Ladies and gentlemen, this is going to be our last Kpop Music Monday of 2011, and, luckily, this song is AWESOME. Holy snap. U-Kiss is really getting better and better, and lately it seems like we like every song more than the last. This is perhaps their most epic sounding song. “Neverland” sounded like a Kpop song, but this sounds like a Hollywood Summer Blockbuster song, no? Something about it sounds so epic, which brought about our only slight complaint about the video. The video’s not bad, but it’s not good enough for a song this good, know what I’m saying? We’re looking for a adrenaline filled Ukiss rushing to save the day kind of video, but we also know that many kpop bands have gone for the “movie like music videos” and unless the budget is there and the CGI is sound, it can go very very bad. So all in all, we still do like this music video.

If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s the video:

On that note, we’d like to say that – as you can clearly see – we really like this song, but it’s going to be our last Japanese or non-Korean song we’re going to review. We thought when Super Junior M’s Chinese song “Perfection” was voted in for Music Monday it was just a one time thing (but then we also did SHINee’s Japanese remake and now this UKISS song), but it seems with all the foreign language remakes coming out lately, we might start slipping into the “It’s a Kpop Artist But Not A Korean Song Music Mondays!” So in order to stop that from happening, we’re starting 2012 off with a new rule of focusing on Korean songs only!

But…that does mean…we’re taking out all the non-Korean songs from the How To Dance Kpop 2011, so we’ll be adding in an extra day of voting to let people up the votes on their other favourite songs.

Speaking of How to Dance Kpop 2011, you have little over 24 hours left to vote for the best Kpop dances of the year. We’re ending the voting on 11:59PM Tuesday, South Korean time. Vote vote vote!

Anyhow, since this song is so awesome, we’d recommend you support UKISS and click here to buy it! pick it up via YesAsia. Maybe you can give it to someone for Christmas!

Speaking of which, we’re not doing a Kpop Music Monday over the Christmas break this year. We’re spending the Christmas weekend being Christmasy, rather than working. Sorry everyone, we need to recharge for the New Year! We’ll make up for it with How to Dance Kpop 2011, which will come on the Friday. Woot woot!

And, lastly, here are this week’s bloopers. Simon just got a cold, Martina’s cold to be correct, which is why he was so lifeless during this video, but that didn’t stop him from being semi-funny…in a sad hamster kind of way.


  1. I decided to watch tick tack to see the dances for myself but apparently the video is now private. NOOOOOOOOO OTL

  2. OMG U-KISS has never let me done ever since their debut with Not Young they are a group i have always loved they just keep growing in a direction that is tremendously admirable!!!! Love them especially their powerful dancing!!!!!! Tick Tack all the way. Simon and Martina much love for ya guys ^.^

  3. It’s actually “To lie, I shall be here” XD 
    So the english is a bit awkward. 
    “To lie, I shall be singing for you through the night, to lie I shall be turning on the broken light”
    I loved the U-kiss’s room part XD “I am Dongho” XD

  4. I vote for U-KISS!

  5. U-Kiss….their dance is just awesome!!!!



    and U-KISS IS INDEED AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I think Kiseop was holding sand from an hourglass, so  it does match the theme. The sand on the floor was also from an hourglass. 

  8. You know what I learn from your Kpop Music Mondays? I’M not crazy, it’s definitely the music videos! Still, I love ‘em! 
    My timepiece vote is for IU (or EWWW) in You & I — because it has an old-world clock feel, and a much cozier home even if a little strange.(And if you are serious about the BANs, please BAN the KAN below. Thank you!)

  9. Last video of 2011 rite??? not last video forever rite???

  10. hei are you really sure you guys won’t review non Korean song? but GD&TOP have just issued OH YEAH PV jap ver. Martina, do you really won’t review GD & TOP party till hangover? and the mystery TOP changes his clothes in the morning after party or how he raises his eyebrow? are you really sure Martina? I will really understand if you change your mind (trying to be persuasive) gegege…. 

  11. UKISS! and did anyone else notice that the “skateboarding” dance move looks like they are trying to scrape dog poop off their shoes? Just saying! Ukiss fighting! Love the song!

