We really didn’t like this video. A lot of people seem to love it, though, as it’s currently ranking 3rd for video of the year on our KpopCharts, so we’re worried that a lot of people are going to be upset with this review. Ah well. If you haven’t seen the video yet, you can see it here before we rip into it some more:


To begin with, we want to counter the people that are going to rush to defend Hyuna. We are not calling her a slut, or a skank, or anything like that. This video in no way reflects her sexuality or her promiscuity. We are also not against being sexy in videos, so long as it’s done right. When it’s done like this, though, for no other reason than to give you boners (or ladyboners), then we think it’s trash.

This is more than just showing some skin or wearing tight outfits. Hyuna’s wardrobe choices are the least of our complaints. Our real issue with the video is that Hyuna’s not showing any talent; or, more specifically, the only talents she’s showing are those of a stripper.

Her dancing sucks, and she’s hiding it behind all of the sex faces she’s making, hoping that you won’t notice, because you’ve got a chubble going on (we’re tempted to call this video “Chubble Maker” instead). Compare Hyuna to Girls’ Generation’s “The Boys”: in the latter, they’ve got an awesome dance going on: crisp, in sync, and to the beat. The closeups you see of their faces show them singing or looking pretty. Hyuna, on the other hand, crawls on the ground, bends over and sticks her hand between her legs, touches the inside of her thighs, lower’s her face to JS’s crotch (which suggests she’s going to blow him), rubs her ass on his back, bites her lips and fingers and rubs her face. See what we’re saying? Girls’ Generation are sexy because they’re confident. Hyuna’s acting sexy because she’s treating this like a soft porn. Girls’ Generation show their talent in their videos. Hyuna’s dancing like she wants you to stuff a dollar down her cleavage.

That’s the main issue we have with Hyuna. We don’t like how North American videos are trashy. We like how Kpop, in our opinion, is becoming popular because of its hard working ethic and rigorous training, which you can see through the awesome dancing of Kpop idols. The marketing strategy for Hyuna, though, casts this all to the wind, and lets lazy, talentless, sexiness take the place of what we think was a major factor in Kpop’s awesomeness. We’re not saying that Hyuna is talentless. She may very well be quite talented. She’s just doing her best to hide it from us and make sex with her face and body instead.

Hyuna Sex Face

Hello men. Look at your lady, now back at me, now back at your lady, now back at me. Does she look like me? I hope not, because that would be stupid

Whatever. Sex sells, and Cube Entertainment is laughing with Hyuna all the way to the spank bank. In the next video, when Hyuna’s going to be singing over a fun, bubbly chorus about dating or cheating or having fun, and she covers herself in oil and rubs herself on the crotches of her backup dancers, the video will get a bagillion views again, they’ll all get boatloads of money, and we’ll still be equally unimpressed.

So that’s it. Great song, really. But we can’t enjoy it as much after being so thoroughly upset by this crappy video. The spy theme was stupid for the many reasons we pointed out, and Hyuna’s MESOHORNY acting was offensively bad. Definitely one of our least favourite videos of the year, almost as bad as Teen Top’s “No More Perfume on You”.

Since we still like the song, though, we do recommend that you pick up the CD, which you can do by clicking on the link below:


And, though we were grumpy in this video, we did still have some bloopers. Yay!


  1. I know this is and old and dead post but I gotta throw in my 2 cents here. If you know Korean or have read the translated lyrics of the song you can see that everything Hyuna is doing in this video matches to the lyrics.
    I also feel that you are unfairly targeting Hyuna in this review since you referenced 4Minute’s Mirror Mirror video stating “Eventhing was going fine until “Hyuna” randomly drops down and makes a sex to the floor” which completely disregards the fact that 4 other members were in that HD wide angle shot doing the exact same moves at the exact same time.
    I would make further criticisms of the unfair treatment of Hyuna in this video but I believe many of the older comments here have pretty much made them all for me.

    • Hmm, yea this is a pretty old post. Welcome though :)

      Yeah don’t worry, the amount of defensive comments I’ve seen in favour of Hyuna’s….innocence(?) can easily drown out anything S&M could possibly say. I don’t think you need to worry about it too much; but thanks for the 2 cents anyway. :)
      I agree with you btw; it’s not just Hyuna, almost every kpop idol out there, in fact most pop singers, are making sex to the floor or the camera or something or other in order to appeal to the basest of human drives. I actually moved from western music to eastern music precisely to avoid that kind of …exposure; but eastern media is getting more ‘out there’ lately. So I prefer to just listen to the music without the video. But maybe I’m just old-fashioned…

      Btw, did you know that EYK’s fans are named after Hyuna’s dance? I find it surprising that in spite of 4Minute being Simon’s favourite group, 4nias like to brand them as haters. I think the only way to not be a hater is to just stick to compliments – or say nothing at all.

      • This is the first I’ve heard of EYK fans even having an official name. I don’t doubt that Simon likes 4Minute but in this video he seemed to really single out Hyuna with the reference to the mirror mirror video despite the rest of the group doing the same dance with her.
        I guess I’m just so desensitized from American music videos and even just everyday commercials that this video doesn’t seem that bad to me. Granted before I got into kpop (thanks to 4Minute’s video WHY) I was an old school headbanging metalhead so compared to the average W.A.S.P. or Motley Crue video Hyuna seems like a saint.

        • Thanks for responding so calmly :)

          Perhaps Simon’s concerns were indeed misplaced; I’m not exactly an authority in this area, because as I said, I’m old-fashioned and conservative :p I’ll let Simon himself address that, if he ever comes strolling through this ancient post…. (I doubt it)

          But my job is just to make sure that any arguments are presented in a mature and respectable manner; and since you seem perfectly capable of doing that, I’ll just leave you to it. ^^b

          PS. my favourite is Muzik ;)

  2. Other than Adele, who is considered fat, all the other women sell sex in their videos. Even the Disney singers, as soon as they turn 18, they can not wait to take off the clothes. There is never a video about how great she can sing but you can sure check out her booty. Except the guys, western guys are usually clothed and don’t do a lot of sexy dancing but they don’t need to because they have “naked” backup dancers shaking it up.
    I like the boys band kpop videos because they do a little of the sexy, but I don’t like when they go over the top, it stops being subtle sexy and gets ridiculous, like trying too much. As for the girls, too much sugar, arghhh, or too obvious sexy with that face of innocence.
    I like this song, and with so many other kpop videos, I really don’t care much about the video unless when there is a good dancing routine.

  3. I totally aggre with you guys.
    I don’t think sexyness is bad, not at all. But I don’t like Hyuna’s behavior, who is vulgar. And that’s the BIG difference.

  4. Jo Kwon….he looks like a stick…

  5. Ehhh, you’re white people who judge korean stars. I’m out of here!

  6. Finally somebody who agrees with me.. Did you guys see the performance of Troublemaker by Jo kwon and Gain? I think they should have done the song.

  7. I really like Hyuna, but I totally agree with your opinion on her videos.  She has a ton of talent that CUBE Entertainment isn’t allowing her to show; just because she’s extremely beautiful doesn’t mean that her main selling point should be SEXSEXSEX >..<

  8. Roboseyo brought me here =p Glad u ripped this one.

  9. LOL! First off, I love your vids! …and I totally agree with you about this one. Hyuna is really not working for me. She’s really only there with the sole purpose of selling sex. I don’t think she is a good vocalist or a powerful dancer. When I first saw this video, I thought to myself, was Hyuna really necessary? JS carried this song all the way. I even showed this to my BF who does not know korean or much about KPop. He really liked the beat and sound but also asked the question, “what was the role of the chick in the MV? Her part sucked”

  10. Ok, my bottom line? Hyuna is gorgeous and talented, but the way she’s dressed is -very- distracting. I can literally see up her skirt. Black panties much? I think all the comments about Hyuna being a slut just underline my point: she’s being reduced to a sex object. In this case, it’s not so much sexy confidence as sexy sexy.

    Why couldn’t she and JS have done more duet dancing? While tango isn’t necessarily appropritate for this music style, maybe a ballrom dancing type thing?

    I don’t know anything about Hyuna’s life, I can’t label her as promiscuous, but the clothing choices in this vid raised my eyebrows. It was like “So…. when does Hyuna get the other half of her skirt?” Hyuna’s talented, but the amount of skin takes away from that. Distracting, and sexually objectifying. She’s not going to be know as a dancer or singer, she’s going to be known as “that one hot chick, the one did bubble pop?”

    • In all the k-dramas and videos I am always thinking that the bloopers and NG must have a lot of upskirts because how on earth can they wear something so short and we never ever see their grannies panties. Grannies panties cause wearing a G-string with that is like posing for Playboy or pulling a Britney getting off the car with no panties.
      Any girl with a little more curvaceous bottom can’t wear those skirts because the panties will be for show.

  11. hyunA definitely ruined this video 4 me… ty 4 saying this stuff guys, it really needed 2 be said. so happy that CUBE is making a sub unit 4 Gayoon and Jiyoon, finally actual vocal talent gets a chance 2 shine.

  12. Wow, it’s amazing how much discussion there is on this video! I mean, you’ve got words like “misogynistic”, “heteronormative”, and “vilification” being used. I think there are a lot of very interesting opinions on this video. However, there are other ways to be sexy and seductive, and Hyuna definitely could have done better. And I do think it’s unfortunate how JS’s performance was kinda overshadowed by all the butt-rubbing and suggestive faces.

  13. I also feel like you guys waaaaaaaaay overthought the video and should have just enjoyed it rather than try to think out EVERY single thing they are doing. How is anyone supposed to enjoy something when your overthinking it? -_- (Just my opinion) 

  14. Honestly, I’m a girl and I love the video. I didn’t think Hyuna was being too sexy… It was a sexy song, duh. She wasn’t gonna go all Susan Boyle for a song titled “Troublemaker”, sorry. I’m not even a Hyuna fan, I like her but I’m not an actual fan. I defend her in this aspect though. I don’t think she’s a bad dancer at all, so I don’t even know where that came in. Look at Park Bom, I’m a huge fan of hers but I’m not in denial that she isn’t the greatest dancer. Even if I hated Park bom and noticed her dancing skills weren’t that of Minzy’s I still wouldn’t be nasty and say “she sucked” I would say “she isn’t the greatest dancer in this video…” I honestly do think there is some jealousy present. Either they are jealous or they just are anti-Hyuna. And those who aren’t jealous (or less jealous than others) of Hyuna dancing all over Hyunseung LIKED the vid. Seriously, think about it. 

  15. I’m quite surprised that you didn’t mention the similarities between Justin Timberlake’s SexyBack video and Troublemaker but aside from that I agree with you about the “sexiness”

  16. I recently got into k-pop (so recently like 1-2 weeks ago), but I take what interests me seriously and have been looking around for new artists and songs. My first k-pop vid was from SNSD and (being from the west) I wasn’t trained in asian facial features, so I clicked another video “Mirror Mirror” and I was like “OMG! O.O that looks like a stripper” and thought it was the same people, I later (like 5-10 mins afterwards) learned it wasn’t and have tried to stay away from 4minute videos ever since >.>

    Because of them (being my 2nd k-pop video) I almost got a whole music genre wrong (and many others may fall for it). It’s fine if they wanna show some leg or dance moves, but you guys are totally right about her rubbing up all over him and her flashing us. I only saw like 30 secs of the vid and listened to rest while typing. It’s actually an OK song but the vid is too much >.>
    OMG! on min 3:15 or so in the MV it sounds like he says “hoochie girl” XD (I know 0 korean  so please understand the misunderstanding XD)

  17. slut shaming whether you intend to or not is equally pathetic and using snsd in comparison to hyuna when you barely even like them, lol
    why don’t you use your favorite group that humps the floor?

    seriously i’m a girl and i have no problem with hyuna, i have seen worse like koda kumi
    both are great in their own ways


  18. I think EYK pointed out some big problems with this video and I think that the director and management involved deserve a lot of criticism for it, but I think there are some big problems with the wording they used.

