Oh boy. Here it is: U-Kiss “Believe.” It was voted in, with a LOOOT of votes, and though f(x)’s “Electric Shock” was creeping close for a while, Believe still won out. Here it is, if you haven’t seen it already:


Ah! We can’t begin to tell you how much it hurt us to do this review. We were in a really difficult position: see, we really like U-Kiss, and we really like Kissme’s as well. They’re an awesome fan group, and constantly vote U-Kiss up to the top of our KpopCharts with every video that comes out. Kissme’s are a big part of our site, so what do we do if a U-Kiss song is voted in that we personally don’t like? You can’t honestly love every song a band makes, right? Our favourite bands have some amazing songs, and they also have some terrible songs. We ripped into Big Bang’s Monster a short while ago, remember? We have to be honest above all, so – with great pains – we ripped into this song and video from start to finish.

There wasn’t a single thing we liked about it:

1) This was the worst U-Kiss beat we ever heard: Maybe it’s because songs like this have a different connotation from us, coming from Ontario and knowing lots of people growing up into Eurodance anthems. FFFUUUU. We hate Eurodance anthems, and this totally reeks of it.

2) This video was really unoriginal: U-Kiss looking emotionally drained in dilapidated quarters. Whoop dee doo. Aren’t they always looking upset in weird homes? I’d take anything now above their mopiness. Hell: I’d even take a cutey boy concept, if I must, so long as I see U-Kiss in a different light.

3) The dance was just…blahzay: U-Kiss usually have some awesome dances. We really loved Neverland and Tick Tack. They looked really crisp and professional. This, though…just seemed too simple. Pointing to yourself for “I,” forming your hands in prayer for “Believe” and pointing to you for “in you” seems like a kids’ dance.

4) The English was weird: I don’t understand what they were trying to say. The beginning was meant to be a hyping of the song, and was supposed to sound cool, but oh boy did it ever sound awkward and come off as weird. Maybe because we’re not as cool as idols we don’t get it. Maybe only kpop idols can say stuff like that? I don’t know. Kpop idols can dress funny; why not let them speak funny as well? Sha ba ba doo ba ba doo.

And we didn’t even talk about the bad pastel pants and the random floating glitter.

We even asked for outside opinions. We have a friend here in Bucheon with us. He’s an English teacher, and he’s not into Kpop at all, but he can comment on a song and video and tell us what he thinks are its pros and cons. Usually we can spark an interesting conversation with him about it, as he’s coming from an unbiased perspective, but helllllll: he couldn’t even finish this video. Cringed and turned it off. FFFFFFUUUUUUU!

Well, this is meant to be a special song and video for Kissme’s, so maybe Kissme’s can like it because of that fact, kind of like when your six year old kid draws you a picture that’s really monkey balls awful, but you love it because it was made for you. You know what I’m saying? We personally would have preferred it if they made a video for Te Amo instead. We like that song a lot more than this one. This…this was just not our style.

Anyhow, enough of that. Really sorry to everyone if we sounded too harsh. We still like U-Kiss. Them having one bad song doesn’t mean we stop liking them, just like we hope that if we have one bad video that doesn’t stop you from liking us as well. We just kinda wish that this song and video never existed. We’ll forget that it happened, like the Super Mario Bros movie.

If you – on the other hand – happened to like this song, you can pick it up on YesAsia. On a happier note, we’re announcing the winners of the Signed MBLAQ cds now! Yay! Here they are!

YouTube: Gabbz613
I still remember the first day I found out about kpop and I was just looking up SHINee videos since they were my first group but then I came across this group called MBLAQ so I watched “Why” and I fell in love at that moment. They are such a good group and I fell in love with their style. I then started to watch shows with MBLAQ, now i’m so in love with them, they’re all so different and yet they come together so well, I will always support them.

Facebook: Maha Mohamed
I have not slept well for the last two days due to this contest! Thousands and thousands are entering *Sweaty palms* So to answer the question. A person doesn’t fall in love when they want to. It kind of just happens :) MBLAQ is my favorite group, why? They have such amazing personalities and a great sense of humor, and although they all have flaws, I respect them for continuing to work hard to create beautiful music. Their looks are just a bonus.

Twitter: Bliinx

And, on a kinda happy note, here are this week’s Bloopers. Martina got the giggles when she heard the reading of the English at the opening. Could be the jet lag affecting her:


  1. I liked this mv & song. I am biased though kkkkkk

  2. omgosh simon thats what i thought to :D when they say believe i hear billy HAHA WHICH IS FUNNY SINCE MY NAME IS BILLY >:)

  3. jazminjhnsn

    LOVE Martinas hair, game board clip mad creative

  4. wow the acapella version is soo good!
    but who won from the wonder girls?

  5. totally unrelated but martina i lovee your hurrrrrrr :) :)

  6. I thought that this song was one of the best of U-kiss though…

  7. Actually I didn’t like the song for the same reasons as you, I liked Electric shock better (and for the love o K-pop you should totally review The Chaser and Baby Goodnight!) but as a loyal eat you kimchi follower an kiss me i voted on both songs everytime. Having a U-Kiss review from time to time is already a tradition here I would say and It’s interesting to ear your opinion about the stuff that’s not so interesting (also, if the member actually happen to see this video, I hope they take your advice into consideration and keep away from this kind of stuff and go back to doing good stuff)

  8. i’m only fan of the song not the mv

  9. Martina! I absolutely LOVE your outfit and hair in this video! It’s amazing! And…where can I get that Captain Spudgy game? :3

  10. People really have varying opinions. I loved Believe ♥ But I found it amusing how courageous the two of you were in ripping the song UKISS dedicates for KissMes. In my opinion, Believe was one of UKISS’ Best Songs. I’m not being bias but it was really good. Maybe the two of you were tired of listening to these kind of songs and looking for something new for you. Thanks for the review anyway.

  11. I’m with the irritablevowel. That board game was laugh out loud funny. But good job walking the thin line of being critical but respectful to the band and fans.

  12. Please release that board game! Or at least upload the rules and a printable set of cards!

  13. As I’m reading through the comments, I realize KISS ME’s are a really mature fan base.. And I can understand why Simon and Martina are really hesitant on ripping off the song. They did it gently though, and it’s because Kiss Me’s are dear to them and, as irritablevowel said, they had faith in Kiss Me’s that even if they disagree, they disagree respectfully.. If it were for a different artist’s MV Simon and Martina would’ve prop up their “I’ll get you trolls!” sequence. But they didn’t, because they know Kiss Me’s won’t bash them.

    As for the song, yeah didn’t like it either, I’d prefer Dora Dora over this. First two seconds on the song and I’d cover my ears. I’m trying to think that the intro rings a bell and someone here mentioned Butterfly from Dance Dance Revolution, hahaha.. BINGO! Initially I thought of 90′s Jpop, but yeah, Butterfly rings a louder bell for this one.. However I still convinced myself to watch the video with the volume lowered down in hopes of getting some glimpse of Kevin.. XD

    It is a matter of preference. There are people who likes these kind of music, and there are ones who hate it. I’m one of the latter though.. hehe

  14. totally voting for infinite :3

  15. Although I don’t exactly agree with your review I really really appreciate everything you’ve done to expose people around the world to KPOP and Korea. Your reviews always make me look closer at videos. Like in 0330 I didn’t even know what was goin on I just thought dongho was seriously in love and his friends are just… Creepy. So, even though I was mad at this review when I first saw it I think it’s kinda true. 사랑해!!

