For those of you who watched us live at the YouTube Music Awards, we were the transition into Troublemaker’s performance. And now we’re seamlessly transitioning into our Music Monday on them. But first, for those of you who haven’t seen their video, here’s a transition to their video!


One of the things that we didn’t know how to say in our Music Monday because it’s a bit too serious and difficult to say in a reasonable timespan: yes, Troublemaker’s video is cool, but we don’t like what it represents. Let me explain: I know this blog here is mostly about our experiences in Korea, but it’s really about more than that. We do videos outside of Korea many times as well, and we do a lot of personal videos. The one overarching theme of this site and our videos is really just us interacting with each other and sharing our thoughts and experiences with you. And the main core that we try to share throughout all of our videos, be they Kpop or food or Mexico or personal related, is the concept of a happy marriage. That sounds cheesy, I know. Start barfing rainbows all you want, but that’s really the most important thing we want to share above all. We’ve been married for over six years. We’re best friends, crazy in love with each other, and we have fun and live happy and respect each other and care for each other tremendously.

We saw a bit of that in Rihanna’s video, and not a lot of that in Troublemaker’s video: people happy with each other. I liked seeing Rihanna and the dude at the skatepark and outdoor concert together. They were together, having fun, and smiling, and that was great. However, what we saw in both videos that we didn’t like was the physically and verbally abusive relationships. That wasn’t cool at all. And we don’t want pop culture to make it seem like it’s cool; glorified romantic visions of relationships that are explosive and volatile, equal parts passionate love and passionate hate flat out suck. They suck! I’d rather do my best to depict two people nauseatingly in love. I think that’s a better message to put out there. It’s not gonna get 300 million views like Rihanna’s video did, though, and it’s not something that everyone can relate to, but I think it’s still worth sharing. I didn’t see that a lot in media growing up. I’d like to see more of it now.

Martina at this moment would like to ask how many of you have read The Time Travellers Wife? Because she read that and sobbed like a baby. I remember her reading that. She finished the book and cried her ass off and held my hand nonstop for the next four hours. It was touching. Another thing: we promised ourselves to stop watching sad movies. Why do people put themselves through that? That’s two hours of your life you gave up to end up sad as hell. Anyone seen “House of Sand and Fog”? Interesting movie, but wretchedly miserable. I’d rather see happy things, kthxbai.

And on to more happy things, let’s get to voting!

And even happier things, bloopers!


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  1. crooked was crap…this concept has been overused

  2. I was pretty taken back by the teaser photos when they first released. I just thought “oh god lord they’re doing the overly sexy thing again”. So I can say, for someone who didn’t watch the Rihanna video, this video was a pleasant surprise for me!

  3. Oh hey, look at me making a comment actually related to KMM! ANYHOO, I’m okay with attempts at pushing the envelope even if what is expressed is depressing. I’m glad they’re trying something different. Yeah, it was derivative of Rihanna’s video, but Rihanna’s video was derivative of the tv show Skins, so there’s that.

  4. Heineken and Budweiser got in a bidding war. Bud obviously won. There’s 2 bottles of Heineken and 10 million of the other. XP

  5. Ok sad movie question for Simon and Martina: Have you guise seen “Pan’s Labyrinth?” Holy crap, I cried the ugly cry after that movie… and the ending, don’t get me started!

  6. Hahahaha how the heck did people end up talking about The Heirs, here??? 8’D

  7. How can you make me choose between these two mvs, both are amazing! You awful people! :D

  8. You said you’d try to do two live chats last week, and we ended up with zero. You guise must be overwhelmed with parcels by now, so are we going to see you open any soon?

  9. Hyuna’s power joke caught me off guard how did i miss that bleurgh*^&%475lololololololololololololol!!!!

  10. Happy belated Pepero Day~! :D

  11. Same here. But then again, they’re the ones who would suffer the backlash if they did another NMPoY review, not me, so I guess I’ll settle with the blog post.

  12. I am reading Time Traveller’s wife! But Kdramas are messing it so.. I am still halfway through..

  13. So, I noticed there are a lot of comments about dramas here. Ha! We really need to jump on board with that drama review segment…

  14. True. Sad movies, sad drama, angsty fics, and unhealthy relationship are really not my cup of hot chocolate too… I get it that this Trouble Maker’s video want to portray a relationship of Bonnie and Clyde. However I don’t really appreciate the abusive scenes. Aaaaand, they look like twins! I just can’t get it out of my head… This video is kinda inappropriate because it portrays twincest. LOL.

