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SHINee – Sherlock: Kpop Music Mondays

March 27, 2012


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Soy un Dorito!

Yes, Taemin at 2:08 says, in Spanish, that he’s a Dorito. Well, he probably doesn’t…but it sounds like he does!

Ok: less talk about Doritos, more about the awesomeness of this song. For starters, we’ve read some comments from people who were upset by the song and found it disappointing, which is shocking to us, because this song – to us – is one of their catchiest songs. It could be because we’ve only really gotten into SHINee since Lucifer. I mean, we liked SHINee before Lucifer, but we weren’t really Shawols. Side note: we don’t know how to pronounce Shawols. We keep on saying “Shawls” and think of scarfs. Anyhow, the whole point that we’re trying to get at is that maybe because we weren’t dedicated die-hard SHINee fans for a long time, maybe everyone else was expecting something different/more from SHINee? I don’t know. We’re totally digging the song and we’re happy that SHINee’s finally made their comeback.

Otherwise: we went on another Engrish rant here. We’re happy that SHINee didn’t fantastic elastic anything in the song, but that newspaper at the end was just absurd. Did you get a good look at it? If not, here it is:

SHINee Sherlock Newspaper

Shinee jewelry found 3:00 am yesterday Louis had found them in the museum is a jewel.

BBBBABABABBRRFGGGHH! What is this nonsense? Why would SM include this part? Who’s it for? We’re not Korean, so we don’t know how Korean people will react to seeing this. Maybe “oh! It looks cool”? I don’t know. But for those of you English speakers: how can you look at this and NOT cringe? This is unnecessarily bad. And – come the hell on – SM’s a freaking multi-million dollar company. Can’t they afford an English speaker? We’re Eatyourkimchi: a nowhere-close-to-being-million-dollar-worth company, and we can dole out the money for a Korean translator. And our Korean audience is surely smaller than SM’s English speaking audience. Why can’t SM do the same for their foreign audience?

Side note: the headline for the 1910 article was hilarious. A) March 23rd 1910 is a Wednesday, not a Friday, like the article suggested (we checked) and B) Stupidest article ever. It’s an article about being the most beautiful woman and jewelry? Who would write an article about that?

Writer: “Hey Boss! I got a great idea for our main headline for tomorrow’s news: here’s a picture of a hot chick in front of some jewelry”
Boss: “Wow that’s bloody brilliant! Write some nonsensical drivel about it and I’ll publish it without spellchecking!”
Writer: “Deal! Gee Boss, you’re the best Boss ever!”

Ok enough of that. The plot for the video sucked, but the song was awesome and so was the dancing. I mean, come on! You don’t have to be a Kpop fanatic to respect the dancing. Sure, some of it looks silly, like the Russian peacock dance, which we happen to personally like, but when you see SHINee moving with each other in line, popping out of line, grabbing each others arms…you know you’re witnessing something pretty impressive. Seriously: SHINee can freaking dance.

Altogether, we’re so impressed by SHINee’s comeback that we felt compelled to go out and buy a couple of albums to give away for you all. Want to win them? All you gotta do is tell us your favorite part of the dance and your clever name for it. Boom! It’s that easy. You can do so over at Facebook in the Contest Thread, or here in the comments. If you’re gonna post it here in the comments to this post, though, make sure you add your YouTube username so we can make sure you’ve subscribed to us, of course! Woot!

Otherwise, if you’d like to pick up the album on your own, you can do so through iTunes, or by going through YesAsia. Woot!


Also, we’d like to apologize for all the confusion over the KpopCharts for the past two weeks. We were in Japan last weekend, and we thought we’d have enough juice to come back and make a video, but helllll Japan exhausted us – in a good way, mind you – but we were still too pooped to make a decent Music Monday. And, yes, we know that the counters keep on crashing. We’ve got a developer working on fixing it (but it ain’t easy. You all just looooooove crashing our servers). Hopefully it’ll be fixed soon!

On a less serious note: Bloopers! Doesn’t Simon make the best Taemin? Ooooh! You so nayusty!

And, lastly, if you’d like to rock out to our awesome instrumental rendition of SHINee’s “Sherlock: (not sure why you would because it sucks!) you can do so here:



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Kpop Music Mondays


SHINee – Sherlock: Kpop Music Mondays


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  1. My favorite part of this review was when Simon put himself in ghostly harms way to save befuddled Spudgy.

