Ok guise. Here’s our real Music Monday. We’re talking about Taranafourousrex’s “Jeon Won Diary”. We haven’t talked about Tara in a long time! If you haven’t heard this great song (but really dumb video) yet, check it out here!


Ok, so, we’re fiddling around with the Music Monday format a bit. A couple of things we want to do:

1) Include us talking with each other side by side so we can disagree, but not in an extended format.
2) Include the old Music Monday format that a lot of people complained about missing since it does add structure and flow
3) Having more segments within Music Monday, instead of a long video rant, then english talk, then dance talk, then showdown. Why not break the video talk part down into different segments as well?

We’re still working out the kinks for it all. Hopefully next week we’ll get more figured out.

Anyhow! On to Tara N4′s”Jeon Won Diary!” A couple of things:

1) Soo Zee watched the video and had a different reaction to it than we did, because the old sounding sample of the song is actually from an old TV show, from which the old grandma and grandpa in T-ara’s music video were actors. Cool! Though, we’re still not totally sold on the old-sound with weird speak rapping and then the funktasticness of the rest of the song, but at least we can appreciate its origins a bit more.

2) Let’s talk about sub-units here: now, this is going to be a difficult to talk about, and might get some people upset. Sub-units come about for many reasons. Some reasons might be obvious, like a member(s) acting in a drama and being unavailable. But I also believe that some sub-units are formed for reasons that will remain secret from the public, for example, some members are just more popular/unpopular/better dancers/singers/rappers/make more money and so on. The problem to me is this. The TaraN4 song was great but it seems they didn’t need a whole band to make a great song. The rest of the members, then, seem excessive, no? Does having that many more members really contribute to the quality of the music? Does having more members result in better songs? They had backup dancers to fill in the missing dancers, so even that didn’t seem to create a problem. Now if you’re a huge fan of a particular group and your bias isn’t in the sub-unit then yes, it will make a huge difference to you, but from an average kpop fans perspective, if it isn’t a huge change, isn’t that…weird?

We’re not saying that the rest of the members suck and don’t contribute anything of value. What we’re saying instead is that having small groups doesn’t seem to impact the music quality. Look at Orange Caramel, a sub-unit of After School, or TTS, a sub-unit of Girls’ Generation. We loved the songs these sub-units put out, yet doesn’t it seem like Orange Caramel is more active then After School? Plus, their music and video styles are totally different, so are they really a sub-unit or just a brand new group? Even when you look at TTS, you remember we complained that the title said Girls’ Generation-TTS, and we didn’t understand why, but we were told GG would rotate three members at a time creating different mini-sub groups of GG…yet that never happened. So what was the actual point of TTS? Why not let those three girls form their own little group without the attached image of being a member of GG? They’re certainty popular enough to survive on their own, so it just seems confusing to us.

3) Let’s talk money! Doesn’t it seem kinda financially detrimental to have a lot of members, since the sales of the music are divided up so many more times? There are, what now: 7 (almost 8 if you count Dani) total members of T-ara, right? Dividing up the profits from a song by 4 rather than by 8 means the members get double the money for themselves. More money for the members means happier members, no? Financially speaking, as business owners now, I’d rather have less staff that work more efficiently, rather than more staff that do the same amount of work. Or is that a bad thing to say?

But on the other side, having more members means creating more choices for people to like, and you can divide the groups up to tour in different parts of the world to make more money, like with Super Junior and EX-O. You can also keep the group going if one person joins a drama or leaves for military, unlike in a smaller group like for example, Miss A, who seems to have fallen off the face of the planet expect for Suzy who has been acting in dramas non-stop since 2011 until now. I guess considering the business side of kpop, it’s a difficult choice for entertainment companies.

So the question is:
Doesn’t it seem like future Kpop bands should stick to three to four members? The music sounds just as good, and the members will get more money out of it, which will result in them being happier and less overworked. Agree or disagree? What are we missing out on here?

Anyhow, if you’re digging this song as much as I am (Martina’s half half on the song), pick it up either on iTunes or YesAsia. Oh! And you can check out this week’s Bloopers here!


Sidenote: sorry to the SHINee fans who are upset that we didn’t review “Why So Serious” We seriously didn’t like anything about that song or video. We’re usually SHINee fans. They’re our second favorite group in Kpop, and everything they do is usually fanfreakingtastic, but Why So Serious was not good in our opinions, and we’d be miserable making a video about it. Sorry!

  1. Ideally subunits will draw more fans to the original group. For example, I got into Infinite H before I actually got into Infinite (Hoya totally stole my heart in Reply 1997 and I’ve not yet recovered). I think that’s kind of rare though.

    See–I agree that Super Junior uses subunits to the best effect because they have the numbers and the range to pull it off. HOWEVER I think the versatility of the subunits might not be readily apparent to people who aren’t fans. ELF get the difference in the sounds of the subgroups from what most of the world considers the Suju sound and that’s ok. My point is, subunits are more effective in targeting people who are already fans of a group but want to hear their sound developed in a new direction. Example: I love Suju’s cheerful, upbeat, slightly wacky side so I love Suju H’s whole album!

    Other effective examples of subgroups are Orange Caramel (for the cuter/zanier side of AS) and Infinite H and uBEAT (giving voice to the hip-hop sides of their respective groups). Honestly, I think we could do without TTS. I see no reason the rest of the girls couldn’t sing ‘Twinkle.’ I think it was just convenient at the time to use only 3 of them for whatever reason, but I doubt we’ll see more of that.

  2. My take on subgroups (or solo albums by group members)…… If they are going to release music with the same sound as they do with the whole group, what is the point? An example of this would be Yeosup of B2ST. DK from December, or TTS of GG. The music sounded just like what the group releases. I kept waiting for the other members voices to come in. Good examples would be Infinite and Big Bang. TOP and GD had a more retro club sound that the regular group didn’t have. Infinite H focused on a more hip hop sound and Sunggyu had a more rock sound. They still had a touch of the 80s retro but it really felt like the songs were made just for them and not the group.

  3. This is actually based off a very popular drama in Korea like….from like 1980 ~ 2002

    I don’t know what the drama was about – something around the lines of people who moved to the city reminiscing on country life… but from what I hear from my mom, basically everyone in Korea watched it during the time it was airing.

  4. Si and Mari! This new format is absolutely AWEfreakingSOME ! Watching you guise do a kpop music monday fills me with a sense of relief and the benefit of not needing to explain myself as I share 99.9% of all your opinions… so usually when a friend asks “what do u think of this and this video?” i would always say “watch si and mari”…
    That being said, i hated tiaranehfoursauraus. The least- liked tara members together in one sub-unit, the sun is already shining brighter! I don’t really “enjoy” t-ara (with the exception of Roly Poly babeeeh!) and wen i watched them more i was like “you know what? Boram, Qri, and Hwayoung aren’t that bad!” … Guess what? Hwayoung is gone and Qri and Boram aren’t even IN the subgroup! Its PRETTY obvious what the “choosing” of the members of the n4 was based upon though…

    And i’m a huge Shawol (or is it a shawl? shool? shamo?) … y so serious made me want to jump off a balcony whilst piercing my eardrums simultaneously.

  5. GUISE!!! you’ve got to tell me where you find your frames! PLEASE?! I love Martinas Polka Dotted frames and pretty much every other one she wears. The only cool, however limited, website where I have found awesome frames is Geek – which is a brand that only produces like 25 frames :(.

    If you guys opened a frame shop or something I swear I would buy the whole stock?!!!! :0

  6. Actors are very famous due to the long long long drama they were in named the same as T-ara’s song. Every korean knows them. And cameos by gag politician and famous 80-90s solo artist were funny. All the jokes are missed if you didn’t grow up in Korea. Imagine the original Star Trek stars, captain Kirk and whoever cameoed on the MV called Star Trek, people will find that funny. I don’t like T-ara because the members are suck jerks with a lot of scandals. I wish you guys make more parody skits, that’s the one thing makes me laugh out loud whenever you guys review MVs. :D

  7. i think this is my favourite KMM so far! Keep up the good work (^o^)

  8. The actors and the title of the song is from the old tv show and i noticed that but i also noticed that at the end she says
    “너나 잘하세요 (mind your own business)” and that’s an EXTREMELY famous line from the movie “Symphany for Lady Vengance (친절한 금자씨)” and i was really excited when i saw that because i really really really like that movie O_O

  9. Is it just me or does “Jeon Won Diary” sound kind of like “Leite Condensado”???

  10. Guys I think you were spot on with this format of Music Monday, me loves :)

  11. I agree with Martina, the latest trend in k-pop seems to make songs not flow. I hate it. T_____T

    Btw, I didn’t even like T-ara’s song or video but I just wanna say I loved the skits, they were great and I loved that blackboard LOL.

    Lastly: “Listen to music, and shut up”. Brilliant line. XD

  12. yanagiba yusuke22

    S&M…. i just realized the t-ara joke that u always said…p-a-r-t why was actually p-a-r-t-y… silly me didnt noticed that for a long time

  13. Aloha Simon and Martina!

    @Simon…..First of all, I would like to extend my gratitude for your unbiased review of my Idol group T-ara N4! I am just amazed and stunned that you and Martina(half-half is better than a Hater) have given T-ara a chance at being fairly judged by one of the most respected Bloggers in South Korea!!! ……bowing…..

    Yes yes, it is a Great Song!

    Well, your thoughts on weather a group should consist of 3-4 or 7-8 undermines the overall performance and creativity of the group may have some validity to it. However, rather than focus on that, I believe it is the chemistry and T-ARA’s~”Sisterhood” that would best describe their unity which delivers their undeniable K-Pop irresistibleness!!!

    Their success as T-ara 6, 7, 8, or even 9 will not deter their purity and attractiveness. They have proven be artist in they own right producing several hits which has stood the test of time world wide!
    Now as T-ara N4 Sub-Unit, they venture into a little different territory than they are use to. I think the change up may be a refreshing stretch for the four girls, but the younger ones are more suited for this format and style.
    The Drama MV was hilarious with a softer story line behind it while the Dance MV was dynamic in arrangement, I think the message was delivered without question! Hahahaha!

    As an outsider, a Japanese-American looking in, I will never understand nor grasp the insight of the SK-Netizens who willing torture, slander, prosecute, and vehemently HATE so violently their very own Stars and Idols with such intense cruelty!!!?

    Such a sick society who hide behind their keyboards and hand phones?!?

    Like they say….”those who throw the first stone must have NEVER SINNED”?!”

    As far as career and money…..I cannot speak for them, but I would think it is not number one for them. Just my personal feelings as a dedicated fan who has followed them for 4 years in their working path.

    Please continue to support our Queens❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❗❗❗❗❗❗❗ And I promise to support you to! Lol!


    Much Mahalo from Hawaii!

    Ps. If you ever visit us on the Islands, drop me a line! I’ll buy a fruity drink with an umbrella in it for you while you watch the

  14. For some odd reason , u 2 just seem Si full of shit to me .
    Look kind if disgusting too

  15. HAMMER TIME!! ohh I had no idea the sample was from an old tv show with the granny and the grandpa! you deserve a cookie for the tip Soo Zee :33! I do think groups should have less members! like 4 to 6 a la Big Bang, 2PM, 2ne1, WG, BEG, Sunny Hill… every person in the group have a role but at the same time, theyre capable of doing the job if a member isnt with them because theyre balanced skill-wise. I like some sub-units because they give us a look of the members trying something different but there are times that you really wonder why theres too much people in some groups… to me, it feels like some companies had no clear plans before hand and threw in the members to see if they worked and if they didnt they keep adding members or when they realize that indeed there are too much people, members leave -or are kicked out-.

  16. I would like to vote for Dal Shabet! Mostly because of the parachute pants. Dal Shabet was on top of that back in December! T-ara N4 is late to the parachute-pants-party, man… 8)

  17. Hey guise! Format WAY better. People do better with smaller bites to digest. And it’s nice to have some remnants of the old KMM’s in there. As for the song and video: didn’t like either. I actually liked SHINee way better even though the song, compositionally, was really disjointed. Sounded like two songs mashed together. But T-ara. They’re fun…just…didn’t like this one.

  18. I always thought that sub units were made in order to give the oppurtunity to the members to have the career that they actually wanted to have, for example we have Jo Kwon who as a solo artist wants to make a different music than 2am. Then I thought that the sub units were made in order to outline the skills of the more talented people in a group like SM The ballad. Then I thought they were made in order to aproach another kind of style like Orange Caramel, or to promote for an upcoming alboum like CL and Minzy.But nowadays everybody is releasing a subunits in order to gain more money for the agencies.

    As for the question I always liked small groups, maximum 5 members. I never liked the big numbers in groups. As much as I like SUJU it took me a long time to get to know all the member and I hate to say that I have not actually managed to learn them all…I mean the sad thruth is that if it wasnt for those guys trip to my country (Greece) I would have never paid attention to Ryeowook…

    • for me I love the sub groups or solo activities of members that is the way I learned about kpop> the 1st time seeing a Korean vedio in youtube was by heechul In young street singing alone by cnblue>

      • I thought I was in the crazy part of youtube seriously did you ever see him dance and sing in young street O_O any way that was in the past know I am an expert in Korean things

  19. Sarah

    One of the best Music Mondays, imo.

  20. Oh, and I prefer smaller kpop groups for practical reasons; I get to know everyone in the band in a shorter amount of time, normally in smaller group there is not a focus in just a few members while the others just stand like backup and, like you said, the number of members doesn’t affect the music quality,

  21. Ok, so this is the funniest KMM since BoA’s Disturbance. Seriously guys, this is EPIC! So happy you are trying out new things! I was getting bored with the old format.
    Side note: funny thing about SHINee’s “Why So Serious?” song and MV is that I was serious the entire video because it was SO BAD. I’m a SHINee’s fan but this single was just meee

  22. During the chalkboard scene instead of listening to what Simon was saying, I was frantically working the answer to question 1 xD

  23. I loved this review! great job guise! I love how you integrated the debate review part, and how there is still loads of interaction between the two of you. In fact.. you both seemed to have a blast filming this, which made it even more fun to watch. ^_^

  24. This was a great KMM!! I have to say, I totally agree with Simon. This song rocked my multi-rainbow-striped socks off, and the chorus is super easy for me to sing along to. I would definitely say this is one of the best kpop songs of the year, at least thus far.

  25. Hi Martina and Simon, I really enjoyed the format for this week’s Music Monday. I didn’t get a chance to comment last week but I wasn’t overly keen on the format used in the Michi Go review, but I thought this week’s format was really enjoyable and fun. I particularly liked the 30 second showdown and I loved Martina’s version of what the T-ara N4 video should have done (re the portrayal of women). Oh and I loved Spudgy’s babushka look but of course Spudgy looks good in anything he wears! :P

  26. I really like this format, but like the only problem I’ve had was that you accidentally uploaded T-ara N4 instead of GD in the showdown..it was a little mistake but other than that good job

  27. I love this KMM, the only thing I saw wrong is the use of T-ara N4′s video instead of G-dragon’s in the showdown winner announcement. Keep up the good work.

