Yes! Teen Top is back with a video that we don’t hate with our entire hearts and souls! If you haven’t checked out “Be Ma Girl,” here it is, in all its teenage party date super fun go go hey look at me awkward flirt glory:


Now, a couple of things. We just said that we didn’t hate the video. That doesn’t necessarily mean that we LOVE the video. It’s fun and lighthearted, but we kind of feel weirded out that this video came out AFTER “No More Perfume On You” which painted Teen Top in a totally different light. So wait, are they mature man-boys that older women want or are they low confident but sweet hearted teenagers? Which image should I believe? This progression is a little different than that of most kpop groups. Usually we see groups either stick to a solid image but then add to that image a bit for each album, or they start out as cutey boys/girls and work their way up to a sexier image. Okay, too much deepenss here.

We’re just happy that it’s not terrible. Frankly, you might remember how we didn’t like the unecessary addition of an older man (yes, WE know who he is but that doesn’t matter to people who don’t know him and watch the Teen Top video and think WTF is this scene for) who was in the shower after watching his teenaged spy boys dance in Supa Luv, or how Chunji’s character was cheating on his girlfriend with a woman nearly twice his age and acting as if it’s cool in No More Perfume on You. So, yes, we were worried when we saw that this video was voted in. We’re happy that it’s not as bad as those videos, so I think that’s why we like it more than we actually should. We would have liked it if the girls in the video were a bit less coy and shy and were better at bowling, and not part of that whole “Oppa, I’m not good at stuffs!” cliche that we often see in kpop videos and dramas, but, hey! You can’t win them all!

As a song, it’s kind of mehhhh for us. Martina actually loved Clap and No More Perfume (just the way it sounded) and we did both like Supa Luv more than we liked the sound of this song. Musically, this song isn’t great, it was kind of mixed up. As a video, though, it’s better. Still not a fan of making cutey faces at the camera with hearts and stuff like that. It’s just…not our thing. It’s marketed more for the fan girl/boy audience than it is for us, so we look at that and just…squirm uncomfortably.

Anyhow, if you like the song more than we do, make sure you support the group and pick it up via iTunes or YesAsia. And, lastly, congrats to the winners of the B2ST Giveaway Contest from last week’s review of Beautiful Night:

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And lastly, as always, we’ve got some bloopers. Seungri Time For Kisses Girl isn’t really the best actress and she’s difficult to work with. We need to hire someone else…


  1. just a question :D what are your oponions about their song ‘To You’ ? because that’s my favourite and there’s a possibility you have already talked about that but i am a beginner on your chanel :D anyway guys i love what you are doing…thanks to you i always have a reason to laugh :D

  2. Martina did you lose weight?! She looks thinner than usual.

  3. Teen Top reviews make you guys oh so nasty.

  4. GO TEEN TOP!!! i vote for teen top b.c they have better dancing skills and r so much more cuter lol :P and i personally thing that justin repeats himself a lot..plus it looked like teen top wad having more fun (it looked more fun like i wanted to join them) it also showed their innocence well…i vote teen top

  5. I don’t like Teen Top. B.A.P ♥ the best! 

  6. Teen Top totally give me the creeps! They are *way* too cutesy and bubbly. I get that it’s their shtick, but it just makes me feel queasy. I could only make it through one minute and 20 seconds of their video. T_T

  7. Is it bad that I didn’t even know Justin Bieber had a MV in a bowling alley?? LOL

  8. Hi guise! I’ve noticed this in several videos lately, but… what happened to the “The Dance”  in the K-Pop Mondays?  >.<
    Thanks and huge love from Tijuana (oh so far from Mexico City TT~TT)

  9. So I didn’t get into kpop until moving/living in Korea… I love it but I don’t do much more than listen to the songs/watch videos and basically all the info I get comes from you guys…that being said I was a total dumbass the other day at my hair dressers because that new b2st song came on and I was like oh I like this song and he asked me who it was and I said “Batoost” I really thought that was how you say their name…after repeating it five more times and then finally spelling it out I felt like an idiot…haha 

  10. Oh gosh the innuendos. You have ruined yet some more words for me. With that said, this song isn’t too bad (and Teen Top always has sharp choreography), but No More Perfume still rules (completely disregarding the cheating theme of course).

  11. I really find your videos and posts hilarious. It never fails to make me smile.

  12. I love how in the MV CAP was the only one not realy shown (fail) flirting with the girls… Could it be even the director was acknoledging his age????

