For this week’s Kpop Music Monday we review TVXQ’s “Before You Go” and uncover the secrets of the NDI

To begin with, let’s just say that we almost, almost didn’t do TVXQ this week. We almost did Infinite’s “Nothing’s Over,” which had a surprisingly huge amount of votes. We knew that when TVXQ came out that we’d probably be reviewing it, but – really – they only beat out Infinite by, like, 50 votes. Ahh! Anyhow, the Infinite video is awesome, if you haven’t seen it already. You can still vote for it for next week’s Music Monday :D

Back to TVXQ’s “Before You Go” – wow! Was this ever an awesome video! We were a bit disappointed with Super Junior M’s “Perfection” last week because the video didn’t really have anything to it. Some people even commented and said that that’s just SM Entertainment’s style: get good looking guys dancing well in weird rooms. TVXQ’s “Before You Go,” though totally proves otherwise. Cool story, fight scenes, even a matrix camera! The lighting and coloring in the video was really great as well (coming from video nerds like us). All around, this is a really good video, and, when you also look at their Keep Your Head Down video, it seems like there’s a lot of money that can go into TVXQ’s movie budget.

That doesn’t stop us from noticing tiny things about it, though. One of the things we didn’t mention was the small mistake in the opening sequence, which you might not notice because it goes by so quickly. But we, whenever we review a video, look at it frame by frame, because we’re nerds like that. Ahh!

TVXQ Before You Go

Yes, we nitpick over continuity errors

Also, you’ll notice near the end of the video, when Max gets punched in the face, that he doesn’t time his reaction to the punch with, well, the punch. Guy takes punch, guy follows through with punch, but Max’s face remains in place. Only afterwards does he move his face. But we’ve got a theory as to why they did this:

TVXQ Before You Go

Max doesn't really get punched in the face, only because fangirls would kill the guy. CASSIES UNITE!

Aaaanyhow, don’t think of this as us complaining about the video. We still love the video and prefer it to most of the videos that are coming out lately. We’re…just…bored! Also, we just found out that TVXQ released the full version of “Before You Go” today, after we already filmed and edited Music Monday. It’s a whopping 16 minutes long, and doesn’t have the face-touching dance.

About what we said in our video, though: does anyone actually know what the NDI is? Like we said, we googled it to try to find out what it means, but couldn’t find any legitimate answers. We even went frame by frame in the headquarters when you can see NDI written on the walls. Below the initials there’s some fuzzy writing that looks like National Defence…something! But the internets provides us with no answers! We’re just amazed at the budget of this video: they had enough time to put those imprints on the glass? Sweet!

Ahh. So that’s it for now. As always, JB and Annie from [닉쑤] Enjoy Your Happy Life~* are awesome for so diligently translating all of our videos into Korean. Huzzah! Also, if you’re a big TVXQ fan, they just repackaged their album to include new tracks, new posters, and other things to make fangirls squeal. Before You Go is on the album as well. If you’re interested in getting it shipped to you, no matter where you are in the world, you can get it through the link below. Yeah!

Dong Bang Shin Ki - Keep Your Head Down (Repackage) (CD + Poster in Tube)

  2. in one of your previous MM you guys talked about the fact that changmin doesn’t have a superpower. Well….. this vid shows he does.
    P.S. and martina is this what you meant when you wanted to have TOP-shi during fantastic baby??

    Changmin and Jaejoong were my biases when they were together as five :)Have you guys heard of the female version of DBSK? CSJH? they’re really amazing! :D 

  4. why does this have a super junior tag??

  5. I really love Before U go! esp dance ver

  6. I don’t know if you ever figured it out but NDI Stands for NATIONAL DEFENSE INSTITUTION.

  7. another good music video that is like a movie is SG wannabe’s partner for life. absolutely great!

  8. rebecca black parody!!! FTW!!!

