Yes! We are finally going to talk about U-Kiss’ “Standing Still” which we skipped over last week. Was it worth the wait? Do your thoughts line up with ours? If you haven’t seen it yet and haven’t formed your thoughts on the matter, you can check out the video here:


So, what we feel is basically what we’ve heard from a lot of other people. Great song, but really boring video. And it seems like we like the video LESS because the song is so good, almost too good for a video like this. U-Kiss dancing/homeless. We’ve seen it with so many of their other videos. It’s almost not terribly bad, because U-Kiss’ dance is so great here that it almost makes up for the terrible bizarre shots of the colour contact wearing girl and the burning rose. Burning rose? Really? Come on now! I mean, I know U-Kiss has seen us talk about their homelessness in videos before. They MUST have seen it. I’m just wondering what happened when they saw the flaming barrel. One of them – probably Eli – must have thought to himself “oh, f**k! Never gonna hear the end of this from Simon and Martina.” Admit it Eli. You thought it. I know you did.

One thing that we felt in this video: we’re not sure if you felt it, but does it seem like DongHo kinda got screwed over in this video? He’s always in the back or off to the left when everyone’s dancing. You try to see him, but he’s got people dancing in front of him most of the time. He’s desperate for attention! It even gets to the point that he’s switching is hairstyle between shots, from ponytail to poofy, hoping someone will notice him, but still, nothing. Dongho doesn’t really take center stage that much, it seems.

Another thing we cut out of mentioning in this Music Monday; it was a bit of a nitpick so we skipped over it, buy we found the shot of them walking towards the screen, all in a line, pretty hilarious. Have you ever tried walking in a group of big people? You don’t line up like that. You can barely talk to the person that’s two people away from you. How do you talk to the person all the way at the end of the line? And where do you walk like that? This is Korea! The sidewalks are crammed! The two of us have difficulty enough holding hands while walking without bumping into people or having to single-file our way through a crowd. U-Kiss all lined up like that would result in them clotheslining everyone in their path.

But, again, it’s the video that’s not so good, not the song. The song’s awesome. I think that this is Ryan Jhun’s making, right? If so, Stop Girl and this song are perfect fits for U-Kiss’ sound, IMO. If only they got a video director that matched their style. Point is, if you think the song is as awesome as we do, make sure to pick it up on either iTunes or YesAsia. Other than that, here’s this week’s Blooper Reel, which is really just us screwing up the heartburn skit over and over again. So, if you’re wondering why we went with such a terrible cut for our final version, where we can’t get the bottle to open, it’s because we spent 20 minutes getting the skit wrong over and over again, so we just settled for what we got. Ha!


  1. As a Kiss me I felt a little bit dissapointed when I first saw the video. It’s so boring, just like Alone, with that extravagant outfits >.< I kinda had a relacion of love/ hate with those outfits, but I just don't think it's them. I Actually think they are doing this because they haven't win the first place and all. I understand it must be hard for them, because it's hard to Kiss me but still I can't imagine how hard it is for them not to succeed as they wanted to. However I think they should stop trying to be like other k-pop groups, because they are so unique and talented and that's why I became a Kiss me in the first place. I still love them but that's how I feel. U-kiss fighting!

  2. Great song! I thought the video was good; maybe not as good as Stop Girl, but it was still good.

  3. *irrelevant comment* omg Saengie in the background! o.o

  4. That super jr. vid was hilarious and I loved it immediately for having imitated a scene from Oldboy.


  6. Yes, homelessness, it seems the acquired items from “Stop Girl” were repossessed. Maybe to pay the fines for not dancing!!!

  7. Oh yeahh..Super junior versus TVXQ’s Balloons, i am waiting for the world to explode..bring it on Simon and Martina!!

  8. Oh Simon, I think you were trying to make Martina laugh on purpose during the standing still ad in the bloopers. Good job! You were so funny!

  9. U KISS!!!!!!!

  10. my theory is: U Kiss is homeless again because they blew up their house in Alone~

  11. Anyone seen Kiseop’s tweets with pictures from bathtub he posted today? For a moment I thought that someone hacked his account lol XD Kiseop you so nasty!

  12. did any one notice eli’s hair or was it just me?

  13. *whispers from the shadows* There are some writing errors in the description. *disappears*

    Oh, and I actually found the “terrible cut” very funny. ^^

  14. Haha anyone else notice the cat flying in the background @3:00?

  15. Vote for UKISS, they always have the best dance moves ever…

  16. Simon what kind of nasty person are you. If someone is referring vaguely to an act, just assume they mean doing The Boomshakala. So cold the way you do it to me like that? Obviously his boomshakala partner gave him blue balls or something unpleasant.