  15. Since you mentioned it, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you both for inspiring me to leave the miserable relationship I was trapped in for five years. I did love the guy, but he used that against me and took advantage of me, was manipulative, controlling, and extremely negative. I was comfortable and scared of change. I used your videos as a means to escape to a happy more carefree place. In the end I knew there had to be someone out there for me that I’d be able to have such a loving relationship with like you guys do. It’s been four months since I finally left him and I’ve just started dating. I’ve already met someone who’s a complete gentleman, respects me, and isn’t afraid to sing along to kpop with me! Here’s hoping! Thanks guise!

  16. Martina, please do a full version of Spudgy and Meemers Bohemian Rhapsody! That was the cutest thing ever!

    And I honestly couldn’t even get through the MV for Now. That kind of subject matter and destructive lifestyle are one of the reasons I listen/watch Korean entertainment rather than American. I get enough of examples of how to ruin your life from the people around me.

  17. Also I liked what you said about the portrayal of love and marriage in pop culture, it was very true.

  18. I liked the song and the video both, I feel the video is a lot more real and symbolic than most people give it credit for. I also enjoyed their little tango/ballroom dance in the middle it was very well done :)

  19. Meemers’ rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody needs to happen…NAO!

  20. It can be cathartic to watch a sad movie you’re sad… then instead of being sad for no reason, you can be sad BECAUSE OF REASONS. And it can help to put your own problems in perspective.

    Agreed about glamorizing abusive relationships, though. The thing is, they are never exactly like what you see on screen and even people who don’t glamorize them can still be in them without realizing it… sometimes a bad relationship is just something you have to experience for yourself, before you can know better.

  21. HAHAHAHHAHAHA “call me a woorrywart but i wouldn’t fall asleep with a gun in my crotch” you guys are hilarious

  22. I have read ”The Time Traveler’s Wife.” Glorious book, I’ll admit. Didn’t make cry though…

  23. At first glance, Miss A looked like Queen…and when Martina started singing Bohemian Rhapsody everything felt a bit more complete.

  24. What I want to know is why Hyuna fell asleep in a fridge.

  25. Hey guys, We’re voting are hearts out here waiting for you to cover one of the top 2 or so, but instead you are covering a group down the list. The video you cover and the points you make are very important but… TDLR might be a more appropriate venue to discus Korean cultural quagmires. You state that we are to “vote and share your video to victory”. Posh! It’s like if you don’t like the song, then…. poof! you are discussing something that didn’t get the votes.

    Given your insightful discussion of Dongho, you might be a bit sensitive to the dilemma that JYJ suffers. Like they are invisible to TV and pop culture except through there fan meets, concerts and online buzz. You guys might have a freedom to bring them to our attention (which they deserve, even if it’s just J or JYJ!) Or at least pick your favs U-Kiss. That would be fair too.

    So please, if you are going to do K pop Monday, with all the fanfare around voting for what you want covered, please act in integrity with your rules so that those of us taking the time to vote everyday, can feel like we’re participating in the choice you make.

    • I like that they covered Troublemaker. It was probably the most interesting mv (albeit a copycat mv) out of the top three.

      If you watch any interviews with EYK you would know they appreciate JYJ. They know what JYJ has gone through.

    • It’s the top 3. The voting ends Saturday night, so that song would have been in the top 3 then, but may have fallen below that after voting already closed.
      Plus, we all kind of figure that since EYK has such a U-Kiss fanbase that that video will still be up to possibly choose for next week while Troublemaker would not have lasted another week and so they would have chosen that while they can.

  26. The best build up and actual kiss and the best non-kiss is in The King 2 Hearts. Ha Ji Won (plays awesomely strong female leads. She’s also in Secret Garden, which is another awesome kdrama) squishes this guy’s face so that he won’t kiss her. Later, the main actor and her have a couple of really great build-ups and kisses. If you haven’t seen this drama, it is definitely worth it. They actually make all the secondary leads really strong characters as well who aren’t sore losers in love, but have their own love interests that build up.

