Hey guise! It’s our Music Monday! It’s up on Wednesday though! As many of you know, if you follow us on Twitter or Facebook, I totally messed up my shoulder over the weekend, and couldn’t do Music Mondays as a result. It wasn’t a dislocated shoulder as we suspected. It was a muscle spasm in the neck after a combination of things, namely, the painful flight to Canada (14 hours in a small seat is really difficult for someone as huge and manly as myself), as well as not working at our normal work desks and being scrunched over a lot more as a result. Anyhow, things are better now. Woot woot! So we could finally finish our Music Mondays for this week!

Anyhow, we finally got around to reviewing two videos that we always wanted to review, but never would get a chance in hell of having voted in: TVXQ’s “Balloons” and G-Dragon’s “She’s Gone” If you haven’t seen them yet, here they are, in all their majesty:

TVXQ: Balloons

G-Dragon: She’s Gone

Yeah, these two videos are totally incompatible with one another. G-Dragon’s is badass and dark, TVXQ’s is cute and fluffy. Both are appropriate for Halloween, though! Which one speaks more to you?

Now, you know that we usually pish-posh away all cutey songs, like Bilasa’s “Beautiful Target” and F.Cuz’s “Wanna Be Your Love”. TVXQ’s fluffy abomination, though, isn’t as easy for us to sweep under the mats. It’s…it’s just so disturbing. See, while we’ve only known B1A4 as being cutesy and lighthearted, we have only known TVXQ/JYJ/Homin as being serious and badass. Mirotic, Keep Your Head Down, Ayy Girl, Intoxication: all showed a mature group of men who take themselves very seriously, either by (rolling down their sexy windows, rubbing their bananas, or turning your lights on and off obnoxiously). Seeing this video, though, even though it came before all of those videos, is totally contradictory to every video that follows it. It’s like watching Vin Diesel in the Pacifier: holy terrible casting! I’d feel more comfortable watching Wayne Brady act like a pimp. Just…just not right.

And TVXQ/JYJ/Homin seem to know, it, too. They’re smiling and cute, and are surely melting the hearts of all their fangirls, but behind their smiles you can really see how uncomfortable they are. Jaejoong’s the worst at hiding it. He’s got the smile in his teeth, but his eyes are dead serious. Ugh!

G Dragon’s video, on the other hand, while dealing with murder, is less horrific. It’s totally perfect for Halloween, and we like it a lot more than Taeyang’s “I’ll Be There,” which has a Halloween setting, but it also has a weird story/no story plot to it, and we prefer stories, if you couldn’t tell by now. We’re not really sure the point of why G Dragon is chasing this girl through what looks like one of those creepy garden mazes, and then killing her once he catches her, and then sitting around awkwardly after he murders her, but we are intrigued. There’s a meaning to this, right? It’s not just made for the sake of being cool?

On a side note, I really hope that one day our world will be rid of garden mazes. Who the hell likes these things? They’re totally freaking creepy, and they’re only used for murdering people. Come on now! Have you ever seen one used in a movie for non-creepy reasons? I think the police should be alerted anytime, from now on, that someone hires a contractor to build them a garden maze. “Yes, officer, we have a potential crazy murderer planning future murders in his oversized backyard. Be warned” And who would ever think “Hmm. What can I put in this backyard? Oooh! A Maze! Those are fun and totally not creepy!” Fact: if you have a friend with a garden maze it’s time for you to stop being friends with them.

Garden Mazes Freak Me Out

Garden Mazes Freak Me Out

G Dragon, we’re not sure how you got to this garden maze, considering how rare it is to find a backyard big enough to have a garden maze in it in Korea. What we want to know is what the process is for wanna be psycho murderers for renting these garden mazes. Do you call up the owner and reserve a murder date?

G-Dragon: Oh. Hi. Yes, I’d like to book a murdering, I mean an err umm private non-videotaped garden stroll for this Friday at midnight
Crazy Murder-Maze Owner: How many guests are attending?
G-Dragon: Just 2
Crazy Murder-Maze Owner: And how many are leaving?
G-Dragon: Just 1. I mean, damn! I said too much!

Ok enough rambling about murder mazes. And Happy Belated Halloween to everyone! In other news, this is our last Music Monday in Toronto. We’re heading back to Korea on Saturday, and should be there Sunday morning. Woot! We’ll be scripting our next Music Monday on the airplane and filming it back in our regular apartment the Sunday afternoon. Man. How time flies. We were in Canada for almost three weeks, but it only felt like 5 days tops. Anyhow, here are this week’s bloopers. Yay!

  1. um…actually, the little lion cub was heard from again in star king some time later.
    it doesnt hav eng subs, but little jaejoong is the cub…Jaejoong didn’t eat him!
    DBSK and MINI DBSK together – YouTube
    HAH! Proof! But I love your videos and I thought he ate the kid too, until I saw the video.

    oh yay UKISS NEVERLAND <3 WON ^^

  3. I really liked that you picked these two videos. GD’s video was fierce, but I have to go with my boys on this one. I vote for Balloons.. XD

  4. I vote for G-Dragon :)) Oh btw, the ending for TVWQ’s balloon is super funny….EVIL!!!!!

  5. TVXQ video was soooo disturbing and you can see how awkward they feel… M&S said it all. But, maybe it was a video intended to attract young kids? I’m curious about the lyrics though because, like M&S said some violent moments can be seen, like the penguin attacking one of the singers… This video needs to become a meme!!! (oh, the hate of the TVXQ fans is burning meeee)
    Have a nice flight Simon and Martina!

