Ok guise. Here’s our real Music Monday. We’re talking about Taranafourousrex’s “Jeon Won Diary”. We haven’t talked about Tara in a long time! If you haven’t heard this great song (but really dumb video) yet, check it out here!


Ok, so, we’re fiddling around with the Music Monday format a bit. A couple of things we want to do:

1) Include us talking with each other side by side so we can disagree, but not in an extended format.
2) Include the old Music Monday format that a lot of people complained about missing since it does add structure and flow
3) Having more segments within Music Monday, instead of a long video rant, then english talk, then dance talk, then showdown. Why not break the video talk part down into different segments as well?

We’re still working out the kinks for it all. Hopefully next week we’ll get more figured out.

Anyhow! On to Tara N4’s”Jeon Won Diary!” A couple of things:

1) Soo Zee watched the video and had a different reaction to it than we did, because the old sounding sample of the song is actually from an old TV show, from which the old grandma and grandpa in T-ara’s music video were actors. Cool! Though, we’re still not totally sold on the old-sound with weird speak rapping and then the funktasticness of the rest of the song, but at least we can appreciate its origins a bit more.

2) Let’s talk about sub-units here: now, this is going to be a difficult to talk about, and might get some people upset. Sub-units come about for many reasons. Some reasons might be obvious, like a member(s) acting in a drama and being unavailable. But I also believe that some sub-units are formed for reasons that will remain secret from the public, for example, some members are just more popular/unpopular/better dancers/singers/rappers/make more money and so on. The problem to me is this. The TaraN4 song was great but it seems they didn’t need a whole band to make a great song. The rest of the members, then, seem excessive, no? Does having that many more members really contribute to the quality of the music? Does having more members result in better songs? They had backup dancers to fill in the missing dancers, so even that didn’t seem to create a problem. Now if you’re a huge fan of a particular group and your bias isn’t in the sub-unit then yes, it will make a huge difference to you, but from an average kpop fans perspective, if it isn’t a huge change, isn’t that…weird?

We’re not saying that the rest of the members suck and don’t contribute anything of value. What we’re saying instead is that having small groups doesn’t seem to impact the music quality. Look at Orange Caramel, a sub-unit of After School, or TTS, a sub-unit of Girls’ Generation. We loved the songs these sub-units put out, yet doesn’t it seem like Orange Caramel is more active then After School? Plus, their music and video styles are totally different, so are they really a sub-unit or just a brand new group? Even when you look at TTS, you remember we complained that the title said Girls’ Generation-TTS, and we didn’t understand why, but we were told GG would rotate three members at a time creating different mini-sub groups of GG…yet that never happened. So what was the actual point of TTS? Why not let those three girls form their own little group without the attached image of being a member of GG? They’re certainty popular enough to survive on their own, so it just seems confusing to us.

3) Let’s talk money! Doesn’t it seem kinda financially detrimental to have a lot of members, since the sales of the music are divided up so many more times? There are, what now: 7 (almost 8 if you count Dani) total members of T-ara, right? Dividing up the profits from a song by 4 rather than by 8 means the members get double the money for themselves. More money for the members means happier members, no? Financially speaking, as business owners now, I’d rather have less staff that work more efficiently, rather than more staff that do the same amount of work. Or is that a bad thing to say?

But on the other side, having more members means creating more choices for people to like, and you can divide the groups up to tour in different parts of the world to make more money, like with Super Junior and EX-O. You can also keep the group going if one person joins a drama or leaves for military, unlike in a smaller group like for example, Miss A, who seems to have fallen off the face of the planet expect for Suzy who has been acting in dramas non-stop since 2011 until now. I guess considering the business side of kpop, it’s a difficult choice for entertainment companies.

So the question is:
Doesn’t it seem like future Kpop bands should stick to three to four members? The music sounds just as good, and the members will get more money out of it, which will result in them being happier and less overworked. Agree or disagree? What are we missing out on here?

Anyhow, if you’re digging this song as much as I am (Martina’s half half on the song), pick it up either on iTunes or YesAsia. Oh! And you can check out this week’s Bloopers here!


