Wow! It’s been over a year since we last spoke about Sistar. They’re back with a new rocking song and a not so rocking video:


Like we said in our video, we like the song a lot, but we didn’t like the video. The song was great! We heard it at the club this weekend and really enjoyed dancing to it, though we didn’t do the sexy knee dance. That might have been a traumatic experience for onlookers. We feel, though, like all of the budget went into making the song while the video was soooooo neglected. And they definitely made a thwack of money from the awkward whisky bottle product placement: spend some of that back into the video!

Maybe the video’s geared just for guys who want to see Sistar dance and pose, and who won’t care about Sistar’s surroundings, but – even as a guy watching it – the whole video just seems poorly planned. It’s almost like Super Junior videos when they’re in bizarre rooms, except Super Junior videos have more to them than that, like interesting camera effects (re: the slow motion camera) or cheesy sound effects. Something, at least! This had them in that stupid black room with the red jungle gym. WTF was that? I’d like a black room akin to JYP’s Someone Else, where the lights are doing more work, and make it look awesome. The red thing though…just…I don’t get it.

For that tiny percentage of male readers who watch us (seriously, a vast majority of you are female, according to Google), what are your thoughts on this video? Did it do anything for you? I know the song and video were meant to be sexy, but it just seems like it was attempting just a bit too hard to be sexy. There’s no balance of anything else in the video. Just sexy dancing, then being at an empty bar awkwardly and sexy posing. And rolling around on the floor sexily. It started to get redundant after a while. Maybe you feel differently?

Anyhow, I won’t be watching the video again, but that won’t stop me from liking the song. If you like the song as well, you can pick it up either on iTunes or YesAsia. Otherwise, we’ve got bloopers as usual! Martina has a habit of throwing her pig at me. I have taken self-defence measures, as learned from Street Fighter 2.


  1. I’m surprised nobody has picked up on their pronunciation of “please dry my eyes” in the second line. When I first heard this song I thought they said something completely different (especially when combined with that ass popping dance).

  2. Didn’t care about the MV that much; however, hands down one of the BEST comebacks and songs so far this year….that’s right. Go and check the charts/sales and see SISTAR topping them!

  3. I was originally fine with all the posing and stuff, because I wanted to be able to fangirl over Soyu and the posing time is perfect for that because they are all there and they don’t keep switching and moving around. but now that i look back at it, it can be kind of boring to have those scenes over and over again with nothing much going on.

  4. I vote 2NE1 Lonely, it sticks in my head the first moment I heard it. Sistar’s Alone is good also.

  5. By the way, anybody else notice the “Ma Boy” moment in the choreography when you watch them perform this live? Me thinks their choreographer has a sense of humor :P

  6. Oh simon did the “ayy girl” thing xD Funny cuz me and my friend were just talking about this at school today when someone said Hey, girl to me. I pictured simon rolling down his sexy windows. ^-^
    I think 2NE1′s video sounds sadder, more lonely-like.

  7. Is it just me or does anybody else hear a snippet of the chorus of the Bee Gee’s “Stayin’ Alive” at the 50 second mark? Straaaange :O

  8. do you know that i dance to the “tck tckah tck tt tck tcka tck” every time i push play for Music Mondays…?  LOVE!  but, also, Martina i love your eyes with the contacts–every time you wear them it freaks me out!  and Simon, i heart your hair!  also, you both have been looking super-slender-thinner-than-normal…new camera?  or you both just have skinny genes… (insert cymbals here)…sorry, after-work-ADD…

  9. I prefer 2ne1′s lonely.  It’s lonelier (sidenote: I think the Japanese version of lonely is the loneliest of all…).

    SImon’s girl impression takes me back to happy days watching homestar runner…

  10. 2ne1 lonely :D

  11. dora dora u-kiss. n yes. sistar have great body. just look at hyorin curves. they look womenly rather than just too slender girl.

