That’s what we thought the song was about. Focaccia. Or maybe we thought that because we’re really hankering for some good bread lately. Korea doesn’t really have good bread. Well, they do if you like white bread, but if you’re into Rye bread, or pumpernickel, or focaccia, you’re out of luck, unless you’re willing to travel for the bread. That’s kind of why we did the skit with the croissant: we couldn’t find focaccia, so we used the next best thing: croissants. Anyhow, Super Junior, being Super Junior, and thus immensely wealthy, can easily afford these luxurious breads, and fell in love with Focaccia, and sang their latest song in tribute to the bread. No? Well then, we’ve made a terrible mistake.

Otherwise, we’re a lot happier with this video than we were with Mr. Simple, though by we I mean me, Simon, since Martina likes Mr. Simple as a song better. We’re starting to think that, yes, every Super Junior video from now on will just have well dressed guise dancing in oddly lit rooms with cheesy sound effects. Don’t believe us?

Sorry Sorry:



And the list goes on. But we’re starting to think that it’s redundant for us to expect any more from a Super Junior video, and we have a theory behind this. Our theory: SM wants you to stop thinking of Super Junior as regular people, and think of them more as gods.

SM is really taking the idea of “idols” very seriously. Super Junior are idols, and to be treated as gods; these music videos, in turn, are meant to show off their godliness. The rooms that they’re in are meant to be as non-distracting from their godliness as possible. Look at their faces up close, look at them dancing meticulously. Don’t focus on anything else, but the awesomeness of Super Junior.

For their music videos, they’re not to be shown in mundane, human situations, because they’re to be thought of as above humans, as idols. So forget a story to their videos. Forget a plot. They’re in situations that no one would ever be in (seriously: if I found myself in a weird room with flickering lights, I’d do my best to GTFO rather than dance and make sexy faces).

Being a Super Junior fan becomes a religion; Super Junior fans spread the word of Suju, and freak out over people who say bad things about their gods. It also might explain why some people ask us how we didn’t break down into a heap of tears and start screaming when we met Super Junior on Star King. I mean, why would we? To us, Super Junior are just good singers and dancers, not idols, not icons, not gods. So we talk to them like we would talk to other people.

To those Super Junior fans who are getting offended by this: we’re just trying to figure out why so many of their videos are so similar. How many more oddly lit rooms are we going to see? Why can’t we have a cool music video, where things happen, where the video can stand on its own as an interesting video? A story, a mini movie, something? SM has the money for it, and SJ certainly has enough members to create a wicked m-ni-movie video, but it seems SM either doesn’t have the desire, or there is some other secret reason we can’t think of. Is it maybe just too time consuming with the boys all off doing different things on different shows and adventures?

Are we off in our reasoning? Is SM doing a good or bad thing with not having any substance to Super Junior videos apart from face closeups and dancing? I mean, we know SJ themselves have substance, they’re one of the few boy bands who will joke about themselves and their height on TV, openly talking about their height creating insoles or about getting eye surgery (Shindong recently had his eyes done), so we’re not saying the MV videos directly relate to SJ as personalities. Hrm. What to do. Let us know what you think, we need some input!!!

Also, let us say that we’re only talking about the videos here. We like Super Junior’s music, which is why we put them as our Kpop Album of the week for two weeks in a row. If you haven’t picked up the new Super Junior album, you can do so by clicking the link here:

Super Junior

Otherwise, we’d like to thank everyone for taking part in our Brown Eyed Girls Sixth Sense album giveaway contest! We picked two winners: one from YouTube, and one from the comments on our site. If you’re the winner, send us an email and we’ll send out your giant sized album ASAP. Woot!

  1. That sandwich ordering choreography was almost as good as Taeyang’s sushi dance, lol. Great job Martina!

  2. I consider myself a real hardcore ELF, but I really think that it’s BECAUSE they seem like such normal guys. I love their old TV shows, like Full House, where they’re just silly and normal and they make mistakes and aren’t all attractive all the time. I like that they’re hobbies aren’t all “Omg Dancing and singing and sports!”, but stuff like video games, writing, martial arts, and traditional drums. I like their twitters, with awkward photo-shopped pictures of each other and bad puns.

    Super Junior started out as SM’s throwaway pile of misfits, but they were funny and unique. Now that they’re so popular, they get the full Idol treatment, which is SM’s way of trading personality for godliness. Their individuality is covered up, so they have to look for other activities and outlets to shine.

  3. Well, think of it this way too: if there WERE other people in their MVs but them, especially girls, they would probably be slaughtered by the fans – honestly, if they’ve been relentlessly picking on Henry and Zhou Mi ever since they were added to Super Junior M (the number of fans who have done it), then I can only imagine what they’ll be doing to the actresses (specifically) who were to star in the MV. This may be one of the reasons why they only have Super Junior on screen – a small, albeit valid reason.

  4. I’m a Super Junior fan myself, and to tell the truth, I wasn’t offended at all when I watched ur video.
    Most of the music videos SM have made for SJ are in “boxes”. Only Happiness, It’s you, No other,.. have some meaning in the video. Super Show 4 just started tonight, and we can all see how creative SJ members are. I’m sure that SJ can make much much better MVs, if only they’re allowed to do so.
    I just can’t stop myself from thinking that SM doesn’t appreciate SJ enough. They don’t put much money in the boys’ MVs

  5. Sorry Sorrry(3rd album), Bonamana(4th album) , Mr.Simple(5th album)
    This are songs from the “SJ Funky” line . And Mr.Simple is the last on of this line , so I think the next SJ MV will not look like this videos …

  6. I know a lot of SJ’s recent videos have been boring, but if you watch some of their older ones/ videos from the subgroups, there’s definitely some variation — No Other is a recent one with at least a bit of a story, and It’s You, Super Girl, and SJ-H’s videos (<3 Pajama Party) do too. 

  7. I personally love Suju’s music, but I really wish they were a bit more creative with their music videos. I’d like to see more video’s such as “It’s you”…. maybe for their next comeback they’ll do something more creative.  

  8. Over the weekend, I went to a cafe in Seoul called Stone Coffee (www.stonecoffee.com) and they had FOCACCIA! I was eating their ham sandwich when I realized, hey this bread is delicious, what is it? And lo and behold! It was focaccia. Then I was reminded of this video and figured I’d share haha

  9. A- Cha is better…. I think?? 

  10. first off i have to say that i absolutely LOVE Super Junior, but i didn’t really like Mr. Simple as much as I loved A-CHA. so I’m voting for A-CHA and their love for sandwiches. :)

  11. hello! i just found your blog! seems interesting but i can’t even see the videos because they are blocked at work, haha… so maybe i am just talking through my hat here, but i wanted to make a comment anyways.

    when i was young and stupid, i used to be really in love with the Backstreet Boys… lol. and i (along with a slew of other fans) would get really pissed off whenever they released a “story” video. first of all, there were always girls in those, which sprung intense feelings of jealousy, but mostly, i just wanted to stare at the faces of my adored ones for ages on end, which you couldn’t do very well in a concept video… i think those SM people are banking in on that by making videos where you’re pretty much just seeing them dancing with no other distraction. now that i’m older, i do enjoy videos that have a bit more variety, but i think the production managers are probably spot on with their target audience…

    end of my newbie rant. 

  12. MR. SIMPLE

  13. I love Super Junior no matter what other people would say <3 Big love for SJ! Siwonnieeee <3
    I love your videos, guys! So much! The highlight of my week :)

    Blow your mind! A-Cha! <3

  14. Lol Foaccia Focaccia! It’s so delicious!!  Loved the Super Simon Segment! Loved Martina in that bunny suit hopping after simon singing the mr simple song :) I know im way late in this but i preferred A-Cha over Mr. Simple.