Sidenote: sorry to the SHINee fans who are upset that we didn’t review “Why So Serious” We seriously didn’t like anything about that song or video. We’re usually SHINee fans. They’re our second favorite group in Kpop, and everything they do is usually fanfreakingtastic, but Why So Serious was not good in our opinions, and we’d be miserable making a video about it. Sorry!

  1. Si and Mari! This new format is absolutely AWEfreakingSOME ! Watching you guise do a kpop music monday fills me with a sense of relief and the benefit of not needing to explain myself as I share 99.9% of all your opinions… so usually when a friend asks “what do u think of this and this video?” i would always say “watch si and mari”…
    That being said, i hated tiaranehfoursauraus. The least- liked tara members together in one sub-unit, the sun is already shining brighter! I don’t really “enjoy” t-ara (with the exception of Roly Poly babeeeh!) and wen i watched them more i was like “you know what? Boram, Qri, and Hwayoung aren’t that bad!” … Guess what? Hwayoung is gone and Qri and Boram aren’t even IN the subgroup! Its PRETTY obvious what the “choosing” of the members of the n4 was based upon though…

    And i’m a huge Shawol (or is it a shawl? shool? shamo?) … y so serious made me want to jump off a balcony whilst piercing my eardrums simultaneously.

  2. S&M…. i just realized the t-ara joke that u always said…p-a-r-t why was actually p-a-r-t-y… silly me didnt noticed that for a long time

  3. One of the best Music Mondays, imo.

  4. Oh, and I prefer smaller kpop groups for practical reasons; I get to know everyone in the band in a shorter amount of time, normally in smaller group there is not a focus in just a few members while the others just stand like backup and, like you said, the number of members doesn’t affect the music quality,

  5. Ok, so this is the funniest KMM since BoA’s Disturbance. Seriously guys, this is EPIC! So happy you are trying out new things! I was getting bored with the old format.
    Side note: funny thing about SHINee’s “Why So Serious?” song and MV is that I was serious the entire video because it was SO BAD. I’m a SHINee’s fan but this single was just meee

  6. It is out, and it is also your duty, as slave to the Galactic Overlords, to vote for them. Do it!

  7. “Doesn’t it seem like future Kpop bands should stick to three to four members? The music sounds just as good, and the

    members will get more money out of it, which will result in them being happier and less overworked. Agree or disagree? What are we missing out on here?” I don’t know if they’ll be happier or less overworked… the kpop scene is kind of full and bursting open right now and any new group might have trouble becoming popular…and have to work harder… I dont know…

    As to what I can say about T-ara’s sub-unit… I’m just glad Ram’s sister Boram isn’t in it – . -‘

    0:39 don’t make jokes like that ;_;

    “Titaes” :))

    1:57 X’DD Martina wins! *yey* :))

    nice way of speaking Simon but I think next time I’ll need subtitles :))

    You look good guise! :D I guess your diet is making progresses :) and Spudgy’s so cute! :D

    Awesome review!! :D:D Great job!! :)


    P.S: For the showdown I vote Dal Shabet

    P.S.s: Guise, who’s that on your laptop in the background?

  8. Well they’ve had other awesome songs(being reviewed) so I don’t think that Simon and Martina’s opinion would have that much say in this situation…people’ tastes differ… besides they did say “They’re our second favorite group in Kpop”

    • I don’t think that Simon and Martina’s opinions are that deciding… for example there was once when they didn’t like an artist’s song and I still checked their other songs regardless… so I think it depends on each individual

  9. Good job on the format! It really flowed and I enjoyed the pieces with you both together!!<3
    Also great points in the blog post! There are some serious things to consider in there!!

  10. yay! I’m glad you returned to a more normalish KMM style. I really liked how you guys “fixed” it. you should go design videos for k-pop producers.

    The vibe that i got when watching this video was that, they tried to make it humorous like PSY’s videos, because he got so famous with them, but fail…. completely, and miserably. they should stick to what they are good at.

