We’re back with Music Monday! Woohoo! It’s from a video that isn’t in the top three! Not woohoo! Let me explain before you murder me, k guise? Well, it’s actually not that long of an explanation: we actually scripted this a while ago, but because of the Sewol Ferry Accident, we didn’t post Music Monday last week. So we filmed it this week. Woohoo!

On to Super Junior! Um…this song wasn’t good. Sorry! We just didn’t like it at all. It’s probably our least favorite Super Junior song of all time. We like Spy, Sexy Free and Single, Mr Simple, A-Cha, Sorry Sorry, and Bonamana, and Perfection, all of them, a lot more than this song. But that’s just us. Let us know what you think: which one of these songs would you rank “Swing” over?

But, even though we didn’t like the song whatsoever, that doesn’t mean that we didn’t have fun watching the video. And that’s what I want out of a Super Junior. Kpop’s fun, and this video was loads of fun, from the incredibly daft office workers, to the hilarious amount of lens flares (seriously: way too many lens flares) to Siwon’s terrible moustache. We saw this video, cringed at the song, but kept smiling throughout the whole experience. It was a very confusing experience.

Question: is it just us, or does it seem like Super Junior gets the short end of the music video stick? After watching Girls’ Generation’s “Mr.” and Exo’s videos, it seems like all of the video production budget is going towards them, and Super Junior are left with not that much effort or innovation. Yes, this video is a lot better than their regular flashy box set videos, but it still has lots of box set elements. And those parts of the video where they slap the camera and make it pan somewhere else is very reminiscent of Exo’s “Growl.” It was cool when we saw Exo do it, but this time it just felt like “well, it was cool then, so let’s do it again!” you know? Super Junior deserves better videos, I think. And definitely less moustache.

Also, if you can’t tell, we were joking about KBS banning of Super Junior. They weren’t banned. Well, maybe not yet. We seriously have no idea what the hell KBS bans videos for. It’s so random and loaded with BS reasoning that it’s laughable, and I think it’s time we start poking fun at them until they come a bit more transparent, objective, and accountable. Not that our videos will impact KBS in any way. Either way, we’ll still have material to work with :D

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We’ve got bloopers, of course, including Spudgy giving some more commentary on KBS banning everything.


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  1. I think it just depends on what kind of music you like! I thought Spy was awful, worst Super Junior song ever, but I LOVED this song, almost as much as Mr. Simple (which is to this day my favorite song of theirs). Similarly I Got a Boy was my favorite Girls Generation song ever. EYK you guys are the best, but I think we dig different things sometimes haha :D

  2. Cindy

    The song was ok, but liked the video better. More importantly, Yay for Log! Prominently featured in a Music Monday! Good job Log. You make an excellent seat for Siwon’s mustache.

  3. Does anyone know where martina got her amazing jacket?
    This KMM made me laugh a lot

  4. Cosmic Cat

    This has got to be my favourite Super Junior song so far. It was alright until that dubstep breakdown. Ugh that is so last year.
    Laughing all the way through the moustache interview. You shoulda been like “I ‘moustache’ you a question” heheh It was a shock to the system when I first saw the mv xD

  5. Alex is cute! (I swear to god I’m not a creeper)

    re: Blooper reel @ 2:07 – I laughed so hard my lunch went everywhere. Simon, do you have any idea how hard it is to clean caesar salad from a keyboard?! :P

  6. I tend to disagree on the song part. I love the song!! it just feels uplifting, and makes you feel better when you have a crap day. It kind of reminds me of the song “Swing Life Away”. However, I only heard the Chinese version, so the Korean version might sound a little….off.
    Also, I have noticed that SM has been doing better with their mvs lately. For example: SNSD’s MR. MR. It had the beginnings of a story, although a never completed story. and now SJ-M has a relative story, although not complex, and the box is getting fancier.
    I however agree on the dubstep. I love dubstep, but you have to know when it is appropriate to use it because it is hard to fit it into most songs. and SM is using dub for almost all their singers, which there is no need.
    Siwon’s moustache……..I don’t like it. In my opinion, I have really never seen an Asian really pull off facial hair, much less a moustache. It just seems, at least in Kpop, they have too much of a baby face and that facial hair makes them look like they are trying too hard to look older. That isn’t to say there aren’t that can, just not many. And not siwon in this video.