  28. Dalshabet! Dalshabet! <3 I love them.

  29. i’m so courious yeeeeah!!! how can some song on the kpop charts list be the 7th or 8th place when has more votes than the 2nd place???

    • It depends how old the video is.

      One week, a video will get a certain amount of votes. If its not reviewed, then those votes are worth less than they were previously (as those votes are older). But the votes gained on the second are counted as normal. This continues for 4 weeks until the video is removed from the charts.

      So, if a video gets a lot of votes the first week, but not many the second week, it’s very possible for a newer video to rise higher on the charts even though seemingly the older video has more votes.

  30. kpopfan123

    “Doesn’t it seem like future Kpop bands should stick to three to four members? The music sounds just as good, and the

    members will get more money out of it, which will result in them being happier and less overworked. Agree or disagree? What are we missing out on here?” I don’t know if they’ll be happier or less overworked… the kpop scene is kind of full and bursting open right now and any new group might have trouble becoming popular…and have to work harder… I dont know…

    As to what I can say about T-ara’s sub-unit… I’m just glad Ram’s sister Boram isn’t in it – . -’

    0:39 don’t make jokes like that ;_;

    “Titaes” :))

    1:57 X’DD Martina wins! *yey* :))

    nice way of speaking Simon but I think next time I’ll need subtitles :))

    You look good guise! :D I guess your diet is making progresses :) and Spudgy’s so cute! :D

    Awesome review!! :D:D Great job!! :)


    P.S: For the showdown I vote Dal Shabet

    P.S.s: Guise, who’s that on your laptop in the background?

  31. OMG!! I want that Gemma Correll tshirt!!! xD Puuugs

    I really like this KMM format! the song is cool!! and the dance is fun!! :D!!!!

    Oh, I like WSS, but is not the best song of the album in my opinion… and the MV version without Jonghyun has a diferent “feel” than the CD version… but I really like the dance!! they seem to have fun during the live performances :)
    My favorite song of the album is Like a fire :D yay SHINee xDDD

    • Yayy another person whose’s favorite song on WSS is “Like A Fire”~ :DD

      Back to EYK, I like this format a lot, too! I had so much fun with your 30-seconds-mini-discussion! hahaha I think it’s a great way to insert a discussion on KMM :D

      About new segments (sorry if someone already said that, I haven’t read all comments), you could do based on, for example, the company: for SM videos, you could put a “As for the clothing, we give this a”, I don’t know hahaha

  32. i am actually really sad that you guys dont like why so serious!! i will admit it isnt there best song but i still loved it. its catchy and fun. I am so very disapointed :( But i still love to hear that u guys are shawols!! Love yous!

  33. KATHyphenTUN

    Good job on the format! It really flowed and I enjoyed the pieces with you both together!!<3
    Also great points in the blog post! There are some serious things to consider in there!!

  34. Hi Simon and Martina, when are you going to do a review of UV’s new funny music video? The title’s “Because of You”. :)

  35. I like this format!! Nice

  36. Speaking of DalShabet, I REALLY wish you guys could have reviewed the “Have,Don’t Have” (Dont Have Version) MV. Is was just so amazing!

  37. Finally! I’m not the only one who dislikes “Why So Serious?” I love the zombie in love with human concept but the English of the song is so painful. Lately, SM has been putting some lyrics into their songs that are quite painful. They need to hire of you two to work for them. Anyways, loved the KMM and the skit about optimistic women is awesome! I’m happy the old format for the KMM is back and SIMONE IS GOING TO BE BAAAACK OOOOH YEAAAH!

    PS: Martina are you excited about the new drama that is coming out with Junhyung from BATOST? I’m crying over here and I’m also writing a fanfic for the both of you. As soon as I write it, I will send it to the email! bye!! ^^

  38. kawaii_candie

    yay! I’m glad you returned to a more normalish KMM style. I really liked how you guys “fixed” it. you should go design videos for k-pop producers.

    The vibe that i got when watching this video was that, they tried to make it humorous like PSY’s videos, because he got so famous with them, but fail…. completely, and miserably. they should stick to what they are good at.

    As fun/catchy as the song itself may be, the video is such utter crap (imo) that it definitely doesn’t make me want to watch it again. what a weird setting…

  39. I like this format of KMM! You just put the best of both world together and I enjoyed it :)
    I’m totally digging the song as well. Pretty fun to listen and dance to, but I also agree that Roly Poly will remain t-ara’s ultimate no. 1 song. Still, super catchy song tho

  40. On to the actual video, I loved the concept of 30 second disagreement. It’s quick, and it makes you really think about what you need to say, like thinking on your feet and quickly. Again, seeing that chalkboard makes me grin, but I couldn’t see the rest of the problem that had the bubbles. Maybe you could have paced around like teachers do? Ah, I loved the ending with Spudgy. He looked so adorable. Awwww.

  41. ALWAYS GREAT TO WATCH YOUR VIDEOS! Never stop :D EVER! Need to say it, HAVE to – because of you – visit Seoul some time (next year if my guy – I mean WHEN my guy will get it that we should)! ;) You maybe have talked about this, but do you have a great suggestion of where to stay – so your near places to go etc!? One last thing.. is that really G Dragon!? :)
    Oh and I give YOU a 5 out of 5! :D

    • Oh should have said to that I do understand both of you about this song! Im torn! Its both fun (some parts) – while other parts isnt as catchy! Love the start and the dancing they do in their dancevideo (4:06 in this one) – And Simon – sorry – NO = its not better then PSY´s Gentleman :)

  42. I do think the extra members is excessive and really unnecessary for music quality (especially when it is not even noticeable a voice is missing because their voices are not distinct enough)…I think the tendency for Kpop to have large groups is one of the reasons Kpop has hard time crossing over to western market…the largest group acceptable is generally 5 and after 5 it seems too overwhelming.

  43. Hey Simon and Martina (:

    Just wanted to drop by and tell you that I absolutely love you guys! Ever since my friend introduced me to your videos you guys have been the only youtubers/bloggers that I keep up with and watch regularly (heh..)

    I’m loving this new video format (yay for keeping it fun, energetic, and interesting!), but something I’ve really been missing from you guys is the dance parts! It’s probably really hard for you guys to constantly think of good jokes for the dances, but I personally think those are some of your funniest moments. Even after all this time I still love teaching people manly chores, how to make a fire, pet the giraffe (make a birdy, pet the camel), and rolling down sexy windows

    I can understand why you guys have been shifting more towards skits (and your skits are very funny, too :D), but I really hope you guys consider teaching us how to dance again :>

    Great job on everything you guys have been doing! I absolutely adore you guys and look forward to your upcoming videos. (your videos always manage to brighten up my days hehehe)

  44. I loved this format! it’sa little bit of the old with the new mix together :D
    That, and the chalkboard was really distractive with all that awesomness

  45. Taranafourousrex !! You got me there. I don’t think I can look at N4 the same way again xD

    I like this new format, especially now that it changes things a bit, and we always love your interactions with each other. The skits I particularly like, but the one in this KMM seems a tad long-winded so I’d definitely want to see more debates instead of Martina’s ethics lesson disguised as Kpop MV xD (Martina you know I love you raiiiikkkeee?)

    To make it even, Simon, let go of the English, unless it’s unique in some way. We love you showing off the MV’s signature dance moves every time, but it’s time to let go. Yup. Just..calmly let it go to a better land.

    Also I did not think you would review this video ! It’s pure gold, and it has been a long time T-Ara has come back with anything substantially musical. My first thought upon Jeon Won Diary was instantly INVINCIBLE YOUTH (season 1) ! All the farming scenes there are also a carbon copy of it, packed in a MV with Taranafourousrex instead of the G7. That aside though, I love the show and it certainly was a good trip down memory lane. Hyomin was still as bad at farming as ever though. Nothing have changed I guess xD

    Nasty out ~

  46. This was a good improvement compared to last week! I can see that you used a lot of the opinions on last KMM :) Keep up the good work.

    I really liked the sketch this week! Especially the 30sec. “fight”

  47. Simon, your English Teacher voice was coming out a bit :P

  48. Okay guise….dunno what this whole Sub-group rant is about, (well I do…but its K-pop let’s not overthink it)

    You have very valid points totally but to be honest if the companies want to make this decisions based on

    business or popularity I’m not complaining. As much as I would’ve loved to see all of T-ara here it gives these girls

    ESPECIALLY Ahreum time to shine…she’s new…ish

    This was WAY cooler than last weeks KMM
    I think people just missed the skits most!
    When you guys get creative we love it!
    No matter how dorky or lame you think you are.
    Because most likely everyone else is as dorky and lame also :P
    Loved this weeks KMM


  49. I’ve never been able to get into T-ara. I don’t mind Roly Poly or Lovey Dovey but i just couldn’t get into their full albums. There would be one song i liked, and the rest I just couldn’t care less about. It’s the same with this song and sub-unit. It’s catchy, but i won’t be listening to it again any time soon.

    As for Why So Serious, i found that i didn’t love the song, but didn’t dislike it either. Same for the MV. But i absolutely love their live performances. They’re always charismatic on stage, the dance is awesome, and Taemin sings like, half the song, and i’m really proud of him. I’m not sure what right I have to be proud of him, lol, but i remember him when he was a kid with a weak singing voice, and now, he has fully come into his own, and it’s fantastic to see.

  50. ” Taemin – TaeMAN – TaeMAXIMUM ” xD *lol*

  51. I like KMM’s and now I really like the 30 second ‘battle’ part ^-^

    This KMM was very entertaining, at least for me.

  52. I totally recognize that song Simon (or Spudgy??) was butchering at the end but I can’t remember what it was!!! lol

  53. I kind of disagree with you on the plot revision… there’s sort of an idea that girls always have to be flawless at everything and that’s almost as problematic as always showing them as useless. No girl can live up to that! The idea of the video wasn’t that they were crappy at their work because they were women, but because it just wasn’t their thing. They weren’t good at it, and they weren’t into to it, so they found a way to do what the love.

  54. Love this KMM, very entertaining!! I think having segments is great but you don’t always need to have the same segment every time. If there’s nothing to talk about then don’t have it. Flexible yet structured :) Same with skits, if it’s not necessary, don’t have it. But this week’s skits are awesome!! love martina’s boobie slap dance ahahhaha

  55. Loved the blackboard – I didn’t hear a word of what Simon said and had to go back :-p Please do more of the 30s faceoffs!

  56. Dear Mr. & Mrs. Eatyourkimchi, this video made me an instant fan, thank you! I came for T-ara but I left with a priority bookmark on my browser which I’ll definitely visit several times a week (or until I watch all your hilarious videos at least twice!)

  57. This Kpop Music Monday is pure gold!

  58. I do think more members create nicer harmonies, SNSD is fairly good at doing this. I do admit liking TTS more than SNSD, but that’s probably also because I enjoyed that style of music more, which is different than what’s performed by the main group. And their dances wouldn’t look as good with three people.

    As for T-Ara though, I would definitely not mind the bubbling down to 4 people, I don’t even really know the difference. I don’t even miss their lead singer because they never used hern properly anyway. They always make those songs without vocal gymnastics (I guess better for singing along or something?) easy songs and easy dances.

    Personally, I like subunits when they present something different from the main material, like TaeTiSeo, Infinite H, or Orange Caramel. I think subunits are unnecessary when they create the exact same music as their normal group, like N4 or Sistar19, both of which are really subunits selected by popularity doing with less members the same (or better) than they did with more. which is ironic considering Sistar already has only 4 members, but as the other two don’t seem to be allowed to contribute anything their own company turns them into dead weight. The Hyorin and Bora show rolls just as nicely on its own. And that’s how I feel about N4, I even prefer this over the normal T-Ara. And that’s not a good thing.

    As for this Music Mondey, I think you guys have stumbled onto the goldmine, this seems like the best of both worlds and I look forard to seeing where you take this format.

  59. lovin’ the new format :)

  60. I’m curious… Is there any song in this SHINee’s Chapter 2 Album that you really enjoy?

  61. I don’t really like Jeon Won Diary, it kind of sounded like BTOB’s Wow to me…


  63. Well, from a business perspective a popular kpop band makes the individual members popular. By forming a sub unit, they can still make money off of sales, while the rest of the members do individual activities. For instance, with U-Kiss they can make money off of a new album by Ubeat, while they send Hoon, Soohyun, and Kevin to do musicals. If they had Kiseop model or something, and Dongho act in another movie, then they would be getting profit from the album sales, the musicals, the movie, and the modeling jobs, all in the time period that it would take for U-Kiss to do another album all together.

  64. I really like this format! Maybe extend the debate to be a bit longer than 30 seconds though because I would like to hear your opinions on it. But do whatever you like ^^
    I agree with Martina on this song. The chorus is the only part I liked. The whole song didn’t seem to flow well for me and I hate super long echo-y parts like what they did right before “party people!” but that’s just a personal opinion. I could see myself liking the song more if I listen to it a lot though. I LOVED the chalk board!! I couldn’t even pay attention to the first few seconds Simon was talking because the chalk board was too funny hahaha. Korea seems to have very odd potatoes haha.
    I LOVE SHINee but I just couldn’t stand Why So Serious either. It sounded like circus music to me….I do like the beginning up to right before the chorus but that’s basically it. :/
    About the subunits, I think it is a good way to show every members’ colors since a lot of members don’t stand out as much as others. Super Junior has 5 subunits now. My favorite is Super Junior-KRY, which contains the lead vocalists, because they have beautiful songs and beautiful harmony. These three members didn’t receive much attention before KRY though since all of them are better singers than they are dancers and most of Suju’s title tracks are dance tracks. Plus, right now we have 3 members in the military (T.T) and other members constantly having schedules (like Siwon with his acting) so subunits seem to make it easier to represent the whole band with only a few members. And you can’t tell me that the GD&TOP subunit wasn’t awesome! hahaha. I’m still waiting for their comeback… >< But I understand your point; it seems like they are making new bands without debuting new idols. Maybe that's the key to it? Promoting a subunit would cost less money on the company because they don't need to pay a lot to promote unknown faces to get recognized and accepted by the public like they would if they just created a new group and they wouldn't have more idols to give money to. I'll just stop now. I'm rambling too much…hahaha

  65. You guys bring up an excellent point about the sub units. Sometimes I feel like groups have a lot of members, as you said, to attract fans and to create more choices for people to like. Once the fans have picked their biases and certain members become popular, companies create sub units to showcase those members and leave the rest behind. I almost feel that if some groups could drop unpopular members without causing controversy, they defiantly would. The problem is even when a company let’s go of a seemingly unpopular member, netizens come out of no where and rage. I think sub units are sometimes a quiet way of “dropping” unpopular members. Fans can’t really hate on the companies because technically they haven’t let anyone go. All the members will still make an appearance here and there.

