That’s what we thought the song was about. Focaccia. Or maybe we thought that because we’re really hankering for some good bread lately. Korea doesn’t really have good bread. Well, they do if you like white bread, but if you’re into Rye bread, or pumpernickel, or focaccia, you’re out of luck, unless you’re willing to travel for the bread. That’s kind of why we did the skit with the croissant: we couldn’t find focaccia, so we used the next best thing: croissants. Anyhow, Super Junior, being Super Junior, and thus immensely wealthy, can easily afford these luxurious breads, and fell in love with Focaccia, and sang their latest song in tribute to the bread. No? Well then, we’ve made a terrible mistake.

Otherwise, we’re a lot happier with this video than we were with Mr. Simple, though by we I mean me, Simon, since Martina likes Mr. Simple as a song better. We’re starting to think that, yes, every Super Junior video from now on will just have well dressed guise dancing in oddly lit rooms with cheesy sound effects. Don’t believe us?

Sorry Sorry:



And the list goes on. But we’re starting to think that it’s redundant for us to expect any more from a Super Junior video, and we have a theory behind this. Our theory: SM wants you to stop thinking of Super Junior as regular people, and think of them more as gods.

SM is really taking the idea of “idols” very seriously. Super Junior are idols, and to be treated as gods; these music videos, in turn, are meant to show off their godliness. The rooms that they’re in are meant to be as non-distracting from their godliness as possible. Look at their faces up close, look at them dancing meticulously. Don’t focus on anything else, but the awesomeness of Super Junior.

For their music videos, they’re not to be shown in mundane, human situations, because they’re to be thought of as above humans, as idols. So forget a story to their videos. Forget a plot. They’re in situations that no one would ever be in (seriously: if I found myself in a weird room with flickering lights, I’d do my best to GTFO rather than dance and make sexy faces).

Being a Super Junior fan becomes a religion; Super Junior fans spread the word of Suju, and freak out over people who say bad things about their gods. It also might explain why some people ask us how we didn’t break down into a heap of tears and start screaming when we met Super Junior on Star King. I mean, why would we? To us, Super Junior are just good singers and dancers, not idols, not icons, not gods. So we talk to them like we would talk to other people.

To those Super Junior fans who are getting offended by this: we’re just trying to figure out why so many of their videos are so similar. How many more oddly lit rooms are we going to see? Why can’t we have a cool music video, where things happen, where the video can stand on its own as an interesting video? A story, a mini movie, something? SM has the money for it, and SJ certainly has enough members to create a wicked m-ni-movie video, but it seems SM either doesn’t have the desire, or there is some other secret reason we can’t think of. Is it maybe just too time consuming with the boys all off doing different things on different shows and adventures?

Are we off in our reasoning? Is SM doing a good or bad thing with not having any substance to Super Junior videos apart from face closeups and dancing? I mean, we know SJ themselves have substance, they’re one of the few boy bands who will joke about themselves and their height on TV, openly talking about their height creating insoles or about getting eye surgery (Shindong recently had his eyes done), so we’re not saying the MV videos directly relate to SJ as personalities. Hrm. What to do. Let us know what you think, we need some input!!!

Also, let us say that we’re only talking about the videos here. We like Super Junior’s music, which is why we put them as our Kpop Album of the week for two weeks in a row. If you haven’t picked up the new Super Junior album, you can do so by clicking the link here:

Super Junior

Otherwise, we’d like to thank everyone for taking part in our Brown Eyed Girls Sixth Sense album giveaway contest! We picked two winners: one from YouTube, and one from the comments on our site. If you’re the winner, send us an email and we’ll send out your giant sized album ASAP. Woot!

  1. Actually it occurred to me but I don’t know if I could start a ELF campaign to vote for It’s You because I’m not one myself XD

  2. lmfao! omg i totally just imagined hearing this being said by a deep, yet soft voice British person on National Geographic. 

  3. ALL of them!? only the more recent ones, from sorry sorry and on.

  4. I pick A-Cha over Mr. Simple video. Their clothing is better and I love staring at Siwon in his black coat in this video, well and all his close ups. 

  5. Lol, damn it every time I hear A-Cha now I hear Focaccia! I giggle every time I hear it now :-P Yet again ya’ll have altered my perspective on a song/video.

  6. ELFs are going to self-destruct with this week’s showdown. Just watch.

  7. Thanks to everyone who liked and replied! I’m glad it made you smile. ^_^

    Hope Simon and Martina can see it, I want to be the one to make them laugh for once. xD

  8. XDDDDD ohmigawd, i fell off my chair laughing during the sandwich part~~~

  9. Super Junior had a mini-movie once.  In “It’s You”,  They walked around randomly in a deserted town, took phone calls to nobody, sat on random motorcycles, visited cafes that nobody worked in, and………….

    then….danced in a dimly lit room.  Oh, ICWUDT…..

