This week we review U-Kiss and their new song, Shut Up. Not to be confused with Miss A’s Bad Girl, Good Girl where they say shut up, or shut off, or whatever it is they say. Odd how the similarities between songs keep on piling up. Anyhow, this video is quite, err, different. It’s got guys with cuts all over their faces, a sweaty, half-naked dance sequence, and a totally awesome slow mo matrix dance move. Rocking! And, let us also say FINALLY: A song that can be considered somewhat of a comeback! Recently, SHINee had a “comeback” song with “Hello,” even though they had released Lucifer a month earlier. Being away for one month does not qualify as a comeback! Baaaggghh!

Anyhow, U-Kiss’ song is probably going to be really popular because of the dance move, which is both easy to imitate and just flat out cool. It’s got all of the ninja action of a Lucifer, but with a much smaller degree of difficulty. Check it out! As for the showdown, this week we ask you what band looks better in a suit: U-Kiss with “Shut Up” or 2PM with “Heartbeat.”

Thanks to [닉쑤] Enjoy Your Happy Life~* for the Korean subtitle translations!

  1. omg I know this is pretty late to reply to your comment BUT THAT’S WHAT HAPPENED TO ME TODAY!!!! I was listening to SS501’s Deja vu and heard “this is mordney present” and I had to replay it couple of times to make sure I heard it right haha I was in shock and couldn’t believe it! I love Deja vu and listened to it like only million times and never really payed any attention on to it until today!!!

  2. Every time I hear “This is Mordney Present” in a song now I bust out laughing, no matter where I am…

  3. Actually that girl speaks a little bit of Korean since she lived there for a while, and the way she acts like “I don’t care if you are suferring, I’ll just keep smiling at you” is one of the reasons of them to hate her… well I still need to see the lyrics to make sure this make sense x.x

    Anyway, for those interested, she is acting again, but now in Brazil as the main role for brazilian’s top sitcom/soap opera (almost 20 seasons in  18 years on TV Globo) “Malhação”, yeah… weird name I know… and I hate this sitcom… but there are a lot of children that loves it. -.-

  4. Wow, that’s where the Mordney Present thing comes from and the association with Count Chocula.  :)

  5. Did anyone notice that SS501 also had one or two songs using that “This is Mordney Present” I always wondered wtf!!!

  6. Hey…. I love your videos and even though I’m kinda new, I’ve watched almost all of u r kpop music mondays…do you think that you could do SS501 once? I really love those guys and it would be like a dream come true to have you make a video about them… please do :))

  7. …I think it's just you :D

    And we want to review 2AM. We just wish there were more Mondays in a week!

  8. Simon sounded like Borat!!

    Keep up the good work yo. :)

  9. Yeah, we read that tweet (a million times, because his Twitter fans got pretty upset at us).

    But, just for the record, "This is Mordney Present" is just as bad, if not worse. That's like saying "This is Simon Video" or "This is Martina Hair."

    Bah! If we weren't English teachers we probably wouldn't care as much…

  10. U-Kiss all the way!!! <3 <3

  11. Thanks for the thorough answer! And thanks for the compliment as well :D

  12. "make a fire" "raka raka" run!

  13. Yeah, we're not blaming U-Kiss for doing what they've been told to do. Unfortunately, most of the time they probably are just following orders. I can imagine the guy being like "wait…what? You want me to wear a man bra?"

  14. Another vote for 2PM! They are the hottieeees~!

  15. U-KISS is so much better although 2Pm are also good. Sorry but I’m going to vote for U-KISS

  16. Ahh…that would make sense. So their label would be "More than Present" which is why he says "this is more than present." I hope that's it, because otherwise I'm completely clueless!

  17. 2PMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM all the wayyyyyyyyy

  18. HAHAHA this one was hilarious! I love it^^ This was a pretty cool video, makes me want to listen to more of their stuff.

    I'm gonna go with U-Kiss in this one…the weird hairstyles in Heartbeat are throwing me off. XP

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