Are you ready to freaking Bingo till your pants explode off of your sexy bodies, YOU NASTIES YOU?!?! It’s a special interactive Music Monday Bingo edition!

If you’re not ready to Bingo yet, then head over to download and Make Yourself Ready to Bingo on this Page Here. Then, watch Super Junior’s “Sexy, Free, & Single.” It’s awesome, we LOVE IT!


Ok, so this is quite possibly our most bizarre Music Monday ever. We felt really hindered with Super Junior and SM videos lately, since they’re so often so freaking similar. Dress weird and dance in weird boxes. THAT’S IT. We were a bit excited to see the (kinda) city like landscape behind them, since usually Suju is usually in a low ceilings style room, but as the video progressed we lost our excitement as no one interacted with it. Seriously, you can take the audio track from A-Cha and put it over the video for Sexy, Free, & Single, and a first time viewer wouldn’t know the difference. There’s never any relevance to the song. It’s a modelling shoot, but I suppose some people would argue it’s a dance/model shoot, and the purpose of these videos are actually to show off their dancing. We agree with that idea partially, but because we have seen so many other bands pull off both dancing and a more interesting music video (for example, MBLAQ in “Cry”, SHINee in “Clue + Note”, or Infinite’s “Nothing Over” just to name few) it’s hard to swallow that excuse. WAIT A SECOND!!! Even Suju had a great dance + mini-plot video when they did “It’s You” (너라고). We personally think Suju might just be too busy to actually have the time set aside to make a video with a plot. Seriously, the guys are all in dramas, hosting variety shows, and more, so when would they all have the time for a long video like that?

BUT YOU’VE HEARD US SAY THIS TIME AND TIME AGAIN. So, we figured, instead of boring you with our usual complaints, we’d just take random stuff from the videos as our springboard and go with it. I hate SM’s unblock able ads. They suck donkey balls and are so annoying. Nothing would make me happier than to choke one out. LET’S SEE YOU POP UP NOW, EVERYSING!!! GET UP AND FIGHT BACK! *Everysing sues Simon and Martina for libel* Oh…well, now ain’t we screwed…good thing we didn’t use it in our video!!! Buuwahahahah!

Anyhow, I really hope our having fun with the video doesn’t get in the way of us expressing to you fully how much we like this song. It’s a really good song! This is two weeks in a row that we’ve raved about the awesomeness of SM songs. Really, the Good-Time part right before the Sexy, Free, & Single chorus is SOOOOO GOOD! The harmony there is totally kick you in your face awesome. We can’t stop listening to it and Martina can’t stop dance-humping around the house and rubbing her hands together like she’s covered in white school glue and she’s trying to burn it off. So did you guise all fall in love with this song like we did, or did it have to grow on you like A-Cha and Mr.Simple did for us last year?

If you did like the song as much as we did, then make sure you pick it up on iTunes and YesAsia. If you’d rather not buy the music, but watch us sing and dance to it instead, well, that’s what these bloopers here are for!


  1. I’ve been ruined! After watching this kpop monday, I keep hearing “Sexy, Free, and Single, Ready to Bingo!” ~smh~

    “Ready to bingo!”

  2. SHOUTOUT for 300,000 subscribers giveaway! I love Super Junior M! :)

  3. Congrats on the 300,000 subscribers, honestly you guys are super effing awesome and are the the reason why i am an insomniac! xDDDDD-MusicLoverSkully on youtube

  4. Today 300,000 subscribers, Tomorrow we take over the world! MUHAHA

  5. OMG 300,000 Subscribers to the Nasty family WOW~! Congratulations you guys you deserve it~! I watch every one of your videos and im happy that you grew! From making videos in you apartment in Korea to Building your own studio from scratch I LOVE YOU GUYS AND YOU ARE OH SO NASTYYY~!!!!!!
    My Youtube is : http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpE0Q4LLlBJOgkH0DmrVu_w?feature=mhee

  6. I’m happy to be a nasty…I love watching your video’s and sharing them with my dad it helped bring us closer.

  7. Congratulations on 300.000 subscribers! ^___^

    (Youtube nick: NoireYume)

  8. awesome job S&M + NASTY fam 300,000 subs! Congrats :)

  9. Shindong is my favorite singer in Super Junior. People don’t realize he raps because he like to not because he can’t sing. His voice is warm and soothing. It’s you, a day, andante. The boy has more talent than most groups have all together. Rapper, dancer, comedian, singer and he did the choreography for the dance when Wookie, Hyukie and Shindong were on immortal Song 2. Wake up SM and stop putting the spotlight on just your big money makers or your gonna lose your most talented individuals.

  10. i think “dont take it in the butt” is more prominent in their vocabulary :D

  11. You think they mean sexy, free, and single, I’m ready to mingle? But it comes out sounding like bingo? I really don’t care. Still love the song :)

  12. gosh, i super love Eunhyuk’s dance at 1.34 the best too!

  13. Thanks for all amazing Mornings with you!!
    i really like your point of view. But with some of them i didn’t agree.
    it was about Big Bang. Maybe it’s because i’m their Big fan.
    Sorry for my not good english.

    So, will you find a few minets for:
    Super Junior Happy – Cooking Cooking
    Jang Woo Young – SEXY LADY
    BoA – Only One (Dance Version)
    T-Ara – Day By Day
    2AM – Even If I Die, I Can’t Let You Go?

  14. Those ads are really annoying……I forgot when it even started…*sighs*

  15. Whoa! BDSM Spudgy! Ooooh Spudgy suddenly got so NAAASTY. hahaha! 

  16. AM I the only One who noted that 2pm member Wooyoung is on the screen??!! sorry I really enjoyed this episode, simon made me laughed during the whole episode and I can’t think of anything better but to destroy the ads! can’t wait to watch the next episode which I hope it will be 2ne1!


  18. I love Shinee and Sherlock ;) but my vote goes out to Super Junior and Bingo this time ;D
    hehe “sexy, free, and single im ready to bingo” xD

  19. and I forgot I vote for Shinee’s Sherlock!

