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T-ara – Lovey Dovey: Kpop Music Mondays

January 9, 2012


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WOOHOO YES YES YESSSS! T-ara’s Lovey Dovey rocked it this week on the Kpop Charts. We get to review this freaking funky awesome song. HELLS YEAH! The video isn’t the best, though, so it’s a mixed blessing. If you haven’t seen the mega-mini movie, which is the conclusion to T-ara’s Cry Cry, check it out here. Make sure you’ve got 20 minutes to blow, though:

Now, we’re so torn about our review. We really like the song, really really really, but we also find the story for the video really really silly. We had scripted out all of our gripes with the plotholes, but realized that our video would be ginormous. So, we’ll talk about the issues we glossed over here in the blog post:

T-ara Plastic Surgery

I didn't know facial reconstructive surgery comes with makeup

For starters, bounty hunter has facial reconstructive surgery. WHAT THE HELL FOR? Because she wants to start a new life? How about you take the many, many, MANNNNY thousands of dollars that cost, and move to another country? Buy a place in Thailand and chill! And her surgery seems to be botched, because it has her in permanent grumpy face mode. Doesn’t she ever smile? Also, when the surgeons take off the bandages from her face: I didn’t know that facial reconstructive surgery comes with mascara, eyeliner, and eyeshadow.

On that point, why are the two of them friends? It looks like curly haired girl saved the life of the bounty hunter, but the bounty hunter does nothing but be a freaking sulky sissy baby pants. What the hell does curly haired girl see in her friend? She sulks, doesn’t rob anyone either. Does she cook anything? She’s just a mooch! Wouldn’t it have been better for the bounty hunter girl to have saved that money, or saved SOME of the money, so that they could live a better life and not have to rob people for a living? Worst waste of money ever!

T-ara Wallet Stealing


And it’s not like they’re good at robbing either. Who the hell waves the wallet after having stolen it from somebody? That’s ridiculous! And for the second robbery of the video: What kind of people leave HUGE BAGS OF MONEY AND DRUGS UNATTENDED WITH PEOPLE YOU BARELY KNOW?! Seriously? Maybe it’s a lapse of judgmenet, but it’s a pretty freaking huge mistake to flash a bag full of money in front of two girls you arent that close with, and then walk away from the money. SERIOUSLY! WHO TAUGHT YOU HOW TO BE CRIMINALS!?

And then the confusing part: why would you call someone to return the big bag of drugs? That makes no sense at all. Why not just dump the drugs? You stole what you thought was a big bag of money, which surely would have pissed off the bad guise…but you wouldn’t have returned that, right? So why would you return the drugs? Now you have the bad guise bag of drugs. You think that returning it will make things better? YOU FREAKING STOLE FROM BADGUISE AND BAD GUISE DON’T LIKE BEING STOLEN FROM! Dump the drugs and RUN!

Side note: what’s up with the super handsome street food vendor? Seriously?! THAT PLAYS SHOULD BE CRAWLING WITH HUNNIES. Small quibble. Moving on!

Another thing: how does that girl drink soju like that? One does not simply drink soju from a glass like it’s water. You put soju in a shot glass and dump it to the back of your throat in hopes of avoiding as much contact with the tongue as possible. Soju’s nasty.

Also, what’s the point of revealing herself to him? Hay it’s me! Kay bye! Also, is the girl a marathon runner? She runs from the streetfood stall ALL the way to the badguy hideout without breaking a sweat. Fortunately the guy drives his car there instead.

T-ara Bad Blood Makeup

The Blood doesn't match.

And, lastly, the makeup artist kinda messed up their blood makeup. OH NO NOT LASTLY! How does someone drive on a Korean highway for so long without looking at the road. Seriously: it’s difficult enough not dying when your eyes are fully on the road already. She has her eyes on the guy for a loooooooong time.

Ah well! T-ara’s Lovey Dovey: great song, not so great video. Make sure you pick it up either on iTunes or YesAsia by clicking on the banner below, and then proceed to dance your asses off like we have. We even wrote a review for it on iTunes, and we never really usually do that. Ha!


Anyhow, we had a lot of fun filming this video and got a bunch of bloopers as well. Question: what’s the sound a giraffe makes? We try our best guesses in the bloopers. Check them out here.



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