This week we’re reviewing a video that we’re really surprised made it to the top of the list. Great job Sunny Hill fans for voting in Sunny Hill’s “The Grasshopper Song” which we love! If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out here:


To begin with, wow! We’re really happy to finally be reviewing Sunny Hill. We spoke about them before in our K Crunch, but that was only in passing. We thought that they weren’t really popular enough to get voted in. Boy were we wrong! Sure, it wasn’t like a Big Bang overload crashing our site, but Sunny Hill still raced to the top of our Kpop Charts. Awesome!

Your Degree is Useless

Running a video site kinda makes me feel this way...

We’re happy that we get to review this, not only because it’s a cool sounding song, but it’s deep. And the video’s deep. And, really, we don’t get afforded many opportunities to talk about songs that have a deep message. Yay! Talking about this song and video made us feel as if our English degrees aren’t useless! Great success! And, come on, how often can we make a dirty sounding joke out of a literary device term?! NEVER! Ohhhhh yeah! Not that English degrees are useless, of course. It helped us become who we are and yada yada yada, but boyyyy would I have loved to have taken some courses in university about web development or video editing. But that’s another story.

I guess one of the main reasons we feel like we really like this song and video is because we – the two of us here – kinda feel like grasshoppers. We’re not working for a big company, we’re not working salary jobs and working for promotions or anything like that. Our only job is this blog. We’re not hoarding up as much sugar as a worker ant, but we’re doing something that’s making us happy, at least. And we’re not bohemian hippies as well! We’re kinda hipstery dorks, but at least we’re not airy fairy!

We’re lucky enough to be able to do what we love doing. We don’t know many people who can say the same thing, unfortunately, and so we feel like this song and video especially is relevant to our lives. Or maybe we read our own lives into the video too much instead? We’re not sure. Long story short, we like this song, and we’re not hippies.

So, yeah, we definitely recommend picking up the Sunny Hill Album, if you can’t tell! We like this song a lot, and we definitely support this group and their message :D

And, on a side note, some people might be confused as to how this beat out Teen Top’s “Crazy”, which has more votes, shares, and comments. We’re not going to answer this question here, but we’ve explained the ranking algorithm a bit more in our Tumblr post, in case you’re wondering.

Lastly, don’t forget to check out the Bloopers. Martina…is a dirty switch girl. Anyone read that manga?


  1. omg I was eating sherbet…and then martina started sexy dancing as a grasshopper…it came out my nose LOL

  2. I think this MV is really interesting to watch and the song is catchy.

  3. G DRAGON butterfly please…:)

  4. I Love SunnyHill, they are absolutely wonderful!!! I think all of their videos abide by their lyrics! and their songs are always so interesting and deep, and also, shocking for a korean entertainer to be saying (I think..), like epik high and their BA styles, but they got in lots of trouble.. :O

    Great fun!

  5. G-Drangon!!!!!! Yes I love his songs so I’ll vote for for: G-Dragon butterfly

  6. I love the positive review you guys had about this music video! It’s really meaningful~ I love my Literature classes, so when the music video was first released, I kept pointing out symbolism and analogies and metaphors ^.^ The music video teaches a very valuable life lesson: Sure, it’s great to be a hard worker and gain many achievements from doing so, but it’s better to enjoy life  and live a little :) Sunny Hill’s music videos are always so meaningful and have very deep messages in them; “Midnight Circus” and “Pray” had meaningful messages too~ I can’t wait for more music videos from this group~

  7. I’m going to be a grasshopper from now on 

  8. G-Dragon’s Butterfly has convinced me he’s the most talented kid in Kpop. Brilliant… I can’t even…

  9. Sunny Hill – The Grasshopper Song has my vote :D

  10. GDragon

  11. GDRAGON!!! His cuteness is too amazing to not vote for :P

  12. i vote  for g-dragon the mv was awesome

  13. i vote for g-dragon butterfly

  14. DDD: difficult decisionnn D:

    I’ll vote for GD just cause of the creative MV. And cause he looks absolutely adorable in it.

