WOOHOO YES YES YESSSS! T-ara’s Lovey Dovey rocked it this week on the Kpop Charts. We get to review this freaking funky awesome song. HELLS YEAH! The video isn’t the best, though, so it’s a mixed blessing. If you haven’t seen the mega-mini movie, which is the conclusion to T-ara’s Cry Cry, check it out here. Make sure you’ve got 20 minutes to blow, though:


Now, we’re so torn about our review. We really like the song, really really really, but we also find the story for the video really really silly. We had scripted out all of our gripes with the plotholes, but realized that our video would be ginormous. So, we’ll talk about the issues we glossed over here in the blog post:

T-ara Plastic Surgery

I didn't know facial reconstructive surgery comes with makeup

For starters, bounty hunter has facial reconstructive surgery. WHAT THE HELL FOR? Because she wants to start a new life? How about you take the many, many, MANNNNY thousands of dollars that cost, and move to another country? Buy a place in Thailand and chill! And her surgery seems to be botched, because it has her in permanent grumpy face mode. Doesn’t she ever smile? Also, when the surgeons take off the bandages from her face: I didn’t know that facial reconstructive surgery comes with mascara, eyeliner, and eyeshadow.

On that point, why are the two of them friends? It looks like curly haired girl saved the life of the bounty hunter, but the bounty hunter does nothing but be a freaking sulky sissy baby pants. What the hell does curly haired girl see in her friend? She sulks, doesn’t rob anyone either. Does she cook anything? She’s just a mooch! Wouldn’t it have been better for the bounty hunter girl to have saved that money, or saved SOME of the money, so that they could live a better life and not have to rob people for a living? Worst waste of money ever!

T-ara Wallet Stealing


And it’s not like they’re good at robbing either. Who the hell waves the wallet after having stolen it from somebody? That’s ridiculous! And for the second robbery of the video: What kind of people leave HUGE BAGS OF MONEY AND DRUGS UNATTENDED WITH PEOPLE YOU BARELY KNOW?! Seriously? Maybe it’s a lapse of judgmenet, but it’s a pretty freaking huge mistake to flash a bag full of money in front of two girls you arent that close with, and then walk away from the money. SERIOUSLY! WHO TAUGHT YOU HOW TO BE CRIMINALS!?

And then the confusing part: why would you call someone to return the big bag of drugs? That makes no sense at all. Why not just dump the drugs? You stole what you thought was a big bag of money, which surely would have pissed off the bad guise…but you wouldn’t have returned that, right? So why would you return the drugs? Now you have the bad guise bag of drugs. You think that returning it will make things better? YOU FREAKING STOLE FROM BADGUISE AND BAD GUISE DON’T LIKE BEING STOLEN FROM! Dump the drugs and RUN!

Side note: what’s up with the super handsome street food vendor? Seriously?! THAT PLAYS SHOULD BE CRAWLING WITH HUNNIES. Small quibble. Moving on!

Another thing: how does that girl drink soju like that? One does not simply drink soju from a glass like it’s water. You put soju in a shot glass and dump it to the back of your throat in hopes of avoiding as much contact with the tongue as possible. Soju’s nasty.

Also, what’s the point of revealing herself to him? Hay it’s me! Kay bye! Also, is the girl a marathon runner? She runs from the streetfood stall ALL the way to the badguy hideout without breaking a sweat. Fortunately the guy drives his car there instead.

T-ara Bad Blood Makeup

The Blood doesn't match.

And, lastly, the makeup artist kinda messed up their blood makeup. OH NO NOT LASTLY! How does someone drive on a Korean highway for so long without looking at the road. Seriously: it’s difficult enough not dying when your eyes are fully on the road already. She has her eyes on the guy for a loooooooong time.

Ah well! T-ara’s Lovey Dovey: great song, not so great video. Make sure you pick it up either on iTunes or YesAsia by clicking on the banner below, and then proceed to dance your asses off like we have. We even wrote a review for it on iTunes, and we never really usually do that. Ha!


Anyhow, we had a lot of fun filming this video and got a bunch of bloopers as well. Question: what’s the sound a giraffe makes? We try our best guesses in the bloopers. Check them out here.


  1. taigahime

    The only MV for this that I could find was the zombie version and I think the whole zombie fad needs to…….well, die. I wonder what y’all thought of that one?

