We really didn’t like this video. A lot of people seem to love it, though, as it’s currently ranking 3rd for video of the year on our KpopCharts, so we’re worried that a lot of people are going to be upset with this review. Ah well. If you haven’t seen the video yet, you can see it here before we rip into it some more:


To begin with, we want to counter the people that are going to rush to defend Hyuna. We are not calling her a slut, or a skank, or anything like that. This video in no way reflects her sexuality or her promiscuity. We are also not against being sexy in videos, so long as it’s done right. When it’s done like this, though, for no other reason than to give you boners (or ladyboners), then we think it’s trash.

This is more than just showing some skin or wearing tight outfits. Hyuna’s wardrobe choices are the least of our complaints. Our real issue with the video is that Hyuna’s not showing any talent; or, more specifically, the only talents she’s showing are those of a stripper.

Her dancing sucks, and she’s hiding it behind all of the sex faces she’s making, hoping that you won’t notice, because you’ve got a chubble going on (we’re tempted to call this video “Chubble Maker” instead). Compare Hyuna to Girls’ Generation’s “The Boys”: in the latter, they’ve got an awesome dance going on: crisp, in sync, and to the beat. The closeups you see of their faces show them singing or looking pretty. Hyuna, on the other hand, crawls on the ground, bends over and sticks her hand between her legs, touches the inside of her thighs, lower’s her face to JS’s crotch (which suggests she’s going to blow him), rubs her ass on his back, bites her lips and fingers and rubs her face. See what we’re saying? Girls’ Generation are sexy because they’re confident. Hyuna’s acting sexy because she’s treating this like a soft porn. Girls’ Generation show their talent in their videos. Hyuna’s dancing like she wants you to stuff a dollar down her cleavage.

That’s the main issue we have with Hyuna. We don’t like how North American videos are trashy. We like how Kpop, in our opinion, is becoming popular because of its hard working ethic and rigorous training, which you can see through the awesome dancing of Kpop idols. The marketing strategy for Hyuna, though, casts this all to the wind, and lets lazy, talentless, sexiness take the place of what we think was a major factor in Kpop’s awesomeness. We’re not saying that Hyuna is talentless. She may very well be quite talented. She’s just doing her best to hide it from us and make sex with her face and body instead.

Hyuna Sex Face

Hello men. Look at your lady, now back at me, now back at your lady, now back at me. Does she look like me? I hope not, because that would be stupid

Whatever. Sex sells, and Cube Entertainment is laughing with Hyuna all the way to the spank bank. In the next video, when Hyuna’s going to be singing over a fun, bubbly chorus about dating or cheating or having fun, and she covers herself in oil and rubs herself on the crotches of her backup dancers, the video will get a bagillion views again, they’ll all get boatloads of money, and we’ll still be equally unimpressed.

So that’s it. Great song, really. But we can’t enjoy it as much after being so thoroughly upset by this crappy video. The spy theme was stupid for the many reasons we pointed out, and Hyuna’s MESOHORNY acting was offensively bad. Definitely one of our least favourite videos of the year, almost as bad as Teen Top’s “No More Perfume on You”.

Since we still like the song, though, we do recommend that you pick up the CD, which you can do by clicking on the link below:


And, though we were grumpy in this video, we did still have some bloopers. Yay!


  1. i think JS was not mentioned so much because he was ‘featured’ in the song. he’s technically not the main artist

  2. although the companies push their employees, i think at hyuna’s position, she must have a say in everything. she must have the voice to express her opinions. it can be true that the boss of cube is forcing in to the extreme, but since hyuna is valuable to his company, would he REALLY ignore her all the time?

  3. Hmm, yea this is a pretty old post. Welcome though :)

    Yeah don’t worry, the amount of defensive comments I’ve seen in favour of Hyuna’s….innocence(?) can easily drown out anything S&M could possibly say. I don’t think you need to worry about it too much; but thanks for the 2 cents anyway. :)
    I agree with you btw; it’s not just Hyuna, almost every kpop idol out there, in fact most pop singers, are making sex to the floor or the camera or something or other in order to appeal to the basest of human drives. I actually moved from western music to eastern music precisely to avoid that kind of …exposure; but eastern media is getting more ‘out there’ lately. So I prefer to just listen to the music without the video. But maybe I’m just old-fashioned…

    Btw, did you know that EYK’s fans are named after Hyuna’s dance? I find it surprising that in spite of 4Minute being Simon’s favourite group, 4nias like to brand them as haters. I think the only way to not be a hater is to just stick to compliments – or say nothing at all.