  66. Number 1: In rippito flippito super slow motion
    Number 2: Bubble bubble bubble pop!
    Number 3: Onew eating a chicken? O.o

  67. Really enjoyed today’s video. I really like this format. KEEP THIS FORMAT!

  68. Loved the 30 second showdown. Wished it were longer but the
    KMM was great this week. You guys rock!

  69. At first I was disappointed that you guys didn’t review SHINee but HOLY SMOKES was this a fun video! I loved every segment and the new 30 second debate. Loved this hybrid format so thank you for adjusting it! Favorite moments: chalk board and Martina’s dance :D

  70. thisisjustforfunval

    “If EXO has fallen down a hole, how long will it take for SM to help them out?”

    Answer: Since their are twelve members in the group they could, depending on the depth of the hole, get at at least half of the members out by making a human pyramid and those at the top could climb out. Then they could Hollywood style reach into the hole, possibly holding a member by the ankles, and helping the rest of the members out. In the mean time SM would be making Rescue EXO teasers while the boys are getting a much needed shower after falling into a hole.

    • Lol at your great response….”If EXO has fallen down a hole, how long will it take for SM to help them out?”

      ..my fellow kpop fans and I on twitter have a long-standing joke about SM’s …*Basement of Irrelevancy*
      The place where under-performing($$) groups go for ‘time-out’.
      or…. if shunned altogether, they remain permanently — like TheGrace and TRAX.
      ~ ~never to be seen again ~ cue the spooky music ~ ♫♪

  71. Really funny Music Monday! Although I love this song I agree the rapping was a bit lacking like Martina said, which is why it is not in my top T-ara songs as well, but still that chorus couldn’t be any catchier! “This watering can business is soooo complicated” hahaha loved that Martina!!

  72. i’m really digging the format. much improvement from the previous. Like the talk showdown, great way to incorporate the “debate” side of things. personally I’d want maybe like 45 seconds? haha but that’s just me. skits are top notch as usual *thumbs up* but when you were doing ur own quick run through sarcastic version of the mv it was great for the first few seconds but then was a bit too long that it gave off the feel u were mocking the group? Which i totally know ur not but I can see if some ppl might take to offense? perhaps find more balance in talking about the song a bit more than majority mv? cuz then you (Simon) would be able to express more on how you do actually like the song. I hope my rambling makes sense :)

    BTW loved the opening scene of Simon kicking balloons in slow-mo haha some nasty kicking right there

  73. Simon looking prettier than ever. No joke.

    And I really like this KMM’s new format.

  74. This was utterly perfect. I don’t really like the song at all to be honest and I loved WSS, but this format is GREAT!

    I loved the30 Second Debate, that was not only funny but good to see different thoughts. And the skits were hilarious, I loved how you remade the video. A good KMM is one with Simon in a wig.

    Long story short, I had a lot of criticism for the newer format, but I think you’ve found a really organic yet professional feeling format and this makes me so excited to see what is coming next. Amazing job EYK crew! Perfecto!

  75. That totally awesome moment when you’re bored at work and you realise – there’s a new K.Pop Music Monday at home waiting to be watched. Even awesomer moment when you log into EYK and find 2!!!!!!!! Music Mondays to be had :-D
    Thanks Guys, you got me through a very long day. xx

  76. OMG! YES T-ARA GOT REVIEWED <333333333333333333 WOOHOO!!!!
    btw, Simon & Martina, it's pronounced Tee-a-ra-en-four :D shootz

  77. i agree with simon…..******

  78. You guise put T-ara N4 instead of G-Dragon’s video in the results of last week’s showdown. LOL. Pretty sure that’s a minor mistake. :3

    Anyways, this version of KMM is much better than last week’s. It’s more structured and clean. Love the skits too. And oh lord, the blackboard contents!! XD Great job guise! :D

  79. More group members, more issues. You end up with a SNSD song with no clear direction. The more people in the group trying to be me, me, me, just bogs down. I’m all for 3-5 members in a group, more focused results. Want to experiment with a dance concept, hire some backup dancers. Need a larger sound for a particular song, hire backup singers.

  80. LOL GUYS!! GD won but Jeon Won Diary MV was shown. xD

  81. This was the best. I would like to give a special shout out to Martina’s version of the music video and her ability to keep a straight face while filming it. While I liked the previous KMM format, I also really liked the discussion dynamic you both were able to have last week as well. I think you found a great balance between both formats with the version produced here.

  82. I was reading it in Martina’s voice the whole time until I realized that Simon was the person writing it at the end…..I had to go back and re-read it lol

  83. I really liked how this KMM was planned out & enjoyed it a lot. I like how you are picking from the top 3 who you think will be the best subject for a video. I think it might be a cool idea to show who the top 3 or so were in like a little countdown list to give a nod to all the people who voted so that voting doesn’t become a moot point, and so that it’s clear you will be choosing the best video subject out of the fan’s choices.

  84. So, am I missing the whole point of voting for the video to be reviewed on KMM? Are we supposed to vote for the one we want to be reviewed or the one that was put in as a ruse?! If it doesn’t have a shot why is it included? I’m a huge fan of all you do but….. SHINee or whoever…. The most votes should be the one reviewed. I can barely take you serious that you liked this M/V over anything. Sub unit of bad is just a smaller chunk of bad!

  85. I personally like both songs and was expecting you guys to make a review on Shinee actually since you guys love them. :) Even so, Tara N4′s Jeon Won Diary seems suited more for KMM than Shinee’s Why So Serious. And also, I understand your reasons for choosing not to review Shinee, so yeah. :)

    Thanks for the entertainment Simon and Martina! Love the new format and enjoy making more KMMs and your other videos! :)

    Side note: I’m not sure if it’s me only, but the annotations for this video, and as well as the “fake” uBeat KMM, aren’t showing on the screen even if I turn the annotation on. Hope you guys could check and clarify. Thanks. :)

  86. totally love the disagree match!!!

  87. I really really really agreed with you guys about the girls working in the countryside. It really rubbed me the wrong way and you guys articulated the problem perfectly. It could have been a much better storyline.

    Right now I am in the Korean countryside with my husband’s family. His parents work really hard from dawn to dusk. Farming is really hard work and doesn’t pay much. They have worked hard so that their children don’t have to be farmers too, because it’s so difficult.

    If those girls were on my in-laws farm and behaving like that I would want to… I don’t know…. slap them in the face or something. I know it’s supposed to be a fun video, but like you guys said- it could have had a better message. Instead of enjoying what was a fun song I was shaking my head at the video and it made me a bit sad. To me it seems like they were making fun of rural life and being in that lifestyle at the moment while we are visiting my husband’s parents… it just took away the enjoyment of the video.

  88. I actually do think that these are the best 4 members of T-ara and I wouldn’t mind at all if the other 3 (or 4 if you count Dani) were kicked out.

  89. I don’t love this song, but I agree the chorus is catchy. I was instantly offended on behalf of women everywhere though, I think more so that you were even. My jaw literally dropped and I was like umm, WTH! THANK YOU for pointing it out. It was a pretty crappy message to send out, especially seeing as they are recovering their image right now. While I personally also don’t give a crap about the controversy, offending isn’t the best thing to do right now, they are going to have to be careful. At first I thought, oh they are going to show that T-ara works hard! Errr..didn’t turn out that way lol :/

    On SHINee, while I don’t think I hated as much you guys, I agree it was very Meh. I couldn’t find anything great or horribly bad. I was just mostly bored. Which sucks cause they are my number 1 group!

    ON the format, it was great, I think the battle should be a bit longer cause I love seeing you together, but you guys seemed to be happy with where its going. Awesome. :)

  90. Psst, just FYI when you guys have the videos for G Dragon VS Crazy No(??) the GD video is actually T-ARA’s. Must have been sleepy and missed it. <3

    I like this format. :) The skits made me laugh and I had to re-wind to watch parts over again, cause I kept laughing over them. The 30sec opinion showdown was cute, and a good way to discuss together without overpowering the whole KMM — you could probably extend it to 45sec/1min or something; you guys seemed to be flailing a little to talk so fast, hehehe.

  91. I’m okay with the fact that “Why So Serious?” wasn’t reviewed, because it is a terrible representation of the awesomeness that is SHINee’s “Misconceptions of Me” Album. Highlighting the faults in the MV (and song, for that matter) will only detract people from listening to the album as a whole, considering S and M only focus on the merits of each Song/MV combo.

    So SHINee and non-SHINee fans alike, give the Part II album a chance. If you’re only here for title songs, I’m sorry, but you’re missing out.

    • kpopfan123

      Well they’ve had other awesome songs(being reviewed) so I don’t think that Simon and Martina’s opinion would have that much say in this situation…people’ tastes differ… besides they did say “They’re our second favorite group in Kpop”

      • Simon and Martina don’t review albums as a whole, so I don’t expect them to do anything about it. They have just talk honestly about whatever MV they review. The thing is, I just wanted to let people know that judging a album by its lead single may be a terrible choice in this case. :) It would be sad if everyone ignored the merits of “Misconceptions of Me” just because “Why so serious?” was kinda lackluster. I’m not a shawol, but I can’t ignore how good “Misconceptions of Me” actually was.

        • kpopfan123

          I don’t think that Simon and Martina’s opinions are that deciding… for example there was once when they didn’t like an artist’s song and I still checked their other songs regardless… so I think it depends on each individual

        • I don’t mean that at all. Most people tend to judge an album by the single–I know that I do–and that has nothing to do with S and M’s opinion. I just put it out there that album is better than the single, so that people who simply judged SHINee’s promotions as a whole by the meh “Why So Serious?” can rethink their position. Or at least, give the album a chance. A lot of people here seem to either be putting down SHINee by saying that “Why so Serious?” sucked, or there are Shawols who just say that they liked the MV and Song. I’m just providing the middle opinion. MV Bad, Album Good.

  92. That’s one of the things about the kpop music industry… the [sometime ridiculously] big groups… Super Junior being perhaps the best example, though I love them, I always did wonder about the functionality of having such a large group.

  93. The little timed battle you had in the beginning was a great way to mix in what was great with last week’s review (where you actually got to show us nasties that you sometimes do have different opinions) with the lighthearted fun from your usual KMMs. That you actually timed the battle made it even more fun considering the fact that some people had pointed out that last week’s review was kind of draggy. Great job guise!

  94. Sarah

    LOVE THIS! <3 Great job!

  95. i kind of like groups of about 5….but this could just be because most of my fav groups tend to have 5 members……… they’ve brainwashed me………:P

  96. Something I noticed while watching Simon&Martina’s older Kpop music mondays is that it seems like they took themselves less “seriously” than now and focused more on what funny sketches they could make out of a kpop mv. Now, they’re still funny of course, but sometimes I think they focus too much on “ranting” about the song. It’s alright to do that since it’s a review and all, I just enjoy more the reviews when they don’t “overanalyze” the video or the music and just have fun with it in a detached way. Does anyone agree or..? :x

    • unicornsgalaxy

      I’m just the opposite. I like hearing what they say about the videos more than the skits. I like the skits and all but sometimes they just miss the mark with me. And while their opinion of the song/video rarely changes mine, I just like hearing their opinions and insights on the video. :D

      I think it’ll be hard to find a balance between the “more skits” and “more opinions” viewpoints. I guess it depends on how inspired they are by the video. I’d rather have good skits than skits that seem like they are just thrown in because they feel they need them, if you know what I mean.

  97. Hey,

    Great format. I enjoyed last weeks one too with just you two guys expressing your individual differing thoughts and opinions, but this hybrid one i think is pretty close to the perfect mix between that and the older ones.

    Great Job!!!

    Also sidenote: Just received my EYC Studio donation package in the mail. OPEN THE HAPPY indeed!!!!!

  98. On the topic of kpop groups, I wanted to comment on the amount of members. It is different for me to see so many members in groups at times, like suju and snsd, and the whole sub-unit thing is different too compared to what I’m used to over here in the US. I’ve never heard of sub-units before with artists from other countries, but I don’t have a problem with them because they can make great music too. Maybe the amount of members in a kpop group has something to do with collectivist culture? Korea has a collectivist culture where working in groups is important, so maybe that’s why there tends to be large groups in the music industry? I’m just going by what I learned in sociology and psychology classes about individualist and collectivist cultures, and I hope no one gets offended by this comment cuz that is totally not my intention! I’m just inferring on this. It could be a reason why.

  99. This hybrid KMM format is such an improvement over last week’s. I really like the timed opinion battle; I think it could actually be longer, maybe a minute instead of 30 seconds. And maybe you guys should alternate timed turns, like in chess, so that you don’t end up with one person accidentally taking over most of the talking time.

    Also: Another great blackboard, like the Man In Love one.

    However, I’ve gotta say that I like Why So Serious and dislike the T-ara N4 song. I actually had to mute the sound just to finish watching Jeon Won Diary’s MV, and I’ve never had to mute a T-ara song before. That said, Jeon Won Diary seemed to me to be better suited for a KMM than SHINee this time around.

    Even though you guys don’t like Why So Serious, I really recommend that you listen to the entire album, Misconceptions of Me, if you haven’t already. (I like WSS, but it’s not my favorite off the album; Orgel and Nightmare are my favorites.) I rarely ever like an entire kpop album, but this is one of the few that I do. I speak as someone who was never really that interested in SHINee before Dream Girl, so my positive opinion about their most recent two albums is completely unclouded by any fangirl bias.

    • I prefer Misconceptions of You more but glad you’re starting to turn into a fan.
      Hmmm however I did dislike Why So Serious and I liked this song. Although I found the low quality sounding saxophone quite obnoxious especially in the second half of the song.
      And here’s where I was shamelessly going to promote my top songs of April video but my phone keeps posting it in the middle… -_-

      • I also like the majority of Misconceptions of You. Misconceptions of Me has a darker sound, so for me I’ll listen to whichever album I feel like listening to more, depending on my mood. But if I simply go by the number of tracks that I like/love, then Misconceptions of Me comes out slightly ahead since there are two songs on MofYou that I find meh. There are also two songs on MofMe that I don’t like as much as the rest of the album, but I like those two songs more than the two that I don’t care for on MofYou, so that’s why MofMe comes out slightly ahead as an overall album for me. But then again, if I want a lighter sound, then I’m going to listen to Beautiful or Dream Girl or Dynamite, so I can foresee myself listening to both albums pretty much equally in the future.

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          I liked Spoiler and Dynamite when they were new but I’ve started liking both more recently. Really my top SHINee songs vid I’m making has made me relisten to all my songs and I’ve kind of started liking some more and some less than I originally had them listed.

