For those of you who watched us live at the YouTube Music Awards, we were the transition into Troublemaker’s performance. And now we’re seamlessly transitioning into our Music Monday on them. But first, for those of you who haven’t seen their video, here’s a transition to their video!


One of the things that we didn’t know how to say in our Music Monday because it’s a bit too serious and difficult to say in a reasonable timespan: yes, Troublemaker’s video is cool, but we don’t like what it represents. Let me explain: I know this blog here is mostly about our experiences in Korea, but it’s really about more than that. We do videos outside of Korea many times as well, and we do a lot of personal videos. The one overarching theme of this site and our videos is really just us interacting with each other and sharing our thoughts and experiences with you. And the main core that we try to share throughout all of our videos, be they Kpop or food or Mexico or personal related, is the concept of a happy marriage. That sounds cheesy, I know. Start barfing rainbows all you want, but that’s really the most important thing we want to share above all. We’ve been married for over six years. We’re best friends, crazy in love with each other, and we have fun and live happy and respect each other and care for each other tremendously.

We saw a bit of that in Rihanna’s video, and not a lot of that in Troublemaker’s video: people happy with each other. I liked seeing Rihanna and the dude at the skatepark and outdoor concert together. They were together, having fun, and smiling, and that was great. However, what we saw in both videos that we didn’t like was the physically and verbally abusive relationships. That wasn’t cool at all. And we don’t want pop culture to make it seem like it’s cool; glorified romantic visions of relationships that are explosive and volatile, equal parts passionate love and passionate hate flat out suck. They suck! I’d rather do my best to depict two people nauseatingly in love. I think that’s a better message to put out there. It’s not gonna get 300 million views like Rihanna’s video did, though, and it’s not something that everyone can relate to, but I think it’s still worth sharing. I didn’t see that a lot in media growing up. I’d like to see more of it now.

Martina at this moment would like to ask how many of you have read The Time Travellers Wife? Because she read that and sobbed like a baby. I remember her reading that. She finished the book and cried her ass off and held my hand nonstop for the next four hours. It was touching. Another thing: we promised ourselves to stop watching sad movies. Why do people put themselves through that? That’s two hours of your life you gave up to end up sad as hell. Anyone seen “House of Sand and Fog”? Interesting movie, but wretchedly miserable. I’d rather see happy things, kthxbai.

And on to more happy things, let’s get to voting!

And even happier things, bloopers!


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  1. I’m sorry, but are you actually saying Rihanna’s MV is better than TM’s!? “We Found Love” is about a self-destructive relationship, abusive even. “Now (There Is No Tomorrow)” has a fight, but it’s not abusive! Maybe you should watch the Uncut version.

  2. crooked was crap…this concept has been overused

  3. You didn’t talk about the dance!

    I love the dance and I think it looks great live.
    I also think Hyuna looks great in the black outfit with the red plaidish overcoat. It moves well when she dances.

  4. I liked GD’s drunkenenss alot more because of his less seksutal and more crazy behavior :)

  5. I read time traveller’s wife! I also cried tremendously. It really showed how the characters strive for love through difficulties… Yeah well I don’t really like how pop music makes sex like it’s nothing, not a big deal, but I dislike this kind of glorifying the abusive relationship more. What happened with all of us….

  6. Guys. Pleaase review a-jax snake. This video is hilarious and really fun :D Too bad it doesnt have enough views and it has been a little underrated.

  7. I really want to see B1A4 in that M/V simon. It has to happen now; go direct it man!

  8. I guess since it’s Winter, turtlenecks are more in fashion now. You should just come over to the dark side, Martina >:3

  9. I think the most important part of watching/ listening/ reading about sad things is going trough some form of catharsis and learning something that ‘happy’ can’t give you. For me personally after going trough something that made me cry I feel like I overcome something in me and am more ‘prepared’ when or if I have to go trough hard times. Idk, I’m not exactly a fan of sad stuff (especially movies) but I do appreciate them and do think that somehow a sad movie gives you more than the cliche happy ending.
    I really liked the video of Now, even if the song is kinda boring. I love te part where Hyunseung look at the mirror and turns into the Joker. Cool!

  10. contrary to popular opinion, i liked this video very much for it’s very destructive and violent depiction of a romance because let’s face it, not all love stories are fluff and rainbows. Maybe it’s just me but how they show the loyalty and love until the end, despite all the raw unpleasantries that we’d rather not see, really got me. I never liked Hyuna, nor Hyunseung, nor their song Troublemaker but this song’s MV is something I can watch over and over (not because im attracted to Hyuna, oh no) because it is so carefree, so wild and so realistic in my opinion and it reminds me of Bonnie and Clyde. I dont know though.
    If there is one thing i don’t like about Troublemaker in general, is that Hyunseung appears so passionate, the way he gazes and directs himself to Hyuna whether in music video or live performance, and yet Hyuna always appears so indifferent, more content on flirting with the camera and being unresponsive to Hyunseung. Maybe that’s supposed to be intentional (Since I doubt the audience would appreciate Hyuna flirting and appearing to enjoy Hyunseung’s mistrations, but that’s another cultural isuue).

    Anyway, Now is a pretty realistic and tragic video and it did cause criticism and controversy but, isn’t that what makes a good item? If you are able to raise eyebrows and divide an opinion into two polar opposite sides, then they did well.

  11. I read that book. It was a birthday present and I loved it. Martina’s not alone in being reduced to tears after reading. Awwww for her not letting go of Simon’s hand for 4 hours ahaha.

  12. All I want to see is a male and female unit group that are on equal playing fields. Trouble Maker is interesting, and I get what they’re going for, BUT, I agree that the whole constantly being in a touchy makeout session will get real old real fast. Except to maybe Koreans, who aren’t still used to seeing this kind of stuff. I would honestly prefer a SkyDragon-like (not necessarily them, just an example) duo, where they just go hard and look damn fine just by doing them and not each other. :)

  13. Wasn’t the severed hand from the guy that gave him the money to begin with? He had the same watch….

  14. The day I watched The Pianist I vowed never again. I can’t even think of that movie without a hitch in my breathing. The grandfather in the wheelchair scene will forever haunt me. So I too try to avoid these types of movies/books at all costs. Not everything has to be pure fluff, but I disagree with the notion that a happily ever after means that it’s somehow a waste of time. Why does someone have to die or something horrible have to happen to be taken seriously? REDONK!

  15. how do you guys like trouble maker’s new album? (if you’ve listened to it all that is) i think i like it more than their first one

  16. What do you think about the way kpop is going nowadays? From what I have seen, more and more kpop idols are doing “risky” MVs, movies or other things including more sexual scenes. Do you think it’s ruining the “original” cute and innocent kpop image? or is it just the way things have to go

  17. I wish there was more of a middle ground between overly cute and overly sexual. I get that many of these groups need to age as their members age, but maturity does not have to necessarily equal “sexy.” I think BoA can be said to be a mature artist who fits in that middle ground. Women seem to have a harder time to transition from girl to women than the boys to men do in k-pop.

  18. Tangka

    I was pretty taken back by the teaser photos when they first released. I just thought “oh god lord they’re doing the overly sexy thing again”. So I can say, for someone who didn’t watch the Rihanna video, this video was a pleasant surprise for me!

  19. Thank you Martina, for making me laugh my pants off with “Bohemian Rhapsody — the Meemersworth Edition”. ^_^ Oh no. I feel it coming. I can’t stop it…. Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii lost my pants!! Ripido fipido sipi in slow motion

  20. Hey guys! I loved the video. And I agree that this is probably one of the better kpop videos of the year, although it’s a pretty depressing, with it’s message. I was wondering what you thought about the prostitutes at the beginning being Caucasian?

  21. What do you guys think about Fiestar – “I don’t know”… I thought it was going to be one of those… typical overly innocent girly groups, but it made me laugh through the whole video. Let me know what you think. and Trouble maker. them.

    • It took me awhile to decide to click on Fiestar, but I was actually impressed by it. It’s not the typical aegyo, but seemed to me a more sincere innocence.

  22. irritablevowel

    Oh hey, look at me making a comment actually related to KMM! ANYHOO, I’m okay with attempts at pushing the envelope even if what is expressed is depressing. I’m glad they’re trying something different. Yeah, it was derivative of Rihanna’s video, but Rihanna’s video was derivative of the tv show Skins, so there’s that.

  23. you guys are amazing! <3 :)

  24. The song is kinda catchy but the video is just meh..

  25. RiddleThemWithBrillance

    I have two questions.

