This week we review Super Junior M’s “Perfection” for Kpop Music Mondays. What’s up with their hats?

Ok, before we begin, I’m worried that Super Junior fans might get a little upset. Our review isn’t really glowing. I mean, we like the song a lot. It’s a really catchy song, and we’ve been singing it a lot lately. It’s just that the video is underwhelming. See, our experience of Super Junior is primarily with “Sorry, Sorry”, and “Bonamana”. In both videos, they had an awesome dance that really stood out. This video, though, doesn’t really have a bombastically awesome dance. They’re dancing well throughout the whole video, but there’s no one move that will be remembered as the dance of the year. And so, since there isn’t really anything else in the video apart from dancing and a few funny hats, we’re not really impressed by the video. Yeah. The song is great; the video – not so much.

We also didn’t feel too great about the English in Super Junior M’s “Perfection.” From what we’ve heard Henry lived in Canada for a long time, so we’re not knocking his English, because it sounds perfect. The pronunciation is great, and the grammar is perfectly fine. So it’s not a technical matter that bothers us about the English. It’s just that the songwriter made the English rap just sooooooo cheesy! Uhhh! It felt like something you’d see in a high school video targeted to 10 year olds, or like what your teacher says when they’re trying to prove that they’re still cool. See, I’d rather have just a few phrases of English sprinkled throughout the song rather than an awkward rap that takes itself a bit too seriously. Usually, we can say that the use of English is cute in Kpop song, but since the English in this song is so well done, we’re judging it as we would judge that of fluent speakers, because they sound fluent, which is why we feel so icky about the mashup of cool English phrases.

So that’s it for now. Thanks go out again to JB and Annie from [닉쑤] Enjoy Your Happy Life~* for all the Korean subtitles. Yeah! And lastly, like we said, the song’s great – even if we don’t like the video – so if you’re interested in picking up the Super Junior M album you can do so by clicking on the banner below. Sweet! International shipping!

  1. How did you bake cookies? I thought you didn’t have an oven at that place

  2. Where does SM find these rooms?  Is there some sort of alternate universe with hundreds of these strange looking caves complete with strobe lights and alienesque props?…

  3. The real reason behind the fur: Diva Mimi was jealous of KyuMin. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sh8NT1r9_8g

  4. hey martina! where did you get your white headband/hairband? it’s so pretty!

  5. Kyuhyun got into another car accident guys :(

  6. i'm really curious as to what myaccount07231991's comment was…could you share?

  7. F.Cuz most definitely….at least Super Junior M only passed around the "prostitute hat". F.Cuz on the other hand made a Fur Hat Parade of Silliness. But seriously though who comes up with these concepts…a naked mole rat with fur envy? LOL

  8. F.Cuz's hats were way worse!!!!!!!!!!!!!! theyre whole outfits were terrible and weird, but definetly hats!

  9. simon killed it the "can i have yo numbah" scene :P nice mad tv ref!

  10. I think F.Cuz's hats were sillier:)

  11. I like F.Cuz but …. they look sooooo … weird in thoose hats … Super Junior – M had atleast some warm hats

  12. KW's rap rockss!! hahah so funny!!!
    No one can ever beat F.cuz's hats and outfits!!! :D:D:D

  13. I can't believe you didn't comment Ryeowooks hat! I mean, why is he the only with the tin soldier hat??? I really can't understand this.
    I love your Music Mondays! Sometimes, I watch the MV only to know what you're talking about! Hilarious! ha ha.

  14. I saw you guys at Arirang. Congrtas on being featured! :)

  15. LOL!!! such a great video!!! it's hilarious!!! i totally agree with what you said.
    I'm a really big fan of rock music too! So I like bands like C.N.BLUE and F.T.Island.
    C.N.BLUE's gonna come back next week with First Step, surely it's gonna be a good song to comment on 'cause it's got loads of English in it.
    Hope you guys could do it, pleeeease. :D
    And yeah I'd vote for F.Cuz for their funny hats~

  16. so heres a thought. but for music mondays i think its great that u do some currently newly released songs but olders videos that i think were very well done. for example — most of the big bang videos ( haru haru was so sad, or taeyang naman barabwa and wedding dress) that tell good stories. i think your music mondays for those videos would be very funny. and i know martina wouldnt mind : ) sorry simon.