  12. DORADORA U-KISS!!!!!!! For Next Week :D

  13. 2NE1 Lonely

    loving the Yongguk desktop

  14. I loved this song and this dance too! I just wanted to see more Vega’s scenes =P
    Martina, I love your make up! Cute pink lipstick =D

  15. I vote for 2NE1′s Lonely

  16. I vote for 2ne1 for Lonely no contest really…

  17. I really disliked both the song AND the video…they need a new producer and song writer…

  18. 2NE1! <3

  19. This is why in many cases I just wait until the live version on stage to see if I really like something. Sistar : meh video, awesome song, ROCKING live, even when Hyorin is sick. Pure win! Compare that to “Volume Up”, super song, not too bad video, and lives… well… ahem… I’ll say epic fail… and then there’s “Oh my god” that makes me weep (love the song, WTF video, *sobsob* live…) . It’s too bad, Sistar is an awesome group, they could have done so much more with that video!

  20. ♫ lonely lonely lonely lonely lonely ♫
    i vote for 2ne1

  21. If Roly Poly was undead,  then lovey dovey must have been death warmed up :)

  22. video was plain as hell yes, but i wasnt bored because.. well… they’re beautiful

    i blame my hormones

  23. That video was just so, plain. I mean there were things to see but nothing interesting. Nothing caught my eye. There wasn’t any flair to it. 

  24. I love how you guys have the most observant eyes ever~! You can pick up on the most random things which no one else would even see, do you watch these video’s over and over to pick up on them? In this case, I feel very bad for you if so, the video is soooo boring, you are right haha. Anyway, keep it up :D!

  25. Definitely 2NE1, even though what I feel usually is more in line with Sistar’s lyrics.
    I’ve been overacting to 2NE1′s Lonely for as long as it’s been out, so no contest here. (Not quite as awesomely dramatic as Martina to MBLAQ’s Cry , but then again, what is?)As for Sistar, I loved the dance and the song is a winner. (Yeah, I was bugged a little by the surroundings, but I was able to overlook it.)  I’d dance/sing to this when I need to feel like a sexy single.
    To conclude: 
    2NE1= Tired of being lonely, sick of being together.
    Sistar= Tired of being alone, sick of being single. 

  26. Secret and Sistar have some of the best bodies in K-pop, imo

  27. did you just mentioned roly poly instead of lovey dovey for the last weeks showdown?

  28. I just want to add that two of the girls in the group Piggy Dolls have awesome figures. And I vote for 2ne1

  29. 2ne1 lonely…..i am not a fan of sistar’s lonely….not even the song….it’s too ballad-ishy and not lonely at all for me….ehh the video ruined the song completely for me=(

  30. i would like to wath sunny hill with the video princess and prince charming in kpop music mondays cuz i think the video was kind or weird c: well just saying 

  31. i agree at 1st it was a little weird the way they moved so…slow
    but imagin them going all full out it wouldnt match the song.
    i thought the vocals of this song could knock a kpop haters socks off ^^

  32. This music video was different… I loved Push Push and Shady Girl but So Cool and now Alone… meh they ok… The songs were great just the mv were just dancing and singing in oddly lit room. but in So Cool there were those random guys sitting in the director’s chair and them running around in Nike and prom dresses… O.o… very different starship ent… very different

  33. Voting for 2NE1′s Lonely, it has a more somber feel and sound to it. I cant really listen to Sistar’s Alone when im lonely, and by myself cuz all i wanna do is do the sexy dance in my room along to the song….. -_-’  ….dont act like u dont do it 2 lol.

  34. 2NE1′s Lonely.  Alone isn’t a bad song, it’s just that lonely seems to be a better choice for the situation.

  35. 2NE1 ! they’re definitely lonely… oh it’s sad :(

  36. (From the rare and coveted male perspective)
    Yes the room full of red climbing frames was a tad ridiculous, however the video did its job of flaunting the girls sex appeal. Although they don’t come close to ga-in and hyosung :)

  37. 2NE1 for me, you wouldnt do sexy moves when u r really lonely..unless you’re mr forever alone… 2NE1 potray the lonely MV quite great, lost and emotional, really my kind of thing

  38. The standard of beauty is different. Most Koreans think Sistar and Secret members are a little heavier than their ideal. But most westerners will think Koreans’ ideal bodyshape is too skinny. May Koreans see S-curves where you don’t see.