    1. How come you guys stopped doing Kchart updates?
    2. Why do you hate turtle necks so much?

  26. I vote for Troublemaker!

  27. Could you review Jaejoong – Just Another Girl next week?! I really want you to review his song because this will probably be the last review you will do for Jaejoong and JYJ. They will enlist in the army next year, so, please, puppy eyes!!

  28. But If you see the whole uncut video you can see that It isn’t an abusive relationship….and this MV is not similar as Rihanna’s MV. However everybody has the right to have its own opinion it’s ok.

  29. Heineken and Budweiser got in a bidding war. Bud obviously won. There’s 2 bottles of Heineken and 10 million of the other. XP

  30. Macie Tonn

    Ok sad movie question for Simon and Martina: Have you guise seen “Pan’s Labyrinth?” Holy crap, I cried the ugly cry after that movie… and the ending, don’t get me started!

    • I saw it. In the cinema actually years ago. It’s a spanish film right? Quite famous there, and actually one of the best rated id IMDB and Metacritic :) Beautiful movie

  31. I watched the uncut version, and it makes WAAAY more sense now. However one thing I noticed in both Trouble Makers mvs is that that they’re bad assassins. XP. If them gangsters were gonna kill him anyway why didn’t they shoot as he was running, and COME ON~ That guy was walking with a gun! IT WASN’T EVEN HIDDEN~~xO
    Otherwise, the chemistry between those two are really realistic and well done. :]

  32. Thanks for the great video. Feel better, Martina.

  33. Honestly i didn’t knew about troublemaker until i watched it before K-Pop Music Monday. I just agree that its really interessting and not the usal K-Pop style. I don’t know how to discribe it better.

    Besides I have to say Martina, i don’t like pink that much but you make this color look so good that i may start liking pink. Thanks to you both and the rest of your crew for making K-Pop Monday Videos. Even if its fun it still takes a lot of time.

  34. Well, i don’t agree that we don’t need sad stories. I think many people can relate to them, need to tell them, or for whatever reason need to “go through” them to learn or feel something not necessarily familiar to them. But i do agree that there are not many depictions of healthy (totally abusive free) couples out there. Not even in romantic movies, let alone in music videos. Anyway, be assured Simon, what you and Martina try to communicate through your videos is clear and i think many of us nasties really appreciate it!

  35. I would like to predict that the next Kpop Mondays review will be Miss A’s Hush :P (The laptop spoiler really makes voting a bit moot)

  36. I would like to see meemers and spudgy do a music monday. That would be hilarious! XD

  37. I get what you mean with liking people being in nauseating love… But, I mean, if you watch the drama version (witch S&M obviously did) you get to see the kind of consequences of such a volatile relationship. Hyunseung is this bad boy who kills people for (magic) money and Hyuna is obviously attracted to the whole bad boy image, except she has random fits of rage at him (I personally like to look at it as her anger at his job of killing people, which is why she’s throwing magic money at him all the time) and stuff like that.
    But then it all comes back to bite them, because Hyunseung dies and Hyuna is left alone in their trailer waiting for him, not knowing whether he is dead or alive. That is a sucky end to a relationship, no matter how you look at it.
    Besides, as much as I get the happy in love thing (being completely happy and barfingly in love is awesome, obviously) it is still a fact of life that relationships like this happen. Sure they’re not ideal, but we can’t just turn a blind eye to everything in the world that is unpleasant… (of course, I completely agree that glorifying said relationships is bad)
    I think this paragraph is confusing… urg I give up.

  38. But I totally love sad movies :p. I am told I am such a pessimist but I am honestly a very happy one. It makes me sound like such a loner to say this and it is so not the social norm but I’m sometimes so comfortable with myself I don’t want to be with other people. I was social up until I turned sixteen, then I became a contemplative yet free loner. Yes, I am totally a vagabond type of person. I can’t imagine being with someone else! I totally love sad and moving stuff. I just feel like they tell better stories. I always find lovey dovey stuff to be shallow and at the end, you learn nothing. Yes, some lovey dovey stories are very heart warming. You guys should watch Paris Je t’aime: Bastille (It’s somewhat sad but very heart warming and moving story though it might urk you guys a little). I love stuff like that not necessarily emotionally and physically abusive. Heavens no, but bitter sweet. I like to feel the feels, you know!

  39. i need SHINee in maa lyyfe

  40. Ellen (alatariel)

    Hahahaha how the heck did people end up talking about The Heirs, here??? 8′D

  41. Ellen (alatariel)

    How can you make me choose between these two mvs, both are amazing! You awful people! :D

  42. You said you’d try to do two live chats last week, and we ended up with zero. You guise must be overwhelmed with parcels by now, so are we going to see you open any soon?

  43. Annie

    Hyuna’s power joke caught me off guard how did i miss that bleurgh*^&%475lololololololololololololol!!!!

  44. Hey Simon and Martina, about having “cheap” beer like Budweiser and thinking that it’s not as fancy…I was talking to my Korean mother and beer is more expensive in Korea than soju or other alcohol. Weird, huh? The alcohol content is lower but it’s more expensive. I think it might be because they had to import Budweiser where as the alcohol they make there like soju is cheaper. I thought it was weird too at first wondering, why Budweiser out of all the alcohol drinks out there? But after talking to her, it makes sense now.

  45. Thank you for making a point about the violent relationship. It sickened me. Though this video may have been a remake of that one Rihanna song, it more reminded of the message in the one she did with Eminem.

    Truthfully, I wish you had done a more “No More Perfume on You’ beat down than you did.

    • Same here. But then again, they’re the ones who would suffer the backlash if they did another NMPoY review, not me, so I guess I’ll settle with the blog post.

  46. I think you guys have set a really high standard for what I want in a relationship. I showed some of my friends your videos and told them how long you’ve been married and that your relationship is one that I want haha. I had to make them understand somehow that it doesn’t always have to be tense in a relationship.

  47. Since people are taking about dramas. Honestly Answer Me, 1994 is sooo much more enjoyable to watch than Heirs. My favorite show right now, just as good as 1997 I highly recommend it :) I’m still watching Heirs for LHM and KWB but I love Answer Me, 1994 more now.

  48. I am reading Time Traveller’s wife! But Kdramas are messing it so.. I am still halfway through..

  49. omg when i first saw the video my mind was like, “Is this a re-make video of we found love or what?!” it wasn’t just me!! :D
    i totally agree with you guys. relationship isn’t about the physical stuff, it’s about having a great time together, loving each other, and caring each other.
    don’t watch the drama heirs. it’s just pure crap full of sexism, racism, and materialism. no korean high school is like that. it’s just plain nonsense. i recommend watching ‘reply 1997′ if u want to see more fun, artistic, and realistic korean drama that talks of high school experiences.

  50. So, I noticed there are a lot of comments about dramas here. Ha! We really need to jump on board with that drama review segment…

  51. I think people all have to deal with the reality or the trauma and confusion they have incurred through those relationships, but I have to agree that this video in many ways glorified/romanticized the relationship. But I do not think abusive relationships and peoples authentic experiences with them should not be shared (I don’t think that’s what S and M are saying, I’m just sayin’ it).

    Also, I like sad things. I think they are pretty and thoughtful, and I think you have to go into sadness and tragedy to try and repair it and understand it, especially when it comes to others experiences. But it can get overwhelming.

  52. BILASA!!!!!!

  53. True. Sad movies, sad drama, angsty fics, and unhealthy relationship are really not my cup of hot chocolate too… I get it that this Trouble Maker’s video want to portray a relationship of Bonnie and Clyde. However I don’t really appreciate the abusive scenes. Aaaaand, they look like twins! I just can’t get it out of my head… This video is kinda inappropriate because it portrays twincest. LOL.

  54. Since you mentioned it, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you both for inspiring me to leave the miserable relationship I was trapped in for five years. I did love the guy, but he used that against me and took advantage of me, was manipulative, controlling, and extremely negative. I was comfortable and scared of change. I used your videos as a means to escape to a happy more carefree place. In the end I knew there had to be someone out there for me that I’d be able to have such a loving relationship with like you guys do. It’s been four months since I finally left him and I’ve just started dating. I’ve already met someone who’s a complete gentleman, respects me, and isn’t afraid to sing along to kpop with me! Here’s hoping! Thanks guise!

  55. I love the message that you guys promote and I totally agree that pop culture shouldn’t glorify violent relationships. That being said, I think the volatile relationship adds a bit of realness to the music video. Not everybody is as “nauseatingly in love” as you guys, and I think that the reality of these volatile relationships should be depicted as well. While you guys may think of it as unpleasant, some people may connect with it on a very personal level.