  16. Believe, in my opinion, is one of the best songs ever made in k-pop. My vote will obviously go to U-kiss.

  17. I vote for U-Kiss’s Believe. Yes, it does sound like ’90s Euro dance. But that works out great for me, because I like ’90s Euro dance. (One of my favorites? Mr. Vain by Culture Beat.)

  18. oh! And P.S- I am proud of your opinion you guiseee <3 There is nothing wrong with it at all :) even if some people disagree!

  19. Overall, U-Kiss is not my favorite Kpop group, but I found that this song was not that bad.The song’s beat wasn’t horrible, nor was the singing. I did not addition, dislike it as much as you guys, but I found it pretty bland and unoriginal. I mean, they looked good and everything ^.^ I am not denying that ( super smexy kpop faces awwwh yea), but I felt like this type of song and chord progression has happened a billion times before and does not stand out to previous songs they have made. I thought the dance was pretty nice though >.< but that could have been because I could keep up with the moves they were making hehe. In general the song wasn't a terrible song and I wouldn't object to not ever listening to it again, or like become incredibly disgusted if I heard it again, it really isn't THAT bad, but yea… meh.

  20. I would totally play that board game. You guys should patent it.

  21. Lately I’ve been trying out some of U-Kiss’s music even though their sound isn’t my favorite. The release of this song made it THAT much harder to even want to listen to their music. COME AT ME KISS ME’S.

  22. Seriously, it wasn’t even that bad..

  23. Wow, you’re right. The beat really is 90s techno…

    I really want that game x)

    Voting for Infinite!

  24. I could see this game being made (and people buying it) – Kickstarter perhaps? :D

  25. kawaii_candie

    omg, you guys… that board game was pure genius… GENIUS…

  26. I almost forgot, I saw Super Junior’s photos teaser there!
    6jib is coming!

  27. I’m not shawol but from my knowledge, SHINee got more activities than UKISS
    They are promoting in Japan, Europe last year (if this count), SMTOWN, Asia Tour, etc.. But to compare UKISS to SHINee is kinda harsh, I mean, SHINee is famous for their complicated dance move.. no offense kiss me..

    • they were promoting around the world with the same songs though and just came back earlier this year, while U-KISS kept releasing new songs AND going around the world. UKISS is also capable of dancing well, thats actually one of their strengths, but the fact that they release new songs so quickly is actually bringing them down. I blame their management for that one :(

  28. This was an interesting song. I want them to have a story type music video, but above all, I want them to rest. They need to sleep, eat, and sleep. Then they should come out with a new song and win! Gah. Can you guys please do Teen Top’s To You?

  29. I feel bad you guys were exposed to the onslaught of 80′s music while you were growing up. Unfortunately I don’t have any kind of distaste for a certain type of sound like you do so Believe and Paradise didn’t bother me the slightest bit.

    Although I agree that Believe isn’t U-Kiss’s best song, far from it actually, I truly don’t think it sounded bad. I’m not taking into consideration the awkward English or the pronunciation, nor am I thinking of the MV as I say this. Truthfully, the 90′s beat didn’t bother me. In fact, having grown up during the 90′s, I’ve developed a soft spot for that particular sound.

    However, with Paradise it’s a slightly different story. When Paradise came out I was just barely coming to terms with my long-time dormant Inspirit side and though I am an extreme lover of Infinite’s music now, keep in mind that my opinions of the song were formed before I had sworn any kind of loyalty to the group.

    I ABSOLUTELY loved the song. Though it had the very prominent 80′s sound that you two have said you detest, there was a certain level of melancholy in the song that even when coupled with the synthesized beats, just sounded too beautiful to be true and not to mention the lyrics were awesome. I love all of Infinite’s songs but hands down Paradise is one of the few songs I can never get enough of in the entirety of kpop. There’s this quality that Infinite’s songs posses that makes even non-kpop listeners do a double take, but in a good way. Paradise was actually a favorite amongst the Japanese fans and there were even several praises for the song by foreign music reviewers. Even now it is still considered one of Infinite’s best promoted tracks.

    So my vote is for Infinite’s Paradise, no question.

  30. Lol Martina im pretty sure i didnt hear a word you guys said, i was way too busy looking at your AMAZING HAIR O_O Its…its…just.. AMAZING!

  31. You guys really need to release a version of the “Captain Spudgy’s MV Board Game!”

  32. I actually liked the song, not the video. I hate all the make up they wear and im start
    ing to find their themes repetitive, and their dance moves as well. But the song i really like

  33. Respeito a opinião de vocês, mas……. eu sinceramente discordo em partes [mesmo odiando essas críticas lixosas], concordo que Believe não foi a melhor deles e podia ‘ser melhor’, mas falar que o MV não foi original ou que não entendeu o inglês deles foi meio que desnecessário c_c Eles não são obrigados a falar uma língua que não nasceram sabendo, mesmo sabendo que sempre tem um sotaque quando se aprende uma língua nova. Ainda sim, não consigo não gostar de nenhuma música que eles fazem porque sei que fazem para as KISS MEs, e isso basta para deixá-los perfeitos. ;-; <3

    Infinite vs U-KISS? U-KISS <3

  34. Siwon’s Card is the Best!! No matter what Simon and Martina said about the MV, I’m gonna love it regardless! I didn’t agree with them in some parts but I gotta respect what they say since it’s their opinion after all. As much as I love Ukiss, I’m gonna vote for Infinite’s Paradise because I love that song! I have it on a loop di loop! That and Before The Dawn :) I’m a Fan of Infinite as well. :) That jam makes me want to do that hip thrusting bad like jumping out of my seat and dance! If Kevin or AJ read this; I love You Guise!

  35. I do reviews myself and I share the same hurt and burden in creating constructive criticism on a biased act. I was unable to create a review on “Believe” and kept the comments to myself. But being a huge fan of yours, I would like to share mine.

    I am a HUGE fan of UKISS (a certified Filipina KISSME) and I was nodding the whole time reading and watching your review. Although it is dedicated to the fans and is even penned by AJ himself, I wasn’t crazy about it. The thought of a special album was sweet, but the song? Really? I thought, “AJ can do better than that.” The lyrics was pretty awesome though. The composition is just flat.

    As for the styling (which I comment a lot on my reviews), I couldn’t stop banging my head on the wall (of course I mean that figuratively). The wardrobe sets for DORADORA was so damn beautiful. I guess the styling was pretty much as flat as the song itself. And the lip gloss on Kevin and Kiseop’s? Really frosted. Not my style.

    I pretty much could go on and on about the video, but I just had to stop myself. I love love LOVE UKISS, just like Simon said, I miss the UKISS in 0330. They are more than capable of lurking behind and dancing wherever – they ARE artists.

    Hopefully, there next material would earn a more positive review. :)


  36. PunkyPrincess92

    aaaahhhhh is that a SHINee Etude House tin????
    i think it is!!!!!!!

  37. The comments this time was wayyyy too harsh TT.TT You didn’t have to go on to talk about your english friend who turned it off right away, U-kiss can read english you know?
    But yes, it was obviously quite rushed because they filmed it only 3-4 days before the release, but I think this song was better than Dora Dora :)
    And I vote for U-Kiss ^^
    (You should have talked about their green pants!! XD)

  38. Since this is my first time listening to a U-Kiss song, I feel like I have to listen to their previous songs to compare. Still, I enjoyed the video. BTW, Simon, where did you get that Phineas (and Ferb) t-shirt? Love it!