  9. where is the king? I’ve been into this site for 3 hours now! :( someone who can help me…

  10. for mine is TVXQ before you go it’s my favorite movie and mv in my whole life

  11. If not for CassPH’s scavenger hunt game, I wouldn’t have stumbled upon this amazing blog. Your take on TVXQ’s Before U Go is totally awesome and totally hilarious! ^^ Currently stalking your other vlogs. I love the vlog about the box and the BB cream. I might try it out sometime. :DD

    God bless! :)


    In other news, Changmin looks so good in that video hehe :D

  13. Simon, your shirt seems a little bit inappropriate. Or is it just me..?

  14. for me TVXQ Before u go

    So Cool. They really awesome

  15. you guys are HILARIOUS :))
    honestly, i wishh i could be your child (i love my mom&dad tooo) but seriously, you're both sooo funny and creattive, i can telll you guys put it soo much work into these. THANKS FOR MAKING MY MONDAYS (& wednesdays) :D
    p.s. the part with simon and the box in his shirt was SO FUNNNY hahahaaa

  16. I just love your video's they really make my day ^.^
    It's just a pity that i can't download your home made songs i find them realy cool :)

  17. Wow this video is so nice:D!! Changmin and Yunho are really great singers, and their acting is quite good too. Hey I just saw that on 8:41, NDI is National Defense Investigation.

  18. TVXQ, definitely!! Can you guy's do Infinite's Before the Dawn next week? PLEEEEEEEASE1

  19. Although I love Ga In, gotta say that TVXQ really stepped it up with this video =) TVXQ Fighting!
    I love Music Mondays!

  20. definitely tvxq!

  21. Gain > TVXQ

    Go Gain!! ^__^

  22. Ga-in's video was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo goood, its like one of my favourite music videos ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! except im really confused about whats going on though, but i still love it and the song is amazing to, the two just work together so nicely!!!!!!!!!!!!! and ga-in's hecka pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. "mafioso ass kicking cop video" ajajaajaj I love the way you said "maffioso".
    "How the heck did they miss that?" jaajajaj that was so funny. OMG I can't stop laughing..
    thank you thank you so much!!

    PD: who won the BB cd?


  24. Love the review on this one,,

    And as for which MV had a better storyline, I'd vote for Ga In~ totally awesome!!

  25. Oh you guys are totally awesome !! :DD
    I also vote for TVXQ !! :D Go TVXQ~!!! ^^
    AH yeah !! you should do ZE:A Here I am !! :D

  26. Cant wait for the result to be out. I hope its really Gain winning this. Sorry for spazzing your blog with comments but I really hope Gain can win this.

    P.S to Simon. I watch Arirang Heart to Heart today and I heard Gain’s name. YEAY!! Cheers to everyone who likes her. Her song is really different genre compared to the normal Kpop song

    GAIN’S MV 대박!!! ᄏᄏᄏ

  27. OMG LOL at Martina's Rebecca Black – Friday imitation "MONDAY MONDAY KPOP MUSIC MONDAY!" LMAO

  28. you should totally do Infinite's 다시돌아와 music video next week

  29. Ga-in's video had like a tango feel to it not that i don't like that, but tvxq was more daring and dangerous but love both MV's anyways.
    LOVEEEE your music Mondays its like the only thing i look forward to on Mondays.

  30. hahahaha.. simon`s T-shirt…

  31. LOVE the spudgy face-touching dance!! SOOOOO CUTE!!!

  32. I know that Gain might lose this round because TVXQ has such a big fanbase. But I knew the votes were very competitive, I am contented.

    So my vote goes to Gain =D

  33. I vote for TVXQ

  34. Gain should win, compare the dance, one is tango and one more is what!?

  35. my vote goes to Ga-in!

  36. the decoding book used is the "Goldfish" by Arthur Train…

    • HOLY CRAP! I thought we were the only people who looked into it that deep. Yes, we froze it on the page he was looking at, copied the text into Google, and found Goldfish. Couldn't really find anything interesting to do with it, though. It seems like they're using two different books, though: some of the text is in the Goldfish, while some of it isn't.

  37. Request: do PopMonday on Rebecca Black's "Friday".

    ok… I'm jk. Please don't stone me.

