Sistar19 is back with their latest single with ultra confusing title “Gone Not Around Any Longer.” Punctuation. Needed. A comma or something would make this easier to read. Anyhow, here’s the video if you haven’t seen it yet:


So, for starters, hooray for girls getting reviewed two weeks in a row! Great success! We know it was a close call between Sistar19 and Infinite H (what’s with all the subunits, yo?), but Sistar was on top by midnight. Not that being on top is the deciding factor for us anymore. If there’s a really special video in second or third place we want to talk about instead, we’ll go for that. In this case, we really wanted to talk about Sistar19’s video.

For starters, this is pretty much the most memorable dance of the year thus far, as far as we can tell. Though, it really does remind us of their dance for Alone, which was one of the best dances of last year. It has the same slow, sensual sway that they used when drawing with their toes on the ground. Here, they follow the same pattern, but with their bums. DID SOMEONE SAY, LEVEL UP?!?! Ha! And rubbing their bums on tables made us lol, too. Problem we had with filming this, though, is that all of our tables are standing tables, except for the small cocktail table we have in the interview room. OH GOD! I hope no future interviewees see the skit and then look grossed out when they see the table. I can totally see this happening: we have Sistar19 over for an interview, give them a glass of water, and then they’re about to put their glass down on the table, but they make a crinkle face, and then it flashes back to this Music Monday with horror music. Cut back to Sistar19 with them saying “no thanks! We’ll just hold our cups.” HA! That’s gold I tell you. GOLD!

Otherwise, one thing we didn’t really talk about in our review is how we liked the structure of the lyrics in the song. You’ll hear at the end of a lot of the lines “eeta opta” which roughly means “exists / doesn’t exist” or “is there / isn’t there” or “I have it/ I don’t have it” or something along those lines. Hell! This ain’t Korean class ok! The point is, they’re opposite words, and they’re about being there vs not being there, and the way they’re delivered in the song works so well. The quick delivery of “eeta opta” followed by the bit of silence really parallels the feeling of something being there, and then quickly, without warning, not being there. This is also paralleled with that awesome scene in the video when Hyorin’s pushing her boyfriend, and he vanishes through the doorway. HOLY CRAP! That scene was so freaking powerful! Nothing else in the video really matched it, especially after the video jumped the shark at the 2:30 mark with TRANSPARENT PIANO MAAAANNNN, but that part of the song and video just worked so freaking well together!

Anyhow, if you liked the jazzy sexiness of this song as much as we did, make sure you pick it up either in iTunes or YesAsia. Oh! And we mentioned that we MIGHT not be doing a Kpop Music Monday next week. We’re not sure. We really want to, we’re going to try to, but we can’t be as sure as we usually are. See, we’ve got a super top secret project that we’re not allowed to talk about, and it miiiight get in the way of our Music Monday making for the week. We should be announcing it on the 15th, so you’ll know then what we mean. DON’T EVEN ASK US NOW, CUZ WE WON’T TELL!

And, on that note, we leave you with some more SUPER NASTY bloopers, which you’ll watch only because you’re the nastiest of nasty people. Yes, yes you are. OOH YOU SO NASTY!


  1. sincerely a very happy 300,000! Subscribers nasty for life yeah congrants simon and martina

  2. Turtle neck & short shorts = Brown Eyed Girls Gain Bloom MV. I think that’s where it started

  3. Congrats for 300,000 subscribers!!! That’s a lot. You needed 4 years to get 200,000 subs but less than a year to reach 300,000 subs. I remember coz I’m the earlier 200 k sub something..=) Hallyu wave really rocks nowadays. And you guise are rocks too for delivering Kpop in entertaining way. That means a lot to us, Nasties! So keep being nasty coz I know you are the nastiest! <3

    YT: Veilleina12

  4. HAPPY 300 000 subscribers!!

  5. Congrats! Congrats! Cngrats! 300000 subscribers!!!!!!! You guys have came a long way! You guys are amazing love you guys keep it up Hwaiting! 사랑해~~~~~~ ❤

  6. Happy 300,000 subscribers !!!! And many more to come!!

  7. Congratulations guise on getting 300,000 subscribers!!!!

    Your videos are the things I look forward to every week…I’m like “I HATE MONDAYS AHH” and then I’m like “Ooh, Kpop Music Monday today! Yay Mondays!” Sooo…yeah.
    Oh yeah, and my youtube account is swoopingisbad99, if you need to check.

  8. Martina, the hair is THE BOMB!!!! Excellent!! Simon, your image has been moving up quite nicely. Both of you are doing some great work on your fashion representation that, I know you guys hate being judged; but it matters. And both of you appear to acknowledge this once again. Agree about the camera shots that Simon pointed out but I am just about over the whole middle of this MV, I hate that they have taken objectifying women to a whole new LOW!!! And I (seriously) hate the bum-rub dance “thing!” I prefer butt-drag! I was amused only at the beginning. After they used it through the whole thing, I was OVER it!

