We told you that if U-Kiss won the KpopCharts this week, we’d release their interview footage sooner than later. And so we released it yesterday. Check out our Interview with U-Kiss + Backstage Footage for “Stop Girl”. But now, it’s time for our Music Monday review. Woohoo! For starters, if you haven’t seen the video yet (shame on you!) you can check it out here:


Woohoo for U-Kiss not being homeless anymore! In previous Kpop Music Mondays we commented on how U-Kiss are often in squalid dwellings, and how they seemed like Kpop idols turned squatters. But not anymore! They have their own place now! Great success! Even greater success is that we weren’t the only ones who thought this. We spoke with Kevin while they were filming this video, and he said that they noticed the same thing, BEFORE WE MENTIONED IT IN CONVERSATION. Does that mean that U-Kiss and their management thought of that themselves, or did they watch our Music Mondays and take what we said to heart? If that’s the case, then how many other labels are taking what we’re saying to heart? Best case scenario, SM WILL STOP PUTTING UP THOSE GODAWFUL ADS! COME ON SM! I KNOW YOU SEEN MY MOVIES!

Otherwise, we’re not sure we’re really fond of the Black and White version of the video (although Martina disagrees because she likes the B&W version). There’s a colour version online as well, and I think that would have been better to go with. The black and white just seems too…moody, you know? Sure, it fits the song and all, but I’m more into my Kpop videos being vibrant. Since the set offers so little in terms of vibrancy itself, then the lack of colour seems a lot more stark. Thoughts?

Anyhow, we’ve got ANOTHER CD GIVEAWAY. Why? Well, for starters, we’re being given more CDs than we had originally planned, so who are we to keep them for ourselves? You guise worked so hard to get them to the top past G-Dragon (seriously big feat there for our site), and you received the interview yesterday so well and gave it a ton of views, so why not give you more CDs? We got em, you deserve it. So, here’s what you gotta do to win:

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And, lastly, here are this week’s Bloopers. Dr. Meemersworth stole the spotlight today. We’ve got no idea why, but if the camera’s on, she REALLY wants to be in front of it and doing all of the crazy things she does. Or she just wants to be cute. Can’t blame her. She is quite cute!


  1. My favorite part of the video are the parts where we get to see Kiseop sing. Before we rarely get a chance to see him display his vocal ability. We would only get less than 10 syllables and then the rest goes to the main vocals. However, in this video we don’t get just one section of Kiseop but two! It makes me happy to see NHMedia branch a little more and give Kiseop bigger vocal parts. Ever since I got into Kpop I noticed a trend where the chorus is only sung by the main vocalist and everything else is divided, unequally most of the time, between the other singers. Unlike Jpop however where all members since the chorus and everything is divided pretty evenly (minus Kis-My-Ft2 ><) But anyway off the tangent, I really appreciate seeing Kiseop showcase his singing ability.

    youtube: lunasea08

  2. What I like about U-KISS is their determination. U-KISS debuted the same year as SHINee and in comparison…well you know without even having to say more. Although U-KISS came from a small company they pushed to try and make a name for themselves, as does all kpop groups that debut. However, in recent years with the influx of debuting groups if you are not successful in anyway within the first year you are dropped from all radars and no one hears from you again. U-KISS tries to defy that and push to create good music and entertaining variety shows. They like other groups have been subject to member changes and while some groups use this to an advantage others end up not making any difference. In the end, U-KISS has been through so much and if they wanted to they could probably just give up the music business and leave pursuing other activities without much effect to the industry. However, they choose not to and instead choose to fight for their spot in the Hallyu Wave. They never give up. Their determination to do well and produce music for their fans is stronger than their will to give up and for that I show deep appreciation for U-KISS. Instead of giving in their go on with their heads held high giving no f*cks to haters and antis. They know who they are and won’t turn their backs no matter how rough it may get.

    youtube: lunasea08

  3. My favorite part in the music video was definitely Kevin’s solo dance with the female back up dancer. It’s just so sexy, and it shows them making good use of females. (And sometimes I like to imagine myself as the female dancer…)
    YouTube Username: FlorMoHdz

  4. My favorite part of the video were the dances between the guys and girls.

  5. I may be late, and im bad at explaining. OTL
    But ill still give it a go ;3;

    My Favorite part of the music video, was everything really!
    U kiss is one of those bands that have different types of music styles.
    You never know what type their gonna release next. They always change their styles. No matter how they change it tho, the chorus and everything are always so addicting to hear over and over again. Thats what people mostly love to hear. They also know how to talk to their fans throughout their videos/songs, and everything. The guys seem to like don’t rest much ether. I love how hard you guys are working, but still look like your having fun. Also LOVE how you added female dancers, its different then most videos you have done. And for the topic of the song, its a REALLY nice touch. Its like, the “main person” OVER THOUGHT about everything,before starting. And love the clothing, the clothing matches every single one of your personality!? Also the fact that Kiseop is getting the chance to shine even more now. In the front of the dance, and his own lines <33 Makes me cry QAQ