  15. Hahah, this video is about Sunny Hill, but all I see are comments about B.A.P.
    Don’t get me wrong, I love them too, but, shouldn’t we be paying attention to the matter at hand?
    Thus, the title of the video “SUNNY HILL GRASSHOPPER SONG”

  16. Gdragon Butterfly!

    I hope you guys will do the new band B.A.P Warrior!  I totally love them, my first kpop band that I’ll know from beginning c:

  17. You guys should do a review on B.A.P Simon and Martina! Feel like it’s something that you guys would find epic. =)

  18. Hey guys im sure youve heard of B.A.P the new kpop group well i was hoping you would do a video on them thad be cool…….and i have alot of my friends watching you guys and they would like u to do a video and alot of hellos are sent to u guys from new jersey :)

  19. Bloopers are sooo cooolll !!!! ()^.^()

  20. OhLooo~~ : D

    I loved your review, i’m happy you guys loved The Grasshopper song too! LOEN is really growing on me, they have great vids and music *_*

    BTW hope you guys will review BAP’s Warrior next! IT SO BAD ASS!
    even though it looks like they borrowed some of their outfit from BB and 2NE1 XD
    still the song sounds awesome ~

  21. I watch your videos every week and I like your comments of Korean songs.
    But in this video, you gave 4th grade out of 5 to Sunny Hill’s Grasshopper Song because of their poor pronunciation of the ‘R’ sound.

    In Korea, ‘링가링’ which pronunciated [ling ga ling] in English is one of the Korean onomatopoeia.
    So it’s different from ‘ring-a-ring’ in English.
    That means, you should not see this word as English. Therefore this word is not in the range of your English usage grading of Korean songs.

    Thank you for making funny videos every week and also thank you for reading my comment.

  22. I’m voting for Sunny Hill’s Grasshopper song for the showdown. :) Like Martina, I thought the stick out bums were adorable!

    Nice catch how the ant’s bicycle light is brightest! I didn’t notice that.

  23. I love GD and LOVE the MV for butterfly, but if we are talking levels of insectness I must vote for Sunny Hill.

  24. G dragon ftw BUTTERFLY!!!

  25. umm..g-dragon=mindboggled

    vote Sunny Hill

  26. My computer flipped out and shut all the videos down when Simon said “onomatopoeia” LOLZ

  27. I don’t know why SunnyHill used english spellings for Ring-ga Ring ga Ring.
    They got the motive of the lyric from one of Korean folk song “둥글게 둥글게.”
    In 둥글게 둥글게 song, there is line 링가링가링가링.
    So I don’t see they’re english words. They should get 5 out of 5 for the english part! LOL

    • Yeah, we thought so too, at first.  But when we saw their live performances with the captions, as well as the lyrics that they put in the info box, we thought that they were trying to say Ring a Ring a Ring instead.

  28. I have to say Sunny Hill.

  29. Vote for Sunny Hill! I really like the video and the meaning of the song.

  30. you guys are amazing! love this song!!! awesome review ^-^

  31. You two must have been some pretty awesome teachers. Anyone who can think to transform a backwards dragon costume and some black construction paper cut-outs into a pretty legit-looking grasshopper is chock-full of creativity. I just needed to point that out. As a fellow teacher, I respect that. And I bet your students miss you ruuull bad. :-)

  32. Sunny Hill i really liked the song and video <3

  33. Simon & Martina ~ When you left Canada, did you exchange your currency into Korean Won before or after leaving Canada? Which do you think is better?

  34. da korean r looks like a 2  xD ( korean writing remines me of fractions )
    i didnt understand da story at all x.x!
    GD all da way even tho he’s a bit quetionable these days o.o
    i loved da grass hoper XD play boy i didnt relize dat!

  35. Vote for Gdragon ~~ 

  36. I vote for G-Dragon. That whole manwha fantasy-steampunk forest-cityscape Mad Hatter thing in Butterfly was too perfect, though Sunny Hill’s concept for this video was truly amazing.

  37. no question… SunnyHill…they already amazed me with Pray and then this mv… wOw… they actually have meaningful lyrics and its kinda rare in kpop industry as far as i can tell ˘j˘

  38. G-Dragon’s butterfly

  39. Am I the only one who see a striking resemblance between the Grasshopper and The Snufkin character from the Moomin cartoon? haha

    I’m voting for SUnny Hill in the showdown!