    OMG Martina I love Clap!!! :D

  13. Loved the video. Even though Be Ma Girl isn’t one of my favorites out of Teen Top’s songs/music videos, you guys did awesome with this review. I probably laughed more at this one than I have at any of the other ones I’ve seen, save for perhaps your No Mercy review. XD I’m totally with you on the awkward crotch grab ‘knife’ dance… thing…
    (Also, to Teen Top fans out there, I’m not saying I dislike Teen Top, I just didn’t like this song as much as To You and Crazy.)

    As for the poll here, I’m going to have to say that Teen Top’s crazy bowling rave blew Justin Beaver away by a landslide… But that may be an unfair statement, as I wish for J. Beaver to be devoured by a million angry Spudgy’s. Maybe I’ll get lucky one of these days and he’ll dye his hair blue. :D Heeheehee.

  14. I vote for Milkis.






  15. I think it’s pretty safe to say Teen Top will kick Biebers’ arse on this poll XD 

  16. hahaha loooved this kpop music monday! hilarious even though i like the song and video hehehe…. anyways, i agree with some comments bellow that the last two collabs between teen top and brave brothers have been the best releases of the group.

    “to you” >>>> “be ma girl”, but the latter is all fine.

    as for the battle: i love teen top but the bieber’s baby is a tween classic!

  17. Hi Simon and Martina, can you guys please make a video of BoA’s “Only One” for upcoming Music Monday and also if possible also make video of the SM Exhibition.


  18. definitely TEEN TOP hands down, I mean kahmawn! GLOW IN THE DARKKKKKKK :)

  19. I would totally said that Teen Top pwns Justin. Hey, who does not want to play bowling with neons all over the place? And Martina, would you prefer to play bowling with Justin Bieber or with six young, delicious looking Korean Idol? :p

  20. I would totally said that Teen Top pwns Justin. Hey, who does not want to play bowling with neons all over the place? And Martina, would you prefer to play bowling with Justin Bieber or with six young, delicious looking Korean Idol? :p

  21. Simon has a dallas mavericks shirt uuuuuuuuuuu-yeah >.<

  22. Simon I love you for making that “clever girl” reference. I remember you made it a long time ago in another video, and that’s when I knew you guys were awesome. Internet high five!

  23. Teen Top !!!! >.< :P

  24. I heard this song last week and I just cant get it out of my mind. Dont know why cos its not amazing but its just super addictive. I like Teen Top, one of those cool bands

  25. I’m not a fan of Teen Top, but…you guys have some magical powers O_O It’s already been a year and I haven’t missed any of Kpop Music Monday, no matter if you review the song that I like, or don’t like. Keep going like this! You rock!

  26. Can I just say, that review was very……NASTY, considering it was for a teen group.

    I was guilty of snorting every 2 minutes. >_<

  27. I like TEEN TOP and i think that they’re great band !! no need for others opinion
    i don’t like justin bieber’s video clips (baby) and i vote for TEEN TOP not only be ma girl but all their video clips … TEEN TOP kill JUSTIN !!
    & for Simon and martina i like the way martina making her hair but guys you don’t have to make all these hate phrases for them they are only teenagers wanna sing and dance and for me they are amazing TOP boys ^^ thx

  28. I totally vote For TEEN TOP ~~~~~~~ TEEN TOP forever !! their video clip has a meaning which is that they can have a good time playing bowling and live their own life in the same time and if you have a talent you can show it where ever you were..and they are OFC better than justin bieber because they show life of Teenagers but he show a life of an adult in 28~30 y.o maybe because he’s acting like “grown-up baby!” i like his song (baby) but i don’t like the video clip and i see that TEEN TOP’s video clips are pretty and fun…..But J.B’s video clips always making him look unique and that he’s strong and cool and blaa~blaaa i don’t like them at all -_-
    I CHOOSE TEEN TOP! + i like their style and hair colors and ofc clothes ;)

  29. Simon, you look a tad like russel brand when you wear that wig. 

  30. “Oh my God, I got the Boulder’s autograph!!”

