This week we review U-Kiss and their new song, Shut Up. Not to be confused with Miss A’s Bad Girl, Good Girl where they say shut up, or shut off, or whatever it is they say. Odd how the similarities between songs keep on piling up. Anyhow, this video is quite, err, different. It’s got guys with cuts all over their faces, a sweaty, half-naked dance sequence, and a totally awesome slow mo matrix dance move. Rocking! And, let us also say FINALLY: A song that can be considered somewhat of a comeback! Recently, SHINee had a “comeback” song with “Hello,” even though they had released Lucifer a month earlier. Being away for one month does not qualify as a comeback! Baaaggghh!

Anyhow, U-Kiss’ song is probably going to be really popular because of the dance move, which is both easy to imitate and just flat out cool. It’s got all of the ninja action of a Lucifer, but with a much smaller degree of difficulty. Check it out! As for the showdown, this week we ask you what band looks better in a suit: U-Kiss with “Shut Up” or 2PM with “Heartbeat.”

Thanks to [닉쑤] Enjoy Your Happy Life~* for the Korean subtitle translations!

  1. ROFL hahahahahahaha the birth of Mordney!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im catching up in all the kmm i havent got the chance to watch, hahaha… I really love u guys!

  2. today I felt like listening to my old SS501 cds and suddenly…”this is mordney present”
    wtf?! Mordney also infiltrated SS501? O__o
    You can hear it at the beginning of their singles Deja vu and Unlock!

    • omg I know this is pretty late to reply to your comment BUT THAT’S WHAT HAPPENED TO ME TODAY!!!! I was listening to SS501′s Deja vu and heard “this is mordney present” and I had to replay it couple of times to make sure I heard it right haha I was in shock and couldn’t believe it! I love Deja vu and listened to it like only million times and never really payed any attention on to it until today!!!

  3. Most hilarious and bestest MV review ever!

  4. Every time I hear “This is Mordney Present” in a song now I bust out laughing, no matter where I am…

  5. Actually that girl speaks a little bit of Korean since she lived there for a while, and the way she acts like “I don’t care if you are suferring, I’ll just keep smiling at you” is one of the reasons of them to hate her… well I still need to see the lyrics to make sure this make sense x.x

    Anyway, for those interested, she is acting again, but now in Brazil as the main role for brazilian’s top sitcom/soap opera (almost 20 seasons in  18 years on TV Globo) “Malhação”, yeah… weird name I know… and I hate this sitcom… but there are a lot of children that loves it. -.-

  6. Wow, that’s where the Mordney Present thing comes from and the association with Count Chocula.  :)

  7. OMG you’re italian accent is so funny

  8. Did anyone notice that SS501 also had one or two songs using that “This is Mordney Present” I always wondered wtf!!!

  9. Hey…. I love your videos and even though I’m kinda new, I’ve watched almost all of u r kpop music mondays…do you think that you could do SS501 once? I really love those guys and it would be like a dream come true to have you make a video about them… please do :))

  10. I just had a Morndey Present sighting…err…hearing!! In Som Dam Bi’s Queen, at 18 seconds, Morndey Present makes another appearance! I never noticed this in the past before watching eatyourkimchi videos! I just shouted “Mordney Present!” from my desk at work! Thanks guys…. :-)

  11. Ah, pobre brasileira!! O que ela poderia fazer?

    " I didn't understand anything but…you look soooo cute!"



    "omg, a man bra!"



  12. I don't mean to comment so late, but I always wonder who is the girl in the mv. Is it just me, or does she look like Selena Gomez.

    PS- please review 2AM sometime. It will make my day if it happens.

  13. Marian

    Simon sounded like Borat!!

    Keep up the good work yo. :)

  14. according to kevin from ukiss, "it is ACTUALLY 'This is Mordney Present' Mordney is our producer's name and he is saying that the song is his present…do you get it~? ^^" he tweeted that.

    • Yeah, we read that tweet (a million times, because his Twitter fans got pretty upset at us).

      But, just for the record, "This is Mordney Present" is just as bad, if not worse. That's like saying "This is Simon Video" or "This is Martina Hair."