    • Oh my God why didn’t you warn me about the body count in this drama?? I marathoned the darn thing and now I am a broken and sobbing shell of a human being. However, you were totally right about Ha Ji Won- that is the greatest Kdrama heroine I have ever seen. Both vulnerable, and a complete badass. The things that woman can accomplish in army boots and a tiny skirt are amazing. It also has awesome cuddles, and real hugs. But it also ripped me heart out and stomped all over it. (On the upside- Heirs is no longer the most racist drama I’ve ever seen. Holy mother of god- every Westerner was either an evil assassin or a racist prick.) Its a testament to how good the rest of King 2 Hearts was that I was able to ignore all the “Americans are evil” every episode.

  27. Erm, I just wanted to point out that Chris Brown is not the dude in Rhianna’s MV…


  28. Um, the guy in We Found Love is not Chris Brown… Just saying!

  29. To be quite honest I watch you guys mostly because you guys are just really good positive role models. I mean I like kpop and kindie and your jokes, but its so refreshing to just see people that are genuinely nice and caring people doing things they love with people they love. To often we are given the message that we need to sacrifice something. Family for our careers or our careers for family or our happiness for success or our success for happiness and it’s just nice to see that you really can have it all if you just look in the right places with the right attitude. :))

  30. I have to admit that this video dazzled me–that color palette, what I perceived to be high production, and oooh look, a story beyond the meet-cute. The only thing that sort of wrenched me from the mood of it all was that last bit with the spinning sports cars. Eyng?! It came off as a little too weird. Oh wait…and the Joker makeup. WTH. I had completely forgotten about it–I guess that’s how much I wanted to deny it existed in the video :p

    This song I do like, though it didn’t grab me immediately like “Trouble Maker” did. Still, well done! And the dance has marginally more “legitimately” looking dance steps than “Trouble Maker,” which seemed to be mostly sexy gyrating for Hyuna. When I caught the live performance my heart kinda sank in that at first, it looked like a mash of hip gyrating and sexy whatevers happening. Then I thought, ah well, at least there’s no on-the-floor crawling and cat-scratching hand gestures. But I did like the steps when they both came together for the chorus.

    Lastly, Martina, I did read “The Time-Traveler’s Wife,” and you know what terrible lapse in judgement I did? I FREAKING READ IT WHILE THE HUSBAND WAS AWAY IN THE US FOR TWO MONTHS FOR WORK. OMG. Worst decision ever. If I drank, I would’ve drowned my sorrows in Cristal or tequila. Really. Don’t read that book unless your significant other is within hugging distance.

  31. So girls out there are sad cuz the guy from JYJ didn’t get reviewed…..

  32. Turtlenecks make me break out in hives…doesn’t matter what material it is, THEY ARE ALL EVIL.

  33. D:… I love sad movies!?!? I just watched the Pianist last night (late to the party, sorry) and it was amazing. Now I need to catch 12 Years a Slave before it’s out of theaters. I suppose the idea is to learn compassion and empathy and how cruel the world can be, so that in turn you can counter it.

  34. Martina, I’ve watched the movie Time Traveler’s Wife and I cried my eyes out!! I didn’t know there’s a book!
    Should I read it too~?

    [EDIT] Oh and I totally HATE what YT has done with comment section too!!!! :S

  35. Can anyone explain why in the midst of all the American references and Bud placement they had a massive fridge with the Union flag on it? Surely they could have sourced one with an American flag if they were going for the American badboi vibe?

  36. ‘Now’ is a GREAT tune, and the uncut MV is waaaaaaay better than the censored version, but it is still very hollywood take on a destructive relationship. Not alot of relate-ability there is there? If Im having a dodgy destructive relationship do I

    a) get a gun shoot people and drink lots of bud in a trailer park or

    b) go to a club with a load of not so close mates and get hammered and cause a fight?

    Well Im a Brit so obviously the answer is a.

    Wait….. No its B.
    And yeah I might have a teeensy bit of GD (*AAOOWWW MAIII GAAAWWWWD HEEES SOOOO AMMMAAAAZZZZING!!*) bias

  37. I liked the sound of Now, but for me the video ruined it. I don’t like the self destructive, abusive relationship theme either. I know too many people who have escaped DV or are still stuck in the cycle to want to see it glorified.

