when Onew gets the “Hello Mr. President” dance, or Minho’s faded-denim-pop-goes-the-weasel…OF DEATH! My youtube username is:  chainsawbunnyjapan. :)

  55. I vote for Taemin because for some odd reason he’s hotter with long hair

  56. Awsome review as always!
    Anyways, my favourite move is at 2:00 in the music video.
    I’d call it the “DORITO FORMATION” because you can draw a dorito with it and it’s the part right before Taemin yells, “SOY UN DORITO!”
    ….Let my convenient diagram explain lol
    …Yeah, I’m really weird and I have way too much free time on my hands! >.<
    Youtube Username: redknightT19
    I vote for GD btw :)

  57. My favorite part of the dance is around the 14second to 17 second mark, where the boys are doing the Ma Boy body wave ^^ but as a proud Shawol I feel I can say this without anger from others :) it looks like they’re sniffing each others butts like dogs do and coming up extremely happy with their findings ;P trust me I don’t mean this in a bad way!! keke I call it the”Sniff and Sigh”

  58. I like the part where they were on the floor at link: http://youtu.be/e0HYZxIzj8s at time 1:16 – 1:25 it ends. They look like their drawing the ranbow, sooo I’m going to call it “Rainbow Repetition” cause they also repeat it during that time, and then on their album cover its a picture of their hands covered in rainbow colors :)  My youtube username is mimmimgurl :) I am subbed to all your channels! <3 link to my channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/mimmimgurl lolololol :)

  59. Hi Simon And Martina!
    My favorite dance move is the one where they all kind of stomp upstage and Taemin goes downstage. I like to call it the “Hyung’s To The Back Of The Room!” dance, as Taeminnie is the mushroom maknae.
    Youtube: EvelynHeartsKpop

  60. Hi Simon And Martina!
    My favorite dance move is Key’s “dino-hopppy” dance. It’s around 3:05 in the Music Video. I like to call it the “Dino-Puppy” dance and I like to think that it is dedicated to Jonghyun, because he is THEE DINO-PUPPY of SHINee.
    Youtube: EvelynHeartsKpop

  61. favourite dance move from Sherlock: from 3:40 to 3.44
    I would name it “Indigenous people dance”
    because… Taemin’s outfit&hair and this dance together really looks so :D

    YT name: Digne999

  62. of course I vote for GD’s hair~! because…Taemin’s hair just disturbs me too much… xD

  63. GD ..he looks freakin awesome

  64. I’m going to give the entire dance a name because I think throughout the dance, the biggest key (hee) trademark is their teamwork. Seriously, all those moves — the “Bunny Dino”, “Russian Peacock Strut”, the “hammer in the head” bit, and of course, those parts where they spin out of line/go back in line, and the wave, resulting in what was like some kind of domino effect –  it’d be nowhere near cool if it weren’t for SHINee’s amazing ability to work together and become one. I came across a comment where someone said that the entire dance is like SHINee saying “We’re back and stronger than ever!” Which is a nice.

    Therefore, I’m going to name the various dances: The SHINee Effect.

    YOUTUBE UN: veeebuzz

  65. Taemin’s extensions once again~~~

  66. Umm, the picture should move… Here it is: http://img594.imageshack.us/img594/9583/sherlock.gif

  67. My favorite part of the dance is the Invisible Skippingrope dance (3:10 in full video, 2:58 in dance  version). You may not see it, but They. Do. Have. Skippingropes. They’re just invisible. I could see them because I used to skip exactly the same way when I was younger :) 

    Youtube username: Agatapaszcza

    Here’s the proof ;) :

  68. i would like to call there marching band walk dance the “Jaaberwalkie” hehehehehehehh
    youtube user TheTokyo711 :DDDDDDDDD

  69. My favourite part of the dance is from around 3.34 to 3.37 (in the dance version of the official music video-the one without the toilet roll!) from the part where they expand their chests on tiptoes to the wiggling fingers.

    I call it RELEASING THE LUCIFER, because they look like they’re posessed by a spirit and then release it through their fingertips.

    My username is eclectic593 :)

  70. My vote goes to GD – GD – Fantastic baby (:

  71. I like that dance at the end, when key leads it with a rap, and they like jump and turning at the same time with their hands hanging. Then the to dance with only the lower parts of the body moves. I love that the most! Can I call it a ‘jump turn hang loose’ move? cause it sounds cool.

    I vote Sherlock! YT: zieyGem

  72. I vote for G Dragon’s hair

  73. GD hair :) It was pink! (Like Martina’s :))
    And I am sorry, but Taemin’s is too long, for me. He resemble a girl enough without it ;p Cute, but too cute

  74. Vote for Taemin! It’s look better in the MCB live version

  75. Taemin’s hair, of course =)) look at GD’s hair, i just wannt cut it off LOL

  76. I LOVE TAEMIN’s … .i wonder why..it fits him no matter what

  77. Hi, the dance after 0:25 is great, i called it. I´m the newborn chick hello to the world, shaky wavy jigglyfuff.. my Youtube account is Kpop2o

  78. Ahaha my favortie part if the TROLOLOL part!!!

  79. I vote for Taemin’s hair *-* totally love the boy<3

  80. 3:05 – Key shaking hands after washing them.

  81.  My favorite dance is the one right after the Russian Peacock Strut/Dance, the one where they take a step, open their legs (okay not in a weird way), and do the picture framing with their hands!  (1:34 minutes into the official music video)  I love how it just hits the beats so strongly and perfectly with attitude!  I’d call it the “Pose For Me Baby!” dance.  “baby” optional, but exclamation mark necessary because the dance + chorus = so awesome.
    YT Name: susiebones

  82. At about 2:55- I like to call it the “Who farted?”

    Youtube name: luvinsingin07

  83. my favourite part of the dance is at 01:48 to 1:52 (dance version mv). I’d name it “Hey, can you help me lift my arms so i can show all the shawols how sexy my armpits is!” :D such a long title :p
    YT account : isntayne

  84. I like it around 3:45 on the practice video when Onew points to the other member’s and causes a chain reaction from the other members. I call it “Oh! Look! A SHINee penny!” dance.   Oh and I vote for Taemin’s hair.
     YTUsername: TheLolgirl212

  85. My youtube name is Nikushchoco and my email is [email protected] 
    I have 2 favorite steps
    1st (1:15-1:25) is when Jonghyun and Key are singing.When you look at Minho,Taemin and Onew you see them doing “finger floor dust control” :D
    2nd (1:55-2:05)is when Jonghyun is doing his ,,aeroplane ” solo :D
    Please~~~ pick me ,i never won anything T__T

  86. Taemin hair of course. I am biased but I really think Taemin is really handsome in this hair style, especially when he has a ponytail. 
    Blablabla….totally agree with you that SHERLOCK is an amazing song. I dont understand why people dont like it. It is very addictive!
    An new era of SHINee is going to open!

  87. 100% vote for GD’S hair. i dont know is it his hair or he is always looks good in anything*.*

  88. My favorite dance sequence takes place at 2:01 to 2:06, where Jonghyun is in the middle and the other members hold on to each other’s elbow (sorry, I’m bad at describing things)… Anyways, I shall call it “THE FIVE-MAN FACIAL WASH DANCE”. SHINee shows us how to properly wash someone’s face. In a way, this symbolizes their team work – that is, to perfectly execute one thing, all of SHINee should be involved. 
    And my youtube username is jammysmoochie

  89. This isn’t my favorite song from Shinee (its still Lucifer for me)..The music sounds so discordant sometimes, it seems like the vocals are battling with it as to who can be the loudest… Great dancing as always, although the Russian thing was a bit “O_o???” 

    As for the long hair issue,I’d have to say GD coz he has proven time & time again that when it comes to hairstyles, long or short, his swag makes everyone else bow down to his superiority..Taemin looks too much like a girl here..

  90. Im voting on GD’s long hair over Taemin. Sorry Taemin

  91. My favorite dance move is from 0:30 to 0:35. They kind of look like they are marching, so I’d call the dance ‘SHINee Toy Soldiers’. I already commented on youtube. Le username is ‘Thegazetterockruki’. I hope I win! >:D

  92. My favorite dance move happens a few times in the video: I love every time a member does a sequence of moves in front of the others and they end up freezing in the four poses. I’d call either the “Shutter Burst” or the “After Image”. Keeping my fingers crossed for one of those CDs!
    Username: coRynnstar

  93. to be honest, i actually like taemin’s better…

  94. GD’s hair!

  95. youtube name: kenna0805

    my favorite part of the dance starts at 2:00 minutes and ends at 2:05
    it..its a new kind of face arousal…..
    or qpdhfa for short

  96. thatssumgoodcurry

    My favorite dance move of SHINee’s Sherlock would definitely have to be the part where all the members get together and help Jonghyun wash his face. I’d have to call it the “Epic-Blackhead -Buster-Dance.”  His pimples have been EBBD.
    On Youtube: thatssumgoodcurry

    I’m also gonna have to vote for GD’s hair for this one, just because of its epic long-ness in the video when he’s sitting in his chair. If you’d asked which one looked exactly like a girl to the point where I was confused, then I’d vote for Taemin. I’d also vote for him for “hairstyle most difficult to wear while dancing.”

  97. gd was better -_-
    y would a guy…who looks like a gurl want 2 have long hair?

  98. Hi,guys!!!! Now, I´m agree with the name of “russian…peacock dance step” but from the minute 2:09 to 2:11 the arms are diferent sooo….. ” the moonwalk” is already old fashion, nowdays you make the “mario bros. walking” :D

    By the way, I´m mexican so I want to tell you that there is no only the “soy un Dorito” part. From 1:24 to 1:27 Jongyun and Key said something that sounds like “tu galleta” which means “your cookie”, and also from 1:59 to 2:01 Jonghyun said “solito” which menas “alone :( “. Do you think that they where hungry during the shoot of the MV or that they have a particular love for videogames (and they don´t let Jonghyun play)?

    That´s all I want to say, but yeah… I love your. video.Youtube name: eleMLC1

    And….I vote for Taemin :)

  99. Nice toilet paper guise, almost didn’t see that Haha

  100. GD’s hair wins by far. Taemin… OTL

    My favorite dance is at 1:17 to 1:24 and I call it the “Fancy Slethin’ like a BOSS” dance move. Because they’re detectives and wiping your finger on the floor is a very detective-like thing to do. *swipe* “Nope no dust. Seriously, how is this floor so immaculate?” (~Minho) *swipes again* “Holy Sherlock Batman! It IS clean, Minho!” (~Onew) *just dancing like a boss* (~Taemin)

    YouTube username: theFULLMoonKnight

  101. in the dance practice video, my favorite part is 1:56-2:05
    i would name it “connection with jong- he’s sexy and we know it”

    YT name: ishshafasho3

  102. I love you tAEMIN more than GD but have to say GD… Im a shawol!.. GD has the swag, Taemin sway it better,,, but GD is fucking hot with it…

  103. this dance is so postmodern that I love it all around :)
    the move you called – russian peacock – for me this is ‘singing in the rain’ move.
    and the last move in the whole dance looks like final move of terminators ready to come and kill us all – I love it too! TERMINATOR’S move :) [we-are-rea-dy-to-lunchhhhh]
    and the ‘beat Minho up’ move… nice.
    and the ‘James Bond opening lens’ move… [this with vomiting at the end] :)
    the dance to Sherlock is pretty fantastic.

    sorry I can’t choose only one.
    but I love it all :)

    YT account:bupuk

  104. I’m totally voting for GD’s hair!! 

  105. Rapunzel “who wore it best” gotta go to GDs creepy Rapunzel King at the start of Fantastic Baby. Taemin just looks too much like a 1980s high school heavymetaler for me to take the look seriously!! 

  106. Tough question. Uneven-kun looks creepy, but Pocahontas-kun is even worse… I feel so uneasy when I can’t tell a gender of person I’m looking at :(
    Besides ‘u, fantastic baby’ is now a signal for my texts, so I vote for Big Bang 

  107. My favorite part (though it’s clearer in the dance version) is at 3:05 just before Minho does his epic hurdling.  The shaking out of the hands and wiping on shirt motion, aka “no more paper towels left in the bathroom” 
    To demonstrate, here is Taemin: http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m1lupj8vs71qid7ydo1_400.gif
    (Youtube: Kleptodino)

  108. My favourite part of the dance is around 3:42 in the music video and around 3:40-3:45 in the dance practice video (it’s more visible there). It’s that little move Onew does, but it honestly made the whole video even more enjoyable for me. I’d call it “the fridge is that way” dance because he’s clearly sensed some food. (youtube: UnfortunatelyFool)As for the hair, GD all the way. I absolutely love it.

  109. sheryl_altokun.saotome

    I am Mexican, so my native language is Spanish, but for some strange reason I did not realize “soy un Dorito”, until I saw it here xD, well I laughed a lot when I saw Saimon imitating tae and I laughed even more to hear in the song ^ o ^

  110. sheryl_altokun.saotome

    i  I have nothing against Taemin, but i love GD’s hair * ____ *

  111. oh and BTW I vote for Taemin, can’t help it I have a thing for girly boys ;D

  112. I love Shinee but I’m not a fan of this song or even the video

  113. D: why such a difficult question. how am I supposed to choose my fave part when I love the whole dance so much!?  >…< I'd pick the quintuple revolution if I had to D:
    btw, I'm Key biased *hinthint* XD
    YT username is Jablonka89 ^^

  114. I vote for Taemin! His hair looks a lot better!

  115. I vote for GD. Even though Taemin looks great, I don’t like that he looks girlier than me >.<

  116. Thank you Simon for making me dream you as Taemin. It was a really GREAT dream. >.< NOT!
    Any way… My favorite move in the dance? Well… You guys know the part were Jonghyun is in the middle and they link one with another? In the dance practice it starts at about… 1:56 I guess… Ehh. Who knows the exact time? 
    I call that move PTSOITMSHCLT [ it means " Put the shortest in the middle so he could look taller" ] or SHINJONGddle. But no matter how hot and gorgeous Jonghyun looks, I believe Taemin should had have that move .<
    And just random…

  117. I vote for Taemin ^^ Just because he’s Taemin <3

  118. My favourite move is the one where the members stand around Onew (0:40 in the dance version) and Onew “drags” them towards himself, one by one. I call it “Chicken, come to me!” For no particular reason…
    Also my Youtube username is: MrPrincessViKi

  119. In the dance practice video – 3:43 until about 3:46

    The “throwing boogers” dance. Onew getting ready to throw his booger, and you can really see the fear in everyone else’s eyes. But they decided to tag along.
    And you see that thing Onew does with his hand at 3:45? 
    It’s to shake the booger off his hand. True story.