  56. Martina, please do a full version of Spudgy and Meemers Bohemian Rhapsody! That was the cutest thing ever!

    And I honestly couldn’t even get through the MV for Now. That kind of subject matter and destructive lifestyle are one of the reasons I listen/watch Korean entertainment rather than American. I get enough of examples of how to ruin your life from the people around me.

  57. Also I liked what you said about the portrayal of love and marriage in pop culture, it was very true.

  58. I liked the song and the video both, I feel the video is a lot more real and symbolic than most people give it credit for. I also enjoyed their little tango/ballroom dance in the middle it was very well done :)

  59. Meemers’ rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody needs to happen…NAO!

  60. It can be cathartic to watch a sad movie you’re sad… then instead of being sad for no reason, you can be sad BECAUSE OF REASONS. And it can help to put your own problems in perspective.

    Agreed about glamorizing abusive relationships, though. The thing is, they are never exactly like what you see on screen and even people who don’t glamorize them can still be in them without realizing it… sometimes a bad relationship is just something you have to experience for yourself, before you can know better.

  61. HAHAHAHHAHAHA “call me a woorrywart but i wouldn’t fall asleep with a gun in my crotch” you guys are hilarious

  62. I have read ”The Time Traveler’s Wife.” Glorious book, I’ll admit. Didn’t make cry though…

  63. At first glance, Miss A looked like Queen…and when Martina started singing Bohemian Rhapsody everything felt a bit more complete.

  64. What I want to know is why Hyuna fell asleep in a fridge.

  65. Hey guys, We’re voting are hearts out here waiting for you to cover one of the top 2 or so, but instead you are covering a group down the list. The video you cover and the points you make are very important but… TDLR might be a more appropriate venue to discus Korean cultural quagmires. You state that we are to “vote and share your video to victory”. Posh! It’s like if you don’t like the song, then…. poof! you are discussing something that didn’t get the votes.

    Given your insightful discussion of Dongho, you might be a bit sensitive to the dilemma that JYJ suffers. Like they are invisible to TV and pop culture except through there fan meets, concerts and online buzz. You guys might have a freedom to bring them to our attention (which they deserve, even if it’s just J or JYJ!) Or at least pick your favs U-Kiss. That would be fair too.

    So please, if you are going to do K pop Monday, with all the fanfare around voting for what you want covered, please act in integrity with your rules so that those of us taking the time to vote everyday, can feel like we’re participating in the choice you make.

    • It’s the top 3. The voting ends Saturday night, so that song would have been in the top 3 then, but may have fallen below that after voting already closed.
      Plus, we all kind of figure that since EYK has such a U-Kiss fanbase that that video will still be up to possibly choose for next week while Troublemaker would not have lasted another week and so they would have chosen that while they can.

    • I like that they covered Troublemaker. It was probably the most interesting mv (albeit a copycat mv) out of the top three.

      If you watch any interviews with EYK you would know they appreciate JYJ. They know what JYJ has gone through.

  66. FancyJude

    Erm, I just wanted to point out that Chris Brown is not the dude in Rhianna’s MV…


  67. Um, the guy in We Found Love is not Chris Brown… Just saying!

  68. To be quite honest I watch you guys mostly because you guys are just really good positive role models. I mean I like kpop and kindie and your jokes, but its so refreshing to just see people that are genuinely nice and caring people doing things they love with people they love. To often we are given the message that we need to sacrifice something. Family for our careers or our careers for family or our happiness for success or our success for happiness and it’s just nice to see that you really can have it all if you just look in the right places with the right attitude. :))

  69. I have to admit that this video dazzled me–that color palette, what I perceived to be high production, and oooh look, a story beyond the meet-cute. The only thing that sort of wrenched me from the mood of it all was that last bit with the spinning sports cars. Eyng?! It came off as a little too weird. Oh wait…and the Joker makeup. WTH. I had completely forgotten about it–I guess that’s how much I wanted to deny it existed in the video :p

    This song I do like, though it didn’t grab me immediately like “Trouble Maker” did. Still, well done! And the dance has marginally more “legitimately” looking dance steps than “Trouble Maker,” which seemed to be mostly sexy gyrating for Hyuna. When I caught the live performance my heart kinda sank in that at first, it looked like a mash of hip gyrating and sexy whatevers happening. Then I thought, ah well, at least there’s no on-the-floor crawling and cat-scratching hand gestures. But I did like the steps when they both came together for the chorus.

    Lastly, Martina, I did read “The Time-Traveler’s Wife,” and you know what terrible lapse in judgement I did? I FREAKING READ IT WHILE THE HUSBAND WAS AWAY IN THE US FOR TWO MONTHS FOR WORK. OMG. Worst decision ever. If I drank, I would’ve drowned my sorrows in Cristal or tequila. Really. Don’t read that book unless your significant other is within hugging distance.

  70. Yeah, I’ve sadly given up on YT commenting. I can still rate, so that’s all I care about! I didn’t care about the existence of g+ until they demanded I join them in order to make comments. O.o GO AWAY~ STAHP ASKING! BULLIES!

    • Why can’t we have the old comment page? Ya know, the one where the top comments are on top and you click the number to see more comment. WHY YOUTUBE WHY?

  71. So girls out there are sad cuz the guy from JYJ didn’t get reviewed…..

  72. Maybe in their next video they can copy Rihanna’s denim thong look, I’m sure that would be really popular.

  73. Turtlenecks make me break out in hives…doesn’t matter what material it is, THEY ARE ALL EVIL.

  74. Hyuna’s definitely a magician! Do you see those magician skills??? She’s probably the reason why the roof was burning in “is it poppin’?”.

  75. D:… I love sad movies!?!? I just watched the Pianist last night (late to the party, sorry) and it was amazing. Now I need to catch 12 Years a Slave before it’s out of theaters. I suppose the idea is to learn compassion and empathy and how cruel the world can be, so that in turn you can counter it.

  76. Martina, I’ve watched the movie Time Traveler’s Wife and I cried my eyes out!! I didn’t know there’s a book!
    Should I read it too~?

    [EDIT] Oh and I totally HATE what YT has done with comment section too!!!! :S

  77. Can anyone explain why in the midst of all the American references and Bud placement they had a massive fridge with the Union flag on it? Surely they could have sourced one with an American flag if they were going for the American badboi vibe?

  78. ‘Now’ is a GREAT tune, and the uncut MV is waaaaaaay better than the censored version, but it is still very hollywood take on a destructive relationship. Not alot of relate-ability there is there? If Im having a dodgy destructive relationship do I

    a) get a gun shoot people and drink lots of bud in a trailer park or

    b) go to a club with a load of not so close mates and get hammered and cause a fight?

    Well Im a Brit so obviously the answer is a.

    Wait….. No its B.
    And yeah I might have a teeensy bit of GD (*AAOOWWW MAIII GAAAWWWWD HEEES SOOOO AMMMAAAAZZZZING!!*) bias

  79. I liked the sound of Now, but for me the video ruined it. I don’t like the self destructive, abusive relationship theme either. I know too many people who have escaped DV or are still stuck in the cycle to want to see it glorified.

    On a happier note, I love watching you guys partially because you have a positive and good marriage. I’ve been married for 12 years to my best friend and barfing rainbows is definitely the way to go :D I think the caring and respect leads to keeping the crazy in love. It carries you through the crappy times and makes the good times better.

    Also NO SAD MOVIES!! I figure there is enough sadness in the world, why should I purposely subject myself to more. I want happy barfing unicorns when i escape reality :)

  80. I suppose I personally disagree on the sad things front. My family has never been big on expressing negative emotions outwardly, so sometimes my body physically won’t let me be upset about things that I feel I deserve to have the right to be upset about, and sometimes a little something bittersweet and tragic help me to be able to handle my own self by giving me a thing to vent all the tangled up sadness at without making feel like a selfish horrible person afterwards. Maybe it’s silly, but after my family kind of pounded into us that those actions were rude and selfish, I still have trouble letting myself feel them, you know?

    It’s something I need to work so I DON’T have to use sad things as a crutch for that, but I still feel like a sad story has its merits. After all, if a story can make you feel such powerful emotions, then isn’t it doing its job right? The Fault In Our Stars is one of the only two books to ever make me cry, something I hate doing, and it’s one of my all time favorite books.

    Besides, gotta vent that prolactin!

    I can totally get why you guys’d want to shimmy around the sad stuff, though. Just throwing my cents out there.