  39. I was starting to feel really alone in the not-so-keen-on-sistar’s-video world :)

  40. Why didn’t Mr. Brohoho make an appearance here? D:

    That car was clearly the same as in Park Bom’s ‘Don’t Cry’……….

  41. I vote for 2NE1′s Lonely. Their song is more emotional lonely.

  42. the dance for this was so sexy. i just cant stop dancing it xD 

  43. UR WALLPAPER. ITS SO GLORIOUS asdfja;kdfja /dead. 

  44. I just want to point out what you write about “male readers”… Keep in mind that you probably have quiite a number of homo- and bisexual viewers. I read your blog post about homosexuality, so I know where you stand, just… Keep in mind.

  45. I completely agree with you guys here i love the song yet the video was really boring even if i am i guy it just didn’t do it for me it was hella awkward

  46. LOL, Simon makes the best girl ever. 

  47. I vote for 2any1 or however you spell it LOL. Sistar is cool and all, but for a ‘lonely’ song, I feel 2any1 did a better job portraying loneliness in their video and their song. Sistar’s is a bit dancy and don’t think when your lonely you get dancy… well now that I think about it, you can get dancy when lonely! Man this is hard. Still gonna stick with 2any1, just because the song and vid seem to be the same mood, depressing.

  48.  2NE1~ It totally fits better imo when you’re lonely..

  49. I totally agree the video was SO BORING!

    I LOVE the song and some parts of the choreography but i feel like their “Sexiness” was just way too forced. The choreography had a lot of misplaced parts and was simple. I know that sometimes simplicity is better, but i honestly think this was TOO simple. They learned a valuable lesson after that little wardrobe malfunction and decided on getting long pencil skirts with slits, i found it classy because their “So Cool” outfits were a bit tasteless. Most of the scenes were pointless, the shooting the video in Vegas was pointless (i mean atleast Big Bang took advantage when they did it for “Tonight”), The meant-to-be-symbolic-tattoos were horrendous. I mean they couldve done soooooo many incredible with this and they did absolutely nothing just stood there posing, or sat there on the bar posing. posing posing posing.As for girl Kpop groups with the best body i definitely have to say its Miss A, Secret and Sistar.hah they all have 4 members! <3

  50. Ya, when i started to watch the video, i felt that they were trying to hard to be sexy. I like the leg dance, but the bending down at the beginning of the video was kinda of too much. The video and the song bored me so i didn’t finish watching it. 

  51. Though I like both songs and groups (both groups are in my top 5 girl groups), 2NE1′s Lonely speaks to me more. However, when I see 2NE1′s mv, I hear Mr. Brohoho laughing in the back of my mind too.

  52. I really like the song. And also, go listen to their sub-title track “Lead Me”. That song is super awesome. But the video is soooo… meh. I don’t know why the video is so lackluster despite the hype. It was even filmed in Las Vegas, but I can honestly say that if they filmed in a Korean club, they would achieve the same treatment. And sorry, but I’m not loving the sexiness they were going for in this video too. The choreography borders on cheap for me. But that’s just me.

  53. 2NE1, by a lot. Yeah, I was totally bored by this video. So, so bored. Possibly one of the most boring k-pop music videos I’ve ever seen. At least Super Junior, and even 2NE1′s Lonely, somehow their videos are just more entertaining. I dunno, maybe that’s only cos I’m a straight girl, I didn’t care for the sexiness in this video, which I felt like was all it had to offer.

  54. 2NE1 for the Lonely video!

  55. Oh yea! 2NE1 all the way! Hwaiting!

  56. Yeah ! I see Bang Yong Guk on your walpaper laptop ! 

  57. I would definitely vote for 2NE1′s Lonely. That’s like my lonely jam! Sistar’s Alone is too sexy for a lonely song, I think, and I love 2NE1′s vocals in Lonely. It’s a really beautiful song. 

  58. I miss the “AYY GIRL” from Simon! Now all we need is more Intoxicating music and more Mordney references ^__^
    To be honest, I like this song a lot. They’re not my favourite vocals, but I really like HOW they sang this song. Props to them. 
    However the song itself sounds seductive and not lonely at all. I’m gonna have to give my vote to 2NE1′s Lonely, because their music sounded more lonely haha.  

