Oh boy. Here it is: U-Kiss “Believe.” It was voted in, with a LOOOT of votes, and though f(x)’s “Electric Shock” was creeping close for a while, Believe still won out. Here it is, if you haven’t seen it already:


Ah! We can’t begin to tell you how much it hurt us to do this review. We were in a really difficult position: see, we really like U-Kiss, and we really like Kissme’s as well. They’re an awesome fan group, and constantly vote U-Kiss up to the top of our KpopCharts with every video that comes out. Kissme’s are a big part of our site, so what do we do if a U-Kiss song is voted in that we personally don’t like? You can’t honestly love every song a band makes, right? Our favourite bands have some amazing songs, and they also have some terrible songs. We ripped into Big Bang’s Monster a short while ago, remember? We have to be honest above all, so – with great pains – we ripped into this song and video from start to finish.

There wasn’t a single thing we liked about it:

1) This was the worst U-Kiss beat we ever heard: Maybe it’s because songs like this have a different connotation from us, coming from Ontario and knowing lots of people growing up into Eurodance anthems. FFFUUUU. We hate Eurodance anthems, and this totally reeks of it.

2) This video was really unoriginal: U-Kiss looking emotionally drained in dilapidated quarters. Whoop dee doo. Aren’t they always looking upset in weird homes? I’d take anything now above their mopiness. Hell: I’d even take a cutey boy concept, if I must, so long as I see U-Kiss in a different light.

3) The dance was just…blahzay: U-Kiss usually have some awesome dances. We really loved Neverland and Tick Tack. They looked really crisp and professional. This, though…just seemed too simple. Pointing to yourself for “I,” forming your hands in prayer for “Believe” and pointing to you for “in you” seems like a kids’ dance.

4) The English was weird: I don’t understand what they were trying to say. The beginning was meant to be a hyping of the song, and was supposed to sound cool, but oh boy did it ever sound awkward and come off as weird. Maybe because we’re not as cool as idols we don’t get it. Maybe only kpop idols can say stuff like that? I don’t know. Kpop idols can dress funny; why not let them speak funny as well? Sha ba ba doo ba ba doo.

And we didn’t even talk about the bad pastel pants and the random floating glitter.

We even asked for outside opinions. We have a friend here in Bucheon with us. He’s an English teacher, and he’s not into Kpop at all, but he can comment on a song and video and tell us what he thinks are its pros and cons. Usually we can spark an interesting conversation with him about it, as he’s coming from an unbiased perspective, but helllllll: he couldn’t even finish this video. Cringed and turned it off. FFFFFFUUUUUUU!

Well, this is meant to be a special song and video for Kissme’s, so maybe Kissme’s can like it because of that fact, kind of like when your six year old kid draws you a picture that’s really monkey balls awful, but you love it because it was made for you. You know what I’m saying? We personally would have preferred it if they made a video for Te Amo instead. We like that song a lot more than this one. This…this was just not our style.

Anyhow, enough of that. Really sorry to everyone if we sounded too harsh. We still like U-Kiss. Them having one bad song doesn’t mean we stop liking them, just like we hope that if we have one bad video that doesn’t stop you from liking us as well. We just kinda wish that this song and video never existed. We’ll forget that it happened, like the Super Mario Bros movie.

If you – on the other hand – happened to like this song, you can pick it up on YesAsia. On a happier note, we’re announcing the winners of the Signed MBLAQ cds now! Yay! Here they are!

YouTube: Gabbz613
I still remember the first day I found out about kpop and I was just looking up SHINee videos since they were my first group but then I came across this group called MBLAQ so I watched “Why” and I fell in love at that moment. They are such a good group and I fell in love with their style. I then started to watch shows with MBLAQ, now i’m so in love with them, they’re all so different and yet they come together so well, I will always support them.

Facebook: Maha Mohamed
I have not slept well for the last two days due to this contest! Thousands and thousands are entering *Sweaty palms* So to answer the question. A person doesn’t fall in love when they want to. It kind of just happens :) MBLAQ is my favorite group, why? They have such amazing personalities and a great sense of humor, and although they all have flaws, I respect them for continuing to work hard to create beautiful music. Their looks are just a bonus.

