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U-Kiss – Doradora: Kpop Music Mondays

May 1, 2012


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U-Kiss is finally back with their latest Music Video, Doradora, which got almost 20 freaking thousand votes on our site. You Kissmes are INTENSE. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out here:

So, we didn’t give a glowing review of this song like we did with Tick Tack. Tick Tack was, and still is, our favourite U-Kiss song ever. Doradora is a good song, but I think we’re viewing it through the perspective of people who totally loved Tick Tack. Kind of like the third book in the Hunger Games. It’s a good book, and probably would be enjoyed a lot more if the first book of the Hunger Games wasn’t so freaking awesome. It’s kind of hard living up to that. Like, how’s JK Rowling gonna be able to write anything after Harry Potter?

One thing we do really appreciate about UKISS is that they are willingly to change up their sound and try out new song patterns. If you look at when they started to where they are now, you can’t say, OH that sounds like a UKISS song, and I think that can be risky, but it’s great that they are willing to do that. They could stick with a winning formula, but they’re trying out new things, and we dig that.

Not really digging the video that much, though. It was almost Sistar level boring. Maybe not for you who are drooling over the eye candy, and having your ovaries and brovaries exploding, but in terms of the two of us being able to discuss interesting things in this video, we had really little to work with. The couch was ugly, and a lot of the video was closeups of their face as they sat in front of their ugly couch. The spinning room was interesting, but we found that stool at the bottom of the bed a bit too glaringly obvious. It’s against the wall, we get it, only because of that big hump at the bottom of the bed. Argh! Too distracting. There were much better ways to suspend U-Kiss against the wall. How about a brace of sorts around their waists. Or, if all else fails, mega-wedgies. That’d work, too, and would make for a much funnier video :D

Anyhow, about the U-Kiss CD Giveaway Contest: now, we didn’t mention this in the video, because it’s still up in the air, but here’s the deal: U-Kiss is going to Mnet on Thursday. We’re also going to Mnet on Thursday. There is a chance, a decent chance, that we can get these CDs autographed for the contest. NOT SURE THOUGH! DON’T GET TOO EXCITED! Things always pop up and get in the way of fun stuff. We might have to go somewhere else, do something else. We’re not sure. Anyhow, if we do wind up getting the CDs signed, we’ll make a video about it to let you know. YEAH! So stay tuned, just in case wonderful things happen.

So, if you want to enter the contest, we’ve got two ways for you to join:

1) For our YouTube subscribers: Make sure you’re subscribed to us on YouTube by clicking THIS. Once you’re sure you’ve subscribed, answer this skill testing question: why would you make an idea candidate to adopt a member of U-Kiss? Most creative answer wins! You can answer either in the comments to the video, or in the comments here! If you do choose to comment here, leave us your YOUTUBE USERNAME so we can make sure you’ve subscribed if we pick you :D

2) For our Twitter followers: Make sure you’re following us on Twitter by clicking THIS. Once you’re sure you’re following us, retweet this blog post. That’s it! You can do so by clicking on the Tweet button right below the video above, or by clicking this link. IT’S THAT EASY! We’ll pick one random winner next week!

Lastly, if you’re not fond of testing your luck with contests and want the album right away, you can pick it up on iTunes, or you can get the physical album mailed to you, international, over at YesAsia. Yeah! Also, as always, we’ve got some bloopers. I added the Bubble Pop to my WANKing and FAPFAPing dance repertoire. It didn’t go over all too well.

AND ONE LAST THING: We’re not going to be answering a lot of emails or comments tomorrow, BECAUSE IT’S MARTINA’S BIRTHDAY! RIGHT NOW!!!! Wish her a happy birthday! YAY!



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Kpop Music Mondays


U-Kiss – Doradora: Kpop Music Mondays


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  1. This picture is the real evidence guys: http://ukisspersianclub.files.wordpress.com/2010/12/pops_in_seoul_003.jpg Somebody please adopt U-KISS fast!