    I noticed that Avatar: The Last Airbender reference, there. (;

  31. I have been wondering what they were going to call themselves when they are no longer teens.

  32. I LIKE TEEN TOP ALOT and i don’t think that they deserve any antis guys ^^ i like the way you both talk ( crazy movements ) but i see that if you could just say in the end that they are amazing and ofc better than justin bieber i would like to repeat the video
     TEEN TOP 4 EVER~~ 

  33. thisisjustforfunval

    My brain is five way intersection I swear. Driving home Deftones’ Knife was playing, then I visualized the knife scene from Michael Jackson’s Beat It, then Martina doing a DONKEY KICK. I started laughing hysterically, glad I was at a red light.

  34. SO, you know in the bloopers the ‘wedgy’ part….My mom and I used to do that to each other all the time…But we called it “Credit Card”.  It was funny b/c when one of would bend over the other would come up behind them and yell “Credit Card!”.  XD

  35. Martina-I LOVE your hair! That bow is so stinkin’ cute! How do you do that? And I about died laughing when Simon did his kinfe dance! Muahahaha. Awesome. And Teen Tops over the Beibs for sure! I like the song better, the group, and the dance party better! Seemed like it was more fun!

  36. “How can you call me ugly? I’m exotic!”

    LOL, I totally missed that the first time. XD

  37. HEY did you guys notice that Niel was holding a yellow bowling ball but the one that rolled was red?! 

  38. The That’s what she said was perfect! 

  39. Instead of voting for either of those songs, I’m doing a write-in for Jay Park’s lip syncing to Justin Beiber in the behind the scenes/blooper reel of the video he did with Wong Fu Productions. The “Bromance” video and the accompanying behind-the-scenes video made me a Jay Park fan and almost made me like that Beiber “Baby” song. Ok, it didn’t actually cause me to almost like that Beiber song, but it made me feel like I should like it.

  40.  I want to know what you think about Teen Top’s Crazy as well ^^ besides all those dances I dont dare to name, the long chase of L.Joe would also be a rather interesting topic from my point of view xD

  41. Usually we see groups either stick to a solid image but then add to that image a bit for each album, ” 

    Really? Bc usually their images are all over the place. Their more like actors, taking on different roles when they make their MVs. 

  42. I’ll have to vote for Beiber. His music video actually used the bowling alley as a setting. Teen top is simply dancing around with some shots of a bowling alley thrown in for good measure

  43. did you see the kat daddy in their dance too? 
    ummm I would say teen tops video wins even though Im annoyed they had her roll a gutter ball

  44. AWESOME video :D
    -One of the nastiest KMM evaar
    -Dr. Meemersworth photobombing in a videobomber(?) way
    -Martina PLEASE make a tutorial for that bow-hair *-*


    seriously.. why is everyone dyeing their hair blue?

  45. ooh simon you look so sexy with that awkward  dance

  46. I was soooo sleepy but then Simon did his version of the dance and made me feel good in a natural way :D No, seriously… I’m pretty much traumatized. But I still like it!

    And it seems that stealing Spudgy’s hair become quite popular because today I saw an old lady  (like 70+) with blue hair :o

  47. Wow, Martina can dub Spudgy so well in the bloopers :O It’s almost like if she makes the voice for him O_O

  48. I actually didn’t like Teen Top at first because of ‘No More Perfume on You’ because of the whole cheating thing, BUTT when I heard ‘To You’ I liked the song and became a fan, especially when I watched the performance version of To You.

  49.  A can of soda… I don’t remember the last time I laughed so hard. Thank you.

  50. i preferred teen top because i do not like justing beiber. at all.
    he sounds like a 12 year old girl to me.

  51. LMAO “that’s is what she said indeed” simon ah genius lol and for the showdown i pick Justin’s Bieber’s video because it shows a more stronger girl!!! not weak and lamey like in Teen Top’s video what is that!!!!

  52. You guys should check out Teen Top’s To You video it did come out before this one and I actually thought that they finally found their image but then this came out and totally shattered that, but I do like this song, its pretty catchy I just thought they were past the cutesy boy band image :/

  53. I vote for Teen Top, because I like k-pop and american music is kinda dead for me. >_>
    And I actually realized the similarities between the two M/V’s just after you said it in this video. ^_^”

    Things I wanted to comment on:
    1) If they did a 360° change, then they are back at the beginning so it means they didn’t change at all. Considering how Simon always comments on math thanks to AJ, I actually thought you would have seen this one. :D

    2) Spudgy is the biggest trendsetter I know. I actually wondered why you didn’t comment in the Batoost video about the similarity in hair, but thought it wasn’t blue enough but more like violet for you to notice. But it turns out Spudgy doesn’t watch Batoost videos, or just ‘Beautiful Night’.

