I knew this day would come sooner or later. We didn’t talk about Vixx’s “Hyde” back when it came out, and we dodged the bullet then, but now that Voodoo Doll has been in first place for so long, we can’t ignore the elephant in the room any longer. Ravi’s rapping at the beginning of Vixx’s songs is terrible. Here’s the video, if you haven’t heard it yet:


It’s not a bad song! It’s a really interesting video! But the mumblecrusting at the beginning of the song, and other Vixx songs as well, make us either cringe or howl. Guise: it’s so bad. So bad! The rest of the song would be totally fine without it. COMPLETELY. I don’t feel like it adds any value to the song at all. Quite the opposite: it makes the song worse. WHAT THE HELL IS HE SAYING? I can’t even find subtitles to it online. I googled the lyrics to Voodoo Doll and couldn’t find anyone who translated it in, like, the first seven posts that showed up. It’s like they all shook their heads and pretended it didn’t exist.

And his normal speaking voice is totally comprehensible. It’s just this rap persona he takes on that make him sound like someone reading a tongue-twister with a sock stuffed in their mouth. All I could think of is Eddie Murphy talking about James Brown:


Ok! Phew! Finally got that off my chest. We were scared to talk about it, but everyone in the studio agreed. We just hope we didn’t piss off too many people in the process. Though, let’s be honest: this is the internet so we definitely pissed off a bunch of people.

But the rest of the song and video is totally fine! We are a bit torn about the song, though. Martina’s really digging it. I’m just kinda digging it. I agree that it’s a good song, but it doesn’t really blow me away. It’s just like, yep, an ok song. But it’s not something that’s really groundbreaking or all too unique sounding or anything that gives Vixx a clearly distinct sound over other Kpop groups (apart from Ravi’s intros). Sorry guise. I was more impressed by the video than by the song itself. We were going to do a 30 seconds to disagree panel, but we were worried that if we made fun of Vixx’s name, and Ravi’s English, if I added my lukewarm feelings towards the song we’d have pitchforks outside of our studio. So I saved it for the blog post, where I know people are more level-headed. Right guise? *awkward silence* Right? *crickets chirping* Riiiight? *sound of blades being sharpened on grindstones*

Hay! Something that’ll make you laugh and not hate us: voting on this week’s poll!

Or, if that doesn’t make you less grumpy, how about some Bloopers?


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  1. STARLIGHT forever~
    I love Ravi and his rap, and the mv though.

  2. Maybe I’m a little late but I did my own research for lyrics and I found something~~ So, apparently Ravi is saying”Shot right though my heart. I will fall for you.”

  3. Wow :) If you go onto the Kpop charts tab, this is still 5th.

    Starlights are some powerful fans!

  4. I prefer the version of S & M now: ‘You fucked through my heart.’It sounds very romantic…

  5. itikky2

    The words at the beginning remind me of a Power Rangers monster

  6. At first I thought Ravi was speaking in Mordor idiom rather than engrish XDD

  7. You talk about Ravi’s English not being “comprehensible,” and are saying that the song would be better without his raps basically, and even criticize the hell out of his English. Can you honestly say that you are in a place to do that when you, yourselves, aren’t fluent in Korean? Pointing out that his pronunciation is not that great is okay, but to out right criticize his English is wrong, and rude. You wouldn’t like people criticizing the hell out of your Korean when or if you are trying to learn it, don’t do it to him when he is trying to learn English.

    • Simon’s not making a career and getting paid for singing in Korean, though.

      (I agree that it’s harsh, but I do believe it’s meant comedy rather than real malice. Still harsh though.)

  8. “You shat right through my heart” How romantic <3 XD

  9. Dear Simon & Martina,
    VIXX’s Voodoo Doll won on Music Bank today! It’s their 1st win. Hehe. :D

  10. My answer to the first question is:

    MBLAQ (5 members)
    BIG BANG (5 members)
    SHINee (5 members)
    Se7en (lol)
    and INFINITE (7 members?? I think?)

    That should be 23.

  11. I frankly find the very first scene in the video mighty unbelievable. JUST WHICH K-POP IDOL WOULD HAVE SKIN TEXTURE???

  12. Let’s be honest, not all Starlights took it well that Simon and Martina called out Ravi on his mumbling rapping, some were pretty angry but the cool thing about our fandom is that instead of encouraging the ragers we stare them down and tell them to respect other people’s opinions. I love Starlights because of this, we are honestly trying to keep it chill…. that is one of the main reason VIXX honestly love their fans.

  13. you shot right to my heart, i will fall for you. that’s what ravi said at the beginning. i think because the music and video is a bout voodoo, he said it in “curse” accent.