  100. I really like this format – it works really well! I’m with you Martina – this song and video clip are below average… but the chorus is great! On the other hand I quite like the Shinee’s Why so Serious (not so much the video) but every time I say the title it turns into ‘Why so serious yeah sajin sok nega sungan misojieo wae… (I can never remember the tune if it’s not playing so it turns into Sherlock…)

  101. Amyaco

    This KMM felt like it had so much in it, but it was only a little less than 9 minutes! I am seriously impressed and entertained. :) Also, I am a HARD CORE AND I MEAN HARD CORE Shawol, but I am really glad that you didn’t do Why So Serious. It just wouldn’t be good KMM material. I LOVED this video. :)

  102. Great MM guise!! I’m liking this format. and I totally agree.. I’m not a fan of SHINee’s new song. :/ I tried listening to it to see if it’d grow on me… nope. Can’t stand it. AND THEY ARE MY FAV GROUP. Ah well…

    also, loved the blackboard :)

  103. Hey guys,I’m a little confused because I didn’t get the EXO joke on the board. Is it because they have so many members, or is there some nuance that I’m missing?

  104. OMG, Exo line on the blackboard. SO FUNNY. I was laughing so hard I did not hear anything Simon said. I had to go back and watch it again.

  105. Great idea with the format and the 30 second showdown! That was awesome! I think you guys could even make that longer so we get a little more of each opinion. :) And THAT THING ON THE BLACKBOARD! Exo and SM, hilarious! I actually had to pause the video so I could laugh at that, and THEN continue. xD As for this song and video, totally agree–really catchy (although a bit disjointed, so it took a couple listens for me to get used to it, like “I Got a Boy”) but the video was a bit meh. I mean, NO ONE can be that shallow and vain and that bad at farm work (well, I guess it’s possible in this generation…). Anyway, as for Why So Serious, I don’t think it was particularly bad. I just needed a few listens. I HATED the dragged out chorus at first, but then I got used to it, and it got better. But I’m glad you guys picked this video to review, so at least you were able to come up with good stuff :) Great job for KMM! I seriously needed a pick-me-up, what with AP exam time and all. x) You guys are the best!

  106. I love this week’s KMM format. I agree with a lot of people with the debate. Bump it up to a minute mark. 30 seconds was a little too short.

  107. I’ve never commented on here before (more of a silent viewer) but I have to say that even though I am a hardcore Shawol, Why So Serious was not their best but it does get catchy after a few more listens. I didn’t like the video, though, so I agree with you guys there lol but I was wondering if you guys have heard the rest of the album? Because ERMAGERD IT’S SO GOOD!
    Anyways, I totally love this new KMM format. It has structure and flow and has new things while still being the KMM we all know and love.
    As a side note, UKISS’s KMM is adorbs. <3 it'd be so cool to see more Kpop stars do stuff like that!

  108. I normally love everything SHINee, but I’m super glad you guys didn’t review Why So Serious? because I’m in 100% agreement with you on!

    I also like the combination of the old and new format. Though, I kinda wanted the 30sec debate thing to be more than 30sec :P

  109. Loved today KMM it’s a mix of the last one and the old format :)

  110. just a thought guys, but it’d be so cool if you could also set up another camera filming the person behind the camera. EXTRA BLOOPER REEL!!! <3

  111. I was so distracted by the upside down pointer in the chalkboard skit. Whenever Simon hits the end in his other hand he presses it with his thumb…lol. Anyway, I agree about Shinee’s Why So Serious. It sounded kind of random to me. Also thank you for the Ubeat Music Monday as well.

  112. What twitter controversy?

  113. I really like this song and I think its what T-ara kind of needed this entire time: A good “screw you, I do what I want” song. Sexy Love was great, but really unappreciated because of the time it was released in. I really kind of appreciate the whole old sounding rap part. I do, however, agree with Martina on the video.

    I also love how you guys have been choosing videos for the sake that you think they should be appreciated rather than just letting everyone vote for the same groups over and over.
    And with the whole sub-unit thing, do you think having large groups was more of a trend thing? I do think it may be because it leaves more space for the company to promote the group even if one person is in a lot of dramas.

    I’ve also noticed that girl groups have fewer members now and boy groups still have quite a few members…

    And I love the opinion battle, it gives you guys more of a chance to show that you guys dont agree on everything all the time.

  114. Would like to say if you didn’t know, the other 3 members of T-ara are going to make a sub-unit called T-ara N3 and promote a song in Japan.

  115. The both of you look really good in the videos, must be your diet taking effect!!

    Enjoyed the format too, keep it in that direction ^^

  116. I agree with shinee sucking this time around

  117. Jordan

    I FREAKING LOVE THIS. What you guys did with this video was exactly what I was looking for in changes to KMMs.
    Also, thanks for not reviewing SHINee. I’m also a big fan of them but hated the song and video. There was just something missing from it that left me feeling empty afterwards. (And no, I’m not talking about Jonghyun :P)

    Lastly, I would say I side more with Martina about Jeon Won Diary. The video was hilarious but the song was just okay for me, I only really liked the chorus.

  118. While I personally cannot think of any possible reason why you would not like Why So Serious, I’m glad you did what you did because this was a brilliant KMM. Well structured, funny, insightful, and just a bit irreverent: perfect combo! Can the 30-second disagreement counter become a regular thing for whenever you two have differing opinions of a song/video? I thought it was really clever. :)

  119. Warning: this isn’t the most relevant comment of all time. I know you said that you didn’t like “Why So Serious” but what do you think of the rest of the Misconceptions of Me album?

  120. Jordan

    Simon….did you wear one of Martina’s skirts on your shoulders as a shawl?

  121. Best KPMM in the last few months. Very proud of you guys. Thank you so much for all you do!

  122. I really enjoyed this combo deal of the old KMM format with the, um, “G-Dragon format?” Since you only did it once with him, I think it may be appropriate to label it as such: “G-Dragon Format.” …Or “G-Diggity Format.”
    Anyhoodles. I do agree with a few peeps pointing out that extending the 30 second showdown of differing opinions to one or one and a half minutes would be quite satisfactory. *thumbs up* I really enjoy getting to see how you both feel, rather than, as you pointed out, a KMM being heavily created on one persons opinion.

    I can’t quite put my finger on it, thus I can’t put it into super comprehensive words, but this KMM felt very well thought out. Yes, some minor adjustment may be needed, but you’re sooo close ya know? It seemed you covered all aspects of the song and video, so I’m a happy camper, though no matter what you crazy kids do, I’m always happy with it. =)

    As for the world of K-pop creating just 3-4 member groups, I agree because of what you already pointed out. Not that I think the current groups large/small are lacking in any way, but particularly as far as finances and not stretching the members too thin, smaller groups make more sense. And that is my short story on the matter.

  123. Great KMM. You did a great job guys, don’t be discouraged by all the haters, you are fantastic and we all love you. :)

  124. If EXO fell down a hole, well is it just EXO-K? or them as a whole becuase then they could stand on each others shoulders and climb out

  125. I agree with you guys on the SHINee thing, it wasn’t up to par with my level of Shinee?? It was just i was so excited after dream girl they released another song and i’m like Ay YAH! But then i saw the video and dance and i was like…wait is that my SHINee doing thigs that either rookie groups or younger groups do…um where are my totally epic dancers who do epic dances…plus the whole jonghyun thing got me down as well…well anywho great Music Monday and i offer my full support to you guys experimenting with new formats(especially like the debate part, in my mind was the whole tekken vs image…)! Anywho again EYK Hwaiting!

  126. Haha.. I do like the 30seconds battle.. But I like this kind of format better but I guess I wont stop watching you two tho.. ^^;

    ANYWAYS.. I do like the song but the video… not so much… However~ as for the Shinee song… I totally dig it but not really the video… as well.. haha.. :’D

  127. I only have one small issue with the blog post – Miss A…

    They aren’t a good example of a small band who have disappeared. They released ‘Independent Woman’ which did fairly well (and Im pretty sure you guys reviewed it??) and Fei is currently doing that cooking show and dancing show isnt she? and is rising in popularity (tbh, until 2PM recently they were about the only JYP artist who havent dropped off the face of the planet…)

    But other than that – you raise some interesting points (and the vid was totally hilarious as usual – dont mind the experimenting with format at all btw – i think its good to keep things fresh and change every now and then)

  128. After a long day of mind numbing work it was so AWESOME to come home and watch this hysterical Music Monday. Especially loved the 30 second battle and all the skits! Mad props guise! Also… Simon, I agree this is one of my top 5 songs of 2013.

    P.S. Nasties be warned! DO NO EAT OR DRINK WHILE WATCHING BLOOPERS… Almost choked when Martina mentioned “hulk fisting!”

  129. I loved the video! And Martina, thanks so much for pointing out the farm girl thing because I got a little pissy when I saw the girls being total airheads when they are farm girls. Farm people (in my opinion) work hard to get through what they want and don’t slack off like that to the crops

  130. WHOAH I have a complaint… SUPER BIG COMPLAINT ALERT.
    You don’t hold up and squish down competing music videos anymore ;___; I’m sad…

    But that’s like it, the new KMM format’s getting there! I like the direction its going and… Spudgy’s cute :D

    ps. don’t kill me LOLOLOL
    pps. but it’s a serious complaint though. idk why it bothered me so much ;___;

  131. I love Jeon Won Diary cause it is so catchy and I even started to try their dance after watching it the first time even though i suck at it lol…just like simon’s list of t-ara songs. I have to agree that Roly Poly has to be my number 1 because it is what got me completely hooked onto T-ara in the first place. p-a-r-t-Y??? lol….the Y made me lol hard….i wonder what would happen if the pepper burned martina’s nose.

  132. hey, could you ask Soozy the title of the show they were on? I really wanna know now!

  133. I love the new format!!!! ^^

  134. I like this format to KMM a lot! I say keep this format :D

  135. yanagiba yusuke22

    tq for review t-ara…. when u talk abt super junior n military….yesterday yesung was enlist…. no KRY for 2 yrs….:(…my fav sj sub unit…..

  136. have don’t have is a billion times better

  137. I’m on Simon’s side on this one. I am LOVING T-ara N4′s Jeon Won Diary (and if you hate the video they even have another mv that is a lot more serious) and is one of those songs that I will be blasting through the year and probably the coming years. I love the accordion and the weird almost middle eastern instrument they’ve woven through the song.

    And seeing I have a love for progressive death metal and metal that likes to change up its style in a song I am loving the current trend where they are more “experimental” and weave in more changes in the music. The same beat is fun but I also really like it when they switch it on ya.

    So yeah I am liking this song more than a lot of songs so far. Sure we still got like 7 months of the year left. But this will more than likely end up in my top 10 of songs.

    And I must say the new setup is much more streamlined. Although the 30 seconds was a bit fast to discuss something. Plus I hate it when you have to stop in the middle of a discussion. But yeah format is getting much much better. Keeping the best of the old and the best of the new.

    And T-Ara N4 vs Dal*shabet, why must you torture me so! I love both videos! But seeing as T-Ara gets a boatload of views I will hand it to mah gurls of Dal*shabet for this time. More people need to watch them gosh darn it!

  138. farm time Spudgy looks like he could be on “Fiddler on the Roof” :)

  139. Thank you very much for this KMM. It was so fun.

  140. The other 3 members Soyeon, Qri and Boram will debut in Japan. Dani is invisible and has been with them since sexy love, just invisible and muted. But now she is in a drama and speaks English!

  141. Love this KMM its super fun! :) You really improved the plot of the mv as well. Much much better.

  142. as a Shawol i was a bit sad you didn’t review SHINee but it’s okay since you both didn’t like the song and i wouldn’t really want to watch a video for this week which would make me feel depressed and you wouldn’t enjoy making!
    i did honestly think Martina would like this song though since it has that rock element, and because of that i thought Simon wouldn’t really like it!

    i just kind of did wish you could have revealed it earlier you really didn’t like the song at all, so i and other Shawols didn’t have to take our time voting and getting other Shawols to vote for it to be reviewed and getting really anticipated for this weeks music monday!

    anyway it’s great to know they’re your second favourite kpop group! definitely put a smile on my face!

  143. I was wondering if there will be a video when you will say who the winners were? unless you have done it and i missed that out or you have not said

  144. I’d have to say that some of the skits felt quite forced? IDK. I kinda like the skits in KMM because it’s so random~ XD
    Also, I voted for SHINee yet, I’m okay with whatever video you guys reviewed. It’s because the more you both like the MV, the more fun KMM gets..well, at least for me :)

  145. I actually adored Why So Serious, the song. The video.. Was definitely lacking. While it was cute, and all, it wasn’t amazing. But the song, however, I love. As well as the rest of the album! Make sure to give those a listen too. They have some of their older feel back in it, as well as totally new feelings.

    I was kind of disappointed, seeing as how SHINee is my favourite group, but I’d rather you do a song you like, then watch you guys throw miserable comments at them.

  146. thank you guys i really like it

  147. I love love love this week’s KMM. props to uBEAT for making their own KMM, was waiting for them talking about maths ;)

  148. I like the format of this better than last weeks but as a thought… not just having one 30-second argue-session but but maybe two or three (as many needed) during the video when y’all do reach points that you disagree on. It is much better than just saying “while I disagree with Martina” when y’all are taking turns talking.

  149. I WANT TO MAKE SWEET, PG-RATED LOVE TO THIS KMM. Seriously, I think S&M are really starting to hit their stride and learn how to balance what the audience wants with what they are interested in providing.

    KMM, like Taemin to Taeman… is evolving. It is becoming nastier. /Ranchier/.

  150. I agree with some of the other Shawols that have posted. I like the song WSS but the music video was just okay and even though Jonghyun is not my bias I really did miss him in the vocals and the dance. I’m glad you guise reviewed Taraniforusrex’s song cause this video was super funny. I loved the 30 second battle and your skits. Oh, and your chalk boards are always my favorite. Keep it up!

  151. i hate it when you ignore first place

  152. liked this new format of kmm better :D

  153. Omo this KMM was faultless! I love the new KMM Style. 잘했어요!

  154. what is your number 1 favorite group? just curious

  155. Never have I ever seen a skirt look anymore fabulous doubling as a shawl/frock thing than it did on Simon’s Farm-Girl-Hater alter ego…simply FIERCE!

    In other observations: I CONTINUE to L-O-V-E KMMs….that is all!

  156. such an awesome KMM!!! thank you, guys! this made my day :D

  157. I thought today’s KMM was a great blend of the old format and the new more relaxed and less structured format. Good job guys! 3 Stages of Taemin I almost died laughing ^____^

  158. Really glad you guys decided to review T-ARA N4 and not SHINee! I also looove SHINee but this song was indeed pretty bad. At least we have a somewhat catchy phrase SHINee style to include in conversation ;D
    The format this week was a lot better, loved the 30 second showdown haha
    BTW, casting a vote for Dal Shabet. That video is absolutely full of win.
    Nasty kisses from Brazil!

