We told you that if U-Kiss won the KpopCharts this week, we’d release their interview footage sooner than later. And so we released it yesterday. Check out our Interview with U-Kiss + Backstage Footage for “Stop Girl”. But now, it’s time for our Music Monday review. Woohoo! For starters, if you haven’t seen the video yet (shame on you!) you can check it out here:


Woohoo for U-Kiss not being homeless anymore! In previous Kpop Music Mondays we commented on how U-Kiss are often in squalid dwellings, and how they seemed like Kpop idols turned squatters. But not anymore! They have their own place now! Great success! Even greater success is that we weren’t the only ones who thought this. We spoke with Kevin while they were filming this video, and he said that they noticed the same thing, BEFORE WE MENTIONED IT IN CONVERSATION. Does that mean that U-Kiss and their management thought of that themselves, or did they watch our Music Mondays and take what we said to heart? If that’s the case, then how many other labels are taking what we’re saying to heart? Best case scenario, SM WILL STOP PUTTING UP THOSE GODAWFUL ADS! COME ON SM! I KNOW YOU SEEN MY MOVIES!

Otherwise, we’re not sure we’re really fond of the Black and White version of the video (although Martina disagrees because she likes the B&W version). There’s a colour version online as well, and I think that would have been better to go with. The black and white just seems too…moody, you know? Sure, it fits the song and all, but I’m more into my Kpop videos being vibrant. Since the set offers so little in terms of vibrancy itself, then the lack of colour seems a lot more stark. Thoughts?

Anyhow, we’ve got ANOTHER CD GIVEAWAY. Why? Well, for starters, we’re being given more CDs than we had originally planned, so who are we to keep them for ourselves? You guise worked so hard to get them to the top past G-Dragon (seriously big feat there for our site), and you received the interview yesterday so well and gave it a ton of views, so why not give you more CDs? We got em, you deserve it. So, here’s what you gotta do to win:

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And, lastly, here are this week’s Bloopers. Dr. Meemersworth stole the spotlight today. We’ve got no idea why, but if the camera’s on, she REALLY wants to be in front of it and doing all of the crazy things she does. Or she just wants to be cute. Can’t blame her. She is quite cute!


  1. My favorite part in the U-Kiss video ‘Stop Girl’ is when Eli is sitting in a chair singing:3 My YouTube username is Cindy Espinoza.

  2. xdreamerx

    Happy 300,000 subscribers Simon & Martina! I’m so glad I found out about your videos years ago! Clicking on that subscribe button was the BEST DECISION OF MY LIFE! You two are absolutely hilarious! Never stop making your videos and I hope to see the day when you reach 1,000,000,000+ subscribers!
    Lots of love!
    Nasty <3

    YT: xaznxdreamerx

  3. First of chuka-hamnida!!! Nasties rule!!!!! secondly I want this CD!!! *ugly sobbing* do not own a single kpop CD till now.. to finish CD or no CD will love you guys always.. :)

    youtube username is Magetsu1.

  4. Ooooo You so NASTY! ;D HAPPY 300,000 SUBSCRIBERS! :DD THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR AWESOME AND ENTERTAINING VIDEOS!! X]] The WANKs and FAPFAPs made me want to adventure around Korea, the TL;DRs are helping me prepare for when i study abroad in Korea, Kpop Music Mondays helped me expand my love for other kpop groups other than INFINITE, and all your other videos helped distract me from doing my homework xP.

    Youtube: AZNinja889 (Azninja889) [im subsrcribed to your other channels tooo ;P]

  5. CONGRATZ ON 300,000 SUBSCRIBERS Stop Girls and Boys you need to subscribe to eatyourkimchi. C:< (You need to sing it) Youtube: mimialicous

  6. 300,000 and more to come! Congrats on being so awesome and being recognized for it. I’ve used your videos in my master’s classes to show other teachers how they can use culture and music in their teaching. Also I’m writing my MA paper on KPOP and how they use is English and I included the video you guys did with Al Jazeera. Your work is amazing and 대박 thank you!! Youtube name: Morgan P

  7. OMG 300,000 Subscribers to the Nasty family WOW~! Congratulations you guys you deserve it~! I watch every one of your videos and im happy that you grew! From making videos in you apartment in Korea to Building your own studio from scratch I LOVE YOU GUYS AND YOU ARE OH SO NASTYYY~!!!!!
    My Youtube is : http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpE0Q4LLlBJOgkH0DmrVu_w?feature=mhee

  8. Congratz Simon and Martina on 300000 subscribers!! thankyou for all the informative videos as well as the hilarious reviews of many many different kpop music videos. I’m genuinely very happy for you guys and it’s been great watching u guys from the beginning. seeing how much you guys hasve grown but at the same time continuing to be what you guys will always be which is awesome! Love u guys and thankyou for the endless effort u put in your all your videos! :)

  9. WOW~! 300,000 Subscribers i can remember the first time i watched your videos. I soon got obsessed with watching them and i just want to congratulate you guys~!! OHHHHH YOUUU SO NASTYYYY!!!!

  10. Congratulations on 300.000 subscribers! *heartseveryone* <3

    (Youtube nick: NoireYume)

  11. HHAPPY 300,000 Subscribers S&M ^^!

  12. Congratulations on 300,000 YouTube subscribers, Martina and Simon!
    I am glad that I am a “Ultra Mega Nasty” ^.^ You guys make me smile all the time.


  14. OMG! Martina you looked soo pretty with that wig!

  15. I know this is so terribly off topic but I’ve just finished watching the drama version of Skip Beat! and now I can’t stop thinking that Martina REALLY REALLY looks a LOT like Gong Xi/Kyoto over there in 4:20 when she blinked. WHAT’S FREAKING WRONG WITH ME?!?!

  16. SImon~~~ Where’d you get that shirt?

  17. wow, martina actually sounded like kevin for a bit :D

  18. I don’t have any favorite parts because I love the whole MV , its so sexy and full of charisma :DDD . The MV is showcasing their manliness and sexiness. OMG ! And it was the first I hear Kiseop’s voice , at last he have a longer part . :D Eli is so hottttttttttttttttt as in , his raps are killing me and so is Kevin . WAAAAAAAAAAAH ><♥ His voice and dancing skills♥~~ Dongho's unique hat is so unique XD Hahaha Simon and Martina , please ♥ I'm begging , I have love these boys since their debut ♥♥~

    Twitter : @KOREANFANCLUB
    Youtube : http://www.youtube.com/user/KOREANFANCLUBBER?feature=mhee

  19. okie so there is color ver out……… Kevin + Color = Sexy …. If you haven’t heard the english verison it’s amazing. I never like korean songs that are made into english but this is so hot and drool!!!!!!!! the Color should have been the english MV.

  20. I Love Love Love! Kevin’s solo with the dance with that gorgeous lady and this video’s not so krazy wardrobe! lol :D The chorus is also extremely catchy and I love the oldschool, in the name of love bit ♥ Ukiss Hwaiting!! ♥

  21. Well, personally, I can’t decide which part I like the most.
    First of all, I like their concept in this song, and their clothes. I liked Eli’s rapping and Kiseop’s part too. I think that was a good idea to have the girls with them in the video and on stage, it’s something that they’ve never done before (I think)
    Youtube user: alsersz
    P.S.: Martina, I also thought about Sailor Moon when I first watched the teaser XD
    P.S.2: I prefered Kevin’s part (but Eli’s really hot in this video)

  22. They’re not very practical, are they? They got a new place, but dumped their bed and couch.. ;b

  23. Mel Lou

    My favourite part?? Oh gosh…
    Kevin’s shirt *U* I just like how bright blue it is… it really surprised me when I saw the coloured version for the first time.

    Haha, I’m weird, I know. Of course, I love the whole MV, but Kevin’s shirt is the best :D

    And Simon… the whole time I was watching this Music Monday, I was expecting you to start doing body rolls, saying, “Ooh, you’re so nasty!” And then there’d be sound effects that sounded like rubber ducks and I’d start laughing insanely and yeah…

    What happened to that? Aww, I was disappointed.

    Youtube: otakumel


  24. OH GHAWD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You just HAD to make it between Eli and Kevin didn’t you!!!!!!!! *bites nails and starts hyperventilating* Ok, Kevin, as much as I loved you and your TOUCH ME! DON’T TOUCH ME! dance, I have to say Eli’s sexy suave rap wins my vote. >.< U-KISS FIGHTING!!!!!!!! <3

  25. Eli’s part ♥ ^o^
    -Youtube: “Millzyshots”

  26. my favorite
    part of the video… well …of course UKISS♥. When i saw first time
    the mv, i couldn’t stop to cry, because i saw them so mature, so strong, so
    professional,(and so sexy) that the happiness and longing swept over me, and i
    thought: Why they have never won an award? …really…Why?! they always give all and never stops to
    fight. Really, one day i hope to see them with an award in their hands, they
    deserve it. Ukiss always be in my heart and from the distance I support them.
    UKISS it’s a winner forever. Stop Girl’s mv it’s just amazing !! and i really
    really love that chair :) YOUTUBE: OoOoKaEdEoOoO

  27. LOL!
    Why did I only discover you guys now?! You guys are too funny!!!
    “U-KISS got a house”, the batman voice and Simon as a girl… Oh my
    My favourite part would have to be those where Kiseop is the
    main focus and I may be a little biased since he is my favourite all
    time k-pop star but, hehe, hear me out.
    Kiseoppa has always been
    behind the spotlight, even in variety TV shows, with neitzens hardly
    been given the chance to showcase his many talents, other than his
    loving dorky personality. Comparing his recent performances with
    previous, we can clearly see Kiseop has come so far with his new image
    (his hair, which I do not like so much, but nevertheless, love him).
    Namely, we can see this by comparing the amount of lines he is given in
    Neverland and One of You&Stop Girl. My chipmunk has come so far, he
    is better able to project his voice and breathing, thereby being able to
    be given more lines, which I am so appreciative because he has worked
    so hard. Also, Kiseop has always been good at dancing, namely the best
    in U-KISS and we are able to see that in this MV with his solo (which
    makes me want to cry because it is just so beautiful!). This MV allows
    us to appreciate and acknowledge Kiseop who has come so far, firstly
    apologising to KISSME’s for him suddenly becoming a member, promising to
    work hard in order for their acceptance to be one of the most loving
    members of which U-KISS is not U-KISS without him.

    FIGHTING!!!! Kiseoppa, Kevin, Dongho, Soohyun, Hoon, Eli and AJ (study hard^^)
    KISSME forever <3<3
    youtube username: asdfghjkl123451930

  28. I just made an article of this in our site, oh and their english are really good!

  29. YT Username: isap21

    My favorite part of the video was Eli’s outfit. All of the members outfit ( well except Dongho maybe…) had the same elegant, classy vibe, but for some reason Eli’s really stood out to me. Maybe it had to with the sleeves, but his outfit really had a sort of powerfulness that went extremely well with his rap. You can count this as my vote for the showdown too :)

  30. My favorite part was of Kevin when he sang the “and now I’m flying away” at the very beginning. I really liked his movements when he raised his arm like he was pointing to something that we couldn’t see and how his legs moved with it and sort of glided on the floor. Kevin’s facial expression during this part made me replay it over and over again :)

    Username: fANNEEtastic

  31. My favorite part in the video was when Eli started his rap. He simply leaned forward and began with a bad boy expression on his face. Eli looked so at ease and confident.

    Username: fANNEEtastic


  33. My favorite part of the video was the VERY beginning when we see the “Stop Girl: Mini 7 U-kiss”. Here we can see blurred, outlined figures of the members before the dancing begins. I really like how a part of Kiseop’s head was reflected on the “7″, as well as the colors of the background.

    Username: fANNEEtastic

  34. My favorite part of the video was during the intro when Kiseop led all of the members by dancing.
    This unique dance sequence helped me become even more engrossed with the song.
    It was sort of like a canon when a few members danced behind Kiseop at different times.
    All of their moves matched to the beat of their song, which was very catchy.
    Their strong dance moves and expressions really deserves our attention.
    Despite the short time given for this, I felt how much they have grown and become more mature.
    This also proves how talented each member is, as they not only excel in their individual talents, but also in dancing, which not many can pull of.

    U-kiss truly has it all.

    Username: fANNEEtastic

  35. Mine fan was kevin’s

  36. i love Kevin’s part,he is so cool in his sexy dance with the girl and is the first time he leavs me so shocked ^o^ anyway Eli is always super handsome!love him < so please,chose me as one of the winners!i wont be happy anymore without it TT ps:my youtube name is sibbola!

