For those of you who watched us live at the YouTube Music Awards, we were the transition into Troublemaker’s performance. And now we’re seamlessly transitioning into our Music Monday on them. But first, for those of you who haven’t seen their video, here’s a transition to their video!


One of the things that we didn’t know how to say in our Music Monday because it’s a bit too serious and difficult to say in a reasonable timespan: yes, Troublemaker’s video is cool, but we don’t like what it represents. Let me explain: I know this blog here is mostly about our experiences in Korea, but it’s really about more than that. We do videos outside of Korea many times as well, and we do a lot of personal videos. The one overarching theme of this site and our videos is really just us interacting with each other and sharing our thoughts and experiences with you. And the main core that we try to share throughout all of our videos, be they Kpop or food or Mexico or personal related, is the concept of a happy marriage. That sounds cheesy, I know. Start barfing rainbows all you want, but that’s really the most important thing we want to share above all. We’ve been married for over six years. We’re best friends, crazy in love with each other, and we have fun and live happy and respect each other and care for each other tremendously.

We saw a bit of that in Rihanna’s video, and not a lot of that in Troublemaker’s video: people happy with each other. I liked seeing Rihanna and the dude at the skatepark and outdoor concert together. They were together, having fun, and smiling, and that was great. However, what we saw in both videos that we didn’t like was the physically and verbally abusive relationships. That wasn’t cool at all. And we don’t want pop culture to make it seem like it’s cool; glorified romantic visions of relationships that are explosive and volatile, equal parts passionate love and passionate hate flat out suck. They suck! I’d rather do my best to depict two people nauseatingly in love. I think that’s a better message to put out there. It’s not gonna get 300 million views like Rihanna’s video did, though, and it’s not something that everyone can relate to, but I think it’s still worth sharing. I didn’t see that a lot in media growing up. I’d like to see more of it now.

Martina at this moment would like to ask how many of you have read The Time Travellers Wife? Because she read that and sobbed like a baby. I remember her reading that. She finished the book and cried her ass off and held my hand nonstop for the next four hours. It was touching. Another thing: we promised ourselves to stop watching sad movies. Why do people put themselves through that? That’s two hours of your life you gave up to end up sad as hell. Anyone seen “House of Sand and Fog”? Interesting movie, but wretchedly miserable. I’d rather see happy things, kthxbai.

And on to more happy things, let’s get to voting!

And even happier things, bloopers!


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  1. I’m sorry, but are you actually saying Rihanna’s MV is better than TM’s!? “We Found Love” is about a self-destructive relationship, abusive even. “Now (There Is No Tomorrow)” has a fight, but it’s not abusive! Maybe you should watch the Uncut version.

  2. me toooooooooooooooooooooo

  3. crooked was crap…this concept has been overused

  4. You didn’t talk about the dance!

    I love the dance and I think it looks great live.
    I also think Hyuna looks great in the black outfit with the red plaidish overcoat. It moves well when she dances.

  5. I liked GD’s drunkenenss alot more because of his less seksutal and more crazy behavior :)

  6. I read time traveller’s wife! I also cried tremendously. It really showed how the characters strive for love through difficulties… Yeah well I don’t really like how pop music makes sex like it’s nothing, not a big deal, but I dislike this kind of glorifying the abusive relationship more. What happened with all of us….

  7. I guess since it’s Winter, turtlenecks are more in fashion now. You should just come over to the dark side, Martina >:3

  8. I think the most important part of watching/ listening/ reading about sad things is going trough some form of catharsis and learning something that ‘happy’ can’t give you. For me personally after going trough something that made me cry I feel like I overcome something in me and am more ‘prepared’ when or if I have to go trough hard times. Idk, I’m not exactly a fan of sad stuff (especially movies) but I do appreciate them and do think that somehow a sad movie gives you more than the cliche happy ending.
    I really liked the video of Now, even if the song is kinda boring. I love te part where Hyunseung look at the mirror and turns into the Joker. Cool!

  9. contrary to popular opinion, i liked this video very much for it’s very destructive and violent depiction of a romance because let’s face it, not all love stories are fluff and rainbows. Maybe it’s just me but how they show the loyalty and love until the end, despite all the raw unpleasantries that we’d rather not see, really got me. I never liked Hyuna, nor Hyunseung, nor their song Troublemaker but this song’s MV is something I can watch over and over (not because im attracted to Hyuna, oh no) because it is so carefree, so wild and so realistic in my opinion and it reminds me of Bonnie and Clyde. I dont know though.
    If there is one thing i don’t like about Troublemaker in general, is that Hyunseung appears so passionate, the way he gazes and directs himself to Hyuna whether in music video or live performance, and yet Hyuna always appears so indifferent, more content on flirting with the camera and being unresponsive to Hyunseung. Maybe that’s supposed to be intentional (Since I doubt the audience would appreciate Hyuna flirting and appearing to enjoy Hyunseung’s mistrations, but that’s another cultural isuue).

    Anyway, Now is a pretty realistic and tragic video and it did cause criticism and controversy but, isn’t that what makes a good item? If you are able to raise eyebrows and divide an opinion into two polar opposite sides, then they did well.

  10. I read that book. It was a birthday present and I loved it. Martina’s not alone in being reduced to tears after reading. Awwww for her not letting go of Simon’s hand for 4 hours ahaha.