    As fun/catchy as the song itself may be, the video is such utter crap (imo) that it definitely doesn’t make me want to watch it again. what a weird setting…

  11. I do think the extra members is excessive and really unnecessary for music quality (especially when it is not even noticeable a voice is missing because their voices are not distinct enough)…I think the tendency for Kpop to have large groups is one of the reasons Kpop has hard time crossing over to western market…the largest group acceptable is generally 5 and after 5 it seems too overwhelming.

  12. This Kpop Music Monday is pure gold!

  13. Number 1: In rippito flippito super slow motion
    Number 2: Bubble bubble bubble pop!
    Number 3: Onew eating a chicken? O.o

  14. There’s the awkward zombie dance all the zombies suddenly popping up in Kpop to talk about… and the pretty startling way the song suddenly changes keys… and how Shinee assures us that Romeo and Juliet was “not a sad love story” and then turns things around by accusing the girl of being a “romance fiction maniac” because she wants a happy ending to their love story… I mean honestly this song is pretty mental! I can’t tell if we’re supposed to recognize that it’s an insane song or if we’re supposed to love and endorse it straightforwardly, haha.

    T-ara N4 is a better song and a more interesting video, though, I think, so I was happy to see it reviewed! Personally I think they didn’t need that rap guy, and I wish the song made better use of their voices. There’s another singer in T-ara I really like and I wish she could’ve been in this subunit… as it is, there’s only one strong singer carrying most of the lines, and Jiyeon has almost nothing to do, which is way more noticeable when there’s only four of them.

    • The rap guy, you meant Taewoon right? His rap is one of my most favourite parts of the song though.

      And I guess the singer you meant is Soyeon is it? I’d love to have her in this sub-unit and Queen’s have been crazy about this too. But then when it turns out that she’s saved to be in the upcoming japanese sub-unit of T-ara along with RiRam, we have no more thing to complain.

      As for “Jiyeon has almost nothing to do”, I don’t think so. I feel that she even has more lines than Eunjung and Areum which also surprises me. I personally thought that Hyomin and Eunjung would have lots of parts in this song but turn out it applied to only Hyomin.

  15. “If EXO has fallen down a hole, how long will it take for SM to help them out?”

    Answer: Since their are twelve members in the group they could, depending on the depth of the hole, get at at least half of the members out by making a human pyramid and those at the top could climb out. Then they could Hollywood style reach into the hole, possibly holding a member by the ankles, and helping the rest of the members out. In the mean time SM would be making Rescue EXO teasers while the boys are getting a much needed shower after falling into a hole.

    • Lol at your great response….”If EXO has fallen down a hole, how long will it take for SM to help them out?”

      ..my fellow kpop fans and I on twitter have a long-standing joke about SM’s …*Basement of Irrelevancy*
      The place where under-performing($$) groups go for ‘time-out’.
      or…. if shunned altogether, they remain permanently — like TheGrace and TRAX.
      ~ ~never to be seen again ~ cue the spooky music ~ ♫♪

  16. i’m really digging the format. much improvement from the previous. Like the talk showdown, great way to incorporate the “debate” side of things. personally I’d want maybe like 45 seconds? haha but that’s just me. skits are top notch as usual *thumbs up* but when you were doing ur own quick run through sarcastic version of the mv it was great for the first few seconds but then was a bit too long that it gave off the feel u were mocking the group? Which i totally know ur not but I can see if some ppl might take to offense? perhaps find more balance in talking about the song a bit more than majority mv? cuz then you (Simon) would be able to express more on how you do actually like the song. I hope my rambling makes sense :)

    BTW loved the opening scene of Simon kicking balloons in slow-mo haha some nasty kicking right there

  17. That totally awesome moment when you’re bored at work and you realise – there’s a new K.Pop Music Monday at home waiting to be watched. Even awesomer moment when you log into EYK and find 2!!!!!!!! Music Mondays to be had :-D
    Thanks Guys, you got me through a very long day. xx

  18. OMG! YES T-ARA GOT REVIEWED <333333333333333333 WOOHOO!!!!
    btw, Simon & Martina, it's pronounced Tee-a-ra-en-four :D shootz

  19. i agree with simon…..******

  20. More group members, more issues. You end up with a SNSD song with no clear direction. The more people in the group trying to be me, me, me, just bogs down. I’m all for 3-5 members in a group, more focused results. Want to experiment with a dance concept, hire some backup dancers. Need a larger sound for a particular song, hire backup singers.