    A lot of comments say that you’re slut shaming and negating female sexuality, but I think the real problem here is that the video reduces female sexuality to something that is only for the male gaze, to use heteronormative terminology. When EYK complain that Hyuna looks like a stripper I think that they’re trying to say she’s displaying and contorting herself to appear “sexy” in the way that pornography and media portray women, as sexual objects for the viewer’s enjoyment. The problem here isn’t that Hyuna is trying to act sexy or seduce someone, it’s that the way she’s being shown in the video is part of a larger history of women being shown in the media as sexual objects, the way female “sexuality” is used not to encourage women to seek pleasure but as entertainment for (predominantly) men.

    I think Sarah Bruce’s interpretation, where Hyuna’s sexuality is a tool she’s using for her own purposes, is very interesting and I think I’d really like to see the video that way. But because of some of the things EYK pointed out – like the up-skirt camera angles – I just can’t believe that it’s intentional. And sure maybe the author is dead and intention doesn’t matter but when it comes down to it, and maybe some people can believe that ~even the viewer is taken in by her seduction act~ or something, but because of the perpetual issues of female objectification and vilification of female sexuality that’s not good enough for me.

  19. My vote is fo T-ARA’S “BO BEEP BE BEEP” It REALLY REALLY shows the girl going around picking up men and jumping in the sack with them.

  20. I vote for T-ara’s Bo Peep

  21. Have you apologized for being whiny, white-washed, slut-shaming and racist dicks yet?

    • wow, thats fucking real classy. why don’t you get off your computer for .5 seconds and take a look around. no one is being any of that here but the haters. stop being overly sensitive- they clearly stated that they weren’t doing any of what you’re accusing them of, and they SERIOUSLY DID NONE OF THAT. get off your high horse and stop acting like your protecting people before someone knocks you off of it for being a dick.

  22. Yes.Agreed, repeating this “sexy” concept is lame and lazy. And as a woman, I think it is humiliating to have to do that over and over again. Poor Hyuna, she deserves better. Anyway Simon and Martina and Spudgy and the Troublemaker FIGHTING!!!

  23. I have been a fan of Hyuna since her Wonder girls days. For Hyuna’s case she is a very talented dancer, but recently i have been questioning cube’s judgement of her talent. Honestly anyone can wear a short dress and do a few meows and random awkward sex faces and pretend that its dancing, which is way I personally think that slowly but surely Hyuna talent rate is going down hill, she. Kpop is unique and different, Kpop stood out for the catchy dances and fun styles, and the forever changing fashion,  everyone should be able to watch,enjoy, and learn theses  dances, without having to question if they were auditioning for a part time job at a strip club. Now don’t get me wrong I do love the song, and HS looks very mature, but seriously Hyuna, and HS are known for their dancing, why is it that Cube entertainment is taking away from that, You train your idols to dance and sing, I see the singing, but WTH where is the dancing.

  24. i never thought i see the day where i was disappoint with u guys. even though u written a disclaimer… it just seem like slut-shaming.

    What makes me even side eye this thing is when u brought in snsd… really snsd…. booty shorts anyone?

    also its okay for hyunseung to be a pimp… double standard much?

  25. I agree. Thats always been my problem with Hyuna too. Although i also think its unfair that people call her a slut and all kinds of things, i blame her company for supporting that image of her. And its not like something that just started, since her debut with Cube i feel like thats when it all began. People compare her to Hyori but when Hyori was in Fin.k.l she was never like that. It wasnt until she went solo that she got that sexy image and even then Hyori is all confidence and class, her sexiness was and is very natural. like you said, Hyuna’s is very forced and unnatural. Love the song but i really didnt like the video. It was Mr. and Mrs. Smith gone wrong. 

    • totally agree! i think hyuna overdid it and is pushing this whole sexy thing too far to the point of being distasteful. her moves sometimes make me cringe! but that saying, i do like the song too. i was hoping you would review Daesung’s ‘Lunatic’ that came out that same week though! that i found was absolutely great. his voice is pure heaven!

  26. i love you guys you guys are soo funny and correct!!!!

  27. I think Hyuna is trying to boost her sex quotient. As to why? Maybe her lovelife stinks. 

  28. Sexiness for the sake of chubbles and views is NOT a bad thing. You don’t need “a good reason” to attempt sexiness.

  29. I’ll have to vote for T-ara.  At least its somewhat clever with its sexuality. Personally I think the ‘clean’ version fits the song better though.

  30. All I have to say…  this is their OPINION! not yours or anyone else!  It’s what they thought of the video! If you can’t handle criticism on your fav kpop stars then don’t watch the videos here!  Everyone is entitled to their own opinions.  I totally agree with what Simon and Martina are saying though.  EYK FIGHTING! Don’t let the haters get you down! I support you! :)

    • Opening up a forum on their videos means they are asking for feedback. If they didn’t want feedback they wouldn’t have a comment section. Like you said everyone is entitled to their own opinion, so why are you saying if these people have a negative opinion of the review that they shouldn’t be here? 

      Positive or negative, everyone should have their say. Without both we can never learn from our mistakes/successes!

    • So….they can express their opinions but people who disagree can’t? :|
      It’s not haters. These are valid points. An opinion is an opinion and you’re free to have whatever opinion you like, but it doesn’t change the fact that opinions can be misinformed, problematic or downright harmful.

      Like how the opinion that abortions are bad can make life seriously shit for people who disagree, and do not want kids or aren’t able to support them.

      Like how the opinion that a joke is just a joke, even if it’s about something as horrific and traumatizing as rape, even though it psychologically legitimizes the rapists’ actions and trivializes the survivors’ trauma.

      Or the opinion that anyone who isn’t cis and heterosexual is “unnatural” and “wrong” and “abominations”.

      Yeah, ok those are much more extreme than what Simon and Martina are saying, but slutshaming is problematic, too. I get that they’re uncomfortable with what might be severe objectification of Hyuna as a sexual object, but what they seem to be saying, instead, is that they have an issue with Hyuna being portrayed, or acting, or portraying herself as sexual, which is problematic, ocassionally being interjected with Cube-shouldn’t-be-objectifying-Hyuna-in-order-to-make-views-go-up to placate people who disagree.

      Not to mention that the downright insults aimed towards sex-workers and strippers is terribly disappointing….

  31. tara, theyre cats……………………………………………..i like cats


  33. I agree the slut shaming is really disturbing, but you don’t have to curse! A lot of fans probably don’t really understand the concept of slut-shaming or understand why it can be such a problem for women in society. Rather than lash out try articulating, you might end up enlightening someone as to the problem. I remember the first time I read an article explaining slut shaming. Suddenly I realized what I had been doing, but before that it hadn’t really occurred to me what I was doing was so negative. 

  34. I must agree…This MV is a bit funny but sort of amusing :D I vote for T-ara…it is not my cup of tea but still better than troublemaker

  35. Or you could just not waste your time by coming  back here if you feel like that.

  36. British accent wise, Trouble Maker is pronounced exactly the way they say it, so I think you’re being too hard on them.

    I vote Bo Peep though.

  37. I feel like you are disparaging Hyuna’s sexuality (or possibly the sexuality that Cube has manufactured for her). You say your “issue with the video is that Hyuna’s not showing any talent; or, more specifically, the only talents she’s showing are those of a stripper.” I see where you are coming from, you don’t like the idea of women being turned into sex objects, while their other talents fall into disuse. But is there something wrong with a woman who uses her sexuality for her benefit? I feel like this video shows that this is in fact a very useful talent.

    While she isn’t shown as a very talented spy, neither is Hyun Seung. If they had shown her as a top notch spy it would have just been her totally pulling one over on Hyun Seung, because he is such an idiot. Instead they wrote the video showing them with equal skill, other than their own personal prowess.

    Hyun Seung’s prowess is shown as being a cool and collected. He is given a very powerful stance in most of the video especially in the scene with the women at his side. Despite this he doesn’t have power over Hyuna. She leads him on, and when he tries to make advances on her she moves his hand, or rejects his attempts to kiss her. She knows her power over him, it is her sexuality.

    While you may see it as a cheap gimmick it is shown in the video to trump the power Hyun Seung is given in the video. I feel like this is mirrored in the use of flame, which is a natural weapon versus the gun, a man made weapon. She ultimately takes advantage of Hyun Seung, sets the room on fire and doesn’t lose her cool, even in the face of the gun.

    In my opinion she is shown as confident, in control, and in my opinion very talented. Being sexy takes effort. Seduction takes talent. I feel like it is healthier to show a woman like Hyuna who understands her sexuality, and isn’t afraid to use it rather than a woman who suppresses her sexuality as something dirty. Could they have made a different video? Yeah. Is this video made for a male gaze? Definitely yes. Does work like this risk pigeonholing Hyuna in the sexy role? Probably. That being said I don’t think the video was as bad as you made it out to be.

    • Well, I’m a huge fan of Hyunah, but, seriously? I think the problem in here is not the fact that Hyunah is shown as a sexy spy who controls HyunSeung by using the power she has over him, but the fact that in EVERY MUSIC VIDEO she appears she’s rubbing her butt against the camera, or squeezing her boobs, or making weird “sexy” faces. I mean, she’s a great dancer. She can do better than this, can’t she? I mean, if Hyunah is the main dancer from 4minute, why doesn’t she dance with HS during Trouble Maker’s dance break? 

      You see, the point here is that she’s been announced as some kind of stripper, not as a forever-to-remember artist. It’s easy for any kpop idol to be hot and dance like this, but it’s not easy to make music to be remembered for generations.Look at Abracadabra, by Brown Eyed Girls, is a sexy music, sexy mv, sexy dance. The mv has a simple plot, their beautiful vocals were hidden behind that awful eletro vibe, but, still, it’ll be remembered for years to come! Why? Bc BEG inovated the music industry at the time they released it. What is Hyunah bringing to music nowadays? Well, a lot of asses and boobs. Yeah, great, every woman has it. Why SNSD is a great group nowadays? Bc they’re sexy, nice, gentle girls who are always inovating and gettin’ better as artists and idols, and they know they’re examples for youth. In what aspect is Hyunah inovatin’ with her songs? How fast can she shake her ass? How sexy can she touch her tights? Yeah, great, that’s really a new aspect for music.

      Basically, the problem is not being sexy and seductive. I used to be a 4nia. I just LOVE Muzik and Hot Issue, even with that weird clothes. HuH was also a powerful and sexy music. Have you ever seen a Muzik performance? Hyunah was a sexy girl and she was really SMILING during performance, and I just loved it! Her smile was so bright and full of happiness that u could just smile back. Change had this dark feeling and her hip thrusting was AMAAAZING! But that’s just what she does nowadays. She hasn’t improved at all since Change. Everything she does is in the same level as Change. So, yeah, I think Trouble Maker could be an awesome song if Cube decided to treat Hyunah as a real idol by helping her to improve her vocal skills, to improve her dancing repertory, and not like a selling stripper machine.

