Oh boy. GDTOP, MBLAQ, and TVXQ all released their videos on Wednesday last week. We had to choose one. We chose the one that got the most requests. So here we present to our our review of TVXQ’s “Keep Your Head Down.” To those of you disappointed, don’t kill us! There’s still next week! Or the week after!

Anyhow, we know that TVXQ’s comeback is quite big, especially considering the huge controversy and the split in the band. We reviewed JYJ’s “Ayy Girl” a while ago, and really liked their song, even if we didn’t like the video. Now, how does TVXQ fare, having only two members rather than three? Not bad at all. In fact, this song is really quite good. Simon’s a sucker for big trumpet sounds, and the chorus totally rocks. And, thankfully, they don’t have terrible CGI in their video, even though the fire explosion at the end was really cheesy. Like, whoa, a bit too cheesy. Otherwise, the video was quite good. So we’re asking you for the showdown this week which video/song you preferred: JYJ’s “Ayyy Girl” or TVXQ’s “Keep Your Head Down.”

Oh, that’s so cruel of us to ask for you TVXQ die hards, right? So we’re gonna try to exonerate ourselves with a giveaway. Usually, though, we’d buy our own CDs and ship them out ourselves, but we’re lucky enough to have the kind people at YesAsia.com and YesStyle.com volunteer to give the CDs away instead. And this time, we’re not talking about any small CDs here. We’re talking about the TVXQ Special First Press Limited Edition Album which comes with the CD, a photobook, photocards, and a poster. Shazam! And they’re giving away two of them! Double Shazam! So, you have two chances to win. First, for our YouTube subscribers, tell us what you think Max’s superpower should be (hopefully, one that isn’t lame, and one that better compliments U-Know time!). For our Twitter followers, simply press the “Share on Twitter” button above. That’s all. We’ll pick one subscriber and one follower next week and get in contact with you to get the CD super package shipped your way. Triple Shazam!

On a side note, we’re not sure where to include this, so we’ll say it here: whenever we review a Kpop video, we watch it lots of times. Lots and lots of times. Whenever we think of something to say about it, we pause the video and write down notes. This time, though, we happened to pause the video at a really odd moment, and couldn’t stop ourselves from laughing:

U Know Time!

Seems kinda funny, not so much because Yun Ho is having so much fun, but because of the expression of the two guys in the back. But then we got to doodling on the picture, and could barely contain ourselves. Hopefully no one will get offended by this and think that we’re being sacrilegious, because we know that the TVXQ fan group is very devoted. Anyhow, here’s what we came up with:

TVXQ Keep Your Head Down Fairy
TVXQ Leprechaun
TVXQ Swingset
TVXQ Bunny
U-Know Time 2

P.S. This one is our favorite :D If the fancy hits you to doodle something else on the original pic, please show us! We’re really amused by this kind of stuff :D

And, lest we forget, as always big thank yous go out to JB and Annie from [닉쑤] Enjoy Your Happy Life~* for so kindly translating all of our videos into Korean. They’ve been translating all our videos for months now, and we’re really thankful. Lastly, if you don’t happen to be one of the two lucky winners, you can still support TVXQ and order a copy by clicking on the banner below :D

Dong Bang Shin Ki - Keep Your Head Down (Special Version) (First Press Limited Edition) + Poster in Tube
  1. LOTR is awesome! Who’s going to see The Hobbit this weekend?…..wow, yeah this is super old and nobody will see this, fail :/

  2. Lol, the first time I listened to this song, I misheard one of Max’s lines. I heard: ‘This is return of the chin!’ (instead of return of the king) I was like whutt?! I googled the lyrics, but I keep hearing chin.. ;b

  3. DBSK has too many names. I was watching something where their name was spelled out like: Dongbangshinki and thought, hey isn’t that the guy from… I can never remember what TVXQ stands for, or why its preferable to DBSK for international use. Cause as an acronym, I think DBSK flows much better. All that said, I just haven’t been into them without Junsu and Joejoong.

  4. i like u-know and max the best than jyj

  5. DBSK used to be yunho max junsu jaejoong and yoochun. i miss them being together. tohoshinki fighting

  6. i think max power should be water so he can at least keep his clothes and himself from burning.

  7. Martina hi, I totally agree about the song, however the dance Max had a glove with sparkles like…..Michael Jackson!!!!!!! and in the video of “Before You Go” there was a lot of michael moves that are …unnecessary… >/////<

  8. Martina hi, I totally agree about the song, however the dance Max had a glove with sparkles like…..Michael Jackson!!!!!!! and in the video of “Before You Go” there was a lot of michael moves that are …unnecessary… >/////<

  9. max should have water or wind power!!! for his scenes, he should have water or wind blowing out his hands!!!

  10. it would be to read minds or to copy power

  11. I think TVXQ is what chinese people call Dongbangshinki. Nobody really knows them by that name in south korea. On the other hand, japanese people call them Tohoshinki. It's all because this band's name 東方神起 is pronounced differently depending on where you are.
    I personally think since this is a south korea band, it should be called as Dongbangshinki, or possibly DBSK for short if preferred. .

  12. Changmin’s SuperPower?
    Since he looks a bit like a clown…
    Maybe he should be the Joker? <3

    Argh my bias!! <3

  13. hello! ^^ did you guys already picked the winners for this KYHD giveaway?

  14. Max should have super sonic powers because can travel faster than the speed of light and fly.

  15. Hey! i am a youtube subscriber (koreansinger501) and well yunho's fire and max's light kinda like work together. u know (lol)? Like if you add fire to a light it creates an explosion. but u could always change the light to something else that matches with fire. (one of my friends said max should have the power to spray gasoline… so with yunho there would be a huge massive fire. lol.) well i've got nothing that would match. lol i don't like the weird owl outfits either. they look funny…….

  16. Definitely, TVXQ Keep Your Head Down., maybe it was because Ayy Girl kinda bored me now since I replayed it everyday. XDD

  17. Ok, so..um…ya…anywayz, Max says healin' in the video, because i saw the live version, and ya, it had the lyrics and everything

  18. I just raelized I posted the totally wrong thing here a couple of days ago XDD
    I wish Changmin could have the powers to defy gravity so he can travel all around with the rest of TVXQ and not have to pay money or ride in planes that are too constricted for them (It's a hazard since Yunho is too hot that the plane might explode due to spontaneously sexy combustion =O ;))

  19. Awww i can't chose between JYJ and Homin…
    Okay…ermmm i chose JYJ

  20. I'm probably way too late ^^''''
    but I definitely liked Keep Your Head Down better!

  21. Keep your head down. Ayyy Girl was BLAH because… well, i don't really like Kanye… LOL
    I hope I win a CD XDXD
    Hahahahahaha don't go in while Simon is trying to make poos.
    And I think I'm PRETY dang sure it's "Now I'm just chillin, feel like I'm healin." And I do have super good hearing… well, only for crappy Korean english LOL

  22. Hi! I'd like to suggest Super Junior's "No Other" or Gummy feat. TOP <3 "I'm Sorry" for a future K-Pop Monday! Thanks and I love your videos!

  23. Idea for Max´s new superpower: Rolling down the car window like in Ayy Girl :D That´s really sad that old DBSK are not together anymore :(

  24. I really liked both.
    Oh…I'm a really BIG TVXQ fan.
    Its just so hard to choose.
    But i think TVXQ's song was 짱

    Max's power (at the end) seems like lightning.
    Although its really hard to know, it looks like so kind of flashy thingy.

  25. KYHD is better than Ayyy Girl, music wise. i love songs that make you feel like dancing even if you don't know what the steps are. ayyy girl didn't really catch my attention, and the horrible music video just pushed me towards trying to forget that the song exists because whenever i hear it, i remember the horrible, horrible cgi and costumes and makeup.

  26. ya that what i was think wth where they wearing that ugly outfit doesn't match the video at all
    totally love this video better, and also their dance moves r totally cool
    My VOTE to go with JYJ.. break my heart that i have to pick,
    knowing that uknow n max dominate the market and this song continue with tvxq style most girls will give their's to homin
    so my vote goes to JYJ for fairness, after all the two best singer of the group is in jyj

  27. I think i liked 'Ayy Girl' better than this….but this isnt bad…

    So my vote goes to 'Ayy Girl'

  28. I'm a youtube follower, I vote TVXQ'a song, and I think that Max time should look something like Hammer time…but with the ability to manipulate electricity (in a cool, dangerous, great balls of blue kind of way).