    3) And it seems you didn’t have so much trouble with Spudgy ‘going wild’ on Ricky as you had it with Zelo. My guess, Spudgy is secretly a BABY/B.A.P-fapper.

    4) Dr. Meemersworth is a photobomber (in this case videobomber), I giggled when she was in the background. ^_^

    5) The ‘Bowling Champion’ skit was funny. And I think bowing champion is a good conversation starter too, guys like respectful girls with manners, right?

    Thank you for the video, you managed to make my day yet again. ♥

  54. Simon, did you say Justin BB Cream at the end? If so, I think that may be the best nickname EVER for Biebs. I may have to start using it. 

  55. loved this~! GAWD SIMON ~! i had to cover my screen so my little sister wouldn’t see~! so AROUSED ~! I love your hair martina~~~~~!!!!!

  56. Also please stop hating Justin Bieber, he is just a singer and he is a danger on the freeway but then again an awesome performer he doesn’t lip sync like *cough* Chris Brown *cough*. Plus they ask for your vote not your hate!
    Thank You and remember EYK rules!

  57. There three things I learned from this KMM:

    Thank you EYK and carry on with your great message around Asia and other corners of the Earth!

  58. you got photobombed by meemers

  59. That awesome Jurassic Park reference went by so quick it was almost nonexistent, but I’m proud to say that I still caught it :D

  60. OMG Simon… MY EYEEEEES!!! *eyes burning like when Castiel tries to communicate mentally with humans*

  61. Subliminal dinosaur because…? And Milkis is my favourite drink, partly for its taste and partly for its brilliant slogan of ‘New feeling of Soda Beverage.’

  62. I totally did NOT know CAP was a month older than me. I thought they were all younger, and so I always felt that watching them was awkward. 
    And, ew, Justin Beiber… 

  63. “GTFO Geezer!”




    Also, the Spudgy improves any video of anything. I can name several recent
    dramas that would have been vastly improved by replacing a lead character with
    Spudgy. Same goes for Meemers.  

  64. Huh, do you guys expect Bieber will have any votes? Is this vote for lulz? Cause k-pop fans tend to hate him, but I sometimes can’t see any difference – or even worse (you don’t know where I live, you can’t kill me!).
    Teen Top supposed to be sexy moves make my eyes bleed. They’re young and just inappropriate for this stuff (and again you don’t know where I live, you can’t kill me!). Plus cute faces, plus – as you said – their hairs and jewelries, and just no!, I don’t want them. I think most of their fans are not 20 y.o. but way more younger, so it’s again no. 
    Why do they like to use the word ‘man’ in songs? It doesn’t fit. But those rap in Bieber video was also dufuq?

    Simon, y u so nasty with that can? XD
    Martina, I’m not satisfied with Simon’s explanation of how to make a bow!

  65. you guys didn’t even mention To You :( I really wanted to at least know if you liked that song , also what you said about CAP was really mean ANYWAY , MARTINA , I adore Your dress and haircut *___* I also really wanted you to review NU’est but I’m gonna vote for SPY :) 
    anyway nice review like always , and congrats to the winners :D

  66. I felt sort of weird too after watching “No More Perfume,” but I couldn’t help liking that song… Seeing this new image from Teen Top fits their name, but leaves me confused. Their company should pick an image for them to go by and stick with it. Nevertheless, I like Teen Top and wish my sunbaes all the luck in the world. Fighting!

  67. I like Simon’s bracelet. And Dr Meemersworth had 10 secs of fame in the background towards the end of the video.

  68. Awesome video, Simon and Martina! :) I think this is probably one of my favourite reviews that you’ve done (although I don’t listen to Teen Top). I really liked all of the jokes and comedy that you’ve put into this video~

  69. MARTINA I LOVE YOUR HAIR. as soon as i saw it i totally fangirled. oh yes i did.

  70. Simon moves O.O and those sounds O.O

  71. Where do you get all your sounds effect ?? O.o 

  72. Martina…I think its time to say…i have the exact same pants you were wearing in the bowling outfit. seriously. its so weird.