  15. Uhh!! I definitely prefer A-cha

  16. I prefer A-cha! :)

  17. I wonder what that would look like? A SuJu vid with a legit plot like U-Kiss’ 0330 or B2ST’s Fiction.
    Well ELFs don’t get any mini movie music videos, but we did get a full length Super Junior movie. xD
    I love SJ’s Attack on the Pin-up Boys!

    Anyways, I vote for Mr.Simple. It was just so colorful and upbeat and I missed Heechul and Siwon in A-Cha. I mean sure they were in the video for a bit, but they didn’t get to dance with the well dressed group in their oddly lit room!

  18. I just saw this a week after so..my comment would be late. xD Anyways….

    The reason why SJ’s MV genres are all the same is not because SME wants the fans to take SJ as gods, but rather, SME just doesn’t want to spend a lot for SJ. Seriously. Look at the places they’ve been shooting at…THEY’RE ALL THE SAME! Also..the dances, the genre, EVERYTHING! If only ELFs could produce SJ’s MVs then we would have surely attracted a lot of people’s attentions. -_______- Our ideas are a lot more wider than those of the producers.

    SME doesn’t think of SJ as anything..really. Because they have their favorites. Yeah, that.

    Ok..so this was some kind of a rant.. Sorry ’bout that. ^^
    And, no. I’m not mad. I’m just clarifying things.

    And I agree with Luff Kpop. Could you please do a review for SJ’s Neorago? It’s the best MV they had (in my opinion) Please??? I’ve been waiting for that. But I don’t think you will…since you’re reviews are based on people’s choices. Oh. Whatever.

    I love your reviews, by the way. YOU GUYS ROCK!

    • I wouldn’t think that. Sure, SM has the reputation of being stingy, however making MVs with storylines isn’t so hard. A lot of the profits of SM comes from either Girls Generation (from males) and SuJu (from females), but to tell you the truth, neither one is treater better than the other.
      SM has a very strict “idols are not allow to have relationships” rule for a reason. They want their fans to be their ‘girl/boyfriend’. They are the fans’ wonderful fantasy. And as time passes, they become possessive. Since so many things happened to Super Junior, many of their fans are VERY protective of them. I too wish they will actually change the trend and make a MV with a plot, but I believe SM have their reasons. Having a storyline usually means a girl actor would be in it. I guess, SuJu being so popular, they don’t want to make such an outburst.Unlike 2PM or BigBang, where a lot of their MVs have female actors, we as an audience are use to them interact with other females. SM’s idols on the other hand, not many interact with opposite sex. Unless they are helping another group within the company (which only show a few clips of the girl), how many MVs do you recall seeing SuJu do something affectionate to a girl.If they do, I bet the girl will get bashed by SuJu’s fans.

  19. For the poll, I gotta say A-CHA is cooler than Mr. Simple but the camera sucks big time, oh I hate how the camera moves in this video. It’s like, not Super Junior was the dancing ones, but the CAMERA WAS DANCING. Oh, great SM.

    About the plotless video issue, it’s just…lame to be talked, we can’t expect any plot/story for SJ’s MV from SM. It’s just….they won’t work a story for SJ videos.

    Simon and Martina, can you do a review for Super Junior’s Neorago (It’s You)? Yeah, it’s an old video (was released in 2009) but hey I think that’s the best Super Junior video that SM had ever produced. Can? Can? Can?

    /throws various types of bread to you guise, ENJOYYYY! LOL

  20. why are the videos all the same!! when you put up the two videos from SJ that we are voting on.. they looked like the same video…lololol.. its cheaper i guess.. one white room one fir hat your good to go!

  21. kissmykimchi teachers on walka

    I will never be able to look at that video without thinking of subs! Bravo! Though SJ still doesn’t quite do it for me. I keep thinking which one would go first if they crash landed in the Himalayas.

  22. that costume simon was wearing looks like thunder outfit in the mv cry O:<!

  23. Both songs are awesome, but I like the video for Mr Simple better than A-Cha.

  24. Dear Simon and Martina,
    Please help!!
    You guys are really popular and you guys love Korea, so I was wondering if you wanted to help North Korean refugees escaping into China get to safety? There is a video if you scroll down that is quite informational.

    If you could post the link on one of your videos and tell people to spread the word, the North Koreans and I will love you. <3  
    You can even start your own support page if you don't like mine.  I just want to help North Korea. :D

    Thanks for reading this message on behalf of the North Koreans refugees.

  25. sigh… it’s because SM sucks. that’s what SJ fans have decided. Or rather, it’s a combination of SM sucking/not caring about their breadwinner group and the boys legitimately being too busy with all the other things they do. I love them, but i definitely get the sense that their moving in a lot of different directions at this point. It wasn’t always like this, I was really hoping they’d have at least one MV with a plot this album like they did with noraego and no other, but sadly twas not to be. I definitely though this song was more immediately catchy than mr. simple and the video had a smiiiiidge more going on, but yeah… SM, y u no spend monies on suju? if snsd’s new MV comes out and is as gorgeous as the preview looks so help me GOD, Lee Soo Man! *shakes fist* anyway, you guys are great, thanks for not focusing on how plotless the video was, beleive me ELFs are butthurt about it enough as it is…. oh and I vote A-cha for better MV!

    • I wouldn’t think that. Sure, SM has the reputation of being stingy, however making MVs with storylines isn’t so hard. A lot of the profits of SM comes from either Girls Generation (from males) and SuJu (from females), but to tell you the truth, neither one is treater better than the other.
      SM has a very strict “idols are not allow to have relationships” rule for a reason. They want their fans to be their ‘girl/boyfriend’. They are the fans’ wonderful fantasy. And as time passes, they become possessive.Since so many things happened to Super Junior, many of their fans are VERY protective of them. I too wish they will actually change the trend and make a MV with a plot, but I believe SM have their reasons. Having a storyline usually means a girl actor would be in it. I guess, SuJu being so popular, they don’t want to make such an outburst.Unlike 2PM or BigBang, where a lot of their MVs have female actors, we as audience are use to them interact with other females. SM’s idols on the other hand, not many interact with opposite sex. Unless they are helping another group within the company (which only show a few clips of the girl), how many MVs do you recall seeing SuJu do something affectionate to a girl.If they do, I bet the girl will get bashed by SuJu’s fans.

  26. lol next week Martina and Simon will receive lots and lots of FOCACCIA in their email box LOL~


  27. Anything with Siwon is good with me, but I like A-Cha better as a mv.

  28. I think Mr Simple & A Cha are very good songs.  I really like these two songs.  I can not say particularly fond of that first.

  29. Yo SM (hope you don’t mind I call u this for short haha) I guess it’s too bad the MVs of the main SJ songs are as such… but like I previously emailed to you guise, you can check out their other “non main” song MVs like “No Other”, “Sorry Sorry Answer”, “It’s You”etc, these are the not so typical SJ MVs which I really really like and I hope you did too =) Cheers! I’ve always enjoyed ur objective reviews! ^^ HWAITING!