  14. finally a good great KMM! :D I missed that thing so much <3 and OMG Martina your so gorgeous as a math teacher XD I laughed so hard *LOL But I really really really love the new VOODOO concept <3 This comeback is awesome! I cant stop listening to voodoo ♥♥ proud to be a starlight ^____^ Fighting~!

    http://www.gurupop.com/event/102/67757275706f7038343130 Win one of 5 signed Cd of Vixx Voodoo Doll!!

  15. haha glad to see I’m not the only one who tried to solve at least some of these equations! What’s also funny is how Scooby is brought up when talking about Ravi, because one of my friend’s refers to Ravi as Scooby XD

  16. what I hear….(unsure) with a shot right through my heart, I will fall for you…..

    • amazing it’s really close !! the lyrics are : you shot right through my heart , I will fall for you :D good job

      • I read that it was “I will fight for you” not fall for you. Maybe I got the wrong lyrics.

        • Raneem Gharbi

          I don’t know I just wrote what I saw in one of their SBS live performance :D & we all know SBS aren’t the best at displaying the correct lyrics =_=” and they didn’t show the lyrics of his part after that live so I’m not sure as well -_-”

  17. haruchi

    “Who is in the room?” Fangurilla!
    It’s not who -are- in the room, right?…

  18. I love the Eddie Murphy as James Brown reference. I was just talking with my dad and his girlfriend about that not too long ago! Huh! Hah! In da haht tuhb!

  19. Soo Zee looks like she’s gonna kill you guys in the bloopers, lol.

  20. oh- you went there…
    VIXX against TVXQ…The Rising Gods Of the East?

    I can’t even.

    /well VIXX…may you take this defeat honorably and with your heads held high.

  21. I had to vote for TVXQ, cause no one may defeat them!!!

  22. I still think it’s an incredibly unfair showdown. Nothing is ever going to win against Mirotic because that was the best thing that happened to K-pop. (And, incidentally, my introduction to DBSK.)

  23. Welcome to the beautiful world of VIXX S&M :D I’m sure you’ll be STARLIGHTs soon enough >:P here’s a sample of what’s waiting for you in the VIXX world hehehe xD I kinda wished u guys showed N to mystery guitar man and others in that video about gender bender X”D

    • *chokes again*


      • asdfghjklsd I DEMAND the long version of that video and also the episode after I HATE how they cut it like that T.T I think he could’ve looked better & more convincing with better wigs in both ur DP and VIXX GIRLS ;D

        • He needs more fabulous wigs like N and then they are the fabulous crossdress couple.

    • LOL They were all GORGEOUS~!!!!!
      Especially N (Damn you boy! You make me feel like a fail as a female~!!!)
      Even Hongbin and Ravi have gorgeous bodies~~
      Hyuk was pretty adorable~~
      Ken….. OTL *sigh*~ I think who ever choose his clothes hate him…

      • Hate him or love fans >:D I mean he was wearing leggins & I JUST COULDN’T LOOK T.T or could I ? >:D

        N is just perfect as male and female it doesn’t even make sense =/
        Hongbin looked gorgeous in VIXX TV episode my DP in tumbler is him in drag X”DD
        Him & Ravi are buff yet so skinny I’m starting to get worried =/

    I kennot with Ravi’s English too. He needs to VIXX it.

  25. i’ve got question ? where is mordney present? ;D

  26. Question 1: 23 Guys, 3 Groups are K-pop, 1 is Se7en and One Group has 7 Members .. What I came up with! ~
    It’s either Se7en (1) makes 22 left, One 7 Member Group: Block B, BTOB or Infinite .. makes ist 15 members left… so then I was confused if it is 3 Groups WITH Se7en or without so I kinda got two possibilitys like:
    - Topp Dog (13) and TVXQ (2) makes 15 and then everyone is there <— way without seven!
    - Super Junior + SuJu M (15) <— Way without Seven …

    One of my frinds also confused me by telling me you ment Se7en, seven Member Group AND three other groups .. then I have:
    Se7en (1), BTOB/BlockB/Infinite (7), DBSK (5), Big Bang (5) and SHINee (5) _> ‘cough cough’* … But well I’ll try to explaine ~

    Soooo….. Teen Top already has 272 swipes and get’s 34 more by any minute that passes while Nu’est is just starting so 0 and get’s 41 by any minute …
    That makes 272+34*x for Teen Top and 41*x for Nu’est ~
    Then I tried using different numbers for X and it happens that 39 was correct so .. it takes 39 minutes to overswipe Teen Top.
    Teen Top then is set with 1598 while Nu’est has 1599 x’D .. Took me ages to figure that out because I HATE Math! x’DD

    Question 3: I’m pretty sure that Jay was the first one ’cause he drove faster. And when they are actually driving the same road .. Jay would be the first. But it could also be that Jay was wearing a shirt while driving and Taeyang not then basically Taeyang would be the first to have a shirtless photo …
    But seriously .. it’s Jay Park … do you really expect him to WEAR a shirt while driving?? x’DDD

    Did I Pass?? :DDD

    And then to the English part .. I actually had a conversation with a good friend of mine just now and she said that she hears nothing like an you at the end but rather a Shhhiiiii ~ .. But seriously .. I had times were I heared uge and I’m also thinking it actually IS
    You shot right through my heart
    I will fight for you.