    On a happier note, I love watching you guys partially because you have a positive and good marriage. I’ve been married for 12 years to my best friend and barfing rainbows is definitely the way to go :D I think the caring and respect leads to keeping the crazy in love. It carries you through the crappy times and makes the good times better.

    Also NO SAD MOVIES!! I figure there is enough sadness in the world, why should I purposely subject myself to more. I want happy barfing unicorns when i escape reality :)

  38. I agree that depicting abusive relationships in a positive light would be a bad message to put across…but in this case is it really depicted in a positive light? In fact I find that it’s being depicted accurately and almost negatively because it is so volatile. But maybe that’s just me? Anyway, awesome kmm yet again :D

  39. What is so disappointing is that the dramas usually do a really great job building up to the kiss (because it normally takes 8+ episodes) and then they just choke on the big moment. Why does every girl stand with her arms at her sides looking horrified? At best, they endure being kissed. Which makes you feel bad because, it feels like the guy must be a real jerk (and sometimes, he is being a jerk. But you can’t tell) to be kissing this girl who obviously is so terrified of him she can’t even push him away. There is no way to tell if the girl actually wants to be kissed. And heaven forbid she look excited about it.

    • Just watched Goong again, it takes like 20 eps for them to properly kiss, but hey at least it was a YEH kiss and not a PSH haddock imitation ^_^

      • Confession: Goong was my very first KDrama. And they still managed to have so many cute moments (and backhugs!) pre-episode 20. But then YEH ruined me for every show I watched after until It Started With a Kiss. RUINED me I say! I think my second drama was Full House and I was so disappointed. I had thought all actresses kissed like YEH, and then I was forced to face reality.

        • She is a rarity, like Lee Min Ho they ruined falt-k-kisses for me. I think thats probably the most infuriating –SPOILER ALERT- about the Heirs kiss…. no other Young leading man kisses like LMH and then PSH has to go and arghhhh… I can’t even!!!!!

        • When the stills for that kiss were released and I couldn’t see the lip-to-lip contact, I remember telling a friend, “This should be interesting. We have a lead guy who, I think, can kiss the hell out of a dead fish and make it look sizzlin’, and a lead girl with arguably a history for (sorta) resembling a dead fish when she’s kissing. I wonder how that will look?” (and I’m so sorry, PSH fans! I like her, really. I just HATE her kiss scenes from several of her dramas. They make me headdesk so hard. Oh, the male actors she’s been lucky to kiss and either by a director’s design or her own, they are underwhelming.)

    • Go watch Lie to Me, the kisses are worth every second of it. And I agree with how you summed up the kiss problem in k-dramas, at a certain point I started to feel uncomfortable with them, you could just see this terrified expressions on the lead female face that made the experience uncomfortable. In some cases I get the shock expression, but does it really take you a full minute or more to snap out of it and push the guy away? Moreover, those post kiss reactions seem so blah comparison to the terrified face. Really not even a slap or a kick in the chin after?

      • I think Monstar has the best awkward kiss scene EVER, because when the female does the typical ‘freeze in panic’ reaction, the male lead freaks out thinking that she doesn’t like him and he royally screwed up. It’s fabulously awkward and uncomfortable!

        • Did it have the “slow approach”?
          That’s the other part that I find maddening about the bad kisses. The girls look horrified and trapped, but – unless it’s the “arm grab, whip around, pull her face in and plant on one her” manuever- he’s usually approaching her lips at like half an inch every second, starting from a forearms length apart. It takes forever!!!
          Why didn’t she leave if she was that repulsed? And HOW is she surprised? She could have written the great Korean novel in the time between him initiating the kiss and actually reaching her lips- where he immediately stops, lest he put enough pressure on her mouth that the lips actually compress.

      • Lie to me kissing is good but the best kiss in a K drama is Love Rain.

      • “Lie to Me” definitely has some of the best kiss scenes all throughout a drama I’ve ever seen. Seriously, all of them are… *fans self*

        Unfortunately, I think those kisses are the best part of the drama, because the story was draggy and circuitous and felt like the writer was throwing random circumstances together. :/

      • Oooh, I’ll put it on the list! For now, I watch “They Kiss Again” when I want to see plenty of affectionate couple action. They are married, so there’s tons of kissing and hugs and adorableness.

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