  159. I totally agree with the sub-unit thing. In some cases, I think it’s a good move and really enjoyable, but then most of the time I just think it makes the company look bad, like they’re purposefully excluding the less talented/attractive/skilled/etc members to make more money.

    But… well I guess most kpop groups have songs on their albums that only have a few members singing.. That’s nothing new. There’ll be solos and duets, or songs where only 4/7 members sing. It’s just that now, their companies are letting them actually perform these songs live. And then they probably HAVE to put them under a new sub-unit name, so that rabid fans aren’t all “OMG HOW CAN YOU CALL THIS X-GROUP-NAME WHEN NOT ALL OF THEM ARE ON STAGE, TOTES NOT FAIR”.


  160. Honestly… I have to agree with the fact that musically, I feel like 5 is the max for the amount of members in a group… and 4 is kinda ideal. Otherwise each person’s line in a song is less than a minute, and there’s no room vocally to grow and really show their skillz. And even though there’s groups with 7 members or more that I honestly and absolutely love, when it comes down to the music, only 4ish carry most of the songs… UNLESS you break down to these sub-units where maybe other members can shine.

    I really feel like large groups are meant for promoting them with the chance that at least 1/2 will be popular enough for some major profit and promote the group as a whole… but not necessarily though music and variety instead. Even though I really love these groups as a whole and as individuals (mainly through variety shows…) only a few stick out to me as real musical artists and/or dancers.

  161. As far as the sub-band thing, I understand what you mean from a money stand point as far as less members means bigger cuts all the way around. But at the same time I think that there are more positives than negatives. For example, Super Junior. They have a lot of members, but then they have Super Junior M, they don’t have to put any resources into training new singers, and can reach a broader fanbase. Plus some people might buy their albums just because their bias it in the group. Also, as you said it enables a group to remain active if one or two members have to leave. Think about Big Bang, they are one of the smaller groups, and since it is all guys they will all have to go into the military at some point. Since they are all very close in age, they would all be going into the military one right after the other, so that would mean what.. around 5 years without Big Bang? (I think… sorry, my math sucks.)That would be HUGE chunk of money out of YGs pocket. And granted some of them will be able to work on their solo careers while the others are away, but like I said, they are very close in age, so their absences will be overlapping.

    So I actually think companies make MORE money off of the larger groups in the long run. Plus the sub-groups probably allow members the freedom to sometimes work on the stuff they are interested in, and have more creative freedom than they might otherwise. Which could decrease burnout.

    Either way, I doubt many fans would be upset by TOO much of the musicians that they love so much.

  162. 1) My vote goes to Dal Shabet.
    2) I really liked this format for KMM- this review was really fun. It doesn’t generally matter to me who you review because I’m not really a huge fan of any single group- though I do have a fondness for Big Bang and UKiss.

  163. Loved the 30 second argument showdown thing!! :D

  164. Spudgy was cuter than usual this KMM…. SO ADORABLE< GAH!

  165. So I’m NOT the only person who didn’t like Why So Serious! I feel much better now and not so lonely :) I do like how you are trying to change up the format a bit more from the other ones but not like crazy different like it kinda was last week :D But this format you have in this KMM is fine for me :)

    And with kpop groups, I think 5-6 is a good number for me :D The majority of the groups I listen to have 5+ members. I think sub-units are meant to explore a new style but be able to stay with your original members as well to do the general style of the group. It’s almost the same thing with solos too.

  166. well done, guys!
    i wasn’t sure about the new format last week, but i really liked it this time.
    you’re working out the kinks and making it a bit more comfortable, so well done!! <3

  167. Awwyea, I really like this version! I like segments a lot and it’s definitely better than just talking like you did last time, because it felt like live chat and yeah, not so interesting! :D Thank you so much though, and I agree with Martina about this song~! Reminged me Russia’s 2012 eurovision song a lot, pleaaase just check it out if you want to laugh. XD

  168. i think the idea of groups with smaller members is easy to talk about T-ara, they have a tendency to look and sound kind of uniform across the group.

    but also look at U-Kiss for example, which also has 7 members (or 9 if you wish)
    every member of U-Kiss has a strong and unique personality, and their own specific role in the group: power vocal, rapper, songwriter, dance lead, cutie, etc. they are very very individualized. and they already did subgrouping experiments on the Neverland album by doing songs with just 2 members, and now launched an official unit U-Beat. AJ’s semester in NY didnt take away from the group’s sound really, but it was still strange to me that hes not a part of the Stop Girl album.

    and also SHINee, in why so serious they managed to cover Jonghyun’s absence by Taemin magically transforming to TaeMaximum, but it was still a REALLY NOTICEABLE ABSENCE in my opinion, so anything with 5 members or less is like, indivisible

    i hope you guys read my post (^ w^)/
    its the first time i had a pretty strong opinion on the questions you asked in the blogpost, hehe.

    4ever Nasty,


  170. Great KMM!!! Thanks!

    I liked the part where we see two interpretations/opinions of the video…

    For the debate I was thinking you shouldn’t use total time, rather do something like Fashion Police were each side gets a fixed time to defend their position… and then: boomshakalaka each other!

  171. unicornsgalaxy

    I had to pause the video again and read the chalk board! LMAO off at “if EXO has fallen down a hole, how long will it take for SMent to help them out?” and the Bubble Pop equations.

    So my thoughts on the improved/older/new format.

    What I liked

    1.) It has the structure back with is a big improvement. The structure and segmentation makes the review seem to go faster and also holds my attention better.

    2.) I love how one of you butts into frame to disagree. I think its really cute.

    What I didn’t like so much/think could be changed or improved
    1.) I would have liked more interaction between you two. I don’t think the 30 second duke it out in the ring was long enough. The one thing I really liked about the last KMM was that it was all interaction between you two (it just needed some structure). I felt that this didn’t have enough.

    2.) I’m one of those people who like less skits than others. I think that the skits should be there to enhance the review and not be the majority of the review. I think this had one too many skits for me (or maybe one of them was too long?). I’m going to assume that you were super inspired by the video, though.

    I think this was a big improvement and I can see that you are trying to blend the different formats. I think as you fiddle with the format you will find things that you really like and that the rest of us are ok with too.

    Also, I see Lee Hyori on the laptop! She looks fabulous!

  172. Okay this is gonna be long (sorry about that, i hope you still read it^^)

    Honestly you don’t really understand the point of a sub unit still, and i can’t really blame you since you’re not enough into Super Junior (khm weirdest kpop music videos… Rokuko… Cooking Cooking…)


    KRY – best singers, so different audience which they can reach, they probs won’t be able to reach the ones who want to listen to really good harmonized ballads, so make a sub unit with the 3 best singers (bass, baritone, tenor… wow unique in kpop… but again everyone ignores it…)

    T – bring back the Korean Trot music, make youngers like it, different audience again. perfect choose the 6th oldest members (no Hangeng because Chinese in Korean Trot? no) okay they all can act like crazy ajusshis… perfect (plus need to have Heechul back, half year after car accident, have to let everyone know he is still alive)

    M – Chinese audence, okay add to extra Chinese, we have an original Chinese okay… from the rest… the ones who were not in T let’s use those…. the youngers can learn languages even easier

    Happy – we have a bunch of members left here in Kore while the others are in China…. oh make a random sub unit with them… since Heechul is acting let’s use Yesung and his voice

    SO the point is either different genre or audience or just other busy members and there was no comeback for a year already…

    the PROBLEM here is… now every single company tries to pull this thing when they have like what 6 members… you make a sub unit of that… ???????? no if you don’t have 8+ it’s just plain stupid

    NOW there is no reason behind making these sub units

    Name? Because they are still part of the group…. they NEED to keep the original name somehow (uBeat… there is that ‘U’ etc.)
    This is where Pledis **** it up… NOBODY knows those 3 girls are from AS if they are not playgirlz/playboyz

    And just to inform everyone a Sub unit NEVER made more money than the whole group… so NO it wouldn’t worth to just leave the rest…. no…

    just because you only look at the music… but seriously we all know that the companies get the money from fangirls… so just because the general public likes the song just as much as the other… it doesn’t matter, if not all of them are there than it won’t earn well

    Plus just to make less than 5 member groups is stupid…. the dance will be a crap…. there are no formats…. hard… always have to use back up dancers… always…
    look how do they strugle in most of the 4 member groups… they can stand in a line… because if they stand in a square someone will be covered then okay just stepp one to right the back one to the left… seriously it makes things so hard… with 5 you can already play do circles and a lot of other things… more members easier to make the dance look good.
    So NO the trend never be to make 4 member groups… except if they like to pay a lot for all those back up dancers…

    So the whole point is… that it’s a trend to make sub units…….. and it’s not good because people like you Simon and Martina will get this oppinion what you just got…
    The original idea was good… TTS also worked… and of course they wait with a new sub unit… SM has enough problems with the tours… they don’t need to create now even more… they first want to finish the SHINee comeback… just look at how tight the SM schedule is… everyone does something important in a month… they don’t have time to make AN other snsd sub unit… mabe next year…

    please ignore the typos

    • yanagiba yusuke22

      agree abt sj… n SM hv mny other group for cb….fx, sj, tvxq,boa, a very2 long waiting exo cb, hvnt release new song yet….so, sub units should be their 2nd priority…(mayb SM busy doing 49 vid teasers vid for exo…)

  173. who is your first fave group if shinee is second?

  174. As much as I liked last week’s KMM format and I loved the original format (one of the big things that got me into k-pop), I super mega awesome loved this format. I always missed hearing your combined debate, but thought only together was too similar to your other stuff. So perfect with both! And maybe it was the video, but the skits were gold. It almost felt like I was watching a compilation of S&M’s best skits. Freaking hilarious! And as much as I love SHINee, and actually did like “Why So Serious” to an extent (in the context of k-pop, but not of SHINee’s work), I’m super glad y’all didn’t pick their song BECAUSE YOU DIDN”T WANT TO! Seriously (pun not really kinda intended), you should do the music videos you want and can make gold (like this) with. I’m certain “Why So Serious” would not have been as great as a KMM. The only bad thing about this is that because y’all liked the song but had others (by T-ara) ranked higher, and I have similar music taste to you, I now have to go watch the other music videos to satisfy my curiosity. TIME FOR MASSIVE PROCRASTINATION!!!

  175. LOVE the new format guys! <3

  176. For the Simon vs Martina showdown i feel like u should use a different concept “chess-based”
    Each of you get 30 seconds to talk rounding up to 1 minute for the segment.
    So it would basically be like this
    simon says: —– takes 7 secs, pushes a buttom on his personal counter to stop the timer
    martina says: —- takes 10 secs, pushes a buttom on his personal counter too
    simon says: ——– re-starts his counter on w/e time he had left (in this case 23 secs) and this goes on until both run out of time

    Cuz on this one martina pretty much had more than 22 secs of the 30 and it wasnt much of a debate.

    • This idea is AWESOME!!! I didn’t even think of it even though I agree with you about Martina taking up most of the time (Not that I don’t like hearing Martina talk!!!), but it really wasn’t much of a fair debate because Simon only had such a small portion of the time. I wonder if they have one of those chess-clocks thingies. They can’t be too hard to find…. right??

  177. ktaeng

    I actually liked last week’s KMM because it was more like a discussion, like your TL;DR videos are. But I think this is better, sticking with the original style and having like…interjections every once in a while. The 30-second debate was great too, I’d like to see that again.
    I still don’t really like the song, with the exception of the chorus, (I feel like it’s missing some sort of climax) but I watched the video when you guys included it on your update so I was hoping you’d talk about this one. I was actually completely lost on the plot, so I’m glad you guys explained (and improved!) it. Not a SHINee fan (not for the past few years, anyway) so I don’t have any complaints about Why So Serious? not being chosen. I expected a (real) uBEAT KMM after watching the fake one, but I’m kind of glad you didn’t do a real one.
    Anyway… I feel like T-ara will probably win this one but personally I think Have, Don’t Have was funnier.

  178. I like this new KMM style!! ^^ hmmmmm…I agree with Martina in the showdown…Sorry Simon…. ^^” I also really like the many skits you put into here and how either Martina or Simon chimes in whenever they had an idea that they wanted to say :)
    Great Job Guise!! Thank You! :D

  179. I actually agree with Simon on this one. I might be bias because I love T-ara and N4 is comprised of my 3 favorite T-ara girls, but I can’t help but love this song, and both videos were good in their own respect. (For some reason I laughed so hard at Jiyeon’s ‘neona jalhaseyo’ in the drama ver.)

  180. Simon, your sleeve tattoo is too similar to the color of your blue screen, so your arm was a bit transparent at those parts!

  181. I really REALLY wanted you guys to review SHINee ;-; I LOVED THE SONG OMG I can’t seem to get over it… Well then everyone has their own opinions. I liked this KMM tbqh, it was 829173920 times better than the one from last week. Keep it up! I’m loving it! Oh one more thing! THE BATTLE IS ON! With 2PM and BILASA having their comebacks I just can’t figure out who’s going to get reviewed!

  182. I love the new format!!
    Also Taemaximum? That killed me! XD

  183. I quite like the variation between large and small groups. Each type brings out different flavours and talents. Also, there is a lot of talent out there and it would be a waste to just leave them as trainees. Having a big group means that a company can utilize all these different talents and not have a surplus of endless trainees waiting for their time to shine. (However, this is no excuse to bring out ridiculously huge groups, I’m looking at you Seventeen…)

  184. The more of these videos I watch, the longer my list gets.
    ‘Daryl’s list of women that should prepare themselves for a GOOOD TIME when he eventually makes it to Korea.’

    Jiyeon, I’m lookinatchu. Especially if you wear those glasses.
    So nasty.

  185. This format of KMM was great, but I wish there were more moments of you two talking together. But it was still really good!

    Also, I totally dig the chorus of this song. I’m so glad great, new songs are coming out. I’ve over-listened to so many songs it’s hard..

  186. as much as i totally was on Simon’s side last week about GD’s song and mv, this week i’m completely on Martina’s side about this song. So i’m glad you decided to keep that little confrontation of opinion on the song and mv ! :)

    my vote goes for Dal Shabet’s Have don’t have.
    (*psst* i didn’t like much Shinee’s Why so serious neither…)

  187. Woah I love the “improved” format!
    The hybrid of the old (was it ‘en hommage’? =D) and the new one from last week works really well on me x)
    And, to contribute to the topic of KMM! I definetly liked Martinas video version better – her moral was something I could absolutely agree with. While Taranafour’s attempt really grossed me out with its superficiality, that “We are awesometacular farmers and STILL kick your asses, city gurlz!” story was just perfect <3 Drama-Material! ;D

    As I have stated before, I actually started watching you guise for the tl;dr's, but thanks to you I got caught up in that colorfull, wild chaotic pit called K-Pop ;__;b
    But as Littlefinger stated – chaos isn't a pit, it's a ladder.. so many steps left to climb, so many songs to explore..
    Thank you for broadening my horizont!