    Forever alone, the gods of kpop.

  10. I love both songs but I think I’m gonna have to go with Mr. Simple!!

  11. Wow. Just wow. Seriously? You guys did an AMAZING job with this one. I mean, I was really apprehensive about you reviewing A-CHA because, lets face it, its just like all their other vids they’ve made during the last few years. At first, I loved watching just Super Junior in vids like Sorry, Sorry and Bonamana because I got to see them in cool clothes (sans the hats) and dancing awesomely. But now, I wish they’d do more. I miss the days of Happiness, Dancing Out, and even Its You, in which they make terrible crying faces that made me laugh instead of feel sorry for them. So, I was worried about there not being much for you guys to do with this one, and I was even a little disappointed with my fellow ELF’s in voting for this vid because its basically just them dancing in a room…again. And even though we think that’s AMAZING, its probably pretty boring for fans of other bands and such. But you both made me LOL x1000. I was seriously doing that weird knee-slapping thing and I was laughing so hard my cat got scared and ran out of the room. Which makes me wonder if maybe we should vote in more vids like this one, just to see what you guys’ll come up with. (kidding!)
    My vote is for Mr. Simple. I thought the dancing was better, and they were a little more creative with it. (I thought the intro was amazing) The double-pictures and special effects in this one just seemed so…cheesy to me.

  12. ….I can’t…..I can’t even……that was epic.

  13. A-Cha has my vote! Their wardrobe doesn’t fail in that video… and hello, Siwon. He looked mighty fine! (When does he not?)

  14. a-cha because if you translate the words for Mr. simple into English it is a really sexist song.

  15. I would choose Mr Simple, but honestly, my favourite Super Junior MV is still No Other…

  16. Too bad you guys started doing reviews after some of SJ’s better videos (Super Girl, It’s You) ): It’s You is one of my favorite kpop videos, the version without the dancing oddly enough haha. I’d suggest checking it out, if you haven’t already ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iAcUbvm7uL0 ). Not for review, but just for fun :D

    I think the reason SJ gets so many “dance in a poorly lit room” MVs is because it’s hard to think of a plot that resolves in 4~4.5 minutes but includes all the members equally.

  17. oh my god the fan girl thing was amazing! I laughed so hard! 

    vous êtes géniaux!

  18. I’m loving Super Junior more and more. They’re the only Kpop group I have a bias in (Ryeowook!!!!!!!!) and also the only group that may cause me to have fanboy episodes. I’m so glad you guys reviewed A-Cha, and i have to say I love love love Mr. Simple, but I’m going with A-Cha all the way. It’s incredibly catchy; Ryeowook looked amazing (as did everyone else); the edgy, rock sounding music fits the song nicely, and lastly I’ve listened to this song so many times that I’ve actually been able to pick up some of the lyrics and now I’m singing along to it. :p

  19. wooo hoooo~!! u reviewed a-cha WOOT~!! *and seeing my nickname at the credit list made my day*

    maaan Simon u’re evil xD after ur ‘manly sweeping’ to bonamana, i see ur dance everytime the chorus comes XD and ofc i sing manly sweeping & throw the dishes as well xD in fact, it even became mine and my friend’s inside joke xD cuz we’re both elfs xD and it seems we’ll have to add focaccia to our list as well haha xD
    and what about ur vid. i totally agree with Martina about that fur hats XD wtf they’re for anyways @.@   the magician Simon also made me sooo laugh xD and then his suju’s version came + the crazy fan shots xDDD that was great XD

    also u’re totally right about their videos, i too dream about some nice mv with a plot, not again flashy room & closeups of their faces. even if it’s totally sexeh heh xD and the vid i liked better – i think it’ll be a-cha xD i even started to make a fanart to it haha xD

  20. A-cha, hands down. I really like the song and the video.  Something about the mr simple video just annoys me….  

  21. well. at least they’re consistent. people sometimes complain about other groups and how they don’t know themselves and what their group is all about. suju at least knows what kind of mv defines them.

  22. i think that suju mvs dont have plots simply because super junior has to many members to have a plot revolve around the song and mv

  23. I have to disagree with you guys. Super Junior has had videos with a story line. No Other and It’s You as an example. Oh I vote A-CHA <3

  24. First of all, as an ELF, I don’t feel offended by your opinions at all. You spend your time looking at their MVs and listening to heir songs before you state your honest opinion; how could someone (unless over-protective fans or immature fans) feel offended.
    2. Most of us ELFs NEVER think SJ are gods!!! We talk a lot about our boys; most of us think they are talented and hard working boys with great personality; c’est tout.
    3. Why their MVs always look alike? Yes SM has money; but they spend their money on other group(s) instead of SJ. When the album packaging sucks, we ELFs buy it anyway; when MVs disappoint us (somehow), we vote for them anyway; when seeing them wearing the same clothes dancing on stage (last year), we streamed for them anyway. SM knows it; that’s why they save the trouble and money for other artists and let ELFs promote SJ.