  39. woot! i see Yesung & Shindong 6jib teaser in the laptop! even though this KMM is kinda rough, but i can still LOL-ed.. :D

  40. You guys are right. The background beat is super cheesy and annoying. It really distracts me from the vocals. I do like their rapping, but I just can’t focus on it since the beat reminds me of that weird 90s club music.

  41. Ah, I’ll have to pick Paradise by Infinite just because that’s my favorite Infinite song and I’m a major Inspirit. I really love UKISS and this is an awesome song, but I seriously need to stick with my Top Group!! So, Infinite, HWAITING!!

  42. Martina! You look very pretty in this video!

  43. I really want the game….Where could i get it?????? <3

  44. Hmmm, this ones a toughie. I’ve been really liking Infinite a lot lately, like a LOT a lot but Believe in my eyes was a really good song. But, I think I’ll have to side with Infinite’s Paradise for your question, even though I wasn’t exposed to the 80s side of music as I was born in the mid 90s, that guitar part of me makes me love the song a whole lot more.

    Oh and the board game skit, CAN I BUY ONE????? PRETTY PLEASE!!!! haha :D

  45. Wow I’ve read through a lot of the comments and I’m so proud of the KissMe’s for overall handling this review maturely ;; Seriously you guys are a great fandom for supporting U-Kiss and still being reasonable <3

  46. Totaly disagree with you guys! I don’t even pay atention to u kiss, but I loved this song :P

  47. Even though it’s not funny as I expected it to be, I really damn appreciate what you did. If U-Kiss, specially Kevin watched this, I hope to see an awesome MV this September of them. Since you gave all your opinions about U-Kiss, some which I really can’t say because of hurtful words, but you did. So I kinda thank you for that~ ^^ ♥

  48. Count me for another of the people who like the song. o.o The lyrics are deep in meaning, and I have nothing against the 90′s beat. But the video definitely could have been much better…I can’t watch the mv with a straight face anymore after your review. Especially the part of Eli and Dongho aloneee in the washroom togetheerrr *cracks up*

  49. taeyang card is the best. =D

  50. Wow so much to say I feel like I should do a response video LOL. Gonna number things instead.

    1.) I vote for Believe. I didn’t like Paradise.

    2.) I liked it, I don’t think it’s their best but it’s nice.

    3.) I really don’t get what is the dislike with pastel pants? I feel you should always expect weird ass fashion in k-pop, it’s just a thing. Like adding rap sequences.

    4.) I read the English translation of the song and the start kind of makes sense; what they are talking about in their song, that is their belief. But I feel the way they said it didn’t match the rest of the song, it’s like trying to hype up a sad song, doesn’t really feel right. So I still don’t like that bit at the start. Also, I hear it as Believe not Billy LOL.

    5.) The music video, agreeing entirely here (though I still liked it): it was a little boring and they’re definitely getting repeptitive. It was creepy (great skit btw so funny), and though I liked the dance they have done better and I feel this was rushed and they should take a well-deserved break and try and produce something great again like 0330. Another 0330 would be lovely.

    6.) You should make that boardgame … I’d srsly buy it. xD SIMON & MARTINA TAKE MY MONEEEYYYYYY~

    7.) Martina, I really like your hair in this video. ;u;

    And lastly, 8.) I see SuJu in the background!!!! :D Can’t wait for the MV … hoping it’s not in a box, though since it’s SuJu I’ll still like it, even if it is.

  51. I wish they did a powerful dance Neverland. I think these past videos they did some similar feet moves like Tick Tack, Forbidden Love, Doradora and Believe and also is it just me or they sound a tiny bit similar but not the same (if you get what I mean).
    Anyways I love U-Kiss and hope they at least win something :D

  52. Oh my you guys, not saying Dongho’s name right? Unacceptable! xD
    I think one of my pet peeves is when people say people’s name’s wrong…
    Even though I personally say Yongguk’s last name as Bang (Like a gun shot. Bang bang!)
    You guys can do it.D-oh-ng ho! Hehe c:

  53. As much as I love this song I totally see where they are coming from. I don’t really mind the heavy house-music beat but I do think the song would have been better slow and soulful. The english parts were a bit awkward to listen to and I don’t know if it was just me but the “I want to lubba you” part that Eli sings was really strange to me. I didn’t know if he was pronouncing “I want to love you” really badly or if he was saying something in Korean that just sounded like that. Also I absolutely hate this video. I love the dance, all parts of it, but I think the video was entirely too bland and strange and it felt really rushed. I think this song deserved a video where a couple was in love and then they get into a big fight and during the choruses they should be throwing things or something and then in the end they finally believe each other and everything is all happily ever after. (That may be totally off base from what the words mean but thats what I saw in my head when I heard the song first) The entire song felt rushed to me. I still like it though. I think that U-KISS has been working entirely too hard lately. They do seem really overworked. I fully agree with S & M. I mean they have released two mini albums in the past few months, they have been promoting like crazy in both Korea and Japan and on top of that, Hoon and Dongho recently did a TV Drama/Movie. So I really feel that U-KISS deserves a break and some time to really work on their songs as well as their music videos so that they are the best they can be.

  54. I love Ukiss Believe!
    esp the part where Dongho and Eli were sort of like rapping i guess!
    anyway! Yup! definitely a Special song To Kiss Me!

    not to mention Kiseop got a solo shoot for his part! that my friend is a special moment!!!

  55. 1) Simon I was extremely distracted by your t-shirt I couldn’t pay attention to the review.. I hope not to offend you but YOU LOOK SO MUCH LIKE THE GUY FROM FINNIUS AND FERB!!!!!!! its like they drew him after YOU! lol.. 2) i actually liked this song but i also liked Infinities Paradise too so maybe I like 80-90′s beats.. also I got both these songs because you guys helped me discover them so thanks.. but your review (what i heard when i wasn’t staring at simon’s t-shirt) was fair..


  57. thisisjustforfunval

    YAY! I’m very glad you guys stated something I have been feeling for a while now. U-KISS is WAY over worked and I feel their company is just rushing the production of everything without the consideration of 1) over all quality 2) originality 3) creativity & 4) most of all U-KISS’s well being. They seem to treated like robots and cash cows. When DoraDora came out they hadn’t even picked a song weeks before the release, so that means no dance was ready or video concept. I love U-KISS and support them because I know their talent is greater than what NH Media allows them to show.

    I personally like Believe but I realize it isn’t for the song itself and definitely not the video. It is because of their live performances of the song. They haven’t looked so happy performing a song on stage in awhile now. And surely looked happier performing Believe than DoraDora. Their happiness performing Believe made me like the song.

    And thanks Simon, now all I hear is BILLY BILLY and picture Bill Corgan!

  58. Hahahaha loved the Director’s Perspective vs Our Perspective skits – my mom was lol-ing around with me. My mom didn’t get the boardgame skit, but I really want the game now :D

    So, my mom’s unbiased opinion after watching your review and then the MV was, “It’s not THAT bad, but it’s just like all the other kpop videos, nothing special to it.”

    I cringed when I first watched the video, when AJ said, “This is our….belief.” The rest of the song or video I couldn’t really remember. I think they repeated ‘Believe’ about 50 times, and I’m not a fan of repetitive songs.