    Also between Eli and Kevins part…I cant chose OTL
    Kevin's part was just stunning, love how the song began all strong, and soft, but then Kevin ruins the whole thing, and makes it BETTER.
    And Eli's where just the best, in the rapping parts!? He did rapping to right? -3-
    FFf,both of you are great and you know that xD

    You guys actually are inspiring me right now, to keep going in school even if im not in the best grades in some classes. But I know,that if i keep trying, soome day those grades will go up. I will work hard for the day you guys come to NorthAmerica,California. Not just me,but more fans are waiting for you guys to come!
    Im kinda like..in a family problem thing ATM OTL

    Keep working hard UKISS., one day, you will be known trully! Your getting there actually :D

  6. lovesickmelody22

    Loved this KMM! :)

    My favorite part of the video would have to be the dance. Especially since Kevin does better body waves than the girls imo.

    Youtube Username: littleXdecoy

  7. I love U-KISS! Why?
    Because they working so hard and never give up for us, KISSME’S.
    Every time when I hear songs of them, watching interviews, shows or
    anything else of U-KISS, they make me happy. I don’t know what, but
    U-KISS is the only group, that reached my heart. When they cry, I
    cry. When they are happy, I am happy.They are unique, they are the
    best, they are U-KISS and I will never ever be not a fan of them. I
    will always love Soohyun, Kevin, Dongho, Eli, AJ, Kiseop, Hoon and
    also Xander and Kibum too! Although they are no longer members of
    U-KISS, I will always love and support them. Every single member of
    U-KISS is working so hard, for them self, for their family or friends
    and for us, KISSME’s! U-KISS, 화이팅!
    <333 A proud KISSME from Germany. Sorry for my bad English! ^^'

  8. YouTube Name: EEEHajuOnline
    Umm I guess my favourite part of the video was when the camera zoomed in on Kevin’s hand ^-^ I don’t know why, I just lolled because Kevin’s hands seems so big when he’s trying to look seductive ^^”

  9. Oh God! I just googled elvin fan fic.

  10. Pradogirl

    what i love in the viedo was kevin dacing with the girl they did a great job and the others were really good too.
    ID# pradogirl2001

  11. lol, this is kinda off topic, but…
    Martina, you’re eyes look different. are you wearing circle lenses??? O.O

  12. love the video juste so great

  13. Rosey Pollen

    I vote for Kevin~~ <3

  14. Nancy Yang

    I vote for Kevin. I love his chess piece. :)

  15. My favorite part in “stop girl” is when they all do the body wave. I like to pause in those parts and laugh at their epic awkward faces. XD

    YouTube: kodac768

  16. I personally liked everything about the song. The color and B&W versions give off different feelings. The color version feels more light-hearted, while b&w version feels more somber and moody. If applying the choices to a situation, the color ver. feels like only a small tiff b/w a couple, while the b&w ver. feels like something more serious, like the couple is on the verge of breaking up but still want to reconcile before it’s too late.
    My favorite part would have to be Eli’s rap on the sole reason that I still remember how his voice sounds like after the song is finished. XD I just found that his parts stuck with me more than anyone else’s (besides the chorus, of course).

    Well, that’s my 2 cents, even though it’s not much,
    youtube username: verde. limp yakisoba

  17. I like Eli’s part better, sorry Kevin. I do love you.

    My favourite part of the video is Eli’s last rap where he is just kind of badass on that chair. He looks fantastic even with the strange peacock hair and the whole feeling is of ultimate coolness, and I love his hand gestures and how he’s not looking into the camera most of the time and the whole effect is fabulous. It looks even better when he’s not looking into the camera. Also that’s my favourite part of the song because the rap is just brilliant. His tone is perfect and it fits the song exactly.

    I am also partial to Kevin’s hand gesture in “and now I’m flying away” before the first chorus (it reminds me a little of So Nyeo Shi Dae…), but not as much as Eli’s part. I’m not even an Eli stan, far from it, so it is honestly FANTASTIC. I reeeeeally like his part of the video and I’ve watched it many, many times.

    I’m sapphirexclaws on Youtube.

  18. My favorite part in U-Kiss – Stop Girl is in 22 seconds,
    where it looks like Hoon wipes his lips and tries to wipe it away on something
    else and when he can’t find anything to wipe it off on, his face is all like
    ’’Can’t find anything to wipe it in. Did somebody see me?’’ and the
    continuation when he stands in his room with the chandelier, looking around
    making sure nobody saw him. The third part when he is alone, he can’t find
    anything to wipe it off on so he wipes it on his shirt xD Watch it xD It is in
    all the parts when he is in his room :3

    If you want the serious one:

    I like the part where in 2:42 you could hear Kevin sing and then the chorus came and mixed it with
    Kevin’s singing. It felt like the words were melting together in the song :D

    I didn’t take this from sources! I couldn’t hear him so well
    and it wasn’t written anywhere, bu the kinda sang (ROMANIZED): Uri sarang
    hangurl toarjanaa.

