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Troublemaker – Troublemaker: Kpop Music Mondays

December 12, 2011


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We really didn’t like this video. A lot of people seem to love it, though, as it’s currently ranking 3rd for video of the year on our KpopCharts, so we’re worried that a lot of people are going to be upset with this review. Ah well. If you haven’t seen the video yet, you can see it here before we rip into it some more:

To begin with, we want to counter the people that are going to rush to defend Hyuna. We are not calling her a slut, or a skank, or anything like that. This video in no way reflects her sexuality or her promiscuity. We are also not against being sexy in videos, so long as it’s done right. When it’s done like this, though, for no other reason than to give you boners (or ladyboners), then we think it’s trash.

This is more than just showing some skin or wearing tight outfits. Hyuna’s wardrobe choices are the least of our complaints. Our real issue with the video is that Hyuna’s not showing any talent; or, more specifically, the only talents she’s showing are those of a stripper.

Her dancing sucks, and she’s hiding it behind all of the sex faces she’s making, hoping that you won’t notice, because you’ve got a chubble going on (we’re tempted to call this video “Chubble Maker” instead). Compare Hyuna to Girls’ Generation’s “The Boys”: in the latter, they’ve got an awesome dance going on: crisp, in sync, and to the beat. The closeups you see of their faces show them singing or looking pretty. Hyuna, on the other hand, crawls on the ground, bends over and sticks her hand between her legs, touches the inside of her thighs, lower’s her face to JS’s crotch (which suggests she’s going to blow him), rubs her ass on his back, bites her lips and fingers and rubs her face. See what we’re saying? Girls’ Generation are sexy because they’re confident. Hyuna’s acting sexy because she’s treating this like a soft porn. Girls’ Generation show their talent in their videos. Hyuna’s dancing like she wants you to stuff a dollar down her cleavage.

That’s the main issue we have with Hyuna. We don’t like how North American videos are trashy. We like how Kpop, in our opinion, is becoming popular because of its hard working ethic and rigorous training, which you can see through the awesome dancing of Kpop idols. The marketing strategy for Hyuna, though, casts this all to the wind, and lets lazy, talentless, sexiness take the place of what we think was a major factor in Kpop’s awesomeness. We’re not saying that Hyuna is talentless. She may very well be quite talented. She’s just doing her best to hide it from us and make sex with her face and body instead.

Hyuna Sex Face

Hello men. Look at your lady, now back at me, now back at your lady, now back at me. Does she look like me? I hope not, because that would be stupid

Whatever. Sex sells, and Cube Entertainment is laughing with Hyuna all the way to the spank bank. In the next video, when Hyuna’s going to be singing over a fun, bubbly chorus about dating or cheating or having fun, and she covers herself in oil and rubs herself on the crotches of her backup dancers, the video will get a bagillion views again, they’ll all get boatloads of money, and we’ll still be equally unimpressed.

So that’s it. Great song, really. But we can’t enjoy it as much after being so thoroughly upset by this crappy video. The spy theme was stupid for the many reasons we pointed out, and Hyuna’s MESOHORNY acting was offensively bad. Definitely one of our least favourite videos of the year, almost as bad as Teen Top’s “No More Perfume on You”.

Since we still like the song, though, we do recommend that you pick up the CD, which you can do by clicking on the link below:


And, though we were grumpy in this video, we did still have some bloopers. Yay!



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Troublemaker – Troublemaker: Kpop Music Mondays


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