  59. I think it’s possible that I just have really, really cheesy taste in music but I totally danced the hell out of some dish washing duty while listening to this. I’m talking flying soap bubbles and everything. The cats were scared.

    So yeah, my vote is for ‘Believe’ over ‘Paradise’ — though I would trade it for a proper music video for ‘Te Amo.’

  60. I’m really glad that you guys are so honest with your opinions. :) It’s one of the reasons that I really like you guys and got into EYK in the first place. I kind of figured that if this song got reviewed, there’d be some ripping apart involved. >w>

    I really liked Believe itself, besides the fact that it was for the Kissmes and I’m a Kissme myself, but I didn’t grow up with Europop (I grew up with classic rock and all of rock’s offshoots. I didn’t even know what Europop was until I got more into K-POP and pop music in general) so I understand about cringing at a genre of music. >w> I tend to cringe at some of the stuff on the radio, so K-Pop is generally my refuge.

    I agree that the music video should’ve had more time and thought put into it, but I don’t think they had the time to invest in it, considering how many things they’ve been doing. I think that maybe so many people started talking about the ‘Special to Kissme’ album that somebody decided “Oh, hey! This is getting popular! Let’s make a music video to make it even more popular!” ^^;. U-KISS deserves a break after everything they’ve been doing.

    The skits were hilarious! XD The creeper skits were priceless. And the board-game skit was epic. (Is it sad that I’d buy that game if I could? XD)

    Oh, and Martina? :D Your hair is awesome. You have some of the coolest hairstyles I’ve ever seen~

  61. So I’ve been laughing since you first started talking about the director’s perspectives and then I just about fell off my chair at the board game. S&M, you MUST develop, sell, and market this board game for public consumption. You MUST.

  62. How come you guise always fangirl over AJ writing lyrics for U-Kiss songs but never once mention Bang Yong Gook’s contributions in B.A.P. reviews? tsk tsk.

    I agree with everything you said about this song tho. It’s just.. not good :/

  63. I’m sorry. I laughed so hard with the “Elephant Show” reference.

  64. Thanks for the honest opinion!! It’s the reason I’ve stayed a fan of you both all this time. Even if a group isn’t my favorite or a video is not my cup of tea, I sometimes vote for a song just to see what you will say if it gets to the top.
    Thank you.

  65. I secretly like the cheesy eurodance beat but I definitely believe that this is not their best song. Tick Tack is still my fave.
    Hmm I would have to choose Paradise by Infinite

  66. Did you guys see Simon and Martina’s tweet of the acapella version? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C1BEJVVYXQs&feature=youtu.be Wow. Didn’t much care for the beat with the original mv. But this I like. Their voices are incredible! They should do more songs that really emphasize their voices and harmony.

  67. I can totally see where you guys are coming from. But ukiss dont usually make songs so simple which is why i actually loved it, the verses were definatley better thanthe chorus i have to admit, and the dance was still wicked with that awkward foot movement too but everyone has different opinions but im kinda glad u picked out the flaws i wonder if theyll listen? <3 i also vote ukiss against infinite

  68. Oh my god, all those Billy’s were absolutely hilarious haha, love it!!

  69. What the shit is on your head, Martina? o_o

  70. I’m going to have to vote for Infinite’s Paradise. Not because I “prefer it,” but because I don’t. Let me explain, while I’m neutral on Believe, I cannot STAND paradise. I adore Infinite, but, as Simon and Martina stated in another video, when you grow up with older siblings blasting out 80s music… it kinda has an effect. I’m voting on Paradise because it just sounds SO SO SO 80s! Therefore it has a more retro feel. I get that Believe does sound a bit 90s Eurodance, but it doesn’t nail it. Paradise it just NAILS 80s! *shudder*

  71. Leslie Van Volkinburg

    I liked the song, but wasn’t impressed with the dance and the setting of the video. I was thinking “Why the bathroom? What’s it supposed to mean?” I do believe (LOL “believe”) you guys they need to come up with some good songs and a better dances.

  72. SO glad I wasn’t the only one who noticed the overly glossy lips!
    Yeesh that’s more than I’ve ever worn in my lifetime..

  73. 2 things:
    1) i do agree that the video was a bit off, but contrarily, i thought it should have been a bit happier, since it’s so upbeat and, i thought, on the rather positive side.
    2) as a dancer, i noted their dance technique shined really brightly here, and you might give them credit for that next time you mention “Believe.”

  74. Noo!!!! Epic sadness! I NEEDED that MBLAQ cd :’( I’m going to go cry alone in a corner now…………forever…..

  75. i just fell over from laughing when i saw simon with the seaweed packs around his collar. dying right now lmao

  76. yesung and shindong teasers in the back!!!

  77. Am I the only one who actually laughed at this…that sounded wrong…I mean, the way Martina and Simon intended me to…Yes, I am a KissMe and Yes unlike Simon and Martina I actually liked this song…I can admit the video wasn’t that great and it could have definitely been better and still love Simon and Martina after this review….And Yeah, I too wanted a Te Amo video…le sigh…maybe we should start a national collection bank so that U-KISS can have better videos (what with accidental smacks and chronic homelessness as a problem…)
    P.S. I want the Spudgy game XD …maybe I’ll make my own…
    Oh, yeah I vote for U-KISS Believe (actually liked it more than Infinite’s Paradise)

  78. I don’t think this is a bad song to be honest, it’s not as good as other U-Kiss songs but this is pretty decent. I also don’t have anything against the euro-dance sound so that’s probably why I don’t dislike it, lol.

    The beginning didn’t sound too strange to me because for some reason my brain separated the lines by the voices. One says “Hey ladies and gentlemen, wanna know what it is? it’s our ‘Believe’”; and the other says: “Want you to listen, ha ha, hear this, yeah.” The grammar could use a little work but it’s not “Mordney present” bad. And I have a feeling the guys said those lines separately and the producer for some reason decided to mix it all up.

    I agree with everything you said about the video though, the random creeper shots are weird and the dance scene in the tunnel looked far too cramped. They should’ve played with the formation in that set, but it looks like the choreographers didn’t know what the set was going to look like.

  79. This makes me even sadder that Bilasa’s crazy hunky-dory cowboy streetfair ‘go to sleep so I can cheat on you giiiirl!’ video didn’t win. I’m not even a big fan of Bilisa, but I was dying to hear Simon and Martina talk about that video! Oh well. Here’s hoping (voting?) for Jo Kwon’s hilarious happy dancing king who gets dethroned video…

  80. Thank you for a great review! I really wish U-Kiss did get a break, but they’re going back to Japan, and then coming back to Korea :/. I’m grateful, but I really want the boys to have some rest.

  81. Thanks for yet another unbiased review! I liked the song but the MV wasn’t very good. Nevertheless I loved your review. Personally I thought SNSD’s twinkle twinkle was one of the worst songs in Kpop history – lyrically and musically. So I was really surprised when you guys said you liked the song since I consider you to have pretty good taste in music. But I love how you stay true to your opinions despite having to deal with the rabid Kpop fans that come here ^^

  82. martina, your shirt matches the counter. was that on purpose?

