Ok guise. Here’s our real Music Monday. We’re talking about Taranafourousrex’s “Jeon Won Diary”. We haven’t talked about Tara in a long time! If you haven’t heard this great song (but really dumb video) yet, check it out here!


Ok, so, we’re fiddling around with the Music Monday format a bit. A couple of things we want to do:

1) Include us talking with each other side by side so we can disagree, but not in an extended format.
2) Include the old Music Monday format that a lot of people complained about missing since it does add structure and flow
3) Having more segments within Music Monday, instead of a long video rant, then english talk, then dance talk, then showdown. Why not break the video talk part down into different segments as well?

We’re still working out the kinks for it all. Hopefully next week we’ll get more figured out.

Anyhow! On to Tara N4’s”Jeon Won Diary!” A couple of things:

1) Soo Zee watched the video and had a different reaction to it than we did, because the old sounding sample of the song is actually from an old TV show, from which the old grandma and grandpa in T-ara’s music video were actors. Cool! Though, we’re still not totally sold on the old-sound with weird speak rapping and then the funktasticness of the rest of the song, but at least we can appreciate its origins a bit more.

2) Let’s talk about sub-units here: now, this is going to be a difficult to talk about, and might get some people upset. Sub-units come about for many reasons. Some reasons might be obvious, like a member(s) acting in a drama and being unavailable. But I also believe that some sub-units are formed for reasons that will remain secret from the public, for example, some members are just more popular/unpopular/better dancers/singers/rappers/make more money and so on. The problem to me is this. The TaraN4 song was great but it seems they didn’t need a whole band to make a great song. The rest of the members, then, seem excessive, no? Does having that many more members really contribute to the quality of the music? Does having more members result in better songs? They had backup dancers to fill in the missing dancers, so even that didn’t seem to create a problem. Now if you’re a huge fan of a particular group and your bias isn’t in the sub-unit then yes, it will make a huge difference to you, but from an average kpop fans perspective, if it isn’t a huge change, isn’t that…weird?

We’re not saying that the rest of the members suck and don’t contribute anything of value. What we’re saying instead is that having small groups doesn’t seem to impact the music quality. Look at Orange Caramel, a sub-unit of After School, or TTS, a sub-unit of Girls’ Generation. We loved the songs these sub-units put out, yet doesn’t it seem like Orange Caramel is more active then After School? Plus, their music and video styles are totally different, so are they really a sub-unit or just a brand new group? Even when you look at TTS, you remember we complained that the title said Girls’ Generation-TTS, and we didn’t understand why, but we were told GG would rotate three members at a time creating different mini-sub groups of GG…yet that never happened. So what was the actual point of TTS? Why not let those three girls form their own little group without the attached image of being a member of GG? They’re certainty popular enough to survive on their own, so it just seems confusing to us.

3) Let’s talk money! Doesn’t it seem kinda financially detrimental to have a lot of members, since the sales of the music are divided up so many more times? There are, what now: 7 (almost 8 if you count Dani) total members of T-ara, right? Dividing up the profits from a song by 4 rather than by 8 means the members get double the money for themselves. More money for the members means happier members, no? Financially speaking, as business owners now, I’d rather have less staff that work more efficiently, rather than more staff that do the same amount of work. Or is that a bad thing to say?

But on the other side, having more members means creating more choices for people to like, and you can divide the groups up to tour in different parts of the world to make more money, like with Super Junior and EX-O. You can also keep the group going if one person joins a drama or leaves for military, unlike in a smaller group like for example, Miss A, who seems to have fallen off the face of the planet expect for Suzy who has been acting in dramas non-stop since 2011 until now. I guess considering the business side of kpop, it’s a difficult choice for entertainment companies.

So the question is:
Doesn’t it seem like future Kpop bands should stick to three to four members? The music sounds just as good, and the members will get more money out of it, which will result in them being happier and less overworked. Agree or disagree? What are we missing out on here?

Anyhow, if you’re digging this song as much as I am (Martina’s half half on the song), pick it up either on iTunes or YesAsia. Oh! And you can check out this week’s Bloopers here!