  2. I just about died at Martina’s giraffe noise!

  3. I like the zombie version of the song

  4. Seriously died at the Giraffe sound lol

  5. I know this is late, but I would have voted for lovey dovey. Why? Because it finally ended. lol. Bad guys not having guns, and pointless staring contests are a common theme in a lot of action scenes in Korea. I also noticed the whole “He got shot with two girls present, but only one is in the car” scenario, but I suppose it wouldn’t have been as emotional if he was in the backseat with the friend and not next to the girl he raised. Actually, the friend could have drove… I give up. I really do like the song, it’s addictive. Eun Jung <3

  6. did u see the zombie version

  7. what is that annoying light in your kitchen? the one that keeps blinkin’ or flashin’ (whatever) above your spudgy doll?
    it distract me over and over and over from your nice review

  8. I don’t like any of them. In fact, I don’t like any of T-Ara’s songs anymore these days. Cry Cry was the only recent song that I can tolerate.. YaYaYa, Roly Poly…they’re annoying..

  9. Devil fruits? One Piece reference anyone? :D

  10. Please review Sunny Hill’s Grasshopper Song next! There are English sub translations on youtube, and articles on the social commentary meaning of the song available. You review boy bands all the time. Less popular bands like Sunny Hill need love too!

  11. Well actually, to be completely fair, the songs name is 러비더비 which actually is reoBi deoBi and not Lovey Dovey, it’s just translated to Lovey Dovey in English, so I think the 2 score is a bit unfair. It’s Konglish and not English, even if it is supposed to say Lovey Dovey, that’s not what the song is called, and therefore they are singing it correctly.

  12. HEY GUYYYYSS i just want to say that i love you guys and you guys should listen to MBLAQ its war both the stage performance and the mv they are both amazing i hope you guys do a video on that ok thanks

  13. man u guys make t-ara seem like idiots and the most awsome girl group, PURE SWAGGGG

  14. Can you PLEASEEEE do Teen Top’s “Crazy”? :D 

  15. Frankly both long version MV of T-ara does not fit my cup of tea…but as for showdown, definitely “Cry Cry” is a better one. 
    It’s really sad that a great funky disco tune like “Lovey Dovey” have to break down into several segments due to the MV storyline….What even worse is the dance version MV of LOVEY DOVEY have brought in the element of ZOMBIE that once again the song was being broken down!! Why not just put on a simple dance   MV as there are a long story version MV already?

  16. When I first watched this vid and saw the street food vendor I was like OMFG it’s Dokgo-Jin!!!! But other than him being the highlight for me I agree 100%, WAY too many holes in this thing. >.>

  17. LOL love your video!!!! laughing all the time while i am watching!

  18. i really love your videos! please do a video for the new mblaq mv!!

  19. Looooooooooooove your videos and LOLS at this post ~ totally agree with everything you say. The way she revealed herself was totally strange. Like “its me… but i gotta run now…. bye!” ~ and lols, yeh the plastic surgery was a bit random, but they prob did that to give the t-ara members some screen time so it wasnt all about Jiyeon :P haha

    Also, the video barely had lovey dovey song, most of the song was a slower song too… unless it was a slowed down version? But it was like two songs in one video so technically wasnt really lovey dovey… but great song! i love t-ara :D I am a t-aratard as well :P

  20. The Lovey Dovey dance is SO FREAKIN’ COOL!  Like, cooler than seeing Hyorin’s undies when SISTAR sings “So Cool” cool.  Check out the dance practice video and you can see all the neat choreography, with lotsa moonwalking!

    How about reviewing Yoon-G’s Reason I Became a Witch?  Awesome song!

  21. Is that Kame in Yokai Ningen Bem in the backgound?

  22. Lovey Dovey zombie version PWNS them all!

    • I was just gonna say… i didn’t watch the other version all the way through but kinda like the zombie version… not that it was really great but a zombie version mv is always welcome in my book!

  23. Lovey Dovey is the better video! Love to you guys from USA!!!! :)

  24. Wonder Girls The DJ Is Mine! please!

  25. Martina, you were right about the zombie thing. Have you seen T-ara’s new zombie version of the lovey dovey music video?

