For this week’s Kpop Music Monday we review TVXQ’s “Before You Go” and uncover the secrets of the NDI

To begin with, let’s just say that we almost, almost didn’t do TVXQ this week. We almost did Infinite’s “Nothing’s Over,” which had a surprisingly huge amount of votes. We knew that when TVXQ came out that we’d probably be reviewing it, but – really – they only beat out Infinite by, like, 50 votes. Ahh! Anyhow, the Infinite video is awesome, if you haven’t seen it already. You can still vote for it for next week’s Music Monday :D

Back to TVXQ’s “Before You Go” – wow! Was this ever an awesome video! We were a bit disappointed with Super Junior M’s “Perfection” last week because the video didn’t really have anything to it. Some people even commented and said that that’s just SM Entertainment’s style: get good looking guys dancing well in weird rooms. TVXQ’s “Before You Go,” though totally proves otherwise. Cool story, fight scenes, even a matrix camera! The lighting and coloring in the video was really great as well (coming from video nerds like us). All around, this is a really good video, and, when you also look at their Keep Your Head Down video, it seems like there’s a lot of money that can go into TVXQ’s movie budget.

That doesn’t stop us from noticing tiny things about it, though. One of the things we didn’t mention was the small mistake in the opening sequence, which you might not notice because it goes by so quickly. But we, whenever we review a video, look at it frame by frame, because we’re nerds like that. Ahh!

TVXQ Before You Go

Yes, we nitpick over continuity errors

Also, you’ll notice near the end of the video, when Max gets punched in the face, that he doesn’t time his reaction to the punch with, well, the punch. Guy takes punch, guy follows through with punch, but Max’s face remains in place. Only afterwards does he move his face. But we’ve got a theory as to why they did this:

TVXQ Before You Go

Max doesn't really get punched in the face, only because fangirls would kill the guy. CASSIES UNITE!

Aaaanyhow, don’t think of this as us complaining about the video. We still love the video and prefer it to most of the videos that are coming out lately. We’re…just…bored! Also, we just found out that TVXQ released the full version of “Before You Go” today, after we already filmed and edited Music Monday. It’s a whopping 16 minutes long, and doesn’t have the face-touching dance.

About what we said in our video, though: does anyone actually know what the NDI is? Like we said, we googled it to try to find out what it means, but couldn’t find any legitimate answers. We even went frame by frame in the headquarters when you can see NDI written on the walls. Below the initials there’s some fuzzy writing that looks like National Defence…something! But the internets provides us with no answers! We’re just amazed at the budget of this video: they had enough time to put those imprints on the glass? Sweet!

Ahh. So that’s it for now. As always, JB and Annie from [닉쑤] Enjoy Your Happy Life~* are awesome for so diligently translating all of our videos into Korean. Huzzah! Also, if you’re a big TVXQ fan, they just repackaged their album to include new tracks, new posters, and other things to make fangirls squeal. Before You Go is on the album as well. If you’re interested in getting it shipped to you, no matter where you are in the world, you can get it through the link below. Yeah!

Dong Bang Shin Ki - Keep Your Head Down (Repackage) (CD + Poster in Tube)
  1. Ha! We were hoping it would land on Simon's head, but the wind was too strong :(

  2. HOLY CRAP! I thought we were the only people who looked into it that deep. Yes, we froze it on the page he was looking at, copied the text into Google, and found Goldfish. Couldn't really find anything interesting to do with it, though. It seems like they're using two different books, though: some of the text is in the Goldfish, while some of it isn't.

  3. Hahahaha, no, we won't stone you.

    (to everybody else in the thread) GET EMMM!!!!!

  4. Hmmm, no. Haven't heard of her. But now that you described her THAT way, we're gonna take a look :D

  5. That's so awesome! I'm glad we could make you feel a bit better in light of the current situation. Fighting!

  6. Because we have over 2000 people voting for TVXQ and we can only put 150 or so in our video. A lot of people are going to be left out. Sorry!

  7. "before you go" for me
    you should have retro wed and do MV of the past

  8. The NDI is a fictional and secretive National Defense program that basically copies the drama Iris' top secret organization NSS. Same organization basically but different name.

    Anyways, awesome video!!!!! You guys should really watch the huge 16 minute mv that was released yesterday!

  9. Ha! We were tempted to use the Lost font as well :D

  10. I think this is the best answer so far :D

  11. I smell a DOUBLE CONSPIRACY!

  12. I vote TVXQ for the epic Matrix moves :) Ga'in's video is really well done though.
    I kinda thought the song related to the subplot where the double agent guy lost his girl to the guy he shot in the leg. It isolated him from the group so he didn't have any help when the mafia guy threatened his sister. I wish it was a movie too…then there would be subs for the dialog. I've only been able to find them for the actual song, but i really want to know what they are saying in the long version >:(

  13. Max Time!! Lol I'm still going around saying that lol. I can't wait to see their video. I love hot guys who are feds. I was thinking perhaps the organization is a play off of "IRIS" (that's what I first thought of seeing the teaser) but they couldn't use the exact organization for copyright issues so they changed it up a bit. Or it could be like the FBI or something. Usually in crime drama's or movies you mostly see the cop dressed a little more casually. Women wear jeans or black dress pants and a nice dressy shirt and the men wear dress pants and a nice dress shirt and sometimes a tie depending on the character (see "NCIS", "Law & Order" franchise). In "IRIS" though the female's dressed up for work. Lol at Simon stealing Martina's cookies. Yeah, I'm sure they went through all that mafia stuff over stolen cookies lol.

  14. On the first pic.. The doorthing is more open after 6 sec than after 9 sec :3

  15. I haven't even seen the TVXQ MV yet, but this is HILARIOUS! Fav part: the "dancing" And I think Spudgy nailed the dance at the end… DID YOU SEE HOW SAD HE LOOKED?!?! haha

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