      • I think a lot of your comment doesn’t really address the same issue I am talking about, which is this music video in particular, and the positive role of her sexuality in said video. I was really only commenting on this video alone not on her sexy career as a whole. 

        That being said I do agree with some of your points. Like I said “Does work like this risk pigeonholing Hyuna in the sexy role? Probably.” I also agree she has a lot of talents that aren’t used in this video. Again, like I said:” I see where you are coming from, you don’t like the idea of women being turned into sex objects, while their other talents fall into disuse.”  While I do think it is sad when a person has to abandon their talents because of pressure to be something else, I don’t think embracing your sexuality is in of itself a bad thing. I agree with you and Simon and Martina that you shouldn’t just throw in F.A.R.T when it isn’t needed, just like you shouldn’t throw in say a tap dance when it isn’t needed. But, I do think this video creates a context that makes Hyuna’s hypersexuality make sense. Is this true for all of her recent dirty dancing? I would say no off the top of my head. I recall thinking ‘wtf’ when I saw the flood humping scene in Mirror Mirror, it was so random.

        While I personally do appreciate the sweetness of many of Kpop’s music, and I too get disappointed when stars I like change their image but I don’t see any difference in creating a false sexy persona for a an adult woman, and creating a false cute persona. Is a woman a worse person because they are sexy, or inspire lust? I don’t think so. I think women should have the right to feel proud of their sexuality.

        • Well, maybe I misunderstood a little bit (you see, english is not my first language), but still, I think that it was a liiiiiiiiittle too much for this video. I mean, do you see anybody talking about HyunSeung vocal skills? Of course there are comments, but the attention is pretty much trapped on Hyunah and her sexy actings.
          So, I guess that all the fuss come from the fact that yes, her oversexuality is shadowing HS’s role in the mv/song. I think so, at least, because all I read on internet is all about her, about her mini dresses, about the faces she does, her hip thrustings. Hey, come on, HyunSeung is also there, with that funky and cool dance break!

          Of course I don’t hate Hyunah because she is showing her sexuality. I think that, yes, in some ways, S.Korea is too restrict over some subjects, but I think the dance moves are too much. Like, come on, that scene where she’s rubbing her butt agains the camera? That’s not being confident about sexuality, that’s just… showing up. In my opinion, this kind of sexy dance moves differ a lot from Rania’s Dr Feel Good (which I’m a big fan too), because Rania’s concept is kinda… dirty, if you know what I mean… While Trouble Maker’s, I guess, it was supposed to be luxurious. But how can it be chic while she’s using HS as a pole dance and he’s putting his hand on the inner part of her tights? Well, I dont know, maybe Im too much conservative too. Still, I wouldn’t like my daughter to become famous by doing this kind of music…):

        • I agree with the point about Hyun Seung. It is a shame that his part in the duo has been overshadowed. I guess in a way it might be a good way for him to get some media attention by default? I think he is really talented and they work well together, I hope all the controversy doesn’t hurt either of them.

          I think we just have different opinions on the video. I see where you are coming from, cause when I first saw it I just sort of felt like ‘ok so another Bubble pop’. After that I tried to ask myself, “ok, what could the use of this in the video mean?” and when I looked at the video from the point of view that it was there on purpose the video seemed much more empowering than exploitative.Then I read the lyrics and seeing that Hyun Seung sings about how he will ‘never stop’ trying to seduce her, and Hyuna sings about how she knows she is turning him on but she doesn’t care she isn’t going to go to him it made it make even more sense. 

          Also in her defense how is it her fault Hyun Seung put his hand there? They make a point of showing her brush it away. I kinda like her take charge sort of personality in the video, sort of saying “okay you see me as a sex object, I am going to use it to my advantage.” They make a point of showing Hyun Seung’s character as misogynistic, from the whole attempt at grabbing her vag while they dance, and attempting to kiss her, to the sit in the chair like a pimp scene. I feel like their choice to make Hyuna sexual but still strong was a point, showing that being sexual doesn’t mean you have to let guys take advantage of you.

          I don’t know maybe I am just reading too much into it. I agree with a lot of points you make, and points that Simon and Martina make I just don’t think THIS video in particular is what puts dirty dancing over the edge, like I said I think it totally makes sense with the story and the lyrics.

          (p.s you are really good at English I would never have been able to tell it was your 2nd language!) Also I don’t see the rubbing her butt in the camera scene, you mean when she walks over it?

        • Hi Sarah, I just wanted to say, that I agree with you on everything you’ve said. I was kind of torn with this video, and you helped me clear things up. So thank you.

  38. I usually like your videos but the heteronormative (only horny guys could find hyuna attractive for example) and slut shaming attitude in this video was not cool :( Only calling out Hyuna when Hyunseung is also in the video and doing the same things or encouraging the “sexy image” too is also not cool. You even say so yourselves “he gets to sit around with girls hanging off him looking like a pimp”, so its ok to be a pimp (which if we understand the meaning of the word is a guy who sells women for sex) then why is it so bad for hyuna to be a “stripper” as you say( I don’t see her taking her clothes off so how is she a stripper exactly?). I would think its worse because he is furthering the supposed image that women are there to serve men. :/
    and when say “i’m not saying *prejudiced remark* but…” it usually means you are.  Sigh :(

  39. changmin, just keep waiting

  40. I completely agree with what you guys are saying. Not only is it really disappointing and really distasteful, its sending an awful message to young girls. Hyuna’s stripper dance, really, really, really short dressers and the whole open mouth, eating fingers actions are definitely not okay. To send the message that acting like a skank is ‘cool’ and ‘sexy’ is SO UNBELIEVABLY WRONG! Like you guys said, being sexy is fine, its about being confident with who you are.. not how many times you can flash your panties!

    • To me her videos don’t seem to make any sense. This video doesn’t make any sense. I agree with Simon and Martina on that regard. The fact that they are resorting to this kind of display may mean that this video content wise doesn’t really amount to much it simply doesn’t make any sense. 

  41. W O W. Y’all need to sit the fuck down and get the fuck outta here with your slut-shaming bullshit.

  42. err the spy scene reminds me a lot of JT’s sexyback video 

  43. Please do a review on the mv, “Don’t act countrified” by ALi!!

  44. Spudgy looks sexier than Hyuna in that chair. XD

    And I vote for Bo Peep Bo Peep.

    p/s: I agree with some of the (long) comments below that this review is a little lopsided and the focus was somewhat out.

  45. I feel like anyone male, female, young or old, who uses sex to sell something instead of actual talent is kinda pathetic. Hyuna is just like a million other pop artists out there that use their body to draw attention instead of singing or dancing or just preforming skills. SNSD does this too, but in a different way (sure they can sing and dance but would they have really gotten anywhere without there bootyshorts, like another comment down below said they are just playing up the girl next door role)
     I like the song and its fun to listen to, but I would never take it seriously. But I don’t think it is meant to be taken seriously. In the end it is Hyuna herself (or any other sexified artist out there) that IS the one doing all that. I don’t know I’m not forming this comment in a way that makes any sense, I just don’t think I can really respect her as an artist because from what she has shown she is just sexiness being advertised.
    Anyways, some comments were saying that she has the right to be a sexy woman if she wants. That is 100% true but that is not an excuse to not show any actual talent. The video was ew

    • I wonder, are you saying that using any means other than talent to market a product is pathetic? If so, do you also think using cuteness wrong? Is using confidence wrong? If not, why is using sex appeal worse than other types of appeal?

  46. I think that the next one you do should be Boyfriends “I’ll Be There” It’s a winter MV. That’s what you should do next winter themed ones!!! YES!!!! DO IT PLEASE!!!!!!!!

  47. omg i can’t agree more with what you said here… hi5

  48. I agree with you that the dance moves were too suggestive/provocative (for my taste). But I’m rather disappointed with your comments on Hyuna in general. You said that she’s not a slut, etc… but most of your commentary was on her clothes and provocative moves. Her outfits may have been too short, but most kpop girl groups wear the same amount of clothes. The difference is her image and provocative, sultry moves/looks.

    You brought up SNSD, but I don’t think they should even be an example. SNSD wear booty-shorts and mini-skirts with cropped tops all the time – how is that even appropriate? I don’t find that to be sexy either. The only reason why people don’t call them sluts or whatever is solely because they sell themselves as the nice girl next door. I, however, find that to be deceptive.

    Miss A is a better example of sexiness that most people can handle.

    • I think they clearly stated that the clothes and dances that Hyuna does as an idol doesn’t equate to her being an actual “slut”. She just pretends to be one on stage. So the criticism of her clothes and dancing makes sense. I honestly would like to see if she’s capable of performing a song that doesn’t involve her dancing like a stripper.

      • I agree that equating Hyuna’s stage persona with her real personality is wrong, but I also think that equating a sexy persona with a slutty persona is also wrong. A woman can be sexy without being a slut. Just because you wear revealing clothing, make sex kitten faces, and flirt with men doesn’t mean you are going to sleep with them. I don’t really see a slut persona on stage just a woman owning her sexuality. 

        • But why is “slut” so wrong (as is implied by people constantly defending Hyuna by saying “well she’s not like that IRL!!!!”)?

          Why is a women who likes sex wrong? Why is it OK for a guy? Like a girl who sleeps around is “easy” and a “slut” and a guy who does is just a “player” and is even praised for it.

          Sexuality is normal. Maybe she’s not promiscuous in real life–good for her. Maybe she is–good for her.

          I get what people like you are doing by saying that you shouldn’t judge someone’s sex life by how they act or dress, because anyone can throw on sexy clothes and act sexy if they want to, but it doesn’t mean that they have (lots of) sex, right? But then what does it matter if they do or don’t?

      • During her ‘Just Follow Me’ promotions with Zico, she was presented as a very confident sexy women. And there was pretty much no dancing at all. It was solely focused on a confident rap and stage presence. And remembering back on the performances, the majority of her clothing was modest. She’s very much capable, it just seems Cube likes to take a hold of this ‘sexy’ image she has gained. 

  49. OMG! THAAANK YOU! I SAID EVEYTHING YOU DID! I 100% AGREE! This is not sexy, it was border line in Bubble Pop and now it is 100% crossing the line! Hyun Ah is underaged, and so maybe she would jump to be sexy but it is her company’s job is too look out for their artists, why have her do this?! Her voice was subpar and did not go well with JS’s and her rap was the worst she has ever done. Hyun Ah stop being sexy with “Superstar” and since then has crossed the line. This video was obviously all about the sexy. I love JS his voice was great he wasn’t overdoing it.
    People like CL and Kahi are sexy because they know what they are doing and they know no one can do it like they can. It all about the confidence not the booty shorts, and ho skirts, and super mini dresses!

  50. You’re right about the role given to Hyuna; she’s not shown as sexy, but rather as just sex; and she was given an opportunity to show how sexy she was but not any of her talents. I did take issue with what seemed like slut-shaming in the video though, especially Martina’s “guys, it’s OK, Hyuna isn’t really a slut” disclaimer and the disapproval at Hyuna’s dance crew’s sexy outfits.

  51. “Trouble maker” is only mispronounced in the context of a Canadian accent. If JS and Hyuna are mispronouncing it, then so are all of the (Australian, Vietnamese and Indian) primarily-English-speaking K-Pop fans I know

  52. I’m going to have to agree with a few earlier comments and say that it made me a bit uncomfortable to hear what sounded like slut-shaming, only dressed up in nicer terms and the occasional “we mean the management, not Hyuna.” 