  30. INCONCEIVABLE! …LOL….ah, I loved that word since I first saw Princess Bride as a wee lass. *looks of into yonder memories*

  31. i have to say Mr Simple is better ^.^

  32. not every music vid should have a plot! i agree its nice 2 have a story but most of the time its hard to understand. =O anyway its music isnt it? wouldnt it mk more sense if they were dancing  o_o dats how music works right?
    not everything has to have a plot simon and martina! =D

  33. Martina I agree!  I like Mr Simple better!

  34. hi there!

    i think that their mv’s don’t really have plots because plots would involve girls and idk, it just seems like super junior is really sensitive to ELF’s reactions, and they dont want to make them unneccessarily jealous? idk just a theory..

  35. A-Cha ^^

    OH dear me……simon and martina..why oh why do you have such good vids? 

  36. What were they talking about Diarheea again?

  37. my dad eats dat kind of bread o_o!
    T___T ( why did it have 2 come 2 a draw! you could’ve read the comments and decided yourself by the comments )

  38. My absolute favorite part of this video was the sexy Spudgy face arousal at the end.

  39. A-cha, totally. It was and stronger song with stronger choreography and Shindong looked soooooooo sexy…
    I´m not really into 90´s colored coats :P

  40. I’m going to have to vote for Mr. Simple simply (hah!) because I found the shaking cameras to be hella distracting.

    …also, I’m sure you got this comment plenty since the video went up, but it’s a croissant, not a bagel ;) 

  41. I’m sorry but i think different people have their own opinion. i don’t think that i agree with you that we, ELFs treated them as god. Different people have different religion. I have my own god. we did not treat them like god. There is no such thing like that. There are ways too many things that happened to super junior in the past that makes us fans being protective to them. Because we are family.. super junior and ELF are family.. the bond between us are a lot stronger compared to other fans. Some ELFs are just too overprotective so forgive us if there are harsh word spreading around. 

    ” being Super Junior, and thus immensely wealthy ”
    If you say that super junior is a wealthy group, you better make a research or google how much payment that they received.. most of the profit will goes to the company.. and the rest, they have to divide it among 10 people.. just see how many shows they did. greedy? well, think again why they have to work so hard if they had a lot of money. SJ leader is now currently participating in 4 shows and 1 radio show. Just imagine how hectic that it would be.

    why in their video, they r dancing and show their “awesomeness”? can’t we just accept that as a concept. it doesn’t mean that all videos need to have plot and story line and actors. Cant we just accept it as an art? i guess people did not. well, we have our own opinion bout it..

    Well, it is my opinion and i think i have the right to voice out what i feel just like what you did simon. I love your K-pop music video segment and been watching it every monday.. well, sort of pleasure in hectic monday. hwaiting! ELF’s, please behave even if you are offended.. I love ELFs very much just like how much i love super  junior.. Super Junior + ELF = 1

  42. Simon, Martina~ hwaiting~ oh well… it’s just another way of watching the MVs! i just hope those ELFS wont feel offended whereby u guys didnt really want to offend them. but oh well! i just simply love all the music monday! even if u made fun of my idol U KISS and SS501 LOL!

  43. Since so many things happened to Super Junior, many of their fans are VERY protective of them. I too wish they will actually change the trend and make a MV with a plot, but I believe SM have their reasons. In China (yes, I live in Shanghai), the fans are very possessive and I believe the same in Korea. Having a storyline usually means a girl actor would be in it. I guess, SuJu being so popular, they don’t want to make such an outburst.

    Unlike 2PM or BigBang, where a lot of their MVs have female actors, we as audience are use to them interact with other females. SM’s idols on the other hand, not many interact with opposite sex. Unless they are helping another group within the company (which only show a few clips of the girl), how many MVs do you recall seeing SuJu do something affectionate to a girl.

    If they do, I bet the girl will get bashed by SuJu’s fans.

    BTW, China banned YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. So even though I can’t see the video, I love reading your comments.

    Keep up the creative streak~~~~~

  44. we don’t treat them as gods.. if you misunderstand.. we treat each other as a family.. we treat them as a friend, a brother, a family.. if you say that we are overprotected of them, it’s because they are protecting us toO.. if you only know more about them.. T_TT. and telling that fans treat them as god, i’m sure they will going to be upset about it.. they are Christians,  a devoted Christians.. and majority of us ELF’s too are Christians.. we believe in one God.. and our love for them are just like a family love.. hope you won’t get overboard next time..

  45. It seems like Spudgy likes focaccia too!

    As SuJu MV, I like “It’s You”/Norago best. If you’ve seen it, you know why. It’s not just dancing in a room:P (But I like “No other” too… Hmm… And the “Seoul Song” video… Hmm….)

    And I won’t buy the SJ album, since I already have all the three versions of the last one.___.

  46. Couldyoumaybeplease make make a mini PV for your diarrhea song with F-ART (or any of the other regular characters)? I love that song!!! and it’s way too hilarious to be featured so little in your videos,

  47. Hee! I thought that Martina would have commented on (Dang! I can’t remember his name!) Let’s just say “”The more substantial member’s” hair. It no longer looks like a mushroom. He gots a new Do! Looks cool. Otherwise, I vote for Mr. Simple.

  48.  In my Youtube comment I forgot to mention how much I love the wallpaper on your laptop …

  49. A-Cha for me it was epiccc XD

  50. Mr.Simple=))definitely love that song better….seems more catchy to me plus more of Leeteuk, tho in A-Cha Leeteuk’s voice was awesome=)))) Love you guys…now i keep on hearing focaccia in a cha heh

  51. thisisjustforfunval

    I pick A-Cha over Mr. Simple video. Their clothing is better and I love staring at Siwon in his black coat in this video, well and all his close ups. 

  52. thisisjustforfunval

    Lol, damn it every time I hear A-Cha now I hear Focaccia! I giggle every time I hear it now :-P Yet again ya’ll have altered my perspective on a song/video.

  53. Perfection had the same shaky camera effect in some parts and the furry hat. then there’s the Sorry Sorry kind of dance which is groups-within-a-group, and the solo shots have a layering and mirror effect too. Bonamana shares the ‘suits with a twist’ dressing (though i think A-Cha pulled it off better seeing as Bonamana had some really weird choices)
    It’d be a refreshing change if they did the It’s You concept again, which was awesome and seems to be most ELFs’ choice for unique video. Even though there’s no ‘I’m so sexy’ feel, it still looks good. i’m sure the cost of filming on an already-there street would be less compared to a room with special lights (have to deal with the fans though)
    I like A-Cha better. the dance looks more complicated, the song is catchier, and and the solo shots are cooler

  54. I kind of agree with you! As an ELF I feel that they fill their music video’s with there respective personalities.  SJ were set up as a group that would be able to specialize in certain fields.  Whether it be KRY on singing shows, Radio shows, varieties, writing songs, dancing, acting or even shows like dream team they are the idol group that are able to do it all yet they work so well as a unit.  
    The MVs shows this, letting the main dancers have a dance break (they’ve done this since there first mvs).  The main singers get to hit those high notes! What you say makes perfect sense.  They are idols in every sense of the world.  Even there beginning mvs have been like this… minus the mv’s for sub groups and miracle, no other and kind of it’s you (i say kind of because they are the only people in the street, they are alone in there god verse this is the same case for marry you)… they have been like this from the word go!  Your explanation of SME’s market strategy 
    The religion thing is kinda true … Heck we even call Leeteuk an Angel :P and Siwon Shisus….I even have a shrine to them in my room… http://i1229.photobucket.com/albums/ee479/badweather66/P8204764.jpg

    I love there music SOOOOOOOO much! But for me what brought me close to sj was there varieties… getting to know them as people.  Whether it be full house, explorers of the human body and sj foresight note etc no one dominates the variety scene more than SJ :D Every member has there quirks specialty and personality <3  Plus they have the advantage of being one of the oldest group of the 'new gen' of kpop idols so they have been able to build this image 

    Good job on the review….. I'll end my rant :D

  55. All the Super Junior videos look the same. :(

  56. What a hard choice, both are great (and similar). Like the style of the videos but more variety would be nice. Mr. Simple wins though. I can’t get the song out of my head and having the 10 dancing in the video makes it more of a group effort.