  12. I can’t help but cheer on ukiss… they just keep impressing me each time <3

  13. Hi Guys!! What a great logo, fits very well! Congrats for the great review, as usual! I agree with your decision to keep the focus on the korean songs, although there are great j-pop songs on music mondays… 
    Merry Christmas and a amazing new year!

    Best regards,

    Michele (São Paulo – Brazil)

    ps: sorry the bad english…

  14. i vote for u-kiss <3!
    1st cuz one of there members have a throat problem x.x dat effects there singing!
    i love IU dance move for a clock ticking tho…but im not rly a fan of IU xD
    plus kevins make up is alot better  in dis vid :O!

  15. Omo, this really made my day! XD Especially at the Lord Voldemort part >..> Good job guys! I love your videos! :D 

  16. I really like IU’s You and I. Even my sister (who’s a non-kpop fan) hums it wth So yea Imma vote for Ewww

  17. I really love IU and her song, but U-Kiss’s dance is definitely better.
    Technically it’s not evenly matched because a group dance usually is a lot more intense and awesome than a soloist’s. IU’s dance is still amazingly adorable, but my vote goes to U-KISS!

  18. U-Kiss. :D The was so aethestically well-done and I liked the song a lot more.

  19. U-kiss growth as singers is amazing! my vote goes to them!

  20. One Vote for Ukiss. Even though I really really like IU’s song, the pure epicness of U-Kiss trumps all!

  21. this song is amazing different from other songs
    at first the pauses in it made more mysterious and heart pounding with the beat and clear nice voice of u kiss
    wow this is a great epic song
    i feet it is  gonna be ground breaking smash hit
    i love it so much

  22. I vote for IU’s You & I.  

  23. UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!!

  24. UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!!

  25. UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!!

  26. UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!!

  27. UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!! UKISS!!!!

  28. UKISS!!!!

  29. UKISS definitely
    i was hoping you would mention my name in ur vid :(

  30. I gotta go for UKIss on this one. I just fell for their english XD

  31. I vote for IU on the clock video.

  32. I LOVE YOU GUYS ! :”) Especially when you say you LOVE and appreciate these boys :) MERRY CHRISTMAS! ^^


  34. I vote for U-kiss tick tack.

  35. U-KISS !

    Wait. So you guys won’t be reviewing GD&TOP’s “Oh Yeah” MV? :(

  36. U-KISS Tick Tack,the best U-KISS’ song EVEEEEEER 

  37. Haha!! Tinkerbell!! XD I’m imaging it right now!! Ok!! I vote for UKISS’ “Tick Tack”!!! ^^

  38. I vote for U-kiss because i totally loved the dance and song. from IU i only liked the song not that much the dance. I love dancing and love powerful dances which is what got me into K-pop their dance since in the U.s their isnt that many videos with choreography. Anyways~ U-Kiss keeps making me prouder n prouder of being a KissMe they are Amazing also Simon & Martina are Amazing. :D

  39. I would have loved to see you guys review GD&TOP Oh Yeah. Though I understand you don’t want to review Jpop. =[

    UKiss gets my vote! 

  40. I would have loved to see you guys review GD&TOP Oh Yeah. Though I understand you don’t want to review Jpop. =[

    UKiss gets my vote! 

  41. I vote for U-KISS and….I’m actually still trying to get that T-shirt Simon! loving Kisep’s man hands!!!!!!:>

  42. I vote for U-KISS and….I’m actually still trying to get that T-shirt Simon! loving Kisep’s man hands!!!!!!:>

  43. U-KISS U-KISS U-KISS U-KISS U-KISS U- KISS IS BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i vote for u-kiss

  44. I vote for IU!!! I liked u-kiss’s song as well, but iu’s made more sense and seemed more relevant with the time machine theme.

