Oh boy. Here it is: U-Kiss “Believe.” It was voted in, with a LOOOT of votes, and though f(x)’s “Electric Shock” was creeping close for a while, Believe still won out. Here it is, if you haven’t seen it already:


Ah! We can’t begin to tell you how much it hurt us to do this review. We were in a really difficult position: see, we really like U-Kiss, and we really like Kissme’s as well. They’re an awesome fan group, and constantly vote U-Kiss up to the top of our KpopCharts with every video that comes out. Kissme’s are a big part of our site, so what do we do if a U-Kiss song is voted in that we personally don’t like? You can’t honestly love every song a band makes, right? Our favourite bands have some amazing songs, and they also have some terrible songs. We ripped into Big Bang’s Monster a short while ago, remember? We have to be honest above all, so – with great pains – we ripped into this song and video from start to finish.

There wasn’t a single thing we liked about it:

1) This was the worst U-Kiss beat we ever heard: Maybe it’s because songs like this have a different connotation from us, coming from Ontario and knowing lots of people growing up into Eurodance anthems. FFFUUUU. We hate Eurodance anthems, and this totally reeks of it.

2) This video was really unoriginal: U-Kiss looking emotionally drained in dilapidated quarters. Whoop dee doo. Aren’t they always looking upset in weird homes? I’d take anything now above their mopiness. Hell: I’d even take a cutey boy concept, if I must, so long as I see U-Kiss in a different light.

3) The dance was just…blahzay: U-Kiss usually have some awesome dances. We really loved Neverland and Tick Tack. They looked really crisp and professional. This, though…just seemed too simple. Pointing to yourself for “I,” forming your hands in prayer for “Believe” and pointing to you for “in you” seems like a kids’ dance.

4) The English was weird: I don’t understand what they were trying to say. The beginning was meant to be a hyping of the song, and was supposed to sound cool, but oh boy did it ever sound awkward and come off as weird. Maybe because we’re not as cool as idols we don’t get it. Maybe only kpop idols can say stuff like that? I don’t know. Kpop idols can dress funny; why not let them speak funny as well? Sha ba ba doo ba ba doo.

And we didn’t even talk about the bad pastel pants and the random floating glitter.

We even asked for outside opinions. We have a friend here in Bucheon with us. He’s an English teacher, and he’s not into Kpop at all, but he can comment on a song and video and tell us what he thinks are its pros and cons. Usually we can spark an interesting conversation with him about it, as he’s coming from an unbiased perspective, but helllllll: he couldn’t even finish this video. Cringed and turned it off. FFFFFFUUUUUUU!

Well, this is meant to be a special song and video for Kissme’s, so maybe Kissme’s can like it because of that fact, kind of like when your six year old kid draws you a picture that’s really monkey balls awful, but you love it because it was made for you. You know what I’m saying? We personally would have preferred it if they made a video for Te Amo instead. We like that song a lot more than this one. This…this was just not our style.

Anyhow, enough of that. Really sorry to everyone if we sounded too harsh. We still like U-Kiss. Them having one bad song doesn’t mean we stop liking them, just like we hope that if we have one bad video that doesn’t stop you from liking us as well. We just kinda wish that this song and video never existed. We’ll forget that it happened, like the Super Mario Bros movie.

If you – on the other hand – happened to like this song, you can pick it up on YesAsia. On a happier note, we’re announcing the winners of the Signed MBLAQ cds now! Yay! Here they are!

YouTube: Gabbz613
I still remember the first day I found out about kpop and I was just looking up SHINee videos since they were my first group but then I came across this group called MBLAQ so I watched “Why” and I fell in love at that moment. They are such a good group and I fell in love with their style. I then started to watch shows with MBLAQ, now i’m so in love with them, they’re all so different and yet they come together so well, I will always support them.

Facebook: Maha Mohamed
I have not slept well for the last two days due to this contest! Thousands and thousands are entering *Sweaty palms* So to answer the question. A person doesn’t fall in love when they want to. It kind of just happens :) MBLAQ is my favorite group, why? They have such amazing personalities and a great sense of humor, and although they all have flaws, I respect them for continuing to work hard to create beautiful music. Their looks are just a bonus.

Twitter: Bliinx

And, on a kinda happy note, here are this week’s Bloopers. Martina got the giggles when she heard the reading of the English at the opening. Could be the jet lag affecting her:


  1. LOVE Martinas hair, game board clip mad creative

  2. Martina! I absolutely LOVE your outfit and hair in this video! It’s amazing! And…where can I get that Captain Spudgy game? :3

  3. Wow, you’re right. The beat really is 90s techno…

    I really want that game x)

    Voting for Infinite!

  4. omg, you guys… that board game was pure genius… GENIUS…

  5. aaaahhhhh is that a SHINee Etude House tin????
    i think it is!!!!!!!