  57. Hmmmm oh boy oh boy !! This is a hard one I love both videos …hmmmm I am going to say A-CHA yeap I’m going for A-CHA!

  58. I find it sad that Super Junior is now reduced to these kind of videos. I’m not an ELF, but I like old SuJu way more than what it has become. Of course, I don’t blame “them”, but SM Entertainment who, I think, sticks to the concept of Sorry, Sorry because it was their very first huge hit. I love Sorry, Sorry though because the dance is just awesome and they’re not all doing the same moves at the same time. They really look like a dance group. BUT I think their most beautiful MV is and will always be “It’s You” (and I wish there was a way for you to review that song because it’s just SO BEAUTIFUL).

    Call me hipster, but I really don’t like the fact that it’s the classic concept of Sorry, Sorry that “made them popular”. Yes, the song is catchy, but I found TWINS and Don’t Don way cooler and I found the members way more charismatic in them. I also find it sad that Kpop Music Mondays have started during the Bonamana period because their old MVs were much more original.

    It would be so much fun if their videos could show different sides to them (from “freaky” cool to “neatly” cool) just like they did before!

    Oh and I prefered Mr. Simple!

  59. Alexandra E. Rodríguez

    ELFs are going to self-destruct with this week’s showdown. Just watch.

  60. oh btw, singing to B1A4 in your bloopers = I LIKE IT LIKE IT LIKE IT~~ XDDDD hahaha~

  61. First of all, great review guys, the foccacia and fangirling references were brilliant! < Anyways, sorry for the rant, my vote is for Mr. Simple. ^^

  62. oh for the love of god LOL XD

  63. totally agree with the over edgy kpop clothing.. lucifer mv jonghyun’s black butcher apron (worn also by junsu in ayyy girl, in white), worst ever is poor tvxq keep your head down… first half they are  half caped villian/magicians? second half they’re wearing my grandmother’s 70′s couch mixed with a lion skin.. creepy? these clothes were definitely better!

  64. Focaccia! Wow, that was really funny; I would never have thought of that! :) Still, the “Mr. Simple” song is so much more catchy than “A-CHA” to me that I have to vote for Mr. Simple, even though I enjoyed both songs.

  65. Simon and Martina, 

    Most ELF agree with you all the way; Super Junior is always put in a box. Mostly it’s because SJ has such a strong fan base, SME doesn’t have to worry about working as hard to get sales and views. It’s incredibly frustrating to ELF, who try all the time to make SJ the best and then they don’t get anything in return, i.e. a plot-based MV for once..
    Thanks for your hilarious and awesome reviews :D My vote goes towards A-cha.. I like the song better, so the MV grew on me more than Mr. Simple.

  66.  u guys a’re totally right. i’m a forever ELF. i think SM just have double standard in there. many ELF out there say their disappointment in 3 MV of Super Junior since Bonamana. just like u said, they are all the same. SM has been neglecting Super Junior since the legal issues. i’m not blaming the boys but SM itself. but, whatever SM did to Super Junior, we are always behind the boys. no matter what. even they have to go on their seperate ways which is the last thing we want to hear. we support Hankyung even he’s not in Super Junior anymore. because we’re freaking love the boys, not SM.
    we’re ELF. that’s what we do right?

    i’ve showed my support for Mr Simple and now it’s time for A-CHA!

  67. I really enjoyed your review, aha ha ha ha! And the blooper song made my day! XD Yep, I guess it’s just Super Junior’s style to dance in oddly lit rooms wearing odd clothes >.< I really liked their outfits this time! Nice rocker magician look goin' on~ And Yesung with the fire was BA! :D I have to admit, if they made a story mv, in order to incorporate all the members, it'd have to be like, 20 minutes long O.O 

    Congrats winners! :D 

    And I vote for A-Cha, because it was actually really entertaining to watch, and Shindong's rap was stuck in my head for the longest time afterwards~

  68. definitely ACHA, it’s so addictive, the song, the dance!

  69. ROLF
    Martina, i totally agree with you! i was anticipating a-cha for a long time because i was wondering what concept it was (the pics werent really what i call clarifying), and then when i finally watched it i was a bit disappointed… i didnt like mr. simple at first either, but with time, i found myself dancing to it during class xD however, idk why, bueverytime i watch a-cha it doesnt feel super juniorish :/ idk, its weird.
    and Simon, you forgot DongHae’s magic trick from Bonamana! the one with the rose? i thought that was pretty good!

    i think that the reason SM wont do a cool story video its cause they have so many members, that putting them all in a story on one video would be rather complicated. also, i think a lot of the ELFs like to see sj sexy faces and all that.
    but after all that, theres only one thing to be said: SUPER JUNIOR IS PURE AWESOMENESS

    i vote for Mr.Simple cause Eunhyunk is showed more and sings more in that video :D

  70. lol at super junior religion…they must derive some of their beliefs from islam…..you know, how no human/animal figures are allowed because that would distract the faithful :P

  71. This is difficult…cause of that dang shaky camera which I can’t stand! I also think Mr.somple is weird..but…I have to say Mr.simple has my vote for better vid. If it was better song…idk. probably a tie.

  72. Alright, I’ll vote for A-Cha. I loved the deeper voices! Thought that was a nice touch. Both this and Mr. Simple are standard SuJu videos, sure – not that I really mind – but the boys just look hotter in A-Cha. (Minus the fur hat – for crying out loud SM stylists please give that thing a proper burial and never look at fur again.) Plus I love that style of vampire. The clothes and styling were awesome.

  73. lol also, your fangirl idea…kekeke that’s what most people were saying when they comment on the dance version 1- the camera was going crazy and the views felt like puking…or at least I did…but yeah the most common comment was that they must have let the fangirls into the recording studio with their cameras ;p

  74. Well Super junior used to have more story lines to their songs. It seems that they would release the first song which would focus on the dancing and singing and, thus, less of a story, but the the second song usually had some sort of story too it: Marry You, It’s You (had a pure drama version as well as a dance and a mixed version), and No Other- these all had some sort of idea of a story (and if you include SuJu-M then you could include Super Girl)…but now…I dunno I think SM is focusing on SNSD and their new release and I know that sounds super biased but the teaser trailers for SNSD are amazing and SuJu’s was…meh…and plus you can’t deny that their neglecting SuJu a bit, they released the teaser and the MV really late and even some of the members commented on their disappointment with this apparently the people in charge forgot to put out the trailer on time and so SuJu ended up performing the song on stage before there was even a trailer for the MV which is not supposed to happen. That is just what I think, SM is in charge of the songs and MV’s and this time they seemed to not really care what they put out for SuJu. 

    • You just hit the nail exactly on the head.  SME has gotten to a point where they are focused more on SHINee and SNSD than any other artist they have.  (Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE SHINee, and SNSD is one of the few girl groups I willingly listen to, so no hate.)  They seem to think that they can throw together some half-done thing with minimal time, effort and money put into it, and as long as it has Super Junior involved, it is a guaranteed success.  Mostly, they have been right.  However, A-Cha seems to be proving that wrong, since they haven’t won anything, which they have been doing with every release since Sorry, Sorry.