Twitter: Bliinx

And, on a kinda happy note, here are this week’s Bloopers. Martina got the giggles when she heard the reading of the English at the opening. Could be the jet lag affecting her:


  1. LOVE Martinas hair, game board clip mad creative

  2. Actually I didn’t like the song for the same reasons as you, I liked Electric shock better (and for the love o K-pop you should totally review The Chaser and Baby Goodnight!) but as a loyal eat you kimchi follower an kiss me i voted on both songs everytime. Having a U-Kiss review from time to time is already a tradition here I would say and It’s interesting to ear your opinion about the stuff that’s not so interesting (also, if the member actually happen to see this video, I hope they take your advice into consideration and keep away from this kind of stuff and go back to doing good stuff)

  3. i’m only fan of the song not the mv

  4. Martina! I absolutely LOVE your outfit and hair in this video! It’s amazing! And…where can I get that Captain Spudgy game? :3

  5. I’m with the irritablevowel. That board game was laugh out loud funny. But good job walking the thin line of being critical but respectful to the band and fans.

  6. As I’m reading through the comments, I realize KISS ME’s are a really mature fan base.. And I can understand why Simon and Martina are really hesitant on ripping off the song. They did it gently though, and it’s because Kiss Me’s are dear to them and, as irritablevowel said, they had faith in Kiss Me’s that even if they disagree, they disagree respectfully.. If it were for a different artist’s MV Simon and Martina would’ve prop up their “I’ll get you trolls!” sequence. But they didn’t, because they know Kiss Me’s won’t bash them.

    As for the song, yeah didn’t like it either, I’d prefer Dora Dora over this. First two seconds on the song and I’d cover my ears. I’m trying to think that the intro rings a bell and someone here mentioned Butterfly from Dance Dance Revolution, hahaha.. BINGO! Initially I thought of 90’s Jpop, but yeah, Butterfly rings a louder bell for this one.. However I still convinced myself to watch the video with the volume lowered down in hopes of getting some glimpse of Kevin.. XD

    It is a matter of preference. There are people who likes these kind of music, and there are ones who hate it. I’m one of the latter though.. hehe

  7. totally voting for infinite :3

  8. Although I don’t exactly agree with your review I really really appreciate everything you’ve done to expose people around the world to KPOP and Korea. Your reviews always make me look closer at videos. Like in 0330 I didn’t even know what was goin on I just thought dongho was seriously in love and his friends are just… Creepy. So, even though I was mad at this review when I first saw it I think it’s kinda true. 사랑해!!

  9. Believe, in my opinion, is one of the best songs ever made in k-pop. My vote will obviously go to U-kiss.

  10. I vote for U-Kiss’s Believe. Yes, it does sound like ’90s Euro dance. But that works out great for me, because I like ’90s Euro dance. (One of my favorites? Mr. Vain by Culture Beat.)

  11. oh! And P.S- I am proud of your opinion you guiseee <3 There is nothing wrong with it at all :) even if some people disagree!

  12. they were promoting around the world with the same songs though and just came back earlier this year, while U-KISS kept releasing new songs AND going around the world. UKISS is also capable of dancing well, thats actually one of their strengths, but the fact that they release new songs so quickly is actually bringing them down. I blame their management for that one :(

  13. I would totally play that board game. You guys should patent it.

  14. Lately I’ve been trying out some of U-Kiss’s music even though their sound isn’t my favorite. The release of this song made it THAT much harder to even want to listen to their music. COME AT ME KISS ME’S.

  15. Seriously, it wasn’t even that bad..

  16. Wow, you’re right. The beat really is 90s techno…

    I really want that game x)

    Voting for Infinite!

  17. omg, you guys… that board game was pure genius… GENIUS…

  18. I almost forgot, I saw Super Junior’s photos teaser there!
    6jib is coming!

  19. Lol Martina im pretty sure i didnt hear a word you guys said, i was way too busy looking at your AMAZING HAIR O_O Its…its…just.. AMAZING!