    Youtube channel name: Ichiigox

  120. My favorite part is the part when Key raps nearly in the end of the song. I’d like to name it “lets-release-the-cramps”. Because it looks like Key’s hand had cramp and he would like to release it playfully by flicking his hands. Then the other SHINee members find out that what Key did was interesting and they start to do it together, they even jump to release their leg’s cramp. LOL LOL.

    My YT account : flyingfili

  121. GD must win ’cause he didn’t want to look good, he’s just a crazier version af the Mad Hatter !! Taemin of course looks good (as always !), but he looks too much… pretty :s

  122. Pound my head dance.
    I think that would really help when you have one of those headaches when you feel like your head is gonna explode.

    YT name : onjjongkeymintae

  123. btw. taemin looks better with long hair ^^

  124. lol. the toiletpaper and the cup in the background XD

  125. Music Video Dance Version 1:20-1:23 = the only thing i remembered from the video.

    Name: “Goose Step”…or is that like…a bad allusion and thus unmentionable? D:
    I’m happy to replace “Goose Step” with “Lord Pennington Wiggle-your-bottom”
    edit: YT: renaxoxolessthan3
    i forgot what my YT ID was :S

  126. i didn’t like this song at all 
    but stranger in shinee’s album is way better 

  127. SM is already known for making videos that doesn’t really make sense AT ALL, or try to write English thinking maybe no one will ever notice the grammatical errors..thanks to you guys you opened my eyes…  But i have to agree with you guys the song is really catchy and the dance (?!) i will never ever bother myself trying to copy their dance LOL.. coz i already know i can’t do it.. 

    PS: honestly ever since i watch your reviews, i feel like i NEED to see the flaws on every music videos.. i don’t know if that is a good thing or a bad thing. lmao.. especially when the MV takes place on the streets.. i keep on searching for FLAXTON ST. really!!! lmao

  128. GD’s hair~ He’s got more colors (wohoo)

  129. 1:18, 1:23 – the Carefully Checking for Dust move. Anyone who’s worked in the service industry under a scrutinizing boss will agree that it’s a pretty intense and dramatic move… Especially when done twice like that, like you’re just not convinced. @_@

    youtube: rarafaceface

    Gotta say I love Diamond Mitchell’s Skip It idea though. I can totally see it XD

  130. okay sorry but watching the dance video makes me think of more lol ohh so funny….

    so starting at 2:53…THE SPIDER DANCE!!

    Spider gets on you…ohh no cover and automatically try to brush it off with hand
    spider doesn’t want to let go…..so jump to brush it off
    spider falls by your feet….so try to step on it in a panic state
    spider tries to cling to you one more time…throw water to it, trying to drown it
    finally spider get dizzy from the splash…..you can now accurately stomp on it to finish the job!
    now do a happy dance ^^ like a Boss!!!

    if you read to the end, i can assure you this is how i look when it happens to me, except i’m crying hysterically while doing it because of my phobia to spiders!! 0_o

    or at 1:23…the “open your sexy-mini-window” dance!!!

    at 1:42…The “ohh-yeah-thats-the-spot, scratching-the-ear” dance!

    anyways username: twilove26

  131. I wish you addressed the swing in the mv between amazing vintage Victorian-esque style and the abominable dance clothes they wore… They totally should’ve kept the Victorian style.

  132. ummm the dance that i liked the most was in the dance version video, at 1:08
    i would call it “Olee!!! Torito!!!” to keep up with the “Soy un Dorito!!” jajajaja =))

    username: twilove26

  133. 0:30-0:35 the nutcracker army dance

  134. thisisjustforfunval

    “Soy un Dorito!” Lol, hearing that reminds me that my co-workers have all asked me at some point if I was sure I was listening to Korean music because some of the words and pronunciations sound so similar to Spanish. I live on a border town, and for many English is their second language, same goes for most of my co-workers. They have all misheard some funny phrases listening to my kpop, mostly in Super Junior songs. In four weeks I’m really going to miss my co-workers, they all got laid off minus six others and myself.

  135. Instead of the russian peacock strut I would call it the ‘get in slow motion kangaroo swagger’ SM can’t seem to resist the slow motion camera or references. But it still totally reminds me of that russian folk dance where they squat, fold their arms, and kick their legs (idk if that was what you guys were going for! >.<)

    YT: Kurushimi926

  136. Voting for Taemin! He looks better with long hair =D

  137. GD’s hair is better because it’s artistic, stylish, cool, and ORIGINAL. The colours are always changing and so does the length (Fantastic Baby… super long badass hair). He’s obviously TRYING to be unique and different. 
    Taemin’s hair is just too girly. By that, I mean it just looks like normal girl hair. Put it on a girl, and see what’s so special about it? It’d be just another typical girl. 

  138. Gotta be Taemin for the win here. Let’s face it, every member of Big Bang looks hot this year…except for G-D. His hair is just disturbing. It’s like what, get out of the shower and just dry half your hair and then…let’s see, what color should I clip in today. At least Taemin’s hair looks all clean and (wait for it) SHINEE!

  139. I can’t believe their ability to dance. Have you heard their live singing at the music bank MR removal version? OMG. They can sing clearly while they are dancing amazingly, especialy onew!!! There are just so many parts that I love, I don’t know where to begin! I love where Minho walks in front of them and each member’s follow the motion. I love when onew dances alone pretending he is searching for somthing while other members are standing in one line showing each move that onew did before start searching. But my most favorite dance is toward the end of the MV, onew kiss (or touch his tongue) then reach out his left arm and flutters his fingers toward his members and members follow the motion one by one. I call it ‘finger kiss flutter’. And GD’s hair is stylish and uniqu, but i am not really used to that kind of style so I was really shocked when I saw it, so I am ganna have to vote for Temin!

    Dance in 00:35 and 02:24 (although you can’t really see it in the MV), where all members are lined up and jonghyun or onew dance in the front and each member follow them motion after motion is called ‘Shadow dance’ or ‘Afterimage dance’. I didn’t name them, that is what korean fans call it and I think its pretty good lol.

    Oh, my twitter name is written in korean lol.
    But my youtube ID is jean99lavu

    + FYI, I am reposting this because I forgot to put my youtube ID and I didn’t think you guys would go back and re-read it with so many comments to read. Thanks!

  140. (from the dance practice video, it starts from 1.57 to 2.02) I’m calling it “Smell my armpits” dance ’cause it really does look like it. (just poor taemin and onew. lmao)

  141. Jeannie L
    OMG!!! After whatching your review of ‘Sherlock’, I have been watching some of their comback stages on different korean channels on youtube and I ended up memorizing some parts of the song. But eveytime Temin’s part comes around, I just sing along ‘soy un Dorito’!!! I speak korean perfectly fine, but I just can’t help singing Soy Un Dorito when that part comes around! Now SHINee’s Sherlock be came DORITO song for me. Thanks simon for ruining the awesome song!!! LOLOL

  142. dannytokiohotel4eva
    My name for my favorite part of the dance would be where they spread out their legs. I would call it BOOM, PREGNANT. cause yeah.. self explanatory hehee x)

  143. In the Mv I like the one that starts with Taemin at around 0:30 where they all start, like, to walk but with a lot of strength and fierce that says ” Hey babe! I’m here so be careful cuz I’m a damn hot soldier ” xD or the one at 1:20 where they all kneel and it’s like “Let’s write our names in the sand “^_^

    YoutubeUser: xprrj  

  144. “Spinning Maknae Killer”  0:05-0:10 in the dance version of the MV

  145. My favorite dance move is the one from 1:58 to 2:03 on the Only Dance video (2:01 to 2:05 on the Music Video). Those arm movements are awesome! 8D The name is: Sexy Shiny Chain of Power and Love. YouTube Name: thatyXDXD

  146. I liked the 2:00 move! Because it looks like a superhero anime formation when the guys give their powers to the leader, so they can do a supercool attack joining their forces to defeat the last boss! I would call it “Sassy formation: Super Shiny Beam!”
    Youtube username: sweetlysalty

  147. I am a disappointed SHINee fan… I’ve never been a super die hard fan for any band, but SHINee was my first semi-obsession. I was disappointed because the teaser clip made it look like they were gonna go for something REALLY artsy like Infinite usually does (I’ve TOTALLY fallen in love with Infinite and am always really impressed with their work), but then when I saw it…. I dunno, I guess it does have more of the artsy stuff than their MVs usually have, but there was too much of the closeups to make it artsy in the same way Infinite’s MVs are artsy and sort of mysterious. I TOTALLY LOVE the chorus, but it doesn’t appear that often which makes me sad. I like the rest of the song alright, but the chorus is definitely the strong point of the song and the fact that it doesn’t occur very often is definitely negative. Because I was expecting this new and artsy feel from SHINee I was disappointed because the song feels like all of their music does. SHINee’s been around for a long time, but they always do the same thing, and on a certain level their music always sounds the same to me (which doesn’t have to be a bad time, USUALLY i love that, but because I was expecting something different I was a little crestfallen). The fact that SHINee so seldomly releases music also contributed to my disappointment. Big Bang always comes out with at least a few killer new songs, but SHINee hardly ever does, and so when we didn’t get something new this time around I was a little disappointed. I don’t dislike the MV or the song, I was just expecting SHINee, which should be confident enough to try something new all the time because they have such a strong and loyal fan base, to try something new for once. 

  148. Great MM you guys! I vote for GD… because at least his was kinda badass….. 

  149. 0:58-1:19 (only dance mv). I already post it in the youtube comments, but this time I finally decided on a name: “Toilet Paper Drama”

    It’s a story that goes like this: Key left TP in the dance studio; Shinee boys were finally filming the MV but then…

    0:58-1:01: Key says, “I wanna go to the restroom but I forgot my special 4-ply toilet paper. Everyone, FREEZE!”

    1:02-1:11:Jonghyun says, “That’s because you always leave it on the floor when dancing. Just use the museum’s restroom toilet paper”

    1:12-1:15: Key says, “It hurts my tushy :(“. Jonghyun says, “DON’T COMPLAIN!”

    1:18-1:19: Taemin says, “But it’s true that rough paper hurts our skin that is like a baby’s”.

    Youtube user: 13mariale13

  150. Simon is way better with the wig! so since i cant vote Simon I vote G Dragon

  151. I vote for GD’s hair, but only because I feel that Taemin’s look could have been a lot better without bangs. And as someone else pointed out, the changing bright colors in GD’s hair are awesome. 

  152. Sorry but I loved Taemin’s long hair in Lucifer SO MUCH more! So imma give this one to my gorgeous beautiful bias GDRAGON!!! <3

  153. simon, your wigged alter ego was the hightlight of this week’s MM. does she she have a name? cause i love her and her diva self. hope we get to see more of her puh lease ^^

  154. I love the dance move when Key is singing at 3:05! “Wash your hands and shake shake shake to dry”YT : knights0dream (what a weird username)

  155. Thanks to simon i was the whole day like SOY UN DORITO!! I say it minimum 200 times.. Lol

  156. Favourite dance part: (in the studio version) from 3:06-3:09, the sideways jump step that helps them move back together right before Minho’s rap. I would call it the “scissor step” because if scissors were going to walk or dance that’s how they’d have to do it, right? (I hope I’m not the only person who’s thought about that…) (YT: canadianmew4) It actually kinda reminded me of SuJu’s zombie walk in Mr. Simple, but more… lively.

    I also wondered why they’d put the newspaper in English. Maybe because Sherlock Holmes is originally an English character? But then it would’ve made more sense for the newspaper to be “The London News.” Maybe it’s just because fans not fluent in English will look at it and be impressed and uncritical? Whatever the reason, it just creates that awkward moment where you’re loving the song and facepalming at the video. Please stop, SM TT^TT… As an editor, I too volunteer to edit any and all English texts you create for free.

  157. You haz a cat???

  158. Obviously, the best dance move is at 3:06, the ‘hand-dryer is broken’ dance. You see, SHINee actually were looking for toilet paper in the museum all along so they can wipe their wet hands on it, since the hand-dryer in the bathroom is broken. They even try to wipe their hands on each other’s shoulders! But then Jessica kept distracting them, so finally Key has an epiphany and figures out that shaking their hands can make them dry too! OMG I KNOW! So Key is like ‘hey guise, check this out! Works better than the arm wipe!’ and then SHINee is like ‘Oh EM GEE you were totally right’…and then they proceed to an awkward one-foot skateboarding celebration dance!..yeah…booyah.

