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U-Kiss – Doradora: Kpop Music Mondays

May 1, 2012


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U-Kiss is finally back with their latest Music Video, Doradora, which got almost 20 freaking thousand votes on our site. You Kissmes are INTENSE. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out here:

So, we didn’t give a glowing review of this song like we did with Tick Tack. Tick Tack was, and still is, our favourite U-Kiss song ever. Doradora is a good song, but I think we’re viewing it through the perspective of people who totally loved Tick Tack. Kind of like the third book in the Hunger Games. It’s a good book, and probably would be enjoyed a lot more if the first book of the Hunger Games wasn’t so freaking awesome. It’s kind of hard living up to that. Like, how’s JK Rowling gonna be able to write anything after Harry Potter?

One thing we do really appreciate about UKISS is that they are willingly to change up their sound and try out new song patterns. If you look at when they started to where they are now, you can’t say, OH that sounds like a UKISS song, and I think that can be risky, but it’s great that they are willing to do that. They could stick with a winning formula, but they’re trying out new things, and we dig that.

Not really digging the video that much, though. It was almost Sistar level boring. Maybe not for you who are drooling over the eye candy, and having your ovaries and brovaries exploding, but in terms of the two of us being able to discuss interesting things in this video, we had really little to work with. The couch was ugly, and a lot of the video was closeups of their face as they sat in front of their ugly couch. The spinning room was interesting, but we found that stool at the bottom of the bed a bit too glaringly obvious. It’s against the wall, we get it, only because of that big hump at the bottom of the bed. Argh! Too distracting. There were much better ways to suspend U-Kiss against the wall. How about a brace of sorts around their waists. Or, if all else fails, mega-wedgies. That’d work, too, and would make for a much funnier video :D

Anyhow, about the U-Kiss CD Giveaway Contest: now, we didn’t mention this in the video, because it’s still up in the air, but here’s the deal: U-Kiss is going to Mnet on Thursday. We’re also going to Mnet on Thursday. There is a chance, a decent chance, that we can get these CDs autographed for the contest. NOT SURE THOUGH! DON’T GET TOO EXCITED! Things always pop up and get in the way of fun stuff. We might have to go somewhere else, do something else. We’re not sure. Anyhow, if we do wind up getting the CDs signed, we’ll make a video about it to let you know. YEAH! So stay tuned, just in case wonderful things happen.

So, if you want to enter the contest, we’ve got two ways for you to join:

1) For our YouTube subscribers: Make sure you’re subscribed to us on YouTube by clicking THIS. Once you’re sure you’ve subscribed, answer this skill testing question: why would you make an idea candidate to adopt a member of U-Kiss? Most creative answer wins! You can answer either in the comments to the video, or in the comments here! If you do choose to comment here, leave us your YOUTUBE USERNAME so we can make sure you’ve subscribed if we pick you :D

2) For our Twitter followers: Make sure you’re following us on Twitter by clicking THIS. Once you’re sure you’re following us, retweet this blog post. That’s it! You can do so by clicking on the Tweet button right below the video above, or by clicking this link. IT’S THAT EASY! We’ll pick one random winner next week!

Lastly, if you’re not fond of testing your luck with contests and want the album right away, you can pick it up on iTunes, or you can get the physical album mailed to you, international, over at YesAsia. Yeah! Also, as always, we’ve got some bloopers. I added the Bubble Pop to my WANKing and FAPFAPing dance repertoire. It didn’t go over all too well.

AND ONE LAST THING: We’re not going to be answering a lot of emails or comments tomorrow, BECAUSE IT’S MARTINA’S BIRTHDAY! RIGHT NOW!!!! Wish her a happy birthday! YAY!



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Kpop Music Mondays


U-Kiss – Doradora: Kpop Music Mondays


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  1. This picture is the real evidence guys: http://ukisspersianclub.files.wordpress.com/2010/12/pops_in_seoul_003.jpg Somebody please adopt U-KISS fast!

    5 years ago
  2. LMBOO “trigonometry for life!!!”

    5 years ago
  3. 5 years ago
  4. [couchxpotoato]
    oh where do i start.
    This week is the rigorous AP testing week in USA. At the moment, I have spent 3 whole freaking hours sitting at the testing center ripping my hair out totally making up imaginary elements to fit the free response questions…Trust me, that’s no fun. If I can adopt a UKISS member, I won’t break down crying every night in fear of spending my Senior year in high school getting rejected from all colleges ):
    Here are some more specific reasons why I am the most ideal candidate to take tender care of our beloved UKISS:
    1. I have so much experience taking care of young ones. I volunteer at church and Girl Scout summer camp, I am the most ideal counselor/babysitter. I can totally take a good care of our babies~ (Also I must mention that my house has a secret stash of girl scout cookies)
    2. I am bilingual…KOREAN AND ENGLISH BOOM YEAH
    3. I live in Southern California- meaning I can take these boys to anywhere they wish. Disneyland aka happiest place on earth? no problemo! Laguna Beach? Hollywood? all accessible by car within an hour. They will have the time of their life~
    4. Here is a short story…a sad one. 2011 Hollywood Bowl Korean Festival…I saw that Ukiss was on the performing list and secured a ticket…a FREE ticket let me tell you. But long story short, I couldn’t go because I didn’t have a ride and had to watch allkpop updates while sitting only an hour away from my boys </3 To forget my pain I studied for my anatomy test fervently and received an A+. 0330 is SUCH a good study music.
    To wrap things up, this is a symbiotic relationship. I NEED THEM (the only thing that will make my AP week better is a tub of Ben&Jerry and Netflix cuddling riiiiiiiiiight next to UKISS <3) and THEY NEED ME (I can provide a nice home in sunny california- three meals a day included)

    5 years ago
  5. I would be ideal because my room is a Swiper  free room.
    No frightened UKISS DORAdora here.
    And we have our daily sessions of VIVA LA SPUDGY rituals.

    5 years ago
  6. U-KISS band members, with their many eccentricities, will
    require lots of care and attention to adopt. That is why I’ll be the perfect
    candidate to make sure that all their special needs are met. For example, I
    will buy Dongho a female mannequin so that, at least, he looks like he’s
    talking to someone. For AJ, I’ll bake him a π so that he can write

     on it. Kiseop will be given a stress ball made
    out diamonds (Let’s see if he can break through that), and Eli will have a
    bunch of warping paper so that Mordney can have more presents. With all these
    needs taken care of, I will guarantee that all the U-KISS members will be happy
    and satisfied in their newly acquired home.

    youtube: kodac768

    5 years ago
  7. I’d make a fantastic candidate to adopt a U-Kiss member because I have a super ridiculous, colorful room that would make a U-Kiss member feel right at home, considering their previous housing situations. It’ll be as if they never had to go through the trauma of moving because they would never know the difference!

    They’d have a super awesome kitty cat named Henry(You’re damn right I named my cat after Henry Lau, super awesome Canadian/dancing/violin-playing extraordinare of Super Junior) to play with while I’m away at work, (Thas right, I got a full time job to make sure my U-Kiss member is always taken care of) and many other trinkets to help them occupy their time. Lots of space for being danced, with a kickass CD player that holds THREE CDs at a time.

    A super rad iMac so they can study up their competition and see how to improve, and also watch their own dancing on the built-in Photo Booth program. With it they can also practice their own aegyo and sexiness, in order to attract more ovaries and brovaries. Ample space in dressers to put all of their interesting clothes in.

    Hair ties and clips to keep their awesome new hairstyles in check, a watch so they’ll always be able to keep track of time for their schedules, and a pen to write new lyrics. I also always have lotion on hand to keep their skin pretty! And a (rad Lollipop) phone in case they ever need to call the police if fangirls break into my home and attack crazily. 

    Letters and postcards so they can write to their U-Kiss brothers and family, and update them on the status of their new home. And plenty of cute tupperware to put their snacks in when they are working.

    And I’ll always have things to help remind him of his U-Kiss family while he and his other brothers are separated at their new homes. :)

    My room would make a super rad place for a U-Kiss member to live! Plus, they’d get me as their super rad roomie to help take care of them. 8D And I cross my heart that I would never take advantage of one of them — I know how to keep my ovaries and brovaries in check. As a sex health educator, I know when no means no. 8]

    I hope you’ll consider my application and allow me to adopt a U-Kiss member! It would certainly be an honor. :D

    My youtube name is LoveJitters. :)

    5 years ago
  8. I wanna try to win the album~ But first of all, Happy Birthday Martina~ Sorry for late wishing >.< and my english is not good :/

    why would you make an idea candidate to adopt a member of U-Kiss? 

    Well, first of all, my bed is not on the wall (woah~ such a nice start xD), and it makes me think that maybe, since their bed is on the wall, their toilet is going to be on the wall too? If that is true, don't worry! My toilet is perfectly sticked on the floor ;3 Unless they wanna be astronauts, if that's the case, I would gladly have my bed sticked on the wall, that would make them more confident to be astronauts! (Or maybe they are imitating spiderman…) Oh! And I don't have ugly couchs, if I ever have a white couch, I would be aware if they use pens or colours to paint on them, they can paint on my neighbor's couch but not in mine! And I noticed they like to put "U-KISS" on the walls O.O I could put them in some kind of "Painting class" to make their imagination explote in papers instead of poor couchs and walls. Oh! And I live near a park so we can go there for a walk if they are tired of my house, and can walk Sherlock's style, while rubbing our hips like in Doradora to make the icecream seller have panic and give us icecream quickly (LIKE A MAN!) Of course we are going to pay! (LIKE A MAN!) And, about the food, I think we can enjoy making food, I wonder if they eat their food on a table sticked on the wall too… Anyways, I know how to cook! Muahaha! And I would gladly solve geometry and ecuations with AJ~ eventhough I don't know much about triangles and circles… and ecuations ._. And I have enough rooms for each one of them, oh yeah! No more creeping on other's room walking through the walls like spiderman, And there is a lot of space for them to dance, and my neighborhood is really peaceful, so they can dance without worrying about any interruption (except of me wanting to sneak to see them dancing~) And about the FJS, I think unless they have Ranch around their mouth, I would gladly make a STYOJ also know as "Stop touching your own Jaw", I need people to sign to it though. Umm… And about their clothes… I need to make them hate tight outfits because I don't really like it either.. (Eli's Highpiched I HATE YOU!) Yeah, maybe Eli said this to tight pants…
    To make it short, I will make them feel confortable and relaxed to finally go to their performance with a big smile on their face that says "I finally got a good house~ Thanks Simon and Martina, you did it again… And I'm finally cured of my FJS."

    Thanks for reading, I would have say more, but I need to sleep so see ya~

    Youtube: XxStrawberryJuicexX
    Twitter:[email protected]

    5 years ago
  9. oh, You Tube name is Rinkazuki

    5 years ago
  10. I choose U-Kiss, Dora Dora over Mblaq.

    5 years ago
  11. I liked this song, especially the beggining. It kinda reminds me of Janet Jackson’s “Feedback” somehow O_o

    5 years ago
  12. I can house Ukiss because I’ll make sure that the fridge will be stocked full of Red bull for Eli, takoyaki for Dongho, pizza for Kevin and everything else you can think of for the rest of the members. I’ll make sure that there is a selca corner where there is a camera operating 24/7 where they can take pics and record videos for us Kissmes!
    Stacks and stacks of trigonometry and pi books for Aj, a pen full of bunnies for Hoon and a state of the art music studio for Soohyun. Oh, and how can I forget? Man bras for kiseop and table cloths for Kevin to try on!! Martina, wanna help style Ukiss? Im sure Simon will be happy to just talk to eli about girl groups (And kevin) aj about math while testing out kiseop’s super human man strength!! . I’ll make sure that kevin and eli will have a room of their own too ;)
    And obviously, live concerts on every hour for everyone to enjoy!!! =D
    (Btw, martina, dye all their hairs pink for me!! =D ) 

    5 years ago
  13. it’ll be pretty much awesome if ukiss stay in my crib… i’ll give them an
    interior decor of their life.. I will offer then a distinct room for
    each of them.
    Dongho with autocooling..if he misses neverland. Just one
    rub across his face and ice will start to appear.

    Kevin poor angel.. U must suffered a lot in that glued bed. How bout a kingsize bed ofcourse
    firmly attached to the floor with antigravity if he wanted to. Just whisper
    fantasy then the bed will produce an antigravity force that will
    suspend him up about a feet away from the matress.whisper it again and
    he will come back down.

    Hoon don’t need to stick on the wall to have rest coz he will also have his
    own bed a walk in closet with his tiaras.. I mean headband.

    Eli’s voice
    freaked out in that small room… So im giving him a big room… With a
    redbull designed fridge and ofcourse with all things in between.

    Soohyun get tired of sharing bed? Well also got one for u with soundproof room. (no more
    shouting ‘shut up’).

    AJ with his geometrical room.. It’ll b more fun  composing and solving his equations.

    Kiseop so grumpy on that couch.. I know its too self degrading to sleep on a couch.. Because ur my favourite will have a delux room with revolving closet.

    And ofcourse a danceroom
    for all..ofcourse i wont miss out the fun..forgot to mention… the
    dance room is divided into cool looking sets from their MVs
    ABANDONED ROOM that kiseop destroyed with his mans strength.

    yt: ukissoholic010

    5 years ago
  14. All the KissMes posted really awesome responses, so I’m going to try and get real up in this contest!

    In the future, my commonlawhusbandboyfriendpartner and I have grand plans of starting an ESL homestay inn. We want to buy a house in Toronto and rent out the rooms to international students that want to come to Canada to study English. We would offer all the usual services, breakfast, packed lunches, dinner, laundry, fully furnished comfortable rooms, etc; plus we would also have private English classes available. Our goal is to create an affordable and enjoyable environment for students, which we hear is sometimes hard to find. Students can get rent credits by helping with chores and can suggest and help with making meals for the house if they miss anything from home or want to try anything new.

    If we could adopt UKISS, they would be our trial kids with access to all services for free and would be showered with love and affection! If they like us maybe UKISS could be our spokesidols! If they continued to stay with us, Kevin, Eli, and AJ could be teaching assistants and the other boys could work on their English skills, and of course all the boys could help with cooking, Chef’s Kiss style<3~

    youtube username: lotusinkstudio

    happy birthday again, Martini Martina!<3~

    5 years ago
  15. Why I would be the best candidate? I can clean, cook, and I’m the BEST
    baby-sitter. :D Not to mention, I dance as well. And thanks to my
    driver’s license, I can drive my baby UKISS anywhere. (LOL) Rooms? I
    have 4 (4 chambers of the heart). Good enough? :D

    5 years ago
  16. I’m really happy to answer this question: Why
    would I make an idea candidate to adopt a member of U-Kiss? 

    Because U-Kiss has 7 members, I
    will tell 8 reasons:

    1. My dad’s really love to
    sing, as well as my mom. Soohyun, he has a really great vocal technique. I
    believe, he could spend his free/break time while doing karaoke with my
    parents. He could also teach my parents how to sing beautifully, cause my
    parent’s vocal are sometimes..you know.. Then, he also could sing some songs
    for me to sleep. As you know, Soohyun’s voice is really sweet and lovely that I  would have a sweet dream through his voice.

    2. Honestly, I really love to dance :D And I guess you know which member would I asked to teach me dance, Kiseop ! :) He’s really good at dancing especially at robot dance. Sometimes, I spend my time to practice dancing some of U-Kiss’ songs since they’re my favorite K-pop group. With Kiseop in my house, he could teach me dance and I would be very happy. He’s a cute and a nice guy that we could spend our time to practice dancing sweetly >< Aww, how cool! :D If he live in my house, he could save me if someone example suddenly enter my house scarily ._. And we also could take many selcas because Eli is always gorgeous in every selcas he took :D I really love his good-looking face < He could spend his time with me in my home teaching me beat boxing, I believe it would be very very very fun :D A lot of fun! AJ also has a very good looking face and I totally in love with his cat-smile :D His smile really looks like a cute cat :D I would take many selcas with him too <3

    5. This cute and cool guy, Hoon, I believe he could make me in good mood everyday! :D Why? Because every time I listen to his voice, my heart beat so fast which is means I really love the way he sing :) Every time he sing, every songs, he always sing it beautifully with full-heartedly, I love it <

    6. This is what I;m waiting for, mu eternal ultimate cute lovely gorgeous chubby sweet beautiful guy, Keviiiiiiin < If he live in my house, I could do many fun things with him! We could spend our time by listening to his Super Lovely Angelic Voice that I totally in love with it < And one thing I want the most from him is to do his Totally Awesome Cute Agyeo in front of me. If he live in my house and he do agyeo every time, my heart will always bounce bo-bo bounce bo-bo bounce ~~ He also could spend his time playing with my older brother. Dongho really love to play games, same as my brother. We can be a really close family :D I love his Agyeoooo :3333

    8. If I could adopt just a member of U-Kiss, I would choose Kevin :D But I also really want all of U-Kiss members to be adopted by me lol :p Because my life would be more complete if they live in my house. We could be a really happy and close family <3 I hope someday later it would be happen :DD

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARTINA! :DD*ps: sorry it's a belated birthday from me hehe ^^

    5 years ago
  17. HEYY eatykimchi is so funny, and I choose doradora, of course, Eli and Kevin are sexy (kevin does the same as in ma boy hyorin (Sistar) haha is beautiful!

    5 years ago
  18. Happy birthday Martina!!!!

    5 years ago
  19. Without a doubt, I would be the perfect candidate because, as a poor college student, my dorm room is basically an exact replica of U-KISS’s room in Tick Tack. Living in my place…yep, it’ll be like they never abandoned their (tick)tacky home in the first place! Because of the condition of the room, there is no need for F.A.R.T.ing to be kept at a minimum.Youtube account: smilecherry28

    5 years ago
  20.  DUDE, I’m so dumb. I just pronounced “Ms. Sahsangphan” out loud and realized it’s actually sasaeng fan.

    I think we should question the legitimacy of this U-Kiss adoption then!
    It’s all a scheme!
    No real sasaeng fan will give away their “oppar idols” so easily.
    They’re going to give you all fakes, duplicates of the U-Kiss members!
    But no one would notice, because everyone’s ovaries and brovaries will be too busy exploding and complementing the beautiful-ness of Korean males.
    And the real U-Kiss members… would be kidnapped by this “Ms. Sahsangphan.”

    U-Kiss members aren’t running away and trying to find a home for themselves!
    Don’t do eeet!

    [ In other news, Happy Belated Birthday Martina! (: ]

    5 years ago
  21. YT Username-KanameLove

    I’d be a suitable candidate because my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard. Damn right…

    5 years ago
  22. Well to start off you can’t just adopt one member, it’s more like a seven for one deal because I would be TOTALLY incapable of just adopting one, I admire and LOVE them all so much it would be super hard to choose. I don’t like to toot my own horn, but I think I would make a great candidate to adopt all seven members because my house has six bedrooms (a member and I will have to share a room) each room with beds on the floor not the wall (unless they want it on the wall), I have a basement with a disco ball and an awesome sound system for them to dance, my basement has a plain white wall incase they are feeling creative and want to draw graffiti on it or paint it (I have plenty of paint). My house has a yard that is one acre big so we can run around and be crazy together and I also have a swimming pool ^__^ and incase they want to swim in a more natural environment; Lake Michigan is just five minutes away. Also, the city of Chicago is only a short drive or train ride away so, they can enjoy both the city life and suburb life with their fans because according to a survey a few of my friends and I conducted at our school, 62% of students at my school are KPOP fans <3 . Furthermore, my sister is studying fashion so she can help with their wardrobe at no cost. I will be starting college next year and I am planning on becoming a doctor so I will be able to tend to most of their health needs. Therefore, they can always be healthy and strong. Plus, KISSMES will be able to visit when ever they want as long as it does not interfere with they boys’ schedules. Hey, maybe we can even have some holiday parties here and there for all U-KISS fans to come, of course in that case some of us will have to stand outside or on the ceiling, but we will all fit and have fun!                                                                                                                                
    youtube name: dulcenenadepeewee

    5 years ago
  23. Would I be a good candidate?

    That’s a good question.. along with, does the sun rise every morning? (which you can see from the cage, AHEM I mean windows, of the lovely room I shall provide for him).

    I think this question goes without saying.

    1. First of all, I have 2 TRIPLE KING SIZED BEDS. Whoever I am fortunate enough to adopt can have one of them. Sharing is caring. It would be separate from mine of course, a good two inches. I have also included a beautiful sparkly dresser with a matching mirror. It has enough room for him to store all of his makeup … but just in case I have an extra one.

    2. I work at a place that specializes in demolishing clocks that no longer work properly, so maybe if I adopt Kiseop, he can have a job and provide for the rest of his group. It pays overtime.

    3. My neighbor always calls me rude names (which I will not mention), and I would like to return the favor by vandalizing her car. I think one of the members might be able to help with that. I would definitely reward them for the job. I have some kimchi and rice that I’m sure they would enjoy, as well as American food to help them adapt to our culture even more.

    4. I live near a fairly nice high school (don’t worry, the windows are bullet proof, don’t be fooled by the name, “Ghetto School”), that has advanced placement English and Math. Although most are graduated, this would provide them with a place to write lyrics for their newest hit singles. If they want, they could even combine English and Science to make scientific poetry. Photosynthesize my heart into paradise.. has a nice ring to it. (I failed Bio..)

    5. Last but not least, I would make sure he wouldn’t be attacked by crazed fans… (I have my resources)

    Thank you for considering my offer. But if you aren’t convinced yet .. I will make sure that they don’t contact Mordney anymore. I can’t risk my beautiful idols being tainted by the foul heart of his vampiric soul. I promise that Mordney will not be present.

    My youtube is JoannaShadows

    5 years ago
  24. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARTINA~!!!!!!! :DDDDDDDD WOOHOO~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I would make an ideal candidate to adopt a member of U-KISS because:
    1) I have a cool little place where it is llike being way out in random wilderness that is a short and easy 5 minute walk from my house. yeah. no kiddding. Its really random, and just in between my neighborhood and the other neighborhood. I know. Cool right? So they dont have to be homesick about their life in Neverland~
    2) I have a whole bunch of buckets of paint from leftover house renovations, and they can use it whenever they like. Although i think I will give them some painting lessons before giving them access to the paint and living room at the same time… u know.. just a little 101 on how to paint on a canvas…only a canvas… and who knows, after that they might win awards for their absract styles…
    3) I have a great freezer that they can use if they start to miss living in that nice storage freezer from Neverland~ They would have to take turns, but other than that, its a rather nice freezer~
    4) And if they want to find an alleyway or subway station, then we can always take a trip to San Fransisco or Oakland or anywhere~
    5) I would have to adopt any of the members other than Eli, because if I adopt him then it will be very awkward when he figures out that we are perfect for eachother. So we might as well avoid that awkward situation…
    6) There is a spare bedroom that he could use, so its not like anyone will have to share a room~ (so no worries eli! No need to get jealous of anyone!) xD
    7) Also.. I’m the oldest child in my family, and I dont like it. My little brother and sisters are always trying to bother me, and i have to put up with it because I’m the oldest and should be the most ‘mature’ and whatever. I have always wanted an older sibling so adopting a ukiss idle would be like getting one~… except i would have adopteed him… o well~
    8) I can take my mom’s makeup box, which she never uses, and let them use if they want, since it seems they have liked to use it lately… especially around their eyes…
    9) I they miss their Mr. Brohoho studio, then i can easily set up a new one in another room~~ :33 so they’d be completely comfy.
    10) my dad has some nice weights in the garage, so if they want to use their super human strength then we we can go to the nice mini park which is like a super small nature walk, and they can toss some weights around there~ ^^; u know… instead of the furniture in my living room… ^^
    11) my dad loves that do it yourself fix and renovate the house and whatever stuff, so im sure he wouldn.t mind nailin a bed tothe wall for my ukiss member, and i could help him go to the mini wilderness thing next to my neighborhood to make a rope to hold him to the bed if he real;ly prefers sleeping on the wall~~ or of course he can sleep in a normal bed~~^^
    11) Finally, the other members can visit whenever they like, so that my member doesn’t get lonely~…especially eli… :3
     …woah. this was long.. anyways.. my youtube username is: JinjuRhee)

    5 years ago
  25. LOL really good….
    Oh and btw if you guys want a recipe to make your own ranch dressing there is a way to do it :)

    5 years ago
  26. hello eatyourkimchi first of all HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARTINA!!!!!!! 
    I think i would be cabpable to take care of a kpop idol because of the fact that i can provide them with alot of things. 
    1. i can cook really GOOD anything they want i can make it. since i work at a family restaurant. 
    2.  i’m determined when it comes to taking care of something/someone 
    3. my family owns a buiilding so then maybe they can choose which room or apartment they want. 
    4. i love Everyone that i get introduced or meet with. so i can shower the idol with love 
    5. I also like to help people around me more than i shouldn’t but if they need space then i will give them space. 
    6. I LOVE U-KISS!!!!! if they need anything I will make sure they get it!
    These are the things i’m capable to do for them
    OK NOW 
    IF I EVER EVER EVER EVEEEEEER DID get a chance to adopt u-kiss i think ALL of my senses and all of the the things i’m capable things i can do for them might like be gone. BUT I WILL TRY MY BEST CAUSE IT WOULD BE NECESSARY TO MANKIND.!!!!!!