    7 years ago

    7 years ago
  3. Why i would be perfect to adopt U-kiss
    I have 2 BIG rooms which is empty even maybe ALL the u-kiss member can do the practice dance there lol

    I guarantee they will not never starve if they are hungry i’ll cook or maybe we can cook togather like what aj, kevin, and eli do in star kitchen with u-kiss, I always want to cook with someone, I think it’s really fun :D and if they need outfit for their live show we can shopping togather ^^/

    it’s fun in my house they could play with my Wii or read comic books *i have hundreds of comic books in my house, it’s almost like library lol* oh yeah AJ can teach me math if he has a free time, I still have problem with math -.- and If they stay in my house finally I can call someone oppa ~~ LOL he can accompany me to go somewhere new or just walk togather. and when they will go to live show i’ll accompany them and support them until they finished, bring them water, so they’ll not thirsty and many more that I can’t put it all here, I certainly perfect to adopt them!! ^^

    my youtube username: vinnyarchie
    and happy birthday martina!! have a great day! ^^

    7 years ago
  4. okay i think i am ready to enter the contest! my youtube username is othersunsets.

    i would make an “idea” candidate (lol typo you guise) to adopt a u-kiss member because i want to be bros with them! i have enough restraint as to not treat them as sex gods worthy to be drooled and squealed over (in their presence at least ;D) and will give them plenty of room, respect, and space. i just want a guy i can hang out with, fistbump with, and feel comfortable around, and i think eli fits the bill! he’s korean american so it wouldn’t be exceedingly awkward or difficult (since i’m american) with a language barrier and whatnot if i were to adopt a member that isn’t as skilled in english. not that i wouldn’t want to, but we’re talking about ideals here. also, i feel like eli doesn’t fit into the kpop norm. i don’t see him as a kpop idol but a regular guy, and i think that’s cool and not intimidating. it’s more down to earth. there’s a connection there. people want to be able to connect with celebrities and make them less-celebrity-fied… does that make any sense? maybe he also misses the freshness and lack of restraint america has to offer, which he’ll enjoy if he comes and stays with me. since i live in texas, i don’t think heat will be much of a problem since in the video you guys took with u-kiss, they said they weren’t hot even though you guys were dying, haha.

    i’ll also willingly sacrifice my ample fullsize bed for him! i love my bed but sleeping on the floor is fine by me if he needs me to! there’s enough room in my house for him to practice dancing and i sing all the time so singing won’t be a problem. as for clothes… well he can buy his own damn clothes, sorry. haha — no, i will hopefully be learning how to sew soon, so maybe i can make some… er, costumes for him? or he can just go to the store like a normal person. that works too. i’ve been interested in learning korean (i plan on teaching english in korea after i graduate next year and i want to be prepared and as immersed in the culture as possible), so if he has time, he can possibly teach me some of the language. especially hangul because that is just. confounding. maybe he can also teach me how to get my thighs to look like his because his thighs are amazing. and we can play lots and lots of videogames together. because everyone likes videogames. yay! also, i am good at cleaning up after others, but if he’s particularly messy i won’t be afraid to show him his place! but i will respect his busy schedule and take that into consideration. one more thing: i will be determined to wean this boy off of the disgusting this-tastes-like-grass-and-the-inside-of-a-piñata redbull. it will be tough. he might cry. but it’s for his own good because he drinks far too much of it and is going to end up having a heart attack. i care about your health, okay man.

    i already left a message on your facebook timeline but happy birthday martina! i love you, you excellent woman you. :D

    7 years ago
  5. YOUTUBE USERNAME: guilmonlatias56

    why would you make an idea candidate to adopt a member of U-Kiss?
    because i love ukiss, but my parents don’t. i would cook for them and kevin can help me out on my math homework. we can also watch eatyourkimchi, happy birthday martina

    7 years ago
  6. YouTube Username: Wei0Viv0Wei

    I would make an ideal candidate to adopt a U-KISS member because…

    7 years ago
  7. Happy birthday Martina!!!! <3

    7 years ago
  8. Youtube username: JMei2210 

    Why would I make an idea candidate to adopt a member of U-KISS? 

