CUZ WE A HYUUUU MUHHHH NOISE! If you haven’t seen TVXQ’s “Humanoids” check it out here:


First off, congrats to all the TVXQ fans who worked so hard to vote in “Catch Me” and now “Humanoid”! Hopefully you won’t be furious at us now after we didn’t review Catch Me. Yay!

Well, to begin with, we liked this song more than “Catch Me”. We found “Catch Me” to be a bit disconnected musically, as it felt like a frankenstien song, rock and pop and random break downs all pieced together, which is just not our style. We like “Humanoids” a lot more, since it almost feels like the complete opposite of “Catch Me”, what with its clean beat and simple synths.

We also love the choreography, which is really unique. It’s not often you have a two member kpop group, and while we know it wasn’t the original plan for TVXQ to be only two members, they’ve done a great job of creating a TVXQ dance unit which acts to both highlight Uknow and Max as the stars, and also create the feeling of a group by incorporating the backup dancers into the main dance routine. I think it’s very clever.

Actually, something that has bothered me about kpop for a while that I was reminded of while watching this video, is how female kpop groups get the short end of the cool dance stick. Which the exception of BoA, I’d say every other girl group out there gets sexy dances or dances with memorable dance points, but they never get anything like this. Nothing that is just a pure focus on dancing and dance moves. I think that kind of sucks, because sometimes I just want to see a girl group rock at dance moves. Looking at BoA’s “Eat You Up” and “Only One” or even SHINee’s “Sherlock” or UKISS’ “Neverland”… I can’t think of a recent time a female group rocked a dance like that. Nope. Sexy sexy sexy. Okay, rant over. Oh wait! Wonder Girls and Miss A are the exception to the not-sexy and somewhat cool dancing rule. They do fun dances, but – still – those dances aren’t super awesome impressive, you know? The dances look fun, but not cool.

Despite our happiness for this dance, we were actually (don’t kill us) really bored by this video. Whoa. Scripting for this was not a pleasant experience. There are essentially three different kind of scenes. The first being the backup dancers and TVXQ dancing on the sand in front of the wheels and futuristic buildings, the second being that glowing white room, and the last being that triangular florescent light room. Maybe it could be just because this week we did 18 videos for our Eat Your Kimchi Awards, and had to watch a whole bunch of videos at once, but – really – there wasn’t much that really stood out in this video to make it original. Good looking boys dancing well. Sometimes I just want something different, you know? I don’t always need a modelling showcase or a portfolio of headshots. Give me something artistic or something with a good plot. This video was just so, formulaic. Apart from tiny detail changes, can you really say that there’s anything vastly different about TVXQ’s videos? Keep Your Head Down, Catch Me, and Humanoids: all really good dances, all looking all serious, all special effecty. I’m constantly getting the feel that TVXQ are otherworldly and everything they do is of extreme importance, be it with time traveling or exploding or something. You know what I’m saying? I want to see them dress up in animal costumes again! Hey TVXQ: go out and have fun! Go out and talk to girls! Do more videos like “Before You Go!” That was fun. I don’t want to see another video about how awesome you are.

Anyhow, the song is still good! If you haven’t picked it up yet, you can do so by buying the CD at YesAsia, or you can download it on iTunes here. And, as always, we’ve got bloopers. Being the Sailor Scouts was more fun than expected…


  1. loved the ending for the bloopers ‘your off my team max’ lol XD

  2. To be honest the mv has NOTHING to do with the fact that its in a room.
    IT has to do with the fact that NOTHING is happening inside the room.
    For example: 2ne1’s i am the best. its all happening in an closed area, in a ROOM.
    However, they interact in the room, the ,everything seems alive becuase of whats in the room and how the girls interact with the objects inside it.
    Same with B.a.p’s warrior, in the mv, its in a room too. However, its in a room with the wind blowing in their hair, paper flying everywhere with graffitti, green lasers, and the dancing is fierce and the music is loud and brings excitement, but its still in a room.
    Sm has a room, nicely decorated, but the singers are interacting with anything in the room, and merely are just dancing, singind, and posing there. thats the difference.

  3. Anneyong guise! ^^

    “Oh wait! Wonder Girls and Miss A are the exception to the not-sexy and somewhat cool dancing rule. They do fun dances, but – still – those dances aren’t super awesome impressive, you know? The dances look fun, but not cool.” yeah … but I don’t see Miss A or Wonder Girls doing those kind of cool dance moves you’re refering to… maybe D-Unit would get to insert them in their future choreographies….