    Youtube account: ultimatebankai245

    5 years ago
  27. Oh, God no!  If I adopted a U-Kiss member…ALL HELL WOULD BREAK LOOSE!  Everyone would drop their babies and run around with their pants on the ground as the cry, “OH SH–! IT BE A CHANEESE INVASION. MAYNE, LOOK AT YO CHANEESE OREE-ENTAL A–!!  ARE YOU A GURL OR A GRAMAH? CAUSE I CAIN’T BE TELLIN NO DI-FRENCE!! *insert obnoxiously loud, ghetto laughter here*” *face-palm* Don’t worry U-KISS!!  I’ll live in a big beautiful apartment (or house) one day, and when that day comes, I SHALL ADOPT YOU!  Until then, I think I’m gonna go outside and play my kpop on blast in front of the group of gangsters that are playing that dumb rap music!! :D Oh don’t worry, I’ve 911 (the backward version of Korea’s 119) on speed dial #1!! :)

    5 years ago
    I don’t have a perfect house for them yet, BUT…. that’s because we’re undergoing rennovations.
    (PSST… we could really use Kiseop’s super manly man strength to help. ;D)
    And since they like to sleep sideways like astronauts (DON’T JUDGE THEM FOR IT), I can probably fit that into my rennovation plans. If they need friends, I got some lovely flowers in the front yard. Flowers, Flower boys… it was meant to be. 
    If they need to dance, there are plenty of lovely places to choose around here. They can dance in public without being harrassed by fan girls, as I live in SoCal and U-Kiss is not very well known. (But if they want to be known, I’ve got PLENTY of Asian friends to keep them company.)
    Another pro about SoCal is that everyone already dresses strangely and applies crazy make-up anyway, so they’ll fit in and can easily find clothes to fit their taste! 
    And as for FJS, I’ll call up Heather Austin (comment below) as she seems to be a professional in curing FJS, so no need to worry. :)

    YOUTUBE: magicalninjapixie 

    5 years ago
  29. YOUTUBE: Imotayexysa  

    I would be a good candidate to adopt a U-Kiss member because 
    1.) My heart have plenty of empty rooms for any members to live in :)

    5 years ago
  30. living in big city, next to the forest (all exclusive, environment friendly option not only for greenpeace fans but also for busy kpop singer from seoul, its time to break ! :D definitively )
    in fact my room’s window is on the gardens side (so its clear: no trees, no paparazzi hanging on them)

    and since my beloved dog has gone its a lot of free space on the left side on my bed so soohyun can sleep there comfortably ^^” .. or maybe i just should addopt another puppy Oo”

    5 years ago
  31. Let’s see… these would be my reasons:

    – I have lots of beds in the house I live in, including a room with a big bed where at least three members could sleep in. Two beds in my room and a pair of inflatable beds, so sleeping places ain’t no problem! Not to forget to mention my mattresses are very comfortable.

    – I live in the mountains. I’m pretty sure U-Kiss would like to get some rest as well and since I have no neighbours (sadface), it’ll be a pretty nice silence. I also have a pool where they could cool off, and a dog for them to play. A big terrain (with a huge hill, sadly…) so there’s no lack of space for them if they wanted to go outside.

    – The town is nearby, so if they ever wanted to walk around for a while, they could do so there! Portuguese food is really good, and the local restaurants always prepare delicious meals. I’m sure they’ll love it.

    – I have several things to entertain them. I mean, I got a Rubik’s Cube, Monopoly, lots of Nintendo DS stuff, Gameboy Advance, PlayStation2, Nintendo Wii and thousands and thousands of games for those consoles.

    – They could try out my tablet and draw on the computer (and be amazed), mess around and whatnot. I could also teach them a bit about Portuguese culture (Since I’ve heard Alexander was half Portuguese?) and perhaps even teach them some stuff, ahaha.

    – I’m not a huge KissMe, but I’d be sure to give them as much as attention as possible. I found all the members to be adorable and sweet, and would like to taste their cooking upon watching Chef’s Kiss… though I’m worried about dying of food poisoning, but that’s OK.

    – I’d like to talk to them and learn Korean from them, so basically it’d be exchanging language knowledge between each other. I could also try and teach them some Dutch words and I got some pretty unique clothing that seem to fit them. You could say I’ve got some ‘unisex’ clothing.

    – I’m not perfect or ideal for them, but I’d sure like to try my best and cheer and support them whenever they need it! And I’m sure some of them are pretty good at certain subjects (e.g.: Maths, Biology, etc.)… at least, I hope so. I’d like so help sometimes haha.

    – I like both dancing and singing, and a little bit of acting, so that’d be another area of ‘entertainment’ in case we’d be bored. :D

    Also, my YouTube account name is… Chibinied.

    5 years ago
  32. Ok…since you guys said I can adopt ONE member (why only one???- I want ’em all! XD) I’d choose Kevin.
    Why him?
    He seems like a nice guy to make friends with + he speaks English (hallelujah!) and I study Korean (what a coincidence!) + I also love taking pics + I talk to my laptop too (hehe~weiiiird) +…blablabla ;)
    Why I’m an ideal candidate?
    Need to be danced twice a day? Extra bed? Clothing? No problem!
    Wanna paint on my white armchairs? You are welcome! (and don’t forget to leave an autograpg!)
    and FINALLY: I’ve just discovered I have sheets of ALL his clothes’ colours presented in DoraDora MV and even like his hair colour (why the heck do I have these ones???)!!! lol
    So he can choose whichever he likes ^_^

    P.S. my narration-like comment doesn’t fit for YouTube. XD  (/user/MariaRaize)
    P.P.S. My late Happy Birthday, Martina! You ARE amazing!!! *cheers*

    5 years ago
  33. Actually I live in a little flat in Spain and with my parents, so i’m not a good candidate to have U-KISS over. Buuuuuuuuut, I live in Spain, the north to be specific, and there’s a beautiful beach in which Kiseop and Sohyun could expose their bodies in peace and a ridiculous amount of pigeons that would make Eli feel like home. P.D. We have Redbull too.

    (Youtube Account: PatryChan)

    5 years ago
  34. I am an ideal candidate to let U-Kiss sleep at my house.. because I don’t know. I JUST WANT HOON. I WANT HOON SO MUCH SO BADLY. Because he made me a HARDCORE KISS ME. HE IS SOO CUTE I CAN… I don’t know. I JUST LOVE HOON SO MUCH. End-of-story. Sorry. Can’t possibly be better than others’ TT_TT LOOK AT THAT PRETTY CUTE FACE;~~;
    501fahrenheit here:)

    5 years ago
  35. Dear Ms. Sahsangphan,

    I’m writing this letter to you in the matter of adopting a U-KISS member. I’ve been following and supporting U-KISS since 2008, and had I known of their distress earlier, I would already have done all that is within my power to provide them with a happy home.

    I would be the ideal candidate to adopt a U-KISS member, as I can offer them two double beds, another single one, and two couches to sleep on – that would make 7 possibilities of taking a rest! None of them being glued to the wall!

    I can also provide them with the best food in town as my mother is a gifted cook who will take care of their laundry (no more paint on their pants!!) as well as clean up after them if they blow up our living room. She may not know yet that she will do those things, but she will.

    I will also take responsibility myself by dancing the members every single day, adding in some extra girl dances for Dongho and Kevin, and working out with Soohyun, Kiseop and Hoon so that they can maintain their abs’ WOW-fantastic-baby-effect.

    Kevin will no longer feel sad due to knowing only English and Korean, as in my bilingual home he will soon learn both Polish and German, and my own repatory consisting of 7 languages including Korean will enable me to comfortably communicate with Dongho, Soohyun, Hoon and Kiseop. 

    As for AJ craving math equations to solve, I can definitely spare some of my advanced math course homework for him, and Dongho can continue his hobby of knitting as well, as I have at least 6 scarves that I have started but never finished.

    Unique clothing in my home will never be out of stock, either, since my aunt is a professional seamstress and our family still has at least 6 trash bags full of clothing that we no longer need, including uncountable pairs of pants with suspenders that U-Kiss can wear backwards to their hearts’ content.

    Lastly, I will make sure to take U-Kiss on regular check-ups to my best friend’s mum who is a doctor and thus will prevent the boys of getting the horrible malady that is FJS, and I am sure that my neighbourhood’s ignorance of U-KISS’ celebrity status will allow them to rest effectively from their busy schedule and squealing fangirls. I, too, promise not to squeal…. that much.

    Please Ms. Sasangphan, make the right decision and select my home as U-KISS’ new accommodation, for the sake of our boys!

    Yours sincerely,

    MyYoutubeNicknameIs Sugarshapley

    5 years ago
  36. I would make an ideal candidate for U-Kiss to sleep in my house because U-Kiss was the first K-pop act I’ve ever listened to, and because of them I’m a hardcore K-pop fanatic. I would love to have them stay at my home so that I could thank them for introducing me to how great K-pop can be. I used to be anti-kpop, but now I’m so in love with K-pop! I listen to K-pop everyday! (> ◡ <。)

    5 years ago
  37. I would be an excellent host to UKISS members because I too live in a strangely shifting universe that has oddly shaped rooms, and you really can walk on the ceiling!  They’d be perfectly at home with my slightly post-apocalyptic uniform style housing that occasionally turns into an icebox.  They could even turn on my metaphorically broken light (just kidding–it really is broken).  Even better they can use their excellent English skills to communicate with my super-powered flatmates who also like to crush things with their bare hands, and all of us look as though we stay forever young.  We could even use our superhuman powers to save Dongho from his imaginary girlfriend Dialtone!  We could introduce him to some very nice /real/ girls who can play the piano.  I’d say something about helping AJ with his math, but come on–his math is really good!

    On the practical side, I have several couches that they could use their artistic skills to enhance, which would be another bonding experience they could have with my flatmates as several of them are art students and seem to only get paint on their clothes and the couches–never on what needs it.  Since they never seem to eat, I would feed them until they virtually explode (we eat very well in my flat), take them for walks, and their complexions would be safe from the sun by the lack of sunlight we receive. Not only that but every Saturday we love to tell the DJ to turn it up and dance a little more, in fact we usually dance until the break of dawn.

    All of this would be achieved while killing two birds with one stone by sheltering them from drooling fan girls, (since I’ve yet to find many of them in New Zealand) and introducing the awesomeness that is UKISS and KPOP to the wider Kiwi audience!

    ps my youtube subscriber name is actingotaku
    Love everything you do keep being RAWESOME (because there’s too much raw awesomeness in you for you just to be AWESOME)

    5 years ago
  38. Happy Belated Birthday Martina !!! 

    5 years ago
  39. i can take in at least 3 of those unfortunate idols to share my bunkbed and futon. all seven could fit if we spoonsies.
    my sheets are glow-in-the-dark space print, if theyre afraid of the dark. no need for kevin to turn on that broken light.
    i have a space heater, if they shiver remembering that old home in the Neverland freezer.
    i work at Victoria’s Secret, and can make sure Kiseop is properly sized for a man-bra, should he ever need one again. more unique clothes can be found.its a basement apartment, firmly rooted in the ground, no crazy spinning.
    and Chicago, my homeland, has a thriving Korean culture here if they miss the food, music, or language :)

    im submitting my comment here too just in case it got lost in barrage of the youtube comments…
    my youtube name is ginaginachan, twitter is (@)ginagina_chan i was inspired earlier today to make a WANC video of my own around Chicago and do some kpop dancing in public to get you guys to talk about a song in the Cocktail. perhaps a summer project.

    5 years ago
  40. u-kiss should stay at my house because
    1) i have a big house (with 2 spare rooms) and a big room ;) LOADS of cupboard space and a 40′ LCD smart TV with internet connection so they can continue to watch other idols online 
    2) I’m still a high school student so AJ can enjoy helping me with algebra :)
    3) i have LOTS of technology to keep them busy (PS3, Wii, DS’s, Computers, 5 tv’s etc.)
    4) Big empty room at the front for dancing
    5) home gym (so the can “maintain” there muscles)
    6) Relatively good at hair dressing so i can help them with there ever changing hair styles
    7) lots of cousins and relatives so they can feel loved <3
    8) good at cooking so they won't get hungry
    9) lots of white walls (but not couches) so they can work on their painting skill ;)
    10) not that many kpop fans around so they won't get swarmed with fans
    11) aunties are good at making clothes and even if they mess up it will look good on u-kiss anyways :D
    12) i have friend who would LOVE to keep them company if i can't 
    13) have expert eyes in detecting flaccid jaw syndrome as well as PastelPantphillia and many other illnesses prone to kpop stars

    MANY MANY more reasons why my home is fit for ANY kpop star. Exo k might need a home too, they looked a little homeless in what is love or maybe super junior is looking? those big rooms would probably get boring after a while ;)

    Youtube name: 2pmhottest17


    5 years ago
  41. UKISS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! totally :D

    i had a nice time trying not to burst out laughing and let my mom catch me not doing homework. ^^
    Love you guys!!!! <3

    5 years ago
  42. I would obviously be the best candidate for providing U-Kiss with the shelter, love, and warmth they need because: 
    1) With Kevin, I would give him all my stuffed-animals to cuddle with at night because I know how much he loves to snuggle. I would give him pizza and bulgogi as many times as his health will permit. Since I’m a girl, I can lend him my clothes and dress him up as a member of SNSD. Afterwards, we’ll dance to “Gee” and “Oh!” 2) I would have heart-to-heart talks with Kiseop before we go to bed nightly and drink nice warm hot chocolate. Whenever I see a spider, we would cling to each other, we would scream and cry in each other’s arms while running to the opposite side of the room. I will make sure he has a room on the first floor because I know he his scared of heights. In his gucci purse that his sister gave him, I will pack him tangerines and underwear and writing utensils and chips and tissues. We will also go on morning jogs together so we could work on our bodies <3 ^_^ 3) I will distract Eli once a week with redbull so Kiseop and Kevin can have their alone time.4) I'll give Soohyun an amazing anti-virus system so he can watch porn to his heart's content. I'll also lend him my karaoke machine to sing 4Men & 2AM. I'll also set him up with all my sweet and caring romantic friends! 5) I'll give Hoon his personal workout system where he can work on his rockin' abs with Kiseop and Eli!
    6) I and Dongho can write, direct and film action movies in order to pay for how expensive U-Kiss is! (Since U-Kiss got paint on their clothes, we should buy them new clothes) We can also go to school together since we're the same age and we can be school mates! We can also eat all the time together since he and I don't talk while eating.7) AJ and I will derive trigonometric functions in order to predict when to warn U-Kiss of my mood swings due to my monthly feminine gift. When we are bored we can find the optimal volume a sphere can have in a cone for when we want to put a scoop of ice cream in a cone, that way we can get as much ice cream as possible! Also, when two of the members get into a fight, we can calculate the hypotenuse that would result in the maximum distance between the two members. We can write lyrics together when we want to reflect on all the math equations life has given us. 8) HAVE TOGA PARTIES!!!! Happy Birthday Martina! ^0^

    5 years ago

    5 years ago
  44. Happy birthday Martina!!!! :)

    5 years ago
  45. well I would make and ideal canidate for adopting a U-Kiss member cause, We can all dance and party together, plus my parents say I’m lazy and I need to exercise. I could teach them how to paint a room correctly, and they could teach me how to paint a room with only getting paint on my pants. I would show them how awesome you guys are. Plus they would definatly bring some excitment to the boring state of Iowa. All we have is corn and its not the corn you love to eat! NO! It’s the corn used to make plastic and hair products and stuff! Finally, they would have more than one bed may be even two or three! woo ____ from lillylove8988 on youtube also on twiter RaePerfect

    5 years ago
  46. Why i can do it?Because i will make everyone happy.I will create a host
    club NEVERLAND(use my own apartment) with the members of U-KISS they
    will be using they unique talents for making all women happy! In that
    way everybody will be happy! I will take care of them so they can focus
    on making women happy and they will be using they skills everyday!
    Singing, dancing and many many more! The members of U-KISS be also happy
    because they will have a chance to meet their fans and practice at the

    5 years ago
  47. My youtube nick is Smeszek

    I am a student and I’m the ideal candidate to adopt the U-kiss because I will teach this music group real life. I live In dormitory and I have only one room. This room isn’t big but everyone of U-kiss will have own space on the floor and because of that they can use it (floor) whenever they like – in the night or in the morning.
    More people In one room means – less bills for energy, as a result we will have over own contribution in saving mother earth.
    It’s know that – more people in a small space means bigger mess and noise, but I will teach, how to show proper respect to everyone and how they should serve the needs of others and taking care of the order. Remember – “Ordnung muss sein” . I wil prepare U-kiss for very hard life. I will teach how cooperation with people with different nature and how to deal with dangerous situation in life throughout often meetings.
    Waiting in the line for the bathroom will teach them patience. The restricted time to take a shower will teach the members promptness and perfection. Shared baths is a good solution to bond the members and to improve cooperation in the group. Through continued counting bottles math will not be a magic for them.I will take care of their fitting by the student diet. I will show the guys how to survive and not to be hungry even if in over fridge you can find only air. It’s good method to learn thriftiness through to use everything what we have if we want to survive. Guys will learn creative thinking. Who knows, maybe invent something new
    With me guys will be always get enough sleep and forgot about stress.
    Members of U-Kiss will never be bored and they will spend productively free time. I will take care of their healthiness because their basic form of transport will be their own feet. U-kiss will be still improving their talents because they will be singing karaoke and learn how to dance with Play Just Dance 3 and Step ManiaI’m the best candidate able to adopt U-kiss because I will give them continuing opportunities to develop physical fitness, skills friendships and live with community.
    We would live like Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in the Neverland :)

    5 years ago

    5 years ago
  49. Happy Birthday Martina!! :)) 

    I would definitely be a good candidate to adopt a member of Ukiss! My house is pretty big so that wouldn’t be a problem. they could stay in my room if they wanted :D (Promise i wont try anything..maybe…) Alot of my friends are total kissmes so they would get bored with just me~ Of course i world dance them twice a day, i want to learn their dance myself anyway. But even if i wasn’t chosen to adopt ukiss, i would still donate and give them all the support they needed C:  ANYWHO sorry for being late to say happy birthday Martina! hope it was a good one! Youtube User- owlme

    5 years ago
  50. Martina Happy birthday

    :) I want a Cd but I’ve got  cockroaches at home so… :'(

    5 years ago
  51. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARTINA! I send you love injections through the interwebs!

    5 years ago
  52. totally i want to have an zero-g room! even though maybe they dance weird i can wear a mask and just like, float from wall to wall (i don’t have to share no bed i can sleep in the air but obviously U-Kiss never thought of that)
    foshizzle! das rite

    5 years ago
  53. Happy Birthday Martina!! and I wonder if what Hoon and Kevin would say if you meet them again after watching this video. Lol. Congrats on making Min’s twitter with SOY UN DORITO! Now.. I shall spam Jonghyun’s twitter until he watches the Sherlock review with his members.  

    5 years ago
  54. I believe that I would be able to provide an ideal home to a U-KISS member for a variety of reasons.
    1) I currently have many spare beds, pullout couches, and air mattresses, so I would be able to provide my U-KISS member with a choice of beds, or all of them would be able to remain with each other.  As someone who values family, I know how important it is to keep family members together.  This way, we would be able keep them in the same house.
    2) I live in a very prime location.  My home is in a rural/suburban area, so the U-KISS members could have their privacy.  However, I also live within an hour of New York City, so they would be able to experience the pleasures of the city.  Although the town I live in is rather remote, there is a country-renowned high school and a free community college within 15 minutes of my home.  I value education, and I would prioritize U-KISS’s education.
    3) The high school near my home has a country-renowned dance team, as well as a myriad of theatre groups and talent productions.  The school also offers dance classes in place of physical education (as does the community college, which offers a dance major), so U-KISS could be danced twice a day.  If this is not enough, we have a large basement that can easily have mirrors and a dance bar installed, and a fenced in backyard, so U-KISS can have room to be danced if they so desire.
    4) My neighbors and some of my co-workers are Korean, so U-KISS would be able to converse in their native language, while also learning a variety of languages either offered at the school or at my home, including but not limited to, French, Spanish, German, Latin, Mandarin, Japanese, and Hungarian.
    5) My grandmother, who lives with me, is an expert in cooking foods from all cultures, so U-KISS would be able to have kimchi, if they so desired.  We also live near a variety of different restaurants representing different cultures.
    6) My grandmother also used to work as a seamstress, and is used to making Halloween costumes and pieces for cosplays.  We also live near multiple consignment shops and shopping malls, where U-KISS would be able to buy clothing to create unique styles and looks.
    7) I am well aware of the threat of Flaccid Jaw Syndrome.  Luckily, my grandmother and godmother (who lives next door) are trained and registered nurses.  I also work part-time at a doctor’s office, and could easily schedule free appointments to evaluate the onset of Flaccid Jaw Syndrome, and discuss prevention and treatment options.  If they do not feel comfortable going to the doctor’s office, I am related to one of the doctors, and am friends with many others, so I would be able to convince the doctors to make house calls.
    8) Coming from a variety of different backgrounds, my family and I pride ourselves in being culturally relative, so we would do our best to make one member or the entirety of U-KISS part of our family, and not make them feel alienated and isolated.
    9) My family fosters dogs, so I understand that U-KISS members, very much like dogs, have many different personalities, and I feel that I will be able to be sympathetic to their unique problems and attitudes, as well as create a individualized approach for each member.
    I thank you once again for considering me as a potential host for the U-KISS members, and if I am not picked, I will continue to support them.

    5 years ago
  55. U-Kiss CD GiveAway

    We have plenty of corn at my house. Dora sounds like corn in my language and just by listening to this song, it sounds like the U-Kiss members really like corn :) Also, you don’t have to worry, I can do all of the jaw dropping for them while I watch them practice their dance, you know, so that they won’t have to deal with FJS.
    [Youtube – elly0891]


    5 years ago
  56. The reason why I would like to adopt U-Kiss is because wouldn’t it be so harsh to let your husbands sleep on the back alleyway,subway stations,Mr.Brohohoho’s Studio,Inside a freezer,in the wilderness,in an abandoned house and on a literally small apartment?
    I need to keep my husbands safe and I need to keep them away from Mordney Present..

    Youtube username:UkissandNuestFever

    5 years ago
  57. Happy b-day Martina~ Be happy. ^^
    Why would I make an idea candidate to adopt a member of U-Kiss?  
    I think that is not that hard to answer. {Sorry for my english mistakes >.<} 
    First of all, if they want to live with me I will agree with that 100%. I am their fan, so it would be my pleasure. 
    I live in a small country – Lithuania. Here lives less than 3 million people, so I think that U-kiss would have a great vacation, because here aren't Ukiss crazy fangirls {except for me…maybe}. Here aren't much kpop fans, so they have a silent vacation and they can rest in peace. 
    Also here is less air pollution, so they will breath clean air~ It's good for singers. Lithuania is quite green place. They can show true singers skills, because here aren't many good singers.
    They will be enjoying another culture, food and images. They can visit a lot of interesting places here and of course, eat traditional food, like cepelinai and šaltibarščiai. For example, here aren't tall buildings.
    Also I can offer my flat. It haves 3 rooms, also I can leave my room xD If they don't want to do exercise every morning {because I live in 5th floor or they can exercise every morning with me and my cute dog) they can live in the countryside, where lives my grandma and where we are building a house. It's unfinished, but I can bring a bed. Near there is a river, it's really nice and peaceful. 
    My city is small, so they don't have to go to the shops or somewhere else about 2 hours. 
    Also I want to say, that they owner will be really nice to them, reaaallly. She don't bother them and she will be friendly. 
    Or it will be a great chance to promote KPOP and group Ukiss. Also, lithuanians will se another culture, music, people and maybe they couldn't be racist anymore… 
    Also I can do it for their disk. 
    Yeah, and everyone said that lithuanian girls are pretty, so Ukiss fighting~ Maybe they can find second half of their hearts. 
    U-kiss, have a nice trip to my country~ youtube: Imiliukea

    5 years ago
  58. I would be an ideal candidate for adopting an Idol from U-Kiss because i would be willing to share my bed and my cookies. Everyone loves cookies :3

    5 years ago
  59. Ahhhhh. I am the supreme and almighty and all those other awsome things that I cant think of because all I can hear is the beautiful voices of the UKISS boys singing in my ear and that makes me the best UKISS member adoptee. Well, that and the fact that even if they dont move in with me by choice, force is always an option ^^ I bet all other Kissme’s would agree :)
    (utbe account:OneeOppa)

    5 years ago
  60. I totally agree with you guys, i felt the same way in that…i was expecting something really spectacular since Tick Tack and Neverland kicked ass, but….after this i was like…well…i don’t hate it…but…its not great…poo. Oh well, better luck next time i guess. As for U-Kiss being homeless… i would take in all 7 of them! There’s one for each day of the week! Monday Eli, Tuesday Kiseop, Wednesday Kevin (although i think i’d break him…he’s so skinny!) kkkkk. Happy Birthday Martina!! And i’d obviously rather be roomates with U-Kiss! 

    5 years ago
  61. ‘ll be a ideal candidate to adopt ukiss member (aj) because i can pluck AJ’s underarm hair while he’s relaxing in my right angled bed. :) (yt acct: myzanjie)

    5 years ago
  62.                                          Interview with Simon & Martina
    Simon:Why would you make an idea candidate to adopt a member of U-Kiss?
    (my youtube username)starship0311:I would make the ideal candidate to adopt U-kiss because
    Firstly:My house have a gravity force.They cant stand on walls,sitting at the corner of a wall,floating.It is DANGEROUS for my U-kiss.I’m worried for them.

    Secondly:I watch the video,and it seems that they like to doodle on sofas,and even floors.So,i have a special wall for them to doodle AND do their math calculations AND to write inspirational Lyrics like.R squared pi.
    Third:2 popular shopping malls are just a walking distance from my house.It would be convenient for them,as there are dancing studios too!They can shop with me!!

    Fourth:I have a lot of mattress at home cause,i dont know.My mom have a lot of them.They can use it without waiting for their turn.If there are no enough mattress,they can share the bed with me.Or my brother..  hehehe.. :)

    5th:Im a good tour-guide.I can talk and give explanations very well to them about me,my family and the neighbourhood that they are living in.
    6th:I am a good cook.I can cook malay,chinese,indian and western food.I specialise in malay dishes,since I am a malay.Cooking nasi lemak,rendang,etc..
    *i think you guys should eat rendang in malaysia,since you guys are going there.Its very spicy and SEDAP(delicious in malay)*

    7th:I can speak in 3 languages(English,Malay,Arabic) and read Japanese.Sorry no korean.Havent learn yet.I can teach them to learn all this language,so as to let them interact with malay,arabic Kiss-Me’s comfortably!!