    THEY NEED MORE FOOD. Look at them, they’ve been busying for Japan activities and rushing for their Korean comeback. They are loosing weight and look tired. For Eli, he needs healthy drink and food! All he knows is redbull redbull redbull. Ain’t healthy yo. I’m a Chinese from Malaysia and we drink soup a lot which is healthy. I can learn some recipes from my mom and cook for them! Oh by the way, my mom is a good cook *winkwink* I don’t really diet because food is a gift from God. If we go to mall, we can eat and drink without thinking about diet. (of course we have to control the amount of food we’re eating LOL)
    I like sports, games and surfing the net. With U-KISS, I think it’ll be more fun because they’re easy going. We will definitely have lots of great time.
    FOR ROOM, yea I don’t really have a big room. I don’t mind sleeping in the living room lol. But if we all share a room, our relationship will be better too. U-KISS does not live together in a dorm but they do live together when they’re in Japan. If we share a room, we can share our stories at night. Waking up others in the morning.. It’s like a brothers and sister relationship. 

    Hehe that’s all.. thank you! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARTINA!

    7 years ago
  9. Seang il Chuka hae yo Martina! hehe Happy Birthday! woot woot!
    have an awesome and blessed one :)

    7 years ago

    I think I'd make an ideal UKISS adopter because I live in a 58-square-meter condo with two bedrooms, both of which are being used. HOWEVER, I do have vastly under-utilized walls (they're blank because we're too lazy to hang up our art) AND a ceiling, so I have LOTS of space! Heck, we can use the ceiling as a reverse dance floor! Soooo *in Bob Barker voice* Come on down! :P

    Youtube account: Alexis Aragona

    7 years ago
  11. HAPPY BDAY, MARTINA!!! =_+

    7 years ago
  12. Happy Birthday Martina!!!!

    7 years ago
  13. Reason why I would make a great ideal candidate to adopt a U-kiss member:
    1, I have a guest room they could sleep in.
    2, I have lots of snacks and my parents own a Chinese/Japanese/Malaysia Restaurant and so they could have any food they want.
    3. There is a lots of board games and cards at my house
    4. I always wanted a older brother to play with and tease with.
    5. I can bake cupcakes, brownies, cakes, cookies
    6. The basement is big so they can dance down there. 
    7. I will properly clothes them so they will stop wearing white.
      ( YOUTUBE- HappyTree14) 

    I Just LOVE them and their music!!!! :)

    7 years ago
  14. I’ll be a wonderful candidate to adopt a U-KISS member because:
    1) I love U-Kiss.
    2) I’ll never deny his R-squared PI.
    3) Though I can’t exactly dance, my inability to dance will encourage him (WHOEVER HE MIGHT BE) to teach me, thus giving him the dance workout he needs.
    4) I like to paint. We could paint together.
    5) I will nail my bed, I mean, the guest bed to the wall if he wants.
    6) No imaginary girlfriends allowed.
    7) I HAVE A DOG. My dog will keep a watch out for the security guard while he sleeps cozily in my bed the guest bed. Woof.
    8) Math is my best subject. GO RIGHT TRIANGLES! 

    youtube username: janhuynh


    7 years ago
  15. I would be an ideal candidate to adopt a U-Kiss member because I am an only child *sniffles* who lives in a beautiful log home with a large backyard that has plenty of room for dancing :3 I also have many dancing games for the Wii (which can be urberly useful on rainy days XD) and I can make sure no one breaks ANYTHING 0_0 *looks at Kiseop* -.- I am capable of providing comfortable beds, healthy food, and unique clothing as well as space/things for them to doodle on :D I will not “attack” any of the U-Kiss members (in any shape, form, etc.) except possibly for Eli, whose hair looks very fluffy and pettable *strokes invisible beard* >w<
    youtube account: xXBeautifulFlower

