Wow! It’s been over a year since we last spoke about Sistar. They’re back with a new rocking song and a not so rocking video:


Like we said in our video, we like the song a lot, but we didn’t like the video. The song was great! We heard it at the club this weekend and really enjoyed dancing to it, though we didn’t do the sexy knee dance. That might have been a traumatic experience for onlookers. We feel, though, like all of the budget went into making the song while the video was soooooo neglected. And they definitely made a thwack of money from the awkward whisky bottle product placement: spend some of that back into the video!

Maybe the video’s geared just for guys who want to see Sistar dance and pose, and who won’t care about Sistar’s surroundings, but – even as a guy watching it – the whole video just seems poorly planned. It’s almost like Super Junior videos when they’re in bizarre rooms, except Super Junior videos have more to them than that, like interesting camera effects (re: the slow motion camera) or cheesy sound effects. Something, at least! This had them in that stupid black room with the red jungle gym. WTF was that? I’d like a black room akin to JYP’s Someone Else, where the lights are doing more work, and make it look awesome. The red thing though…just…I don’t get it.

For that tiny percentage of male readers who watch us (seriously, a vast majority of you are female, according to Google), what are your thoughts on this video? Did it do anything for you? I know the song and video were meant to be sexy, but it just seems like it was attempting just a bit too hard to be sexy. There’s no balance of anything else in the video. Just sexy dancing, then being at an empty bar awkwardly and sexy posing. And rolling around on the floor sexily. It started to get redundant after a while. Maybe you feel differently?

Anyhow, I won’t be watching the video again, but that won’t stop me from liking the song. If you like the song as well, you can pick it up either on iTunes or YesAsia. Otherwise, we’ve got bloopers as usual! Martina has a habit of throwing her pig at me. I have taken self-defence measures, as learned from Street Fighter 2.


  1. I’m surprised nobody has picked up on their pronunciation of “please dry my eyes” in the second line. When I first heard this song I thought they said something completely different (especially when combined with that ass popping dance).

  2. Didn’t care about the MV that much; however, hands down one of the BEST comebacks and songs so far this year….that’s right. Go and check the charts/sales and see SISTAR topping them!

  3. I was originally fine with all the posing and stuff, because I wanted to be able to fangirl over Soyu and the posing time is perfect for that because they are all there and they don’t keep switching and moving around. but now that i look back at it, it can be kind of boring to have those scenes over and over again with nothing much going on.

  4. I vote 2NE1 Lonely, it sticks in my head the first moment I heard it. Sistar’s Alone is good also.

  5. By the way, anybody else notice the “Ma Boy” moment in the choreography when you watch them perform this live? Me thinks their choreographer has a sense of humor :P

  6. Oh simon did the “ayy girl” thing xD Funny cuz me and my friend were just talking about this at school today when someone said Hey, girl to me. I pictured simon rolling down his sexy windows. ^-^
    I think 2NE1’s video sounds sadder, more lonely-like.

  7. Is it just me or does anybody else hear a snippet of the chorus of the Bee Gee’s “Stayin’ Alive” at the 50 second mark? Straaaange :O

  8. do you know that i dance to the “tck tckah tck tt tck tcka tck” every time i push play for Music Mondays…?  LOVE!  but, also, Martina i love your eyes with the contacts–every time you wear them it freaks me out!  and Simon, i heart your hair!  also, you both have been looking super-slender-thinner-than-normal…new camera?  or you both just have skinny genes… (insert cymbals here)…sorry, after-work-ADD…

  9. I prefer 2ne1’s lonely.  It’s lonelier (sidenote: I think the Japanese version of lonely is the loneliest of all…).

    SImon’s girl impression takes me back to happy days watching homestar runner…

  10. dora dora u-kiss. n yes. sistar have great body. just look at hyorin curves. they look womenly rather than just too slender girl.

  11. DORADORA U-KISS!!!!!!! For Next Week :D

  12. 2NE1 Lonely

    loving the Yongguk desktop

  13. I loved this song and this dance too! I just wanted to see more Vega’s scenes =P
    Martina, I love your make up! Cute pink lipstick =D

  14. I vote for 2NE1’s Lonely

  15. I vote for 2ne1 for Lonely no contest really…

  16. I really disliked both the song AND the video…they need a new producer and song writer…

  17. This is why in many cases I just wait until the live version on stage to see if I really like something. Sistar : meh video, awesome song, ROCKING live, even when Hyorin is sick. Pure win! Compare that to “Volume Up”, super song, not too bad video, and lives… well… ahem… I’ll say epic fail… and then there’s “Oh my god” that makes me weep (love the song, WTF video, *sobsob* live…) . It’s too bad, Sistar is an awesome group, they could have done so much more with that video!

  18. ♫ lonely lonely lonely lonely lonely ♫
    i vote for 2ne1

  19. If Roly Poly was undead,  then lovey dovey must have been death warmed up :)

  20. video was plain as hell yes, but i wasnt bored because.. well… they’re beautiful

    i blame my hormones

  21. That video was just so, plain. I mean there were things to see but nothing interesting. Nothing caught my eye. There wasn’t any flair to it. 

  22. I love how you guys have the most observant eyes ever~! You can pick up on the most random things which no one else would even see, do you watch these video’s over and over to pick up on them? In this case, I feel very bad for you if so, the video is soooo boring, you are right haha. Anyway, keep it up :D!

  23. Definitely 2NE1, even though what I feel usually is more in line with Sistar’s lyrics.
    I’ve been overacting to 2NE1’s Lonely for as long as it’s been out, so no contest here. (Not quite as awesomely dramatic as Martina to MBLAQ’s Cry , but then again, what is?)As for Sistar, I loved the dance and the song is a winner. (Yeah, I was bugged a little by the surroundings, but I was able to overlook it.)  I’d dance/sing to this when I need to feel like a sexy single.
    To conclude: 
    2NE1= Tired of being lonely, sick of being together.
    Sistar= Tired of being alone, sick of being single. 

  24. Secret and Sistar have some of the best bodies in K-pop, imo

  25. did you just mentioned roly poly instead of lovey dovey for the last weeks showdown?

  26. I just want to add that two of the girls in the group Piggy Dolls have awesome figures. And I vote for 2ne1

  27. 2ne1 lonely…..i am not a fan of sistar’s lonely….not even the song….it’s too ballad-ishy and not lonely at all for me….ehh the video ruined the song completely for me=(

  28. i would like to wath sunny hill with the video princess and prince charming in kpop music mondays cuz i think the video was kind or weird c: well just saying 

  29. i agree at 1st it was a little weird the way they moved so…slow
    but imagin them going all full out it wouldnt match the song.
    i thought the vocals of this song could knock a kpop haters socks off ^^

  30. This music video was different… I loved Push Push and Shady Girl but So Cool and now Alone… meh they ok… The songs were great just the mv were just dancing and singing in oddly lit room. but in So Cool there were those random guys sitting in the director’s chair and them running around in Nike and prom dresses… O.o… very different starship ent… very different

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