  45. 0:53    Ok is that Hoon? Who is that

    Hes Cutee

  46. I liked this song too! I haven’t been hearing it here in Japan though… i can hear the Japanese version of “Mr.Simple” EVERYWHERE though… k-pop is getting so BIG in Japan! it’s really insane… but it’s cool i guess, cuz i like it ^_-

    it’s too bad you’re gonna stop doing “other languages” version… i think it still counts as k-pop and it was interesting for me to see it, but i understand… BUT! i have a very dire question for Martina…. what if Big Bang decide to make a video for a song all in english??? *evil laughter*

  47. I love IU’s MV but U-KISS gets my vote fo sho!

    p.s I wouldn’t mind bumping into Dongho in a dark room ;) 

    eheh heh heh heh

  48. I kinda feel like a jerk for pointing this out since it’s not suuuuuper important, but I just wanted to note that “tick tock” in Japanese is still basically pronounced the same. If you write タック out in roman letters, it would be “takku”, but the “a” is not pronounced as it would be in English, but as “ah”.  So “takku” actually sounds like “tock(u)”.  Thus, writing it out as “tick tack” is still weird.


  49. i have to listen to this song

  50. U-Kiss For Sure!!!!!

  51. Tick Tack!!! … i like IU’s “u and i” but…please….u-kiss song is AWESOME!! *.*

  52. XD
    I love this song too ^^ And MV is cool but I expected more…^^ U-KISS boys are AMAZING~ Loving them more and more ^^
    Still I love Tick Tack I thing I’m gonna vote for IU(ewww~ XD)
    and Happy Holidays!!! ^^

  53. punkyprincess92

    it doesn’t matter if you don’t review any more Japanese songs cos it is Kpop music mondays! but i’m so glad you did SHINee’s Japanese remake cos that’s the reason i found out about you guys!!!

  54. I totally vote for U-KISS Tick Tack~ They’re dance is way too OSM

  55. I totally vote for U-KISS Tick Tack~ They’re dance is way too OSM

  56. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z_bN3y1_U08

    thats the video with english subs as well as japanese romaji. at some points they actually say “to lie” and not “tonight” because they’re singing about loving someone but being unable to be with them anymore apart from this one night.

  57. Simon saying IU (ewwww) PRICELESS!!! 

    P.S. luv the high note they hit in the song

  58. I have the same shirt as Simon because Phineus and Ferb are awesome people… :))

  59. All I could think of during the MV was that U-Kiss looked super PISSED that all those other groups totally wrecked their brick room!  Just when they were planning on bringing some ladies back there.  I bet those groups’ll be sorry when Kiseop gets his man hands on them, huh?

    Anyhoo thanks for a year full of laughs and wishing you all the best in the new one.


  60. I definitely vote for U-Kiss Tick Tack!

  61. Tick Tack all the way, those boys are to yummy to pass up ^_^

  62. In the chorus, Kevin said it’s ‘To lie’ so;
    (To lie) I shall be singing for you through the night~
    (To lie) I shall be turning on the broken light~
    Oh! No worries Martina, I tried to do the dance move as well…and failed miserably. ^^;;
    Also, I vote for U-Kiss Tick Tack.

    On another note, 
    Happy Holidays and a Merry Christmas Simon, Martina and Spudgy~
    All the best for the New Year!

  63. thisisjustforfunval

    Well if you will no longer do Korean bands singing in Japanese, then this is the most awesome way to go out. This is one of the best Kpop groups singing in Japanese, I have ever heard. Love U-KISS, so talented and determined to grow!

  64. I was surprised but very happy you guys decided to review Tic Tack because I love love love the song and the music video.

    And my vote is 100% going for UKISS’s dance for Tic Tack, while I love IU, UKISS’s just draws my attention more.

  65. Tick Tack all the way, way to go U-Kiss <3

  66. Yay~ You guys like it ^^ So happy that you reviewed it! And it’s To Lie, not Tonight (although I think that just makes the lyrics more confusing, right?)
    Anyways you guys BE SAFE~ I know the situation at SK is not… awesomez… at the moment… so.. Yeah. Be safe ^^ 
    Have a merry christmas :3 

  67. GoOD sucha  good song…. are you sure it says “Tonight”? I listened to it with my brothers and everything and (even though it didn’t make much snese) we decided it sounded more like a “To Lie” … Voting for UKISS btw XP

  68. I Love you Guys. You’ve made me embarrassed so, so many times on the buss when i just randomly burst out laughing.
    I totally understand your decision on not showing jpop, though i feel sad about it. BUT i was wondering if you happen to know some awesomely funny people who do videos on jpop and japan, sort of like you do. (Maby your clones who live in japan?)
    And i vote U-Kiss. (How could i vote for iuuuu who discriminates ducks in such a way?!)

