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SHINee – Sherlock: Kpop Music Mondays

March 27, 2012


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Soy un Dorito!

Yes, Taemin at 2:08 says, in Spanish, that he’s a Dorito. Well, he probably doesn’t…but it sounds like he does!

Ok: less talk about Doritos, more about the awesomeness of this song. For starters, we’ve read some comments from people who were upset by the song and found it disappointing, which is shocking to us, because this song – to us – is one of their catchiest songs. It could be because we’ve only really gotten into SHINee since Lucifer. I mean, we liked SHINee before Lucifer, but we weren’t really Shawols. Side note: we don’t know how to pronounce Shawols. We keep on saying “Shawls” and think of scarfs. Anyhow, the whole point that we’re trying to get at is that maybe because we weren’t dedicated die-hard SHINee fans for a long time, maybe everyone else was expecting something different/more from SHINee? I don’t know. We’re totally digging the song and we’re happy that SHINee’s finally made their comeback.

Otherwise: we went on another Engrish rant here. We’re happy that SHINee didn’t fantastic elastic anything in the song, but that newspaper at the end was just absurd. Did you get a good look at it? If not, here it is:

SHINee Sherlock Newspaper

Shinee jewelry found 3:00 am yesterday Louis had found them in the museum is a jewel.

BBBBABABABBRRFGGGHH! What is this nonsense? Why would SM include this part? Who’s it for? We’re not Korean, so we don’t know how Korean people will react to seeing this. Maybe “oh! It looks cool”? I don’t know. But for those of you English speakers: how can you look at this and NOT cringe? This is unnecessarily bad. And – come the hell on – SM’s a freaking multi-million dollar company. Can’t they afford an English speaker? We’re Eatyourkimchi: a nowhere-close-to-being-million-dollar-worth company, and we can dole out the money for a Korean translator. And our Korean audience is surely smaller than SM’s English speaking audience. Why can’t SM do the same for their foreign audience?

Side note: the headline for the 1910 article was hilarious. A) March 23rd 1910 is a Wednesday, not a Friday, like the article suggested (we checked) and B) Stupidest article ever. It’s an article about being the most beautiful woman and jewelry? Who would write an article about that?

Writer: “Hey Boss! I got a great idea for our main headline for tomorrow’s news: here’s a picture of a hot chick in front of some jewelry”
Boss: “Wow that’s bloody brilliant! Write some nonsensical drivel about it and I’ll publish it without spellchecking!”
Writer: “Deal! Gee Boss, you’re the best Boss ever!”

Ok enough of that. The plot for the video sucked, but the song was awesome and so was the dancing. I mean, come on! You don’t have to be a Kpop fanatic to respect the dancing. Sure, some of it looks silly, like the Russian peacock dance, which we happen to personally like, but when you see SHINee moving with each other in line, popping out of line, grabbing each others arms…you know you’re witnessing something pretty impressive. Seriously: SHINee can freaking dance.

Altogether, we’re so impressed by SHINee’s comeback that we felt compelled to go out and buy a couple of albums to give away for you all. Want to win them? All you gotta do is tell us your favorite part of the dance and your clever name for it. Boom! It’s that easy. You can do so over at Facebook in the Contest Thread, or here in the comments. If you’re gonna post it here in the comments to this post, though, make sure you add your YouTube username so we can make sure you’ve subscribed to us, of course! Woot!

Otherwise, if you’d like to pick up the album on your own, you can do so through iTunes, or by going through YesAsia. Woot!


Also, we’d like to apologize for all the confusion over the KpopCharts for the past two weeks. We were in Japan last weekend, and we thought we’d have enough juice to come back and make a video, but helllll Japan exhausted us – in a good way, mind you – but we were still too pooped to make a decent Music Monday. And, yes, we know that the counters keep on crashing. We’ve got a developer working on fixing it (but it ain’t easy. You all just looooooove crashing our servers). Hopefully it’ll be fixed soon!

On a less serious note: Bloopers! Doesn’t Simon make the best Taemin? Ooooh! You so nayusty!

And, lastly, if you’d like to rock out to our awesome instrumental rendition of SHINee’s “Sherlock: (not sure why you would because it sucks!) you can do so here:



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Kpop Music Mondays


SHINee – Sherlock: Kpop Music Mondays


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