CUZ WE A HYUUUU MUHHHH NOISE! If you haven’t seen TVXQ’s “Humanoids” check it out here:


First off, congrats to all the TVXQ fans who worked so hard to vote in “Catch Me” and now “Humanoid”! Hopefully you won’t be furious at us now after we didn’t review Catch Me. Yay!

Well, to begin with, we liked this song more than “Catch Me”. We found “Catch Me” to be a bit disconnected musically, as it felt like a frankenstien song, rock and pop and random break downs all pieced together, which is just not our style. We like “Humanoids” a lot more, since it almost feels like the complete opposite of “Catch Me”, what with its clean beat and simple synths.

We also love the choreography, which is really unique. It’s not often you have a two member kpop group, and while we know it wasn’t the original plan for TVXQ to be only two members, they’ve done a great job of creating a TVXQ dance unit which acts to both highlight Uknow and Max as the stars, and also create the feeling of a group by incorporating the backup dancers into the main dance routine. I think it’s very clever.

Actually, something that has bothered me about kpop for a while that I was reminded of while watching this video, is how female kpop groups get the short end of the cool dance stick. Which the exception of BoA, I’d say every other girl group out there gets sexy dances or dances with memorable dance points, but they never get anything like this. Nothing that is just a pure focus on dancing and dance moves. I think that kind of sucks, because sometimes I just want to see a girl group rock at dance moves. Looking at BoA’s “Eat You Up” and “Only One” or even SHINee’s “Sherlock” or UKISS’ “Neverland”… I can’t think of a recent time a female group rocked a dance like that. Nope. Sexy sexy sexy. Okay, rant over. Oh wait! Wonder Girls and Miss A are the exception to the not-sexy and somewhat cool dancing rule. They do fun dances, but – still – those dances aren’t super awesome impressive, you know? The dances look fun, but not cool.

Despite our happiness for this dance, we were actually (don’t kill us) really bored by this video. Whoa. Scripting for this was not a pleasant experience. There are essentially three different kind of scenes. The first being the backup dancers and TVXQ dancing on the sand in front of the wheels and futuristic buildings, the second being that glowing white room, and the last being that triangular florescent light room. Maybe it could be just because this week we did 18 videos for our Eat Your Kimchi Awards, and had to watch a whole bunch of videos at once, but – really – there wasn’t much that really stood out in this video to make it original. Good looking boys dancing well. Sometimes I just want something different, you know? I don’t always need a modelling showcase or a portfolio of headshots. Give me something artistic or something with a good plot. This video was just so, formulaic. Apart from tiny detail changes, can you really say that there’s anything vastly different about TVXQ’s videos? Keep Your Head Down, Catch Me, and Humanoids: all really good dances, all looking all serious, all special effecty. I’m constantly getting the feel that TVXQ are otherworldly and everything they do is of extreme importance, be it with time traveling or exploding or something. You know what I’m saying? I want to see them dress up in animal costumes again! Hey TVXQ: go out and have fun! Go out and talk to girls! Do more videos like “Before You Go!” That was fun. I don’t want to see another video about how awesome you are.

Anyhow, the song is still good! If you haven’t picked it up yet, you can do so by buying the CD at YesAsia, or you can download it on iTunes here. And, as always, we’ve got bloopers. Being the Sailor Scouts was more fun than expected…


  1. loved the ending for the bloopers ‘your off my team max’ lol XD

  2. Anneyong guise! ^^

    “Oh wait! Wonder Girls and Miss A are the exception to the not-sexy and somewhat cool dancing rule. They do fun dances, but – still – those dances aren’t super awesome impressive, you know? The dances look fun, but not cool.” yeah … but I don’t see Miss A or Wonder Girls doing those kind of cool dance moves you’re refering to… maybe D-Unit would get to insert them in their future choreographies….

    ” Give me something artistic or something with a good plot.This video was just so, formulaic. Apart from tiny detail changes, can you really say that there’s anything vastly different about TVXQ’s videos? Keep Your Head Down, Catch Me, and Humanoids: all really good dances, all looking all serious, all special effecty.” I totally agree!

    7:47 I bet Spudgy is all like “yey I don’t have to do anything for this video” :))

    Love your videos! :)


  3. How do you define ‘bashing’?

  4. Hahaha as soon as they said that, my family said (cos we watch KMMs together) “Ooooh the kpop fans aren’t gonna be happy about that” :p

    I recall in another video, I think it was in relation to UKiss’ Japanese releases, S&M mentioned something about j-pop having a faster beat. Maybe? Gee I dunno, I listen to way too much Japanese music to be able to generalise :p

  5. Ah, sorry if the comments upset you :/

    I usually don’t stop people from voicing their opinions so long as they do it respectfully and don’t personally attack anyone else in the process. If their comment stems from misunderstanding, then other people can step in and correct them, in an equally respectful way.

