Woohoo! Our first post of the new year is Sistar’s “How Dare You.” The video isn’t necessarily brand spanking new, because it came out before the GDTOP “High High” video, but it got an absurd amount of requests on our Request Form, so we’re gonna review it.

This video fits perfectly with what we’re interested in talking about anyways. Somewhat awkward English, fun video, memorable dance. Perfect! It’s not the best video out there now (we’re still really fond of T-ara’s “Yayaya” and can’t stop singing it), but we still think it’s pretty cool. What we find confusing about it, though, is that it was banned by KBS. There’s a stripper pole in the video, sure, but they only dance beside it for a few seconds. The rest of the video is a bizarre interrogation of a guy, in which, at the end of the video, they lock him in a tanning bed and murder him, Final Destination style. Is that why it got banned? Does anyone know the answer to this? Maybe our North American sensibilities are a bit, err, desensitized, but, yeah, this video wasn’t offensive enough to us to merit a banning.

Totally gotta love the bum-rubbing dance, though. It’s so ridiculous and hilarious, and we have no idea what it has to do with asking a guy “why are you playing these games.” We thought they first say “Wipe, play this game” which made a bit more sense, because they were, in effect, wiping their bums, just not in the traditional sense. That would be gross. Now THAT would merit a banning by KBS.

As always, JB and Annie from [닉쑤] Enjoy Your Happy Life~* are awesome for so diligently translating all of our videos into Korean. Huzzah! Lastly, if you’re a fan of Sistar and want to get the album, you can buy Sistar’s Album here, and it will ship to you, even if you’re overseas. Huzzah!

  1. EYK… Do you read every comment?

  2. SiSTAR wins the bum dance, yay!! But Bopeep is awesome too.

  3. Is this not on Youtube? Why haven’t I seen it before!?

  4. LOL
    I really doubt that suggestion about groping passengers would work. America has some serious obesity issues. Getting hot chicks would not work.

  5. LOL, Bobeep is WAYY awesome, but Sistar is soooo adorable….hm…I would say T-ara wins it, Bobeep is too cute! :D lol

  6. who was the cute puppy that wasn’t spudgy?!?!?

  7. can you please do Seungri's new song-V.V.I.P or what can i do?

  8. Yeah, T-ara`s Bo Peep Bo Peep si so cute, but I vote for Sistar`s How Dare You … so HOT!!!

  9. SISTAR all they way…. their dance is way better and I never could stand Bo Peep. *shrug*

  10. I vote for Bo Peep Bo Peep. Heck yeah, that butt dance… well, Sistar can't beat that one.

  11. T-ara's Bo Peep Bo Peep!
    and can you do Bomb Bomb Bomb by SHU-I?

  12. Guys you are totally awesome, I just can´t stop watching Music Mondays and another videos from you. I think T-ara song is better. I really hope that you will do some Music Monday with MBLAQ songs like: Cry. Y or Oh Yeah. Keep doing your great job! I am a big fan of you!

  13. they should do 2NE1 Don't Stop The Music next week

  14. Please Please do Keep your head down next week!!!!!
    And i vote for T-ara Bo peep :)

  15. T-ara all the way, Bo peep.

  16. Bo peep is so cute!
    Anyway… do Piggy dolls – Trend
    A lot better than it sounds trust me… these girls may be larger than most idols but their vocals are awesome

  17. TVXQ "Keep Your Head Down" for next Monday . . . please? It would be a birthday wish!!!! The boys have been gone so long.

  18. please do a review of Knock out Music videeooo!!

  19. T-ara's Bo peep Bo peep! love that dance *dies*

  20. NO!!! It's Gd THE HANDSOME GUY!!!!!!

  21. Next monday tvxq or gd&top!!!! Please ( no MBLAQ)

  22. Please review TVXQ's "Keep Your Head Down"!!! Pretty please? Thank you!!!!!!!!!!

  23. How about Don't Stop the music by 2NE1! Please!

  24. i prefer T-ara’s video..!!

    HOOT by SNSD..

  25. Can you guys do Mblaq's Cry? I think that it should be done before dbsk and gd&top because Mblaq's was released first. Thanks ^^

  26. Infinite's Before the Dawn~ doitdoitdoitXD

  27. T-ara Bo Peep Bo Peep. I like that cute dance more than this new Sistar's dance. Can't wait for monday – there are so many videos that came out recently, so hard to chose what to request~ There's MBLAQ with "Cry". TVXQ with "Why (keep your head down)". GD and TOP with "Knock Out". Secret with "Shy Boy". God~!