  159. When they say “tonight SHINee’s in the house” then they start moving silently.
    then it looks like they were saying “gimme that” “gimme that” and taking something with their hands just to store it in their pockets.
    i call it “Robbery detective”
    Youtube account is nubesoare

    Btw i choose GD’s hair (i wanna have it like that) and sorry for my english

  160. On 2:56-2:59 (Dance practice video: 2:53-2:56). The “Circle wave” dance. YT username: narvekn

  161. I really loved the part in MV (Only Dance Ver.) @1:20-1:22 … I’ll call it “Kick Like a Boss” … hehe… I’m gonna Kick you Like a Boss :)
    YT account: yujee146

  162. Dance Practice Video: It starts 2:52 and ends at 2:56. I call it the “Look, what’s that over there? EEW, WHAT IS THAT?” you know, they first lean forward like all CURIOUS, and then they are like… leaning away from ‘It’… hahah

    And I do like Taemin’s long hair… but GD looks so fierce… god, I’ve watched to much of the old seasons of Project runway… But I have to say that I like Taemin’s better…

  163. Awesome video as always! 

    For the Showdown I’ll have to choose Taemin! (because G-dragon only shows his weave in Fantastic Baby, during blue it looks like a piece of colored tape)

    My favourite dancepart is what i like to call the ‘haters-gonna-hate’-dance (the chorus dance).
    See SHINee walking past all those who cannot dance, being all like ‘see we can dance and you not muahahahahaahahah’ 

    Youtube account is StarzReader                  :D

  164. The dance part after your “Dino-Dance” is my favourite (as well as the Dino Dance of course :) )

    It starts at around 3:05

    Key throws away their previous plans (by doing a punch in the air) and they do the “Pendulum to communicate with those who want to communicate…” (by swinging their legs back and forward) to contact Jessica on a mystical base… By doing so they will be able to find the treasure.

    As a reward for his brilliant idea he strokes himself on his head. Good boy!

    My YouTube Account: Itzpapalotl93

    Thanks for being awesome in this video as always ;D

  165. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e0HYZxIzj8s
    0:49~about 0:54, i really like this part as our leader onew is “pulling” back his members! i guess i can call it the ‘i’m the only one who has the rights over our members’ dance? XD HEHEHEHEHE

  166. (My Youtube Account is: MsChabii)

    My favorite dance move was the dance step on 0:34 to 0:36 (on their practice dance version) where they are in one straight line and Jonghyun’s at the front and the members at the back are following the dance moves of Jonghyun and freezes ♥ I’ll call it the “Follow the Leader” Dance Move? LOL. Hahaha.

  167. i REALLY loved the
    choreography of this song. it was one of my favorite. it reminds me a
    little of what michael jackson would have choreographed for him. (i know
    it’s the same choreographer he had for this it). the little slow motion
    (rippito flippito sipi slow motion~) march thing they had starting at
    19s in the music video made me think of MJ’s choreography for ‘they
    don’t care about us.’ so i would name that the MJ slo mo MARCH. oh how
    uncreative but seriously best choreography ever!!! i’m gonna teach it to
    myself soon!

  168. I’d pick 0.20 – 0.40 cause its goes step by step! Name: “Step Sway SHINEE freestyle!” Totally AM-AZ-ING!!! Perfect sequence!! …. (“)> <3 <3 <3

  169. I LOVE  their come back it was AMAZING and I would love to have the SHINEE CD. It would make my life more lively. I would have to pick 1:05 to 1:07 the bit when the guy in the middle pushes them away. I would call it “LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!!!!” I LOVE SHINEE!!!!!!!<3<3<3<3

  170. with this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N8VRaGe3Cqs
    from 0:15 ends at 0:17 -> cat bags for milk

    love to watch your video’s, hope ther will be a lot moreXD

    yukiko m.

    youtube account: soranibrahim100

  171. I love 0:18 the “Run Shinee Run” it is just so awsome, all the sequences they made and so synchronized. It is just perfection. I can’t even describe it.

  172.  Fleeting but awesome: at 3:15, right after Exploding Leapfrog comes a move I’d like to call “Punching Crime in the Face.”  The MV cuts away immediately, but I think it’s clear that there was an epic SHINee-crime beatdown, especially because they find the jewels right afterward.  SHINee doesn’t need sleuthing skills because the way they solve crime is to punch it in the face. (YT name: phenomadology)

    Also, my vote is for GD’s hair.  If it’s gonna be ridiculous (which I heartily approve in both cases), it might as well be ridiculous and EPIC.

  173. I love when they did this leg thing at like 3:40 and i think it should be called “super squat” XD

  174. I love the part of 1:21 I call it: ”The Big Manly Men Walk” because its like they walk to the front with full confident like they own the place (which they do becuz they r awsome) :)

  175. I’d vote for SHINEEEEEEEE!!

  176. Youtube username: ilovebabydarling

    In the MV, I would choose the most distinctive “Oh! I’m so curious yeah!” chorus dance moves because it’s totally my favourite part! Initially, I had this weird thought about this move, “so does it mean that all curious people have to walk like this?” Be it whatever, I felt this is the most memorable part for me!

    I’m naming it – Curious Scorpios.

  177.  My Favorite part of the dance would be the first Seconds where they just
    stand there and also at the end too because Shinee can just stand there
    But STill Look soo Hot  in a wonderful line formation soo i would call
    that move : Im Sexy and I know it! xDD
    Youtube: TheAAAProductionz

  178. :D :D :D
    And GD´s hair is better :D

  179. gotta go with GD’s man! in regards to hair, GD can pull it off big time!

  180. Thanks Simon and Martina for making this video.really appreciate it!! i laughed a lot watching both of you. and I really admire SHINee’s singing and dancing.they are totally awesome!! I started to recognize and adore them since Replay day! they never failed to impress me and they are beyond my expectation..and ouh, I love when Key dance the bunny part hehe and i am more prefer Taemin with the long hair..i think he suits everything.again,THANK YOU ^__^

  181. My favorite part of the SHINee dance was 0.34 to 0.36 in the practice vid!!!XD

    I love this part because I feel that it suits the bigger theme of the choreography which is that they are all connected, and are reflections or copies of each other.I think that this move is so visually stunning and suits the song so well!*o*

    Detectives,when solving a crime, must mentally put themselves in the criminals place(in other words their position) in order to understand and solve the crime.I think this move is to express that!!

    The way that Jonghyun does various moves and each member performs what seems like an afterimage of the pose is VERY COOL!; D haha I think i got carried away and went into too much detail!!XD

    I would name this move ”The Afterimage Effect”
    Wahhhhh i really want the cd*^* good luck everyone!!

  182. Thank you simon and martina, I will never see sherlock in the same way i saw it before. SOY UN DORITOS! As for the hair showdown… ALTHOUGH i’m a diehard shawol and all, GD’s chameleon hair is definitely preferred over taemin’s. Heck, simon’s “extensions” were better than Taemin’s :b

  183. G-Dragon cuz they couldn’t win last week…..WHYYY??????So GD!

  184. My favorite dance part in SHINee’s Sherlock MV (dance only version) is the “run-after-Jessica-and-take-her-photo” that starts at 1:20 and ends at 1:24. Suits what Minho did in the MV. Hahahaha!

    YouTube Name: kwonjiyoong83

  185. Shinee jewelry found 3:00 am yesterday Louis had found them in the museum is a jewel. They raelly have to fire this person. But maybe it’s in english because Sherlock Holmes is English. 

  186. The “HOT COAL” dance, where they seem to shake off their hands and jump around. Can’t help  but to hand over some toilet tissue rolls. :p YT name: cookiejouXD

  187. YT Name: TheBlankExpress

    Course it would be the 42 second mark with jonghyung’s ‘he went that’r way’ pose… never ask him for directions … ==

  188. Taemin wins definitely XD

  189. from the dance version video uploaded by smtown, i think the best part of the dance is from 3:02 – 3:12. It’s my favourite. I call it the “Break Free From The Parkinson’s Disease” dance. LOL.

    my YT username is: myshinydream

  190. Shinee jewelry found 3:00 am yesterday Louis had found them in the museum is a jewel. 

    What the f– is that?! I totally agree with you guys, I just don’t freaking understand why SM doesn’t spend much attention even to a minute thing like English ~ *shrugs


  191. I have to go with GD: his hair extensions changed colour!  (Black and orange :D)  It kind of pains me, though, because I think Taemin’s awesome.  I really preferred his hair the length it was in Lucifer, though, but here it’s so long that I spend half the time wondering why SHINee had replaced their maknae with a girl.  (To be honest, it reminds me of when Sungjong from Infinite had long blond hair — when he dressed up as a girl for a dance off or something that they had and danced to JB’s song Baby, he really was indistinguishable.)

  192. i think taemin looked just fine with long hair. but i would prefer if he tied up his hair like lucifer. he is freaking gorgeous that way. anyway, my favorite part is during the chorus part when they do the ‘running’-like kinda dance and then go to other side of the room. it feels like they are conquering everything. haha. and one more is during key’s rap till minho’s jumping part. awhh. that’s awesome. :)

    anyway, YT username: erikatakeru90


  193. Dance practice video: 1:24-1:29 
    (Key, Minho, Onew and Jonghyun) Their part is like: Come at me, bro! :D
    Youtube username: Diia08

  194. My vote goes to Taemin
    My favourite part of the dance is the part where they put their fingers on the floor. I’m gonna call it the “The reason why SHINee’s got dirty nails” dance Oh! and at the beginning, where Taemin turns a lot, I’m gonna call that the “folding screen” dance
    Youtube username: 4eversupershinee

  195. Taemin’s hair is the best!

    My favorite part of the dance is after Minho jumps over Key. They start to punch the ground, right? Well, I name that the “Make Buildings Age of Empires’ style”! I don’t know about the newest games, but in Age of Empires II, the constructers would punch the ground to make a building and SHINee’s dance totally reminded me of that childhood memory.

    My YT user is Vichuwan

  196. YT Name: TheKimlily

    Not really sure how to explain this but, my favourite part of the dance (in the MV, it’s around 3:40) is the part where they rapidly move their feet outwards so that their legs are split to form 90 degree angles? (Sorry about the sketchy explanation). It’s done in one sharp, quick movement and so I would call it “The Rip N Split” ;DAs for the better hair extensions, I’ll have to vote for GD’s. His hair extensions in Fantastic Baby were more than 10 metres long!

  197. GD’s hair FTW all the wayyyy!! XD Long hair on Taemin just looks weird. Just weird. 

  198. i like the russain peacock dance part :) and i will call it ‘ yeah im so cool what you going to do huh !!! ‘ dance :)  

    and for the hair i choose GD 

  199. vaxanne

    Names for three distinct parts in the choreo:
    1. Clonogenics (intro- SHINee’s back, back, back through first verse and mid song, siren and glass breaking parts)
    2. SHINee (Shiny) Chesty Strut (swaying arms- “I’m so curious yeah…”)
    3. Lasertron Rebound (ending- Minho’s Ho… give it up, give it up for SHINee…)

    YT username: vaxanne

  200. Soy un Doritos~ is now stuck in my head =3
    Taemin’s hair is awesomenes~s finally get why Martina thought Shinee was made up of four guys and one girl……ahem… anyway…Favriout parts were 0:17 – 0:21 “Honey I made more clones”and 0:36-0:39 “Not-So-Pastel doppelgangers”YT user name: cassieve25

  201. i luv g-dragon’s long hair!!!!
    it’s amazing

  202. My vote goes for Taemin’s hair or better yet extensions :)
    As for my favourite dance move:
    It is at 2:52 and onward (in the dance only version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N8VRaGe3Cqs&feature=g-u-u&context=G241205aFUAAAAAAAJAA)
    I call it “Check out my nail polish” where Key brags about his shiny nails and then proceeds with showing how he used to dry them. Followed by the finishing touch: some bad ass rope skipping moves LOL!
    My YT username: gladioluspalustris

    PS: Awesome video as always! Especially LOLED at the spinning-vomiting part, I totally imagined Shindong doing it. :D

  203. my favourite dance part would probably be keys part at 3.04 in the mv its called THE BECAUSE IM KEY EVERYTHING I DO IS FABULOUS…no thats not what ill call it…or would i…nah i think and appropriate title would be SHINEE MV PART 3.04 no i would call it…gosh this is hard uhhhhh… I JUST RINSED MY HAND I CAN’T FIND A TOWL AND I JUST SHAKE THE WATER OFF im soo bad at this.
    ps i waited so long for you to review this i keep checking your channel every half an hour
    pss i think taemins extensions are better it make him look like a girl….im not a pedo…lol…..
    psss i love your videos i watch all of them+ bloopers and extra each at least 5x and yes i have really bad eye sight now
    pssss it funny if you read this whole thing
    psssss are you sick of this now
    pssssss am i writting this correctly
    this looks cool
    yours sincerely

  204. i vote for Taemin’s extensions. I really love him in long hair :D

  205. Thanks to you, from now on I always will hear “Soy un dorito” XD 
    My favorite dance moves are:
    0:24 ‘lemme show you my shadow poses’ I think this is the best move of the whole coreography! How Jonghyun and later on Onew, leave their shadows there, is awesome.
    1:18 The one were they stomp their foot on the ground shall be named the ‘Sonna wo kankei nee move’ in honor to Kojima Yoshio the japanese comedian, is just the same move!
    1:57 Where Taemin sings “Soy un Dorito” is the ‘imaginary bowling’ or ‘giving you my doritos’

    And about the hair question, definitely Taemin! He looks SO HOT! I love it.
    My yotube username is NishiLain. 

  206. i only realize that there are people seem don’t like taemin’s extension much after i read these comments, i was like “OWH, really?!” coz i personally LUURRVVEE it! i think it really suits him, and him only. he doesn’t look like a girl with that hair, in fact, he looks soooo cool with it! try to imagine other kpop boys with that extension LOL. taemin is the best with hair extension. so yeah, i vote for taemin. 