  9. Woah did you guys see that tiny Fruit Loops box when Simon’s face was hit by water? SO SMAAAAALL!

  10. I would have found the JYJ joke to be funny, but considering how insane/serious people still are about the issue, that was probably not a good idea. From the perspective of the fans of the current TVXQ, I don’t think that comment is something that they would appreciate or even find remotely “funny.”

    Other than that, awesome job as usual!

  11. Oh! you didn’t say anything about the English on this song… well I think the only word they say is “baby” but the English name for the song is pretty long!!

  12. WARNING: Do not watch this video at the public library.

  13. who just noticed that at 2:43 on Sistar’s video, the girl on the right’s belt falls off, but then immediately after, it’s back on. post script. love you guys, as always. so funny :)

  14. i was okey with sistar19’s bum/table dance but then i say simon’s and i was disturbed!

  15. Gone Not Around Any Longer (makes me want to add a comma between Gone and Not but anyhow) the song is catchy.

  16. i love that you included your intern in the video!

  17. Simon where did you get those frames?!!!! Ohhh they so sexy! :0 Is there a website or something? – the US has an amazing lack of cool frames :(

  18. is it just me, or at some point the choreography seems similar with Yoseb’s Caffeine? at one point I even saw a Gangnam style move.(at 1:30 Yoseb and 1:39 Psy) Anyway I really like the song and the video.The similarities only makes it better!

  19. Martina can you go into detail why you hate turtlenecks so much? I am honestly intrigued at your passionate hatred for a specific article of clothing. You are quite amazing when you rage I have to say. I fear for Simon when you get mad at him.

  20. Martina why do you hate turtlenecks so much? Just wondering :)

  21. Super top secret project you say? My shawol heart has me wishfully thinking that you’re attending SHINee’s showcase right now…

  22. I’m shocked you guys didn’t mention Boras belt falling off at 2:43. the editing is very abrupt one min its fallin off and the next poof its back!

  23. Martina, is it only turtlenecks? What about cowlnecks? Or polonecks?

  24. How Dare You! Because it’s sexier. However, the floor leg dance of Gone is better and sexier than the bum rubbing.

  25. Every time Simon says saxamaphone I think of Homer Simpson…maybe, just maybe they are one in the same.


  26. Noo, Simon and Martina, don’t say the piano scene had nothing to do with the video!! I miss it when you guys would attempt to interpret the video, even if it didn’t make sense. Listen, at 2:40 when the piano begins, check out the dance moves. Hands touching represent the relationship, then they turn around abruptly, symbolizing the sudden breakup. Then the guy spins them around meaning their head is spinning because of him. (in the mv, u can’t see this next part, but watch a live version). They do a dance move where he “breaks” her neck and hits her hearts then they leave, symbolizing how he devastated her with his departure. Then the girls’ solo dance/hair flip represent freedom! The walls breaking down represent strength!! but then they say “come back to me” which ruins my interpretation for freedom and strength.

  27. I’m so happy I had my headset on when Simon Buttrubbed the table… the sound was… a little too easy to missunderstand xD

  28. I have an explanation as to why the invisible piano man might be there. If you look at that scene, and didn’t have the piano, the room and them dancing there would just look WWWWAAAYYY too empty. So it’s just there to add fluff to the shot. And if that whole scene was taken out, then the video would’ve just been fine. Soooooooo….there you go. Now about all the hair flipping…that’s a WHOLE LOT OF HOT NASTY SEXINESS OVERFLOWING THERE, SIMON AND MARTINA!!! And Martina, take care of your tables and keep them away from Simon please, he might get a little table butt scratching fetish started lol WHAT’S THE BIG ANNOUNCMENT?!?!?! I WANNA KNOW! I WANNA KNOW! I WANNA KNOW! (repeats it a million times while running around in circles)

  29. 1 vote for rub-a-bum!!! i mean… how dare you

  30. simon…. that was nasty. hahahahha………

  31. Simon you have traumatized my mind with your table rubbing. Just letting you know.

  32. When you were doing that hairopgraphy-thingy, I could only scream at my compueter screen: JUST GET THAT F***ING COFFEE!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Nope, doesn’t lose it’s effect.

  34. Dr.Meems looked confuzeded >.<

  35. simon and martina.. sorry but it is kinda disturbing to see the reflections on your glasses…no more please?!

  36. **gasp** Dr. Meemers stole spudgy’s dancing times!!!!!

  37. god, the hair flipping, you guise….

    and i’m gonna have nightmares about Simon rubbing his bum all over the place now…

    you guys are just getting funnier and funnier!!! <3

  38. I hope no one got hurt with all that hair whipping.

  39. I hated this saxophone just because it sounds so fake :( if it was a real one, it would a be a perfect song.
    I vote for Gone.

    Meemers has a “what the fuck” look, hahaha :D <3

    Thank you for MM!

  40. i see sexamaphone intrument in a lot of comeback this early yr 2013….

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