Oooh! Wasn’t sure if this was gonna last a second week on top of the KpopCharts, but Taetiseo’s “Twinkle” pulled in a womping 22,000 votes. Huzzah!


And Ms. Trololo makes a comeback! We had to put her in here because – for the love of all that is holy – it seems like we can’t talk about Girl’s Generation without people thinking that we hate SNSD, even though we compliment them A LOT! Yes, in an interview a long time ago we talked about why we think 2NE1 would do better in the US than Girl’s Generation, and – for some reason – people viewed that as a statement that we don’t like Girl’s Generation. Come on! That’s not fair! I think Michael Jordan in his prime could beat Kobe Bryant in his prime, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like Kobe! By the way, that metaphor is not something Martina would ever write. She’d probably be like “just because I think Sailor Venus is stronger than Sailor Mercury it doesn’t mean that cutey cutey hello kitty Twilight Spudgy bla bla.” Long story short, Girl’s Generation often make awesome songs. Some we like, some we don’t like, but that has no impact on how we feel about them as a whole.

Anyways, we like this song! It’s a really big change from the Girl’s Generation stuff we’re used to, in terms of its sound, and we like it. The lyrics, though, aren’t really our thing. Is it just us, or does it seem like Girl’s Generation seem to date exceptionally unappreciative men? This song talks about indifferent guys, Run Devil Run talks about bad boyfriends, Hoot as well. WTF?! AYO! SNSD: I know you read this blog religiously. Let us help you out. Just, give us a call (you have our numbers) and we’ll hook you up with guys that will treat you well and who won’t be checking out any other girls. Seriously! Stop dating dummies.

On that note, this is the last Music Monday for two weeks. *GASP!* I know. We’re flying out of Korea on Friday and we’re in California for a few days, notably, the days that we take to make Music Monday. Sorry everyone. We’re going to get something worth the sacrifice, though, since we’re going to be doing videos with MBLAQ, Sistar, Wonder Girls, and B2ST. Sure, it won’t be a Kpop Music Monday, but it’ll be cool, at least! So, consider yourselves warned!

As always, if you like the song as much as we did, you can pick it up via iTunes or you can get the album mailed to you via YesAsia. And – again as always – we’ve got bloopers. This week, though Martina got her voice back, she still really sucked at speaking. DAMMIT MARTINA! It’s EXO! NOT E-X-O!!!


  1. So true.. SNSD seem to date super unappreciative men.. Or the composer of their songs does..  I especially love Twinkle cos it focuses on the vocals and has my favourite couple in it.. TaeNy FTW! But I was really annoyed by the stupid ads as well.. & to have an ad of the same perfume.. I’m a SONE and tbh, even though you guys do critique SNSD, it all seems fine to me.. After all, they definitely have some bad points and the stuff u say are valid so.. Anyway, hope you review Paparazzi soon! & T-ara’s day by day:) I wanna see what stuff I missed in the video:)

  2. When I first heard that there was going to be a TTS group, my initial reaction was, “OMG DID ALL OF THE GIRLS LEAVE THE GROUP!?!?! AAAAAA!!!!” Then, after reading comments about how this was only a “sub group” to the main group, I could sigh with relief…. As far as your review goes, I agree with you 100 percent! You guys mentioned alot of valid points that many SONEs, like myself, were wondering. Keep up the great reviews! Hope you do a review of Paparazzi soon!

  3. I am so for TTS on this one!

  4. Uh-oh~ Simon lost his pants. 
    Martina you so nasty! 

  5. check out the background of the laptop, XIAAA~~~! *o*

  6. I surely vote for TTS. I love the old kind of rhythm in the song and I love the dancing

  7. what is Taetiseo? I know only Xia Junsu.

  8. i seriously couldn’t watch g.na’s banana song. i stopped in the middle. what’s the point anyway, like, i’ma gonna vote for titays anyway.
    i love titays!!!
    wait did that sound wrong…

  9. Is this the place to ask for the next review? I wonder :”| 

    Anyways, i’m really looking forward to Tarantallegra, please. Thank you for your hard work.