  37. my favorite part of the video is at the beginning in the introduction when you can hear the tune of the song and parallel to that is the slow close up shots of each member individually juxtaposed with with the far away shots of all the members dancing in unisonous. With both shots they look so sexy!!! oh mys

    youtube name: jtracy09

  38. dis is hard >.< kevin is just so cute and eli is so handsome.but i choose eli's part (dont worry kevin ur my bias XD) eli's lamp does look lik a bird cage.and eli's hair looks lik those sticking up feathers that birds have on their head lol .. basically he looks lik a bird whos using his home as a lamp . while sitting on a couch.and raping.. awkward.but if their was no mv and only audio . i would choose kevin's part. his voice is just so sweet and smooth and beautiful .i liked eli's rap too


  39. My favorite part of the video are the parts where we get to see Kiseop sing. Before we rarely get a chance to see him display his vocal ability. We would only get less than 10 syllables and then the rest goes to the main vocals. However, in this video we don’t get just one section of Kiseop but two! It makes me happy to see NHMedia branch a little more and give Kiseop bigger vocal parts. Ever since I got into Kpop I noticed a trend where the chorus is only sung by the main vocalist and everything else is divided, unequally most of the time, between the other singers. Unlike Jpop however where all members since the chorus and everything is divided pretty evenly (minus Kis-My-Ft2 ><) But anyway off the tangent, I really appreciate seeing Kiseop showcase his singing ability.

    youtube: lunasea08

  40. What I like about U-KISS is their determination. U-KISS debuted the same year as SHINee and in comparison…well you know without even having to say more. Although U-KISS came from a small company they pushed to try and make a name for themselves, as does all kpop groups that debut. However, in recent years with the influx of debuting groups if you are not successful in anyway within the first year you are dropped from all radars and no one hears from you again. U-KISS tries to defy that and push to create good music and entertaining variety shows. They like other groups have been subject to member changes and while some groups use this to an advantage others end up not making any difference. In the end, U-KISS has been through so much and if they wanted to they could probably just give up the music business and leave pursuing other activities without much effect to the industry. However, they choose not to and instead choose to fight for their spot in the Hallyu Wave. They never give up. Their determination to do well and produce music for their fans is stronger than their will to give up and for that I show deep appreciation for U-KISS. Instead of giving in their go on with their heads held high giving no f*cks to haters and antis. They know who they are and won’t turn their backs no matter how rough it may get.

    youtube: lunasea08

  41. My favorite part in the music video was definitely Kevin’s solo dance with the female back up dancer. It’s just so sexy, and it shows them making good use of females. (And sometimes I like to imagine myself as the female dancer…)
    YouTube Username: FlorMoHdz

  42. My favorite part of the video were the dances between the guys and girls.

  43. I may be late, and im bad at explaining. OTL
    But ill still give it a go ;3;

    My Favorite part of the music video, was everything really!
    U kiss is one of those bands that have different types of music styles.
    You never know what type their gonna release next. They always change their styles. No matter how they change it tho, the chorus and everything are always so addicting to hear over and over again. Thats what people mostly love to hear. They also know how to talk to their fans throughout their videos/songs, and everything. The guys seem to like don’t rest much ether. I love how hard you guys are working, but still look like your having fun. Also LOVE how you added female dancers, its different then most videos you have done. And for the topic of the song, its a REALLY nice touch. Its like, the “main person” OVER THOUGHT about everything,before starting. And love the clothing, the clothing matches every single one of your personality!? Also the fact that Kiseop is getting the chance to shine even more now. In the front of the dance, and his own lines <33 Makes me cry QAQ

    Also between Eli and Kevins part…I cant chose OTL
    Kevin's part was just stunning, love how the song began all strong, and soft, but then Kevin ruins the whole thing, and makes it BETTER.
    And Eli's where just the best, in the rapping parts!? He did rapping to right? -3-
    FFf,both of you are great and you know that xD

    You guys actually are inspiring me right now, to keep going in school even if im not in the best grades in some classes. But I know,that if i keep trying, soome day those grades will go up. I will work hard for the day you guys come to NorthAmerica,California. Not just me,but more fans are waiting for you guys to come!
    Im kinda like..in a family problem thing ATM OTL

    Keep working hard UKISS., one day, you will be known trully! Your getting there actually :D

  44. Loved this KMM! :)

    My favorite part of the video would have to be the dance. Especially since Kevin does better body waves than the girls imo.

    Youtube Username: littleXdecoy

  45. I love U-KISS! Why?
    Because they working so hard and never give up for us, KISSME’S.
    Every time when I hear songs of them, watching interviews, shows or
    anything else of U-KISS, they make me happy. I don’t know what, but
    U-KISS is the only group, that reached my heart. When they cry, I
    cry. When they are happy, I am happy.They are unique, they are the
    best, they are U-KISS and I will never ever be not a fan of them. I
    will always love Soohyun, Kevin, Dongho, Eli, AJ, Kiseop, Hoon and
    also Xander and Kibum too! Although they are no longer members of
    U-KISS, I will always love and support them. Every single member of
    U-KISS is working so hard, for them self, for their family or friends
    and for us, KISSME’s! U-KISS, 화이팅!
    <333 A proud KISSME from Germany. Sorry for my bad English! ^^'

  46. YouTube Name: EEEHajuOnline
    Umm I guess my favourite part of the video was when the camera zoomed in on Kevin’s hand ^-^ I don’t know why, I just lolled because Kevin’s hands seems so big when he’s trying to look seductive ^^”

  47. Oh God! I just googled elvin fan fic.

  48. what i love in the viedo was kevin dacing with the girl they did a great job and the others were really good too.
    ID# pradogirl2001

  49. lol, this is kinda off topic, but…
    Martina, you’re eyes look different. are you wearing circle lenses??? O.O

  50. love the video juste so great

  51. I vote for Kevin~~ <3

  52. I vote for Kevin. I love his chess piece. :)

  53. My favorite part in “stop girl” is when they all do the body wave. I like to pause in those parts and laugh at their epic awkward faces. XD

    YouTube: kodac768

  54. I personally liked everything about the song. The color and B&W versions give off different feelings. The color version feels more light-hearted, while b&w version feels more somber and moody. If applying the choices to a situation, the color ver. feels like only a small tiff b/w a couple, while the b&w ver. feels like something more serious, like the couple is on the verge of breaking up but still want to reconcile before it’s too late.
    My favorite part would have to be Eli’s rap on the sole reason that I still remember how his voice sounds like after the song is finished. XD I just found that his parts stuck with me more than anyone else’s (besides the chorus, of course).

    Well, that’s my 2 cents, even though it’s not much,
    youtube username: verde. limp yakisoba

  55. I like Eli’s part better, sorry Kevin. I do love you.

    My favourite part of the video is Eli’s last rap where he is just kind of badass on that chair. He looks fantastic even with the strange peacock hair and the whole feeling is of ultimate coolness, and I love his hand gestures and how he’s not looking into the camera most of the time and the whole effect is fabulous. It looks even better when he’s not looking into the camera. Also that’s my favourite part of the song because the rap is just brilliant. His tone is perfect and it fits the song exactly.

    I am also partial to Kevin’s hand gesture in “and now I’m flying away” before the first chorus (it reminds me a little of So Nyeo Shi Dae…), but not as much as Eli’s part. I’m not even an Eli stan, far from it, so it is honestly FANTASTIC. I reeeeeally like his part of the video and I’ve watched it many, many times.

    I’m sapphirexclaws on Youtube.

  56. My favorite part in U-Kiss – Stop Girl is in 22 seconds,
    where it looks like Hoon wipes his lips and tries to wipe it away on something
    else and when he can’t find anything to wipe it off on, his face is all like
    ’’Can’t find anything to wipe it in. Did somebody see me?’’ and the
    continuation when he stands in his room with the chandelier, looking around
    making sure nobody saw him. The third part when he is alone, he can’t find
    anything to wipe it off on so he wipes it on his shirt xD Watch it xD It is in
    all the parts when he is in his room :3

    If you want the serious one:

    I like the part where in 2:42 you could hear Kevin sing and then the chorus came and mixed it with
    Kevin’s singing. It felt like the words were melting together in the song :D

    I didn’t take this from sources! I couldn’t hear him so well
    and it wasn’t written anywhere, bu the kinda sang (ROMANIZED): Uri sarang
    hangurl toarjanaa.

    If you listen to it carefully, you will hear it ^^

    Youtube Account: M1KUxV0CAL0iD

  57. When I
    first heard the question, I was like OMG! That’s so hard!!! the whole video is
    just EPIC!!

    I loved it
    from start to end so actually choosing my favorite part of the video was SO

    From the
    individual shots to the dance parts and the interaction with the back-up dancers
    (way to go Kevin and Soohyun!!) I enjoyed every second of it.

    I also liked
    the fact that the video had two versions because the black and white (which is
    my favorite by the way) has a suave, elegant and chic feeling to it and the color
    version has a more real and chic (as well) feeling to it (you can see
    little details in this version like Soohyun blue and black shirt, which I love,
    and Eli’s yellow eyebrows xP)

    Back to the
    question I definitely have to choose the rap part of the song (which is really
    well distributed through the whole song) and more specifically Eli’s part. My favorite moment is between 2:34 – 2:36 of
    the video which is when Eli is starring Longley into the space. I really liked that
    part simply because that’s the expression of someone who is deeply thinking and
    making a hard decision (which is what the song is all about!). So yeah, that’s
    my favorite part of the video…

    Sorry if I’m
    babbling too much but I really had to say what I think of the video because I
    like it so much (this could go on forever so I’ll just ‘stop’ here).

    PS: I
    reaaaally love U-kiss (the seven of them. I’m a Kiss-Me to death)… But I
    have to say this: I am a HARDCORE Eli Fan (he my ultimate bias) so you could say
    that my answer is a little bit biased (just a little bit) so yeah…

    PPS: I’m
    sorry if I made any orthographical mistake but English it’s not my mother
    tongue so yeah (you know :P) …

    Kiss-Me: PauKKJ

  58. what part i like about u kiss stop girl:
    everything the dancing, the song all was amazing, the part i enjoy more are when they all dance together shows there love and brotherhood, but i had to choose a part i would say the part where they sang ‘stop girl’ its dance^_^and for u kiss they are absolutely fab, Hoon and Soohyun both had the cold today yet they preformed on mnet countdown which shows there dedication and their hard work which makes us stronger kissme’s.once a kissme always a kissme​♥youtube account:- Honey Anjell

  59. thisisjustforfunval

    Rewatching this weeks KPMM and had a couple of thoughts.
    1) OMG I’m so excited you guys finally mentioned Soohyun’s name, including him in your Kevin buys a Knight skit. YAY!
    2) Dr. Meemersworth is obviously accustomed to your crazies, because if I remotely did any of the mall skit around my cat she would have freaked out and hid in the closet.
    3) Simon, you are totally fan boying on AJ.
    4) You guys are totally in love with the members of U-Kiss, especially Kevin & Eli. :)

  60. Everythin’ was PERFECT. Like , really , not just because I’m a KISSME , but really. The outfits , the song itself ( have you heard the FULL ENGLISH version ? It’s damn good ! When I heard the song , I thought it would be even better to have an English version , and it did ! And , it’s soooooo good , makes you have the LSS ; not mentioning the ACCENT. It’s so different from the korean sound , it’s so , like foreign , it could even be compared to American pop/ rock artists ! So good) , the set ! The set was wittily prepared , it just had 1 center of attraction , like the giant chess piece , or the chandelier , the chair and so on. And of course the hairstyle , oh Eli , your attractive Mohawk ! XD But I agree that Dongho’s seaweed was , uhmmmm , I prefer the blown-out hair slash vampire hairdo. But my favorite part , since I have to choose one was the DANCE parts with the female back-up dancers. Like , when I first watched it , I was like , OMG , put your body a little away from Kevin ! He’s a goddess , go away XD Hahaha. But that means that it was that effective. I agree , that it did add to the concept ‘ Stop Girl’. Of course we need a girl ! Not just the rubbing lips or the Dongho-in-the-comfortroom-eli-trolling scenes.And did you notice the hair-fireworks effect of the girls in 1:20-1:23 part of the MV ? XD I LOLed at first but that adds to the accent , it was perfectly executed with the beat ! XD And the fangirls-partying choreo you emphasized in Music Mondays , I actually liked that part XD After I turned-off the computer , I just found myself dancing that part ! XD And isn’t it fun ? Like , do that wave when your trying to reach a book from the shelf. Or when trying to recite in class or when trying to call for help while drowning or Elvin dancing to that together ( fanfic alert !!! ) or or or endless possibilities , just cross your arms up , and WAVE !!! <3 Haha , so that's my favorite part , the Choreography ! :) Thanks for reading , I really hope to win this contest :) I also hope for the best for UKISS' career ! UKISS <3 KISSME fighting ! And long live The SPUDGY family ! <3 Thank you !

    youtube account : erineko18

  61. Just in case you missed my Facebook post..

    U-Kiss mathematics proves that the best part of the “Stop Girl” MV is right at the 0:00 mark because it is at this point where the duration of fangirling and awesomeness is maximized. A full 3 minutes and 27 seconds of (//▽//), to be exact.

  62. Youtube name: noimnotazn
    My favorite part was Soohyun’s solo dance with the back up dancers. Maybe i’m over thinging this too much but when I watched it I thought that the dancers in the black room were supposed to stand for all the bad aspects of Soohyun’s “girlfriend” and the dancers in the room with the chair were supposed to stand for all her good aspects. When the back up dancers enter they are in the white room and then it cuts to the black room; It seemed to me like that was showing Soohyun realizing that the bad aspects do exist. Then when it cuts to the other room it was him remembering that good aspects do exist as well. In the black room the dance kinda looks like a back and forth between soohyun and all the “bad qualities” (back up dancers) where in the end he finally pushed them away which seemed to me like he was trying to forget them, yet one comes up and touches his face showing that he can’t ignore this specific thing. However it then cuts to the other room showing a dancer there touching his face, implying that there is something about the girl he likes too much to let her go. I am probably reading into this waaaaaaay too much but that is what it seemed like to me^^

  63. Martina as a boy: Absolutely adorable, like Honey-senpai.
    Simon as a girl: Traumatizing… like catching your parents being romantic.