  207. I absolutely LOVE the song and the dance, and I do praise this song to high heaven as well, because I find no wrong in this number. I totally laughed to death when Martina mentioned the spinning-out-of-line dance, that if this was done on a 12-group band, the 12th member would be so screwed and would be vomiting all over the ground – I totally pictured this in my head. OTL 

    Anyway, to join the contest: 
    My favorite part of the dance would be the part where they strike a pose while Jonghyun’s singing the first verse: the Simon-says:-pose-like-an-elephant at 0:43-0:44 in the Sherlock MV. Mother elephant Jonghyun strikes the pose first, then the rest of his kids follow. Or something like that, lol. Maybe it should be called Jonghyun-says:-pose-like-an-elephant instead, lol.

    youtube username: iamzie

    Simon makes an amazing Taemin by the way. Loving those long locks on you, dear. Martina makes a really pretty ghost too~~ XD

  208. 2:35 – 2:36 Jonghyun’s body wave. I call it SEXY SEA WAVE DANCE. Hehehe ^_^ . YT name : Choi Xena

  209. I LIKE THE REFERENCE TO THE DANCE VERSION WITH THE TOILET PAPER! MY FAVOURITE PART OF SHINEES DANCE WAS WHEN THE TOILET PAPER FLUTTERED WHEN JONGHYUN DANCED BY (at around 0:37). I would call it ‘the flap’. Toilet paper (or T.P) is the new member of shinee guys. Unfortunately, he’s my 6th favourite of shinee. I promise I’m not paper racist guys…I just prefer humans to paper. Sorry all you T.P biases out there… My youtube is BigCatfishie :D love you guys <3

  210. toilet paper :D ahahahahahahahah 

  211. Taemin or GD?? Of course i Vote for TAEMIN!! I love him no matter what hairstyle he has.. ^____^

  212. OmfgINeedToDoHomework

    4:28 – Took A Nail To The Head Dance. LOLOLOL, oh god, I’m lame..
    Anywhooo, Taemin’s hair!
    Youtube username: ShawolBaabyx

  213. OMG!! You guys are wonderful!! I haven’t laughed this hard in a long time!! And all the time I was nodding my head saying “That’s so true!!” And all the comments about how to react when You see a ghost – EPIC!! I always have the same thoughts when I’m watching a scary/ghost movie “If You split – You die”. And “mamma raised no fool here” – I’m gonna use this in a future!! Thank You guys for making this awesome review!! Keep up the good work!  

  214. GD’s hair is way better. I’m not sure if this is a new trend, having only been into K-pop for a couple of months, but what is it with the long/super girly hair? I saw it first with Ren in Face by Nuest and, and now here…its quite off putting actually. And I think the K pop guys are generally gorgeous. 

  215. I completely agreed with the thing about their reactions to the ghost – when I first watched it I started laughing at Taemin’s “reaction” (or lack of one). I’m with Simon – I’d get the hell out of there. And I was also like “why the hell do they have a laptop” at the end – although the “iWatson” cracked me up.
    My favourite dance is either the “Bunny-Dino dance”, except I call it the manly hand drying – SuJu has taught SHINee well, or the “How many people does it take to caress a face?” dance at about 1:52 in the dance version (apparently, the answer’s five)
    My YT name is boredandmakinvideos.

  216. Youtube Username: hailohai
    My favorite dance moves/parts are:
    1. around 00:26-00:28 which I called “Headbutt Body Wave”.
    2. around 02:02-02:05 and I call it “Hey! I know I’m sexy, so just come here and worship to me!” or “Sexy Worship”.
    3. around 02:09-02:18 I named that “Hey everybody on the left! Take a potrait of us, okay? Hey everybody on the right! Take a potrait of us too, okay?” or “Left-Right
    Ask for Take a Potrait”.

    I think those moves are really interesting. Oh wait! All of their moves are cool! I love SHINee because of their dance moves and that’s really hard to learn/copy those moves. :D

  217. love your instrumental version ;D

  218. When the hell did you get a cat?! I love kitties!!!!!!! <3

  219. -___- I really, really don’t understand WHY!  any company cannot just hire an English speaking (well….haha “qualified”) person to help them translate or write down something for them~~~GAH! $20….$20!!! That is all it would take!!! WHY!!….why must they do this to us! Are they trying to irk us English speaking people? 

    lol…okay enough of the rant~now back to the original topic…

    First matter of business, 
    Taemin, your long hair makes me shiver because it feels wrong to watch the MV  haha, its like I’m fawning over a girl (O.O) haha~but…

    GD…WOW, that is SOME hair…..

    so, long discussion short, GD takes the prize for me this week.

    Second matter of business, the Contest.

    Username: littlespazz1914

    Since you asked…haha jk jk~my favorite dance move from the MV is at 3:28? or 3:29?
    Where they do this funky fast knee move…that makes my own knee cringe in fear that it might happen to itself just by watching it alone! so…I would call the move, the knee-breaker, or in my case, the knee-cringe 


  220. “The Astronaut” at 0:30 – 0:35 on Sherlock’s actual MV Don’t you agree that they look like astronauts? 
    Their arms and hands are formed as if they were wearing invisible space suits. It gives me the idea of SHINee being innovators, as astronauts defy gravity and do the impossible. This reflects SHINee’s uniqueness. SHINee looks like their slowly treading on a certain planet outside Earth as they walk with wide, careful steps. This correlates to the idea that “SHINee IS back” if it was put to mind that the planet they tread on is “SHINee World”. 
    Sorry! D: I think this is a tad long. Just got really inspired. 

    YT username: chokoneko18

  221. Oh and I really didn’t think the star shorts were appropriate for the video. They look like beach wear.

    PS: Black hair really suits Martina.

  222. SM should send stuff to Simon for him to english spell check now! Totally inviting onto yourself Simon!

  223. I like the floor spot check part were they do the slow motion finger swiping on the floor, at 1.18 min of the mv…(^v^)*

  224. Hey Simon and Martina. First of all, it’s amazing that you find so many interesting things in this video :DDD It’s really funny. I am shawol and I love them, but the video it’s really funny. Laptop, english. Yeaah, I love all dance, mh, my favourite moves? It’s difficult, because my english isn’t very good. 
    When Key said Freeze, I will call that Divas style.
    1:19 SHINee is learning how to draw a line
    2:50 La mer {in french, so it’s sea}
    3:06 Divas yackness.
    Of course I love all dance, I am learning it. :) So  I will take 3:06 Divas yackness move, because he is my bias. But really, these CD are so cool, I love it. SHINee are always shining. Bling Bling.
    Also I love Keys clown shorts. xD

    I like Taemin hair, because this style is nice. He has pretty face and beautiful hair, also I like color and I don’t think that it’s something bad to have long hair for a guy. >.<

    But I am glad that SHINee is back~
    My youtoube acc: Imiliukea

  225.  ‎(dance practice video, it starts at around 1:38 ends at 1:42) The “get out of my way bitches cuz i be fabulousz” dance. Yes, I find it fitting. No, I don’t regret it. 

    YT Name: MySuperSlinky

  226. I like the slow-stepping dance move at the beginning. But even better is at 1:19 when dude does the down-facing hand hook. I guess it can be called “The Down-Facing Hand Hook Dance.”I think GD’s hair extensions were much cooler. The stick-straight brown hair with fringe is too girly. My YouTube account is: AngelaEAwesomeI like this song as well, but I also like Lucifer more. I didn’t like SHINee at first when I had only heard Ring Ding Dong. I heard it in a club in Vancouver and was shocked that a club was playing Kpop (although the whole club was filled with Koreans). After that I decided to listen to it again. It started to grow on me.

  227. I love all the dances in this video, but the everysing one totally owns it.

    Signed, Helcaxe.

  228. thisisjustforfunval

    I love the song, I freaking love the dance but maybe it’s because I’m older but I’m really bothered by the album photos of them. So digital download of Sherlock it is for me.  :D

  229. I just wanna say, that I love your poke at SHINee’s use of a roll of toilet paper and a paper cup to mark where the end of the stage is :P Cheeky!

  230. My favorite dance move would be at 3:37 – 3:41
    around the”SHINee’s in the house”part
    i’d call it the mechanic robot abracadabra

    my youtube username is mauramoraa

    oh, and did you see the practice video?
    Key’s the only one wearing bright pants LOL
    and i welcome the new SHINee member… toilet paper!!

  231. Soy un dorito XDDD

    And as for the dance, I think my fav is the “pedobear dance”(what? they remind me some running pedobears ._.”) (starts at 2:09) or the “check how cleen the floor is with ma fingers” (1:27) one xDD

    YT account: UshiromiyaNagi

  232. ok at 1:30 in the song all i hear is Juliet as i started singing Juliet over it and it matched 

  233. first thought: not sure if its love interest girl or just taemin…. T___T;;

  234. at about 1:30 in the video all i hear is reused Juliet music i started singing it over the song  

  235. Taemin’s hair da best…he is the prettiest guy ive ever seen!!

  236. GD’s hair ftw!!

  237. it’s really tough to answer this one but i think i’ll go with G-Dragon’s hair.. it’s only bcuz Taemin’s hair extension made him look more like a girl (i’m sorry to shawol fans)

  238. Taemin :D sexy hair 

  239. ShaWol is pronounced Shuh-Wahl. It’s taken from SHINee World.
    When did you get a kitty cat?!?!?! I feel like I’m missing something somehow… LOL
    Totally voting for… Taemin. I like it better because it’s not as creepy as GD’s.

  240. Were you going for the “Stu** Girls Say” meme Simon? or just Taemin? xD

  241. I love the last part where Taemin and crew do their awkward 90 degree leg pose. It’s like that think they did in Hello except longer and even more awkward. ._. 

    (Youtube aNiRbAs999)

  242. I vote for GD and his one hair extension lol

  243. My favorite part would be 1:33 “the pecock dance” lol
    It looks like the dog pit them from behind and they are running away. >.<
    I vote for Taemin's Long Hair!! :D

  244. Wait.. then where the that cat come from? You allow some random cat to enter into your house?? You guys are nice people :]] I really really like Simon and Martina! XD <3 

  245. where do i go so that i could participate? i really want to win shinees cd
    please help

    • You can only participate if you are subscribed to their youtube channel
      Comment in the Contest thread on their facebook or you can comment on the SHINee Sherlock Music Monday Video.
      Make sure if you do it on the facebook Contest Thread,
       you put you youtube username too.

  246. The article thing is pretty sad. And the graphic designer in me is coming out. Single quotations? Hyphenating words? (And not even using a hyphen for that matter) That M and the J in the column before it (and all the other ones found in the large image of the paper) are poor lonely letters. The stretched E’s in the subtitle SHINee.. they don’t even look like the same type face because they’re distorted. The center alignment of the title looks awkward and doesn’t feel connected with the body and the image. Usually only the first paragraph will have the first letter in a larger type size, but they used that for all paragraphs. Except for the second paragraph, its normal. The problem with that is the paragraph has a widow at the end (one word by itself on a line). And the next paragraph that starts with a U has two words and then a line break, for no reason, and there is some really awkward leading (line space, pronounced letting/ledding) between those two lines.

    Hm, I guess I did learn something in my Text Design and Type Design classes…

    I enjoyed the song except for the main line of the chorus and the dance at that part…yeah, that part kinda ruined it for me. It felt out of place to me.

    I ordered the CD and then learned there were different versions of it. Apparently what I ordered will randomly select one. I hope I get Onew’s cover.

    And for the showdown, I’m voting GD. Taemin’s hair looked awkward, the weave didn’t blend with his actual hair and it looked really bad in my opinion. Plus the different colors of GD’s hair was a very nice touch.

  247. I vote for GD!! He looks way cooler and Taemin is repeating his look from Lucifer…

    My favorite part of the dance starts at 3:05, when Key shows of his nails and then proceeds to describe how to make your nail polish dry faster: shake your hands rapidly & jump around for better air circulation! So it’s a “nail polish drying dance”. ))

    my YT username: alternativeked

  248. OMG, Did it sounds like ‘Soy un dorito’ for you guys?…lol
    Actually it’s [내 맘에 '소용돌이쳐' = 'whirl' in my mind]
    (BTW, what’s ‘dorito’??)

    I vote for Taemin cause… GD’s hair’s little creepy for me.(I don’t know why-)

  249. I love how you guys add tiny details – the toilet paper and the plastic cup (from SHINee’s practice video? Don’t know how I remembered that) It’s always really funny to look in the corner and see your different computer screens. If it’s not on purpose, I just seem like an awkward creeper hahaha o_0 … Anyways… I love your videos sooooooo much!! keep up the great work!!!! :)

  250. I may have to go with GD for the hair.

  251. Taemin wins the extension battle for sure. Also… SO GLAD YOU GUYS LIKED THIS VIDEO!! I spazzed like crazy when I watched it, and it rocks that others think its great too.

  252. i thought the best part of the dance was at the i’m so curious yeah part where they all do that hop jump walk to one side hmm i’ll call it fo-shizzle-ing lol 

    youtube: chibisrulelol

  253. I would like to vote for Taemin, pleeeease! I cannot allow Big Bang to win at anything over SHINee, EVER. haha! Umm, so yeah. 

    I wonder if their label purposefully styles Taemnin so that he looks as androgynous as possible, of if he himself actually prefers to be styled that way? It must be a little bit of both, huh? I have a difficult time imagining Taemin with a buzz cut and army boots on his days off… If he didn’t like to be styled this way–or at least was strongly opposed to it–he probably wouldn’t look so extreme, right? Everyone else in the group is styled in a pretty masculine fashion. 

  254. For the contest thingy, my favorite dance move was at 2:04 when jonghyun puts his palms on his ears and all the members connect elbows a;djfaldkfjasj i would name it “i’m sexy and i know it” cause jonghyun looks like hes saying that heheheeh my youtube is smilefordianalyn 

  255. GD has the better weave… it has swag. Sorry but Taemin looks like a dirty vagrant hippy. I love a good hippie drum circle and attend one every summer at the Seattle folk life festival. Seattle has sexy hippies but this look kills me.

  256. At 3:09 – I call that the “Skip It” because it totally reminds me of this from when I was a kid http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ITmBUIB5x1k - Come on Simon and Martina…don’t act like you don’t remember Skip It. My Youtube username is Anlah.
    By the way I posted this on the Facebook Contest Thread, too…first name Erika – just covering both bases ;)

  257. Wait…When did you get a cat???

  258. vote for GD.. bit i also have a comment.. im sligtly disappointed in you… your enthusiasm for Shinee’s comeback was outstanding but your enthusiasm for Big Bang was lackluster… i understand you may have been annoyed at having to review 3 of their videos but you are suppose to be VIPs.. i was disappointed in the lack of fan girl spazzing and excitement. You seemed more excited about Shinee.. just saying.. 