  11. All I want to see is a male and female unit group that are on equal playing fields. Trouble Maker is interesting, and I get what they’re going for, BUT, I agree that the whole constantly being in a touchy makeout session will get real old real fast. Except to maybe Koreans, who aren’t still used to seeing this kind of stuff. I would honestly prefer a SkyDragon-like (not necessarily them, just an example) duo, where they just go hard and look damn fine just by doing them and not each other. :)

  12. The day I watched The Pianist I vowed never again. I can’t even think of that movie without a hitch in my breathing. The grandfather in the wheelchair scene will forever haunt me. So I too try to avoid these types of movies/books at all costs. Not everything has to be pure fluff, but I disagree with the notion that a happily ever after means that it’s somehow a waste of time. Why does someone have to die or something horrible have to happen to be taken seriously? REDONK!

  13. how do you guys like trouble maker’s new album? (if you’ve listened to it all that is) i think i like it more than their first one

  14. I was pretty taken back by the teaser photos when they first released. I just thought “oh god lord they’re doing the overly sexy thing again”. So I can say, for someone who didn’t watch the Rihanna video, this video was a pleasant surprise for me!

  15. Thank you Martina, for making me laugh my pants off with “Bohemian Rhapsody — the Meemersworth Edition”. ^_^ Oh no. I feel it coming. I can’t stop it…. Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii lost my pants!! Ripido fipido sipi in slow motion

  16. LOL, who downvoted you?… people nowadays…Anyway, i understand you, because i really want Jaejoong’s song to be reviewed, too!

  17. Oh hey, look at me making a comment actually related to KMM! ANYHOO, I’m okay with attempts at pushing the envelope even if what is expressed is depressing. I’m glad they’re trying something different. Yeah, it was derivative of Rihanna’s video, but Rihanna’s video was derivative of the tv show Skins, so there’s that.

  18. Why can’t we have the old comment page? Ya know, the one where the top comments are on top and you click the number to see more comment. WHY YOUTUBE WHY?

  19. The song is kinda catchy but the video is just meh..

  20. But If you see the whole uncut video you can see that It isn’t an abusive relationship….and this MV is not similar as Rihanna’s MV. However everybody has the right to have its own opinion it’s ok.

  21. Heineken and Budweiser got in a bidding war. Bud obviously won. There’s 2 bottles of Heineken and 10 million of the other. XP

  22. Ok sad movie question for Simon and Martina: Have you guise seen “Pan’s Labyrinth?” Holy crap, I cried the ugly cry after that movie… and the ending, don’t get me started!

  23. I watched the uncut version, and it makes WAAAY more sense now. However one thing I noticed in both Trouble Makers mvs is that that they’re bad assassins. XP. If them gangsters were gonna kill him anyway why didn’t they shoot as he was running, and COME ON~ That guy was walking with a gun! IT WASN’T EVEN HIDDEN~~xO
    Otherwise, the chemistry between those two are really realistic and well done. :]

  24. Thanks for the great video. Feel better, Martina.

  25. Honestly i didn’t knew about troublemaker until i watched it before K-Pop Music Monday. I just agree that its really interessting and not the usal K-Pop style. I don’t know how to discribe it better.

    Besides I have to say Martina, i don’t like pink that much but you make this color look so good that i may start liking pink. Thanks to you both and the rest of your crew for making K-Pop Monday Videos. Even if its fun it still takes a lot of time.

  26. I would like to predict that the next Kpop Mondays review will be Miss A’s Hush :P (The laptop spoiler really makes voting a bit moot)

  27. Hahahaha how the heck did people end up talking about The Heirs, here??? 8’D

  28. How can you make me choose between these two mvs, both are amazing! You awful people! :D

  29. You said you’d try to do two live chats last week, and we ended up with zero. You guise must be overwhelmed with parcels by now, so are we going to see you open any soon?

  30. Hyuna’s power joke caught me off guard how did i miss that bleurgh*^&%475lololololololololololololol!!!!

  31. Happy belated Pepero Day~! :D

  32. Thank you for making a point about the violent relationship. It sickened me. Though this video may have been a remake of that one Rihanna song, it more reminded of the message in the one she did with Eminem.

    Truthfully, I wish you had done a more “No More Perfume on You’ beat down than you did.

  33. I think you guys have set a really high standard for what I want in a relationship. I showed some of my friends your videos and told them how long you’ve been married and that your relationship is one that I want haha. I had to make them understand somehow that it doesn’t always have to be tense in a relationship.

  34. I am reading Time Traveller’s wife! But Kdramas are messing it so.. I am still halfway through..

  35. omg when i first saw the video my mind was like, “Is this a re-make video of we found love or what?!” it wasn’t just me!! :D
    i totally agree with you guys. relationship isn’t about the physical stuff, it’s about having a great time together, loving each other, and caring each other.
    don’t watch the drama heirs. it’s just pure crap full of sexism, racism, and materialism. no korean high school is like that. it’s just plain nonsense. i recommend watching ‘reply 1997′ if u want to see more fun, artistic, and realistic korean drama that talks of high school experiences.

  36. So, I noticed there are a lot of comments about dramas here. Ha! We really need to jump on board with that drama review segment…

  37. I think people all have to deal with the reality or the trauma and confusion they have incurred through those relationships, but I have to agree that this video in many ways glorified/romanticized the relationship. But I do not think abusive relationships and peoples authentic experiences with them should not be shared (I don’t think that’s what S and M are saying, I’m just sayin’ it).

    Also, I like sad things. I think they are pretty and thoughtful, and I think you have to go into sadness and tragedy to try and repair it and understand it, especially when it comes to others experiences. But it can get overwhelming.

  38. BILASA!!!!!!

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