  21. I was reading it in Martina’s voice the whole time until I realized that Simon was the person writing it at the end…..I had to go back and re-read it lol

  22. So, am I missing the whole point of voting for the video to be reviewed on KMM? Are we supposed to vote for the one we want to be reviewed or the one that was put in as a ruse?! If it doesn’t have a shot why is it included? I’m a huge fan of all you do but….. SHINee or whoever…. The most votes should be the one reviewed. I can barely take you serious that you liked this M/V over anything. Sub unit of bad is just a smaller chunk of bad!

  23. I personally like both songs and was expecting you guys to make a review on Shinee actually since you guys love them. :) Even so, Tara N4’s Jeon Won Diary seems suited more for KMM than Shinee’s Why So Serious. And also, I understand your reasons for choosing not to review Shinee, so yeah. :)

    Thanks for the entertainment Simon and Martina! Love the new format and enjoy making more KMMs and your other videos! :)

    Side note: I’m not sure if it’s me only, but the annotations for this video, and as well as the “fake” uBeat KMM, aren’t showing on the screen even if I turn the annotation on. Hope you guys could check and clarify. Thanks. :)

  24. I’m just the opposite. I like hearing what they say about the videos more than the skits. I like the skits and all but sometimes they just miss the mark with me. And while their opinion of the song/video rarely changes mine, I just like hearing their opinions and insights on the video. :D

    I think it’ll be hard to find a balance between the “more skits” and “more opinions” viewpoints. I guess it depends on how inspired they are by the video. I’d rather have good skits than skits that seem like they are just thrown in because they feel they need them, if you know what I mean.

  25. I really really really agreed with you guys about the girls working in the countryside. It really rubbed me the wrong way and you guys articulated the problem perfectly. It could have been a much better storyline.

    Right now I am in the Korean countryside with my husband’s family. His parents work really hard from dawn to dusk. Farming is really hard work and doesn’t pay much. They have worked hard so that their children don’t have to be farmers too, because it’s so difficult.

    If those girls were on my in-laws farm and behaving like that I would want to… I don’t know…. slap them in the face or something. I know it’s supposed to be a fun video, but like you guys said- it could have had a better message. Instead of enjoying what was a fun song I was shaking my head at the video and it made me a bit sad. To me it seems like they were making fun of rural life and being in that lifestyle at the moment while we are visiting my husband’s parents… it just took away the enjoyment of the video.

  26. Psst, just FYI when you guys have the videos for G Dragon VS Crazy No(??) the GD video is actually T-ARA’s. Must have been sleepy and missed it. <3

    I like this format. :) The skits made me laugh and I had to re-wind to watch parts over again, cause I kept laughing over them. The 30sec opinion showdown was cute, and a good way to discuss together without overpowering the whole KMM — you could probably extend it to 45sec/1min or something; you guys seemed to be flailing a little to talk so fast, hehehe.

  27. That’s one of the things about the kpop music industry… the [sometime ridiculously] big groups… Super Junior being perhaps the best example, though I love them, I always did wonder about the functionality of having such a large group.

  28. LOVE THIS! <3 Great job!

  29. Hey,

    Great format. I enjoyed last weeks one too with just you two guys expressing your individual differing thoughts and opinions, but this hybrid one i think is pretty close to the perfect mix between that and the older ones.

    Great Job!!!

    Also sidenote: Just received my EYC Studio donation package in the mail. OPEN THE HAPPY indeed!!!!!

  30. This hybrid KMM format is such an improvement over last week’s. I really like the timed opinion battle; I think it could actually be longer, maybe a minute instead of 30 seconds. And maybe you guys should alternate timed turns, like in chess, so that you don’t end up with one person accidentally taking over most of the talking time.

    Also: Another great blackboard, like the Man In Love one.