    • shinee haven’t been back for ages and just because your a fan of a band doesn’t mean you have to be screaming your head off and peeing urself in excitement when they come back. Martina also injured her foot during that time.

      • Yes! An angry response ok here its my reply.. Big bang vs shinee ..yea come on..lol.. it was just an observation lol its kpop not world hunger

    • Umm… excuse you? Do they owe you their excitement?? Is it forbidden for VIPs to like SHINee too and be excited for them as well?? Your logic smh -________-

    • Umm… excuse you? Do they owe you their excitement?? Is it forbidden for VIPs to like SHINee too and be excited for them as well?? Your logic smh -________-

  259. Oh God u guys are soooooo funny LOL Dorito thing seriously knocked me out so fun 
    I really loved this song This song just “match up” with SHINee.
    Goodness sake, thank god MIROTIC won! Whihee!
    i wanna vote for mirotic, but can’t find it on kpop charts :(
    yeah, i am cassy

  260. i want one, my favorite dance in the video is at 3:10 when key sings and they dance shaking hands and moving his feet  back forward this just make me laugh everytime i see the video, i call it the oh! my fingers are freezing and i have a shit on my feet so i shake them to quit dance, my yutube username is itaiwoodcock

  261. another “the boys” reference mentioned…u guys really love that song n mv dont u

  262. i’d have to say my favourite part of sherlock was the part when they’re all in a line and then bam! bam! bam! bam!
    4 poses of them in detective poses and the other one sings…….


    basically what bigbangfosho said XD

    YT username: siientazn <– 2 'i's, no L =P

  263. My favorite is right after Onew’s solo, he strikes that pose (at 2:24). You just KNOW that’s a precarious transition for Onew.  I call it the “Oh God, I hope I don’t fall.” <3   (check the dance practice video…it's dangerous)    Youtube username: vannasosweet

  264. my favorite part is the walking/running/skipping part (: I shall call it the Skipping in the shinee flower field dance. (: 

    Youtube: heroloverXD

  265. Between 0:25-0:29, I like the combo of moves they perform. I call it the Spiral-Head-Butt move! LOL But dayummmm I agree with you guys SHINee is the best when it comes to dancing.

    I vote GD just cuz I don’t like the extensions on Taemin. I don’t exactly like GD’s over-the-top-Lady-Gaga-inspired-style, but I am getting used to it. I feel like it fits his personality well compared to Taemin’s extensions.

    I have you guys on YT too for a while now. Userid: mica288

  266. I dind’t notice the soy un dorito part and i’m colombian! i speak spanish! Now i can’t listen to the song without start to laugh like crazy xD

  267. I like Key’s Bunny Dino move but when I saw it I thought “There’s no towels in the bathroom and my hands are wet!” XD
    user: AnimexKitty
    and as for the hair my vote is for Taemin because even though whoever did his extensions did a horrible job I’m a die-hard Shawol and Taemint so they come before GD and Big Bang…but GD does look pretty swag x3

  268. My favorite dance move is when KEY shouts FREEZE, and I call it the ‘refrigerator moment’ :p

    youtube: hatsuharuboi

  269. Vote for taemin ^.^ and my fav dance was when they connected and raised their elbows, I call it “the Sherlock interlock” :)

  270. Hmm, would it be unfair if I commented here too? :S You guys never said anything about it, so I’ll take that as a no, haha.

    If you’ve read the comments from FB and YouTube, you might recognize the username: jentwice

    Anyway, my favourite part of the dance is at around 3:00 of the dance version vid. I call it, “Drying My Manicure”. :) That is all.

    Wee, I was so excited for your review of this I kept refreshing YouTube, haha. And I could not agree more with your critique on it. I said the same thing to my friend the first time I watched the MV for it. “I definitely like the song and the dance… without the MV. LOL The MV’s not bad… it’s just quite confusing. XD”

    Okays, I shall end this comment. God bless you two!(PS: GO CANADA :D LOL)

  271. omgg SHINee~ i love the whole spinout sequence they do at the start and the “russian peacock dance” which i think looks more like “kicking-the-dog” dance (no offense to dog lovers!! i love dogs too!! poor invisible dogs… XP) but really..it does right? but SHINee are amazing dancers so no matter how weird the step, they still seem to pull it off. ooh and the posing step where they play “musical statues” haha :)

    oh and youtube GiGiL33

  272. LOVE this song, thanks for your awesome review.
    Now on to hair: I’m not ashamed to say that my vote goes to GD. I actually really like it for some reason.

  273. At 1:19, the “Five Second Rule” Dance! They’re trying to swipe up the ice cream they dropped on the floor. :) (Echelonfan7 on youtube)

  274. OMG!! So hard to choose!!! GD or Tae… OMO!!! O.O Ok oK… I vote for TAEMIN!!!!

  275. Oh my god I just laughed so hard I cried. I love this comeback, I love everything about it, but this review…holy crap I’m dead. I’mma go haunt SHINee now.

  276. taemin definetly won for the hair extensions and my favourite dance move is at around 1:20 or earlier when jognhyun has his hand out. I don’t know what i would call it but he looks like he’s the queen and everyones else is like bowing to him or something. I guess i would call it “I am awesome and i know it” I don’t know. I tried.

  277. I laughed so hard I cried at Simon’s screaming and then getting Martina and Spudgy out of the building….”Martina get you s*** and lets go!!” BAHAHAHAHAH!!!

  278. I LOVE YOU GUYS! :D
    Funny thing is, I do the whole russian march with my friends at school, orchestra, you name it! Like when we see each other, we just start jumping like that towards each other hahaha
    and so it surprised and made me laugh when I saw you two doing that out in public too :D

  279. GD for the hair! While this is a different look, he makes it work and still looks like a guy. Taemin… doesn’t.

  280. To be honest, I like any and all parts that have the pose freeze that match the person’s moving across or the same thing but from front to back.  I like to call it the Mocking-Statue-Gallery-Walk XD

    Youtube: MeOhMyMichelle

  281. my favorite move is the beginning of the chorus, i call it the “sexy stroll in the park i probably have mud on my sparkly shoes CAN’T GET IT ON THE CARPET” (:
    yt: inclinated

  282. TAEMIN!!!! btw  thank you so much!!! SOY UN DORITO 

  283. ggggrrrrrrh the hair, tae babys. It looks great on him

  284. i think taemin looks better with long hair

  285. I love you simon and martina

  286. My favorite part is the dance sequence “bat wings”

    Jonghyun in the middle, each SHINee member  holding the elbow of the other, and are opened in sequence. As bats can see the divisions and different sizes ( as shinee members are ) . Jonghyun at the end becomes a vampire
    P.D : Sorry for my bad english, i am not a native english speaker
    Youtube: AnLuMeSi

  287. I know this is off topic but will you be watching the hunger games?

  288. ….Who’s cat is that in the bloopers? 0-0

  289. SM Ent. released a dance version of the music video.
    Like a legit version.

  290. I know this is off topic but will you be watching the hunger games?

    • Hells yes. I read all the books and now I’m forcing Simon to read the first one if he wants to watch it with me.  I’ve dealt with too many problems by seeing a book to movie adaption and having friends be like, “this is stupid” and me being like, “well if you read the book…” It’s coming out early April for us!

      •  Simon! You have to read the books or at least the first book! My brother had probably read 5 books by his own will in his entire 18yrs of life but then the Hunger Games books got him. He’s read them at least 3 times each just this year. They have to be good if he’s read them. (Sorry brother…)

      • Sascha Wong

         They’re quick reads, Simon! I read the first one in a couple days before seeing the movie.

  291. So let’s see.
    My favorite dance was immediately after key does the shaking hands.
    The dance is where they all rock back and forth from one foot to the other.
    I tried to find a GIF, but to no avail.

    Anyways, the name I came up with is actually an alliteration. (YAY English teacher stuff!)
    I would name this dance “The Cool Cat Cradle”.
    First, Key was the one who initiated this dance, right?
    Well, in the song Get Down, Key calls himself the “cool cat”.
    Next, the dance is kind of like a rocking back and forth motion, and last time I checked, cradles rock.
    Hence the “Cool Cat Cradle”.
    I think it’s pretty catchy, and the dance is ACE.

    My YT username is miseriway.

  292. My favorite part of the dance had to be the ‘Russian peacock’ skip. Though I’m going to call it the Bus Boy. The first time I saw it I was instantly reminded of that one little kid who’s missed the bus to school and is running after it like “HEY GUYS! WAIT UP FOR ME GUYS!”

    YouTube Username: MsSilentPianist

  293. I laughed at the newspaper too. NU’EST is a small company but even their English is better. Kinda sad SM. 

    Anyways, I vote for GD. The opening scene where u see GD’s hair all over the ground was Fantastic!! That image is forever burned inside my mind! GD’s hair has a personality all on it’s own. I loved Taemin’s hair but GD’s hair could have its own reality series. 

  294. Jeannie L
    Dance in 00:35 and 02:24 (although you can’t really see it in the MV), where all members are lined up and jonghyun or onew dance in the front and each member follow them motion after motion is called ‘Shadow dance’ or ‘Afterimage dance’. I didn’t name them, that is what korean fans call it and I think its pretty good lol.

  295. vote for gd’s hair….i actually thought it was amazing…..(taemin’s is ok….but the stylists should’ve done it better…so nahhh)

  296. Personally, the song was disappointing for me because the instrumental was a kind of distracting. It sounds good but, it’s a tad bit cluttered and loud. If it had been a tweaked some, I think it would have better complimented the vocals, instead of them fighting it out on whose louder.

  297. Definitely my favorite parts are what i call the ‘Live Freeze Frames’ ex, 1:48-1:52, and 2:23-2:36. The later example only shows really well on live performances. But its so awesome how the other members freeze a particular move that one member does, its like a trace of what he just danced. This choreography was just brilliant! Especially the ‘Live Freeze Frames’!!!!! lol

  298. Taemin’s hair is super cute, and I think he should win^^

    Ooh, favorite dance move? That’s hard to choose! I loved the entire thing, heh:)

    But if I absolutely have to choose, I’ll choose the part where the all
    touch Jonghyun’s elbows and form, like, a chain. Remember that move?
    Anyway, I’ll call SHINee chain. Get it? Shiny, SHINee? Lol, me and my
    lame jokes ;)

    Anyway, I also wanted to mention that I really love your KPOP Music
    Mondays :) I also enjoyed the name you made for their chorus move;
    “Russian peacock”. It’s mostly funny because I love that move, and I’m
    Russian, lol xDDD
    Also, I’m a subber and I’d really love to recieve the Music Album! >.< SHINee ForEvah! xDDD <3

  299. At 10:38, what you call the “Russian Peacock Strut” I call the “Holmes Highstep” or “Police Line Prance.”

    I imagine them stomping all over the police tape to investigate that crime scene.
    Hair:  I think GD’s florescent, floor-length, color-changing weave kills Taemin’s.

    youtube: elissasensei

  300. This is a great ‘Kpop Music Monday’ video Simon & Martina!
    My favorite dance move is the one they do around 3:40 – where all 5 of them open their legs & wiggle their knees…
    I’d call it “Give it up for SHINee’s jewels!”

    (YouTube username is AureliaDiesel and I’m subscribed to ALL of the eatyourkimchi channels!)

  301. irritablevowel

    The best part about the wonky newspaper is that it’s supposed to be The New York Times.

  302. 0:30ish – super shinee wave :P (yt name: pokegirl93)
    also i like taemin’s hair more because it was a uniform length all round; gd’s hair was too out there for a conservative like me. Also taemin’s hair reminded me of his hair in lucifer :)

  303. YouTube Username: happypacee

    My favorite part is the opening of the dance. 0:00–0:35 is what I’d like to call the “Spinning Tornado Snapshot” dance. I love how they mirror each other moves in a sequence. It has this really cool stop motion effect to it.

  304. GD and not just because I am a VIP and GD biased.  Taemin is my favorite from SHINee, but his hair just didn’t look right.  I don’t even really mind him with long hair, I just didn’t like it in this video.  

  305. GD because he looks like a guy still! I know (I KNOW) that the girlie boy thing is cool in Korea but…dude look like a lady….doesn’t do it for me!

  306. LOL thanks for the great review and…
    *ahem* nice instrumental…:P very EYK-like~

  307. Your laptop has polymorphed into a toilet roll in-case you didn’t notice >__<

  308. I don’t mind guys with slightly long hair like CN Blue’s Jungshin and Teen Top’s Niel but Taemin’s hair extensions are REALLY annoying!! I HATE how SM keeps putting them in!! So I vote GD’s hairdo because it’s funky and inspired by Martina ;)

  309. For your “Bunny Dino Dance” I give the name of ” Little Horse Pocotó” ~HAHAHA~ I’m Brazilian and here in Brazil, for the kids we say that the sound that the Horse does is “Pocotó, Pocotó, Pocotó” and I think it so funny. When I saw the music video and saw that dance I laughed so much, because when i used to play with my friends of “horse” I made the same “step”, that’s the reason of “Little Horse Pocotó”
    And I’m so sorry for the Engrish, I’m not sure if is right, but… I tried haha’http://www.facebook.com/samyalombardi My Facebookand my youtube account is “SuperDidiva” (http://www.youtube.com/user/SuperDidiva)

  310. I vote for G-Dragon’s hair !

  311. GD’s rainbow colored mane of glory pwns Taemin’s..sry

    • From all the comments about GD’s & Taemin’s hair this one is the best lol. And the reason why GD wins this hands down is because Teamin’s extensions looked sooooo soooo amateurish!!! I looked like someone that was just learning how to do them practiced on his head lol. So… it’s not his looks, it’s just the hairstylist…

  312. Those clues were giving me a strong Blue’s Clues vibe. (…Do people get that reference or is it just an American 90′s kid thing?)