  26. Wonder Girls -”The DJ Is Mine”
    I know is not kpop but still :)

  27. My Vote:   Cry Cry…   even though it makes me crazy with “Can’t You See the Music?” 

    No… I can’t see the music…. because music is sound.

  28. OMG… The Zombie version has been released…   Don’t get me wrong,  I love T-Ara… They are still my favorite but WHAT WAS THAT?  The new video clashes with the song more than the one that was reviewed here.   There’s also a few more of those laughing moments at inappropriate times.  Like when the zombies finally break in  and they looked all scared “Well maybe they wouldn’t be close enough to kill you if you didn’t spend 3 minutes dancing in front of them. 

    I’M A T-ARA FAN…. ^^

  30. lovey dovey

  31. i vote for lovey dovey, for T-ara, for Eunjung :)), thanks for Kpop Music Monday :D

  32. LOOOL SOO TRUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! Can you do Teen Top Crazy next week?? :) much appreciated!! 

  33. LOVEY DOVEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    LOL!!!! lubby, dubby… :D
    thanks Simon and Martina!!!

  34. lovey dovey

  35. That was so cool. Does anyone know where I can find the audio for Lovey Dovey?

    • i saw it yesterday….
      its weird ‘caz i was looking to see if there was Kids React to KPOP a month ago, and now they have it….

    • Just saw this today and was both a tad annoyed and not surprised.  However, it gets me to wondering what Simon’s and Martina’s thoughts and reactions were the first time they were confronted w/ kpop?  Hmm?!  Guise?

  36. Those teeth are more of a gag than anything else. JOker is the only one of Batman’s enemies who is totally insane.
    On another note, who makes a better Joker? Mike Hamill or Heath Ledger

  37. Thank you for making me LOL nonstop XD This is hilarious.

    When I saw Qri pointed the gun to the bad guys, I shouted in my head, “Shoot!! Shoot!!”. But that’s not happen. Then, when the good guy was shot, I immediately thought, “Why didn’t Qri tell him / shout to him informing that that is a trap.” I’m also quite confused why Eunjung doesn’t call police/her friends and where she is when Qri+good guy are in the car (I though Eunjung will try to stop his blood or something). Another thing, when the bad guy point the gun to the good guy, I confuse about why he doesn’t shoot the good guy even though they are struggling. Actually, those are the only holes that I notice. It suppose to be sad MV, but with the collection of holes, nah…. I agree that the song doesn’t match the video.

    I prefer T-ara ‘Cry Cry’ because they show off their singing skills (only 4 of them though).

  38. Ahjusshi became a ramen seller cos that’s what Jiyeon likes in cry cry. So the only way of remembering her is to set up a ramen shop, though not for profit. Too much guns = banned, so just one would do. Plus they need to give Jiyeon some swag and get people to stand on her side instead of the bad guise’ side. Oh and Jiyeon probably didn’t call him to not come forward is probably because she is too emotional to speak. You know, this drama stuff. It’s a drama version anyways.
    And they did make a zombie version. Plus a dance one, a tokyo one, this one and the club version. 
    And damn, Martina’s face when she’s doing a giraffe. I can’t stop laughing. ^^

    • but she can give code with her head or her hand,,, too much too much dramatically, and the zombi version is the silly one and i just “what the heck is this?” i like the song but not 4 MV ver

      • Zombie version stinks. I don’t get it, but they still look pretty despite being zombies (give them more blood and eyebags pleaseee). idk, they do whatever the director/scriptwriter wants so… idk wth are those 2 thinking.

  39. Oh goodness, do you know that they ARE making a zombie version??
    http://www.allkpop.com/2012/01/t-ara-reveals-making-of-film-for-lovey-dovey-zombie-version Also, I preferred Cry Cry. I was too confused by the music not matching the subject in Lovey Dovey.