    I noticed a comment calling someone an idiot, which wasn’t very nice, but it seems that was resolved fairly peacefully so I left it.

    I love the Cassies who come here, they’re very enthusiastic and positive. And as for the hypocrite antis and fans….I’m not quite sure who you mean? Does a negative comment immediately make someone an anti? I’m a massive fan of Epik High, but sometimes I’m not satisfied with their works. I like some albums more than others, and I make fun of Tablo’s terrible singing. I hope that doesn’t make me a hypocrite ^^;

  6. I’m running into a possible website bug/issue! I was trying to access some of the older archived posts for KMM and KCI but for page 2 on up they keep pointing back to the Kpop voting charts. Is it just my computer or what? Thanks!!

  7. I think U-KISS Tick Tack is much more “clocky” with the movements, etc. And, with everything that you guys have going on with the EYKAs and the studio and stuff, please, please try not to get sick! Take time to take care of yourselves as well as all this other stuff.

  8. Really good video !! But I vote for Ukiss !!! For sure, The fact that there is ACTUAL Clock in Tick tack wins… XD

  9. OMG, was that an Avatar: The Last Airbender reference? I LOVE that show.

    I vote for TVXQ. I listened to Humanoids non-stop when I was ill. For four days. Never done that with a song before.

  10. Loved the skits! How can you make me choose between TVXQ and U-Kiss’s dances?! They are both so awesome!

  11. oh my god!!!! it’s Tuesday and i’m watching KMM!!!!!!
    hahaha i don’t mind!!! i understand you guys are busy and uploading and stuff to YT is a long process!!

    oh man i got stitches from this!!! you guys are so awesomely hilarious!!
    i agree about the mv, the dancing was awesome and i love how the backup dancers are a part of the choreo instead of just being in the bg!!
    but the plot…..i was expecting a cool story and then when it finished i was all O_O…..is that it?
    man i totally wanna see ‘HHUUUMMMAAANNNOOOIIIDDDSS’. being used in a movie now!!!

  12. I don’t know why, but Martina looks hot as a guy! XD

  13. I have to agree..it is a shame that girl groups are generally limited to sexy dances and can’t do choreography with crisp finesse like Shinee or Infinite. However, I think things are slowly starting to change for the girl groups. Recently I found Crayon Pop’s quirky choreo to be a nice change to the usual sexiness and to have some complexity. Hopefully this is a sign of change?

  14. My cat does the same thing. He even cries in front of the door of the bathroom to get water from the sink.

  15. Appa!! I wuv appa!

    Anyways,I vote for U-kiss’s tick tack, it was more clocky, it’s like u-kiss’s best song and dance along wif neverland.

  16. TVXQ isnt clocky its gear-ie UKISS is clockky

  17. After you mentioned BoA, I had a bit of a throwback moment and watched Milky Way, No.1, Double, Girls on Top, Valenti…damn she can dance

  18. Do spudgy ever bark? I never saw him bark…he just stay his cool n yeah…

  19. Simon’s face when he is teleporting! hahaha that has just made my day

  20. Ukiss Clock The Dance makes me feel a real clock beat <3 <3 <3 Soohyun and Hoon at 1:28 look like the clock's time and minute needle ^^ wondering which of them are which needles :D

  21. Cassies don’t kill me for saying this, but I don’t get TVXQ’s approach. They don’t seem to be differentiating themselves from the mass of younger kpop idols out there, its like they’ve taken a step backwards artistically (imho) since the split. They have so much more than this type of stuff to offer. I want to see visible signs of their artistic growth … why don’t we? Is it SM’s strategy for them? Can’t figure it out … *lesigh*

    • They became better live than when they were 5. They used to not sing rising sun live but now they do and their stage presence is so much better

    • They have a legacy and a loyal following. Their choreo is on par with top SM and is pretty fresh, if not weird at some points. The production quality of their music is top. I’m just bored of their style and vids. 2VXQ has mad talent but they’re putting out a lot of the same. Right now they’re competing mostly with their juniors, stuck in limbo. They should reinvent entirely and follow BoA’s lead if they want to take it to the next level.