    ” Give me something artistic or something with a good plot.This video was just so, formulaic. Apart from tiny detail changes, can you really say that there’s anything vastly different about TVXQ’s videos? Keep Your Head Down, Catch Me, and Humanoids: all really good dances, all looking all serious, all special effecty.” I totally agree!

    7:47 I bet Spudgy is all like “yey I don’t have to do anything for this video” :))

    Love your videos! :)


  4. When you mentioned the giant tetris game, it reminded me of the part in Skyward Sword where you open up the other gate of time. Maybe it’s another gate of time and they have to go back in time to save the world! It all makes sense now! :O

  5. Oh goodness that was so funny!!

  6. I really need to get a Spudgy. I have a Tani, a Westie, and I lurvs her lots, but a Spudgy would complete the family!

  7. TVXQ are sooooo stupid in the plot side of this video!!!
    ‘I have a weird clock-mecanisim-thingy that teleports me everywhere.’
    ‘I have that too! Why don’t we put them together and see what happens? it’s obvious that we should do that!’
    ‘Nah, let’s test gravity and drop them!’
    ‘Ohhh, that sounds fun!!’
    Aish, get a proper plot-writer SM!!! }:<

  8. Though I liked both dances, I am pretty sure no clock dance will ever be as clock-y as U-KISS’s Tick Tack dance, so U-KISS!

  9. Okay, I have to ask: was Simon wearing the instant boobs from Japan to turn into a sailor scout?

  10. looovveee

    I really think I got the crazies while voting for this… Maybe watched the MV a few too many times, because now I’m sitting here thinking, *deep breath* wait there was so much going on in the storyline it was so deep greatest Sci Fi tale of our time Oscar worthy a true representation of modern life the pocket watch was the most significant symbolic signifier in the whole of cinema

    oops. Yeah really hoping for something different from them next time so I don’t end up losing my mind again

    I vote for TVXQ for the dance they thought outside of the box everyone thinks about the outer workings of a clock but preforming as the mechanism show innovation. I try

  11. I was thinking the same thing Martina!! I was like “That sounds a lot like the starlights… Oh my gosh what if Yunho was like Seiya and I could have a real Seiya in my life!!? Wait they are women… No Seiya is not. He is a male on planet earth. Oh no now I am sad by this once again… :,(…”

  12. do you guys sleep cause im pretty sure its humanly impossible to make these many videos and still have time to sleep.! I didnt even expect a MM cause i thought the EYKAs were kinda a lot to do and get ready! You guys are awesome but as a concerned Nasty you should def get some rest since you have the studio to do! And Martina still has time to do her hair and make-up.. well i feel like a lazy crap now!! .. take vitamins! sleep! and take care of yourselves in the cold!!! keep up the good work! I envy you for doing this job its a dream and you are great!! .. go EYK! ..

  13. awesome video but I’d have to choose ukiss’s tick tack over humanoids

  14. Humanoids for Fast & Furious? Just like Rising Sun that was in Fast & Furious [number something]? I like that idea!^^

  15. Awesome MV and review. A side splitter as per usual.

    On a side note….
    Despite knowing the real reasons why the split between TVXQ and JYJ happened, in my fantasy world I like to believe that it was because 5 such incredibly attractive men could not feasibly exist in the same building for long periods of time. It was ripping the fabric of space time, lol.

  16. Thank you for my weekly dose of brilliance!!
    Hahaha, I totally laughed beer up my nose at the Sailor Moon reference and parody!! (I…highly do not recommend laughing any carbonated beverage up your nose. or alcoholic beverage for that matter. Bad feels.)
    Spudgy looks less indifferent this week than normal…He was prolly super excited about the TVXQ review!
    Btw, Tick Tack all da way!!!

  17. I’m running into a possible website bug/issue! I was trying to access some of the older archived posts for KMM and KCI but for page 2 on up they keep pointing back to the Kpop voting charts. Is it just my computer or what? Thanks!!

  18. omg meemers is so cute! ehem.. UKISS!

  19. I think U-KISS Tick Tack is much more “clocky” with the movements, etc. And, with everything that you guys have going on with the EYKAs and the studio and stuff, please, please try not to get sick! Take time to take care of yourselves as well as all this other stuff.

  20. Potato faces! Haha… that’s the best part. Totally potato faces.

  21. U-kiss! The dance was more clock-y.

  22. VOTE SECRET for KPMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. this video made me laugh Simon I have to say looking good with the boobs xD Spudgy is appa from Avatar now ? xD and Martina nice impersonation of Yunho xD you guys are the best sincerely a fan from Puerto Rico :D

  24. Catch Me was japanese j-poppy sounding to you ? really ??
    (… i was going to say ‘i disagree !’ but i’m not quite sure what you really meant by that…so.)