  20. For me it would be better if its sexy, free and single im ready to mingle which means after being sexy free and single now they are ready to mingle and not be single anymore… hehe! just thought of it! :)

  21. shinee!! :D I like shinee’s clue better than sexy free and single

  22. Love this video~ I’d play Bingo with Suju ^^

  23. Agiza

    Shinee. TaeMin is so cutie ^__^

  24. i was watching Mnets mcountdown, the song came on and the lyrics and the side said “bingo” i laughed for at least five minutes. <3

  25. was anyone else laughing as hard as i was when simon gave them a 5 out of 5 on english? or was it just me and simon?

  26. ALSO! MARTINA! Umm….just join me in calling Ryeowook “Wookie” ok? I will NEVER be able to say him name right so he is forever Wookie in my bookie.

  27. Oh, I would SO rather play board games with Super Junior! Either that, or I would just like to design non-clothes for them with Martina.

  28. I like it but what the hell. I was nodding to everything you said about their clothes, ads, lyrics distribution, and everything you said.

  29. When SuJu watch this video…and you guys have an interview with them….I see this video being a lovely awkward memory for the both sides….

  30. The first time I heard the song I thought the lyrics were:

    Sexy, free and single. I’m ready to mingle.

  31. This song stinks. It reminds me way too much of Sorry Sorry, BONAMANA and Mr. Simple.
    Their best singles were Don’t Don and Knockout.
    I am not AN E.L.F. This is simply my opinion.

  32. Playing Bingo vs Playing Clue?

    I don’t think I could play Clue. Not after those very awkward half naked pin-up pictures of SHINee’s Clue.
    *Wants brain beach to get rid of images*

    Thanks Martina and Simon for letting me not want to play clue ever again:P
    Great idea to include the Bingo game.

  33. I’d rather play board games with SHINee.
    And oh my God the english part I was dying. I was laughing with you so hard xD

  34. shine!

  35. i know it’s too predictable but if they have just made it “sexy free and single im ready to MINGLE” would have been fine. bingo really just throws me off. >.<

  36. I was listening to this song on my way home while I was skating and I laughed when I heard “sexy free and single I’m ready to bingo” ahahaha I must have looked like a total idiot =) ooooo anyone else think the “sexy sexy sexy” part sounds like “taxi taxi taxi” from snsd’s mr. taxi???

  37. my vote is for SuJu, I love both but Taemin’s weave was a deal breaker, while Leeteuk’s nipple showing leather bib was a deal maker

  38. 2 thoughts: First, there is less Shindong in this video because he’s not single, maybe? Second, “I’m ready too. Bingo!” sounds more ridiculous than, ” I’m ready to bingo!”  

  39. Martina, I like your lenses :)

  40. oh my god…. the ayyyy girl dance hahahah!!!

  41. died at 4:26… oh martina.

  42. I’ve always heard of “playing Scrabble” as a euphemism, but Bingo is a new one to me.

  43. it’s “Im Ready TOO , BINGO!”

  44. Also I forgot to answer the show down!! I’d rather play board games with SHINee. I want to be Onew’s team. …I just feel like many lulz would be had as the teammate of such an adorable pile of fail. (lol no hate i swear i love onew)

  45. …This might have been one of your best K-pop Music Mondays ever, imo. I love that we got to participate in it omg omg omg YAY BINGO. :D Even though I only got to cross out three numbersSADFACE (I always cross out the free spot to make myself feel better though. It is somewhat consoling.) Also, I think you’ve played out the fantasy of 105% of anyone who has ever seen those damn SM ads at the bottom of the video. MUST. DEEESTRROOOYYYY. So thank you for that. I could go on and on about how hilarious this was but OH GOD NEVER CHANGE, YOU TWO. NEVER CHANGE. …ilu (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

  46. ZOMG, board games with Super Junior :D It would be so fun, they are all so funny & cute~

  47. Oh I shindon too he is my favorite but your right didnt hear him much in this song though I loved this song.

  48. BTW Sorry, Simon and Martina, for spamming up your comments!

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  50. I think we should make an army like a Dumbledore’s Army, haha or we can just call it “SPUDGY ARMY of the NASTIES” *OHH YEAAAH* in destroying those stupid ads, hahaha. they’re distracting my spazzing moments >,<

  51. Actually, the first time I heard this song, I thought they said “I’m sexy, free and single! I’m ready to mingle”…

  52. I think they meant “mingle” instead of ” bingo” because there is a saying which is ” I’m single and ready to mingle.” The person that wrote the lyrics probably got mixed up.  

  53. shinee

  54. i was also sad that shindong didn’t get enough lines or face time. he’s just so adorable!

  55. I think they aren’t saying “BINGO” maybe something like “BINGEUL” or some other word in korean…. but “bingeul” means “round” but still some other word that sounds similar…

  56. When Martina said turtlenecks were in fashion, I gasped. I was all like,” MARTINA! HOW COULD YOU!”  XD lol

  57. Simon, thank you for doing that joke during the English score. I THOROUGHLY ENJOYED THAT! :) had me chuckling. :D 

    I vote for super junior…. SHINee was my first kpop obsession… but… Bingo… it’s just too funny

  58. Oh thank god! I am so glad you didn’t talk about the oddly lit rooms again! personally, I don’t really care about the locations of the music video or the “isolation” most companies put their artists in. It’s more or less expected, so the true challenge really is how cool-looking the rooms are themselves! for example, i really did love F(x)’s pink and black light-up box set and SuJu’s alleyway-ish set. ^^

    I definitely agree about the line distribution as well. Shingdong and Kangin got pretty much nothing and though they certainly aren’t my biases, it makes me sad that SM is so clearly biased themselves.

    BTW, I note that you said absolutely nothing about Kangin’s return. is there a reason for that or did you just forget? what IS your opinion? I’m curious. (I’M SO CURIOUS YEAHHH!~)

    PS. Martina, I totally didn’t do the exact same thing when i saw Leeteuk’s outfit and giggle and poke at his nipples…. :3

  59. misspricilla

    I don’t know if i will, but i want to live until a Suju MV will get 5 out of 5…MUHAHAHAHAAAAA
    i might live forever…..:D

  60. This was one of your best KMM ever. It had me giggling from start to finish, and was unexpected. The last few KMM were serious and I understand why, but this was just gold and overall fun. Great job you guys!