  59. Yah, I felt the same way. At first I felt excited about them shooting this video in Vegas…. But then all the Vegas images disappeared and they were just in these dark rooms posing in very emo-like positions. Then I lost interest and didn’t get through the entire video.

    *Also, in America, our rule goes a whole five seconds. Three seconds is a little strict. lol!

  60. I was kind of worried that this video would get reviewed for Music Mondays.  I agree that the video was pretty boring and there wasn’t much to do or say about it.  Nevertheless, I was pleasantly surprised to see how much you guys actually got out of the video.  It was amazing how much you got with what was given to you. xD

    Oh, and I vote for 2NE1. d(^u^)b
    Their video had a more “lonely” atmosphere than Sistar’s video did.

  61. just got a case of Simonella….

    simon as a girl is too disturbing….. *shivers*
    2ne1 for lonely please! because when you are lonely, you don’t sexy dance around a club ;P

  62. My Vote Goes For 2NE1 Lonely thats video gives off the “I’m Lonely” Feeling or just the thinking about you and missing you vibe :’(

  63. I prefer 2NE1′s song “Lonely”. Because of them, I can now never just say the word “lonely” in a singular form–it always morphs into lonely-lonely-lonely-lonely.

  64. Wow! Hurrah for the slo-mo-sexy-leg dance. Nicely done Sistar!

    (I have struggled for years now – *trying* to like female kpop groups without much success) The squeaky/mouse-pitch singing and my-little-pony-struts (like a 6 year old’s dance moves) … irk me to no end. Basically…it’s just NOT my thing to watch women in their 20′s being presented as pubescents. sexy pubescents…it’s just pedo-ish. (gah)

    However (!) grown women….sing and dancing…as grown women = Huzzah!!

    Like you, I think the song has merit, dance moves are appropriate….video~ less than stellar. Thanks for another Monday Music…and another Thanks for Techno Shoes…have it on replay…like every 3rd song. HA!  

  65. I’m a girl and I really liked their video! It was basically a dancing video with some close up shots and some atmosphere scenes. I don’t really get what else you need…

  66. I wish you guys would do Nu’est one day, just because their video was 50000x more interesting than this one.

  67. I feel like this song could have been a song in Kill Bill… somehow it gives me that feeling…

  68. I am disappoint.  I wanted to see Simon ruining the sexy dance.  So nasty.

  69. punkyprincess92

    hahahahahaha oh man Simon and the creepy “yes, there’s no boys here” was freakin’ hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  70.  2NE1 is what I’d rather go to when I’m lonely

  71. First I’ve gotta say that I loved Simon’s hair and the osmosis refrence (science geek here ><)
    Yeah Sister made me go meh….

    I don't really feel comfortable watching people touch themselves like that anywho

    But I was also surprised at the longness of their outfits…

  72. Im a girl, srry guys. But I loved their dancing so much that I didnt pay attention to the background or anything else. I dont kno why Hyorin is changing in the car and I dont care. all I kept thinking is where I can get those clothes their wearing, and how awesome the song and dance were.  

    Plus Im suprised, I dont think it was forced. except for the butt dance, but I loved the Knee dance!! 

    • i’m thinking this in this perspective. she’s brokenhearted: prolly just came from a broke-up wearing those clothes and jewelries, and in order for not to remember the sad situation, she tried to erase the sad memories by changing her clothes. notice her gloomy look here.

  73. I am a BIG Sistar fan, but I couldn’t agree with you guys more. Song awesome. Dance awesome. Everything else, dull. I actually didn’t even vote for this video because it was so blah blah. Hoping for Sunny Hill or Girl’s Day to win next week.

  74. voting for 2ne1 lonely. love that u have b.a.p on the laptop. i cant wait for it.

  75. 2NE1′s lonely is by far the lonlier song.

  76. although I absolutely love this song, I’m going with 2ne1!!

  77. I thought the video was very exciting in the beginning because of the Las Vegas scenes, but they really didn’t do much with that after… I was heavily distracted by the dancing though so I didn’t really notice how bad the video was until you mentioned it and I watch the video a lot.
    Love this song by SISTAR so much! So happy that you guys reviewed it this week ^^.