Sidenote: sorry to the SHINee fans who are upset that we didn’t review “Why So Serious” We seriously didn’t like anything about that song or video. We’re usually SHINee fans. They’re our second favorite group in Kpop, and everything they do is usually fanfreakingtastic, but Why So Serious was not good in our opinions, and we’d be miserable making a video about it. Sorry!

  1. Ideally subunits will draw more fans to the original group. For example, I got into Infinite H before I actually got into Infinite (Hoya totally stole my heart in Reply 1997 and I’ve not yet recovered). I think that’s kind of rare though.

    See–I agree that Super Junior uses subunits to the best effect because they have the numbers and the range to pull it off. HOWEVER I think the versatility of the subunits might not be readily apparent to people who aren’t fans. ELF get the difference in the sounds of the subgroups from what most of the world considers the Suju sound and that’s ok. My point is, subunits are more effective in targeting people who are already fans of a group but want to hear their sound developed in a new direction. Example: I love Suju’s cheerful, upbeat, slightly wacky side so I love Suju H’s whole album!

    Other effective examples of subgroups are Orange Caramel (for the cuter/zanier side of AS) and Infinite H and uBEAT (giving voice to the hip-hop sides of their respective groups). Honestly, I think we could do without TTS. I see no reason the rest of the girls couldn’t sing ‘Twinkle.’ I think it was just convenient at the time to use only 3 of them for whatever reason, but I doubt we’ll see more of that.

  2. My take on subgroups (or solo albums by group members)…… If they are going to release music with the same sound as they do with the whole group, what is the point? An example of this would be Yeosup of B2ST. DK from December, or TTS of GG. The music sounded just like what the group releases. I kept waiting for the other members voices to come in. Good examples would be Infinite and Big Bang. TOP and GD had a more retro club sound that the regular group didn’t have. Infinite H focused on a more hip hop sound and Sunggyu had a more rock sound. They still had a touch of the 80s retro but it really felt like the songs were made just for them and not the group.

  3. This is actually based off a very popular drama in Korea like….from like 1980 ~ 2002

    I don’t know what the drama was about – something around the lines of people who moved to the city reminiscing on country life… but from what I hear from my mom, basically everyone in Korea watched it during the time it was airing.

  4. Si and Mari! This new format is absolutely AWEfreakingSOME ! Watching you guise do a kpop music monday fills me with a sense of relief and the benefit of not needing to explain myself as I share 99.9% of all your opinions… so usually when a friend asks “what do u think of this and this video?” i would always say “watch si and mari”…
    That being said, i hated tiaranehfoursauraus. The least- liked tara members together in one sub-unit, the sun is already shining brighter! I don’t really “enjoy” t-ara (with the exception of Roly Poly babeeeh!) and wen i watched them more i was like “you know what? Boram, Qri, and Hwayoung aren’t that bad!” … Guess what? Hwayoung is gone and Qri and Boram aren’t even IN the subgroup! Its PRETTY obvious what the “choosing” of the members of the n4 was based upon though…

    And i’m a huge Shawol (or is it a shawl? shool? shamo?) … y so serious made me want to jump off a balcony whilst piercing my eardrums simultaneously.

  5. GUISE!!! you’ve got to tell me where you find your frames! PLEASE?! I love Martinas Polka Dotted frames and pretty much every other one she wears. The only cool, however limited, website where I have found awesome frames is Geek – which is a brand that only produces like 25 frames :(.