  40. SunnyHill – A video with an actual story line.

  41. GDragon-butterfly

  42. I go for GD’s “Butterfly” ))

    btw, Simon said “убегай”, right? )) Polish & Russian are similar, it means “run away” ))

  43. G Dragon butterfly.. hheheh

  44. Sunny Hill has the best of the two videos. There is more of a story line that flows and the visual is actually much more vibrant than the pastels of the GD video.

  45. Both videos are good but I have to go with Sunny Hill.  More insectual :P

  46. I like G-Dragon’s Butterfly.

  47. Sunny hill the grasshopper song.

  48. Sunny Hill definitely wins this one~

  49. I’m a GD fangirl but I love symbolism.. So as much as I hate to say it, Sunny Hill wins.

  50. Sunny Hill, although G-Dragon is pretty awesome too.

  51. Love G-Dragon but Sunny Hill wins with this video and song!!

  52. as much as i love GD, i would have to go with Sunny Hill. the lyrics, the concept, all of it is way better. 

  53. I really like GD, and think that he’s so cute in Butterfly, but I like the concept and song of Sunny Hill Better. So Sunny Hill FTW!

  54. I love G-dragon and I loved Butterfly but…. my vote is for Sunny Hill because it was so darn amazing with all the colors and the awesome set it was just plain brilliant.

  55. my vote goes for Sunny Hill because It was more fun ( the mv) to watch then GD ‘s  but both songs were great.

  56. I vote for Sunny Hill. ^^
    Sunny Hill is amazing!

  57. Switch Girls is awesome! :P … i vote for Sunny Hill ^^

  58. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love Sunny Hill and I’m glad enough other people do too that it got voted #1 but… I feel like this was not a very good song to review. It was just kind of a retelling of the MV. 

    I feel like a more “K-pop-y” song would be more entertaining to review since there are more things to make fun of…

  59. Voting for Sunny Hill. (Which I will also do on FB, no worries) All of their music videos have really deep meanings, huh?

  60. LOL was that a Teen Top reference 5:15? ;D

    Oh insectsihae made my day!

  61. Good Spudgie!
    I just went to Amazon to see if they had Switch Girl and it seems that they only have them in French.
    Too bad the only French I understand is Oui and Non.
    Oh well.

    As much as I luve the Dragon, I’m gonna have to go with Sunny Hill on this one.

    Belated Happy Birthday to Simon

  62. Sunny Hill yeah! luv it! super creative! brings out the poet in me!

  63. I like sunny hill’s rendition of the insect. GD was acting too cool to be a butterfly, though I did like its video. But my vote is for sunny hill.

  64. As much as I love G-Dragon, Sunny Hill wins for me. 

    The English degree references cracked me up. I just finished grad school (English), so lit. crit. gets applied to everything. Much appreciated! Thanks for making my Monday!

  65. Hey, hey , hey us english people dont always drink tea!!! >.<
    And I vote for G – Dragon!!!!!!

  66. Oh, BTW, you should have the other video of this from LOENENT in your playlist, since the quality of that video is much better (trying to get a good look at the magazines, even though I already noticed them and laughed (my favorite part too:P)

  67. Totally voting for G-Dragon! That song and video brings so many memories!

    And lol: “Long story short, we like this song, and we’re not hippies.”

    I’m so happy that this song was reviewed. I love Sunny Hill! Their songs and videos are so good! And it’s so awesome that there is one guy in a group with four girls:P

  68. i just started to read Switch Girl, thanks to u Martina!

  69. Oh, and I vote for Sunny Hill!

  70. :P
    Why does ling a ling a ling (ring ring ring) have to be in English? They could be singing the Korean version of a ringing sound…so it shouldn’t affect their marks….

    • They don’t have to be in English, except that the official lyrics published by Loen shows the word “ring”.  If they’re the ones putting it out there that this is an English word, then it’s completely fair that the pronunciation affects their mark.

    • Actually, i think the “Ring Ring” dosen’t mean how the bell sounds like. it’s more like 링가링가링(Ring-ga Ring-ga Ring), which is mimetic word, means “playing freely”. that words used ing korean childeren song. i think who made this song had set that meaning. because the part’s melody is totally same with that children song! 