  188. ok guys if s&m don t like shinee ‘s stop trying to covince them and stop asking for rasons it’s nonsensical. i liked the song A LOT but i don’t have an actual reason i just liked it the same goes for disliking something it’s all about natural taste and if something dosen t appeal to you ….you don t actually have to have some valid reason

  189. Starsania

    I am so glad I’m not the only one who didn’t like SHINee’s video. I tried to like it and the first part was ok… but then the chorus happened and it completely switched me off. *pouts* Shinee you’re better than that!

    I have to agree with Martina with this song too. The chorus was fun but I didn’t really care for much of the rest of it.

    I do like the conflicting viewpoints part of this setup, certainly helps highlight the good and bad parts of the video. I wish it was a bit longer and not quite so rushed though.

    Thanks so much for another awesome KMM!

    • unicornsgalaxy

      Seriously, I was jamming to SHINee’s song and was like “ok this is better than I thought” and then the chorus of “WHY SO SERIOUS?” came on and it was like a complete record scratch for me. That like and the other one that is in the same style just ruined the song for me. If it wasn’t for that, I would love the song.

  190. Also S&M, what did you think about the SHINee album overall? did u like the other songs?! :D

  191. PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEE, remove “the english in the video”. only talk abt it if its relevant. This was better than last week, but i still think that you should combine TL;DR with the KMM. the format of TL;DR is ur best format in all of ur videos as u guise are chatting and giving information, its funny as well, and its edited really well too. im sure u can add a little bit if TL;DR to the KMM format :)

  192. Also, Simone is so beautiful. We Nasties don’t see her enough!

  193. Wow two great KMM in one day!! Thought you guys were in rare form today…your analysis of the Tara N 4 video spot on! Your choice of this video over Shinee though? WTF a minor release from a sub group over a major release from Shinee. Went back and listened to each song, I thought Shinee was much stronger and fun. Did not like either video though, well just my opinion for what it is worth. You guys always got my respect..even if I disagree! LOL

  194. You produce T-araN4 as : T-ara-N-4. Which is T-ara New 4. So happy you guise reviewed this amazing song.

  195. Oh, i really liked the “30 sec of disagreement” in the video! so funny!! And I am totally with you that it would be enough with 3-4 members in a group. I usually doesn’t like big groups because I find it harder to get the individuals personality, charisma and (especially) voices. Sure it is easier to find someone to like in every group if they are so many but I think it is better to have smaller group that are different instead. But somehow Asia like those big groups, just look att AKB48 ;)

    Hope you will succeed in finding the right way to make the KMM and thank you for the hard work. Already looking forward to your next video ^____^

  196. I hope you guys have at least listened to samples of the entirety of the latest SHINee album on iTunes. I really think Why So Serious, despite being the title track, wasn’t too strong. I LOVED all of the other songs, esp. “Like A Fire”, “Excuse Me Miss”, and Jonghyun’s “Orgel”. Give the whole thing a listen please :).
    On another note, I really liked this T-ara song and the format of this Music Monday. Good balance of skits and dialogue. Thanks for listening to the Nasties’ input.

  197. First… I. LOVE. THIS. FORMAT. A lot. A lot a lot.

    Second… I don’t know, I seem to be disagreeing with you guys a lot on the songs themselves. I blame the fact that I’m a classical musician and never listened to any pop music whatsoever (no, not even American pop music [I hate American pop music >..>

    I will not put who you liked who I disliked, because if I do, I might get murdered. O.O

    But it’s alright. The awesomeness of music is subjective anyhow.

    As for the number of people in a Kpop group, I guess three or four is good. Although I don’t know. Yes, fewer people in a Kpop group does equal richer members, but that also means that they have to be okay with each other. If they’re not okay with each other, they’ll soon split up. Take the duet in Full House Take 2. They HATED each other, and the only reason they stayed together was because of their contract with the entertainment company. But the fact that they hated each other meant more work for the manager, more work for the head of the entertainment company, etc. etc.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is that having a big Kpop group and having a small Kpop group both have pros and cons.

    And I don’t know what I think about sub-units. The only sub-unit I ever liked was GD&TOP. So… yeah…

  198. I was thoroughly surprised when I didn’t see SHINee, but really thrilled you guys picked T-Ara N4! I loved this song and video, it makes me want to run in the streets and do the dance. It’s a fun song and I’m pleased with it. ^^*

  199. You are both so talented! It’s always fun and interesting to watch your videos guys! great job!

  200. I love this video, really. It’s just so… Fun! And the song is unorganized so a little… strange maybe. I get lost in it and can’t tell if it’s the end, or the middle or just the begining. So strange. I a hate the pause. I just hate when the song stops and you should watch something else that maybe is relevant to the MV but what I’m thinking is “Get back to the damn song or I’ll forget it soon!”. Yeah…

    And the opinions is such a strange things really. I just love WSS. Love it so much, I got exausted just gushing over how great the song is. So good, even better than Dream girl and I loved Dream girl (more than Sherlock XD). And then you mentioned Ring Ding Dong – this is a song I really can’t listen to. It’s my ring tone of course, but as a song it’s just nosy. My point is: There’s really different tastes and giving how I pretty much agree with your opinions most of the times, this is a huge difference now :). But oh well, as I have said before – it’s better to listen to something you wanna talk about because the negative Shinee video will make me dissapointed and not really tolerant, I think ^^^

    I vote for T-ara on the poll. Dal shabet was fun, but T-ara is just so freakin’ hilarious.

    PS: By the way, for the amounts of members in one group. I think it’s kinda safer to go with more members because this way: 1) There’s not really need all of the members to be talented. If you look at Super junior and Shinee for example – Super junior has three reeealy good vocals and two good dancers and it works really well; Shinee was to be all round perfect to work because if one is not good or is not given enough space it shows immediately;

    2) If there’s more members in one groups the chance that people will find one to be their diarest idol thus will buy all the albums and stuff is much more big.
    I personally don’t like bigger groups, five is more than enough for me. Otherwise it seems like a football team or something.

  201. How do I vote for T-ara for the showdown? Sorry I’m new to KMM and I couldn’t find the Facebook poll. Does commenting right here work?

  202. I like Dal Shabet’s song better but I love T-ara’s Jeon Won Diary mv

  203. I really liked how KMM was set up this week. That 30second showdown was really cool, though I would have been fine it being a bit longer. And I was kind of wondering if either one of you were going to talk about the horn thingie in the song.
    I KIND OF liked/hated the song, but mostly it was because of the horn. It gave me a headache. I think that I would have liked this if that horn wasn’t there.
    And yes. I liked your MV for Tara N4 a lot better. Makes me want to go rally for something….. Not sure for what though…..

  204. love! great KMM! i, too, am not impressed with WSS. it makes me wanna listen to Crayon, like i need to correct their use of the term. that’s not saying anyone in Shinee did poorly with the song, but it’s just not my fave shinee song, and likely never will be. but that being said this is definitely a fave for t-ara songs.

    this format is definitely different from last weeks, better, and it felt a lot more enjoyable. but i would have liked to have heard if Simon had more to say on his argument. could you both maybe have 30 seconds each? like if you both had a timer and you could pause it to allow the other to speak after you’ve made a point. it would stretch the segment to a whole a minute (ish) and give more room for debate. but i do love love love how you both exemplified shutting up to hear what the other has to say.

    also i love when y’all jump into the frame to express yourself. i’d describe why but my brain needs to go do my homework. Jya!

  205. I think the point of TTS was to have a “Girls’ Generation” comeback even though it wasn’t all of the members. Around that time, a few members were busy with dramas, and others were busy with other stuff, so I think SM saw Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Seohyun (who were all together hosting that one music show) and was like “Hey let’s make a sub unit!” lol. For SONEs the bond of the entire group is like a huge deal, so I think SM was really careful not to mess with that, and that’s why the group was treated more as an extension of Girls’ Generation rather than a whole separate thing. And I guess companies try to make groups larger so that there’s more options for biases and stuff? I mean if you look at large groups from Japan like AKB48, who have 60+ members, it seems to work pretty well.

    BTW I love that you’re toying around with the format for KMM, I think this week is improved from last week. I can’t wait to see what else you guys have up your sleeves. Though I’ve always felt that KMM should have some sort of “conclusion” to each video? Where you guys maybe have a short summary of your thoughts or have last words for the song/video before going to the showdown, because I’ve always felt it goes from “The English” to just suddenly being over, and it always seemed like an essay with no ending paragraph or something haha.

  206. Great KMM this week guys – i laughed my ass off!

  207. the dundundun got annoying after a while. I happened to experienced a bad situation where I thought it was already released and so youtubed it, clicked on the one that I thought was the song but it was just on the dundundun repeat. I was thinking WHAT IS THIS?! ARE THEY.. ARE THEY FOR REAL? SERIOUSLY!? Then i realised after a while that, the user just made the video of the 30 second teaser on repeat. I made a fool of myself.

  208. Great KMM! I totally agree with Simon in the debate portion! (Still love Martina too <3) This song rocks! I hope you're right that this song becomes the greatest of the year :P

    Also, Roly Poly – "oozing with perfection" Love that part!

  209. Like the format – the structure of the old format, but with new stuffs! Interesting and funny. Plus I like Spudgy’s songs in the last few KMMs. :D

  210. format was much much better then last week. loved the chalk board

  211. Cyber_3

    OMG!!!!!!!! This TOTALLY TOTALLY TOTALLY makes up for any shortcomings from last week’s KMM (ooh, plus bonus U-kiss KMM – mrwow!)

    I don’t have time for my full opinion – too much greatness but my top 3 awesomes:
    1) Teacher Simon – I just kept wanting to grab the handle on backscratcher every time you pointed it at the camera, like a kitty – soooooo distracting! LOL!
    2) Martina – oh my goodness – my nose is on fire just looking at that pepper!
    3) did Simon say “P-I-T-Y?” ? LMFAO!

    Cyber_3 – trying not to drown in the initial deluge of praise comments……….

  212. EYK, I just want to say this was a truly epic Music Monday. From the revised format, to the skits, the awesome in-jokes on the chalk board, and the neat way the dialogue was broken up — it just hit it out of the park for me on the entertainment front & felt like you rediscovered what you liked doing about KMM. Hope you guys felt the same way, too.

  213. Waah,this KMM is awesome!
    The skits were super funny and it’s cool that you two can interact more in it now^^
    And omg the blackboard xD You should have it every KMM with different questions so we Nasties can solve it!

    *whispers* I also don’t like SHINee’s new song…
    *Runs away*

  214. Thanks for making a truly awesome KMM this week!!! Last week was a bit of a letdown, so I really appreciate your hard work :)
    And I was really hoping Simon’s love for TARA would help them win with this really fun song and weird video. Yay!!!

  215. I like this format better, maybe a little more time on the discussion part. THANK YOU FOR CHOOSING A GIRL GROUP!!! Now that all these guy groups are having comebacks we need some GIRL POWER!!!!

    On T-ara N4′s video: I took the message more as “Even if you aren’t good at things you are doing now, there is something you are good at out there and you’ll find it!” *cheesy fist pump into the air* But I can see where you are coming from. The guy chopping the wood and the girls being scared defiantly had a bad message. Also the video reminded me a bit of Family Outing, with famous people being in the country side and failing.

  216. THANK YOU for reviewing this! I’d been waiting for 3 hours and had this page on auto-reload every 2 minutes. I was like “YESSSSS!!!” *fist pump* when it finally came out (apologies to my neighbours as it was 2 am here in Singapore). I was hoping you guise would do the dance though! Pity Martina doesn’t like the song so much … I think it’s the best freaking song I’ve heard in a long time and the more you listen to it, the more addictive it gets! Trust me – I was watching all their live performances and listening to it over and over for about 10 hours while I was doing the night shift at work and I am STILL not even close to getting tired of it! Anyway, thanks again S&M! I can go to bed happy now! Hope to see the 2 of you when you visit my country soon <3

  217. You should give Why So Serious another chance. I really didn’t like it at first but it grew on me SO MUCH. It’s not as amazing as Sherlock/Lucifer no or even Dream Girl, but it is pretty good/interesting. Don’t like the video without Jong though.

  218. LEE HYORI IS BACK!!!!!!!!

    Aaanywayy, guys this was one of the best KMM EVAAARRRRR!!!! I’m sooo happy there were more skits and I loved the 30-second debate (could have been longer- maybe 1 minute long or so but it was still a great idea) And lolololol, the TaeMAXIMUM skit-thing WAS EPIC!!!!!! :D Great stuff guys, really!

    I also didn’t like Why So Serious? but it doesn’t matter because Dream Girl was so incredible that I still listen to it crazy~

    EDIT: I love CRAZYNO too. It was cool seeing him go head-to-head with GD last week :D

  219. When it comes to kpop sub-units and group sizes I do agree with you guys that more is not always better, but I also think that in some cases, sub-units serve a purpose and some do not. A good example of a great sub-unit, for me at least, was TTS, they took the strongest singers in SNSD and put them in a group together to perform songs that SNSD usually wouldn’t do, they got to explore a different genre of music and focus more on vocals, which is what they are strong at and the reason SM hasn’t released another sub group is pretty much because SNSD has been really busy, or so fans are guessing.Other great examples are 2YOON, Infinite H, and uBeat because they are an extension of their original group, an exploration in music rather than their own group.
    Orange Caramel is another FANTASTIC sub-unit because they’re style is not the same as After School which allows them to expand from their original image, the only issue I think with Orange Caramel is that they seem to release a lot more than their original group which can be problematic because I think most people assume, and I really believe, that a sub-unit should be a one time thing. After all their songs and videos, now Orange Caramel is basiclly their own group.
    I think sub-units become problematic when you have groups like T-ARA N4, who’s song really sounded like a T-ARA song, it wasn’t radically different from any of their other songs. In fact the first thing a friend of mine said about it was that it was a “typical T-ARA song” and in this case it does beg the question of why have this sub-unit, or why have more members.

    Having a lot of members in some groups work, like Super Junior, which has a lot of members leaving for the military, or EXO, half of whom promote in China, or even SNSD, where the stronger vocalists are weaker dancers and vice versa. I do agree that sometimes, the extra members can seem gratuitous, especially in groups like After School or T-ARA where members are constantly being added or replaced, but at the same time I think these companies do know what they are doing and each member serves a purpose.

  220. But… Why So Serious is a song about ZOMBIES! <.w<

  221. This new version of music monday is pure awesomeness!! Not that it was anything other then awesome before, but now its awesomER! :DD Really liked the chalk board XD I wanna know the 3rd transformation form of taemin too :D

  222. I agree with you when it comes to Why So Serious…
    I’ve been a Shawol for 3 years now, and this is the first time I feel disappionted..