    If you guys opened a frame shop or something I swear I would buy the whole stock?!!!! :0

  6. Actors are very famous due to the long long long drama they were in named the same as T-ara’s song. Every korean knows them. And cameos by gag politician and famous 80-90s solo artist were funny. All the jokes are missed if you didn’t grow up in Korea. Imagine the original Star Trek stars, captain Kirk and whoever cameoed on the MV called Star Trek, people will find that funny. I don’t like T-ara because the members are suck jerks with a lot of scandals. I wish you guys make more parody skits, that’s the one thing makes me laugh out loud whenever you guys review MVs. :D

  7. i think this is my favourite KMM so far! Keep up the good work (^o^)

  8. The actors and the title of the song is from the old tv show and i noticed that but i also noticed that at the end she says
    “너나 잘하세요 (mind your own business)” and that’s an EXTREMELY famous line from the movie “Symphany for Lady Vengance (친절한 금자씨)” and i was really excited when i saw that because i really really really like that movie O_O

  9. Is it just me or does “Jeon Won Diary” sound kind of like “Leite Condensado”???

  10. Guys I think you were spot on with this format of Music Monday, me loves :)

  11. I agree with Martina, the latest trend in k-pop seems to make songs not flow. I hate it. T_____T

    Btw, I didn’t even like T-ara’s song or video but I just wanna say I loved the skits, they were great and I loved that blackboard LOL.

    Lastly: “Listen to music, and shut up”. Brilliant line. XD

  12. S&M…. i just realized the t-ara joke that u always said…p-a-r-t why was actually p-a-r-t-y… silly me didnt noticed that for a long time

  13. Aloha Simon and Martina!

    @Simon…..First of all, I would like to extend my gratitude for your unbiased review of my Idol group T-ara N4! I am just amazed and stunned that you and Martina(half-half is better than a Hater) have given T-ara a chance at being fairly judged by one of the most respected Bloggers in South Korea!!! ……bowing…..

    Yes yes, it is a Great Song!

    Well, your thoughts on weather a group should consist of 3-4 or 7-8 undermines the overall performance and creativity of the group may have some validity to it. However, rather than focus on that, I believe it is the chemistry and T-ARA’s~”Sisterhood” that would best describe their unity which delivers their undeniable K-Pop irresistibleness!!!

    Their success as T-ara 6, 7, 8, or even 9 will not deter their purity and attractiveness. They have proven be artist in they own right producing several hits which has stood the test of time world wide!
    Now as T-ara N4 Sub-Unit, they venture into a little different territory than they are use to. I think the change up may be a refreshing stretch for the four girls, but the younger ones are more suited for this format and style.
    The Drama MV was hilarious with a softer story line behind it while the Dance MV was dynamic in arrangement, I think the message was delivered without question! Hahahaha!

    As an outsider, a Japanese-American looking in, I will never understand nor grasp the insight of the SK-Netizens who willing torture, slander, prosecute, and vehemently HATE so violently their very own Stars and Idols with such intense cruelty!!!?

    Such a sick society who hide behind their keyboards and hand phones?!?

    Like they say….”those who throw the first stone must have NEVER SINNED”?!”

    As far as career and money…..I cannot speak for them, but I would think it is not number one for them. Just my personal feelings as a dedicated fan who has followed them for 4 years in their working path.

    Please continue to support our Queens❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❗❗❗❗❗❗❗ And I promise to support you to! Lol!


    Much Mahalo from Hawaii!

    Ps. If you ever visit us on the Islands, drop me a line! I’ll buy a fruity drink with an umbrella in it for you while you watch the

  14. For some odd reason , u 2 just seem Si full of shit to me .
    Look kind if disgusting too

  15. HAMMER TIME!! ohh I had no idea the sample was from an old tv show with the granny and the grandpa! you deserve a cookie for the tip Soo Zee :33! I do think groups should have less members! like 4 to 6 a la Big Bang, 2PM, 2ne1, WG, BEG, Sunny Hill… every person in the group have a role but at the same time, theyre capable of doing the job if a member isnt with them because theyre balanced skill-wise. I like some sub-units because they give us a look of the members trying something different but there are times that you really wonder why theres too much people in some groups… to me, it feels like some companies had no clear plans before hand and threw in the members to see if they worked and if they didnt they keep adding members or when they realize that indeed there are too much people, members leave -or are kicked out-.