    • Can I just say thank you for posting this. That is exactly how I feel about sad movies/songs/books. The Fault In Our Stars was also one of the only books to make me cry and I have so much respect for John Green for being able to elicit that kind of response from me.

  81. ☆pallavi☆

    I agree that depicting abusive relationships in a positive light would be a bad message to put across…but in this case is it really depicted in a positive light? In fact I find that it’s being depicted accurately and almost negatively because it is so volatile. But maybe that’s just me? Anyway, awesome kmm yet again :D

  82. Oh my, I was totally unprepared for that B1A4 comment. That mental image is now imprinted into my mind.

  83. I hate youtube’s new comments. The spam gets the highest votes and there’s no clear timeline whatsoever. I also don’t have the G+ and won’t take it because the system is just so stupid because why would anyone want to leave youtube to go there and check the youtube comments in a totally different place? Anyway I should remember to comment on here for now guys since it’s always enjoyable to watch your videos. GD totally wins because the video was a bit dirtier and realistic instead of Now which was still kind of composed.

  84. HAHAHA!!!! Kissing in Korean Dramas:
    1. Place lips against each other.
    2. Don’t move for a minute and 25 seconds.
    3. Cameraman complete 360 shot of kiss to make it seem grand.
    End kiss.

    As The Ancient Booer in Princess Bride says, “Boo. Boo. Boo” to those annoying WTF kiss scenes.

    • It’s kind of funny, I just watched the Princess Bride again a few days ago, and now you bring that up xD

    • Mariam Watt

      What is so disappointing is that the dramas usually do a really great job building up to the kiss (because it normally takes 8+ episodes) and then they just choke on the big moment. Why does every girl stand with her arms at her sides looking horrified? At best, they endure being kissed. Which makes you feel bad because, it feels like the guy must be a real jerk (and sometimes, he is being a jerk. But you can’t tell) to be kissing this girl who obviously is so terrified of him she can’t even push him away. There is no way to tell if the girl actually wants to be kissed. And heaven forbid she look excited about it.

      • Go watch Lie to Me, the kisses are worth every second of it. And I agree with how you summed up the kiss problem in k-dramas, at a certain point I started to feel uncomfortable with them, you could just see this terrified expressions on the lead female face that made the experience uncomfortable. In some cases I get the shock expression, but does it really take you a full minute or more to snap out of it and push the guy away? Moreover, those post kiss reactions seem so blah comparison to the terrified face. Really not even a slap or a kick in the chin after?

        • Mariam Watt

          Oooh, I’ll put it on the list! For now, I watch “They Kiss Again” when I want to see plenty of affectionate couple action. They are married, so there’s tons of kissing and hugs and adorableness.

        • “Lie to Me” definitely has some of the best kiss scenes all throughout a drama I’ve ever seen. Seriously, all of them are… *fans self*

          Unfortunately, I think those kisses are the best part of the drama, because the story was draggy and circuitous and felt like the writer was throwing random circumstances together. :/

        • true that, but I think most k-drama watchers have seen crappier dramas with those awful kisses, so well at least this one has all those kisses…. and kisses….

          Probably the best drama with awesome kisses is Queen In Hyun’s Man….

        • If you wanna see real kisses in a kdrama you should watch Queen in Hyun’s man c;

        • Maya Hayslett
          Maya Hayslett

          Lie to me kissing is good but the best kiss in a K drama is Love Rain.

        • I think Monstar has the best awkward kiss scene EVER, because when the female does the typical ‘freeze in panic’ reaction, the male lead freaks out thinking that she doesn’t like him and he royally screwed up. It’s fabulously awkward and uncomfortable!

        • Mariam Watt

          Did it have the “slow approach”?
          That’s the other part that I find maddening about the bad kisses. The girls look horrified and trapped, but – unless it’s the “arm grab, whip around, pull her face in and plant on one her” manuever- he’s usually approaching her lips at like half an inch every second, starting from a forearms length apart. It takes forever!!!
          Why didn’t she leave if she was that repulsed? And HOW is she surprised? She could have written the great Korean novel in the time between him initiating the kiss and actually reaching her lips- where he immediately stops, lest he put enough pressure on her mouth that the lips actually compress.

      • Just watched Goong again, it takes like 20 eps for them to properly kiss, but hey at least it was a YEH kiss and not a PSH haddock imitation ^_^

        • Mariam Watt

          Confession: Goong was my very first KDrama. And they still managed to have so many cute moments (and backhugs!) pre-episode 20. But then YEH ruined me for every show I watched after until It Started With a Kiss. RUINED me I say! I think my second drama was Full House and I was so disappointed. I had thought all actresses kissed like YEH, and then I was forced to face reality.

        • She is a rarity, like Lee Min Ho they ruined falt-k-kisses for me. I think thats probably the most infuriating –SPOILER ALERT- about the Heirs kiss…. no other Young leading man kisses like LMH and then PSH has to go and arghhhh… I can’t even!!!!!

        • When the stills for that kiss were released and I couldn’t see the lip-to-lip contact, I remember telling a friend, “This should be interesting. We have a lead guy who, I think, can kiss the hell out of a dead fish and make it look sizzlin’, and a lead girl with arguably a history for (sorta) resembling a dead fish when she’s kissing. I wonder how that will look?” (and I’m so sorry, PSH fans! I like her, really. I just HATE her kiss scenes from several of her dramas. They make me headdesk so hard. Oh, the male actors she’s been lucky to kiss and either by a director’s design or her own, they are underwhelming.)

    • The best build up and actual kiss and the best non-kiss is in The King 2 Hearts. Ha Ji Won (plays awesomely strong female leads. She’s also in Secret Garden, which is another awesome kdrama) squishes this guy’s face so that he won’t kiss her. Later, the main actor and her have a couple of really great build-ups and kisses. If you haven’t seen this drama, it is definitely worth it. They actually make all the secondary leads really strong characters as well who aren’t sore losers in love, but have their own love interests that build up.

      • Mariam Watt

        Oh my God why didn’t you warn me about the body count in this drama?? I marathoned the darn thing and now I am a broken and sobbing shell of a human being. However, you were totally right about Ha Ji Won- that is the greatest Kdrama heroine I have ever seen. Both vulnerable, and a complete badass. The things that woman can accomplish in army boots and a tiny skirt are amazing. It also has awesome cuddles, and real hugs. But it also ripped me heart out and stomped all over it. (On the upside- Heirs is no longer the most racist drama I’ve ever seen. Holy mother of god- every Westerner was either an evil assassin or a racist prick.) Its a testament to how good the rest of King 2 Hearts was that I was able to ignore all the “Americans are evil” every episode.

        • Sorry! But, the build up and shock of it is done so well I didn’t want to give anything away! I was at the library when I saw both of the heartbreaking episodes and holy crap it was so hard holding it in!
          I thought the same thing about the Americans, but I don’t exactly blame them for that stereotype because I’ve seen way too many racists comments from Americans. They did sort of redeem them when the American team apologized though. Plus, was the assassin American? I assumed she was British…not that is better…the English acting all together was pretty bad, but the rest of it makes up for tenfold.

  85. I will never get tired of Korea’s blatant disregard for others’ intellectual property.

  86. Simon, about the sad movies, you should watch The Boy in the Striped Pijamas.. its not sad at all (or is it???)

  87. “I’d rather do my best to depict two people nauseatingly in love. I think that’s a better message to put out there.”

    Whenever my friends ask me what I’m looking for in a guy I always say: “I don’t know, but do you know Simon and Martina? I want what they have” so you are definitely doing a good job depicting “two people nauseatingly in love”

    However I have to say that I love litterature and movies that make me cry and feel all miserable. I don’t really know why but I like the beauty of sadness.

  88. yanagiba yusuke22

    i thought this song will not b review since its was at no 4…tq for troublemaker’s kmm this week….

  89. I would really love to see you guys (or anyone, really) comment on the dance to this song. I CANNOT be the only one that noticed that awkward “pointing at Hyuna’s crotch” move that Hyun-seung does whilst singing “now now now”.

    Anyone.. No? *Slinks away to Cave of Solitude*

    • I noticed it and immediately remembered how 4Minute pointed at their crotches when they asked “What’s Your Name?”… It looks like Cube were trying to tell the world that Hyuna’s crotch knows answers to all the questions. It probably knows what does the fox say too.

