It’s Music Monday time again! Last week we reviewed 2NE1 Can’t Nobody and put it up against F(x)’s Nu Abo. This week we review TOP’s “Turn it Up.” WARNING: Martina is incredibly biased! Now, even though the song isn’t really the newest song out there, Martina is loves just about anything Big Bang and TOP related, so we knew – even before we started Kpop Music Mondays – that we would have to review this song one of these days. Guess that day is today!

Something interesting to note about the song. There’s a bit of a controversy lately over MC Mong and his alleged military duty skipping. Supposedly he pulled out some perfectly healthy teeth in order to be deemed unfit for the military. How does this relate to this song? There’s one part of the video in which TOP says something along the lines of “Hey Monkey, I know what you did” and then pulls out a tooth in the video. MC Mong is sometimes referred to as a monkey. Now is that a completely weird and fluke incidence or what? What makes this even weirder is that this video came out long before the allegations went public.

Anyhow, back to our review, this week we pit TOP video against Lee Hyori’s “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” and asks you which is sexy sexy super sexy sexier. We’re asking for objectivity in your votes, of course!

Thanks to [닉쑤] Enjoy Your Happy Life~* for the Korean subtitle translations!

  1. I love you guys!!! So entertaining! Today is my first time spending time on your blog, & I think I’ve found a new hang-out. I hope to be in Seoul on September 1st, 2012, so I’ll use your blog to “prep” myself. ^.~

    I like Tabi *a ton!*. I LOVE Martina’s reactions to TOP, & Simon’s reactions to Martina even more. Haha! You guys are so funny! ^.^

    Please keep up the great work! ^.^

  2. i want Spudgy shirrrttt!!!

  3. Thanks Abdi! We use Final Cut Pro and Motion. The transitions we have are actually Motion graphics. We export them as movie clips and put them between each scene in Final Cut. The bar with the song name is also a Motion file. Yeah. We're moving away from iMovie, even though it's awesome, into Final Cut. It's a lot more difficult, and takes a lot longer (LOOOOT Longer) but we like the results that come out of it.


  4. Haha this video is so cute haha. Oh and as for Top's dancing he isn't known to be a dancer. If you watch him with Big Bang you'll see that lol. Oh Martina you have to check out an appearance Big Bang did once with the Wonder Girls where they sing one popular song from each group and I believe "Tell Me" was the one chosen from the Wonder Girls and Top messes up his dancing in it and the camera gets it and it's just the cutest thing. Oh and there's an adorable commercial from Big Bang for something called iD station. Top has his sexy eyes, Senguri has a cute butt dance and Taeyang does pole dancing.

  5. Yay for Top! He's such a talented guy with his rapping. *sigh* Wasn't his song though banned from music networks like MNet for some reason? I thought I heard about that? I haven't kept up with Big Bang for a while since I've mostly been keeping up with SS501 heh heh.

  6. 2ne1 won by a lot of points. A lot a lot a lot.

  7. i remember that u were really into him. : -)

  8. That song is very, very different from their other song, and there's a lot to say about it. Hmmm….

  9. TOP! whaaa the only thing that would have made this video better is if TaeYang was in there as well! TOP's English is also getting better… his rhyming rapping in Tell Me Goodbye made me laugh, but this and more recent stuff is great!


  11. AHHHHHH!!! TOP! Lol this is the ~PERFECT~ song to start the week! :)

  12. TOP's Turn it Up vid!! No contest!! hehehe

  13. 156734000% TOP!!
    he's the sexiest sexy sexy super sexy person ever!! :) <3

  14. There's really no competition :D It's TOP all the way :) (he's the best in Big Bang too ^^)

  15. TOP TOP TOP GODDAMINT!!! Monkey Magic can't be wrong XD

  16. I have to say TOP is sexier, I love his dark voice :)

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