    4 years ago
  2. In the practice video :from 1:16 to 1:20 and i’m gonna call it “We need to go slooooooooooooowly from here to here” 

    4 years ago
  3. I’m torn between the part when Onew gets the “Hello Mr. President” dance, or Minho’s faded-denim-pop-goes-the-weasel…OF DEATH! My youtube username is:  chainsawbunnyjapan. :)

    4 years ago
  4. GD DRAGON’S HAIR!!!!!!

    4 years ago
  5. Ahaha my favortie part if the TROLOLOL part!!!

    4 years ago
  6. 3:05 – Key shaking hands after washing them.

    4 years ago
  7.  My favorite dance is the one right after the Russian Peacock Strut/Dance, the one where they take a step, open their legs (okay not in a weird way), and do the picture framing with their hands!  (1:34 minutes into the official music video)  I love how it just hits the beats so strongly and perfectly with attitude!  I’d call it the “Pose For Me Baby!” dance.  “baby” optional, but exclamation mark necessary because the dance + chorus = so awesome.
    YT Name: susiebones

    4 years ago
  8. I like it around 3:45 on the practice video when Onew points to the other member’s and causes a chain reaction from the other members. I call it “Oh! Look! A SHINee penny!” dance.   Oh and I vote for Taemin’s hair.
     YTUsername: TheLolgirl212

    4 years ago

    4 years ago
  10. Taemin hair of course. I am biased but I really think Taemin is really handsome in this hair style, especially when he has a ponytail. 
    Blablabla….totally agree with you that SHERLOCK is an amazing song. I dont understand why people dont like it. It is very addictive!
    An new era of SHINee is going to open!

    4 years ago
  11. This isn’t my favorite song from Shinee (its still Lucifer for me)..The music sounds so discordant sometimes, it seems like the vocals are battling with it as to who can be the loudest… Great dancing as always, although the Russian thing was a bit “O_o???” 

    As for the long hair issue,I’d have to say GD coz he has proven time & time again that when it comes to hairstyles, long or short, his swag makes everyone else bow down to his superiority..Taemin looks too much like a girl here..

    4 years ago
  12. Im voting on GD’s long hair over Taemin. Sorry Taemin

    4 years ago
  13. My favorite dance move happens a few times in the video: I love every time a member does a sequence of moves in front of the others and they end up freezing in the four poses. I’d call either the “Shutter Burst” or the “After Image”. Keeping my fingers crossed for one of those CDs!
    Username: coRynnstar

    4 years ago
  14. to be honest, i actually like taemin’s better…

    4 years ago
  15. GD’s hair!

    4 years ago
  16. youtube name: kenna0805

    my favorite part of the dance starts at 2:00 minutes and ends at 2:05
    it..its a new kind of face arousal…..
    or qpdhfa for short

    4 years ago
  17. My favorite dance move of SHINee’s Sherlock would definitely have to be the part where all the members get together and help Jonghyun wash his face. I’d have to call it the “Epic-Blackhead -Buster-Dance.”  His pimples have been EBBD.
    On Youtube: thatssumgoodcurry

    I’m also gonna have to vote for GD’s hair for this one, just because of its epic long-ness in the video when he’s sitting in his chair. If you’d asked which one looked exactly like a girl to the point where I was confused, then I’d vote for Taemin. I’d also vote for him for “hairstyle most difficult to wear while dancing.”

    4 years ago
  18. Hi,guys!!!! Now, I´m agree with the name of “russian…peacock dance step” but from the minute 2:09 to 2:11 the arms are diferent sooo….. ” the moonwalk” is already old fashion, nowdays you make the “mario bros. walking” :D

    By the way, I´m mexican so I want to tell you that there is no only the “soy un Dorito” part. From 1:24 to 1:27 Jongyun and Key said something that sounds like “tu galleta” which means “your cookie”, and also from 1:59 to 2:01 Jonghyun said “solito” which menas “alone :( “. Do you think that they where hungry during the shoot of the MV or that they have a particular love for videogames (and they don´t let Jonghyun play)?

    That´s all I want to say, but yeah… I love your. video.Youtube name: eleMLC1

    And….I vote for Taemin :)

    4 years ago
  19. I love you tAEMIN more than GD but have to say GD… Im a shawol!.. GD has the swag, Taemin sway it better,,, but GD is fucking hot with it…

    4 years ago
  20. this dance is so postmodern that I love it all around :)
    the move you called – russian peacock – for me this is ‘singing in the rain’ move.
    and the last move in the whole dance looks like final move of terminators ready to come and kill us all – I love it too! TERMINATOR’S move :) [we-are-rea-dy-to-lunchhhhh]
    and the ‘beat Minho up’ move… nice.
    and the ‘James Bond opening lens’ move… [this with vomiting at the end] :)
    the dance to Sherlock is pretty fantastic.

    sorry I can’t choose only one.
    but I love it all :)

    YT account:bupuk

    4 years ago
  21. Nev

    Rapunzel “who wore it best” gotta go to GDs creepy Rapunzel King at the start of Fantastic Baby. Taemin just looks too much like a 1980s high school heavymetaler for me to take the look seriously!! 