  64. Hope e and my friend could win these ;DD

  65. OMG~!!! What’s my most favorite part on the MV . Its so hard to answer since I all the whole MV but I gotta say the highlight of this MV is Eli’s rap . And Kevin’s solo part :) I love this song so much The best song of U-kiss for me:D The chorus part was so addicting and the black and white full vers. makes them look more charismatic . I think it will be really good to US Market :D The BODY WAVE is the BEST:D And Kiseop’s is so handsome and his voice ♥:D♥ Dongho’s so cute but his hat is kinda unique XD Hoon’s voice is ♥.♥ A good start for the song and Soohyun’s voice is really really captivating♥ This song is so perfect :DDD Proud Kiss Me Hope u visit Philippines again :DDD

  66. Watched it for hundred times WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH this song is really really the BEST :D

  67. OMG~!!! What’s my most favorite part on the MV . Its so hard to answer since I all the whole MV but I gotta say the highlight of this MV is Eli’s rap . And Kevin’s solo part :) I love this song so much The best song of U-kiss for me:D The chorus part was so addicting and the black and white full vers. makes them look more charismatic . I think it will be really good to US Market :D The BODY WAVE is the BEST:D And Kiseop’s is so handsome and his voice ♥:D♥ Dongho’s so cute but his hat is kinda unique XD Hoon’s voice is ♥.♥ A good start for the song and Soohyun’s voice is really really captivating♥ This song is so perfect :DDD Proud Kiss Me Hope u visit Philippines again :DDD

  68. I thought about that part in the “Elephant love medley” from Moulin Rouge. “In the name of love. One night in the name of love ~”

  69. I vote for… Kevin<3
    Sorry Eli, I love you, but you weren't dancing, and you were just rapping, so… ^^'
    it was hard to decide, though…

  70. I vote for… Sorry Kevin, I Like You Alot, but… I vote for Eli ^.^

  71. My favorite thing about UKISS is the fact that they can stay so strong for so long. I know that they probably are really upset that they have yet to win a music award, but they keep trying and coming back with AMAZING songs every time. They’ve lost several members over time and gotten new ones, but they’ve still stayed strong through it all. They are quite underrated, in my opinion. They have such incredible and amazing talent, and they deserve much more attention. They’re dancing is top notch and super sleek, and all of their voices are absolutely flawless. UKISS isn’t just another one of those boy bands hopping around making cute faces with autotune. UKISS has real talent, and I love them more then any other band.

  72. My favorite part of the video is when Kevin and that girl did their solo dance together. She just kinda came right out from behind him, and I really liked it. The dance was cool, interesting, and I liked how well it went with the beat of the song. Not to mention, Kevin’s vocals were AMAZING during that scene, and it overall was just awesome.

  73. Sorry Kevin, this one goes to Eli. :*
    Oh well – they’re still ridiculously good looking

  74. Light brown hair Martina would look gorgeous… not that you dont already. :)

  75. Youtube : MSKcat My favorite part is when the girl comes out and dances with kevin in front of the chess piece.

  76. Kevin gets my vote!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3

  77. When Simon mentioned Kiseop’s poor lighting in the room my mind just screamed “TONIGHT I WILL BE TURNING ON THE BROKEN LIGHT” at me oh dear.

  78. My favourite part: Definitely Kevin’s solo dance with the female backup dancer.
    I was actually quite surprised that he had a solo with a female backup dancer
    but it really showcased a different side of Kevin, rather than his usual image,
    and I really grew to like that part :)
    Youtube username: flowerz0524

  79. I vote for KEVIN!!! He is soooooo adorable <3

  80. What I love about Stop Girl is the awesome non-existent colour scheme. It helped to focus more on the members instead of distracting the viewers with bright colours. I found it also added to that smooth suave atmosphere (I like my suave boys). Stop Girl is also really different from all their other singles. I liked the new direction and style they went in, this is what I’ve been waiting for U-KISS!

    I also liked when they all ran their hands down their chest. And Sailor Hoon. Of course you’re tired, silly, fighting evil by moonlight and winning love by daylight everyday. ;[ Oh and the sexy dancing in their new house with their unpacked furniture. This could be a moving van commercial.

    Stop Girl in the name of moving
    Lemme unpack your stuff
    Just gimme your luff
    And keep on grooooving

    Youtube username: vonguyk001

  81. My favorite part of the music video is the dance. I especially love the beginning when Kiseop brings each member into the dance and I fell in love with it since the preview. I also love the solo dances that Kevin and Soohyun have with the female backup dancers. Even though it may make us fangirls a bit jealous, it really brings out their charm. :)
    Youtube Username: azndoglover

    Also, for the showdown between Kevin and Eli, I vote for Kevin.
    I loved Eli’s rap, but I think Kevin definitely shined in this video with his solo dance as well as his singing parts in the song. :)

  82. This is my new favorite Music Monday! Sailor Moon is perfect for U-Kiss! There were so many good skits, though. The cherry on top was having Eli and Kevin do the showdown–it’s absolutely divine comedy. I just about died from the cuteness!

    My VOTE goes to Kevin. It was a difficult decision, but how can you not adore him?

  83. I like the contrast between black & white, show the good and bad that love can have (haha that was cheesy, but its true lol)

    I actually like the part where Kevin and Soohyun dances with the female dancers but almost everyone said that already.


    My favorite part of the mv is definitely the dance. In the chorus the female dancers are on the outside of the group, its sort of like trapping them in this “love game.” Also Kevin’s horse chess piece is probably a reference to the lyrics Kiseop sings, “And I know that this isn’t love, but we’re not playing some game”.

    Youtube: wishinggrl209

  84. Further proof that U-Kiss & their production team listen to Simon and Martina:

    The chess pieces got even bigger! So either the whole team pitched in or some fans decided that U-Kiss playing chess with giant pieces was a must. Either way, by the end of promotions, I’m pretty sure they’ll have the whole set! (Now if only Professor McGonagall was here to enchant them….)

  85. My youtube username: Necinco
    So I have just started to really like U-Kiss, and with this recent release, I’m really loving them! I feel like all their other music videos/songs were almost really great, but not quite there; however, with this release, I think they did an awesome job! I especially love the dance to this music video! All the body rolls and the solo dance that Kevin did really made it for me!

  86. The part that i liked most in the mv, was their vocals and their dancing. They have stepped it up since believe and their vocals have improved alot. I love to see that they are having more fun and experience with the female dances in which that is their first time. I really hope they win an award this time since they deserve it so much. I really like the harmonies in the chorus like Simon said. They work really well like they do in believe too. I hope them all the luck with their promotions. Youtube name- Gleeangel1

  87. my favorite part of the video is : Kevin’s part oh my good I almost die when I see the girl leaving behind him ! that is a lucky girl but really I just love it so perfect and Kevin look amaizing ! the dance is so cool ! Love U-KISS !
    my youtube username

  88. It’s always soo hard picking one thing, especially with how much I liked this song, but I think the best part of Stop Girl’s music video was the black and white concept. When I watched it the first time, I thought it looked a little strange and I wasn’t sure how to feel about it. Then, after I found the ‘ color version’ of the song, the color felt very out of place and awkward almost. It seemed to take something away from the video, and it seemed more chaotic and distracting with all the random pops of color, Eli’s blond Mohawk especially. In black and white, it’s much easier to focus on the UKISS members and the MV itself.
    I also think the song is completely different than anything UKISS has done before..which is why I feel this song has left such an impression on people. The black and white video makes it really unique, like no song before it and it has a serious and old fashioned feel that fits the lyrics perfectly. I can’t remember the last time I saw a music video in black and white, and I think that’s because it might be considered daring. It takes the right song, video, and lighting to pull it off.The mood of the song is much more serious It’s amazing how much time and effort it takes to make a music video but, Stop Girl is a masterpiece ^^ <3 ~~ Youtube name : Cielle Puff

  89. Okay, is Martina wearing circle lenses in the video? You guys made fun of the circle lenses in the WTF~! LOL.

  90. And my vote goes to: ELI! :D Even if I liked Kevin’s part as well… let’s say Eli was more convincing :D

  91. For me the best moment is at the beginning: when they are all dancing together and the light is turning on and off. The images are amazing and the beat let you guess you’re going to hear something awesome. But the best of it is that even at the moments you can’t see the members’ face but only their ( sooo sexy) body moving, you can guess how good dancers, gorgeous and talentuous they are (even without being totally biased as I am). Their gesture is so precise and so coordinate, it’s really fascinating, the choreography is really beautiful.
    And just at that moment, when you’re watching it for the first time you are discovering the MV and you know that once again you will be proud to be a kissme because the MV will be one of those you don’t forget and play again and again for a very long time.And when you’re watching that very same passage for the (at least) 30th time in a few days because you’ve been watching the mv again and again, and you still aren’t bored of it but wanna watch it more you know you were right.
    With these few seconds, Ukiss is able to make you an addict to their MV and that’s why I think so.

    My youtube username: mininakpop

  92. Martina! You always look cute, but you look uber adorable in this video :) Loved your impersonation of Kevin lol

  93. Is it really only me that is loving Dongho’s new hair? :(

  94. i loved Kevin’s part because he and the female dancer both dance very good and he shows a different side from his usual self. But i also like Dongho’s rap part veeeery much he just looks so cool (except for the hat haha) and i love the lyrics.
    Youtube username : PinkyPumpkin14

  95. What I love most about the U-Kiss ‘Stop Girl’ MV (at this moment, because I’m sure it’ll change everytime I see it) is the dancing! It is a style completely different from what they’ve done in the past and it really showcases the talent they possess as dancers.

    YouTube user name : Ash Potash

  96. soo…you compare U-Kiss to the starlights….

    K-pop idols that are hansome men, that then transform into magical women that save the day….

    yea that’s not going to spawn more fanfics than Eli and Kevin in the room alone with each other…….oh dear…

  97. HAHA omg this is so AWESOME! I almost got an heartattack when I saw Eli and Kevin in the beginning! xD And “Seungri time for kisses” is freaking hilarious every time!

    I DON’T KNOW WHO I SHOULD VOTE FOR!! ;______: Kevin used his ‘sexy voice’ so it’s not fair, haha!

  98. u guyz i have a request please please could u post ur videos on any other site beside youtube!!! my youtube is blocked since last week and i have missed aloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot of ur videos please!!! ( kissme in distress)

  99. My favorite part is when Kevin dances with one of the female back up dancers :D As Martina said I love how that dance enhanced the meaning of the song with all the pushing and pulling :)
    YT Name: Quietschepinguin

  100. My favourite part of Stop Girl is when Kevin dances one on one with one of the female back up dancers :) It looks so cool :D

  101. Anyways, this is one of the best Kpop Music Monday evaaaahhhh. :))

  102. What happened to my comments? Lol. 3 of it were cut. XD

  103. My favorite part of Stop Girl’s MV is the Kevin + the girl back-up dancer part. <3. I'm jealous at first 'coz Kevin is my bias. But after watching their CB performances, I realized that the girl is pretty, lol. And now, i'm shipping their pairing. :) wooot! Haha. *though it hurts </3 lol

    YT: KMeeunicerivera

  104. My favorite part of Stop Girl’s MV is the Kevin + the girl back-up dancer part. <3. I'm jealous at first 'coz Kevin is my bias. :p But after watching their CB performances, I realized that the girl is pretty, lol. And now, i'm shipping their pairing. :))))) wooot! Haha. *though it hurts <//////3 lol.

    YT: KMeeunicerivera/Eunice Rivera

  105. My favorite part of Stop Girl’s MV is the Kevin + the girl back-up dancer part. <3. I'm jealous at first 'coz Kevin is my bias. But after watching their CB performances, I realized that the girl is pretty, lol. And now, i'm shipping their pairing. :) wooot! Haha. *though it hurts </3 lol

  106. My favourite part of the video was that hand spin, during the chorus. And I actually liked Dongho’s suit without a sleeve. For the showdown I vote for Kevin.

    Youtube username: aeerdna2410

  107. I vote for Eli’s part. I’m being TOTALLY BIASED here.

  108. i choose Kevin because he’s so hooot (and i love Batman :D)

  109. Omg, I love Martina’s contact lenses. They look soo good on her ! ^^ Btw, i also love this song !! ^^

  110. I vote for Pigeon Eli <333 =))

  111. hmm .. a vote for kevin kekeke

  112. ohmygad. Kevin’s “or mine” killed me~~~!!!!

  113. My favorite part of the music video? It’s EVERYTHING ♥ I can’t explain~~ When I’m watching the vid I felt like crying~! xD It’s like I already across my boarder to love U-kiss for this music video~! lol. but seriously. Everything is perfect, colored or black and white. the choreography, the costume, the concept~! I can repeat the music video a hundred times~ :”> and how I wish I’m the girl in the mv that Kevin was dancing with~ ohmgee. xD I’m so jealous~~~! ahuhuhu~ :((( U-KISS HWAIIITING ♥

    - kolehiyalangmakulet @youtube

  114. thatssumgoodcurry

    MARTINA. MARTINA I LOVE YOU. XDDD O mai gawd. That Dark Knight bit? That bit right there? I just…I just DIED of laughter. I am seriously writing this from the afterlife right now. No joke. XD
    But seriously, I really think this Music Monday might be my new favorite. It was just pure gold, guys.

