Hey guise! It’s our Music Monday! It’s up on Wednesday though! As many of you know, if you follow us on Twitter or Facebook, I totally messed up my shoulder over the weekend, and couldn’t do Music Mondays as a result. It wasn’t a dislocated shoulder as we suspected. It was a muscle spasm in the neck after a combination of things, namely, the painful flight to Canada (14 hours in a small seat is really difficult for someone as huge and manly as myself), as well as not working at our normal work desks and being scrunched over a lot more as a result. Anyhow, things are better now. Woot woot! So we could finally finish our Music Mondays for this week!

Anyhow, we finally got around to reviewing two videos that we always wanted to review, but never would get a chance in hell of having voted in: TVXQ’s “Balloons” and G-Dragon’s “She’s Gone” If you haven’t seen them yet, here they are, in all their majesty:

TVXQ: Balloons

G-Dragon: She’s Gone

Yeah, these two videos are totally incompatible with one another. G-Dragon’s is badass and dark, TVXQ’s is cute and fluffy. Both are appropriate for Halloween, though! Which one speaks more to you?

Now, you know that we usually pish-posh away all cutey songs, like Bilasa’s “Beautiful Target” and F.Cuz’s “Wanna Be Your Love”. TVXQ’s fluffy abomination, though, isn’t as easy for us to sweep under the mats. It’s…it’s just so disturbing. See, while we’ve only known B1A4 as being cutesy and lighthearted, we have only known TVXQ/JYJ/Homin as being serious and badass. Mirotic, Keep Your Head Down, Ayy Girl, Intoxication: all showed a mature group of men who take themselves very seriously, either by (rolling down their sexy windows, rubbing their bananas, or turning your lights on and off obnoxiously). Seeing this video, though, even though it came before all of those videos, is totally contradictory to every video that follows it. It’s like watching Vin Diesel in the Pacifier: holy terrible casting! I’d feel more comfortable watching Wayne Brady act like a pimp. Just…just not right.

And TVXQ/JYJ/Homin seem to know, it, too. They’re smiling and cute, and are surely melting the hearts of all their fangirls, but behind their smiles you can really see how uncomfortable they are. Jaejoong’s the worst at hiding it. He’s got the smile in his teeth, but his eyes are dead serious. Ugh!

G Dragon’s video, on the other hand, while dealing with murder, is less horrific. It’s totally perfect for Halloween, and we like it a lot more than Taeyang’s “I’ll Be There,” which has a Halloween setting, but it also has a weird story/no story plot to it, and we prefer stories, if you couldn’t tell by now. We’re not really sure the point of why G Dragon is chasing this girl through what looks like one of those creepy garden mazes, and then killing her once he catches her, and then sitting around awkwardly after he murders her, but we are intrigued. There’s a meaning to this, right? It’s not just made for the sake of being cool?

On a side note, I really hope that one day our world will be rid of garden mazes. Who the hell likes these things? They’re totally freaking creepy, and they’re only used for murdering people. Come on now! Have you ever seen one used in a movie for non-creepy reasons? I think the police should be alerted anytime, from now on, that someone hires a contractor to build them a garden maze. “Yes, officer, we have a potential crazy murderer planning future murders in his oversized backyard. Be warned” And who would ever think “Hmm. What can I put in this backyard? Oooh! A Maze! Those are fun and totally not creepy!” Fact: if you have a friend with a garden maze it’s time for you to stop being friends with them.

Garden Mazes Freak Me Out

Garden Mazes Freak Me Out

G Dragon, we’re not sure how you got to this garden maze, considering how rare it is to find a backyard big enough to have a garden maze in it in Korea. What we want to know is what the process is for wanna be psycho murderers for renting these garden mazes. Do you call up the owner and reserve a murder date?

G-Dragon: Oh. Hi. Yes, I’d like to book a murdering, I mean an err umm private non-videotaped garden stroll for this Friday at midnight
Crazy Murder-Maze Owner: How many guests are attending?
G-Dragon: Just 2
Crazy Murder-Maze Owner: And how many are leaving?
G-Dragon: Just 1. I mean, damn! I said too much!

Ok enough rambling about murder mazes. And Happy Belated Halloween to everyone! In other news, this is our last Music Monday in Toronto. We’re heading back to Korea on Saturday, and should be there Sunday morning. Woot! We’ll be scripting our next Music Monday on the airplane and filming it back in our regular apartment the Sunday afternoon. Man. How time flies. We were in Canada for almost three weeks, but it only felt like 5 days tops. Anyhow, here are this week’s bloopers. Yay!