  69. I’m voting for IU because I’m mesmerized by that dance *0*

  70. Gonna vote for U-KISS because Tick Tack was just amazing

  71. LOL, and I was wondering what do you mean by referring to Kiseop’s hands, now I get it and I’m DYING WITH LAUGHTER, because you’re OH SO RIGHT and I didn’t even think about it xDDD 

  72. You guys should have a special day in the month to do foreign music videos like 
    foreign MV Friday of the month or something like that… oh and Simon… YOU WORE THAT SHIRT FOR ‘NEVERLAND’!!!!! >< Meh <3 Phineas…
    Anyways… Awesome Kpop…er Jpop Music Mondays! Oh FYI Martina, thank your lucky stars you weren't wear a skirt cuz Simon would have the perfect view to see up ur skirt and to be a perv!

  73. i absolutely absolutely ABSOLUTELY LOVEEE and adore this song.
    my favorite ukiss song? definitelyy.
    it just bumped out neverland.
    time to listen to it on replay nao.

    and i choosee ukiss.
    i love iu’s song, but i like tick tack cause… its like. more intense.

  74. there was a face touch in ther lol simon is right there is at least one in every k or j pop video

  75. U-KISS all the way! 
    I love the shirt Simon. Because its in honor of AJ’s math problem from 0330, is that your official shirt for any time you review a U-KISS song now?
    I know other people pointed this out, but I thought the same until someone pointed it out a while ago/when Kevin posted it on his Twitter, but any time it sounds like they are saying “Tonight,” they are actually saying “To Lie”And on a side note a Jpop (or Jpop/Cpop/English/any other language) music video by Kpop artist/or features a Kpop artist Tuesday would be awesome! Some of my favorite songs/mvs of Kpop artists have actually been their songs in other languages, like BIGBANG’s “Tell Me Goodbye.” 

  76. That song Martina was singing is turn me on by kevin lyttle

  77. U-Kiss’ Tick Tack is no longer in first position, but instead is in last position, and SNSD’s Bad Girl and 4 Minute’s Ready Go are still there, as well as Super Junior’s Perfection. If the idea is to focus on Korean video, why not letting these for spots free for Korean videos that have been submitted and deserve to be in the list? Sorry to rush you, but the voting is nearly over!

  78. Jpop Music Tuesdays???? I wouldn’t mind lol. Or maybe Jrock? I think its a nice idea :D

  79. Kevin from U-Kiss put down on his twitter that the line is “To lie”, not “Tonight”. So basically, they’re lying throughout the song and my assumption is that inside their hearts it’s dark, not the happy and bright version she sees, and time is ticking away for the girl to realize all the lies  before they leave her.

  80. .i’d like to see a jpop version of music mondays. mostly focusing on the different versions from korean artists and how you feel about a different mv but the ‘same’ song. but also to see your opinions on other artists i love :3

  81. Tick tack is the sound of a clock in Italian too ^^ 

  82. I love this video and song!!!!!!! GO U-KISSSSSSS :)

  83. U-Kiss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  84. I mean, the whole “I shall be turning on the broken light” thing? It’s a lie. So it makes perfect sense.

  85. I don’t even know what we’re comparing UKISS to but UKISS all the way. Oh wait, You and I? I love IU, but yeah. UKISS.

    The lyrics aren’t actually “tonight I shall be here”. In fact, every “tonight” you hear is actually “to lie”. I know it seems weird, but it’s the truth! It actually makes sense in the context of the lyrics though.

  86. I vote for U-KiSS’clock video because i lke the song more than IU you and I

  87. I vote for U-KISS’ dance :D Go U-KISS, gooo!!! :3

  88. Had a minior reading comprehension fail at first and thought you wrote “this is the last Music Mondays” before noticing “for 2011″. D’oh. Anyways, glad to hear it’s just sticking to Kpop in S. Korea (I’m waiting on a group to troll and get ya’ll to review a N. Korean MV at some point cause it would be hilarious. Unless it’s for an awesome April 1st prank?) since there could also just be a lot of repeat songs reviewed. So huzzah for this decision! Enjoy your Christmas holiday!

  89. hahaha, that’s ok Martina, i tried doing the skateboard part of the dance too, and i just looked like a tard ;) luckily no one was around to see it kkkkk. As for the show down, Ukiss definitely has the better clock vid . U-Kiss Hwaiting!