  7. I think that everyone liked the interview with the mustache.

  8. I don’t get people’s problem with Siwon’s mustache. I didn’t even give it a second thought till people began to complain about it. Saw him with beard and mustache a lot of time anyway. As to me it is something done on purpose. As I know in Korea civil-servants, office workers are not allowed to have mustache or beard and they get warning even if it is a slight stubble. So since the setting is about office workers who want to get out of there so in his dream word it is a symbol to have a mustache to me. It is my opinion anyway. Well after all those works of SME since 2013 except Break Down and Still You I was afraid they are going to mess SJ-M’s come back and it happened. I would like the song if I cut out that dubstep? part. I really didn’t like SNSD’s, EXO’s, Shinee’s or TVXQ’s all their latest works. I think SME music department is lazy and uncreative people to do something nice except paste and copy musics and find strange lyrics. I was upset they did something like a background song of a movie about Vegas for TVXQ’s 10th year album -_- At least Swing still better lyrics although it reminds me Mr. Simple. When I saw Kyuhun kicks the copy machine I was like oh just like our office. The copy machine has a dent on it after kicked by a female office worker when she got frustrated by the not working properly machine. All office workers would have wanted to threw those office machines out of the window a lot of times ^^ I thought they couldn’t be more lazy when I saw the non exist cables on pcs and phones and tapped under table cables of table lamps but didn’t care much about it since those things can even be seen in drama and movies. It is just an MV of SME to Super Junior anyway. So don’t expect much. I think they just trust SJ fans. “They would buy whatever we do” and they don’t care for more. Now I am really worried for Super Junior new album. I wish they stop coy and paste kind of composing and not threw every kind of things in one song like I am listening 2-3 songs at the same time (like dream girl of Shinee).

  9. Come on Guys.. I have been waiting for weeks Mblaq Be a Man Is because is too awesome to review it? The sexinees let you speechless? I know that feel.. but please pretty please can you do it? I will love to see What you have to say about it

  10. I couldn’t stop staring at Akdong musician in the background, or that awesome portrait of martina. Love you guise!

  11. Eh, I’d have to say I disagree with the views on the song AND the stache, but in the end, these are all personal preferences.

  12. Loved the video and loved the song. Video is fantastic as a performance and the song is fun. I liked it the most out of all their other songs: it made me a fan.

  13. bigbangfosho

    The banning thing reminded me of how they banned Akdong Musician’s “Galaxy” because apparently it might be confused with Samsung’s phone.

  14. Small Yeti

    Sneaky Spudgy looking all cute distracted me at 2:55!

  15. yeah i liked the song but it wasn’t my favourite super junior song,,, probably my least favourite but i didn’t hate the dubstep breakdown… gave me some dance time and i did love the slow bit after the dubstep breakdown, that was nice ^^

  16. Katie

    Alright, so, disclaimer. I’m an ELF so SJ is my absolute favorite, and I always get kinda wary when people review them because of my total bias. At the same time, I was really excited because SJM doesn’t get many chances for review since they mostly do Chinese songs. That being said, this video was hilarious! I’m glad you see another KMM after so long a break.
    I don’t agree with you guys about the song – I totally love it! The whole mini-album is really good in my opinion. I can’t stop listening to it.
    You guys made a lot of good points though! Like the typical SM box set with crazy lighting. And the dubstep, SM is clinging onto the dubstep breakdown with every fiber of it’s being. YOU NEED TO LET IT GO SM, ITS TIME HAS PASSED.
    Between the mustache interview, the KBS skit and the captions on the MV clips, I was cracking up throughout the entire thing.
    Great job guys!

  17. Akira Miyashi

    AKMU in the background!!! :D What do you guys think of their album? :D

  18. I agree. I like Super Junior but I didn’t like the song at all. The dubstep part was completely unnecessary. I also really didn’t like Siwon’s mustache at all. He’s my favorite member and I don’t think it looked good on him.

  19. This review felt… not very comprehensive tbqh. You say you hate the song, but the only thing about the song you mention hating is the dubstep breakdown. It’s pretty obvious by now that dubstep breakdowns do not work well in kpop or mandopop for that matter. I’m sure there’s more you didn’t like about it, but you spent most of the video talking about Siwon’s mustache…

    I’m conflicted on the fact that you didn’t mention it’s SJM, too. On one hand, it is good to be inclusive. On the other hand, non SJ/SJM fans would not necessarily realize that this was from the subgroup and as such may not give credit to Henry and Zhou Mi or even realize that they are there and dismiss the song as simply an SJ song.