    However, I’ve gotta say that I like Why So Serious and dislike the T-ara N4 song. I actually had to mute the sound just to finish watching Jeon Won Diary’s MV, and I’ve never had to mute a T-ara song before. That said, Jeon Won Diary seemed to me to be better suited for a KMM than SHINee this time around.

    Even though you guys don’t like Why So Serious, I really recommend that you listen to the entire album, Misconceptions of Me, if you haven’t already. (I like WSS, but it’s not my favorite off the album; Orgel and Nightmare are my favorites.) I rarely ever like an entire kpop album, but this is one of the few that I do. I speak as someone who was never really that interested in SHINee before Dream Girl, so my positive opinion about their most recent two albums is completely unclouded by any fangirl bias.

    • I prefer Misconceptions of You more but glad you’re starting to turn into a fan.
      Hmmm however I did dislike Why So Serious and I liked this song. Although I found the low quality sounding saxophone quite obnoxious especially in the second half of the song.
      And here’s where I was shamelessly going to promote my top songs of April video but my phone keeps posting it in the middle… -_-

      • I also like the majority of Misconceptions of You. Misconceptions of Me has a darker sound, so for me I’ll listen to whichever album I feel like listening to more, depending on my mood. But if I simply go by the number of tracks that I like/love, then Misconceptions of Me comes out slightly ahead since there are two songs on MofYou that I find meh. There are also two songs on MofMe that I don’t like as much as the rest of the album, but I like those two songs more than the two that I don’t care for on MofYou, so that’s why MofMe comes out slightly ahead as an overall album for me. But then again, if I want a lighter sound, then I’m going to listen to Beautiful or Dream Girl or Dynamite, so I can foresee myself listening to both albums pretty much equally in the future.

        • I liked Spoiler and Dynamite when they were new but I’ve started liking both more recently. Really my top SHINee songs vid I’m making has made me relisten to all my songs and I’ve kind of started liking some more and some less than I originally had them listed.

  31. I really like this format – it works really well! I’m with you Martina – this song and video clip are below average… but the chorus is great! On the other hand I quite like the Shinee’s Why so Serious (not so much the video) but every time I say the title it turns into ‘Why so serious yeah sajin sok nega sungan misojieo wae… (I can never remember the tune if it’s not playing so it turns into Sherlock…)

  32. This KMM felt like it had so much in it, but it was only a little less than 9 minutes! I am seriously impressed and entertained. :) Also, I am a HARD CORE AND I MEAN HARD CORE Shawol, but I am really glad that you didn’t do Why So Serious. It just wouldn’t be good KMM material. I LOVED this video. :)

  33. Great MM guise!! I’m liking this format. and I totally agree.. I’m not a fan of SHINee’s new song. :/ I tried listening to it to see if it’d grow on me… nope. Can’t stand it. AND THEY ARE MY FAV GROUP. Ah well…

    also, loved the blackboard :)

  34. Hey guys,I’m a little confused because I didn’t get the EXO joke on the board. Is it because they have so many members, or is there some nuance that I’m missing?

  35. OMG, Exo line on the blackboard. SO FUNNY. I was laughing so hard I did not hear anything Simon said. I had to go back and watch it again.

  36. I love this week’s KMM format. I agree with a lot of people with the debate. Bump it up to a minute mark. 30 seconds was a little too short.

  37. I’ve never commented on here before (more of a silent viewer) but I have to say that even though I am a hardcore Shawol, Why So Serious was not their best but it does get catchy after a few more listens. I didn’t like the video, though, so I agree with you guys there lol but I was wondering if you guys have heard the rest of the album? Because ERMAGERD IT’S SO GOOD!
    Anyways, I totally love this new KMM format. It has structure and flow and has new things while still being the KMM we all know and love.
    As a side note, UKISS’s KMM is adorbs. <3 it'd be so cool to see more Kpop stars do stuff like that!

  38. I normally love everything SHINee, but I’m super glad you guys didn’t review Why So Serious? because I’m in 100% agreement with you on!

    I also like the combination of the old and new format. Though, I kinda wanted the 30sec debate thing to be more than 30sec :P

  39. Loved today KMM it’s a mix of the last one and the old format :)

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