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uBEAT “Should Have Treated You Better” – Kpop Music Mondays

May 7, 2013


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uBEAT BEATme up. Took over my show. That ain’t what I signed up for. Getting assaulted in my own studio. Is this what you Nasties wanted, is this what you envisioned, when we set up the studio? Assault and battery. What kind of life is this?!?!

Funny: I think in a livechat we mentioned that if we met Nigahiga we’d do the same with him. Just minus the assault, though we didn’t rule that out…

Anyhow, this was a joke Music Monday. We usually have skits at the beginning of our interviews, and this was supposed to be the skit, but we figured it’d be funnier if it was just its own Music Monday altogether. Ha!

Yes, it’s not a real Music Monday. We’re in the middle of editing that now. We just thought this’d be funny. We also just think it’s cool to have Kpop idols do their own version of our show, no? Yeah, that’s cool, and AJ, Eli, and Kevin had really good attitudes about it all. Damn, those guise were fun.

Oh, and check out their Music Video if you haven’t seen it yet:

Side note: I wonder if this trend will pick up now. We’d love to have Kpop idols come over and do a Kpop Music Monday takeover, where they talk about their video, but that’s kinda what the interviews are for, no? Plus, Music Mondays have a format (well, kinda. We’re in the process of trying to switch and add things, as you saw from last week’s really bad Music Monday). Point is, it’d be cool to get Kpop idols to be part of Music Monday. Maybe in skits in the future? Who knows…

And, on that note, we’ll get back to making our real Kpop Music Monday. If you haven’t checked it yet, here’s our uBEAT Interview. And make sure you check out U-Kiss’ other channels:

Their Official Website
Their Twitter
Their Facebook
Their Fan Site
Their Google+
Their YouTube

I think that’s all they listed, right? So many links!

Anyhow, stay tuned. This week’s real Music Monday is in the works!



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