    7 years ago
  16. Queria escrever mas quem disse que sei Engrish :/

    7 years ago
  17. my youtube username is: yummyXlove

    ukiss is like. godly. okay. i could not possibly compare to them in their talents, looks, etcetc. LOL.
    but why would i be the perfect candidate?
    because i’m dedicated to them. which makes me dedicated to helping them succeed. therefore, if i were allowed to adopt a ukiss member [KISEOPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!], i would have the perseverance and responsibility to take care of him.
    also, i’m an only child. and it’s extremely boring to be an only child. T____T therefore, having a ukiss member there to keep me company would be freaking awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
    there are a bijillion more reasons why i’m very eligible to adopt a ukiss member, but i’ll conclude with:

    and happy birthday martina!(:

    7 years ago
  18. I would make the ideal candidate because my room is white, I have tons of paint in my backyard, and my dad likes to watch things explode.Exploding paint party! I also have a white table in my room, AJ could write all over it and use it to find the circumference of a Spudgy! Math is my favorite subject, so I could help! Also i’m a nursing assistant, I can help take care of their FJS problem. As for dance space, i have a huge front, back, and side yard, a large living room, and a large dining room. If they get hungry, I can cook, my family calls me ‘Ramen master’ and when they want to lose the weight we have fitness equipment and Wii fit! Afraid of being stalked? Where I am, there are no worries about exploding fangirl ovaries! They need unique looking clothing? I have a sewing machine and a lot of unique looking cloth! And I wouldn’t be groping,touching, screaming, crying, or trying to fondle any of the U-kiss members.

    Youtube username: haegirlhae

    and Happy Birthday Martina~~~

    7 years ago

    7 years ago
  20. I would be a good candidate because
    my parents and sister is loving people that care in helping other in need.  When my friends are in need of help my
    parents are there to help them out a place to stay for them to get back in
    their feet and they love to cook for them. In total we are family of seven, my
    parent home contain three bedroom and my three older sister move out to go
    study at the university; they left their bedroom empty. As now the bed room, I
    made as a video game room, I would love to give them my video game room to them
    they have place to stay. They will have a warm bed and plus they do not need to
    buy any video games because they already have different video games system and surround
    sound systems. Since, all the member aren’t going to fit in the bed room some
    of the member could live in the little house in the backyard that my dad built
    to stored his equipment. Since, my dad is caring he will move his equipment to
    the garden. The good thing we have big yard for them to practice their dance. I
    will be honest, we do not live in Beverly Hills or Malibu home, we are middle
    class but we do live in California.  We
    are two hours away from Los Angeles. If they want to Los Angeles I will drive
    them their or I will teach them to take the train. I prefer the train because
    all the adventure we could have, taking all those mentor to get place. It a
    good exercise.

    Like I mention we have a big yard,
    it not a golf course. It a regular yard, we have animal like dogs, birds, two
    ducks and chickens. We do not play with the ducks and chickens, the reason we
    have them to have organic eggs.  Leaving
    with us, they will get their fresh egg every morning and good Mexican food. If
    they luck duck egg they are luck, sorry to say I not a fan of duck eggs. We
    aren’t perfect family, we do help each other in need.


                   My username for youtube is Jessilores4 

    7 years ago
  21.  OMG Happy Birthday Martina!!! EATYOURKIMCHI <333

    7 years ago
  22. I love how you guys totally have the TTS promo pic as your background for the laptop

    7 years ago
  23. youtube username: shadegem
    I can cook. Anyone who saw Chef’s Kiss can understand why this may be important. Really, why can idols never cook? They’re skinny enough as it is, so good meals will be just the things to keep them healthy and everyone, including me, a peace of mind.And I can sew! Strange new outfits? Lemme whip that up right now. (though I have to say, I loved Kiseop’s red outfit in this MV. Awesome match to his new hair)Plus, I have no qualms at all about holding their chins. Can’t have them suffering from FJS, now can we? I can be your support 24/7. With the occasional break to, you know, cook and sew and stuff. Hmm…maybe I should hire a maid. Ehe…And I got an A in Calc 3! That should be enough to feed AJ’s love of math, right? O.O
    And with that, I rest my case. 