    If you don’t know what the song is about…then its about the boomshakala.


  18. This UKISS song was written both by Ryan Jhun and You Tube’s very own JD Relic from the ashila4life channel on You Tube. If you don’t know JD Relic, he and his wife Ashley have covered many Kpop songs in English with a very strong following and got discovered by Ryan Jhun through their videos. JD Relic is also responsible for the beats from ‘Never Land’, ‘Stop Girl’, and Beak Ji Young’s ‘Bad Girl’….. You should invite JD Relic onto your show one day, that would be awesome!!!!!

  19. Where is Mordney??

    • I made a theory why Mordney isn’t here. So here it is:

      Last time, Martina discovered Simon was actually Mordney, so he dressed himself up as a girl. The girl in the MV is actually Mordney. which can be proved if you pause the MV around the 02:33 benchmark. She holds her arm exactly like Morndey would do, plus the clothes match. So, Mordney actually was on the set, dressed up as a girl! Or… Mordney actually IS a girl, who dressed up as a man in the past! What do you guise think? Is my theory true or is Morndey just on vacation? (:

  20. That girl creeped me out so much!Didn’t like the video that much,but the dance moves…was there a dance where UKISS weren’t touching themselves?But the song is amazing!
    Vote: Batoost!!! As much as I love UKISS,B2ST are always first place for me :)

  21. The girl in the video confused me, too. I kind of get she is supposed to be the one doing the standing still and watching idly while the guy is all burning up and hurt; her eyes look nicely demonic; even the burning rose is a sort of a blatant symbolism, i.e. “our love is burning and dying” or the like.
    But why don’t make more of a story then? Show her interacting with U-KISS or something? No one was too afraid to do it in Shutup, and the guys were younger/

    Either way, the song is awesome, and the dance left me in a shameless puddle of fangirling goo.
    As for the showdown, I vote for U-KISS.

  22. Vote: U-Kiss

    Why? why must they always be homeless? I’ll share my dorm! :)

  23. This was so funny, especially about the dancing law, very creative! :)

  24. Great background Heo Young Saeng

  25. Hottest♥:Antonella

    Vote: U-kiss!

  26. OMG please interview UKISS again! and i think i like their dance more than B2ST =)

  27. I found “Stop Girl” the best song they’ve ever done…, Anyways, Standing Still is in my mind all day :D

  28. LOVE UKISS!! :) xx

  29. This whole Music Monday was hilarious! Please don’t worry about having perfect skits all the time, the comedy chemistry you both have together is awesome! The bloopers were great! I can’t believe how fabulous you are :)

  30. although ukiss dance was awesome but i like beast penguin dance more..their footwork is more clean looking…lol :p
    i vote for beast!!

  31. Bacardi 151? Ain’t nobody got time for that!!
    Also great work guys :D keep it up!!

  32. batoost !!! they are the original fancy foot pocket dancers !!!

  33. Homeless kpoppers…XD…I didn’t even notice it! But you guys should really give a try to advertising…it’d be great success!

  34. Simon looked really bored in the end:-p

  35. HEO YOUNG SAENG in the background!!! ^o^

  36. vote: UKISS!!!! XD It’s obvious… XD

  37. U-KISS Point Dance!! ♥w♥

  38. I was almost shocked when you didn’t say you shouldn’t have eaten something with Ranch; but then I saw the ‘heartburn reliever’ and all astonishment had been erased. XD I couldn’t stop looking at Dr. Meemsworth creepin’ in the back…

  39. Although the U-Kiss foot-shuffle dance is interesting, I prefer Beast’s; it’s cooler.

  40. I was so busy watching Kevin sshi and hyperventilating .of course..that I didn’t even notice the barrel on fire till u guys mentioned it…even though I’ve watched the video like some 20 times!

  41. Hey, does anyone know their fanmail mailing address? ._.’ I’m not really sure where to find it since… their bucheon address is still up? IDK >3< /lost

  42. LMAO at Simon who doesn’t get what the song is all about. Me also XDDD

  43. Ukiss over B2ST, they look less like they have to go to the washroom…

  44. I love both bands, but B2st Fiction

  45. I’m so torn about the foot shuffle dance… Penguin shuffle or classy poppy tap dance shuffle…. *explodes*

    And can I please stand still on Sundays? The sexy heartburn dance is getting really tiring.