  83. I’m not sure how much research you did before making such comments but AJ composed this song as well as writing the lyrics. Just seemed a little bit harsh at some points. However, I do understand completely where you guys are coming from, so as a Kiss Me, I don’t mind too much :)

    but yes, I do agree with you that U-KISS is being seriously overworked which is greatly impacting their performance standard at the moment. Anyone with half a brain can tell that they aren’t doing very well just in general with health etc etc. Just wish they would actually take a break between promotions. Even after finishing their promotions for Believe they were straight back in the rehearsal room for the upcoming Japan tours.

    Take a break U-KISS ♥ hwaiting!

  84. yay!!!! i had voted for B1A4 ^^ lol yes i think they did it more catchier, funner and cuter ^^ um i vote for U-KISS believe surprisingly … i so did not love either video but which i could handle more? U-KISS i say!!! :D

  85. Martina….your hair looks like River Song’s hair. That is all. :3

  86. I just loved the board game!!!! I really want to play with it..

  87. Martina, your hair is awesome!!!!!!!! (^_^)/

  88. I love the song, but I have to say that I completely agree with you guys on every other point.

    I’m a pretty big fan of U-KISS (if you can’t tell from my username), but I was really disappointed in the video. It was shot 5 days before they released it and I believe they only had the choreography a maximum of 3 days prior to that. The whole Special to Kissme album was really rushed. Thank you for not ripping into it as much as you could have. NH Media is *totally* overworking U-KISS. They are obsessed with their overseas promotions. They even went to Columbia in the middle of the DoraDora promotions. It’s no wonder that the Korean fanbase is withering. *sigh*

    Thanks for liking U-KISS and appreciating Kissmes. I do have one beef with you guys, though. I was hoping to see Mordney! LOL
    As for the showdown, I’m actually quite torn, so I’m going to vote for Paradise because whenever I listen to it, it reminds me of the live performance version. ><

  89. I vote for U-KISS, and I also find it kind of funny how you guys hate 2 of my favorite songs for this year from 2 of my favorite groups :P Different taste? TOTALLY!!! XD

  90. MARTINA i LOVEE ur hair how did you do that?

  91. I don’t think I could ever hate anything U-KISS does, EVAR. I’m majorly biased like that.

    There are some monstrosities that I don’t like to think about ever *cough* Not Young… Niga Jo ha… *cough*, but I still like those songs. Their voices are just too great, in my opinion, to have the beat over power it. I like simple, sensible dances like this one. Not their best, of course, but waaaaaaaayyyyy easier to follow.

    I do agree on the video, though. It was not that great. I used to pride them for using different concepts for their videos, but it is starting to get repetitive. I didn’t notice until you pointed it out though. OTL. I think a video for Te Amo would have been better also. When that song came out I was like, “This will make a great video!” Because I thought that was the one they were going to do…

    I actually thought you guys didn’t like the video for 0330… But now, you loved it??? Make up your mind, jeez!!! (kidding).

    Anyway, on a side note, I love your hair!!!! :DDD Also, I vote U-KISS… Like I said, I am majorly biased that way >.>

  92. Guys, I really think you should make that game XD
    That would be so much fun! So many people would buy it from you <3
    Think about it guys….think about it.

  93. So, seriously. When is that board game coming out? I could seriously imagine my wife, daughter and I playing around the board on a rainy Saturday.

  94. Isaiah Palacios

    I really really agree with Simon and Martina that it does sound like U-Kiss is saying the name Billy.

  95. I just read the beginning and what you guys said was so cute, really, and I am so thankful to you guys <3 but I still felt my heart breaking T^T
    I havent watched the review yet, I might change my oppinion about u guys xDD (dont worry I am not a psycho fan :P)

  96. Captain Spudgy’s Kpop Video Crisis game is epic. My co-worker wanted to know what I was laughing at.

    Hope the game has a Flaxton Street card.

  97. #1 Martina I loveee your hair in this. SOO CUTE
    #2 I really liked this song… til you told me what it meant… now it makes no sense… but that beat… I can’t deny how bad I wanna daaance~
    #3 how much does that board game cost?

  98. I saw super Junior in ur background!!!! Btw, I want that board game. Indeed I found it super creepy how their all lurking around and staring at other members. Plus the place was so dirty!!

    Oh and I actually like the song. I actually really like the 80s sound which u guys hate. That means I love Boyfriend’s love style too, lolz. Anywayz, i found this episode to be really funny.

    My vite goes for Infinite paradise bc I liked it more.

  99. INFINITE´S “Paradise” :)

  100. This is my first U-kiss song, and I actually enjoyed it, as well… :$ Haha! I can understand where most of your opinions on the song are coming from, though. The beat can be quite overwhelming, and I personally don’t even like techno-ish beats such as this one. But I think the melody saved it for me.

  101. about the video: yeah i didnt really like the song or the video (although visually i thought the guys looked good) and the beat was so much like forbidden love and it began to iritate me aswell. u-kiss could do so much better (tik tak, neverland, amazing).

    i do love that AJ is getting more involved in their music, and the lyrics to this song are probably awsome, but i agree with EYK, the beats took over the song (and not in a good way).

    KPOP Video Crisis, i so need that game :)

  102. OMG that board game part was hilarious. you guys are so creative. lol @ the lip gloss card for kevin and the face arousal. I saw simon had Siwon HECK YEA.

  103. U-Kiss is one of the first Kpop groups I listened to that made me want more. I searched for and watched a lot of U-Kiss’s early stuff (variety, etc). I love most of their songs. Actually, they’re one of the few groups where I like most of what they put out. I did not much like this one, though…the beat was just too annoying for me. But I still like U-Kiss and will continue to follow them.

  104. Oh I thought I was the only one who hated this song! I listened to it more than once but I couldn’t bring myself to get into it, Kinda like Big Bang w/ Blue.

  105. tbh, I loved this song a lot!! But the mv and dance weren’t very good, and as a Kiss Me I can sadly agree on why. U-KISS is being way too overworked, I mean weren’t they JUST promoting doradora? The problem is that they don’t get enough appreciation in Korea, so I have a feeling that their company is throwing out song after song trying to get at least one win. U-KISS works sooo hard and they love us Kiss Mes sooo much, but they don’t get the success they deserve. As a international Kiss Me, it saddens me to see their talent go to waste. They have the looks, style, voices, dancing talent, variety skills, and connection to their fans. Yet, they never reach number 1(actually i think they did once but still) and it’s what their 4th or 5th year promoting?? I get the feeling that their management has given up on them, resulting in the stupid music videos and bad plots. This might seem a bit dramatic to anyone who isn’t a Kiss Me, but if you are a Kiss Me, you’ll probably understand what I mean when I say this makes me tear up and cry. They work so hard, and for what??? Just think about it.

    • I have a feeling ur right. i have not missed them bc they keep churning out songs. I like their Japanese songs way better though. It hurts me to say this, but I think for a while they should focus on Japan.

      I think their better suited there.

  106. When I first listened to the song I thought it sounded generally okay. It wasn’t shaping up as my favorite U-Kiss song by far. However, it was the lyrics that completely put me off. I mean, a guy saying he still believes in a girl even if she cheats on him…what is that? Not something I want to listen to, anyway.

    I vote for Infinite this week.

  107. I like both songs but I have to say Paradise has my vote. It’s a hard decision I am both an Inspirit and a KissMe. It’s so hard being a fangirl..