      Bah! If we weren't English teachers we probably wouldn't care as much…

      • lol but im guessing that mordney guy doesnt speak english

        • So I was listening to Son Dam Bi's "Queen," which apparently Mordney also produced 'cause I heard the same Count Chocula voice but done by…maybe Mordney himself?! BWA HA HA

        • it probably was Mordney LOL
          I love Eli's english. He's really good. So I don't like people makign fun of the Pigeon LOL
          But in this case, it's okay, because I love Siom and Martina :P

        • bleachtsubasa

          Omigod, it does! I never noticed that, it must be Mordney's doing! xD

  15. I'm going to vote for U-KISS. ♥ They really looked dashing in suits~.

  16. Ukiss look better in suits for sure!…imo anyway :)

  17. U-Kiss all the way!!! <3 <3

  18. Totally UKiss all the way~~!!

  19. u-kiss please!!!!

  20. I like both groups but U-Kiss totally rocked them suits!^o^ Defnitely goes well with their concept!

  21. Earlier I said both boy bands looked good in suits. I want to change it to 2pm….if I still can.

  22. From my perspective, U-Kiss rocked their multiple lines of suits more than 2PM. Even though I'm a long time fan of both groups.
    The clothing that U-Kiss wore really matched their whole music concept. As for 2PM's clothing compared to their previous music of "Don't Stop Can't Stop" Clothing and recently released "I'll Be Back" clothing, in my opinion the clothing is still the same. U-Kiss just stepped it up a notch in a much more mature yet alluring clothing concept, 2PM keeps sticking to completely black or white clothing. To depressing on some occasions.
    On a side note, your reviews on the latest Kpop music videos just keep getting better and better ^o^.

  23. "make a fire" "raka raka" run!


  25. Although they also look effing haaawt wearing, you know, nothing instead of suits, my vote still goes to U-Kiss :)
    By the way, thank you for giving me a reason to look forward to Mondays! I love your music video reviews <3

  26. Lol @Simons dark night/neo I was already thinking that before you said it lol

  27. 2Pm. Totally 2Pm. Really. Man bra… pf….

    btw the video is really hilarious, I admire you two for coming up with so many great ideas each week!

  28. Wow, there were several differences in these two videos to compare, the music, the hair, the faces, and of course the suits. I have to say, even with the "man-bra" U-Kiss's Shut Up is the winner in ALL those categories. :o)

  29. 2 pm, no man bra (mra)!!!!!!!

  30. UKISS :D

    i love both groups but the like almost polkadotted 2pm suits didnt really work for me. but the navy and white suits definitely did.

    and i doubt that kiseop chose to wear the "man bra" their stylist probably gave it to him and told him to wear it.
    and about the english, ukiss doesnt rite their songs, so its not their fault that the english sucks. and the guy who says "hello, hello, do u kno me?" doesnt sound like that in real life. its all the autotune XD

  31. As much as I love 2PM and am completely biased towards them, I have to say that U-Kiss won this round. The pattern on 2PM's suits and the semi-strange black and white combos just didn't really do it for me. U-kiss wins the "who looks better in a suit," but 2PM wins my heart (sorry for being cheesy.)

  32. ROLFMAO!!!!! I vote for Simon and Martina's comments! My wife and I laughed so hard we woke the baby up!
    Yeah…why is it that these boy bands like to caress each other half naked?!?!?! Perhaps Korea is way more open minded and tolerant of the alternative life styles. If so that's great! Boy I'm learning a lot about Korea. LOL.
    Oh and the man-bra… you guys should have inserted Kramer's photo in there somewhere wearing "Bro, the male-bra" AKA "Manssiere" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Male_bra

  33. i love 2PM way more… but UKiss one upped them on style this time

    and this was definitely your best/funniest vid yet! :D great job!

  34. U-Kiss looks better in a suit but in regards to the video and the song 2pm’s is better.

  35. i vote for u-kiss! werdly, the guys of man-bra does look better in suit… maybe because the plaid suit is too much!!! xDD
    i want martina's shirt and a jiggity-jiggity to my wah-wee–wha-wahs too!!!!

    ps: i always thought the man-bra was a vest…!! =p

  36. u-kiss.
    but u-kiss for sure absoloutely rocks in suits.