  46. The music video is finally awesome when you imagine U-Kiss dancing in cowboy hats. Line dancing, anyone? http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lzqei2t6fi1qhcrb0o1_500.gif

  47. I vote for UKISS^^ the dance moves totally kill it… and admit it your video was so funny hahah can’t stop laughing…

  48. I love this dance, but I am going to have to go with B2st. I like their little penguin dance just a little bit more :)

  49. Simon’s reference to Bacardi 151 brings back painful memories! It burns! lol. Hilarious bloopers! :)

  50. ” One of them – probably Eli – must have thought to himself “oh, f**k! Never gonna hear the end of this from Simon and Martina.” Admit it Eli. You thought it. I know you did.”
    I can totally see this happening XD

  51. Leave it to you guys to make a boring MV 10x more lol-worthy. Never again will I watch Standing Still without laughing.

  52. Bwahaha…..This seriously saves my day. XD Btw, Martina could you make the long ver for your Standing Still vid? *preparingcookies*

    I’m curious what U-Kiss especially Kevin will think about that? ㅋㅋㅋ

    And, Simon. I love you never ever forget wearing the Pythagoras t-shirt. Don’t forget our r²π !! :D

  53. Omg Simon i love that you used your ranch bottle. this was totally a scam martina so that he could eat ranch on camara.

  54. I didn’t see Kevin much either! I was waiting for his close-up, but didn’t see one :(

  55. agree with everything!
    there is allways so many good videos for music monday at the same time but thist was awesome XD

  56. O.o that’s the hardest question that I have ever encountered in my life…
    this is a pretty fancy dance though… hehehe U-KISS wins my vote! XD

  57. You always say what a lot of us feel and make it hilarious to watch. I LOVE UKISS and Standing Still and totes agree that girl was such a waste of filming. I’d love to see NH Media get a new MV director, someone with new ideas that don’t include them being homeless. I saw the Making Of video for Standing Still and they looked sooooo cold….The poor boyz.

  58. I am sorry lol I just can’t say anything bad about the BOYS , love them :)

  59. I was so confused at the girl too! and just why would they give her that tottally normal looking contact lenses? so confused! I think I’ll vote for batoost… that little dance looked so easy but I tried it only to find me hugging the floor…

  60. Why give yourself room to pick a funny video (like the other 2 videos in the top 3), but then pick the super boring video?! WTB moar muscle flexing!

  61. I love U-KISS and all buuuuut, Fiction had some crazy awesome dances!

  62. LMAO!!! I was dying at MoleMan in the bloopers. I’ll be singing that instead of the TaeMan song from now on!

  63. Oh my goodness, the ranch skit was amazing! I know you kept that version because that’s what you could get, but I felt like it was also a hilarious commentary on how hard it is to get bottles open — this is what would really happen to people in commercials if the bottles weren’t pre-opened!

  64. such a hard choice this week!! I really like both UKiss’s song and Beast’s song. I think I’m going to vote Beast though, just barely edges it out. The Fiction video is a better concept and they had the shuffle penguin dance first :)

  65. Batooost all the way!!! ^^

  66. I have never been so happy to see a Music Monday before :D
    This was great guys, the ranch part hilarious :B

  67. I vote for U-Kiss >< … that tip toe tep is so sexy xD .. ow Kevin <3

  68. I wonder whats Kevin and Eli’s opinion on their own video and this review lol. Cause i remember even U-Kiss was lost for their mv for 0330

  69. Omg Finally…yes I agree, this vid does not do justice to the awesomeness that is the song…and the fail ranch opening…is it bad I wanted Simon to dance to the song? Oh well.
    Oh, yeah, I choose U-KISS of course!!!

  70. I actually like this review! We said a lot of what they did in our reaction video!
    Also did anyone else notice floating Meemers around the 3 minute mark?

  71. Ukiss, no longer will you be homeless. I have an extra sleeping bag in my garage! If you all take turns, you guys can finally stop sleeping in parking lots. And if you toes get cold, I’m always willing to spoonsie :)

  72. Next time, U-Kiss, grab a bunch of clips of monkeys smoking cigarettes off of you-tube and space them around the video. Your fan-base is used to low-rent random video so go for it. Nothing is funnier than monkeys smoking cigarettes, trust me, you’ll go viral world-wide. When questioned, just say it was DongHo’s idea to put in an anti-smoking theme. He’ll appreciate the mention.

