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Sistar19 – Gone Not Around Any Longer: Kpop Music Monday

February 12, 2013


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Sistar19 is back with their latest single with ultra confusing title “Gone Not Around Any Longer.” Punctuation. Needed. A comma or something would make this easier to read. Anyhow, here’s the video if you haven’t seen it yet:

So, for starters, hooray for girls getting reviewed two weeks in a row! Great success! We know it was a close call between Sistar19 and Infinite H (what’s with all the subunits, yo?), but Sistar was on top by midnight. Not that being on top is the deciding factor for us anymore. If there’s a really special video in second or third place we want to talk about instead, we’ll go for that. In this case, we really wanted to talk about Sistar19’s video.

For starters, this is pretty much the most memorable dance of the year thus far, as far as we can tell. Though, it really does remind us of their dance for Alone, which was one of the best dances of last year. It has the same slow, sensual sway that they used when drawing with their toes on the ground. Here, they follow the same pattern, but with their bums. DID SOMEONE SAY, LEVEL UP?!?! Ha! And rubbing their bums on tables made us lol, too. Problem we had with filming this, though, is that all of our tables are standing tables, except for the small cocktail table we have in the interview room. OH GOD! I hope no future interviewees see the skit and then look grossed out when they see the table. I can totally see this happening: we have Sistar19 over for an interview, give them a glass of water, and then they’re about to put their glass down on the table, but they make a crinkle face, and then it flashes back to this Music Monday with horror music. Cut back to Sistar19 with them saying “no thanks! We’ll just hold our cups.” HA! That’s gold I tell you. GOLD!

Otherwise, one thing we didn’t really talk about in our review is how we liked the structure of the lyrics in the song. You’ll hear at the end of a lot of the lines “eeta opta” which roughly means “exists / doesn’t exist” or “is there / isn’t there” or “I have it/ I don’t have it” or something along those lines. Hell! This ain’t Korean class ok! The point is, they’re opposite words, and they’re about being there vs not being there, and the way they’re delivered in the song works so well. The quick delivery of “eeta opta” followed by the bit of silence really parallels the feeling of something being there, and then quickly, without warning, not being there. This is also paralleled with that awesome scene in the video when Hyorin’s pushing her boyfriend, and he vanishes through the doorway. HOLY CRAP! That scene was so freaking powerful! Nothing else in the video really matched it, especially after the video jumped the shark at the 2:30 mark with TRANSPARENT PIANO MAAAANNNN, but that part of the song and video just worked so freaking well together!

Anyhow, if you liked the jazzy sexiness of this song as much as we did, make sure you pick it up either in iTunes or YesAsia. Oh! And we mentioned that we MIGHT not be doing a Kpop Music Monday next week. We’re not sure. We really want to, we’re going to try to, but we can’t be as sure as we usually are. See, we’ve got a super top secret project that we’re not allowed to talk about, and it miiiight get in the way of our Music Monday making for the week. We should be announcing it on the 15th, so you’ll know then what we mean. DON’T EVEN ASK US NOW, CUZ WE WON’T TELL!

And, on that note, we leave you with some more SUPER NASTY bloopers, which you’ll watch only because you’re the nastiest of nasty people. Yes, yes you are. OOH YOU SO NASTY!



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