  61. I would love to play Bingo with Jonghyun…. Shinee

  62. When you said 5/5 I thought seriously? D:  A typical Sm music video.

    Aha, Of course play a board game with SuJu there is more of them so it would last longer :’) <3

  63. You need to call some more numbers for the bingo. :P

  64. This is totally AWESOME!!!!! This is the best music monday ever >< and I juz can't stop laughing :DDDDDD Martina is pronouncing ryeowook right? Is that reli difficult to pronounce? n KYUcumber also lollllllllllll
    btw, i also mix up electric HEART n electric SHOCK all the time – -
    anyways, i juz LOVE your review <3

  65. super junior!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and thank you for killing the everysing ads banner, it’s really annoying. I’m willing to bear the responsibility on your behalf (:

  66. Aw, Bingo! I’m not a fan of SuJu but please, I’m ready to Bingo? I’m like saying it every 5 min now…

  67. PunkyPrincess92

    oh yeah Simon!!! beat that ad!!!! beat it like there’s no tomorrow!!!
    i was sad about the line distribution too cos even i wanted to see Shindong!!
    i vote for SHINee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. One of my favorite episodes!! I’m a HUUUGEEEE ELF and tried watching SJ’s video to come up with what you guys might talk about but YET AGAIN your creative selves did an amazing job!!!!!!!! <3333 I'm glad you liked the song – so far it's my FAV SJ video. Have you listened to the whole album? EVERY song is freakishly good – SJ FANS ARE IN HEAVEN! <3

  69. Super Junior! Bingoing all night long!

  70. I think this worked really well. I’ve become kind of disenchanted with y’all’s Music Mondays lately; I understand that you have to watch the video a million times to analyze it, but that leads to you over-analyzing and picking at details that really annoyed you…but that a person just watching the video once or twice probably wouldn’t even notice. This kind of video, that instead picks a couple of obvious but interesting points to talk about, is more fun for me. :D Good job, keep rollin’ down that sexy window on the way to the bingo hall.

  71. where did you buy the hello kitty glasses , i try to find in korea

  72. 1.)  The built-in advertisements REALLY annoy me.  They should seriously do something about that mess.  It distracts me from the video.

    2)  You misspelled “ovary”, lol.

    3)  Simon kind of reminds me of Jason Segal.

    4.) I’m on the fence about this song and the overall music on their album.  Don’t hate it, don’t love it.

  73. haha, poor Ryeowook, my bias :-D
    Hangeul could help you read his name: 려욱 –> so it is in romanization ryeo-uk (or phonetically simply ryo-uk), but you don’t pronounce the ending “k” fully cause it is the ending consonant and they don’t pronounce it fully.

    Hope it helped, lol ^^

  74. I read that sign as Ovary Bling. um…orz

  75. Long time viewer first time commenter … this review was so freakin funny … i’m still wiping the tears from my eyes … I never got the whole kpop thing before .. but since discovering your site … my outlook on what is good music has changed forever … cheers for that!!!

  76. Oh my gosh! You guys are hilarious! I almost woke my daughter up laughing! XD

  77. i pick suju

  78. YES DESTROY THOSE ADS!!!!!!! Now I’ll have a hella of a time playing bingo because of Sexy Free and Single! BTW Eunhyuk was sexy in his solo dance part!

  79. this was the most amazing music monday ever…you had fun, we had fun….and we had bingo.

  80. In the chorus when they say they’re ‘ready to bingo’ is it suppose to be ‘ready to mingle’?

  81. I think its bingle not bingo…..so the lyrics may very well mean “sexy free and single, ready to bingle” in which bingle means first base in a baseball game and shindong gave a hint pertaining to baseball which means super junior is sexy free and single, ready to get to first base.

  82. i never laughed so hard as when you gave a 5 out of 5… great times great times.. Bingo is a forever ruined game.. (now we know what the old people really doing ) OO nasty old people. u so nasty

  83. lol. it’s not even growing in me. blahh. – - dunno y.

  84. And Bingo was his name-o! I rather play Bingo with Super Junior!

  85. surprised noone mentioned siwon super sexy body but grandpa grey hair. I think it was supposed to be cool but it just reminded me of benjamin button and brad pitt

  86. LOL what a funny review. I actually like the song. I don’t think it sounds like sorry sorry or mr simple. It’s different. I like this song more than mr simple. I think in this song it shows their vocal ability more as a group. When i first saw the mv people told me it’s “i’m ready to mingle” i kept saying it’s bingo! after the full song came out i knew i was right. lol Actually as much as Bingo sounds funny to people it actually makes sense the way it’s written in the lyrics they say..”i’m ready too, Bingo!” that grammar is actually correct..So SM didn’t screw that up atleast. lol Also bingo doesn’t really mean the game bingo it also means jackpot and i guess the person who wrote the lyrics was going for that. For some people this isn’t the type of song that you like right away. It grows on you if you listen to it a few times. The mv is the typical SM mv but atleast it’s not the typical box so the box is upgraded now. The mv doesn’t really bother me much. As long as i like the song the mv is just a cherry on top.

  87. KATHyphenTUN

    Hahaha i loooved this music monday! well done guise!!

  88. Eunhyuk’s SOLO! ;D HAHAHAHA

  89. I hated the video, disliked the song, but totally loved this kpop music monday :D you really surprised me 0/ and I choose Clue, by the way :P

  90. No comment on the strange shape exploding and reforming? 

  91. Khal Drogo armor… Right on the mark, Martina, right on the mark.

  92. SuJu of course ! bingo or whatever as long as it’s with Super Junior 

  93. First…SHINEE ALL THE WAY!!! (I’d rather play Clue.  Bingo is fun sometimes but my love of Shinee beats SJ…sorry)… Phew now that’s out of my system.  I really like this song now.  It took listening to it about 4 times before I could get into it but now I can’t get enough of it.  I loved that they had finally moved to dancing in the poorly lit abandoned street…but then they moved back into their utterly boring, hospital white boxes and I sighed in disappointment.  But hey!, the bright side is that I like the song. YAY!