  29. I think I would give Max elemental manipulation so he can control air, water, fire, and earth. Cause he's just THAT awesome. ;D

  30. I choose… *thinks long and hard* *begins to panic* *gets frustrated* …GAH!
    TVXQ had a great comeback. The vocals in the song were amazing!
    JYJ took a courageous approach to try and make that English song and used a whole new genre style!
    They both had such great comebacks!

    I choose Spudgy!

    Changmin Power: AVATAR STYLE!

  31. I want to win the cd!!!! HoMin fighting!!

  32. Keep Your Head down is far superior in lyric and arrangement.

    This is a difficult one, I must say. >:

  33. do teen top supa luv

  34. I vote for TVXQ and I hope that next week will be for GD&TOP

  35. I think Max's power should be lightning/thunder because it still gives him the lol, the original light idea that SM had AND it'd make the the explosion with Yunho even bigger and asdlhasdlfkjh epic. xD

  36. I was wondering if you could review MBLAQ? The "Cry" or the "Stay" video :) THANK YOU! Saranghae <3

  37. TVXQ's Keep Your Head Down gets my vote :D <3

  38. I already posted this at your youtube page but I'll do it again, hopefully I still have a chance to win ^_^
    Wa! A CD giveaway!?! Humm let's see….If I could give Max a different super power, I would totally give him Spudgy powers! They're both super duper adorable. Who can resist the power of Spudgy? Don't you agree? Max would totally be able to win over U-know if he had Spudgy powers! All he would have to do is walk up to him and give him puppy dog eyes. U-know would totally give in every time haha. I wish I had Spudgy powers haha.
    Always Keep the Faith!
    Spudgy FIGHTING
    PS – oh my goodness you guys are soooo funny, I could not stop laughing at the comments you put on those pictures of Yunho hahaha.

  39. TVXQ all the way!

  40. For Max's super power i think Ice would be most suitable for Keep your Head Down since U-Know is Fire, Fire and Ice!
    And for the best song i have to say TVXQ-Keep Your Head Down!

  41. I’m trying to click ‘share on twitter’ but it doesn’t work. There is some kind of error :(.
    And TVXQ has a better comeback song :D.

  42. For Changmin's superpower, there's this chalk powder blowing up in the beginning of the video, right? I imagine Minnie being that 'chilly' wind that's necessary. Not only supporting Yunho, but also controlling him in some way; not always on the foreground, but still present ^^ They're really depending on each other, no?

    Haha, sorry if I sound like a yaoi-fangirl, I didn't mean to LOL

    And oh, I just noticed: if Max impersonates the wind, the lyrics get a whole new dimension!
    "Erased, disappeared, you’ve burned to death in my heart" The wind erases her, while fire burns her to death. I love their combined powers, they really are gods :D

    Much love all the way from Belgium! You guys always give me a good laugh :)
    I'm already looking forward to the next one!

  43. Hmm, such a complicated question!!

    I choose "Keep Your Head down", because I enjoyed both the song and MV much more than "Ayyy Girl"! I fell in love with the whole thing the moment they started releasing teasers, really :)
    Don't get me wrong, people, I love JYJ just as much! It's only about the songs here!

  44. JYJ-Ayy Girl

  45. i love your videos ^^
    max superpower: super fantastic elastic gumbubble!
    he can trap u-know in a big gumbubble, so u-know can't move
    and if he move too much it will burst – and then he's riddled with sticky bubblegum xD
    just my suggestion :DD


  46. Water……for 3 reasons…..
    1) water is one of the main elements
    2) water is the weakness of fire
    3) humans are made up of water particles. So you would be able to control anyones body…..unless they dont have water in them. which is impossible unless they are unhuman or dead =XXXXX

  47. Keep your head down!!

  48. Shelby

    TVXQ definately

  49. hi.. i think max should have super water power lol.. u know what i mean.. erm.. water vs fire. i think its gonna be cool. its the same concept with yunho but this time use water. water splash all over. put more attitude for water movement. if.. they wanna go with water. if they wanna play with fire and water. they also can make flash for max.. just put max playing with flash and yunho with fire.. when its come together its gonna be such like a thunder storm. thats my opinion =)
    p/s: sorry for my bad english. not my native language =(

  50. I think Max should have the power to control the weather. That way he can put U-Know's flames out with rain, then dry him out with wind. Lastly, blow him away with a tornado. MAX TIME!!!

    And by the way I am so a new fan of you guys, you two are too HILARIOUS! XD

  51. I prefer JYJ Comeback… and… ChangMin's superpower… Earth or mabye Water…
    I love your videos :D Kisses from Spain! ^^

  52. max should have water powers! since yunho is fire max can cancel him out with his awesome water powers hahaha

  53. JYJ Ayy GIRL! :) btw where should i go to recommend a song or so? XD I want you guys to review MBLAQ Cry :3

  54. I prefer TVXQ! Keep your head down ! ^^

  55. bbeokigayoooo! :D


  56. Ahh, I love your show so much kkk ♥

    I like TVXQ better ^___^

    And I think Changmin should have the power to throw flashes of lightening. It is something as powerful as Yunho's fire balls and I think sometimes Max's gaze is so intense that you think there are flashes darting out of his eyes the next moment. Either you hate or you love storms and I think Max is the one who polarizes the most out of the members.
    Furthermore flashes are something dynamic and forceful, which are the attributes which come to my mind when I see him dance kkk

    Have a nice week! :D

  57. I like JYJs comeback song better. It's hot and it's all in English! We like this! This is more than present!

  58. i wouldnt like to pick but i was more excited about JYJ than HoMin.

    suggestion for another Music Mondays – Infinite's BTD vs TeenTop's Transform

  59. Sigh. DBSK divided. My vote's going to have to go with 'Why' because it's just a better music video, period. JYJ's sky palace/napkin shirts don't hold a candle to Yunho's pyro skills (haha–candle? No?) and Changmin's….light. And the absence of odd 'run at the camera in slow motion to deliver teh sexi' shots is made of win. Hopefully they'll be making videos together again sometime soon….

  60. Great video. I love Mondays again! Plus I bookmark you so you entertain me at work. I tell everyboday about the Cat Cafe. They always give me this look like, stop – dont tell me anymore (they think im gonna talk about cat cuisine) NEVER! But I love the site. Thanx a bunch!

  61. I think Max should have the power to freeze time especially at awkward moments like you guys did (: He can make funny and ridiculous comments about Yunho just for laughs of course. I think that would be really fun and entertaining (: He might not have any major dramatic power, but at least he would have the last laugh (: Hope you like my idea :)

  62. I think Max's power should be to control the weather. Think about it, he can make devastating earthquakes, tornadoes, blizzards and more. Plus if he ever wants to stop "Yunho time" he can always make it rain and put out all those fires ;] Then again maybe the power to conjure meatball subs would be better :D Delicious ;] Love the song and love the video! thanks so much you guys! ^_^

  63. Max should have water/ice/snow superpower I guess that would be considered water element. In the beginning instead of being in a holey cave it should be raining around him. I think the rain will be sexy because his clothes will get stuck to his body and than it should snow and at the last scene he should create a blizzard. Rain turning into snow , snow turning into a blizzard. The last scene when they grab hands the fire and blizzard collide causing the fire to turn into ice and breaking.

  64. LOTR references are always awesome. Always.
    All the lyrics I've found say it's "healin'". When I first heard the song, I really thought he was saying "killin'".

    Since Yunho's power is fire, and they made Changmin's light, it should be related. So I say the power to control plasma (lightning, neon signs, etc.).

    Tough choice, but I have to say TVXQ.

  65. The ability to eat kimchi (without rice) at the speed of light.

  66. Hey Simon and Martina!
    Thank you for commenting on DBSKnights: http://www.dbsknights.net/2011/01/video-youtube-v
    And in response, you're welcome! I'm glad you're still listening to JYJ despite the icky Kanye bit.