      • digitally it didn’t do well, some of the factors where that the song got leaked and SM failed to promote the song as the MV was released about a week later, not like SJ ever does great on digital sales anyways so mehhh but the physical sales for the repackaged album have reached over 100,000 so I’d say it was pretty successful as the high physical sales do more than make up for low digital sales…and the thing about music shows is that they calculate their results based highly on digital sales so boo XD

  75. XDDDDD ohmigawd, i fell off my chair laughing during the sandwich part~~~

  76. Gosh… when I read that “A cha” is your next review, I was like “what can be said about such an… empty video?” Actually, I used to be a HUGE fan of SuJu. Yes, past tense. Songs like Twins, U, Don’t Don, Norago, Happiness and so on… THESE were the great songs!!! From Sorry Sorry up to now… it’s all the same. The feel of the songs, the sets… I can’t say I’m a fan of their songs anymore. I’m fond of them, I like their personalities and so on. I’m a fan of them. But their songs right now are just… boring.

    The idea of sandwiches, of crazy fans, random Mordney, you did all you could do. <3<3<3
    Nevertheless, I find it the most pointless review so far. It's my personal opinion, of course :)

    I vote for "Mr. Simple".

  77. I really, really wish Super Junior MVs would have a story line like “It’s You” and “No Other” did. As much as I love Super Junior title tracks, their music videos are just so lacking… they’re great for a convert like me, but they’re not that appealing at all to people who don’t know who Super Junior is. I remember watching Bonamana for the first time and thinking that it was the most boring music video I’d ever seen, but then “It’s You” blew me away.

  78. thanks for the review! ^^ i love the idea of the fangirls shooting those clips from the weird angles~ totally plausible! but you must give credit for ELFs ~ can you imagine how many times we watch those spinning and weird camera shots? per vid? per performance?! haha, makes me think that fangirls would have developed a superior resistance to dizzying situations~~~

  79. THANK YOU, I really needed a song about diarrhea! :D

  80. Super Junior had a mini-movie once.  In “It’s You”,  They walked around randomly in a deserted town, took phone calls to nobody, sat on random motorcycles, visited cafes that nobody worked in, and………….

    then….danced in a dimly lit room.  Oh, ICWUDT…..

    Forever alone, the gods of kpop.

  81. I love both songs but I think I’m gonna have to go with Mr. Simple!!

  82. Wow. Just wow. Seriously? You guys did an AMAZING job with this one. I mean, I was really apprehensive about you reviewing A-CHA because, lets face it, its just like all their other vids they’ve made during the last few years. At first, I loved watching just Super Junior in vids like Sorry, Sorry and Bonamana because I got to see them in cool clothes (sans the hats) and dancing awesomely. But now, I wish they’d do more. I miss the days of Happiness, Dancing Out, and even Its You, in which they make terrible crying faces that made me laugh instead of feel sorry for them. So, I was worried about there not being much for you guys to do with this one, and I was even a little disappointed with my fellow ELF’s in voting for this vid because its basically just them dancing in a room…again. And even though we think that’s AMAZING, its probably pretty boring for fans of other bands and such. But you both made me LOL x1000. I was seriously doing that weird knee-slapping thing and I was laughing so hard my cat got scared and ran out of the room. Which makes me wonder if maybe we should vote in more vids like this one, just to see what you guys’ll come up with. (kidding!)
    My vote is for Mr. Simple. I thought the dancing was better, and they were a little more creative with it. (I thought the intro was amazing) The double-pictures and special effects in this one just seemed so…cheesy to me.

  83. As always…great vid/review. I’m not a huge fan of SuJu, not because I dislike them, in fact, I think several of them are quite talented. Rather, because their songs and vids are so repetitive/similar.

    However, I liked A-cha enough to purchase it. ♫♪♫♪…..My personal opinion on why SMe keeps making them dance in boxes is this: it’s cheaper. Plain and Simple….less Won goes out, revenue stays in. Also the idea of splitting the group’s pay among all those members is kinda sad….a lavish video could wipe out their paycheck in *one go*….because SMe DOES charge the Idol’s account, vids are not a freebie from the company.

  84. Sascha Wong

    A-Cha has my vote! Their wardrobe doesn’t fail in that video… and hello, Siwon. He looked mighty fine! (When does he not?)

  85. you two reviewed A-Cha!! :D so happy  ^ ^ I was sad that they didn’t get reviewed last week, but I was so happy when I saw that you reviewed them this week. HUZZAH! :D
    I vote for A-Cha over Mr. Simple, because I like the song a lot better, and in my opinion, the A-Cha music video was more interesting than Mr. Simple (there was more going on in A-Cha… like Yesung’s fireball! :D) though, I do agree with you two when you say that SuJu videos lately are only of them dancing in oddly lit rooms. I sure wish they’d do something like a mini-movie, since most of them are actually really good at acting ^ ^
    great job guise, as always :D can’t wait for the next Kpop Music Monday!

  86. MR SIMPLE is wat i vote for.
    but how come it feels like so many people focus on mr simple and a cha and not superman.


  88. a-cha because if you translate the words for Mr. simple into English it is a really sexist song.

  89. Ahhh, on the one hand, I am one of those people that can happily (oh so happily) fangirl over a video that consists just of Suju looking pretty and dancing in poorly lit rooms but. But. THEY COULD DO SO MUCH MORE. Even something with drama scenes as simple as No Other would be fine with me. That video was absolutely adorable.

    Ever since their Ceci photoshoot where they all portrayed detectives/gangsters/reporters etc. etc. and created that amazing photospread, I’ve been lusting after some kind of Super Junior drama video even more than usual. I know they have the talent, and I can’t think of a reason that a drama video wouldn’t be a huge success. I’m guessing it’s just the time it would take to schedule the members. :
    …but if they managed it for No Other or Neorago, one would think… baaaah I don’t want to complain because I know they’re already being worked abnormally hard, but I wish SM would give them something to do besides dancing and looking pretty.

  90. I would choose Mr Simple, but honestly, my favourite Super Junior MV is still No Other…

  91. Too bad you guys started doing reviews after some of SJ’s better videos (Super Girl, It’s You) ): It’s You is one of my favorite kpop videos, the version without the dancing oddly enough haha. I’d suggest checking it out, if you haven’t already ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iAcUbvm7uL0 ). Not for review, but just for fun :D

    I think the reason SJ gets so many “dance in a poorly lit room” MVs is because it’s hard to think of a plot that resolves in 4~4.5 minutes but includes all the members equally.

  92. uhhh… aren’t the both music videos the same ??? ;D and btw I love the davy crocket on Eunhyuk 8D

  93. Well, the gods theory was a good guess, but I’m afraid you’re dead wrong on this one.

    You see, the Super Junior is a very rare breed of creature. The Super Junior (Genus: Superious, Species: Juniorus), is native only to South Korea, though some claim a few select Super Juniors migrated from China. They are humanlike in appearance, but have several unique qualities found only in members of their race. The most commonly-known feature of the Super Junior would be the intricate and complicated mating rituals they employ. Such rituals are described in more detail below.

    Once every few months, the Super Juniors gather together and go in search of a proper location. These locations must be large and frequently have dim or flickering lighting (it is well-known that the Super Junior is drawn to strange lighting, much like a moth is drawn to flame). The initial mating ritual location must also be uninhabited by other creatures. The Super Juniors will then don their fuzzy hats and bejeweled clothing (believed to be deeply-rooted cultural apparel dating back some thousands of years to circa 538 B.C.E.),  and perform a complicated dance meant to attract potential mates. Each dance is unique from the rest, though researchers have detected select common elements among all known dances. It must also be noted that such mating dances are often overwhelmingly successful, drawing great attention from females in surrounding areas. The Super Junior will then repeat the same mating dance multiple times in more public places, where the potential female mates have gathered in earnest. This period will often last a couple of months, before the Super Juniors withdraw to prepare for the next cycle. 