  94. Super Junior’s bingo is the best!

  95. There’s a bit of an auto-filter in my brain that tries to destroy things that don’t make sense. I didn’t hear “Bingo” at all. I always thought it was “Sexy, free, and single. I’m ready to mingle.” Then I looked at the captions and went, “……oh….bingo…what? o.o”

    • Yeah kind of like when my boyfriend sings Miss A’s “Bad Girl Good Girl”…. and there’s a line that goes “Eoiga eobseo” (It’s pathetic) which my boyfriend now sings, “All of ya’ll suck…” 

      Seriously, about 49-50 seconds into that video… you’ll hear it too ;) 

  96. Simon and Martina, you guys never let us down. Just when you think a music Monday would be  predictable, then, BAM!! Thanks for making me laugh!

  97. Bingo??? O_o I thought they were saying mingle???

  98. I’m ready to bingo with Super Junior any time lol

  99. aw, no Bingo.I over all like this song. My only complaint is that after I listen to this song, I have Mr. Simple in my head. They sound similar to me.  I think I’d play with Shinee. With the smaller group I might learn all their names :P

  100. thisisjustforfunval

    I just want to get home and tweak Leeteuk’s nipples now! And Siwons while we’re nipple tweaking. To many witnesses at work.

  101. SM needs to watch your videos and get a few tips and pointers! And I just DON’T get it, there are so many people they could have edit a song for english words, especially with such a big group like Super Junior! Drives me nuts!! And those ads-I want to watch them burn! Whatever they are advertising, I don’t want it, even if it’s just for the fact that it annoyed me!!

  102. I honestly didn’t like the song the first time I heard it, and I entirely blame the velociraptor-chewed-out wardrobe. After I saw Leeteuk and then Kyuhyun’s outfit, I…yeah, ugh. I think I was also taken aback at how different the melody was from the teaser (I was thinking it was going to be a little funkier, have that “3, 2, 1″ chant and sort of drumbeat, etc) but heck, when have teasers accurately showed what a song sounded like? BUT after listening to it again, I wanted to listen to it again and again and yeah its playcount is a ridiculous number now on my iTunes. And this song totally made me see Eunhyuk as superhawt for some reason. I’m digging that pops-out-of-the-lineup solo of his :)

    What I’m NOT digging are those unblockable ads. Even the freaking 24-SECOND teaser had TWO unblockable ads. WTEff. 

    Did anyone else notice one of Eunhyuk’s shirts is/looks like Sehun’s shirt from their History music video? :/

  103. THANK YOU FOR FOREVER RUINING EVERY SUPER JUNIOR VIDEO! JK! But seriously before I watched you guys I didn’t pay any attention to anything in a video. But now I pay a lot of attention! I was hoping you guys would review day by day because I don’t know what the heck is going on!

  104. Dang it :/ i was two away from bingo… two different ways too… Loved the review it was fun :)

  105. Wow, I rarely completely agree with every single thing you guys say in a review, but I do!
    I’m so glad you both decided to have some fun here. It’s honestly one of your best reviews because of it! Thanks for being awesome~~
    Also, my vote goes to CLUE with SHINee. WAY more human interaction, and bingo can get crazy. lol

  106. SHINEE!!!!! I wanna play clue with them!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  107. you know, my dad came in just at 4:26 …. AKWARD
    Oh guys, you’re getting nastier and nastier hahaha

    but yeah, it was sooo akward

  108. When Simon said “5 out of 5″ for the English, I said: “For realz?” – and then he busted a gut. Awesome!

  109. I see Wooyoung in the back! OOhhh I wish youd review it, alas I fear it will never be….

  110. I pick Bingo with Super Junior!

  111. I would love to join in on this epicness of around the world bingo..but alas…i have epicly bad luck when it comes to Bingo and I..sadly have never one a single game of bingo D: and I love how you guys mixed up the complaints about the sm video XD

  112. About those ads….you’d be surprised how many SM stans actually defend it.

    I once commented about how SM should quit it with the unblockable ads, and here’s what some fans had to say:
    - Buy the actual music video then you won’t have to see it if it bothers you that much. You will enjoy much better quilty as well
    - It’s a pretty good marketing strategy, imo. The music industry is also a business industry.
    - obviously there’s a reason for it. which is: to make a profit. and yes yes we know, SM makes a TON of money alrdy, but then this is just business. as a company you would ALWAYS want to make a profit. if it bothers you, then buy the music video. No Ads, better quality. if not, then idk man cos since this is free so, too bad :/
    - remember without sme kpop would not exist

    ……what the??? o.O

  113. Yes I love this song!!!! lol and I want to kill those ads too….. !!! Time to watch the vid! 

  114. That was a really, really good Music Monday!! You guys never fail to disappoint. I’m really impressed. I even played the Bingo game along with y’all. I can’t empasise how much I respect you for being able to make an interesting review out of even the most boring videos, and often make said videos much more interesting than before, by either pointing out random aspects of it that we didn’t notice before, or just making up your own plot that makes it impossible to see the video any other way.
    Cheers yo :)

  115. i’d rather go be curious with shinee than sexy free and single ready to play bingo with suju.

  116. I laughed until I cried when Simon pretended to give the song’s English a 5 out of 5. For the first split second I wondered if he’d experienced major head trauma since the last KMM. Great review you two! Thanks for giving me a reason to laugh for 10 minutes straight, even if my neighbors might think I’m crazy now :)

  117. aww i love suju’s new song so much!! but shinee’s comeback really was the best for me (yes, the “best” and not “better” since i’m comparing it to other comeback songs as well) so i pick clue with shinee although i’d be plenty happy to play bingo with suju ;D

  118. oh martina, you totally read my mind *¬* i laughed a lot xD i just wanted to lick the screen xD

  119. aww i love suju’s new song so much!! but shinee’s comeback really was the best for me (yes, the “best” and not “better” since i’m comparing it to other comeback songs as well) so i pick clue with shinee although i’d be plenty happy to play bingo with suju ;D

  120. When I heard the 5 rating I was shocked, Im an ELF but suju is kinda noted for their awesome Engrish. I go with suju, bc it’s 10 guys versus only 5…. Plus I dont know the board game clue. 

  121. Destroy ALL the ads appearing in sme video! *rage* :O

  122. I kinda was a little weirded out by kyuhyun’s duct tape necklace and wondered how he was gonna take it off O.O

  123. if there will be no other music video released this week.. it will be 2NE1.. for sure! hahaha!