  38. TVXQ – but of course – can't stomach very many female k-singers or female k-groups – but then I have that same problem with female English singers to but wait I only listen to Kpop

  39. Ga-In! TVXQ was really good, but it was a complete new generation 2010 kinda music video movie. Ga-In just had the timeless classic feel. Retro-back. She wins in my book.

  40. Hey Simon and Martina, I just have a question – Have either of you heard of E.via? If you guys like hiphop/rap, you should check her out. Especially her songs that are blatantly about sex, C:

  41. Dear Simon and Martina

    Hi,I’m a fangirl of TVXQ living in Japan(not disaster areas).
    I’ve been so depressed since the huge earthquake and tsunami, but I laughed out loud today because of this video.
    I love it! I really like your humor!!
    Laughing is very important…
    Thank you so much^^
    I think Uknow and Max will fall down laughing at it if they watch this video^^

  42. Funny review as always :) I like that MV too. Using a book to know who is your next target was taken from "Secret Reunion" and there you've got NIS ;)
    Which is better – TVXQ or Ga In… for me it's a tie. When Ga In video concept is easier to follow than TVXQ, boy's video has many funny moments like mafia zombies ;) or that agent girl who kicks bad guys like Chuck Norris. half-turn kick by Chuck Norris was very popular a few years ago. In Poland at least. I don't know about other coutries.
    Anyway, you lift my mood with your videos, thank you :)

  43. 100% GaIn! ♥

  44. Because we have over 2000 people voting for TVXQ and we can only put 150 or so in our video. A lot of people are going to be left out. Sorry!

  45. i vote Ga In!! Ga In!! Ga In!! ALL THE WAY!!

    her mini movie is awesome!!

  46. I vote for Ga In!!!

    the whole MV style was very cool!! and it’s very emotional too.. i understand the storyline without knowing what is she talking about.. Ga In mini movie is definitely the best!!!

  47. Monday, Monday, Monday!!!

    LOL, you guys are always so amusing. keep up the good work! I really like the "conspiracy" section. maybe you can do that for other video clips? I think most kpop videos have a few "conspiracies"…

  48. Haha totally funny you using the wtf party blow up animal thingy as a gun. How fun to be at gun-point with one of those Parrrttteeeyyy!!!

  49. TVXQ vid was much better than GaIn's.
    you guys are always so observant! ididn't even notice that big box on CM …wtf? guess i was too busy looking at his face.lol

  50. Since Changmin is going undercover has a drug dealer or buyer (Im not sure which one). Im guessing that the "N" in NDI, stands for narcotics. So maybe it could be Narcotics Department/Division of Itaewon. IRK, im just taking a wild guess. On a side note, the video has a bunch of questionable actions. I love HoMin, but they make some horrible cops. How do you let someone go after he's killed two people and shot a cop?? Thankfully its just a mv, LOL.

  51. lmao! i love ur version of d dance part! lol! ur reviews of MVs r fantastic n hilarious as ever! i must say this is 1 of ur best! my vote goes to GaIn's "Irreversible". i love her!

  52. Oh lawd Simon your shirt is a win XDD and boxed chest LOLOLLL!!! I seriously didn't notice that!!! I am so glad that you picked this MV coz I am really anticipating you guys antics and as expected you made me more than just a giggling mess XDDD There were so many awkward scenes for this MV but I like it better than just them dancing for the whole MV^^ Plus, seeing SM did actually invest some $$ for this MV makes it even better.

    For the best dramatic MV, I chose GaIn's mv, no matter how much I love Yunho^^ I still think that GaIn's mv was really well made.

    Thanks guys for making my day up a few notches higher :D

  53. noooo rebecca black !! XD in any case you guys make my mondays sooo much happier, i really love your videos <3
    i choose TVXQ video of course! i like the mini movie video style …. well after this music monday now i feel like im gonna laugh at some parts for sure, but i still like it XD

    and pls!!!! next monday do Infinite's Nothing's over !!
    [i already left a vote :D ]

  54. TVXQ’s is way better than Gain’s no offense but I can see there’s more effort put in there and better responds back <3


  56. "before you go" for me
    you should have retro wed and do MV of the past

  57. …Simon, I love your shirt.
    My parents would kill me if I had 2 unicorns humping each other on my shirt.