  73. i <3 u guys….u guys make me laugh and dont get me wrong but honestly do u guys like HATE teentop?? -_- its been under the top 3 for WEEKS -_- and u still havent reviewed it :/

  74. KATHyphenTUN

    lol I laughed so hard at the fail ranch opening! I’m glad you guys kept it!

    Also, completely agree. The song is kick butt!! i can’t stop singing it and I’ll definitely be buying it soon; however, the video was a bit boring (some of the effects were cool though).

  75. I see a Meemerssssss! Love the Hobo Fire comment got me bursting out laughing! I like the way you used the blue screen in this video :D Simon as a hobo lollllll…and I was wondering the same thing about the random girl in this video…and her scary looking eyes…. alsoooo U-kiss are some B.A. dancers lol ^^ i like there toe step dance :D [not that i don't like Batoooost's Fiction...i just like U-kisses toe step dance sliiiiiighty better :)]

  76. Leaving that cut where Simon couldn’t open the bottle was a good decision, it made the skit 10 times funnier :]

    To be honest when I first heard “Standing Still” I was disappointed, but later I caught myself singing the chorus… So I guess I’m slowly starting to like it.

  77. thisisjustforfunval

    Guys for cereal, I’m so happy to see Heo Young Saeng’s picture as your laptop wallpaper! I’m a KissMe, of course, but it is because of SS501 that I found U-KISS and all of Kpop for that matter. Really hoping to see Young Saeng reviewed or in your studio one of these days. I love it :D

  78. :O Martina called Beast, Batoost!! WHATT

  79. PunkyPrincess92

    hahaha aaawww i loved that cute little Lego hobo!!

    BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!!!!!!!!!! oh my god after Simon ‘enhanced’ the sign and i read what it said i totally lost it!!!! now that was freakin’ hilarious!!!! “no standing anytime, including sunday” what the hell???
    hahaha oh man!!! Meemers scared the crap outta me floating in the corner!!!

  80. Yes! The glorious bluescreen! I love it! And I haven’t even noticed the burning barrel, but boy… I mean, they MUST have done this on purpose, right!? Like, the guys got into the set and were all like, “ah damn! Again we get no home! That’s… wait a second.. what if we get a burning barrel? Yeah, fight the system!” Or something like that, you know? No? Ohh..
    But I really love this song. It’s very powerful and I imagine it to be great in a club. And I loved the little toe dance as well! Reminds me of the one in Doradora.

  81. Hasn’t Miss Right been in the top 3 for like… ever? I think that means it deserves to be reviewed T.T

  82. I bet everyone googled “hobo fire” and put it on ‘images’ while watching this. If not… DO EET!

  83. Vote: Batoost (Beast)

  84. vote: U-Kiss.

    They actually delayed releasing the MV because of “editing.” Some of us were joking that it was because AJ smacked Kevin again, but now it all makes sense! I see what the editing problems were. :P

    Martina dancing with U-Kiss! You fit right in with them. :D

  85. I was too distracted throughout the video because of the U-Kiss shirt. Yes, Simon’s t-shirt is officially (announced by me, now) your U-kiss shirt.

    Even though I was distracted by the awesome shirt, I still manage to understand the show down. Voting for Fiction! The footwork of that dance is too memorable to not give a vote to.

  86. I have to go for BA2OOST and Fiction, though this one is great as well :)

  87. Yeah… I think everyone had pretty much the same reaction. Great song, meh video. *shrugs* Well, we’ve gone through this cycle many times with U-KISS. At least they’re upholding their reputation (to me) as never having had a bad song, no matter the video.

    And for the showdown, I pick U-KISS. It’s more noticeable than B2ST’s was in Fiction. More… pronounced. Can’t think of more synonyms. XD

  88. I would like to vote for : BATOOOOOST !!!!!!!!!!!! I loved this video , great as always :3

  89. Isabel Ruby

    FIIIIIIIIIIIICTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! most definitely. most, most definitely.

  90. kpopfan123

    Hey guise! :)

    “will notice him, but still, nothing. Dongho doesn’t really take center stage that much, it seems.” well here …it’s true… he doesn’t stand out that much but there are songs where he has a bigger role (sometimes it’s hard for parts to be distributed evenly). I like how in the live version when Dongho steps up to sing everybody bows down and gives him the entire attention.

    5:08 well the message is supposed to be self-understood: the girl keeps liying to the guy and the latter doesn’t notice it until he realises, that when he’s troubled and needs someone to help him fight his struggles, she isn’t there…she’s “standing still”…so it’s like the equivalent trade: you receive then you give, you can’t have something if you don’t give another thing in return “karma’s gonna bite back”. Now you know Simon :P

    Thank you for your hard work! :)


    P.S: For the showdown I vote for U-KISS :)

  91. Sascha_Wong

    B2ST’s Fiction!

