Are you ready to freaking Bingo till your pants explode off of your sexy bodies, YOU NASTIES YOU?!?! It’s a special interactive Music Monday Bingo edition!

If you’re not ready to Bingo yet, then head over to download and Make Yourself Ready to Bingo on this Page Here. Then, watch Super Junior’s “Sexy, Free, & Single.” It’s awesome, we LOVE IT!


Ok, so this is quite possibly our most bizarre Music Monday ever. We felt really hindered with Super Junior and SM videos lately, since they’re so often so freaking similar. Dress weird and dance in weird boxes. THAT’S IT. We were a bit excited to see the (kinda) city like landscape behind them, since usually Suju is usually in a low ceilings style room, but as the video progressed we lost our excitement as no one interacted with it. Seriously, you can take the audio track from A-Cha and put it over the video for Sexy, Free, & Single, and a first time viewer wouldn’t know the difference. There’s never any relevance to the song. It’s a modelling shoot, but I suppose some people would argue it’s a dance/model shoot, and the purpose of these videos are actually to show off their dancing. We agree with that idea partially, but because we have seen so many other bands pull off both dancing and a more interesting music video (for example, MBLAQ in “Cry”, SHINee in “Clue + Note”, or Infinite’s “Nothing Over” just to name few) it’s hard to swallow that excuse. WAIT A SECOND!!! Even Suju had a great dance + mini-plot video when they did “It’s You” (너라고). We personally think Suju might just be too busy to actually have the time set aside to make a video with a plot. Seriously, the guys are all in dramas, hosting variety shows, and more, so when would they all have the time for a long video like that?

BUT YOU’VE HEARD US SAY THIS TIME AND TIME AGAIN. So, we figured, instead of boring you with our usual complaints, we’d just take random stuff from the videos as our springboard and go with it. I hate SM’s unblock able ads. They suck donkey balls and are so annoying. Nothing would make me happier than to choke one out. LET’S SEE YOU POP UP NOW, EVERYSING!!! GET UP AND FIGHT BACK! *Everysing sues Simon and Martina for libel* Oh…well, now ain’t we screwed…good thing we didn’t use it in our video!!! Buuwahahahah!

Anyhow, I really hope our having fun with the video doesn’t get in the way of us expressing to you fully how much we like this song. It’s a really good song! This is two weeks in a row that we’ve raved about the awesomeness of SM songs. Really, the Good-Time part right before the Sexy, Free, & Single chorus is SOOOOO GOOD! The harmony there is totally kick you in your face awesome. We can’t stop listening to it and Martina can’t stop dance-humping around the house and rubbing her hands together like she’s covered in white school glue and she’s trying to burn it off. So did you guise all fall in love with this song like we did, or did it have to grow on you like A-Cha and Mr.Simple did for us last year?

If you did like the song as much as we did, then make sure you pick it up on iTunes and YesAsia. If you’d rather not buy the music, but watch us sing and dance to it instead, well, that’s what these bloopers here are for!


  1. SHOUTOUT for 300,000 subscribers giveaway! I love Super Junior M! :)

  2. Congrats on the 300,000 subscribers, honestly you guys are super effing awesome and are the the reason why i am an insomniac! xDDDDD-MusicLoverSkully on youtube

  3. I’m happy to be a nasty…I love watching your video’s and sharing them with my dad it helped bring us closer.

  4. Congratulations on 300.000 subscribers! ^___^

    (Youtube nick: NoireYume)

  5. Shindong is my favorite singer in Super Junior. People don’t realize he raps because he like to not because he can’t sing. His voice is warm and soothing. It’s you, a day, andante. The boy has more talent than most groups have all together. Rapper, dancer, comedian, singer and he did the choreography for the dance when Wookie, Hyukie and Shindong were on immortal Song 2. Wake up SM and stop putting the spotlight on just your big money makers or your gonna lose your most talented individuals.

  6. You think they mean sexy, free, and single, I’m ready to mingle? But it comes out sounding like bingo? I really don’t care. Still love the song :)

  7. gosh, i super love Eunhyuk’s dance at 1.34 the best too!