    “What would Blue want to do with a number plate, a flower, and a wax seal? ….Blue! Did you want to hide your jewelry in a secret room behind the painting?”

    • lmfao!!! if i were Blue i’d put a paw print on everything just to mess with people. Theyd be like, “WTF are you trying to tell me?” and i’f be all, “I’m a fucking dog bro, and youre sending me to put paw prints on things so you can guess what i want to do. you brought this upon yourself!”

      anyways, i totally agree with you.

  313.  Haha. I thought it was funny how everything was like old style yet they had a MacBook.

  314. Alright if I had to name a dance from this epic SHINee video I would go with the one at 3:10 with Key’s “Skip It”. It’s my favorite dance and every time I see it I wanna go buy a skip it and relive my childhood for about 4.25 minutes. Yep. Seriously.

    YT username is dorothydiamond

    SHINee business aside (I really want their CD!) Simon rocks my socks <3 Does anyone else think that Simon was a black man in another life??? I love how you speak your mind no matter what WITH extremely valid points. One Of A Kind sir. I look forward to more Music Mondays! You guys are too cute! :) (Ahem) Let's go EXO-K! Fighting!!

    Oh and one more thing… sorry cutie Taemin but of course GD won this hair battle. Gotta have the swag to rock the hair ! WOW Fantastic Baby.

  315. GD’s hair is artistic and stylish. Taemin’s hair was just plain disturbing since it looks so much like a girl’s hair. I know guys with long hair that do NOT have girl hair. So…. GD all the way

  316. I like Gd’s hair because Taemin just reminds me of the Lucifer Era.. and were past that… we all gotta move on~ I like Gd’s hair.. like the cool asian Skrillex hairstyle.. minus the glasses~

  317. I would say my favorite dance is at 1:59 – 2:01 in the dance practice version of Sherlock. i call it the Tetris dance. because i like how all of them shift to make a straight line. like the goal in tetris… So..yeah
    Youtube Name: ILikeAsians8D

  318. I’m voting for GD’s hair and I agree with you Martina, he a bit like the mad hatter. However I think it’s a kick ass hairdo but since his is done with weave it doesn’t quite feel like a complete haircut. It’s just one small but very long piece of hair. It’s a plus though that the color changes!

  319. Although they were both horrendous, Taemin’s was better for SURE. GD’s was..out of this world, in a bad way.

  320. GD’s hair! <3
    About the dance, i like 3:06–3:15 part, and i name it the "wanna-fight-with-me?" dance. They even warming up before throwing the punches. :p 

    My YT: alexandradita

    I like the chorus of IM SO CURIOUS YEAH dance part, i call it the HIGH KICK RUNNING

  322. Umm lol i dont think u caught this, but u probably did. I am just too lazy to read every single comment lol, but umm on  :48  lol u spelt out wrong.   Any who now time to continue the rest of the vid.   lol  Wat is this   the random dude did not finish the vid and stop right at the beginning of the vid, just to make a spelling or typo error!?     lol yes sorry   so heheh i shall continueeeeeeee  (epic  echo sound)  :3        love  yallllllllll  <3 

  323. My favorite dance is on 0:27-0:29 I called it “the wavy rope” hehe…

    Username: zylenzoomth

  324. For the giveaway, I loved everything but these were my favourite moves

    0:15-0:20 I call the Greaser’s Swags remember the guys in the leather jackets and gelled hair. I couldn’t help but think of that.

    0:27-0:31, I loved how they moved one by one, I called that The Toy Soldiers.

    1:16-1:23 Writing in the Dirt it really did look like it.

    1:59 to 2:02 We Are One they moved with him and for some reason I felt like they felt what he felt at the same time ><

    YT username: Morichikawa

  325. my youtube username is koreanpopgod and my favorite dance move was what i like to call “the shinee stiff teter-totor” at 3.10 where they jump from one foot to another !

  326. And as usual, I forgot to mention my youtube handle, which is merrysunshiny
    My favorite dance move by far is the one at around 3:10 – 3:13.  It is now called “The Dopey” as in Dopey from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.  You should check it out.  It’s just like his walk, too cute. ^_^

  327. GD’s hair! Taemin has been freaking me out ever since I first saw it in the teaser pics, he looks way too much like a girl. GD’s is weird as Hell, but he’s GD, he can get away with it.

  328. My favorite dance move by far is the one at around 3:10 – 3:13.  It is now called “The Dopey” as in Dopey from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.  You should check it out.  It’s just like his walk, too cute. ^_^

  329.  I love the part at 03:14 where Minho jumps over Key hahaha! I call it the Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon move lool!
    P.S As much as I’m a taemint, I have to say GD’s extensions are crazy so he deserves to win :D
    P.P.S My YT username is jasminefanclub :)

  330. I think Key’s ‘Bunny Dino’ should be called the ‘Bish I’m Drying My Nail Polish’ dance. And Key being the ultimate diva. It totally fits him. 

  331. Even if GD’s hair was sooo disturbing the first time I saw it, Taemin’s hair extentions were so… strange and akward. I vote for GD.

    My favorite moment of the dance is around the 0:38 mark, where all the members point in  different directions. They look like they are trying to find their way out of something, but it’s unsucessfull…
    I shall call this… THE LOST DANCE!


  332. You guys have a cat? i did not know that….. and i vote for GD!! <3 (is the cat from a shelter like Spudgy too?) :)

  333. GD!!!!! taemin’s was creepy.

  334. My favourite part is 2:45 (on official mv on SM youtube channel), when they’re all like one body, perfectly synchronous, so I named that dance “The SHINee Centipide” :D 

    my YT login is madalenax

    and I vote for Taemin’s hair, cause he looks pretty awesome :d

  335. What you called the Russian peacock dance, Imma call it March Madness

  336. From 1:59 until 2:08, I call that move the moving mustache trick. Wriggle and swiggle around.
    From kizoulove1234.


  338. I don’t get all this hype about extensions, I didn’t even notice his hair is different, I only thought “wow, long hair, awesome <3". People are strange o.O

    Of course now I can see the slight difference in lenght and style, but what the hell – why people who loved Taemin's long hair back then hate Taemin's long hair today? I DON'T GET IT.

    Thank you for awesome review. The peakock dance in the park made me disturb my mum's work in the next room. I vote for Taemin, because I loved his hair in Lucifer and I love his hair in Sherlock – it's just the same phenomenon for me: LONG-HAIRED TAEMIN. Yes, I go for it.

    (GD's style is amazing, but I'm SHINee's fan in the first place, so no hesitance for me)

  339. YT Username: Garfunklmibladder

    I’ve been poking at the dance since I first saw it, the chorus part where its like, a cross breed between a Kangaroo hop and a gorilla stomp; I’d call it either the ‘Donkey Kong Tramp’ or ‘Walking with Roo’ get it, cuz his dog’s name is Roo and I said Kangaroo….ahahaha….i guess not :/

    Loved your fair review though, I felt 100% the same :3

  340. taemin!!!! especially in inkigayo where he tied it <3 mmmmmm yum yum 

  341. my favorite dance part would have to be about 3:06 when key starts rapping and starts to shake his hands off. Trying to get his black nail polish to dry quicker I suppose. I wonder if he ever heard of instant dry nail polish? :) 


  342. Simon  makes the best Taemin EVAR!! Thanks for the laughs guys ^^ This is my favorite Kpop Music Mondays yet!

  343. Thanks for this Kpop Music Monday Simon & Martina! :3

    My favorite dance move is this kind of march at 0:27-0:32, I would call this move “crap,I pooped my pants”, cuz it looks like they are trying to endure the situation XD 

    Youtube username: thatsnotmyname321

  344. FriedChickenOnew

    I loved taemin’s hair…but on a girl. I am going to get my hair cut like that hehe :) Gd’s hair was OMFGHDHDHPTOFF awsome…but not practical. Between Taemin and GD the winner is…GD, i loved the creativity of GD’s (the long extension bangs were awsome) but for praticality i would give it to Taemin. BTW simon, you looks good with long hair :)

  345. ah, your instrumental rendition is, euuuuuuuuuuuuh, not that bad ? :s it doesn’t matter, i still  love you ^^

  346. MY favorite part of the dance is when they point their fingers. I would call it the “HEY, YOU! Rub my bananas!” 

  347. I can’t believe their ability to dance. Have you heard their live singing at the music bank MR removal version? OMG. They can sing clearly while they are dancing amazingly, especialy onew!!! There are just so many parts that I love, I don’t know where to begin! I love where Minho walks in front of them and each member’s follow the motion. I love when onew dances alone pretending he is searching for somthing whil other members are standing in one line showing each move that onew did before start searching. But my most favorite danc is toward the end of the MV, onew kiss (or touch his tongue) then reach out his left arm flutters his fingers toward his members and members follow the motion one by one. I call it ‘finger kiss flutter’.
    And GD’s hair is stylish and uniqu, but  i am not really used to that kind of style so I was really shocked when I saw it, so I am ganna have to vote for Temin!

  348. ~SHINee’s back, SHINee’s back,SHINee’s back back back back back!~

    My YouTube name is: YokoAyane ~ Bom Shakalaka :)


    THE EPIC DANCE MOVE is…. * pam pam pam pam …poc poc …*


    ◊Key: 범인은 이 안에 있어 something something something 누구도 And now: FREEZE ( kind of spell ~ YUUU-GIIII-OOOHH! ) http://27.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m1ad6arwue1qiz06ao1_r1_500.gif

  349. GD owns that hair in Fantastic Baby. So freaking EPIC!!!

  350. Totally Taemin’s hair XD

  351. Although I prefer Taemin with short hair, he does look pretty good with long hair.
    On the otherhand I’m not a fan of GD’s side extension thing: it looks like it gets in his way sometimes when he is performing.

  352. Took me quite a long time to notice toilet paper, but that was HELLA FANTASTIC BABY! XDXDXD *loves your subliminal messages lol*

  353. my favorite part in the dance version is at 1:30  I’ll call it the « SUPER-SWAG-RASPOUTINE-ATTITUDE-LETS-LIVE-TOGETHER-WITH SPONGEBOB-DANCE-MOVE-BAM!» ….Because they’re is a russian feeling into it and and a lot of attitude when they do the move AND they look like spongebob walking happily under de sea.
    my youtube username: missblackninja

  354. my favorite part is in the 3:07 min, when they start to jump.Usually, I  jump this to cause a little “pain” in the endless line the cinema for the bathroom.
    Soy un Dorito!! LOL ^^” I <3 taemin with long hair

    YT user: RadiOHyZteRia 

  355. I love the part of the dance around 3:40, the part where Minho sings “Tonight, SHINee’s in the house”.

    I’d name it ‘Pinocchio’, since they remind me of wooden dolls controlled by invisible strings. When they put their legs out like that, and then when their elbows go up as they tilt their bodies a bit, it seriously looks like somebody has tied invisible strings to their joints and is controlling them from the above.
    And also, they don’t move very smoothly, but kinda jerky (no idea if it’s called jerky though… I used Google translate…).

    The only thing that doesn’t match the Pinocchio name are their noses… I’ve never seen any of the SHINee members’ noses grow… I’m pretty happy about that though…

    YouTube username: Chochanie

  356. I like the part at 2:02 in their practice dance video, where all the members are connecting their arms together while Jonghyun is (to me) panicking. I’d call it the “Helping Hand” dance, since it’s like the members are helping Jonghyun through whatever is troubling him.

    YT: Atsime

  357. my fave dance move is the “wave made shinee” at  28 sec. the wave never looks that cool when anyone else does it :)
    Youtube name: cloiebuggeater

    GD’s hair is way more awesome and shiny (Sorry, Shinee’s name triggers my inner browncoat and all i can hear is Kaylee saying, ” Everything’s shiny, cap’n.”)

  358. OK, I know I was very vocal about my dislike for this dance on the comments.  I still don’t like it, but after watching the KBS Open Concert footage, I finally figured out exactly why.  This is not a dance that scales down well at all, and on the majority of music show stages, they have to scale it down.  WAY down, in some cases.  (Like, the “Only Dance” version of the MV — which is really just the practice video and a really lazy way to shoot a Dance version — where TaeMin actually almost falls because they are so cramped and he doesn’t even have room to finish his moves at one point!)  Seeing it full size, I finally could see what the choreographer was going for, but to give such an awesome group something that looks so awkward in a more cramped setting was really, really screwed up.  Also, the immense number of roll-offs was starting to get old about half-way through… and, I’m not in love with that high-stepping thing.  It looks awkward and it feels stupid to actually do it.

    Simon and Martina, I am honestly disappointed right now.  I expected you guys to look at that and have something to comment on other than just the story (though, OMG, SME gave us a story!).

    I know, before anyone tries to tell me to remember that everyone has their own opinion… Everyone has their own opinion, and I know most Shawols are probably ecstatic that you guys loved this as much as they did, but I still feel SHINee deserved better choreography than this, or at least for the choreographer to take the time to consider that while he may work on stadium-sized stages a lot, not everyone does.  The fact is, KBS Open Concert seems to be the first place they have been able to perform this full-size in a while, and is likely to be the last until the Dream Concert or SMTown or their next solo concert.  That should have been a major point of concern and it obviously wasn’t, which makes me wonder if the choreographer even took this job seriously at all.  I feel sorry for TaeMin, having to worry about running into the edges all the time and praying that everyone else pulled back enough so he can stay with them and not go offstage, or into the set pieces.

    SHINee did an amazing job with what they were given and I applaud them on the teamwork in this, but after trying some of it.. It looks hard, but this is actually easier than Lucifer’s choreography; or at least, it was for me. 

    As for whose hair extensions I prefer… GD wins this one, just because (as with so much else right now) it looks like his hairdresser actually took the time to put those extensions in right.  TaeMin’s look rushed and just no where near as good as they did in Lucifer. 