  73. I was sad all day because I had to go on a funeral… but then I came home and saw this!
    Thank you for this awesome and funny KMM! :D

  74. I have an unfortunate love for TeenTop <3 It can't be helped, really :P
    Anyways, this Music Monday was genius. I'm glad you guys are finally able to review a TT video. I'm still a smidge bit bitter about the whole "Crazy" fiasco, but I know you could do nothing to stop it. Instead, my irrational feelings are directed towards Sunnyhill and MBLAQ :P
    I had to laugh at the English info box segment. Where do these companies come up with their Engrish? Who is in charge of such horrendous butchering of the English language? WHAT IS THE MEANING OF LIFE?! *ahem*
    So yeah, my showdown vote obviously goes to TeenTop :P
    PS Am I the only one who is dreading SuJu being reviewed next Monday? Except for a few "spy" shots, the video is exactly the same as the last gazillion videos, just better clothes XD

  75. I liked it!  Maybe more than you guys ;) If you want a different take on it, check out my remix of the track: http://soundcloud.com/superj-doug/teen-top-be-ma-girl-j-doug

  76. Teen top totally killed Justin Bieber/Beiber

  77. Was that an Avatar the last airbender reference in the bloopers, cuz i pretty much just died right there.

  78. Lolololol this video was hilarious xD Simon makes me crack up eveytime he talk xD and Martina suuper cute as always <3 lololol & I love Spudgy & Dr. Meemersworth :3

  79. I got the Boulders autograph!!! Was that an Avatar: the Last Airbender reference? :3 maybe :3

  80. Why don’t you guys dye Meemerdworth too! I vote for PINK!And I vote for TEEN TOP!

  81. Great music monday as always, wee! But I did wonder if you have given teentops ‘to you’ and ‘crazy’ a shot. They aren’t cutsey and i like to see atleast ‘to you’ as a continuation of ‘no more perfume for you’. To there’s still a lot of grabbing of the junk… Quite uncomfortable. I’m not a fan of teentop myself but ‘to you’ is worth a try to listen on… I’ll stop pestering you guys now, thank you for making this videos! .n_n.

  82. Talk About the Rookie group EVOL in your next video :D 

  83. I’m voting for Teen Top 100%! Didn’t even have to consider Justin Beiber -_-

  84. Awesome funny!!! Laughed my ass off!!

  85. I feel a little insulted about the comparation with Justin, not only because my sons *Teen top* are better artists and performers, if not because Justin Bieber is UGLY(????)

    *This comment is meant to be funny, if don’t… well you should read it again.No, wait, really i think there’s no comparison point… At least if you’re not talking about they’re bangs…

  86. Teen Tops Bowling scene is the best!!! its sooooooooooo gloweyyyyyy :D i want to go bowling where Teen Top Bowls!!!!!

  87. did you say 360 degrees turn from “No More Perfume On You”. is that sarcasm or bad math ?

  88. You guys are supposed to be teachers! “This progression is a little different then how most kpop groups progress.” Then? 

    Still loved the review though! <3

  89. It’s not a first time you put a North American act in the showdown… Far East Movement were against 2PM last year!

    I’d still like to know in which country your T-shirts are made, please. It would really help the decision of buying one or not. Thanks!

  90. I feel that although this song is not as good as “to you”, it’s still very good. one thing I really like about teen top is that I can always tell when I hear one of their songs. they have a distinctive sound that really lets them be sort of unique in a world of cookie-cutter groups.
    another thing I liked about this video was all the freakin color. seriously, it’s like a rainbow exploded onto the set after coughing up the majority of it’s bodily fluids. very cool.

    oh, and someone else already said this, but if you guys watch “crazy” and “to you”, you’ll find the image transition isn’t as super awkward as it seems. ok, it’s still awkward, but not as drastic… >.>

  91. PunkyPrincess92

    ……..i’ll be turning 20 VERY soon….i’m so sad about it……and you guys just HAD to bring it up!! what a sad coincidence!!

    wow Simon you’re seriously scary as a girl!!! also i had to skip you dancing!! it’s disturbing to watch!!

  92. did you guys listen to “to you” and “going crazy”?? I think that they are better than “be ma girl” and they were released after “no more perfume on you”..

  93. I kinda on the fence with teen top, I have to admit their choreography in the past few singles has been on point and the music is catchy but No More Perfume on You left a bad taste in my mouth. Yet, with songs like To You they seem to be heading in a bit of better direction.

  94. Oh yeah, and I’m pretty sure the antis will flock and Teen top shall win.
    God my IPad is being a bitch and I can’t type right :(

  95. HAHAHAHAHA “That IS what she said.”  I freakin love you guys so much.

  96. Dont think I didn’t see Meemersworth at 7:12

  97. This has to be one of the best Music Mondays ever. So many scenes are pure comedy gold. 
    Thanks for the laughs Simon & Martina!

