Let’s begin by saying that this is our least favourite Kpop video ever, that we’ve ever reviewed, ever. EVER. The first thing we thought of when we started looking closer at the video was this cat:


As you may recall from our Supa Luv review, we were really disturbed by the guy in the shower, who looked was acting like a pedophile. We were quickly corrected by swarms of angry people who told us that it was Eric from Shinhwa, and he can’t be a pedophile, because he’s Eric from Shinhwa! His purpose in the video wasn’t to gross out those who don’t know who he is (re: mostly everyone outside of Korea) but to appeal to the older women. Teen Top, in its essence, is a teenaged band. Their main demographic, as a result, would be teenagers. By including a sexy old guy, then women will like Teen Top and their music, because there was a sexy old guy in one of their videos. It makes perfect sense…in somebody’s mind. FYI, our next post is going to have a picture of John Cleese, because we find that our 50+ audience isn’t really that strong. Surely, having a picture of him will get the older demographic hooked!

Anyhow, Teen Top’s brilliant management decided to take this one step further. Now, those older women, the noonas, who have been hooked into loving the band because of a cameo appearance in a music video, have now transferred their love of older Eric to younger teenaged boys. The classic bait and switch! Oh you thought you’d get to be with this sexy older guy! Ha! No! Here’s a teenaged boy instead. Is anyone else getting uncomfortable with this? The older noona in the video is clearly unhappy with the exchange, since she looks utterly freaking miserable throughout the entirety of the video.

Pedonoona from Teen Top

Oh look at the joy in her eyes! She loves dating young boys!

So let’s all agree here: the marketing strategy here tried to overreach a bit, and in trying to appeal to a wider demographic, has crossed into some really creepy territory.

Next, what in the butterslaps is up with the terrible message of the song? Don’t wear perfume because my younger girlfriend will suspect me of cheating on her? Is the older girlfriend supposed to be ok with this, with the fact that her twerp of a boyfriend is blatantly cheating on his younger girlfriend? And he can tell her what she can and cannot wear? Is this really the message that a teenaged boyband – whose main audience is teenaged girls – really wants to send? Hey! Young girls, remember: Teen Top doesn’t really like you anymore. They’re into the older ladies now! Great way to alienate the people who support you the most!

Also, how about the fact that the scumbag blatantly breaks his younger girlfriend’s heart. Remember? The cute one that was introduced to all of the members of Teen Top, where they were all laughing together? Great way to crush that girl, douchebag. How easily do you think she’s going to be able to trust another guy in the future? How much of an awkward strain did you just put on all of the relationships she will have from now on? What did she do to deserve such horrendous treatment? Why couldn’t you call her beforehand and break up with her kindly? Instead, she sees you at the club with another woman, and all you do is smile at her like an inconsiderate ass?

Seriously. This song and video and marketing strategy are so royally messed up that this is without a doubt the worst video we’ve ever reviewed. There’s next to nothing good we can say about this, apart from the fact that the melody’s a bit catchy, but we’re so opposed to everything the song and video stand for that we can’t even enjoy the song at all. Teen Top’s management, stop this stupid crap. Give them some good songs they can all equally sing and dance to (rather than just having two main singers and what looks like a bunch of backup dancers), and stop trying to appeal to an older audience. You chose the name Teen Top, chose a bunch of teenaged boys to be your talent, so work with what you’ve been given. You can’t feed vegetarians meat, no matter how you try to season it, without making them sick.

Anyhow, on a less angry and upset note. Here are the bloopers from this week’s video! We were going to include that singing scene right after we said how singing about cheating on your girlfriend might make it acceptable, which is why Simon sings a song about robbing Martina’s house with his friend, Ronnie.

  1. i peed my pants and spit out my milk when i saw the cat going,” WHAT THE FLUFF ARE YOU DOING,” and yes i 100% agree with you on everything.

    at first was oh, this is about a pretty noona (i understand the words pretty,noona,and other small words)
    then i saw the lyrics and i was lik WHO THE FLUFF CHEATS AND SMILE AT EVERYTHING!?!?
    then i saw you guys and i was lik IM NOT ALONE!

  2. The title of this song makes me laugh everytime.

  3. It said on Wikipedia, she’s currently 33. BTW: Cuutest cat gif ever.

  4. Well I never cared much about Teen Top, but after reading about CAP’s horrible disgusting sexist statement and watching this video I really dislike them now.

  5. It’s Ouran! Aiishhh:D I LOVE that anime! It was the first one I ever watched! Yeahh!
    In relation to the video, I agree completely with EatYourKimchi, as I have been cheated on before, and I don’t think it’s something to be a conceited ass about. ;D
    But, I still love TeenTop. Just…disappointed this song was created.