  25. i think that it’s just because SM doesn’t spend so much on suju’s vids… they spent a LOT on everyone else (did you see SHINee’s vids in japan? ALL with plot, and well directed) but they never spent so much on suju. i understand they want to make everyone focus on suju and suju alone, trying to emphesize their “supuriority(or however you spell it)”. but the only MV that had somewhat of a plot in it was ‘no other’. i think SM just doesn’t care for SJ that much. i’m not an SNSD hater, but from my point of view, they are always treated like princesses. ALL the groups and idols in SM has very difficult schedule, and especially super junior, with all the different shows they have to do. it would be nice if SM would actually repay SJ for what they have done, and not spend as less money as possible on them.like Leeteuk: he is on like 5 shows right now. to me it’s like SM is trying to squeez as much money as they can from his before he goes to the army and that is just wrong.
    *gasps for air* but that’s just what i think. everyone and what he believes in…

    BTW: HI FROM ISRAEL! i got my friend to see your vids and they are slowly getting into Kpop! MUAHAHAHAHA I WILL PASS THEM INTO THE DARK SIDE! >:)

  26. hmmm… are we talking about the song or the video…

    Anyways, i’d say… Mr. Simple (although i love A-Cha)

    And, i should give up, but well, this is the last time i vote for JYJ with Get Out (i said the same last week but keep voting for them anyways).

  27.  I like Mr Simple wayyy better even with the colours and knots and ropes in it (which I’m sure that those are a subtle presents from all the noty noty English teachers in the world, as a way to congratulate/hang them for their use of Engrish).

  28. Dang you Simon and Martina! As if me singing “manly sweeping, manly sweeping, throw the dishes! THROW THE DISHES! ” wasn’t bad enough when i do my chores, now I’m going to be doing the sandwich dance whenever i make my lunch! Thats ok, thats how i get my daily workout in :P. Also! Your theory on how they get the shaky camera angles totally makes sense! I want that job!

  29. I did notice the heartbreaker hair! Hadn’t noticed all the other stuff, but it would explain why I like this song and video better than any other SJ I’ve seen :)

  30. oh! and by the way, I prefer Mr Simple…

  31. Definately A-Cha…Mr. Simple never grew on me…

  32. I say Mr.Simple o(^-^ )o Super Junior~!

  33. Oh you speak my mind!
    I also feel that SM kind of neglected SJ..
    Its bullshit thay cant get a good MV just bcoz of the tight schedule.
    If they pay a good creative team, they could have millions version of MV without the box, ex: like anime, or photographic art like their ELF Song video in Super Show 3, etc.
    But they didnt! They didnt even got a good editor and creative team for their teaser! Meh!

    Maybe the reason are as you stated above.
    I just want to add 1 more reason: SJ was created by Lee Soe Man, the boys really were LSM’s favorite back then, they are really close (till now).
    But after LSM step down and replaced by the new CEO, Kim Young-min, everything changed.
    Funny when people always blame LSM, while the evil CEO is Kim Young-min.

    Many ELF feel that the name SJ have now, is because the boys own hardwork and their own promotion in many of their activities. SM never do the promotion much.

  34. I’m sure that SME do simple video for SuJu to save their money. SME maybe think like this:

    Elf will buy the album to help SuJu won GDA no matter what because this is Leeteuk last promotion before going to the army, so what’s the point of spending more money to create a story/mini movie for SuJu’s MV? The MV is for promotion only and it does cost money. If you can cut down the ‘expense’, why not? Besides, ‘Sorry Sorry’ became a big hit with simple music video.

  35. Um,,i think you guys are reading to much into it. 
    When SM made Super Junior it was not there intent to make them like that. 
    There were supposed to be regular MC and guys people can relate too. That’s why they have that magnitude of fans.
    And you comment about just treating them like normal people. that could be for anyone… As in EX Martina if you were talking to T.O.P you’d flip a bit because you really like him. Treating him like a “normal” person wouldnt be the only thing on your mind. Super Junior fans would be super excited to meet Super junior like you’d be for T.O.P, you see?
    And Super Junior does have a few normal cute mvs with story lines. like Cooking Cooking, Marry You, Pajama Party, It’s You, No Other.
    Not every mv can be have a super cool plot. They are a BOY BAND.
    I am a fan of Super Junior but Not a HUGE fan and i just saw some inconsistencies with what you guys were saying. 
    But no hate, ops are ops. LOVE YOU VIDEOS AS ALWAYS!!! :) :) ;)

  36. omg lost it at the tomato’s part XD XD

    You guys are the best(Love Super Junior <3 <3 <3)

  37. i think i blind is there says @ heedictator ????
    on credits on the left the number 3

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