  78. Idk maybe I’m the strange one BUT the MV want that bad and Sistar is superhot so I didnt mind looking at them lol.

  79. before i see this video… I also  put the BYG pic on my laptop wallpaper…shock.

  80. << 24 y/o guy. This video is sexy. I might be ignoring the surroundings, but those dresses… wow. I'm not even a leg man and this video has my heart racing a bit.

  81. 22 yr old guy right here…love the song…been hitting it on replay for about a week now…anyways mv was pretty boring aside from the dance parts…spice it up for the mv next time girls…your songs are awesome!!

  82. I’ve noticed that The Ministry of Banning Everything Fun usually bans stuff like 4 months after they were released, by that time artists are all “Lulz, we’re done promoting that!  Here, review this new song so you can ban it 4 months from now ;D”  I think the only time they banned something right after their release were like Block B songs and Batoost’s On Rainy Days.

  83. I think also what made the video boring was that the creators didn’t develop any of the cool imagery that they were using in the video. They just made a dance and had SISTAR film a bunch of different tableaus to match the overall concept of the video. Because nothing really happens in any of the tableaus, none of it really makes sense as a whole; it was just nice to look at. The creators definitely did do a good job of making the members of SISTAR look sexy and beautiful, but that’s about all that the video did for the song. I feel like they could have delved more into the whole Las Vegas scenery. I mean, they did film in Vegas, right? Where did all that footage go?

    Also, as a dancer, the sexy knee dance is cool the first time but it gets kind of old when it’s all they do. With a simple dance, I would think there would be more happening in the video.

    With that said, like you two, I really do like this song :)

  84. agreed the video focuses on the girls being sexy and nothing else…the moves the bar and even i see a pole thrown in somewhere 

    it is for the male viewer to go crazy about sistar

    i found myself comparing them to the other cutey dance vids of snsd and such 
    even in the boys vid where snsd tried to be remotely be sexy they failed with their skinny bonny image but sistar seem to have the body to pull off a sexy move

    so many closeup for for their thighs for me …made my eyes hurt …
    i just started wondering …haiz *sigh* when is this gonna end and the real mv start …
    but the mv ended repeating the same thing red dresses ..poses and legs all over the place 

     the song is good smooth flow to it …but i can’t shake the idea that i have heard it before ..at least part of it in another song…but i don’t remmeber the song ….that happens to me a lot in kpop ..i dunno why …

  85. heheehee I see B.A.P.’s comeback on the laptop there ^.^ 

  86. I agree that the set is plain boring and isn’t compatible with the budget spent on luxurious Vegas. Their outfits look aesthetically mediocre and simply do the work of highlighting their curvaceous bodies. But I like the glitters of their makeup and accessories and flashy lights and their expressive poses. The song is the redeeming feature also: Never have I instantly fallen in love with any Sistar’s song, which usually just sink in through the force of repetition, yet Alone caught me right away. The tune is so unique and addictive that it’s got stuck in my head ever since.

  87. 2NE1! It’s definitely a better song for when you’re lonely!

    I was so hoping Shinwa- Venus was going to win it, such a great song and
    video! Weird white girl in a ‘nest’? Beats like a Pitbull song, just
    better! It’s been on repeat on my ipod. 

  88. 2ne1 <3 . I think they portrayed the lonely feeling better o.O i love both songs though ^^

  89. Yes it was a bit boring video but I actually like the styling and idk the
    vibe? Some ppl said that they probably didn’t get permit ion to shoot outside
    the club. Maybe that’s the reason. also they definitely beat 2PM with number of
    ppl in the club :)

    I like the dance but Sistar could stop with the butt rubbing, it was cool
    in how dare you, It was awful in so cool (probably length of the back of
    dress is caused by a certain event when Hyorin was dancing
    to so cool and when she bend over her whole butt showed….so cool dresses was
    the worst) and now it’s just out of place. tl;dr i know :P

    Yay for B.A.P In the background. I don’t
    know who I want to see more in next music Monday B.A.P or U-KISS omg.