    I know you said that you have no problem with sexy as long as it’s empowering, but how do you define that? You try and disguise it by saying you have a problem with her not showing her talent, but what I’m getting is that you (and several other people watching this video) are uncomfortable with the way she displays her sexuality. If Hyuna (I imagine there must be some consent on her part) wishes to be seen as someone who’s comfortable with her sexuality in a country that I’m assuming is very conservative, shouldn’t that be seen as a step in the right direction for women’s rights? You could argue that this turns her into nothing more than a sex object, but that’s only if you choose to see her that way, because Hyuna is much more than her sexy image. 

    Moreover, I could see if your argument here is “I don’t think this is appropriate for younger audiences,” because I would agree with that, but that’s not what you’re saying. You’re saying that the sexy is the problem when I’m pretty sure that’s the whole point of the video– the sexiness is used to portray the image of a “troublemaker.” There is no need to show all of Hyuna’s best dancing moves if that’s not the point of the video.

    Also, your stripper comment makes me think that your views on strippers and sex workers in general might be a bit problematic, but that’s a whole ‘nother comment.I understand this is all probably more than you intended, and I would be willing to concede that it is still likely that Hyuna’s management could be using her sexuality to objectify her, but that’s not what this video seems to be mostly concerned with. In general, it seems like you guys are saying that it’s only okay to be sexy if it’s done a certain way, which perpetuates the idea of sexuality (mainly female sexuality) as something that is mostly taboo/not acceptable.

    • I completely agree.  I’m not a fan of Hyuna.  I had never heard of her until a week or so ago, so believe me when I say it’s the review that sticks in my craw, and not the person it was about.  What I enjoy about the EYK reviews is that they are fair, with a little harmless ball busting.  This wasn’t harmless though, it was hostile.
      “The only talents she’s showing are those of a stripper.”
      “Lower’s her face to JS’s crotch (which suggests she’s going to blow him)”
      “She’s treating this like a soft porn.”
      “dancing like she wants you to stuff a dollar down her cleavage.”
      I mean, whoa!  Simmer down there!  You can’t dump phrases like this and think that a disclaimer in the beginning clears you.  Sure you told your audience that it’s not right to call her names, but I direct you to your last Music Monday review and your assertion that the author is dead.  You might say you aren’t suggesting she’s a slut or that sexuality is a bad thing…but the evidence suggests otherwise.
      Compare this to your review for “No More Perfume on You”, where a good deal of criticism was aimed at the management of Teen Top instead of at Teen Top themselves.  Hyuna’s management received about two sentences.  The rest of the criticism was locked, loaded and aimed straight at her.  

    • Thank you! I’m glad to read someone articulate what I was thinking (and some stuff I hadn’t thought of too). 

    • I wonder if a lot of idols in the same place will read like a virgin convention. Seriously, they have to put so much work and with how they can’t have scandals and all that innocent looks and shyness… There must be some respectable aged men and women who may have less action than your regular korean off the streets.
      As for a woman showing she is a sexual being, yes, no one ever reacts like it’s a normal natural thing.

  53. Thank you! You guys hit the nail on the head once again. I feel really uncomfortable watching the whole mv, just because it tries so hard. I like Cube a lot, but I am so disappointed when they put out shoddy videos like this. The spy plot was generally uninteresting, as nothing really happened for most of it. There was almost no actual dancing. Even the colors were boring to my eyes! And of course, I am so sick of the sleazy concept. I hate it in American music, and I hate it in kpop. I couldn’t believe my eyes when she bent over with her hand between her legs. My goodness.

    And Cube, will you PLEASE stop with the cheetah print??? I don’t care who you are, I hate cheetah print on clothing, it’s just so tacky to me… I mean, it’s fine if it’s on a cute pair of heels, or a tiny clutch purse, or a headband, but this? NO. Give me Hyuna’s shoes though, I want themmmm. <3

    I've seen some people complain about how Simon and Martina didn't really mention Hyunseung. Maybe it's just because he's not my bias, but he didn't make that much of an impression on me in the video. His voice was great, of course, and I like his hair, but that's about it. I don't see any chemistry between him and Hyuna, they both just sing at the camera. It doesn't feel real. Plus he's a little expressionless throughout the whole thing… actually, they both are. Where's the real emotion? Shock? Desperation? Bad-ass-ness? It's just not there. Overall, it's just plain boring.

    Good song though, I agree.

    My vote goes to Bo Peep, she was desperate for any guy in that mv! I was so shocked the first time I watched it. xD

    • I think the feline character in Po Peep might be a Fox spirit (Gumiho), which traditionally sleep with men and then eat their livers. When I watched it that is what I assumed, although I’ve never read it anywhere so maybe they were going for something else entirely. 

    • i think JS was not mentioned so much because he was ‘featured’ in the song. he’s technically not the main artist

  54. Is it just me or is there a lot of slut, whore, hoe, bitch, etc. being tossed around in the comments, even when it’s not about Hyuna or this MV, but basically about women in general in MVs, be they failing or succeeding in being overtly sexual?

    I find myself agreeing with both of you for the most part: perv camera angles, terrible attempt at spy storyline, mention at unbalanced dancing coolness. I just found this more tame compared to Bubble Pop. Unfortnately, the review gets really muddled by addressing Hyuna instead of the director or the company. It really distracted me with how much her name came up in the video and how she was the focus in the written section. I realise you don’t mean for this to be the case, especially with the disclaimer and acknowledgement in the video that this is an image set up by her company and the direction chosen by the director. The director and company chose…poorly I agree for this. However, while your intention isn’t to heap this all on Hyuna, it can really make a viewer/reader doubt that because you mention her entirely in the written and she dominates in the video. This really would’ve been a better case to address the company, especially with the line, “Hyuna you can do better than this” because it’s really up to the company if she will or not. She doesn’t get a say. Otherwise I was surprised the review was so lopsided since your past ones tend to avoid this hyper focus on one member of a group and this is a duo. It’s also a problem with the MV, but it’s odd to hear/see it in your review since that’s a point that could’ve been talked about for “sexy portrayed unsuccessfully” because it really cinched how uneven the focus was on Hyuna while placing her as overly sexy and JS is extremely toned down in comparison and more as a feature than a half of a duo. I wonder if it would’ve been a smidge towards successful if both were at least on the same level (and perv camera angles taken out, along with “Hyuna! You must constantly stare at the camera!” direction taken away). I realise it’s hard for you two to keep things short and interesting with so much to talk about, but this is about a duo and I think the guy gets a minute or two, but Hyuna dominates the video and the written section. It’s especially telling for me as a casual fan, because with your reviews I can usually recall names, whether it’s from the video or the written section. He’s not even mentioned in the review and barely in the video. It would’ve made a bit more sense then comparing a group act to one person than too.

    Apologies for getting so long in what’s a critique of your review, but it just didn’t seem at the same level compared to your previous ones.

  55. Was that really Hyuna’s underwedar showing under that short “dress” or was it a bt pad? We can only wonder….

  56. I wonder, how badly does she need publicity that her management invests in a video that will surely be banned from all Korean TV stations, and deliver some sleepless nights to live shows producers on the topic of whether to let Hyuna perform or not? It’s not a half bad song, and Hyuna herself is rather popular, isn’t she? so wtf?

  57. it seems like all hyuna can do is smexyness o.o
    and she doesnt do 2 much in the mv
    i wish she could b her own person and not b forced and convinced 2 b smexy all the time

  58. Im voting for bo peep! I love this song but hate the mv, I really miss the old hip hop hyuna, I loved her image in change, she was the shy maknae in invincible youth. Hyuna is so young she doesn’t need this image now and it’s kinda ruining her real self cos I’ve seen hyuna in invincible and she is so shy not like this now. I know that hyuna is very popular but shouldn’t they give more chances to the other members of 4minute? Hyuna has already released a single this year and now another duet. I agree with you guys with all your points. Please cube ent bring back the old hyuna. I’m sorry for those who disagree with me, this is just my personal opinion

  59. Im voting for bo peep! I love this song but hate the mv, I really miss the old hip hop hyuna, I loved her image in change, she was the shy maknae in invincible youth. Hyuna is so young she doesn’t need this image now and it’s kinda ruining her real self cos I’ve seen hyuna in invincible and she is so shy not like this now. I know that hyuna is very popular but shouldn’t they give more chances to the other members of 4minute? Hyuna has already released a single this year and now another duet. I agree with you guys with all your points. Please cube ent bring back the old hyuna. I’m sorry for those who disagree with me, this is just my personal opinion

  60. It’s a shame because you guys put some really good points forward about gender equality in the entertainment industry, but in a really harsh way. Hyuna does embrace the fact that she’s sexy, and yeah Cube take it to a higher level than a lot of agencies, but so what? Hyuna appears to be in a position of control in several parts of the choreo and video (as with previous singles), and not one part of it promotes non-consensual sexual contact. No harm, no foul. You’re basically saying “we’re not calling her a slut, but we really wish she would stop acting like a slut”, which is incredibly damaging, and contributes to the social stigma that women can only be sexy for the benefit of men.

  61. i see where EYK is coming from but this is still better then western music videos. Like her boobs aren’t popping out and u cant see her butt checks or navel. In western music videos its MUCH WORSE u actually see them practically doing it -__- hyuna is not a sket shes just trying out to be sexy I dont know

  62. I vote for Bo peep Bo peep. Even I like ‘Troublemaker’ more,  Bo Peep is much hotter! *o*

  63. I didn’t like Troublemaker and now it’s been clearly illustrated to me why I don’t like it. 
    Cheers :DOn a slightly spammy note (sorry) I’m trying to get a few Kpop tracks for the Xbox game Dance Central. Then I could finally realise my dream and be able to do a Kpop dance!http://www.dancecentral.com/forums/showthread.php?t=6650Post and vote if you think it’d be cool-beans too.

  64. The company is pushing it too far with the sexyness, just because bubble pop ,sadly, turned so viral.

  65. Aw~ Simon why are u wearing that shirt! I wanna know what the picture under the words “probably not” >< This song is so great! I even have a ringtone with that song, even my friends like it(because they don't into kpop…^^;).P.S. Love Martina's curly hair today ♥

  66. i agree with alot of this, I love hyuna for her cute sweet shy self, not for her being sexy. Hyuna could do alot better than being sexy, like they said, hyuna can be sexy, just in subtle ways, not making it all obvious like in trouble maker, trouble maker sounded like a very sly, smooth, classy, jazz song, but you add the sexy act to it and it doesn’t sound good anymore. oh well…

  67. I think that Hyuna is very talented and it’s her job to act and dance like that. And by the way when she was dancing like cat at that time in her lyrics was the word goyangi (cat) so thats why she danced like that, and more about the dance, not they are creating it, but choreographs, they just dance it, and I vote for Trouble Maker :}

  68. By the way, my vote goes to Bo Peep, simply because any video with Hyomin and Eunjung >> video with Hyuna

  69. I can understand that Hyuna may have been one of the only things you saw in this video. But it would be nice to know what you thought of JS too, instead of just Hyuna, since this is a two member sub-unit. And they were both in the video.

  70. but hyunah looks pretty with this concept TT______TT
    and her bipolarity (is that a real word?) is amusing to watch lol.

  71. I completely agree with your remarks about the choreography and music video plot. The song is really great, though.

    It makes me cringe when people go around writing articles about how “Bubble Pop” and Hyuna are the representatives of k-pop right now. It’s embarrassing and I don’t want people to think that k-pop is all about sexuality. Like you guys said, that’s not why we love k-pop.