    7 years ago

    7 years ago
  25. Happy Birthday Martina :D Hope you have a great day ;)

    7 years ago
  26. Happy Birthday Martina!!!

    7 years ago
  27. My username is veronica mejia ( My real name because I used google in order to have this)

    Location.Location.Location. I live in Hollywood, not Florida but California. The member of U-Kiss will never be bored because it would be entertained by the places in Hollywood Blvd, like the Grauman’s Chinese Theater were a lot of famous movies make they premier. Also the U-Kiss member will lived comfortable bedroom for his own so he should not be worried about any harrasment towards his person. Also I would take him to the stores that have stylish clothing like H&M, American Eagle, and other stores. Also the U-Kiss will not be lonely because he would miss Korea because, I would take him to Koreatown and show him the places to hangout so that he would not feel alone. Plus I have good WI-FI range so it will have the best internet around.

    7 years ago

    7 years ago
  29. I would be an ideal candidate to adopt U-Kiss because….
    1.) I would feed them, and nurse them, and I would also give them a bed.
    2.) I live in LA, so I will be able to hide them from all the other fangirls and have them to myself ^^
    3.) I would invite you two over so you can visit them anytime you would like to (:
    4.) I would help them from their vampire problems.
    5.) I will correct their grammar…  r^2 pi???  nononononononono
    6.) Lastly I will stop them from manhandling themselves, over aggressively touching their lips, and keep them immune from the umbrellaless epidemic that has been going around the KPOP industry ^^

    username: heroloverXD

    7 years ago

    If you do meet U-KISS at Mnet, do tell them that they have their International fans to back them up — tell them how we fought to get them their first #1 on Music Shows or how we vote like crazy for them to have the two of you to review their DORADORA MV. 

    If Korean K-Pop fans are too blind or deaf to see & hear how talented they are or how amazing their live performances are, tell them we International fans appreciate all their hard work and ask them not to give up and never stop releasing good & quality music! ♥♥ 

    And tell them they are doing really great with their Japanese promotions — by singing original Japanese songs (instead of remakes), have awesome Japanese pronunciation, fully rap in Japanese and even learning diligently to speak the language. 

    We KISS Me are very proud of them! :D

    7 years ago
  31. Oops, sorry if I spelled any words wrong :/

    7 years ago
  32. “why would you make an ideal candidate to adopt a member of U-Kiss?”

    I would be the ideal because:

    They can have my super big room that is hardly filled with anything. haha. Seriously its really empty and I don’t mind giving up my room. That room is not only super big, but it also has four closet doors which are mirrors!! It would be the perfect place for them to practice their dancing in a safe place away from dark alleys, subways stations, etc. It can also fit about three beds; which can be removed for dancing. The others can stay in this cool downstairs room with a bedroom, bathroom and a neat little living room. We also I have a cool couch that can be turned into a bed so they don’t have to worry about sharing if they don’t want to. They can eat as much food as they want because we never run out of food in my house! We always have food in my house. haha. :D I can also cook and LOVE to bake so they can get yummy treats from me anytime they want!! I would also be able to help the other members learn English while I learn Korean from them. I’m trying to learn Korean so they’ll be able to help me with my pronunciation and I would be able to teach the others English pronunciation with Kevin and Eli. I LOVE doing artsy stuff, so we can paint, draw, etch,etc. any time. I like the way they make the paint splatter in the music video, so U-Kiss has the freedom to be artsy too!! I also live in a really small city where most people would be like, U-Kiss who? So they don’t need to worry about being attacked by fangirls. I’m not a crazy fangirl so they don’t need to worry about being attacked by me. I would just treat them as good friends and refrain from doing anything embarrassing to them! haha. Sorry for the really long message though!! :( But yes, this is why I would be the perfect candidate. :)



    7 years ago
    • I know this is a little late, but I just remembered that I forgot to post my youtube account name…but here it is: Youtube account name is seaa2.