  6. It’s gorgeous! I love their voices and can appreciate it more :) I had no problems with the music (yes, me loves a good eurobeat, lol), but this is lovely too :)

  7. I wish they did a powerful dance Neverland. I think these past videos they did some similar feet moves like Tick Tack, Forbidden Love, Doradora and Believe and also is it just me or they sound a tiny bit similar but not the same (if you get what I mean).
    Anyways I love U-Kiss and hope they at least win something :D


  9. YAY! I’m very glad you guys stated something I have been feeling for a while now. U-KISS is WAY over worked and I feel their company is just rushing the production of everything without the consideration of 1) over all quality 2) originality 3) creativity & 4) most of all U-KISS’s well being. They seem to treated like robots and cash cows. When DoraDora came out they hadn’t even picked a song weeks before the release, so that means no dance was ready or video concept. I love U-KISS and support them because I know their talent is greater than what NH Media allows them to show.

    I personally like Believe but I realize it isn’t for the song itself and definitely not the video. It is because of their live performances of the song. They haven’t looked so happy performing a song on stage in awhile now. And surely looked happier performing Believe than DoraDora. Their happiness performing Believe made me like the song.

    And thanks Simon, now all I hear is BILLY BILLY and picture Bill Corgan!

  10. Hahahaha loved the Director’s Perspective vs Our Perspective skits – my mom was lol-ing around with me. My mom didn’t get the boardgame skit, but I really want the game now :D

    So, my mom’s unbiased opinion after watching your review and then the MV was, “It’s not THAT bad, but it’s just like all the other kpop videos, nothing special to it.”

    I cringed when I first watched the video, when AJ said, “This is our….belief.” The rest of the song or video I couldn’t really remember. I think they repeated ‘Believe’ about 50 times, and I’m not a fan of repetitive songs.

  11. I think it’s possible that I just have really, really cheesy taste in music but I totally danced the hell out of some dish washing duty while listening to this. I’m talking flying soap bubbles and everything. The cats were scared.

    So yeah, my vote is for ‘Believe’ over ‘Paradise’ — though I would trade it for a proper music video for ‘Te Amo.’

  12. How come you guise always fangirl over AJ writing lyrics for U-Kiss songs but never once mention Bang Yong Gook’s contributions in B.A.P. reviews? tsk tsk.

    I agree with everything you said about this song tho. It’s just.. not good :/

  13. I secretly like the cheesy eurodance beat but I definitely believe that this is not their best song. Tick Tack is still my fave.
    Hmm I would have to choose Paradise by Infinite

  14. I can totally see where you guys are coming from. But ukiss dont usually make songs so simple which is why i actually loved it, the verses were definatley better thanthe chorus i have to admit, and the dance was still wicked with that awkward foot movement too but everyone has different opinions but im kinda glad u picked out the flaws i wonder if theyll listen? <3 i also vote ukiss against infinite

  15. Oh my god, all those Billy’s were absolutely hilarious haha, love it!!

  16. What the shit is on your head, Martina? o_o

  17. I’m going to have to vote for Infinite’s Paradise. Not because I “prefer it,” but because I don’t. Let me explain, while I’m neutral on Believe, I cannot STAND paradise. I adore Infinite, but, as Simon and Martina stated in another video, when you grow up with older siblings blasting out 80s music… it kinda has an effect. I’m voting on Paradise because it just sounds SO SO SO 80s! Therefore it has a more retro feel. I get that Believe does sound a bit 90s Eurodance, but it doesn’t nail it. Paradise it just NAILS 80s! *shudder*

  18. SO glad I wasn’t the only one who noticed the overly glossy lips!
    Yeesh that’s more than I’ve ever worn in my lifetime..

  19. 2 things:
    1) i do agree that the video was a bit off, but contrarily, i thought it should have been a bit happier, since it’s so upbeat and, i thought, on the rather positive side.
    2) as a dancer, i noted their dance technique shined really brightly here, and you might give them credit for that next time you mention “Believe.”

  20. Noo!!!! Epic sadness! I NEEDED that MBLAQ cd :'( I’m going to go cry alone in a corner now…………forever…..

  21. i just fell over from laughing when i saw simon with the seaweed packs around his collar. dying right now lmao

  22. Am I the only one who actually laughed at this…that sounded wrong…I mean, the way Martina and Simon intended me to…Yes, I am a KissMe and Yes unlike Simon and Martina I actually liked this song…I can admit the video wasn’t that great and it could have definitely been better and still love Simon and Martina after this review….And Yeah, I too wanted a Te Amo video…le sigh…maybe we should start a national collection bank so that U-KISS can have better videos (what with accidental smacks and chronic homelessness as a problem…)
    P.S. I want the Spudgy game XD …maybe I’ll make my own…
    Oh, yeah I vote for U-KISS Believe (actually liked it more than Infinite’s Paradise)

  23. I don’t think this is a bad song to be honest, it’s not as good as other U-Kiss songs but this is pretty decent. I also don’t have anything against the euro-dance sound so that’s probably why I don’t dislike it, lol.