    4 years ago
  22. Tough question. Uneven-kun looks creepy, but Pocahontas-kun is even worse… I feel so uneasy when I can’t tell a gender of person I’m looking at :(
    Besides ‘u, fantastic baby’ is now a signal for my texts, so I vote for Big Bang 

    4 years ago
  23. My favorite part (though it’s clearer in the dance version) is at 3:05 just before Minho does his epic hurdling.  The shaking out of the hands and wiping on shirt motion, aka “no more paper towels left in the bathroom” 
    To demonstrate, here is Taemin: http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m1lupj8vs71qid7ydo1_400.gif
    (Youtube: Kleptodino)

    4 years ago
  24. i  I have nothing against Taemin, but i love GD’s hair * ____ *

    4 years ago
  25. I vote Taemin~!!

    4 years ago
  26. oh and BTW I vote for Taemin, can’t help it I have a thing for girly boys ;D

    4 years ago
  27. I love Shinee but I’m not a fan of this song or even the video

    4 years ago
  28. D: why such a difficult question. how am I supposed to choose my fave part when I love the whole dance so much!?  >…< I'd pick the quintuple revolution if I had to D:
    btw, I'm Key biased *hinthint* XD
    YT username is Jablonka89 ^^

    4 years ago
  29. I vote for Taemin! His hair looks a lot better!

    4 years ago
  30. I vote for GD. Even though Taemin looks great, I don’t like that he looks girlier than me >.<

    4 years ago
  31. Thank you Simon for making me dream you as Taemin. It was a really GREAT dream. >.< NOT!
    Any way… My favorite move in the dance? Well… You guys know the part were Jonghyun is in the middle and they link one with another? In the dance practice it starts at about… 1:56 I guess… Ehh. Who knows the exact time? 
    I call that move PTSOITMSHCLT [ it means " Put the shortest in the middle so he could look taller" ] or SHINJONGddle. But no matter how hot and gorgeous Jonghyun looks, I believe Taemin should had have that move .<
    And just random…

    4 years ago
  32. I vote for Taemin ^^ Just because he’s Taemin <3

    4 years ago
  33. My favourite move is the one where the members stand around Onew (0:40 in the dance version) and Onew “drags” them towards himself, one by one. I call it “Chicken, come to me!” For no particular reason…
    Also my Youtube username is: MrPrincessViKi

    4 years ago
  34. In the dance practice video – 3:43 until about 3:46

    The “throwing boogers” dance. Onew getting ready to throw his booger, and you can really see the fear in everyone else’s eyes. But they decided to tag along.
    And you see that thing Onew does with his hand at 3:45? 
    It’s to shake the booger off his hand. True story.

    Youtube channel name: Ichiigox

    4 years ago
  35. My favorite part is the part when Key raps nearly in the end of the song. I’d like to name it “lets-release-the-cramps”. Because it looks like Key’s hand had cramp and he would like to release it playfully by flicking his hands. Then the other SHINee members find out that what Key did was interesting and they start to do it together, they even jump to release their leg’s cramp. LOL LOL.

    My YT account : flyingfili

    4 years ago
  36. GD must win ’cause he didn’t want to look good, he’s just a crazier version af the Mad Hatter !! Taemin of course looks good (as always !), but he looks too much… pretty :s

    4 years ago
  37. Pound my head dance.
    I think that would really help when you have one of those headaches when you feel like your head is gonna explode.

    YT name : onjjongkeymintae

    4 years ago
  38. btw. taemin looks better with long hair ^^

    4 years ago
  39. Music Video Dance Version 1:20-1:23 = the only thing i remembered from the video.

    Name: “Goose Step”…or is that like…a bad allusion and thus unmentionable? D:
    I’m happy to replace “Goose Step” with “Lord Pennington Wiggle-your-bottom”
    edit: YT: renaxoxolessthan3
    i forgot what my YT ID was :S

    4 years ago
  40. i didn’t like this song at all 
    but stranger in shinee’s album is way better 

    4 years ago