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Sistar – Alone: Kpop Music Mondays

April 24, 2012


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Wow! It’s been over a year since we last spoke about Sistar. They’re back with a new rocking song and a not so rocking video:

Like we said in our video, we like the song a lot, but we didn’t like the video. The song was great! We heard it at the club this weekend and really enjoyed dancing to it, though we didn’t do the sexy knee dance. That might have been a traumatic experience for onlookers. We feel, though, like all of the budget went into making the song while the video was soooooo neglected. And they definitely made a thwack of money from the awkward whisky bottle product placement: spend some of that back into the video!

Maybe the video’s geared just for guys who want to see Sistar dance and pose, and who won’t care about Sistar’s surroundings, but – even as a guy watching it – the whole video just seems poorly planned. It’s almost like Super Junior videos when they’re in bizarre rooms, except Super Junior videos have more to them than that, like interesting camera effects (re: the slow motion camera) or cheesy sound effects. Something, at least! This had them in that stupid black room with the red jungle gym. WTF was that? I’d like a black room akin to JYP’s Someone Else, where the lights are doing more work, and make it look awesome. The red thing though…just…I don’t get it.

For that tiny percentage of male readers who watch us (seriously, a vast majority of you are female, according to Google), what are your thoughts on this video? Did it do anything for you? I know the song and video were meant to be sexy, but it just seems like it was attempting just a bit too hard to be sexy. There’s no balance of anything else in the video. Just sexy dancing, then being at an empty bar awkwardly and sexy posing. And rolling around on the floor sexily. It started to get redundant after a while. Maybe you feel differently?

Anyhow, I won’t be watching the video again, but that won’t stop me from liking the song. If you like the song as well, you can pick it up either on iTunes or YesAsia. Otherwise, we’ve got bloopers as usual! Martina has a habit of throwing her pig at me. I have taken self-defence measures, as learned from Street Fighter 2.



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