    In my opinion, SJM songs far outweigh SJ songs in terms of how good they are. So I was surprised that you would rank some SJ songs above Swing. I understand it’s not for everyone, but it made me cringe a bit especially because there are some really adorable and catchy parts of the song. It isn’t my favorite on the album (that would be My Love For You) but it definitely isn’t terrible. I also like both the Mandarin and Korean versions of Swing. They are different but still good in their own ways. The Mandarin flows a bit better syllable wise at least.

  20. Yay, finally a review! I missed your KMMs. :)
    The creeperstache is HILARIOUS! It reminds me of the the song Dirt Lip by Big D and the Kids Table. “Dirt Lip! Shave it off….It’s not a mustache, it’s not a beard.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q4KIBxkhiDs

  21. I know you didn’t like the song, but I was wondering what your actual views were on the song? Was it just the dubstep you didn’t enjoy, or that it wasn’t what you hoped for? I felt this review really only focused on the music video (and Siwon’s mustache… maybe a bit too much), rather than discussing the song like you used to in your MM’s, rating the dance and english etc…

  22. autumnwind

    hahahahaha hilarious interview with Siwon’s mustache. I had some trouble understanding what Siwon’s mustache said in some parts though, but Martina must be fluent in the language.Yes, I could be bias, but I also think that Super Junior often, if not always, gets the short end of the music video stick.

  23. Jase Aaron

    I find it kind of funny that you don’t like this song. I don’t really care for most Super Junior songs due to the autotune but I really like this one for whatever reason.

  24. ChrysiyApls

    You know what’s really funny….I’m voting for G.O not just because Siwon’s was TERRIBLE (lol) but because G.O honestly looks soo good with a mustache….excuse me I mean a goatee! I mean LOOK at him! It suits him soo well! And I HATE facial hair on guys haha


    • omg yes. my friend and I have had discussions as to why GO needs to bring back the mustache!!! he is the only man that can pull it off. He looks soooo goood

      • ChrysiyApls

        EXACTLY!!! lol I don’t think he’s winning just because Siwon’s was so bad, but because he actually looks soo good with it! xD He NEEDS to bring this back! haha I’ve seen idols with facial hair but no one comes close to how good G.O looks with it ^^

  25. I see no difference between these ‘staches

  26. Was I the only one who thought the log with the mustache really was a log for a second….and not a log pillow plush thingy?
    If not…there must be something wrong with me…..

  27. Guys. There’s NO competition. G.O’s got this!

  28. We voted for MBLAQ – Be A Man for months and they’ve been in number 1 spot for more than 2 weeks and you gave us this? We waited and voted like crazy, I know this is not a big deal but can’t you at least appreciate our effort? You can come out with double KMM. No, I dont hate Suju, but dont you think this is not fair?
    I know you mentioned that Martina was sick few weeks ago also you mentioned you had the script prepared but you dont have time to record. Since you also mentioned about Avril Lavigne – Hello Kitty video it’s clearly you recorded this video just recently. Hmmmm….

    • Well, to be fair about this:

      S&M did mention they recorded this recently. They had the script ready to go. I know that sounds redundant but your comment is a little unclear to me. I just want to make sure I’m not misconstruing what you’re getting across.

      The way the K-Pop Charts are involved in Music Mondays is a very small part in what it’s also used for. They’re useful in seeing what’s popular, provide individual discussion boards for each song in the list, and make finding/sharing different types of K-pop videos simple. There’s also a page to submit videos you find on your own for people to vote on so it can be in the top 100. Some videos that are years old never make it past the first page.

      KMM’s are solely the opinions of S&M. They way they collaborate with their community is by picking videos people want to see them talk about, usually the top three. They mentioned that Swing was also in the top three for weeks but they had a delay in videos due to the Sewol Ferry Incident. Since they had a script done and friends visiting, it’s practical to just record the video. A second KMM demands another full day of work for EYK – scripting, recording, and editing. It may not seem like much but from the little experience I have with working in media that can be very time consuming.

      In the end, EYK do these videos for their own pleasure while trying to balance interaction/collaboration with their community. Sometimes it’s a success while other times one or both parties are not satisfied. But what’s great is that this platform allows for open discussion. Different opinions and critiques make the world go round :)

    • I know how you feel it sucks since we’ve been voting for awhile now. However, at the end of the day we have to understand that’s this their blog and it only makes sense that they should able to review whatever MV they want. Personally, I would rather S&M review an MV they like and it be entertaining like this KMM. We can always vote for MBLAQ new MV next time.