    • Hahaha as soon as they said that, my family said (cos we watch KMMs together) “Ooooh the kpop fans aren’t gonna be happy about that” :p

      I recall in another video, I think it was in relation to UKiss’ Japanese releases, S&M mentioned something about j-pop having a faster beat. Maybe? Gee I dunno, I listen to way too much Japanese music to be able to generalise :p

      • ^^

        funny thing is that i wasn’t sure i could take this little comment in a good way, as an originally jpop listener/fan, not as a kpop fan. idk why i felt slightly offended ? which is weird and stupid ^^’ cause it’s not like they said they disliked Catch Me, right.
        and the funny contradiction (?) is that at some point tvxq has become and is more japanese and jpop to me than korean or kpop. (since i discovered them back when they were 5 when they were mainly doing activity in japan, and my fav songs of them are still the japanese ones) and/but Catch Me (as much as i really like it) doesn’t sound (or sounds less) tvxq’ish (and so to me, not japanese/j-pop’ish). (with the dubstep sounds and all, at first i really was ://// wth is that).
        aaaanyway ! whatever ^^ it’s funy how we don’t see and feel the same way.

        • I’ll have to post my reply to you here. I don’t know what’s going on with allkpop. I’ve tried several times to post my reply there but it just wouldn’t let me, ugh! >.<* So…I'll have to invade Simon and Martina's website to post this reply, which has nothing to do with this article ( I apologize on advance for this to all the people who may come across this article and find this very unrelated comment). Anyways, here is the reply that I've been trying to post since yesterday in AllKpop. It's a little bit too long, LOL:

          Well, I'm sure you must know by now that there are a lot of trolls out there who disguise themselves as non-haters/fans to start spreading rumors and lies around. They usually start by saying something along the lines of "I don't hate X but…*insert rumor/lie here*" or "I love Y but…*insert rumor/lie here*"

          I've seen some trolls do this before. Your comment felt really similar, since you didn't sound like a hater and (you said you weren't) but you were saying things that are not true or are not proved to be true. So, this made me think you were one of those trolls spreading rumors and lies while disguising as a fan or a neutral person. I'm also really nice to everyone most of the time and I don't like to hate on any idol either, but…these type of trolls really tick me off. They really get on my nerves, so that's why I was harsh to you. I thought you were that kind of troll. For that, I apologize.

          But really, you shouldn't believe everything you read on the internet. Because as i said before, there are a lot of trolls and haters for every kpop artist, and they always try to bring them down by spreading these rumors and lies. And yeah, one of the most commonly used is the plastic surgery rumor.

          I actually spent a good amount of time scrutinizing the pictures on the website you posted but, I really can't see much difference between SNSD's old pics and new pics. They all look the same to me except for Jessica. You can really see that the shape of her jawline changed, it is indeed pretty evident. So it's obvious that she did have plastic surgery. But I can't say the same for the rest of the SNSD girls. I seriously think the person that made this page is just overanalyzing things, so I wouldn't trust this website if I were you :/

          I mean, don't you think it's kinda fishy and unfair that this person compares really old and bad quality pics with their new after debut photos? Like…they are obviously gonna look sort of different, but not necessarily because of plastic surgery. In the old pics they were all really young. Hence, their facial features can't be exactly the same as they are now. People's facial features tend to change as we grow and mature. And there are people who go through more intense changes than others. So.. of course some members may look somewhat different from their old pics. On top of that, most of the photos have a really bad quality when compared to their new after debut photos taken by professionals, with proper lighting and WAY better definition. Another thing is that the girls are obviously wearing make up in their new after debut pictures. And it's common knowledge that "make up can do wonders". I'm no make up expert but even I know that there are make up techniques that can make your nose look smaller or just different. And I think that's the case with many of the pictures that this person claims to be the proof of the girls having nosejobs. IMO whatever she saw different about their noses is just because of the make up, not because they got a nosejob. Seriously, what's so different about their noses? I really couldn't see any significant difference. Make up can really change the appearance of your facial features, I don't understand why this person didn't consider this fact.

          For instance, Yoona's first old pic is awful. It's really blurry so you can barely figure out her facial features and we need to remember that she was REALLY young in this pic, too. She also wasn't wearing any make up in the old pic, UNLIKE the new pic. So, of course she's gonna look somewhat different. She was a KID, her features aren't gonna be the same as in her more recent picture when she's a grown woman wearing make up. So, I don't think she did plastic surgery, she just grew up. And it's the same with the rest of the pictures. She looks somewhat different because she's really young and wearing no make up.