  1. um…actually, the little lion cub was heard from again in star king some time later.
    it doesnt hav eng subs, but little jaejoong is the cub…Jaejoong didn’t eat him!
    DBSK and MINI DBSK together – YouTube
    HAH! Proof! But I love your videos and I thought he ate the kid too, until I saw the video.

    oh yay UKISS NEVERLAND <3 WON ^^

  3. I really liked that you picked these two videos. GD’s video was fierce, but I have to go with my boys on this one. I vote for Balloons.. XD

  4. I vote for G-Dragon :)) Oh btw, the ending for TVWQ’s balloon is super funny….EVIL!!!!!

  5. TVXQ video was soooo disturbing and you can see how awkward they feel… M&S said it all. But, maybe it was a video intended to attract young kids? I’m curious about the lyrics though because, like M&S said some violent moments can be seen, like the penguin attacking one of the singers… This video needs to become a meme!!! (oh, the hate of the TVXQ fans is burning meeee)
    Have a nice flight Simon and Martina!

  6. As usual, you guys delivered an awesome video this week!

    For the contest, I pick G-Dragon’s “She’s Gone”.

  7. i’ll vote for dbsk balloon!!!! :)

  8. I’ll vote for G- Dragon!!!

  9. can you please please please please pleaaaaseeee pleaaaseee do brown eyed girl-cleansing cream pweaseee =3

  10. everyone i have a request for all you kimchi lovers, go watch taeyang-only look at me @ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cmuhAPS3_Xg&list=PLF697A772DEECB72C&index=9&feature=plpp_video
    and if you like it request it for next weeks music monday.
    taeyang is my favorite korean singer, give the sexy man some love.

  11. If you haven’t watched Super Junior’s equivalent to that MV yet, go check out Haengbok (Happiness). No animal costumes, but more aegyo and make-up, yay! I wonder how many of these guys thought to themselves “they don’t pay me enough for this.”

    I’ll vote for G-Dragon… But why is there no blood on the girl’s dress? Gorgeous video anyhow.

  12. I remember reading the comments for She’s Gone a long time ago and I remember that the majority of the comments read that the person wouldn’t run away from G.D. they’d run towards him even if they we’re going to die. ARE YOU EFFIN’ KIDDING ME?! G.D. or not I would be RUNNING AS FAST AS I POSSIBLY COULD to get away from him and his knife. But people typically don’t put the terms common-sense and fangirls together in a sentence anyway.

  13. It’s totally worth it, though. Wearing all that… garb… BUT with a bunch of girls in short-ish skirts in otherwise normal looking clothes as the penguin extras.. Yep. I could deal with it. Bring on the penguin-girls XD !

  14. OMG DBSK just can’t win, GD was just so ….. sexy as a murderer *ç* ! You made me discover this video of DBSK and they totally freaked me out (as they always do anyways …. XD) 

  15. DBSK just… I… They are guys that CANNOT pull off cute, and shouldn’t be made to… Cuz it’s creepy. o_o I feel like I should have been watching Shinee or something. XD

    Anyway, I vote G-Dragon. :))

  16. Break out is so good for an gloomy halloween, however it is an Japanese song so it is not count >.<

  17. where did you buy your dragon and unicorn costume???? PLEASE TELL ME

  18. Aww, I was really hoping for JYJ’s Get Out to finally be reviewed! I just went to the facebook page to vote for JYJ for next week’s music mondays, but I saw Tablo (I have no idea who they are) was winning! ):
    JYJ WON LAST WEEK’S POLL. Please do JYJ, pretty pretty please with ranch dressing on top? (;

    Anw, TVXQ Balloons of course! The video was secretly very violent, with Min pulling Chun’s hat strap; and the evil penguins poking on all YooSu’s heads; and Yun creeping behind Su; and of course, Jae’s wonderful hot awesome dreamy heart-melting perfect evil fantastic (I digress) stare~

  19. “This is what j-pop sounds like.” SPOT ON!!!!!! hahahaha!! But I would like to interrupt this video for a brief announcement. For legit, dare I say, good popular Japanese music, check out artists like m-flo, Minmi and Suga Shikao. Those are three of my favorite artists. They kind of rock. No lie.

  20. GUITAR DESTROYER!!! G-DRAGON hands down!!! I mean, he’s a sexy killer, com’on we all know that!

  21. I thought Taeyang’s “I’ll Be There” video was the PERFECT video for halloween. I loved it. Well, the halloween feel to it at least. But GD’s video was pretty alright. It was more halloween-y than Balloons.

  22. kpop opened the door to korea, jpop sorta slammed the door to japan, but, while at first i was like disgusted, WOW! balloons really grows on you. GD, sorry, nothing much happens. Balloons… imagine a disgusted glare slow being transformed by the cute boys, costumes, kids, and just the stuff they do, in to a beautiful smile. It’s actuallly a interesting video. Vote TVXQ’s balloons!

  23. I liked GD’s “She’s Gone” more. I liked the creepy Halloween-ish feel of it, I’ve always loved hedge-mazes (*le gasp* I must be plotting a murder XD), and I like how although it has a plot, it leaves openings for theories about it.