    • Actually other do it, too. For ex CL, GD and Teddy’s Leaders. “I’m better than you and sick of your nonsense”- was clearly their message. Not to mention Big Bang, yes, sometimes they still try (they did it more in the past) that gangsta image. TVXQ really need some new air in their songs, loved Before You Go, Honey Funny Bunny and even Maximum. But they can do more than that. They are not 2 of the 5 GODS for nothing!

  22. I vote Tick Tack/ Tick Tock by U-kiss, I love both of them but U-kiss needs more love :D

  23. I loved the Sailor Moon, Never Ending Story and Last Airbender references! My childhood TT.TT funny how posh Simon sounds like Simon with a very stuffy nose xD btw while watching the music video for the first time, did anyone find themselves doing the head twirl thing along?….guise? No?…okay..

  24. “Hey TVXQ: go out and have fun!”
    Yeah, umm, I’m pretty sure that’s against the rules of their contracts. I mean, would SM have let Junsu do Tarantallegra, or even Uncommitted? HIGHLY doubtful.
    2VXQ have to do things of Extreme Importance to prove that they’re still TVXQ.

    I agree about the girl group dances – that’s one reason I appreciated U-Kiss’s Stop Girl – b/c the girl dancers were doing pretty much the same dance. Can you imagine TVXQ having female back-up dancers? Uh, no.
    And, of course, I vote for U-KISS!!!

  25. I vote u-kiss because the dance seems to flow better plus I’m biased towards the song. Even though I feel like Secret should be reviewed, I really like Yoseob’s Caffeine and Zia’s One Year mv more. There’s just so much to talk about with those two mvs and they’re so well done.

  26. through the humanoids mv I was expecting something to happen, like, I thought they would combine the key and the watch to go back time to when they where humans or something, but then, they just drop them… And I was.. ookey, that was pointless

  27. Honggi and especially love love love not winning is simply ridiculous!!! But then again, I’m biased. But then again, love love love is amazing and the hunky one has a beautiful unique voice which should be recognised by everyone >.<
    And I loved this kmm and I agree with your thoughts on catch-me, it's disconnected. I love some parts but then it randomly changes and I hate it, so in the end I can't listen to the entire song through.
    oh and tick tack is simply amazing, and it includes clock choreography so it should win – it better win!!! I guess it is the competition between the sailor superhumans and sailor hoon ;)

  28. My Vote Goes For U-Kiss Tic Tack FTW!!!

  29. U Kiss Clock dance for sure~ They even have clocks for everyone (except Kiseop who crushed it with his super power :P)

  30. I too was disappointed by the lackluster plot of the video. I watched waiting to see what would happen and was disappointed by the nothingness ending. I’m glad the dance was awesome, not Catch Me awesome, but still pretty awesome. Your review was hilarious and I’d actually like to see more of you cat in the sink lol. Dr. Meemers is getting so big. I keep forgetting he’s a he.

  31. We had a friend send them to us in the mail because Target is only in the USA, but I saw them online and fell in love. I WANT MORE FOOOTTTIIEEE PAJAMMAASSS!!!!!

  32. My favorite part of KMM was memersworth’s drinking tap water. Mmmm…maybe I should get a cat too.

  33. OMG guise! That was hi.lar.ious! My favorite parts:

    1) Yes, I would love to watch more of your kitty in water!

    2) I seriously bursted (busted?) out laughing at Martina’s “Hey music video writers…Drugs are so bad” (m’kay).

    3) Simon’s (is that a sick duck sound?) backup dancing!

    4) I love Spudgy as magical Falcor and/or Appa!

    Showdown: I’m gonna go with U-Kiss!

  34. Mentionning Fast and furious, did you know that rising sun was feature in one of the Fast and Furious? If my memory doesn’t fail me, I think it was the second one, in the scene where the cop run after the criminal through the roof and stuff

  35. lol! I loved this KMM, of course Cassies aren’t mad at you for not reviewing Catch Me! I am just happy they finally got a review, and a really funny one at that! BUT! Did you notice them rolling BACK their sexy windows? it was pretty awesome. :D get some rest you two!

  36. I really think SM wants to create the illusion that TVXQ is so godly even without DB5K. SM gives all these epic songs, and these serious and powerful dances to elevate TVXQ. I would love it if TVXQ will promote a ballad or a slow pop song as like a repackaged single or something, just something different because in my eyes TVXQ are already at the top in kpop, so they should try and express and expand more!

  37. I laughed incredibly hard when you referenced Sailor Moon.
    When you guys BECAME Sailor Moon, I laughed even harder.

    Well played sir and madam (and dog)!

  38. Nice guys, continue to impress with creativity.

  39. I voted for the Hunky one D: I’m surprised that not as many other people did.
    I vote U-Kiss this time!

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