  124. I never win Bingo… 8_[ Moving on, I would want to play Clue. I’LL GET YOU MS. SCARLET!

  125. OOOOOOH GOD! I started to laugh like a crazy person when Simon said 5 out of 5!!! It was just unrealistic!! And I’m saying that from the point of view of a person whose first language is not English!! I really like Super junior but let’s be honest their English just make as much sense as Jesus riding a unicorn in Paris’ streets!!

  126. thatssumgoodcurry

    I didn’t get a Bingo! :(
    Oh well, I still liked playing, that was a brilliant idea. XD On a more review-related note, I’m sorta with Simon on the ‘it took a few listens to get used to’ thing. I actually listened to the whole album, and I’m pretty much of the opinion that ‘Butterfly’ should’ve been their comeback song. It’s a whole lot catchier, in my book. I still really like Sexy Free & Single, though…I just wouldn’t let any of my non-Kpop listening friends listen to it. Anyway, I really liked this week’s Music Monday, even if Martina did toally butcher my #1 bias’ name… It’s okay, though, it took me a looong time to learn how to actually pronounce it, and that “Luke I am your father” thing made me laugh so hard. X)
    My vote’s for Suju this week, btw.

  127. Where’s the love for ShinDong? He’s a great dancer, he’s a great singer, and his hair is great looking! Just because he’s not the svelte chiseled body of the others, they obviously limited his face time. 

  128. I never win at bingo (this time included). ._.
    Clue with SHINee would be way more fun anyway. Deal me in!

  129. Actually, first time I heard it I thought they ended with: 

    -Sexy, free and single; I’m ready to Pringle!And I was all like: Whait, what? Are they going out for chips? Product placement?Bingo makes so much more sense, it could be the next big trend in South Korea – taking over for karaoke!-Heey guurrrl! Can I buy you a drink and a bingo board?


  131. Great review!  Sexy, free and single is a catchy song, but i did not watch the mv until you guys did a review on it.  I rather play board games with suju — more members to win against.

  132. I’d rather play boardgames with shinee. Well, playing with their “lucifer”, their “ring ding dong” and “amigo” sounds so much more fun! I’m sure we would “replay” the game with “love like oxygen”. I love Suju but.. “sorry sorry”, you’re are too “Mr Simple” for me ^_~ I’m ready to bingo with shinee anytime!!

  133. lol Simon doing the Shoryuken move reminds me of Yesung doing that move on a variety show along with other funny moves and sounds. For a while I was like “What is Overy Bling?”…yeah those ads destroy the beauty of music videos.

    I prefer playing Bingo with Super Junior =)

  134. NOT SEXY, FREE, OR SINGLE. I tried every one of those Bingo sheets and I believe no one can win your undying love or will be able to touch Spudgy’s stomach for 30 seconds. You trolls! LOL. But really, I copied all the numbers, and you guise, are trolls. Good one. 

  135. I didn’t win bingo :( It twas fun though :D:D:D

  136. So was i the only one who was happy that you opened up with Eunhyuk’s sexy part? lol <3

  137.   hahaha xD OMG! the sign of a jinn …lool

  138. I’d rather play Clue with SHINee. I like Clue more than Bingo.

  139. I’d much rather play clue with SHINee


    haha I dont even know…

  140. One of my favourite Music Mondays in a while:))) love it,mostly the joke on giving them 5 out of 5 for the english;))))

  141. SHINee.  (SuJu is a superfluous creation.)

  142. I was kinda disappointed by the MV, but I loved the dance and I love how you guys spoofed everything. Great review guys, I totally agree with Martina on the song/dance. And I say we start an army to annihilate those ads!!!!

    Oh, and in answer to the question, I think I’d rather play bingo with SuJu. I suck at Clue XD

  143. SHINee’s Clue for he showdown win

  144. I totally vote for SHINee Clue 

  145. Loved this KMM! It’d been a while since they were this funny :)…

    btw I choose to play Bingo with SUJU…

  146. I actually loved the song since the first time i heard it <3 
     I vote for Super Junior.

  147. Hahaha the little video part when you were talking about your fav singer Shindong’s lines was actually Kangin’s part xD just a small mistake xD Great video and I love how Siwon sounds like female Simon from other videos according to Simon xD 

  148. I would have to cast my vote with SHINee and ‘Clue’ 
    Even though I really like this song lol

  149. Seriously, your review and video were awesome. Good job as always!

  150. I vote for SHINee. They actually played a silly game as opposed to singing nonsense about one.

  151. I have the major pouts atm.  Roughly 2 minutes in the video turned into lines of colour.  Now I have to wait till I get home to watch it.  Bleh.

  152. So idols watch your videos, and Leetuek knows who yall are . . . and Martina decides to play with his nipples. XD

  153. SHINee with clue, for sure. I’ll bingo when I’m old and my hips are weak. 

  154. I’ve let my hatred for those adds simmer into a red hot coal that burns eternally. Unfortunately,  the side affect of this is that I’m used to the ads and ALMOST don’t care about them. It’s like there’s nothing I can do against them :S

  155. Simon and Martina……..I Love you guys x’D there really is nothing more to say!!
    and that i vote for SJ :”3

  156. i played your bingo game first…. prefer shinee… thx for having wooyoung picture on the back…

  157. Omg… I just figured out they say ~I’m ready to Bingo!~ :|
    Hahaha Martina I did the same when I saw Leetuk wearing that… thing. 
    What about the thing at 2:57 in the video that explodes? What does that supposed to mean..? 

    • I don’t want to put myself so deep but It looks like a diamond, as a diamonds are sign for engage people, it explodes like saying… we are sexy, free and single… At least is what I understood… maybe is another better explanation.
      BTW I prefer Suju Bingo ^_^

  158. Did anybody actually play the bingo thing? I want to see how it turned out.^^

  159. Lol!! This review was funny. I didn’t mind the boxes this time because this song was amazing. Haha. I love the part about weird costumes and how they got them. So true. I LOVE SHINEE SOOOOOOOOOOOO MCUH, but I think I would rather play with Super Junior (especially if Heechul is there.) I think they would be fun and joke around well. 

  160. B9, I have B8. N32, I have N35. G52, and I have G53. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!! I now respect my grandparents’ healthy addiction to bingo. I guess I can’t be free and single now. And no, I didn’t “forget” sexy.