  29. When i was watching you do your interview with the moustache, my brother came in and started giving weird looks, i tried to explain to him, but the end he probable thought I lost my mind. Also i agree with Siwon’s moustache it needs to go when i saw the teaser picture of Siwon i was like no what did they do to your face

    I like suju-m swing, especially the arm thing dance that they do when the say swing in the song, probable because thats the only move i can do through out the whole song.

    i noticed you guys aren’t doing the engrish or dance section in your videos anymore.

  30. Kira

    Usually I enjoy your Music Mondays more than the song you are covering, and this was yet another case of that! I just…. *shivers* dubstep *groans*

  31. It’s a fun song, and given that SM Entertainment’s given us “I Got a Boy” via SNSD – I’ve gotten used to the disjointed nature of these songs.

    I agree – not their best. Breakdown, I think is one of the best Super Junior (all subgroups) songs ever, and this as a follow up was jarring. But all in all – the song and MV don’t take itself too seriously so I still bop my head to it.

  32. FINALLY I CAN COMMENT HERE AGAIN! Sorry, I have been not able to give a comment on your page for over a week. So much sadness. Surprisingly I actually liked this song. BUT, the dubstep really frustrated me. If they had skipped that part I think the song would be fairly alright. Not in SJs top five songs, but still not too bad.
    I laughed so much at the mustache interview, one of the teachers in the office asked me if I was alright – he just saw a red face and tears coming down my eyes while my hand was over my mouth, preventing me from roaring with laughter. Aaa, so funny! But really. Mustache. Go away.

  33. Is it bad that I recognized “The Carlton Dance” in the blooper reel right away? Fresh Prince of Bel-air was a good show. I’m a kid of the ’90s, man! Side note: I’m an administrative assistant. Super Junior can come crash my office any time!

  34. I love your guys’ love/hate relationship with SuJu. Like, I know you’ve gotten a lot of shit from ELF over it, but idk, I love it. It’s refreshing. I find myself agreeing with a lot of things you guys say, even though I’m a huge fan of SJ. Actually, I think you guys have liked more of their singles than I have….

    As for Swing… I really didn’t love the song or the mv. The dubstep was obnoxious and it sounds a little too much like IGAB, the dance break was unnecessary (wayyy too much Eunhyuk), and it was shot too much like EXO’s Growl. And I know SJ ‘did it first’ with Neorago, but the box set of Swing made it more reminiscent of Growl than Neorago, and Growl was more recent. But SJ(-M) getting shafted on mvs and title tracks is absolutely nothing new to me at this point. At least the dance was pretty solid in this. And the song gets better if you take the dubstep bit out! But yeah, it still doesn’t rank on my ‘best SJ songs of all time’ list.

    Also, what is up with this whole comeback being promoted nearly entirely in Korea?

  35. I personally really liked Swing. But I thought the Mandarin version was much catchier than the Korean version. I didn’t like the Korean version that much. But I understand and respect your opinion. :)

    I really liked this KMM and I thought it was hilarious. The only criticism I’d say is that I think you dragged the mustache thing on a bit too long. I got a bit bored with it at the end. But besides that, everything was golden!

  36. Tiara Sune

    Welcome Back EYK!!! A good MV to get back into the “Swing” of things.

  37. Hannah

    I think I remember reading somewhere that because Super Junior already has so many fans that will support them no matter what, SM pools their resources where they can attract more fans aka money, like exo who is still a new-ish group. It’s sad I think…

  38. Well I did read that SM production managers are planning something larger for Super Junior this year when they make a comeback when Leetuek returns. They mentioned that the majority second half of the year will be Super Junior’s. And for the 2014 year Super Junior is planned to use the most budget for their comeback. So let’s hope for something good and SuJu original.

  39. I nominate Martina to play the Log Lady in any possible revivals of Twin Peaks.

  40. I couldn’t help cracking up with the Spudgy and mustache bloopers!! I normally just smile but the Spudge made me bust out laughing!!

  41. 1) I haven’t listened to the Korean version of Swing, but I liked the Chinese version.

    2) How can that horrible mustache transform such a beautiful man so much? It shouldn’t be possible for Siwon to look like such a creeper.

    3) This KMM was great! The mustache bit killed me. And KBS, oh KBS…

  42. I was a little disappointed that this wasn’t Block B for about two seconds but this KMM was actually really funny :D
    I’m also glad to see that I wasn’t the only one creeped out by the Moustache ^^’
    (Aaand I actually liked the song quite a lot but it wasn’t the best one they ever did, so I kind of agree.)