          Let's take a look at Yuri now. She does look really different. But if you take a closer look you will realize the reason why she looks so different is…well… that HIDEOUS HAIR (< I'm sorry, i really needed to put this in caps to express how appalled I was by her hair, it does not suit her at all). If she had a similar hairstyle to the one she currently has, she'd look just the same in that old pic. If you look at the more recent pic and try to imagine her with that hideous hairstyle, she'd surely look the same as in the old pic. So, I think in Yuri's case it's just the hairstyle which doesn't suit her and made her look really different. Not even her eyes are different (as this person claims). Her eyes look the same to me.

          A different hairstyle may also make your facial features look really different. Seriously, there are so many factors that can make your face look different, not just PS. I don't get why so many people inmediately assume someone had PS and they completely forget about these factors. According to this person, then I had plastic surgery too, since I don't look the same now as I looked when I was 9, 10 or 13 years old.

          Even if they did have plastic surgery, they must have been really small modifications, 'cause I just can't notice the difference. If they did have PS, then please allow me to say that they didn't need it at all. IMO they all look really pretty in their old pics and PS was completely unnecessary. I mean, Jessica for instance looked just fine without that jawline surgery, she didn't need it at all.

          Oh and regarding Dara…Well, as far as i know she hasn't gotten PS. She's always looked the same. Even when she used to live in the Philippines she looked the same as she does now. So I don't know where that PS rumor came from. But honestly, I've even heard people say that CL and Minzy had surgery, can you believe it? Those are obviously fake rumors; there's no way CL and Minzy had surgery. So I don't trust those rumors about Dara either. Especially when she's always looked the same if you look at her old videos including her videos from the Philippines.

          Now Bom is a different story. Even though she's my ultimate bias in the group, it's kinda obvious she had PS. The way she blinks does not look natural and her face seems really stiff, she can barely pull off facial expressions. So I do think she may have PS, although sometimes I doubt it because…well, Bommie also has trouble with her lymph nodes. So, the stiffness may be due to this. But even so, the way she blinks is rather suspicious, lol…

          But I still love Bommie to death and she's my bias in 2NE1 whether she had PS or not <3

          P.S. By the way, I typed some words in caps just for emphasis so…I'm not yelling at you or anything, hope you don't misunderstand…lol XD

        • OMG this was so freaking long. It didn’t look this long while I was typing it LOL XD

        • ^^ i’m just happy i was able to clear things up (the last things i’d want is to look or sound like a troll !)

          and you relieved me a little with that blog. cause ever since i’ve seen it i’ve been kinda both depressed and obsessed with it somehow.
          i know ppl keep saying to be open minded, that it’s ok for them (the idols) to have PS cause it’s their face and their money and they’re still the same no matter what and they can do what they want etc etc etc and yeah it’s true, but still, for me, it doesn’t work that way, and it just makes me sad and depressed to see them get PS. (when they don’t even need it !). So when i saw that blog and that person was saying he got PS, she and she she got too and he got too (and the list is like not ending and i’m like dying inside) my heart was like sinking deep down .___. cause like you said, their PS is often so trivial and slim. what the use to reduce a little their jaw, what’s the point in having a slightly slimmer nose or wider eyes, i believe i’d have loved them anyway and just the same even if they didn’t had those double eyelids and they had a square jaw and even a potato instead of a slim nose (lol sorry).
          I know we’re going sort of out of topic so i’ll stop there, but, the things that bothered me with that blog is that i felt like this girl was sort of praising plastic surgery, she was almost in a way searching for it and it made her happy to prove that all those idols got surgery. i guess i’m wrong but that’s a little how i felt it while reading some of her posts. anyway. i still think she’s right for some ppl but not all of them (i hope).
          Now i’ve seen old pic of Dara and i’m 100% sure she didn’t have anything done, same for Minzy and CL (i’ve never had doubts for these 2 tho) Bom tho even if i love her very much i know/see she had some. I can lie to myself for some things but not for Bom. it doesn’t change the fact that she’s awesome and i love her. It just makes me sad. Wondering what she got in her mind for her to wanna change her face like that… .__.
          anyway. (i lost the track of what i wanted to say).

          i guess there is an in-between. There are delusional and blind ppl who refuse to see the obvious, and those who see PS on absolutely every faces, which is as dumb as the delusional fans. Like you say, our face naturally change too, it’s normal.
          *sigh* it’s complicated. when you’re stuck between those 2 kind of ppl sometimes you just don’t know where to look and focus and what is real and not. (and i guess we’ll never really know for some).

          once again sorry for the bother and missunderstanding. and thank you for replying !
          (ps : akp is really being weird cause i still can’t see my last comment i replied you :/ weird…)

  25. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zRpVdPnMZM0&feature=youtu.be

    hahahaha great parody of gangnam style dedicated to organ donation —

  26. tvxq is more awesome than any other boy group ever except suju they’re equal so in conclusion tvxq is the best

  27. I am really annoyed of this website. JYJ stans seem to love this place , they’re always tweeting about it like their lives depends on it . That’s why i will ask my friends cassies to not
    vote for any TVXQ songs to get reviewed on this site if we are going to
    get comments from JYJ stans and ot5 who are JYJ biased here. I’m sorry eatyourkimchi but you can moderate comments in this page if you want to.