  115. Kevin!! I vote for Kevin! <3

  116. My favorite part of this MV was Kevin’s dance with the girl backdancer
    (this part above all, http://lms33.tumblr.com/post/32036701524). I
    really liked it!
    I’m currently in China and cannot get into either
    Youtube, Twitter or Google+ so I’m writing here… I will just have to
    ask someone to check that I’m still subscribed and that I haven’t
    accidentally unsubscribed…
    Youtube user name: sashaloveme33

  117. kawaii_candie

    dude, this makes you think of sailor moon over that 70′s song “Stop! in the naaaaaame of looooove…. before you break, my heart…” ??? that’s all i could think of the whole time i was watching the video!!

    speaking of sailor moon though, i think it’s just awesome that Simon can sing the theme song… lol. sailor moon 4eva <3

    i think it was pretty cool to have the band do the intro!! i really hope you guys get invited to see more bands so that this can happen more often! ^^

  118. YOUTUBE USERNAME: annahasit
    My favorite part of the video is actually the setting, I’m not even sure if this will count but I wanted my answer to be different (hehe). Most of the other U-Kiss videos were just in random settings (Believe, DoraDora, etc.) But I feel like the setting in Stop Girl really added and gave life to the song itself. (Like an MV should; in my opinion.) I don’t want to make this too long so the part that really stuck out to me was Kevin’s set which was the chessboard and the piece because in the song there’s this one part (in the english ver) that stuck out to me that goes “Love is just a game for two”, so it kind of shows that love is a game, which added depth to the song.

  119. I prefer the black and white, it a suave and mature vibe that really hits when the chorus part plays especially , Im not a fan of the one in color. The outfits dont look as cool in color and everything in terms of styling of the clothes and set seems exaggerated but in b&W it looks classy and simple

  120. The beginning with Hoon was my favorite part, because I was really tired. And I love Sailor Hoon. ToastButterSprinkles

  121. SIMON… your face during the chess piece with Martina…. HAHAHA FUUUU XDDDD soo funny.

  122. Hi!
    I’m Karen (or KayDalle in YouTube). I said it before in other SN, but I’ll say it again. My favorite part of this video was Kevin’s dance with the female dancer. Untill now I had Kevin in this childish/ innocent concept. But oh lord~~~‼ Dancing skills always makes men seem 3485783758378459 times more sexy (when they know how to dance, that is).

    Right Junsu?

    So yeah, no meaningful intepretation of my favorite part of the MV. Just me, fangirling over Kevs.

    UKISS I luv y’all (and I hope you get to read this one day): FIGHTING‼

    P.S. Simon and Martina: thanks!!

  123. Kev: I’m sure our fans would vote for me….
    Eli:…. No… your head’s too small…


  124. I just love Kevin’s solo part…. I love his dance part but this time, it includes Soohyun’s solo too. (Not really a solo because there are the girls.) HOW EPICLY SEXY AND HOT! I just love the whole dance parts all throughout and also, I like Dongho’s part when the camera focuses on his feet first then up to his shoulder and face. ^^~ ♥

    (youtube accnt) JoanAnasco / Joan Anasco

  125. I really like Kevin’s part, just because the girl was taller than him in heels, haha. c; If I ever met Kevin in real life, that’d probably be me. >.<

  126. A bit off topic, but Martina, if you read this, I humbly request that Simon’s right to hold the laptop during KMM be reinstated. He’s hilariously distracting, but that just means I’ll watch the video more than once: the first time doubled over laughing because of Simon, and the second time actually listening to your review. :)

  127. i
    LOVE ELI’s part in the video^^. i can see that he was frustrated with
    the girl and you can see from his frustrated-rapping-action! very single
    shot for ELI was awesome because he look like
    1st-class-gentlemen-who-need to-kick-hsi girl-from-his-life:) the
    feeling when the rapping part really reached me because i can see that ELI
    just want the girl to STOP. ELI really showed his feeling and the set really fit in.
    youtube user: 78nabila
    twitter: izy7171/ APPLE
    facebook: izyan zahirah

  128. My favourite part of mv is definitely the first 20 seconds with the montage of each member and the beginning dance. I really love how kiseop leads the dance (since he hardly ever gets screen time so yay!) and also how as each member joins kiseop with the dance, it transitions to their individual shot or vice versa (not always, but sometimes eg. when it showed hoon, it cut to the dance when hoon joined kiseop) which i find pretty cool :D
    yt username: myendlessmomentk3

  129. the
    part in stop girl that i LOVE is every time they sing the chorus
    part^^..you can see all of them dance together in synchronize. they’re
    like staring at me with their sexy look and dance in a sexy
    wave..uhhhuuh kinda like forcing me to dance along with them:) they also
    look so-first-class-gentleman and i noticed that every chorus, the music video will
    show UKISS dance together and that is because they look awesome when they are
    together:) and i LOVE when they’re having their solo shot because UKISS showed how much they disappointed with the girl
    youtube username:78nabila
    twitter: izy7171/ APPLE
    facebook: izyan zahirah

  130. KEVIN is the winner for me (he is sooooo cute

  131. Everything in the Stop Girl video was so well
    conceived and executed that it’s difficult to pick a favorite part, but since I
    have to, I’d say my favorite part was the group dance at the beginning. The
    lighting was beautiful; I love how the director chose to backlight their
    figures, emphasizing the dance movements. The dance itself was very creative
    because of the tag team style that was incorporated, wherein Kiseop danced
    toward one member, causing that member to dance as well, then stop after he
    moved on to a different member. And then all of this leads into that opening “Ooooh,
    솔직히 말할게” by Hoon. I seriously had shivers run up my back the first time I heard
    it. It’s definitely the best intro I’ve heard since Exo’s “What Is Love.”

    Moving on to the showdown: this is an even harder question! I love every
    single one of Kevin’s parts in the song – “Some days 후회 하겠지 Some days 울기도 하겠지, Today’s the day that I’ll be flyin’ away yeah” is one of my favorite
    parts of the song. On the other hand, Eli’s rap blew me away. I’ll be honest: I
    usually don’t care for rap sequences; most of the time it’s my least favorite
    part of a song. But in this case, I actually look forward to Eli’s rap. He’s also
    got a great onscreen presence during it, lounging in his leather chair and
    rapping like a boss while staring down the camera. So, in the end, I’m giving
    my vote to Eli because he made me enjoy something that I usually don’t. (Sorry,
    Kevin! I always look forward to your parts in other U-Kiss videos and you
    really come across as a sweet person.)

    YouTube username: yukibaonakushitachou

  132. xdreamerx

    My favorite part of the mv is EVERYTHING! Hands down, I think that this is the best U-Kiss video EVER! From the beat of the music to the lyrics of the song, not to mention the choreography, you can tell that Ukiss has really matured during the years. I also love the fact that they shot the mv in black and white, which I think gave it a more refined feel to it. Overall, I love the direction that they are taking with this song and hope that they will continue to keep doing what they do because it is really working for me! ♥
    YT username : xaznxdreamerx

  133. MarBella-BeautifulSea7

    KEVIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!­!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 / My favorite super duper ultra doodle favorite part of U-kiss's Music Video was when all the group members danced together with the back up dancers it was freaken awesome and plus i didn;t expect their dancing to improve and bring more attention but i was stoked! i couldn't ask for more they are becoming awesomer! WOOH i'm proud to support my inspirational Band ^^ I knew they could do it ^^^^^,^^^^^^

  134. Hoons part is my FAV

  135. my favorite part in the MV of Stop Girl I have so many favorite parts really !
    I love the individual parts ! Hoon and Kevin parts especially well Hoon’s parts are no much but he shines really I love him he is my favorite member ! But Kevin’s parts OH MY GOOD i was shock when he started to dance with that lucky girl in that moment I want to be her ! hahahaha Soohyun’s part ohh he looks so sexy in the couch also Eli Good he was perfect the rap the facial expresions ! ALL !!! Dongho he is cute !! I really love his part he look so sexy and like a bad boy a he is a baby ! and finally Kiseop he is a really good dancer and singer I am so glad that he sing more in this song ! I was sad because Hoon don’t but the song is perfect as is and the choreography I die when they do the sexy movements of the chorus ! especially the S that do with that perfect bodys ! and of course How no love him I love U-KISS for how they are ! cute and adorable men that always always give the best in the presentations in the MV’s the songs in ALL !
    also they always give the best for the fans I do not know other Kpop grop llike them that always show the love and how grateful they are to the fans ! I am a proud and grateful KissMe first with U-KISS for exist second with all the KissMe’s aroud the wolrd that show how close is this fandom because we are like a family together for U-KISS

  136. thisisjustforfunval

    BTW Soohyun would seriously make on manly looking Sailor Jupiter XD

  137. Youtube username: randooomnameee

    One of my favorite parts in
    ‘Stop Girl’ was in the beginning when they have the small dance segment. They seem so in sync and I like how their
    bodies go-with-the-flow to the music. I
    also really like the part where they have Kevin and Soohyun’s short dance
    part. Like you said on KMM, the dance
    totally fits the lyrics with the pushing and pulling. And really, their parts were just so
    attractive. I especially like the giant black
    knight (ba-da-da-da-da ba-da-da-da batman~) chess piece. When I first saw the music video, I was like “whoa
    look at that chess piece! It looks so cool! I want it!” hehe~ And when Kevin’s on the chessboard just casually
    dancing with the female-dancer. Ugh, I just
    can’t exprain my feels. It was like “I’m
    the King. You’re the Queen. Let’s dance and let that giant black horsey night
    watch.” Hahaha~ I’m so weird lol

  138. How many times can you retweet for a chance to win a CD? I only did one of each… and I REALLY REALLY want a signed U-KISS CD, more than any other KPop CD!

  139. thisisjustforfunval

    For this weeks show down I totally pick ELI!

  140. Oh god my poor fangirling heart!!! U guys seem like really close friends with ukiss now i love how down to earth all of u r!!!! Yes that means u too simon and martina! ;) best kpop music monday EVA!!!!!!! <3

  141. thisisjustforfunval

    My favorite part of the video has to be the way that Eli was captured. While the other members always look like they are alone in a room contemplating their relationships and what to do about it, Eli looks like he is speaking to a person just out the viewers eyesight and when he isn’t singing he looks like he is reacting or thinking deeply about to what is being said to him. The lightening, the settings, his clothing in particular his awesome hairstyle but especially Eli’s acting made his room come life in a completely different way than the others.

    PS. I’m not Eli biased, I’m a straight up Soohyun fan. Eli’s scenes just stood out the most for me in the video, and where my favorite part.

    YouTube User: thisisjustforfunval

  142. Martina: your contacts were very distracting….. awesome hair though!
    Simon: Love yo shirt!

  143. My favourite part from Stop Girl is actually from 0:05-0:21. I really loved it when two members (Kiseop and another member) dance at a time and then once every member danced along with Kiseop, U-KISS jumps back all together kind of in Kiseop’s “control”. That entire part is synchronized too! ♥ I especially loved Kiseop and Eli’s part (at about 0:10).
    I’ve been keeping an eye on that part since the teaser came out. :) I have another favourite part though; Eli’s rap from 2:29-2:38. Why? The rap is really catchy + I know all Eli is doing is sitting and rapping while doing hand motions, but when he crossed his leg at 2:36…I just…I don’t even know. Something about that leg cross is so attractive to me…LOL.

    My YouTube username is Sammie54545454. Don’t judge me, I came up with that username 4+ years ago. :S (omg a little bit before U-KISS debuted :3).

  144. Thank you Eat your kimchi thanks to you i found my new love ukiss and i feel more in love with k-pop, i also found out that i was not alone in loving k-pop even thought i’m not Korean you guy’s rock GGOOO UKISS!!!!!

  145. My favorite part of the video was the dance during the chorus~ They looked so charismatic~ <3

  146. I have to say, I’m super impress with Ukiss’ Stop Girl, they’ve improved so much!!!! Their dancing has gotten a lot sharper and way more powerful, and did I mention KEVIN!!!! OMG when did he become so SMEXY???? Before this MV, Eli was my fav, I like his manly looks, but now I don’t know who to choose. But for this vid it’s definitely KEVIN.

  147. I love Kevin but the dance with the girl was just awkward. Eli would have done it better im sure.

  148. Kevin’s part is better. I am amaze at how HOT Kevin has gotten!!! Eli is of course always hot, but I wasn’t digging the blonde hair this time.