  43. G.O’s mustache FTW! Sorry Siwon but that mustache reminded me of the moustache my healthcare teacher grew for Movember… In other words, it wasn’t good.

    But I like Swing. I like watching the dance breakdown but I do admit the actual dubstep music was random. Still waiting for a SJ comeback!

  44. Girly side note: Martina you are rockin’ that kitty hoodie. It’s ADORABLE. Show them tatted guns girl! Pow pow, pew!

  45. So… You should have seen the amount of fangurling that I did when SuJu-M’s comeback was announced. Like seriously, I embarrassed myself, even though I was alone in my room (I share with my lil bro). The day before I was talking with a friend about how since Henry had his solo time last year that we wouldn’t see him again till 2019, so yush… Le me was happy when I saw that SuJu-M was having a comeback :3 I really feel bad for HenMi because of Only13 ELFs trying to erase their existence at any and all opportunities, so I happily support any and all their activities :D (Seriously though, Only13ers can go fall of a cliff).

    *ahem* So the song. It has inspired some very conflicting feels in me, yo. When I first listened to it, I really liked it up until the dubstep breakdown. Like even the “I Want Candy!!” switch in the chorus didn’t bother me!! But then that damn dubstep breakdown came out of nowhere and completely destroyed the playful vibe of the song >_< SM, this is getting to be a real problem with you guys. Please, for the love of Shisus, please STOP WITH THE DUBSTEP!!!! It is played out and on the behalf of K-Pop fans everywhere, we are not here for that mess anymore -_- And for those of you are cray facing at me thinking that the chorus sounds like Aaron Carter, try singing "I want candy" at ~2:05; you'll see… YOU'LL ALL SEE!! *maniacal laughter set against a backdrop of creepy thunder and lightning*

    As for the video, it was a typical SuJu affair to me. The teaser/introduction music was better than the actual song, the video has copious amounts of dancing, and they all look so good that I cannot deal with myself. #SameOldSameOld I feel like SM doesn't try with SuJu's videos anymore because SuJu are already pretty established. SM doesn't really have to try to make their music sell or get their videos played, because they already know that ELFs the world 'round are gonna play it out.

    As for Siwon and his facial hair, you all need to stop denying that he looks hella fine with facial hair. G.O does indeed look better, but let's be real here


    (And now that I'm actually looking at this photo without NC-17 imagery, I probably really like it so much because he looks so much like Godfrey Gao)

    • See that actually looks good. But he has other facial hair, not just the pedo-stache. Rough stubble like that looks good on a lot of men, but a sparse stache that looks like it’s from a 14 year old boy? No thank you. G.O.’s got the sexy stache down, he should do it more.

    • Omo, Godfrey Gao! You nailed it!

  46. Misread “box set” as “bot sex”.

  47. I liked “Swing,” but I’m pretty sure that’s just because I get Stockholm Syndromed into liking any song if my sister plays it enough times. Also, I thought you were telling the truth about KBS banning it, because it seemed so… KBS. My dad’s theory is that some companies have a deal with KBS to ban their own songs just to increase publicity. This is possible, but you’d think KBS would come up with reasons that sounded vaguely plausible, rather than “People might mistake this song for an advertisement, so we’re banning it.”

  48. hapagirl

    I can understand why you guys don’t like it. I personally did like it, but it’s not like their older stuff which let’s just say is amaze~ I also agree that I hate unnecessary dubstep breakdowns. You can be one of my favorite groups and I’ll still hate it. lookingatyouGOT7Imeanwhat?! I’ll totally agree with the biasness going on in SM, like seriously Super Junior is the 2nd oldest group there and they get shafted a lot. I don’t know if it’s because they’ve been gone for so long and maybe the fans aren’t gonna complain when they get just the box set? Maybe because they’re going to the military too? But come on, you can make a bigger effort with your mvs. If you can spend all the effort and money on the cgi for ‘MAMA’, you can give Super Junior a better set.

  49. Jane

    I haven’t laughed this hard at a KMM in ages, loved it!