    If you listen to it carefully, you will hear it ^^

    Youtube Account: M1KUxV0CAL0iD

  19. When I
    first heard the question, I was like OMG! That’s so hard!!! the whole video is
    just EPIC!!

    I loved it
    from start to end so actually choosing my favorite part of the video was SO

    From the
    individual shots to the dance parts and the interaction with the back-up dancers
    (way to go Kevin and Soohyun!!) I enjoyed every second of it.

    I also liked
    the fact that the video had two versions because the black and white (which is
    my favorite by the way) has a suave, elegant and chic feeling to it and the color
    version has a more real and chic (as well) feeling to it (you can see
    little details in this version like Soohyun blue and black shirt, which I love,
    and Eli’s yellow eyebrows xP)

    Back to the
    question I definitely have to choose the rap part of the song (which is really
    well distributed through the whole song) and more specifically Eli’s part. My favorite moment is between 2:34 – 2:36 of
    the video which is when Eli is starring Longley into the space. I really liked that
    part simply because that’s the expression of someone who is deeply thinking and
    making a hard decision (which is what the song is all about!). So yeah, that’s
    my favorite part of the video…

    Sorry if I’m
    babbling too much but I really had to say what I think of the video because I
    like it so much (this could go on forever so I’ll just ‘stop’ here).

    PS: I
    reaaaally love U-kiss (the seven of them. I’m a Kiss-Me to death)… But I
    have to say this: I am a HARDCORE Eli Fan (he my ultimate bias) so you could say
    that my answer is a little bit biased (just a little bit) so yeah…

    PPS: I’m
    sorry if I made any orthographical mistake but English it’s not my mother
    tongue so yeah (you know :P) …

    Kiss-Me: PauKKJ

  20. what part i like about u kiss stop girl:
    everything the dancing, the song all was amazing, the part i enjoy more are when they all dance together shows there love and brotherhood, but i had to choose a part i would say the part where they sang ‘stop girl’ its dance^_^and for u kiss they are absolutely fab, Hoon and Soohyun both had the cold today yet they preformed on mnet countdown which shows there dedication and their hard work which makes us stronger kissme’s.once a kissme always a kissme​♥youtube account:- Honey Anjell

  21. thisisjustforfunval

    Rewatching this weeks KPMM and had a couple of thoughts.
    1) OMG I’m so excited you guys finally mentioned Soohyun’s name, including him in your Kevin buys a Knight skit. YAY!
    2) Dr. Meemersworth is obviously accustomed to your crazies, because if I remotely did any of the mall skit around my cat she would have freaked out and hid in the closet.
    3) Simon, you are totally fan boying on AJ.
    4) You guys are totally in love with the members of U-Kiss, especially Kevin & Eli. :)

  22. Everythin’ was PERFECT. Like , really , not just because I’m a KISSME , but really. The outfits , the song itself ( have you heard the FULL ENGLISH version ? It’s damn good ! When I heard the song , I thought it would be even better to have an English version , and it did ! And , it’s soooooo good , makes you have the LSS ; not mentioning the ACCENT. It’s so different from the korean sound , it’s so , like foreign , it could even be compared to American pop/ rock artists ! So good) , the set ! The set was wittily prepared , it just had 1 center of attraction , like the giant chess piece , or the chandelier , the chair and so on. And of course the hairstyle , oh Eli , your attractive Mohawk ! XD But I agree that Dongho’s seaweed was , uhmmmm , I prefer the blown-out hair slash vampire hairdo. But my favorite part , since I have to choose one was the DANCE parts with the female back-up dancers. Like , when I first watched it , I was like , OMG , put your body a little away from Kevin ! He’s a goddess , go away XD Hahaha. But that means that it was that effective. I agree , that it did add to the concept ‘ Stop Girl’. Of course we need a girl ! Not just the rubbing lips or the Dongho-in-the-comfortroom-eli-trolling scenes.And did you notice the hair-fireworks effect of the girls in 1:20-1:23 part of the MV ? XD I LOLed at first but that adds to the accent , it was perfectly executed with the beat ! XD And the fangirls-partying choreo you emphasized in Music Mondays , I actually liked that part XD After I turned-off the computer , I just found myself dancing that part ! XD And isn’t it fun ? Like , do that wave when your trying to reach a book from the shelf. Or when trying to recite in class or when trying to call for help while drowning or Elvin dancing to that together ( fanfic alert !!! ) or or or endless possibilities , just cross your arms up , and WAVE !!! <3 Haha , so that's my favorite part , the Choreography ! :) Thanks for reading , I really hope to win this contest :) I also hope for the best for UKISS' career ! UKISS <3 KISSME fighting ! And long live The SPUDGY family ! <3 Thank you !

    youtube account : erineko18

  23. viviensuen

    Just in case you missed my Facebook post..