  90. there was a korean version of perfection so that one does kinda class as k-pop
    yay another day to vote:)

  91. Sascha Wong

    I vote for U-KISS!

  92. I absolutely love both U-Kiss & IU, their comebacks are pure awesomeness! So to be fair I’m voting Jang Woo Hyuk & Time is [L]over :) Super merry christmas!!

  93. I haven’t watched too many J-Pop videos lately, but from being into J-Pop years ago it’s been my observation that J-Pop music videos are overwhelmingly, predominantly artist-focused–just the musical act dancing/lip-syncing to the song.  There are rarely any epic, “cinematic” J-Pop videos the way there are in K-Pop.

  94. Has to be Tick Tack…!! I love the dance! :D

  95. hahahaha martina i tried to do the dance as well… and yeah~~ i looked prety ridiculous too

  96. Wow~~ it’s hard to choose between UI and U-kiss u guys shouldn’t do that to us :D

  97. I got a headache from watching their MV. I’m allergic to shaky camera shots. >.>

    and I vote IU. 

  98. …Did you just call Manmanhani “Man Man Panty”?! Ahahaha, that is hilarious. I can’t watch that video again without thinking of that. :D

  99. ‘Little bo peep has lost her sheep and doesn’t know where to find them. Leave them alone, and they’ll come home, wagging their tails behind them.’ I totally thought of sheep when I heard T-ara’s song and was also disappointed by the lack thereof.
    I think that song is just called “Turn Me On”.
    Also, in regards to the non-Korean songs, I think it makes perfect sense when all it is a remake of a song that is originally Korean. But sometimes groups put out songs in another language and its an original, never in Korean song. I think those songs should at least count for Music Mondays.

    And in other news, I vote for U-kiss!!!!

  100. The lyrics are actually “To Lie” but I love the review!! You guys never fail to make me laugh. :) 

  101. I love your reviews!

    I love U-KISS and their Japanese song Tick Tack as well, but Kevin tweeted that it is “to lie”, not tonight. But it’s okay, I though it was To light, or a mispronunciation of Tonight.

    Fighting~ ! ^___^ 

  102. I love your reviews!

    I love U-KISS and their Japanese song Tick Tack as well, but Kevin tweeted that it is “to lie”, not tonight. But it’s okay, I though it was To light, or a mispronunciation of Tonight.

    Fighting~ ! ^___^ 

  103. The clock part actually looks really similar to Arashi’s Monster PV , and if anything Arashi’s been around since 1999 so you really can’t go wrong with using that for your japanese debut lol.

  104. UKiss in Tick Tack~ the clock dance was amazing! Love it and I’m definitely going to go dance to it like every day!

  105. I’m so glad you explained the title of this song, because it was REALLY bothering me. 

    U-Kiss has grown on me in a major way. At first I was all “meh.” But after Shut Up (which is STILL in my k-pop rotation playlist), Neverland (AWESOME song, can’t help but dance when I hear it) and now this….. Yeah, I have to respectfully place them as third under Shinee and Infinite as my favorite kpop boy bands. Nice job U-Kiss. I’m sure you’re very proud to be third on some random girl’s semi-meaningless list. Fighting! :-)

  106. Thanks so muh for reviewing Tick Tack! I guess I can stop spamming the polls, now… Oh, well, there’s still “Neverland” to vote for. 

    I think the English usage may be worse that it appears, because one of the song composers (JD Relic) on Twitter keep saying it’s “”To lie” I shall be singing for you through the night” because the theme of the song is lying. It makes a lot less sense than “tonight”, at least in English.

    I vote for U-KISS’ clock dance. I adored IU’s moves because they were so cute and so clock-like, bu the guys have separate dance crews competing against each other, which is just cooler.

  107. I think you
    should have developed a different system to vote. It would be unfair if you do
    How to Dance Kpop 2011 according to the chart as it is now, because most people
    vote for “Tick Tack” just for Kpop Music Monday. That doesn’t mean they think
    the dance deserves to be in the top 10 of the year.
    I still found the idea of having a Kpop Chart awesome, but it should be use in
    a different way.