  108. Yay for Billy Corgan appearing in these videos. :D Do you like Smashing Pumpkins’ songs? Anyway, that board game idea was awesome, I could easily imagine me and my friends playing it nonstop. We’re not hardcore kpop fans, but we watch every KMM videos so now we have that specialized knowledge. ;D

  109. thatssumgoodcurry

    Martina, I just have to say, first of all, that I LOVE your hair!!! It’s so adorable-y poodle-ish! XD I also pretty much agree with you guys on this song. I say pretty much because, much like your friend, I too had to kinda…turn off the video like half way through it. It just didn’t stand out or do anything for me, y’know? Maybe I’ve grown too picky over my k-pop but…so, yea, my vote is for Paradise this week because that song is not only a throwback of major proportions, but its also one that I often -embarrassingly- belt out while driving in my car.
    On a different note, you guys don’t like eurodance? Whies? You guys don’t like to German Sparkle Party? No dancy dance with your party pants? (I will feel so fail if you don’t get that reference…)
    And I spy Super Junior teaser photos! Although, I couldn’t see Shindong’s really…at all. Maybe ’cause of the lighting? I really have to wonder what you guys think of all their artsy-fartsy teasers that are coming out. They’ll probably have nothing to do with the actual video, though, considering that its SM.

  110. The MV was really tacky not going to lie!! e_e (hard coare kiss me)

  111. I agree! After i saw you 2 talk to u-kiss in one of the videos i started paying more attentionto them and i was so excited to see a new video of them, but i was also disappointed. As simon said, it’s more so the music than anything else, singing and rapping is great, dance was fine, but the music just ruined it for me. And i did find the bathroom bit so creepy XD anyway, just my oppinion, it didn’t make me like u-kiss less or more, just didn’t like this 1 song.

  112. omg I wish that was real board game. :D

  113. I ch-choose Infinite’s “Paradise” over U-KISS. (And it’s not because I’m biased towards Infinite. I hate “The Chaser.”)

  114. Although I disliked this song, I think that you slaughtered them way too much! I mean in Teen Top’s No More Perfume On You at least gave them three things that you liked. Your review was still top quality though! PS I still don’t forgive you for the Chaser incident rawr!

  115. Yes, I agree with you both Simon and Martina. I love U-Kiss but this is not one of my favorite songs AT ALL! I don’t like the beginning and like Simon I didn’t listen to it all the way the first time I heard it. I didn’t care for the dance to much either which U-Kiss usually does so well on. Poor Kevin, I didn’t know about the secret footage. Yeah, this video doesn’t make any sense. However I LOVE “Dora Dora”. I would like for them to take a break as well like Martina said and come up with 1 or 2 songs that they can really focus and put their all into instead of jumping from here to there all the time. I think the English was also fine in the song. Just really didn’t like the song that much.

  116. That board game. Oh my god.

    I vote for Infinite. But I am horribly biased. No shame!!

  117. :( sad that i didn’t win but oh well… i really like u-kiss’s believe but that might be cause ima kiss me oh well even though you dissed the song i still like your shows :D MAKE MORE

  118. idk this seems to be my least fav MM…. idk usually i am not to sensitive when you say things about a group but today it kind of seemed like a bit of a h8 fest. though i know that is not the case because you love them, but … the only thing i found a bit funny today was the board game… though i do agree with the English rating because of the opening part and i agree with the lurking thing too. and the first time i heard the song i didnt really care for it but it grew on me. and i love the dance <3 but yeah i was expecting more funny and less serious (or whatever)

    • I was expecting a more even sided critique, because there is lots of nice, cool things to observe in the video and music…If you like the group (U-Kiss) as you proclaim, then you wouldn’t do such a totally negative review, yeah, sounds like a bashing to me…

      • ? your talking about them right? yeah i was trying to say a more even review would have been better… They do like the group though i think they even met them and interviewed them and stuff… and yeah i agree with sameisa about the opinion and stuff i am not saying it should change but it just seemed harsher then usual but now that i watched it a second time (a few hours later ) I understand it more now and it dosent seem as harsh as b4 to me

      • I think they were perfectly in their right to make the comments that they did. I’m not saying I agree nor disagree with all of them, but no one loves every single song an artist does. I’m a huge Kissme, and even I have songs that I’ll skip over.
        These music mondays are 100% opinion pieces and that shouldn’t be changed to appease the masses. It is their opinion and only their’s. We all voted for the video to hear what they were going to say, it shouldn’t matter if it was positive or negative.

      • But just because you see something as nice and cool, doesn’t mean everyone see’s it the same way, why should S&M try to appease fans, isn’t it better to geniunely express how they felt about the MV? i mean its always been like that for KMM :)

      • I agree. No matter how you disliked the song since you are conducting a review I was expecting it to show us the positive and negative sides of the song or music video. But I think eatyourkimchi is not giving a review put a personal reaction on music videos and songs.

      • It wasn’t bashing-it was a opinion, which is why we love them and their blog. It wasn’t U-Kiss’s best work and frankly I agree with everything they said…doesn’t mean we love U-Kiss less. And just because you may be a fan of a artist doesn’t mean you love to LOVE something everytime it comes out..if it’s not great, it’s not great. Sometimes certian songs just don’t do it for me, doesn’t mean I’m going to force myself to listen!

  119. I respect you guys’ opinion, and of course I still love you both, however I have to say, watching this video broke my heart. :(

    It’s not because I am a butthurt fan who can never admit that my favorite group is fallible, because I didn’t care for Dora Dora in the least, but I really like this song. It’s upbeat and cheerful, and I listen to it whenever I am down.

    I didn’t think that the song, dance, or the video were mind-blowing like we know from Tick Tack and Neverland how U-Kiss can be. But really liked the song and I found both the video and dance to be okay.

    Not the best, but certainly not the worst. Especially compared to other Kpop stars and their videos and dances.

    And I mean no disrespect at all to you, Simon and Martina. Personally, I think that we KissMes are above that. :) We’re taking it pretty well, too! It’s just that I think it wasn’t their best, but not as horrible as you (harshly) put it. xD

  120. I like your t-shirt, Simon.

  121. I’m a diehard kissme, but I have to agree with most of your assessment. And I don’t think it’s written anywhere in the kissme rules that you must love every single song they do.

  122. Really? I Loved this song!! Haha. I also loved Infinite’s song so I guess that means I like really strong 80′s beats. I loved the game though, it was very creative.

  123. Amyaco

    martina, you’re makeup looks even more amazingly beautiful than normal! :D

  124. yes, I feel U-kiss needs a vacation, too. seriously, these guys are working way too much. and somehow the quality of their releases seems to decrease and that makes me sad .__.
    I was also a bit disappointed by this song. it’s not that I totally hated it, but somehow…it just didn’t do it for me. and the nineties club beat, eew >__< but I loved te amo! they should have promoted te amo, it is so much more creative than believe!
    but the pronounciation of believe in the chorus was fine to me.
    (omg, the taeyang card – I can't even…. XD)

  125. that game actually looks really damn good.

  126. as a kissme who spent the last 2 weeks voting nonstop for this I must admit it did hurt a little that you didn’t like it, but it’s okay I guess since I’ve also hated songs that you guys love, it’s just a difference in taste :)…. I agree with the video being plotless and unoriginal, tbh when it was released I was underwhelmed but then I grew to like it, mostly because I really like the song, it’s catchy and really fun to dance to :)… I guess this is what happens when kpop groups don’t take a well deserved rest and start rushing things (Bigbang’s monster suffered from this as well in my opinion)… Just hope they rest a little before their next comeback, so it’s totally epic :)

    Thanks guys for stating your opinion even if a lot of fans won’t deal well with it :). Even if I loooooooove UKISS I was still able to laugh watching this and that’s what KMM are there for, right?