    And for the Showdown … As much as I love both of them … my Vote goes to Mirotic!! >_<'' No offense but it's one of the best MV's ever and DBSK is Legendary *Q* ~ … I absolutely love this MV!
    But Voodoo Doll is also great … ~ I brought the Album straight away *Q* ~ But I have to Vote for DBSK .. my heart beats for them <'33

  27. Also, I would’ve loved it if you talked more about the actual songs in Kpop music monday, I miss a review of the actual song… :/

  28. I noticed in hearing Ravi talk and sing under other circumstances that he seems to have a lisp/speech impediment. Not a strong one, but one that he seems to have to pay attention to avoid. I always assumed part of the problem understanding him was due to that. If you listen to him, particularly in “Girls Why” or “Only You” you can really hear it clearly.

  29. I really like mirotic, it’s a clasic., I’m not startlight but voodoo doll video is amazing.. *for me*, so my vote goes to VIXX. the concept and everything…
    I looove this review.. hahaha raviolli xDD… and it’s true, I didn’t get any of the first lines of Ravi.. lol…

  30. I think ,we-Starlights- are that cool when it comes to criticizing Ravi’s rap or whatever else, ‘cuz VIXX has a lot of foreign fans. And thanks to VIXX TV, MTV Diary, Plan V, we got to know more about them and we often laugh at thing they have done ;) We are okey when somebody is constructively criticising Vixx, because we know they aren’t perfect and more chill about it. I’ve never heard about Starlight doing something that could’ve embarrass VIXX. :)I’m not a native speaker ,so I’m sorry for my confusing writting and you didn’t really got me xD I’m not getting sometimes myself either :P

    BTW. Loved this KMM <3 Greetings from Polish nasties !!!!

  31. oh my god…Fangurilla…I’m dying xD

  32. … are u serious xddddd I’m a Starlight, really devoted one, but hell, Mirotic is the best thing that happened to k-pop. Amen.

  33. Wow, you guys finally reviewed VIXX, yeah! I actually really really like the song. I like a lot of VIXX’s songs. Maybe their style isn’t new, but it’s still good, and I like it. The video and dance were awesome too, obviously!

    I really like your KMM, I thought it was funny. I’m a math teacher, but I still thought your math segment was funny. I noticed the math on the glass too in the music video the first time around.

    I agree that Ravi’s mumbling is hard to understand. I don’t usually talk about it because I know Ravi tries his best, and I always imagine his sad face. I think, however, that he is kind of mumbling on purpose (maybe?), that it’s kind of a stylistic choice. Anyway, I’m not insulted by you guys mentioning it at all, because it is true. :) However, am I the only one who thinks his raps and the other lines in the song (Should I go, should I stay, nobody knows?) is very understandable? It really always seems to be the intro line that is hard to understand. He usually does better in the rest of the song.

    Anyway, love the song! And welcome to the Starlight community guise!

  34. I like that this review is longer then what has become the norm! Please keep making longer KMMs!
    I’m glad VIXX finally got a review. It’s always nice to see new artists for KMM :)

  35. mihuru

    Whoo finally VIXX gets a KMM! This came as a complete (and super awesome) surprise since I didn’t even know that they were still hanging in the top three (I don’t check the charts that often anymore). If Hyde won’t win the EYK awards for the best potential KMM, I won’t be so disappointed anymore hehe.

    I had no idea that Ravi was even speaking English in the beginning until I saw people wondering what the heck he is saying. I tried to look it up as well but couldn’t find anything either. It doesn’t really ruin the song for me, so I don’t even care if it’s there or not.

    I agree with you about the dance! It’s so good and interesting, in the same way as the dance for Hyde and On and On. I really liked that part after Ravi’s rap too where first Ken and the other members slowly come to check up on him. I like it for the choreo and for the part in the song. Ken’s voice is so nice!

    My answer for the first question is: Seven (1), Infinite (7), ZE:A (9) and VIXX (6). As for the other two questions, I was too lazy to do them. :P I guess I’m not getting out of the class room.

  36. Vixx always reminds me of Vicks VapoRub…

    • Cyber_3

      …and when you put Vicks VaoRub and Nasty together, it always reminds me of that Friends episode with the sexy vaporub …..ridiculously funny but considering eyebleach afterwards…… LOL!

