This week’s Music Monday is kinda reviewing two videos at once, though both are for the same song. T-ara’s “Cry Cry” has a dance version, as well as a really, really long, 15 freaking minute cop storyline version. If you haven’t seen them, you can check them out here:

Super Long Story Version:

Not Super Long Dance Version:

Anyhow, we’re big fans of T-ara, even if this wasn’t our favourite song of theirs (I mean, come on! How can you live up to Roly Poly?), but we’re starting to be confused by their super long video trend. Sure, it’s cool to make longer movies like that, but they’re kinda defeating the purpose of music videos, no? You watch a music video because you want some visuals to accompany your song, but when the video is five times the length of your song, and you have to cut up your song as well, then you’re kinda ruining the MUSIC experience. The videos are meant to supplement the music, not vice versa. YouTube users definitely should be with me on this: when you see a music video of a song you love, you totally abuse that replay button, right? How can you really watch and rewatch this video? They’re totally crushing their potential YouTube view counts, man!

And it’s not like this video is really worth rewatching. 15 minutes is a lot of time in the internet age. If you’re going to grab my attention for that long, especially when I can be watching this, then you really have to have something special. But this mini-movie just isn’t that great. The plot was, if not utterly predictable, then just outright silly. We poked fun at some of the parts, but – seriously – there were soooo many more we could have done. What’s up with her terrible sleuthing skills at the jacket shop? Does she really stare at his picture and duck? Seriously? And when she finally accosts the guy she wasn’t supposed to follow, WTF was her arresting strategy? Throw some boxes at him? And then what? He grabs her, and she stares at him. WHERE ARE YOUR SURVIVAL INSTINCTS WOMAN? Knee to the groin! Use those pretty nails to scratch at his face. You think he’ll surrender after losing to you in a staring contest?

Bah! It was a cool song for a nicely shot video which had a predictable storyline about bizarre cop & criminal amateur hour. Can’t wait to see what part 2 has in store, but I’m not sure how a song named “Lovey Dovey” can have a music video about anything but snuggly teddy bears. Maybe the criminals are smuggling drugs in teddy bears? That would make sense.

Anyhow, if you’re a fan of the song, you can pick it up on iTunes, or you can buy the physical album on YesAsia through the link below:


And lastly, if you haven’t been watching our video through the playlist, here are this week’s bloopers. We cut out a skit from the final video because it was going on for a bit too long, but you’ll see Martina assault me with a banana gun. She wagered her gun, and it turned into a banana. Don’t ask us why we used so many bananas this week.


  1. What’s weird is that I saw this before I knew about t-ara sad

  2. “Can’t wait to see what part 2 has in store, but I’m not sure how a song named “Lovey Dovey” can have a music video about anything but snuggly teddy bears. Maybe the criminals are smuggling drugs in teddy bears?”

    I watched the Lovey Dovey story MV. THERE WERE ACTUALLY DRUGS INSIDE STUFFED ANIMALS. I’m not even kidding.

    Simon & Martina saw into the future. ._.

  3. the song feels like Britney Spear’s Oops I did it again…………. O_o

  4. guise,when you say about the Lovey Dovey mv,do you know after this they will film it?

  5. TVXQ WINS BY I LAND SLIDE!!!!! The plot is more unique and you always wonder whats gonna happened. Its filmed amazingly well and it would COMPLETELY pass as a drama! also everything it well played out and you arent left confused and dissapointed at the end. Over all TVXQ WINS! :D

  6. OMG!!!!!! When you guys said about the police pepper spraying the kids silently protesting on the ground~ Yup that’s UC Davis! The school I’m attending! The protests are still ongoing~

  7. This song sounds like ABBA meet the 90’s! Why is the bad guy with pink lipstick at 9:12?

  8. I think TVXQ for sure :D

  9. im really loving your reviews on kpop songs~~!!♥
    my vote goes to TVXQ!

  10. Omg…Simon…omg…I started freaking out when I saw the 91.7 WSUM sticker on your notebook in this week’s video. How did you get your hands on that sticker!?! I’m a UW-Madison student who’s currently DJ-ing at the student radio station WSUM and I occasionally play Kpop songs you guys review as filler to end my radio show. In other words, I’m lovin’ that subtle (voluntary or otherwise) shout-out to WSUM!

    Oh yeah, my vote goes to TVXQ

  11. So…my vote goes to TVXQ -Before U Go.
    CRY CRY as song is good, but as MV is a little bit boring,sorry.


  13. Of course, my vote goes to TVXQ. haha

  14. Oh I’m So glad they picked Tvxq’s before u go! it’s a great video to compare w/ t-ara’s!
    I vote for Tvxq :]

  15. I REALLY love the song, though.

    Doesn’t this sound like a popular hit in America? My Russian mom heard the song and thought it was Britney Spears… sounds like one of her songs… WHAT IS ITTTTTT?

  16. I vote for TVXQ. Their video had a better plot altogether and also who could resist Changmin?? :)
    Loved this review guys! Hope that Spudgy will get better soon, Spudgy fighting!
    One more thing, now that Kim Hyun Joong is officially the best male artist of the year (yay he won on the MAMA awards!!!) could you please do Luck Guy next week?! 