    • Omg I know right??? I’ve been dying for a new song from B.A.P. since I finally exhausted the entirety of their debut album XD <3

      But I think I'll vote for U-Kiss maybe just for the reason that Kevin is such a fan of Simon & Martina and I'd love to see if he would leave a comment or tweet about it! (And because I LOVE that boy! <3)

  90. ahah you guys are so funny LOL but i love this video, hot koreans + awesome voices + sexy legs + great music = ♥ loveeeee it! SISTAR 4 ever!

  91. Martina, I love your hair.

  92. To be completely honest, I think the video almost takes away from the song… I got so bored with them posing and rolling around on the floor (SO AWKWARD LOOKING) that I couldn’t even enjoy the song and it is a good song!

  93. Martina!!! love you blue nail polish. mmk. see you guys next week :)

  94. The song is so gorgeous, I wish they’d done more with the video.
    (I definitely agree that Sistar and Secret are beautiful women, I wouldn’t say they’re the only ones but.. <3)

  95. revsoulx3

    Man I wanted to see Sunny Hill’s video. >__<

    • Yeah me too. Alone was such a boring video, that it wasn’t worth the review, even though Simon and Martina made it enjoyable =) I was voting for SH’s every day….. SH!!!!

  96. Sistar gives girls a dance that’s actually possible to do in heels! Well, if you have nice balance. I felt like they were doing yoga/stomp whenever they did the knee-dance thing. Though I also thought the video was a bit boring.

  97. yo creia que era lovey dovey en vez de roly poly… :S:S

  98. hey! I see B.A.P’s teaser on the laptop back there! This is gonna be big! Why do I have an intuition about next Music Monday?

  99. SISTAR, though I like 2NE1′s as well..

  100. 21 yr old Canadian male – Toronto

    All my friends think I’m the weirdest guy for liking Kpop, but it’s groups like SISTAR that keep my passion for it alive. First off, this song and Ma Boy are two of the greatest Kpop songs I’ve ever heard. Hyorin (main vocalist) has one of the most distinct voices in kpop, and it really shines in this song.

    as for the video…it’s an acquired taste like a fine red wine. The imagery is strong, but I do agree with you that it was boring. They could have made it awesome if they were dancing normal speed (in the club) but then all the people around them were moving in slow-mo or something like that.


    • Yeah! We were thinking something along those lines as well, some kind of cinematography to illustrate their point. Maybe have them all in color, while everything else is in black and white, for example. I don’t know. Just…something more than rolling around on the floor!

    • Fun Fact for you bro: Ma Boy (the practice video) is actually making the rounds here in Australia, amongst non-kpop fans, for its ‘body roll’. Supposedly they do that particular dance move really well, and everyone thinks it’s awesome and not weird at all :)

      • Hey! I’m an 19 year old male

        And well, as you said in the video, after a while it gets redundant. But let’s say that for the firs minute the video was great, it was sexy, sophisticated and it had a fancy feeling to it. I liked that because now-days you don’t see that often.

        It is kind of the same thing that happened with the movie ”The Tree Of Life” a lot of people didn’t like that movie because all the imagery that was putted on the movie and the short scenes that made the plot develop slowly. I personally loved the movie because I felt that the images helped pass the message and highlight what the director was trying to say. The difference here is that the movie i’m talking about had great camera angles and shots. In sistar’s video, they repeated some shots and posing and the camera angles weren’t always so great….. So, I would like to say just that I really came to appreciate the artsy concept of the video and I liked that they dared to come out of they’re comfort zone. :D

  101. At first I was like ooOOOoo….then after a minute of watching the video, I was like….oOOoohhh…hmmm….

    it was a dull video, and i feel like the amounts of hits for the video were swayed by the sexiness…..

  102. B.A.P on the laptop!!! So super excited for their comeback!!!

  103. Is that Bang Yong Guk on your laptop? AWESOME. Now to watch the video.

  104. Man tbh this was one of my favorite videos of the year – not because i’m a pervy teenager (trust me, I’m not interested as attractive and hot as they are) but because they looked sexy and got it right imo.  

  105. Hmm I kinda agree with you guys. Love the song not so much the video..
    Anyways thanks so much for the video!

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