    Im starting to like the song more and more, but in the beginning I felt kinda disappointed and I didn’t like the song or video at all..

    The song itself is really giving everyone a chance to show their voices (Omg Taemin, when did your singing become so freaking awesome?), and I love the song for that. But, the beat in the song feels boring, and it feels like mix of several songs with all the changing. It can be good, but only to a certain point..

    In the new album they have so many, much better, songs.. So I wonder why they choose Why So Serious and not Nightmare, Evil or Like A Fire, or Orgel (Omg that song feels so creepy and nightmarish but in a super awesome good way D:)

    And once again SM sticks to their rooms and boxes…

  223. Great KMM, guys! ^^ I was really happy to see that you used the old structured format but still managed to get both in the shot and talk to each other – the disagreement battle is an awesome solution!
    And thanks for the funny skits and little details on the blackboard again. This kind of KMM always makes my Monday :)

  224. i loveed this format and this kmm was halirious xD keep it up guys ^^

  225. I think the Music Monday format should be kept exactly like this. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

  226. Was it just me or did anybody notice the dancing bunny in the music video?

  227. This KMM is great! *Thumbs up* And Dalshabet wins for sure! I have that song as my ringtone, it always freaks everyone around me out. Ah, Norwegians, sometimes I do wonder if we used to be vikings. But then again I can imagine a viking not digging k-pop… *Hrm* Anyway! Nice review guys!

  228. I think now you’re walking the right way about the format…I think also Michi-go should have been reviewed like this! Anyway, you had to try to find out the right path…go for it guys! ^_^

  229. FAIL on the showdown part xD You showed T-ara instead of GD ^^

  230. Okay, now I’m really curious about this twitter controversy- what happened??

  231. Taemaximum :D
    I didn’t like the song : but I liked the review. Also, I am a SHINee fan, but video was so so. Jonghyun wasn’t there, also chorus was … It was nothing like RDD, Lucifer….I liked dance only.
    If there were only talented artists in group it would be cool, but of course, some are talented in acting, some have gorgeous faces, some have good vocals and etc. Big Bang, SHINee has 5 members, so it’s totally okay with me. Suju maybe has too many, it was difficult for me to remember their names D:
    I vote for DalShabet

  232. Yay! They took my idea of the showdown!!!!! So excited (I contributed!) !!!!!! But seriously, I love the change. It worked for me. I love that you kept the effects of the previous KMM but still changed it up a bit. It seems fresh that way. I think that the discussion worked great, and perhaps if you guys want more of a say you could just split it as 20-30 seconds each. That’s it.

  233. Somehow i think this SubUnit is just the way of the whole T-ara to express themselves with the current situation. all the controversy happened and people in South Korea still hate them until now. that is just unfair and now I think they want to break through that with the song. Not that gloriously awesome like your top 5(also mine) but the song is great enough to say everything they want to. enough to show that they are tired of being treated harshly, stoned,… anyway, i don’t think the company will use this sub uni again for another reason than this. and about the rest members, they are going to debut the Soriram in Japan for fairness.
    in the end, I will always love and support them forever. i don’t know why there is still a community like the K-netizen loves to live in the past like that. move on people.. T-ara explained for the first time about the controversy today but i still see hates coming out from people so much. nothing can please them anyway.
    T-ara N4 fighting!! you deserve it <3

  234. FAIL on the show dwon part xD Yoy showed T-ara instead of GD ^^

  235. Since when was it the purpose of kpop (companies) that “the members [will] get more money out of it, which will result in them being happier and less overworked”? And, I’m not sure that’s always the case – particularly if the same group promotes in Korea and Japan, like TVXQ did/ 2VXQ does. I don’t know about other companies, but for the ones like SM, it seems like more members will continue to be a popular format – with more potential biases, you get more fans, right? Plus if you put them sort of together like Exo-K and Exo-M, you can promote the same song simultaneously in two languages. Which means you don’t have to teach them all a new language (or at least pronunciation).
    So yeah, I think you’re right that it *could* be a lot better for individual members, but that’s not necessarily the goal of entertainment companies.

  236. question: does anyone else want martina’s tshirt? <3

  237. Martina, thank you for pointing out their crappy farming skills – they’re no better than 10 year old (I speak from experience – the wheelbarrow fell over on me though because it was full with ration feed and I was trying to force it over a step). Your skit about a positive female image was really great as well.

    I also like the fusion of formats – I really enjoyed the 30 second face off

    I also adore the drawing on the black board – if EXO fell into a whole how long until SM helps them out, rofl!

  238. Also companies have SOO many trainees that needs to be debuted soon

  239. In the showdown part, for the winner of last KPOP MM you Put T-ara MV !!!! :| :)
    this version of KPOPMM is good :)
    Love you guys :)

  240. Martine, your T-shirt is A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!!

    And I really prefer that version of KMM over the last you did for MichiGO. More dynamic, love it!

  241. Loved this version of KMM. It was so freaking fantastic. You guys have so much energy and it just was incredibly fun to watch. Thank you! :D

    Also, I absolutely love the questions you guise write on the blackboard. I’ve noticed those the past few times you’ve had the blackboard in the videos and they crack me up every time.

  242. I wasn’t a fan of “Why So Serious” either, so I’m kind of glad you guys didn’t review it. Hope you don’t get too much hate from disappointed Shawols.
    Regarding T-ara N4′s inability to do farm work: My interpretation was that rather than judging someone by what they’re not good at (in this case farming), you should judge based on what they ARE good at (in this case, dancing). So the message wasn’t, “Yeah we can’t do this hard labor stuff but hey, at least we know how to look sexy!” so much as “Sure, we can’t do some things, but instead of complaining about it, we’re going to concentrate on what we can do and what we enjoy doing.” They definitely went a bit over the top with the farm scenes, though. Wheelbarrows do not tip over that easily.

    • “Sure, we can’t do some things, but instead of complaining about it, we’re going to concentrate on what we can do and what we enjoy doing.” Ah I never thought of it that way. That’s a really nice outlook ^^ And yea.. the producer could’ve lessen the farm work exaggeration lol

  243. thisisjustforfunval

    TaeMAXIMUM! Can’t wait to see that final Taemin stage XD

    And I almost died laughing about Hulk Fisting, oh god I’m laughing again. Must stop!

    I really like this tweeked version of MM. I say give the debate 45 seconds.

  244. cglyn

    Wohoooow! Kudos to Martina for wearing grandma’s yazma! I gotta show her this weeks KMM! XD
    Great job, guise! Seriously, your version of “farm girls” was a lot better AND true! (^-^)/ YAAAY!

  245. I like this format! Good job!

  246. I liked this KMM really much! The 30 second debate was a great idea and I also loved Simon’s top 6 T-Ara songs (I’ll check them out later). This format was super cool with the skits and the two of you on camera together. Nicely done!
    Btw, something’s wrong with the video 4:16-4:18.

    (And lastly, I just love those popping up animal images. :D They are always unexpected and hilarious)

  247. Was I the only one missed all of simon’s speech in front of the chalkboard because I was reading the Exo math problem?

  248. Due to the lack of skits last week it seems like we were BOMBED this time! ^__^
    ….Ah, what I liked about last week’s KMM, was that both of you shared screen time, discussing the song. You did it this week as well, but it ended so quickly~

    I’m glad you decided to review T-ara N4, because they did have the most interesting video out of the top 3, so yay! :)

  249. it’s EXO. not EX-O :D I am a huge fan. the biggest EXO fangirl you’ll ever meet so believe me. it’s EXO :D
    and the dash is only if you separate. EXO-M or EXO-K. together they are EXO. and P.S. guys!!! I am a huge fan of yours. I love your vid and I’ve been watching you for YEARS! I even… stalked your studio in hongdae for like… 5 minutes but then my drunken friends pulled me into cocoon. :D you are awesome. EXO EXO EXO EXO EXO EXO

  250. …usually our opinions are somewhat similar on some points, but I have to say it : I LOVED SHINee’s song ;) specially since the whole concept seems more personal and meaningful XD

  251. GoldenAngelFeather

    It’s very weird. I totally love Why So Serious, like really love it. I’m surrpised that many people don’t like it and that it charts bad :(
    Well, everyone has their own taste in music right? For example I don’t really like SHINee’s juliette, even though that wa sone of their most popular songs ever. I hope SHINee will still give their ebst! :P
    Sidenote: TaeMAXIMUM?! xD
    then what would be the 4th stage? xD

    • Oh did it not do well in the charts? I’ve not really loved anything Shinee’s done this year – Sherlock was epic though, great k-pop music in my opinion!

      • GoldenAngelFeather

        dunno. Someone that commented on this video earlier than me aid it. And i have not seen then on the korean charts yet, at least they’re not in intiz chart rankings, just saw it.

        I only know they got 1# for world album billboard?right?

        I didn’t love dream girl, but i don’t hate it. It’s kinda the same feeling as juleitte, mentioned as above, i don’t love it, but i can listen to it.

        But I am really impressed with Why So Serious, it’s on a different level from music. But maybe because it’s rock, people are not really accepting…But SHINee’s

        y band in kpop, so i’m sure after some time wss will be one of their popular songs, they just need to take the first step imo.
        And Sherlock was inded epic! the strength i saw in that song xD
        It’s a hybrid song, one of the first i think in recent years?
        At first i did not like sherlock but i slowly fell in love with it and now i like it though i still love their RDD and lucifer era, but that was kinda the golden years for them io think.
        But sHINee keeps shining for always :P

    • I’m Not a fan of Why So Serious? nor a Shinee bias. (I adore Lucifer and Ring Ding Dong…..okay and Dream Girl)
      But don’t worry the digital SINGLE downloads of just the song WSS may not be going brilliantly

      HOWEVER Male Groups (esp SM ENT ones to be honest)
      rely a lot more on Physical Full Album sales than just singles.

      Take Sexy Free & Single from SuJu last year.
      Single charted 5 and 15 respectively on Gaon and Billboard
      BUT SFS the album was purchased more than any other album in korea last year. (if you don’t count BigBangs repackage as the same album….whatever Suju sold heaps)

      Why so Serious has topped album charts now for straight weeks so don’t you worry about your boys
      They are still popular as ever.
      And its probably a great compliment that people want to hear ALL of their songs and not just one.

      I won’t be buying it. But apparently a lot of people in Korea are!
      Hope that make you happier!! :)

      • GoldenAngelFeather

        hehe, yes i red news that they charted well with their physical album sales ^^
        that people hate the song, not dislike, but HATE :(
        since i love it and it’s something shinee wanted to try and do themselves

        • I think hate is a strong word….i just think it doesn’t live up it people’s expectations from Shinee
          Theyve had some amazing songs.

        • GoldenAngelFeather

          yes shinee had amazing songs, and personally i think WSS belongs to them, but of course people can have their own opinions. But there really are fans out tehre that say they hate it, which kinda hurts me

    • The Why So Serious TRACK with Jonghyun’s voice was really good because it had better flow than the MV version, which honestly didn’t go over too well with Taemin, in my opinion. He couldn’t get the song to flow as well as Jonghyun would have. Also, the MV was uninteresting, so imagine how hard all of those things would make it for S&M to explain…

      BUT the full album was, in my opinion, as a whole VERY GOOD. I like the more rock/contemporary sound they’re taking for this album.

      • GoldenAngelFeather

        i do agree on the flow of it. It sounds complete with Jonghyun’s voice and better because of his mooth voice. Though i have to say taemin really grew so much with his voice. And uninteresting, well, shinee is after all a SM group, they’re boxed Mv’s , but i really do respect S&M decision. Would kinda make me feel miserable and them too if they talked about things they don’t like. And I’m a T-ara fan too, so i was happy :P though just slightly disappointed that they ddin’t really liked wss, which I thought they would have loved
        And yes, the album is amazing! :D
        mee too. I’m not really a person who lsitend to rock, but i do like it depending on the song ^^ and wss defintely took a spot in my heart ^_^
        as always, I can defintely rely on SHINee, because they’re just that great :D

  252. “excuse me miss, can I get a latte?” “yahh~ you can get it yourSELF” HAHAHAHA


  253. I really loved the format of this weeks music monday. I liked how you kept structure, but still fit the some side by side shots of you guys together and turning the bantering of opinions about the song into almost like a little skit where it couldn’t get too drawn out. I think that would be a good thing to keep doing or something similar to that in future music mondays as well. I like that you guys are trying to mix things up a little to revamp KMM.

    Also, one of my favorite parts… TaeMAXIMUM. xD

  254. That was a awesome KMM. It was a bit different than usual, but it didn’t lose us either, the timer for the debate was a great idea, you made a super good use of the green (blue? green?) screen, I seriously believed I was in the deep countryside (wait… I am in the deep countryside), and the mentions of the other videos at the beginning were nice too… Great job for this second KMM of the night. You deserve some sleep now. Go to bed naw!

    Oh, and sorry teacher Simon, I didn’t listen to a word of what you were saying, I was busy solving the EXO equation. Hard one…

  255. lol you really got the feedback rite ha hah a but it looked now like psy, trying to hard to be funny on his second try, altogether was great tho, but i would make it more than 30 on the ”discussion” part

  256. Simon, you’re right! ♥ It’s not the best song of them, but it’s soooooooooooo fun and maybe it will become the best song of the year. And if not of this year.. then out of May. I’m looking forward. Roly-Polying away….! ♥ *awkward*

  257. PunkyPrincess92

    hahaha Taemaximum!!!
    that chalkboard is awesome!!!

  258. chrstr

    You should post a picture of yourself laying beside a river in 3 days. Not being dead, just looking like it :P

  259. Wait, you guys did review miss A’s last MV, right? What do you mean they fell off the face of the earth? Aside from their Chinese promotions, they’re actually more active now than ever in Korea. Min is acting in a sitcom, Fei’s been on Master Chef Korea celebrity (and got to the finals) and now she’s on Dancing with the Stars and has made it pretty far. Jia’s been in a bunch of different photoshoots and also Let’s Go Dream Team.

    • I don’t think they pay attention to the groups except for musically. With all that they do, they probably don’t have time to pay attention to all that.

      • True that, but then it’s not fair for them to say they “fell off the face of the earth.” It hasn’t been THAT long since their comeback as a group.

        Anyways, awesome KMM Simon & Martina! I really like this format, it’s a lot more fun to watch. Also I don’t think you guys should feel forced to do skits if you don’t want to.

    • And that is exactly what I think they meant.. I think there girls have been doing all sorts of things except for music…. And I love that all of the members are getting so many activities… but I fell for missA the Kpop awesome 4some…. I want me some missA music.

  260. Sorry, Simon I agree with Martina on this one, the chorus is cool but the rest? Not so much. I love the dance though, My co-worker caught me doing the chest roll-face slap move in the elevator yesterday, awkward!