    The Super Junior is generally a local creature, often preferring not to move beyond the borders of its natural homeland. However, these fascinating figures will ocassionally migrate to surrounding countries (most commonly Japan, China, Taiwan, and Thailand), and some have claimed to have spotted a Super Junior gathering as far away as the United States of America. In every habitat, the response of the Super Juniors on nearby females is the same, resulting in mass swarms, screams, and general chaos and hysteria.

    One final unique quality of the Super Junior is its incredible ability to manipulate its appearance at will. The Super Junior has the power to change the color of its fur depending on the location and time of year. At first, it was thought that there were simply multiple Super Juniors, but upon closer inspection, it was discovered to be the same Super Juniors sporting differently-colored fur. Scientists believe this ability was developed to help camoflauge the Super Junior when it goes out in public to feed. However, this ability is now generally obsolete as the females who so desire the Super Juniors have developed an uncanny ability to recognize their prey regardless of the change.

    -Superious Juniorus: An Introduction
    -The Mating Ritual of the Super Junior: A Short Overview
    -How To Spot a Super Junior: A Super Junior Watcher’s Handbook
    -Super Juniors: More Similar to Humans Than We Think?

  94. Simon, you must have a complicated (and passionate) relationship with bread. Then again, bagels or croissants, it’s all good. And hooray for Mordney Present cameos! (Is that his official name? I forget.) I like how Martina repurposed his cape. And I see that your love for sandwiches and sandwich imagery is still going strong, as the previous appearance of that sub would indicate (the best part in the Breath MV, obviously).

    As for A-cha, I didn’t even notice the heinous English until watching your video, so I think I’ve become immune to it. (Scratch that – I’m never going to stop smirking when I listen to Mr. Simple.) Totally agree with you about the fashion (especially the fur hats, ugh).

  95. oh my god the fan girl thing was amazing! I laughed so hard! 

    vous êtes géniaux!

  96. well, i did like Mr. Simple a lot cuz of the handsome gorgeous formal wear and A-Cha was good too, despite the camera moving in and out a lot :D so i’d vote Mr. Simple

  97. I’m loving Super Junior more and more. They’re the only Kpop group I have a bias in (Ryeowook!!!!!!!!) and also the only group that may cause me to have fanboy episodes. I’m so glad you guys reviewed A-Cha, and i have to say I love love love Mr. Simple, but I’m going with A-Cha all the way. It’s incredibly catchy; Ryeowook looked amazing (as did everyone else); the edgy, rock sounding music fits the song nicely, and lastly I’ve listened to this song so many times that I’ve actually been able to pick up some of the lyrics and now I’m singing along to it. :p

    • I gotta say, every time I see Wookie lately, I do a doubletake from how much he’s grown up. HE LOOKS SO FANTASTIC. GAAHH. He’s always been cute but now he’s got all that sexy charisma and phwoar and amazing and guh. Feelings.

  98. i’m an elf and i love your videos and your opinions on SuJu!! any true ELF would also accept that there are some flaws with their favorites group, too and not bash people just because they say the truth. Simon and Martina Fighting!! ^-^

  99. very funny !! Focaccia  focaccia !! ^0^ that make me laugh !! i think it’s because i live in France
    where living without full choice of bread and croissant is just impossible .
    According to the A cha ‘s Mv i really  love it i found Suju’s more class ,more sexy and good looking
    than ever in this Mv.For Mr simple, when i listened to the audio of the song for the firts time i didn’t like the song so much but when i have watched the Mr simple’s MV i totaly fall in love with the song !!! and the entraining and energitic dance !!.
    To choose betwen them is hard because i really love the 2 of them.But if i have to make a choice i will say Mr simple  why ? because it’s the title of their BIG come back !!!.
    thanks again for all your hard work fighting !! ^^/

  100. hehe Martina is so cute and funny with her white animal sweater…nice magic tricks Super Simon hahaha…actually when I watched the A-CHa music video, I thought of Gambit from X-Men when Sungmin was throwing the cards. Yeah, I hope one day they get 5/5 for their English!!! At the end, I like how you guys did the mirror symmetry thing with Spudgy, which was done in the A-CHa music video. =) yay Super Junior!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  101. wooo hoooo~!! u reviewed a-cha WOOT~!! *and seeing my nickname at the credit list made my day*

    maaan Simon u’re evil xD after ur ‘manly sweeping’ to bonamana, i see ur dance everytime the chorus comes XD and ofc i sing manly sweeping & throw the dishes as well xD in fact, it even became mine and my friend’s inside joke xD cuz we’re both elfs xD and it seems we’ll have to add focaccia to our list as well haha xD
    and what about ur vid. i totally agree with Martina about that fur hats XD wtf they’re for anyways @.@   the magician Simon also made me sooo laugh xD and then his suju’s version came + the crazy fan shots xDDD that was great XD

    also u’re totally right about their videos, i too dream about some nice mv with a plot, not again flashy room & closeups of their faces. even if it’s totally sexeh heh xD and the vid i liked better – i think it’ll be a-cha xD i even started to make a fanart to it haha xD

  102. A-cha, hands down. I really like the song and the video.  Something about the mr simple video just annoys me….  

  103. well. at least they’re consistent. people sometimes complain about other groups and how they don’t know themselves and what their group is all about. suju at least knows what kind of mv defines them.

  104. i think that suju mvs dont have plots simply because super junior has to many members to have a plot revolve around the song and mv

  105. I have to disagree with you guys. Super Junior has had videos with a story line. No Other and It’s You as an example. Oh I vote A-CHA <3

  106. First of all, as an ELF, I don’t feel offended by your opinions at all. You spend your time looking at their MVs and listening to heir songs before you state your honest opinion; how could someone (unless over-protective fans or immature fans) feel offended.
    2. Most of us ELFs NEVER think SJ are gods!!! We talk a lot about our boys; most of us think they are talented and hard working boys with great personality; c’est tout.
    3. Why their MVs always look alike? Yes SM has money; but they spend their money on other group(s) instead of SJ. When the album packaging sucks, we ELFs buy it anyway; when MVs disappoint us (somehow), we vote for them anyway; when seeing them wearing the same clothes dancing on stage (last year), we streamed for them anyway. SM knows it; that’s why they save the trouble and money for other artists and let ELFs promote SJ.

  107. i think that it’s just because SM doesn’t spend so much on suju’s vids… they spent a LOT on everyone else (did you see SHINee’s vids in japan? ALL with plot, and well directed) but they never spent so much on suju. i understand they want to make everyone focus on suju and suju alone, trying to emphesize their “supuriority(or however you spell it)”. but the only MV that had somewhat of a plot in it was ‘no other’. i think SM just doesn’t care for SJ that much. i’m not an SNSD hater, but from my point of view, they are always treated like princesses. ALL the groups and idols in SM has very difficult schedule, and especially super junior, with all the different shows they have to do. it would be nice if SM would actually repay SJ for what they have done, and not spend as less money as possible on them.like Leeteuk: he is on like 5 shows right now. to me it’s like SM is trying to squeez as much money as they can from his before he goes to the army and that is just wrong.
    *gasps for air* but that’s just what i think. everyone and what he believes in…

    BTW: HI FROM ISRAEL! i got my friend to see your vids and they are slowly getting into Kpop! MUAHAHAHAHA I WILL PASS THEM INTO THE DARK SIDE! >:)

    • SNSD… not really, I think their MVs are pretty cheap compared to what they’re generating, and they’re pretty overworked themselves.
      SM is a very commercial company, so I think they’re investing the money somewhere else (trainee, side business)

  108. hmmm… are we talking about the song or the video…

    Anyways, i’d say… Mr. Simple (although i love A-Cha)

    And, i should give up, but well, this is the last time i vote for JYJ with Get Out (i said the same last week but keep voting for them anyways).

