It’s Music Monday time again! Last week we reviewed 2NE1 Can’t Nobody and put it up against F(x)’s Nu Abo. This week we review TOP’s “Turn it Up.” WARNING: Martina is incredibly biased! Now, even though the song isn’t really the newest song out there, Martina is loves just about anything Big Bang and TOP related, so we knew – even before we started Kpop Music Mondays – that we would have to review this song one of these days. Guess that day is today!

Something interesting to note about the song. There’s a bit of a controversy lately over MC Mong and his alleged military duty skipping. Supposedly he pulled out some perfectly healthy teeth in order to be deemed unfit for the military. How does this relate to this song? There’s one part of the video in which TOP says something along the lines of “Hey Monkey, I know what you did” and then pulls out a tooth in the video. MC Mong is sometimes referred to as a monkey. Now is that a completely weird and fluke incidence or what? What makes this even weirder is that this video came out long before the allegations went public.

Anyhow, back to our review, this week we pit TOP video against Lee Hyori’s “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” and asks you which is sexy sexy super sexy sexier. We’re asking for objectivity in your votes, of course!

Thanks to [닉쑤] Enjoy Your Happy Life~* for the Korean subtitle translations!

  1. Lol when you said TOP in a cup, my mind went South,

  2. Martina, I also share your love of TOP…but what I really wanted to say is that I ♥ your t-shirt!

  3. Im wondering about the editing software you use… your video’s look so interesting.

  4. Hyori is supa hot, but she is also more cute I think!
    but ofc TOP TOP TOP DAESUNG, oh okay.. srry

  5. I love you guys!!! So entertaining! Today is my first time spending time on your blog, & I think I’ve found a new hang-out. I hope to be in Seoul on September 1st, 2012, so I’ll use your blog to “prep” myself. ^.~

    I like Tabi *a ton!*. I LOVE Martina’s reactions to TOP, & Simon’s reactions to Martina even more. Haha! You guys are so funny! ^.^

    Please keep up the great work! ^.^

  6. i want Spudgy shirrrttt!!!

  7. dont you know the song “monkey magic?” or was it majik..?
    just search it in youtube
    many artists covered it over and over again too

  8. AWWWWW @ THE DOGGY ^.^ Omg, i looked up what the term ‘Monkey Magic’ mean’t and it took me to this website xD You guys are HILARIOUS and i am sooooo coming here every Monday for new videos:))) <3

  9. TOP!! TOP!! OMG OMG!!!!
    <3<3 <3<3<3<3<3

  10. Very interesting Video – I love it ….let me tell you a rumor about this MV…that…The Monkey in this MV actaully symbolizes "MC Mong", a famous Korean rapper, who is TOP's all TIME ENEMY( there is an anecdote that MC Mong betrayed TOP few years ago. don't know whether it's true..anyway,). TOP is making fun of MC Mong using actaul Monkey & the word "Monkey magic"- means "cheating". There is a scene that TOP pulls a a mock- up teeth ? – becuase currently MC Mong is udergoing a trail agianst criminal charges that he "intentinally pulled some teeth to exept from mandatory military SVC"- this is cheating and seroius crime in Korea….TOP denied this story but a lot of people were convinced .. You may heard this already… ^^

  11. I dont like T.O.P at all ;p no offense

  12. I found this place just a few min‘ ago. And I watched all of your videos which were very fun! I‘ll be here every monday.

  13. Hey you guys!

    I love your videos and they have played a huge part for me to decide to study in Korea.
    I'm also making videos here. Not as professional as you do. Therefore I was wondering
    which editing software you use. I'm using a Macbook Pro 13" with iMovie. I would love to have those
    transitions you use such as ' the video' , ' the dance' and ' the English. And in the beginning
    you have a barr that says TOP, turn it up.

    I hope you guys can answer me. =)

    • Thanks Abdi! We use Final Cut Pro and Motion. The transitions we have are actually Motion graphics. We export them as movie clips and put them between each scene in Final Cut. The bar with the song name is also a Motion file. Yeah. We're moving away from iMovie, even though it's awesome, into Final Cut. It's a lot more difficult, and takes a lot longer (LOOOOT Longer) but we like the results that come out of it.