  24. I think GD’s “She’s Gone” fits the theme of Halloween better :)

  25. GD for the win. even if he does look like he robbed (TAFKA) Prince’s wardrobe. burglary+homicide=badass video. way to step outside of being too cute.. speaking of which,
    balloons.. i find that much aegyo annoying.  sorry, tvxq/jyj/homin.. still love you!p.s. jaejoong can eat whatever he wants. ; )

  26. TVXQ’s Balloons!  I love that song :3

  27. Do we need to emblazon TVXQ or GD multiple times just to make the comments more noticeable? O_o Well, I might be just as shameless because I am DBSK prediposed- still, I think the it’s-too-cute shock factor is strangely effective… In short, my vote is to TVXQ. :P

  28. i’ll give my vote for GD..
    and tvxq! lol, they are friggin adorable :3 :3

  29. GD !!! DBSK!!!! I DUNNO ?? I LUV ALL OF THEM!!!

    <3 <3 <3 <3

  31. Junsu is absolutely adorable, although Jaejoong’s sulkiness is ironically lovable too X3!!!!


  33.  TVXQ!!! TVXQ!!! TVXQ!!! TVXQ!!! TVXQ!!! TVXQ!!! TVXQ!!! TVXQ!!! TVXQ!!! TVXQ!!! TVXQ!!! TVXQ!!! TVXQ!!! TVXQ!!! TVXQ!!! TVXQ!!! TVXQ!!! TVXQ!!! TVXQ!!! TVXQ!!! TVXQ!!! TVXQ!!! TVXQ!!! TVXQ!!! TVXQ!!! TVXQ!!! TVXQ!!! TVXQ!!! TVXQ!!! TVXQ!!! TVXQ!!! TVXQ!!! TVXQ!!! TVXQ!!! TVXQ!!! TVXQ!!! TVXQ!!! TVXQ!!! TVXQ!!! TVXQ!!! TVXQ!!! TVXQ!!! TVXQ!!! TVXQ!!! TVXQ!!! TVXQ!!! TVXQ!!! TVXQ!!! TVXQ!!! TVXQ!!! TVXQ!!! TVXQ!!! TVXQ!!!

  34. I’m not a big TVXQ fan (although I LOVE Mirotic), but still, this “Balloons” video was…. no comment… I was like 0____0  WTF??!!?!? Jaejoong especially looks evil with his blond hair…..

    Now, I LOOOOOOOOVE GD!!!!! I love this song, love the concept, everything. The video is awesome, 
    but I vote for TVXQ because their video is really creepy!!

    I first though that after the end of it (which starts with Jaejoong) they will turn into Mr. Pedo Bears, so that’s why they need these kids….. whatever, I vote for TVXQ ))

  35. wtf that song and video totally don’t fit together dayum! (G-Dragon’s mv) And that sucks because knife flipping hot asian murder guys are hot ;o it would be even more hot if he wasnt sad at the ending, but like psycho-y >.> but that would fit the song even less since he says i love you girl o-o

    (ps: they do that weapon on wall thing because for some reason its psycho-y en thats sometimes hot and/or cool o-o most of the time.. (LIKE THE PART IN EDWARD SCISSORHANDS I LOVE THAT PART =D)


    • the video and song actually fit very well! )) if you read the lyrics, he says like I love you, but u left me, what am I supposed to do, you just played me, you don’t care about me, my feelings, u’re a b*tch, u’re cruel, I should forget you, etc.

      I especially love the last 2 lines, they were like made for this video: “There’s a weird rumor that a guy went all around to find someone. There’s a weird rumor that a girl vanished with a scream at night a few days ago”. ))))))))

  36. I live in the midwest of the U.S. We don’t have garden mazes. We have corn mazes, which I think are creepier simply because of the possibility a scarecrow might fall on you (and/or kill you).

  37. TVXQ balloon!!!!!!

  38. definatley GD-She’s Gone its a bit creepy nd i agree its badass….sooo….i think it fits for halloween

  39. GD’s She’s Gone. Totally artsy, totally badass. I never knew he could pull off that kind of look, but he’s a genius.
    Still love TVXQ, but they…………make me sad when I think about them.
    By the way, I LOVE you guy’s taste in music. It’s pretty much the same as mine.


  41. TVXQ. simply because i’m biased. (:

  42. I love both of them, but I vote for G-Dragons she´s gone

  43. I vote for TVXQ ballooooooonzzzzies

  44. LOOOOL u guys r funny XD my vote goes for TVXQ5 balloon :333

  45. I choose TVXQ because I’m a cassie and because they have another halloween appropriate video, wich is Break out….check it, if u don’t know it:P

  46. definitely tvxq – balloons.. i was a bigbang’s fan before a tvxq’s, but how can I ever deny the cutesy of the 5 boys especially junsu.. ;)

  47. omg!! baby TVXQ!! i’ve actually seen that video before, way back when, because an old friend of mine was really into them, but i didn’t care that much… but it’s been ages since i’ve seen it and omg, they just look so YOUNG!! baby Changmin though… *kyaaa!* so cute… 

    that said, G-Dragon will always win it for me… sexy evil vampire killer who happens to be G-Dragon?? hmm… let me think… YES!! lol.