    PS: I vote for “Trouble Maker”. Lol.

  72. good thing i’m not the only one who thinks that hyuna’s starting to
    look like one of those girls dancing backup in some music videos,
    trying to show as much butt and boobs as possible.
    thank you, simon and martina.
    i’ve always loved your direct opinions and truthfulness.
    they could’ve made hyunseung and hyuna dance together instead of making
    it look like hyuna’s making love to him, while he stood there like a lamp post.
    way to go, whoever choreographed this.
    it’s not that bad really, but you’re right, they could really do better.

  73. Thanks for calling them on this video. I started to dislike her because of the whorishness as well. Kpop is about the dancing and creativity of the songs and videos we don’t want to see sexy as sleezy. My answer to your question is T-ara

    • Why is she ‘whorish’? All she is doing is dancing, and acting sexy she isn’t having sex with anyone in her videos. More than that she isn’t getting paid to have sex or exchange sexual favors either. How then is she being a whore?

  74. thank you for calling them out for the whorishness(not saying hyuna is a whore, she is just playing one on tv). it`s degrading, unnecessary, and just plain annoying. i dont know whether to blame the director, her agency, or her for pulling this crap, but it needs to stop before all she is known for is frap fodder.

    • How is she playing a whore? Her character isn’t having sex for money, actually they don’t show her having sex at all. In fact SHE is the one who turns away from HS’s kisses, and pushes his hands away. Just because someone is being sexy doesn’t make them a whore/slut.

  75. I like that you guys say why you don’t like the music video instead of just saying you don’t like the video and full on trashing it. I agree with you guys. The song has an awesome sound to it but the video was like “What…?”

  76. I like Hyuna, but I understand what you guys are saying and see where you’re coming from. I do wish she would change it up a little. I’ve reached the point of finding the sex faces and booty tooches to be amusing and kind of endearing, which is probably not how I’m supposed to react, but I’m a little strange that way. I do, however, giver her credit for at least making an effort. This vid and choreography were supposed to be really sexy and slick (at least, that was the impression I got), but it seems she was doing all the heavy lifting while Hyunseung was standing around like “dobedobedo.” He just looked bored and/or awkward all the time. Granted this is largely the fault of the choreographer or director, but the result is the same. I was just really unimpressed with all the dancing in this video. I think it would’ve been much sexier and more entertaining to watch if there was… well, dancing, not Hyunseung standing around whilst Hyuna rubs up against him.

    I do like the song, however, and the spy concept was a fun idea if amusingly ridiculous in practice.

  77. “Our real issue with the video is that Hyuna’s not showing any talent;
    or, more specifically, the only talents she’s showing are those of a
    stripper.” wow harsh.

    Some (not all though) of her dancing was very reminicent of couples dancehall dancing (you can see a better example of it in Rihanna’s Rude Boy and here ‘watch?v=cKysE1HBphE’) it isn’t for everyone but is no way is it ‘stripper dancing’ and that kinda argument kinda makes you sound a little victem blaming tbh.

    But you are mostly right the song is awsome but she could use some major dance training.

  78. Love the song! He’s so hot in his leopard print jacket! I agree though…it’s not fair how they make him look sexy and cool but make her look trashy. Come on, Cube. 

  79. Totally agree! Song is great, but the video is definitely…something else.

  80. Wow, this is quite a violent review, you are usually softer. But I totally agree with you and I’m happy that you said it. I strongly dislike trashy North American and European videos, I don’t want it in Kpop!

  81. simon and martina, i just want you two to know that i am officially changing the name of this song in my itunes to “Chubble Maker” in your honor. congratulations! 

  82. This is actually the most laughable video plot I have yet seen. All they had to do was watch just one 007 movie to build up a decent plot. 
    It might be my faulty ears, but I felt that during the chorus, Hyuna’s voice was being overpowered by JS’s voice. 
    I don’t mind the raunchy parts in the video, but given that Hyuna is a talented dancer, she should have been given a small part where she could show off her dancing

  83. I absolutely HATE this MV but I LOOOVE this song!
    The only positive things I can really say about the MV itself was I LOVED JS’ wardrobe! Red velvet jacket? Alexander McQueen scarf? Furry shawl thing? leopard jacket and skinny tie? check, check, and double check. Edgy dapper? He can pull it off!
    The only other thing I liked about the MV was the little random dance moment with JS and those suit guys….for some reason it reminded a little bit of a top dance wearing tuxedo penguins dancing……I have no idea why….
    but then alas the penguins were interupted by Hyuna’s awkward faces…. :(

  84. Wow, that’s 0 for 3 for Hyuna.  I really liked JS in this video though, and the song was pretty cool.  Still, I feel bad if I buy it because it will encourage them to make similar videos.  I’ll pass for now unless they remake it in a better way.

    As for Hyuna, thanks for pointing out that this isn’t Hyuna’s fault and doesn’t reflect on her as a person.  The directors and producers should be embarrassed.  She’s 19 and probably doesn’t realize that cheapening herself just makes her easy to replace, ‘cuz there’s plenty of girls out there who are desperate enough to do it for some brief recognition.  Once the good looks fade, and someone younger comes along, well…

    Real KPop girls are the ones who bring that extra level of artistic talent and caliber to their videos and music, and will always be remembered and respected even when they’re not 19 anymore.  Just saying.  :)

  85. Btw when is the winner of the last WTF will be announced? :D

  86. I like the song dislike the video VERY MUCH. D: 

  87. i actually really loved this video, but i think hyuna could have been a little less sexy, other than that i loved it and it’s really catchy. *whistles tune*

  88. hyori is sexy but she doesnt make those sex faces when she’s dancing or singing , in fact she is smiling BUT she is still so sexy
    as for hyuna..hmm..

  89.  I suggest you to play “how-many-hyuna-biting-her-lips” games when you watch this vid! kekekekeke

  90. as much as i loveee sexy HyunA but…
    cute HyunA > sexy HyunA :((but i still always support here no matter what)

  91. I think if Hyuna is indeed uncomfortable playing the role of “bombastic trollop”, ala Fergie, then she shouldn’t have to promote herself that way.  That’s creepy and wrong.  However, if she’s not, then I think she should feel free to bubble, bubble, bubble, pop all she wants.  It’s not as if there are a lot of kpop idols doing that, and lord knows the field needs some variety. I’m more comfortable with Hyuna slinking around on the floor than I am with sexually suggestive “cuteness”.  That always makes me think of a line from 30 Rock, “I like my pigtails.  My uncle says they’re sexy.”    

  92. Sascha Wong

    Totally agree with you guys on this review. I like your honest when it comes to MV reviews, it’s part of your charm and the reason I keep coming back to this site! Great song, disappointing video.

  93. When i was watching this “sexy times inf~” video i stopeed it after a minute…It just was embaressing to watch with the shakes and bone rubbing!!! I was really dissapointed as well in their live preformance, and i am wonderring why they are not banned from music bank and such????? ( or i dont acually know are they banned or not ^^)

  94. i think hyuna suits the cute image more. she’s trying too hard to be sexy that it’s disgusting

  95. i dont like it too. really.

  96. I agree there was so much they could have done with this but they just failed to do so. They wanted to keep her in a role and to hell what it did to the video that could have been really awesome.

  97. Thank you so much for this review! I’m not the only one.

  98. Completely agree with Simon and Martina on this one. Thanks for your HONEST comments! Also there is a part in the coreography when hyuna and js are dancing together and his hand is almost on her crotch….unnecessary. One of the things I liked most about KPOP when I first got into it was the lack of vulgarity that most American hiphop contains. KPOP, please hold on to your innocense

  99. Guise, I voted for this MV so you could make fun of Hyuna’s forced sexiness, not for you to rant about it… But totally agree with the silly plot of the MV and they doing a crappy spy job…

  100. Err Hyuna tries hard to be sexy, but to say Girls’ Generation are sexy in the boys?

    Well in the mv because in their performances all they do is a blank face as if that is their sexy faces… just Sunny pulls out because of her hot hair/wig.
    Both try hard to be sexy and fail.

    For me they are sexy only when they arent trying to be….  hope I didn’t confuse you guys? LOL 

  101. I take it their spy job is so pathetic it is funny. Well Hyuna is getting that image that she deserves if she keeps showing up in videos like this.

  102. yay u picked the video i voted for! but nooo u didnt like it :( lol oh
    wells im not gonna sit here and be grumpy about it, i actually agree
    with u for many reasons. i only watch their performances/video to see
    hyunseung’s sexy ass tbh XD nothing against hyuna i love her too! if u
    see her on variety shows shes a totally different person and i recently
    discovered that n it kinda shocked me how childish and funny she was :D i
    hope they give her a more cutesy/serious? concept next time :) im pretty positive shes a talented woman, Cube just needs to bring that out of her!!

  103. There is more English than just the world Troublemaker, they also say “Lady, I never never never stop” lol

  104. I agree with you guys on this review.  I have always found HyunA to be a girl who’s more cute than being market in this way.  Cube Ent. needs to show her talents rather than trying to sell sex.  It’s quite ridiculous.

  105. Really thought Simon would stress that Hyunseung is a member of BATOOST.

    Anyhow, I liked this song. The awesome styling in the video distracted me from all the sexiness. Hope there are more awesome teams like Troublemaker in the future.

  106. you guys are so harsh on this video…
    bit i agree, although at first i defended her and think that this MV is sexy (i still think so…)
    i just hope that the next time 4Minute comes back, CUBE (i repeat, CUBE, not HyunA herself)
    will let my girl shines without having so much controversies like this
    i love HyunA, that’s why I want the best for her, i don’t want her to have anything for antis to hate and throw trash at her

  107. LOL i can see that you guys REALLY HATED this MV xD
    the truth is i kind of agree with what you said. Hyunah image is becoming the one of a cheap slut because every producer seams to think that shes better off doing those sexy faces and wearing little clothes while “dancing” to something. i really liked all the songs she has released till today (specially Change), therefore when i heard about her duet with Hyunseng i was mad anxious to see the results. ive always liked hyunseng’s work and i with TB he didnt disappoint me at all! the song is great! the whistle,the snapping, its all very catchy and fun. so 10/10 for the song, 5/10 for the producers of this MV that, while they made hyunseng look pretty fly, they made hyunah…. well, you’ve made the point.

  108. OK, you can look at this two ways. Either Hyuna is somehow progressing women’s lib in Korea by appearing to be sexual and free; OR she’s setting it back several years by being a money making sex tool to fulfill fantasies. 

    Whether it’s her making these decisions or her record label, who really can say!? Do we know her personally?? I don’t. Maybe she LIKES acting like a rap video hoe. Or maybe she’s the innocent victim of a cruel industry that some folks are trying to paint her to be. Bottom line is she’s an entertainer and her job is to be provocative. And hey, she’s got us all talking. If nothing else, I have to give her props for that. *shruuuuugs* 

  109. Once cube ent. discovered how successful  the  “sexy” concept was between hyuna and g.na they overloaded it. too much. It ruins the song

  110. My problem is less with Hyuna touching herself than how other people are touching her …

    That one facial expression reminded me a lot of Miss A’s “I can’t breathe” dance move. Though I don’t strangulation is what CUBE was going for.

  111. I thought this video was stupid and tried way too hard.  Not to mention, the whistling in the song drove me up the freaking wall.

