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U-Kiss – Neverland: Kpop Music Mondays

September 13, 2011


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To begin with, before we talk about the video, I would like to take a moment to bring to your attention the awesomeness of my shirt. As soon as we saw it on Threadless we knew it would be saved for a U-Kiss review. And so we bought it, and kept it hidden, until the glorious day would come that U-Kiss would be voted for us to review again. Buahaha! And so, here it is. The hypotenuse shirt. (For those of you who don’t get what I’m talking about, check out the English breakdown in our U-Kiss “0330” review).

Ok, the song! Here’s the video for it, if you haven’t seen it already:

Awesome! We’re so much happier with songs like this than we are for 0330. We’re not fans of ballads. We do have to say that we thought the video for 0330 was a lot more happening since it was plot driven. You remember 0330 right? It was filmed one the same location as Mr. Brohoho’s Music Video Set Business, and Dongho’s girlfriend, Dialtone. But seeing a cool water dance is also nice…stomp in those puddles!!!! TEACH THEM A LESSON ABOUT DAMPENING MY PANTS!!!! YES!!!! *cough* Sorry. Hate wet pant legs.

It didn’t suffer from our same complaints as a Super Junior video, though. The sets here, at least, are interesting. While videos like Mr. Simple have great dancing from good looking guys and nothing else really going for it, this video at least had a cool set. Really cool, with snow and ice. We don’t really get the meaning of the set, though. Sleeveless shirts aren’t really the best apparel for snow and ice. Couple this with f(x) wearing leather for “Hot Summer” and you’ll see our old notion confirmed: Korean people don’t ever feel the weather, ever. Summertime they don’t sweat like us sweaty foreigners, and wintertime they barely wear enough clothes to keep warm. But maybe Koreans can also suffer from cold nipples which would explain why UKISS looks so darn angry. DAMN YOU COSTUME DESIGNERS!!! Neverland should be set in a warm tropical island surrounded by mermaids and pirates! I guess pirates just aren’t considered “cool” and “sexy” anymore. But Martina would like to see a kpop video where all the members are dressed up in swashbuckling gear while fighting and dancing in style. True swag people. True swag. Alright, enough talk, I’m sure everyone just scrolled down to find out the winners anyways. Is anyone listening to me? Hello? Herro? Probably not. Fine then. I’m going to go make some ramen.

The Kpop Music Monday 1 Year Anniversary Contest Winners!
First off, we’d like to thank all of you for all of your awesome responses to the contest. We didn’t think that we’d get so many great answers. To be honest, we forgot about a lot of our silly skits and jokes, and so we ware amazed at how many people remembered them and quote them as their favourites. My personal favourite (Simon): from T-ara’s “Yayaya”. Not that it was our favourite video ever, but that scene we did outdoors. I pretended to be the guy who gets trapped by Martina with her feather duster. At the end of it I say “I love you crazy indigenous lady.” Little did you know, the name has stuck with us ever since, and I call Martina by that name every time she does something strange…which is all the time. She’s my special crazy indigenous lady for life.

And my favourite (Martina) was when Spudgy beat the crap out of Simon. Probably because it feels like he really wants to do it in real life since Simon always makes him dance. Plus he has a really deep crush on me and secretly is trying to off Simon. Oh the Spudgy.

But that’s our answer. Your answers, the thousands and thousands of them, took us three hours to read through. GAWD! There were some really really awesome answers and it was hard to pick. BUT we whittled our selection down to these wonderful people:

YouTube: hangukeando & omnichelle
Eatyourkimchi: KarlieChoi & Alexandra E. Rodríguez
Facebook: Oana Nia & Ulrike Biesemans
Twitter: @gluecks_los & @Kourai32
Tumblr: dellpafalla & kawamiya
Google Plus: Elizabeth Agresta

Now, the way claiming your prizes works is simple: first come, first serve. If you’re a winner, send us a message here. Our email inbox has timestamps, and we’ll see whose emails came first. First one to respond will take their pick of the prizes. Last one will, unfortunately, get the last pick.

Thanks to YesAsia and YesStyle for hooking us up with the CDs for the giveaway. And to those of you who still want a CD, but didn’t win one, you can pick up U-Kiss’ new album from YesAsia.com. GET IT! IT’S GOOD!


Otherwise, you can check out our bloopers here:



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