  58. OMG! They are Vampires from Buffy The Vampire Slayer!

  59. I'm Definitely gonna have to go with Ga In it's such a powerful song I can really feel her emotion in it. Also for Music Mondays is it only limited to new kpop music videos or can we request older ones as well?

  60. OOOH I feel accomplished. :D I'm sure someone else has figured it out by now but I'll tell you anyways :D
    After watching the full version of the music video I discovered what NDI stands for: National Defense Investigation
    haha just thought I'd let you know in case you haven't figured it out yet. (:
    Love you guys ~~~ :D

    • Oh I just read the above comments and someone figured it out way before me -___-*
      *sulks in corner*
      Yeah, I'm feeling totally lame and outdone… LOL xD

  61. Hilarious review, thanks!

    TVXQ>Ga In

  62. music mondays are my favourite part of the week! lol.

  63. The NDI is a fictional and secretive National Defense program that basically copies the drama Iris' top secret organization NSS. Same organization basically but different name.

    Anyways, awesome video!!!!! You guys should really watch the huge 16 minute mv that was released yesterday!

  64. Of course: TVXQ… no doubt… but in actually, i didn´t see the GaI-In Videos, so… whatever
    (TVXQ fan heheh)
    From: Brazil
    To Korea, the Canadians in Korea.

  65. actally this isn't the FULL MV, the full one's supposedly out by now and its in total 16 minutes…so go check that out :]

  66. LOL. The cookie box. I was laughing so hard when Simon turned around. And while I don't really get how anyone can fight, let alone dance, in high heels, at least Yunho has danced just fine in tight clothes, and if you can dance TVXQ dances in tight clothes, you can fight in them too. Plus how much cooler is it to watch them fight with fists than just to kill off the mafia so easily with guns. Great job again, Simon and Martina!

    You should really watch their dances on the music stations. Then you should read this: http://sharingyoochun.net/2011/03/20/spazz-lord-v… … … XD.

  67. i don't really understand the short version
    while the 16mins is totally COOOOOOL
    it's so cool that i feel like the word awesome can't nearly describe how cool this video is
    ya there r gun that shoot out dust and a punch in the face seem to work better then gun
    BUT it's still a GREAT movie.. i mean mv
    there is sweet and sexy uknow… where else can my vote be

  68. Please do Infinite Nothing's Over for Music Monday next week. And my vote for the "better" mini movie goes to TVXQ.

  69. Ga In get's my vote (though those 16 min. were amaizing)
    And pleeeeaase please please review C.N.BLUE next time

  70. I choose Ga-in.

    It would be nice if you did a review of Infinite Nothing's Over.

  71. Martina you scared me shitless with the fryyyday rendition.

  72. I know that Infinite won't be able to win against TVXQ (even if there's only two of them) TT______TT

    but anyway is the old vote count? or we have to vote all over again?

  73. I say Gain's mv was better. It had a good story to it. I could actually keep up with what was going on even though I don't understand ANY korean at all. haha. SO yes I believe Gain should win this round. Plus her makeup, even though it is smudged, it still looks awesome.

  74. I vote TVXQ for the epic Matrix moves :) Ga'in's video is really well done though.
    I kinda thought the song related to the subplot where the double agent guy lost his girl to the guy he shot in the leg. It isolated him from the group so he didn't have any help when the mafia guy threatened his sister. I wish it was a movie too…then there would be subs for the dialog. I've only been able to find them for the actual song, but i really want to know what they are saying in the long version >:(

  75. Max Time!! Lol I'm still going around saying that lol. I can't wait to see their video. I love hot guys who are feds. I was thinking perhaps the organization is a play off of "IRIS" (that's what I first thought of seeing the teaser) but they couldn't use the exact organization for copyright issues so they changed it up a bit. Or it could be like the FBI or something. Usually in crime drama's or movies you mostly see the cop dressed a little more casually. Women wear jeans or black dress pants and a nice dressy shirt and the men wear dress pants and a nice dress shirt and sometimes a tie depending on the character (see "NCIS", "Law & Order" franchise). In "IRIS" though the female's dressed up for work. Lol at Simon stealing Martina's cookies. Yeah, I'm sure they went through all that mafia stuff over stolen cookies lol.