    • No, you definitely aren’t the only one. My family watched the YTMAs with me, and my mom went, “Why does he point at her crotch everytime he says Now?” >.>

      • Haha! You should’ve been like “Well, see Hyuna’s actually pregnant and today is the day she’s supposed to deliver. He’s only trying to help with the birth.”
        Either that or some reference to how he’s attached a timebomb to her crotch and is trying to predict when it will go off.

  90. Cyber_3

    I totally agree about not watching sad movies. In fact, ever since I started dating my husband (married 8 years now) I can’t even listen to sad or angsty songs. Sad and angsty songs are good for when you’re feeling that way and need an outlet but I’m so happy, why do I want to throw a wet blanket on it? I’m sure that there are some fine woefully emotional songs out there now that I would have enjoyed in my teenage years but there aren’t nearly enough happy-fun-in-love songs that I feel like I need a break.

    Good KMM, harped a little too much on the Rihanna remake. Since this is not a happy song, I didn’t watch the whole Troublemaker video anyways so I got it the first time. Love your song that turned into a Meemers song Martina! LOL!

  91. thr song is awesome and …i want a dance version mv!!!!!!! like the dance a lot

  92. rihanna’s video has 300+ million views yet i have never seen it. and for once it’s not because of everything being blocked in germany.
    i really love “now” as a song, the video was good tho i prefer the uncut version. it makes more sense to me.
    my fave scenes were hyunseung as the joker, is it weird that it makes him even hotter in my eyes?
    i can’t believe the things you see in videos, if anyone is a witch/wizard then it’s you guys!

  93. Great KMM as always. Feel better soon Martina!
    P.S. When will SME get off their butts and approve the SHINee interview?? Too much longer and I may have to start a Nasty uprising. ;P

  94. The Muppets did Bohemian Rhapsody, so I say it’s Meemers’ turn! Opening track on the next EYK CD, please?

  95. hapagirl

    I’m happy that you guys did this, because wow am I in love with this song and video. I can’t agree with you guys more on their whole relationship in the video, god that was a mess and if any where my friend I’d tell them to leave and to not be a hit man. It is sad how we tend to see these kinds of relationships and the crazy stalker and bad ones as the one people desire. At least we have you two! And oh god, Bilasa doing that. I saw a gif of CNU like airhumping or whatever and oh god, the mental image. And thanks for a super hard choice choosing between GD and Hyuna and Hyunseung!

  96. umm guize…. i Am pretty sure the guy in Rihana’s video wasn’t Chris brown but some model was used to depict him.

  97. GlaodsUnicornYixing♥

    I like how the annotation in the Youtube video didn’t work. Hue. Anyways Crooked’s a bit more original I mean yeah like they said the Now concept isn’t Rihanna’s but Crooked was just more ummf to it..Or something just I liked Crooked better and so do most people voting so it had something that Now didn’t..

  98. Omg I wanted you guys to review hush SO MUCH

  99. I agree with you guys, wanting to put out the image of a happy marriage out to the world. Because, to be honest, I don’t feel like I see that enough these days. Everything just looks miserable and like it’ll end up unhappy and painful. Happiness looks to be so rare.
    True–being nauseatingly in love with someone is better than being nauseatingly anguished because of them.

  100. I must admit, I was hoping for a Jaejoong review. Ah well.

  101. What are you talking about Martina, I ALWAYS sleep with a gun in my crotch. Or maybe that was the director making some sort of ‘is that a gun in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?’ joke? Hmm?

  102. For Meems? For MEEEEEEEEEMS!

  103. I still stand by my position that Troublemaker need to make a dance version of this. Seriously.

  104. CONYAK!!!!! I love you Martina!!!!

  105. Nia

    I totally agree with you, I’d rather see a loving relationship than one so aggressive, that’s why I prefer their live performances, there the sexy vibe is more obvious than the violent in the video and I enjoy the song a lot more, although it’s not really my thing

  106. SillyRnti

    Thank you, thank you THANK YOU for the wish to depict respectful, loving relationships. I also get a little disgusted with the angry, yelling, borderline abusive depictions. That’s not passion… it shows a lack of self respect to me.

    And, oh my God! I adore The Time Traveler’s Wife! I bawl every time I read it. My beloved husband just passed away. We’ve been together for 15 years and I was talking to my sister about some of the things I won’t be able to enjoy for a while. It will be a looooong time before I’ll even be able to crack that book open again. I’m already emotionally fragile; that will have me curled up like a roly poly bug, crying endlessly.

  107. TL;DR Question: What are your thoughts on the Ailee nude photos scandal and Allkpop’s involvement in it?

  108. To be honest, I thought Hyunseung was a pimp and HyunA was a hooker he fell in love with >_> *walks away

  109. OMG!! When the MV was released one thing came in my mind: KPOP MONDAY!!! :D not because I’m a fan of Trouble Maker but this MV is gold!! XD

  110. I saw House of Sand and Fog. That was back in my stage of I-must-read-and-watch-all-the-recommended-books-and-movies. I think Ben Kingsley is a great actor but I probably wouldn’t watch it now. I have this rule now, I only read books and watch movies/shows that give me hope. I don’t care if it’s not all happy-clappy but I don’t like depressing endings.

  111. The skit was quite possibly one of the funniest things ever. I didn’t even notice her smacking the cigarette in his mouth and his shirt off.

    Martina started singing bohemian rhapsody and then it escalated so quickly. beautiful

  112. I totally love how I can get a serious opinion of you guys with the blog. It let’s me see more perspectives of a mv

  113. Loving the “Whut?! Who said there??” parts!

    “And we don’t want pop culture to make it seem like it’s cool; glorified romantic visions of relationships that are explosive and volatile, equal parts passionate love and passionate hate flat out suck.”

    WORD. Great to address this – that’s why you guise are awesome!! :) When I first watched Rihanna’s video, I was all “whoa intensely destructive much?”. Then when I watched Troublemaker’s, I was genuinely taken aback to see this theme being propagated alongside the whole “living in the moment” idea. As much as it is visually stunning, I really hope this doesn’t become a trend in K-pop. That was what turned me off mainstream ‘murican pop in the first place. :/

  114. Awwww yeah! Bohemian Rhapsody during bloopers!! LOVE!

  115. Mariam Watt

    Oh my gosh, loved the blog post on portrayal of relationships. I feel like it’s very timely given the drama Heirs that is currently running. If you survived the racist American episodes 1-4, it then becomes a pretty formulaic drama, rich teen boy falls in love with poor but goodhearted teen girl. Normally dramas promote a male lead who is initially horrid unpleasant, who is then reformed by his love for the female lead and after the requisite love triangle, disapproving mother, kidnapping, amnesia, and 2-4 year separation, they live happily ever after. This drama has a male lead who actually really likes the girl right away, and aside from the habit of watching her sleep (creepy) is generally nice to her and never tries to deliberately hurt her. The second male lead is a controlling sociopath who beats children and treats the girl like property, hurting her or threatening her, then later gazing at her whistfully. What is so disturbing is the number of girls who swoon over the psychopath second male lead! “They have such better chemistry!”- is a sentiment that is all over the comments on Dramafever. It’s like they have been trained that if a man isn’t hurting a woman, he’s not really in love with her. That kindness is bland and boring and the only truly romantic relationships are the ones where people need to be “saved” from themselves. And it is really disturbing. The only relationship psycho second male lead needs is with a good therapist.

    • You Rock. ‘Nuff Said.

    • Starsania

      The interest in the second male lead freaks me out too. No idea why those girls are all fawning over that character type. The actor sure maybe but for sure not the character. It’s high time these girl characters start being better role models for girls. I grew up being influenced by Miyazaki movies who’s girl roles were very strong characters. We need more of that in K-drama!

      The only male character I really like so far in Heirs is the girls childhood friend.

      • For sure! Hayao Miyazaki must have definitely been impacted by strong female leads, but thats what makes his movies so great! Im sad he’s retired though :(

      • Oh yeah, I totally agree with the Miyazaki comment.

        But since I haven’t seen Heirs, and don’t bash me for saying this but, it seems like that whole obsession with evil 2nd male lead is like how people love Draco Malfoy. Both people are bad but for some odd reason people like them. Maybe they like a good villain?