  20. You guys really need to release a version of the “Captain Spudgy’s MV Board Game!”

  21. Respeito a opinião de vocês, mas……. eu sinceramente discordo em partes [mesmo odiando essas críticas lixosas], concordo que Believe não foi a melhor deles e podia ‘ser melhor’, mas falar que o MV não foi original ou que não entendeu o inglês deles foi meio que desnecessário c_c Eles não são obrigados a falar uma língua que não nasceram sabendo, mesmo sabendo que sempre tem um sotaque quando se aprende uma língua nova. Ainda sim, não consigo não gostar de nenhuma música que eles fazem porque sei que fazem para as KISS MEs, e isso basta para deixá-los perfeitos. ;-; <3

    Infinite vs U-KISS? U-KISS <3

  22. Siwon’s Card is the Best!! No matter what Simon and Martina said about the MV, I’m gonna love it regardless! I didn’t agree with them in some parts but I gotta respect what they say since it’s their opinion after all. As much as I love Ukiss, I’m gonna vote for Infinite’s Paradise because I love that song! I have it on a loop di loop! That and Before The Dawn :) I’m a Fan of Infinite as well. :) That jam makes me want to do that hip thrusting bad like jumping out of my seat and dance! If Kevin or AJ read this; I love You Guise!

  23. I do reviews myself and I share the same hurt and burden in creating constructive criticism on a biased act. I was unable to create a review on “Believe” and kept the comments to myself. But being a huge fan of yours, I would like to share mine.

    I am a HUGE fan of UKISS (a certified Filipina KISSME) and I was nodding the whole time reading and watching your review. Although it is dedicated to the fans and is even penned by AJ himself, I wasn’t crazy about it. The thought of a special album was sweet, but the song? Really? I thought, “AJ can do better than that.” The lyrics was pretty awesome though. The composition is just flat.

    As for the styling (which I comment a lot on my reviews), I couldn’t stop banging my head on the wall (of course I mean that figuratively). The wardrobe sets for DORADORA was so damn beautiful. I guess the styling was pretty much as flat as the song itself. And the lip gloss on Kevin and Kiseop’s? Really frosted. Not my style.

    I pretty much could go on and on about the video, but I just had to stop myself. I love love LOVE UKISS, just like Simon said, I miss the UKISS in 0330. They are more than capable of lurking behind and dancing wherever – they ARE artists.

    Hopefully, there next material would earn a more positive review. :)


  24. aaaahhhhh is that a SHINee Etude House tin????
    i think it is!!!!!!!

  25. The comments this time was wayyyy too harsh TT.TT You didn’t have to go on to talk about your english friend who turned it off right away, U-kiss can read english you know?
    But yes, it was obviously quite rushed because they filmed it only 3-4 days before the release, but I think this song was better than Dora Dora :)
    And I vote for U-Kiss ^^
    (You should have talked about their green pants!! XD)

  26. woot! i see Yesung & Shindong 6jib teaser in the laptop! even though this KMM is kinda rough, but i can still LOL-ed.. :D

  27. Ah, I’ll have to pick Paradise by Infinite just because that’s my favorite Infinite song and I’m a major Inspirit. I really love UKISS and this is an awesome song, but I seriously need to stick with my Top Group!! So, Infinite, HWAITING!!

  28. Martina! You look very pretty in this video!

  29. Hmmm, this ones a toughie. I’ve been really liking Infinite a lot lately, like a LOT a lot but Believe in my eyes was a really good song. But, I think I’ll have to side with Infinite’s Paradise for your question, even though I wasn’t exposed to the 80s side of music as I was born in the mid 90s, that guitar part of me makes me love the song a whole lot more.