  50. I liked this song a lot more than SPY. Do I think it’s their best? No and I too am sick of the wubsteps in my kpop. The Chinese version of Swing is a lot better sounding and Zhou Mi actually wrote the lyrics to it. So why I like it better than SPY is because it feels like a lot more time and energy went into the song where with SPY it felt like SM wanted to put something out but none of the members actually had time to properly learn the dance and everything about it just felt rushed and that goes for both song and video. I really wish they would get better videos too but it seems like they have always gotten the short end of the stick in videos. They have very few that aren’t the box style. I have a theory that it’s because they are always in another groups shadow and SM favors that group more. Like they debuted after DB5K and DB5K had GREAT videos while SJ had the boxes. And then Girls Generation and now EXO have come along and same thing. And now they are considered kpop royalty and have a huge fan group so now I think it’s just laziness but SM definitely likes to play favorites, or so it seems to me anyways.

  51. I completely agree about the mismatchedness and ensuing disappointment of the song, though I was actually more disappointed by the main group’s most recent Korean song (“Spy”) than this song. Can’t even listen to “Spy” and still avoid the MV like the plague. guuuuugh. so. awful. But despite my disappointment with the craziness of THIS song, it’s mostly listenable (at least up until the awful dubstep part). MV was okay; I do wish SJ got as much attention as some of the other SM groups (*coughespeciallyEX-…..hangeddrawnandquarteredbyrampantExotics*). I found the dance subpar as well, especially with the silly helicopter rotor-towels they stole from Henry’s “Trap.” (Okay, to be fair, they were more for swatting flies in “Trap”. SMENT: “That is true. Additionally, the swinging of the towels like helicopter rotors represents the office workers’ decision to live freely.” NOOOO.

    But yay KMM and a Suju subgroup! Cautiously looking forward to the main group’s comeback, hopefully later this year and hopefully not anything like “Spy” or “Swing.” :D

  52. I’m actually happy about this SJ music video (But Siwon…yeah…). But I want to say: Simon, you have the best chest hair ever.

  53. I didn’t enjoy the song much either. The Korean or the Mandarin versions.

  54. I actually really really liked Swing

  55. 1. Mustaches – BLEH BLEH BLEH, I totally agree with that.
    2. Dupstep – needless, but not so bad
    3. I’m not big fan of SuJu, but after hearing “Swing” I was listening to it for almost 5 hours non stop! Maybe the fact that I don’t like typical SuJu songs (okay, except Bonamana) I really love this one.

  56. I did like the song a lot, but then I’m also very biased, haha. But I liked the concept even more, love how they actually makes something fairly creative of a box set, the dance is really nice, and the beginning and the end are so funny. I laughed a lot at you making fun of Kyuyun, but I think I tend to be equally dumb with photo copy machines, and all other machines too, hahaha. I didn’t mind the dub step break down either because I was happy that they had a real dance break, don’t think they’ve had one before.

    Buuut I surely agree with you about the moustache, I wonder if it’s even possible for anyone to like it. We need to prevent that from happening again ever ever.

  57. Cyber_3

    Hah! Awesome! This was a great mesh of discussing the song and random tangentially-related skits – th einterview was spot-on. I don’t have time to write more but I am looking forward to the closed captioning of SiWon’s mustache’s answers in the interview – that would be EPIC!

    • Cyber_3

      As for “Swing”, I would totally rank it dead last out of the SUJU songs you listed…..like, in the negative. It totally lacks personality. The video was interesting in that it had more props than usual but I agree that they are still getting shafted when it comes to video budgets. This is not what I expected at all for a comeback.

  58. Hahaha, loved this week’s KMM! I have to agree with other posters that I actually quite enjoyed the song (minus the dubstep breakdown), but to each his/her own! Martina: I think your interview with Siwon’s ‘stache was your best yet. You obviously have the makings of a great reporter. ;)

  59. can I vote “bleh” for both mustaches? BLEH BLEH PATOOWIE

  60. Madeleine Stråhle

    Last year I used to have a special kpop group set as my background on my computer for a week and then change to another. I had WEEKS planned out in beforehand and I did collages for every group and I remember when I got to MBLAQ I drew a mask on G.O’s face on every picture in the collage where he had a mustache XD

    I seriously want to throw up every time I see it D;

  61. Thank god I wasn’t the only one who hated this song >_< I heard it on M countdown and was unimpressed…

  62. mihuru

    I was expecting a Big Band kinda song as well with the name of the song being “Swing” and all. Something like TVXQ’s “Something”, which I totally love. Needles to say, I was disappointed. The dubstep breakdown made me go all “Not again!” and if it wan’t for the fun video, I would’ve clicked away from the mv at that point. So yeah. Song sucks, video wasn’t anything spectacular but it was fun to watch. I really wished the song would’ve been good, because I disliked “Spy”, “Sexy, Free & Single” and “Breakdown”. I haven’t really liked anything they have done since Bonamana to be honest. Not the title songs anyway that get the music videos. There’s still been couple of decent songs in the albums.