  28. Please do SECRET'S "SHY BOY" NEXT~^^

  29. I like SISTAR more then T-ARA.please do MBLAQ’s cry.PLEASE….


  31. T-ara's Bo peep Bo peep…. :)

  32. Sorry, I'm loving the slutty SISTAR butt rubbin' action.


  34. T-ara's was better!!
    Haha Ohh I freaking love you guys? you used the bed intruder song? I LOVE THAT SONG lol

  35. Haha loved this music monday, it was perfect like the rub a bum ecspiacally shinee's version (shinee stan here), but what i loved the most are the glasses of Martina and Simon's shirt! Where did you get them? And my vote goes to Sistar. /late comment is late (sorry for my English btw i'm from the netherlands)

  36. Do After School – Love Love Love
    prz, your videos are amazing ♥

  37. do TVXQ put your head down *_*

  38. t-ara hands down! i've been practicing that one…

  39. T.O.P. Sooo didn't win….
    lol. I vote for T-ara!

  40. I like better t-ara's and please do GTOP's knock Out for next music monday!! n_n

  41. Please do GD&TOP's "Knock Out"!!!

  42. T-ara is much better! definitely Bo Peep Bo Peep!

  43. Please do TVXQ *lol that sounds wrong*
    The music video is amazing i was like WOW
    so please i really want to know what u guys thing about it

  44. I vote for Sistar~~Their dancing is so super sexy
    Please do GDTOP's "Knock Out"

  45. btw when i said they were incredibly cute i meant t.o.p and g dragon

  46. please please PLEASE do TVXQ or dong bang shin ki PLEase i'm begging you *beg* *beg* I didn't really like knock out but i am a HUGE fan of T.O.P (and…*sigh* g dragon) (but mostly T.O.P) i think that it was an extremly cocky song and the girls aren't the prettiest girls i have ever seen but i think they were incrediably cute!!!!!! But i seriously LOVE and miss TVXQ !!!!!!!

  47. SISTAR'

  48. GD&TOP knock out.

  49. PLEASE DO GD&TOP's Knock Out MV !!!!!!!!!!

  50. T-ARA because I don't like SISTAR.

    PLEASE!!!!! Next video must be GD&TOP – Knock Out

  51. TVXQ!!!! Please????

  52. T-ara – Bo Peep Bo Peep! I liked their butt action way more! Was that dirty sounding? hmmm

  53. please do a review of knock out MV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i prefer sistar

  54. i prefer t-ara's video bo beep!!!

    Knock Out for the next moonday!!

    Simon& martina… you really do a excellent job! i really enojy all of your videOs!! please do more!!!
    Knock Out !!!!!!!!!

  55. please…. Knock Out for the next mOnday !!

    YG Family!! GD & TOP

  56. Knock Out for the next music monday!!!!
    gd & top wahhh
    hey guys i really enjoy this video.. please make a review about it!!
    it has a lot of funny things!!

  57. hi, can you please make a review of "Knock out Mv" ( GD & TOP) for the nexr monday?


  58. please Knock out MV <"GD & TOP"> for the next monday!!
    guys watch the video it has a lot of thing that u can use for the next music monday!!1
    ejoy it!!

    and//……. T-ara

  59. wahhhh!!! please Know out mv for the next monday!!!!
    Gd & T.O.P Knock Out! Gd & T.O.P Knock Out! Gd & T.O.P Knock Out! Gd & T.O.P Knock Out! Gd & T.O.P Knock Out!

    i prefer T-ara's video

  60. hey guys please make a music monday of “Knock out” video (gd & t.o.p) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Gd & T.O.P
    Gd & T.O.P
    Gd & T.O.P
    Gd & T.O.P
    Gd & T.O.P
    Gd & T.O.P
    Gd & T.O.P
    Gd & T.O.P
    Gd & T.O.P
    Gd & T.O.P
    Gd & T.O.P
    Gd & T.O.P
    Gd & T.O.P
    Gd & T.O.P
    Gd & T.O.P
    Gd & T.O.P
    Gd & T.O.P
    Gd & T.O.P
    Gd & T.O.P
    Gd & T.O.P
    Gd & T.O.P
    Gd & T.O.P
    Gd & T.O.P
    Gd & T.O.P
    Gd & T.O.P
    Gd & T.O.P
    Gd & T.O.P
    Gd & T.O.P
    Gd & T.O.P
    I Love them!!