  76. Clearly they're the National Drycleaners Institute. It's the only explanation for why they're dressed so nicely :p

  77. Liked this music monday a lot!
    You guys did a wonderfull job again.
    The fact that it was first dark and then light in the mv has to do something with Max' power in the keep your head down mv!
    Keke finally SM is putting a storyline in their mv's but my vote goes to Ga-in,
    I Really loved the song and the mv, wich goes perfectly with the lyrics

  78. I vote for Ga In.^^

  79. I vote for Gain! The MV story and the song really matched! I really love it!
    Everything was a story, the lyrics, the music video, her acting and that guy! really awsome!

    :D Thanks for the amaizing video! As always!

  80. although i like ga-in's mv, i will vote for tvxq

  81. this one is too bias! alot of HOMIN fans will vote.

    I VOTE GA-IN , because her video was really good! the whole story was amazing!! fighting!

  82. GA-IN totally beats TVXQ in the MV. her video was a whole story and more!!! with amazing acting!

  83. Hey is that the roof to your guys' apartment? If so that is pretty cool.

    Also I'll just leave this here… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pi00ykRg_5c

  84. I definitely vote for TVXQ. I tried to watch the Ga In's mv but found her situation awkward and couldn't really get past her clingyness.
    But for Before You Go, I had actually seen before this and even then I loved the video. I WISH it was a real movie. I'd watch it in a heartbeat.
    Good choice.

  85. i love u guys! and the sotry was hot and tons of eyecandy for fangirls
    changmin has gotten really sexy lately imnot complaining i just need the to perform shirtless atleast once
    and i vote TVXQ

  86. What was funny for me (especially in short version) is the fact that Yunho was actually saving Max. Well, there was the heroine in the MV and in short version she wasn't really needed (in longer also). Initially I was expecting, that she will be the one to be rescued, but throughout the video she was nothing more than Yunho's girl xD (in short version I actually didn't know even that :P )

    It was first time for me to watch full Ga In's MV and I really love it! So I'll go with Ga In :) But I don't think she is able to win over HoMin :P

  87. lol. i JUST got the LOST reference right now. great video you guys.

  88. I love films like TVXQ MV so I my vote goes to… GaIn… JOKING! ^^ Of course I voted for TVXQ! ChangMin look so sexy with gun ^^

  89. OH GOD NO PLEASE NOT THAT SONGGGG LOL It took me forever to get it out of my head D: LOL That Friday song…………… = ='

    My Thoughts exactly about that rooftop thing and the lets go to the person's hide out with the person you don't trust. LOL

    I wanna go with Ga In~ :D <3

  90. Guns are illegal in S. Korea, so may be they do not "enjoy" the concept of shooting people (not that anyone should enjoy that).

  91. TVXQ totally win this challenge. Lee Seung Gi has the best story music videos though :D

  92. I will go to TVXQ. However, maybe because the MV was released at the beginning of last week with only story. But they performed the choreography on stages in MB, MC and Ikigayo last week, and the full-version MV has been released today. I thought you would film this during last wee, but I still expected you could have up-dated to cover the dance. The actual choreography of the song is sexy and epic. The full story can be understandable.

  93. I vote for Ga- In. Her music video tells a story of an emotionally broken down girl, which does have meaning in it. :)

  94. Ga In's mini movie was more awesome!!
    She jumped and killed someone =X totally cool!!
    my vote is for Ga In for the best mini movie!!

    p.s: i really hope you guys can review Abracadabra.. i want to know how you guys thought about the whole MV.. =(

  95. I'll have to say Ga-in. Why? Because she needs some votes too! And I think that her video was a little better put together than this one.
    It seemed like SM finally found out about what everyone was saying about their style, and came up with this at the last second. But at least they tried. Now we have to get JYJ's label on board with this… Nobody wants another "Ayyy Girl".