  112. I think Hyuna should just rock it, look at Madonna. That bitch is vulgar as hell and the Queen of pop. Her sexual ora is what make her. Watch the Human Nature MV, its ingenious and a work of art! I kind of want to say Hyuna should have refused to act so vulgar…but only because it’s coming out of South Korea. Other than that skank it up all you want Hyuna, I personally loved the majority of the dance and the song is absolutely amazing. The MV plot sucked ass though :/ Why can’t sexiness be her talent? Why does she have to blend in to the K-pop norm? Stray from the norm Hyuna!!! Be yourself weather thats a skank or a nun! Represent!!

    • I feel like Madonna’s sexy is in part because she is comfortable and confident with it. It’s seeped into her persona and she radiated I’m Sexy And I Know It on stage. HyunAh is always pulling at her dress or even looking slightly uncomfortable at times. Viewers can sense that and as a result it comes off as forced from HyunAh. Hyori rocks some sexy concepts (she had a pole dance video in the past) and I’ll say 100% of the times I’ve seen her she looks comfortable with it. Once HyunAh gets more control over her actual performances I think her sexy will feel 100% genuine and not look so cheap.

  113. I agree with you guys >.< also on the begining thats the first thing i had thought when i finished watching the "hmm this video reminds me of one of Justin Timberlake's videos which one… hmm oh yeah Sexy Back" i wish they would show Hyuna's talent more so that i would like her cuz as of now i really dislike her but oh well. I vote for T-ara i really can't watch that video it's really awkward to watch.

  114. Hyuna is a skank.  You are what you do.  Prostitutes are still whores, even if they don’t want to be.  Not that her situation isn’t pitiable, but she’s selling herself to be a pop star. 

  115. While I do agree with you on Hyuna trying to look sexy I have to disagree with you on comparing Hyuna to SNSD… You can’t compare a solo act to a group of NINE girls ’cause that’s unfair. It’s just not the same. Being solo, everything from the dance, singing, rapping, visual appeal relies on just one person for the whole performance, while in a group of NINE girls, you have the dancer, the main vocal, the sub vocal, the rapper (none in SNSD), the pretty girl, the cute one and some more… And I don’t like how when a male grabs or rubs his genital area (pretty often in kpop) everyone says it’s sexy or if anything, everyone just makes fun of it… But when Hyuna does it (yes, specifically her, ’cause it seems she’s the one everybody loves to hate this days) she’s neglected and insulted.
    BTW, I’m not angry at you Simon and Martina, this video is still fun!

  116. “rraamamamama rramamamam” ajajaja omg jajajaj you’re amazing.
    Completely agree with you. Was this video ban? Byeeeee!!

  117. I’ve been watching the first season of Invincible Youth. The HyunA in this music video is so different from the HyunA in Invincible Youth. I must say that I like the dorky, bubbly and hyperactive HyunA in Invincible Youth more.

    I understand that the management wants to give HyunA a sexy (or maybe slutty) image, but c’mon! please do it in moderation! A girl should keep some mystery. Otherwise, it will be predictable and after 2 or 3 more videos people will see everything, get bored and dump HyunA for another sexy slutty singer/dancer. I think HyunA deserve better than that.

  118. Spudgy’s most accurate dance yet!

  119. I have to say that I agree with Simon and Martina on everything they said. It’s like HyunA’s managers are trying to sell her for her good looking body – NOT her talent! Kpop is becoming more and more like the slutty, trashy American music that I’m trying to escape from. >_> Like they said, MV’s like Troublemaker are NOT why I fell in love with kpop!

  120. I love how JS is surrounded by 2 women while he’s sitting in the chair and Hyuna is surrounded by no one, not even women, while sitting in the chair. We actually learnt about how men and women are portrayed in the media at uni, and women are unfortunately passive in media. I think it’s ok to show some classy sexiness, but it’s also easy to fall into the sleezy-sexy trap.  

  121. this is my first time hearing the song and i thought it was really good but i had to skip most of it because there were too many inappropriate parts. ever since bubblepop, i haven’t able to take her seriously. i know it is not her fault but she really needs to think up a new image fast.  

  122. I so agree with Simon and Martina about making Hyuna act like that, I really did like her but then I kinda felt uncomfortable watching her like that all the time… 

  123. I started listening k-pop about 4 months ago.
    And I started with the “classic”, wich every world knows; Girls’ Generation, Super Junior… and it was so different of everything I had ever listened, so I fell in love.
    But now, as you guys said, it’s becoming only to the floor, to the flooor, and I can’t stop touching my body, so I wonder what’s the difference from the k-pop to the american pop, just the language? HYUNA IS ABSOLUTELLY BETTER THAN THIS!
    Btw 4minute is in Brazil and I can’t go to the show D=
    (Martina your hair is lovely ^^)
    And I vote for T-Ara, love them <3

  124. I wish I could love the video and Hyunah because they song is so freaking cool and sounds amazing.. but meh -___-
    I’d say T-ara’s more animal-in-heat… because their video centered around a horny cat lady and the sexy kitty concept.. it is literally THE kpop animal-in-heat video hahaha

  125. Let me just say…that EVERY WORD THAT CAME OUT OF YOUR MOUTHS.

    I find HyunA gorgeous, and her REAL personality is hilarious and cute. The over the top sexy should’ve stopped after “Change” it worked then, but now it’s unbearable to watch. 

  126. I only got through 1:30 of that music video before I had to stop.  I like Hyuna, I just think she needs a strong female role model to physically guide her in HOW to do sexy right. (like most girl idols, but she’s by far, the biggest offender). To me, the biggest cringe is that she (for the most part) probably doesn’t know exactly what it is that she is doing and just trusting the people around her.  I love sexy things, sexy dancing et al … but she really looked like an ornament as opposed to the centerpiece.

  127. Best Spudgy ever! =)

  128. I rally liked the song Trouble Maker, but then I saw the music video… :(

  129. guys simon and martina aren’t saying they thought she wanted to act like that…..THEY ACKNOWLEDGE the fact she was forced to act like that and are also dissapointed with cube….or didn’t you hear that?

    I agree it was a bit pointless sexy and it wasn’t as if it was like hyuna was in control either.I do vote for T Ara because they were like….well…. definitely in heat XD

  130. I don’t agree with this at all. Hyuna has a sexy body, so she looks sexy even though she is dancing girl generation’s Gee. And the reason why she makes weird faces was because she was told to. She doesn’t act like that nor WANT to act like that in real life. And another point that i’m disagree with is when you guys is insulting Hyuna and praising Hyunseung. If she is a stripper, then he is also a male stripper. Please don’t blame hyuna just because you guys have bad impression with her. I’m totally disappointed with this video. No matter what others say, i don’t like this review even one bit. 

    • crescent_moon_at_midnight

      This… was kind of their whole point of the review? They’re not insulting Hyuna, they’re just saying that they’re disappointed with the role that people force her into so they can make money. Also, Hyunseung didn’t technically play the role as a stripper, pre se. He had a much more dominant role, where he’d just sit and let the girls do the work for him. XD

      • Although they said that, but all their interpretations seem to be hinting the opposite. Telling that someone is a violation to the eye and that he or she destroys a work is a very nice way to support a good view about that person?

        I can’t accept that something that harsh can be say about a person.

        • Teresa Sadkowsky

          Since when do they have to support a good view about someone?? It’s a free world and people have opinions that they have the right to express. Simon and Martina have been quite delicate in their analysis of this MV. Tell us what you love and respect about this MV and Hyuna in it. Please. I would LOVE to hear your answer.

          Anyway, I 110% agree with you guise. Of course some people will disagree with you
          but I’m glad you both let loose with the honest opinions
          here! I also love to read the comments accusing you of being ‘anti’ or
          saying things like “ill support hyuna no matter what”. Seriously people?
          Grow a brain and think for yourself for once. It’s perfectly fine
          to think that she’s not being a ho-bag if you think her dancing is hot -
          so if you want to defend her, do it that way. It’s also completely
          understandable that 90% of the worlds population would think that she
          dresses and dances like a hooker.  

        • I didn’t say that they have to support a good view about someone lol. At first, they supported her, then they went on and  criticized her, isn’t it irony? Oh I do have a brain, better than yours who can’t understand a comment ( sry my attitude is how you treat me)

        • crescent_moon_at_midnight

          WHOA WHOA WHOA people. Debate is nice and stimulating for the brain, but I really do think insulting each other is crossing the line. Let’s keep things calm, shall we?
          Firstly, Simon and Martina didn’t criticize Hyuna–they criticized the image that she was assigned in the music video, and the general image of “dirty dancing”. Did they say it was “violating to the eyes” or whatever? If quoted individually, does it sound like they are insulting Hyuna? Yes. But if you look at the comments in context (read again: in context), you’ll see that they’re not directed at her, nor are they about her. They are about the “dirty dancing” image.  Secondly, they are supposed to criticize. This is what they do. This is the whole point of Music Mondays. Even if they gush about something, they always find something to criticize, even if it’s just the hilarious use of Engrish or any overused cinematography. 

        • crescent_moon_at_midnight

          Again, if you listen back to what they say and put it in context, you’ll see that they don’t mean that Hyuna herself is a violation to the eye, and such. It’s the “dancing” that she does. 

    • although the companies push their employees, i think at hyuna’s position, she must have a say in everything. she must have the voice to express her opinions. it can be true that the boss of cube is forcing in to the extreme, but since hyuna is valuable to his company, would he REALLY ignore her all the time?

  131. Psh, I mostly ignore the Hyuna part b/c JS is so cool!

  132. Agree in the part were u compare Hyuna to Girls Generation… I mean she shouldn’t make weird faces and poses .. instead she should show her sexiness with the dancing and presence..
     yeah just like Girls Generation :) .

  133. oh my gosh, I totally thought stripper when I saw the video…I was waiting for her to loose what little she was wearing! they could have done such cool femme fatale things with the concept.
    I’m voting T-ara. at least their sexy seemed like they were powerful and in control. not quite sure about the ending of their video though.  Did she eat the guy? was she looking for seconds? or was she sex crazed cause she’s an animal (cat?wolf?)

  134. Totally agree with you guys !!! im a Hyuna fan but this is really dissapointing because like you guys say she is not showing her talents …she is showing only her body…….
    well the thruth hurts …but is the sad reality ..

  135. Since the only American TV show I’ve watched in the past year has been Game of Thrones months ago, too much time has passed of only watching kdramas and kpop music videos. I felt traumatized watching the Troublemaker music video. XD So, I guess I agree with you guys 100%. Cube should have just let Hyunseung release a solo album, since that’s what it sounds like anyways on this mini. :/

  136. sooo… dissapointed. i love watching kpop videos for the different styles compared to the us vids but this video… ugh. really? It could have been so good, but its really bad. T^T

  137. Appreciated that you guys were being honest while keeping the humor.

  138. <3 your tiny x-mas tree! oh and i almost peed myself watching this! haha they are pretty bad spy worse then Myung Wol….. *yea im watrching cuz of u Martina! and it is good!*

  139. “uncalled for violation of my eyes”

  140. Bo peep no competition. Hyuna does look like a cat in heat but seriously they were doing some raunchy stuff that made Hyuna’s work look like a baby. T-ara, you girls won the raunchy award :3

  141. Thank you! Finally I’m not alone. I thought that Troublemaker could have had a super awesome tango like in the song Tango Maureen in RENT because that would be sexy but for reasons other than stripper type of sexy and would allow them to dance together in a classic way. I had been hoping for a super amazing tango and was disappointed. Please Cube, let them do a super cool tango!