    • Ah, sorry if the comments upset you :/

      I usually don’t stop people from voicing their opinions so long as they do it respectfully and don’t personally attack anyone else in the process. If their comment stems from misunderstanding, then other people can step in and correct them, in an equally respectful way.

      I noticed a comment calling someone an idiot, which wasn’t very nice, but it seems that was resolved fairly peacefully so I left it.

      I love the Cassies who come here, they’re very enthusiastic and positive. And as for the hypocrite antis and fans….I’m not quite sure who you mean? Does a negative comment immediately make someone an anti? I’m a massive fan of Epik High, but sometimes I’m not satisfied with their works. I like some albums more than others, and I make fun of Tablo’s terrible singing. I hope that doesn’t make me a hypocrite ^^;

    • Honestly, I think you might be misinterpreting a lot of the comments here as “bashing”! Also, this isn’t an angry comment, I’ve just read a lot of your responses to people and I’m trying to clarify my perspective on it! ^^ We’re trying to make our website a safe place for people (whether they’re fans of TVXQ or JYJ, both or neither) to leave their real honest opinions (in an intelligent manner) and not worry about being called a hater or stan. A lot of people don’t like SM entertainment’s approach to managing their bands but I don’t think you should interpret it as an attack on TVXQ the group. We all know how hard Uknow and Max work, and also how hard JYJ work, so I personally think that people who are complaining about SM Ent’s style are literally just complaining about the company itself. It’s not meant to be a reflection on TVXQ as people! TVXQ’s music video persona VS them as people VS SM Entertainment’s production = all different. I hope this makes you feel less upset.

    • You will get bashed here by them but what you said was true.

  28. Really good video !! But I vote for Ukiss !!! For sure, The fact that there is ACTUAL Clock in Tick tack wins… XD

  29. Ya bish!
    You guys are the best.

  30. My vote is for U-Kiss for sure.

    And I’m in 100% agreement with you guys about the whole “serious” concept. I don’t know, I find myself really missing goofy/cute Yunho and Changmin a lot since their comeback as 2. I get that they had to have a huge shift in dynamics and style because they are now a two member group but part of the reason why I loved the old DBSK was seeing their interactions with each other and seeing them have fun during their lives.
    I hope SM can give us a concept that just allowed Yunho and Changmin to have fun. Mess around with their backup dancers, act dorky with each other, and just let loose.

    • For whatever reason, they seem to like to save their goofy/cute side for variety shows and Japanese concerts. In other words, they’re cute and funny when they are being paid to be cute and funny. -_- That sounds awful, but I just mean that they are UBER-professional. I’m sure they are very silly and fun when they are alone and just being Yunho and Changmin, but when they are being U-Know and Max, things are different.
      Personally, I think their working chemistry is still really palpable and their affection for each other is visible and adorable. So for me, that makes up for the lack of candidness. :)

    • I don’t think it’s something to worry about! yes, their title songs are all about seriousness, but looks like they just save the fun for their concerts and non-title songs :P! watch SMTown, TONE and Catch Me tours, especially Catch Me’s! they are all about silliness, bugs, airplanes, chasing, showering everyone with water and playing around! so cute and fun~! (can’t wait for Catch Me’s DVD xD)
      I remember Yunho saying how he strongly wish to try something more relaxed and fun for a title song, so it’s coming one day for sure~ :)

  31. I think it’s a Kpop industry thing for the girl groups to not have complex choreo. BoA being an exception since she’s technically a solo artist and also well known for her dance skills. But SNSD’s Paparazzi and Flower Power had some choreo that didn’t emphasize the sexy and I think that was possible because it was for the Japanese industry. Soo…I guess Kpop girl groups just follow the image the industry wants them to portray: eye-candy.

  32. “You can fly on his back like Appa”. Wow, you’re Avatar fans!

  33. Showdown: U-Kiss, without hesitation

  34. OMG, was that an Avatar: The Last Airbender reference? I LOVE that show.

    I vote for TVXQ. I listened to Humanoids non-stop when I was ill. For four days. Never done that with a song before.

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