    please please please!!

    i really enjoy your videos guys….

    and “i like T-ara video”

  61. I think that the "you just blow your chance" in the beginning does not sound right.

  62. I liked the dance of "mister" by Kara for bum dance.. anyway. my vote goes for Sistar~

  63. Definitely T-Ara!!

    Thanks so much for lots of entertainment every week! We love your kpop comments :)

  64. SISTAR!!!!
    can you please make a review of keep your head down by DBSK next week please :D
    thanks ^ ^

  65. I vote sistar

  66. I'm doing a music judging lesson with my winter camp classes tomorrow, and totally using one of the K-pop music mondays to start off the class :)

  67. I prefer t-ara. as for the next music monday please do the TVXQ Why? (Keep your head down! )

  68. One vote for Sistar it's not bcuz i'm a fan but it's really something about that dance haha
    and i totally love it ♥

  69. GD&TOP's knockout mv please please please! Just to see Martina spazz over TOP XD and because the mv…needs to be reviewed. NEEDS to be reviewed.
    And T-ara totally wins this week.

  70. Great vid! The Bed Intruder song was one of my fav viral vids of 2010..now I will never be able to look at the same again. "….and rub a spudgys bum cause they rubbin errbody out there" LolBut I do think T-Ara has the best butt dance xD

  71. Wasn’t feeling the whole ‘Bitty dance’ vibe from Sistars. – I’d go with Kara’s ‘Mister’ for the best booty dance ! You guys should consider doing – After School’s ‘Because of you’.

  72. For the next video can you guys do "Knock Out" by GD&TOP please!

  73. do GTOP's KNOCK OUT please!!!!!

  74. T-ara w/ Bo-Peep

  75. Maybe I'm just not seeing it, but it would be great if there was a link to the video you are reviewing. Watching you guys amplify the video is cool, but its out of context if I don't know the video itself.

  76. Best butt dance is T-ara.
    By the way Martina, I totally love ur lightning bolt necklace, it kinda reminds me of the one Taemin wears in Replay

    AND I also cast my vote for TVXQ's "Keep Your Head Down" for next Monday!!!!!


    this is actually the "edited" version of the dance- originally the members of sistar were training for this "pole dance" since befre they ended "shady girl" promotions. It was nothing "dirty" or anything, i think it was more the fact that poles arent really considered PG… So anyways Sistar trained for this pole dance for months, get ready for their comeback, then get shut down before any of us even see it. Which would be a really, really big let down):

    Here is Bora practising the pole dance: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BiU9wEGYJOo&fe

    hope i helped!!^^

  78. I vote for T-Ara and can you guys do DBSK's Why (Keep Your Head Down) next week? Thanks! <3

  79. T-ara!!

    I think I saw some misspellings, I read GD a few times too, but gladly you noticed them too XD

  80. and T-ara wins the butt dance hands down. They can pull off the cute look. I've gotta say though that Sistar's is hilarious to watch xD

  81. Pleeeeeeeeeease review DBSK/TVXQ!/q&sup1;^w's – (Keep Your Head Down)! The MV just came out today on SME's channel! I think I speak for everyone here (or at leastÿ Cassies) that all of us are heartbroken at how the group has been separated due to some issues with SME but even though it's just the two of them (Yunho & Changmin) left in the group we've been missing them very much and have been waiting for their return! Please do a review onÿ them next Monday! They deserve it! Kamsamnida!

  82. T-ara… it`s cute :)

  83. I vote T-Ara~!
    I also would like to request that you review TVXQ's "Keep Your Head Down" for next week.^^
    Thank you!

  84. I vote for T-ara, even though I don't like them that much. Out of all the girl groups I think Miss A dances the best! :)

  85. Shelby

    T-ARA. Their dance is so awesome!

  86. I think T-ara has the best but dance
    Plus Bo Peep is so catchy and fun XD
    Also, next time you guys should do Keep Your Head Down by TVXQ!!