    8th:I am a student with a part-time job,which is being a maid at home.I have an experience taking care of my 4 siblings at home,while my mother are at work,cleaning,washing dishes and basically taking care of them.sometimes,even sewing torn school clothesSo,it will be an easy job for me to look after them.

    9th:I want to have an experience having seven older brothers since im the eldest and,i hope that they can help with the household chores!!!YIPPEE!!Free from housework!!

    10th:If i win,eventhough i couldnt get the real U-kiss,i will take good care of the CD!Keep on my shelf,and take good care of it.And if i need help with household chores,i just put it in the radio,and hope that they will help me!

    Lastly,thank you for asking me this question and sorry if its too lengthy,its a side effect of typing at night!Maybe,this problem happens to me only.Thank you!! <3

    5 years ago
  63. I would make an ideal candidate to adopt a member of U-Kiss because not only would I supply them with food, shelter & love, I will also teach them the correct ways to use math formulas.
    youtube: nomnompizza

    5 years ago
  64. Happy Birthday, Martina~! ^^

    5 years ago
  65. KD

    I would be the perfect
    candidate for housing the U-KISS members. However, I won’t just take one, but
    all of the members. Since I’m about to start my last semester of college I will
    need some extra help preparing to graduate, thus giving each member their daily

    Kevin will be my fashion coordinator (I mean who
    doesn’t love backwards suspenders and tablecloths)

    Eli will help me with my public speaking. By
    teaching me how to adjust my voice depending on the certain phrase being said.

    AJ…well he’ll help with setting up a
    payment plan and forecast for repaying student loans. (YUCK)

    Kiseop will crush all my energy drink cans I use to
    stay up late studying, because re-cycling is the best! (NO MAN BRA NEEDED)

    Dongho will be my pet. I’ll take him to take to
    class and allow him to use his boyish charms to win over my teachers. (A’s in the classes will be the results)

    Hoon will stand guard outside my room during
    study time and make sure I’m not bothered.

    Soohyun since he is the leader will be left
    doing all the cleaning and making sure the others do their tasks.

    So pick me…because I really need the help of the U-KISS members
    to make it through one more semester!!!  
    (youtube: xglambyfatex)

    5 years ago
  66. Youtube = uncharted728

    I think that I could make an ideal candidate because I won’t bother UKISS. I would make sure to give the members their personal space and I would try not to be clingy.I would also give them what they need, but I don’t think that I should spoil them :P

    *Happy Birthday Martina!! :D*

    5 years ago
  67. Happy very happy birthday, Martina! Kinda funny that it’s actually my birthday tomorrow.

    Great vid, Simon finding AJ-s secret message totally cracked me up XD

    5 years ago
  68. I would love U-KISS to be in my house because just like their name UBIQUITOUS, I want to see them in any part of my house. And they are very much welcome to stay. Eli in the Garden. Kevin in the living room. Hoon in the entertainment room. Soohyun in the kitchen. AJ in the bathroom. And Kiseop and Dongho in my bedroom. xD

    Youtube username: lakamasabino

    P.S: Happy Birthday to you, Martina! I hope you’ll have a good one. God Bless! :)

    5 years ago
  69. Happy birthday Martina!!

    Btw; how can you let us choose from U-KISS & MBLAQ.THATS JUST SO MEAN ;________; I mean i wouldnt mind sharing rooms with all -counts- 12 of them. cant i just have both? XD 

    5 years ago
  70. Youtube  Username = uncharted728
    I think that I could be an ideal candidate because I won’t bother the 7 of them. I would make sure to give them their personal space and I won’t be a clingy adopter :)

    5 years ago
  71. Hello, hello, do you know me? This is laURen00pris (youtube name). 
    (First of all I would like to say sorry, I got a bit excited so this ended up being really long)
    Well there have been a number of very good reasons why various people should have UKISS come and live with them, but, you know that I can TOP THAT. So the boys seemed to look a bit cold after staying in that freezer down in NEVERLAND, so they really need to come and defrost here with me on the Sunshine Coast in Australia. yeah! We’ve got the beach, the sun and I know they’ll be singing “thanks to you I’m jumping like a kangaroo,” because there’s whole families of kangaroos down the road from my house. And as for my house, there’s a guest room with a big double bed and ensuite just waiting for one of them. Now this is the only guest room, but that does not mean that I can look after ONLY ONE member, we have heaps of mattresses and comfy couches and I would be happy to give up my bed for anyone in UKISS because I hate to think that they must be separated, its just too sad. Being danced twice a day is not a problem as I have heaps of music they can dance to and theres lots of space to dance ON THE FLOOR. Also, we have a sewing machine and I can make them very unique clothing items even from weird materials like table cloths and sparkly things. And I even know how to make feather angel wings, its so AMAZING. My mum is a physio, so she can show them some jaw stretches which will minimise the risk of FJS and forever having their mouths hanging open. Now there may be some concerns, but they shouldn’t feel embarrassed that they wrote all over that couch because my sister wrote all over our table and I like art. Don’t worry they won’t drown themselves in the bath because there is no bath, only a shower. And I will personally remind Kevin that you should not wear clothes in the bath and therefore the shower as well. (If you don’t know what I am talking about then watch A SHARED DREAM) Kiseop’s super human man strength should not be something for him to stress about as I can never open the new jam jar and will require his help. And as for Dongho, ha can find his cure from being captain crazy pants in me as I’ll be his real girlfriend if that is needed. So, there’s heaps of fun things we can do at my house: play basketball and make the ball bounce ba ba bounce ba ba bounce with my older brother who is around the same age as them and watch DORADORA…the explorer with my little sister…nah, just their music videos and lots of korean dramas and popasia recordings while eating TICK TACK’s. We can cook heaps of yummy food, and when we’re melting something we burn it up sl-o-o-w and bring it down low, to simmer; run round and round while singing BINGEUL BINGEUL and sit on the stairs and sing emotional and powerful songs. Also, they don’t need to resort to going into the middle of some spooky forest in order to play the piano, as we have one and then I can teach Dongho how to use more than one finger. You see, I just can’t live WITHOUT YOU UKISS! I don’t have an OBSESSION, just love, because love = obsession and obsession = love. That is, love which is ineffable, and its not a FORBIDDEN LOVE either. So I’m begging you now, don’t deny our r2 pi and send UKISS to my house pleaaaseee! :D        

    oh and of course HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARTINA!!!!!!!

    5 years ago
  72. 1) I will provide adequate clothing for all of the members
    so that they won’t have to experience living in freezing cold conditions
    wearing nothing but singlets ever again. And if any of the members find
    themselves wearing nothing but a man bra, I will be more than happy to buy them
    some more clothes.

    2) I have A LOT of old, unused watches at home and
    if Kiseop feel like crushing them with his MAN STRENGTH when he’s bored, I will
    allow that. I’ll probably end up buying a stress ball for him though

    3) The members must have severe back pain after
    attempting to sleep on a vertical bed. However I have several beds at home, all
    of which are set up horizontally and fitted with mattresses designed for
    optimal back support.

    4) I will keep a record of how many times they are
    rubbing their lips per day and take them to hospital immediately if it becomes
    excessive. I will also contact Dr. Reel I. Sware if symptoms of FJS persist

    5) I have several couches which can cater for all the
    members so that no one has to sit on the floor when AJ decides to be the Couch

    6) I think that U-Kiss is getting to the age where
    still believing in Neverland is unhealthy. Although it would be nice to allow
    them to keep believing in Neverland, it really has gone on for far too long and
    my friend, who is studying psychology, may be able to help them.

    7) I recently discovered that U-Kiss has a tendency
    to stutter and repeat words (binguel baenguel x164, kkeucheun eobseo never end
    x6943, tell the DJ
    turn it up up up and da-da-dance a little more, bounce ba-ba-bouce ba-ba-bouce ).
    Although I currently don’t know any speech therapists, I’m willing to spend the
    time and effort to find one. (Do you know if Dr. Reel I. Sware has any
    connections with speech therapists?)

    8) My home also has an outdoor portable room,
    complete with a large antique looking clock and a broken light. So, if one
    member decides that he wants to sing through the night, he can do so without
    affecting the others’ sleep.


    Youtube: TheBoatface1234



    5 years ago
  73. My YouTube username is 486…

    my answer is,my house would make an ideally perfect place because is fun
    to have a roomate live in my house and we could workout or play video
    game or we can have a house party with alot of girls!! ^_^

    5 years ago
  74. youtubename: chloecherryblossom

    I am the best candidate because my house has been specially built as a k-pop idol complex…  an extract from our website will explain further….

    Here at KPOPHOMEZ4U we have everything possibly required to keep your idol happy! From the giant fridge filled with all manner of tasty but healthy delights, to the personalised ‘selca’ rooms (fed up of the same old cute pose? We have a library with reference guides of hundreds of poses!!) and the beautiful hallways straight out of a fairytale! (Perfect for photoshoots!)

    Want to brush up on your skills? Simply join one of our many classes, these include dancing, singing, acting, modelling and our most popular class : “Designing the autograph that’s right for you”.

    Feeling tired and over worked? Just pop in to our cinema room to catch up on your favourite kdrama episodes, eatyourkimchi videos or variety shows!! 
    Not forgetting our very own shopping mall – complete with art supplies store (great for u-Kiss members who enjoy doodling on sofas), etude house and other korean cosmetic brand stores and a whole wonder of restaurants!!!

    Past guests include Park Bom, IU and SHINee’s Taemin!!

    5 years ago
    • Okay I think you should take them!  It’s like when you get a new pet and realize you really thought you would the best pet mom and then you see someone doing it better and you think, oh man I suck, my pet needs THAT mom!  You have all the cool tubes for the hamsters too don’t you?  I hope you win!!!

      5 years ago
  75. Why I should have a U-KISS member should live at my house?
    ~I don’t have any U-KISS merch unfortunately. But this means that they won’t wake up to find a giant poster of themself/selves staring back at them.
    ~I live across the road from a huge park. We could go practice Doradora in the nice fresh air.
    ~I’m currently doing a design course so there are tons of “unique” idol-esque clothes. I even have something similar to those bird outfits from one of the first Neverland perfs.

    5 years ago
  76. sasaeng fan. haha epic.

    5 years ago
  77. Oh gosh I posted twice but I didn’t think it would link to my twitter or facebook O___O 

    5 years ago
  78. I think I would be an ‘ideal’ candidate because, well  I don’t think Ideal really fits but I think I would be a possible considered choice… 

    I  have a magical rainbow unicorn that they could just go for rides on  and visit magical realms.. heh We can transport to maybe the world of One Piece and pretend to be pirates and make ourselves worth a huge bounty and maybe cross paths with Monkey D. Luffy for the experience and collect lots of treasure, Donhgo can get a lot of expensive things and we can live in wealth before crossing back over on the Unicorn and taking all of our treasure with us and living happily forever muahaha. Whislt we are there  we can all have a lot of fun and see the world and because we got there on a rainbow unicorn no time passes in the real world ^___^There are no limits to where we can go so we can vist anywhere they wish and also my friend has a pet llama called Zelo who is magical so he can also do his own magical things. I also have a few Pig-Rabbits and they are very magical hings that will grant them whatever they wish.[LilacFairytale–YT]

    5 years ago
  79. i dont have my older brother so i want to adopt one of this guys especially shin dong ho :P *lightbulb* i dont have my boyfriend too XD. Uhmm Well I have a lying bed not hanging for them to sleep comfortably :D and if they want they can sleep beside me :D (ohmyGod). We have a  sofa set for them not to share in one doodled, painted and drawn weird objects couch. Our house is clean, I washed it XD. I will loooovee to play around with these guys as their little sister if they want :) a mother to cook for their food especially Adobo, a girlfriend (for real XD) to care and love them and of course a fan that will be always there to cheer them up in all the things that they want to do. Im a KissMe Pinay (<–Filipino term for Girl) and i can say "It's more fun in the Philippines" and its more more fun if your with me *wink* . 
    I love you U-Kiss even if cant adopt you for real, We ,all of the Kiss Me around the world will always be here for you supporting cheering and loving. I know we can do this, Let's make this number 1. Once again I love love love love you :* muah :D. 
    To simon and martina: i also love you guys keep this up, Martina Happy happy birthday, wish you all the best and can i have a little of white skin? XD LOL 
    itsihsai :D

    5 years ago
  80. U-Kiss Cd giveaway <3

    I don't really know if I would be the perfect candidate but I think I should be an option for them ^^ K-pop isn't really big here in Sweden so they could be like the first kpop group to come here and become HUGE! And I live on the countryside so they would be able to relax when they have charmed whole sweden! :3 I have a big house with a lot of rooms and because I'm adopted from korea I have a lot of interst in korea and I know a little right know and as you might can see ( because I'm writing this in english) I can english so communicating wouldn't be a problem ^^ 

    …. well… not much more to say xD 

    Youtube username: SveenssonJulia

    p.s Happy Birthday Martina! I hope you have a great day!

    5 years ago
  81. um i’m pretty sure u-kiss would looove to stay with me, all seven
    members. AJ and i can be asian maths nerds together and work on my trig
    homework, and there are heaps of pigeons in my backyard for eli to play
    with so he won’t get homesick~ kevin can teach me girl groups dances
    but then we’d fight cos he’s prettier than me :c dongho and i can have
    matching doggie onesie pyjamas and all eight of us would chill and cook
    and party together ^____^ ((and i don’t mind if soohyun doesn’t wear a

    5 years ago
  82. Hello :)
    I think I’d make a good candidate to adopt a U-kiss member because…
    I have a nice house, which has many mattresses so that all the U-kiss members can have one bed each! Yay!
    I live in Australia, so they can have fun times at the beach, in the sunshine (don’t worry, I’ll make sure to give them tonnes of sunscreen so that they can maintain their glorious milky white skin), and have general shenanigans whilst riding kangaroos and battling away emus.
    I’ll make sure they’re fed well, I’m Japanese so they can have all the tofu and other delicious low fat yet strangely nutritious foods that are available!
    Also, I have a bunny. She’s black, and fluffy, and adorable, and has these cute little fluffy ears and I can dress her up and make her do u-kiss dances like Spudgey because Kevin loves Spudgey, and I love Spudgey, and my bunny loves Spudgey, so they would like my bunny too… Now I want to show you my bunny! Hmmm, maybe I’ll put up a video…
    My youtube channel is “lalabagels” because I was hungry when I was making the account…
    Also, I love your videos! You combine two of my favourite countries into one beautiful youtube channel, Canada and Korea! I swear, every time you say “about”, i replay it about 20 times :3
    I hope you make youtube videos forever! Saranghae <3

    5 years ago
  83. I was really happy about last week’s competition for KMM. KissMes and BABYs fought really hard. I enjoyed this review. :)))

    5 years ago
  84. I would be the ideal candidate to adopt Eli because I have Red Bull XD

    5 years ago
  85. Youtube: FoxFirePast
    Now with that over with, to the important stuff.
    I AM the ideal candidate to adopt a U-Kiss member for a few good reasons.

    1. I have Just Dance 3 for the Kinect so we could dance to our hearts’ content and choreograph crazy routines to every song on the playlist until we drop.
    2. Living in Las Vegas, NV, I live near enough designer label stores (Chrome Hearts, Louis Vuitton, Versace, etc.) to satisfy their expensive Asian tastes.
    3. Also, on that note, I can also take them to the Adventure Dome (an enclosed theme park) so they can satisfy their needs to be at odd angles in the air, made obvious in Doradora, with all the rides and roller coasters.
    4. I have large stuffed animals, tons of pillows, and a math book or two so we can go over r2pi late into the night with baked treats from my favorite Korean bakery.
    5. I know a few good Korean BBQ restaurants in Las Vegas’s Chinatown so they’ll feel more at home.
    6. I’d take them to a spa weekly to make sure their beautiful faces, hair, and bodies were given the proper treatment they need to be taken care of.
    7. And lastly, but not least, my family would welcome them with open arms because they’re all sweethearts.

    Happy (late, mianaeyo) Birthday Martina!

    5 years ago

    5 years ago
  87. Voting for U-Kiss!

    5 years ago
  88. They can sleep in my bed anytime.^^

    5 years ago
  89. First, I love U-KISS very, very, much!  They’re one of my favorite k-pop bands! ^^ 

    I’m not sure if I’m the “ideal” candidate to adopt a member from U-KISS, but because I’m not a huge fangirl as I am with Teen top, I wouldn’t be as fangirly with the member, so maybe he would feel more comfortable and feel that I’m more of a “friend” for him. 

    I would try to make very much space for the person I adopt from U-KISS, just to make him feel home and free. I mean, it would be quite awkward at first to meet him, but as time flows, I think everything would be fine.
    I said I would try to make much space for that person, and yes, I have a wardrobe, that is much like a room, so he would have a lot of space,(buuut then I need to get away with the clothes, where I would put the clothes? Thaaaat’s another story…). 

    Because I live so far away from the actual town, that equals much more freedom for him.I’m practically living in the woods, with such a big space between my neighbors, so I think he would like it ^^ I would of course buy him a big, cosy, bed, at IKEA, yeeey swedish stuff, because IKEA makes the most comfortable beds in my opinion! Also, I’m the only child in the house, my sister moved out 4 years ago, so there’s no annoying children nor sisters or brothers, which could also be quite awkward for him because then there’s only he and I in the house except from my parents…… BUUUUT because I’m very honest and quite good at getting rid of tense situations, I don’t think there’s a huge problem.When the member is in Sweden, I would show him all the cool places and force him to eat traditional foods, haha he would hate me for that. Here was some ideas for what I’d do if I was an idea candidate to adopt a member from U-KISS. I really want to win this price, and I’m sorry that my english grammar sucks, but it would be soooo cool to win! ^^ 

    5 years ago
    • your grammar doesn’t suck !!!!!! you are so mean !!!!!^^ anyway your ideas are good (better than mine -__-) so i’ll be really happy if you win this price ! wish you luck !

      p.s.and if you won’t win this price (wich you probably will but let’s see….) then you have much more giveaways from Simon (shazam!!!) and Martina. don’t be sad if you won’t win this price…. cause you know……i tried my best to……….probably cause i’m a moron ?!? TT^TT

      FIGHTING SWEDISH GIRL (i don’t know your name but you said you’re from Sweden- like my dog——> swedish lapphund)
      sorry for my bad english…… -___-

      5 years ago
  90. This song is not catchy as Neverland i agree.The spinning room give me a headache after watching the video..

    5 years ago
  91. Why would I make an idea candidate to adopt a member of U-Kiss?~I may not have a very big room or bed to make a member of U-KISS happy. I only have a queen size bed that’s not that expensive. But I am sure that he will feel comfortable. My house isn’t what you can call a “dream house”. It only has 1 floor but it’s still a place you could call HOME. I’m not a skilled cook nor a person who could cook fancy food. But I can give them food that is healthy and at the same will give them enough energy to last a day. I don’t have huge wardrobe to give them great clothes or anything. But I will give them clothes to make them comfy. I may not be rich and famous. I may not be as great and known like them. But I will provide them with lots of comfort and happiness. I’m not their family. But I will treat him like he’s my older brother. I know artists don’t have much time to rest and to relax and have a private life. But if I’m given the chance to adopt a member of U-KISS,I will let him relax. I don’t think that people need expensive or imported things to be happy or to feel comfortable. Just the simple things can make them happy. Not everyone can provide “branded” things. It doesn’t matter if it costs so much. The important thing is that if they are comfortable and happy with it,then it’s all good.

    5 years ago
  92. Simon & Martina: Question~ I was just curious if you guys have heard Tick Tock (Kor. Ver.) yet?? I was just wondering because of your love/mention of Tick Tack (Jap. Ver. of course) in the description above ^^

    5 years ago
  93. u-kiss all the way!

    5 years ago
  94. Did you guys mean to say ‘ideal’ candidate because I read that sentence over and over again and could not understand what you meant by ”
    why would you make an IDEA candidate”.

    5 years ago
  95. I would be an amazing candidate for U-KISS to share in my house because although I have a few rooms, I would sacrifice my huge room and huge bed just for U-KISS. (I can also fit another bed which would be enough space for 8-9 people total.) Not only that, but I’d also be a casual close friend to each of the members, especially Eli even though Dongho’s my bias. I would make sure they have plenty of rest and that they are relaxed, and when they sleep, I will have my fangirl moments over how precious they look when they’re sleep. (I wouldn’t stalk them or anything though! That’s just plain weird.) I would treat U-KISS as ordinary people but with more concern and better judgement. I’d also goof around with U-KISS showing them how I learned their dances, and maybe they can teach me the correct way. :D
    YouTube – Eunnie1008

    P.S Happy birthday Martina!!! (Is is April 30 or May 1? Happy belated if it’s April 30 ^____^)

    5 years ago
  96. I would be an ideal candidate because i have younger siblings and I can take care of them really well. I know how to cook, clean, and any other chore you have in mind I can try and WILL dominate :) Also I love everything Kpop I LOVE their music they are just really good at what they do. I will treat U-Kiss very well and they will have an awesome american experience with me I’ll show them all around were I live like San Fransisco and Los Angeles :)

    5 years ago
  97. Also…


    5 years ago
  98. My youtube account: barcode119

    I believe I would make the ideal candidate to adopt a member of U-Kiss for three reasons:

    1) As a fellow dancer, I would make sure that the member of U-Kiss that I adopt will be let out to dance at least twice a day. We could spend our time dancing doing that cool feet movement when they sing “dora dora dora doraga dora dora dora boji malgo doraga” (also known as the “happy feet”).

    2) I live in one of the most fashion forward cities in the world, New York CIty. In my care, the adopted U-Kiss member will be constantly exposed to all the trend setting fashions of NYC (both the wild and the mild). This will constantly inspire the member to try the most forward thinking fashions. Kevin’s table cloth would just the beginning; next could be a table liner, or place mats, or even arm rest covers (or adorable bento boxes?!).

    3) Lastly, as a fellow average sized Asian male, by adopting a member of U-Kiss, our wardrobes will instantly double. It’s a win-win for everybody!

    (ok…that last reason may be a little more for personal gain, but I promise the adopted member of U-Kiss will benefit too. I, too, possess a collection of awesome t-shirts. In fact, Simon and I share a few including the one saying “Allow me to explain through interpretive dance” and the one with the bear dressed up like a honey bee :D )

    5 years ago
  99. u kiss vs mblaq huh? this shud be good XD love both but def u kiss 4 me ^^ 

    5 years ago
  100. I would make an ideal candidate to adopt the members of U-kiss because I am learning korean and am fluent in english. My moms house is about 5 minutes away from Kevin’s old hometown Danville in California he could show the members around where he grew up. Also my dads hour is not to far from San Francisco and that could be really fun for the guys to hang out at. I would feed them any food they want and we could play video games all day :) I wouldn’t mind sharing my bed either ;)- Sakuraichan3

    5 years ago
  101. Happy Birthday Martina.^-^
    Hope you have a great time.

    5 years ago
  102. I agree. U-Kiss needs more beds in their video. That way, they can all be laying on beds while looking sulkily off to the side and singing desperately to the ceiling (or wall). Yes, they all need beds…actually, there need to be more beds in every Kpop boyband video. Beds for everyone!

    Ok, creepy fangirl moment aside…

    Happy Birthday Martina!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I hope your day is as great as you,
    You deserve every fun moment cuz every birthday’s overdue,
    Your day should be awesome and I hope you don’t get much fuss,
    But if you go clubbing, try not to fall and break your humerus,
    You always look amazing, but today, wear your best dress,
    So you can feel fine while you’re walkin’ down the street, and cause multiple cases of FJS,
    Happy birthday Martina, enjoy your cake and candles,
    And if I ever come to Korea, can I Baro a Sandeul?

    You’re awesome, Martina! Happy Birthday! <3

    5 years ago
  103. Q: Why would you make an ideal candidate to adopt a member of U-Kiss? 
    A: My parents have a giant wine cellar full of wine that I think is secretly meant for AJ. Based on what I got from (image below) I’m pretty sure he’d be the happiest man alive.

    (youtube: seoulbeat)

    5 years ago
  104. Happy birthday Martina!

    5 years ago
  105. “why would you make an ideal candidate to adopt a member of U-Kiss?”

    I would be the ideal because:

    They can have my super big room that is hardly filled with anything. haha. Seriously its really empty and I don’t mind giving up my room. That room is not only super big, but it also has four closet doors which are mirrors!! It would be the perfect place for them to practice their dancing in a safe place away from dark alleys, subways stations, etc. It can also fit about three beds; which can be removed for dancing. The others can stay in this cool downstairs room with a bedroom, bathroom and a neat little living room. We also I have a cool couch that can be turned into a bed so they don’t have to worry about sharing if they don’t want to. They can eat as much food as they want because we never run out of food in my house! We always have food in my house. haha. :D I can also cook and LOVE to bake so they can get yummy treats from me anytime they want!! I would also be able to help the other members learn English while I learn Korean from them. I’m trying to learn Korean so they’ll be able to help me with my pronunciation and I would be able to teach the others English pronunciation with Kevin and Eli. I LOVE doing artsy stuff, so we can paint, draw, etch,etc. any time. I like the way they make the paint splatter in the music video, so U-Kiss has the freedom to be artsy too!! I also live in a really small city where most people would be like, U-Kiss who? So they don’t need to worry about being attacked by fangirls. I’m not a crazy fangirl so they don’t need to worry about being attacked by me. I would just treat them as good friends and refrain from doing anything embarrassing to them! haha. Sorry for the really long message though!! :( But yes, this is why I would be the perfect candidate. :)



    5 years ago
    • I know this is a little late, but I just remembered that I forgot to post my youtube account name…but here it is: Youtube account name is seaa2.