  48. I have to go with TVXQ.  After finding badass posters of them at a local kpop/goods store I went home and googled them and it turned up Balloons straight off.  While it took me a while to get into kpop after that (I was hardcore jpop), Balloons was the first korean song that I ever learned to mumble along to and will forever have a special cuddly, evil spot in my heart, mind, and soul.  (see what I did there??  hehehe)

  49. balloons still gives me nightmares but gd has my vote for more halloween appropriate. balloons is more of a i don’t wish this upon mine enemies kinda thing 

  50. Grinned non stop for this one. You guys honestly keep getting better and better (even when it seems impossible). My vote has to go for TVXQ . Although G-Dragon was pretty convincing as a killer, Jaejoong child hatred was clearly a step up.
    Martina! When you were in unicorn makeup you reminded me of Georgette from the Mary Tyler Moore Show <3!

  51. GD totallyyyy  XD but tvxq was totally cute as well but GD CONQUERS

  52. I vote for GD’s ‘She gone’!  i mean it seriously fitting for the whole halloween theme.

  53. I definitely prefer TVXQ’s music video for Balloons. Watching the video was actually kinda scary because I could see that they were all trying to hold in their manliness…

  54. HAHAHA!!!! Martina!!! I loved your comment on GD’s cigarrette… so sly~ and hilarious!! XD
    I’m definitely voting for TVXQ. Junsu is just SO FREAKING CUTE~!!!! X3

  55. you guys are hilarious, as usual~ i love this one!
    and i have to say, TVXQ WITH BALLOONS!!! totally cute for halloween, like you guys~

  56. I was loling on my bed hard :) I agree with you both that The Ballon song was creepy :( My vote goes to G Dragon’s “She’s Gone” cuz its more Halloween themed and why did he killz her for? you wouldnt find me in a maze anytime soon :(

  57. G-d, i LOVE to see yoochun oppa acting soooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute, but i cant get shes gone out of my head

  58. g dragon all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! … 

  59. lol martina u have to bring up the jap in the washroom eh

  60. Balloons is such a great song for karaoke; I sing it every time I go. I actually heard that TVXQ redid Balloons. I believe a Korean told me Balloons is a song from the 70′s or sometime around then…

  61. GDragon’s She’s Gone~ I used to be obsessed with this video!! Sexy killer alert….. XD

  62. TVXQ’s Balloooooons <3

  63. GD wins for me, if only for the ridiculously smouldering bad boy licking knife pose….  

  64. Y’all complain sometimes about the video concept not fitting the song…and then you bag on “Balloons”? Since the theme of the song is about going back into the memory of childhood and a balloon as a favorite toy (Koreans didn’t have as much in the late ’60s/early ’70s when the original writers were growing up), this concept totally makes sense. “Balloons” apparently is still cherished among Koreans of a certain age, too, since Samsung now has a new campaign under the name “Giftnanum” using the tune with some different lyrics.

    If someone wants to learn about K-pop before Seo Taiji, this is one of the songs to start with, I’d think, and maybe also Lee Seung-Cheol’s “Girls’ Generation” — though I’m sure the more knowledgeable would expand upon that.

    Between the two songs for Halloween, I’d pick DB5K’s “Balloons”. Sure, GD’s fits the “macabre” aspects of Halloween, but I personally prefer the more childlike aspects of the holiday as I get older. Here at the house we had nearly 200 trick-or-treaters in an hour, and we unfortunately had to disappoint a few people after we ran out of candy, thinking 345 pieces would be enough. Wrong thinking, apparently.

  65. okay…i love you guys but I gotta make a complaint about this music monday. I TOTALLY DID VOTE FOR SHES GONE!!! I love GD, and since it was gonna be on Halloween I asked for it. I have been anticipating the day that I see my name, and thought today was that day. Sadly not, so baaaaaaaaw. No love for the Eun. you guys are still totally rawsome though.

    • also..this is a hard choice, but I’ll say GD wins this week. I love TVXQ and balloons was the song that first got me into Kpop in 8th grade, but I like more spooky Halloween so GD

  66. TVXQ’s Balloons[:

  67. G-DRAGON!!!!
    Greetings from Mexico =D

  68. Oh my jeebus, thank you. I couldn’t help but laugh unbelievably hard at the mention of G-dragon’s… you know what, not gonna bring that up – I don’t wanna sound like a complete dick-head. But my vote goes for TVXQ. Disturbances are my entertainment…

  69. I chose GD, or maybe both, GD and TVXQ.. :p If five random guy dancing with weird animal outfit in my room and started to annoys me, maybe I will chasing after them and kill them like GD did in his MV. XD

  70. Sascha Wong

    I couldn’t stop laughing when you made “Keep Your Head Down” sound all cutesy, Simon. Thank you for making my Thursday better, guys! My vote’s for G-Dragon! Never going to a maze ever. Especially if someone walks faster than I can run to escape.

  71. Possibly the first time UKISS has ever one anything ever.

    Halloween: GD, definitely.

