Teen Top time! We saw them live a while ago for the Asia Song Festival, but that was back when we didn’t know anything about them. And now they’ve come out with a new song and video, and new hair, and new…creepy guy.

Now, the creepy guy isn’t a member of the band, fortunately, but he’s definitely displaying pedobear tendencies. Seriously now: we know that Teen Top’s management probably didn’t mean it this way, but the older man in the video is exceptionally unsettling. He walks around in his robe, starts a program that gets teenaged boys dancing on his TV, and then the next scene is of the creepy old guy IN A SHOWER! Seriously! What the hell was the point of showing that guy taking a shower in the video? If he’s to Teen Top what Charlie is to Charlie’s Angels, in that he’s funding their secret agent stuff, then what purpose does the shower scene serve? Why now show him at his computer more, making more phone calls, writing something down? Instead, he’s leering out of the shower like a Pervertosaurus Rex, and we can’t help but be disturbed by it.

Pedobear Shower

It also doesn’t help that Teen Top’s name has been confused as being…inappropriate material, and then their YouTube video channel is called Teenz on Top. Come on now! If someone told you there was a video channel called Teens on Top what’s the first thing you’d think about! Come on!

Plus, I dunno, the video just has lots of weird things happening in it. The guy’s computer is high tech and whatnot, since he can type in the air, so then why does it look like it’s displaying a DOS version of Minesweeper? And why does one of the members of the band do a flip on the subway platform? When I miss the train, I don’t run and flip. I just stand. Or I run somewhere else, but never flip while running.

Ah…that’s just weird. The song’s catchy, though. Suuuupa Love! It’s just a shame that the video is so terribly done, because the song’s really quite catchy. Anyhow, as always, JB and Annie from [닉쑤] Enjoy Your Happy Life~* for the Korean subs. Huzzah! Also, if you like the song as much as we do, you can buy the Teen Top Album here, and have it shipped to you anywhere in the world :D

  1. Well… I guess now you guys already know who that guy is… anyway, just saying he is the leader of Shinhwa, one of the old boybands of South Korea. And even for a man… this guy is handsome… and I’m jealous of his body….. just saying… He is like Teen Top’s uncle, since Andy(another member of Shinhwa) is the producer/dad of Teen Top. Well, but those scenes are still awkward to see I don’t get it too, and yes it actually fells like I want to call him Mr. P.

  2. at first i didnt get the whole Teenz on Top… till i opened my eye a bit more… really?!…. you guy shock/amuse me some time MOSTLY YOU POTTYMOUTH SIMON!!!!

  3. at first i didnt get the whole Teenz on Top… till i opened my eye a bit more… really?!…. you guy shock/amuse me some time MOSTLY YOU POTTYMOUTH SIMON!!!!

  4. ummm in Rain's love song, 33 seconds in, is that girl talking on a banana phone?

  5. I didn't understand the video ajajajaj are they looking for the girl because the creepy guy asked them? Is the girl wanted by them? One girl for 6 guys? 6 guys for one creepy guy? This is a mess ajajajaaj

  6. Oh no! Mr. P strikes back!! ;P

    …and he's still in the creeper-robe! XD

  7. Waah, sorry guys, after watching this video I felt just like you, but then I realized the MV's creepy man was Eric, whom I love beyond reason after watching him act in a 2007 drama called "Que Sera Sera", and I went right ahead to see the MV. I mean, yeah, the setting may be creepy… but it's Eric Moon. Taking a shower.

    …And Rain dancing that part of Love Song in front of my mother would be surreal. Way creepier than sexy sexy Eric.

  8. Love your Secret Garden desktop.

  9. can u plz review infinite's before the dawn plz. I also luv ur kpop music mondays, its soooo funny tehe!

  10. I'm going to have to go with Mr. P. Normally, there's a chance I would have picked Rain – but he just reminded me of Lonely Island's song, Mother Lover, and I just had to laugh. And when is laughing creepy? (ok, plenty of times …. maybe I should have said giggle).

    And as a request … can y'all do anything by After School. Boy bands don't exhibit a whole lot of testosterone …. but they're not full-on cutie females like the ones ins AS.

  11. PLEASE do SS501's Park Jung Min's song "Not Alone" for a monday soon
    i heard the song yesterday and nearly cried. oh, the violins. i have such a weakness for violins.
    anyway, the vocals are great all the punked out clothes are something interesting, and the video is epic as only classical style-inspired songs can be, ne.

    i just love string instruments so, so much.

  12. hhhahaha i thought i was the only one who thought about mr. p being kind of a creeper in that vid! love the song…but uhmmm i'm gonna have to go with rain being the creepiest. i mean, seriously…my mom?? why not sing to me!!! lol >_<

  13. mr. p is definetly the creepiest!!!

  14. -and yes, please do Baby Good Night!!!!!!!!!!! yay GD & TOP!!!!

  15. I vote for Creepy shower guy for creepiest… for some odd reason I actually think my mother would enjoy Bi Rain oiled up dance in the kitchen :D
    I'm so glad you guys do these videos it truly is the highlight of my cyber-life

  16. Hey guys! I love you guys and I love the reviews you do. But with this one it sorta seems like you're looking for things to nitpick about… which isn't cool. I mean like… small things like the doing the flip in the train station or the basket ball one… if you think about it, if they didn't have things like that the video would be horribly boring I dunno. And with the pedo guy… honestly I suppose if you really try to think perversely he could be that pedo guy, but I never once thought anything like that till you mentioned it. Before then I just took it as he's this guy who organizes secret agents and Teen Top is the agent group he's organizing, and he has to watch them because, well he's organizing them. I dunno it just seems to me that to be more funny or something you're looking for things to criticize and instead of funny it just comes off as scathing more than anything. And when you have so much influence over what people watch like you do (as in there are some people that if you said something wasn't any good then they would probably just skip over it) you run the risk of ruining for other people who might have liked it. I can see criticizing something when it's really a problem… but this video didn't really have those problems in my opinion, to me it seemed like your sorta wedged those issues into it when it wasn't really necessary. Again I really do like you guys and what you do, but the way you reviewed this one sorta disappointed me.