  96. My vote goes to TVXQ!
    And the box under Max's shirt??? It's a new box of cookies :)
    (Even the mafia guys know not to mess with his cookies!)

  97. Ga In, sorry TVXQ, but Ga In's was more believable….:S:S:S:S:S

  98. lol, Simon I loved your shirt again!! I was suprised that you guys didn't mention their black coats. They look like pimps with that outfit.
    They only need canes and really big glasses to complete that outfit. Btw, I vote for Ga In.
    Im not ashamed to admit it, I cried at the end of the video :(

  99. On the first pic.. The doorthing is more open after 6 sec than after 9 sec :3

  100. NDI is National Defense Institution. They show a clear shot of it in the longer MV^^

  101. So on the official SM youtube page, someone posted what this video/song was about. I also managed to see a subbed version of the short one and it's basically about protecting and not being able to protect someone, and betrayal. From what I understand from the MV, subs, and the fan's post is that the double agent guy is trying to protect and provide for his sister who is in the hospital. He gets a mission to kill someone, whom he figures out using the book to be the witness. Changmin figures out that it's his friend and goes to confront him. Then Yunho figures it out. Long story short, the double realizes too late he was supposed to kill Changmin, not the witness, and as he didn't kill him in time, his sister was killed instead. And sad story ends with the double heartbroken and the other three going f**k.

    Anyway, I love music mondays as always; you two always crack me up! And although Ga-in's MV is really good too and I like it a lot, I'm going to have to go with my bias and say DBSK. Hands down.

  102. Hhh…just can't think how much money invested in this MV alone…just wow…16 minutes MV? Wow…

  103. TVXQ MUST WIN!! lol~ i have to say i love your rooftop!! its sooo beautiful~~ keke~~ and thanks for always making mondays fun!! keke

  104. NDI stands for ~National Defense Investigation~ it's written on the computer screen at 08:41 in the drama version of the MV.

    LMAO at your theory that Changmin was pissed that someone stole his cookies, he's all serious business about his food. ^^v I didn't even notice the box on Min's chest, I thought that was his moobs xDDDD

    I didn't see my name at the end of the video but it's okay. Until the next TVXQ/SHINee/SuJu video! <3

  105. ah that was fantastic.
    "son i am disappoint" very true, very true.
    and i see simon has a thing for threadless…interesting.

  106. Ga-in wins!!! but I'm also not a TVXQ fan. does my opinion still count? hehehe.

    Did you guys like Kim Hyung Jun's Oh! Ah! video?

  107. I haven't even seen the TVXQ MV yet, but this is HILARIOUS! Fav part: the "dancing" And I think Spudgy nailed the dance at the end… DID YOU SEE HOW SAD HE LOOKED?!?! haha

  108. I say that the best mini movie was TVXQ because even though it ddn't make sense it still was awesome!!

  109. You totally forgot about Go Ara who really didn't do much in the video except to provide some eye candy. Sad to say, she was totally useless there…

    I laughed at the scene about stealing Max's cookies. Do you know that his stomach was really a bottomless pit? That was one famous trivia about him. I wouldn't be surprised if that happened in real life.

    btw, the video is not crisp. Is it because it has not yet finished processing?

  110. TVXQ! > Ga In

  111. Music Monday's never fail to amuse me. The weirdness of the videos and lyrics just make me laugh so much. I don't think I'll be able to watch a music video without cracking up in laughter (Whenever I see MBLAQ under water in Cry, I end up seeing Simon attempting those scenes).
    Keep up the good video work!


    • Also, you guys should totally do a follow-up on this after watching the full drama music video of "Before U Go"! And there IS a dance to it, but they performed it on the music shows and all if you catch 'em… :D

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