  40. I LOVE T-Ara’s Cry Cry and Lovey Dovey just because of Cha Seung Won, one of my favorite korean actors.

  41. Cry cry. The song and the vid makes sense together.

  42. Haha! I have to admit, I was happy to see ‘Bem’ in the background! :) I haven’t watched the drama yet.

  43. This review was so funny!!!!

    I liked the Cry Cry music video more because I was able to follow it better than the Lovey Dovey one. I seriously didn’t understand the Lovey Dovey music video. Plus the song title Cry Cry at least relates more to the plot than Lovey Dovey because there is absoluely no romance in this plot at all! (a first for a kpop music video I know =/ )

  44. I want some Bebe Cream…….:)

    And yes Lovey Dovey is such a great song!! <3 I also like Crazy by Teen Top <3

    Haha I like your use of "Swag" Martina!! you and Simon are awesome! :D


  45. it seems like you guys like electronic, so here’s a bo peep bo beep remix http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e_kvoLjFK9c

  46. Who is on the background of your computer??????

  47. woowww that was terribly long the mv i mean. like really long like the song not too found of the mv.. -_-

  48. curly haired girl is EUNJUNG and new Jiyeon is QRI

  49. The very end of the blooper reel was my favorite part about this week’s music monday.

  50. i really hate plot holes =_= so its REALLY fun 2 c u guys totally ripping into them XD. ty 4 the great review :)

  51. “Ugggghhh, it’s that one greasy, helmet-hair guy from that one drama that I hated and couldn’t even finish watching,” is all I could think while I tried to watch the 20-minute video. lol! What’s it called?? Greatest Love or something? A classic tale of a woman choosing the more emotionally/verbally abusive man in a love-triangle. ahhhhh…uuuggghhhh. 

    On topic: nice review! loved martina’s headband!

  52. I’m gonna go with Cry Cry, because even thought I like Lovey Dovey more as a song, I couldn’t understand what the hell was going on in that video. Like, seriously. I at least got what was going on in Cry Cry, even thought is was pretty predictable.

  53. Lol, I loved that Monty Python Cheese Shop-inspired sketch. Good call on all the plot holes, too. The script clearly needs work, but you’re right, the acting was pretty good. :)

  54. Devil fruit! You guys are awesome! <3

  55. Oh! T-ara fans are called Diadems! (Unofficial, by the way.) Just so you know, Simon! 

  56. Plot holes are infuriating things. It makes you want to to step into the video, take the gun, and say “Here, let me do this for you. *Gak* *Gak* *Gak*.”

  57. I agree. Too many stupid stuff happening in the video. I also fully expected the girl to crash. It was so distracting how she kept look at the guy a lot. How can she not crash!?

    Btw, I vote for the second one, since I was too bored to fully finish the first one. I hated how the music kept stopping.

  58. cry cry for sure~

  59. KMSL! This was the funniest review I’ve seen in a while! I agree with the review of the video 100%, however I actually like Cry Cry (well, the ballad version) a lot more than Lovey Dovey. I’m not really a fan of Dance Pop music, there are exceptions, though.

  60. Just wait till they see the other 4 music videos lol

  61. Looks like Simon is a Diadem now. XD

  62. Mega Epic Lol! but actually I didn’t understand T-ara’s video… I was like all the time watching it over and over again but… it’s beyond me… so for me this was like… meh… Anyway love you guys ♥

  63. Every time I see your new videos (especially Music Monday) I feel so happy because I know that I’m gonna laugh a lot! Thank you so much for relieving my stress <3

  64. XD I LOVE the dying scene in the car! Martina I’m still waiting for you to be casted in some awesome cheesy drama! That was the most legit acting ever! :P

  65. giraffes were long thought to not make any sound, but then scientists learned that they actually DO make sounds….it’s just that they’re SO LOW, it took specific equipment to “hear” it. but, really, what do you expect from something with such a huge neck?

    also, ummm…is spudgy okay? his one eye looks a little blue-ish while the other looks black. was that lighting or does he have cataracts or dry-eye (which causes inflammation in the outer layer of the eye making it look cloudy)? i hope he’s okay!! 

  66. The McDonald’s drive through scene was HILARIOUS!!!  Loved it.

  67. I also liked this song way better than cry cry but I agree that the music video is really not soo good got always distracted by some mistakes and weird things in the video 
    so I vote for cry crys mv :D keep it up loove the music mondays <3

  68. Is that Kamenashi Kazuya on your Desktop? I’m almost sure it’s him, in this strange looking new drama, that I only heard of 2 days ago…strange coincidence!

