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Teen Top – Be Ma Girl: Kpop Music Mondays

August 14, 2012


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Yes! Teen Top is back with a video that we don’t hate with our entire hearts and souls! If you haven’t checked out “Be Ma Girl,” here it is, in all its teenage party date super fun go go hey look at me awkward flirt glory:

Now, a couple of things. We just said that we didn’t hate the video. That doesn’t necessarily mean that we LOVE the video. It’s fun and lighthearted, but we kind of feel weirded out that this video came out AFTER “No More Perfume On You” which painted Teen Top in a totally different light. So wait, are they mature man-boys that older women want or are they low confident but sweet hearted teenagers? Which image should I believe? This progression is a little different than that of most kpop groups. Usually we see groups either stick to a solid image but then add to that image a bit for each album, or they start out as cutey boys/girls and work their way up to a sexier image. Okay, too much deepenss here.

We’re just happy that it’s not terrible. Frankly, you might remember how we didn’t like the unecessary addition of an older man (yes, WE know who he is but that doesn’t matter to people who don’t know him and watch the Teen Top video and think WTF is this scene for) who was in the shower after watching his teenaged spy boys dance in Supa Luv, or how Chunji’s character was cheating on his girlfriend with a woman nearly twice his age and acting as if it’s cool in No More Perfume on You. So, yes, we were worried when we saw that this video was voted in. We’re happy that it’s not as bad as those videos, so I think that’s why we like it more than we actually should. We would have liked it if the girls in the video were a bit less coy and shy and were better at bowling, and not part of that whole “Oppa, I’m not good at stuffs!” cliche that we often see in kpop videos and dramas, but, hey! You can’t win them all!

As a song, it’s kind of mehhhh for us. Martina actually loved Clap and No More Perfume (just the way it sounded) and we did both like Supa Luv more than we liked the sound of this song. Musically, this song isn’t great, it was kind of mixed up. As a video, though, it’s better. Still not a fan of making cutey faces at the camera with hearts and stuff like that. It’s just…not our thing. It’s marketed more for the fan girl/boy audience than it is for us, so we look at that and just…squirm uncomfortably.

Anyhow, if you like the song more than we do, make sure you support the group and pick it up via iTunes or YesAsia. And, lastly, congrats to the winners of the B2ST Giveaway Contest from last week’s review of Beautiful Night:

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And lastly, as always, we’ve got some bloopers. Seungri Time For Kisses Girl isn’t really the best actress and she’s difficult to work with. We need to hire someone else…



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