  109. I never encountered Suju (Super Junior) until a few days before this video, and the first video I saw was, oddly enough, the dance version of A-CHA.  I like the dance version 2 video quite a bit, and if I were to introduce KPop to friends, I’d probably start with that one.

    +1 on the English, but I admit I never noticed the Focaccia thing, let alone any other bread until you mentioned it.  Now I’ll see/hear baked goods every time I watch a Super Junior video.  :-p

    Regarding the divinity status of Super Junior, does this mean they’ll be a rival pantheon to BILASA CONQUEROR OF KITTIES AND DEVOURER OF TEENAGED GIRLS HEARTS (BCOKADOTGH for short)?  Will we see an impending Clash of the Titans?

    Just out of sheer style-points, I vote for A-CHA over Mr. Simple, FWIW.

    P.S. Congrats to the contest winners! I may yet get a copy of that album myself. It’s started to grow on me lately. :p

  110. Where are the result for the BEG contests? I can’t see them :(

  111.  I like Mr Simple wayyy better even with the colours and knots and ropes in it (which I’m sure that those are a subtle presents from all the noty noty English teachers in the world, as a way to congratulate/hang them for their use of Engrish).

  112. Dang you Simon and Martina! As if me singing “manly sweeping, manly sweeping, throw the dishes! THROW THE DISHES! ” wasn’t bad enough when i do my chores, now I’m going to be doing the sandwich dance whenever i make my lunch! Thats ok, thats how i get my daily workout in :P. Also! Your theory on how they get the shaky camera angles totally makes sense! I want that job!

  113. oh! and by the way, I prefer Mr Simple…

  114. I don’t know if it’s because I really love Suju (even if I don’t considere myself as an ELF) but I really love their music videos. Maybe it’s just because I don’t expect a whole movie for a MV. Super Junior is a group of singers who can dance really well, so they do it really well in their MV. (remember Park Bom in “don’t cry”?…not every singer is a good actor)  I think their MV are really super classy! I’d rather watch a MV with only guys singing and dancing, than a MV with a really complicated story and in the end, you don’t really listen to the music…anyway! I love Suju MV…(I really love how you chose to completely avoid this whole heart2heart debate! when I saw that, I was “mmm…I wouldn’t want to be in their position…it’s really awkward…”

  115. Definately A-Cha…Mr. Simple never grew on me…

  116. Ehhh… Simon, your bagel looks more like a croissant… Try it with vegemite! LOLz

  117. I say Mr.Simple o(^-^ )o Super Junior~!

  118. I have to say A-Cha.. Though I liked Mr. Simple better as a song x)

  119. I’m an ELF and not at all offended by your opinions. In fact, I actually agree with you. The whole ‘dress nicely, dance in some funky rooms and get some bust shots’ are getting boring and no different from a normal dance MV if you ask me. 
    Instead of making us treating them like Gods, I think either (1) SME doesn’t really care or think much of Super Junior’s concept anymore. or (2) they are too fixated on them promoting the so-called SJ Funky genre.
    As much as it was a big hit back during Sorry Sorry. I think they are limiting themselves too much by just sticking to this genre (doesn’t apply that much with A-CHA but definitely with Sorry Sorry, Bonamana and Mr.Simple).

    Anyway, great job with Music Mondays again~ I seriously enjoyed it MAX!
    Focaccia! Focaccia! It’s so delicious! ♫ (it’s stuck in my head now!)

  120. Did anyone else get a bit of a Big Bang vibe from this video? The wardrobe and hair choices particularly really looked like things the Big Bang members would wear in their videos. The guy at 0:08 has Heartbreaker hair! His hair and makeup are so similar to GD, and he’s even wearing that stupid hat that GD has worn on stage several times. And oh, Siwon is pulling off that TOP smirk, with his fingers in the air, his forehead bared, and that deep gravelly talking-singing… I dunno, that’s probably why I liked this video so much. :) 
    Also, the guy at 0:24 looks like Justin Bieber. … just me?

  121. I liked Mr. Simple better cuz it had 10 members dancing, not 8 =( Oh well…I wanted you guise to review Heart2Heart’s Facebook Official xD I guess I’ll have to spam every voting poll i find for next week’s music monday xD


    I was sooo looking forward to it!

  123. I’m sure that SME do simple video for SuJu to save their money. SME maybe think like this:

    Elf will buy the album to help SuJu won GDA no matter what because this is Leeteuk last promotion before going to the army, so what’s the point of spending more money to create a story/mini movie for SuJu’s MV? The MV is for promotion only and it does cost money. If you can cut down the ‘expense’, why not? Besides, ‘Sorry Sorry’ became a big hit with simple music video.

  124. i have a problem
    i don`t know for who vote
      guess i liked more Mr.simple because 
    i`m still singing bebebebebebebebebebebeb
    but  their style on A-Cha was…….
    i liked both……

  125. Um,,i think you guys are reading to much into it. 
    When SM made Super Junior it was not there intent to make them like that. 
    There were supposed to be regular MC and guys people can relate too. That’s why they have that magnitude of fans.
    And you comment about just treating them like normal people. that could be for anyone… As in EX Martina if you were talking to T.O.P you’d flip a bit because you really like him. Treating him like a “normal” person wouldnt be the only thing on your mind. Super Junior fans would be super excited to meet Super junior like you’d be for T.O.P, you see?
    And Super Junior does have a few normal cute mvs with story lines. like Cooking Cooking, Marry You, Pajama Party, It’s You, No Other.
    Not every mv can be have a super cool plot. They are a BOY BAND.
    I am a fan of Super Junior but Not a HUGE fan and i just saw some inconsistencies with what you guys were saying. 
    But no hate, ops are ops. LOVE YOU VIDEOS AS ALWAYS!!! :) :) ;)

  126. omg lost it at the tomato’s part XD XD

    You guys are the best(Love Super Junior <3 <3 <3)

  127. i think i blind is there says @ heedictator ????
    on credits on the left the number 3


  129. I guess I’d vote for “A Cha”, though I relaly wish there was an option to vote for “Sorry Sorry” and its unforgettable put-out-the-fire dance.

  130. well, i’ve read your post i just want to say a few things, we, Super Junior’s fan have always acknowledge the fact that SM spent the least money for Super Junior since the beginning when they just debuted, u can check their debut song, Twins, the concept is the same. To be able to reach the fame like now, it’s not SM who did it, it is because all of the members has work their butts off, going to every show they can, appear on TV as much as they can. For others group, they might have only a few hours of sleep in the promotion period but for Super Junior, it’s all year long. It’s not that the members are too busy working to film a MV, it’s just that SM think they don’t need to spend too much on them, have you watch the It’s You MV? it’s the closest to a “story” MV that they’ve ever had and all of them voted it as their best MV, they want to have better MV as well but..you know…SM…
    But anyway, being a fan, looking at their face is great enough for me, but please don’t rub it in our face that the MV is boring and cheap, as a fan, it’s hurt, that’s why we kind of er…^^
    thank you

  131. Wait, wait, waaaaaaait a minute… did you say bagel in the video? Isn’t that a croissant?!
    About Super Junior though, I think they have become known for their dance routines, and honestly, with that many members doing that becomes mesmerizing. However, I really, REALLY wish they’d do another video like “No Other.” That video won me over like no other harrrr harrr.