  149. I’m glad I’m not the only one who knows way too much about Sailor Moon…

  150. I definitely agree that everything in the song ties together really
    well. Nothing feels out of place. By the first second, I was already
    like, “Ooooh~” Favorite U-KISS song, no question about it. And I’m with
    Martina on the black and white thing. It fits the feel of the song
    better, I personally think. ouo

    Kevin vs. Eli? Aaaahhh, how am I
    supposed to pick? I really liked Kevin’s dance and Eli’s rap towards the
    end… fsdflhcsdnfcnesNFEIDSNFNVED I-I’m gonna have to go with Eli.
    It’s not really that I preferred Eli’s part though. It’s just that I’m not a
    huge rap fan so when I like one…I really like it. It’s been in my head
    all day lol. I still love Kevin, his singing, and his dance part

    As for my favorite part of the video, I particularly like
    the first twenty seconds when the members start dancing one by one
    until they’re all moving together. uvu (youtube: starsinmybowl)

  151. my favorite part in the video Stop Girl awww how choose I think that all the video is perfect ! I have to admite in every part of Hoon I die ! he is my favorite but the dance with Kevin and that lucky girl ohh my good when I saw the video for first time I only can scream !! my mind never happened that he can dance with a girl a girl ! but think of it is the best ! all the choreography is perfect when I see all the choreographys of the Kpop groups I say wauu I never could do that hahaha But seriously Simon and Martina I really love U-KISS all about them is so perfect for me so please please I want win ! :) here in my country is so difficult difficult get a Kpop album.
    U-KISS <3

  152. My favorite parts are the raunchy parts :>
    YT username: leminay123456

  153. I seriously love you guys but Simon, please stop shouting! You’re so much louder than Martina! ㅠㅠ my poor ears!

    <3 awesome Music Monday though ^^

  154. Sad..really wanted to see GD’s review. >-<

  155. Martina’s eyes are bigger than before~ so strange…. but I love it to see Ukiss members at the begining ^^

  156. OMG!! I thought of sailor moon also~ yay~!! im not alone :P
    my favorite part of the music video was when the members of UKISS all danced together because it really showcased their synchronized dancing :D THEY’RE SO GOOD~~!!! ><
    youtube username: millehk12

  157. also their not homeless anymore yay they got their house lol :)

  158. i have to say eli’s rap and kiseops singing i love everything it is an amazing song im proud of kevin dancing with a girl lol shocker lol i also vote for eli who cant love him <33 u-kiss fighting!!

  159. what I loke more of U-KISS
    I like all how chose ?? U-KISS is the best ! always given the best of each one
    I like how close they are I am jealus hahahaha I wish that some day I can have friends like that ! its amaizing for me that some members can speak in inglish and chinese in addition to korean and japanese they are multitalent and thay can do everything I love their song especially 0330 and how no love Stop Girl is so different to others songs of this year ! this song has someting espacial have class I think that the MV in black and white is the best that gives someting like as high class hehehehe I really love them and they mean a lot to me ! The Kpop really change me and U-KISS especially
    KissMe forever !!

  160. Despite being quite proud of Kevin for dancing with a girl,
    I have to say that Kiseop’s singing and dancing solos are by far my favourite
    parts of the mv. It always bothered me when people claiming to be KissMe’s
    dismissed Kiseop as not being talented, as being just some pretty face. As much
    as I loved Kiseop though, I couldn’t really contradict them – to be fair Kiseop
    barely sings more than two lines in most songs and other than his beautiful,
    beautiful dance in “Shut Up,” he hasn’t had any choreo to distinguish himself
    from the other members.

    Then, “Stop Girl” came out. Not only does Kiseop get his
    awesome dance solo at the start, he’s placed near the front for most of the
    group dancing and has more unique choreo than the other members. I’m not a
    dance expert, but Kiseop seems pretty amazing to me; he moves so fluidly and
    gracefully and ohmygod I could watch him all day.

    Then he sings. Multiple times. For more than one line.
    Seriously, I was having a mental breakdown watching this video. There were
    actually tears in my eyes. I love them all, but Kiseop just makes me feel so
    proud. After struggling to become an idol and dealing with an unfair
    distribution of parts, Kiseop is finally given the recognition that he
    deserves. That’s what I loved most about this mv; the fact that no one will
    ever be able to say that Kiseop doesn’t deserve to be in U-Kiss again.

    -Emily (youtube: xSuigintou)

    PS: …Sorry that I just wrote an essay. Also I vote for Kevin in the showdown. Look at him, dancing like a man.

  161. I think between the interview video, Eli and Kevin in this KMM, and them in the bloopers, I have been turned into a Kissme.

  162. KEVIN~ Sorry Eli.




    This was one of the best KMMs ever. Going down in history for sure, U-KISS ON THE SHOW OMG!

    I’m sorry for spamming the capslock there btw. I got a little excited.

  163. My favorite part of the “Stop Girl” music video is the camera work. I love the angles that are used, the zooms, and the focusing. I think that it adds a lot to the video.

    I totally choose Eli’s part!!

    (youtube: lynnbyu358)

  164. Wow, you guise, I’m really proud of you for getting this review up – there were so many goofs and spoofs and mess-ups this week, I am really surprised you managed to get through it. XDDD (Secretly I think you two were just fangirling so much over U-KISS’ video that the infection spread to Meemers, who decided to take Simon’s job of distracting us all during your review but was just too spazzoid to concentrate.)

    This has just shot up to the top of my favorite reviews. So much to say, so much laughter, so much WIN. Martina, your braids were beautiful, despite the pain you went through to get them done. Your circle lenses – hadn’t seen those since S,F&S, so I’m glad they came back. Meemers – could she BE more adorable! Seungri Time For Kisses Girl… Such emotion. It was a really epic mall. I mean, hyperactive tree-scratching cats – you don’t see those in every mall! (Or any mall?…)

    My favorite part of this review – U-KISS, aiiiiish, I just had a FEELING you guys would include them somehow. I thought the intro with Kevin and Eli was bad enough for my heart, but then you had them ask us a question – OOH SIMON SO NASTY – pinning them against each other (shamelessly, might I add..)… I’m sorry, Eli.. My bias calls… >. < And by the way, I happen to like his tiny head! It sucks to leave Eli hanging, he has so much swag, but.. We can't vote for both, can we? I just love Kevin's interaction with the dancers, and the stage during his part was epic, and the spoof you guys did with The Dark Knight… Simon's face… Warning to all Nasties: Do not eat dinner when watching KMM. EVER.

    In conclusion, Kevin's part was my favorite of all time (not just against Eli, but in the entire video). Although Soohyun's foursome nearly stole the show – so n-a-s-t-y, Martina. <3

    Mordney was not present! I guess he learned to stay away… Or the Sailor Starlights chased him off. "Sailor Eli.. Sailor Kiseop… Sailor Hoon…" Oh. YES. XD

    E L V I N ! Oh my gosh, you guise. You are creating inappropriate shipping! Simon and Martina, congratulations. You are now the captains of this ship. Happy Sailing~

    (Simon should be allowed to hold the laptop again, imo. Then he can make epic TVXQ references. "Catch me if you wanna!")

    I sincerely love you both. XS

    • I was eating when I watched this. Nearly choked to death many times… between the intense fits of laughter and the fangirling…. this review will be the death of me

  165. Definitely Kevin :) I really liked the dance with the female backup dancer, although I did like Eli’s rap. I also actually liked that chess piece. A $3000 well spent, i say.

  166. My favorite part of “Stop Girl” was when Dongho and Eli had their back-to-back rap feature. I’m use to American rappers so I automatically compare them to some of the raps that I’ve heard. Both Dongho’s and Eli’s part were smooth, strong, and perfectly accented. I hope they have even more rap solo sections in their future songs because they are such a great pair. :3

    YouTube User: yumi419

  167. i hope you guys will be able to review other K-pop groups in your new house/studio :) i think that would be great!!

  168. Wow, Martina! your contacts shocked me XD they look great though<33 ahh it was so cute that ukiss was there for the beginning " The UKISS edition! " They're so adorable,and as much as I love them both, Kevin's part was definitiely the best though.He's the cutest and sweetest person i've ever seen and his dancing and singing are amazing <33 it was a little awkward seeing him dance with the girl though.. he's so girly <333

  169. I love Eli’s accent. I liked the whole B&W concept. looks very classy

  170. Okay, *breaks out thesaurus* lets do this…

    I really enjoyed the atmosphere of this video, I thought the
    setting, and the rooms were sophisticated and mature.

    I rather fancied Dongho’s messy hair, though I wasn’t too
    keen on the seaweed cap at first, but I have made my peace with it.

    I love Kevin’s shmexy moment with that dancer. It was
    surprising and awesome!

    I adored/enjoyed immensely/have a weakness for Eli’s hair,
    and Kiseop’s new shimmering red Mohawk-ish thing was amazing as well.

    Soohyun is always, always so hot, and what’s up scaly blue
    dragon shirt? I was supremely attracted to the wardrobe/style choices in the
    video. U-Kiss’s look is SO cool!

    Hoon looked badass bein’ all serious, and looking all sexily
    wounded by love.

    I have a devotion to this song, I am crazy for it, and it is
    SO good! I love the dance too, holy crap, I think it’s their best video so far,
    and I’ve loved everything (including Believe, which I know EatYourKimchi wasn’t
    super fond of). I’ve watched the video more than 10 times, and I still feel
    like it’s amazing, and that I need to watch it again. I love U-Kiss so much!

  171. Eli. I just loved his rapping. :3

  172. love the female back up dancers :) check out my full review at
    I would really appreciate it Nasties! ^^

  173. martina you’re wearing circle lenses!

  174. I love U-KISS because thay are so cute and beautiful always given the best for the fans in the beggining only like some of their songs but now I completely love all their songs. They are one of the hardest working kpop groups and even though they arent the most popular theyre always dedicated to
    the fans that love them. They get better and better with each new song Stop Girl is especial to me because this is the first comeback that they do even I am a KissMe I personally think that this is one of the best songs of the year all its perfect the Mv in black and white give class and the letter amaizing the choreo is just perfect !! I love U-KISS with all my heart ! and I am VERY PROUD OF THEM AND ALSO AM SO PROUD OF BE A KISSME !!!
    my username : tess98b

  175. OMG!!!!! The intro with Eli & Kevin!!! I just died *o* I’m so happy they won this KMM :’) it’s daebak!

  176. SWEET EYK IS AWESOME~ I spazzed when I found out about this giveaway (:n LIEK yOU GUyS ArE AWESOME! (sorry, my laptop is broken…)
    My favourite part of the “Stop Girl” music video would have to be the beginning dance sequence. It had blown my mind so much! Kiseop moving so smoothly then each member after. The dance was truly in sync, I was REALLY impressed by it! It opened the song so well and even my non-kpop friends enjoy the dance. I hope that U-Kiss will be able to succeed even more in the future! I love you nine boys (yes, nine *cries a river*) <3

    youtube user name: misskategray

  177. OMG Fangirl spazz attack! Kevin and Eli on Kpop Music Monday! *dies* They are just too perfect!
    And I can’t wait to see Simon and Martina at KCON! I bought an EatYourKimchi t-shirt that I’m going to wear there! I hope I run into Simon and Martina so they can sign it!

  178. oh glob i choose u eli!!! >.< sorry kevin the rap stole me soul :)

  179. I think my favorite scenes are when it shows the whole group dancing together. I love how smooth it looks when they all dance in sync.

  180. Contest Entry!
    YT Username: “nracnrac”

    My favorite part is all of the small moments where it cuts away from the outgoing energy and dancing and shows the shadowed portraits. Their faces are still, but captivating- and just as emotive as the singing. It also illustrates the inner conflict in the song, with the thoughtful glancing and the faces being obscured in half shadow.(And who doesn’t love the sexy, smouldering stares? XD) I just love the quiet power it has…It proves that sometimes you don’t have to talk to “speak”. /so cheesy

  181. simon reminds me of khloe kardashian :)

  182. loved kevin’s dance w the girl back up dancer. check out my full review on my blog at
    thanks guys :)

  183. Martina, I love your contacts in this video. Did you get them online?

  184. Martina, I love your contacts in this video? Is there anyway to get them online?

  185. Well I liked kevin’s dancing with the girl,, but my
    favorite part of the video now is when soohyun is in his lonely
    furniture singing passionaetly and knowing that mordneypressent is
    right around the corner stalking him…umm umm..I mean watching him from
    afar ;) Youtube- SweetPoisonTwins

    p.s: sorry this is my second time posting..i did it in youtube too, because i didnt know where to put it XD

  186. loved kevin’s dance w the girl back up dancer. check out my full review on my blog at
    thanks guys :)

  187. I was having a bad day. Thank you for bringing a smile to my face even though I was so down.

  188. AHHHH! This is so hard! ELI VS KEVIN IS PURE EVIL! But i guess i’ll vote for Kevin since he’s my second kpop bias. BUT THATS STILL MEAN XD

  189. I definitely prefer Kevin’s part!!!!!!!!!!! (I’m biased :p) Love you Kevin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  190. Kevin!!!!!!! <3333

  191. You guys didn’t post the bloopers! D:

    I know they’re in the Playlist, but I figured since you usually post them at the bottom of every post, I should let you know the video isn’t embedded. ^^~

    Btw – because I really want to extend my appreciation now even though I plan on posting my thoughts on this week’s review in a different comment – was your surprise to kill us all with epic feelz at seeing Eli and Kevin personally introduce this week’s KMM as the “U-KISS Edition”? Because their beautiful faces popping up on my screen was just the best surprise EVAR. Thank you, thank you, thank you~~~ <3333

  192. Wow! Even more to giveaway. Thank you both so much for doing things like this :)

    YouTube sn: shuufly88
    I absolutely adore the entire song and MV, but I have to say my favorite part would have to be Kevin’s dance break with the female dancer. He’s really showing off how hard he’s worked and how far he’s come with his dancing!