        • irritablevowel

          The reason isn’t odd at all. Villains are usually the most compelling characters. All stories need conflict, and the better the villain, the better the conflict. The more complex and interesting the conflict, the more invested the audience is in seeing the conflict resolved. This is what pissed everyone off about the drama Big. They came up with a great, interesting and complex conflict…and then didn’t resolve it! That’s how people get stabbed, just saying. What’s happening in Heirs is that the actor is adding all sorts of little nuances to the character that make him really interesting to watch. Plus the writer clearly WANTS the audience to empathize with him on occasion, which is basically a set-up for making him an eventual romantic rival. The problem is that the writer is doing this ever…so….slowly. Combine this with very low key performances and stagnant storylines from the rest of the drama, and the audience is impatient for something to happen NOW with this guy who is clearly carrying the show. Those of us with, you know, ethics are saying, look, if he’s going to be a romantic rival, get to it already. I can’t consider him a rival if he acts like a sociopath! Not healthy! However, some viewers are so impatient that they don’t care and have moved him into that romantic rival role themselves, despite his character’s actions not really supporting such a move. I really think it’s just a case of the viewers skipping ahead so to speak. I lay the blame fully at the feet of the slow as molasses writer.

          Dammit, this is so off the subject of Music Monday. This is why EYK needs to do a drama segment.

      • Mariam Watt

        Chan Young.!! Yes!! Correct. Only decent male on the show.
        Which, if you think about it, makes Bo Na the smartest girl on the show. She ditched Tan for a superior model.

      • You just gave me a brilliant idea: Miyazaki directing a K-drama. IT WOULD BE EPIC. The poor girl falls in love with the rich boy, and then the rich boy gets kidnapped and she goes to save him with the help of Totoro and along the way someone gets amnesia but it’s okay because after the girl prevents a forest from being bulldozed she becomes friends with a giant wolf and then there’s a dramatic battle with the guy who kidnapped the rich boyfriend and in the end she saves him, they have a not-stiff-and-awkward kiss scene, and everything ends happily.
        I got to the end of all that before I remembered that 1) Miyazaki is retiring T_T and 2) If he directed it, it would be a J-drama. Hmm. IT’S STILL A BRILLIANT IDEA. Sorry if that was a bit incoherent; I really nerd out when someone mentions Miyazaki-sama, because his movies are what made me an otaku and being an otaku helped me transition into being a K-pop fan.

    • oh please, the male lead isn’t any better. he’s the one who created the whole bullying cycle and doesn’t even remember his victims’ faces. he’s a controlling, forceful sociopath who thinks helping out someone who’s being bullied will make you look just as weak, and constantly whines about why the girl isn’t trying harder to be with him when hello, she’s a daughter of your housemaid, she can’t do all that kissy stuff at your house.
      they both suck and they both need therapist and the girl needs to find a better guy and that entire drama is full of wrong life lessons and morality.

    • One of the first things I noticed when I first started watching kdramas is the abuse of power that happens. “Coffee Prince” is a good example. It made me so uncomfortable to see that guy abuse her. I know there are power dynamics that occur in relationships all the time, but that doesn’t make it right.

      • Mariam Watt

        It definitely takes adjusting you expectations to “K Drama reality” in order to even watch the shows!
        I am now able to ignore or accept things that happen in dramas that I would NEVER be OK with happening in reality! Wrist grabbing being number one. I just have to tell myself that this is romantic in Kdrama land. (Actually, one thing I really liked in Heirs was the scene where the female lead actually GASP broke out of a wrist grab. I thought it was KDrama law that once your wrist was grabbed by a man, you could NEVER EVER escape!) And sexual assault- especially in Taiwanese dramas you see girls getting groped on busses or molested (groping under the skirt)being played for comedic effect. And it is almost never reported or addressed by the characters- sending WHAT kind of message?
        How three fictitious people sort out their love lives doesn’t bother me that much. But when you see viewers now using KDrama standards to determine what makes an ideal relationship is when it starts to be disturbing. Because most of these couples are terrible examples! In general, there’s the unequal power dynamic you mentioned. And in this case, physical abuse. Which should not be glamorized.
        I did have a discussion with a viewer on dramafever who explained that a lot of the people who root for psycho-second-lead are just big fans of the actor and want to see more of him- but that if anyone ever tried to pick them up using Young Do’s tactics, they would run far, far, away. Which is hopeful. If that’s why you love him and want him to get the girl- that’s perfectly all right. Because he’s not real and no one is actually getting hurt. But I would hope people don’t honestly think that his behavior is attractive to the degree that they would want to date that guy in real life. Ideally, media would be setting better examples.

        • The whole wrist grab thing is one of the reasons I love Protect the Boss. Seriously, that show ruined most kdramas for me, because it is a bit better. I hated how most take a decently strong lead and turn them into whiny, crying, and weak.

        • Wrist-grabbing… -.- One of the things which always bothered me… But I recently saw one or two dramas where the female grabbed a male by the wrist…That was somewhat new xD *lol*
          I can’t remember the names thou… -.-

      • When does the guy abuse her in Coffee Prince? (It’s been forever seen I’ve seen it, since it was one of my first ones I saw 2 or so years ago)
        The worst boyfriend I saw was in Pasta. The female lead really ticked me off for being so complacent. *Semi-spoiler?* In the end the boyfriend prevents her from going to fulfill her dream without her permission just so she wouldn’t be away from him and she doesn’t even care or react.

        • I guess some people would call it teasing. But it really started in earnest around the 7th episode. He’s attracted to her, but he doesn’t want to acknowledge it so he distracts himself by pushing her around at work. He’s her boss, so she can’t really do anything about it. It kinda made me mad.

          Pasta ticked me off, too. He should have let her go. That way when she came back to him, it would be more meaningful.
          Idk, sigh. Dramas are like crack. They’re poisonous, but you consume them anyway.

        • He did think she was a guy though at that point, so you can’t exactly blame it on sexism. lol
          They are way too addicting. The last drama I saw I hated all the characters, but I couldn’t stop watching just because I wanted to see how it all played out.

        • No, it wasn’t sexism that’s for sure. Maybe it was his personality. ^_^

        • Which I think seems to be the overall point of these k-drama discussions that the men have such jerk-like qualities that are suppose to be endearing. On one side, I like seeing how their personalities change when they realize they are in love and start treating the woman better, but at the same time, it promotes a false reality that men magically change personalities when they actually get in a relationship or get married. In reality, that man is going to always be a jerk although he may just be a bit better at regulating it.

    • OMGAH. I officially gave up on Heirs after ep 10. I’ll just read the recaps. Seriously, those two guys *headdesk*

      I am on Team Bo Na, to be honest. And maybe Madam Han. And Eun Sang’s Mom. And that’s pretty much it. Oh, wait, Rachel as well, though I know that’s an unpopular opinion.

      • Mariam Watt

        Yes!! I LOVE Bo Na! She does not get enough credit. As long as they keep her basically harmless (she whines a lot but doesn’t do evil things) I think she’s going to be my favorite. I’ve kind of given up on the triangle and watch for Chan Young/ Bo Na. They are the only couple on the show who seem to enjoy spending time together and want each other to be happy. You should watch the paintball scene at least in episode 10. I had to pause it from laughing/squeeing how over the top and adorable they were.

        • OMG, all their scenes during the camping in Ep 10? Totally saved that episode for me. Sigh.

          I actually would love a “twist” to Bo Na in that she comes off as so ditzy but in reality, when it comes to what’s essential anyhow, she’s ridiculously perceptive. I really liked that even with all her whining about Eun Sang and Chan Young’s friendship, when Bo Na was snarking with Rachel, she (Bo Na) knew exactly where Chan Young’s affections were and the nature of his relationship with Eun Sang. It’s a tiny scene, but I loved it so much.

          A friend of mine wrote an awesome blog post about this drama’s triangle. She calls it a Hate Line. http://gwynnemeeks.tumblr.com/post/66647178001/this-is-not-a-love-triangle-it-is-a-hate-line

        • Mariam Watt

          What I find hysterical is that since the actress is American, the character of Bo Na, who no one takes seriously, speaks English way better than the smarter characters. By contrast, others are, at best, proficient, speaking in slow, deliberate phrases, and then Bo Na off the cuff curses someone out in flawless English which makes her character seem way brighter than they treat her. It’s like finding out that Shaggy from Scooby Boo can speak perfectly accented Russian while Fred is sounding words out from the phrasebook.
          Plot twist: Bo Na is secretly a genius, hiding it so no one bullies her.
          I mean, she already picked the best guy in the high school as her boyfriend.

    • irritablevowel

      Hold up, hold up, hold up! In defense of the people who prefer the second lead to Lee Min Ho, I’m sure that’s in part because he’s a much better actor and way more compelling on screen. Totally agree that sociopathic behavior is not in the least bit swoon worthy. I worry for the people who think it is. But I’m loving the hell out of the character. The actor isn’t just stealing the show, he’s pulling off the greatest heist of all time. He has enough magnetism to power CERN and Lee Min-ho just cannot keep up. In the words of Dorothy Parker, Lee Min-ho is running the gamut of emotions from A to B.