  359. Taemin has totally amaizing hair!! I woter for him!! ( I like GD’s hair as well, it’s colorful, but I’m a shinee fan)

  360. thx u guys u got my message about shinee music video of sherlock 
    the best hair is taemin cuz it cute looken 

  361. Youtube: todumbtonotice
     My favorite is the “i’m so curious” dance which i dub The Troll Walk.
    Why? because when i listen to Sherlock at school i have the urge to dance down the halls saying u mad bro? when they have to jump out of my way ;P

  362. thx  u guys and girls u got the message i sent u about shinee new music video of sherlock  nice dance u did  but the arms out im so cerious yeah   sound like micheal jackson
     ahaha ghost girl throw the map a at simion taemin  that wat he get    he not paing attion  to the map its the wrong way
    i out the sound insterment     it saying im so cerious yeah   the best hair ever will be taemin   it looks cute

  363. You guys got a cat?  It is so cute =^^= ! :) My favorite move is at 3:07 in the dance video, when after the members all start jumping together and then they alternate which foot they are on, jumping back and forth. I would call this move the rocking chair.  My youtube account is MSKcat.

  364. My favorite dance part of the MV was the “peacock strut,” I would name it the troll walk.

    youtube username: lilylui72

  365. i love the part when shinee has their arms and hands connected to each other, and jonghyun’s in the middle. and they’re moving their arms together to make an arrow sort of thing. my name for the dance is ‘blast off’
    youtube username: @adelepenguin13 

  366. SHINeeRocksMyColorfulSocks

    I want to hug them all to death! Well not death because I’d just die if they die y’know D:! 
    Best come-back ever? I sure think so! kjhsaljhfldkjshfkjsdg they just look so adorable and I want to bake them cookies and then hug them and never let go!

  367. I have to say I love all the dance from the Domino Effect throughout the video, to the backwards skipping. But my favorite part is Key’s dance at 3:07 when he does what I call the “Nail Drying Dance”. It could be used for finger nails and toe nails. I love it!

    Also I vote for GD.  I love Taemin’s hair but I love the colors of GDs.

    Youtube name is AminDelotha.

  368. Voting GD’s because I liked the creepy-feel it gave to the video

  369. I actually loved Taemin’s hair. It gives him a special spark!! sooo TAEMIN has got my vote!

  370. My favorite dance move is when they drag their finger across the floor at 1:23. And I would call it “The Floor Is Still Dirty” xD

  371. My YT username evani321:

    my favorite part is when onew beams the invisible power wave to the other member which i call the “Super Power Up “ dance. You can even hear sound effects at that moment..

    Below is my theory behind the choreography:
    The Members: Hyung, this dance is so intense that it’ll draine out our energy. We don’t think we can make it till the end of this song.
    Onew: Chillax.. I have a solution to our problem.. Take your position guise!
    The members: *march*
    Onew: Behold..the super power up dance!

  372. This Kpop Music Monday is the best one so far! I laughed so hard^^ As for the choreography I love the main chorus part, the one when they sing ‘I am so curious’. We call that move ‘furious ducky duck’ XD and also the part while Key raps it great (3:08), I call it ‘T-rex with jumping rope’ … anyway, thank you guys for making videos like this!!! :)
    Oh and my yt username is: ctyrbarevka14

  373. I’d have to say the Russian Peacock dance and I’d call it To Russia with Love

    YT name: YaoiAndPockyLover

  374. where jonghyun does that thing where he slides his hand up in his hair then the rest of shinee hold onto his arms and do that ripple affect lifting their arms too.

    I call it Jhyun-”Hey bros do my pits smell?” Bros-”Nah man just in case lets place dem arms of yours back down”

  375. My favourite part is defo Key’s hyper-active sloth’s and indecisive kangaroo’s hybrid dance.
    Just to illustrate: http://i1227.photobucket.com/albums/ee425/jyudeidei/kangasloth.jpg
    I couldn’t find any approapriate horse picture to get the hair though -.-
    Anyway, yay for SHINee and Nell’s got one more teaser out! My life is complete! Love you guys too!Ieva (a.k.a jyudeidei on youtube)

  376. Fav part is for example at around 1:25 when they brush their fingers over the floor.I’d call it “traces in the sand” :)

    YT name: Jibrillsan

  377. The GD’s Seaweed Extension must win XD

  378. I had to check the “soy un dorito” thing. AND IS FRIKKIN TRUE! now I won’t be able to take it off my mind

  379. The Contest. I really like the folding ladder dance where they step out behind each other, it looks like a folding ladder so that is what i’ll call it “The Folding Ladder” BTW. I love the fact that Martina’s hat matched the kitchen counter top so well. kekeke

  380. Oh man, you guys are hilarious! All I wanted after the music video came out was to see it on Music Monday. xD Ugh their whole choreography was amazing and I loved all of it. D: It’s so hard to just pick one part, but I guess I’ll go with when they’re all standing in a line and the member at the front poses and the others follow him? Like starting at 0:24 – 0:27 (in the MV dance version)? Whenever something like that happens. LOL, guess I’m just going to call it the Shadow Clone dance. I guess SHINee are all ninjas now, womp. You can tell I’ve watched Naruto, even if I did stop like three years ago. LOL.

    youtube username: ieatcookiesx3

  381. “Soy un Dorito!”, best misheard kpop lyric EVER!!

  382. HEYA SIMON AND MARTINA >.< ..< <3

  383. Ok, so for Rapunzel, I say GD takes it all! His hair was so different every time. It really made me notice. I love Taemin and I love GD and I would never want their hair to stay that way but I say that GD wins that one by a thousand miles.

  384. YT username: @8kyoungri3  My favorite part of the dance was where key does that jumping part and that starts doing a mini wave with his body and then minho jumps over him. idk whyy but i just LOVE watching that part. It’s one of the highlights for me SOOO i named it the “Bunny Flapper” :D pretty swagged out name eh? 

     I loved this song too! this has got to be my most favorite song from SHINee! 

  385.  I like the group running part of the dance. It’s like a group of 5 and 6 year olds playing soccer. They all just run after the ball even though like one or two are supposed to. To give it a name though. Hm… “5 Year Old Soccer Practice”.

    YT username: gingerstockton

  386. When did you guys get a cat? Anyways I think GD has the better long hair. He pulls the long hair off well, then again he can pull off pretty much anything.  Taemin’s long hair on the other hand fit him in Lucifer, but in Sherlock not so much. 

  387. thisisjustforfunval

    I LOVE GD’s hair extension! Taemin’s is sorta like a mullet and plus I don’t really like the pretty boy look, sorry Taemin.

  388. For the contest, I would like to pick the move they did at 1:18 where Jonghyun (I think it’s him) is drawing in the air wilst the others draw on the ground. I would like to name this move
    “The Protractor”

  389. Pallavi Sambasivan

    My favourite part was when Onew pointed his finger up and then caused all of the members to move their hands in the same direction….I’d call it the KamiyamiYAHHHH (SHINee edition) :P
    YT: bleachtsubasa3

  390. My favorite dance is Minho’s “do what I do” dance. There’s similar dances throughout, but I really like how Minho moves in front and you can clearly see what’s happening. Besides, maybe it’s because he’s Minho, it makes me think of him running through one of those Dream Team courses. Mission to turn the others to the right pose? The dance is so powerful I think, it makes his rap that follows sound better than it may be.

    So let’s call it “THE COURSE TO VICTORY~”. Pretty sure caps are needed.

    YT: StrongBabyPanda

  391. Just one more detail:
    At 1:22 when they walk into the museum, you could see that the statue is wearing the jewel..

  392. YT user name : MelodyMeritamon

    My favourite part of the choreo is towards the end, around the time when Minho starts with the whole “SHINee is in the haus” when they get into their usual formation with Tae bb in the middle and  do those squatting/looks like a bridge thingy with their legs and continue…
    We call it the “spred ‘em dance” =P

  393. I’d like to rechristen the Russian Peacock strut as the Squirrels in My Pants dance, because it looks like they have squirrels in their pants. Also, Phineas and Ferb anyone?

    Youtube username: allrisemochi95

  394. Youtube name: guitarocker09
    I love the part at 1:06. i would personally call it “the force be with the maknae”
    now i just hope it’ll work on older kids in my school

  395. My favorite dance move is when Key started the little bunny hop move and then everyone else followed at 3:05. It is like they ran out of paper towels to dry their hands and they needed to make a dance about it, because Key is a Diva and was not happy about the face. “Key’s upset dance that the manager forgot to buy paper towels and we now have to shake our hands to dry them.”

    YT username: lilymarieblack

  396. My favorite dance moves is the part where they are dancing to the chorus. Around 1:20-1:24 in the Dance Version of their video. The moves are also repeated throughout the song, and I find it soo addicting!! I love the way they “walk” up, take the photo, and point at you.
    I would name the move, “I want YOUR picture” move haha

    I do the dance to my friends sometimes now and get laughed at -.-”’

    YT Username: Pixchan1

  397. S and M, you know I love you guys, but… tbh, I think you guys were a little too harsh on the detective video. 

    First: despite the name of the song, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle did not write the script for this MV, so it’s not going to be a total brain-crunching mystery. Also, the video is less than 5 minutes long; not a ton of time to do anything too complicated. 

    Second, I think you guys gave yourselves a bit too much credit as detectives. A random series of numbers and letters could be a whole lot of things other than a painting. A password, a code, an address… Maybe Shinee, like you, assumed the missing jewelry would be taken out of the museum, not just moved within it (although it is not unheard of in fiction for a thief to simply move an item rather than removing it, and take advantage of the confusion it causes). Perhaps this thief has motives other than simply wanting expensive jewelry. Maybe it was another ghost from 1910 coming to take what’s theirs; which is why the jewelry stays in the museum and is treated so reverently. And furthermore, Jessica appeared individually to each of them, dropping different clues for each member. So none of them had the entire clue; it wasn’t until they all got together to discuss this strange ghostly girl they keep seeing that they are able to combine all their knowledge and solve the case. I do agree that Shinee’s acting left quite a bit to be desired when it came to Jessica, but still, that’s not the story’s fault. 

    I dunno; since I could use my imagination to think of explanations for most of the bones you had to pick with the video, it got kind of irritating to listen to you two harp on. I’m noticing that you guys seem a little jaded when it comes to SM videos, even though you like their music; it’s like you are looking for things to make fun of. True, sometimes it’s pretty easy to make fun of SM and their Engrish fails and 360 degree cameras, but I think this is a case where we can give them a little credit for putting together a fairly open-ended and fun storyline. At least, I can. *shrug* 

    … On the positive side, I am fangirling right along side you two when it comes to the song and dance. I’ve been randomly singing “I’M SO CURIOUS YEAAAAA!” for the past several days. ^_^;;; Looking forward to next week! :)

  398. I call my favourite part of the dance (which you named “bunny dino”) the “shake it bounce.” Username is actionzine.

  399. I just wanted to say that after checking out your soundcloud, i made your “what is love remake” my ringtone :-)
    As for my favorite dance move, it was definitely the “ran-out-of-paper-towels-so-we-had-to-air-dry” move at 3:07. Efficient AND environmentally friendly!

    - YT: naiveandstarryeyed

  400. love the toilet paper and paper cup in the background ;) i hope that’s a reference to their dance practice video or else i’m just being crazy and over-analyzing things again. but if it WAS intentional, i tip my hat to you cause it made me smile

  401. i call it the “SHINee – bot March” it’s at the very beginning … but the rest is fantastic baby (bad joke really) <3 @SHINeeWorldEngland xx

  402. My favorite dance part is the one that they link their arms to Jonghyun’s arms and do those sequence movements. I call it the “checking if your armpit is smelly” dance, if you forgot to spray your deodorant and you are dancing at a party you can call your friends and do that move to check if everything is okay… VERY USEFULL.

    YT username: ViiCamps

  403. My favorite part is from 03:05 – 3:10 ….
    And I would call it the “I’m Yoshi, where’s my Mario???” dance xD
    Youtube username: 2009daskueken

  404. I vote GD’s hair because it can change color. It’s like a mood ring for your head!

  405. I don’t have a Youtube or Facebook, but I’ll tell you guys my favorite part of the dance anyway.(And I already ordered the CD C:)
    My favorite part isn’t a part. It’s the whole dance. I just love how everyone has a lot of their own moves, and each move is brilliant and flows so well. Without all five members, there would be no way for the dance to look complete, so it kind of reminds me of gears in a machine. SHINee is perfect when they’re in sync.
    Although, I do have names for some parts, like the Peacock Strutting(or Frolicking) and when they all have a hand on each other’s elbow looks like one of the arches in the museum they’re in, so I call it the Arch. The other moves like during Key’s rap remind my of drying hands(and Key’s wearing polish) so the Nail Dryer, and the move after that is Hopscotch(or a Horse Trot).

    Also, that SHINee song’s just Hello, I think Hello Hello is an FT Island song. 

    … And in the dance video.

  406. I couldn’t stop laughing at Taemin’s “line”. I kept replaying it over and over. LMFAO!!!!

  407. My favourite part is definitely around the 2:20 mark (in the dance version) where Onew is dancing in front of them and one by one the other members freeze in place where he was.

    It reminds me of those phosphorescent walls at a science center where there’d be a flash and your shadow would stay on the wall. So I’d call it the Phosphorescent Wall move :D
    My youtube is xlovelystarx. :)

  408. My favorite part of the dance is right after they all twirl out and start snapping their fingers. I CALL IT: BOOGER STUCK ON MY FINGER DANCE

    youtube user: kyoshiwarrior14

  409. I like the thing they do around the 2min mark, when they grab each others’ elbows and expose their armpits. I call it Armpit shower!

    YT username: torntrof

  410. I’m posting here cus YouTube wouldn’t let me write everything I wanted to.

    YouTube name: Mintaeshawol

     I like the part where Key shakes his hands and the others gradually join in cus it looks really cool and I think it kinda looks like some type of move from ‘Grease’ or some 80′s dancing, & as Sherlock is historic (kinda) (and even though all this is different time periods so ignore that) it gave off an nice oldish vibe. -w- I would name it either “The hand drying dance” because it looks like they’re drying thier hands after washing them and there’s no towel or the “Nail drying dance” cus Key has his nails painted. 