  193. i love UKISS im a big fan of them i even went to see them in L.A ELI ^^ <3 SAID HE LOVED ME..^^ soo i love there new song and mv i loved how they made it in color and in black in white one of my favorite parts is wen i saw kevin dancing wit the girl i was like "UUUH KEVIIIIIN" i got chils and all it looked like there would kiss..and my favorite favorite parts ELI MY LOVE!!! <3 looking hoter then ever and loved his rap it fit so well wit the song and his hard work in the dance…gosh i love him i wish ill be his future bride some day ill give him all the children he wants..^^ lol soo i hope i win a copy of there sign cd since i could get it wen i saw them in L. T^T JEBAL!! UKISS FIGHTING!!SARANGHAE!!! <33333 ~maria pace~ Youtube:ukissmeELI1

  194. OMFG i LOVE all the sailor moon references especially in the bloopers :)….. and the nicki minaj stupid hoe refrence, i think i saw it in one of your other videos :)

  195. My favorite part of the “Stop Girl” music video was any scene in which there were lens glares… because you can never have too many lens glares in a kpop music video. O_____O

    YouTube username: DRUMSTiCKSZ

  196. youtube username: moeserene

    My favorite part is Kevin’s awesome, sexy duet with one of the girls (whom I’m very jealous of). It’s really a cool little dance and it shows a more mature side of kevin. The music at that part is also very catchy!

  197. I don’t know if this opinion is based off of already having seen the black and white version, but even the color version looks like it’s meant to be black and white. All the backgrounds are black and white, the clothes are mostly black and white, and the random bits of color don’t really go well together (like that green lamp and Soohyun’s blue shirt). Also, the girls’ legs really stand out when they’re doing the dancing scene in the room with the weird boxes. And it makes Eli’s hair look REALLY yellow. So yeah I like the black and white as is.

  198. Did you guys know there’s an English Version of Stop Girl? It’s in their album.

  199. My favorite part was between the last chorus and ‘bridge’ of the song. The part where soohyun says ‘real’ with the pitch bending. It was ingenious and introduced a nice twist to the music, which would otherwise be a tad boring if they just repeated the chorus. It led very nicely to the bridge and when I first listened to it, I couldn’t help but smile because you don’t see that normally in songs so you can see theres thought put into the music. ^^

    P.s I like the ad lib right before the very last ‘stop girl in the name of love’ its in the very background if you didnt notice and it’s very interesting, you don’t see that normally in kpop songs. Stop girl is a very ‘American’ song in general! 

    YouTube username: joysee blue

  200. hehehehehe! The introduction made me blush *^.^*

  201. My fav part was deff Eli’s rapping. It was so smooth and it really made the song flow.
    Youtube- lovesasianmusic

  202. My favorite part of the music video was when Kevin did a solo dance with the girl. I really like it when one member does their own dance, but since it was him and girl it made it more interesting. I also saw the footage of him practicing that dance in the behind the scenes video, so that dance seems all the more real to me, as in something a non kpop star could actually accomplish.
    yt: XoceanxsunX
    I vote for Kevin too!

  203. spzimefrk16 here! ;p
    I would have to say my favorite part was when Kevin had his solo dance with the backup dancer…as well as Soohyun’s four-some ;p Normally I’d say something like “I’M SO JEALOUS!!!” and I kinda am ;p lol but it was just so cool to see female backup dancers in their video since, as you guys mentioned, it doesn’t happen often and I feel it makes them look very grown-up and mature. Plus…IT WAS DAMN SEXY!!! lol I know…I’m so nasty ;p kekeke The dance overall though was great too, but the first thing I fell in love with was the backup dancer interactions.

  204. KEVIN I VOTE FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

  205. dance practice for stop girl:

    the transitions for each member to get to the foreground are so smooth :3

  206. PunkyPrincess92

    hahaha yeah Simon should totally not hold the laptop anymore!!
    the members should be glad that at least the chess piece wasn’t deadly like in Harry Potter!!
    O_O do you guys actually read fanfic? i accidently came across some SHINee ones…..scary stuff….stayed away from fanfic ever since!!

    i really like the song but at i couldn’t take the chorus seriously because the first thing to pop into my head was the song “Stop! in the name of love”!!

    • i read a B2st fanfic once D; so scared and….creepy that i haven’t read one since, Seungri from BIGBANG raped someone, and Hyuna kicked his ass…it was akward, cuz b2st was all dating the same girl…LIKE IN EVERY MUSIC VIDEO ALMOST EVER!

  207. i liked how it was in black and white, it gave it a more sophisticated look, and the minimal use of props allowed me to focus more on U-Kiss, rather than being distracted by background objects. i also liked the use of female backup dancers, you’re right, they aren’t used enough in Kpop videos, and they added alot to the video and its meaning. P.S. EEEEELLLLIIII!!!!! YouTube User Name: MsThugbear

  208. ShimizuChiharu

    Do I spy the reappearance of Martina’s color contacts?!

  209. My favourite part of the mv is at the very beginning when Hoon goes hmmmm, no its more like oooohmmm, its just…sooo nasty. The first time I watched the mv I was so surprised because I didn’t expect that sort of melody with the intro music, I almost died.
    Youtube name: laURen00pris


  211. “I’m not ugly, I’m exotic.” Seungri will love you no matter what!
    youtube username: Agatapaszcza
    Most heartbreaking showdown ever! But that “some days” part was my favourite from the first time I heard it so my vote goes to Kevin. And it’s also my fav part of the video. I mean, after the second verse, at 1:40 when that girl appears from behind Kevin. I know that probably many people would pick the same moment, but it’s just so awesomely done!
    And I have to mention this: THOSE SHOES!!! Man, I love this kind of black&white shoes. And there are three U-Kiss members wearing them in one video! Isn’t this wonderful? Sincerely, thank you Eli, Kevin and Hoon!

  212. Whoa, Martina, your eyes. O.O Iris expanding contacts? Very cute.

  213. omg, this was awesome!
    lol at the sailor moon reference, that was my first thought as well! XDD
    I vote for Kevin. because I like his dance part with the girl.
    and for the giveaway:
    my favourite part of the mv is how dongho completely ignores the microphone in front of him. he never sings/raps directly into it, most of the time he is even turning away. most useless and pitiful microphone ever!
    (youtube username: NoireYume)

  214. I’m pretty sure a lot of people mentioned the same thing,
    but my favorite part of the video was when Kevin did a solo with the female
    dancer and then Soohyun did a solo with four female dancers. As much as I love
    U-KISS dancing as a group (I LOVED the dance during the chorus), the solos
    really showed just how well each of them can dance individually. Both solos fit
    in perfectly with the theme of the song and were amazing! Kevin’s solo
    impressed me sooooo much when I first saw it. He seemed to have a lot of chemistry
    with the female dancer and his movements were so fluid and beautiful. Soohyun’s
    solo was also really great. I loved how real his expressions seemed when he was
    dancing. The addition of the female dancers was a great call in general. Overall,
    I think this is my favorite video from them.

    (Youtube Username: lilaznlori)

  215. Awesome KMM! I love it! In the MV I liked Kevin’s part more because Eli’s head is too big. Just kidding! I just liked Kevin’s part more. (Eventhough if all the members were included I’d pick Kiseop’s parts). And about the favorite part of the MV, I really love the dance sequence in the beginning. I think it’s very cool to start a music video with some cool dance moves.

    (Youtube username: kendisinsan)

  216. Of course Eli is dressed the BEST!! He is shooo shexayyyy!! Eeeeei! I am so jealous of you guys!!! :,( THIS IS THE BEST MUSIC MONDAY EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

  217. KATHyphenTUN

    ohhhhh so hard to choose between eli and kevin!!! I would probably go with Kevin’s dance part though

  218. bigbangfosho

    My friend made this one: “I’m not ugly, I’m just pre-debut”

  219. What a terrible question to ask for the showdown! That question might possibly be the hardest thing ever to decide on. I cannot. Eli vs. Kevin… No, I will not make a choice. It’s way too hard!!!

  220. My favorite part of the music video is :41 to :51 when Kevin is staring at the camera with that certain look in his eyes. Ooooh! Also as he is singing the line “Today’s the day I’ll be flying away.” I just like that line for some reason.

    I also like it at 3:09 when Hoon turns his eyes up the the camera. They definitely achieved their goal of doing those certain looks becase it made me swoon!

    My Youtube name is JennaLaw24.

  221. I was not sure about what my favorite part of the video was, but ended up with Kevin x girl dance. Usually, I’m not fond of watching couple dances lke that, but that part was pretty cool. And I really like that music part too

    YouTube username: luluamu

  222. phineas!!!! is martinia wearing those creapy ulzzlang contacts from wtfkorea?

  223. youtube user: ahshfy
    My favourite part of Ukiss’ Stop Girl MV is when Kevin did the solo dance with the female back up dancer at ~1:47 cuz the pervy me thought that it was pretty sexy~
    so much skinship!

  224. I really liked Eli’s rap very much, but I also liked Kevin’s dance with the girl very much too… WHY MUST YOU MAKE ME CHOOSE?!
    Favorite part of the video was definitely the very beginning when Kiseop started the dance and each member joined in one at a time. It was cool and I liked it :D second favorite was Soohyun’s “foursome” with the girl dancers. What I would give to be one of them… and I’m not even Soohyun biased.
    (YT username: breakingmyheart43 )


  226. Not sure if this counts but I really liked the female dancers in the video. Reason is it seems to elevate the boys to men for me. I used to think of them as “my boys” (I’m old enough to be their Noona, trust me) but I saw the video and they’re singing and looks have matured and bringing in the female dancers helped show that more, for me. So, I guess the best part is really just the whole vid and seeing how much they’ve matured… I think I cheated with that answer =( Still TRUE! lol (niemabuggy on YT)

  227. I just LOVE the chorus the “stop girl in the name in love” in their sexy English. It’s stuck in my head.. soo catchy! BRAND NEW UKISS FAN HERE! once S&M said they were gonna interview them i had to check them out and im loving them~

    (yt username: xocutievxo)

  228. Not sure if this counts but I really liked the female dancers in the video. Reason is it seems to elevate the boys to men for me. I used to think of them as “my boys” (I’m old enough to be their Noona, trust me) but I saw the video and they’re singing and looks have matured and bringing in the female dancers helped show that more, for me. So, I guess the best part is really just the whole vid and seeing how much they’ve matured… I think I cheated with that answer =( Still TRUE! lol

  229. My favorite part in U-Kiss’ video is that when kevin was dancing solo, without noticing the girl behind him starting to pop out and dance with him.

    Youtube name: Shadowfire821

  230. lol simon, do you READ those elvin fanfics???? O__O

  231. i LOVE the intro where the bass is super deep and my headphones are just booming. then Hoon comes in and Hoon’s voice fit PERFECTLY to start out the song. It was so raspy and sensual…i LOVED it (:

    I liked Eli’s rap part the best. Kevin’s dance was good but idk…i guess im biased since i like eli and rapping haha.

  232. My favourite part of the video was… well all of it. No? well i
    looooooved how all their faces (and bodies, OMG the bodies!) looked in
    the lights and how the whole song had a really smooth sound, you know?

    And the fact that Kevin danced with the female dancer!! I dont remember
    something like this since the Hyunseung and Hyuna thing!! And that was a
    bit of a shame, since it got so much hate… So yeah.
    *sucks air in
    rapidly* Aaaah I nearly forgot! The ‘ummmm’ at the beginning! THAT was
    the best part afterall. It was sexy. It was sensual. It was everything a
    start of a song will ask for :) I don’t really know how my comment is
    supposed to stand out from the rest but since i realise so many fans can
    put their love into words much better than I do *sob* but its honest
    and true. So very true! :D

    Oooh and my YouTube name is – YodaTheCat123

  233. I
    guess my favourite part of the video was… well all of it. No? well i
    looooooved how all their faces (and bodies, OMG the bodies!) looked in
    the lights and how the whole song had a really smooth sound, you know?

    And the fact that Kevin danced with the female dancer!! I dont remember
    something like this since the Hyunseung and Hyuna thing!! And that was a
    bit of a shame, since it got so much hate… So yeah.
    *sucks air in
    rapidly* Aaaah I nearly forgot! The ‘ummmm’ at the beginning! THAT was
    the best part afterall. It was sexy. It was sensual. It was everything a
    start of a song will ask for :) I don’t really know how my comment is
    supposed to stand out from the rest but since i realise so many fans can
    put their love into words much better than I do *sob* but its honest
    and true. So very true! :D

    oooh and my YouTube name is – YodaTheCat123

  234. I
    guess my favourite part of the video was… well all of it. No? well i
    looooooved how all their faces (and bodies, OMG the bodies!) looked in
    the lights and how the whole song had a really smooth sound, you know?