    • I don’t know. I’m coming super late into this conversation after the After School program and I don’t really think this was a bad analysis on their part. They announced a disclaimer and put blame on the director and whomever is behind whatever she does. She has talent and they acknowledge that but she didn’t really showcase much in this video and they were really bothered by it after they started seeing a trend with it and Hyuna. For me it is a bit upsetting when I see people who are talented but the only way they can showcase it is by first exploiting themselves like this. It kinda makes me think of Audrey from Little Shop of Horrors who doesn’t even showcase her true, strapping voice till Suddenly Seymour because she’s too busy filling in that ditsy, hot mess, of a woman. Despite what they say about it now I don’t think I would take this video back. I saw the dudes dancing and was like ‘wow!’, ‘so cool’ but then went to sexy.
      It doesn’t quite fit with the classy that was trying to happen. And the dance moves were okay but they weren’t showcasing much. It was mostly her being moved around by a guy; things that can be done at a club and such. And yes, I know the lyrics suggest she’s a catty woman but then that kind of throws the whole spy thing out the window so that the video isn’t quite what the song is. Because those lyrics can be from any woman distracting him from his job, whether it be the victim’s sister or some other woman he saw on the street that hangs around his target. And maybe that’s the problem is that her role can literally be anyone at all. Her being a spy creates a disjointedness because if you think about it this role she’s playing can be anyone in that scenario or any other kpop singer in the real world. Maybe it’s her thing and all but it is with the knowledge that she could be pictured as ‘that one sexy dancer’ and only that. And when only that one phrase is associated with your work then yes, you might have become an erotic dancer by accident.
      After seeing Troublemaker now it just really makes it feel that way. Where as other artists are using in different ways, Hyuna’s sex scenes are just that;sex scenes. They’re not used to represent anything other than lust and it’s sad. I’m not really into Kpop. I like a couple of artists and I like studying, more than anything, the Korean culture and language, so I stick to that but Hyuna has always been that name in the back of my head that has been the one that artist with scandal and money tagged to her name. I only knew of Bubble Pop and I hadn’t watched these videos yet but somehow those labels were on her name by just me browsing around.

      After looking into it a bit more I see that hey, there’s more to her but strictly in her videos she is that sex thing. If you want someone to be sexy and do sex things;call Hyuna. I’m just skimming over some and I see American things(a bit too much aka Budweiser, Hummer, that cliche, kissing on a car in the middle of wheat feild, etc.), bouncing boobs, and sex. From an outside perspective I can’t help but think of Miley Cyrus and other things like that and it makes me wince because Korea isn’t America and the reason I’m leaving the States to go to Korea is because I don’t want what the American media can offer me. I spend enough time watching British shows, Mexican variety shows, Japanese anime, Foreign films,etc. Don’t get me wrong, I like certain things about the States but I think that they are interesting because they are their own thing not because they can relate to something I’ve seen over here or because its something that EVERYONE is doing. Maybe I am also a bit of a prude but I don’t find too much sexiness sexy. I like subtle humor and subtle sexiness.

    • Thanks for responding so calmly :)

      Perhaps Simon’s concerns were indeed misplaced; I’m not exactly an authority in this area, because as I said, I’m old-fashioned and conservative :p I’ll let Simon himself address that, if he ever comes strolling through this ancient post…. (I doubt it)

      But my job is just to make sure that any arguments are presented in a mature and respectable manner; and since you seem perfectly capable of doing that, I’ll just leave you to it. ^^b

      PS. my favourite is Muzik ;)

  4. I completely agree.  I’m not a fan of Hyuna.  I had never heard of her until a week or so ago, so believe me when I say it’s the review that sticks in my craw, and not the person it was about.  What I enjoy about the EYK reviews is that they are fair, with a little harmless ball busting.  This wasn’t harmless though, it was hostile.
    “The only talents she’s showing are those of a stripper.”
    “Lower’s her face to JS’s crotch (which suggests she’s going to blow him)”
    “She’s treating this like a soft porn.”
    “dancing like she wants you to stuff a dollar down her cleavage.”
    I mean, whoa!  Simmer down there!  You can’t dump phrases like this and think that a disclaimer in the beginning clears you.  Sure you told your audience that it’s not right to call her names, but I direct you to your last Music Monday review and your assertion that the author is dead.  You might say you aren’t suggesting she’s a slut or that sexuality is a bad thing…but the evidence suggests otherwise.
    Compare this to your review for “No More Perfume on You”, where a good deal of criticism was aimed at the management of Teen Top instead of at Teen Top themselves.  Hyuna’s management received about two sentences.  The rest of the criticism was locked, loaded and aimed straight at her.  