  37. “Mumblecrusting” = my new favorite word.

  38. The music video scared the shit out of me xD I’m sorry, I like the song but I could not handle the video :(

  39. The last week, several friend and I haven’t been able to stop listening to VIXX’s Voodoo. It’s a break from our usual feelz inducing biased obsessed kpop listening. It’s been a nice change for us. I don’t particularly care what Ravi’s saying. I described his voice as sliding into home base on bare knees on gravel. And we like it. You know what I’m saying.

  40. I tried to solve the maths equations but I COULDN’T DO IT *sobbs* So sad

    great KMM!! I have missed Kpop Music Mondays SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH YOU HAVE NO IDEA!!!!

  41. Its actually starting to be funny how often Eddie Murphy/Dave Chappelle show up in your videos. I point it out every time, now I look forward to it.

  42. TVXQ “Mirotic” best sexy MV dance ever

  43. ChocoPandaa

    I’m so FREAKING GLAD AND HAPPY you guys finally reviewed VIXX :D
    What about “SHOULD I GO SHOULD I STAY NOBODY KNOWS”? I’m pretty sure you understood that..

  44. I agree about the rapping. I’m a bit ish about this song, but I really liked Hyde! But I still didn’t like the rapping in Hyde either! I actually liked Only U as well, and I don’t usually like that kind of song.

  45. FINALLY VIXX got a review….i’m so happy …. and it was a good review so thank you for that.
    Starlights we finally did it … huzzah

  46. we got it finally

  47. Victor Ha

    One of your best KMM ever! Thanks guise! ^__^

    P.S. I’m going to assume that your math teacher says “Don’t you know?” a lot, Martina?

  48. seven, suju (all 15) and either Infinite or Ze;A are in the room

  49. i can’t get the point. is this page only commenting on RAVI’S ENGLISH or the MV?!
    how rude, it’s just YOU who feels that the song will be better without
    ravi but sorry, HE EVEN WRITES A SONG IN VOODOO ALBUM. just a question
    to be answered by you, do you feel better than ravi, huh? can you do
    things like he does?!

  50. love the bonus video at the end of the playlist

  51. DId u dye ur hair blue Martina??

  52. Argh I totally agree that Ravi’s english is prettyyy damn bad, BUTTTT he is so freaking talented at rapping! He is really amazing at freestyling especially, and I’m kind of sad that this KMM only focused on that bad points of his rapping…but i understand since the songs don’t show off his skills :( I’m happy Simon and Martina FINALLY reviewed VIXX anyway though :)

  53. To be fair, they do come from a company called Jellyfish Entertainment yet its logo is a goldfish.

    And isn’t the beginning ‘You shot right through my heart. But I will fight for you’? And I think the long running joke of Ravi’s incomprehensible english has been said over and over again. I mean, the members can hardly pronounce Ravi right most of the time. It’s RAVEEEEH or LABI.

    • ChocoPandaa

      Actually I was wondering about that when I first heard about them. But then I realized. They actually, literally meant. JELLY FISH. Fish made out of jelly. xD

      And Koreans have a hard time pronouncing the r’s and l’s, maybe it’s because they use the same character (ㄹ). And there really isn’t a v character for hangul. Their ‘v’ is their ‘b’ character (ㅂ) xD

  54. You are goin’ against a Holy Commandment of K-POP: You shall never compare ANYTHING with Mirotic! It’s sacrilegeous! SINNERS! jajajajajajajajajaj

  55. Awesome review!! I feel like this music video has a special place in my heart (you could almost say.. it shot right through my heart? ….. ) mainly because it reminds me a lot of my days listening to Visual Kei and Japanese heavy metal. A lot of those videos feature gore and and usually have a general creepyness, which I could see a lot of in this video.
    That, and the excessive use of eyeliner (no complaints here).

  56. This was an awesome review I’m glad u chose VIXX becuz I wasn’t feeling TOP and hope 2NE1 gets to b reviewed next week

  57. those acronym kpop idol names…I admit I said hey when you mentioned U-KISS, but I agree with MBLAQ’s XD…U-KISS’ actually fit them…and that blackboard XD loved it…if I had time and I wasn’t so lazy, I would probably try to solve it haha…….I’m glad VIXX was finally reviewed…and yes, that name acronym ….what?

  58. Awesome KMM! Fangurilla always makes me laugh and the math sketch was pretty funny. Also, Martina, you are looking gorgeous. ^_^

  59. shel263

    Am I the only one wondering how many people got smacked with that skull pin when they were practicing/filming this? Or is it just who is that clumsy?