    And the fact that Kevin danced with the female dancer!! I dont remember
    something like this since the Hyunseung and Hyuna thing!! And that was a
    bit of a shame, since it got so much hate… So yeah.
    *sucks air in
    rapidly* Aaaah I nearly forgot! The ‘ummmm’ at the beginning! THAT was
    the best part afterall. It was sexy. It was sensual. It was everything a
    start of a song will ask for :)

    I don’t really know how my comment is
    supposed to stand out from the rest but since i realise so many fans can
    put their love into words much better than I do *sob* but its honest
    and true. So very true! :D

    Oooh and my YouTube name is YodaTheCat123

  235. Bahaha Sailor HOON you guys win T_T psh……SAILOR HOON! I’M DYING. also Hoon in the background during the bloopers with Elvin cracks me up. (if you can’t tell I have a bias problem :P called Hoon’s entire existence)

    funnyfishyinseoul here um my favorite part of the Stop Girl MV is Soohyun’s “reaaaaallll” at 2:57 because honestly there is nothing more satisfying than that final glissando in a song, and the way the entire group rises with his voice is just… idk really satisfying ^_^ Soohyun’s parts in general are really nice :D and the harmonies in the chorus are gorgeous… really nicely arranged song.

  236. Youtube name: LightWarrior17

    My favourite part of the video was Hoon’s variety of hand motions. He’s always moving his hands around doing different motions and stuff in U-Kiss videos (Neverland, Doradora, etc..) and I always find them entertaining for some reason XD

  237. You guys seem really close with ukiss. I love your friendship with them. Anyways, I would just like mention that my favorite part of the mv (or more like dance) is the body wave….! I tried doing it myself, and I failed completely. You should have seen me!

    My YouTube account is 11kpopluv. BTW I love your videos! And so does my brother. (And he doesn’t know anything about Kpop) thanks for making laugh every Monday after a long dramatic day at school! :)

  238. Dr. Meemersworth's mama

    My favorite part of the video is U-kiss’s (spelling?) EPIC HOTNESS!! My youtube name is byLynK

  239. I loved Kevin’s dance with the girl. So I vote the Kevin!

  240. My favourite part of this MV is the beginning, from 0:00 to 0:22, so basically the intro. I like that all the members’ faces appear in between the dance scenes and that in every dance scene a new person starts dancing, but most of all I love how the focus in the dance scenes goes between blurry and sharp. It becomes a really cool effect.

    My YouTube account: Chochanie

  241. Oh my gosh Simon you make the scariest sailor moon ever! But somehow it works! U-Kiss! Ahhhh! I listen to your music to get pumped up as i drive to school for my university exams! Looks like i get to add another song to that playlist! Oh goodness, I’m going to have to go with Kevin. The solo was cute and different for the normal “creepily stare at girl” thing we are used to. Besides that he just seems like a genuinely nice approachable down to earth kind of guy. KEVIN! If you read this, HELLO FOR HOUSTON TEXAS!!! Keep up the great work guys!
    ps: Martina! That pink and blue bag you had in the “friend celebration dance” was so freaking cute!

  242. The bloopers were hilarious this week – and with an extra dose of cute delivered by Dr Meemersworth. Great job, EYK team! By the way, where was Spudgy while you were filming?
    Also, I have now spent the entire evening singing ‘statatatatatap girl in the name of laaaaaaahve’ (yes, that’s exactly how I sing it), and I blame this on you and U-Kiss.

  243. Hi Simon & Martina ! I love your videos you’re amazing !

    My favorite part of the video is… arf so hard to choose ! the entire MV is AWESOME ! Okay…if i really have to choose i will say the chorus dancing part. I love the choreo, how they all dance together (it’s really cool to add girl dancers !! ) , the synchronisation of their dance moves, when they all do the little wave (woooh *-* ) i find that it fits perfectly the chorus (that I totally love ^^ stop girl in the name of loooove <3 ). It's just AWESOME ! U-KISS fighting <3
    A French Kiss-me ^^ (sorry for my english *^* )
    My youtube : BiliBouh Sushi

  244. U-Kiss’s MV was phenomenal. The part that really stuck out to me was Kevin’s and Soohyun’s part leading up to the chorus. It was so powerful and it gave me goosebumps; the good kind.
    The English really flowed perfectly and the way Soohyun sung “Hey, hey!” really gave me the shivers. Unlike so many other songs I’ve heard, the English really meant something and it flowed with the rest of the song and it made me smile endlessly.
    I hope U-Kiss keeps this style of singing English and incorporates it in future songs as well. :)

    Youtube username: gaarawantcookie

  245. omg this is one of the most awesome KMM ever!!! I love how there’s a part of Kevin and Eli, it’s so hilarious :D I’d love to see this kind of concept more than often ;DD
    I know it’s kinda delusional but imagine GDTOP doing this, damn that would be awesome :D:D mabye it’ll become reality someday who knows?~ haha
    yeah, the contest~
    my favorite part of the Stop Girl video~ first off, I’m really fond of the Black and White version, you know, for me it just creates this special feeling and emphasizes the dance even more~! And in my opinion the dance is of the highlights of the music video, especially the part when kevin is dancing with this girl!!
    youtube username: sora2ii

  246. Martina I must say that the girls wig really suits you. It looks like your real hair. :)

  247. It’s hard to actually pick a favourite part from the video. But I guess I’d have to choose the choreography. Martina pretty much summed up why I love the dance. I love the pushing/pulling aspect, which really ties the whole song together. Usually dances don’t portray the song as well, but this did a fantastic job. It has the perfect moves to help the mood and meaning of the song be displayed to those who watch it without having to go look at the lyrics.
    Youtube username: ColourMeCanada

  248. Loved the ‘Dark Night’ part! Funny!

  249. my favorite part was….EVERYTHING!! this was the most perfect song and MV of U-Kiss evah!!! the dance was pretty friggin awesome! Kiseop had more lines!!! actually I change my mind my favorite part was all of Kiseop’s parts! SO PROUD OF HIM!!!

  250. Y’know, I actually liked that Kevin got to be more manly in this video than he has been. It was nice to see him get a one-on-one dance with a girl. =P

    Anywhodlepoodle, I agree with Simon that this is pretty much their best video ever and one of their better songs. DoraDora was fun to dance to, Believe was a bit awkward but this just strikes an amazing balance between fun and relaxing (at least, to me…) The black and white totally fit with the them, if you ask me, because sometimes when you’re fighting in a relationship it seems like it’s black and white to one another but there are definitely shades of gray in the middle. (I know, totally deep thoughts there. =P)

    … I think I made this comment long enough… Sorreh~ ^-^

  251. I was so excited to see your videos of the interview and the behind the scenes with U-Kiss, that were posted yesterday. I have to say that U-Kiss is probably the most down to Earth and amazing KPop groups EVAR!

    **For the contest!**
    YouTube username- HystericalSarah
    My favorite part of the “Stop Girl” music video is when the back-up dancer comes out from behind Kevin and they dance in sync (not to be confused with N’Sync, ha!). It’s a small part but it was so well done that it left a big impression on me.

    Thanks for holding another giveaway! <3. Sarah

  252. I really like this ‘yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah’ and the beat in the beginning in the song =D

    YT acc-SunnyA

  253. i like kevin’s performance, haha!! but not the part with the girl dancer, just really jealous!! hihi!! but still i like his performance! :D

  254. whoa martina!! you got a lot cuter, love you’re eyes ><

  255. WHOA! Way to fluster the CRAP out of me!! hahaha! Love the unexpected shots of Kevin and Eli!! So fun! Ahhh Kevin is so dang adorable. I just want to put him in my pocket. Why can’t he fit in my pocket?? *sad panda*

    Voting for Kevin!! xoxo

  256. Dr. Meemersworth was also doing the celebration dance in behind Simon!LOL!SO CUTE!!

  257. Thank guys for giving us a great and hilarious review for U-KISS Stop Girl! You did a hard work :”) Feels so happy to watch U-KISS two days in a row on your web. This is my 1st time to make a post here, and all I wanna say is I thank God that there’s a great people like you both Simon and Martina. I mean, you could represent us as a U-KISS or Kpop viewers/listeners to make a review towards Kpop MVs, especially U-KISS (since am a U-KISS fan.lol). I never feel you did it in harsh way anyway, coz U-KISS surely need that to make their MV and performance better. And thru you, they will know their plus and minus.

    Am with you on Dongho’s hat btw! I also hope that he threw it away *sorry my baby Dongdong! ;) And the rhyming! Great that Simon mentioned
    it, I also love the rhyme of the song :)

    And for Stop Girl MV, indeed am happy coz they’re not homeless anymore! Plus, they all had lot of girl friends in their new place! Yeay!haha! When I watch the MV, I feel so happy to see that there are some girl dancers on it. *there’s only 4 girls on that MV, don’t you think they should added 2 more girls?haha*

    Well, since I love the dance and girl dancer concept, my fave part on U-KISS Stop Girl MV would be:

    1) Kiseop solo dance followed by each member of U-KISS at the intro part. When I first downloaded the song, actually I feel kinda bored with the long intro. But when I saw the video, I feel that kind of long intro was necessary to do this kind of cool dance! :)
    2) Kevin dance with the girl dancer. Both look sooo sexy and hawt!! Makes me want to date him! *oooppss*
    3) I also love Soohyun’s dance part with the 3 girls! *again, it makes me feels like: “oh mooommmmyy, I wanna be that dancer!!” Too bad I can’t dance,haha.
    4) Dongho’s fierce appearance before his rap part (the one with a mess hair), when he touch his lips like a nappeun namja!haha.
    5) Eli’s part when he’s rapping. The way he rap was sooo intense and in a hi pitch *which is caught me off guard* intense rap while he’s pointing here and there and made a ‘gun’ sign,and sat on the elegance couch make him look so hot!
    6) Should mention that I love the 1-2-2-1 dance formation on the chorus and 2-1-2-1 dance formation on the hook 3 (the one after Eli’s rap). Before they released the MV I wonder what the dance formation would be with only 6 members on it. But thank God they did very good on it, as usual. So should thank to the dance trainer-nim :)

    (Youtube username : ntiex)

  258. I loved the “Stop Girl” music video…and it’s actually a bit difficult to pick my favorite part. I thought the set was nice in the fact that they don’t look homeless any more…I enjoyed their outfits for the most part, and I liked Dongho’s hair when it was all messy. But I guess my favorite part was the whole dance and how it mixed with the song…and that includes, I can’t believe I’m saying this but, Kevin’s dance with the female dancer, which was pretty awesome.
    Youtube username: Blondesaxplayer

    This KMM was hilarious!! I loved the skit about the chess piece…brilliant!! :D

  259. You guys are AWESOME!!!
    This is definitely the best KMM EVER <3!!!!

  260. Wow, I’ve never fangirled over a video, but Eli at the end making us vote for him… So cute and sexy at the same time ^^ Definitly voting for him, he convinced me :D

  261. My favorite
    part is at 2:56, when Soonhun sings that high note and then Kevin stars with a
    new melody, which I find really nice and fits the song perfectly ^o^. Because
    when I first watched the music video this part kind of surprised me, it was
    already in the end of the video, when I wasn’t expecting nothing new on the
    melody of the song. – yukari832

  262. Muy bueno!!! *:* me encantó esta canción y el video. Creo que realmente U-KISS ha madurado. Y siguen siendo muy dulces y agradables ^_^
    Awesome!!! I Love the video and the song *. * and I think that U-Kiss has grown really. And they are very sweet and nice still ^_^

  263. My favorite part was when Soohyun did his dance with the three girls. It just kinda blew my mind that BAM THREE GIRLS OUTTA NOWHERE and this was right after Kevin’s awesome thing so it was even more so mindblown
    Youtube: amy96795

  264. I really liked the series of close shots at the beginning with the shadowing and their intense expressions alternating with the short dance clips. I think that it was a great lead into the rest of the video

  265. The best part in your KMM today was Memers climbing the tree/plant during your ‘exotic’ scene as a woman!

  266. My best part is totally Kevin’s solo dance with female partner from the first time I saw it.
    At first we can’t see the girl , then she comes from Kevin’s behind and they do their little choreo ^^ awesome youtube name: felix62442

  267. Youtube username: eriyuka
    My favorite part is when Kevin starts singing “Somedays 후회 하겠지”
    Because of the new beat of the song and the addicting melody, also the soft look of him at 0:48 with those smokey eyes asjghafGHgghklG

  268. Seungri kisses girl: eeewwwwwww
    Martina: No, she’s not coming.


  269. I THOUGHT THE SAME WITH THE SENTENCE “IN THE NAME OF LOVE”. I just couldn’t stop laughing while imagining UKiss transforming like Sailor Moon. “Moon prism poweeer~~” AHAHAHAHAHA

  270. This was actually one of my least favorite ukiss songs -__-

  271. I just realized that on the ukiss official youtube account there’s a playlist with your ukiss videos. You guys are really amazing.

  272. b-but I really liked the hat ;A;

  273. Wait, you want me to choose between Kevin and Eli?? But…but…they’re both
    so adorable! TBH my two favorite parts were Kevin’s solo lead up to the chorus
    (0:42-0:51) and Eli’s styling and rap. LOVE the blond mohawk, Eli!!

    Nope, not gonna choose. =P

    Sailor Hoon, BAHAHAH!!

  274. omg watching the first part with u-kiss introducing kpop music mondays gave me a heartattack.