    Also. love the format of this KMM, nie balance between the old familiar one and new things like Martina stepping into the frame while Simon is on and such.

    and lastly: ERRRMAGWD Spudgy looked so cute with his little shawl, like a tiny russian babushka, gggaaahh! *faints from cuteness overload*

  261. I was hoping you’d focus more on the lyrics, which are pretty spunky, but apart from that I am tremendously pleased with this KMM and its updated, yet familiar format. You’ve achieved everything that’s mentioned in the blog post and I dig it very much.

    Also: Hulk fisting. <3

  262. I really like this new format! It looks great!

    I LOVE this song! Just listening to it again, I want to start dancing. I think it’s great! I think it’s fabulous that begged the older couple from the show to feature in the MV – I think it’s in part to appeal to a Korean audience who is familiar with it. I think it’s also not so much about farming as it is about escaping to a place of seclusion (which is a common theme in K-drama) to figure things out – sort of like a self -reflection time. And this allows them to make a bigger, stronger comeback and tell the haters to just stop. I also really loved that SPEED got some love in the song.

  263. Awesome KMM guys, like seriously. While i loved the shift in your style last week, I like how you combined the old and new. I absolutely 100% love it that you guys are trying to open up a discussion between yourselves, on camera, so we can see opposing viewpoints on the songs and videos.

    Also, the mini ninja debate on the song was pure gold. I definitely LOLed. And the abundance of skits in this KMM made up for last week.

    As for the song and video, I’m kind of a mix of emotions. I’ve never really been a fan of T-ara. I don’t love em or hate em, I’m just indifferent, I guess. Their style(s) have never really caught my attention. This song, however, really grew on me.

    I’ll admit, I couldn’t make it through their music video. I was too disgusted by the whole “Oh em geeee, farming is haaaaard guise” attitude. I can handle a little aegyo, but not when it makes the person seem dumb or incompetent. Acting dumb is not cute, ladies. Thank you for totally ripping into that aspect of the mv.

    The dance version of the mv is totally awesome though. They kill that choreography. The song is great overall though. I’ll probably add it to my ipod even, making it like, the second T-ara song I will have in my collection.

    As always, great job guys. Keep up the hard work.

  264. Simon and Martina! please unblock me on youtube….I can even subscribe to your channel anymore… You guys said that were going to unblock me and you still haven’t done it.

    • What’s your youtube account username? Why were you blocked? Will you stop doing…whatever it was that got you blocked?

      S&M rarely read the kpop chart comments, but if you compile a short message, I’ll try emailing it to them. I can unblock people on the site, but not on youtube. ^^b

  265. I’m glad to see you’re still searching for a new format for KMM! Somehow I get the feeling that this week’s version suits you way better than what you guise did last week. I understand that it might take some time for you to feel comfortable doing KMM in a new format but I’m sure you guys will pull it off. You’re definitely on the right track. Now all you can hope for is that all those loyal nasties who got accustomed to your old format will get accustomed to your new one. Break a leg guise!!! XD

  266. T-Ara N4′s video was used for GD’s video for the showdown O;

  267. I agree with that sexy girl towards the end! You should do 2PM! And so glad to see you went back to the old style of kpmm!

  268. Waaah~ this KMM is so great ^^ Love it!

  269. totally agree with you Martina XD

  270. You have T-Ara’s video playing during the showdown when you mention G-Dragon ^^;
    And the annotations don’t seem to be working, for me at least

    2 Save equation.
    3 Blow bubbles and POP ‘EM. (OOH! Bubble pop??)

    1st Form – Taemin —> 2nd Form – TaeMAN —> Final Form – ?

  272. I really liked that 30s disagreement battle you had
    it was really fun to watch~^^

  273. BTW why was T-ara video where G-dragons video should be lol?

    • AH! We tried a new format, instead of using our hands going up and down. Problem is, I wanted to do “copy attributes” so it could look the same, but instead it did just plain copy, so…it replaced GD’s video. AH! Damn you Final Cut Pro!

      • haha i figured it was an editing problem… I replayed the video several times to make sure it wasn’t me since i think i am getting sick >_<

        • Magicimpact

          I see it as foreshadowing. T-araN4 is the winner , time to P-A-R-T-Y, and Roly Poly Loly Loly Poly

  274. I always thought sub groups were meant to take a different sound and look to a group with an already established sound and image. Like infinite and infinite-h for example. Infinite do 80′s sounding songs and infinite h totally went a different route to this. The same could be said for orange caramel and after school, or tts and snsd.

    Now, the reason why this t-ara sub unit upset me a little bit was because it felt like this could have been a perfectly good t-ara song NOT a t-ara n4 song. This sub unit is clearly a popularity show. Jiyeon’s presence says it all. The girl isn’t known to be very talented in singing (Sorry jiyeon :( I like you really) but she’s VERY popular. To not put soyeon into this group who is t-ara’s best singer proves my point. This sub group (as much as I love the song) just emphasises that t-ara sadly doesn’t need the remain 3 (4?) members.

    • They really did just put the three most popular members together didn’t they… and maybe they hope the added exposure will make Areum more popular as well?

    • If it was a full T-ara song I don’t think the song would give off the same feel. Yes those three are the most popular but they are also the most hated,so is Areum. They have scandals surrounding them that effected them more than the othrr three. But still the other members are debuting in Japan as a subunit where they are the most popular. Like no joke, Qri and Boram are the most popular members there.

    • T-ara was supposed to be a 5 person group:Eunjung Jiyeon Hyomin Jiae Jiyon(spell check(Spica Member now)) but Jiae and Jiyon left and Soyeon Boram Qri, came in. This sub unit is T-ara New 4, but 3 out of the 4 are from the beginning, only Areum is new, so the unit name is incorrect. But I agree the sub unit shouldn’t exist, and Boram would be awesome in this song, and she might have gotten a rapping part!

    • Isn’t Areum the main rapper and not Hyomin, (although she is awesome the role was passed.onto Areum, from Hwayoung) even the leader of Speed . How sad is that

    • I think if you judge by the lyrics and the drama scenes (like Kang Min Kyung booed on stage but still dancing ’cause one fan still shows support) one of the main theme of the songs is to stick it to the haters.

      Yes Soyeon (who’s role in a drama got slowly sidelined), Qri & Boram (“caught destroying Hwayoung’s Umbrella during Idol Olympics”-said antis… while in fact she was actually shielding Hwayoung from the rain with her umbrella) did got hurt by the controversy but it was Eunjeung, Hyomin and Jiyeon who got the burnt of the witchhunt. And Ahreum also got flak for “having the nerve” to take Hwa’s position. It was the N4 members which recieve the nasty rumours and lies spread about their personalities (Jiyeon likes to burn traineess with cigarettes, Hyomin likes to have sex parties, Eunjeung was secretly married to Osama bin Laden and gets paid to feed rice cakes to Kim Jong Un, Ahreum eats babies to keep her milky white skin).

      So in my opinion the whole Jeon Won Diary and N4 movement is sort of a way for them to fight back against their detractors. This is why I respect them so much, and even if this single doesn’t sell as well as their other songs, I still consider it a total WIN in my book.

    • It has been announced the 3 others members will start a subunit in Japan. That’s totally understandable since Qri, Boram and Soyeon has more the cute doll image that suits japan market very well… Only Areum has also a cute image (because she’s still young) but she can also be sexy/fresh that suits the Korean markets more (other SE asian markets aswell). Besides Areum is actually the second best singer in the whole group (behind Soyeon) and one of the best rapper (maybe the best since Hwayoung departure – not prooved yet), so they needed her for the high pitch + she needs more exposure in Korea even though she is quite popular already.
      So, I agree that they put in t-ara N4 the most popular member in Korea, to promote in Korea.

      Actually, you only need 2 members to make a real good song : one singer and one rapper (see Turbo…). But kpop idol group’ standards need also a ‘visual’, ‘backup dancers’, ‘subvocal’, ‘subrapper’… So yeah, in fact you don’t need a lot of members to make good songs,but it’s kpop industry.

      I think T-ara is one of the girl group with the most different of personalities. Jeon Won Diary could have been carried by any combination of 2 members of the subunit (maybe not Areum part) but each member adds her own colour to the song, so it’s really better with

      Subunits have a lot of use :
      It allows to try new stuff from the original group (see Orange Caramel / After School)
      It allows.to stay in the music field (the subunit promoting) and to cover other branches of the entertainment industry at the same time (tvshow, movie/drama, music, musical, publicity), and also to conquer different overseas markets (A simple example, even though Kara are still quite popular in Korea, they work 70-80% of the time in Japan. I think they are acting more than singing in korea nowadays.. Popularity in korea music world seems to decrease. )
      It also allows ‘total inactive’ members to focus on other things like studying/training, personal business, working, (resting?) etc…
      And something significant, subunits use the fame of the mother group to grow faster (at the beginning at least).

      PS: totally love this very energetic dance btw.

    • I thought they made this sub-unit because Hyomin, Eunjung, Jiyeon and Ahreum were the strongest dancers in the group, and since this was a more complex dance song (to an extent), they were put in a sub-unit, while Soyeon, Boram and Qri tackled Japan as their own sub-unit.

  275. If I was a k-pop producer, I would totally hire you guys to direct our music videos.

  276. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever disagreed with you before….*weird moment* :) It’s kind of fun! I personally loved wss as a song. The second I listened to it it had me moving and it was great and so unbelievably catchy. But the video…. meh..

    However, I am SO SO SO SO HAPPY that you decided to do this video instead because YOU liked it and knew you would be able to make an amazing KMM out of it. (plus come on, it’s KMM GOLD!!)

    Keep up the amazing work you guys!!!! Much much much <3! (and now seeing us back in the old KMM format I do like it better than your attempt last week, though I do hope you guys can incorporate talking with the both of you on screen in future attempts of KMM change magic :) )

    • Thank you! We’ve still got some things we want to work out, some ideas we haven’t fully matured yet, but we plan on adding more to KMM in the future. I hope you’ll still like it :D

      • Can’t wait to see what you have up your nasty sleeves ;)

      • I did like this new style! I think that you could even cut the skits a little shorter and give yourselves a full minute to debate about the song ^^ That way we’d get to hear more in-depth about your opinions

        • Yeah, I think bumping up the debates to a minute or so, so both sides can say a couple points, would be better. I just really like hearing others’ opinions about songs and artists and kpop in general, especially from people who aren’t in my circle of friends or in my particular fanclub.

        • Katrina Blanchard

          I agree. Maybe Simon and Martina could each get a minute to explain and debate. I did really like seeing the interaction between you guys.

    • Completely agree with you here. I love why so serious, but I loved this KMM (even though I find t-ara’s video pretty terrible actually), and I’d probably have a hard time not feeling grumpy if simon&martina did a KMM of a shinee video they hated :P

      And yes, LOVE the Opinion Battle segment. At this point I could lose the English segment without shedding a tear, unless there’s something amazing(ly good or bad) about the english.

  277. I wasn’t a huge fan of Shinee’s new song but i did think it had the most “mature” feeling, i can tell they have grown a lot musically ..if you get what i mean. I love the doodles on the black board ^_^ First world farmer problems…love the eggplant? in your nose!

  278. OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG so freaking funny! really “If EX-O fell on a hole how long would it take SM to help them?” I rolled rolled rolled………. on the floor and the 3 stages of the Taemin were awesome…….. I love that blackboard…

    And the First WORLD Problems skit… loved it!!!!!

    Edit: Loved the format! Good day to you sir!

  279. I like the new format, it has structure, and more awkward skits, yay! However, your g dragon is actually a T-ara N4. Just saying. And thanks for not reviewing SHINee. I like the song, but there’s not much to joke about. DAMN YOU, SM, AND YOUR KPOP PROP BOXES, DAMN YOU!!!!!!!!!!

    My vote goes to Dal Shabet. Disco 4 LIfe!

    • same here about the format… i think the 30 sec S vs M was great… although i myself am unorganized i must say that having structured segments allows for more enjoyment :)

    • There’s the awkward zombie dance all the zombies suddenly popping up in Kpop to talk about… and the pretty startling way the song suddenly changes keys… and how Shinee assures us that Romeo and Juliet was “not a sad love story” and then turns things around by accusing the girl of being a “romance fiction maniac” because she wants a happy ending to their love story… I mean honestly this song is pretty mental! I can’t tell if we’re supposed to recognize that it’s an insane song or if we’re supposed to love and endorse it straightforwardly, haha.

      T-ara N4 is a better song and a more interesting video, though, I think, so I was happy to see it reviewed! Personally I think they didn’t need that rap guy, and I wish the song made better use of their voices. There’s another singer in T-ara I really like and I wish she could’ve been in this subunit… as it is, there’s only one strong singer carrying most of the lines, and Jiyeon has almost nothing to do, which is way more noticeable when there’s only four of them.

      • The rap guy, you meant Taewoon right? His rap is one of my most favourite parts of the song though.

        And I guess the singer you meant is Soyeon is it? I’d love to have her in this sub-unit and Queen’s have been crazy about this too. But then when it turns out that she’s saved to be in the upcoming japanese sub-unit of T-ara along with RiRam, we have no more thing to complain.

        As for “Jiyeon has almost nothing to do”, I don’t think so. I feel that she even has more lines than Eunjung and Areum which also surprises me. I personally thought that Hyomin and Eunjung would have lots of parts in this song but turn out it applied to only Hyomin.

  280. I really love this version of KMM!

  281. b1a4 is coming.. they already released their mini album~ all thats left is the mv

  282. But Why So Serious is so awesome T^T
    It was actually the first song that got me into SHINee XD
    I think this song is absolutely horrible x]

    BTW this version of KMM is amazing (: keep it up!

    • i second that…. wow…. for the first time SHINee actually disappointed me. i don’t think it’s the worst song evarrr but when your standards are so high (ring ding dong, sherlock <3) why so serious doesn't even come close :( but it's okay… every group is allowed 1 bad song pass…. right?

      • Opinions differ I guess (: I do like Sherlock better than WSS but I think RingDingDong is weaker.(becasue the autotune is a bit too much, but it’s allowed cus it was a song in their early stages)

    • I think Why so serious is awesome too! *high five*

      • HIGH FIVE. Though I am really happy they didnt review it. because if this song had non stop hate, I probably would’ve been so mad at Simon and Martina XD

    • I really liked WSS too and I found the T-aran4 song to be boring, but eh, lol. Que sera..

  283. I really don’t like the song and is not really charting well on Korea as well.

    • of course… People in SK still hate them.. sigh.. those are still living in the past

      • Every other place I go, This song is loved and favored. They are living in the past, this song is for the haters, saying “stop hating and mind your own business, you don’t know anything”

  284. it’s pretty cool that a sample of the song is from an old tv show. :)

  285. Thank you for mentioning how horrible WSS was. IT IS SO BAD.

  286. I like this version of KMM!!

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