  60. FINALLLYYYYYYY I was starting to think you guys were trying to avoid vixx :p i’d love to see you guys do an interview with them someday maybe! I think they’re a pretty open group to stuff like that <3

  61. I don’t disagree with you on Ravi’s mumbling rapping at the beginning, but this is all you could really point out? Forgive me if I’m wrong but aren’t a ton of other Kpop groups “rappers” big mumblers too? I just don’t understand why Ravi’s is so unique to everyone else that it’s all that can be pointed out in this blog post.
    VIXX has steadily been growing on my radar. They had a decent debut and I liked their singing. As they went on I really grew intoxicated (“in-tox-i-cation~~~” *ahem* sorry…) with their dancing. Ohmahgoodness! Their dancing – they’ve gotta be some of the best dancing groups out there. Then I had the most awesome privilege of seeing them live in Dallas and that was it. I’m done. Starlight for life! Their singing, dancing, humor – everything. Then in listening to their new album I can see how much they’ve grown in their singing abilities and musicality. These guys have what it takes to make it big. I just wish others would open their eyes and ears and back them with the support they deserve.

  62. Isn’t the voodoo lady also a “special girl?” Maybe the guys in line outside her house are VIXX?

  63. ….I agree, its bizzare…but…I love Ravi’s parts…I dont know why hahahaha

  64. C. Snoopy

    VIXX have always been really good dancers. But their choreography wasn’t really distinct until “On and On” :D

    And Ravi..well since before debut he has had an issue with clearly pronouncing his words when he’s rapping. His korean rapping has probably gotten a lot better, but yeah I had no idea he was saying things in English, but I get that from a lot of other people in other groups.

    This video is awesome!!! I’m glad it got reviewed!! :)))

  65. Feygarden

    Yay! VIXX. I really don’t pay attention to many of the rookie bands, especially after thousand that have debuted in the last 2 years, but VIXX caught my eye. I recently saw their showcase in LA, and loved it. They have become a really solid favorite for me. I am so happy for the KMM on them, although I think S&M would have had a ton of fun with Hyde…. hey isn’t that up for KKM potential? time to get voting.

    BUT I can’t vote against TXXQ’s Mirotic. That’s the song that really got me into kpop seriously and it holds a special place in my heart.

  66. Oh, I’m so excited! lol
    I’m not like ‘zomgssocrazyvixxfan’ but when I saw this MV I just loved it and I wanted to see/hear y’alls opinion on it!
    I understand about the Engrish however for me it’s totally cool.
    And it worked really well because this had been stuck in my head since I woke up an hour ago. ^^ Got to listen to it.

    On the dance: Zomgs totally agree Martina! Amazing!

    Also: You need to work on yer Minnesotan accent, dontcha know~
    lol ^^

  67. Yes, I’m so glad they finally got reviewed! I’ve been waiting for this for quite a while. I think this is Ravi’s best rap voice in English, especially when comparing it to Superhero. I actually understood what he said on the first listen, so he’s definitely come a long way! For their name, the CEO thought it would be better appearance wise to add a another X, which I agree with, but I can’t tell you how all those V words fit hahahaha. I also really enjoyed Seungrina playing with Leo & Ravi’s dolls. That was hilarious!

  68. Don’t kill me. I love Ravi’s rapping. My friends and I can’t listen to Hyde without joining in on the “We started from the bottom…and we just do it now, RRRRRGHHH.” It’s nonsensically fun :D

  69. Hey Martina, are you trying to tell us something by doing the Mirotic dance? You just said something very interesting in ASL ;)

  70. Durring the math part, I only saw U-Kiss on the blackboard and was reminded of mordney and realized why this video would win the EYKAs but felt highly disappointed since She’s Mine wasn’t reviewed nor was it entered into the EYKAs.

  71. I really tried to like the video, I thought the song was cool and the choreography was awesome. But in the end, it was way too gory for me. :( I guess VIXX helped me find a squeamish side I never knew existed. Also, am I the only one who’s reminded of Vicks vaporub when you hear the bands name?

  72. I made an account just so I could thank you Simon and Martina :)
    Yes! Oh my goodness! Thank you so much! I’ve been waiting for this~ While I do understand that Ravi’s English isn’t the most perfect, his voice-my goodness-his voice! He’s actually a pretty good singer if you listened to the rest of the album there’s a song called “Thank you for being born” and his little snippet was, in my opinion, the best part! And this whole video was hilarious by the way~ Thank you Martina for mentioning the math, that was definitely scary D: This Starlight is very happy <3

    P.S. Martina, I have the same hat as you except it's highlighter green like Froggie Zelo :3

  73. i don’t understand the hate on ravi rapping. i haven’t been a kpop fan for very long but i don’t think his rapping is that difficult to understand. i do laugh at all the starlights making kind hearted fun at his raps on tumblr though. but maybe i’m just used to harder to understand speakers…but can i say ken’s part after ravi’s rap is the best kind of haunting singing?

