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T-ara N4 “Jeon Won Diary” – Kpop Music Mondays

May 7, 2013


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Ok guise. Here’s our real Music Monday. We’re talking about Taranafourousrex’s “Jeon Won Diary”. We haven’t talked about Tara in a long time! If you haven’t heard this great song (but really dumb video) yet, check it out here!

Ok, so, we’re fiddling around with the Music Monday format a bit. A couple of things we want to do:

1) Include us talking with each other side by side so we can disagree, but not in an extended format.
2) Include the old Music Monday format that a lot of people complained about missing since it does add structure and flow
3) Having more segments within Music Monday, instead of a long video rant, then english talk, then dance talk, then showdown. Why not break the video talk part down into different segments as well?

We’re still working out the kinks for it all. Hopefully next week we’ll get more figured out.

Anyhow! On to Tara N4’s”Jeon Won Diary!” A couple of things:

1) Soo Zee watched the video and had a different reaction to it than we did, because the old sounding sample of the song is actually from an old TV show, from which the old grandma and grandpa in T-ara’s music video were actors. Cool! Though, we’re still not totally sold on the old-sound with weird speak rapping and then the funktasticness of the rest of the song, but at least we can appreciate its origins a bit more.

2) Let’s talk about sub-units here: now, this is going to be a difficult to talk about, and might get some people upset. Sub-units come about for many reasons. Some reasons might be obvious, like a member(s) acting in a drama and being unavailable. But I also believe that some sub-units are formed for reasons that will remain secret from the public, for example, some members are just more popular/unpopular/better dancers/singers/rappers/make more money and so on. The problem to me is this. The TaraN4 song was great but it seems they didn’t need a whole band to make a great song. The rest of the members, then, seem excessive, no? Does having that many more members really contribute to the quality of the music? Does having more members result in better songs? They had backup dancers to fill in the missing dancers, so even that didn’t seem to create a problem. Now if you’re a huge fan of a particular group and your bias isn’t in the sub-unit then yes, it will make a huge difference to you, but from an average kpop fans perspective, if it isn’t a huge change, isn’t that…weird?

We’re not saying that the rest of the members suck and don’t contribute anything of value. What we’re saying instead is that having small groups doesn’t seem to impact the music quality. Look at Orange Caramel, a sub-unit of After School, or TTS, a sub-unit of Girls’ Generation. We loved the songs these sub-units put out, yet doesn’t it seem like Orange Caramel is more active then After School? Plus, their music and video styles are totally different, so are they really a sub-unit or just a brand new group? Even when you look at TTS, you remember we complained that the title said Girls’ Generation-TTS, and we didn’t understand why, but we were told GG would rotate three members at a time creating different mini-sub groups of GG…yet that never happened. So what was the actual point of TTS? Why not let those three girls form their own little group without the attached image of being a member of GG? They’re certainty popular enough to survive on their own, so it just seems confusing to us.

3) Let’s talk money! Doesn’t it seem kinda financially detrimental to have a lot of members, since the sales of the music are divided up so many more times? There are, what now: 7 (almost 8 if you count Dani) total members of T-ara, right? Dividing up the profits from a song by 4 rather than by 8 means the members get double the money for themselves. More money for the members means happier members, no? Financially speaking, as business owners now, I’d rather have less staff that work more efficiently, rather than more staff that do the same amount of work. Or is that a bad thing to say?

But on the other side, having more members means creating more choices for people to like, and you can divide the groups up to tour in different parts of the world to make more money, like with Super Junior and EX-O. You can also keep the group going if one person joins a drama or leaves for military, unlike in a smaller group like for example, Miss A, who seems to have fallen off the face of the planet expect for Suzy who has been acting in dramas non-stop since 2011 until now. I guess considering the business side of kpop, it’s a difficult choice for entertainment companies.

So the question is:
Doesn’t it seem like future Kpop bands should stick to three to four members? The music sounds just as good, and the members will get more money out of it, which will result in them being happier and less overworked. Agree or disagree? What are we missing out on here?

Anyhow, if you’re digging this song as much as I am (Martina’s half half on the song), pick it up either on iTunes or YesAsia. Oh! And you can check out this week’s Bloopers here!

Sidenote: sorry to the SHINee fans who are upset that we didn’t review “Why So Serious” We seriously didn’t like anything about that song or video. We’re usually SHINee fans. They’re our second favorite group in Kpop, and everything they do is usually fanfreakingtastic, but Why So Serious was not good in our opinions, and we’d be miserable making a video about it. Sorry!



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