    The beginning didn’t sound too strange to me because for some reason my brain separated the lines by the voices. One says “Hey ladies and gentlemen, wanna know what it is? it’s our ‘Believe'”; and the other says: “Want you to listen, ha ha, hear this, yeah.” The grammar could use a little work but it’s not “Mordney present” bad. And I have a feeling the guys said those lines separately and the producer for some reason decided to mix it all up.

    I agree with everything you said about the video though, the random creeper shots are weird and the dance scene in the tunnel looked far too cramped. They should’ve played with the formation in that set, but it looks like the choreographers didn’t know what the set was going to look like.

  24. This makes me even sadder that Bilasa’s crazy hunky-dory cowboy streetfair ‘go to sleep so I can cheat on you giiiirl!’ video didn’t win. I’m not even a big fan of Bilisa, but I was dying to hear Simon and Martina talk about that video! Oh well. Here’s hoping (voting?) for Jo Kwon’s hilarious happy dancing king who gets dethroned video…

  25. Thank you for a great review! I really wish U-Kiss did get a break, but they’re going back to Japan, and then coming back to Korea :/. I’m grateful, but I really want the boys to have some rest.

  26. Thanks for yet another unbiased review! I liked the song but the MV wasn’t very good. Nevertheless I loved your review. Personally I thought SNSD’s twinkle twinkle was one of the worst songs in Kpop history – lyrically and musically. So I was really surprised when you guys said you liked the song since I consider you to have pretty good taste in music. But I love how you stay true to your opinions despite having to deal with the rabid Kpop fans that come here ^^

  27. martina, your shirt matches the counter. was that on purpose?

  28. I’m not sure how much research you did before making such comments but AJ composed this song as well as writing the lyrics. Just seemed a little bit harsh at some points. However, I do understand completely where you guys are coming from, so as a Kiss Me, I don’t mind too much :)

    but yes, I do agree with you that U-KISS is being seriously overworked which is greatly impacting their performance standard at the moment. Anyone with half a brain can tell that they aren’t doing very well just in general with health etc etc. Just wish they would actually take a break between promotions. Even after finishing their promotions for Believe they were straight back in the rehearsal room for the upcoming Japan tours.

    Take a break U-KISS ♥ hwaiting!

  29. yay!!!! i had voted for B1A4 ^^ lol yes i think they did it more catchier, funner and cuter ^^ um i vote for U-KISS believe surprisingly … i so did not love either video but which i could handle more? U-KISS i say!!! :D

  30. I just loved the board game!!!! I really want to play with it..

  31. I love the song, but I have to say that I completely agree with you guys on every other point.

    I’m a pretty big fan of U-KISS (if you can’t tell from my username), but I was really disappointed in the video. It was shot 5 days before they released it and I believe they only had the choreography a maximum of 3 days prior to that. The whole Special to Kissme album was really rushed. Thank you for not ripping into it as much as you could have. NH Media is *totally* overworking U-KISS. They are obsessed with their overseas promotions. They even went to Columbia in the middle of the DoraDora promotions. It’s no wonder that the Korean fanbase is withering. *sigh*

    Thanks for liking U-KISS and appreciating Kissmes. I do have one beef with you guys, though. I was hoping to see Mordney! LOL
    As for the showdown, I’m actually quite torn, so I’m going to vote for Paradise because whenever I listen to it, it reminds me of the live performance version. ><

  32. I vote for U-KISS, and I also find it kind of funny how you guys hate 2 of my favorite songs for this year from 2 of my favorite groups :P Different taste? TOTALLY!!! XD

  33. MARTINA i LOVEE ur hair how did you do that?

  34. I don’t think I could ever hate anything U-KISS does, EVAR. I’m majorly biased like that.

    There are some monstrosities that I don’t like to think about ever *cough* Not Young… Niga Jo ha… *cough*, but I still like those songs. Their voices are just too great, in my opinion, to have the beat over power it. I like simple, sensible dances like this one. Not their best, of course, but waaaaaaaayyyyy easier to follow.

    I do agree on the video, though. It was not that great. I used to pride them for using different concepts for their videos, but it is starting to get repetitive. I didn’t notice until you pointed it out though. OTL. I think a video for Te Amo would have been better also. When that song came out I was like, “This will make a great video!” Because I thought that was the one they were going to do…

    I actually thought you guys didn’t like the video for 0330… But now, you loved it??? Make up your mind, jeez!!! (kidding).

    Anyway, on a side note, I love your hair!!!! :DDD Also, I vote U-KISS… Like I said, I am majorly biased that way >.>

  35. Guys, I really think you should make that game XD
    That would be so much fun! So many people would buy it from you <3
    Think about it guys….think about it.

  36. So, seriously. When is that board game coming out? I could seriously imagine my wife, daughter and I playing around the board on a rainy Saturday.

  37. I really really agree with Simon and Martina that it does sound like U-Kiss is saying the name Billy.

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