  161. This KMM was freaking awesome! Congrats and I’m waiting for more silly KMMs! *nipple nipple*

  162. I want to play bingo with Super Junior!

  163. I vote for SHinee, because mystery parties are so much fun! And hair extensions in the goody bags! :D

  164. please put Wonder Girls – Like Money ft. Akon on your kpop music chart

  165. Simon’s laugh made my day xD

  166. BINGO!! or atleast I think I have a Bingo….T.T nobody told me how to play the game…

  167. Darnit I lost bingo.
    And I forget who else, but I believe a non-SM group also started the ad thing D:
    Oh yeah, it was wonder girls wasn’t it D: (or I imagine it)
    Do some of the sheets not win or was I totally being stupid? <_<
    and I have to vote for suju though I prefer SHINee.. "I'm ready to bingo" it's just so addictive XD

  168. Awww no bingo for me. Anywho.. LOVED THIS WEEKS EPISODE!!!! And I’m so glad you guys like it. Love the dancing you guys.

    And I would def want to play Bingo with Super Junior!!


  170. Simon channeled the late great Macho Man!

  171. this is a nice review (especially the clothes and the grammar part). I’m not a fan of k pop music but i always watch tl;dr and WANK/ FAPFAP (though i find the abbreviation inappropriate) because Korean culture/ everyday life and food have always been interesting for me. I really like the part when you blame them how the predictability of their MVs make your reviews predictable. HAHA. 

  172. oooh simon, you made my day. 

  173. btw. I chose Shinee with Clue.

  174. Is this whole Genie & Everything (?) created from SM or do they make advertising for them? o.o

  175. Definitely Super Junior! I do love SHINee though :)

  176. as an elf, even sometimes their comments make me speechless, i never take it seriously.. i know they just wanna make it funny and o laugh so hard everytime i watch their videos..and the fact that, all their comments is truth though…dancing in the box, annoying ads, worst wardrobe is really annoyed me..and you know what, i really hope SM watch their music Mondays and take this review to upgrade their songs and MV especially..come on SM, you are super rich, go hire some English speaker to correct your engrish in your songs…this is not 1st time you make this bunch of mistakes..remember that, kpop not just for korean peoples, but also for international fans that mostly is English speakers…

    P/S : I also love eunhyuk solo dance..so cool…

    • The awkward moment when you complain about someone’s English when yours isn’t that great either. Will you notice if they use proper English in the future? Start by correcting your grammar mistakes, please. And please do remember I have nothing against you, as an unique human being, but against the hypocrisy of such a comment. And it even has 6 likes at the moment…LOL   

      • Yes..i admit that..my English is really bad…but not as bad as their English… what i mean is, SM is super rich company, they have enough money to hire English speaker to correct their English…i’m just nobody…even if i used bad grammar, who cares?.. unlike them..they are international artist…have millions of fans, who mostly speak in English…and for your information…i’m A BIG FAN of suju..an ELF…i’m love them so much..i;m just disappointed with SM..not suju…

        And one more thing, English is not my 1st language..so, if my english is bad, i dont have a right to say my opinion?..lol

        you said, you have nothings against me..yes i know that..but your comment reply towards me sound like you just insult my english..at least, give a proper advice, so i can understand that..not insult my weakness..

  177. This was a very funny KMM!  i like the song…love suju…but the ridiculousness that you guys point out was spot on! martina made me crack up with her fashion designer impression!  before the KMM uploaded i was actually worried that your review would be the same as the other suju reviews. VERY GLAD IT WASNT!! great job! you both never cease to impress me! >< 

  178. I thought that they were saying Binggeul at first but then i was like um no that makes no sense, but BINGO?! SM YOU SO NASTY!!!!

  179. What’s up with your eyes Martina? They look… different, Idk or is it just me?

  180. WAHAHAHAHA! XD am I the only one who laughed with Simon during the English rating-thingy? XD 

    seriously, I was like: “WHAAAAAAAAAAAT?” and then I see Simon’s face and was: “WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!x2″ XD

  181. Aaaaaaarrrrrrgggghhhh! No bingo for me! I was really paying attention to the letter combinations on the video! 

    Boardgame? Definitely with SHINee! Fangirling while playing! It will be really fun with either of them, but… its SHINee! 


  182. no bingo for me :(
    anyway, i’ll choose Clue with SHINee minus the dog.. so i can win!! :D


  184. I have laughing tears. Oh dear god. This whole video.

  185. YAY you watched It’s You. I do think the problem behind the boxes is because they don’t have any time and the fact SM neglects Super Junior’s videos. I mean they had to shoot It’s You many times because they had to do the whole thing all in one take and not scene by scene. Don’t Don was also like that. But at least they’re still putting out videos!

    Loved this week’s kpop music monday! It was hilarious but I was sad when I came nowhere close to winning :(

  186. Am I the only one who thought they were just saying mingle really really badly?

    • i thought so too the first time i heard the song, then it wasn’t that, after reading the lyrics it was weird that the word was actually Bingo…in my head i think they would get banned for using mingle, so the only way to cover for them was using Bingo instead…but the intentions remains the same as Simon spotted on 

    • I thought they said “mingle” and was kind of impressed that they’d made an entire statement in perfect English.  Then I saw that it was not that.  Boo.

  187. simon that is exactly what i wanted to do with those freakin adds!!! D: who came up with that idea?! honestly -_-

  188. I nearly died when I thought you were serious about the English. It’s the worst English I’ve heard in k-pop for a loooong time and I’m really glad someone out there is willing to give a critical, balanced view of things! 

  189. Holy friggity frig simon i laughed soooooo hard when you did the english thing!!!!! lololol

  190. I’d love to play with SJ! :PPP

  191. Loved this review haha just loved how u guys were taking the shit out of random things and I seriously cracked up when Simon reviewed the english… sad part is i didn’t get BINGO :(

  192. When I first heard the song I though the lyrics were ‘Sexy, free & single I’m ready to mingle’. :D

  193. There was no doubt about it that this song was not going to get 5/5… but I still love you SUPER JUNIOR! :)

  194. Thanks guys for posting this video, it cheered me up after hearing the news about Heechul! ;^;

  195. i love the review i seriously LMAO, specially in the part when Martina plays with Leeteuk’s nipples xD but i think that 0 of 5 is a little extreme, you could put them a 1 or a 2, i know that they aren’t say the lyrics right but at least the phrases that are they saying has a good pronunciation :)

    O by the way i love that you pointed the clothes stuff cuz seriously i can’t stand the thing on Kyuhyun’s neck 

  196. Simon, as a MV critic, why do you so careless? You did wrestling with that so called nasty unclosable adv, but then when you entered your room, you got a bat stick on you. What is was for? Trust me, we’re gonna love the scene showing how you took (our) revenge on that irritating adv with that glowing yellow bat stick.