    And then you went and reblogged my Yunho macro too! http://eatyourkimchi.tumblr.com/post/2704812817/m
    Double thank you!

    I love you guys for bringing some light-hearted fun back to kpop. Keep it up!

  67. TVXQ has not only the better video but also the better song!

  68. I vote both TVXQ and JYJ ^^ hehe

    I thought Changmin's power was cool.. Reminded me of materia in Final Fantasy 7 haha. But if I had to choose, I'd say the power to control magnetism like Magneto from X-Men. That way he'd be almost invincible. Suits him perfectly. MUHAHAHAA!!

    Waahh~ I'm not sure if I really had to comment here so I just copy pasted my youtube comment xD
    Anyway, yep yep, Knights of the Round ^^ Even some of the sound effects in the music video was similar to when you picked up a materia.

    And I like the last picture. hheehee

  69. I think JYJ's Ayy girl sounds better.

  70. love both, but for me: Keep your head down xD

  71. Thanks for the video.. you guys rock! I already posted my suggestion to Max's power on Youtube, but I wanted to post it here again just in case.. lol!

    I suggest Max to have the power to control the movements of the earth and rocks. He would be able to split the earth from underneath the feet of the villains apart, or make a mountain rise from the sea, or bring down mountains. That would compliment U-Know's power because spliting the ground could reveal lava from below the earth, OR cover the fire with earth to put the flames out! GO MAX AND U-KNOW!!! :D

  72. clearly he's going for a ride on his invisible horse.

  73. I would give Max lightining for a super power.

  74. I think JYJ and Ayy girl are the best

  75. JYJ and Ayy Girl are the best

  76. HAHA!!! the macros!!! oh gosh…..

  77. Max should be able to glow in the dark and sparkle under light!!! so he woudn't even need to make holes!!! YUH! >:3

  78. I was going to comment on youtube, but it wouldn't let me put in enough characters. I hope this still lets me enter the contest… :) Hmmm… comeback song, while I love all 5 boys equally, I have to vote for HoMin, DBSK's Keep Your Head Down. While I know some of the Cassies thought it was directed at JYJ and whatnot, I loved this song. It has got a perfect beat and rhythm and Yunho and Changmin are oh-so-hot. 2 years and 2 months and they have not let me down :D Personally, I liked JYJ's Empty and their new album (Their Rooms: Music Essay) songs better than Ayy Girl. If we had been comparing any of those songs to Keep Your Head Down, I might have picked JYJ.
    Changmin's (Max's) power would have to be water. While I think light works pretty well in this video, if you had to change it to a better one, I would pick water. I thought they used the light sort of as a way for the two of them to come together to make the planet explode or maybe to make the sun. And we all know Changmin would love to bully his hyungs with the light power and he would totally turn the lights on and off just to bug them, especially to bug Junsu. However, water would work too. I mean, couldn't you totally picture Changmin splashing around in water through the entire music video? Every video so far where one of the DBSK members has been in water, it was Changmin (see Mirotic, Hi Ya Ya, etc.), and this would just fit his entire concept. Also, fire and water are opposites. Considering that one part in the music video where Changmin and Yunho are battling it out and Changmin has that fierce expression on his face, they have to have opposite super powers. And then, fire's other "opposite" could be ice. So Changmin could freeze his water and boom! Changminnie has an awesome super power.
    Hmmm, Changmin's English… I must say, that's the most entertaining part of this song. My sister and I crack up every time we watch, and then of course, we have to go back and watch it again. The official lyrics are "Now, I'm just chillin', feel like I'm healin'. Personally, I heard killin' the first time I listened to it, but I guess we have to trust the official lyrics.
    DBSK fighting!

  79. TVXQ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  80. I prefer JYJ song than TVXQ…
    But the best could be a mix of the 2!!!

  81. 왜 (Keep Your Head Down) is much better!!!!!
    and i like lord of the rings too, its not nerdy!!!! go martina!!!!

  82. Well, I couldn’t choose between HoMin and JYJ. :( But as for Changmin…. Power to make cheese out of nothing. Who cares about making fire when you can make cheese?

  83. Sorry JYJ, I love you, but Keep Your Head Down PWNS xD Seriously love this song <333 It's already my second most played song and it just came out like a week ago. HOMIN PWNAGE XDDDD

  84. Not biased here. I LOVE Keep Your Head Down. One of my favorite kpop songs ^^ I love it so much :)


  86. Tvxq has to win^^
    if i could give max a superpower, ill give him
    1 the power to DESTROY JYJ cuz they are mean to him and he did nothing wrong
    2 The power to let JYJ Junsu Fart everytime max thinks junsu needs to feel embarrased
    3 The power to fly to europe and give like thousands of concerts there
    4 the powet to fall in love with unasian girls,, Im sure Martina wont mind tis xD

    You guys are awesome and i really wnat the cd ^^

    • ham! power to destroy JYJ o.O..what have they done wrong? xD I wonder… JYJ were once part of TVXQ, and you even considerer yourself a fan of TVXQ XD god! your comment is soOooOooOooOooOo ironic tch! tch! xD.

  87. Don't know if you are actually going to read all of these-but why does ur remote say "ummm….im still stuck"-or something like that?
    -seems like you have so much trouble keeping track of the remote you have to tape it to your couch huh?? maybe me and my roommates should start implementing your idea, we seem to lose our remote waaay too much :)

    • Of course we read all these! Anyhow, the remote is a jerk who keeps on trying to run away and hide in places where we can't find him. We let him go on parole for a bit but then he made a run for it as well. Looks like we're gonna keep him locked up on our couch forever.

  88. :( it wont let me share on twitter :/

  89. hahahahahahahaha
    you guys are sooooooo funny i couldn't stop laughing on the pix they are soooooooooo fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunnny
    infact am really happy that they saperaited cuz i didnt like dbsk at the first place<<<donT get mad at me you guys :P

  90. i give my voteto JYJ Ayyy Girl!!

  91. Who thought Yunho would look good in fairy wings…XD
    Strange with a beard… xD
    And what is that? red diapers? xD…
    A wannabe easter bunny xD…
    I shall not comment the last one! xD.

    YunHo Rocks xD

  92. well, i think i’ll vote for “keep your head down”, since the ayyy girl mv, and song, blame the staffs and kanye. i hate it (but kinda love it. u know what i mean)
    well, their mv can be said as ‘well budgeted mv’ and while jyj.. sorry, it’s an ‘i-want-an-cool-cg-but-sorry-its-fail’ kind of mv.

  93. I like both songs, but I have to say that I like 'Keep Your Head Down' a little bit more, and the video is so much better! (Or maybe it's because Changmin is my favorite member? Naaah, I like the other reason better)
    - Sooo yeah, I'm voting for TVXQ.

  94. You’re getting more and more crazy :-D I love it

    there will be another MBLAQ's MV for Stay, I would like to see your review of this one (cuz the song is awesome)

    and about DBSK v.2.0 vs. JYJ I think I like Homin better, esp the song, not to mention MV ;) I forced myself to watch Ayy Girl for the second time only thanks to you guys; Rollin' down my sexy window~ will be forever my jam

  95. well u guys totally killed me with those doodles!!(Especially the last one which u-know farted!!)
    seriously, both of u rock!! (:
    oh yea time to answer the questions!!
    well i think i’ll choose HoMin this time.(U guys gave me a hard time choosing as i’m a hard core TVXQ FAN!!)
    Oh yea what power max should have?
    i personally think electricty would be good!!
    I personally think that both fire and electricty is the most important thing in the world. Just like the both of them, the most important people to me other then my family in my life!!

    ok i think i gotta stop writing now. i would really love to win the prizes..haha..(my parents don’t allow me to buy things online and i would really want to own my very first kpop calender!! i hope i get chosen!)

    keep the faith!! U couple and TVXQ TOTALLY ROCK MY LIFE!!
    Oh yea, just thank you for putting soo much effort and time in making kpop music monday~ FIGHTING!!FIGHTING!!

  96. umm i would pick TVXQ…i also don't know why i pick TVXQ….LOL….

