Oh boy. GDTOP, MBLAQ, and TVXQ all released their videos on Wednesday last week. We had to choose one. We chose the one that got the most requests. So here we present to our our review of TVXQ’s “Keep Your Head Down.” To those of you disappointed, don’t kill us! There’s still next week! Or the week after!

Anyhow, we know that TVXQ’s comeback is quite big, especially considering the huge controversy and the split in the band. We reviewed JYJ’s “Ayy Girl” a while ago, and really liked their song, even if we didn’t like the video. Now, how does TVXQ fare, having only two members rather than three? Not bad at all. In fact, this song is really quite good. Simon’s a sucker for big trumpet sounds, and the chorus totally rocks. And, thankfully, they don’t have terrible CGI in their video, even though the fire explosion at the end was really cheesy. Like, whoa, a bit too cheesy. Otherwise, the video was quite good. So we’re asking you for the showdown this week which video/song you preferred: JYJ’s “Ayyy Girl” or TVXQ’s “Keep Your Head Down.”

Oh, that’s so cruel of us to ask for you TVXQ die hards, right? So we’re gonna try to exonerate ourselves with a giveaway. Usually, though, we’d buy our own CDs and ship them out ourselves, but we’re lucky enough to have the kind people at YesAsia.com and YesStyle.com volunteer to give the CDs away instead. And this time, we’re not talking about any small CDs here. We’re talking about the TVXQ Special First Press Limited Edition Album which comes with the CD, a photobook, photocards, and a poster. Shazam! And they’re giving away two of them! Double Shazam! So, you have two chances to win. First, for our YouTube subscribers, tell us what you think Max’s superpower should be (hopefully, one that isn’t lame, and one that better compliments U-Know time!). For our Twitter followers, simply press the “Share on Twitter” button above. That’s all. We’ll pick one subscriber and one follower next week and get in contact with you to get the CD super package shipped your way. Triple Shazam!

On a side note, we’re not sure where to include this, so we’ll say it here: whenever we review a Kpop video, we watch it lots of times. Lots and lots of times. Whenever we think of something to say about it, we pause the video and write down notes. This time, though, we happened to pause the video at a really odd moment, and couldn’t stop ourselves from laughing:

U Know Time!

Seems kinda funny, not so much because Yun Ho is having so much fun, but because of the expression of the two guys in the back. But then we got to doodling on the picture, and could barely contain ourselves. Hopefully no one will get offended by this and think that we’re being sacrilegious, because we know that the TVXQ fan group is very devoted. Anyhow, here’s what we came up with:

TVXQ Keep Your Head Down Fairy
TVXQ Leprechaun
TVXQ Swingset
TVXQ Bunny
U-Know Time 2

P.S. This one is our favorite :D If the fancy hits you to doodle something else on the original pic, please show us! We’re really amused by this kind of stuff :D

And, lest we forget, as always big thank yous go out to JB and Annie from [닉쑤] Enjoy Your Happy Life~* for so kindly translating all of our videos into Korean. They’ve been translating all our videos for months now, and we’re really thankful. Lastly, if you don’t happen to be one of the two lucky winners, you can still support TVXQ and order a copy by clicking on the banner below :D

Dong Bang Shin Ki - Keep Your Head Down (Special Version) (First Press Limited Edition) + Poster in Tube
  1. It’s out this weekend already? We don’t get it till Dec 26 :(

    • It comes out on the 14th in the U.S. I may wait until after Christmas to see it myself. Too busy :P.

    • We probably won’t get it here till week after next. I kinda have been out of the loop with the Hobbit and my LoTR loving bf doesn’t live in the same country as me anymore. For RotK I flew to her country so we scold watch it together. Oh, how times have changed. We are grown ups with jobs and now can’t do frivolous things like that anymore.

  2. i like u-know and max the best than jyj

  3. i think max power should be water so he can at least keep his clothes and himself from burning.

  4. tvxq is their international name

  5. max should have water or wind power!!! for his scenes, he should have water or wind blowing out his hands!!!

  6. hello! ^^ did you guys already picked the winners for this KYHD giveaway?

  7. Max should have super sonic powers because can travel faster than the speed of light and fly.

  8. Definitely, TVXQ Keep Your Head Down., maybe it was because Ayy Girl kinda bored me now since I replayed it everyday. XDD

  9. I'm probably way too late ^^''''
    but I definitely liked Keep Your Head Down better!

  10. ya that what i was think wth where they wearing that ugly outfit doesn't match the video at all
    totally love this video better, and also their dance moves r totally cool
    My VOTE to go with JYJ.. break my heart that i have to pick,
    knowing that uknow n max dominate the market and this song continue with tvxq style most girls will give their's to homin
    so my vote goes to JYJ for fairness, after all the two best singer of the group is in jyj

  11. I think i liked 'Ayy Girl' better than this….but this isnt bad…

    So my vote goes to 'Ayy Girl'

  12. Keep Your Head down is far superior in lyric and arrangement.

    This is a difficult one, I must say. >:

  13. I was wondering if you could review MBLAQ? The "Cry" or the "Stay" video :) THANK YOU! Saranghae <3

  14. TVXQ's Keep Your Head Down gets my vote :D <3

  15. I already posted this at your youtube page but I'll do it again, hopefully I still have a chance to win ^_^
    Wa! A CD giveaway!?! Humm let's see….If I could give Max a different super power, I would totally give him Spudgy powers! They're both super duper adorable. Who can resist the power of Spudgy? Don't you agree? Max would totally be able to win over U-know if he had Spudgy powers! All he would have to do is walk up to him and give him puppy dog eyes. U-know would totally give in every time haha. I wish I had Spudgy powers haha.
    Always Keep the Faith!
    Spudgy FIGHTING
    PS – oh my goodness you guys are soooo funny, I could not stop laughing at the comments you put on those pictures of Yunho hahaha.