  63. marbie

    Thanks to EYK, I wasn’t the only one with the mustache problem!!!
    When i saw it in the MV, I thought of this immediately:

  64. The thing with the camera though, this isn’t something they used on Exo, and then figured they would do it again. Super Junior did this with It’s You.

    • THIS!!!! I was glad that they brought back the camera with EXO since I totally enjoyed It’s You. The video, albeit it wasn’t totally 360, it had the continuous filming, which is really the point of the 360 camera, just requires more movement.

      • Wishy

        Mmm… well, I’m confused. I think they filmed Swing before EXO’s though, what with the military members in the video and that XXIII (2013) on Eunhyuk’s hat.

        • Not really. Unless you’re talking about EXO’s Overdose then Swing would be filmed before EXO but I think we were thinking along the lines of EXO’s Growl…

          There are no SJM members in the army though. Only Leeteuk and Yesung are in the army and neither of them are part of SJM. The hat may just be to match the black and white outfits they had in the MV.

    • Oh! That’s interesting! I didn’t know that. Thanks for the heads up :D

    • I have to watch that video, then. Thanks to Swing, I’m now a full-on SJ-M fan. Only 16!

  65. Lasse Aa Liltved

    I was soooo hoping that you guys would review AKMU. I had been voting for it so much, but maybe a NASTY review next week. Air hugs from a NASTY Blackjack :D

  66. Wait…if it was unplugged…THEN WHO WAS PHONE???!?

  67. I found it hilarious that in the beginning of the video there was no sight of that moustache, but it magically appeared a few seconds later in the dance sequence :3 that man truly has a superpower when it comes to growing moustaches (and also to be able to shave it of so fast)

  68. finally figured out the comment section problem. for some reason it’s not working on firefox but is working on Chrome. victory is mine.

    • thisisjustforfunval

      I have the problem of the comment section not working Firefox, but working perfectly with Safari.

    • Cyber_3

      I had problems with the comments section too in Firefox/linux but fixed it. Check that you don’t have duplicate QuickTime plug-ins and then clear your cache, history, and cookies and restart Firefox.

      • i can’t bring myself to clear my history. i just can’t do it.

      • I switched from Firefox to Chrome because of comment problems too, but
        now I’m having the same issues here. :( I regularly clear my
        cache/history/cookies, but it doesn’t seem to help. How do I check to see if I have two QuickTime plug-ins? (sorry if it’s a dumb question)

        • Cyber_3

          Tools -> Add Ons -> Plug-Ins just de-activate the older one if you have two (usually QuickTime Plug-Ins) because when you upgrade the old one doesn’t get removed sometimes. Then go clean everything out again and reload or restart Firefox. Other than that, look online but this problem has happened to me 5 times this year, it just looks different on disqus….even though I could see the disqus comments on other sites but not eyk.

        • kitten_lilac

          Thanks! I’ll check it out. Hopefully that’ll fix it!


  70. i’ve kind of learned to expect a dubstep breakdown from super junior. i personally like it – mostly cause i lovvvvvve seeing eunhyuk dance. haha. my husband got jealous every time i would watch it and comment on eunhyuk :3 <3 i do agree on the 'stache though. hated that 'stache. ugh. as far as the "swing" concept – i think it was not so much in relation to "swing" music, but looking at the english translation and looking up "swing" – the definition they used was "to move" and/or "be a decisive influence" i.e. swinging the vote. based on super junior being known for their choreography, i'm thinking they used the definition "to move." Could've chose a different concept than "swing" especially if they wanted to reach audiences outside of Korea.

    All in all on a scale of 1 to 5 with a 1 being the least awesome and 5 being the most:
    song: 4
    dance: 5
    clarity of concept to audience: 4
    the attractiveness of eunhyuk: 5,000
    the attractiveness of everyone else: 5
    the attractiveness of that 'stache: negative.