  97. My vote goes to JYJ's Ayyy Girl. :)

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  99. OMG My vote goes to TVXQ's Keep Your Head Down!! <3

  100. Max should have T.O.P's Monkey Magic!! :D

  101. Keep You Head Down hands down —> confusing
    anyways Infinite's BTD for next week!

  102. JYJ fo sho. Although I did like Keep Your Head Down, I just have to be straight up and say I preferred Ayyy Girl. By the way, incredibly EPIC review this week. The Max cuts were the best, ROFL! Rock on, Changmin. Yunho may be able to explode the planet but hes got the power to eat up land with holes and inflict seizures upon people with his flashing lights. But uh…super power huh? Telekinesis baby. Ohh yeeah. Then he can, I don't know, pitch throw bandits into walls and make more holes. :|

  103. Ah yes my YouTube comment for Max's super-power should definitely be "Anti-oxygen" powers. That way he could suck the wind out of Yunho's sails….and Yunho's fire! He could also take credit for all the Kpop videos like B2ST's Soom, Miss A's I Can't Breathe, G-Dragon's Breathe…the list goes on.

  104. hi there. I come across this site because I knew both of you from running man :) I love Korea too even though I’m Malaysian. I love KPOP, Kdrama & Kimchi too. hehe. Hope I can travel to Korea & it’s great because you have the chance to live in Korea.

  105. I vote for TVXQ Homin.

  106. I vote for *thinks* TVXQ
    I love the chorus waaaay to much, haha *badly dances to it* Oh, and the owl upholstery suits!!! ♥

    Like I said on YouTube, I think Max's power should be the ability to control time. Then it really WOULD be Max-TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just imagine it…all the awesome/evil/ninja things you could do if you could control time ^.-

    He could go back in time and stop the other members from leaving ;_;

  107. i most definitely enjoyed JYJs more than tvxqs.

  108. TVXQ's "Keep your Head Down" Vs JYJ's JYJ, "Ayyy Girl" its 50/50… hmmm im having a hard time to choose…………. i vote for JYJ "Ayyy Girl".. ^_^..
    i agree MAX got a lame LAME power… WTF hole/light power?? .. he should have Lightning power..

    btw my Request for nextweek SNSD "HOOT" video..

  109. I vote for TVXQ Max and Yunho “Head your head down” is much better

  110. TVXQ has the much better song.

  111. Hahaha! This is an easy question! DBSK wins! I mean, I still love JYJ.. But Max & Yunho just had the better song! Plus I saw them perform part of it live in LA. So Max & Yunho FTW. <3 I think Max should have the power of Super screaming. Like high pitched screaming! Cuz he screams so much in their songs, but they are amazing!!! Or he could be water since Yunho was fire. That would be pretty amazingg. (: <3

  112. MAX should have the ability to go back in time then all of them were together

    TVXQ 's is better Kanye ruined Ayy Girl.


  114. TVXQ all the way!! Keep Your Head Down gets better the more I listen/watch it. JYJ's Ayyy Girl scared me so bad upon my first viewing my friend had to force me to watch until the end, and when I listened to the song by itself I forgot all about it and didn't realize it had ended. I love you JYJ but Yunho and Changmin beat you hands down.

  115. I vote for TVXQ's comeback because I felt like there was a lot more ENERGY and FEELING into their music video. SORRY JYJ T^T
    And I would totally give Changmin the power to… CONTROL WATER. Sounds kinda typical but at the end, when Max and Yunho high-five each other, water and fire would spiral around them and like the would would end all steamy like and stuff… YEAH… and he could definitely "make it rain" on him. ;)…. Get it? hehee….I'll give you a minute to think about it Martina. ^-^

  116. TVXQ all the way baby!!!!

  117. JYJ
    As for Max's power…I think weather control(like Storm from x-men)…Because my first thought was lightning, and someone said it, so then I thought he could control the wind, that would give him the ability to fly and blow Yunho's fire around..but if he could control weather he would have lightning, wind, rain(water), snow(ice)..lots of cool stuff that would look better than wholes in a wall! <3

  118. i like all of them…especially the last one. lol!

  119. I posted this on the video:

    I feel so bad choosing between the JYJ's MV and TVXQ's MV but I would have to say TVXQ's was better.

    Anyways…I think Max should have the power to control nature (leaves, trees, vines, etc), because according to the natural 5 elements Wood (nature) feeds Fire. Thus, Max would definitely compliment U-Know. :]

  120. LOOL those pictures of yunho and his backup dancers


  121. I would like to win the contest just to post everywhere that you guys (and yesasia… and yesstyle…) sent me a gift!!! :D__(But i would REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLY like if it was the BigBang' new album… that didn't come out yet…!!! xDDD )

  122. For Max’s power–As a X-Men and Heroes fan both, I know Max’s power unequivocally should have been ice. It would’ve looked amazing in the video, fit the whole opposing forces thing the choreo features, and Max’s line? “Now I’m just chillin’?” Get it? ;) (Am a subscriber–love you guys!)

    I also think that TVXQ’s song was much better than JYJ’s. Ayyy Girl just seemed very…incomplete and Why has a much stronger sound.

  123. soooooooooooo fanny like i loved the pics

  124. TVXQ! ''Ayy Girl" was catchty but "keep your head down" just seemed to flow better.:p

  125. LOL those owl suits WERE pretty bad ^^;
    and changmin. i know the lyrics say it's supposed to be healing, but no. it's definitely, obviously killin'

    "now i'm just chillin', feels like i'm killin' "
    …yeah, that definitely makes sense 8D (chilling doesn't rhyme with healing anyways)
    and omg..the showdown

    forcing us to choose between dbsk…cruel T__T

    but DEFINITELY gonna have to go with TVXQ (homin) on this one

    i mean, i was seriously not a big fan of ayy girl :/ wtf with the 'ayy'. (CANADIAN 8D)

    for max's new super power, i would TOTALLY give him supersonic voice (matches him anyways) OR some kind of power over wind because:

    wind + fire makes BIGGER FIREEE 8DD

  126. ah you guys just make my day~~ :DD
    and martina you win 5 points in my book, lord of the rings can be cool right?
    haha (:

    anyways~ as much as i love jyj… i'd have to say i love homin more.. ><
    hey i can't help it asjsa;jf

    thanks so much for being so awesome!! ^^
    can't wait for next week~~

  127. I want max to have a power to turn in to spudgy! cause spudgy is the cutest dog I've ever seen and I would carry him all day long! ã…‹ã…‹ã…‹

  128. I don't like them, but I prefere TVXQ's Keep Your Head Down.

    Max's super power could be (I have a list ^.^) to froze things or he could look like the others members so the band could be complete.
    Or he could cancel the powers of others, or maybe Pheromone manipulation, or – I promisse, this is the last one – Gravity manipulation.
    I think thos super powers are pretty cool :)

  129. My tuesday(yeah Its tuesday now) haa becomen better, as for the showdown i think tvxq keep tour head down is better, the best comeback of THE year till shinee comes back(shineestan here). A superpower for max,truly i dont know all i can think of is water or sound as his voice is magical, or something that can express his snarkiness,
    Anyway make my montage more brightley!!

  130. Seduce people with your eyes……..You could say i have a couple of ideas.

    (i just really really want that cd)

  131. Make weird sounds come from unknow locations to piss people off.

  132. The ability to sweat deodorant.

  133. Max's power would have to be able to freeze time so if the earth really was going to blow up he could get far away. Say maybe…..i dont know……SPACE!!!!! (or you could just kill the guy) Whatever you want X)

  134. JYJ! ++++++ fIGHTING JYJ, My vote is for JYJ, I love ayy girl!

  135. It’s the first time I watch one of your videos and all I can say is… Guys, you’re great!
    About the video/song… I love both songs, but I had to choose, I’d picked up Ayyy Girl song and Keep your head down video. xDD

    mmm and Changmin’s power… I think he should have the power of water, water vs. fire…. water wins, of course!! but not any power… I was thinking about something like Squirtle from pokemon… something like “water gun” or “thunderbolt bubble” (is it said that way? sorry for my horrible English!)..