  87. BO PEEP for sure! In "How Dare You", the dance looks really awkward and… weird. o_o
    Meanwhile, in "Bo Peep", it really matches the song :DDDD

  88. I really don’t like T-ARA but I’m voting for them~ lol.

    The best butt dance is definitely KARA’s Mister though!!

  89. 1 who shal not be named

    Did u guys get another dog? At the beginning of the video Simon had a dog on his lap and it didn’t look like a spudgy.

  90. Lol at rub a bum. Reminds me some of the MTV group 2gether a couple of yrs ago that had a song called "Rub One Out" (yes it's dirty lol). Try to find it. Dunno if it'd be out there or not. I lol'd at the TSA screenings. As a U.S. citizen yes if I'm going to be groped when I go flying I at least want a hot guy. Can I have GD or Kim HyunJoong please? :-p I like that idea lol. As for voting haven't seen both video's yet to really be fair, so not voting this time.

  91. i vote for SISTAR ^_^ and DBSK please for next week !!!!!!!

  92. I vote for Bo Peep Bo Peep. Because I know how to dance it, yeah. XD

  93. OK changed my mind, just do TVXQ!!! you can do mblaq next week :L
    GO GO GO!

  94. Next week do TVXQ Keep Your Head Down or MBLAQ Cry

  95. For the next week Keep Your Head Down TVXQ please!!! *-*

  96. ohhhhhhh I like so much the part of TOP wins!! xDDD I think GD wins xDD but doesn`t matter…In this "butt session" I think I win Sistar with modest Pole dance..Guys really love love you, I hope you are well .. and keep warm in the cold Korean.

    For the next week I`d like the new GD&TOP Knock out MV …or the MBLAQ Cry

    Thank you guys!!!

  97. I vote for bo-peep, and requesting DBSK’s Why?(Keep Your Head Down)for next week, pretty please…^_^

  98. Good vid ♥

    I´m voting for bo-peep because I don´t really like airport groping (bad memories go away!!!)

    Requesting for next week
    Why (keep your head down)- Dong Bang Shin Ki (or tvxq)

    homin looking fly so I would like you to fangirl over them (like I am doing / no way! I´m not forcing anyone to fangirl over them *hides tons of people she already traumatized with her fangirling* )


  99. GD&TOP has new MV KNOCK OUT, can you do video on it? ^___^
    And also I voted of course for T-Ara!

  100. I can't stop laughing!!!! You guys are fantastic!!!

  101. The ultimate butt dance is probably KARA's Mister!! Also, Martina you have a good voice! :-)

  102. Could you guys do DNT Knock Knock? That would be so awesome *-*

  103. T-ara's is much better and cuter…
    tnx for the awesome clip…

  104. Bo peep !!!
    It's MUUCCHHH more cuter !!!

  105. I would love to see MBLAQs Cry next week.

  106. Bo Peep!! I just love that cute dance^^
    Can we have TVXQ's 'why (keep your head down)" next week?
    I know that NOW it's not out yet but it will be by the 5th of Jan.
    Thank you! :))

  107. Bo Beep. Or is it Bo Peep??? Well, anyways I can't really concentrate on Sistar's video now that I know all the inconcistency in it. Watching it also made me realize a few more strange things. No, I'll go for old school, no story, just but shaking T-ara.

  108. I vote for T-ara's Bo-Beep! For the same reason as Linda!
    (And LOL@over the T.O.P.! I don't think it's gonna happen with Martina…)

  109. Okay, I know it's not out yet, but for the next one you should do DBSK's Why? (Keep Your Head Down)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or MBLAQ's Cry.
    As for my vote: Sistar. although if you ask me, T-ara's should have been banned if it wasn't. unless i just found the ultra sexy version. *coughs* anyway, yay! – first comment!

    • I totally just watched the "Keep Your Head Down" music vid-its already posted but you have to look under SM's youtube page-i tried just searching for it regular and it didn't come up. It was actually pretty good :)

  110. I like t-ara's ! XD !

  111. T-ARA! The song is super catchy, and the dance is easy and addictive. Nice Robo Cup shirt Simon. I've seen the print online and never knew it was being sold on a t-shirt.

  112. Maybe it's cause I'm a fanboy, but I prefer Sistar's dance!

  113. I liked Bo Peep dance better because it's a cute dance. I think Sistar is trying to be more Americanized…….going over the top.

  114. T-ARA's Bo peep

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