      Also while I was thinking about the room idea I came up with this neat floor plan that shows how the rooms would look like. Also with the second room, the living room gets turned into another bedroom so that they don’t all have to share beds. haha. :)

      P.S.the random squares are like night stands or bookshelves that U-Kiss members can keep their personal belongs in. haha. :)

      5 years ago

    5 years ago
  107. I would be an ideal candidate to adopt U-Kiss because….
    1.) I would feed them, and nurse them, and I would also give them a bed.
    2.) I live in LA, so I will be able to hide them from all the other fangirls and have them to myself ^^
    3.) I would invite you two over so you can visit them anytime you would like to (:
    4.) I would help them from their vampire problems.
    5.) I will correct their grammar…  r^2 pi???  nononononononono
    6.) Lastly I will stop them from manhandling themselves, over aggressively touching their lips, and keep them immune from the umbrellaless epidemic that has been going around the KPOP industry ^^

    username: heroloverXD

    5 years ago

    If you do meet U-KISS at Mnet, do tell them that they have their International fans to back them up — tell them how we fought to get them their first #1 on Music Shows or how we vote like crazy for them to have the two of you to review their DORADORA MV. 

    If Korean K-Pop fans are too blind or deaf to see & hear how talented they are or how amazing their live performances are, tell them we International fans appreciate all their hard work and ask them not to give up and never stop releasing good & quality music! ♥♥ 

    And tell them they are doing really great with their Japanese promotions — by singing original Japanese songs (instead of remakes), have awesome Japanese pronunciation, fully rap in Japanese and even learning diligently to speak the language. 

    We KISS Me are very proud of them! :D

    5 years ago
  109. Oops, sorry if I spelled any words wrong :/

    5 years ago
  110. I do think I would make an ideal person to ad adopt a member of UKiss. Why you might ask?
    1.) I own a big house, with two extra rooms, one of which has a king sized bed. I would also be willing to give up my room for any one of my oppa’s
    2.) I have what I guess you would call a mini dance studio in my basement. Nd I would also be willing to give that up for my oppas.
    3.) My mother is a nurse, and alot of people in my family are doctors, so I think F.J.S wouldn’t be a problem ^^
    4.) as for the unique clothing, I have been told I got quite a good taste in fashion before, so I could easily come up with a cute, sexy or laid-back look for them.
    5.) I own a big piece of private property, so no fangirls or popperazzi would be able to bug oppas ^^
    6.) as for cooking, I am not the best, but I would be willing to take an expensive gourmete class to learn how to cook asian food ^^
    7.) I would take care of them and love them, but I wouldn’t go all phsyco fangirl on them and keep them in my sight 24/7

    (YouTube: emptyjarfilms or sisterzrock1) *I put down both because I forgot which one I subscribed to you guys on ^^ I hope it’s not a problem if I subscribed on both >.<*

    5 years ago
  111. Dear Martina,

    I just wanted to wish you a very, merry, MEGAFOXYAWESOMEHOTT birthday!!! :D Hope your birthday wishes come true!! :)  Hope you have a fabulous birthday, Martina!



    P.S. Check out this youtube video for a fun happy birthday song!!


    5 years ago
  112. Sorry ukiss…Mblaq would be more pleasing to look at…..I mean Not that ukiss isn’t good looking… Mblaq just has more abs….sorry -.-

    5 years ago
  113. I’d be a good candidate to adopt a member of U-Kiss like
    Kevin because he can eat many foods here like fish. ^^’ And lots of sweets that
    can break his teeth. But well I can’t let that happen do I? So I’ll give him
    another set of foods to avoid that thing happening. It would make him a lot
    bigger ^^. I and my sister can do make-ups that could make him a girl to avoid
    fans.  (He’d definitely look gorgeous).  My bed is full of stuffed toys he likes that
    he can freely cuddle. ~Of course I can also be the stuffed toy ^^ I’m obviously
    not a toy but I’m stuffed.

    All of the members can be adopted. I can provide them what they need. A great rest place.

    youtube username: JoanAnasco

    Happy Birthday Martina! ~ (Remembered from your backstage chat with U-Kiss XD)

    5 years ago
  114. YouTube Name: OhGeeOh

    why would you make an idea candidate to adopt a member of U-Kiss? 
    1. I am the Mom of a 16 yr old. Need I say more? Oh, I need to say more?
    2. I would do their laundry.
    3. My husband LOVES to cook & is an awesome cook, so I will make them cook for the boys.
    4. I have Pillow Pets. What KPop idol wouldn’t love to sleep with Pillow Pets!?

    5 years ago
  115. Why would

    5 years ago
  116. Reasons I would be a good adopter for the u-kiss members:
    1. I have 3 extra queen beds in my house
    2. I would be their bodyguard for all the crazy fan girls that try to attack them.
    3. I would make sure u-kiss’s hair will stay gorgeous
    4. I will hire a fashion designer so their clothes will forever be awesome
    5. I will work with Kevin, Eli, and AJ to teach the rest of the u-kiss members English.
    6. I will teach them how to design and paint better so they won’t mess up their next room
    7. I would feed Hoon bacon with ketchup on top because it’s his favorite american food
    8. I would feed Kevin so all of the girls will not be jealous of his skinniness. 
    9. I would make them happier so they wouldn’t dance in scary depressing alleyways.
    10. I would use Kiseop’s super strength to turn him into a superhero!!!
    11. I would teach u-kiss members how to draw properly on a couch.
    12. Plenty of room to dance in my house. 
    13. Everything here is on the ground and not on the walls. Therefore, u-kiss will no longer struggle to keep themselves on the bed.
    14. I will make sure everyone has a place to sleep, so no one has to wait by walking creepishly on the walls.
    15. I will keep an extra eye on superhero Kiseop, because I don’t want him destroying his room again.
    16. I will never let them be homeless again when they make music.
    17. I will make sure they don’t rub their bodies awkwardly in public.
    18. I will keep the u-kiss members away from any spiders, who have already turned them into spidermans. (Except for Kiseop, who is the Hulk)
    19. I will teach u-kiss you are supposed to put the paint on the walls, not their pants, the floor, and their once beautiful couch.
    20. I will enter AJ in an art contest for the most creative piece.

    youtube username: animefan2607

    5 years ago
  117. I have a farm where they can run free. Miles from anyone who will fan girl over them. Plenty of fresh air and good ol’ Australian spring water. I don’t even like them that much so they can have their privacy. Lots of room and beds for all. 

    5 years ago
  118. Happy Birthday Martina!! Hope you have a blast!!

    Choosing U-Kiss, at least they have a real room. The smell of gasoline fumes wouldn’t work.

    5 years ago
  119. Amy

    Why I would make an ideal candidate to adopt a member of U-Kiss? Hmm…
    Well for starters, I own some moogles and chocobos. Everyone loves moogles and chocobos. Secondly, I own many video games… hence why I own said above. Guys like to play video games and that will be their main focus for a long time. They can escape the realities of the their poor homeless lives and instead adopt a new lifestyle in World of Warcraft. Take the Hallyu wave into an online realm. Thirdly, I come from a city with good food – the president of the US has said so. People, even homeless K-Pop stars like good food, right? I’d be concerned if they didn’t. Fourth, I have a friend who’s father owns a construction company – automatic job for Kiseop and his super strength. Fifth, I ban man bras. That is a no go. Sixth – I can say the alphabet backwards in less than 10 seconds. This is a gift and I think I should get some recognition and really serves no purpose. I guess I can teach the Korean members and then in turn can use this talent to teach the little children in the online realms. Yay English lessons? Seventh and final (7 not chosen on purpose because there are seven members) – I live about an hour away from Toronto and visit every year – bonus points, yeah?

    5 years ago
  120. every one i know says i would be the perfect to adopt the U-Kiss members

    reason 1 i have a huge two story house with pleanty of room to keep them all happy and the second story would come in handy when all their fan girls might possibly mob the house

    reason 2 they would have loads of fun doing anything they wanted

    reason 3 im a only child and it gets kinda boring so i would do stuff with them and help them with stuff they didnt understand

    reason 4 i know enough about the korean culture and have enough korean friends they would never get home sick

    reason 5 they would only have the best clothes because thats the only thing they would deserve

    reason 6 i would make them dance at least 2 times a day because i would want them to teach me how to dance better and i would just want to stare at them as they danced

    reason 7 i would give them my bed room and i would sleep in the couch if they weren’t all comftorable in my bedroom i would give them the couch and the recliner and i would sleep on the floor

    reason 8 their voices would get better and better when they stayed at my house because i would want them to serenade me in korean

    reason 9 they would be healthier because of practicing softball with me

    reason 10 they would never be bored becaus they would be with me and i am 1000% worth of awesome

    reason 11 they would have me as the adoring little sister and i wouldnt bug them or make them mad so i would be the good kind of sister not the bad kind

    reason 12 they would make more music for a new cd which would make everyone happy

    reason 13 they would never have to worry because they would know i would protect them and would destroy anyone who would come into a short range i would destroy

    reason 14 they would never want to leave because it would be perfect for all of them  

    5 years ago
  121. Youtube username : Lizzylilly101

    I would be the ideal candidate for the following reasons:

    1) I have a vast collection of bizarre clothes to fulfill all of U-KISS’ bizarre-clothe-wearing needs (I am a lifetime subscriber to Mr. Brohoho; he sent me replicas of all of BILASA’s clothes from Beautiful Target – including Blow Me whistles)

    2) The room that I would house them in is covered in Trigonometry-themed wallpaper with right-angled triangles that would keep AJ occupied for hours

    3) I have more than 1 bed and 1 couch, and all the beds are on the floor, not the wall.

    5 years ago
  122. Happy Birthday Martina!!!

    5 years ago
  123. I’ll be a wonderful candidate to adopt a U-KISS member because:
    1) I love U-Kiss.
    2) I’ll never deny his R-squared PI.
    3) Though I can’t exactly dance, my inability to dance will encourage him (WHOEVER HE MIGHT BE) to teach me, thus giving him the dance workout he needs.
    4) I like to paint. We could paint together.
    5) I will nail my bed, I mean, the guest bed to the wall if he wants.
    6) No imaginary girlfriends allowed.
    7) I HAVE A DOG. My dog will keep a watch out for the security guard while he sleeps cozily in my bed the guest bed. Woof.
    8) Math is my best subject. GO RIGHT TRIANGLES! 

    youtube username: janhuynh


    5 years ago
  124. Youtube username: JMei2210 

    Why would I make an idea candidate to adopt a member of U-KISS? 

    THEY NEED MORE FOOD. Look at them, they’ve been busying for Japan activities and rushing for their Korean comeback. They are loosing weight and look tired. For Eli, he needs healthy drink and food! All he knows is redbull redbull redbull. Ain’t healthy yo. I’m a Chinese from Malaysia and we drink soup a lot which is healthy. I can learn some recipes from my mom and cook for them! Oh by the way, my mom is a good cook *winkwink* I don’t really diet because food is a gift from God. If we go to mall, we can eat and drink without thinking about diet. (of course we have to control the amount of food we’re eating LOL)
    I like sports, games and surfing the net. With U-KISS, I think it’ll be more fun because they’re easy going. We will definitely have lots of great time.
    FOR ROOM, yea I don’t really have a big room. I don’t mind sleeping in the living room lol. But if we all share a room, our relationship will be better too. U-KISS does not live together in a dorm but they do live together when they’re in Japan. If we share a room, we can share our stories at night. Waking up others in the morning.. It’s like a brothers and sister relationship. 

    Hehe that’s all.. thank you! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARTINA!

    5 years ago
  125. Seang il Chuka hae yo Martina! hehe Happy Birthday! woot woot!
    have an awesome and blessed one :)

    5 years ago

    I think I'd make an ideal UKISS adopter because I live in a 58-square-meter condo with two bedrooms, both of which are being used. HOWEVER, I do have vastly under-utilized walls (they're blank because we're too lazy to hang up our art) AND a ceiling, so I have LOTS of space! Heck, we can use the ceiling as a reverse dance floor! Soooo *in Bob Barker voice* Come on down! :P

    Youtube account: Alexis Aragona

    5 years ago
  127. Happy Birthday Martina!!!!

    5 years ago
  128. HAPPY BDAY, MARTINA!!! =_+

    5 years ago
  129. YouTube Username: Wei0Viv0Wei

    I would make an ideal candidate to adopt a U-KISS member because…

    5 years ago
  130. Why i would be perfect to adopt U-kiss
    I have 2 BIG rooms which is empty even maybe ALL the u-kiss member can do the practice dance there lol

    I guarantee they will not never starve if they are hungry i’ll cook or maybe we can cook togather like what aj, kevin, and eli do in star kitchen with u-kiss, I always want to cook with someone, I think it’s really fun :D and if they need outfit for their live show we can shopping togather ^^/

    it’s fun in my house they could play with my Wii or read comic books *i have hundreds of comic books in my house, it’s almost like library lol* oh yeah AJ can teach me math if he has a free time, I still have problem with math -.- and If they stay in my house finally I can call someone oppa ~~ LOL he can accompany me to go somewhere new or just walk togather. and when they will go to live show i’ll accompany them and support them until they finished, bring them water, so they’ll not thirsty and many more that I can’t put it all here, I certainly perfect to adopt them!! ^^

    my youtube username: vinnyarchie
    and happy birthday martina!! have a great day! ^^

    5 years ago

    5 years ago
  132. okay i think i am ready to enter the contest! my youtube username is othersunsets.

    i would make an “idea” candidate (lol typo you guise) to adopt a u-kiss member because i want to be bros with them! i have enough restraint as to not treat them as sex gods worthy to be drooled and squealed over (in their presence at least ;D) and will give them plenty of room, respect, and space. i just want a guy i can hang out with, fistbump with, and feel comfortable around, and i think eli fits the bill! he’s korean american so it wouldn’t be exceedingly awkward or difficult (since i’m american) with a language barrier and whatnot if i were to adopt a member that isn’t as skilled in english. not that i wouldn’t want to, but we’re talking about ideals here. also, i feel like eli doesn’t fit into the kpop norm. i don’t see him as a kpop idol but a regular guy, and i think that’s cool and not intimidating. it’s more down to earth. there’s a connection there. people want to be able to connect with celebrities and make them less-celebrity-fied… does that make any sense? maybe he also misses the freshness and lack of restraint america has to offer, which he’ll enjoy if he comes and stays with me. since i live in texas, i don’t think heat will be much of a problem since in the video you guys took with u-kiss, they said they weren’t hot even though you guys were dying, haha.

    i’ll also willingly sacrifice my ample fullsize bed for him! i love my bed but sleeping on the floor is fine by me if he needs me to! there’s enough room in my house for him to practice dancing and i sing all the time so singing won’t be a problem. as for clothes… well he can buy his own damn clothes, sorry. haha — no, i will hopefully be learning how to sew soon, so maybe i can make some… er, costumes for him? or he can just go to the store like a normal person. that works too. i’ve been interested in learning korean (i plan on teaching english in korea after i graduate next year and i want to be prepared and as immersed in the culture as possible), so if he has time, he can possibly teach me some of the language. especially hangul because that is just. confounding. maybe he can also teach me how to get my thighs to look like his because his thighs are amazing. and we can play lots and lots of videogames together. because everyone likes videogames. yay! also, i am good at cleaning up after others, but if he’s particularly messy i won’t be afraid to show him his place! but i will respect his busy schedule and take that into consideration. one more thing: i will be determined to wean this boy off of the disgusting this-tastes-like-grass-and-the-inside-of-a-piñata redbull. it will be tough. he might cry. but it’s for his own good because he drinks far too much of it and is going to end up having a heart attack. i care about your health, okay man.

    i already left a message on your facebook timeline but happy birthday martina! i love you, you excellent woman you. :D

    5 years ago
  133. Happy birthday Martina!!!! <3

    5 years ago
  134. YOUTUBE USERNAME: guilmonlatias56

    why would you make an idea candidate to adopt a member of U-Kiss?
    because i love ukiss, but my parents don’t. i would cook for them and kevin can help me out on my math homework. we can also watch eatyourkimchi, happy birthday martina

    5 years ago
  135. Reason why I would make a great ideal candidate to adopt a U-kiss member:
    1, I have a guest room they could sleep in.
    2, I have lots of snacks and my parents own a Chinese/Japanese/Malaysia Restaurant and so they could have any food they want.
    3. There is a lots of board games and cards at my house
    4. I always wanted a older brother to play with and tease with.
    5. I can bake cupcakes, brownies, cakes, cookies
    6. The basement is big so they can dance down there. 
    7. I will properly clothes them so they will stop wearing white.
      ( YOUTUBE- HappyTree14) 

    I Just LOVE them and their music!!!! :)

    5 years ago
  136.  OMG Happy Birthday Martina!!! EATYOURKIMCHI <333

    5 years ago
  137. I love how you guys totally have the TTS promo pic as your background for the laptop

    5 years ago
  138. youtube username: shadegem
    I can cook. Anyone who saw Chef’s Kiss can understand why this may be important. Really, why can idols never cook? They’re skinny enough as it is, so good meals will be just the things to keep them healthy and everyone, including me, a peace of mind.And I can sew! Strange new outfits? Lemme whip that up right now. (though I have to say, I loved Kiseop’s red outfit in this MV. Awesome match to his new hair)Plus, I have no qualms at all about holding their chins. Can’t have them suffering from FJS, now can we? I can be your support 24/7. With the occasional break to, you know, cook and sew and stuff. Hmm…maybe I should hire a maid. Ehe…And I got an A in Calc 3! That should be enough to feed AJ’s love of math, right? O.O
    And with that, I rest my case. 

    5 years ago

    5 years ago
  140. Happy Birthday Martina :D Hope you have a great day ;)

    5 years ago
  141. I would be a good candidate because
    my parents and sister is loving people that care in helping other in need.  When my friends are in need of help my
    parents are there to help them out a place to stay for them to get back in
    their feet and they love to cook for them. In total we are family of seven, my
    parent home contain three bedroom and my three older sister move out to go
    study at the university; they left their bedroom empty. As now the bed room, I
    made as a video game room, I would love to give them my video game room to them
    they have place to stay. They will have a warm bed and plus they do not need to
    buy any video games because they already have different video games system and surround
    sound systems. Since, all the member aren’t going to fit in the bed room some
    of the member could live in the little house in the backyard that my dad built
    to stored his equipment. Since, my dad is caring he will move his equipment to
    the garden. The good thing we have big yard for them to practice their dance. I
    will be honest, we do not live in Beverly Hills or Malibu home, we are middle
    class but we do live in California.  We
    are two hours away from Los Angeles. If they want to Los Angeles I will drive
    them their or I will teach them to take the train. I prefer the train because
    all the adventure we could have, taking all those mentor to get place. It a
    good exercise.

    Like I mention we have a big yard,
    it not a golf course. It a regular yard, we have animal like dogs, birds, two
    ducks and chickens. We do not play with the ducks and chickens, the reason we
    have them to have organic eggs.  Leaving
    with us, they will get their fresh egg every morning and good Mexican food. If
    they luck duck egg they are luck, sorry to say I not a fan of duck eggs. We
    aren’t perfect family, we do help each other in need.


                   My username for youtube is Jessilores4 

    5 years ago

    5 years ago
  143. I would be an ideal candidate to adopt a U-Kiss member because I am an only child *sniffles* who lives in a beautiful log home with a large backyard that has plenty of room for dancing :3 I also have many dancing games for the Wii (which can be urberly useful on rainy days XD) and I can make sure no one breaks ANYTHING 0_0 *looks at Kiseop* -.- I am capable of providing comfortable beds, healthy food, and unique clothing as well as space/things for them to doodle on :D I will not “attack” any of the U-Kiss members (in any shape, form, etc.) except possibly for Eli, whose hair looks very fluffy and pettable *strokes invisible beard* >w<
    youtube account: xXBeautifulFlower

    5 years ago
  144. Queria escrever mas quem disse que sei Engrish :/

    5 years ago
  145. I would make the ideal candidate because my room is white, I have tons of paint in my backyard, and my dad likes to watch things explode.Exploding paint party! I also have a white table in my room, AJ could write all over it and use it to find the circumference of a Spudgy! Math is my favorite subject, so I could help! Also i’m a nursing assistant, I can help take care of their FJS problem. As for dance space, i have a huge front, back, and side yard, a large living room, and a large dining room. If they get hungry, I can cook, my family calls me ‘Ramen master’ and when they want to lose the weight we have fitness equipment and Wii fit! Afraid of being stalked? Where I am, there are no worries about exploding fangirl ovaries! They need unique looking clothing? I have a sewing machine and a lot of unique looking cloth! And I wouldn’t be groping,touching, screaming, crying, or trying to fondle any of the U-kiss members.

    Youtube username: haegirlhae

    and Happy Birthday Martina~~~

    5 years ago
  146. my youtube username is: yummyXlove

    ukiss is like. godly. okay. i could not possibly compare to them in their talents, looks, etcetc. LOL.
    but why would i be the perfect candidate?
    because i’m dedicated to them. which makes me dedicated to helping them succeed. therefore, if i were allowed to adopt a ukiss member [KISEOPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!], i would have the perseverance and responsibility to take care of him.
    also, i’m an only child. and it’s extremely boring to be an only child. T____T therefore, having a ukiss member there to keep me company would be freaking awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
    there are a bijillion more reasons why i’m very eligible to adopt a ukiss member, but i’ll conclude with:

    and happy birthday martina!(:

    5 years ago
  147. My username is veronica mejia ( My real name because I used google in order to have this)

    Location.Location.Location. I live in Hollywood, not Florida but California. The member of U-Kiss will never be bored because it would be entertained by the places in Hollywood Blvd, like the Grauman’s Chinese Theater were a lot of famous movies make they premier. Also the U-Kiss member will lived comfortable bedroom for his own so he should not be worried about any harrasment towards his person. Also I would take him to the stores that have stylish clothing like H&M, American Eagle, and other stores. Also the U-Kiss will not be lonely because he would miss Korea because, I would take him to Koreatown and show him the places to hangout so that he would not feel alone. Plus I have good WI-FI range so it will have the best internet around.

    5 years ago
  148. Happy Birthday Martina!! I actually find it funny that you guys want people to adopt Ukiss since they don’t actually have a dorm=)

    5 years ago
  149. Hi Simon and Martina! 
    Why would you make an idea candidate to adopt a member of U-Kiss? 

    I have a big house and lots of food. I can do the laundry, and cook for them. I can clean my house for them.  I have extra room for someone. I have a cool location of our house. I’m alone at home but not lonely. Whenever they got sick I can care for them. I know some herbal medicine out there. I will not sleep if they got serious illness and try to keep an eye on them. I can also bring them to the hospital. I know how to drive. If they wanted to have fun, we can stay home and play poker. 

    Youtube Id : Junieve

    5 years ago
  150. youtube username: purelaichy

    Dear Most Honorable Simon and Her Highness Martina (since it _is_ your birthday, you should be treated as a queen),
    I strongly believe that I am an IDEA candidate to adopt a member of U-Kiss because of my boundless imagination and ability to generate new and creative ideas.  Just kidding, I’m playing on your typo :D
    Now all kidding aside, I propose that I am the ideal candidate to adopt not just any member, but Shin Dongho of U-Kiss, for these three reasons: 1) We are the same age, 2) I can supply him with his needs, and 3) I am a Canadian.
    Shin Dongho is two months older than I, therefore I believe we will be able to connect very well and understand each other.  For example, if a vampire named Mordney suddenly appeared in front of us, our closeness in age leads me to believe that both our immediate reactions will be to quickly whip out our garlic-flavoured Doritos and yell “SOY UN DORITO” to repel him.
    My second argument is based on my (mother’s) ability to provide him with all his necessities, which includes numerous pink necessities, one-piece animal pajamas, and an endless (until the credit card runs out) supply of meat to nourish him.  And yes, the tap water is filtered so he will not become dehydrated.  All this with a fully furnished guest room with bathroom and shower in the privacy of my basement…?  Who can deny the hospitality I can provide him?
    Finally, I reside in my humble abode in the wondrous land of Canada.  Now don’t be biased, my fellow igloo-dwellers (;D) when you choose the winners of the giveaway.  But you cannot tell me that we Canadians are not the friendliest and most accomodating people of earth.  Of course, that does depend on the person and their experiences…but you see, even Shin Dongho himself has acknowledged my friendliness.  Why, once on Twitter, I decided to tweet him a friendly greeting from the Canadian KissMes, and lo and behold, he replied with a big “HI~ Canadian Kissme!! * ^^*” (https://twitter.com/#!/Dongho94/status/107679769088376833 for my pathetic Google Translate Korean).  And I believe in sharing U-Kiss with other KissMes, which is why I only proposed to adopt one member. :D Eh?
    As you can see from my arguments, Mr. Shin would be quite at ease living with my mother and I.  Thank you for reading my lengthy explanation (I hope you did D:) as to why I would be the ideal candidate to adopt Shin Dongho, and once again, Happy Birthday Martina and Happy Early/Belated Birthday to Simon! 8D

    5 years ago
  151. Happy Birthday Martina *throws confetti on u*  ~
    I hope u had a wonderful day and many many many birthday gifts *__*
    I would be an ideal candidate to adopt U-kiss because ;;
    1. I live in a really beautiful place in a wonderful country named Gemrany.
    2. If I kick my family out then there would be enough place n rooms 4 every1
    3. They’d have 2 practise rooms, food as much as they want (especially red bull 8D), high qualitatvie clothes to wear since here are everything oo
    4. There’s a garden. and they would have peace cos here in Germany aren’t that much kpop fans.
    5. I learned to cook,bake, clean and such. I’m very good at hosting ^^
    6. I would let them do what they want. and if I say what they want then I mean really what they want.
    7. they could paint the rooms like they want (I need a renovation anyway)
    8. I would let Dongho teach his puppy Booboo to spit fire, to breath underwater, to fly and to skate on a skateboard etc. only to impress Spudgy!
    So .. I think that’s all :)
    YouTube ACC:

    5 years ago
  152. the possibility of the cds being signed? and just the fact that you guys might get to meet u-kiss again? i think i just jizzed my pants. videos plz.

    man i just totally agree with you guys on this mv song. well, mostly. tick tack is still my favourite u-kiss song (..well crap then there’s my newfound obsession with bingeul bingeul…) and at first i thought the song was lacking but i had to listen to it a few more times in order to love it. and the mv is super boring and uninteresting, yes — at least compared to b.a.p’s power. i just watch it over and over for the eyecandy. xD

    5 years ago
  153. Happy Birthday Martina! :D Another Year of AWESOMENESS!
    Ok, so why i would be perfect to adopt U-kiss…. i share a room with my sister, but she is moving out soon, like next week soon :) soooo i have room! yay :) i have three sets of bunk beds because i used to share my room with my other siblings but they have all moved out and as the youngest i finally have a room to myself :D But I know i’m gonna get lonely so i wont mind sharing with them! and i can promise they wont go hungry :) i love cooking for other people. i also work and go to school so they wont have to worry about me being underfoot all the time, except on my day off :) but thats just one day a week! anyways… the beds are ready (and they are on the ground flat like they should be)…
    p.s. added bonus, i live in Southern California, an hour away from the beach, thirty minutes from the mountain and lakes, fifteen minutes from three different malls, and theres always nice sunny weather! ;) im sure that they’ll always have something fun to do on their time off (though like they told you thats almost never!)
    Well hopefully you will consider me a worthy candidate!