    Great job! From now, I’ll follow you in both twitter and youtube!

  136. I like the comeback of JYJ, I'm sorry HoMin but JYJ is awesome! I love their voices, It's true the video is horrible! but the song is cool… The power that could be have Max was have water and ice powers! the super power to freeze water with a blow!
    Thaks for the video guys! you are awesome!

  137. I love JYJ comeback, JYJ !

  138. So hard! I pick TVXQ keep your head down. I dont like the kanye section of Ayyy girl.
    Im srry JYJ!! I still love you!!!

  139. ahh so glad you guys decided to review this video :D you totally made my monday. and i agree about the lame superpower, changmin is totally my bias so i definitely feel hes got sexy, hot, charisma and fire would have been totally appropriate for him and instead they gave it to leprechaun yunho but i won’t hate because he’s hot too lol.
    as for what max’s replacement superpower should be, water sounds as equally lame as light to me. i mean, what can he do except douse yunhos fire? i dont think it fits well with the whole concept of their comeback blowing up the earth. you also said it should relate to yunhos awesome fiyah power, so im having a hard time picking something, BUT i do know that max’s (super sexy super super super sexy) scream is well known, and can possibly shatter glass. so how about having his scream be glass shattering? they could have him in oh i dont know maybe a room full of mirrors (where you see his hotness from every angle xD ) and then at one of the major parts where he belts out a high note have it all shatter around him. then at the end when they high five and yunhos fiyah destroys the world max’s glass shards can just emphasize that effect? just a suggestion, and i reallyyyyyy want that cd :D

  140. Max’s power should be ice, because he’s so cool! :D:D

    & I vote “TVXQ”‘s Keep Your Head Down!

    MBLAQ’s Cry for next week please :D

  141. ahh so glad you guys decided to review this video :D you totally made my monday. and i agree about the lame superpower, changmin is totally my bias so i definitely feel hes got sexy, hot, charisma and fire would have been totally appropriate for him and instead they gave it to leprechaun yunho but i won't hate because he's hot too lol.
    as for what max's replacement superpower should be, water sounds as equally lame as light to me. i mean, what can he do except douse yunhos fire? i dont think it fits well with the whole concept of their comeback blowing up the earth. you also said it should relate to yunhos awesome fiyah power, so im having a hard time picking something, BUT i do know that max's (super sexy super super super sexy) scream is well known, and can possibly shatter glass. so how about having his scream be glass shattering? they could have him in oh i dont know maybe a room full of mirrors (where you see his hotness from every angle xD) and then at one of the major parts where he belts out a high note have it all shatter around him. then at the end when they high five and yunhos fiyah destroys the world max's glass shards can just emphasize that effect? just a suggestion, and i reallyyyyyy want that cd :D

  142. I try to post on youtube and it never seems to work:( I am a subscriber though.
    I vote for killin’, although, clearly, spuggie would be the best answer! tvxq’s song is better. Sorry Jyj, kanye west was a bad move. Max’s super power should have been expanded. They set the stage for his power to bee cool when he was carrying the ball of light. the next scene should have been shooting them like little mini lasers from his fingers.

  143. I'm so glad you didn't ask which MV is better… hahahaha! I will have a heartattack if THE obvious wins. haha
    As for the songs, I love the chorus as well!! It's so awesome!! But the fact is the rap part is kind of disappointing… I'm saying something that I shouldn't say here… I miss Yuchun's rap…
    I think both songs and pros and cons, but I will vote for JYJ's Ayyy girl since they are finally venturing into something different! No SMP for me anymore~~ I want to hear a greater variety of song genres!

    Last but definitely not the least… THANK YOU A MILLION!!! for producing this video! I've been waiting for this since Wednesday! Was trying to find my name from the list but clearly I even couldn't remember which name I sent the request under!

  144. I love that screen shots! <3 I hope you'll do GD&TOP's knock out soon ^^

  145. Changmin's superpower should be the ability to conjure up food whenever he wants cause he's a growing boy and it's perfect for when no one wants to get off the couch.

    I prefer TVXQ's song for obvious reasons but had it been a fashion contest, JYJ would've won. -___- Couch boho print suits…what was SM thinking?

  146. I liked TVXQ's Keep Your Head Down more :)

  147. Hmm I vote for Keep Your Head Down!!!
    umm as for Max's super power…i would pick control of the wind. Because it seems like U-Know and Max are on the same team, so their powers would help each other or combine to make a greater force!

  148. I agree with Simon, I like the horns…I guess I'm a..HORNDOG TEEHEE! I vote TVXQ's has the better comeback song.

  149. I just saw I forgot to vote. While I love me some JYJ I'll have to say I liked DBSK's song better. I'm definitely listening to it a lot more. I'm totally raping the repeat button on their mv lol. It's just a great song. JYJ wasn't bad but eh this song is just way better.

  150. I think TVXQ with Keep Your Head Down should win, because they don't kill birds in their video!!
    Plus this song is really catchy, and i keep singing it…annoying my friends XD
    PS, when i hear Max's line, i hear killin'.
    PSS, spudgey is sooo cute at the end!!

  151. I enjoyed TVXQ's Keep Your Head Down more than I enjoyed JYJ's Ayyy Girl which is why my vote goes to TVXQ.
    As for Max's superpower it will have to be the power to shoot Spudgys! There is no way Yunho could win against Spudgys and it's the ultimate form of defense!

  152. UMMM I chosee B2ST xD ok no! keep your head down

  153. i love THE BEGINNING BUT Ayyy Girl … ummm…
    awww I love keep your head down!!! asdfas
    yunho and changmin are so hot

    i vote for keep your head down

  154. I'm so in love with this song omg. Just love it so much. Like Simon I LOVE the big horns and the drums. I too love music like that. Oh and I figured out what is said in that mystery line. The second part of it he says he's "chilling like a villain." I cracked up with this video. Max Time!! Lol. Like I said on the Youtube account page: love your shirt Simon!

  155. You win cool points for the LOTR reference, Martina!
    (The balrog in Moria is also one of my favorite parts)
    Hahaha, the last writings on the picture were actually the first thing that came to my mind with that position and those faces!
    The Rock makes a better man-fairy!

    And "owl couch" is a much better explanation than I could have come up with to describe this pattern, thanks!
    LOL@Simon's CGI-itis… that's probably what I caught, I guess I watched too many MARVEL/DC super-heroes movies…

    I clearly hear "killin'"
    At around 3:43, it looks kind of like moves SS501 would make…

    I would grant Max a super power related to water, because fangirls&boys love themselves a wet idol…

    Oh, and I like TVXQ's song better, it's more got more rhythm!

  156. First, I'll pick TVXQ'S KYHD. I love JYJ's song, but KYHD totally rocks. With all those explosions, the freaking whip, Yunho's effeminate dance step, and his Gaga hair style. Yes, Changmin's rap freaking me out also. Regarding your question, well, water bursts? Wind control? ComeOn! Changmin's power should be control by supersonic waves. He could create an army of fans and dominate the world. Only Changmin and his screams. If he shout "WAEEE" we answer "Yes, sir!" Huh? mm, something like that…

  157. For the English I definitely heard "Healin" when I listened to one of their comeback stages. I dig lotro too Martina and wonderful job with your cgi for your Max powers ;) !
    My vote goes for "Keep Your Head Down" as it just caught my attention more than JYJ's.

    • Hmm. "Healing" huh? I'll have to listen again, but I thought I for sure heard him say "killing." Something about being a villain and a killing. It's really confusing lol.

  158. Great work !! Congratulations once again,I'm from France and I enjoy every video you've done :D

    By the way, I vote for JYJ, "Ayyy Girl" !!!!! ;)

  159. Fun fact: If you watch LOTR backwards it's about a hobbit who finds a ring in a cave and goes home.

  160. Wohaaa can’t vote don’t wanna vote~ Tho HoMin’s video was way better but I like both songs!!!
    About Changmin’s superpower I had to send you a PM… maybe too many words? yeap .___.u I’m sorry but I have quite a big imagination and 500 characters wasn’t enough .___.u LOL hope you see it! I’m too lazy to write it down here hahaha but it was something about blindness and controlling minds! Hahahha
    I love you videos by the way ^^ You rock!