  74. I really got a good laugh from the comments of what Ravi is saying; all of them different. When I fist heard Voodoo, aside from the first few words, I honestly thought he’d just started spewing random syllables. I feel like the whole “opening with a few words from the rapper” is a little fad-y. Something that’s come and gone in NA and always throws me off a bit with VIXX.

    I’m so happy to see VIXX get a KMM, though! I fell out of k-pop years ago, and VIXX is what brought me back to it.

  75. “I’m going to poison your tea with laxatives and watch you sh** your pants away”. Oh Martina, I love ya!
    “Scooby Dooby Doo, where are you?” Loved Spudgy’s song at the end!

  76. thank you guise, for making my tuesday morning filled with laughter! I love you guise!

  77. I honestly can understand Ravi pretty well.
    I guess all of these years of bad Engrish starts to grow on you. ~~~

  78. Vixx is my favorite kpop group so was really excited to see that they finally got chosen for a KMM. Ravi’s rapping really grows on you after awhile. I had first had trouble getting into it but now I love him and his rapping. He’s super talented all around. I also think VIxx has some of the best choreo out there. ON and ON, Hyde, and voodoo have all been unique and the live shows are awesome to watch with all the member interaction. (To me Hyde is a no brainer nominee for best dance). I all the members and believe Ken has one of the best falsettos in the business! Vixx is so versatile and talented and the fandom is respectful and fun! Thanks for finally showing them some love! (Apologies for the fangirling found in this comment).

  79. *Haven’t watched the video yet* YES!!! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!! Finally, VIXX is reviewed! And probably their most interesting/epic video, too! THANK YOU! I am an amazingly super duper happy Starlight. =D

    • Good thing they added the extra “x” (well, it is and it isn’t) because “vix” is Latin for “scarcely”, and I don’t think it would be very auspicious for that to be the name of a band that wants to do well.

  80. Emilie

    I disagree with you, Simon, on the epicness of this song. THIS is the song that made me really start loving VIXX. Up until now I was all, “Yep, I like them, but they are nothing all that special yet.” However, I have literally been listening to this song for two weeks straight and I STILL love it. I just can’t get enough. VIXX really impressed me with this song. I am not going to be brushing VIXX aside any longer. They are a group I will be paying a lot of attention to. I do still respect you opinion though. I just had a complete opposite reaction to this song. I can’t praise it enough.

    • I know~ I actually got into them during On and On, but I LOVE Voodoo.
      Most songs, if I play it over and over and over again, I’d start to get tired of it, but so far I’ve just been loving this song more and more and more~~~

    • And just remember, I (Martina) really liked this song! :D Especially near the ending at the 3:45 sec mark with the WOOO OOOHH WOOOHHHHHH OHHHHHH in the background during the ending breakdown. I was like, “OOHHH HAUNTING!!!!?”

  81. Fellow Starlights, redemption has come today! Why am I so happy that VIXX finally got reviewed?! xD I am satisfied.

    And I personally think VIXX is different from a bunch of other kpop groups. They are extremely versatile. Maybe this song specifically didn’t have that much of a different sound but in general, I believe they are different. That’s probably a key reason why I like them so much. On and On remains my favourite title song of theirs (it just sounds so funky and bomb-tastic) but I still love Voodoo Doll.

    I agree with Ravi’s English at the beginning of VIXX songs being really bad but I still like his style of rapping. It’s just the tone his voice takes on when he raps. I think someone like his CEO brought that up during Mydol, I can’t remember exactly. I usually never understand what he’s saying at first but then I look up the lyrics and I’m like: “I kinda see where he’s getting it.” But for this song, I was completely stumped XD

    • Even if nobody’s entirely sure what Ravi’s saying, I still think EXO’s introduction/narration thingy to MAMA takes the cake. It would be hard to beat that. (I still watch that KMM whenever I need a pick-me-up.)

      As I remember, in Mydol, the issue was that the people reviewing him couldn’t make out what he was saying in Korean half the time, let alone in English. They liked his stage presence and his enthusiasm, though.

  82. Isabel Ruby

    so glad i watched the bloopers for the meems =u=b
    i actually think the engrish at the beginning is really easy to understand….. maybe i just listen to too much engrish….
    also, if i was her, there’s no way in hell i would let them escape for long. i may enjoy torturing them from a distance, but where’s the satisfaction if you can’t see the agonized expressions on their pretty faces? >.>

  83. awesome! i voted like 100 times a day so that they would get KMM. happy my time spent paid off:D i’m surprised you guys didn’t talk about HONGBIN’s hair flipping. like he does it sooooo much! hehe:D But ravi… ravi ravi ravi… hehe i was dying of laughter when i read (read the post before i watched it, was in class:D) about ravi and the intro. i had no clue too! until i looked it up and looked through millions of sites :D Thanks for kmm on VIXX!!!