    (Seriously I was dying during some scenes…)

  98. Im pretty sure the beliebers are going to be veery upset about this…thats what she said!!!!

  99. Haha, I love you guys.

  100. wow this is going to be the most predictable showdown if i do say so myself XD Definitely voting for Teen Top here! And not because I’m being biased, i actually have a reason. Justin Bieber’s video was very normal, they were wearing normal clothes, doing normal dances, had normal hair. Yeah, I pretty much hate normal so I fell asleep. But Teen Top was all bright and crazy, and unlike Justin Bieber, they danced their dance awesomely..instead of hiring other people to do it for them. TEEN TOP ALL THE WAY!!! ^^

  101. Oh and don’t think I didn’t notice that you guys are getting nastier!

  102. Oh god the Martina’s Donkey Kick!!! It made me laugh so hard! And Simon made shudder and feels just wrong……..Lol

    The only reason I would prefer Justin Beibers Baby is cuz the girl gets a strike!

  103. for the beast giveaway ( i know its over)  were we supposed to write i here???

  104. Martina should do a tutorial on the hairbow

  105. You guys are getting too nasty o.o! Martina, could you teach us how to do this hairstyle? Is so cuuute *—*!!

  106. And what about Crazy? What’s your opinion about this song?

  107. misspricilla

     LOL….it was one of your nastiest video so far :D and The Boulder!!!!! :D

  108. oh dear did simon use that milkis and background music on purpose??? sounded soooo wrong but DOPE!!! lol

  109. I’m afraid that I’m not particularly a fan of Teen Top — but, as usual, it was lots of fun to watch the pair of you talk about the video. ^_^  As much as I would like to see a nu’est (which I constantly misspell as “n’est” Canadian core french ftw) review … I think that next week is going to be Supa-Juni-oi-yor!  And I’m ok with that. O:)

    Also, I vote the Beebs.  Not because I like ‘im any better, but because I’m anti-girls-can’t-do-anything-help-us-we-are-so-helpless. ^_^

  110. I feel that chunji sounds reminiscent of alvin and the chipmunks here ._.

  111. I was really suprised when Simon said “5 out of 5″ good for Teen Top~ ^^
    And this song (again) so catchy~ I hate this, really ^^;
    Martina~ You are as always looking magnificent~ ^^ love you hair today~ ^^

    oh man, I really don’t know for whom give my vote…hm it’s so hard… joking XD even Teen Top isn’t my favourite k-pop group, they are much more better then this boy..can’t tell his name..it’s like in Harry Potter, I just can’t say his name~ ^^

  112. well there was also an entire two mini albums in between no more perfume and this one… i noticed you guys never said anything about your feelings on “going crazy” and “to you” which maybe makes the jump from dirty cheaterpants to normal teenage flirtings less awkward? did you guys watch/listen to either of the last albums? i think they’re getting better and better with each release

    •  I agree, Teen Top has shown amazing development and growth since their debut. I love all of their songs, but I think that To You and Be Ma Girl are the stongest songs, dance, and video yet.

  113. I see Super Junior- Spy at the back!!! :) 
    Next week it is be US!! mwahahaha :D 

  114. Ricky has met the same fate as Zelo ._.”

  115. i wonder if Nasties that are non-native english speakers understand that “burst.. natural way” innuendo. Info box.. you’re so nasty.


    I love you guys so much!!! ;__; ADOPTETH ME IMMEDIATELY!

  117. So the battle is between TEEN TOP being extra awesome in a Rock’n’Bowl/Cosmic Bowling-like setting, and Beiber being more irritating than usual…

    …Oh gee, who could possibly win this battle *deadpan sarcasm mode*

    PS: Simon, I think you meant 180 degrees. 360 would put ‘em right back where they were… And ‘Meemers and Spudgy stole the show <3 <3 <3

  118. Wow, this is one of my favorite music mondays, the skits were hilarious. And Simon, you made me especially uncomfortable today.

    …and aroused?!?!?!?!? 

  119. 7:14 mark, Dr Meemersworth stole the scene.

  120. I am the same age as some of the teen top members O_O 1995er FTW

  121. OMG Martina, ur hair is perfection in this video!!!

  122. wow martina your hair is kinda AWESOME!!

  123. Teen Top just keeps getting better with every song release~!! 대~박!!

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