  16. I would like to vote for Dal Shabet! Mostly because of the parachute pants. Dal Shabet was on top of that back in December! T-ara N4 is late to the parachute-pants-party, man… 8)

  17. Hey guise! Format WAY better. People do better with smaller bites to digest. And it’s nice to have some remnants of the old KMM’s in there. As for the song and video: didn’t like either. I actually liked SHINee way better even though the song, compositionally, was really disjointed. Sounded like two songs mashed together. But T-ara. They’re fun…just…didn’t like this one.

  18. I always thought that sub units were made in order to give the oppurtunity to the members to have the career that they actually wanted to have, for example we have Jo Kwon who as a solo artist wants to make a different music than 2am. Then I thought that the sub units were made in order to outline the skills of the more talented people in a group like SM The ballad. Then I thought they were made in order to aproach another kind of style like Orange Caramel, or to promote for an upcoming alboum like CL and Minzy.But nowadays everybody is releasing a subunits in order to gain more money for the agencies.

    As for the question I always liked small groups, maximum 5 members. I never liked the big numbers in groups. As much as I like SUJU it took me a long time to get to know all the member and I hate to say that I have not actually managed to learn them all…I mean the sad thruth is that if it wasnt for those guys trip to my country (Greece) I would have never paid attention to Ryeowook…

    • for me I love the sub groups or solo activities of members that is the way I learned about kpop> the 1st time seeing a Korean vedio in youtube was by heechul In young street singing alone by cnblue>

  19. One of the best Music Mondays, imo.

  20. Oh, and I prefer smaller kpop groups for practical reasons; I get to know everyone in the band in a shorter amount of time, normally in smaller group there is not a focus in just a few members while the others just stand like backup and, like you said, the number of members doesn’t affect the music quality,

  21. Ok, so this is the funniest KMM since BoA’s Disturbance. Seriously guys, this is EPIC! So happy you are trying out new things! I was getting bored with the old format.
    Side note: funny thing about SHINee’s “Why So Serious?” song and MV is that I was serious the entire video because it was SO BAD. I’m a SHINee’s fan but this single was just meee

  22. During the chalkboard scene instead of listening to what Simon was saying, I was frantically working the answer to question 1 xD

  23. I loved this review! great job guise! I love how you integrated the debate review part, and how there is still loads of interaction between the two of you. In fact.. you both seemed to have a blast filming this, which made it even more fun to watch. ^_^

  24. This was a great KMM!! I have to say, I totally agree with Simon. This song rocked my multi-rainbow-striped socks off, and the chorus is super easy for me to sing along to. I would definitely say this is one of the best kpop songs of the year, at least thus far.

  25. Hi Martina and Simon, I really enjoyed the format for this week’s Music Monday. I didn’t get a chance to comment last week but I wasn’t overly keen on the format used in the Michi Go review, but I thought this week’s format was really enjoyable and fun. I particularly liked the 30 second showdown and I loved Martina’s version of what the T-ara N4 video should have done (re the portrayal of women). Oh and I loved Spudgy’s babushka look but of course Spudgy looks good in anything he wears! :P

  26. I really like this format, but like the only problem I’ve had was that you accidentally uploaded T-ara N4 instead of GD in the showdown..it was a little mistake but other than that good job

  27. I love this KMM, the only thing I saw wrong is the use of T-ara N4’s video instead of G-dragon’s in the showdown winner announcement. Keep up the good work.

  28. Dalshabet! Dalshabet! <3 I love them.

  29. i’m so courious yeeeeah!!! how can some song on the kpop charts list be the 7th or 8th place when has more votes than the 2nd place???

    • It depends how old the video is.

      One week, a video will get a certain amount of votes. If its not reviewed, then those votes are worth less than they were previously (as those votes are older). But the votes gained on the second are counted as normal. This continues for 4 weeks until the video is removed from the charts.

      So, if a video gets a lot of votes the first week, but not many the second week, it’s very possible for a newer video to rise higher on the charts even though seemingly the older video has more votes.