  161. Wohaaa can't vote don't wanna vote~ Tho HoMin's video was way better but I like both songs!!!
    About Changmin's superpower I had to send you a PM… maybe too many words? yeap .___.u I'm sorry but I have quite a big imagination and 500 characters wasn't enough .___.u LOL hope you see it! I'm too lazy to write it down here hahaha but it was something about blindness and controlling minds! Hahahha
    I love you videos by the way ^^ You rock!

  162. TVXQ – Keep your head down~ <3 ;D

  163. I’ liked tvxq comeback more <33

    Max super power reminds me of the power of Stella from cartoon Winx xd His power of the Sun and the Moon. Two element.

    If I had to give him another power I'd choose the governance of the weather like Stormy from X-man

  164. MyOwnBand(from youtube)

    MAX POWER: AVATAR STYLE (earth, fire, wind, and air)!
    As to what song is better: IT’S A TIE!

    My reasoning:

    JYJ had guts to do it in English, so we must give them credit for that and they had courage to use a new style of genre for their first English album.

    TVXQ used fantastic vocals in their song. How could we not applaud them for such a great comeback? They were great.

  165. I like HoMin’s Keep Your Head Down so much better than JYJ’s Ayyy Girl!!!!

  166. I like both songs!!! really!! ^_^ xD
    But… if i had to choose why to vote for any of the songs. Then… JYJ’s “Ayyy Girl” would be for the sound. Love theyr voices <3<3
    And HoMin's Keep Your Head Down for the dance… wish I could do something close to it ^_^

    I think Maxs power is so so… i don`t know… thath you just can`t show it on video!

    Thank you so much for making these videos… you make my mondays! B)

  167. The screen caps made my day lol
    Cannot stop laughing at the lucky charms one!

    Your guys are so awesome for the giveaway, too bad I'm not a TVXQ fan! Maybe more prizes are coming up? :D

  168. The Max time thing is kind of mean><~ Well, yeah~in the video it's kind of lame that his super power is nowhere as cool as yunho but Max time still sounds cool to me!><
    VOTE: Ayyy Girl because K.Y.H.D is kind of…harsh to JYJ even with it's catchy beats- -//
    WIN CD: Max's power should be a high pitch voice that can destroy things! Sounds lame?? Anyway..because he has his legendary scream from Mirotic already that NO ONE could ever copy so I think that fits him best!^^
    My channel name in Youtube is orioluvjae and I'm subscribed to you!(somehow I can't comment on YT :[ )

  169. Changminnie should so have the power of Ice, because he's Ice cool ahha see what I did thar, No okies I'll stop with the lame jokes :)
    Martina love the 'I guess, We shall not pass' and being a LOTR fan is not nerdy it's awesome :DD
    Also I vote for TVXQ :DDD

  170. Hahaha the last pic is soooo funny ^^ I liked your review and I am a cassie. Thnx :)

  171. For the challenge Keep Your Head Down. I've been pretending to dance to it since it released.

    For the CD giveaway question: the power to make food randomly appear out of thin air. I'm sure Max time would be much more enjoyable for him that way. Hungry? Max Time! All right, chicken wings! So useful.

  172. I prefer jyj's song ayy girl!

  173. Superpower for Max- water or something maybe… He could destroy Yunho and easily take his place, and the video would be dramatic LOL
    Of course DBSK!!!! TVXQ!!!! Whatever, but I died right after hearing it!!!

  174. Review GD&TOP's "Knock Out" PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love you guys by the way, you are so cute & funny. <3

  175. Soooooooo happy you guys made a review video. I was waiting for it since TVXQ released the digital single lol. As far as an awesome power for Max…..he should remain as the light but instead of a light bulb in his hand why not a lightning bolt? eh? eh? I think that would be cool!!

    The owl suits were……ok I could have done without them but Max and U-Know look so cute in them so I can let it slide…I guess.

    The line thats hard to figure out sounds like Max is saying "Now im just chillin, feel like im healin" , plus this line fits the context better

    As far as choosing between JYJ and HoMin………IDK………I LOVE THEM ALL!!!!! But from an unbiased point of view……and only considering the MVs "Ayy Girl" and "Keep Your Head Down"……..HoMin wins. Honestly, the graphics in "Ayy Girl" were a little too much for the song. Its almost distracting. I know they are capable of so much better.

    <3TVXQ <3JYJ AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST <3 Eat Your Kimchi!!!!!!

  176. OKay, so TVXQ's song was pretty much epic (even though i love them both) so im gonna have to vote for Keep Your Head Down

    Yeah I have to admit those outifts were an odd choice, although they reminded me more of a giant moth, than an owl. Also, i looked up the lyrics and supposedly Changmin is saying "healin" although i totally hear "killin" (so i would vote "killin" even though im pretty sure its wrong, just because it sounds cooler)

    -and please do GDTOP's KnockOut for next week-oh yeah!!!!!!

  177. You guys really should do GD&TOP's Knock out next time. PPPPPLLLLEEEEAAASSSSSEEEE~ >.< pretty please~

  178. TVXQ – Keep your head down
    the song is still in my head xDDDDDDDD

  179. Awesome Music Monday like everytime. I´m voting for Ayy Girl by JYJ, video is horrible but song is great.

  180. Max Super power should be his high volume which he can roar everywhere he want.. some said that Max Changmin is Lord Voldamote! So it is just suit enough to put Max as someone who love to control everyone using his voice power! lolx :P

    "MAX ROAR" bwahahahah

    for me to pick between TVXQ and JYJ – I prefer JYJ if we talking about the song/music :) absolutely the Ayyy Girl have lots of meaning compare to Put your head down which somehow sound really bad and a bit negative. :)

  181. Max Super power should be or ice control or water control, something that can fight with u-know power!
    Its the perfect mix! : D

  182. That leprechaun is exactly what I was thinking.
    TVXQ/DBSK gets my vote because of the awesome beat in the song.

  183. Wow this post requires me to think toooo much !! Or maybe its that Im overthinking it ?!?!

    I love both groups alot and wish the best for all of them. However I am a pretty realistic kind of person and it was very easy for me to know which song was the better. TVXQ – Keep Your Head Down !!

    The song KYHD is way better than Aye Girl because the rhythm comes together more easily, the beat is very catchy and the lyrics work a hella lot better. The only part of AG that I personally liked was the Ayyye Aye Girl swoon. All the other elements in that song just didnt quite connect to make a smooth song.

    • Now for the KYHD video:

      1) It definately sounds like Changmin is sayin "Now Im just chillin, feels like Im killin"
      2) The "owl" suits…o0ooh mann!! the suits = UGH !!
      3) The black suits look awesome. I have to say I like U-Know's 1/ 2 on 1/2 off look better than Changmin's cape look but both are soo sexxy !!
      4) I totally see your point about U-Know vs Changmin. Is it because U-Know has always been the " leader " of the group that hes getting the better of the deal ?? Better hair, Better clothes, Better super power ?? :oP

      • 5) This one might offend some: Even after reading about all the problems the group had with SM Entertainment, I still have to say that I think HoMin has the better deal, staying with SM, than JYJ did by going to another label. The music with SM is killer compared to JYJ's and the videos cant even begin to be seriously compared.

        Had I been a manager for JYJ I would have never EVER let them release AG. Its an embarrassment to the DBSK/TVXQ as a whole. The music components didnt fit, the video CGI and concept just plain sucked, having Kayne West did NOTHING for the song and the guys really truthfully did not look good in that video !! As I mentioned earlier, the only good part of AG is the simple phrase " Ayyye Aye Girl ". Thats pretty darn sad !!

        :hugs:: <3 them ALL !!

      • I'm happy you guys like it… I remember how funny it was the first time I saw the M/V I was ROFL :D

        I soo soo sooo soooo wanna win that CD because it's too expensive for me … if Europe fans (Romania) can participate too :s
        I really like both songs but i'll pick Homin(TVXQ) with Keep your head down only because it's still fresh ^_^

        As for Max time .. he's superpower I think it should have been SONIC SCREAM =Ability to generate vocal sounds of a higher amplitude than a normal human or MATTER INGESTION = Ability to consume any sort of matter without any ill effects on the user.<3

  184. I already commented on the youtube video, but I want to say something here aswell (this has no word limit xDDD).

    Anyways, as many people already pointed out, the lyrics go "healing". But I was deaf just as well as you guys at first, since it sounded so weird.