  14. Haha this video is so cute haha. Oh and as for Top's dancing he isn't known to be a dancer. If you watch him with Big Bang you'll see that lol. Oh Martina you have to check out an appearance Big Bang did once with the Wonder Girls where they sing one popular song from each group and I believe "Tell Me" was the one chosen from the Wonder Girls and Top messes up his dancing in it and the camera gets it and it's just the cutest thing. Oh and there's an adorable commercial from Big Bang for something called iD station. Top has his sexy eyes, Senguri has a cute butt dance and Taeyang does pole dancing.

  15. Yay for Top! He's such a talented guy with his rapping. *sigh* Wasn't his song though banned from music networks like MNet for some reason? I thought I heard about that? I haven't kept up with Big Bang for a while since I've mostly been keeping up with SS501 heh heh.

  16. so.. who won from last weeks music monday? 2ne1 or f(x)

  17. i remember that u were really into him. : -)

  18. TURN IT UP LOUD(lalala)

    TURN IT UP LOUD(lalala)

  19. I have to say Hyori… She's hot :D
    The dance's just awesome!!

  20. T.O.P. I gotta say he's the best even though Hyori is hott TOP's the best

  21. TOP of course! hes got the sexy sexy super sexy sexy sexiness. plus, i think his video's got more of a laid-back feel as opposed to chitty chitty bang bang.. it adds to the sexiness :P

  22. It's Hyori… no question. :)

  23. well top is good, i mean yeah sexy whatever, but i have to go with hyori~
    cuz she is hyori~

    and can you guys do new song from missA for next monday? i think i can expect some really good movie from you guys lol…so, please~?
    I like that song a lot and hope you guys like it too :) go eatyourkimchi~~

  24. TOP all the way. He is sexy, sexy, sexy and that is evident in the video.

  25. TOP of course. not that because i am a girl and love everything about Big Bang. LoL.. ok.. even i am not a girl, i still like TOP's Turn it up better than Hyori's Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Maybe if you put it up against Hyori's – You Go Girl, then she will definitely win hands down for sexy sexy super sexy sexier.

  26. TOP! whaaa the only thing that would have made this video better is if TaeYang was in there as well! TOP's English is also getting better… his rhyming rapping in Tell Me Goodbye made me laugh, but this and more recent stuff is great!

  27. I've always been partial to Hyori, but I think the fact that she starts the video as some sort of weird alien thing kind of ruins the sexy sexy super sexy sexy sexyness, so it'll have to be TOP for this one.

  28. I dont really care for either video but I will pick TOP.

    Not because Martina is drooling over him :oP but mostly because the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang kinda just makes my head hurt with all the switch ups. Plus Id really love to know where to get one of those lil Piggie clutch/thingies he has around his neck <3 Probably couldnt afford it even if I did know :o

    And I most definately agree that TOP looks like Spock in GQ :oP

  29. Also, is it just me or does TOP look like an asian spock?


  31. Ledd hyori! but yeah I'm a guy XD
    Anyway hilarious video I loved it! :D

  32. AHHHHHH!!! TOP! Lol this is the ~PERFECT~ song to start the week! :)

  33. lee hyori is sexier beyond all reason.
    but i'm also a guy.

  34. TOP's Turn it Up vid!! No contest!! hehehe

  35. Ohh lol, girls are ALL BIASED.
    (Okay except for me, I guess. TOP is sexy but nearly nothing beats Queen Hyori in close-to-nothing clothesXD)
    So yeah I vote for Hyori^^
    And about the MC Mong.reference… I guess cosindering how Big Bang songs (or more like GD and TOP rap parts) contain real life references, just like some American rap… I guess it could even be true… I mean they would probably know better than the public, right?

  36. 156734000% TOP!!
    he's the sexiest sexy sexy super sexy person ever!! :) <3

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