    Oh and the board game skit, CAN I BUY ONE????? PRETTY PLEASE!!!! haha :D

  30. Wow I’ve read through a lot of the comments and I’m so proud of the KissMe’s for overall handling this review maturely ;; Seriously you guys are a great fandom for supporting U-Kiss and still being reasonable <3

  31. Even though it’s not funny as I expected it to be, I really damn appreciate what you did. If U-Kiss, specially Kevin watched this, I hope to see an awesome MV this September of them. Since you gave all your opinions about U-Kiss, some which I really can’t say because of hurtful words, but you did. So I kinda thank you for that~ ^^ ♥

  32. Count me for another of the people who like the song. o.o The lyrics are deep in meaning, and I have nothing against the 90’s beat. But the video definitely could have been much better…I can’t watch the mv with a straight face anymore after your review. Especially the part of Eli and Dongho aloneee in the washroom togetheerrr *cracks up*

  33. taeyang card is the best. =D

  34. Wow so much to say I feel like I should do a response video LOL. Gonna number things instead.

    1.) I vote for Believe. I didn’t like Paradise.

    2.) I liked it, I don’t think it’s their best but it’s nice.

    3.) I really don’t get what is the dislike with pastel pants? I feel you should always expect weird ass fashion in k-pop, it’s just a thing. Like adding rap sequences.

    4.) I read the English translation of the song and the start kind of makes sense; what they are talking about in their song, that is their belief. But I feel the way they said it didn’t match the rest of the song, it’s like trying to hype up a sad song, doesn’t really feel right. So I still don’t like that bit at the start. Also, I hear it as Believe not Billy LOL.

    5.) The music video, agreeing entirely here (though I still liked it): it was a little boring and they’re definitely getting repeptitive. It was creepy (great skit btw so funny), and though I liked the dance they have done better and I feel this was rushed and they should take a well-deserved break and try and produce something great again like 0330. Another 0330 would be lovely.

    6.) You should make that boardgame … I’d srsly buy it. xD SIMON & MARTINA TAKE MY MONEEEYYYYYY~

    7.) Martina, I really like your hair in this video. ;u;

    And lastly, 8.) I see SuJu in the background!!!! :D Can’t wait for the MV … hoping it’s not in a box, though since it’s SuJu I’ll still like it, even if it is.

  35. I wish they did a powerful dance Neverland. I think these past videos they did some similar feet moves like Tick Tack, Forbidden Love, Doradora and Believe and also is it just me or they sound a tiny bit similar but not the same (if you get what I mean).
    Anyways I love U-Kiss and hope they at least win something :D

  36. Oh my you guys, not saying Dongho’s name right? Unacceptable! xD
    I think one of my pet peeves is when people say people’s name’s wrong…
    Even though I personally say Yongguk’s last name as Bang (Like a gun shot. Bang bang!)
    You guys can do it.D-oh-ng ho! Hehe c:

  37. As much as I love this song I totally see where they are coming from. I don’t really mind the heavy house-music beat but I do think the song would have been better slow and soulful. The english parts were a bit awkward to listen to and I don’t know if it was just me but the “I want to lubba you” part that Eli sings was really strange to me. I didn’t know if he was pronouncing “I want to love you” really badly or if he was saying something in Korean that just sounded like that. Also I absolutely hate this video. I love the dance, all parts of it, but I think the video was entirely too bland and strange and it felt really rushed. I think this song deserved a video where a couple was in love and then they get into a big fight and during the choruses they should be throwing things or something and then in the end they finally believe each other and everything is all happily ever after. (That may be totally off base from what the words mean but thats what I saw in my head when I heard the song first) The entire song felt rushed to me. I still like it though. I think that U-KISS has been working entirely too hard lately. They do seem really overworked. I fully agree with S & M. I mean they have released two mini albums in the past few months, they have been promoting like crazy in both Korea and Japan and on top of that, Hoon and Dongho recently did a TV Drama/Movie. So I really feel that U-KISS deserves a break and some time to really work on their songs as well as their music videos so that they are the best they can be.

  38. I love Ukiss Believe!
    esp the part where Dongho and Eli were sort of like rapping i guess!
    anyway! Yup! definitely a Special song To Kiss Me!

    not to mention Kiseop got a solo shoot for his part! that my friend is a special moment!!!

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