  142. Great…now I can’t unhear Cubble Maker….DARN YOU!!!

  143. Indeed. Hyuna is freakin 19 years old girl. She is not a sex tool >:(

    • 19? Wooooow… she looks older, a lot…. but i think its the same with Suzy, i was shocked when a friend told me she was 17/18

      • She was born in 1992, which is the same year as me. It’s the image that she is portraying made her look much older.

        Look at IU. IU is only one year younger than Hyuna (she was born in 1993), but why are they looking so difference? Because the producer or company made Hyuna act sexy and bubblepopping and stuff…while IU’s producer made her act cute and Disneyish like a 16 years old girl.

        Hyuna can be something else that is not sexy, seductive type of woman. It’s not her time yet :(

  144. I think every feeling of disappointment that I have in Hyuna stems from the fact that the first time I saw her, she was in a sweet dance battle, which you guys might be interested in watching. GaIn from BEG and Kara’s Nicole fell into the awful Pointless Sexy Trap, but then Hyuna and Minzy came on and I was like, YES, finally, ladies who are seriously dancing! … and then Bubble Pop happened and I’m stillllllllllll waiting for Hyuna to actually dance again…

    • That was a cool video. I agree Ga In’s dancing was really weak, but I felt like Nicole’s and Hyuna’s dance were equally as sexy, although Nicole’s dancing wasn’t as fluid as Hyuna’s and no where near Minzy’s. 

    • That was a cool video. I agree Ga In’s dancing was really weak, but I felt like Nicole’s and Hyuna’s dance were equally as sexy, although Nicole’s dancing wasn’t as fluid as Hyuna’s and no where near Minzy’s. 

  145. though the song is good but Hyuna’s rap part kinda ruin it ..they should have remove the rap part as she don’t have talent on that ..i like kpop because of it’s classiness and innocense portrayed on MV’s but if they start on this cheap sexiness , i rather watch American Mv’s then which has all the sexiness.you want to see

  146. I agree with you guys, honestly. I feel like there are 2 Hyunas — onstage and off. Pelvic-thrusting aside, I thought Change was a really fierce solo song for her. Bubblepop was cute, too, but the video kinda ruined it for me. Cube is really trying hard to market her as this uber sexy chick (which she CAN be), but it feels like they’re trying waaaay too hard. Hyuna CAN dance (case in point – her mock dance battle with Jay Park on Star King), but her recent videos haven’t exactly proven that. I like Hyuna, but not like this.

  147. uuuuh for once (actually the 2nd time but anyways) the video i voted for is chosen and you didn’t put the names at the ending D: cruel wooooooorld ! whyyyyyy !?

    the mv is pretty ridiculous but i too much loved the song to actually notice it. overall i pretty much agree though.

  148. I kinda agree, but i feel like after watching Koda Kumi’s videos, ones like these are like watching kindergartners play.

  149. Did you guys make it so it automatically goes to the MV when your MM ends??? 

  150. I completely agree, i think hyunseung totally OWNED IT compared to Hyuna! even if you watch their performance live, hyunseung definetely shows his talent more than Hyuna. They even song a little bit of this song in ballad and AGAIN Hyunseung owned it. compared to american music vids, this is not that bad.. but the storyline didn’t make alot of sense! I do agree that the song is catchy.

  151. don’t ever change your music mondays MUSIC!!!!!! it brings back memories~~

  152. Thanks you guys.  I love the fact that you came to the point of what is wrong with a lot of songs that would otherwise be 100% GREAT, if they had not tried to make the MV all about sleez and sex.  The song IS amazing.  Very jazzy, very hip.  But man!  Then they just threw SLEEZY all over the MV and cheapened it in ways only K-Pop does these days.  I hope they hear this review and hope they take to heart that there is a fine line between “sexy” and “sleezy” a very defined line too!  They have been doing TOO MUCH SLEEZ as of late!  And I’m with you, I’m no prude, I just consider myself sophisticated enough to know the difference when I’m being sold “SLEEZE” vs. “SEXY!”  Much love!

  153. I was excited about you guys finally reviewing this video, but it seemed like you guys just ranted on about Hyuna for 9 minutes. I mean, good points that you backed up, and I guess Hyuna was part of the focus of the video, but I feel like too much of the music monday was spent saying how too sexy Hyuna was. I got it after the first 2 or 3 minutes.

  154. this was a one good review. thaaank you. 

  155. although i did like the song A LOT, they video was kinda weird for me. i wanted to see you guys review it because i knew it would be funny (the spy part) plus i really wanted to know what you guys think about it! thanks for the review!

  156. Oh gosh FINALLY some sound minds!!
    I’ve always thought that HyunA CAN’T dance!

    Even since the beginning I was unbiased an trying to find videos of her “great dancing” all I found were videos of her gyrating her body whilst rubbing herself and making blowup-sex doll faces!
    Sure sex sells but they should find a way to portray it better, like say SNSD in Tell me your wish, the leg dance was hella sexy but not porn-like, RaNias dr feel good was SUPER sexy but it didn’t make you feel like a pervert while watching
    HyunA, if you do have ANY talent, please show it!

  157. As for “Trouble Maker”, I was very pleasantly surprised by the song and the collab. There should be more stuff like this in Kpop! The video itself was very pretty and sexy. But like you mentioned, it’s too sexy… and Hyuna’s facial expressions are too much/many… becoming unintentionally hilarious. But if this was Hyuna’s FIRST time being nauseatingly sexy in a video, it would totally work and surprise everyone. Instead, in our minds, the memory of Hyuna’s videos gets all mixed together in some BubbleMaker/TroublePop blend of butt shaking, pouty come-hither looks and boob thrust.  XD

  158. I do have to disagree in some ways, specifically that “only horny guys” would enjoy this video, considering I very much enjoyed it, and I’m very much gay and not the remotest bit interested in boobs or vaginas.  I think Hyuna looked fierce.  To me, that’s what matters more in the long run.     Perhaps it comes from being into a lot of western pop music and not being solely interested in Asian pop like a lot of people are, maybe my expectations and conceptions are different than most.  Spending nearly ten minutes talking solely about that seems arbitrary to me.  

    You see other pop stars doing this sort of thing as well, Hyuna reminded me a lot of Koda Kumi in some of her shots.  The review just seemed unfairly focused on Hyuna’s acting, and failed to paint an accurate full feeling of the song.  

    Not feeling the Kpop supremacy thing you got going on either, really.  Pop music is pop music, distinctions of country and language are moot, especially with Kpop, which owes so much of its sound to Western pop music. 

  159. oh gosh! i totally agree with u after i watch mv….what kind of spy are they???haha

  160. I could totally care less about Hyuna in all honesty, the only reason I watched the music video in the first place was because of Hyunseung and I was upset he wasn’t mentioned more. Especially because the song seems less like a song by both of them and more like Hyunseung’s song with Hyuna being featured in it.
    In terms of Hyuna’s ‘sexiness’, it actually made me laugh because she tried too hard and it doesn’t come off as sexy to me at all. I tend to think that about most kpop girls though when they try to be sexy, it really doesn’t work. 

  161. In my opinion, the perfect example of CLASSY SEXY KPOP is seen in “Abracadabra” by The Brown Eyed Girls. For me it’s the best kpop MV I’ve ever seen, seriously. Cool choreography, sexy-but-not-slutty outfits, an understandable plot, the video represents the song perfectly and ultimately it’s very memorable. <3

  162. for the record, there is more english in the song than just troublemaker… i heard “never stop” and “won’t stop” …just saying…LOL xD

  163. im not trying to suck up here or anything, I TOTALLY AGREE WITH EVERYTHING YOU’VE SAID IN THIS REVIEW! thumbs up! i always think the same about Hyuna being made to act like a stripper instead of a Kpop dancer.

  164. I thought just the same thing !! I love that you just say everything you want 
    I don’t really dislike hyuna but the role she has just makes you think about her differently, I am sure that she isn’t like that in the first place. They should see that this role of her gives her a lot of disvantage and change it quickly so that we see an other side of her …
    anyways I vote for t-ara, I just saw the 19+ version and I was really shocked to see this in a     K pop music video O_O that toped hyuna !!

  165. When they kept saying Troublemaker I had no idea what they were saying.
    I was seriously confused.

  166. When I first watched Troublemaker it instantly reminded me of another (Japanese) collaboration between two major stars earlier this year. I was actually kind of glad that there was a lot of “interaction” between Hyuna and JS, because in that collaboration there was basically no interaction whatsoever between the two, even though they had dance sequences together. After watching your review I’ve changed my mind though, it’s a much classier way of showing sexiness. I have no idea if you’ve ever heard of the song but it’s called Unusual by Namie Amuro ft. Yamashita Tomohisa. Here is a link: http://en.musicplayon.com/play?v=311888

    I’d really love to hear your thoughts on this video as compared to Troublemaker!

    • So I had to click on the link because I’ve liked the things I’ve seen of both Namie Amuro and Yamapi, so I had to see their collaboration. What I really liked about their song was that I didn’t think one outshone the other, they were actually collaborating. And in all honesty, I think Namie came off as more sexy than Hyuna, maybe because she wasn’t trying to force it?

      Anyway, thanks for providing the link! Its led to a new favorite song for me.

  167. Seeing a comment down below said something about Hyunahs change, and as soon as i read that i spazzed, since i had completely forgotten how much i had liked that song. i really wish they let her do a concept like that again. Her crotch/inner thigh touching is just a bit awkward for me to handle.

  168. ok, I get the Hyuna thing, but what about Hyunseung? I watched the video only for him and wasn’t disappointed, being honest, I can’t care less about Hyuna… I just had eyes for Hyunseung the whole video… but you barely mentioned him… just Hyuna this Hyuna that… really? this song is very good, I love Hyunsegung voice, acting, dancing… its good to see him outside of B2st, to get more recognition and stuff, I was hoping for you to mention him more :(

  169. I really agree with everything you said about Hyuna’s management team taking things to a ridiculous level… but I feel that this video was mostly about that. And though you did mention JS he didn’t get mentioned much. Which is completely unfair seeing as he seems to carry them vocally. I was looking forward to your take on his dancing and vocals as well but it didn’t happen so it was disappointing. 

  170. I so agree with you guys this time. What thoughtful review, really liked it ^^

  171. u go guys .. we love kpop cuz of the innocence and unhornines … but now they r just starting to make it like same old american look at my p*ss* videos  .. soo not cool

  172. sometimes i feel uncomfortable watching her videos sometimes

  173. I love Ga-In :]

  174. Ok, my comment is not about your video review but am I seeing a cooking range/washer combo??? WTF!

  175. i agree with you guys!  And after having seen the other video today for the first time too, i pick troublemaker (yeah I know…)

    And way deserving a 3 out of 5, specially if you watch a live perf

    PD:wtf? poor spudy I thought its tongue was going to fall off from craving the peanut butter… Bad Martina!!!

  176. oh yeah thank you guys. I totally agree with you “So that’s it. Great song, really. But we can’t enjoy it as much after being so thoroughly upset by this crappy video.”

  177. i had this song on my head all day and your review was so enjoyable. the failed spy thing was absolutely spot on!!! maybe you guise could teach at their spy school? :P

    i, too, totally love this song. the whistling was sooo addictive. but yes, i don’t really like the overly sexy concept they have for this co-ed unit. i think the company wants to make JS popular through hyuna and her sex appeal. (nice to see you guise actually referring to him as “JS”. it’s suppose to be his stage name for trouble maker but most of us are stuck with hyunseung.)

    this might be random but the justin timberlake-sexy back thing at the beginning was a nice coincidence with seungri’s birthday…

  178. I agree with u guys! I feel the same way. Some people defend it saying, so what if their being sexy? I, sont mind it, if its done in a classy way.