      Yeah that’s right! I said it!

      • Mariam Watt

        If it is because you are blinded by Kim Woo Bin’s charisma and powerless to temper your feels…that is a different story. And perfectly natural. The smolder is a powerful thing and we are but mortals.

        I only get weirded out by the girls who seem to think that the character is some kind of a romantic hero. He might become one later- but by this point in a drama most grumpy male leads have at least stopped trying to hurt people and are well into the awkward “I don’t know how to be a real person” phase. (Jun Pyo wasn’t still driving kids to jump off the roof while trying to get Jan Di to like him) Young Do still gets happy by seeing other people in pain. That needs to stop before I can like him.

        • irritablevowel

          Oh yeah, I agree, but that’s a writer problem. They haven’t caught on that their pacing (which has been the problem with the entire drama if you ask me.) is killing their story. They’ve got a villain who is so charismatic that many viewers now prefer him to the hero. I mean, they’re writing him as a violent sociopath, and viewers STILL prefer him (this is bad for Lee Min-ho, but GREAT for the career of Kim Woo Bin.) That is some Star is Born sh** right there. Do you know how lucky they are to have that? They could wring that for every ounce of dramatic momentum, except they’re not. This drama could have had people worked into a frenzy by now if they would just USE what he’s giving them. It’s driving me up the wall.

      • I’m gonna go and defend LMH here. And it”s not because I don’t agree with you on the fact that KWB is doing an amazing Job with this character. He is selling the sociopath/ psychopath charismatic guy like it’s no ones business, and for that I applaud him. However, people need to understand the difference in characters, YD is simply a more dynamic character than KT, one is passive unmotivated, just starting to act on his emotions and the other is this crazy charismatic ball of rage. And LMH is doing a very nuanced and emotionally appealing portrayal of his character that he deserves the respect.

        That said, I think is the fact that we are so used to main lead male characters having many of the YD’s characteristic that we find him so dynamic and charismatic, which I think its sort of very unfortunate and goes back to Mariam Watt’s take of the male-lead model in k-dramas.

    • Answer Me, 1994 is my fav drama right now, more enjoyably than Heirs. The characters in Heirs just stress me out watching them. I mean honestly can’t the girl get her own cheap place? She works 3 damn jobs, plus her mom probably makes good money working for LHM’s family that she can help her out. And if the second male lead likes her so much, he should stop trying to scare her and mess with her. She could also get scholarships from other schools…

      • Totally agree with you, I started watching the Heirs because of LMH and PSH but I was so disappointed in the first ep so I just stopped watching it and switched to “Mary him if you dare” which at least has a more interesting plot

    • Annie

      I love how this became about Heirs! Hahaha Nasties!
      I really like Young Do’s character. Yup i said it. Him and The Joker should meet up sometime.
      Do I like Young Do and Eun Sang? Haha you are going to have to convince me. His character is Sardonic, possible Sociopath, Evil- brilliantly so and just screwball enough to admit it, Woo Bin’s portrayal is commendable lets not hate on that. If it wasn’t for him, Bo Na, Ki Ae (Kim Tan’s Mum) and Kim Tan’s weird necklace, I would have died with that show, even Rachel and her perfect bitchface “Mad Props”. His character has such dynamic and he makes a fantastic villain (Teenage Tywin Lannister anyone? No? Ok.) I absolutely love the ripples he creates, however, the writers are failing horribly to make me feel sorry for him or even want Eun Sang to be with him, despite his issues. That I agree 100% Why do they do that? I just don’t believe it. That’s the problem his evilness is so wonderful that its impossible for him to genuinely like Eun Sang or anyone for that matter if not for pure Sociopathic amusement and torment at Kim Tan’s expense (or the whole world).
      Is he a great character YES!! I just think the writer’s missed the mark.

    • To be honest, both male lead characters have their own issues.
      But, when it comes to this drama, somehow Wo Bin made his character stand out more than Min Ho. Maybe because Wo Bin has the currently bad boy character while Min Ho’s character seemed to have been the bad boy before this plot even started.
      And after the whole 10 episodes that I’ve watched, I must admit that I love the non-main characters more than the 3 lead characters…

  116. But really when I saw all that beer I was like “Wow. They are some for real alcoholics, they don’t have any food in that fridge at all!” If you look it is entirely filled with beer, no food whatsoever. I am pretty sure that is way to much beer to be consuming…period. I liked the Joker makeup Hyunseung had on mid video, it was pretty cool ^_^

  117. Madeleine Stråhle

    The reason why the both MV’s are so similar is because they are both inspired by Bonnie & Clyde (from what I’ve heard) so there’s no wonder why they’re so similar^^

  118. My vote goes to GD, his MV was much more realistic than Now, which felt like a movie. Crooked was much more raw and honest, which is what I love about GD.

  119. Maybe you guys got into k-pop a little too late but the entire industry pre-2009 was built on these sort of sappy romantic love ballads with girls and boys holding hands, riding around on bicycles and sharing a moment in the rain under an umbrella. The Cube business model is shock so the purpose is to try to get attention by being different for an audience who is a little bit more jaded and post-modern. So don’t read too much into it.

  120. “B1A4 drunk and naked doing the sprout dance with a lampshade on.” But really though, can this happen?

  121. I laughed so hard when HyunSeung (a.k.a. Simon) turned into Fangurilla!!! Awsome as always!!! ^_^

  122. Not to sound too off topic but can you talk about Ailee’s scandal because i want to know what korean people are thinking about it as well as your own ideas about it.

  123. You should have left the “gun in my crotch” blooper in! LOL

  124. I always thought it was the opposite. Hyunseung with Hyuna as a backup vocalist

  125. thisisjustforfunval

    I had this comment attached to my other one but is seem to serious, so I separated it.

    Great review guys. Glad you pointed out the similarities between the two videos, but that for Korea this is a pretty great video with an actual concept,

    I’d also like to say that I love what you say in your blog about how pop culture
    shouldn’t glorify verbally or physically abusive relationships. If they
    do portray them, they should show how it is much better to get away from
    that kind of relationship and how much life is better away from it. I
    see a friend caught up in a verbally/mentally abusive one right now and
    it frustrates me to no end that she would prefer to remain in that
    relationship than be single.

  126. “Call me a worrywort but when I go to sleep I try to do so without a gun in my crotch”

    ohhh Martina you sooo wise hahahaha

    I think that was the worst use of a gun in a k-pop video. And what type of incompetent hitman leaves the fudging silencer on? I mean isn’t that like rule no.1 or no.2 on the hitman manual, disassemble and clean your craft tools?

    EDIT: S&M I’m so with you guys on the sad movie front, I made the decision a couple of years back not to watch sad movies. And I manage to not do so most of the them. I find it really masochistic to go a watch a movie knowing that its going to make me cry and sad just for the sake of sadness. Movie can be sad and inspiring and those I watch, but why? lord, why do people spend hours watching something sad that leaves them with nothing but hollowness and desilution? and also why are these movies always hits with critics and awards? When did artistic mood turn into a mopping contest?

    • I’m definitely of the gimme-the-happys movie-watching crowd, but there have been a few sad ones I’ve watched that I liked. (A very less-known one would be *SPOILER SPOILER* “If Only” when J Love Hewitt) I’ll say one reason I liked that movie despite its ending was it *did* make me grateful I have someone still with me and grateful I could still love him and omgah I want to hug everyone I love now. It can be argued that rom-coms can do the same, and it’s true. But I guess with sad movies it feels a little more urgent. At least that’s how I see it. :)

      Oh, and I agree with your sentence: “I find it masochistic to go watch a movie knowing that it’s going to make me cry and sad just for the sake of sadness.” –I find that kind of manipulative. If I wasn’t expecting the movie to be sad BUT with the story and characters it makes sense, then I can appreciate it. But otherwise it makes me feel icky.

      It’s the main reason I dropped the Kdrama “I Miss You” even if it *was* YEH as the lead. Even if it was a melo, I felt like the writer was trying their darndest to get me to cry every episode, every scene, even. :/

      • I couldn’t watch “I Miss You” after the 3rd episode I had the same feeling about the writing, things happened in the most horrible traumatic way possible just for the sake of generating emotion. Nothing felt organic and I felt like I was being shoved the “tragic love” down my throat.