  72. TVXQ. what the… I don’t even…….

  73. I apparently forgot to vote since I’m more into horrifying and sinister looking Halloween videos I’ll go for GD’s She’s Gone. Even if seeing 5 grown men doing cutesy stuff is almost as equally horrifying as GD’s Criminal Minds-esque video, It gets extra points for giving a Criminal Minds vibe.. not that I’m obsessed with Criminal Minds.. right? Criminal Minds is awesome by the way.. haha.. :))

  74. G.DRAGON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD

  75. Oh Man! I think I saw you near my cousin’s neighborhood. I was visiting them from downtown and I saw a huge man wearing a green dragon costume pissing on a tree that’s probably why he got my attention when I was walking by I really thought I had gone crazy apparently I might have seen Simon. Not that I’m stalking you but seriously what a coincidence. :) I promise not to stalk the neighborhood or your parents (they’re probably Martina’s). I’m just really shocked that I might have seen you and I didn’t even take a picture of it.. Dang it. 
    Anyway, I can see where you come from especially with TVXQ’s Balloons. I mean the fact that I think Yunho and Xiah are the only ones looking like they’re enjoying it and their subsequent videos of a 180′ genre I supposed it wasn’t really a time for them to be picky. I mean they barely just getting popular and their company was into those cutesy stuff aka H.O.T’s Candy or their debut Hug (it’s not cutesy but you’ll get it when you see Jaejoong’s huge eyes or Xiah’s pout) or maybe just maybe SM was trying to save money and re-used some of H.O.T’s props for TVXQ since they said the TVXQ was the new H.O.T  at that time and Suju was the next Shinhwa. :)) 
    I also totally agree with this Maze things. I mean when we’re talking about going inside mazes it usually end up bad (mazes like the ones in GD MV gives a Criminal Minds-esque feel.), someone always get killed (ex. Harry Potter Tri-wizard Maze or games like Quarter Moon Murders). But if they were just outside it ends up in romantic movie (ex. Princess Diaries). All in all I don’t see why people would put a garden maze in their house :| waste of space I think.  Props to you as well for making the Cigarette “joke”/comment I mean I love GD but… let’s leave it to that.

  76. I just wanna know what your parent’s neighbors think of you two running around in their front yard in costume filming this. Hee. Anyway, hope Simon is feeling better now. My vote is for TVXQ as the much more disturbing of the two videos. We expect something like this from G Dragon, but I had to go make an appointment with my dentist over “Balloons”.

  77. G DRAGON… ♥♥♥♥

  78. LOL jaejoong looks so evil at the end XD this video is truly horrifying.

    i vote GD :)) much more classy. (i mean. murdering is totally classy, right?) plus i’m just GD biased<3

  79. All the neighbours saw was a camera and a green dragon peeing on a tree.

  80. Balloons has got to be, by far, the most terrifying thing I have ever seen. I just can’t take 5 grown men in cutesy fuzzy animal costumes seriously. They make me a little uncomfortable…

  81. TVXQ was the first k-pop song that i listened to, but my vote has to go to GD!!! I love him!!!! :D

  82. G-Dragon. TVXQ’s cutesy-cutesy “wook at us! we’re so adowabwy FWUFFY! ooohhhgagaga” act is nauseating.

  83. TVXQ!!! 5!!! OMG Thanks for reviewing them!!!

  84. OMG best choice evaaaaa!
    i totaly vote for DBSK!  i do like g dragon a lot, but how can anybody not melt with “baloons”?! i too find myself singing that song whenever im really happy or doing something exciting. junsu’s face in that video is so… *melts* and jeajoongs face just makes me laugh histericaly everytime i watch the video!

  85. A cigarret that he got from a random japanese guy ~ LOVE IT <3 You go Martina

  86. You really know how to present an impossible decision! On one hand, I love G-Dragon in practically everything he does, but the one context that I can’t like him in is this garden-maze-murderer act. Creeeepy. On the other hand, I can vote for the weirdest TVXQ video in existence, one with grown men in cutesy animal suits. What to pick?

    I vote for “She’s Gone”. Murder beats kitties.

  87. I have to go with GD!!!

  88. TVXQ (or DB5K?) with Balloons, just because of the last scene with Jaejoong xD 
    When I read your entry, and found out you did a review about Balloons (and G-Dragon) I started to laugh and anticipate the last scene with Jaejoong XDDD 
    Great Job!

  89. GD’s with no doubts!!!!

  90. “This is how J-pop sounds like.” oh lol. (why do i feel slightly offended ? X’D). although i agree. and hey i love both J & K pop.



    not that i really like it, i actually, and by far, prefer She’s Gone (although i’m more of a cassie than a VIP) BUT, GD’s pv isn’t halloweenish’ and terrifying enough, imo.