    Then, when another adv came out, I guessed you still got the bat stick on you. But it surprised me: SHORYUKEN!! Bwahahaha!! Anyway, I really love your sarcasm on that irritating adv :))

  197. It was great review. I wonder if SuJu watch your videos. What would they say about Martina touching nipples >.<

  198. super junior

  199. lol hahahaha i sooo waited to see this review xD the part i was especially curious about, was the english mark xD i remember very clearly what simon said durnin a-cha review: ‘AH! super junior. u’ll get 5 out of 5 but this day is not today…’ XDDD so when at first u gave 5 out of 5, i was like WHAAAAAAT…?? lol then i noticed simon’s suspicious expresison xD and even if i’m a total ELF (yeah yeah went to seoul in may to stalk the boys BRUUUUUHUHUHUH jk jk XD) i agree completely about the english xD i checked the lyrics but then i gave up & started to sing the way i hear it. and it’s exacly how simon says it XD
    the part that also blew my mindddd was the thingie abt their costumes XD omg xD i sooo liked the idea of the reasons why it looked like that :D and i too thought it looks more like a funky armour or sth… XD and loled like crazy at teuk’s nipples… xD
    i’m happy martina noticed the dance, since it’s the strongest part of the mv and reeealy choreo is just OMG. i also liked hyuk’s part the most, but wonder if it bcs he’s so good or maybe bcs he’s my ultimate bias… xD whatever XD
    OH~! and simon! u r my hero for a 100000000000000th time. gosh. those adds are so freakin annoying >..< they lacked pretty much with the goods to sell… gah.
    ok now! enough of my rambling talk. thanks for a great review :D and vote for suju ofcourse XD

  200. Great review! Much more entertaining than the usual!

  201. I lost the bingo game…. =[

  202. Okey *hum” first comment … in English … i’am scared  (I’m french so i’m really sorry for my english level ^^’)
    I loooooove this KMM because I agree with all you said !! (even for RyeoWook’s name I just can’t prononce it !!) I -as a french girl who try hard to understand english lyrics in korean songs- believed that they were saying “i’m ready to bingo” … okey “bingo” is a verb now ?? Did I miss some English lessons in High School ?? And with the  “every single day try~~” here’s my face looked like => O_o. It’s not today that Super Junior will increase their english level but I still like them so much !! but I can’t critizise them I’m not that good too … I’m not good at all !!
    The most interesting things in this music video was the danse (fortunatelly because if the dance wasn’t that amazing it will be a REALLY boring video … (EunHyuk is such a good danser !!)
    Well, thank you for making me laugh that much (I have tears in my eyes !!) yeeaaah I’m a french Nasty !! (really weird to say that ^^) so thank you so much guys !!!

    (and I hope that my comment is understandable for you ^^’)

  203. Clue with Shinee definitely. But I’m a biased fan, so take it as you will.

  204. the ads must be destroyed they have no one likes them

  205. So… if you really like this song but cringe like I do when they say “Bingo” someone had a really good tip (after I made fun of SuJu on youtube and hence received many angry messages from rabid SuJu fans, lulz) Bingo sounds a lot like “binguel” ;) 

    While “I’m ready to binguel” probably also sounds a bit weird….  I like it a lot better than “bingo” and then picturing SuJu as old Korean men :-/ 

    And… while I do like SuJu… i’d prefer doing anything with Shinee, be it board games or… whatever :p 

    • You do know binguel means “round” so the english translation would be “Im Sexy Free and Single im read to round” so think abot that and don’t make fun or Super Junior i am a ELF (Which is the name of there fans) But i also love SHINee.
      SHINee is F**king Awesome
      Super Junior is F**king Awesome

  206. So who do you guys think is the sexiest SuJu member?

    My answer is Donghae! He’s so sexy and nasty~! And Martina! Is Shindong really your favorite singer? 

  207. I’m no ELF but I do think the song is quite interesting but I have a question; who is the one singing at exactly 2:00?

  208. no bingo for me today T___T (still agree with your interpretation of the meaning of this word in the song though, haha)

    when Simon said 5 out of 5 for the English of the song, my reaction was “no way!” and then he started laughing hysterically…definitely my favourite part of the video.

  209. Why did they not say “I’m ready to mingle”? D: It would’ve made so much more sense.
    Also, 3:18-4:20, THANK YOU SO MUCH, SIMON. THANK YOU.

    Oh, and I vote Clue with SHINee :)

  210. Lol Martina I probably would have also kept Siwon’s outfit between my TiTays!

  211. when Simon said 5 out of 5 i was he is joking .. i love SJ but  SJ English is worst than mine lol , but I love the song  

  212. Yup i agree with you guys, i really liked the pre-chorus ( or whatever you call it) as well, but the chorus fell short, it was a bit overshadowed by the “pre-chorus”. But kudos to super junior for having not one, not two, but three rooms , this time. The street like room is pretty cool, the orange lighting is nice, but they could have done more with it.
    still love the song though!!
    great vid guys! :D

  213. that’s right, it’s cool to bingo.

  214. “5 out of 5″ I may have very nearly peed  myself laughing. Cuz even their Engrish is bad Engrish, I don’t think it could actually count as English. Also, thanks to you, I know call this song Sexy Free and Bingo. And if it came down to it, I would totally play Bingo with SuJu, because 1) there is more of them, which is always better, and b) I love looking at and listening to Shinee, but SuJu just seem so much more relaxed and friendly!

    And I’ve been hanging out to hear what you guys would say about the retarded leather flower they put round Kyuhyun’s neck. You make me so happy!!!!! Martina’s re-enactment of the wardrobe co-ordiator was even funnier because I’ve seen that actually happen in real life, before a show.