  108. First, Merry Christmas to you both, I hope you have a great holiday!

    Second, though… the lyric is “To lie” not “Tonight”, and the song is about a man who lies to his girl because he doesn’t want to hurt her.

  109. actually,..we got a huge problem with the english in this video about weather it’s tonight i should be here OR to lie i should be here but anyway i definitely think UKISS tick tack clock was more obvious and epic..and as a male version of Genie..i guess..no?..fine then

  110. guys what happened to the layout??? 0.o???

  111. I vote for UKiss, although, it seems to me that they mostly say To Lie, not Tonight

  112. Nice review as always! =) buuut…
    “…we’re taking out all the non-Korean songs from the How To Dance Kpop 2011…” I understand that you want only focus on kpop songs (and technically Tick Tack is JPop), but changing rules one day before voting ends…. many people voted for Tick Tack and now it’s just taken out like that :/ oh well, going to vote for something else then…I wish you two a peaceful and well-deserved hoilday! Can’t wait to see you back in 2012 with more awesome videos! <3

  113. yessss…finally!
    watching mode on…

  114. of course u-kiss tick tack^^

  115. I watvhed this video a zillion times as well as repeatedly playing it on my ipod and phone :) This song could have been a mini movie and the dance was fantastic!! It is their best thus far :) My vote is for U-kiss, obviously, hehe they were fierce!

  116. I would want a movie video just to watch them for 9mins tbh

    Also, fyi Kevin (and I believe Eli as well) tweeted that the song is about lying

    Voting for Tick Tack, although it was a really hard choice since You&I is one of my favorites

  117. I will definitely vote for UKISS. Though I do find both videos amazing I saw that UKISS showcased more “clock-like” moves compared to IU >< I am also inlove with the intensity of the moves and the overall song so it is another factor for why I voted for them as well.

  118. “..we’re taking out all the non-Korean songs from the How To Dance Kpop 2011″ which means that Tick Tack won’t make it? Darn it! Well no can do; off to vote for Neverland :)

  119. Thanks for this you guys it was AWESOME (as always!!)
    I also agree they seem to be getting better and better!!  Love these guys!!
    BTW….Shipping out a goodie box to you guys tomorrow….wanted it to get there before Christmas, but I failed at getting it out in time!  Sorry!!  Keep an eye out for it in like a week or so  :3

  120. I think kiseop broke the Hourglass :P with sand… uhmm u know what i mean? 

  121. I think your new rule about Korean language songs is fair, but … imagine if you had not reviewed JYJ’s Ayyy Girl because it’s in english!!!!
    Most of your and our favourite jokes would not exist!! Maybe you could limit your rule on remakes and still review originals songs even if they are not in Korean?

  122. I think your new rule about Korean language songs is fair, but … imagine if you had not reviewed JYJ’s Ayyy Girl because it’s in english!!!!
    Most of your and our favourite jokes would not exist!! Maybe you could limit your rule on remakes and still review originals songs even if they are not in Korean?

  123. Totally agree that UKiss is gettng better & better. It’s refreshing to watch a group ACTUALLY grow instead of sound bites about how”*they will work harder*. Clearly they have the *it* factor. Wish you could do/get another interview with them….Kimchi-Docu…chat with them, discuss math theorems…that kind of thing. ;)

  124. Agreed, I loved the music video and I thought the dance was amazing! Don’t worry Martina, you are not alone. I have also had my fair share of dorkyness trying to do the cool slide dance. Needless to say I failed.

    I’m voting for U-Kiss’s dance. Even though both U-Kiss and IU have dance moves relevant to their song, U-Kiss’s dance has more technicality so they get my vote. Plus U-Kiss are probably watching this review LOL.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you guys too!!

  125. but… They said “To lie, I shall be here…” That’s no English to me…

  126. my vote definitely goes to u-kiss,coz I’m a kissme,LOL,look forwards your “How to dance kpop 2011″,and merry Xmas :)

  127. The lyrics are ‘to lie’ instead of ‘tonight’ :D Love it though you guys are great and this U-Kiss song is amazing.

  128. Hey guys. I was wondering if you could put up the link to CDJapan instead of YesAsia cause the CD copies’ counts on CDJapan will contribute to the Oricon Chart in Japan. ^^;

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