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The Kpop Superfan Test

August 20, 2013


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So, I know this isn’t the Kpop Music Monday you might have expected, but we’ve mentioned a couple times now that we want Monday to be about Kpop in general, sometimes with a review and sometimes with something different but still related to Kpop. Yes, we know that this means __________ band didn’t get a review this week. But… the new 2NE1!? The kind of new MBLAQ!? The crazy B.A.P video?! And what about the uber hard working Starlights!? Sorry if you’re upset, but we promise it won’t be the end of the world! :D We’re running out of days of the week to fit in random video segments, and when we’re inspired we want to be able to make a video that makes us laugh and have a good time. Hopefully, you can still have a good time watching these videos! And so, forward ho!

So, the idea for this video came to mind for a couple of reasons:

After our WANK on Friday, in which we didn’t know who Baekhyun was, it seems that some people were genuinely upset that we didn’t know the names of all of the members of EXO. We’ve seen this comment in other Kpop Music Mondays as well, in which people would say “why do you call him ‘that guy’? You’re a professional! You should know everyone’s names!” But most people don’t share in these few people’s opinions, after all, you don’t need to know someone’s name to like their music.

Sometimes we wonder how different kpop fans would be if EXO was made up of 12 overweight/lanky, pimple faced, average looking teenage boys. I feel like the level of anger and obsession would drop significantly and the focus would be more on the sound of the music rather than on the “idol” worship. In fact, that’s why the two of us aren’t at that crazy level despite liking many kpop bands; we’re more interested in how the music sounds over who is in the group and what they look like. That doesn’t mean I don’t have a favourite group; I do (obviously: Big Bang (Martina here if you couldn’t tell)), but when Big Bang puts out a crappy song I have no problem acknowledging that.

I guess what’s so interesting about the Kpop world, is that it’s the only genre of music I can think of that people actually KNOW the names/hobbies of all the people in the group! We both love so many bands outside of Kpop; we can sing all the lyrics the songs and own all the albums, yet we couldn’t even name the lead singers of most of the bands. And what about the rest of the band members? The synth player? Drummer? Bass player? Outside of Kpop, just liking the music of your favourite band is all you need to be a fan. I think that’s the way it should be! Which is why when people say that we’re not Kpop fans we’re shocked. Yes, we’re kpop fans. No, we’re not kpop obsessed.

But then, we were curious as to just how many Kpop band member names we actually knew. We aren’t obsessed with any one Kpop Idol romantically, and we aren’t part of any fan clubs or forums, so we wondered “how many Kpop names do we naturally know just from the passing of time?” Same goes to you: how many names do you know?

OH! Also, before you take the test of DOOOOOMMM, thank you for all the lovely support messages. I’m was almost over it, but then I got food poisoning on Sunday!!! WHAT A SHITTY WEEK! Seriously: I didn’t leave my PJs and stuffed toys ALL FREAKIN’ WEEK. Sunday night we decided to try out this restaurant that we heard of and BOOYA! Food poisoning. And it wasn’t even from Korean food! I was still ill today while filming so hopefully I’ll be up to full Martina power by the end of this week.

If you want to participate in our little challenge, here are all of the bands we did along with the amount of members in each band. Take the test and see how well you did. If you couldn’t tell, we were close on a lot of names, but we got a lot of the pronunciation wrong. Taeyeon vs Taecyeon vs Taeyang all sound the same. Yes, they don’t sound identical, but there’s a lot of similarities in their names. Soohyun Seohyun Seoyun Sooyoung SoyunDORITO. It’s impossible to remember them all! Except for that last one. I’ll never get that one wrong.

Kpop Superfan Member Test!

In brackets beside each group name is the amount of members in each group.

Super Junior (13)
SHINee (5)
EXO (12)
Girls Generation (9)
f(x) (5)
Big Bang (5)
Batoost/B2ST (6)
4Minute (5)
2PM (6)
Miss A (4)
Bilasa/B1A4 (5)
Kara (5)
Sistar (4)
T-ara (6)
U-Kiss (7)
F.T. Island (5)
Infinite (7)
Teen Top (6)
TVXQ (2)
JYJ (3)

Total: /124

Scoring System:

1-5 points: It’s okay, we forgive you.
6-10 points: Your loyalties lie deep with just one group.
11-20 points: A good solid year of Kpop under your belt…or you might just be a semi-dedicated EXO fan.
21-40 points: You can name the most famous Kpop bands, but waver on the lesser known groups.
41-60 points: You’re starting to annoy your non-kpop friends. They just don’t understand.
61-80 points: You have begun to replace your normal vocabulary with kpop terminology.
81-100 points: You have a minimum of one Kpop poster, one Kpop CD, and one piece of Kpop merchandise.
101-119 points: Holy smokes, Kpop guru! What else do you know??!!
120-124 points: I’m scared…please don’t hurt us…

Let us know how you ranked! I’m not sure if we did better than you expected, or worse. We don’t really have anyone we can compare our results to. Leigh knows next to nothing about Kpop apart from what she sees in our videos. Soo Zee knows some. She knew all of the members of Shinhwa, though! That was one of the groups that we were asked that didn’t make the final cut of the video, but you can see our reactions to Shinhwa, 2NE1, and some other bands in the extra footage/bloopers below:

Lastly, we hope you liked this video and found it fun. If so, you should click on this button below! It’s been proven to enhance your knowledge of Kpop bands tenfold. That is, if you want to know all of the details about your favourite Kpop bands, like their phone numbers and such :D



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