  5. I think that Hyuna is very talented and it’s her job to act and dance like that. And by the way when she was dancing like cat at that time in her lyrics was the word goyangi (cat) so thats why she danced like that, and more about the dance, not they are creating it, but choreographs, they just dance it, and I vote for Trouble Maker :}

  6. I can understand that Hyuna may have been one of the only things you saw in this video. But it would be nice to know what you thought of JS too, instead of just Hyuna, since this is a two member sub-unit. And they were both in the video.

  7. Love the song! He’s so hot in his leopard print jacket! I agree though…it’s not fair how they make him look sexy and cool but make her look trashy. Come on, Cube. 

  8. Btw when is the winner of the last WTF will be announced? :D

  9. i actually really loved this video, but i think hyuna could have been a little less sexy, other than that i loved it and it’s really catchy. *whistles tune*

  10. I think if Hyuna is indeed uncomfortable playing the role of “bombastic trollop”, ala Fergie, then she shouldn’t have to promote herself that way.  That’s creepy and wrong.  However, if she’s not, then I think she should feel free to bubble, bubble, bubble, pop all she wants.  It’s not as if there are a lot of kpop idols doing that, and lord knows the field needs some variety. I’m more comfortable with Hyuna slinking around on the floor than I am with sexually suggestive “cuteness”.  That always makes me think of a line from 30 Rock, “I like my pigtails.  My uncle says they’re sexy.”    

  11. Totally agree with you guys on this review. I like your honest when it comes to MV reviews, it’s part of your charm and the reason I keep coming back to this site! Great song, disappointing video.

  12. Completely agree with Simon and Martina on this one. Thanks for your HONEST comments! Also there is a part in the coreography when hyuna and js are dancing together and his hand is almost on her crotch….unnecessary. One of the things I liked most about KPOP when I first got into it was the lack of vulgarity that most American hiphop contains. KPOP, please hold on to your innocense

  13. There is more English than just the world Troublemaker, they also say “Lady, I never never never stop” lol

  14. Once cube ent. discovered how successful  the  “sexy” concept was between hyuna and g.na they overloaded it. too much. It ruins the song

  15. “rraamamamama rramamamam” ajajaja omg jajajaj you’re amazing.
    Completely agree with you. Was this video ban? Byeeeee!!

  16. Spudgy’s most accurate dance yet!

  17. I have to say that I agree with Simon and Martina on everything they said. It’s like HyunA’s managers are trying to sell her for her good looking body – NOT her talent! Kpop is becoming more and more like the slutty, trashy American music that I’m trying to escape from. >_> Like they said, MV’s like Troublemaker are NOT why I fell in love with kpop!

  18. this is my first time hearing the song and i thought it was really good but i had to skip most of it because there were too many inappropriate parts. ever since bubblepop, i haven’t able to take her seriously. i know it is not her fault but she really needs to think up a new image fast.  

  19. I so agree with Simon and Martina about making Hyuna act like that, I really did like her but then I kinda felt uncomfortable watching her like that all the time… 

  20. I started listening k-pop about 4 months ago.
    And I started with the “classic”, wich every world knows; Girls’ Generation, Super Junior… and it was so different of everything I had ever listened, so I fell in love.
    But now, as you guys said, it’s becoming only to the floor, to the flooor, and I can’t stop touching my body, so I wonder what’s the difference from the k-pop to the american pop, just the language? HYUNA IS ABSOLUTELLY BETTER THAN THIS!
    Btw 4minute is in Brazil and I can’t go to the show D=
    (Martina your hair is lovely ^^)
    And I vote for T-Ara, love them <3

  21. guys simon and martina aren’t saying they thought she wanted to act like that…..THEY ACKNOWLEDGE the fact she was forced to act like that and are also dissapointed with cube….or didn’t you hear that?

    I agree it was a bit pointless sexy and it wasn’t as if it was like hyuna was in control either.I do vote for T Ara because they were like….well…. definitely in heat XD

  22. Psh, I mostly ignore the Hyuna part b/c JS is so cool!

  23. Agree in the part were u compare Hyuna to Girls Generation… I mean she shouldn’t make weird faces and poses .. instead she should show her sexiness with the dancing and presence..
     yeah just like Girls Generation :) .

  24. oh my gosh, I totally thought stripper when I saw the video…I was waiting for her to loose what little she was wearing! they could have done such cool femme fatale things with the concept.
    I’m voting T-ara. at least their sexy seemed like they were powerful and in control. not quite sure about the ending of their video though.  Did she eat the guy? was she looking for seconds? or was she sex crazed cause she’s an animal (cat?wolf?)