    (youtube: killth3fans) (i assure you i will not kill the fans… :D)

    5 years ago
  154. I would make THE BESTESTEST candidate because I would feed them, dance with them, work on math with AJ, make sure Dongho doesn’t talk to his ghost girlfriend on public phones, make sure Eli keeps his man voice in check, and make sure Kevin, Hoon, Kiseop and Soohyun sing to me every night before I go to sleep. I would also make sure we went to as many amusement parks as possible and force Kiseop to ride all the scary ones. and I would make sure everyone voted for them so they can win!!!! ^^ PS- HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARTINA~!!!PSS- my youtube username is kissmelc92 

    5 years ago
  155. Hello Simortina! >.<
    ~Why would you make an idea candidate to adopt a member of U-Kiss?~

    I'm an ideal candidate to adopt a member of U-Kiss because i need someone to be with. I'm lonely. T.T My room is as big as a park that can afford to quarter all U-Kiss members. You see? They can feel like they're in a dorm if they're with me. Well, if only one member can be adopted, I'll make sure that he will never feel alone. I will stay by his side even at sleep! WAHAHAHA..

    With me, their rooms will always be clean. I'm going to be supportive in their career.(I'm always supportive of them… LOL) I'll give them a GYM so they can work out! More abs to come! XDDD I'll buy them some decent clothes so that Kiseop won't need to wear a Man Man Bra.. XDD but of course, some daring clothes will also be prepared and I'll just hide until the right time comes.*evil laugh* XDD

    I guess that's all I can say, but I can do more.. XDD 

    Anyways, Happy Birthday Martina!
    God Bless! ^^

    youtube: jennydiaz19

    5 years ago
  156. I can clothe, feed, and take care of all the members since my brother moved out and my bed can hold about eight people ^^

    5 years ago
  157. i would be a good host because i have a lot of triangles that need their hypotenuses calculated… TRIGONOMETRY 4 LYFE`1`1`
    p.s – i have pi too.

    5 years ago
  158. oh forgot to say, my name means Kindness every where and goddess of wealth. do i get brownie points for having a ridiculously cool name? come on. come on. COOOME ooon! *tries really hard at doing aegyo and fails miserably* 

    5 years ago
  159. Hello Simon and Martina,
    I would make the perfect candidate for three very simple reasons.1. If the boys ever need a man-man-bra, I will always be willing to share some of mine with them. (I have really small boobs, so the boys and I are probably the same size). 

    2. As reason number 1 suggests, I am not a germaphobe. I don’t mind their stanky asses. I don’t mind the fact that they have slept in subway stations, I don’t mind the fact they have slept in dirty warehouses. Their disgusting(but very sexy) bodies are always welcome in my room. 

    3. I suck at cooking and since sexy k-pop idols have to maintain their lovely figures, my home is perfect for them. They will happily and willingly stick to their diets. I always have chobani, multi-grain bread, honey bunches of oats, and 0% fat milk, if they feel like they absolutely have to eat. I will eat my greasy Chinese food outside for their convenience. (see, I am nice and considerate). 

    p.s. I am lonely. =(.

    5 years ago
  160. mblaq ALL DAY EVERY DAY!

    5 years ago
  161. koreancupcakez (Youtube account)
    I’d make the best candidate for housing U-KISS because they need clothes. America has lots of clothes, and I have lots of clothes in many several closets scattered all over my house!

    Like seriously, poor Dongho had to wear those cheetah sleeves because they ran out of white fabric for the suits.
    And AJ had to wear yellow pants instead of white ones like everyone else.
    And omg Hoon… wearing that ringlet around his hair… they were even lacking accessories, the pitiable group.
    Kevin can always choose from the multiple tablecloths and carpets in my house, too.

    And the list can go on and on…
    But yea, come to my house and I’ll give you guys a larger selection of clothing to choose from so that you’ll never feel like a homeless person wearing recycled materials…
    (Rooms are provided, as usual).

    Happy birthday Martina!!!

    5 years ago
  162. well i think that i would be most qualified because. i know how to take care of kids ( my mom is a special ed teacher so i have seen it all..) i have a sister to take care of i know how to cool and i am very clean. my room has an extra bed. (for Kevin of course <3) and i have two extra rooms plus an attic so someone can sleep there :3 i will let them paint the rooms and will buy them many white shirts. i am learning Korean so i can practice with them and i can teach them Chinese English and Spanish (: i have a lot of time to take care of them. PLUS i have a basement where they are able to sing and dance to their delight, well they would have to move my collection of vocaliod and kpop stuff, but that is all doable <–real word? idk…. well i hope you will consider me as a candidate for housing ukiss.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARTINA :D well i have to go do biology homework and play minecraft. thank you and good night
     youtube name: waffles1800 

    5 years ago
  163. it’s a good thing if i adopt U-Kiss esp AJ since Im no good at math and he could teach me the r²π thingy. I could help them with other subjects too, just not math. hahaha!

    YT: luwilsays

    5 years ago
  164. I would be the perfect candidate because U Kiss would go absolutely Doradora for my room! It’s already a mess, so there isn’t anything left for Kiseop’s man hand strength to destroy, therefore, it’s safe. Maybe Someday we’ll go to Neverland but until then we could stay up until 0330 in the morning talking about trigonometry. Fun times await. Also, my room has 6 ticking clocks. That’s right, 6. You’re welcome U Kiss, you can definitely sing for me through the night. Plus my basement has lots of space for them to spin Round and Round and have a dancing party time…. wait.Aaand that’s why I think I’d be the perfect candidate to adopt U Kiss.

    Ran out of space on YouTube :P My youtube username is B2utifulMystery.
    P.S. Happy Birthday Martina!!

    5 years ago
  165. Youtube(Zer0hime)

    I would make the ideal candidate to adopt U-Kiss because I live in a town built by Disney.

    As for housing all the members? I got that covered, and to make up for all the lack of proper housing they have had, I’ll get them free admission via relatives to Disney World where they can spend the night in Cinderella’s castle.

    Dancing twice a day? Done, make it all day if they want. I assure you they will be taken good care of in the happiest place on earth.

    Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns ^w^

    -goes to prepare just in case-

    5 years ago
  166. I would think I would qualify because I am able to cook for them. Also I would be more than happy to teach them to speak English (the non-speaking ones of course XD) even if it’s the simple phrases that will allow them to survive ^^ btw happy birthday Martina ^^

    5 years ago
  167. happy birthday Martina Stawski!

    5 years ago
  168. U-Kiss definitely!

    5 years ago
  169. Happy Birthday, Martina!! :D

    5 years ago
  170. kpoplove1148(youtube)
    I would make an ideal candidate to adopt U-kiss because 1: i have had so many pets that i think i can take care of them from experience.
    2: we could play uno!!!!
    3: everyday we would make cupcakes and then throw them at random people on the streets, then save some to eat for ourselves.
    4: because I HAVE NO LIFE D: 

    5 years ago
  171. Happy Birthday, Martina! =) Have an awesome and amazingly crazy day, okay? :)

    5 years ago
  172. Martina ~Happy Birthday !! ♫♪ •*¨*•.¸¸❤¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪

    5 years ago
  173. Happy birthday Martina. ^^ Hope you have a fantastic day~~
    Holy crap, a signed U-Kiss cd? I would die. xD
    I would be the best candidate to live with a U-Kiss member because I can cook for them (if you count making cereal cooking… *cough*), give them lots of room to dance or do whatever it is they do in their spare time (of course I would *supervise* and/or take pictu– I mean, what?), I could help AJ with his trigonometry (right after I finish my trig homework, of course… yay procrastination!), and I would allow them to explode random buckets of paint throughout my house as they wish, as I know none of it would get on my shirts (thank goodness U-Kiss members are such skilled painters!) And that is why I am the best candidate to kidna– I mean house a U-Kiss member. ^_____^
    (though for the sanity of U-Kiss, it would probably be best I didn’t…)
    Youtube Username; Hulaberry32

    5 years ago
  174. Happy Birthday Martina!!!!
    Ok now onto why I’d be perfect to store *ahem* adopt a U-Kiss member in my house.  I’d be perfect because my house is nice and big, however all the beds are currently being used, but I am willing to kick my brother out of his bed for a U-Kiss member. Also I have a trail near my house where I can take my U-Kiss member for walks and exercise. Since I am Indian I’ll be feeding my prisoner *cough* I mean member delicious food everyday. Also I have a big backyard and basement for him to practice his dancing. Also there will be free cheering as my friends and I will personally cheer for him as he dances and performs for us. Its a win-win free concerts and free dance space. He will of course have several companions when I’m away at school. His companions will be my stuffed pokemon collection, however if he so much as ruins a hair on one of my babies, I may have to make him sleep in my bed with me for the night ;). This is why I should house a U-Kiss Member

    For the face-off though I vote for MBLAQ because I’m in love with Joonie :).
    Youtube Username: Witchgirl289

    5 years ago
  175. I VOTE U-KISS FOREVER!!! And I’ll take Kevin in, I have space in my room, so it’s really no problem ;)

    5 years ago
  176. voting for mblaq but i still want to adopt a U-Kiss member

    5 years ago
  177. I’m the youngest in my family and i think i would be qualified because i have to clean up after my dad and 2 sisters and one brother and my dog.(Spudgy he wants you) If one of the U-kiss members stayed at my house i would properly clothe them and make sure to make to keep Kiseop’s man powers and their paint out and teach them how to clean and cook. While that is going on Dongho can knit us all some sweaters. 

    5 years ago
  178. I am a professional snuggler and have a PhD in cuddling. These years of experience have led me to maximize bed/body surface. Therefore, I am able to house any U-Kiss member with minimum effort. I should however specify that best results require one bed for both subjects (me and said U-Kiss member). This is specifically important since my room only has one bed. For further research, Eatyourkimchi developers are invited to read my scientifical paper, “Shin Soohyun. Unmentionable things I would to to him.” or my #u-kiss tag on tumblr [citation needed].As you can see, ladies and gentlemen and Spudgy, this is no joke to me. This is the subject of my research. Yours truly, dbdcdhdj PhD

    5 years ago
  179. D

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARTINA!! We love you soooo much! ♥♥
    and great Music Monday you guys :D

    5 years ago
    (╯⊙ ⊱ ⊙╰ )
    It is the birthday of Martina [insert last name here] (sorry… don’t know your last name)

    I hope you have a wonderful birthday!!! and that you get lots of presents and have a colourful magical spudgyful K-poptastic birthday


    5 years ago
  181. Everybody says that they’d be prefect or ideal to adopt U-kiss boys. I
    know that I wouldn’t be perfect or ideal or whatever (and also my
    home/flat), but I would for sure give them a loooooot of love. I’ve
    always wanted to have an older brother… But I don’t mind getting seven
    older brothers~ You know… it’s hard to be THE ONLY CHILD, and have
    parents who are homophobic, asianphobic and everythingdifferentphobic,
    but… c’mon it doesn’t matter! I love them – they love me. And that’s the same if it goes to U-Kiss boys… I have my k-pop and my beloved U-kiss oppa’s :3
    The home I would make for them would be full of joy, fun, happiness and
    love. Well… at least as long as they wouldn’t mind sleeping in the
    same bed (ofc with me… but NO, I don’t have any weird thoughts! Just
    my flat is small… but very, very colorful, nice and positive!).

    You know what I mean – nice home with nice atmosphere. That is very more important than luxury.

    I’m sure AJ, Dongho, Kevin, Hoon, Eli*, Soohyun and Kiseop would choose the home I would like to ensure them.

    So now – my youtube nick is Arwi92


    *I’m sure he would prefer to marry me than be adopted by me~

    5 years ago
  182.  Would make a good canidate cause i would feed and play with them ^^;; and make them watch EATYOURKIMCHI EVERYDAY!!!!!! ELI OPPA TIME FOR KISSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    5 years ago
  183. I would be a good person to adopt a U-Kiss person because the only group that I go saesang over is Super Junior. So, I could easily take care of U-Kiss without trying to like rape them or anything. I’d cook for them, wash their laundry, clean their room, and everything. But, they’d obviously have to do some housework too. Like I said only Super Junior gets the saesang treatment. Only SuJu can sit around and do nothing but be cute. Also, I need to learn to dance so we could dance together. I love costumes so I could definitely find them some odd outfits, too. And no spooning needed cause we have extra rooms! (After I kick out my sister, brother, and friend…)

    5 years ago
  184. Can your next music monday be on TaeTiSeo’s Twinkle? 

    5 years ago
  185. lol phineas shirt :P nice one simon :)

    5 years ago
  186. I think I am the most qualified to host a U-Kiss member because I am really good at taking care of people. Seriously, I am a master wringer outer of the cold forehead cloths and cleaner of laundry. I’ve literally been taking care of all the men in my house for as long as I’ve been alive. For once I would like for this special ability of mine to have a true purpose in taking care of a member U-Kiss, who unlike most of my family and such actually needs this sort of attention. If their homeless situation is anything to go by . . .

    I would feed him, I am a good cook even my chef brother says so, and luckily I happen to also wear funky clothes that don’t entirely make sense so it wouldn’t be hard to clothe him. We have similar tastes in fashion which will lead to a harmonic environment. And I live on a farm like place and all the dancercise that is needed can take place on my barn floor or in a very scenic forest clearing which would be oh so dramatic. Thanks to my spacious farm he could also go for brooding long walks, that I am sure all idol’s need to go on at least once a week, and meet horses for possible the first time. I think I could really give the sort of help and affection that every homeless idol needs. Most importantly I am not picky as to which member I would take care of and no matter who I got I would take care of without bias.

    Youtube: Tangerineyume

    P.S. Sorry if my grammar is terrible, my brother is sick and I was writing this on and off while taking care of the poor guy.

    5 years ago
  187. One word to make my case, one word to win it. One word to beat them all and (try to) win a UKISS album.
    Bunk beds. Wait, I lied that’s two words. Anyways, if a member of UKISS were to come and live with me, preferably Kiseop because I’m biased like that, they would be guaranteed easy access to a bed at all times. In case of an emergency, a pillow will be provided to transform the nearest piece of furniture into a makeshift bed. 
    All these beds come with a lovely house equipped an anti-gravity shield to keep the poor boys’ heads upright. It also comes with free live-in help(read, me). Said help is very multi-cultural, being three types of Asian as well as having a tendency to speak like a British person with various accents depending on help’s mood. Any culture issues can and will be quickly resolved. The live-in help also comes with built in language packs. Advanced English and French is available along with a Basic Mandarin Pack. Sadly, the Korean and Japanese packs are under construction and are slated for completion sometime in the far off future. 
    The house is within twenty minutes of a hospital in case of any symptoms of FJS begin to show themselves. In case of emergency, there’s always the doctor next-door. 

    Bunk beds.

    In any case, happy birthday and may I reccomend you try roti cannai in Malaysia? It’s a lovely dish.

    5 years ago
  188. Happy Birthday Martina XDDDDDDDD Have a great day^^ Lots of love from Toronto XD

    Okay I would love to adopt a UKISS member because I’m the eldest of my siblings and well I’ve always wanted to know how it would feel like to have an older brother, someone who I could talk to and someone who would be there for me when I’m in trouble…. because pretty much I have no one in my family that I’m close to … anyways I think it would be fun to have sort of like an older brother and I am really responsible and loving . To be honest, if I had an older brother I think my life would be awesome xP Plus I have like 3 bedrooms in my house so theres alot of room XD i’d actually love to adopt everyone! It would be fun ^^ i think I’d be a great little dongsaeng to them :)


    5 years ago
  189. i own a calc book and math practice workbooks…. what more do they need? also my cousin is a doctor and may help them because i think they are in danger of contracting (if they don’t already have it and are displaying symptoms) of FJS.

    5 years ago
  190. i own a calc book and math practice workbooks…. what more do they need? also my cousin is a doctor and may help them because i think they are in danger of contracting (if they don’t already have it and are displaying symptoms) of FJS.

    5 years ago

    Also, I would make a perfect candidate to adopt a U-Kiss member because I’m awesome. <: 

    my youtube name is pukapukit, and i would like me CD's warped in solid rainbows and/or unicorn fur <3  

    5 years ago
  192. oh cmoon, i’d be perfect to adopt u-kiss ! all of them preferably HAHA who can’t resist those faces. back here in good ol toronto, hey, my room has everything they could possibly need ! if they like those paint splatters so much, no problem, i’ve got it prepared, acrylic, oil, watercolour, whatever you need, i’ve got it all ;) no more empty abandonned warehouses and alleys, its time to EMBRACE THE COLD of canada and dance for those fangirls and ahjummas across the street! we’ve got it set, anything you could ask for. Those fancy suits? hey, whats pacific mall for ! china town comes in a good close second. everythings covered :3 

    oh eli, tons of pidgeons down here, you’ll fit in perfectly.
    kiseop and your man strength, no prob, you can help carry me around in a princess hold :3
    hoon soohyun, sing to your hearts delight with my karaoke machine :D :D 
    dongo and aj, omg got great friends you can rap with ! youtube username = cindycao129 :3 first time posting, just never got around to doing it or entering xD and happy birthday martina ! best wishes from toronto, Canada ! 

    5 years ago
  193. I’d be an AMAZING candidate because… I’ll let UKISS explore their creative side by letting them spray paint my house. Of course I’ll allow then to wear clean jeans after their done. Gosh, their idols after all!
    I’ll aid AJ in math equation song writing, this way their songs won’t be limited (see what I did there? No?!… Well AJ would have >.<) to shapes and S&M can derive even more amazingly awesome reviews.I'll let you in on a secret but you have to promise not to tell any one! Ready? My bed is not only 180 degrees but also 540 degree!!

    I'll make sure their dances live up to KissMe's standard!

    I was planning on giving them individual rooms but if UKISS are not comfortable with this. Kiseop has permission to use his man strength to make one giant room.

    Also I'm gonna give UKISS a free pass to my gym downstairs. So… KissMe's… Prepare to DORADORA!

    And last but not least, I won't let any saesangs bother them *cracks knuckles*.

    I know S&M won't let be sing ManManHaNi by myself in the corner cuz they know it stinks not having a credit card. ^^

    By the way my youtube name is: mojo jojo

    5 years ago
  194. Happy Birthday, Martina!

    5 years ago

    5 years ago
  196. Happy birthday martina!!!

    my youtube: candyyumeko

    Q: why would you make an ideal candidate to adopt a member of U-Kiss?

    A: because I have a big heart for animals & I would adopt Eli to my pidgeon-family. (Okay actually it’s my uncle’s, but I can visit him all day :))
    They do have a big cage, get the best food and they can fly around the city often (they even come back to their awesome home)
    There are also very beautiful ladies, so he won’t feel alone :)

    5 years ago
  197. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARTINA! *In my Spudgy voice*

    5 years ago
  198. I live in the middle of nowhere, so they can recoup from their debilitating cases of FJS. But fear not! There are several large shopping outlets nearby as well as NYC, famous for its high fashion, so they will never lack interesting clothing :3

    Youtube username: demonangel1133
    Plus I love them the most.

    Happy birthday Martina :D

    5 years ago
  199. Ahem Ahem! I believe I would make the perfect candidate to adopt a U-Kiss member. I live in a home with 5 acres so a U-Kiss member can run wild and free (no more cramped rooms.) But it’s also not the middle of no where (so they won’t get lost.) I have recently installed a FJS Finder in my house and have a “to-go” FJS Finder in my purse (after watching so many Kpop music videos I felt I had a few symptoms.. by trying to imitate it. But no worries I don’t have the symptoms anymore.) And if I suspect any FJS coming, I have a handie dandie doggie cone of shame. But U-Kiss would make it an awesome alien dome neck accessory so he won’t feel ashamed. Also! I can buy my new adopted member pants and clothing with my job, that I have, because I can support them. My bed is not attached to the wall at an uncomfortable angle, it is fully on the ground and no gravity changes have happened at my house since 1952. I think. So, in conclusion.. oh wait! I also have paper. Cause they like to write math problems. Now! In conclusion I would just like to add: I am not a pervert. ^^

    5 years ago
  200. Hmm.. I think I’m qualified to adopt a U-KISS member because well… I wouldn’t drool over them if I was like, a die-hard U-KISS fangirl. Honestly, I think I can do well enough to make them feel loved and safe. I sound like a person employing for a job! LOOOL. Anyways, if I had the opportunity to adopt the members, it would be like, the greatest moment of my life. Wouldn’t everyone want to treat their favorite K-Pop group like their own? Any U-KISS member that comes into my household, won’t be sitting on dirty couches with paint splashes! Or wear jeans dredged in paint! Or sleep only in ONE bed! Plus, I’d teach them how to make kimbap. They need to eat you know? :D Since I can speak fluent English and a little bit of Korean, I think I can handle the foreign language problem. As a Kiss Me, I hate to see comments or posts insulting or humiliating U-KISS. I want to help that! They could be crushed that many people don’t like them .. Well, if I had the opportunity to adopt them, I could change the way they feel towards their haters, sorta like a school counselor that helps with problems students are having. Where I live, Massachusetts, US (Yes, many people like K-Pop around here, well, maybe my cousins ans some friends but, that’s okay!), it’s pretty safe and quiet, in my opinion. Not much happens around here .. Plus, there’s not much super extreme fangirls around here, so the U-KISS members don’t have to run or escape anymore! Also, my house is pet friendly! Dongho can bring his dog here! Maybe Spudgy can come for a visit? :D Kevin can play with Spudgy too! Not in a dirty way though … Awkward ….. I would make them watch your videos so, Simon can teach them how to be A DOTHRAKI MAN WARRIOR! LIKE A MAN! (Copyright Martina and Simon, 2008
    ©) AJ could teach me math while they’re here! Since, I get A-‘s or B+’s in Math .. Once U-KISS has been in my household until their next comeback, your reviews of their music videos would be spotless! Well, maybe… If people voted for U-KISS on your K-Pop Charts.. This may be a large amount of typing, but I think it’s enough for convince you guys. xD OOOH! I almost forgot! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARTINA! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 I hope you and Simon will be able to stay together forever, and have a AWESOME-SAUCE birthday! You guys make my week better after being in school for 6 hours. Everyday, I anticipate for your videos. :DDDD  Saeng-il Chugahabnida Martina! Without your videos, I would be nothing right now, that's how much you mean to me! 

    (YouTube: Domolover17) (Excuse my username, I was like, 10 at the time! I'm 13 now. :3)
    Anyways, thank you for making this giveaway possible and Martina HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN! :D :D :D :D <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

    5 years ago
  201. Youtube: Falalaxd

    I would provide the BEST home because held within the lovely yellow walls of my studio, I have a puppy…a refridgerator full of food, and a cozy blue snuggy on my bed. What more does a man need??!!!

    Kiseop Hwaiting!

    5 years ago
  202. Happy Birthday Martina :) Hope Simon and Spudgy make sure you have an awesome day :D 

    5 years ago
  203. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARTINA <3 생일축하합니다! Hope you have a great one :]

    Testing Question:

      To adopt one of the members of U-Kiss? That's just… nerve-wrecking. Haha. But I think I would be a good candidate because although I am not perfect in taking care of people, I can have some practice with them! And it's great to learn new things and improve in other skills right? 
      And many answers say that they will shower them with love and everything, but I honestly don't think I can do that… Haha, but I can somewhat show that I care and want to help them. And if I do adopt them, they can entertain me! Lol, right now my life is kind of dull with school and I don't get to do much because of my family background. I feel that if I had a U-Kiss member, I would be able to enjoy my life a little bit more :]
      Lastly, if I were to adopt one of them, they can share details about Korea's culture, foods, and etc., while I can share details about mine. It would be a great learning experience…. Wow I sound like a nerd LOL. But yeah…. :D Although not creative, it comes from my heart. hehe…

    Youtube name: animeazngirl134

    ^ (Yes I know very… lame user, but I made it when I was like… in middle school)

    5 years ago
  204. U-KISS!