  17. Awesome job you guys! I already requested TVXQ's Before U go on the requests page and on your u-tube page, but I'll ask again. Can you please cover this song? =D
    Great review! I agree with pretty much everything you said. You think with Henry being from Toronto (I’m from Calgary!!) and being brought up there, they'd be a bit more….. professional with the Eng phrases they tend to throw out in K-Pop songs. I still remember B2ST's beautiful… god, what was with that English? lol
    Eagerly waiting for next Monday's review.

  18. you guys need to make a non kpop edition just even once for rebecca black's friday pls pls pls pls

  19. Oh yeah and for next week's video TVXQ's Before You Go just came out so you could do that one, but seeing as you guys normally don't do ballads, here's another suggestion: Hyungjun's Oh! Ah! (weird name)
    Mostly I just really really really want to know what you think about the elusive and mysterious woman in the video suddenly having the most ginormous feet on the planet. Totally threw me for a loop there O.o

  20. F.Cuz hats is the silliest hats ever

  21. F.Cuz with the worst hats ever!

    Could you guys please do TVXQ!'s new MV, "Before U Go" next week? Thanks SM! I just realized you two have the same initials as the record label S.M.E.
    S.M. Entertainment = Simon & Martina Entertainment

  22. Oh and I was surprised you didn't mention how Siwon just kinda disappears from the MV part way through xD

  23. F.Cuz wins the silliest hat contest. Or any other worst dressed contest for this video. Super Junior has such a great song but a mediocre video.

  24. My vote goes to F.Cuz. At least SJM's hats will keep them warm!

  25. i think f cuz had stupider hats.
    at least super junior m's hats kinda matched their outfits ^^
    -and the fact im a e.l.f-

  26. I think FFFFFCUZ has the silliest hats. I would rather wear SJ's hat in public. >.>

  27. Can I have your number? Can I have it? Can I have your number??? MadTV fans yeaaaaaaaah!!!
    Love your video as always guys ^o^

    BTW… F.cuz is the most ridiculous… poor them… not even measuring to a fur hat… XD

  28. F. Cuz totally had sillier hats. I like the song and all, and they're cute, but…………..come on. That vid was ridiculous. :|

  29. i giggled so hard at this. XD "shots shots shots shots shots everybody" :D and how to protect yourself at a club lmao :D

  30. Lol this was too cute. I loved Simon's protecting himself at the club dance lol so you did have something after all haha. And your rapping skills. Fo shizzle lol. Another Snoop fan? Lol. I was surprised to see a tie actually happen from the last vote.

  31. Haha I excuse you guys fully ^^ (I'm saying this as a huge Super Junior stan, so yeah :P) Tbh I was voting for the video more for the sake of voting because hell yeah it's an SJM comeback MV we got to have this on Music Monday! and not so much of because I actually felt that it is a worthy video. But well, glad you guys made it (because I/we would have carried on spamming otherwise XD) and I really laughed at the body defense part that was pure brilliance.

    I kinda wish you guys can do some oldies one day I really want to hear what you guys have to say about, say, It's You or No Other or Mirotic (but that's hard seeing how fast the K industry spews out new MVs ): ) How about a special "retro" Music Monday some day? 8D

  32. F.CUZ's hats are way more silly!!

  33. Super Junior's hats are definitely silly (not everybody can be GD, sorry guys) , but the F.Cuz ones are just too much to handle. I go for F.Cuz!

  34. That Kanye West part was great. Never ceases to make me laugh. Made my day.
    I'm not really concerned about the hats seeing as sometimes Kpop fashion doesn't make any sense. I'm just gonna say that G-Dragon wore a black hat very similar to these ones in the G-Market video. Trend starter?

    Voting for F.Cuz because the fashion in that video is just wow.

  35. F.cuz definitely has the worst hats..there is no world where those are right. Super Junior's hats merely makes me think "Ice fishing" and "Didn't Brittney wear one of those on Glee?"

    oh and thank you Simon, I can not look at F.cuz's name and pronounce it correctly after watching you :P

  36. Also, F.cuz for the silly hats~ They're just…… ._____.

  37. "What's yo friend's attitude why she so damn rude HAHHHH?" I had tears in my eyes from laughter :') I always found that part of the song funny but that just…xD

    I really love your videos :D It's great because I come home from school on a monday and have a new video to watch! Keep it up ♥

  38. "girl, the back of your head is ridikulous"-haha

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