    Regarding the showdown, even if I love both songs, my favorite is Believe

  127. I’m glad that you guys, though a large portion of your fans are Kissmes, (And the fact that even some members of the actual group you’re reviewing watch your videos!) don’t give into pressure to please them and are honest in your reviews. I really respect it! Please continue doing that. I look forward to your videos in the future!

    …Also, I’m having trouble finding Paparazzi by SNSD so I can vote on it. Where can I find it? I already used the search function but came up with nothing.

    • That’s a Japanese song, right? Simon and Martina said they wouldn’t do any more Japanese songs after Tick Tack by U-Kiss. So it won’t be on the charts, that’s why you can’t find it.

  128. When are you going to release the game! :P

  129. Martina, I loved your hairdo in this video – any chance to get a tutorial?=)

  130. I agree with you two wholeheartedly. This vid leaves a lot to be desired, although I feel like ukiss and a lot of other groups are feeling the pressure to please their fans, so they always go back to what worked before. I call this the Nickleback syndrome, and ukiss has got it bad.. They just need to try something new and different. That’s all.

    Oh and martina, I am loving your sanjaya hair. JS.

  131. A+!!! Please don’t harass the winners! I understand that one is mostly an FTIsland fan and the other is mostly an Exo/U-kiss fan but we all entered the contest and did our best! EatYourKimchi was able to get the autographed CD’s from MBLAQ, and they were kind enough to hold this contest for us. Everyone knows that the A+ fandom is very considerate and well-mannered so don’t disappoint our MBLAQ boys with this kind of behavior. Let’s all congratulate the winners kindly and thank EatYourKimchi for this opportunity!

  132. the commercial looked real and if it was real,I would be ordering it XD

  133. I am a KISSME. I did not like this song. Although I kinda give them the benefit of the doubt for the whole opening in English (since we can just assume it’s like any other song that includes pointless speaking filler parts in the intro…) the lyrics and the club beat, and the techno techno bumpity bump music, and the sad faces, it came together and then exploded into a big mess! UKiss then flushed it down the toilet….. no seriously, and then they danced around in it with jerky motions. I did however love tick tack but after that, things just lost impressive or “new” vibes.

  134. eehhh I think the choreography was meant to be for a girl group…
    seriously.. some moves are just too O_o? .. you know what I mean right?

  135. irritablevowel

    Good for you. Even though you know the fans are going to have a gigantic fit (GIRD YOUR LOINS!) you stick to your guns. You guys are trying to do something very tricky professionally. Maintain an almost personal connection to your viewers, while still retaining professional objectivity. That’s challenging and I admire the effort you put in. It does require that you put a lot of faith in the maturity of the viewers, that even if they disagree with you, they can disagree respectfully. That faith is frequently not rewarded, but you guys don’t let it discourage you from doing this the way you want to do it.

    Also, that board game skit was excellent.

  136. eehhh I think the choreography was meant to be for a girl band… seriously.. some moves are just too O_o? .. you know what I mean right?

  137. Well, that’s what they get for not using trigonometry, I guess.. :P Personally, I really liked this song. It was both fun and catchy! Still, even tho I never dislike it when bands gives out new singles, I feel like U-KISS have overworked themselves.. Their one of my favorite groups and I’d hate to see them tired. It’s better for them to slow down a bit, I think. Then later, like in a year or so, they’ll make one really epic comeback that will blow our minds :P With super hard dance moves, perfect English, catchy tunes and a great music video where it’s room for everyone.. Like people of the opposite sex :D

  138. Oh nooooo. It really must be a difference in taste, because I really really love this song! Like, I love it! I loved it from the first time I heard it, and I simply cannot understand why it’s getting so little attention. ;_; And I’m not even a KissMe. In fact, the only song by U-Kiss I like MORE than this one is 0330 (which you guys also didn’t like, lol). That was one of my top favorite songs of the YEAR.

    I actually really liked almost everything about this song and video. I loved the singing. I loved the rapping. I loved the tunnel. I loved their clothes. So….. basically, I just loved it. xD I didn’t quite get Dora Dora. It was okay, but meh to me. Didn’t stand out, I thought. I found it so monotone (which is a weird complaint, because I like SME’s monotone songs sometimes- Lucifer, Mirotic, Machine by Exo). And Neverland was good, but even felt a little disconnected to me. But Believe and 0330…. by far my favorites. <3

    And for your last question, I pick Paradise. I really think it must be a difference in taste, you hated Paradise too but I looooooooove it. Also one of my favorite songs of that year, and hands down my favorite Infinite song ever. I'm starting to think maybe it's an age difference thing? I mean, I was born in 90, so all of the terrible 80s and early 90s music you guys were exposed to… well, I never went through that. So I don't get images like you do of lame clubs and stuff, I just think of it at sounding cool and I only get the images of the kpop mvs with it, which I like. xD

    • I loved Believe too! I even thought this was one of the best U-KISS songs… next to 0330 and some songs from the Bran New Kiss album and the Neverland album that don’t have an MV. And I thought the set was not that usual for a K-pop video, lol. I even liked the dance. Am I weird or what? The only thing I didn’t like was the lipgloss.
      And when Doradora came out, I thought: Oh, the video looks really cool, the song’s okay, but they had better songs. Glad to see someone who thinks the same…
      PS: I like Paradise too! :D

    • SNAP! I agree.
      First time I heard this song I fell in love with U-Kiss just a little bit more. I also like Paradise by INFINITE.

    • Same here!! ^^ It really must be because we’re both 90s babies…X) I TOTALLY LOVE EURODANCE SONGS!! .>).


      • Oh, I totally love the song Butterfly! The one by Aqua, right? “I~~~I’m your little butterfly! Green, black, and blue make the colors in the sky~”

        I think I like Eurodance songs, but I’m not 100% sure about that genre, so… I really like Cascada, songs like Bad Boy and Miracle… I think Cascada is Eurodance, right? So then in that case, me too! I loooooove it!

        Infinite has AMAZING songs. <33333

        • Cascada is Euro dance. So’s Alice Deejay’s Better Off Alone and Be My Lover and Sweet Dreams by La Bouche.

        • Thanks! I’ll check those out! ^_^

        • YEEEEEEEEEES! THAT SONG!! <3 Aqua…ahh, better take not of that. =P

          Is this supposed to be a coincidence?! I LOVE CASCADA TOO!! 'Miracle'…OMFG. That's probably one of my favourite English songs EVER (and her other song 'Everytime We Touch').

  139. Wow, Kevin and I are watching this as we speak and we are incredibly hurt. We worked really hard, you know! (even though I got one line) Not to mention the fact that it was released not too long after doradora! :c You should see Kevin right now; he’s sobbing in my arms x_x But on the flip side, thank you for letting me get closer to him ;) And please anticipate our next single coming out by the end of next month! ^_^

  140. Definitely voting for INFINITE!!!

    And yeah, I *did* wonder what Eli was doing in the bathroom. I though the song wasn’t bad so much as really forgettable – same with the video. I got the impression that it was a bit thrown together, just to appease the fans, and not meant to really appeal to anyone else.