        • I felt the same with Listen to My Heart. It was so overdramatic with everyone crying and whining and trying to egg the audience into sympathy. I kept with it to the end because the main actor made me want to cheer for him, but he was the only one out of the entire cast.

      • Mariam Watt

        I Miss You… Sweet Lord did I cry. I usually stay away from the melodramas. But it was YEH. And the kids were so damn good in the first two episodes. But that thing was a sob fest from start to finish. As in, both me and everyone on the screen was crying ALL. THE. TIME. I think my dog started crying at one point, out of sheer confusion. So much tragedy. I may start crying now, just thinking about it. (Goes to watch paintball scene from Heirs).

  127. thisisjustforfunval

    NO Biliasa NO! Don’t take Simon’s crazy naked sprout dancing lamp shade wearing advice. LOL Simon, you might have just scared me…and I’m older than you XD

  128. Loved loved loved the blog post I totally agree about being so sick and tired about everything seams to show horrible abusive relation ships as the norm seriously who wants that! I know, I have always wanted a relation ship built on mutual respect equality and the nauseating adorable love. I am seriously jealous of your awesome relationship some times. oh the woes of being single.

  129. Yeah!!! Bohemian Rhapsody – The Dr. Meemers Version!!!

  130. OMGi was soooooo happy when i saw this!!
    u guys are awesome!!
    i had a really crappy day and this video totally lifted my mood!!!
    sending you love from israel!!

  131. I really love this song and I actually kind of like it that it’s in the same ‘sexy’ style as their first song, I hope they keep that as their concept even for future releases.
    And about the volatile explosive relationship thingy, hasn’t that always been glorified? It’s just because it appeals to people who think there relationship has become routine and where nothing surprising happens anymore…I understand the attraction to such stories but I also rather prefere a relationship like yours were everything is pretty rainbows and barfingly cheesy :)

    PS: I expected at comment about the Joker appearing half way the video but I guess it was just me that as totally creept out :D

    • I almost screamed when I saw that scene, so no, you weren’t the only one creeped out by it… I get the symbolism of it (Hyunseung being his own worst enemy or something like that), but clown make up has always freaked me out XD

      • I know right?? I can’t stand clown faces or creepy doll-like make up… Chucky totally messed me up :(

        But you’re right, I can appreciate the symbolism behind it :) ( that doesn’t prevent me from still finding it creepy though)

    • Gina-gina Maye

      totally agree with you about the joker. that and hyuna’s blue hair were like totally out of place in this video. and i suspect the joker thing was just trying to cash in on a popular image.

      but i love this song and video! you’re right about glorifying volatile relationships.

      • Hyuna’s blue hair, how could I forget to mention that one? Good call :)

        Jup out of place but I think Hyuna always seems to be able to pull of weird looks, you gotta give her that much :D

        • Gina-gina Maye
          Gina-gina Maye

          yeah i dont have any problem with it fundamentally, just that it didnt fit in the video lol.

  132. Hyunseung got sick because of the Heineken. /Typical Belgian joke hehe.

  133. I agree with you guys on the message that they should portray of couples, and its sad that it’s not the reality of most people as well… About sad movies, I like them when, despite being sad, they have a beautiful ending or leave you with a life lesson to think about. Because then I think the 2 hours were worth it. I think the same if its a book, anime, manga, drama or whatever. My favorite anime is called Clannad, and although it was sad as hell, it really helped me to see things in a better way and I’m so thankful I saw it. However, a plain out depressing movie that has no other motive but to make you hate life, no I just can’t with those… Only completely depressing movie I watched was Grave of the Fireflies, and although I would not rewatch it, it was so impacting.

    • I totally agree with you concerning sad movies. I watched the Korean movie Werewolf Boy and I balled my eyes out. I never want to see it again. It just left me depressed and empty feeling. But, Clannad is one of my favorite anime. Being a very ambitious person, it is a nice reminder that dreams aren’t set in stone and you can change them for the sake of someone else.

  134. Bianca Peccioli Nonaka
    Bianca Peccioli Nonaka

    maybe … if they really wanted to go for something hot, they should go more “Naked Kitchen” (the Korean movie) instead of this wannabe softcore p**n

  135. LongClawTiger

    If only Hogwarts had a bit more slapping…and students that look like Hyuna….

  136. it isn’t only budweiser that gets a lot of attention in the video; at some point he is also holdinging and drinking from a bottle of heineken, and i don’t blame him for spitting it out again, since it is the worst beer from the Netherlands

  137. Hey this is kinda my first time commenting so forgive me.. xD

    Anyways, on the topic of hate/love kind of relationships.. Personally I think it’s kind of a… darker side of k-pop, maybe? They are most likely relationships like this happening, maybe not that extravagant but yeah. I think it’s actually really scary to see videos like this suddenly appear in the midst of all these happy, cheerful and baby-animal-cuteness-omgspazz type of MV/songs. It’s kind of nice to see these kind of videos once in a while, the song really matches it too. Though I’m still not quite sure about the reason they’re together, I guess?

    I have no idea where I’m going with this… If you have read this it would be awesome~ Love ya guys~

  138. I love you guys, and TM – NOW is a very good song! Will you review Jaejoong – Just Another Girl? I really love this song and i want to know what you think about it!

  139. Nat

    Honestly I feel like it’s hard to depict love in a way that doesn’t at least partially send the wrong message through pop culture regardless of the “type” of relationship. I mean, yeah, there are couples who are “nauseatingly in love” and there are others who are more…. challenged… but relationships are so varying in real life, that when you try to sum then up in on instance like, say, in a music video, their messages are bound to be misinterpreted no matter what they’re trying to convey. Does that make any sense? I don’t think it makes any sense…. *sigh* I’m bad with words….

  140. Bianca Peccioli Nonaka
    Bianca Peccioli Nonaka

    The dude looks like he’s 12 … the video really focus on BUD as the beer to drink … drink BUD, get wasted, drink Heineken, you’ll get sick and vomit

  141. The Time Travellers Wife and The Book Thief are my favorite books, although I also cried for days like a baby when I finished it. But it’s amazing book :D

  142. i came here to chat
    so….how are you guys?

  143. I totally love you guys, you have made me happy yet again. I hope to see you in LA drinking Budweiser as well..

  144. Bohemian Rhapsody will never be the same again!
    “Beelzebub has a devil put aside for MEEMS! For MEEMS!”

  145. Carolynn

    I totally agree. I cannot watch sad movies anymore! I know there are sad things in life–but I don’t want to give my time to dwell on them. I want to look up at the stars and dream about reaching my goals and helping people and bettering the world! :D


  147. I’ve never seen the Rihanna video so when I saw this one I was like, whoa! this is really unique for a kpop video. I’m not a fan of the anger and destructive relationship depicted but very unique. Now, I’m a little disappointed that it’s basically a copy of Rihanna’s video. Unfortunate. Not that I didn’t like the song because I did. Also, go G-Dragon. Also, I agree I would like to see more happy romance videos than a really toxic relationship that probably isn’t good for either party regardless of the “passion” involved. Anyway, great video!

  148. Emilija Sakavičiūtė

    “I’d rather do my best to depict two people nauseatingly in love. I think that’s a better message to put out there.”

    Guys, I can’t agree with you more. Maybe that’s why this video didn’t leave a very nice impression for me. Yeah, it’s interesting, the song is catchy, but.. that’s all. Maybe I’m just getting old..

    • I wouldn’t attribute not liking this video as you being old, as much as you not sharing the same values that are portrayed. I wouldn’t like this video’s message even if I was half my age.

      • My family was pretty disgusted, tbh. You know how my family is…

      • Dana

        But relationships like that exist… I don’t think that portraying something necessarily means they condone that behaviour. What about all the videos with guns or just plain ol’ violence and breaking the law? Glamorizing violence is a much bigger problem in my opinion, but nobody seems to care about that.

  149. Pauliene van der Schoor

    Yes, the short version was reaaaaally confusing and it all made sense in
    the longer version. Didn’t know they were releasing the longer version
    at first though. Also, Simon’s hoodie.. WANT!

  150. Yes, the short version was reaaaaally confusing and it all made sense in the longer version. Didn’t know they were releasing the longer version at first though. Also, Simon hoodie.. WANT!

  151. I really thought in the teaser photo Hyunseung should had gone to AT LEAST placing his hand on her boobs. That much would had convince me that its not all for show…… i’m being serious about this! lol cause don’t bs me about manner hands! act the part!

  152. I want Simon’s hoodie!

  153. I really love your sweater Simon

  154. creepin'kpop

    Have you seen the other version? Pretty intense plot!! <3

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