  84. Haha Martina I got more freaked out by the math enhanced glass cage than any of the other stuff!
    And… it is not till now that I even knew that the rapping at the beginning was supposed to be in English….. are we sure its not Klingon or something?

  85. Agree with Simon this time, very interesting if very creepy video, but am not feeling the song, I can’t even remember what it sounded like and I just listened to it…

  86. Report: Mysterious murder of Big Bang’s girlfriend.
    Suspect: Suspicious female TV host with black hair and disturbingly manly voice.

  87. I’m a baby and can’t do gore so I lasted about 2 seconds into the m/v. Enjoyed the KMM though, especially the math part! I hate math…

  88. The mv probably caught my attention the most, if it was their intent to catch the international audience like you said then they succeeded here. The songs alright but its not really the song that’s encouraging me to go look up their other stuff , its this music video. And , yeah, about the goriness…well the needles.. I don’t think I’ve ever winced over something from Kpop so much since I watched 4minute sing Milkshake.

  89. I loved this KMM so much! I’m a *Starlight* and I’m not angry or offended in any way. If I’m not mistaken, Starlight’s aren’t known for being haters or saesangs. I loved the math problems. I laugh like a hyena in the english part. It was so good. I cried from laughing so much! I LOVE Ravi. In VIXX TV, he’s the sweetest guy ever. Also he’s a talented rapper, singer, dancer and he also writes his own raps. All that said, his intros are not good, at all. >_< I really dislike them.

    BTW: Eerybody should check out their album. Is really good. My favorite songs are B.O.D.Y. (I still don't know the meaning of the lyrics but I like the beat) and Secret Night.

    it’s literally not hard at all to understand.
    listen to Girls, Why and tell me Ravi’s intro isn’t adorable.
    listen to Secret Night and tell me Ravi doesn’t have talent.
    I don’t want to be rude or confrontational because I know Starlights are really chill and I want to be too, but when I see someone that’s worked so hard for so long to better his rap, composition, AND ENGLISH skills, and then I see you two who were ENGLISH TEACHERS knocking him down for it senselessly.. it makes me really disappointed.

    • It’s subbed on Korean shows as “fight for you”. So, you know…

      • It’s pretty clearly fall and it was written as such on Inkigayo. Maybe I’m just good at understanding accents, but to me it’s obvious and clear English. He has English skills. From Super Hero until now, all of his intros and English lines have been quite easy to understand.
        The “huff” here is that even if it were hard to understand, it’s not his first language and he’s trying his best and as past ESL teachers they shouldn’t be so critical of others’ honest efforts. I understand that it’s usually not an attack but the way they’re putting it, saying that Ravi’s rapping is terrible and going on a rant about how it’s cringe-worthy and bad is extremely rude and it /is/ judging his worth in the group, especially if he’s the only one they criticize or even talk about.

        • Jenny ❤ Leo

          I do agree they were a bit harsh and went on a bit too long about it, but at the same time, us Starlights tease him about it from time to time too~
          Like, I mean, think of the MyDol and Diary day, the members even teased him about his KOREAN pronunciation~ *sighs at the memories*~~ But it doesn’t make us love Ravi or the rest of the members any less~

          Though, I DO wish they spent a little more time on talking about the set and the interpretation of the MV, I mean, Jellyfish even posted a Naver post/article/thing explaining it all and there were things that I didn’t even noticed in all the number of times I watched the MV~!!!

        • Yeah, that’s true, I just feel like it’s different because that’s Korean and he’s supposed to know it well I guess? And we don’t usually say it in such a harsh manner, I think that’s what bothered me the most.
          I agree with that! The set and all of the small details were amazing, I STILL don’t think I know everything that went into it but Jellyfish did an absolutely amazing job.

        • Jenny ❤ Leo

          I know~ Have you read the Naver posting (I think it was) that they posted explaining all the different rooms that each member was trapped in?? It was awesome. It’s somewhere on the Voodoo Doll thread. I’ll try to find it after class today. The whole looking through the thread and the loading thing doesn’t work too well on my phone.

        • article? what article? Pls link! :D

        • The difference is Ravi isn’t some guy on the street speaking English. He’s part of a company, and a team, that have the resources and ability to correct pronunciation like what’s here in Voodoo. It honestly has nothing to do with Ravi’s English on it’s own. If he were speaking to a fan/on an unscripted show/etc THEN the call out would be inappropriate. But he’s not. As a native English speaker the second part of his rap was completely nonsensical, and I really don’t believe the normal everyday listener understood it their first or even second listen through.