  10. G.Na – Top Girl!! I like her! She has so fantastic smile ^__^

  11. are you just going to be at the concert in california or will you be having a public apperance

  12. “Five out of five. You had one word and you said it well.” Hahahaha. You so funny. Thanks for this site. I’m hooked- and to think I found it looking for a lesson plan!

  13. OK this was really funny XDDDDDDDDD and baekhyun(the exo member that was sitting in front of the mirror, major SNSD fanboy xD) you should have take advantage to the opportunity xD just saying LOL

  14. I’d give my vote to TTS! ^^

  15. Simon, my parents think you swore a bit too much in this video :S

  16. Martina, how did you get your hair like that?  It looks awesome!! Could you teach us over at Open the Happy?  Please :-{ 

  17. ooooh can you do a tutorial on your hair style, it’s so cute!! and on a side note, every time you wear those earrings I sit here trying to figure out which direction they are going in. Like those towers at the airport that you can never figure out which way they are spinning (hope this makes sense). lol

  18. are you guys gonna have a fan meet at california? cuz that would be awesome :D

  19. Yeah, yeah… not need to make it clear again and again… everybody knows that you don’t hate GG… everybody knows that is T-ara you hate most XD

    I admit that I captured the minute “0:48″ of the Kpop MM video at full resolution and is now my wallpaper! although I don’t like LOL this deserve a LOLLOLLOL!!

    Two suggestions: control the light that produce those strange shadows in the nose of Martina and (please) blur “these parts” of Spudgy if you don’t want to be censured.

  20. cursing rant Simon? i think having your label mates in the background of you music video is a new way to promote them… Very different… and Martina really hate to correct you but you said Xo………

  21. I admit that I generally close my laptop when songs are playing because the videos are so insane.  I prefer to watch them separate with the sound off so that I can ad lib them myself.  However, I have been watching more since watching Simon and Martina so that I am fully aware of their likes and dislikes. I had been so turned off by the video that I had not listened to the song but for you I did finally listen, and yes it was good.  Thank you.


  23. Favourite KMM in a while! i always enjoy them, but todays one really made me laugh :D
    LOL the EXO cameos, i was wondering y he was in snsd’s change room, seriously so random, but i realise you didn’t mention the cameramen bop? :0
    lovelovelove from australia~

  24. i vote for taetiseo twinkle its a lot better 

  25. Girls Generation TTS 1.0: Text to speech program that will read you text with the voice of the member of your choice. :) 

  26. The ads that appear at the bottom are only in the youtube version and not in the actual MV . Though Taeyeon and Tiff are still holding that perfume bottle conveniently in their hands. Makes me wonder what SM plans next, maybe the girls will be wearing jumpsuits with LG (or Samsung) logos for their next song. (BTW – I’d sell my soul to be in that changing room :D

  27. You have JUNSU as your DESKTOP~~~~~~

    I can’t tell you how much I love you right now ;)

    …oh yeah. If you’re going to Review Tarantallegra, be warned that the random 2 seconds of girl at like the 1:07 (i think??) mark or something IS ACTUALLY HIM. 

    please also tell me if im the only one seeing a moustache line on the uh…GIRL-SU?

  28. Oh my! Martina you look absolutely gorgeous in this video! All I could focus on was how great you look in those colours and hairstyle and all :D

  29. You guise are coming to Google? SWEET, hope I get a chance to come shake your hands and thank you for all the quality entertainment. 

  30. OMGee, I hope you guys visit O.C. in California! :D

  31. oh nooo! why did that concert have to be around the San Francisco area?!! =/ i live in southern california, and wont be able to make it because i have finals….NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooo! 

  32. Kept getting randomly distracted by the Junsu.

  33. It’s okay, Martina, I call them E-X-O too.
    And I won’t get to see you guys at the concert next Monday! :'((( I tried, I really did, but I don’t know if you’ve heard about the mess that was the site hosting the ticket requests? It was terrible. I barely got out alive. Which I sort of didn’t, cuz I died a little inside knowing that I can’t  go see my favorite artists now along with so many other awesome ones. :(
    You guys are so lucky. Well, I mean you deserve it, but whatever… I’m still jelly!
    And Bilasa can conquer whatever, whenever, wherever. Cuz they got the better. That is all.

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