  17. Hi can you please review 4Minute – Muzik please? ^^

  18. While I'll admit that Eric watching the boys in the shower is indeed creepy, I think having Rain ANYWHERE in my house would be creepier. Especially if he's singing "Love Song" to my mother…in the kitchen. I'd be kinda scared to be in the same building as Rain without a hazmat suit and a decontamination center onsite. *shudders*

  19. Ah~ i could NOT stop laughing @ this! :D i never knew there was a certified pedo-bear till i watched this Music Monday. OMO! my friend has just about ruined this song for me… today in history we were talking about the hydrogen bomb and she kept leaning over and whispering, “i got that SUPA bomb-bomb-bomb-bomb-bomb-bomb,” and “your bomb plus my bomb; SUPA bomb…” >_< UGH! ANYWAYS… i love your vids and can't wait for teh next one! also, Teen TOP FIGHTING! SARANGHAE! <3

  20. why do you put 4minute
    there are awsome girls band please do it next music Monday

  21. If you say it that way, then Rain doing that to my mom. O_O
    Oh a secret garden loverrrr :D <3

  22. Can you do IU-GOOD DAY in your next Kpop onday? or IU marshmallow? (`・ω´ãƒ») b

  23. Oh well… I didn't think about the name like that… but now that I did once I'll never be the same :D
    and even though someone propably told you already, the pedobear is Eric from a "really really popular but not so much anymore because that was a few years ago" boyband named Shinhwa. Actually another member of shinhwa produced Teen Top and he enlisted to the army shortly before their comeback, so Eric kind of jumped in for him. And because the producers wanted Teen Top to be more famous they included Eric in the video. And because that's what his fangirls want to see, they showed him in the shower, even though it didn't quite fit in. Well. As for the rest of the storyline, to be honest, I didn't understand it either….

  24. Hey the creepy guy is none other than the sajang nim of the label record to which the band belongs! He s Eric, also a former member of Shinhwa!

  25. my vote is for rain love song, if he dance for me??it will be alright but for my mom?and in the kitchen?? +.+

    GDTOP pleaseeeee~ "baby good night"

    huge thanks and i love you both, kekekekek

  26. Nicki Minaj and The Lonely Islands LOL THE CREEP!!
    My vote is for Rain for Love Song it won't be creepy for me…but in my kitchen for my MOM?! creepy

    Can u guys do Not Alone by Park Jung Min??


  28. i vote for rain! he is creepy but i do enjoy his dance! DEE DEE DEE DEE DEE DEE DEE DEE DEE DEE

  29. Rain in my kitchen. (With some whipped cream!)
    Maybe he could teach my husband how to dance.

    I love that Teen Top video and the song. but dang, it's disturbing…

  30. Hoooo I think rain is much much much more creepier …
    I think the worst is that he does it on purpose ! Each times I see him he takes of his shirt and show of his body ! Well I'm a girl but Top in a suit or GD in any of his cool/weird clothes is much more attractive to me … even with aaaaall their clothes …

    I was watching you're video with a friend and we had a really good time like every mondays !
    It became some kind of ritual for us to watch you on mondays, I'm always really exited to see wich Mv you're gonna review &gt;w&lt; . It makes us discovers some Kpop bands we don't know (like teen top !) but when we watched Rain MV our eyes got litteraly burned (I can't let my sweet mother see that !) … well I'm sorry for his fans … I can't take him seriously …

    Thanks for the fun and the laughings!

    love your videos to!
    but i don't really get that thingie : teenzontop ,,
    i mean,,when I hear that name I just think : ok ,teneacher on top ,, ( ok it's speld wrong XD ,,jee,I'm from the netherlands)
    btw I think rain in my kitchen would be much creepyer o_0
    my mother is like,,,,20 years older then him ,,,,,jaaa,,,,,,,,,,, creepy XD

    PS would like to see GD and TOP baby goodnight to ^^

  32. Haters gonna hate. If you didn't know, their name is suppose to mark off where they started and carry it on.

  33. A Big LOL about Mr. P. HAHAHA
    Eric Mun, see they don't even know you were in a boyband, the one of the originals, I must say.
    AND WELL, I love Rain and Mr. P
    But I think I would choose Mr. P mwahahha.
    If I see Rain dancing like that to my mom, I would push my mom away and make him dance for me. MWAHHAHAHA

  34. Rain is hoooottttt! haha and my mother loves rain :)
    I vote for creepy Mr. P!

  35. Rain singing Love Song to my mom is definitely WAYYY creeepier but wayyyy cooler 8D! I think my mom would faint from the hotness and not the creepiness XD. Martina, you're definitely right! Their hairstyles are awesome! Also, teens on top?!?! on TOP?!?!?!?! WHAT ARE TEENS DOING ON T.O.P?!?!?! That's my first impression when you said Teenz on Top LOL!

  36. just because of Simon,i'm gonna pick Rain…*singing like Simon*

  37. Mr. P. wins for disturbing and creepy. The group looks so, so young. Like their song and really like their hair!

  38. Ok, Pedo bear in the shower…. is creepy….. but when you said Rain dancing in my kitchen to my mother????? O.O that's even more creepy…..
    Why'd you have to put it in that context Simon?? LOLLLL

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