  71. Switch Girl is like a Bible for AAALL women in the entire world. I Love SunnyHill & you guys are awesome!! Peace & Spudgy!>.<

  72. “Insectsy hayyy~” killed me.

    One of the best reviews ever. Awesomely profound. I love the video and I’m happy that you had so much fun with it :)

    I’d like to suggest something about the dance you called the “invisible wall”. It hit me, when I first watched the video with lyrics, that during the line “It’s a dizzy world that goes round and round”, especially since the word “world” is pronounced at the very end of the Korean line, they are doing this “square” movement with hands – and according to Chinese beliefs, square reffers to the earth (while circle refers to sky/heaven). Isn’t that the slight suggestion that the world we’re speaking about is this material, earthly, sometimes brutal reality…?
    Or maybe I’m overinterpreting a bit :)

  73. My husband always makes fun of me for laughing obscenely much at any kind of blooper that I’m shown. Your bloopers….make….my….husband tease me. AND make….my….day!!

  74. OMG MARTINA I wanted to read a new manga and thanks so much for introducing me to SWITCH GIRL. I can relate even though I’m mostly “off”. LOVE YOU GUYS AND SPUDGY

  75. Sunny Hill!  This song is amazing!  Sorry GD.

  76. GD Butterfly. I love that song and video :)

  77. I’m so glad that you guys showed how deep this video really was. OH, and i love the refernece to Teen Top with the “Insectsyy Heyy”.. I burst out laughing cause I got it right when you did the gesture . HA

  78. Sascha Wong

    Yeay! Sunny Hill finally one and it was such an awesome MV! Great start to my week! :D I vote for Sunny Hill… because… their MV just kicks so much ant ass.

  79. irony is that you mentioned onomatopoeia earlier in the video but wouldn’t understand the fact that ling ling ling is equivalent to ring ring ring in korean.

  80. voting for sunny hill’s grasshopper song. ^-^

  81. In France we had a very famous plagiarist in the 17th century, La Fontaine, who wrote tons of poems strongly inspired from Aesope’s. His most famous one is “La Cigale et la Fourmi”, literally “The Cicada and the Ant”, and all French kids have to learn it at the age of 6/7. A lot of French artists wrote songs inspired from this fable, proudly claiming to be cicadas! So I didn’t know if the story is that famous abroad, and if it’s easy for Korean listeners to get the reference.

    I’m glad you enjoy reviewing symbolic videos, and the lightening you add to it compensates the frustration we probably all get from not seeing you guise doing the “stop stop breaking my heart” clearly obvious crotch karessing. It was worth it.

    For the insectual video, well, this one is the best, so as the song, so I’ll be unfaithful to Big Bang this time.

  82. I love Sunny Hill and their songs so much more than other kpop groups. So I vote for Sunny Hill & The Grasshopper Song MV.

    I’m a Hiller.

  83. I was really happy that Sunny Hill managed to get no 1. I was constantly checking out the chart to see if it had gone up, though I actually didn’t expect it to get to no 1 that fast (or at all).
    I really love the song and the video and I loved the symbolism in it. And I’m so glad you explained some of the things I didn’t notice in the video. I love the fact that they used the story differently in the music video and the moral was the opposite to the orginal story. Sunny Hill is now my new hero, really.

  84. I LOVED this review. One of my favorites so far. <3

  85. GD’s Butterfly definatly!!!!! its one of my favorite MV’s ^^

  86. Thanks for the explanation! I didn’t know it was an Aesop’s Fable. I don’t read those things (oops). Before I thought it was just a representation of two opposite ways of getting rewards but I totally understand now. Mostly because I go “whoa, it’s like A Bugs Life!” Anyways… So glad you did Sunny Hill! They are so much better than Teen Top. I shall go run and hide before any Teen Top fans find me in my submarine in the middle of Pacific Ocean and hunt me down to feed their hamsters.

    I vote Sunny Hill for the showdown. They make me feel smart.

