Oooh! Wasn’t sure if this was gonna last a second week on top of the KpopCharts, but Taetiseo’s “Twinkle” pulled in a womping 22,000 votes. Huzzah!


And Ms. Trololo makes a comeback! We had to put her in here because – for the love of all that is holy – it seems like we can’t talk about Girl’s Generation without people thinking that we hate SNSD, even though we compliment them A LOT! Yes, in an interview a long time ago we talked about why we think 2NE1 would do better in the US than Girl’s Generation, and – for some reason – people viewed that as a statement that we don’t like Girl’s Generation. Come on! That’s not fair! I think Michael Jordan in his prime could beat Kobe Bryant in his prime, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like Kobe! By the way, that metaphor is not something Martina would ever write. She’d probably be like “just because I think Sailor Venus is stronger than Sailor Mercury it doesn’t mean that cutey cutey hello kitty Twilight Spudgy bla bla.” Long story short, Girl’s Generation often make awesome songs. Some we like, some we don’t like, but that has no impact on how we feel about them as a whole.

Anyways, we like this song! It’s a really big change from the Girl’s Generation stuff we’re used to, in terms of its sound, and we like it. The lyrics, though, aren’t really our thing. Is it just us, or does it seem like Girl’s Generation seem to date exceptionally unappreciative men? This song talks about indifferent guys, Run Devil Run talks about bad boyfriends, Hoot as well. WTF?! AYO! SNSD: I know you read this blog religiously. Let us help you out. Just, give us a call (you have our numbers) and we’ll hook you up with guys that will treat you well and who won’t be checking out any other girls. Seriously! Stop dating dummies.

On that note, this is the last Music Monday for two weeks. *GASP!* I know. We’re flying out of Korea on Friday and we’re in California for a few days, notably, the days that we take to make Music Monday. Sorry everyone. We’re going to get something worth the sacrifice, though, since we’re going to be doing videos with MBLAQ, Sistar, Wonder Girls, and B2ST. Sure, it won’t be a Kpop Music Monday, but it’ll be cool, at least! So, consider yourselves warned!

As always, if you like the song as much as we did, you can pick it up via iTunes or you can get the album mailed to you via YesAsia. And – again as always – we’ve got bloopers. This week, though Martina got her voice back, she still really sucked at speaking. DAMMIT MARTINA! It’s EXO! NOT E-X-O!!!


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