  92. you are really incredibe!
    to make such a funny KMM from this eeee….. a bit not-outstanding mv!
    you are really talented!

    I laughed so hard at hobo candle….
    I’m still laughing in fact! :D

    votes: U-kiss tap dance today :)

  93. I vote for U-Kiss! Both dances are awesome, but ukiss kinda reminds me of a lady gaga choreography.

  94. aahahahha thanks guys! you did my day :’) Awesome review again. and so funny :> This song is <3 gotta love u-kiss, gotta love you <3 ;)

  95. I had a nice big laugh. Bloopers are fantastic, it’s so great to see you laugh and laugh myself in between struggling with my paper :] Thank you!
    But… voting between Standing Still and Fiction??? Between U-KISS and Beast??? No way.

  96. I think JD Relic co-wrote these songs (I think you guys might have met him at KCON)
    He’s really talented and has written a bunch of songs for U-Kiss and other major Kpop groups!
    Anyway, I think he’s great and should get more credit because his songs are so freaking goooooooooood

  97. That was sooooo funny :D Martina’s Standing still version was the top. xDD You were so funny. U-kiss again is homeless~
    Yeah, I think that sometimes is good not to know words, because song can be a a nonsense. I like this song chorus and dance was good too.
    For what I should vote? I really like this kind of dances.
    Sorry U-kiss, I vote for B2st maybe, because “Fiction”.

  98. thisisjustforfunval

    Simon! I meant to tell you I love that you still wear the Pythagorean theorem t-shirt in honor of AJ. It would awesome if one day you wear that shirt and AJ sports an EYK t-shirt! Make it happen!

    P.S. I forgot the name of the character on the shirt and where he’s from. Help me someone it’s driving me nuts.

  99. Can I just say that these are the best bloopers EVAR?

  100. PREACH your comment on Dongho! :D omg i can barely even notice him anymore ;~; the distribution of lines is not working -_-

  101. LMAO homeless u-kiss rulezzz~ <3

    And thank you for awesome video once again :D

  102. I find it funny that because of you guise I react over nonsensical (that’s how it’s spelled, right?) English a lot more now, maybe even more than you sometimes… Here the line “I’m on fire, but you keep on standing still” really doesn’t make sense to me, what does it even mean?? Anyways, I ote for U-Kiss ^^

    …and Simon, I see what you did there with the ranch, erhm, I mean medecine xD

  103. this is probably my favorite kmm yet! this really competes with your review for stop girl. i really enjoyed you guys implementing the green screen! HILARIOUS! kmm’s were great to begin with but i must say it just keeps getting BETTER :D

  104. was this standing still keep the fire down stuff a bottle of ranch?? xD

  105. thisisjustforfunval

    I lost it with “hobo fire” and I’m pretty sure Eli and Kevin thought the same thing, that you guys will never let them live it down. Granted I’m sure it was the only actual warmth they had on the “set.” I use to term so loosely since it was indeed an abandoned warehouse with no doors or heaters on a snowy day. I’m freezing just thinking about it brrrrr. Which indeed for this MV they were actually homeless with a “hobo fire.” And yeah the girl…awkward.

    The song is so insanely awesome though, as is the dance. I’m addicted to both.

  106. I agree with you about the song and the mv. I LOVE the dance, so “as dance version” it is really good, but as a mv it was not so good.

  107. THAT MEDICINE WAS RANCH HAHAHAHAH oo simon you so nasty :D

  108. There’s the tummy tap, the shoulder shrug … what other dance move names could there be?

  109. MEEMERS <3…

  110. Vote for UKiss. Def. Haha~

  111. I also tought about Batoooooost as soon as I saw U-Kiss putting their hands in their pockets. I immediately remembered this historical sentence: “We could have named it the penguin dance, but, penguins don’t have pockets.” Ah, one of the first KMM I ever watched!

  112. I think it would be awesome if you made a chart like the awards you did , for any kpop videos we most want to get reviewed ever .. what I mean is we can include old kpop MVs or kpop Mvs that reeeally should have been reviewed but didn’t stand the chance against huge fandoms? and the winners get a kpop monday review ??

    videos like balloons , cooking cooking, hyuna’s ice cream, hyori’s U go girl , seo in young’s cinderella or even videos from H.OT or shinhwa’s times … and like they say OLD IS GOLD … and maybe that’ll introduce something new /I mean OLD/ to new kpopers?? am still trying to understand Eric’s english rap in shinhwa’s T.O.P , so curious to see what mark simon would give that song xD * mumbles-whatchu gonna do whatchu gonna do*




  113. bleeding rose was hilarious :D

  114. I’m honestly surprised that S&M didn’t have issues with the freaky editing. If you’re going to make a dance video, please let us see the dance. kthxbai!