  411. It starts at 0.36 – 0.47 jonghyun dance by himself and I am gonna name it “back of now it is my turn (singing) now it’s you turn, oh no wait I am not done (singing again).. NOW it’s  your turn Onew” and I am gonna also name it ” I AM THE BEST”

    YouTube Username: kayaelin

  412. My favorite dance part is when Key walks up to the front while shaking
    his hand then does the whole hand shaking+jumping back move then the
    foot kicking/rocking move.  It looks like Key is strutting up to the
    camera showing off bling on his hand then hopping back because he won’t
    let us have it, then trolling more and showing off his awesome kicks. 
    The “You jelly?” move.

    Youtube username: purelaichy

  413. my vote goes to Taemin :)

  414. youtube name: niddyhi5

    My favourite part was around 3:07-ish, where, after starting key’s rap and doing the whole shake-your-hands-and-jump-while-turning-to-face-the-opposite-direction move, the members kick either feet up behind them and in front, jumping from one foot to the other. I would call this the ROCK-A-BYE LOCKET since it reminds me of a rocking cradle, and key’ fans are called lockets (and key’s the focus at this point in the dance) ^^

  415. YouTube name: amyxblink23

    I like the dance at Key’s part at 2:58. The way everybody move their feets, is like the floor was on fire. I would call it “The Hot Coals” hahahaha I’m so mean (?)

    Sorry for the bad english (:

    By the way I laughed a lot with the Review, I love you guys! 

  416. My youtube username is fayj289007.
    My favorite dance move is when Key and all the members do the 
    jump thing (at 3:03 in the dance video). I call that the 
    shake your hands dry.

  417. Okay!!!!  I like the Russian March!!!! (your peacock thingy)!!!! It was my fave part!! xD

  418. The part where Onew dances and everyone follows. 

    The dance is called “Fetch Onew his chicken!”

  419. I like the movie where they hold on to each others elbows, I’d call it “Limelight on da shorty”
    ya get it, cause jong is short. heh. yeah.

    and my youtube is sannasanna123

  420. My favourite part of the dance was when Key was rapping and did that “shaky hand thing while jumping left and right and the ‘rocking horse shuffle’? after that” >_<
    YTname: MisticCreation

  421. MY username TheTokyo711
    the “SHINee sync” or  “hand sprout dance” is definitely my favorite dance 
    the way the slide to match each others moves than suddenly are touching each others elbows than go into the “Domino vogue” poses ; this  reminds me of their hard work and effort as a team and how the so in sync with each other makes the dance every more awesome. the over all dance gives the feel that as a team they eventually  come together one mind. ( 5 hot body’s) 

  422.  My favourite part is at  3.06 where Key starts a chain reaction of the
    “Eew Spider On My Pants, Can’t Get It Of; Jump Jump Jump..  Run on spot
    reatrdedly …… It’s In My Hair Too Ohhhhhh~ ” Move

    Youtube user name : TheLittleMissEvil

  423. It’s wasn’t on purpose to post it twice,,,

  424. my favoruite dance bove is when it’s key’s part and they are jumping and turns abit and like shaking their hands at the same time? (about 3:07 to 3:10) it looks like they are drying their hand from washing it. “dry your hands le SHINee style-move”

    my youtube username is:  Lisaatnight 

  425. I didn’t notice that part of the dance!! I like this answer.

  426. My favorite part was the jumping hot hands dance and the the horse shuffle. Haha, aka Key’s rapping parts! But seriously the whole choreography is amazing! One of the best in kpop! SHINee’s back!

    YouTube username: smartasianchick5

  427. uh i think its the first time Big Bang ever lost a vote :P
    as for the hair i say… they should both cut it >.< no favorits for me since i dont like either :P
    sry ^.^

  428. My yt username is kpop2o, twitter username is pskptgvz

    My favorite dance move is at the beginning at 0:25 when they do the wavy thing. I called it : i’m the chick out of the egg, shaky wafy yeaah!

  429. Youtube name: MszSweetiePie

    My favorite part of the SHINee’s dance is, in the SHINee dance practice video at 3:05, what Key does first then the rest of the members do, me & my friend would call it the “Nail Drying Dance” :) Then after the nail drying, we’d call it the “Double Dutch” for their jumps xD If you dry your nails, or do double dutch, it must be done SHINee style. -nods-

  430. My favourite part of the dance is the bit after the Russian Peacock dance. You know, the bit at 1:34. And I shall name this the “admiring the painting that took me the whole music video to find” dance. So now whenever I see a painting I shall do this dance.. Slight problem though- being that I dont know that dance yet… *goes to learn the dance*. 

    Another amazing KPOP Music Monday! Loving the whole “Russian Peacock dance” . You guys are amazing.

    Youtube name: lemonish11

  431. My YT username is blackjackSoShi99 :D
    My favourite part of the dance is, on the Dance Rehearsal video, at the 3:44 mark. It’s when Onew pushes his hand towards the others, and they follow and do the same thing in turn. It shall be called: “The Tingly Magic Chicken Fingers of the Onew” dance. You can see his fingers going all magical and stuff XD.
    And I liked the toilet paper and paper cup reference in your video. From the dance rehearsal, right? Nice :D.

  432. bigbangfosho

    So for the giveaway, I seriously had a hard time choosing. But, if I had to chose, I’d have to say the 2:20 mark of the practice video–where Onew does various moves, and the the members “copy” them, so it looks like they’re one person, but with cool camera work to display all poses. So, I’d call it the photocopy dance.


    SOY UN DORITO!! xD hahahahhaha

  434. I’m pretty sure the toilet paper and other random items were demarcating the stage size. During practices, especially for dances, you need to be sure your performance fits the stage, otherwise you risk falling off…I’ve seen it happen…

  435. GD’s hair :D

  436. i really enjoyed the review! just realized how silly the video was.
    also, it took them even longer to realize that jessica (in this video) was a ghost…
    not-so-great detective shinee…but great dancers shinee indeed!

  437. oh. my gad. i was laughin my ass off wit the map parody xDDD omg gad simon & martina u r the best with makin my day xD

    also from the bloopers – OMAGAD SINCE WHEN U HAV A CAT~!! maaan did i miss sth…?? O.O

  438. The kicking dance should definitely be called… THE RUSSIAN SARAM. 

  439. Damn this is hard…
    But I say Taemin’s hair.
    GD’s hair is pure awesomeness but any hairstyle would fit him anyways ! On the other hand, not every haircut fit Taemin… no no no… So he owns this one and this victory over GD’s hair.

  440. I wish I had a Youtube account now D8

  441. TROLOLOLOL at the toilet paper and cup in background ^_^ I saw it and nearly burst out laughing (which would have been bad considering I’m in a quiet place)

    I’d vote for Taemin’s extensions all the way. SM brought us back the wonderful Lucifer hair back ^_^ GD kind of looks like a My Little Pony hehehe

  442. Definitely GD! Like Martina said in the last video, it doesn’t look ATTRACTIVE on him, but GD still manages to pull it off. I have no idea how, but he did :D

  443. My favorite part of the dance has to be at 02:01, dude.. that part is so funny xD I wonder how they are going to execute it on stage if some of them wear sleevless shirts, because Korean tends to cover their armpits (wether they have hair or not) Well I guess Jonghyun is the one who has to suffer the most, he’s the only one uncapable of covering his armpits. Apart from the awkward ‘should I cover my armpits to be polite, or should I not?’ moment, the dance is actually kind off cool. Really it’s something that I have never seen before, and that is quite important for me :) 

    I’ll call this dance “Standing-in-the-Middle-has-it’s-Consuquences” 

    my Youtube username is : MsBerryChan

  444. Jelly movement – 3.10, I shall CALL IT …..(tension in the atmosphere :L)…..’whale flop standing up’, keke ^^ BAM! (though you may have no idea how I thought of that name, it is quite unique indeed)

    username – NarutoLoverr95 

  445. I’m biasedassessment on Youtube. Favorite dance by far is the linked arm movements done at 2:01, right before Taemin tells us he’s a Dorito.. The name: “Arm pit check? Nevermind D;” Members no likey the smell of Jonghyun’s pits. 

    (All this talk about Pit… Simon, go play Kid Icarus Uprising D:<)Seriously, this has got to be my favorite choreography from them. They use all the members in a way that the dance would be off with one of them missing. I often feel like K-Pop has an issue with being so interchangeable, members can sometimes feel useless/extra. This song definitely did not suffer from that and makes me, as a viewer, appreciate all the members.That being said, thank you for expressing all of my thoughts on the mess of the story line that was in between all the awesome dancing. You guys expressed all of my issues, and that ghost skit was one of your funniest. 

  446.  Martina where do you buy your beautiful wigs ? 

  447. Guise, can you please explain me how do you pick the videos that you put in the KPop Charts? CN Blue’s Hey You is already in the charts, and Seo Ji Sub’s Such A Story is still not while I had submitted it before Hey You was out. I thought the only requirements were that the video has to be new and in Korean, but there is probably something else since Such A Story, LED Apple’s Someone met by chance and some other never made it though I had submitted them on time. Please clarify this. Thank you.

  448. i liked.. the wave part.. in the intro… from 0:24 in the dance practice version. *-*

    i’d call it sexy group wave? lol  ahahahaha it was hard to choose. i love all of it. T.T

    - roberto0708

  449. My Youtube is : Starfirechik

    My favorite part was no doubt during Key’s rap! He’s so fierce when he comes out, and even more I love it live. He has so much charisma, makes me hyper xD and the thing with the leg at that part LOL I can tell you I have no shame doing it in the halls in school when I wanna troll someone.

  450. The “Qwop” dance is definitely my favorite part. I named it the Qwop dance because it reminds me of that dreadfully impossible game XDD – Youtube username: GNaileil

  451. My youtube username is xchuckyxdoll  and for the favorite dance move..I liked the, as Martina said it, ” the Russian peacock strut” or .. the TrollWalk dance.. It’s just awesome and funny at the same time! And… well this is how I’d call it haha XD!.. the TrollWalk dance, yeah! 

  452. I loved your review on their comeback and I completely share your disappointments with the m/v. haha but they’re still so awesome & beautiful!<3 ^^V I would say my favorite dance move would be around 3:47.  I would call it the "puff daddy" ^^;; hehe (username: zerobass08) 

  453. My YT username is Tangyzong :) 
    My favourite dance move is when Jonghyun raises his and puts his hands behind his head, then the other kind of hold each other’s elbows (it’s around the 1:49 marks in the dance only MV)? It’s hard to explain, but I’d call it the “smell my armpits” dance ^^ (or “tell me if I need deodorant”? especially since they kind of go away from him afterwards :3)

  454. I love the traditionnal russian dance remix *o*
    youtube: Kasa022

  455. The Monty Python Funny Walk! Hands down my favorite part of the dance. I know you know what I’m talking about. ^^

  456. my youtube username is jjessicamah and my favorite part was chorus. where they’re jumping/skippping to the left. i call it the powerful march or high kneekick in the tummy. LOL. lame names, i know. 

  457. Raemin’s hair in S

  458.  I think they used google translate for the newspaper article. A shame, but it wouldn’t be SM without an English fail somewhere.

    I also think their promo pictures are weird, but so were SJ promo pics.

    Lastly, I kind of love how your laptop isn’t on your counter, but a roll of toilet paper is. I didn’t even notice until you mentioned the laptop in the music video.

  459. with the chorus dance, with the name “let me see if the floor can stand my weight, like a man” => whassup2fun (youtube)

  460. My YouTube username: Shirley36

    My favorite part of the dance: During Key’s rap, when they do that thing with the legs… I’d call it the “Kicking imaginary dirt in your face because we’re awesome like that” dance.

  461. My facorite part is the robot part.
    Where Taemin is the first one to come out and then Onew , then Jonghyun, then Key and finally Minho?
    Yeah thats my favorite part.
    I would call it “Taemin’s Robot Dance that everyone copies because its awesome.” AKA Taemin’s Awesome Robot dance
     Youtube name: mikiheartyou

  462. I saw the picture of Simon and taemin! *first reaction* ” OHW NO YOU DIDN’T” you made me laugh before i even pressed play!!!!

    It totally made my…night? hahaahah greetings from holland!

  463. punkyprincess92

    AHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TOILET PAPER AND THE PAPER CUP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    as much as i lLOVE SHINee i would also find it awkward to but those CD’s (if i could ever get my hand on them that is!! except for Onew’s!! his is the most normal!)
    i agree with everything to pointed out!!!!! ahahaha!!! still love my boys though!!!

  464. My favorite part of the dance is from 3:06 to 3:09 and i call this part ” drying hands kangaroo style”
    My youtube user name is LMTReina ^^

  465. I like the leprechaun walking/skipping part of the dance. It reminds of that italian movie where the jewish dad is trying not to freak his son out so he does that high knee walk on his way to a hidden corner to get shot by a nazi. i guess you could call the dance “The jewish running away” dance.? YT:vetapet124 Twitter:AnnaLHolland

  466. i like the toilet paper detail XD

  467. the kamehame pass and nail in the head!

  468. bigbangfosho

    HAHAHAHAHA I totally didn’t read the newspaper, but when you guys pointed it out, I nearly fell off my chair laughing. Not even joking.

  469. I’m gonna go with the “Happy Sexy Spastic Kicking of Doom” at 3:10 (Youtube: fanofmeygan)

  470. I like the ‘I am gonna kick my legs like this and if you get in the way it is not my fault’ part of the dance XD

    And I am xkoryux, on you tube, and genesisgoboom on twitter

  471. 3.41, im calling it as a  shaky legs, try to do it, its not easy u_u youtube user name; pacwomanify

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