  6. u guys runied the song for me LOL now all i can hear is “…noona….” and ill be like “crap cant listen to this.” xd

  7. Just a not Martina you look gorgeous in this video. Love the hair and shirt.  Really cute.

  8. i love to finding your dog. I have same kind of dog. he is so cuteee ! In the video, he faced ‘What r u guys doing? and nth? ok im bored’ XD

  9. Ummm…. I like the that dance moves…
    …sigh… Scandalous…
    I just though of something, This song should be called “SCANDALOUS”

  10. I kind of find the song catchy :S Each to their own I guess and was happy that Eric made an appearance… However their song Crazy was much better :D

  11. I actually found the song extremely therapeutic (strangely enough).  It was like me watching all my old almost-relationships and seeing the guy’s side of it, and then screaming at the screen “NO, NOONA!  JUST RUN AWAY! YOU TOO, YOUNGER GIRLFRIEND!! It’s not worth it!”

    So, I really like the song, just because it reminds me that there are some scumbags out there that are gorgeous, and that it’s totally not worth having the gorgeousness if I have to put up with the scumbagginess. 

  12. I love when Martina comments on what it was like to work as a barista, even if just implicitly.
    ‘You dont deserve this name taaag!’

  13. I so agree. The whole song was REATARDED,

  14. Martina/Simon ♥ screensaver * yes i did notice just now * i ♥ Ouran High School Host Club!!!! best anime EVAR!!!! and i totally vote 4 Shinee!!!!!! ♥ jonghyun&key&taemin!!!!!!!! ><

  15. I vote SHINee. Who doesn’t want five hot guys as your boyfriends?

    KEY YOU’RE MY BIAS!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!

  16. OMG!!! 

    Ok, my friend told me that she hated it at the end when Chunji just smiled at the poor girl. If he wasn’t Chunji, I would smashed his face so he wouldn’t smile no more. GRRR!!!!

    Besides that, I take no offense to the criticism, because I know it’s true. :D  

  17. You know the irony of that “I was promised a date with Eric” gif is that Park Si Yeon IS Eric’s ex-girlfriend LOL.  Eric in the first video and now Si Yeon in this one LOL

  18. You know the irony of that “I was promised a date with Eric” gif is that Park Si Yeon IS Eric’s ex-girlfriend LOL.  Eric in the first video and now Si Yeon in this one LOL

  19. Excellent commentary. Love the dating show skit.

  20. ok…im very jealous becuz chunji just want to kiss the girl..waaaa!!

  21. Okay, to be fair, I kind of understand what they were trying to convey in this music video. It’s still a bit disturbing to say the least, but I think you guys misinterpreted a few things.

    1. At the end, they aren’t really letting him get away with it. You’ll notice they left it open precisely at the moment where his girlfriend walks in and they see each other. Take note that his girlfriend is portrayed earlier in the video as unattractive (compared to creepy noona) and awkward. She’s completely in teen girl mode: too much glittery or badly styled makeup, teen awkward-stage style. She doesn’t appear to wear pretty things or elegant things or “sexy” things. But by the end of this video, she’s all dolled up and looking a damn lot like noona. She looks almost 180 degrees different.

    My theory? He’s ten seconds away from a wolf whistle and a “hey baaaaaby.” He has no fucking clue it’s her. I think he thinks he’s checking out some fine girl at the (dare I say it) bar. And the way she looks at the end looks more like restrained rage and hot revenge than depression and resignment. She looks like she wants put him through a world of goddamn pain.

    However, I do wish they’d maybe made that a little more clear? I had to watch it a few times to really catch it.

    2. I feel like the producers were going for more of a ‘Look Only At Me’ (Taeyang) perspective not so much in MV content but in lyrics. I agree they kind of failed at the MV. But if you read the lyrics, it’s similar to Taeyang’s song in the way that no girl would admit that it was a good idea to take that shit from a guy. Yet everyone doesn’t absolutely hate Taeyang. People defend HIS song saying it’s a glimpse into the mind of someone going through the same situation with that attitude and that it’s an honest glimpse of a man being selfish.

    I think the lyrics to this video could accurately represent the feelings of a teenage boy who wants to feel like a man and attempts to do it by putting himself in a power/control situation where he has a cute girlfriend waiting for him while he goes off and explores his “adultness” with noona. Who by the way doesn’t look THAT much older than him. The actress looks
    maybe 20-22 which isn’t so bad considering this is K-pop we’re talking

    Just like Taeyang’s video where the lyrics clearly state that this guy really just wants his girlfriend to stay home and cook and clean and wait for him every day: just because they’re singing about it or the songwriter wrote it this way or the management produced it this way doesn’t mean the boys believe, the songwriter endorses it or the management wants to tell girls that it’s okay if boys cheat on you.

    3. I also don’t think the choice of smiley boy as the main actor was a particularly bad choice, nor was the fact that he smiled the whole time and never showed regret a problem for me.

    I actually think that was an interesting portrayal of a carefree teenage guy making mistakes left and right and hurting people without thinking about it, simply because you could expect a dumb teenage boy not to see the consequences of what he did until it bites him in the ass (or in this case, BITES HIS ASS OFF)

    I know this was long, but I really felt like this was unfairly judged without really grasping the nuances of what was going on.