  6. As usual, you guys delivered an awesome video this week!

    For the contest, I pick G-Dragon’s “She’s Gone”.

  7. i’ll vote for dbsk balloon!!!! :)

  8. I’ll vote for G- Dragon!!!

  9. can you please please please please pleaaaaseeee pleaaaseee do brown eyed girl-cleansing cream pweaseee =3

  10. everyone i have a request for all you kimchi lovers, go watch taeyang-only look at me @ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cmuhAPS3_Xg&list=PLF697A772DEECB72C&index=9&feature=plpp_video
    and if you like it request it for next weeks music monday.
    taeyang is my favorite korean singer, give the sexy man some love.

  11. If you haven’t watched Super Junior’s equivalent to that MV yet, go check out Haengbok (Happiness). No animal costumes, but more aegyo and make-up, yay! I wonder how many of these guys thought to themselves “they don’t pay me enough for this.”

    I’ll vote for G-Dragon… But why is there no blood on the girl’s dress? Gorgeous video anyhow.

  12. I remember reading the comments for She’s Gone a long time ago and I remember that the majority of the comments read that the person wouldn’t run away from G.D. they’d run towards him even if they we’re going to die. ARE YOU EFFIN’ KIDDING ME?! G.D. or not I would be RUNNING AS FAST AS I POSSIBLY COULD to get away from him and his knife. But people typically don’t put the terms common-sense and fangirls together in a sentence anyway.

  13. It’s totally worth it, though. Wearing all that… garb… BUT with a bunch of girls in short-ish skirts in otherwise normal looking clothes as the penguin extras.. Yep. I could deal with it. Bring on the penguin-girls XD !

  14. OMG DBSK just can’t win, GD was just so ….. sexy as a murderer *ç* ! You made me discover this video of DBSK and they totally freaked me out (as they always do anyways …. XD) 

  15. DBSK just… I… They are guys that CANNOT pull off cute, and shouldn’t be made to… Cuz it’s creepy. o_o I feel like I should have been watching Shinee or something. XD

    Anyway, I vote G-Dragon. :))

  16. Break out is so good for an gloomy halloween, however it is an Japanese song so it is not count >.<

  17. where did you buy your dragon and unicorn costume???? PLEASE TELL ME

  18. Aww, I was really hoping for JYJ’s Get Out to finally be reviewed! I just went to the facebook page to vote for JYJ for next week’s music mondays, but I saw Tablo (I have no idea who they are) was winning! ):
    JYJ WON LAST WEEK’S POLL. Please do JYJ, pretty pretty please with ranch dressing on top? (;

    Anw, TVXQ Balloons of course! The video was secretly very violent, with Min pulling Chun’s hat strap; and the evil penguins poking on all YooSu’s heads; and Yun creeping behind Su; and of course, Jae’s wonderful hot awesome dreamy heart-melting perfect evil fantastic (I digress) stare~

  19. “This is what j-pop sounds like.” SPOT ON!!!!!! hahahaha!! But I would like to interrupt this video for a brief announcement. For legit, dare I say, good popular Japanese music, check out artists like m-flo, Minmi and Suga Shikao. Those are three of my favorite artists. They kind of rock. No lie.

  20. GUITAR DESTROYER!!! G-DRAGON hands down!!! I mean, he’s a sexy killer, com’on we all know that!

  21. I thought Taeyang’s “I’ll Be There” video was the PERFECT video for halloween. I loved it. Well, the halloween feel to it at least. But GD’s video was pretty alright. It was more halloween-y than Balloons.

  22. kpop opened the door to korea, jpop sorta slammed the door to japan, but, while at first i was like disgusted, WOW! balloons really grows on you. GD, sorry, nothing much happens. Balloons… imagine a disgusted glare slow being transformed by the cute boys, costumes, kids, and just the stuff they do, in to a beautiful smile. It’s actuallly a interesting video. Vote TVXQ’s balloons!

  23. I liked GD’s “She’s Gone” more. I liked the creepy Halloween-ish feel of it, I’ve always loved hedge-mazes (*le gasp* I must be plotting a murder XD), and I like how although it has a plot, it leaves openings for theories about it.

  24. I think GD’s “She’s Gone” fits the theme of Halloween better :)

  25. GD for the win. even if he does look like he robbed (TAFKA) Prince’s wardrobe. burglary+homicide=badass video. way to step outside of being too cute.. speaking of which,
    balloons.. i find that much aegyo annoying.  sorry, tvxq/jyj/homin.. still love you!p.s. jaejoong can eat whatever he wants. ; )

  26. TVXQ’s Balloons!  I love that song :3

  27. Do we need to emblazon TVXQ or GD multiple times just to make the comments more noticeable? O_o Well, I might be just as shameless because I am DBSK prediposed- still, I think the it’s-too-cute shock factor is strangely effective… In short, my vote is to TVXQ. :P

  28. i’ll give my vote for GD..
    and tvxq! lol, they are friggin adorable :3 :3

  29. GD !!! DBSK!!!! I DUNNO ?? I LUV ALL OF THEM!!!

    <3 <3 <3 <3

  31. Junsu is absolutely adorable, although Jaejoong’s sulkiness is ironically lovable too X3!!!!

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