    5 years ago
  205. happy birthday martina! 
    and why would i be a good candidate? well, for one, i think it would be nice for our kpop boys to travel the world. and why not Canada? its a world within a world (OMG INCEPTION…srry) as it is so multicultural. yes. i will take the boys out once in a while. they’re not gonna be chained to the bed i give them or anything… but when at home, the boys will be treated to some of my home cooking….hopefully they don’t die…and i will not suffocate them by being a squeally fan girl or anything. no, i shall give them full freedom, but! with my super stealth like powers… they will slowly start to fall for me, and before they know it, they’re gonna want that i had tied them up..;)
    youtube: maria777rawr 

    5 years ago

    5 years ago
  207. Happy Birthday Martina! /birthday dance party… or should I say dancing party time?/

    5 years ago
  208. “why would you make an idea candidate to adopt a member of U-Kiss?”umm guys….its ideal, not idea….I had to read this five ties to understand. 

    Plus can I pls adopt them! Especially Kevin! I promise I will dress them up properly, make sure to feed them, comb their hair, train them, make sure they put on their makeup properly and keep them safe from Saesang fans! Okay, I lie. Im too lazy, but I do want to take them shopping and dress them up. My living dolls…..maybe I may be the worst candidate to adopt uKiss. XD

    5 years ago

    My username on YT is "bleachiko3cat3"
    I would make an ideal candidate to have a u-kiss member sleep in my house because I live in Ireland, no one will know who U-kiss are in my town. They will have peace and quiet with no raving fans(other than me). I want to adopt them all but mostly Kevin as he speaks English(is my bias) and will fit nicely into my spare bed, that is not on the wall mind you. He'll be danced twice a day on the great open stage we have in the park, and I will make my very own clothes for him (What can look more bizarre than my hand made clothes?) I will feed him plenty of yummy potatoes from Irish soil <3

    5 years ago
  210. gosh where to start. xD well for starters i have plenty of beds but im short one so soohyun and i will have to share ;D its a queen though so it should be fine. xD i do have a white couch though, so paint will be forbidden in my house xD they will get plenty of food while they’re here and lots of loving <3333 youtube name is NicolLover

    5 years ago
  211. Youtube: icefox1608
    My answer is Kevin !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kevin can speak English well. He is handsome though looks really like a girl when he cross-dresses. You know, He can cross-dresses to be a… a… a… pros****** and earn me some $$$ xD. JKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKOH well ! Happy birthday Martina :P

    5 years ago
  212. Happy Birthday Martina! Hope it’s wonderful!

    5 years ago
  213. AJ and my name is TJ i mean it’s destiny right, u-kiss added AJ in their group specifically for me to aanswer this question. If u-kiss was to live with me i would PROMISE to keep them protected from mordney. AJ could help me with math, and i could help him which equation to put in the next u-kiss song (volume= lengthxwidth has a nice ring to it). Dongho would make an EXCELLENT brother, and eli and i can train our awesome ninjago skills, heck hoon can train with us to. Kevin and I can cook toghther (really i’ll do al the cooking) cause he was awesome on ukiss’ cooking show. Kiseop and i will take A MULTITUDE of awesome selcas with rainbows and sparkles when we edit them. Soohyun will train me to become a power vocal, then i will officially join u-kiss as a secret guy member (just like in almos EVERY drama, theres that tom-boyish girl)

    5 years ago
  214. My house would make an ideally perfect place because i have more than one bed xD but no seriously my house is perfect because there is a little forest next to my house, i will kidnap them there and hide them,, then i will make them do nice dancing, singing for the rest of my live <3

    5 years ago
  215. I think i’m  the most qualified to adopt a Ukiss member because i am very strict. i will not let them paint by themselves. i also would not let them manhandle themselves. :) i will take them to the hospital to get them checked out for F.J.S.
    youtube name kenna0805

    5 years ago
  216. Applying to
    adopt a U-Kiss member.

    What I can offer
    additionally to a warm bed, food and drink:


    Fancy some unique
    new clothes?

    For a
    change of style I’ve got the old curtains and the mum to make ends meet.


    creative and in the mood for some room redecoration?

    I’ve got no
    sofa but – lo and behold! – a wall to paint and scribble on, wipeable for easy


    Coming home
    late or leaving very early?

    Don’t be
    afraid of a grumpy, half-asleep roommate – I’m probably still wide awake at 3


    In the mood
    for foreign language randomness?

    How about
    trying your hand (…or rather mouth) at some German? (additional language
    services provided: English, Spanish, Latin or Japanese)  


    Feeling a
    bit homesick?

    I can point
    you to a good Korean restaurant to eat your worries away. (And if it really
    gets tough, the airport is not too far away for a more or less short trip home.)


    further information I can be contacted at Youtube under the username RubyNight.)

    5 years ago
  217. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARTINAAAAAAAAAAA ^_^FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS MARTINAAAAAAA ^_^why would you make an idea candidate to adopt a member of U-Kiss? u ask, well I have an intense experience in the care taking of adorable creatures. I would provide my creature with a nice, loving home with lots of toys and amazing clothing and accessories that would make them look fashionable My creature would have academic studies and would be able to learn a new language (Spanish). Also I would make sure my lovely creature watches Eat Your Kimchi everyday ^_^
    Youtube User Name: Raquelcesi13

    5 years ago
  218. Prepix – What I See http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=fgl-oajLnDU
    Phantom – Ice http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=jGhYu3RwgFU
    Yangpa – Parting Is All The Same http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=XlZ6W4xkm0I
    Fwany – Secret http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=3F7CONCMgQk
    Electroboyz – Should I laugh or cry http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=3vpdlrOyKCI

    All these MVs have been released 5 or 6 days ago, they’re all in Korean language and they all have been submitted in the charts. There is probably a good reason for which you guise didn’t allow these videos in the charts, and I’d like to understand it.

    Of course they don’t have half a chance to get reviewed (well, maybe the Prepix one would get half a chance after all), but you guise said yourselves that the KPop Charts were not only for Music Mondays, but also for people to discover what’s up in KPop. And then you allow only videos everybody already talk about (except for the ones you really like, such as Nell’s). That’s kind of a contradiction.

    Sorry to be off topic, but I’ve asked the same question again and again since HTDK 2011. Please answer me this time!

    And happy birthday to Martina! :-)

    5 years ago
  219. Happy 27/28/29/30th birthday Martina! :)

    5 years ago
  220. Happy belated Birthday Martina :)

    5 years ago
  221. U-Kiss! 

    5 years ago
  222. YouTube User Id: Mel81Sh

    I’d be ideal for one reason: There would be no molesting. The number one priority should be a safe environment.

    5 years ago
  223. Happy birthday Martina, 
    I think I would be a good candidate to receive the album because I am sick of not seeing kpop albuns selling here in Portugal.I realy love kpop and U-kiss is one of the bands that I listen to.I want to go on my car and listen music that I realy like, I want to listen kpop music.To sum up, I think I am a good candidate to win the give away album, hope you think the same way :p

    5 years ago
  224. Posted this on YT, but there are a ton of comments there, so posting it here too. c:
    I would make the ideal candidate for a UKISS member for because: I HAVE A WATER BED. Best bed ever. Best bed for having lots of people in it ever. Best bed for spooning ever. UKISS won’t want to go back to their icky dorm bunk beds after laying in the luxury that is my water bed.

    So loving this giveaway question! I’m scottadamsrules on YT. c:

    5 years ago
  225. Youtube Username: SleepyPrincess2010
    First of all, I have to say I am in the immature kind of human (sorry, bad english). Anyways! If I get to adopt one of the U-kiss members, I have to say we’ll have lots of fun together. Since I kinda know them (and their personal tastes), it’s easy to get along together. As for the language, no problem at all!!! I can speak several languages (btw, I’m from Canada!!) including english, chinese, korean, french, spanish, etc. No worries, I’ll treat him well! All he’ll have to do is dance and sing for me. I personnally love every members and each of them has a special talent! In conclusion, I wanna say, THANK YOU guys for making these contests! I missed all your previous ones so I have to make an effort now!!!
    Thanks :D


    5 years ago
  226. Happy Birthday Martina!!

    (youtube – hiiamcourtney)

    I’d be the perfect candidate because I have lot of bread and other pigeon foods for Eli.  Also, I’m trying to study for my trig classes next year and I’m sure AJ would love to help me.  I have multiple rooms and beds in my house and they’re pretty stationary for the most part (except one member would have to sleep with me…  O_o ).  Anyways, I love to paint and have every art supply you can imagine in my room, including spray paint. I also have magic white shirts that shield off paint and throw they back at the walls. My family speaks English, but I can speak some Korean.  And if the language ever becomes a problem, they can just draw it out on my couch.  My dog loves to dance.  He jumps up and walks on two feet because he’s a super doggy and they’d have plenty of dancing time with him.  I have tight white pants for them to wear whenever they feel the need to be hugged (cwhtididtharr), and many shiny headbands and scarfs for Hoon.  All in all,  if I were to adopt a U-Kiss member, I’m sure they’d have plenty with Maxwell Buckland (dog) and myself.  :)  :)  :)

    5 years ago
  227. saeng-il chughahabnida Martina! I think that’s how you romanize happy birthday in Korean. Wait until it’s wrong. Anywho — HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

    5 years ago
  228. Happy birthday, Martinaa <33 Lots of love from Barcelona *A*
    Well, I deserve to adopt a UKiss member because I can cook really well, and I can teach him how to cook~
    Also, I have some beds where they can sleep comfortably~ And I have lots of Red Bull for Eli (?) xDD
    (User: ayamekisaragi)
    And I vote for MBLAQ! xD

    5 years ago
  229. Happy Birthday Martina, I wish you all the best!! Oh and I vote for MBLAQ.

    5 years ago
  230. YouTube User Name: MiniWolf7
    I would make a good candidate for adopting a U-kiss member because:
    1) I am a very good cook, and already have to look out for my own nutrition, so I would make sure that the boys got proper meals so they can stay healthy, and make their favorites foods as well :) ( I have heard to many stories of Idols falling ill because of poor nutrition)
    2) I have a larger house with a spare bedroom with a queen sized bed, plus a twin bunk in my room.
    3)My house is pet friendly, so the members can bring their pets with them (Dongho’s dog is so cute!) And I am working in a vet clinic, so their furry friends can get care quickly if needed.
    4)I have a dance-dance machine in my basement so that good fill their daily dance quota, and a large rec room when they want to practice dancing for real >.<
    5)Large library of manga and anime, and novels of all sorts for reading, and Net-filx(on demand movie service) for any movie they want.
    6)I go horse back riding alot at a barn near where i live, so they could learn how to ride if they wanted to. U-kiss in cow boy gear, I think yes ;)
    In all I would be honored to have a (or all the) U-Kiss members live with me, especially Dongho, hes my age ^.^ So please consider me .<

    5 years ago
  231. Happy birthday Martina!!!!! ^^ Live a long life without regrets!!!!!

    Hmmmm… why would I be a good candidate>??????

    I guess that I would be able to… listen to t heir problems????? Theyre all older than me so I guess that I can help always keep them entertained and when they help me in school stuff itll be good for their brain to refresh and not embarrass themselves like the other kpop idols who cant even answer elementary questions on the shows….

    I………………would be the main helper in helping them dye their shirts and rooms…… and when were done with it Ill be the first to make them bleach it….

    I understand guys waaaay better than I understand girls… (even though Im a girl myself) and boys are usually very comfortable in talking and sharing jokes/problems or whatever with me

    Id teach Kevin and Dongho some girl group dances and later scold them for acting so girly on TV… (Its true~~~ :p)

    Id teach them some Arabic cause they have NO IDEA of the thousands of Arab fans they have -_-

    I guess thats it!!!  :p

    Youtube name: Lovekdramakpopanime

    Bye Bye

    5 years ago
  232. Happy birthday Martina! :D

    My youtube username is egiver17. I live in Canada. :D

    I would be the perfect person to adopt UKiss and here’s why:

    1. My mom says Kevin or Soohyun will be her son-in-law someday, so why not get them used to living in our nice house ahead of time? She says they’re so cute, and she would be willing to make pasta for Kevin since she’s Italian and he loves pasta!

    2. After Kevin or Soohyun becomes my husband, they will have long-term free health care which will help if they develop a case of Flaccid Jaw Syndrome.

    3. Toronto has fantastic shopping and a variety of ethnic foods, so they’ll be very cultured and can easily be reminded of Korea.

    4. I’m a music theatre major and therefore have the facilities and enthusiasm available to dance them a minimum of twice a day.

    5. I live in Etobicoke. Everybody should experience Etobicoke at some point in their life.The best people come from Etobicoke :D

    Also, I vote UKiss for the Odd Home Edition contest!

    5 years ago

    5 years ago
  234. Well first of all I’m an only child so it would be awesome
    if I had an Oppa for a day.

    I have a bed on the floor with a bunch of snuggly stuffed
    animals U-Kiss can sleep next to

    Ooh and I can also play Korean Music from my iPod

    *did I mention I have kimbap


    5 years ago
  235. I deserve to adopt a U-Kiss member because we can sing together. I have a really big desk and bed. We can all share. And I am willing to sleep on my desk and give them the bed. I also have U-Kiss posters in my room so we can stare at them together. But even so I deserve to adopt them because I will make them feel all happy when they see that I love them soo much. And me and Kevin can have conversations!! And and… Lol, I am getting too carried away, thinking of all the stuff that me and U-Kiss can do together. My youtube username is SakuramuKagome.

    5 years ago
  236. SAENG IL CHUK HA HAMNIDA!!!!!! I hope your birthday is awesome and fun and you get some gifts you truly enjoy! I’m sure Spudgy will give you lots of kisses :D Simon! You should dance for her *le wink* Wah~ I LOVE YOU GUYS! :D

    5 years ago
  237. Happy B-day Martina. =^_^=

    I think that I would make a good candidate to adopt a U-Kiss member because I am close to the same age as them, Dongho being the only one that has a difference between the ages. I can cook and clean and I love to bake goodies all the time. Even though I can not speak Korean, I know enough Japanese that I would probably be able to get away with holding conversations with them and if that fails use the tried and true method of acting things out to get my point across while having some laughs about the whole thing. I won’t fangirl and beg them to do anything, cause they are human just like me even though they are idols. I am sure that they want a break from being like they are gods, at  least once in  a while. I would protect them from insane fans. I could also teach them how to properly paint a room as I re paint my room at least once if not twice a year. I also live in the middle of Boston and new York, both places are only about a 2 hour away from me, so it would not be that hard to go to a big city and shop and see the sights. Finally, I am a very loving and caring person and would do anything to protect the people that I care about and try and help them when they need a hand in anything even if it not something that I am good at. I try and make sure that the people around me are well taken care of and are happy. ^^

    youtube name: Lilymarieblack

    5 years ago
  238. Happy Birthday!!! Have a great morning…ish!

    5 years ago
  239. Hey, so my YouTube username is yayme524 and this is my long-winded rant about why I would be able to take care of U-KISS… that wasn’t an innuendo… O.K! maybe a little.
    Right so, first off, I would easily defend poor Kevin from the crazy fangirls, with my Man-Man(hani)liness, crazy ladies not getting near him, he’s too perfect and innocent.
    And I’m taking Maths this and next year so if AJ gets bored he could help me with that – currently unable to do half the course ’cause I’m laughing my ass of whenever we do a π-related question. And if the other’s get bored we could watch Avatar or DoraDoraDora, Dora the Explora all day long. And then if Kevin gets bored him and my sister could discuss make-up tips too, although she admits he’s better at make-up-ifying-ess-isity than her.
    Another thing is that my house is always stocked with Red Bull and Tick Tac(k)s so Eli would be delighted with that.
    However, do not worry, all this won’t stop me from dancing them twice Every Day, I already do that myself *does KARA butt-dance, gets back to pleading for CD* And I don’t have any U-KISS merchandise yet [ ),: ] even though they’re my favourite boyband so they wouldn’t get freaked out and be like: ‘Why are we plastered all over your wall?’
    Indeed, they would not need to be on the wall or ON The Floor because there’s plenty of room for everyone in my bed! To snuggle and sleep… I don’t know what else you would do in a bed except for eat cookies, and you aren’t meant eat cookies in bed so… I would let U-KISS eat cookies in my bed.
    As for the unique clothing, no worries there, my favourite clothes brand is Purplow; a company whose clothes make you stand out like a purple cow – Purplow, purple cow, get it? I loled  /:  I guess you could always send U-KISS to have them check it out themselves. And there’s lots of space in the wardrobe for them to put there Man-Man-Panties and other garments.
    Oh and finally, I have a working light! No longer will U-KISS be forced to read their lyrics in the dark (that would explain the previous English fails) as my lamp would Light It (my room) Up  :D
    In short, my house is an Amazing Neverland that me and my friends wish that U-KISS will Someday live in; that is to say, A Shared Dream of ours. So please, do what’s best for U-KISS and let them live with me,
    Sincerely, yayme524 a.k.a. the guy who forgot this was just for the CD halfway through a.k.a. why don’t I put this much effort into English homework a.k.a. I wrote too much, sorry and thanks for reading  ^_^

    5 years ago
  240. Kat


    5 years ago
  241. YouTube Username: babybambam1096

    I live in Canada which is one reason it would be great for me to adopt a U-Kiss
    member. I also live in a small enough town, smaller then Toronto, which means
    the members can feel comfortable walking around town and not being bombarded by
    fans :). It would also be a good chance for them to improve in their English or
    French (I speak both). I would love for one member to come (one who can speak English
    or not) because I’m really interested in Korean culture and I’m trying to learn
    the language (not easy I tell you) but if a member would come it would be
    awesome I could practice more. It would also be an experience that I would
    never forget because singers don’t come a lot to Canada which is a bummer for
    us, they do sometimes come to Toronto but it does cost a lot to see them live.
    All the members are welcome to stay at my house :)

    Happy Birthday Martina!! Hope you get everything you wished for :)

    5 years ago

    5 years ago

    5 years ago
  244. Brovaries?!  Bahahaha!
    Simon, your dancing…*dying laughing*…you are shameless!  LOL!

    5 years ago
  245. Youtube username: Haruxan96 [yup I’m subscribed :D]
    Twitter Username: Haruhaneul
    —-ideal candidate why?
    I have 2 brothers, one is my twin, but I’am the older I kno how hard is to deal with male brotherss [being the unique girl] …. is not easy at all, I always wanted to have an Male older brother… and why doubt about adopt one? and why I will doubt about adopt a member of UKiss?? I have to be crazy to reject this opportunity ;)

    *I’m really sorry, for the mistakes, actually I don’t speak English I speak spanish :) Peru :) 

    5 years ago
  246. Happy birthday Martina Hope You have an awesome time, With Simon, Spudgy and friends! I think I would be a suitable Candidate to Adopt a U-kiss member because: 
    1. My dad was a chef and has worked in many places including a Japanese restaurant and I have inherited his cooking skills. (takoyaki anyone?)

    2. I go to school with Fashion design students that would be more than willing to give the boys some fashion tips and help them shop for clothes so Kevin doesn’t have to steal any from Shinee. It gives you a Holmesy feel.  

    3. I have a total of 13 siblings I am the 3rd oldest. So i know how to take care of people. I could adope the entire group. Cause.. wouldnt U-kiss be lonely without eachother?………………..BROMANCE. 

    4. I have Dora the Explorer and Diego on my front lawn (next to Winnie the pooh, Dumbo & the Disney princesses) -this point is Totally Relevant- =P

    5. I have chipmunks and squirrels in our backyard so Dongho could play with friends. (Dongho you adorable Hamster~)

    6. Lastly I Would make a suitable candidate because Yes U-kiss I actually have a house. 

    (Love u U-kiss you know all my teasing is out of love)

    YT username: vampireknights16

    Also I vote For U-kiss for the odd home edition contest. Because lets face it must not be easy learning how to walk on walls and sleeping standing up. It makes you question what the bathroom looks like, dear god I hope the toilet isn’t on the ceiling (<—–lol what even? OTL)  

    P.s *Excuse my randomness, its totally random, but necessary. lol 

    5 years ago
  247. I was
    seriously moved by situation of those poor homeless kpop idols, so I decided to drop my aplication for your program. I live in small
    town nearby sea, in Poland. Why should I be chosen, you ask (uhmm… you didn’t
    ask?! Well, I will tell you anyway) First I have quite a spacious house, so I could offer a room for each member.
    Yes, you hear me right! They could finally have their own 4 walls after such a
    long period of sleeping on building sites and they could stay together as a group. They would be able to decorate it to their liking (I found THAT sofa pretty awesome XD ) The beds here stand firmly on the floor. Yup!. As for the place to dance… well, my
    sis learned how to ride a bike at home, I guess there would be some space for
    that ^^’ I have park beside home- fresh air, and relaxing greenery. Ahhh… That’s not all! They would have complete freedom to go where they
    want,in my area there is NO ONE(beside me and my best  friend.),who knows them. I don’t advertise
    myself in media, so they won’t ever get in situation similar to B1A4, and that
    hideout captivity thingy.That was… scary. Just in case, I have two dogs, as guardia… well no, cross that out -.-‘ They are harmless…ehhh… Clothes… I won’t lie, that could be tricky… BUT auntie used to be tailor, she won’t nagging, when she will have such a handsome customers I guess. So anyway,I see also from previous
    actions how concerned you are for those idols (Medical check-ups, gathering
    donations for umbrellas–so awesome, guys! Yes, trying is also admirable, and yes, I totally understand using up money for cookies), so Martina, Simon, Spudy, I offer you few days at my
    place, to make sure it’s a good place (And I’m serious about it, I’m waiting if you ever decide to visit Poland ^^)
    Serdecznie Pozdrawiam

    my youtube username: SylwiaMycha

    P.S. Haaaappy Birthsdaaaay toooo youuuuu!…ohhh well sorry… I will sing no more -.-‘ But I’m sending you few of my dark ninja bunnies to you ^^ They are born to… let’s say… remove obstacles ^^  Aaaaand so your wishes came true- If it’s not about world domination… or finding last dragon egg… naaahh just kidding ^^ everything you wish ^^

    5 years ago
  248. Er… thought I’d point out it’s recently been announced that JK Rowling IS writing something else entirely not connected to Harry Potter.  The contract’s been signed and everything, and I think it’s going to be released sometime next year.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MARTINA!  April is the best month. :D

    I’d much rather be a roommate with U-KISS in their anti-gravity room than with MBLAQ in the… what is it, a petrol station?  Petrol fumes are bad for your health.  And they’re usually cold.  At least U-KISS’s room has walls, even if everybody would end up really sick because they were dizzy. And it would be great astronaut training.

    5 years ago
  249. Happy Birthday Martina! I hope Simon says “Martina! Time for kisses!” in his “Seungri! Time for kisses!” voice XD

    I think I would be the ideal U-KISS foster…person because I live in a dorm in college which means they will receive all the love and attention they deserve from my female and maybe male floormates. I also have enough room in my single that they will be danced twice a day and my stash of makeup that will last them forever. I also have subway stations and wilderness around my campus so if they miss their homeless life, they can prance around their until they’re satisfied. 
    I also have friends who know how to sew enough man bras to their heart’s content and friends who are Korean so they won’t ever miss speaking their language! :D

    My username is Spreadmywings247! Thanks for reading! ^^

    5 years ago
  250.  Happy Birthday Martina!!! Ahhh Omg Have the best birthday ever :DDD you so deserve it! always putting a smile on everyone’s face :3

    5 years ago
  251. Happy b-day Martina! 
    Gotta vote for U-kiss, simply b/c of Eli’s awesome blonde hair. 

    Oh – and Spudgy is looking SO FLUFFY and CUTE! ^^ 

    5 years ago
  252. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARTINA~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <333333333333 Have a wonderful birthday ^^

    5 years ago
  253. I have a big new house with 8 rooms with swimming pool .. I’ll give my new house to U-Kiss for FREE…BTW I’ll leave my sweet home “to Complete studying outside ” and give them the privacy ^^ …I wanna U-Kiss CD ><

    5 years ago
  254. Martina….Have Fun in Your B-Day!!!

    5 years ago
  255. Happy birthday. <3

    5 years ago
  256.  Happy Birthday Martina! <3

    For the C.D's Youtube User name is : MiniWolf7

    I would make the ideal candidate to adopt a U-Kiss member because:
    First of all I'm a pertty good cook, which means I can make sure they get proper meals, with the nutrition they need. (I hear to many stories of Idols getting ill because of over work/poor nutrition). U-kiss members all like animal, and or have a pet of their own, and my house is pet friendly which means their animals can come with them :) (Dongho's dog is co cute).
    And regarding them needing cool and funky costumes, I am able  to make clothing, I learned how to knit/sew, and made my own Halloween costume (I was the pokemon Umbreon).
    I also have tons of books/manga, Netfilx for when they want to watch movies. And a dance-dance machine in the basement for their daily dancing needs.
    As for beds, I have a spare room with a queen bed, and a bunk bed in mine, plus a laundry area that has room to put all their clothing. And if they even want to be artistic (not on the furniture hopefully) My mom owns a art studio when they can go :)

    Thank you so much guys, you always brighten up my week! <3

    5 years ago
    youtube: cloiebuggeaterI could totally adopt a ukiss member. I have a dog who will endlessly play fetch, another who loves to cuddle, and a 4 year old who says weird things on a regular basis. We live a half block from a river and there is a band shell with a nice stage if they felt the need to dance. Plus my husband has power tools to play with. Who wouldn’t like our house :)

    I forget what we’re suppose to be comparing for the showdown, but I like MBLAQ’s song and video better so I vote for them.

    5 years ago
  258. MBLAQ totally wins over U-kiss …. I mean come on MBLAQ actually have an air guitar/crotch grab dance .. that alone wins 

    5 years ago
  259. happy birthday martina!!!

    5 years ago
  260. happy birthday martina!!!!!
     i am the right person to have them because i would give them a computer to watch eatyourkimchi and go all the way to koreajust to meet you guys again

    5 years ago
  261. Happy Birthday Martina!!!

    now..the reason why i would be the ideal candidate to adopt a member of U-Kiss is:
    i got lots of space in the house so they can all sleep at once and not worry about being kicked out cause i am there for them haha. there is also a spacious living room where they could dance to their hearts content xD

    My YT username is Pixchan1.

    hope you guys have fun in Malaysia!!!! and I really enjoy watching your videos :D

    5 years ago
  262. Happy Birthday Martina! I hope you had a great birthday full of love. WOO. ^-^

    5 years ago
  263. Happy Birthday, Martina! May all your heart’s desires be fulfilled this year. 