  116. loL Awesome!! U-Kiss standing still definetly

  117. Also, Simon, did you consciously wear that shirt in honor of AJ? :D

  118. Thanks for a great review. :) I’m so happy that U-Kiss was reviewed. I love this song and I loved hearing your opinions on it.
    Also I vote for U-Kiss!

  119. unicornsgalaxy

    Oh! And I loved the sudden appearance of a floating Meemers!

  120. so cool i really hope to have a sj m CD lol ! thnks simon and martina u r really awesome <3

  121. Thanks for picking U-Kiss! I loved the heartburn commercial. Luckily for me, I’m not too traumatized by it and I can still watch the MV and think the dance is sexy lol.

    I liked U-Kiss’s shuffle foot move better. It was so angular and sharp and non-shuffley.

  122. by the way, flying Meemers XD

  123. Super Junior – Cooking Cooking against TVXQ – Balloons.. ?!! O.O
    Oooooh I’d love to see that showdown !!!
    So much weird happy bubble love colliding.. xDD
    Please make it happen !! > . <

  124. unicornsgalaxy

    If you’re going to put anything up against DBSK’s Balloons, SuJu-T’s Rokkugo. That one is way more bizarre than Cooking Cooking. Here it is in case you haven’t seen it yet: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K2CNJiAq_cY

    I was laughing so hard at the heart burn skit..especially since you were trying to hold in your laughter.

    I vote for BEAST’s Fiction (biased!!!)

    Now I hope you are sleeping!

  125. I was wondering how you would make this entertaining, given how boring the MV is (I agree with you guys, the song is too good for the MV), but you guys managed to make me laugh :) I like how you inserted yourselves into the music video, well done.
    I hope U-KISS keep working with their current music producer, but get a better English rap (it wasn’t bad, but it could have been better) and that they hire someone with a good MV concept for their next song!

    • YOU’RE AWESOME BECAUSE YOUR ICON IS RELATED TO ‘SKIP BEAT’. I really want a second season! :O xS

      • Thank you – you’re awesome for recognising it :D
        I’d love a second season of the anime (and the drama – the drama only got good from ep9 onwards IMO, and it was starting to break off in an interesting direction from the manga) but it’s been so long! argh! and the voice actress for Kyoko was AMAZING.

        • Definitely~~! I have to agree about the drama. But thank god the manga is still on going! ^-^
          I remember the directors voice in the anime- haha.

  126. Hypotenuse shirt for AJ ^^ you should send him one
    yeaay green screen at last =D

  127. Is that the first time you’ve used a green screen? It looked awesome! Looking forward to all the things you can do with it in the future.

  128. Also, probably the best set of bloopers you’ve ever had. Pretty much fell out of my seat. <3 you guys so much

  129. yeeyyyy finally hereeeeeeeeee. So I agree with you guys for almost all all of it except you should always it the spicy nasty food!!!

    And I’m so thankful I was not the only person WTFing about the green-eyed wet woman… casuse I just get thinking…. did she is steal all their water and that’s why they are on fire… I thought the plot of the video was that she was the water thieve who stole the water while they burned down … standing still…. but that makes no sense either… cause where did hte homeless dancing U-Kiss get the water from in the first place…. so many wtfs here…

  130. lmao simon and that bottle haha

  131. drykabioni

    I’m laughing so hard at the ‘hobo fire’ comment! I’ll never watch this MV without laugh again! kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk But I really like the MV, the sexy sexy U-KISS, with the NASTYYYY choreography…ME GUSTA!!!

  132. Is it just like 4AM in Korea ? … Dafuq are you doing at this hour ? Poor Simon and Martina !

  133. I will ask one more time… where did your Kondoot videos go?

    • They’re doing their livechats on Youtube now, I think it’s because Kondoot is a small site still and they don’t have the capacity for all the Nasties who want to watch the chats :) Youtube has way bigger servers so the videos won’t be as laggy

      • yeah I didn’t ask why they weren’t doing videos on Kondoot any longer. I was asking where the videos where that they had saved on Kondoot. They are gone and I was planning on watching them (because I didn’t see them the first time around).

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