  17. What completely annoyed me about this MV was the dad reaching down when the guy had a gun pointed at him.  DUH!!!   Man…I just really like the song but I HATE the long, long, long MV.  ^_^

  18. I think Junsu got lessons of Monkey Magic from T.O.P…hehe
    And Simon’s Snape wig…hahahaha xD
    My vote goes to….T-ara’s Cry Cry :) Cuz even though I loved the Before U Go MV, the song wasn’t really relevant to the video…and that is kinda the main point of a MUSIC video…eh…yes? guise..yes?

  19. “Mordney Present” cereal box! Awesome!

    My vote this week is for TVXQ’s Before U Go. It was that music video that made me fall in love with TVXQ in the first place therefore I cannot deny it’s awesome-ness.

    Hope Spudgy gets better soon!

  20. Is that…Cha Seung-Won from Greatest Love? OMO!

  21. Maybe the lens cap was there to fool the criminals…….into thinking she wasn’t following them……….?


    FWIW, this is my first T-ARA song and I thought it was pretty darn good overall.  Once again, thanks for showing KPop to a wider audience.  :)

  22. TVXQ’s had more plot, action, and drama. Sorry T-ara

  23. I love your guys videos  ^_^ they are funny , entertaining and yet insightlful and helpful. Love ur kpop mondays~~ http://www.dkpopnews.net/2011/10/giveaway-wish-and-get-your-favorite.html this is something Im  entering  that has to do with kpop news ^_^ hope you dont mind me posting it here. If you do you can delete it =)  but its an awesome event ~ by kpopmart. 

  24. I absolutely loved the cat video! I heart this video! just like our pet kitty.

  25. Loved the review, i really really really love the mini movies alot :) especially 2 parters :) I vote for TVXQ! “Before You Go” really sad that he had to go all bad cop for the sake of his sister and the bond of friendship between the four and how they forgive him or at least understand why he turned on them…

  26. Let me feel……..banana guns???? Oh Junsu….what have you done to me?

    Spudgy get better!!! <3
    and oh….. I gotta go with TVXQ!……Max getting angry about his cookies…..and Yunho in that tight leather jacket……yup. Alls I can say!

    Me gusta the Mordney Present Cereal….muuucho :& <— Me gusta face

  27. You guys are too kind with 3-out-of-5 rating on the English. I was thinking more like 1.5 or 2. Had enough with kpop songs with nonsense English phrases that just make them sound cool, or make other Koreans think that they are cool. Props to YG folks who know how to be “cool” with the words!

  28. I forgot to say something yay for Sunny Hill winning i really liked the  video also cleansing cream mv but idk i think pray got more of my attention and now finally the last thing i’m saying hope Spudgy recovers soon and stays healthy :)

  29. I like the song and i found the video interesting. Thought i didnt like the dance ver nor the ballad ver. I was totally looking forward to the dance ver since i have a passion for dancing but i wasnt satisfied at all. So it’s the first time i watched the TVXQ video since just recently i’ve started to like em (n JYJ) And i really like the video n i like what they did in using other songs depending somewhat of the situation. So to wrap this up I go for TVXQ :D (it’s much more interesting)

  30. Althought I love the music of T-ara’s Cry Cry,but I vote for TVXQ.

  31. Tell me I’m not the only who thinks Cry, Cry is similar to Britney and Madonna’s Me Against the Music. There have been a good number of people who have compared Be My Baby with Single Ladies, but it seems like no one has registered this similarity. I think it’s the whole cane thing and “can’t you see the music.” Anyways, great review!

  32. TVXQ! Can’t beat the fashion police… or Max’s giant-ass tape recorder. O_o

  33. The lead from Warrior Baek Dong So..playing a hot young bad guy..too cool for school!

  34. I was like “OMG! That’s my school!” when you guys were talking about the pepper spray incident and then I was like “Oh well, time to go protest” >.<

  35. I love the cat video OMG so cute!!!

  36. Boy, everyone really nailed me here. I thought “Cry Cry” was good when I watched it, and I had no complaints. Now that you guys pointed it out I see how simple it was.
     While the camera angles were awesome from what I saw, with the shaky, intense movements, I failed to notice the whole tear-down of the video’s plot.
     It was obviously not artsy fartsy creative emotion like BEG’s “Cleansing Cream” and Sunny Hill’s “Pray”, but I liked the fact that it had a legit actor in it, and the emotions were well portrayed by both Jiyeon and Ding dong man.
     I DEMAND SIMPLE PLOTS BE BANISHED. Too many Dorama’s have made me think that the world is all rainbows and unicorns and happy endings exist, and T-ara adding onto this isn’t helping v . v

     *cough*….Besides simple plots, were there really that many mistakes? I should put my Yunjae eyes to better use in MV’s so I can judgmental troll the comments. ( ^ o ^~)… (Oa O;;)YOU HEARD NOTHING.


  37. Congratulations SunnyHill!<3 they're so underrated but so talented :D anyway, this was a reeeally great review, the part on "How to get caught fast" made me LOL so hard!

    Anyway, I'm obviously votingo for TVXQ – Before U Go! If you're meant to be a weird cop failure, then be a sexy cop with a chest box who gets angry with who steals your cookies! <3

  38. Hi Simon and Martina!

    I was just wondering if you got a new lens for your camera, or if I am just imagining things.  I look forward to your videos purely for the entertainment factor, even if I don’t intend on watching the music video itself!  I’ve been going through your archives lately, and I just wanted to say that you guys are awesome and hilarious, and I’m glad that you’re Canadian!

    Beth from Peterborough (currently living in Dartmouth, NS)

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