Oh boy. GDTOP, MBLAQ, and TVXQ all released their videos on Wednesday last week. We had to choose one. We chose the one that got the most requests. So here we present to our our review of TVXQ’s “Keep Your Head Down.” To those of you disappointed, don’t kill us! There’s still next week! Or the week after!

Anyhow, we know that TVXQ’s comeback is quite big, especially considering the huge controversy and the split in the band. We reviewed JYJ’s “Ayy Girl” a while ago, and really liked their song, even if we didn’t like the video. Now, how does TVXQ fare, having only two members rather than three? Not bad at all. In fact, this song is really quite good. Simon’s a sucker for big trumpet sounds, and the chorus totally rocks. And, thankfully, they don’t have terrible CGI in their video, even though the fire explosion at the end was really cheesy. Like, whoa, a bit too cheesy. Otherwise, the video was quite good. So we’re asking you for the showdown this week which video/song you preferred: JYJ’s “Ayyy Girl” or TVXQ’s “Keep Your Head Down.”

Oh, that’s so cruel of us to ask for you TVXQ die hards, right? So we’re gonna try to exonerate ourselves with a giveaway. Usually, though, we’d buy our own CDs and ship them out ourselves, but we’re lucky enough to have the kind people at YesAsia.com and YesStyle.com volunteer to give the CDs away instead. And this time, we’re not talking about any small CDs here. We’re talking about the TVXQ Special First Press Limited Edition Album which comes with the CD, a photobook, photocards, and a poster. Shazam! And they’re giving away two of them! Double Shazam! So, you have two chances to win. First, for our YouTube subscribers, tell us what you think Max’s superpower should be (hopefully, one that isn’t lame, and one that better compliments U-Know time!). For our Twitter followers, simply press the “Share on Twitter” button above. That’s all. We’ll pick one subscriber and one follower next week and get in contact with you to get the CD super package shipped your way. Triple Shazam!

On a side note, we’re not sure where to include this, so we’ll say it here: whenever we review a Kpop video, we watch it lots of times. Lots and lots of times. Whenever we think of something to say about it, we pause the video and write down notes. This time, though, we happened to pause the video at a really odd moment, and couldn’t stop ourselves from laughing:

U Know Time!

Seems kinda funny, not so much because Yun Ho is having so much fun, but because of the expression of the two guys in the back. But then we got to doodling on the picture, and could barely contain ourselves. Hopefully no one will get offended by this and think that we’re being sacrilegious, because we know that the TVXQ fan group is very devoted. Anyhow, here’s what we came up with:

TVXQ Keep Your Head Down Fairy
TVXQ Leprechaun
TVXQ Swingset
TVXQ Bunny
U-Know Time 2

P.S. This one is our favorite :D If the fancy hits you to doodle something else on the original pic, please show us! We’re really amused by this kind of stuff :D

And, lest we forget, as always big thank yous go out to JB and Annie from [닉쑤] Enjoy Your Happy Life~* for so kindly translating all of our videos into Korean. They’ve been translating all our videos for months now, and we’re really thankful. Lastly, if you don’t happen to be one of the two lucky winners, you can still support TVXQ and order a copy by clicking on the banner below :D

Dong Bang Shin Ki - Keep Your Head Down (Special Version) (First Press Limited Edition) + Poster in Tube
  1. LOTR is awesome! Who’s going to see The Hobbit this weekend?…..wow, yeah this is super old and nobody will see this, fail :/

  2. Lol, the first time I listened to this song, I misheard one of Max’s lines. I heard: ‘This is return of the chin!’ (instead of return of the king) I was like whutt?! I googled the lyrics, but I keep hearing chin.. ;b

  3. DBSK has too many names. I was watching something where their name was spelled out like: Dongbangshinki and thought, hey isn’t that the guy from… I can never remember what TVXQ stands for, or why its preferable to DBSK for international use. Cause as an acronym, I think DBSK flows much better. All that said, I just haven’t been into them without Junsu and Joejoong.

  4. i like u-know and max the best than jyj

  5. DBSK used to be yunho max junsu jaejoong and yoochun. i miss them being together. tohoshinki fighting

  6. i think max power should be water so he can at least keep his clothes and himself from burning.

  7. Martina hi, I totally agree about the song, however the dance Max had a glove with sparkles like…..Michael Jackson!!!!!!! and in the video of “Before You Go” there was a lot of michael moves that are …unnecessary… >/////<

  8. Martina hi, I totally agree about the song, however the dance Max had a glove with sparkles like…..Michael Jackson!!!!!!! and in the video of “Before You Go” there was a lot of michael moves that are …unnecessary… >/////<

  9. max should have water or wind power!!! for his scenes, he should have water or wind blowing out his hands!!!