    (btw, simon, if you read this, if you remember me leaving a comment before about the web developer thing, i sent an email tyou, wasn't sure if i should send it as a business inquiry, or personal. but just wanted to let you know that i sent an email in response to your reply. believe it was on the coffee house vid that i mentioned the web developing)

  71. Is the question ironic or not ? My answer will need to change if that the case.
    Great KMM guys and i agree i do not like that song (though the MV was quite funny, but it make me dizzy at times). It will be (and stay ) at the bottom of the bottom of my list of musics i wish i’ll never have to listen again

  72. Have you guys seen the Chinese version? I prefer it over the Korean version (which is rare for me to do, but it honestly does sound a lot better than the Korean version does. Probably because I saw that one first.) It’s a good song, but still not a big fan of the IGAB-like style mashup.

  73. i thought the song wasn’t bad, I’ve heard better from them, and I know they released a Korean version of it, and i must say i prefer the original version.

    Grate video guys, made me smile none stop and in the mist of finals, thats what i needed,

  74. unicornsgalaxy

    Simon, apparently you have never worked with a copier that was Satan’s spawn, born from the deepest pits of hell and put on earth to torment poor unsuspecting beings. Seriously, the copier in my office is EVIL!!! We’re a freaking IT department and yet we can’t tame that unruly beast! I hate it and I would like nothing more than to go all Office Space on it!

    • I’m glad to know that even IT people have trouble with their own copiers! We’ve got someone out to fix ours every other week, it seems.

      • Oh, yeah. I’m IT as well and Fax machines hate me. Copiers are afraid of me though. I just have to show up and they will begin behaving. Except for one…Granted I’m a software person, so if it’s really being a brat, I just call the IT Ops guys to deal with their beast.

    • At my school, the library’s copier’s only colored giant buttons are for choosing copying or scanning. The start button is a tiny button to the side, blending in with all the little setting buttons.

    • I just realized that the SuJu’s copier is the same one we have. And yes we do have employees that are completely stumped by the workings of the amazing green button. Especially when the message on the LCD screen is “out of paper…”

  75. i was dying throughout the mustache interview x’D and I love the cat sweater thing you’re wearing, Martina!! :D

  76. this was really funny..from the beginning until the end..:)

  77. Ryeowook was obviously talking to Dial Tone’s cousin, Silence.

    I’m really surprised you don’t like the song! I think it’s one of the best produced songs in kpop in a long time, and definitely my favorite Super Junior-M song ever. But to each their own!

  78. The pedo-stache. Ugh. I honestly haven’t watched the video yet because of that thing. Ugh. Did I mention UUUGGGHHHHHHH.
    I would’ve thought it was impossible to take a guy as naturally attractive and make him that CREEPY but I would’ve been wrong.
    As for KBS, I just don’t even know what to think any more. I keep reading the announcements of banning and thinking that the NEXT one will say “This has been banned for…reasons!” or “Because of wibly-wobbly timey wimey” or “KBS has banned this video because-good god, what is that thing over there!!”

  79. lady_kire

    I will say that I don’t like the dubstep part. It just doesn’t seem necessary. But, I do like the song

    • Where would you rank it compared to their other songs?

      • lady_kire

        Hmm… I don’t listen to Suju enough to give a fair ranking of songs… I will say that Swing is below Suju M’s Break down because of the unecessary dubstep. But at the same time, Swing is higher than Spy and Sexy Free and Single in terms of super catchiness…

        • kitten_lilac

          I’d agree with you on placing it above Spy and Sexy Free & Single. Never really cared for SF&S and Spy took a little longer to sound right to me. Their “I got you little runa way” rhythm was really disconcerting in Spy. It was actually harder for me to sing along to that English line than some of their Korean lines because I’d get tongue-tied.

          Though, I’ll admit I’m basing my ranking on their original Chinese version of Swing. I wasn’t completely blown away by their Korean version, but I think that’s mainly because I played the Chinese version so often that any other language is going to sound strange for it, if that makes sense.

    • Agreed. Without the dubstep, this would be WAY up there on my list of favorite SJ songs, possibly 2nd only after Bonamana. With the dubstep, though, it’s significantly lower. I’ve actually considered taking Audacity to it and cutting out the dubstep so I can listen to it without, but I’m not sure that’s a very sporting thing to do.

    Anyway….. I liked the song, but I agree it wasn’t the best :/ Sorry SJM. The breakdown came out of nowhere it has no connection to rest of the song. WHY SM??!! WHY??
    Loved the video guys x

  81. KBS’ reasons for banning things is basically them watching a video then spinning a roulette wheel of excuses.

  82. Leanne Cain

    New lighting? You guys looks especially beautiful in the video.

    Edit: It might be the chest hair.

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