  16. For Max's super power i think Ice would be most suitable for Keep your Head Down since U-Know is Fire, Fire and Ice!
    And for the best song i have to say TVXQ-Keep Your Head Down!

  17. I’m trying to click ‘share on twitter’ but it doesn’t work. There is some kind of error :(.
    And TVXQ has a better comeback song :D.

  18. For Changmin's superpower, there's this chalk powder blowing up in the beginning of the video, right? I imagine Minnie being that 'chilly' wind that's necessary. Not only supporting Yunho, but also controlling him in some way; not always on the foreground, but still present ^^ They're really depending on each other, no?

    Haha, sorry if I sound like a yaoi-fangirl, I didn't mean to LOL

    And oh, I just noticed: if Max impersonates the wind, the lyrics get a whole new dimension!
    "Erased, disappeared, you’ve burned to death in my heart" The wind erases her, while fire burns her to death. I love their combined powers, they really are gods :D

    Much love all the way from Belgium! You guys always give me a good laugh :)
    I'm already looking forward to the next one!

  19. hi.. i think max should have super water power lol.. u know what i mean.. erm.. water vs fire. i think its gonna be cool. its the same concept with yunho but this time use water. water splash all over. put more attitude for water movement. if.. they wanna go with water. if they wanna play with fire and water. they also can make flash for max.. just put max playing with flash and yunho with fire.. when its come together its gonna be such like a thunder storm. thats my opinion =)
    p/s: sorry for my bad english. not my native language =(

  20. I think Max should have the power to control the weather. That way he can put U-Know's flames out with rain, then dry him out with wind. Lastly, blow him away with a tornado. MAX TIME!!!

    And by the way I am so a new fan of you guys, you two are too HILARIOUS! XD

  21. I prefer JYJ Comeback… and… ChangMin's superpower… Earth or mabye Water…
    I love your videos :D Kisses from Spain! ^^

  22. max should have water powers! since yunho is fire max can cancel him out with his awesome water powers hahaha

  23. I prefer TVXQ! Keep your head down ! ^^

  24. bbeokigayoooo! :D


  25. Ahh, I love your show so much kkk ♥

    I like TVXQ better ^___^

    And I think Changmin should have the power to throw flashes of lightening. It is something as powerful as Yunho's fire balls and I think sometimes Max's gaze is so intense that you think there are flashes darting out of his eyes the next moment. Either you hate or you love storms and I think Max is the one who polarizes the most out of the members.
    Furthermore flashes are something dynamic and forceful, which are the attributes which come to my mind when I see him dance kkk

    Have a nice week! :D

  26. i wouldnt like to pick but i was more excited about JYJ than HoMin.

    suggestion for another Music Mondays – Infinite's BTD vs TeenTop's Transform

  27. Sigh. DBSK divided. My vote's going to have to go with 'Why' because it's just a better music video, period. JYJ's sky palace/napkin shirts don't hold a candle to Yunho's pyro skills (haha–candle? No?) and Changmin's….light. And the absence of odd 'run at the camera in slow motion to deliver teh sexi' shots is made of win. Hopefully they'll be making videos together again sometime soon….

  28. Great video. I love Mondays again! Plus I bookmark you so you entertain me at work. I tell everyboday about the Cat Cafe. They always give me this look like, stop – dont tell me anymore (they think im gonna talk about cat cuisine) NEVER! But I love the site. Thanx a bunch!

  29. I think Max should have the power to freeze time especially at awkward moments like you guys did (: He can make funny and ridiculous comments about Yunho just for laughs of course. I think that would be really fun and entertaining (: He might not have any major dramatic power, but at least he would have the last laugh (: Hope you like my idea :)

  30. btw I am a youtube subscriber which is how i'm entering the contest. my user name there is xxcatinthehatxx :)

  31. Max should have water/ice/snow superpower I guess that would be considered water element. In the beginning instead of being in a holey cave it should be raining around him. I think the rain will be sexy because his clothes will get stuck to his body and than it should snow and at the last scene he should create a blizzard. Rain turning into snow , snow turning into a blizzard. The last scene when they grab hands the fire and blizzard collide causing the fire to turn into ice and breaking.

  32. LOTR references are always awesome. Always.
    All the lyrics I've found say it's "healin'". When I first heard the song, I really thought he was saying "killin'".

    Since Yunho's power is fire, and they made Changmin's light, it should be related. So I say the power to control plasma (lightning, neon signs, etc.).

    Tough choice, but I have to say TVXQ.

  33. The ability to eat kimchi (without rice) at the speed of light.

  34. Hey Simon and Martina!
    Thank you for commenting on DBSKnights: http://www.dbsknights.net/2011/01/video-youtube-v
    And in response, you're welcome! I'm glad you're still listening to JYJ despite the icky Kanye bit.

    And then you went and reblogged my Yunho macro too! http://eatyourkimchi.tumblr.com/post/2704812817/m
    Double thank you!

    I love you guys for bringing some light-hearted fun back to kpop. Keep it up!

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