  215. Oh, my god! This is awesome how you guys step out of the box and actually surprised me with the outdoor commercial beating! ^___^

  216. sheet 2 B7,I30, G50, O65 , So unless the free spot counts like one N spot without you guys putting it on screen  I loss :( well i guess better luck to me next time lol ^^   

  217. I see Jang Woo Young on the computer screen! :)

  218. if only it was ready to mingle and not bingo lol

  219. i agree on some parts, i love the song it was really catchy, and of course the vid was in the box AGAIN but i do have to say i liked Leeteuk’s outfit (the fangirl inside me talking here), the one i was worried was Sungmin with that dangerous headband. The dancing i also liked Eunhyuk’s part it was awesome. Now for the engirish, i totally agree with you (english is not my native language, though), i also notice the singing lyrics were different from the written lyrics. At the end of the day i’m an ELF so…Suju Fighting!!!

    Btw, i also think they should try a MV like it’s you,or U or even like dancing out. 

  220. no bingo :( closeish tho – sheet 9 :( 

  221. At the moment I heard Simon said it’s 5 out of 5, I was like, he must be joking.. I know right LOL even though I’m an ELF but I can’t hide the fact that they have so much Engrish 

    Anyway, love your review!

  222. They don´t say “i am ready to bingo”? I really thought they were singing that XD

  223. This has to be one of Super Junior’s best songs yet i love it

    and martina you look Awesome

    And Spudgy you are awesome 

  224. ARG! Those horrible ads. :( I want to attack them like that too.

    Eunhyuk’s dancing… yeah, it’s pretty much awesome.Martina looks really creepy with those contact lenses o___o

  225. I’m not an elf I just know few songs of Super Junior, for me this song is not gonna get in “best super junior songs list”. But I can’t say song is bad, just average!

  226. Great review! You should check out “No Other”. In that video SJ members interact with each other while still singing and dancing. And they are are in all kinds of places – a library, a park, washing a car….. I hope that the follow up video will be more like that. And I would rather play BINGO with Super Junior even if clue is a better game.

    • Yea. “No Other” is a pretty great MV. I also love “It’s You” (lol my favorite song). The whole walking around on the street, talking on the pay phone, sitting in a shop, etc. bit was great. I wish there were more stories/actual settings in their videos… but it looks like SM’s not really interested in making those videos.

  227.  seriously, SM is getting worse in making MV’s, they should try and make a “music video theme contest” or something like that!! btw I lost at bingo :(

  228. can I join you on destroying those ads?! for the benefit of everybody XD

  229. I’m a Blackjack who voted for this video to get reviewed AND DID NOT REGRET IT ONE BIT!!!! :D
    Sheet Number 10 #FAIL!!!!!!

  230. lol, when I first listened to the song, I also thought “Sexy, free & single. I’m ready to bingo” too. XD I TOTALLY HARDCORE fangirling over it (forever) because it’s LOL. But while I listened to the CD, the English (overall on the CD) is pretty horrible. XD They can’t even spell their fan club’s name (ELF) in “From You” or even their group name (SSSSJ S-U-P-E-R SSSSJ J-N-I-O-R) in “Gulliver”. But I do love this song and the entire CD (which is a first since “Sorry, Sorry”), even with the lolEnglish. (“Butterfly” is my favorite song on the CD. Mostly because the chorus is soooo addicting.)

  231. I liked Mr. Simple and A-Cha right a way. But this song did have to grow on me. The SJ Funky genre got me into kpop and was my all time favorite genre. But SF&S is also a keeper!

  232. I like the music …… buuut the video was SO Boring! 

  233. Ok so I didn’t love the song as much maybe it would grow on me. But I love ur video guys u r funny bingo hahahaha lol

  234. didn’t get bingo :( (sheet 8)

    I’m torn about the song – I really want to like it, but that monotone chorus-y bit just KILLS it for me. Nothing a good re-edit can’t fix, but I don’t currently have the time :( oh well. maybe when they’re all back from the army as ahjussis SM will have figured out how to write them a decent song.

  235. I liked it immediately, even after tripping up over “bingo.” I love the beats. I could listen to the instrumental alone! It’s very strut-worthy tune.

    Not trying to be a downer, but I would have loved this song to have come out before my grandmother passed away two months ago. I probably would’ve tried to make her use the song as her entrance theme while she goes to bingo. LoL She was always ready to bingo~♥

  236. Also no comments about the power-ranger stylee jumping poses? awww

  237. what circle lens are you wearing martina?

  238.  B9 I16 N32 G52 O62, Sheet 3, I’m Sexy, Free & Single and i’m happy as hell. =’D

    love this episode! had so much fun. =D

  239. Booo! I didn’t get bingo once! ㅠ.ㅠ

  240. “…we give this a… 5 out of 5″ <– i literally LOLed with you, SImon! For reals!
    I'd play with SUJU! The more, the many-er! :P

  241. Kyuhyun is my favorite member and when I saw his outfit I couldn’t help but picture what EatYourKimchi would say.

  242. :O martina u look so thin!! :D …. haha sry if my comment is out of place… XD

  243. After realising MV SM had official announcement about this part of lyrics and this is “sexy, free & single and I’m ready too, bingo”. ^^

  244. Playing Bingo was soooo muccchhh funnnn!

  245. irritablevowel

    Christ, this Music Monday is taking forever to watch because I keep pausing to play Bingo!

  246. Oh boy~
    I actually DID download CLICKED the link, CHOSE a Bingo Card and DOWNLOADED the card..

    I  really HOPED there was a Bingo playing match in your vid :’(

    #TROLLLS!!!! :p

  247. am i the only one who is not a huge fan of the song? maybe it’ll grow on me, but idk

    • Yep me neither. I’ve heard it three times hoping that something will stand out but to me it just sounds like their other songs. Oh well… I at least enjoyed the review :)

  248. N32, B9 O62, Sheet 3, I’m Sexy, Free & Single and i danaa what should i do but i’m happy as hell. =D

  249. I love the song, but the video is… well, kind of boring :/

  250. ” will remind you of how sexy your grandparents are” hahaha
    the actual review haven’t even started but laughing already :P

    even if i voted for 2NE1, i think i’m gonna enjoy this.
    …on to watch!

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