  275. my Youtube username : chocoblueMBLAQ
    I know~ my username has “MBLAQ” on it.. I won’t say I don’t like them anymore, in fact, now I’m both Kiss Me and A+ (and also Hottest too~)

    My favourite part is Dongho’s part, bcuz in this song he didn’t get much line and he even dance in the back, covered by another that have more dancing in the front part..
    But anyway, actually I like every part of this song, especially Eli’s “and the tears in your eyes tellin’ me goodbye”~
    But if I have to choose one part, I’ll choose Dongho’s. :)

    So, in this comment, I also give the answer for the showdown..
    It’s hard to pick one between Elvin… :(
    But I choose Eli (love u Kevin~)..

  276. Martina, could you do a hair tutorial from that style? And do I see a tint of blue? :o
    Meemers has grown so much~~! <3
    And lastly Simon, did it take long to learn that Sailor Moon -thingy? (or did you know it already *eyebrows* which would be quite distarcting, 'cause even I can't watch it.. :S)

  277. favorite part? the smooth drive they have on the beginning OF THE DANCE!!!!!!;~; it’s F-L-A-W-L-E-S-S!!! not being biased to kiseop lol..but it just shows the smooth flow of dance they put in there~esp on the transition to a different member then on the next~ it’s an A+ style for the choreography~!!! it’s like making you groove from the beginning :D

  278. This is tough but even though Kevin is my number 1 bias, I really loved Soohyuns part when he hits that high note around 2:56 and everyone starts to sing altogether and kevin has a solo. There were some overlap between different members where Kevin sang a different part and soohyun was still singing his powerful infamous high note and everyone else was singing “Stop Girl! In the name of love” yet everyone had a little line to show their voice which I really liked also. I thought it would be a bit weird at first but it totally worked and flowed really nice. Oh and I thought I was the only one that thought that a bit of sailor moon was involved. ^_^ love you guys! (UKISS AND EYK)

    Username: Animeluver74

  279. wow ..finally some sexy ,close, move interactions goin’ on in a k-pop video loved the kevin solo
    ♥♥ , Super lovee U-kiss even tho i’m a /VIP/ i support the hard and good work tht others do keep it up Guys!!

  280. Youtube username: Corachan123
    My favourite part in Stop Girl…. I think is when Soohyun and Kevin dance with the girls!! They’re awesome!!!♥♥

  281. both color and b&w versions are good, but I preffer the b&w, feel’s like I can concentrate more in the song :) kevin’s solo dance my favorite.

  282. And by the way the best MMD EVER !!

  283. My favourite part of the MV is deffinetely the begining with the choreography. It was very intresting ! And the solo shots of Soohyun.. <3 I really like the MV it's very classy and with the black and white only colors – it's genuis ! And I losted my grammary that I can't spell proprerly .. Sorry for my bad english, english is not my native language. Youtube name: PaleniAi

  284. martina! you look great in long hair!…cannot say the same about simon however :P

  285. Mwuahahahaha!!! Favorite Martina moment ever: DarkTina

  286. I really like the new video U-Kiss! All the guys did a good job! I love the party Soohyun, especially as he is dancing with the girls! To me, he’s wonderful! I hope all members of the group will be good!

  287. WHY IS NOBODY MENTIONING THE SUPREMES’ ‘STOP IN THE NAME OF LOVE’!!?! Sailor Moon, but not the Supremes? sigh.
    Also, I really can’t choose between Kevin and Eli’s parts. Kevin had the awesome dance, but Eli had those suave rap parts… GAH!

  288. youtubename LPjudith (omg so lame but anywayss) I like the part where kevin dances with the girl it looks so powerful and sexy:) and this makes their image less high school boyish haha it makes them more mature :D

  289. When Simon said ElVin xD I had a giggle fit…don’t know why…
    Anyways, my favorite part of the MV would be….
    well, my bias answer would be the Eli-centered parts i.e. the beginning when he’s looking all hot and sexy and just a bit tortured (keeping in mind the theme of the song) and when he’s on that chair looking like a boss!!!
    but if I take off my bias-colored glasses…I’d say, the Kevin dance with the female back-up dancer…I mean it was so unexpected and cool…like Kevin said, it was scandalous!!!
    youtube username: rebeldemoongazer8

  290. YT username : xXDeathxKeRaXx
    My favorite part of the mv was Kevin and Soohyun’s solo dances, it was really awesome ^^
    (But I feel kind of sorry for Dongho and his seaweed hair…. xD)

  291. So many favorite things to choose from! But I’m gonna have to go with Eli’s rap because it flowed so nicely. YT:Moonstarrr1

  292. I feel like I should have more to say, but I have only one question on my mind: Martina, are you wearing circle lenses? O_O

  293. I loved EVERYTHING about the video but if i did have to pick out something, that would be – the members each got individual brooding spaces (and more screen time) with different settings as compared to their earlier videos where more than one member would be present in a frame at a time. And the slick styling (save Dongho’s hat) which as Martina said MUST be incinerated.

    And, i can’t pick between Eli and Kevin.. *woe is me* I just tossed a coin and it said Kevin (Eli, I’m terribly sorry).
    Youtube username: miah5mirotic
    Twitter: head_in_freezer

  294. Kevins part is my favourite and my best <3

  295. OMG!!! ELI & KEVIN doing the opening!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! *screaming in my room at 3am*

  296. Sascha_Wong

    “I’m not ugly I’m EXOTIC!” Best line ever.

  297. I really like the new video U-Kiss! All the guys did a good job! I love the party Soohyun, especially as he is dancing with the girls! To me, he’s wonderful! I hope all members of the group will be good!

  298. Youtube name: trangsugar,
    my favorive part in “Stop Girl” music video is when Kevin dance with a female dancer, and they touch, really hot! I know some fans girl will jealous, but I think It’s really HOT, and the lyrics in this part very great too. love it ^^

  299. My favorite part is Eli’s single shoot. I LOVE THAT FLOOR LAMP *cough* Eli is sooo handsome and cool posing on the chair. YT: AbsoluteNormal

  300. The “SEUNGRI, TIME FOR KISSES” character cracks me up even more than before…

  301. Argh You guys how can I have a favorite part… I thought the whole video was just brilliantly awesome!! > . < …If you must insist though my favorite part must be 1:19 till 1:21 when all the members dance together. :) (that part where they're lowering their heads once with the beat was very cool too :D) ( Youtube username : addicted2anime123 )

  302. Have you seen that in the new TVXQ MV the add is only for like 10 seconds? Seems like SM took to heart what you said ^^

  303. Youtube username: StarofAthena

    My favourite part is Kevin’s solo right before the chorus. Dayuuuummm the epicness. Not only the dance, but the lyrics as well…I sing it randomly when I’m with my friends and they go…o.O right. Fly away. Have fun. XD

    Although I feel like saying, the english version of this part:

    Somedays I don’t feel like trying (really? I don’t feel like trying everyday… =P JKJK)
    Somedays I can’t take the lying
    Today’s the day that I’ll be flying away…..~~~~

    IS EPIC. Speaks straight to my heart.

  304. I wonder if U-kiss’s song writers had this as inspiration for their lyrics: http://youtu.be/iDPjYZxi0n8?t=21s

  305. Nasties, keep voting for Crayon, just imagine how FREAKING AWESOME that review will be!

  306. My favorite part was Dongho’s rap! I feel like he’s gained a whole new level of chill. It’s really appealing. Youtube: manluhandsome

  307. Can’t believe I’m not the only one, who thought of Sailor Moon while listening to the song))

  308. My favorite part (is when Kiseop actually got more than 1 line to sing!!!) is the dance that Kevin and the female dancer do together. I thought that the dance moves were very sharp and very synced together and as a fan of Kevin I was really excited to see him, or well in general U-KISS, dancing with a woman :D – YT name: sweetpniangel87

  309. WOW, I love this KMM.
    I don’t know why but my favourite part was Eli’s rap indeed. And also the fact that they included female dancers ♥

    (username: natsumichan3)1|

  310. youtube username: Kissondra1

    My favorite part was kevin’s part with the female dancer. its about time they had some girls in their vids!
    and i also like the group dance. did not really get a lot of dongho though. such a shame.
    the set is also simple and nice. i prefer the simple sets with cool lighting.

    oh simon, your shirt, its a tribute to a.j right? lol

  311. OK seriously guise, I think the U-Kiss management now know about EYK and KMM segment, they even retweeted it lolz

  312. YES! I’m not the only one who thought of Sailor Moon! …but i also thought of Alexander :( [Pops in Seoul reference]. I also realized a lot of the stuff you pointed out in this KMM. Simon and Martina, you’ve trained me well :D
    Back to U-Kiss!
    Honestly, just the idea of them trying out different styles of music is SUPER COOL and they executed it well! The black and white also added this feel that can’t be described. Aside from Dong-ho’s awkward wall-hair in some parts, it wasn’t a bad music video! Everyone’s parts fit into the song perfectly! I did miss AJ though, but he’s at school, so it’s fine :) It’s not like he’s out dealing drugs or something like that. Trust me, if that where case, you’d be getting a whole lot more from this comment!Sorry, I tend to get off track a lot…I loved the song, I loved the video, and I even got my hardcore Blackjack friend to become a Kissme as well! Now my question to U-kiss is, “HOW CAN YOU DO THESE AMAZING THINGS AND MAKE IT LOOK EFFORTLESS?!?! TELL ME YOUR SECRETS!!!” Yeah… there are many times when I feel like I fail at life…But anyways,I hope U-Kiss wins something this year! They’ve deserved it since day one! I’m a proud Kissme, Blackjack, and NASTY!
    (YouTube username:) Foreverminzy

  313. Youtube username: un4getabl3mem0ries

    My favourite part of Stop Girl is Kevin’s solo with the female backup dancer! He was so cool and manly -squeals- *___* I loved the giant chess piece decoration (haha Dark Knight reference ftw!) in the background and the chessboard they were dancing on (:

    Btw, SIMON, your Phineas tshirt is awesomeeeeeee!

  314. My favourite part of Stop Girl MV is the choreography, especially at the solo’s of Kevin and Soohyun. The moves elaborate Kevin’s flexibility, and emphasizes of Soohyun’s build and hot bod. The English was awesome, even Soohyun who is not very fluent in English could belt out ‘Heart is Depleted’ which I am very very impressed with. the beginning of the song leads us into suspension towards when the song might begin, hence overall, UKISS ONCE AGAIN HAS PROVED THE BEST OF THEMSELVES! Proud of them!

  315. My favorite part is Kiseop’s single shoot.. I LOVE THAT CHAIR BEHIND HIM! *cough* He’s so handsome!!!!

  316. i mean really, kevin will probably watch this right?

    • I thin they will have a good laugh xD
      I mean they really like simon and martin don’t they (or are they just pretending xD naaah they really like them hahaha)
      I think kevin will laugh hard about the chesspiece xD that was a really good part hahaha

  317. That’s really cool they’re in your Music Monday vid!

  318. whoa! 1st time seeing kmm soon as its out :) i like when martina make the dark knight ref. and the “no killing” part.
    do you guys think u-kiss will watch this?

  319. I vote Kevin. He’s just so cute and cheerful. XD Having them personally introduce parts of Music Monday was OSM!

  320. Kevin and Eli, whaaa~ I really liked this music monday~

  321. Favourite part of mv was the part where Kevin sings “todays the day that I will be flying away” first time and the camera angle is sort of high. I dont know why,but that part struck to my mind. :)
    Youtube name : LoveEachDay1000

  322. hahaha tha was so fun…. I think you guys have been reading some ukiss fanfictions right? man I knew Eli should not have gone to tumblr. I bet he got scared.

  323. Best K-POP Music Monday EVER.

  324. OMG KEVIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  325. I’m NOT saying this because I’m biased, but this is the best KMM EVERRRRRR

  326. Youtube username: veronica mejia The part I liked about this video is where SooHyung is sitting in CL’s couch, I alwasy imagining that he is waiting for her!

  327. although i really wanted crayon to be reviewed i LOOOOOVED this week’s KMM! it definitely shows when you guys are truly having a good time filming~ this is definitely my favorite U-KISS song to date. i agree with you martina about the color version being better than the black and white. i like B&W when different values and lighting are being implemented. With the set being B&W, the pop of color in their hair and clothes are exactly what my eyes need for a dynamic video.

  328. What I LOVE about UKiss is that they are a versatile group. They can do anything. They have the looks, the voice and they are good dancers too. They also have good connection with their fans which they get their energy when doing their performance.  YT: lakamasabino

    • i completely agree. but besides them as performers, i feel as though they are so approachable. i loved when S&M met them on jeju and kevin asked them if they should do an interview. unlike so other idol groups i feel like U-KISS as just regular people are friendly and don’t take for granted any opportunities to make themselves available for a “hello, how are you doing?”

  329. Youtube account: Saeyun

    My fave part of the MV is during the first part where Kiseop was dancing one on one with the members. I totally love how they were all so synchronizd and everything =)

    And oh, props to the boys for not being homeless any longer, YAY!!!!

  330. U-Kiss love this MV!!!! You guys are awesome ;) fighting ^^/

  331. My favorite part of the MV is the dance that starts at 1:05. I like the arm spinning.
    ..Well, actually, after much thought, my favorite part has to be that UKISS are no longer homeless! Yay!! Kiseop doesn’t have to sleep outside anymore!

    YouTube Username: angelamore


  333. You guys are so nice ;~;

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  338. First~!

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