  10. it would be to read minds or to copy power

  11. I think TVXQ is what chinese people call Dongbangshinki. Nobody really knows them by that name in south korea. On the other hand, japanese people call them Tohoshinki. It's all because this band's name 東方神起 is pronounced differently depending on where you are.
    I personally think since this is a south korea band, it should be called as Dongbangshinki, or possibly DBSK for short if preferred. .

  12. Changmin’s SuperPower?
    Since he looks a bit like a clown…
    Maybe he should be the Joker? <3

    Argh my bias!! <3

  13. hello! ^^ did you guys already picked the winners for this KYHD giveaway?

  14. Max should have super sonic powers because can travel faster than the speed of light and fly.

  15. Hey! i am a youtube subscriber (koreansinger501) and well yunho's fire and max's light kinda like work together. u know (lol)? Like if you add fire to a light it creates an explosion. but u could always change the light to something else that matches with fire. (one of my friends said max should have the power to spray gasoline… so with yunho there would be a huge massive fire. lol.) well i've got nothing that would match. lol i don't like the weird owl outfits either. they look funny…….

  16. Definitely, TVXQ Keep Your Head Down., maybe it was because Ayy Girl kinda bored me now since I replayed it everyday. XDD

  17. Ok, so..um…ya…anywayz, Max says healin' in the video, because i saw the live version, and ya, it had the lyrics and everything

  18. I just raelized I posted the totally wrong thing here a couple of days ago XDD
    I wish Changmin could have the powers to defy gravity so he can travel all around with the rest of TVXQ and not have to pay money or ride in planes that are too constricted for them (It's a hazard since Yunho is too hot that the plane might explode due to spontaneously sexy combustion =O ;))

  19. Awww i can't chose between JYJ and Homin…
    Okay…ermmm i chose JYJ

  20. I'm probably way too late ^^''''
    but I definitely liked Keep Your Head Down better!

  21. Keep your head down. Ayyy Girl was BLAH because… well, i don't really like Kanye… LOL
    I hope I win a CD XDXD
    Hahahahahaha don't go in while Simon is trying to make poos.
    And I think I'm PRETY dang sure it's "Now I'm just chillin, feel like I'm healin." And I do have super good hearing… well, only for crappy Korean english LOL

  22. Hi! I'd like to suggest Super Junior's "No Other" or Gummy feat. TOP <3 "I'm Sorry" for a future K-Pop Monday! Thanks and I love your videos!

  23. Idea for Max´s new superpower: Rolling down the car window like in Ayy Girl :D That´s really sad that old DBSK are not together anymore :(

  24. I really liked both.
    Oh…I'm a really BIG TVXQ fan.
    Its just so hard to choose.
    But i think TVXQ's song was 짱

    Max's power (at the end) seems like lightning.
    Although its really hard to know, it looks like so kind of flashy thingy.

  25. KYHD is better than Ayyy Girl, music wise. i love songs that make you feel like dancing even if you don't know what the steps are. ayyy girl didn't really catch my attention, and the horrible music video just pushed me towards trying to forget that the song exists because whenever i hear it, i remember the horrible, horrible cgi and costumes and makeup.

  26. ya that what i was think wth where they wearing that ugly outfit doesn't match the video at all
    totally love this video better, and also their dance moves r totally cool
    My VOTE to go with JYJ.. break my heart that i have to pick,
    knowing that uknow n max dominate the market and this song continue with tvxq style most girls will give their's to homin
    so my vote goes to JYJ for fairness, after all the two best singer of the group is in jyj

  27. I think i liked 'Ayy Girl' better than this….but this isnt bad…

    So my vote goes to 'Ayy Girl'

  28. I'm a youtube follower, I vote TVXQ'a song, and I think that Max time should look something like Hammer time…but with the ability to manipulate electricity (in a cool, dangerous, great balls of blue kind of way).

  29. I think I would give Max elemental manipulation so he can control air, water, fire, and earth. Cause he's just THAT awesome. ;D

  30. I choose… *thinks long and hard* *begins to panic* *gets frustrated* …GAH!
    TVXQ had a great comeback. The vocals in the song were amazing!
    JYJ took a courageous approach to try and make that English song and used a whole new genre style!
    They both had such great comebacks!

    I choose Spudgy!

    Changmin Power: AVATAR STYLE!

  31. I want to win the cd!!!! HoMin fighting!!

  32. Keep Your Head down is far superior in lyric and arrangement.

    This is a difficult one, I must say. >:

  33. I vote for TVXQ and I hope that next week will be for GD&TOP

  34. I think Max's power should be lightning/thunder because it still gives him the lol, the original light idea that SM had AND it'd make the the explosion with Yunho even bigger and asdlhasdlfkjh epic. xD

  35. I was wondering if you could review MBLAQ? The "Cry" or the "Stay" video :) THANK YOU! Saranghae <3

  36. TVXQ's Keep Your Head Down gets my vote :D <3

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