  30. “Doesn’t it seem like future Kpop bands should stick to three to four members? The music sounds just as good, and the

    members will get more money out of it, which will result in them being happier and less overworked. Agree or disagree? What are we missing out on here?” I don’t know if they’ll be happier or less overworked… the kpop scene is kind of full and bursting open right now and any new group might have trouble becoming popular…and have to work harder… I dont know…

    As to what I can say about T-ara’s sub-unit… I’m just glad Ram’s sister Boram isn’t in it – . -‘

    0:39 don’t make jokes like that ;_;

    “Titaes” :))

    1:57 X’DD Martina wins! *yey* :))

    nice way of speaking Simon but I think next time I’ll need subtitles :))

    You look good guise! :D I guess your diet is making progresses :) and Spudgy’s so cute! :D

    Awesome review!! :D:D Great job!! :)


    P.S: For the showdown I vote Dal Shabet

    P.S.s: Guise, who’s that on your laptop in the background?

  31. OMG!! I want that Gemma Correll tshirt!!! xD Puuugs

    I really like this KMM format! the song is cool!! and the dance is fun!! :D!!!!

    Oh, I like WSS, but is not the best song of the album in my opinion… and the MV version without Jonghyun has a diferent “feel” than the CD version… but I really like the dance!! they seem to have fun during the live performances :)
    My favorite song of the album is Like a fire :D yay SHINee xDDD

    • Yayy another person whose’s favorite song on WSS is “Like A Fire”~ :DD

      Back to EYK, I like this format a lot, too! I had so much fun with your 30-seconds-mini-discussion! hahaha I think it’s a great way to insert a discussion on KMM :D

      About new segments (sorry if someone already said that, I haven’t read all comments), you could do based on, for example, the company: for SM videos, you could put a “As for the clothing, we give this a”, I don’t know hahaha

  32. i am actually really sad that you guys dont like why so serious!! i will admit it isnt there best song but i still loved it. its catchy and fun. I am so very disapointed :( But i still love to hear that u guys are shawols!! Love yous!

  33. Good job on the format! It really flowed and I enjoyed the pieces with you both together!!<3
    Also great points in the blog post! There are some serious things to consider in there!!

  34. Hi Simon and Martina, when are you going to do a review of UV’s new funny music video? The title’s “Because of You”. :)

  35. I like this format!! Nice

  36. Speaking of DalShabet, I REALLY wish you guys could have reviewed the “Have,Don’t Have” (Dont Have Version) MV. Is was just so amazing!

  37. Finally! I’m not the only one who dislikes “Why So Serious?” I love the zombie in love with human concept but the English of the song is so painful. Lately, SM has been putting some lyrics into their songs that are quite painful. They need to hire of you two to work for them. Anyways, loved the KMM and the skit about optimistic women is awesome! I’m happy the old format for the KMM is back and SIMONE IS GOING TO BE BAAAACK OOOOH YEAAAH!

    PS: Martina are you excited about the new drama that is coming out with Junhyung from BATOST? I’m crying over here and I’m also writing a fanfic for the both of you. As soon as I write it, I will send it to the email! bye!! ^^

  38. yay! I’m glad you returned to a more normalish KMM style. I really liked how you guys “fixed” it. you should go design videos for k-pop producers.

    The vibe that i got when watching this video was that, they tried to make it humorous like PSY’s videos, because he got so famous with them, but fail…. completely, and miserably. they should stick to what they are good at.

    As fun/catchy as the song itself may be, the video is such utter crap (imo) that it definitely doesn’t make me want to watch it again. what a weird setting…

  39. I like this format of KMM! You just put the best of both world together and I enjoyed it :)
    I’m totally digging the song as well. Pretty fun to listen and dance to, but I also agree that Roly Poly will remain t-ara’s ultimate no. 1 song. Still, super catchy song tho

  40. On to the actual video, I loved the concept of 30 second disagreement. It’s quick, and it makes you really think about what you need to say, like thinking on your feet and quickly. Again, seeing that chalkboard makes me grin, but I couldn’t see the rest of the problem that had the bubbles. Maybe you could have paced around like teachers do? Ah, I loved the ending with Spudgy. He looked so adorable. Awwww.

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