    Plus Hyuna just seems to be looking sexy in the video. Her rap part is okay, and she gets outshined by Hynseung on vocals. Anyways, the whistling saved this song. Only reason why I like it. Oh, and Hyunseung. He shows off his talents here.

  179. I’m from listeners ….. beast … To watch the video .. Amounts of strongly .. At the top of debauchery … The occasion of the Korean media has obscured some of the footage song ^ ^ Thank you

  180. Yeah I hate how they portray Hyuna these days.
    Since Change they just put MORE and MORE slutty sexiness in videos and performances for her to do while that ISNT who she is AT ALL.
    And you can just see her being uncomfortable sometimes.. i really dislike it.
    I really really like her and I’m kind of tired of all the people putting her in a discomfortzone over and over again. She is way too beautiful to have to do this kind of thing.
    People would still think she is sexy without those high heels and mini dresses.

  181. I’ve always like Kpop for it’s classiness… so I totally agree with everything you said. There is enough cheap sexiness in the american music industry so I’m sad when it happens to my favorite Kpop music to.  I was also really creeped out by the dead look in Hyuna’s eyes. Like she isn’t trying anymore? Very sad waste of talent.

  182. I agree with you both on most of the video, but I felt that this review was a bit biased towards Hyuna. The song and Hyunsueng were barely mentioned in this video. I thought that the song was great–sounds a little different than what we were used to with the whistling and the chorus. And I think JS did a great job at stepping out of his comfort zone and playing a persona he wasn’t quite used to playing–with someone as overwhelming as Hyuna for that matter. 

    Thanks you guys! Your videos are great!

  183. The reason why it is so high in KPopChart is probably because at the top of the KPopChart page stands “we’ll feature the winner for our next KPop Music Mondays” and it’s kind of confusing… I know it’s experimental, and I’m not reproaching you guise anything, and I luuuv you guise. I’m just worrying that as long as this confusion remains, the Battle KPop Of The Year results will be biased.

    • Yeah… I feel bad because when I started voting I didn’t realize it was for the Kpopchart and was voting for music Monday. I went back and voted for all the stuff I REALLY think should win for the chart but it just sucks that I ended up voting for stuff that I would like to see reviewed (like this video) but don’t think should be the best music videos of the year. I am sure other people did that a lot too. I wish we had a do-over!

      • …and I don’t think any of the videos released earlier this year have the slightest chance against U Kiss’ Tick Tack, because so many voters just want it to be reviewed. And it’s a bit sad. (Or maybe it’s actually the best video of the year way before any other, and I’m just unable to figure why)

  184. @emily there is nothing french in this song, the mv and the choreography -_-’ I’m french and I know what is a “french feel” in a song. French feel= Edith Piaf or arccordion most of the time ^^

  185. “Great song, really. But we can’t enjoy it as much after being so thoroughly upset by this crappy video. ”
    Exactly my thought. I particularly like the whistling part (which is the original part if you think about it… though Morricone did it years ago… but anyways), crappy videos makes me throw a song away because when I listen to music, I picture things in my head (which is why I run into street lamps all the time) but when a video comes in and spoils my mental picture, it annoys me.
    Well, decent-looking but boring videos do that too…
    I’m difficult… and all the more with Kpop because I like it so much…

  186. But… that… wasn’t the case…   LOL

  187. Mixed feelings.

  188. There is no Hyunseung in this review? Hyuna wasn’t so bad that there should be no Hyunseung. I’ll help you…Hyunseung’s vocals carry the song but they should have had him actually dance during his dance break versus jazz hands.
    I’m going to disagree with this review. *shrugs* The issues with Hyuna in this video shouldn’t be her posing because EVERYONE in kpop does over the top poses. She just does the sexy concept a bit more and she’s doing it in a co-ed unit. The issue should be that she is basically featuring on the song LOL.

    Also Hyuna can actually dance…much like SNSD’s Hyo she’s a fan of the popping and locking…and we’re also going to have to disagree about The Boys because that routine is a hot mess live while Troublemaker is pretty good.
    Now if you want to talk about it looking like someone is going to blow someone then look at the lives and watch the backup dancers on the left side of 2Hyun about 20 seconds before the end of the performance LOL. Her leg on his shoulder and his head DIVES.

  189. A question though – why are you bagging on Hyuna, but praising Hyunseung for being a pimp because he has chicks dancing on him? 

  190. ohhh I really really love this song and mv!! i think its appropriately sexy actually and hyuna and hyunseung compliment each other well in this! when I saw this I thought hyuna looked like a geisha, she has a really exotic and beautiful look about her that I love now <3 and they both seem to have amazing rhythm just like this song <3 and although I do agree, I would love much more choreography in this video, I think the little that they have is actually really good and catchy <3

    and I love the french electro-pop feel to this song, mv, and choreography!

    and as always i love you guys!
    no matter what you guys make me laugh!! <3 never stop making videos!!

  191. Hyuna and JS! troublemaker

  192. I voted for it because of the song. I was a little put off by the video. I’m not quick to identify KPop stars (or even know their names), so I didn’t realize at first that Hyuna was in it until she did the hand between the legs moves. I really don’t want to have to recognize her as the “hands between her legs” girl. ^^;;

    I really enjoy the song because it does remind me of the Timberlake songs I like a lot. It actually feels/sounds similar to his and Ciara’s “Love, Sex, and Magic.”

  193. Why do I agree with you all the time? OH Yeah! You make a great point!

  194. I am glad that there are so many people who agree that Hyuna is not really being that sexy. It bothers me when people defend her being trashy. I honestly like Hyuna, but I think that she is doing too much and not letting her confidence as being one of the fairer sex shine. Once again I agree that I actually love the song, but I hate the video.

  195. The video looks like some cheesy spy film to me,and I think Hyuna cannot actually sing tbh, search the MR removed live of troublemaker 

  196. Your issue with Hyuna is my issue with Hyuna… she’s too slutty – that might be a bad choice of word, but I think you know what I mean >.<' (and just for the record, I'm saying that as a girl who's bi but wouldn't date a girl acting like this ^^)

  197. guys the share on f button is out of its place

  198. Video is still loading, but I read the post, and just… thank you.  Thank you so much.  I expressed this opinion about her ONCE in a public forum and was basically told I was backwards, uneducated and needed to figure out what sexy is all about.  I despair for the new generations, since it seems there is a decreasing awareness of the fact you can be sexy and CLASSY at the same time. 

    Also, you two reviewing this is basically what I consider the cliff’s notes version for me.  I tried to watch it, because I LOVE HyeunSeung.  I got about 75 seconds and shut it off because I couldn’t even listen to the song.  HyunA’s wiggling was annoying me too much.  D:

    Now to go watch, since the 720p just finished loading.

  199. THANK THE SWEET LORD! finally someone who actually makes sense and that i can actually nod my head to and agree to what you’re saying! You guys are totally on it.  I agree with every single thing you said hands down.  AGREE AGREE.  I have been trying to say this the entire time but off course I’m terrible at wording so everyone just took it that i was a Hyuna hater but you guys managed to put my thoughts and feelings into eloquent words and I am so very very happy about this. I feel like i wasn’t just being overly judgmental about it anymore now that I can see your reasoning behind thinking this. Thank you again. <3 RESPECT!

  200. this review need more hyunseung ^^

  201. YEY! I waited for this again. and it’s past 4 here. :)

  202. lol too slow… wanted to be the first comment haha

  203. I agree with you guys to an extent, i was excited for this collaboration duet and i like the song. Though i think i was far less troubled by Hyuna’s antics, i liked her song ‘Change’, i somewhat despised the admittedly catchy song ‘Bubble Pop’ and quite liked her performances of ‘Follow me’ which is such a better style for her, no sexy dancing involved, but still oozing hot charisma from her confidence and rap, she should just stick to that style because everything else is too much..
    Anyway back to troublemaker, i cringe sometimes at the dancing but i paid much more attention to Hyunseung (a little bit of fangirling here and there), his voice and his dancing made me like the song but Hyuna… well she made it sell.

  204. I actually agree with what you said about Hyuna, but she is not the only one in the video, so 
    I guess this review was kind sloppy, what about Hyunseung? what about the plot?

  205. Well, I’m not really a fan of this video too~ Hyuna is cute and sexy and all, but for teasing a pretty innocent Hyunseung is kinda… ehm, I just don’t like it. It’s not that provocative, but I think this song has it’s own charm if you listen to~ [before they destroy it with the music video]. i can’t even thought about what is actually they wanted to picture about. Spies? Couple eaten by jealousy? And the flame! I mean, how could you burn things just by throwing a zippo over the floor? *sigh* Sorry, I don’t mean to bash. It’s just… ah, nevermind.

  206. where’s your video?? the mv is what pops up in both links for me… weird…

    from  your written comment though… i gotta say, i think you guys are being a little bit harsh! i thought she was gorgeous and sexy, and i honestly wouldn’t even have noticed the sex-faces that much if you hadn’t mentioned them. i’m not a hyuna fan (dunno who she is, i usually only like lusting after pretty k-pop boys) and i’m a girl so it’s not like i’m someone on their high horse trying to defend someone i irrationally love… just saying.

    i kinda liked the whole “James Bond”-esque feel of the video… i think it makes sense for her to be sexy like that if she’s supposed to be portraying one of the sexy bad Bond girls…

    my only issue with this video is that that lil boy looks way too young to be sexed up by her like that… lol!

  207. i honestly agree with all you said. see if i said half the things you said on the music video itself i’d be considered a hyuna hater right a way -.- when i don’t even hate her nor do i doubt she has talent, im sure she does, but this kind of dancing and the expressions shes giving are REALLY hiding her true talent, which obviously bothers me and many other viewers. I also hate it when people compare this to american music.. this is KOREAN music, thats AMERICAN music. their standards are very different than the standards here in america and north america.. its a given many will think they went too far in the video. 

    Either way, someone asked about hyunseung.. eh in all honesty i didn’t like him before much, but now im starting to. he looks pretty good in the video. and before anyone gets on my butt for generalizing with gender and sexism, he’s not topless nor is he doing stripper moves (not from what i see anyway). well that’s my input, and i’m sorry if i offended anyone, just getting tired for being called a hater, when i just disapprove of her style of performance ~ 

  208. yes same here, i dislike the concept Cube has given Hyunseung and hyuna.as long as i dont really like hyuna role here , i enjoy the song. And i feel that this album has drag hyunseung down. =( he’s a amazing dancer and singer but sort of think sexy concept with hyuna is not a idea.


  210. I don’t know how to say this, because it’s never happened before.  I…disagree!  Do I think she’s doing a super sexy, look at how sexy I am sexy dance?  Yessiree she sure is, but she’s doing that in an atmosphere that really disapproves.  Even after all of the criticism she got for Bubble Pop.  It’s like she just flipped everyone the bird, said, “Oh, you didn’t like that?  How about this!”  Good for her.  You go with your pole dancing self Hyuna.   

  211. Wait! But What about HyunSeung??

    • Huh? You mean there was someone else in that video? *clicks replay*

      …..loljks :p Actually his voice was the only thing I heard other than the whistling. Weird how it’s actually higher pitched than Hyuna.

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