  69. “T-aratards”? LMFAO! i thought that was incredibly funny. I gotta say that i agree, i love that T-ara is so different and is constantly thinking outside the box but these two videos are just too much. Not only that but the fact that theyre making not 1, not 2, but 5 different freaking versions of “Lovey Dovey” is just insane! why are they so indecisive? just go with one theme and go for it. I love the song and the stage performances BUT their dance is still lacking in some aspects. The choreography is good but the dance as a whole is still a little messy and not as energetic as it should be. The only thing i have been looking forward to about “Lovey Dovey”, honestly, is the zombies version. I dont know how theyre going to make it work but…. i like zombies lol. Also a lot of people may think this video is so bad ass but those are obviously people that have no taste in films or know nothing about films to care, as long as T-ara is in it theyre fine but it still cant hide the fact that neither the story line, some of the actors, nor the action in this video made sense. The acting was good but they had nothing to work with nothing to showcase them because of their crappy production quality. Jiyeon, Eunjung, Boram and Hyomin, are definitely the best actresses of the group so i was a little disappointed in Hyomin’s tiny role in part 1 and Boram’s lack of one. Q-ri was a little overshadowed since Jiyeon is a brilliant actress with natural abilities. Since i already understood that she would be playing the same role as her in the 2nd part i had really high expectations but i was a little letdown by her performance. Anyways, i basically feel the same way as you guys: Brilliant Song, disappointing video.

  70. I like the live performances of Lovey Dovey. The girls look so relaxed even though Eunjung is suffering :-(

    LD in Tokyo is a club scene and LD Zombie version should be awesome lol

  71. Since I work in film all I gotta say is this clip (the T-ara’s, not yours) is some poor example of the craft. They seriously need to get a better production crew.
    You guys should make a music video, I’m sure you’d do a better job.

  72. OMGG I didn’t laught this way in a really really really long time x””””””””D .. I almost fell off the chair ;p .. this episode was really good and so hilarious <3333333 Lovee u guys u totally have changed my mood x3 .. And I agree with about the whole thing! The MV was awesome !! but it has some unforgivable mistakes : .. Some of them I had noticed already, but others not x"D and that's the fun part, when you open my eyes at the hilarious secene :PP .. Aheeem, I have to thank u again for the amazing job you did !!! Well done <3<3 so ecited for ur next episodes *o* <333

  73. I love both songs. but as for the video, I prefer cry cry. When I watched cry cry without subs, I could cry. I understood the video somehow. But Lovey Dovey, I don’t quite understand the video until someone explained. Just my opinion though. 

  74. I wonder how much did they pay the main character-THAT PIECE OF LAMBER!

    And the good guy..and then the bad guy…and then the good guy…..and my head hurts but who cares??!! I really really loved it. Weally, weally, Mr. Wabbit .

    Lovey Dovey is much better then Cry 2.

  75. yeah you Right.. Lovey Dovey is much better than cry2 in my ears
    good review. hillarious. thankss

  76. My main problem is how useless she became. She was a kickass bounty hunter did the reconstructive surgery dull her skills. Sure she wasn’t such a great fighter last time either but come on… I mean come on.

    And you’re right if Cha SeungWon was the ahjusshi at my local food stand I’d be getting Ddeokbokki errrrrday 3 times a day. I’ll vote Cry Cry b/c Jiyeon was a much better actress than Q-Ri was was out shadowed by EunJung in the end. I say make a MV with all the lesser known members give them a real chance.

  77. neither, that were two longass, boring MVs
    but yeah, T-ara got some catchy songs :)

  78. I don’t really like the song, sorry. It’s taking TOO long for me to warm up to it. But it’s just my personal preference. I just don’t like high-pitched pop songs. They sound like chipmunks here. I like Cry Cry better since at least it shows their singing voice better. :) 

  79. Oh and I read they are making 5 versions of the video… one of them does have Zombies. 

  80. T-Ara’s international fans are Diadems.    :)    They don’t have an official fan club in Korea anymore. 

      • A Tiara (T-Ara) is a crown and a Diadem is another name for a Tiara. if you mean why no Korean fanclub, maybe internal troubles with fansites idk.

        • T-Amo isn’t ‘official’  but they manage  all their public appearances… go figure.   Diadem  is the largest fanclub for T-Ara outside of Korea. 

          Citrine used to be official,  but  it got shut down when the head staff person was stealing money from the fans… At least that’s what I heard.   It predates my time in Korea. 

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