  87. OF COURSE G-RAGON’S BUTTERFLY!!!! Love him! :)

  88. You two may have finally come up with a question I cannot answer… I can’t choose!

    OK, I can.  Sorry, GD, I think Sunny Hill’s MV kicks butt.  Though, if asked to choose based purely on the song, I would have to declare it a tie.

  89. Butterfly is the better MV imo

    However, what exactly are we voting for; the influence of the insect over the MV or for the better MV overall.

    Sunny Hill wins as insects but GD has the better overall MV to me. I love the floaty dreaminess of Butterfly with it’s half realities.

  90. GD fo’ sho’

  91. Voting sunny hill over GD. Definitely!

  92. You read switch girl? Omg… Are you both otaku???!!!!
    I loved this song btw and was really suprised that it manage to reach the top. Didn’t know they had that many fans… Or maybe, people just liked that song.
    On a side note, I attempted to read switch girl but it got alittle too promiscuous for me. Probably because I’m too young…
    Strange though… I didn’t think you guys would be into manga like those.

  93. I am currently doing a course in web development but it is not easy D: 

  94. I agree.  This was an excellently designed music video and I really enjoy the song.  And I know how you feel about your degree sometimes.  I majored in Art and minored in Art History.  Now I’m teaching English in South Korea.


  95. I think people underestimated Sunny Hill fans. We did vote in Pray over Cleansing Cream for the MV showdown.

  96. 1:43 martina…did you try to sound like Russel Oliver, or is it just me?  lol

  97. I love Sunny Hill’s Grasshopper so much more than GD’s Butterfly!

  98. Yay Sunny Hill!

    I vote for Sunny Hill over GD.

  99. It sucks that some (SOME) people only vote for who they stan instead of voting for whose is actually better. :T

    My vote is for Sunny Hill~

  100. Sunny Hill over GD. I absolutely LOVE GD, but I feel Sunny Hill had the more insect-like theme in both the video and song.

  101. Wow I dint know there was so much symbolism in that song. Im gonna have to rewatch that video again. 

    Btw, even though I love GD, I have to give it to Sunnyhill’s grasshopper. 

  102. Haha. Putting Sunny Hill next to GD? Although Sunny Hill had the better, deeper message. I also think that GD’s was just as visual and good. Sorry, guys, but I’m gonna have to vote for GD.

  103. Honestly, I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THE SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BUT since i AM a vip. I vote for GD whom is making a wonderful fantastic beautiful amazing come back VERY SOON

  104. First: Martina’s fresh no makeup face…AWEEESOME. U go girl!
    Secomd: I love this MV but I must say…I’m a sucker for GD’s Butterfly. Love, love that song and the MV. 

  105. Sunny Hill never fail to deliver.  Absolutely my favourite group alongside B.E.G and the solo Narsha and Ga-in stuff.

    What I really need now is a full album from them!  I need more than 3 tracks on a single album.

    Their videos, message and general production are top notch!  

    And on top of that my Midnight Circus mini album arrived in the post on Friday and has renewed my love for it.

    And in other related news I finally learnt how to use chopsticks at the weekend in prep for my holiday to Seoul :)

  106. Although I so so love GD… I have to say Sunny Hill MV is just simply better. And that’s my choice. AHHH! It was so hard to choose ><"

  107. Sunny Hills Grasshopper Song was absolutely fantastic XD

    I havent been this excited over a kpop song in a while! <3
    I didnt like Butterfly that much, so the Grasshopper Song is definitely the best ;) Kekeke

  108. Thanks for this review ^^

  109. I love GD but Sunny hill is awesome right here…

  110. What an amazing K-pop music monday!!! Thanks!!!
    This is the best insecxual video!! =)

  111. GD!!!!!!!!!! G-DRAGON was, is and will be always awesomeeee!!! <3

  112. I just love your eye makeup Martina! XD. You’ve got OSM skills. Everytime I do mine it always ends up uneven :( 

  113. congratulations guise! ^^ i could feel your excitement on finally being able to put your degrees into good use. i thought i was back in college, sitting in Ms. O.T’s English Lit…. (ugh, sorry, i was a biology major ;p would have loved to see u in university robes while discussing your onomatopoeias and stuff. LOL btw, i loved their video, too. fighting!

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