    U-Kiss mathematics proves that the best part of the “Stop Girl” MV is right at the 0:00 mark because it is at this point where the duration of fangirling and awesomeness is maximized. A full 3 minutes and 27 seconds of (//▽//), to be exact.

  24. Youtube name: noimnotazn
    My favorite part was Soohyun’s solo dance with the back up dancers. Maybe i’m over thinging this too much but when I watched it I thought that the dancers in the black room were supposed to stand for all the bad aspects of Soohyun’s “girlfriend” and the dancers in the room with the chair were supposed to stand for all her good aspects. When the back up dancers enter they are in the white room and then it cuts to the black room; It seemed to me like that was showing Soohyun realizing that the bad aspects do exist. Then when it cuts to the other room it was him remembering that good aspects do exist as well. In the black room the dance kinda looks like a back and forth between soohyun and all the “bad qualities” (back up dancers) where in the end he finally pushed them away which seemed to me like he was trying to forget them, yet one comes up and touches his face showing that he can’t ignore this specific thing. However it then cuts to the other room showing a dancer there touching his face, implying that there is something about the girl he likes too much to let her go. I am probably reading into this waaaaaaay too much but that is what it seemed like to me^^

  25. Martina as a boy: Absolutely adorable, like Honey-senpai.
    Simon as a girl: Traumatizing… like catching your parents being romantic.

  26. Hope e and my friend could win these ;DD

  27. OMG~!!! What’s my most favorite part on the MV . Its so hard to answer since I all the whole MV but I gotta say the highlight of this MV is Eli’s rap . And Kevin’s solo part :) I love this song so much The best song of U-kiss for me:D The chorus part was so addicting and the black and white full vers. makes them look more charismatic . I think it will be really good to US Market :D The BODY WAVE is the BEST:D And Kiseop’s is so handsome and his voice ♥:D♥ Dongho’s so cute but his hat is kinda unique XD Hoon’s voice is ♥.♥ A good start for the song and Soohyun’s voice is really really captivating♥ This song is so perfect :DDD Proud Kiss Me Hope u visit Philippines again :DDD

  28. Watched it for hundred times WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH this song is really really the BEST :D

  29. OMG~!!! What’s my most favorite part on the MV . Its so hard to answer since I all the whole MV but I gotta say the highlight of this MV is Eli’s rap . And Kevin’s solo part :) I love this song so much The best song of U-kiss for me:D The chorus part was so addicting and the black and white full vers. makes them look more charismatic . I think it will be really good to US Market :D The BODY WAVE is the BEST:D And Kiseop’s is so handsome and his voice ♥:D♥ Dongho’s so cute but his hat is kinda unique XD Hoon’s voice is ♥.♥ A good start for the song and Soohyun’s voice is really really captivating♥ This song is so perfect :DDD Proud Kiss Me Hope u visit Philippines again :DDD

  30. I thought about that part in the “Elephant love medley” from Moulin Rouge. “In the name of love. One night in the name of love ~”

  31. I vote for… Kevin<3
    Sorry Eli, I love you, but you weren't dancing, and you were just rapping, so… ^^'
    it was hard to decide, though…

  32. I vote for… Sorry Kevin, I Like You Alot, but… I vote for Eli ^.^

  33. My favorite thing about UKISS is the fact that they can stay so strong for so long. I know that they probably are really upset that they have yet to win a music award, but they keep trying and coming back with AMAZING songs every time. They’ve lost several members over time and gotten new ones, but they’ve still stayed strong through it all. They are quite underrated, in my opinion. They have such incredible and amazing talent, and they deserve much more attention. They’re dancing is top notch and super sleek, and all of their voices are absolutely flawless. UKISS isn’t just another one of those boy bands hopping around making cute faces with autotune. UKISS has real talent, and I love them more then any other band.

  34. My favorite part of the video is when Kevin and that girl did their solo dance together. She just kinda came right out from behind him, and I really liked it. The dance was cool, interesting, and I liked how well it went with the beat of the song. Not to mention, Kevin’s vocals were AMAZING during that scene, and it overall was just awesome.

  35. Sorry Kevin, this one goes to Eli. :*
    Oh well – they’re still ridiculously good looking

  36. Light brown hair Martina would look gorgeous… not that you dont already. :)

  37. Youtube : MSKcat My favorite part is when the girl comes out and dances with kevin in front of the chess piece.

  38. Kevin gets my vote!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3

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