    As for the voting. Well, I chose TVXQ, but if there was no starting rap part in "Ayy Girl", it would have my vote then, as it sounded so horrible I ALWAYS skipped it cause it made feel sick from the horrible rapping.

    As for the outfits. Somehow I have to disagree. I acctually like how it looks on Yunho. It looks horrible on Max, but for some reason Yunho looks kind of cool in the close-ups with that owl outfit (probably because of the patch of fur and an open chest). Or it must be my weird taste.

    Anyways, I think I might get your attention here for the desktop of your latop? What is it? :D I wrote on youtube about it too. It looks like TVXQ from far away, but I can't really clearly see it from the video ;p

    P.S. comment about something totally different, since now requests are open again for next week. Is it just me, or does "Knock Out" by GD and TOP music video seem like the-morning-after-the-party-in-high-high-video? xDD

  185. I Love JYJ but KYHD is better. sinfffffffff

  186. hahha, those pictures should have been included in the video xD

  187. Note: Now I'm just chillin, feel like I'm "ILLIN"
    Like, I'm "ill"
    I think this makes the most sense xD

  188. My first thought was to give Changmin the ability to reverse time and prevent the seperation of TVXQ, (cause i'mÿ a die hard 5 for ever fan!!) but I kinda figure EVERYONE would say that. So I would have to say his power would be vapokinesis. I mean when you think about it, Yunho's power is pyromancing so they would fit. And wouldn't end up accidently burning down their house or making the world explode. (I don't really wannaÿ die.)

    As for the showdown, I would have to say HoMin's 'Keep your heap down', altough I love JYJ's 'Ayy Girl', it wasn't the best song on their album (Empty was!) and 'Keep your head down' amazingly catchy…….now I feel bad…..ALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH!! 5 FOREVER!!……..better ^_^.
    (I posted this on both Youtube and here because I wasn't sure where I was ment to.)

  189. Max power should be lightning! i don't know why but i think lightning will look way cool with fire =]

  190. Guys, you can't be serious. Of course, JYJ's Ayyy girl is better, it's more memorable and catchy. Even the video is like… *drooling…* Not the point, ehem. But I keep listening to HoMin's Keep your head down and the moment I turn it off, I can;t remember the melody, just those strange drums -_-' I end up humming HEY! from Mirotic album, it sounds so similar….

    As for Max's super power…. I think he should be able to raise his hand and do the Harry Potter thing – accio the rest of TVXQ and they would appear at the end and they would dance in an awesome way and it would be… well, awesome ^^' So yeah, bring back JYJ. Or at least Spudgy. Yeah, Spudgy in flames will do. :P

  191. TVXQ soooooooooooooooo hot!!!!!!!! You-knouw Yunho is my dream~

  192. Max Superpower i think i have to choose the travil in time. i want Max to go back in time and stop all the SM problems so that TVXQ/DBSK would be together as one again and not being split. TVXQ/DBSK is my favorit kpop band and i don't want to choose between JYJ and DBSK thats why i can't pick a song eather i think they are great. but greatest together as one !. but Max has a power already he has a really really powerfull voice. ^^ keke many greetings from Denmark <3 praying to win ^.^

  193. Hey more europeans! YEEEH! (Holland!)

    SIMON! i want that shirt! Lord a different kind of power for max! welll… out of the five he is the magnea…. So let's pretend they are still together…
    U-know = Fire
    Hero = Earth!
    Xiah = Air
    Micky = water
    then max should be = Aether (aka Space power) Check it out! —> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aether_%28classical_
    Scientiicly spoken… (i'm dislectic sorry about the spelling)

    BTW you make my mondays! i totaly live up to music monday…! (Geek i know!)
    Luv and kisses

  194. I vote for TVXQ! I never liked JYJ.
    As for superpower: I will give him the power of water :D So now we have the fire power of destruction and the water power of healing :D
    Kisses guys, you're the best!!!

  195. KEEP YOUR HEAD DOWN although i love junsu n yoochun!!!! but DBSK's song is more DAEBAK!!!!

  196. KEEP YOUR HEAD although i love junsu n yoochun!!!! but DBSK's song is more DAEBAK!!!!

  197. I wish they were always together, even so I still prefer the song of TVXQ, no JYJ.
    For the next week plz analyze the song of Infinite (but I dont think many people vote for them)

  198. definitely TVXQ's Keep Your Head Down

  199. He says a) healin' (I know:P No, not U-Know……………………….. ohkaaay!)

    And Simon's T-shirt? Loveable! But he gotta work on his pirouette, though:P (like I would have done that better)

    I btw vote for tvxq (well, it IS the best comeback among those two)
    And I reallyREALLY want that album (WAAAAH!). Heading over to twitter and YouTube now 8)

  200. I soo soo sooo soooo wanna win that CD because it's too expensive for me … if Europe fans (Romania) can participate too ^^
    I really like both songs but i'll pick Homin(TVXQ) with Keep your head down only because it's still fresh :D
    As for Max time .. he's superpower I think it should have been controlling water (because Yunho has fire) or THUNDERBOLT(electricity)

  201. I´m starting to like Simon´s T-Shirts. They are really awesome and I´m wondering where do yu buy it :)

  202. Awesome TVXQ!! Terrific!!

  203. Yunho has better power cause he's the Leader duuuuuuh ;)

    TVXQ is better and I like to sing the keep your head down part walking my dog ^^, he is a very small Yorkshire terrier so…

  204. review MBLAQ's CRY! That song is awesome

  205. Keep Your Head Down.

  206. I think Changmin 's (also known as Lord Voldemin) power is making us believe that only Yunho has superpowers, but actually it's him who controls everything. If you study carefully the video you'll detect the dancers only mock of Yunho. Beware of Lord Voldemin's mighty powers!!

    Oh, this time i'll go for TVXQ rather tan JYJ, i liked Ayy Girl, but isn't the best song of the cd.

    PS: Oh, I hate that old granny sofa carpet whatever suit. Lord Voldemin please punish that stylist!!

  207. TVXQ ' Keep your head down' is totally awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  208. I vote for TVXQ Keep Your Head Down :)

  209. Out of all the videos you guys have made so far, this has got to be one of the funniest! I have the sudden urge to yell out max time when I'm turning on lights now!!

  210. I love TVXQ!!

  211. on their comeback stage: the lyrics are always shown on the bottom left during the program and max's part said "now I'm just chillin, feels like I'm healin" so I definitely think its healing. hope that made sense

  212. i luv d pirouette part! tats awfully funny!!! haha…n i hate d owl couch fabric matching suit disaster too! i was pretty hyper watchin d mv when…BAM! i c U-know wearin it! my god, tat totally destroyed d whole coolness of d vid! n oh ya, 4 max's line, i tot it sounded like B: killin'. tat wud soun uber cool! 4 tis week Music Mondays. definitely TVXQ “Keep Your Head Down”

  213. ahh, your guys' videos are always fantastic. [i especially like your 'Living In Korea' & 'Teaching In Korea' videos] :D i'm so excited you're giving away CDs, that's so awesome! Definitely going to go write on the youtube video! Maybe i'll win my first ever Kpop CD :]
    Keep on being awesome <3


    but honestly, VOTING FOR TVXQ's KEEP YOUR HEAD DOWNNN. cause AyyGirl kinda sucked, i liked some of their other songs, but as the title track. no.

  215. TVXQ Keep Your Head Down is a nicer more addicting song, though i'm a hard core jaejoong fan.
    Min says, Now I'm just chillin' Feel like I'm Healing. But it sounds like killing in the mv for some reason. Listen to their lives, it actually sounds like healing. Then you can give them 5/5(:

  216. lmao that is so funny ~ my Monday is 10x better now =3
    and yeah I think I like keep your head down a bit better ~ sorry jyj ;( the dancing in this is a lot better ,, I can't take ayyyy girl seriously anymore after I saw the music Monday for it lmao I think of Simon doing the dance :p

  217. TVXQ Keep your head down is the better song in my opinion. Kanye realy killed it for JYJ, and the chorus was kind of lame. TVXQ for me.