  8. Thanks for all amazing Mornings with you!!
    i really like your point of view. But with some of them i didn’t agree.
    it was about Big Bang. Maybe it’s because i’m their Big fan.
    Sorry for my not good english.

    So, will you find a few minets for:
    Super Junior Happy – Cooking Cooking
    Jang Woo Young – SEXY LADY
    BoA – Only One (Dance Version)
    T-Ara – Day By Day
    2AM – Even If I Die, I Can’t Let You Go?

  9. Whoa! BDSM Spudgy! Ooooh Spudgy suddenly got so NAAASTY. hahaha! 


  11. I love Shinee and Sherlock ;) but my vote goes out to Super Junior and Bingo this time ;D
    hehe “sexy, free, and single im ready to bingo” xD

  12. and I forgot I vote for Shinee’s Sherlock!

  13. For me it would be better if its sexy, free and single im ready to mingle which means after being sexy free and single now they are ready to mingle and not be single anymore… hehe! just thought of it! :)

  14. shinee!! :D I like shinee’s clue better than sexy free and single

  15. Shinee. TaeMin is so cutie ^__^

  16. i was watching Mnets mcountdown, the song came on and the lyrics and the side said “bingo” i laughed for at least five minutes. <3

  17. was anyone else laughing as hard as i was when simon gave them a 5 out of 5 on english? or was it just me and simon?

  18. Oh, I would SO rather play board games with Super Junior! Either that, or I would just like to design non-clothes for them with Martina.

  19. ME TOO! I LOLed hard when I realized it’s ready to Bingo which is much worst lyrics. IMO

  20. OH MAN I THOUGHT I WAS THE ONLY ONE. I am in your camp, guy.

  21. When SuJu watch this video…and you guys have an interview with them….I see this video being a lovely awkward memory for the both sides….

  22. i know it’s too predictable but if they have just made it “sexy free and single im ready to MINGLE” would have been fine. bingo really just throws me off. >.<

  23. I was listening to this song on my way home while I was skating and I laughed when I heard “sexy free and single I’m ready to bingo” ahahaha I must have looked like a total idiot =) ooooo anyone else think the “sexy sexy sexy” part sounds like “taxi taxi taxi” from snsd’s mr. taxi???

  24. my vote is for SuJu, I love both but Taemin’s weave was a deal breaker, while Leeteuk’s nipple showing leather bib was a deal maker

  25. oh my god…. the ayyyy girl dance hahahah!!!

  26. I’ve always heard of “playing Scrabble” as a euphemism, but Bingo is a new one to me.

  27. Also I forgot to answer the show down!! I’d rather play board games with SHINee. I want to be Onew’s team. …I just feel like many lulz would be had as the teammate of such an adorable pile of fail. (lol no hate i swear i love onew)

  28. …This might have been one of your best K-pop Music Mondays ever, imo. I love that we got to participate in it omg omg omg YAY BINGO. :D Even though I only got to cross out three numbersSADFACE (I always cross out the free spot to make myself feel better though. It is somewhat consoling.) Also, I think you’ve played out the fantasy of 105% of anyone who has ever seen those damn SM ads at the bottom of the video. MUST. DEEESTRROOOYYYY. So thank you for that. I could go on and on about how hilarious this was but OH GOD NEVER CHANGE, YOU TWO. NEVER CHANGE. …ilu (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

  29. ZOMG, board games with Super Junior :D It would be so fun, they are all so funny & cute~

  30. Oh I shindon too he is my favorite but your right didnt hear him much in this song though I loved this song.

  31. BTW Sorry, Simon and Martina, for spamming up your comments!

  32. I think we should make an army like a Dumbledore’s Army, haha or we can just call it “SPUDGY ARMY of the NASTIES” *OHH YEAAAH* in destroying those stupid ads, hahaha. they’re distracting my spazzing moments >,<

  33. Actually, the first time I heard this song, I thought they said “I’m sexy, free and single! I’m ready to mingle”…

  34. i was also sad that shindong didn’t get enough lines or face time. he’s just so adorable!

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