    On a happy note, I’m voting SHINee all the way (namely freaking Taemin and Jonghyun because everyone else in the Hello MV looks … wrong?)…

    But I also think that you guys should do a review of “Shake It Up” by Seo In Guk because I really haven’t seen you guys do many solo artists (maybe I’m just living under a rock, though), and he’s pretty much the most natural-looking Korean hottie I’ve seen (as in, he doesn’t look like he’s been bathing in undiluted bleach or had eyelids forcefully cut into his face.) And he looks like he’s having so much more fun than anyone I’ve ever known.

    • Okay, so I was really unimpressed reading this response and felt I needed to make my own reply. You talk about it being disturbing but then fight that it isn’t really… it’s just normal? Maybe this shouldn’t be normal or accepted. Here are my views:

      1. Though your version of how the MV ended is totally plausible, the song is still a terrible message as well as the video.

      2. They never mentioned Taeyang and that they endorsed his song so I don’t even know why you are trying to use that for your argument. It just seems like your stretching to try and prove your point, in my opinion.
      Also, they are called TEEN TOP. Do honestly believe it is a great idea to have young boys singing to young girls telling them how boys may cheat on but that it’s okay because ya know, boys are like that? Even if they don’t agree with the message it was an extremely poor decision on their management’s part. I wholeheartedly agree with Simon and Martina that they choose their image and now they are stuck with the consequences. I always thought naming a group Teen Top wouldn’t end well once they got older…

      3. I just plain disagree with everything you wrote. You seem to act like you know exactly how this MV is to be perceived and that anyone that disagrees just can’t see all the tricky subliminal artsy fartsy things that only you can. Guess what? Simon and Martina LOVE artsy fartsy stuff. I see your points and I honestly think they are very skewed and biased.

      On a lighter note, I LOVE YOU SIMON AND MARTINA!!! I love how you present k-pop. It’s obvious you guys love it but are also okay with making fun of it a little or going all “WTH?!?! This is super inappropriate!!!” Which, if some fangirls can wake up and smell the coffee (heh heh) they will realize sometimes k-pop groups and/or their managements make mistakes.

      Sorry to write such a long rant but I was unnerved that this comment had so many likes and I wanted to have a reply tacked on that OPPOSED these views. Though, there are plenty of other responses similar to mine if you scroll down more :)

  22. Simon I love your Coco shirt.

  23. Truthfull, I’m not a big Teen Top fan and I’ve just bothered to hear No More Perfume on You. I didn’t bother about the lyrics, but now that I know the translation from this video, I’m quite appalled! And your comments are really true! How could they even do this? It doesn’t give a very good impression of Teen Top at all. So… Since I’m the biggest SHAWOL on the Planet, MY VOTE IS OBVIOUSLY SHINee! :D

  24. It’s definitely SHINee for me!!

  25. SHINee!! “all of the menbers” xD!  i was died in this part :D excellent review!

    cheers from Chile

  26. SHINee!! “all of the menbers” xD!  i was died in this part :D excellent review!

    cheers from Chile

  27. SHINee!! “all of the menbers” xD!  i was died in this part :D excellent review!

    cheers from Chile

  28. I’m not a big time shinee fan but I love their dancing so I vote shinee..^_^

  29. I’m not a big time shinee fan but I love their dancing so I vote shinee..^_^

  30. I’m not a big time shinee fan but I love their dancing so I vote shinee..^_^

  31. I’m not a big time shinee fan but I love their dancing so I vote shinee..^_^

  32. I’m not a big time shinee fan but I love their dancing so I vote shinee..^_^

  33. I’ll say the same that I said in the video coments: (Correcting all my errors *-*)
    I as a fan of Teen TOP have to agree with you. The lyrics isn’t appropriate for them, much less the MV, despite all the other songs on the mini-album are beautiful, “No More Perfume On You” was not written by them and yes an older man. Although the lyrics to be good, looking for a hand, would give more certain with an older group. Maybe all the fans are thinking that I am not a fan at that time. But I argue and criticize what ‘they’ (agency) do with our boys. So much so that this lyrics doesn’t fit in everything they’ve done. It has an addictive beat, an amazing dance, although some parts as you spoke to didn’t help. As a Brazilian fan and owner of a Brazilian site about Teen TOP, I understand the agency’s ‘bad shot’ of marketing, and I don’t agree with it. I would rather the other songs (of the mini-album) like singles, like “Beautiful Girl” or “First Kiss”. But as a return, this single made ​a big impact, and many conflicting opinions. But fans have to agree with some things you said, because fans will criticizes and support what they do with our idols. And well, that’s it (I talked a lot, sorry). I love the beat and dance but the lyrics are too macho for them, even more than boys are wonderful. I’m sure ChunJi will never betray his girlfriend, then he knows acting.

    Sorry if have errors (again)

  34. Couldn’t get through the music video. Too revolted. But got through ALL of your video – laughing all the way. Love you guys! Go Shinee. ;)

  35. Simon, I LOVE your Conan tee. LOVE.  

  36. AHH! Thank you for giving voice to my exact thoughts! I vote for Shinee! 

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