  91. GD because even though TVXQ is dressed up in costumes, GD’s mv fits the spirit of Halloween better

  92. TVXQ!! Except I like calling them DBSK.
    Cute halloween costumes are the best!!

  93. The TVXQ MV was fun, but I gotta vote for G-Dragon cause more creepy for Halloween. :)

  94. G-Dragon!!!!!

  95. TVXQ Balloons!!!

    Since you did Music Mondays on a Thursday (but you already have stuff going on thursdays ie. TLDR) can you do review of old MVs on like Wednesday? New music on monday but old music on wednesdays?!?!

    Always keep the faith!<3

  96. voting for DBSK just because i miss them as 5!!!

  97. TVXQ Balloons!!! Definitely :)

  98. TVXQ Balloons <3 The song just cheers me up whenever I'm down ^^

  99. I gotta vote for G Dragon on this one.  The song was pretty cool and fit the video all too well.  It was creepy and very Halloweenish, even though I usually don’t go for this kind of thing.  You’re right too, the English totally fit (a rare thing in KPop/JPop!).

    I watched Balloons after your video, and indeed, the very last scene takes on a whole new meaning (run kid! he’s gonna eat you!)

    Hope Simon’s feeling better after the shoulder incident.  I loved the array of costumes you guys had.  I had planned to be Mario and/or Luigi this year, but frankly never got around to it.  :p

  100. I prefer She’s gone as a halloween mv. It seems like a Tim Burton short film. G-Dragon is Johnny Depp. And the model is Winona Ryder. Or Cristina Ricci?

  101. I can picture the
    neighborhood grandma. She is sitting at the dining room table crocheting a
    blanket for the new great grandbaby. When she looks up she can watch the street
    (to keep an eye on the neighbors) and when she looks to the right she can watch
    the tv in the living room. The tv is tuned the Weather Channel so she could
    stay current with the weather her scattered family was experiencing.

    She hearing a dog barks but thinks nothing of it. But while
    refilling her water glass she sees someone, in a dragon suit, rolling on the
    ground while another, with horns coming out of their head, takes pictures. Wait
    a minute is that Martina? Didn’t she get married, Is that her husband, what was
    his name? Aren’t they teaching English in China? I thought Chinese kids went to
    school year-a-round.


    After supper (dinner for you city slickers) a grandson
    visits and grandma spends 30 minutes telling him about the dragon and fallen
    angel she saw, across the street, that afternoon. 


    Grandson confirms that was Simon & Martina. They don’t
    live in China, but in Korea where they used to teach English.  Now they make videos about music videos and
    junk they buy at the Korean won store. Then they put the videos on the internet
    and people watch them.


    How do they make money? 


    Youtube gives them money everytime someone watches one of
    their videos. Grandma asks another question but the grandson has run out the door
    to get Simon & Martina’s autograph and pet Spudgy. 


    Grandma shakes her head and wonders what has this world come

  102. I vote TVXQ… JJ’s irritated glare at the end makes the video!  I laughed so hard.  She’s gone creeps me out a little too much.  G-dragon plays the psychotic scorned lover a little too well! 

  103. Cathe Ryne Denice Sarmiento

    So funny! I almost peed my pajamas! HAHAHA! Love the commentary on Balloons! :)

  104. G-Dragon! Words can’t even describe his amount of sexiness. I wouldn’t mind being killed by him.

  105. halloween, why dont u also review 2NE1 – It Hurts? it is soooo halloween 

  106. TVXQ balloons!!! as a fan, watching them progress in their career from cute to sexy, i saw ballooons before their sexy phase & although i was traumatized at first at grown men dancing in furry animal costumes, its AMAZING how TVXQ made me squeal like a fangirl at something i’d usually shudder at.. if anybody cud pull off this concept.. its them! totally understand for fans who saw mirotic/ their sexy phase to look back at this & be horrified.. LOL!!!

  107. TVXQ baby! They’ll always get my vote!! P.S., Junsu’s cute act started one fateful day in their Way U Are promotions all those years ago… You can blame Jae because he made Junsu do it during an interview one time. x3

  108. Hahaha, I also watched “Balloons” after “Mirotic,” and whoa. Talk about a change in concept! Still, I have to vote for “Balloons” for sheer amount of disturbing.

    I thought you might look at MC Mong’s awesome Halloween-themed MV, “Horror Show.” :)

  109. I vote for Balloon. It helps me reduce stress after study. Always smile when watching this MV.

  110. I love both groups, but I’d have to vote for GD and She’s Gone!  As a side note, the remake of the murder scene was sooooo funny! Nice job you guys :D

  111. I always thought Jaejoong went murderous on his kid cuz he was the only one not singing along with TVXQ…xD
    My vote goes to TVXQ’s Balloons because I miss their cuteness when they were all together :(
    DB5K!!! <3

  112. awkward Jaejoong is sooo cute and Junsu fighting with the penguins is adorable. I agree though this… ugh. i just, theyve always had this mature and masculine image… i just cant help but be taken aback by this even though it was pre-bossing TVXQ/JYJ/HOMIN <3 Anyways, GD's more Halloween, i kind of like psychotic-girl chasing-murder maze-roaming GD.