  218. I think Max's superpower should be a pyrokinesis because there is a lot of fire in this vid, which can symbolize charisma, which Max totally has.
    It compliments U-Know's U-Know Time because U-Know has a refined, blazing presence, which Max can try to tame ;) <3
    BTW I choose YOU! jk (I love pokemon references)
    I like TVXQ's KYHD only because it seemed more deep and attractive, not that JYJ Ayyyy Girl wasn't (it was just poorly invested on, the video, and they could've had someone OTHER THAN KANYE BE A GUEST STAR RAPPER.) =D
    Love ya guys and yer vids :)

  219. It was clear with this video who had the more money, so of course TVXQ won. They just had a better production team, and more to work with.

    On another note OMG I WANT THAT CD, I WANT, I WANT, I WANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Please excuse my fangirl moment.

  220. I give my vote to TVXQ!'s Keep Your Head down! :)

  221. ayayay, I totally forgot to mention, I vote for JYJ <3

  222. uff, I'm so relieved! I was really scared you'd be biased on this one, and might compare them to JYJ… hopefully you didn't, yay! :) and review it in a totally awesome unbiased super funny way, I love you guys :)

  223. Well i would have to cast my vote for 'Keep Your Head Down' although if it was against a different JYJ song I would choose that one instead likewise if you chose a different HoMin song I would choose 'Ayyy Girl'. Although I support both sides EQUALLY I have to say that they could have chosen better songs.
    Sincerely, A male cassie striving for the reunification of the Gods

  224. As always you are so good at this! <3 Love you guys!
    As for the question who`s song is better…. you really put me in a difficult situation because from DBSK I was a fan of Yoochun so my heart would obviously chose JYJ but that wouldn`t be fair. Of course I love DBSK , all 5 members. Their songs were and are very good.

    Both Keep Your Head Down and Eye Girl have their charm but…………………..
    ……From a totaly objective oppinion, [although I don`t like to compare them because, honestly my heart hurts, (when the band you sincerely liked very much breaks in 2 is... hard to pick who`s better and who`s not)]……………………….. the best song I think is Yuhno and Changmin – Keep Your Head Down *sigh*

    I think JYJ should chose another kind of songs… Xiah and Hero really have good and high voices and with Yoochun bass they should make song based on this…. *sigh* so I`m looking foward for their next album, the Korean album. ^__^

    Thank you Martina-sshi and Simon-sshi for the awsome videos you always make! *bows head* ^__^

  225. Like JYJ more but TVXQ song I love even more! My vote goes to TVXQ

  226. I already made a comment under your YouTube page but this video is really awesome (and that comment section is way too crowded)! Here I say again: Congratulations guys! ^^ But still you better to watch out for those super-creepy fans.

    By the way, my vote goes to TVXQ. I do love JYJ but "Ayy Girl" sounds a bit cheesy comparing to KYHD. And Changmin's super power is being the real God of this video! "Let there be light and there was light." It matches with the "Rising Gods of East" concept/name, as well. And his stage name is "MAX". What else do I need to say to prove my argument? :p

    I hope someday you can make a video about "the Lord of the Rings". I bet that would be super fun!

  227. Gosh i completely agree Minnie got a lame power~!!~!!

    Now since water instantely comes to mind after fire i'm NOT choosing water >:D
    Ice is basically the same thing.
    Wind only feeds a fire.
    Invisibility just ruins the max time because I can't see max~!
    Force field could work but it's a bit boring. SO…
    … If you put sand on fire it extinquishes fire~~~ Then again, if the fire becomes too hot the sand becomes glass…

    But you know what would be cool? Liquid metal but it's not as dramatic.

    You know what, I chose sand. It could look absolutely awesome if it was swirling around Minnie and even if it did turn to Glass it'd still look wicked awesome and Changmin could just throw the glass (which I'm sure would have fragments of sand in it still, right) and it could become like mini daggers.

    :] And he could turn the sand into really pretty glass roses for a girl~

    He could make sand storms~!!!

  228. Great video, as always :3
    TVXQ "Keep Your Head Down", it's better!

  229. OMG! I was loling the entire time! I love it as always. I love U-know time v.s. Max time. That was one of the best parts! As for Max's last word that is in debate, I've read that it's healin' considering the song is supposedly about a guy who's getting over a girl. And I'm listening to it as I'm writing this, really listened, and it's healin'. For my vote, as much as I love all 5 I think I like 'Why (Keep Your Head Down)' better. I think I like the way I can dance to it more, where as JYJ has a more R&B easy listening feeling to it. Plus I'm probably being slightly U-know biased. For Max's super power: water/ice, mainly ice. Many things say the world will end in fire and ice, and I think the world has almost exploded with this comeback. Plus I just watched 'The Last Airbender' again so it's completely on my mind. But haha, just realized I'm not the only one who said water or ice. Too bad! that's my vote!

  230. TVXQ's song, it was much better^^

  231. GTOP needs their own Music Wednesday edition

  232. TVXQ Keep Your Head Down

  233. Chanming's power should be water. So he can pull out Yunho's fire. muahahaha

  234. Max alr has a super power! The ability to make girls paralyzed just by smiling
    But srsly (as srs as fake super powers get), he should have the super stretch ability since he's so tall anw xD

  235. Just finished watching your vid :D I'm a YT subscriber tooo ^^ Ok Max's NEW superpower then I'd say should be water. Tho it'd be rather hilarious at the end if Yunho time goes boom and blasts up the universe and suddenly all his fire gets put out with Max's tidal wave. Pretty sure that wouldn't have been the effect they were going for =p

    p.s. HoMin still > JYJ hands down. And by hands down, I mean vid AND song =p
    p.p.s Imma put this comment up on Youtube as well >3 Then maybe my chances of winning CD will be higher…? ()=D

  236. LX777

    Yeah!T-ara wins xDD
    I'm big LOTR fan 2 btw!xD->"you shall not pass (tvxq)!!"xD
    Now My VOTE is for ….->JYJ-Ayy girl!!!
    That song IS AMAZING!!!<3~<3~<3

    P.S i LOVE~LOVE u'r T-shirts!@_@

  237. I want max to have typhoon superpowerrr! HAHAHA

  238. Shazam indeed! I laughed so much!! The last picture of U-Konw time is definitely the best :D Thank you for this awesome video!

  239. Lee Hyun Young ~ Lee Hee Jeong

    TVXQ's Keep your head down

  240. OMG I haven't even watched the vid and I almost pissed myself laughing at the photos ahahahahaha!!! YYYEEEEESSSS I knew you guys would review this vid, there are just wayyy too many TVXQ fans bwahahhaa. And while I am a die-hard fan myself, I really couldn't help but laugh at what you guys wrote. (Tho I don't agree with the wayyy too cheesy ending. I found it so epically freaking hot! Get it, fire, hot? Yeahh okay lame). While I follow you guys on twitter, you guys won't be able to see my share because my twitter is locked D: freaking sucks balls and I can't think of a decent super power for Max apart from I always just thought Yunho commanded fire and Max commanded light. Fire & Light = Sun, critical for Earth's survival, no?

    Fudging damnit. I really want a CD as well ;__________;

    Oh well, off to watch your vid :D
    p.s. HoMin > JYJ, hands down.

  241. comment again ^^' …. ehmm …. Comeback …. TVXQ's Keep Your Head down !

  242. Waaah! you are cruel :( can't choose between JYJ and Homin cause I love them both so I'm not voting. But if it's gonna count, i am voting for both!!! did i confuse you? sorry…

    awesome review. we are proud of our boys.

    • hmmmmm JYJ or DBSK/TVXQ this is so hard!!!!!!! personally i'm a fan of yunho…..so DBSK! no….nvm…The song Ayyy Girl was kinda better, but DBSK's video crushed JYJ!! sooo…

  243. first to comment ! awesome (y)

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