    Doradora didn’t cut it for me. 

    The month of May will showcase the comebacks of powerhouses. I’m waiting patiently in all anticipation. 

    5 years ago
  264. Why would I make the ideal candidate to adopt a U-Kiss member?
    I own a comfortable home in beautiful British Columbia, Canada where the sun is always shining. Beaches are plentiful, very few crazy fangirls/boys and my home is located on a lush winery vineyard. Award wining wines are only a step away for members of age! A room with plenty of space, king size bed, large walk in closet and an en suite that could meet the need of any flower boy! To ensure the boys safety a security camera would be installed for 24/7 monitoring (this is not creepy, it is safety! You never know when FJS may strike!) As I am also a dancer a large dance studio is provided in the home for the boys to ensure the quota of twice a day dancing is met. To meet the boys wardrobe needs, I am also an avid sewer (years of cosplaying finally for a good cause) and will be able to bring any of the boys wild costumes to life. Unfortunately after the appearance of Doradora it seems the boys have also contracted new kpop symptoms of Super Itchy Foot Syndrom or SIFS for short. The case has been noticed in choruses of popular boy band dances like Super Junior’s Sorry Sorry, or B2ST’s(Batoost4LIFE!) Fiction. Now U-Kiss has been affected in Doradora (noticed at 3:11-3:15 of this video). I am dedicated to cure the boys feet forever and they will no longer have to dance with super itchy feet. WE WILL FIND A CURE!

    (Youtube: puppichu)

    5 years ago
  265. @keygrrl:disqus I think I am an ideal candidate to adopt a U-Kiss member is because as you said before they need a house and i will be more than willing to take GOOD care of them. I will teach them that sleeping on a good white bed(with me) is way better than walking on ceilings… I WILL SHOW THEM WHAT REAL BOUNCING IS ALL ABOUT( ^_^). LASTLY I WILL TELL ELI THAT I HATE IS ALWAYS BETTER WHEN YOU TELL IT TO SOMEONE ON THE SAME BED AS YOU… 

    *i am not dirty at all*

    5 years ago
  266. Happy birthday Martina! Wow your birthday is so close to mine! mine is the 2nd :)
    Anywho! I guess i’m supposed to convince you guys why i would be the ideal candidate.

    1. I would give Kevin plenty of table cloths to wear, and maybe even take him on a picnic!
    2. I would take it upon myself to teach them how to properly clean up a room (because clearly the methods they have been using are not working as of now).
    3. I would teach Eli how to sound more like the DOTHRAKI MAN WARRIOR we all know he is, while expressing his hatred.
    4. I would teach Kiseop how to channel his MAN strength into something more practical, like cracking eggs for breakfast, making lemonade, or wringing out the laundry and hanging it up to dry. (All of the preceding would be done with his bare hands).
    5. I would allow them copious amounts of play (and dance) time so that they are able to get plenty of exercise.
    6. Finally, I would give them lots of hugs, love, and care. :)

    My youtube username is mizuhana100.
    Thank you for your consideration!  (^_^)/

    5 years ago
  267. Happy birthday to Martina! :D

    I’m the right person to adopt them, cause i would give them alot of cake and cupcakes, cause, who can live without that? And i would give each one of them a pair of sweatpants. They can’t go around in those tight wite…. sexy… manly…. pants, because they could, i don’t know, randomly just be ripped of, i don’t know by who, but.. yeah :) I’ll also make space at the ground. It looks like Kevin already have found the spot, but it’s much better to sleep at the ground than at the.. standing bed. Oh, and because i have adopted them i can call them my BABIES, and can give them a pony, and i would paint a room pink, cause they all like pink, right? And who don’t like barbies? They could get some cute princess barbies and some painting and paint the dolls, and not a whole room and a couch. Poor that thing.. Oh, i can’t forget, i could give them a pair of shoes too! Since in the beginning of the video, where Kevin have found his spot, they don’t wear shoes. And maybe a jacket.. It looks cold in that room, and they are only wearing a small top. Yeah, that is what i would do and give them c:

    Youtube username; Somedaykissme

    5 years ago
  268. Username: Mianinja1

    My mom makes the most delicious kimchi, which hopefully will make a U-KISS member feel like they are at home. Eating kimchi will always make you feel better!

    5 years ago
  269. I would be an ideal candidate to adopt a member of U-KISS because I’ve been planning my kidnap– I mean, adoption, of Kiseop for the past year and a half. =D  I already have everything he could possibly need here, just been waiting for the opportunity to bring him home with me. And by that I mean, to invite him over totally of his own free will. It’s not like I was going to go to one of their concerts and snatch him off the stage or anything like that. And I have a friend who was planning to stea– um, adopt, Kevin as well, so he wouldn’t be lonely. Kevin could translate for us too, and we’d all be one big, happy, totally not creepy family!

    YT username is finalheaven93 =]

    5 years ago

    5 years ago
  271. Happy Birthday Martina. :) We almost share birthdays. Cept mine is on the 2nd. :D

    I would be a good candidate because I have a huge bedroom and they can sleep on the floor, I have plenty of sleeping bags boys! I also watch too much kpop and kdrama for my own good, so they don’t miss home. We can do weekly field trips to the local ktown. In exchange for their free room and board they must cook and teach me korean. ;) hahaha.

    5 years ago
  272. Happy birthday RIGHT NOW, Martina! Your niece was clearly your early birthday gift, btw. xD

    Doradora is definitely a groove song for me, and yes, watching the OHMY dance helped me come to that conclusion. I won’t hate on your version, Simon. It’s still definitely an… “oh my” dance. LoL

    Well, I suppose my room would be sufficient for them. It’s small and squared and has white walls and hardly any furniture (xD;;), and I have plenty of design/art supplies they could use when they randomly want to Graffiti Rage all over said room. And when they need to be danced, I have two DDR pads for their convenience. LoL
    YT Username: MamushiLove

    5 years ago
  273. Happy Birthday Martina! Mine is technically on the same day as yours but with time difference… meh I’m not 18 yet… (not that having the same birthday as you makes me feel … special or… anything). It’s Labour Day! You should NOT be working (make simon your slave ;) )

    I’d make the perfect candidate to adopt U-Kiss because I got loads of guyliner and lipstick (for their kisses… ok lame) Plus I’d be able to walk them everyday to the street dancing competitions in the beautiful city of Lyon where nobody knows them, so they won’t get assaulted or arrested by the likes of Ms. Sasangphans or Sasengfangs (this is Mordney present…)

    My youtube username is TangyZong and it would be lovely to win the CD from you regardless of the autographs because I discovered U-Kiss through Eatyourkimchi. And it’s my birthday (no emotional blackmail there).

    5 years ago
  274. I would make an ideal candidate to adopt ALL of U-Kiss, because a) it’s me, and b) I have experience in baby sitting. .___.
    I may not exactly be older than all of them (ahem. I’m the same age as the maknae), but I believe that taking care of a room of rowdy children (most males) during high school, even baby sitting over night for them, would make me the ideal candidate. Also because I’m a lonely little girl and I’m sure U-Kiss would just love to make me un-lonely. Besides the fact that I stay home all day, lurking youtube and other websites, I’m fun. I have a crazy sense of humor. I often sound serious when I’m joking, but I’m cool. Trust me. People have fallen for me… ONLINE. I live such a sad life. I’m like the epitome of Forever alone /forever sobbing.
    I’m also Australian. And I’m currently learning Korean. So I can converse with all the members quite well. And everybody loves an Australian. Seriously.
    Then there’s also the fact that U-Kiss are my absoulte favourite band in the world EVER, and Kiseop is my ultimate bias in the world ever… So y’know… A signed copy of their album would probably be the best day of my life. Even topping my graduation and prom. And maybe even the birth of my nephew. > >
    I also suck at math, so AJ wouldn’t mind a break from all that hypotenuse and trig talk. 
    Also… I don’t mind U-Kiss opposite humping or OH MYing in my house. In fact, I quite welcome it. In fact… I’d broadcast it to the world so I could brag… In fact, I’d make them do it in public with it directed at me, so that the world can see that I have seven sexy guys at my beck and call. Yup. That’s why. And cause I’m cool… Y’know. I mentioned this before.
    And y’know, cause I’m Australian and I’m planning on sending Martina a super awesome present for her birthday. Even though I have no idea where to mail it to. 
    I’ll find out eventually. You watch. Just you watch. Sometimes – be it now or later – you will find a gift of awesomeness from Australia. But it’s ok. Don’t cry. I plan on sending many more in the future to my two favourite (ahem the ONLY [one’s for me]) kpop reviewers in the world. c;

    Oh. I’m also IvoreeChan on YouTube. > > 
    Just so you know. <3

    I LOVE YOU GUYS. Australian weirdo OUT. B)

    5 years ago
  275. Happy birthday, dear Martina :D!!!! *^_^*

    5 years ago
  276. Happy birthday Martina, and I hope that both of you will have a wonderful time over at Malaysia. I went on vacation there once, and it was stunning. Despite my hate for sand, I absolutely loved the country’s beaches.


    YouTube Username: Riabain

    Warning: Filled with part truths, part lies. Also filled with nonsense. Exaggerated nonsense. EXTREMELY LONG. (But extremely entertaining. Laughed while writing this.) Your head might explode from trying to comprehend this.


    Q: Why would you make an ideal candidate to adopt a member of U-Kiss?

    A: I can definitely fulfill their need for dancing twice a day, because I love dancing to the point where I can literally dance anywhere, with or without music. I could probably make them dance more than twice a day, but since I don’t want them to over exhaust themselves, I won’t.

    I have a younger brother who happens to be a computer addict that used to suffer from FSJ in the past. I cured him using my powerful older sister powers. (Aka, told him to “shut your mouth when you’re not talking or having trouble breathing” repeatedly until he did it without me scolding him.) So I’m pretty sure that I can cure the U-Kiss member that I adopt from FSJ… using kinder, but just as effective methods. (True story! Computer addicts always tend to let their mouth hang open for no reason…)

    Furthermore, as the daughter of parents who used to run a fashion company, I’m no stranger to the strange, wacky clothes that the U-Kiss members obviously need. My house’s closet is home to a dazzling array of the strangest clothes in the universe. I definitely have clothes that will suit their, err, strange tastes. (Again, partly true. My parents used to bring home the strangest clothes…)

    U-Kiss members need to be able to fly anywhere around the world in a short period of time for their concerts, variety shows, and other important appointments, right? Luckily for them, I live in a very convenient “city” (Hong Kong), where they can get to the airport within an hour. If they want a faster method of transportation, I’ve got a machine that’ll instantly transport them to where they want to go, all dressed up, made up, and ready for whatever it is they have to do. So any member of U-Kiss that I adopt will always be punctual and stylish.

    But what about security? They obviously just can’t go out – they’re too hot and famous to just waltz into a crowd of screaming fans. Don’t worry about that! My home is equipped with the latest state of the art security technology that will make any rabid fans instantly disappear, should they somehow find a way into my home. If they head out, all of their clothes are equipped with the finest security nanotechnology that will evaporate anyone that’s seen as harmful to them (ex: rabid fans, random dogs) when they try to get close. Any U-Kiss member is safe with me!

    They have a craving for something in the middle of the night? They need to go see the hospital? Since I live in Hong Kong, fulfilling these troubles is a cinch! Everything’s so near by that you could just strut out the front door and you’ll have already arrived at your destination! Best of all, they’re open 24/7, with large, glitzy signs that’ll let you know where you’re at! For any U-Kiss members that have a bad sense of direction, don’t worry – there are maps written in Korean, Chinese, English, and Japanese everywhere. Because Hong Kong’s just that darn convenient.

    And the food? Again, this is Hong Kong, the only “true” multicultural “city” in China. (Don’t kill me for saying this. /sob) There’s delicious food from all over the world in every single restaurant. Of course, they’re priced cheaply. If they want to eat at home, they’ll be served wonderful food by my wonderful parents, who can make hundreds of ten-Michelin-star dishes. (That’s right, not five, but ten!) Of course, all these dishes are scrumptious and not too high, not too low in calories. They can eat whatever they want without getting fat! (Pfft, as if they can get fat. Who do we think they are? They’re U-Kiss!) If they want to cook their own food, we have refrigerators and pantries full of ingredients from all around the world. They can cook whatever they like!

    Oh, and what about entertainment? Well, we’ve (my family) got at least ten super computers with over a terabyte (TB) of memory, so that they can entertain themselves whenever they want. We’ve also got the latest video consoles (plus games), televisions, etc. If you go into our basement area, we’ve got a library for their literary pleasures, a small movie theater, and a tutorial center. (In case they need help learning a language, brushing up on their dance moves, practicing their singing, figuring out the hypotenuse for a right-angled triangle…)

    Not entertained by electronics? We’ve got a small beach in our backyard, a large swimming pool right near it (that has water slides and anything else that’s part of a water park), a barbecue area, a petting zoo area (pigeons, giraffes, sheep, cute aliens, etc.), a basketball court, a soccer/football field, a lake that you can swim in, etc.

    And what about when they go to sleep? Sleeping on the ceilings is a no-no, of course. Luckily, my home has the best beds, pillows, and blankets in the universe. All I have to do is get them to lie down on the bed and they’ll fall asleep instantly. (I’ll pull the blankets over them and tuck the pillow underneath their heads, of course.) These beds, pillows, and blankets are specially made to make the user sleep peacefully, without any bad dreams or drool or midnight cravings, for the exact number of hours that they need to feel completely refreshed and not too sleepy but not too rested. I’m certain that once they sleep in those beds, they’ll never want to use the ceiling or the wall ever again! They’ll be sleeping properly, I promise! (Needless to say, we’ve got multiple beds in multiple rooms. They can sleep wherever they like!)

    As for their obvious paint splashing addiction… I can cure that too! I have another younger brother that used to like to throw things around. He threw food everywhere, and it landed everywhere… except on his pristine, clean shirt. I made him drink our holy soda (which tastes great and cures any type of terrible addiction that causes trouble to others or himself), and he never threw food around ever again. Any U-Kiss member that stays at my home will have their paint splashing addiction gone by the end of the first day, I promise!


    Eep, hope I get picked. I just wrote an essay for this. A funny one, yes, but it’s still an essay.

    5 years ago
  277. So annoyed that BAP didn’t make it T_T next week will be SNSD sub unit for sure so we will never get BAP reviewed T_T

    5 years ago
  278. Happy b-day Martina!! ^^ 

    5 years ago
  279. Happy Birthday Martina!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you!! Hope you have a wonderful birthday and may you have many many many wonderful birthdays in the future. Hugs and kisses from Marta and Marla (my dog) from New York City.

    5 years ago
  280. Happy b-day Martina, you’re so coll!!! all my best wishes for you from Buenos Aires, Argentina!

    5 years ago
  281. why would you make an idea candidate to adopt a member of U-Kiss?
    Because im awesome. And we have many beds. But they will not be using them. They all we’ll be spooning with me. And im bear like, so I will be really cosy and warm to snuggle against. And im a bodyguard. And im a Swede. What more can you ask for? Seriously? IM FREAKING RANDOM AS WELL! 

    Youtube name: iluvonoff


    5 years ago
  282. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARTINA! Hope you have an awesome day! Thanks for making us smile, you guys. I look forward to all of your segments every week. My parents even know who you are, which is saying something. So HAVE A GREAT DAY RELAXING AND HAVING FUNTIMES!!!

    I would make an ideal candidate to adopt a member of U-Kiss because I can teach them how to properly paint a house! No joke, my family repaints every few years and we have a system down. I even work at a paint shop and I could get them a great discount! Add that to taking out a wall and redoing our kitchen floor, and with their new skills their next house would be beautifully decorated! Oh, and we have two spare bedrooms, so I could even adopt two! And just to prove I meet the other qualifications mentioned by Sasang Phans Inc., I live in the boonies with plenty of parks (eccentric clothing stores and lots of walking/dancing spaces!), yet we are still only 45 minutes from downtown. Also, I have enough medical training to look for FJS. (lifeguard, ftw!)

    My Youtube username is KLTTurtle. (Kay Ell Tee Turtle) <33 

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN!! Oh, and you have a good day too, Simon! ^_^

    5 years ago
  283. Hahahahaha!!! I laughed all through the paint part at the beginning (never noticed any of that stuff, lol) and of course through the PSA about kpop idols and homelessness. Pure genius. <33333

    I really do hope Kevin and AJ get to see this, lol. It's really funny.

    And happy birthday, Martina! We love you!!!

    5 years ago
  284. Too bad Martina’s birthday is not 6 days later…we would share name and birthday.That would be cool (for me at least XD).Happy birthday anyway :3

    5 years ago
  285. Happy Birthday Martina! Hope Simon makes it awesome for you! Anywho~ I really want to know what you guys thought of TickTack on their doradora album. Don’t know if you guys noticed but its slightly different from the japanese version. There was a bit more english and the chorus was changed a little. So yeah just wanted to know your thoughts…

    5 years ago
  286. Happy bday Martina.. i wish u both good health and more energy to do more KPOP Music Mondays!! Yaayyy!! Hwaiting!!

    5 years ago
  287. First of all, Happy birthday Martina! :D Have an amazing day! o3o

    For the give away: (my yt username is budy0027)
    Why would i be a great candidate you say?
    Well there’s a couple of reasons. First of all, given U-Kiss’ affection torwards foreign languages i think they’ll sincerely apreciate having some spanish lessons with me and the wonderful kissmes that sorround me. Secondly, i turn out to be an amateur artist, and through my habilities i will be able to raise any U-Kiss’ member’s self esteem to heaven with a daily dose of draw-me-like-one-of-your-french-girls. Thirdly, i have a library full of books of all topics, the self-help ones will support Kiseop in his attemp of living a normal life despite his Hulk-ish strenght and the geometry ones will certainly entertain AJ during rainy days. Also, i have a giant, clean, paint-free room where they can dance as long as they want without the worry of having to adapt their moves to the sudden change of the surrounding gravity and/or perspective. I dispose, as well, of many extra beds where the boys can enjoy a full night of sleep without the necessity of concentrating chakra on their backs to avoid the sudden destruction of their work mediums (aka, their faces). I compromise to feed them with the best argentinian foods and, with an exclusive diet of alfajores and locro, i promise to raise the sizes of those skinny jeans to one that does not evoque to the magnificent birds known as flamingos. My city, Palpala, is full of great parks full of trees, too. That will allow the boys to breath pure air free of any post-nuclear-war residues, subway-at-midnight smells or lead-based paint. Lastly, i will assure the boys a football-field-sized wardrobe where they will be able to keep all of their cow-based clothings.
    That being said, i honestly think i deserve the chance to give one of these boys a life in a real home full of love and squared pies.

    5 years ago
  288. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARTINA<3 Hope you find TOP in your giftbox. C:

    Why I would be the best candidate to kidna-I mean, so graciously house U-KISS:

    Obviously, I'm a huge Kiss Me. I would gladly devote my waking hours to making sure every need and want was fulfilled. I'd probably dream about helping them too! I can feed them love injected pies everyday and take them for daily dance sessions to keep them in shape. Never will a U-KISS member have to suffer some strange, dirty, abandoned house again! I am quite the cleaner and disciplined (thank you Asian mom!) so the boys won't be spoiled but raised in a loving and nurturing environment. I'll even let them paint their own room for freedom of expression but of course cover that damn couch; no writing on furniture or walls permitted! 8U They will be showered with love and affection and be the perfect boy group. ^-^ Pigeons are allowed too hahaha! <3

    My YT name is heartwithseoul (=

    5 years ago
  289. hahahaha sasaengfans Inc!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and TRIGONOMETRY FOR LIFE!!!!!! (something i never thought i’d say…..)
    oh HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARTINA~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    5 years ago
  290. Happy birthday Martina

    5 years ago
  291. Happy birthday Martina !

    5 years ago
  292. And of course, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARTINAAA!~ :D

    5 years ago
  293. Guise..I miss Mordney :( Can he feature in the prologue debut single teaser 15 of F.Art? Haven’t heard anything from those guise either :(

    5 years ago
  294. Why would I make an idea candidate to adopt a member of U-Kiss? Let me list off the reasons:
    1) I have a lovely Queen size bed that is not only horizontal, BUT is also from IKEA. Mmm Swedish comfort. And on top of that, I have a Queen size futon for extra sleeping space if my adopted idol is not quite comfortable with sharing (yet).
    2) I live on the second floor of my complex and my apartment has not 1, but 2 balconies that would allow a member of U-KISS to safely greet their adoring fans below without being mobbed on a daily basis. Plus it allows for a nice Romeo and Juliet vibe which I’m sure the fangirls will love.
    3) I own multiple versions of Just Dance for the wii which would allow them to get in their daily dancing practice without having to even go outside. Also, there is also a small park just down the road where I could take them so that they could get some fresh air and go and play with the other adopted K-pop idols in the neighbourhood.
    4) During my spare time, I make cosplay costumes so there will never be a shortage of unique clothing available to them. Sparkly pants in a multitude of colours? Check. Bright purple coats with feathers on the shoulders? Check. Scarves and ruffles? Check. Coats with sequins and/or studs galore? Double check. Fancy boots? Ah-check. Fashion police will be present if they decide to wear any combination of those things out in public though (unless an Anime convention happens to be in town).
    5) I am a fairly decent cook in both North American and Asian cuisine (thank you 3 years of working at a Chinese restaurant in high school) so my adopted U-KISS member would never go hungry or have to suffer having to eat McDonald’s on a daily basis. PROPER NUTRITION IS KEY! On top of cooking, I also have a vast variety of international treats available from Canada, America, Germany, Switzerland, Korea and Japan. Coffee Crisp, Haribo Happy Colas or fancy coconut almond Pocky anyone?
    6) Luckily for me, I have been specially trained in the detection and treatment of Flaccid Jaw Syndrome so there would be no need to worry about them ever falling susceptible to this unfortunate condition.
    7) And lastly I would be able to dote upon them all the love and affection they deserve.

    Plus, I am currently taking a graduate calculus class so not only could I help a member of U-KISS, but they could help me better understand the area of a circle as well.

    We must all do our part to make sure no more K-pop idols ever have to go homeless again!

    (youtube: everynightat2am)

    p.s. Happy Birthday Martina!

    5 years ago
    •  I just gotta say — this post was fantastic. They should totally win the album and I am not even gonna try to top this! Bravo!

      5 years ago
  295. “Why would you make an idea candidate to adopt a member of U-Kiss?”
    Well…first of all my youtube account: smb210ve :)

    I live in small city in Siberia (Russia) and as a majority of people think that Siberia is cold and snowy place (actually it is not so incorrect…it’s snowing right now ><) someone from U-kiss members (who will receive a special honor to be adopted by me :P) will dance more than two times in a day, just to keep warm :)
    Moreover, due to the fact that city is small here will be less fans than in other places all over the world. So, it will be easier to concentrate on rehearsals of new dances and writing new songs.
    Furthermore, if need be there will be no troubles to come back home in Korea, because there is a direct flight IKT – ICN. 3 hours and he (I'm still thinking who it will be…and can't decide) will be at home with parents … 3 hours and he will be in my house again :)
    In case if someone from guys will miss Korean food – I have two Korean restaurants not so far away. But also ramen is available in every shop :)
    Hmhmhm so many advantages to live at my place, that i think there will be a battle between them :DDD

    One more time: Happy Birthday, Martina ^^

    5 years ago
  296. I’m wishing Martina a happy birthday!! Right now!! Happy birthday Martina!!!

    5 years ago
  297. Happy Birthday Martina!

    I think I could be a good candidate to adopt a member of U-KISS because all the bedrooms in my house are on the floor as they should be (they could be nailed in in case U-KISS go crazy with their on interior design issues), i have a big garden perfect for practicing dance moves (and Wii dance games for when it’s raining), and I live close to a doctors in case there are any serious FJS emergencies.

    Oh and I have cats.. who doesn’t love cats?!

    YT Username: OMGitsSeppie

    5 years ago
  298. SAENGILCHUKAHAMMIDAAAA MARTINA : D im glad that both of you are keep entertaining us untill now. Martina, you had the best and unique fashion, i really love evrything you wear..most importantly, you are confident with your body and not afraid to experiment with it. Happy birthday to you..to Simon, u are very hilarious and creative in ur video editing. you guys are one of the reason why I’m taking multimedia design. ^^ ur my inspiration! *ok idnt knw why i gve this awkward speech but i just feel like it xD OH AND WELCOME TO MALAYSIA!!! i already imagine both of you eating our traditional food on the street..saying ‘mashisoyooo~~’ while holding a video camera…and from far i could see martina’s pink hair..simon’s long nose and i could take photo with both of youuu >< *do i sound weird btw one more thing..the condition here is not very nice..the country kinda having some..riots/gathering of thousands of ppl on the street call 'BERSIH 2.0'..it is some politic affairs..i hope it didnt scare you. have fun! fightingg!! xD fans from Malaysia <3

    5 years ago
  299. Oh and Happy Birthay Martina! ^^ hope you have a great day!

    5 years ago
  300. I wouldn’t take U-Kiss to my house, but to my grandma’s house. Her house is HUGE and it has a lot of extra rooms with all the pretty furniture they need! but if they don’t really like pretty furniture, there’s also a part of the house that’s kinda abbadoned (seriously, it has no lighting, and the furniture in those rooms is old and broken and it’s creepy) so if they like that part of the house better they can stay there or go play anytime they want. Also, my grandma is the best cook eva, so I bet they’ll be tweeting what she cooks them EVERY SINGLE DAY. And lastly, my grandpa is learning how to use twitter so I’m sure he’ll be good friends with them xDD
    My YT account is: Punqkeh

    5 years ago
  301. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARTINA :D *rainbows, unicorns, TOP rapping, 2ne1 partying, SHINee dancing, Simon hugging, Spudgy barking, charms, earrings, colors, music, explosions, good plots, interracial babies, cupcakes, food, ramen, awesome things, fun things, make up inventions, tattoos, and everything you like!*

    5 years ago
  302. Happy birthday martina!

