This week’s Music Monday is kinda reviewing two videos at once, though both are for the same song. T-ara’s “Cry Cry” has a dance version, as well as a really, really long, 15 freaking minute cop storyline version. If you haven’t seen them, you can check them out here:

Super Long Story Version:

Not Super Long Dance Version:

Anyhow, we’re big fans of T-ara, even if this wasn’t our favourite song of theirs (I mean, come on! How can you live up to Roly Poly?), but we’re starting to be confused by their super long video trend. Sure, it’s cool to make longer movies like that, but they’re kinda defeating the purpose of music videos, no? You watch a music video because you want some visuals to accompany your song, but when the video is five times the length of your song, and you have to cut up your song as well, then you’re kinda ruining the MUSIC experience. The videos are meant to supplement the music, not vice versa. YouTube users definitely should be with me on this: when you see a music video of a song you love, you totally abuse that replay button, right? How can you really watch and rewatch this video? They’re totally crushing their potential YouTube view counts, man!

And it’s not like this video is really worth rewatching. 15 minutes is a lot of time in the internet age. If you’re going to grab my attention for that long, especially when I can be watching this, then you really have to have something special. But this mini-movie just isn’t that great. The plot was, if not utterly predictable, then just outright silly. We poked fun at some of the parts, but – seriously – there were soooo many more we could have done. What’s up with her terrible sleuthing skills at the jacket shop? Does she really stare at his picture and duck? Seriously? And when she finally accosts the guy she wasn’t supposed to follow, WTF was her arresting strategy? Throw some boxes at him? And then what? He grabs her, and she stares at him. WHERE ARE YOUR SURVIVAL INSTINCTS WOMAN? Knee to the groin! Use those pretty nails to scratch at his face. You think he’ll surrender after losing to you in a staring contest?

Bah! It was a cool song for a nicely shot video which had a predictable storyline about bizarre cop & criminal amateur hour. Can’t wait to see what part 2 has in store, but I’m not sure how a song named “Lovey Dovey” can have a music video about anything but snuggly teddy bears. Maybe the criminals are smuggling drugs in teddy bears? That would make sense.

Anyhow, if you’re a fan of the song, you can pick it up on iTunes, or you can buy the physical album on YesAsia through the link below:


And lastly, if you haven’t been watching our video through the playlist, here are this week’s bloopers. We cut out a skit from the final video because it was going on for a bit too long, but you’ll see Martina assault me with a banana gun. She wagered her gun, and it turned into a banana. Don’t ask us why we used so many bananas this week.


  1. What completely annoyed me about this MV was the dad reaching down when the guy had a gun pointed at him.  DUH!!!   Man…I just really like the song but I HATE the long, long, long MV.  ^_^

  2. TVXQ! Can’t beat the fashion police… or Max’s giant-ass tape recorder. O_o

  3. Ha!  You guys killed on this!  How to get caught fast,  the tissue dance, wallet slaps, and the best part, the lens cap.  That catch was pure gold.  

  4. The cat video totally beat T-ara! Honestly, the only reason I watched the whole thing was because I like Cha Seung Won :)   TVXQ’s video was WAY better:  better song(s), better plot, better ass-kicking (the lead girl did a hook kick that ended in a joint lock…the TKD geek in me appreciated the fight scenes).  oh and better eye candy :D

  5. The lens cap!!!!! The LENS CAP!!!! BWAHA!!! *snort*

  6. What, it’s Monday already….???!!!! o.O

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