  113. I vote for She’s Gone, although I felt the video should have had a bit more to it than walking around and then finally killing the girl.
    Balloons: Dear God in heaven, what the hell did I just watch. I was torn by being completely horrified/laughing my ass off at how uncomfortable Jaejoong was.

  114. I love Balloons – its the first Kpop video I ever saw!!!

  115. TVXQ! Ballooooooooons~

  116. *tear* OOOoooh man, you guys crack me up every time! xD pfffbbppttttt—lol…butterknife…

  117. TVXQ’s Balloons! Their costumes would be nice for a halloween party! :)


  119. god, simon’s animal costume is awesome XD i hope his shoulder is better now~! ^^
    as for the showdown, though i like the approach in she’s gone, i vote for TVXQ’s balloons – i’m usually not even into cutesy flouncy pouncy songs, but this one’s so catchy, even i can’t resist, and the dance is amazing XD

  120. I’m gonna have to go with She’s Gone. And, you see, since GD is such a G he smokes Black and Milds in the video. (I’m pretty sure they’re black and milds.) 

  121. Hope Simon is feeling better. Thank you for making a Kpop Music Monday even when you’re on a vacation overseas, and ill! :) (Hopefully YouTube pays you well^.^)(?)
    I like the cutesy side of Jpop and Kpop. But to me, Jpop is best at doing this sort of things.

  122. hahaha the way you guys explain TVXQ’s balloon music video is soooooo funny. I am now ROFL. Anyway i vote for TVXQ’s balloons.

  123. God, guys this is too funny. I laughed real hard at “pat my hat down myamyamyamyamyamya” ROFLLLLLLLLLLL also, Jaejoong’s annoyed look at the end always cracks me up whenever I watch the video. LOL

    Anyway, despite all the cheerful feeling the video possesses, the song actually has deep meaning (real. deep) that kind of teared me up when I read it. It talks about how pure childhood dreams sometimes can be neglected when one grows. Google it! :)

    And oh, I vote for Balloons! :)

  124. AHAHAHAH! XD I love the recreation of G-Dragon’s “She’s Gone”! Especially the part with when the knife turns to a butter knife! So funny! Then the part about TVXQ being evil animals made me laugh so loud i think i woke my sister up. Glad you feeling better Simon and good job on the Music Monday!

  125. Balloons forever! It is instant happiness in a song/MV. I love how ridiculous it is, okay, and the lyrics are just ; u;. Also, Jaejoong getting frustrated with that kid in the end is priceless.

  126. LOL ~~ You guys are really Funny !! For me since i started from TVXQ debut song HUG and also m Cassie .. it wasn’t terrifying as you guys made .. in fact I loved TVXQ Ballons mv ~~ they are cute and i wouldn’t mind seeing more of that .. lol .. however for halloween video i would vote for GD .. coz basically it’s dark and umm .. GD kills the girl ~~!!~~ lol ~~

  127. I doubt any JPOP videos are as cutesy as that .. the first Japanese song I had heard was “Nanka SHhiawase”, when AXN was airing “Flame of Recca” and that was a kickass song

    As to why psychos drag their weapons along walls, it is so that the weapon accumulates dirt, fungus and other filth. That way, the victim is sure to die by blood poisoning

    PS: How is the shoulder Simon?

  128. That TVXQ video just grosses me out, yuck! I think Yoochun was the only one that successfully pulled off the cuteness…and that’s not really a complement haha BUT on the other hand this video was hilarious. The knife things is beautiful! AND I absolutely love She’s Gone by GD, almost as much as I love The Leaders :) Now that is an amazing song. DG, CL and Teddy are damn geniuses!! Mmmmm.

  129. GD of course!!!

  130. GD!!! <3

    and… THEY're BACK!!! 


    They're on their way to Belfast, Ireland!!!

  131. I totally vote for Balloons!!
    By the way, there more more videos like this back in the day (well, maybe not on such terrifying level, but still) not only from TVXQ. Jpop has also changed quite a lot since (unless jpop equals and doesn’t go beyond AKB48 for you), so… do I smell some history homework yet undone? ;) Anyway, glad to know Simon’s shoulder is better!

  132. Balloons, totally Balloons! XD by the way, there were more videos of this kind in Korea (well… maybe not THIS kind) back in the day, not to mention jpop has also changed a lot since, so… yeah there’s some history homework left to do guys ;)

  133. Going for GD. I aint sweet and cuddly I want morbid yet thrilling? LOLs. :))

  134. After the murder: “Do you want help?”:P Haha!
    I always like the Music Mondays if you choose the videos:P (HINTHINT!), But I like both… Hmm:P

    She’s Gone was one of my favorite songs before… Why don’t I listen to it anymore?

    Anyway, when it comes to voting… I can’t choose!