    5 years ago
  303.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARTINA!!! aljerk;ks I really love you guys, and I hope martina has a great day
    full of fun cute things~

    Viva la spudgy

    Here’s my present:

    5 years ago

    5 years ago
  305. My YouTube username is Easy2Spot:

    I would be the ideal adopter…adoptee… person that adopts (:D) U-Kiss because I have enough mirrors and exercise machines for Soohyun, a ton of pigeons in the back garden so Eli won’t feel lonely, some knitting needles and mangas for Dongho (with an age restriction, of course), some wigs and makeup for Kevin, although I don’t think we’re the same size, a room filled with stuffed animals for Kiseop in case a chicken frightens him or something, some walls and a marker for AJ in case he gets some song inspiration (wasn’t “don’t deny our r squared pi” pure genius?” and a whole bunch of ballad CDs from the 80s for Hoon… So, when are they moving in?

    5 years ago
  306.  Hi Simon and Martina~
    Happy Brithday Martina <3 Lots of Love ^^
    Okay, so I think I would be an ideal candidate for a U-Kiss member to sleep in my house (preferably Kevin :P) because I have great self control and I won't fangirl slobber all over them while they sleep. I'll make sure I let them sleep really early and when they wake up, I'll make a huge breakfest of bacon, cheeseburgers, sausages with lots and lots of ketchup. :D http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E_xh-ewwyxU U-Kiss loves their ketchup the way Simon loves Ranch. Most importantly, I have lots of empty rooms in my house with big comfy beds, so i can take all of the U-Kiss members in my house so they won't feel lonely. I promise I'll treat them well <3 Please choose me ^^

    5 years ago
  307. Happy Birthday Martina :) ♥

    5 years ago
  308. I am the best candidate because my bed is huge and It’s not on the wall, so they can sleep comfortably. I have a lot of men bras in my wardrobe, so I can give them some. Also, my room needs repainting, so they can paint whatever they want on my wall ^^

    Youtube username: 

    5 years ago
  309. ok so first thing to say: Happy Birthday Martina!! ^^ wish you all the best <3
    and now to the contest :P
    why would you make an idea candidate to adopt a member of U-Kiss?
    Well..i could adopt not only one of them i could adopt all 7! :D They can sleep at my big magical house with 3 floors and everyone would have his own space since there are enough rooms for them (ok some members would have to share a room).There is a dancing room,a sports room,a karaoke room,a painting room,a room full of instruments which is sound proof,a swimming pool in the basement and even a cinema :3 They don't have to clean up anything since the house is cleaning itself and i can cook for them (when they don't like my cooking i have a professional cook there…just in case).The House has a big garden,where all the members can enjoy the sun or can be creative and write new songs ^^ I also have a teacher at my house who can help me and the members to learn languages more easily.And there is a big TV in the Living Room so we can make awesome DVD nights and watch their perfomances or Dramas ^^ I even have my own teddy bear soldiers,who will protect U-Kiss from Mordney and i will close the window every night to be sure,that Peter Pan doesn't come in and steal them away from me :P

    Youtube Acc: PinkyPumpkin14
    okay i hope that was not too magical cause i didn't know if we should make it realistic or not ^.^
    And thanks for reviewing K-pop Mvs! ^^ You guys are so amazing :D i personally loved the DORADORA MV but that's maybe just because i'm a Kiss Me and love every MV U-Kiss makes :D

    PS: If i could choose,which member to share a room with … (see my DP) i would choose Kevin XD

    5 years ago

    5 years ago
  311. I like the giant bunk-bed!
    I would make an ideal U-kiss adopter because I’m currently living in a dorm. And as luck would have it, my roommates are about to leave, leaving a number of empty rooms that need urgent filling. I have a feeling that U-kiss and I would get along marvelously, singing and dancing the days away!

    5 years ago
  312. TP

    dear  sir/madam,

    with all respect, i would like to sign up my house as a temporary house for UKiss. im sure i fulfill the qualification of taking care of them well. my main weapon is my cats


    firstly,i have many cats. they (cat) would be really happy to scratch ukiss itchy bodies instead of ukiss rubbing it by themselves.( no im not gonna be the one who do it, i swear!) it would be an honor for my cats to do it. and ukissmembers wouldnt have to expose themselves too many times anymore

    In additon, i would also be willing to provide my cats wheels in case they miss their -soon- former spinning house. and how happy my cats will be if they have new catch-the-shoes game with the unique ukiss dance moves. feel free to dance, our boys!

    furthermore, i share the same interest as madam martina of aj’s hair. seriously, why do they have to mess the house like that, just do it in aj’s hair! write anything with glow in the dark sprays, and he still will be handsome ( sorry, im biased )

    we might be having a bit trouble about where they would sleep altogether at the same time. but i can discuss with the mama cat to provide a place for them to snuggle. -her furs are fluffy by the way, they really dont need the leather to keep them from the cold air-.
    also, im sorry to inform you that we dont have a facility to occupy FJS yet, but we’ll work on that.

    im going to make you an interesting offer if you choose me as a landlord for ukiss. i have discussed it too and i dont like the tight white pants with them dancing around like that either,well maybe,  i find it kind of inappropriate. so i talked about it and i agree to let my cats scratching it while they sleeping. even if its not messed up -maybe because the expensive leather- at least it will make it more loose.

    in conclusion, i’m proposing myself to be ukiss members guardians not only because of for my own sake, but also for ukiss to find warmth and home, again. (i know their problems with their moms on not young mv,, meeting with friends, spending money at clubs -as seen in i like you mv- until now they are homeless. ). you can say, that i am destined for this responsibility

    thank you, feel free to contact me anytime

    hisyalalala ( youtube account )
    or my twitter account @haisyalalala:disqus

    PS : for KISSmes. i mean no offense. peace! im out! :DDDDDD

    5 years ago

    5 years ago
  314. Happy birthday, Martina!  Sending love from New Orleans, Louisiana!  ^.^

    5 years ago
  315. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARTINA! <3333 love from Toronto :P

    5 years ago
  316. Oh my inadvertence ><

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARTINA! ^^ Have a great birthday party~~~
    With l♡ve and big hugs from Russia~~~

    5 years ago
  317. Youtube username: TheInwardOutward

    Any one of the members would love to live at my house. But the reason is a secret, so I can’t tell you! :P


    Okay, fine… Just don’t tell anyone else, though!!! Or else I’d have to kill you D: And I don’t want to do that…

    First of all, I live in a magical land called Hyrule. No, it’s not related at all to The Legend of Zelda. They just stole my name >:(

    Anyway, this magical land has lots of magical things. Like unicorns, and triple rainbows, and even Dumbledore. It also has angels; but they’re not very magical. Just good at singing and playing the harp.

    And sometimes, on some days, all the butterflies gather around a giant mixing pot of human souls (don’t worry, they consented), rosemary (for smell), and chicken. Then they make delicious soup! It’s so yummy, I wish I could have it everyday! But then it would ruin the specialness of it…

    They also make magical fireworks. You can spell out anything you want with them! Even naughty words! D: And at the end of the day, we all fall asleep on a blanket in a strawberry field with The Beatles playing in the background. Then we dream of walruses, which is actually kind of weird. I don’t like that part of my magical world.

    That’s why U-KISS would love to live with me! Especially Dongho, though, since most everything is pink and that’s his favorite color :3 Plus, he’s my favorite and I’d love him forever and ever. And. Ever.

    Since time doesn’t exist in my magical place.

    5 years ago
  318. I liked the song, it’s catchy but I also felt like all the parts didn’t flow very well…like it feels a little disjointed if that makes sense…almost like they glued different parts of random songs together O.o

    5 years ago
  319. Happy birthday Martina!

    5 years ago
  320. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARTINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    5 years ago
  321. Why I would be an ideal candidate:
    1) With the blessings of Thy Lord, I have a huge house with many bedrooms and each U-Kiss member can be assigned their own personal bedroom, thus solving the problem of their ‘homelessness’ xP
    2) Apparently, I also have a giant room where they can practice their dance and what not. :D
    3) My mom’s cooking is AWESOME!! And U-Kiss can use a little extra culture (ever tried Pakistani food? Its delicious xD)
    3) Because I dont have any kpop albums thus making me an ideal candidate cause honestly I wanna win the CD so bad xP

    Youtube username: mangaLuVr99

    5 years ago
    lol, I DID SAY "OH MY" When they did the OH MY dance~ OH. MY. <3
    And I'll take the anti-gravity u-kiss room~ <3 

    5 years ago
  323. THE CONTEST: I’m an ideal candidate to adopt a U-KISS member because I live in an apartment which, for some reason I don’t understand, many Koreans consider their dream home. And I can provide all sorts of Cantonese delicacies (I’ll learn a few tricks from my mum), and all kinds of shampoos that’s good for their hair, and loads of Samsung appliances and electronics to suit their taste~

    And HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARTINA!! ^~^ Hope you enjoy your day. Will try to send you birthday present asap~

    5 years ago
  324. Spudgy’s dance was adorable ^_^ ….
    … Simon’s one was also pretty good :D

    5 years ago
  325. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARTINA!!!!!!!!! Thank you guys for making/posting this!!! ^^

    5 years ago
    LOL to adopt a U-Kiss member…wow that would be awesome xD ♥
    Hmm…I’m weird enough to make it enjoyable for them if someone was adopted by me xD I’m fun, quirky and can be very punny xD idek sometimes xDD my life would be so much better with an U-Kiss member directly in it xD and I would definitely take good care of him x) ♥ we would have fun everyday! OMG and go shopping… I want Kevin~~ lol we can cook, shop and have so much fun together~~
    Yt@ notgreatjustfab

    5 years ago

    I hope you all have a good time in Malaysia, it’s really nice there, I lived in Penang for 5 years before coming back to England and I miss the place to bits. Definitely try Roti Canai it is BEAST!

    OK, now to convince you why I make the ideal candidate:

    Hmm….I would make the ideal candidate to adopt a member of UKISS because…..I’ll show them the correct direction to hump lol…haha (Nothing dirty intended! I’m a straight guy! Not that it matters!)I’ll help AJ find the hypotenuse of his triangle.I’ll show them that sleeping on the ceiling is easier than sleeping on a wall bed(if you strap yourself to it) because as we all know, humans are not horses and only horses can sleep upright, but everyone can sleep on their stomach.I’ll also teach them to change the sheets of the bed if they really do persist on taking turns to use the same bed for everyone.I’ll teach them that it is illogical to have a perfectly white shirt at the same time as having a paint encrusted pair of trousers when being artistic (*cough* *cough*) with paint.And I’ll tell Eli that a high pitch “I HATE YOU” whine is not exactly awesome or manly. Although I doubt it will stop him getting all the lovely ladies any time soon. Gosh I’m jealous HAHA!

    My youtube name is JESSNSDCA (pronounced JESS.N.S.DICA) Because I love Jessica and SNSD!

    Thanks guys! And please continue to make these videos, really does make my day, especially on a Monday. *sigh*

    5 years ago
  328. If I were to adopt a U-kiss member it’d probably be Kevin, AJ, or Eli. Dancing them at least twice a day wouldn’t be too much of a problem since I have a pretty big living room. Although, they would have to teach me their dances since I suck at dancing >_> and I do in fact have a few extra beds. I live near TWO hospitals so any signs of FJS would be immediately taken care of. Considering the extra room I have I’d probably be able to take in more than one. Also, I’m straight so refraining from groping, touching, etc…wouldn’t be a problem. LOL@ Martina(that was hilarious)

    Go 유키스!

    youtube name: Verris54321

    Happy Birthday Martina! My birthday is the day after yours! :D I’m turning 20!

    5 years ago
  329. Happy Birthday Martina :)) Have a nice day..
    I would make the perfect candidate, because I speak korean and I live in Germany, I believe that I can show them around my town. Also my mom, who has 5 daughters would be happy to have some handsome guys in here :P

    youtube name : callmebaka6

    5 years ago
  330. Why would you make an idea candidate to adopt a member of U-Kiss?:

    First of all, I really love U-KISS and I will give them all they need! I have a house bigger than Neverland, I can keep the couch clean like their couch on Bingeul Bingeul era! I won’t let them live in a subway, oh poor U-KISS T_T , I will make sure that everything will Shut Up so that UKISS can sleep during 03:30 am , and I’ll break the clock to avoid the ‘Tick Tack’ sound, and btw, those pants are dead, full of paints, well, I’ll wash it up for them as clean as their T-Shirts… XD and I therefore conclude, we won’t have this FORBIDDEN LOVE thingy anymore! Coz we SHARE ONE DREAM I mean ROOM XD and I’ll make sure Mordney is not Present with us.

    YT Account: ukisseliz

    I subscribed a long time ago, I really wish that I win this DoraDora giveaway, just for my birthday~ T_T

    5 years ago
  331. i’m the best canidate because i’m getting better and better at korean, i know english, so eli, kevin AJ would be able understand me while, Kis, hoon and soohyun and dongho will be able to understand me with my korean
    i clean, i have to clean most days of the week, when my momma isn’t in, and i actually enjoy doing it, i would do everything they ask me :)
    i will cook, clean, and take care of them ^^
    i live nexts to the shops so they can go whenever they want, and everyone is super friendly :)i’m the best canidate because i’m getting better and better at korean, i know english, so eli, kevin AJ would be able understand me while, Kis, hoon and soohyun and dongho will be able to understand me with my korean
    i clean, i have to clean most days of the week, when my momma isn’t in, and i actually enjoy doing it, i would do everything they ask me :)
    i will cook, clean, and take care of them ^^
    i live nexts to the shops so they can go whenever they want, and everyone is super friendly :)

    5 years ago
  332. HAPPY MARTINA DAY MARTINA! ♥♥♥ *love injection from Singapore* I hope you get tons of love and gifts from fans, international fans, and Simon and Spudgy! ♥♥♥

    I vote for U-KISS and their anti-gravity room – I don’t wanna live in a gas station. :/

    And I’d be ideal candidate to adopt a U-KISS member (namely Kiseop) because I need some MUKIMUKIMANMANSU MAN STRENGTH with me! (I’m really way too skinny to carry all my film equipment. [I’m a film student. :)])

    P.S. I really love ALL your videos. I think it’s more than worthy for an MTV segment – better than all the blah they show nowadays. :)

    Youtube Username: wanderinfree

    5 years ago
  333. Tea

    Sretan rođendan Martina :D

    5 years ago
  334. Happy Birthday Martina!! ^__^ Let your life be always AMAZING! <3
    And best wishes from Russia! :D

    5 years ago
  335. happii birthdaii MARTINA =]
    come back to toronto when you get a chance ^^

    5 years ago
  336. Oh wow you are making me pick between U-KISS & MBLAQ? I saw U-Kiss at last years Korean Music Festival in CA and a couple of days ago I saw MBLAQ in this years festival lol

    I cant really pick because they are both Awesome groups lol


    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARTINA wishing you the best from Sunny SoCal ^^

    5 years ago
  337. Happy birthday Martina!!!!

    5 years ago
  338. I live a short ride away from NYC where Eli can visit many of his pidgeon brotheren. In addition, my house is fully stocked with plenty of drinks, including Red Bull which can fully accommodate his addiction. :)

    Youtube username: HikariYami

    5 years ago
  339. Happy Birthday Martina :)

    5 years ago

    5 years ago
  341. happy birthday martina~ :))

    5 years ago
  342. Happy Birthday Martina! :D hope you have an awesome day! I’m absolutely devastated that I wont be in Malaysia when you guys are down as I’m currently in Australia for uni! I totally would have come to the fanmeet with giant banner and everything!

    5 years ago
  343. Sorry for the double post. My YT username is beyondLily and I vote U-KISS over MBLAQ. I think U-KISS would be more fun to have as housemates in the antigravity room over MBLAQ’s gas station.

    5 years ago
  344. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARTINA!!! Hope you have many more birthdays in the future. God Bless You!! <3 

    5 years ago
  345. Happy Birthday Martina! I’m still waiting for my birthday.. Since I don’t live in Korea, it’s still five-six hours to midnight… Luckily is May Day so I can stay up late with my Korean dramas.. :3  Greetings form Norway :D

    5 years ago

    5 years ago
  347. Hi there ^__^ Happy birthday Martina~

    Just to inform you, there are 2 different polls up on your facebook page for this week’s Kpop Music Monday. And MBLAQ is leading for one and U-Kiss for the other :>

    5 years ago
  348. Why would you make an idea candidate to adopt a member of U-Kiss?:

    Well first of all, I have a very big magic house that is better than Neverland that all the members can stay at. Each of them will have a room without having to worry about Mordney being present or who will be able to sleep on which bed or couch. I can cook for them, clean the walls when they spray paint them and I can take all the stains out from their pants easily ^^  They’ll never have a clock that goes Tick Tack that they’ll have to say “Shut Up” to. 

    My YouTube Username is: MiyoKatsune
    Happy birthday Martina! :DDD~!

    5 years ago

    5 years ago
  350. Happy Birthday, Martina! Lots of love from Uruguay

    5 years ago
  351. Happy Birthday Martina! And you guys are flying to Toronto on the 25th, right? Congratulations to your sister and your healthy niece but I am a little saddened. Because the 25th is my birthday and also the day that I’m flying to Korea for the summer from New York. We’ll both be in the air at the same time! Albeit going in opposite directions… >.<;; I'll bring something with me and mail it while in in Korea. I don't trust overseas shipping. A package once took 6 weeks to arrive. Any requests? Limit: something from the NY area XD

    And as for why I'm an ideal candidate for adopting a U-KISS member, I'm a pre-veterinarian student and have volunteered many hours at an animal shelter so I'm well versed in adoption procedure as well as the aftercare and how to make someone feel welcome in a new environment! You'd want the member to be in good hands, wouldn't you? (Soohyun, please.)

    5 years ago
    • OH come on thats so unfair haha!! you and your experience! oh well, suppose you really are a good candidate for adopting! good luck!

      5 years ago
  352. I will teach them how to get rid of bracelet sellers, and all those aggressive people who annoys tourists in Paris (“Who wants an Eiffel Tower? 1euro, 1euro!!” LOL). They were followed by those men in Paris fews months ago.
    BTW Happy B.Day Martina!!

    (YT account : knights0dream)

    5 years ago
  353. Happy Birthday Martina~~ ^^

    5 years ago
  354. gahhaha you guys are so funny!! XD

    Happy Birthday Martina!!!!

    5 years ago
  355. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARTINA! You wonderful, wonderful human being :D
    Have an awesome B-Day and a marvelous trip to Malaysia in a few weeks too :)
    I don’t know what I’m doing here when I have mid-term exams in a week but oh well…so worth it XD

    5 years ago
    • Haha you too?! I also got exams soon, except mine are finals! panic time! but these videos are soo addicting!

      5 years ago
  356. They paint shirtless, take a very long shower, and then put their paint-ridden pants back on. Oh, “and since little kids are watching, might as well put a shirt on too.”


    5 years ago
  357. I can cook pizza for them… everyday xD
    Happy Bday Martina!
    YT: Zoriana92

    5 years ago
  358. I’d make the perfect roommate because I own a LOT of animals. I’ll take care of Dongho, because his dog poops an pees all over their place/freezer/other random mv dance locations, so I could teach him how to handle animals. Love from Holland, EsmeeExplosion.

    5 years ago
  359. Happy Birthday to you Martina! :D hope you had a nice day!
    Can’t wait for your next video!

    5 years ago
  360. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARTINA! stay awesome<3 bunch of love from Indonesia (:

    5 years ago
  361.  Happy b-day Martina!!!!!!!!!!!! :D wish the best of the best!! God bless you!!  im gonna giva you a b-day present… well im gonna draw you something really cool!!! but i dont know what ._. soo im still thinking! :D but if you want something tell me so i can draw it for you!!!! :D yay!! xD
    ummm Happy b-day again!!!! you guys are awesome!!! (o^w^o)m/

    5 years ago
  362. This review is tough but there’re many opinions in this world. :D I also think that Dora Dora isn’t U-Kiss’ best song but still I like it. I wan’t U-Kiss to win an award this week and I WANT THAT CD FROM YOU GUYS!! XD (already tweeted your post)

    5 years ago
  363. Happy birthday to Martina! 

    5 years ago
  364. Happy bday XDD kekeke i would be an ideal candidate to adopt a member of u-kiss cause 1) ill change their clothes everyday. they will never be smelly again(le grins)
    2) ill give them their daily dose of blood(cause their vamps,you see)
    3) ill feed them with food(homemade >;) )
    4) i can build doghouses. nuf said :DDD
    kekeke and lastly,
    my youtube name is no1musicraze so yeah XDDD kekeke love you guisee XD

    5 years ago
  365. Happy birthday Martina!
    My vote goes to Embleuuk^^ (MBLAQ).

    5 years ago
  366. I think I can be a good candidate to adopt all U-Kiss members ^^ I live in a house, so there enough space for all of them ^^ and in my room I think can live one member..maybe Soohyun?(because he is a leader, don’t think dirty thoughts ^^) and there is a dance studio near with my house, so they can work here, and when they come home I’ll cook for them some yummy things ^^ (I cook pretty good ^^) and also I can control them to not wear those skinny white pants!(the first time I watched MV I was looking only on their legs…><♥ If I can be in Korea right now…I wanna give you my special birthday cookies as a present T-T
    Youtube – RussianBigBangFan ^^

    5 years ago
  367. TP

    i dont quite understand of your question for the cds giveaway -____- anyone care to explain? but still. love the review. thaaaank you

    5 years ago
  368. Happy Birthday Martina :D

    5 years ago
  369. As an older sister of 5 siblings I think I’d be most qualified of adopting a U-Kiss member
    [preferably Kevin but I’m not picky! any can join my bosom of love!]
    I know how to cook and clean and most of all I’m fair and strict! 
    Whoever gets adopted WILL learn to pick up after themselves and not dirty white rooms and their clothes with paint! also with their newly acquired cleaning skills they can clean up their next grimmy looking sets and thus their videos won’t reflect their homelessness no mo[re]!  
    Plus they’ll learn how to cook mexican and salvadorean food and that’s always a plus![if you ignore the massive amounts of calorie intake! but it’s okay their too skinny anyway!:]]
    Anywho! pick me for a well fed and clean u-kiss member xD lol
    p.s Happy Birthday Martinaaa~!!! :DDD!!

    5 years ago
  370. Happy Birthday Martina !! please come to Dubai !!

    5 years ago
  371. Hilarious KMM! I agree, not enough context to justify the right angle triangle by itself, therefore, message for Simon~

    5 years ago
  372. well….. If I can adopt some U-KISS member, I will HAVE FULL COLECTION~!(of my top favorite groups members~) my little brother looks just like Taemin/Key SHINee~ and with his new haircut, just like Zelo B.A.P! Awesome, right? :D

    5 years ago
  373. Tanti Auguri ha Martina!

    5 years ago
  374. I was really disappointed when I typed eatyourkimchi.com/find-ukiss-a-home and nothing came up. Really. 
    And happy b’day!

    5 years ago
  375. i vote for UKISS to win… hmm well you know, living inside a anti gravity room is better than living in a anytime-will-blow-up gas station ya…

    and i havta agree as a duper kissme that this took me too many times until i gotten into the song, good enough

    5 years ago
  376. Happy birthday Martina!!! Sending love from Montreal, Canada!!!!

    5 years ago
  377. happy birthday martina~! U-KISS!! omgosh if u-kiss slept over at my house… -preps camera for candids in the morning- XDD

    5 years ago
  378. Happy Birthday Martina!!! ^^ <333* Have a great Day! :DD

    5 years ago
  379. Happy birthday Martina :)

    5 years ago
  380. Happy birthday Martina ^-^

    5 years ago
  381. Happy Birthday Martina, enjoy your day ^_^

    5 years ago
  382. Happy birfdayyy!!!!! ^^<3

    5 years ago
  383. Wishing you all the best in the year to come.
    May your days be filled with sunshine and beautiful colors.
    And may your nights be filled with comforting dreams and wishes to come.

    5 years ago
  384. Happy birthday Martina! Stay awesome! ;D

    5 years ago
  385. Youtube ID: Hurry123456
    Why would you make an idea candidate to adopt a member of U-Kiss?
    BECAUSE I WATCH EAT YOU KIMCHI ALL THE TIME, so they would have to be surrounded by my gravity defying internets :P

    5 years ago
  386. Happy Birthday Martina~! ♥

    5 years ago
  387. K.

    Happy Birthday Martina!!!:3 I hope to give you a birthday present when you come down to Malaysia!!!:3

    5 years ago
  388. oh.  HAPPY BDAY MARTINA!!! u-kiss are crazy fun, n simply crazy. by adopting one of them. at least my life wont be such a drag and at least my crazy vitamin look good too. hurrah! *n i wanna make people jealous. @nabradcliffe <youtube

    5 years ago
  389. Happy Birthday ~!

    5 years ago
  390. yay u kiss. heh. i vote just coz i wanna look at u guys reviewing n making fun of everybody. kah kah kah

    5 years ago
  391. Have an extra wide couch~ I’ll take care of Eli and my friend Honey will let Hoon sleep in her bed eheheh

    5 years ago
  392. Happy birthday martina :DD

    5 years ago

    5 years ago
  394. Happy Birthday, Martina!  FIRSTIES!

    5 years ago
    • YAY HUGH!!!! *firsties dance* Here, have some birthday cupcake. It’s raspberry with lemon filling and raspberry buttercream icing! I made it in my mind! YUMMY!

      5 years ago