    Oh, and HILARIOUS as usual guys! XD

  141. this was a difficult song for me to get through too, and i usually try to keep myself updated on u-kiss’ stuff. every artist has their hits and misses, doesnt make me think any less of them.

  142. Awww.. I’m so sad I didn’t win the MBLAQ signed CD. T__T I’m such a huge A+. ;___; Maybe next time… Pleace do another giveaway. ^_^ And I’m a KissMe but I’m not offended by your comments on the song. Everyone has their own opinion and sometimes even I as a KissMe do not like some of their songs compared to other ones. And that’s ok. Doesn’t mean I hate them right?

  143. I quite like ths song, I think U-KISS are great at eurodance anthems, It would be nice however to have another video like 0330, I think Te amo would have been a great music video drama like 0330.
    My vote is going to be U-KISS <3

  144. Why do you have Super Junior teaser images on your laptop for a U-Kiss review? It doesn’t make any sense to me.

    • They always display teasers for something exciting that’s coming out soon, or show a message of support sometimes (like they showed Block B when they were going through their controversy). Or sometimes they show a fanart or a funny image.

      • I realize that something is always displayed, but it seems to me that it usually is related to the review. For example, the Mr. Simple teaser photos were shown in the Mr. Simple review. They can do whatever they want, I was just confused, and a little disappointed. I can’t stand seeing the new teasers even as an ELF.

  145. COME ON INSPIRITS :D Even though they didn’t review The Chaser, we can still prove our love for INFINITE here :DDD My vote goes to Paradise~ The chorus is just so catchy even though I can’t speak or understand Korean. I go nananunununu paradise~ nanununununuparadise oh oh oh oh oh! XD

  146. Oh nose, prepare for the fangirl hate onslaught

  147. SaschaWong19

    I couldn’t get through this song either (-_-), but I still love U-KISS! Loved your review. You were honest and gave legitimate reasons! That board game skit was awesome, by the way! My vote’s for Infinite’s “Paradise,” because I have a weakness for 80′s inspired songs O_o

  148. This your opinion, everyone have different taste in music, for me I liked it like A LOT, yeah I’m not a U-KISS fan but this is the first song of them that I fell in love with…

  149. bigbangfosho

    wow. even though I totally loved this song and video, I can totally see where you guys are coming from. From your review, I noticed Dongho’s awkward necklace. You guys always point these unnoticed things, and I really respect you guys for that. I don’t understand why people will be and are being so butthurt. It’s your opinion, and most of the things you brought up were true.

  150. the video is pretty horrendous, and the dance was lackluster and made me laugh~~~but!! i loved the song! i feel like it’s for the same reason you didn’t~~it made me nostalgic and reminded me of school days… being in Philly area, tho, not Canada, i think i was a little more removed from discotheque sounds floating over from Europe…

  151. I have to say, I AM disappointed in this Music Monday, not because you didn’t like the music video, but because nothing happened in it, it was just really hard to poke fun at them. Not your fault, but definitely why I didn’t vote for them.

  152. It’s almost entertaining how diametrically opposite our tastes are sometimes. Like you were all over Sistar’s Alone while that song lulls me to sleep and while you liked Visual Dreams I felt like my sense of music was personally insulted when I heard it, honestly a bottom 10 song of all time, all genres included (and I’m primarily an SNSD fan too).

    On the flip side I love Geoura Geoura while you more or less called it the song that cemented the fact that 4minute was in a slump… So when you said this was terrible it convinced me to actually give it a go and sure enough, I found it surprisingly good! Sure, a bit cheesy and overblown, but in a fun retro way, tickles my nostalgia sense a bit.

    So yeah, might not be able to use you for recommendations so much… But
    you’re still hilarious which after all is the most important thing
    here… :)

    • We’re like your magic eight ball for music! When we’re like, “THIS SONG SUCKS” you can be like, “OOHHH YAY! A new song for me!” Heheheh :D

      Oh wait, we should try it now. Ummm…do you like 2ne1′s “Ugly”? It’s one of my LEAST favourite songs by them EVAR and I’m always in the minority since most people like it. What do you think? -M

      • Ok, let’s try this… But actually I haven’t heard it so I gotta go listen to it now because 2NE1 happen to be the one girl group that I know the least about compared to how well known they are… And the reason for that is… Of the things I have heard, they’ve never done anything that I really find interesting… Like “I Am The Best” is all like “look how weird and edgy we are! aren’t we weird and edgy? come on! awesome! and the song has no real melody! totally rad!”… So yeah, you liking 2NE1 and me not caring overly much seems to fit the theory.

        Ok, review time! Ugly… It’s alright… Might even be the favorite 2NE1 song I remember having heard (not a huge endorsement though)… Like the verse just fine but the disted guitars in the chorus are a bit jarring… Ehm… It’s ok, might grow on me eventually, listened to it twice and liked it better the second time cause, I mean, the melody is good enough… It’s just those guitars… Higa biga…

        But I mean, it’s not a perfect theory, I like Electric Shock too… :)

        Might take this opportunity to test you out too… Nana’s solo song Eyeline on After School’s recently released mini album is my fave k-pop song of the year thus far… There’s no vid obviously so wont interfere with K-pop Monday, but what do you think of it?

  153. I liked the dance ._. and i love the song…. lol it seems we arent very compatible huh? The english in my opinion, sounded fine. “I do believe you, you” it makes sense :/

  154. I thought they were saying peeling at first… =D

  155. And now I want to make a seaweed pack necklace. Good thing we just bought a bunch recently~! :D

    I guess I didn’t like this song as much either because I didn’t go back to listen or watch the video after it was released – compared to how many times I listen to DoraDora. And you guys are right, they could really use some more time to develop more awesome songs and videos. We all know they’re fantastic, and they’re not getting the chance to really show it with so much on their plate.

  156. I have to agree with almost everything you said about the video, it’s not the best, I was actually hoping f(x) would pip them to the post so it could pass by relatively un-noticed :P

    I do have to disagree with 2 things though:

    1. The euro-dance thing, I’m from England (so almost Europe) and this actually reminds me of home so I like it
    2. The pronunciation of ‘believe’, to me it is the normal korean mispronunciation of the ‘v’ i.e. changing to to ‘b’ so it became ‘beliebe’ (you can actually see the lead singer form that letter when he’s singing too, which I get because he’s supposed to be the Japanese speaker right?)

    All in all, I love U-KISS but it’s kind of a ‘meh’ song and a boring video (I didn’t even get to see the punching version, boo!)

  157. I don’t really like this song….too kitch? T^T

  158. oh btw
    love your curly unicorn hair Marts’

  159. O.O I need that board game!

  160. i’m glad you guys can dislike songs :) I do it all the time but never let anyone know lest I get slaughtered by a bajillion fangurlz lol

  161. :) it’s ok. we love you.

  162. :/ You really couldn’t find one nice thing to say, guys?

  163. Yes, the lurking is strange and I feel like these directors are just trying to make U-kiss look pretty. I wouldn’t be surprised if that game board went into production and became a big hit (I’d love one! ho ho).

  164. thanks for the review! i didnt favorite this song as well and some of the moves look recycled – but funny review as always!

  165. I’ve thinking some thing..I’m a Kissme too but about the video..that’d too simple..if they were make the video more detils and difficulty like neverland, perhaps it will make them better..KISSme they believe to us,, and we must do something..?!

  166. that song sucks but i still love ukiss!!!

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