      Also while I was thinking about the room idea I came up with this neat floor plan that shows how the rooms would look like. Also with the second room, the living room gets turned into another bedroom so that they don’t all have to share beds. haha. :)

      P.S.the random squares are like night stands or bookshelves that U-Kiss members can keep their personal belongs in. haha. :)

      7 years ago
  33. Happy birthday Martina!

    7 years ago
  34. u kiss vs mblaq huh? this shud be good XD love both but def u kiss 4 me ^^ 

    7 years ago
  35. I would make an ideal candidate to adopt the members of U-kiss because I am learning korean and am fluent in english. My moms house is about 5 minutes away from Kevin’s old hometown Danville in California he could show the members around where he grew up. Also my dads hour is not to far from San Francisco and that could be really fun for the guys to hang out at. I would feed them any food they want and we could play video games all day :) I wouldn’t mind sharing my bed either ;)- Sakuraichan3

    7 years ago
  36. Happy Birthday Martina.^-^
    Hope you have a great time.

    7 years ago
  37. I agree. U-Kiss needs more beds in their video. That way, they can all be laying on beds while looking sulkily off to the side and singing desperately to the ceiling (or wall). Yes, they all need beds…actually, there need to be more beds in every Kpop boyband video. Beds for everyone!

    Ok, creepy fangirl moment aside…

    Happy Birthday Martina!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I hope your day is as great as you,
    You deserve every fun moment cuz every birthday’s overdue,
    Your day should be awesome and I hope you don’t get much fuss,
    But if you go clubbing, try not to fall and break your humerus,
    You always look amazing, but today, wear your best dress,
    So you can feel fine while you’re walkin’ down the street, and cause multiple cases of FJS,
    Happy birthday Martina, enjoy your cake and candles,
    And if I ever come to Korea, can I Baro a Sandeul?

    You’re awesome, Martina! Happy Birthday! <3

    7 years ago
  38. Q: Why would you make an ideal candidate to adopt a member of U-Kiss? 
    A: My parents have a giant wine cellar full of wine that I think is secretly meant for AJ. Based on what I got from (image below) I’m pretty sure he’d be the happiest man alive.

    (youtube: seoulbeat)

    7 years ago
  39. I do think I would make an ideal person to ad adopt a member of UKiss. Why you might ask?
    1.) I own a big house, with two extra rooms, one of which has a king sized bed. I would also be willing to give up my room for any one of my oppa’s
    2.) I have what I guess you would call a mini dance studio in my basement. Nd I would also be willing to give that up for my oppas.
    3.) My mother is a nurse, and alot of people in my family are doctors, so I think F.J.S wouldn’t be a problem ^^
    4.) as for the unique clothing, I have been told I got quite a good taste in fashion before, so I could easily come up with a cute, sexy or laid-back look for them.
    5.) I own a big piece of private property, so no fangirls or popperazzi would be able to bug oppas ^^
    6.) as for cooking, I am not the best, but I would be willing to take an expensive gourmete class to learn how to cook asian food ^^
    7.) I would take care of them and love them, but I wouldn’t go all phsyco fangirl on them and keep them in my sight 24/7

    (YouTube: emptyjarfilms or sisterzrock1) *I put down both because I forgot which one I subscribed to you guys on ^^ I hope it’s not a problem if I subscribed on both >.<*

    7 years ago
  40. Dear Martina,

    I just wanted to wish you a very, merry, MEGAFOXYAWESOMEHOTT birthday!!! :D Hope your birthday wishes come true!! :)  Hope you have a fabulous birthday, Martina!



    P.S. Check out this youtube video for a fun happy birthday song!!


    7 years ago