  37. Another vote for 2PM! They are the hottieeees~!

  38. U-KISS is so much better although 2Pm are also good. Sorry but I’m going to vote for U-KISS

  39. I almost got fired cuz I laughed way too loud while a class was being taught right next to me. Great Italian accent Simon! Totally made my day!!!!!!!!! And of course, 2PM is da hottest whatever they wear or not wear…B)

  40. I love these so much! I just can't wait for another week!

    also, Heartbeat was my intro to 2PM so I will love it forever and ever.

  41. 2pm! :D

  42. UKISS most definitely they need to win at something working so hard with no respect. They looked fierce in their suits and the song is addicting everytime i hear it its like hearing it for the first time. And as for the one in the man-bra XD its my love KiSeop. This is a first video from u guys for me and i was dying of laughter couldn't breathe. I Love UKISS im a diehard KISSME

  43. Wow. You guys totally ROCK! You guys are teaching English in Korea. How can you make a video like so professional video! Wow~~~ xD

  44. Great video! I loved the matrix part! So funny :D For the showdown… I can't vote since their both boy groups :O

  45. of course 2PM because they all look hot for me and better than "Man Bra", I didn't really notice about "Man Bra" until both of you spoke about it hehehehe……that's really shocking and plus…it's really funny (^_^)

  46. i can’t pick they both look good but u-kiss has more one suite

  47. I vote for U-kiss for sure. They look so good in those suits!

    As for the opening "This is more than present" I am pretty sure it is from whoever produced the song. SS501's Deja Vu and Son Dam Bi's song Queen has that at the opening as well.

  48. I WAS WAITING FOR THIS – I CAME EARLIER n found your trip video instead on youtube but yaaaay you've uploaded it (not that i didn't enjoyscenery video but of course i wanted more laughs) i havent even watched the video myself of Ukiss! hahahahahahaha but i guess 2PM does it better fo sho as they're much older, theyre good with e looks.
    you guys make my day and boy, thse videos are super high quality – who does all the multimedia animation n stufff??? super impressed with all the time u have being teachers n doing this. best songsengnim everrr! jjang! :D
    love to meet ya guys someday. keep up the kpop love!

  49. im gonna go with 2pm. or maybe u-kiss… this is a hard decision… srry u-kiss im gonna go with 2pm.

  50. *votes for Super Junior instead*
    such a rebel^^
    Sorry, Sorry was a boss, admit it ;-)

    but if I have to choose,
    U-Kiss, the Heartbeat suits were a bit strange in my opinion

  51. The 2PM guys are fitttttt…. but those Heartbeat outfits were a fashion TRAVESTY of epic proportions. Those suits needed to be burned.

    My vote is for U-Kiss. (Why couldn't Kiseop have ditched the man-bra? Seriously, the kid is already an uljjang/momjjang, why does that need to be covered up? T.T)

    • Also, as for the English in the song, I'm pretty sure it's one of the new guys' producing them's signature. Their ditched their old one (Brave Brothers, hence no more "Brave Sound" at the beginning of every song), and on top of that, it looks like Eli (one of the Americans) is saying it in the video, when it's clear that he doesn't sound that way in real life.

  52. 2PMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM all the wayyyyyyyyy

  53. I can’t decide…..they both look good in suits….even if U-Kiss has a man bra!

  54. UKISS cause they brought a back up navy blue!

  55. Navy suits with those black shirts and red ties totally win!

  56. LOL, I love each and every part of today's Music Monday <3 thought the last week's MM was the best ever, but it looks like this time you managed to produce something that I couldn't even imagine xD looking forward to next week!

    ps. Wanted to vote but I'm not able to choose one o.O

  57. HAHAHA this one was hilarious! I love it^^ This was a pretty cool video, makes me want to listen to more of their stuff.

    I'm gonna go with U-Kiss in this one…the weird hairstyles in Heartbeat are throwing me off. XP

  58. U-Kiss All the way. Not only did they were a white suit but they wore many more and they look AMAZING ing All of them. =]

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