  135. GD’s She Gone!!!! Like duh!!!!!! At first I thought if it was Johnny Depp instead of GD… XP And maybe the director’s idol was Tim Burton!!!! XD

  136. *LOL* So it’s not only me who thought of DBSK – Balloon as creepy~ *LOL* I thought I’m the only one~ *ROFL* [damn, I couldn't stop laughing~]
    As G-Dragon’s She’s Gone MV. Yeah, it’s kinda thrilling. I mean he’s G-Dragon, he’s a pretty boy, he got his obsession over this pretty-soon-to-be-murdered girl [I think this song has one storyline with his another song titled Obsession.], he love to stalk this girl, and come the bad thing: he got a double personality too! Mix it all up and put a creepy maze on top! Yeaaay! Halloween Party!

  137. Hahahah!! I love this edition! :D Actually, I was a fan of TVXQ because of Balloons. Couldn’t resist their cute charms~ *dreamy eyes*

    But I think GD’s video is more horrifying~ :D

    p/s: vote for Big Bang for EMA Worldwide Act!!! :D Voting closes on Nov 4th. 

  138. Lol!!! What do you mean by “WHY JUNSU WHY?!”? Junsu’s always been the adorable cuddly dolphin! lol

    And my vote goes for DB5K of couse! ^^ I LOVE “Balloons”, it’s always been my “go to” happy song! ^^

  139. Wow that just made my night to hear that U-KISS not only beat SNSD for last week’s question, but demolished them! Way to go U-KISS! <3

  140. it’s TVXQ all the way for me. this was their first mv i saw and it totally pulled me into their fandom. so yeah, cuteness overload does it for me, too,  as well as their sexy manly-men side.

  141. She’s Gone by G Dragon! He can Kill me Anytime he wants XD well he would have to kiss me first :P

  142. TVXQ.

    They’re so cuuute and I love their costumes XDD

  143. G-Dragon’s ”She’s Gone” !!!

  144. G-DRAGON of course! ♥ he’s much better!

  145. Awesome video! I really thought Martina looked really cute dancing around in the unicorn costume….not that Simon didn’t look good in the dinosaur costume or anything…yeah…
    I’m a huge GD fan, so I CHOOSE YOU GD!

  146. You guys totally just killed me with featuring Balloons. *laughs* That was one of the first DBSK/TVXQ videos I saw and I totally agree with you on the cuteness overload. Like you don’t even need the video to know that it’s oozing with it. Yes oozing. lol
      Anyway seeing you review it made me quite happy so thank you very much. ^__^ [Also, Jae totally looks ready to kill the 'lion cub' at the end of that video since he wasn't cooperating with him and stuff. Completely understandable I think.]

    Though would the cuteness overload in this video alone make it creepy? I think so. ^__^;

    One vote for DBSK’s Balloons~!

  147. TVXQ balloons…they really happy,and jaejoong too…Cassiopeia know them so much so we know they are really happy when five of them play,dance and sing together…and i want to say thank you to you…*bow*…always love TVXQ,5 of them forever and ever …Always keep the faith!!!!!^^

  148. Definitely TVXQ.

    As always, you made me laugh and it made me even happier because you reviewed Balloons~ 
    It’s kind of funny the fact that you couldn’t see JunSu as the cute boy, when it happened to me in the opposite way. The truth is… the five of them are as cute as sexy when they want or when they don’t. 

    Thanks for your hard work! I hope Simon is alright now :3 kisses~

  149. About the garden mazes: Yes, they are creepy. But please take a look at the Music Video for “Alice in Wonderland” by K3 (on Youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PyZCUD7pAHw). It is a Belgian/Dutch band which mostly makes music for children (but I like them nevertheless). They have recently made a musical around the story of Alice in Wonderland and also released the soundtrack as an album.

    In the music video for the title song, there are also scenes in a garden maze. But I think, for “Alice in Wonderland”, it fits quite well.

  150. I’m so happy when I see you do MV Balloons for the Halloween edition.

    Of course, I vote for Balloons. This MV make me have a whole new eyes of TVXQ, especially Jejung because he’s my bias.

  151. This is hard :/ I love GD and TVXQ. GD’s MV for She’s Gone fits the mood for halloween. It gives off this thriller effect. On the other hand, TVXQ’s MV for Balloons sends you to heaven with their cuteness. Can I vote for both? Lol x.x

  152. GDRAGON!!! n of coz Ukiss will win~ ^^

  153. [obligatory "not all jpop is like that" post]

    Moving past that, yay holiday specials!! Are you gonna do a Christmas special too? :D

  154. TVXQ Won <3

  155. I really HAPPY!!.. thanks for doing this video about Baloons! *—-*

  156. I’m a TVXQ5 fan so I’m voting for Balloons all the way.

    I know it is weird but this is the MV that made me attracted to TVXQ. I mean, full grown men dressed as fluffy animals? that is totally new to my eyes, and of course, I love the part when Jaejoong sang that high note towards the end (which is the reason why he is my bias).

    You should see the behind the scenes. They were really playing around the set.

  157. thanks for working so hard =))


  159. GD WINS OF COURSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  160. OF COURSE GD WINS!!!!!!!!!!

    HE IS THE COOLEST KILLER!!!!!!!!!!!!

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