    Oh yeah, and I prefer A-Cha

  132. I am a HUGE SuJu fan and i absolutely love and adore them BUT i do agree about the MVs on some level as well as those “Always Offended, Misunderstanding, over dramatic, humorless” fans. Super Junior use to have the most amazing videos, they werent all like this: the “Plain White, No Story-line” phenomenon happened after Sorry, Sorry. If given the chance they would make amazing mini-movie MV’s because of their numbers and great acting abilities. Anyways, after Kangin entered the military and Hangengs lawsuit i feel like SM really gave up on the boys and started neglecting them. Before then SM use to hire top choreographers but now the boys have had to resort to choreographing their own videos, not that im complaining, as well as shooting them with very simplistic and bland backdrops. Out of all of them Perfection and Sorry Sorry are the best because the whole video doesnt take place in a plane white boxed up room. I dont know if its because they feel as though Super Junior is at a level where they dont need to impress with the quality of their music videos anymore but instead with their voices and songs but i still feel like their being pushed aside. I know SM isnt experiencing any loss in funding or anything because SHINee and SNSD have great quality videos, so i really dont understand wtf is up with them. Now before people start talking crap, i also like both SHINee and SNSD so dont misunderstand what im trying to say. I’m not trying to blame them, i’m simply just stating my observation that not much thought is put into the SuJu videos anymore. Luckily, their stage performances are great and they have all maintained great images in both the music and variety world alike. They are great entertainers, have awesome individual personalities, are incredibly talented, super down to earth and are very supportive of their fellow idols from all other companies: I really respect them all. Its a shame that it couldnt meet everyones expectations, especially after the concept pictures and teaser but… what can you do? Hopefully, they are credited for their hardwork before Leeteuk enters the army and we can see them all again soon when both he and Heechul return. As for deciding between Mr.Simple and A-Cha…. i dont think i can, lol. i love them both. ugh, i wrote too much –.–

    • Oh you speak my mind!
      I also feel that SM kind of neglected SJ..
      Its bullshit thay cant get a good MV just bcoz of the tight schedule.
      If they pay a good creative team, they could have millions version of MV without the box, ex: like anime, or photographic art like their ELF Song video in Super Show 3, etc.
      But they didnt! They didnt even got a good editor and creative team for their teaser! Meh!

      Maybe the reason are as you stated above.
      I just want to add 1 more reason: SJ was created by Lee Soe Man, the boys really were LSM’s favorite back then, they are really close (till now).
      But after LSM step down and replaced by the new CEO, Kim Young-min, everything changed.
      Funny when people always blame LSM, while the evil CEO is Kim Young-min.

      Many ELF feel that the name SJ have now, is because the boys own hardwork and their own promotion in many of their activities. SM never do the promotion much.

  133. I work in a sandwich shop. I think it would make my day if someone ordered a Super Junior A-cha on foccacia.

  134. i honestly this there videos with just them is to save the poor actor girls from getting a evil death mob after them if they acted in a suju video for a large portion of it.

  135. LMAO over the fan girl cam …. ahh I’m cryin I’m laughing so hard :D

  136. I like furry hats.  I have one myself.  People who do not like furry hats lack a special gene that makes one just a lil’ more awesome.

  137. Ha! They so say Focaccia!
    I like your hypothesis about SM deifying Super Junior. Makes perfect sense, along with it been the easiest way to get around everyone’s schedule and actually get to film a video. Up until now, I thought – like many ELFs – that it was just SM not putting any effort on the SuJu guys because they didn’t care, period.

  138. I pity you guys having to do the same video but different review. It’s getting too repetitive for SME to keep doing this to SJ. It’s like they have no money left for Super Junior to do a decent music video.

  139. I’d have to vote “A-Cha” over “Mr. Simple”. “A-Cha” just seems far more catchy to me, and the music video stood out to me just a little more than “Mr.Simple” did.

  140. I love your video XD
    O_O I saw @@Heedictator:disqus .. Lol!
    Hmm I think I much prefer A-Cha MV then Mr.Simple..
    But thb.. I am really disappointed with their recent MVs..
    I was actually hoping that they will do a really cool MV like Dancing Out and Haengbok
    But nevertheless… SJ hwaiting!
    Simon and Martina hwaiting :DD

  141. For the really strange “shaky-cam” effects (like at 1:01), I believe what they did was to take apart SME’s well-used “bullet time” rig and mount the cameras in unusual positions (instead of a smooth arcing path like one would for “bullet time”), and sampling the images in real time.  So rather than a single camera shaking around like crazy, it’s 30+ cameras in different positions, with pictures “taken” in rapid succession. Much of the other shakiness is done conventionally (both by actually shaking the camera and cropping in post), but the crazy stuff that moves three-dimensionally looks like it was done this way.

  142. Let me remind you that there were other “types” of videos for Super Junior that weren’t based off a bunch of guys dancing in flashy rooms with sound effects. Most notably are their MVs for It’s You and No Other. They had somewhat of a different MV formula for them in those ones. Yet, I am kind of getting tired of the monotonous “typical” Super Junior MV. I love how you guys take A-Cha and make it into focaccia, now I’m going to be thinking about bread every time I hear the song! lol.

  143. I choose the mysterious and lessor known third option of NEITHER!

  144. Im a pure heart ELF, coz Super Junior where to the first Kpop group I listen to. But I agree what u say about their MV’s n many ELFs around the world feel the same as I, SM just isnt willing to do more quality videos for SJ, they deserve them, I just love the MV for It’s You, it had a storyline n some dancing also which gave more meaning to the song, but I guess SM just doesnt bother with them, which makes us ELFs n people who like SJ kinda mad.
    BUt thank you for review in it! I had a good laugh watching Martina dance around to Mr Simple, coz I believe my friends at college had the same reaction with me XD Take care guys, I just love your videos!!!

  145. I prefer A-Cha’s MV more than Mr.Simple’s MV!!!

  146. I’m a Super Junior fan aka ELF. But some people overreact way to much when it comes to them. Like when you guys did the Mr. Simple review. I LOVED it. Seriously LOVED it. But some others… ¬_¬ Those “others” make the rest of the fans look bad…

    • Im an ELF too and i absolutely LOVE all of their SuJu reviews. their hilarious. i bet SJ would probably like them too and i completely agree about the “other” fans. -___- They can be so defensive sometimes: lighten up.

  147. One day eat your kimchi..my name shall appear..this I swear ..one day xD

  148. But gaise ;__; I was waiting H2H review video ;_____; xDDDDDD

  149. Oh dear, kkkk, anyways, after I was caught red-handed by my roommate for squealing & celebrating over another KMM update of the MV that I wished that you guys would review on, let’s go back to the issue of the religion of SuJu. WOW! Amazing title.

    This is the issue of SM, I believe~ So I have nothing much to say. Thank God they produced good (quality speaking) for SuJu, but yeah, the pattern is somehow….predictable. Love the MV, but of coz, something DIFFERENT would be nice.

    And hell, I can’t deny the fact that the post-production sound effects are an-noy-ing.

  150. I spy Heechul’s Twitter (Heedictator) :P
    Did he vote for acha?

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