  25. Since the only American TV show I’ve watched in the past year has been Game of Thrones months ago, too much time has passed of only watching kdramas and kpop music videos. I felt traumatized watching the Troublemaker music video. XD So, I guess I agree with you guys 100%. Cube should have just let Hyunseung release a solo album, since that’s what it sounds like anyways on this mini. :/

  26. sooo… dissapointed. i love watching kpop videos for the different styles compared to the us vids but this video… ugh. really? It could have been so good, but its really bad. T^T

  27. Appreciated that you guys were being honest while keeping the humor.

  28. <3 your tiny x-mas tree! oh and i almost peed myself watching this! haha they are pretty bad spy worse then Myung Wol….. *yea im watrching cuz of u Martina! and it is good!*

  29. So I had to click on the link because I’ve liked the things I’ve seen of both Namie Amuro and Yamapi, so I had to see their collaboration. What I really liked about their song was that I didn’t think one outshone the other, they were actually collaborating. And in all honesty, I think Namie came off as more sexy than Hyuna, maybe because she wasn’t trying to force it?

    Anyway, thanks for providing the link! Its led to a new favorite song for me.

  30. “uncalled for violation of my eyes”

  31. Bo peep no competition. Hyuna does look like a cat in heat but seriously they were doing some raunchy stuff that made Hyuna’s work look like a baby. T-ara, you girls won the raunchy award :3

  32. Great…now I can’t unhear Cubble Maker….DARN YOU!!!

  33. Indeed. Hyuna is freakin 19 years old girl. She is not a sex tool >:(

    • 19? Wooooow… she looks older, a lot…. but i think its the same with Suzy, i was shocked when a friend told me she was 17/18

      • She was born in 1992, which is the same year as me. It’s the image that she is portraying made her look much older.

        Look at IU. IU is only one year younger than Hyuna (she was born in 1993), but why are they looking so difference? Because the producer or company made Hyuna act sexy and bubblepopping and stuff…while IU’s producer made her act cute and Disneyish like a 16 years old girl.

        Hyuna can be something else that is not sexy, seductive type of woman. It’s not her time yet :(

  34. though the song is good but Hyuna’s rap part kinda ruin it ..they should have remove the rap part as she don’t have talent on that ..i like kpop because of it’s classiness and innocense portrayed on MV’s but if they start on this cheap sexiness , i rather watch American Mv’s then which has all the sexiness.you want to see

  35. I agree with you guys, honestly. I feel like there are 2 Hyunas — onstage and off. Pelvic-thrusting aside, I thought Change was a really fierce solo song for her. Bubblepop was cute, too, but the video kinda ruined it for me. Cube is really trying hard to market her as this uber sexy chick (which she CAN be), but it feels like they’re trying waaaay too hard. Hyuna CAN dance (case in point – her mock dance battle with Jay Park on Star King), but her recent videos haven’t exactly proven that. I like Hyuna, but not like this.

  36. uuuuh for once (actually the 2nd time but anyways) the video i voted for is chosen and you didn’t put the names at the ending D: cruel wooooooorld ! whyyyyyy !?

    the mv is pretty ridiculous but i too much loved the song to actually notice it. overall i pretty much agree though.

  37. I kinda agree, but i feel like after watching Koda Kumi’s videos, ones like these are like watching kindergartners play.

  38. Did you guys make it so it automatically goes to the MV when your MM ends??? 

  39. I completely agree, i think hyunseung totally OWNED IT compared to Hyuna! even if you watch their performance live, hyunseung definetely shows his talent more than Hyuna. They even song a little bit of this song in ballad and AGAIN Hyunseung owned it. compared to american music vids, this is not that bad.. but the storyline didn’t make alot of sense! I do agree that the song is catchy.

  40. Thanks you guys.  I love the fact that you came to the point of what is wrong with a lot of songs that would otherwise be 100% GREAT, if they had not tried to make the MV all about sleez and sex.  The song IS amazing.  Very jazzy, very hip.  But man!  Then they just threw SLEEZY all over the MV and cheapened it in ways only K-Pop does these days.  I hope they hear this review and hope they take to heart that there is a fine line between “sexy” and “sleezy” a very defined line too!  They have been doing TOO MUCH SLEEZ as of late!  And I’m with you, I’m no prude, I just consider myself sophisticated enough to know the difference when I’m being sold “SLEEZE” vs. “SEXY!”  Much love!

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