          Does that make him less talented? Fuck no, as I’ve already pointed out in my first comment.

        • And another difference is that the company he’s a part of is a KOREAN entertainment company. Their goal is not to please native English speakers with spot-on English. That is not what Ravi, or any kpop idol, was initially hired or trained for. It was not nonsensical, especially not to a native speaker because, at least I would assume as I am one, most native speakers have heard a plethora of accents and can discern words in their own language easily. The only word up for debate is “fight”, the rest of it sounds fine. People made the same ridiculous mess out of Himchan’s “loof” thing in Hurricane and he felt so embarrassed that he had to change it, when really it wasn’t something that needed change. We should be happy that they attempt English instead of being condescending when they try.

          You also said nothing about him being talented but hey, whatever.

        • If you honestly think K-Pop companies aren’t taking their international fans into consideration (especially VIXX in particular who just got off their world tour) then I don’t know what to even say to you…

          And Idols do take regular English lessons. This is practically a requirement for some groups (including VIXX, if you remember their English “segment” (for lack of better word) on MyDOL. So, yes, they are trained for it. I don’t know where you got the idea from that they arent.

        • Of course they take them into consideration, but creating songs with perfect English certainly is not their first priority, unless it’s a special project. I also never said that they weren’t trained in English, but being trained in it doesn’t mean they’ll be perfect at it and it certainly doesn’t mean ridicule is necessary.
          Honestly, if it had been a short little comment about Ravi being hard to understand and not “Ravi’s intros are always terrible” and giving the impression that he hurts the song AND the group (which is the impression I got from this blog post), I wouldn’t have cared so much, but this is ridiculous. This isn’t even a review, it’s straight up bashing Ravi and ignoring all of his hard work, and that’s what makes me angry.

        • Well, you did, actually imply just that when you said “That is not what Ravi, or any K-pop idol, was initially hired or trained for.” Perfect English? Ok, I agree with you there. I don’t expect any non-native speaker to speak perfect English. But I do expect at least a certain amount of good English to come from VIXX and other companies that have the ability for it. To not do so is laziness, and I’d be willing to say if an English singer botched up another language in their song they’d be called on it too.

          I’ll also agree with you that I was dissapointed that the KMM and blog post were so focused on this one point. It was over kill in that sense, certainly, and I would have liked to have seen more… more.

          But, you know what? As a avid VIXX fan (VIXX is the only K-Pop group which I consistently and frequently follow), I do honestly think Ravi’s English rap openings bring their songs down a little, though I’m sure there are people that disagree, I’m only one persons opinion after all. I’m in love with his korean rapping, I think he’s super talented, and I’m proud when I see Ravi’s name listed as a song contributor (there’s not many k-pop groups that can claim that). But some of (not all) his English openings do throw many a song off for me.

  91. I wish the “Should I go, should I stay, nobody knows.” part had been considered for the English rating. But otherwise I really enjoyed this KMM. I love your classroom skits.

  92. For the VIXX fans crying from joy or because of the many critics regarding Ravi’s rapping…I’d like to offer some comforting… a la Sheldon (Big Bang rulez):

  93. Finally ~ ! A KMM I like after …a long time…

    “Best Crazy Trapping Magic Lady video?” – VIXX’s “Voodoo doll ” get’s my vote.

    It has voodoo dolls , blood, is creepy, matches the song, there’s dancing and I just like how creepy it is.
    It felt like a fresh breeze after a while of the usual kpop music videos.
    Banned or not, thank you for such a creepy video – I appreciated it !

    I have to be honest here , the first time I came across VIXX, I thought their name stood for 24.

    You know, roman numerals and all… V = 5, IX=9 and X=10 …so…24…
    I really thought that !

    Was kinda disappointed when it didn’t turn out that way. I guess I was overthinking the whole thing -.-…

  94. just saying, if you haven’t watched Mnet’s Mydol, you should because it really gives insight to VIXX’s debut and how they got their weirdly eccentric name! (: and thank you soooo much for reviewing them; this was an AMAZINGGGG video!!!! :DDD ahh VIXX feels. STARLIGHT FOREVER <333

  95. I understand that you can say what you want about the video and stuff…and it’s obvious you knew this blog review would get some people mad…but that’s because the review pretty much says that the rap is crap, it’d be better without it, and it ruined the whole song. I know your intentions are good but please don’t judge and review a whole song and video on a 5 second line. Whenever the groups i love finally get on music monday, it’s 30% compliments and 70% making fun of the video and the English, which i know isn’t your intention, but it still makes me a bit sad. Maybe next time you could spend less time degrading one English line and more on the actual video and the detail and hard work put into it? c,:

    • I thought we made it pretty clear in the video that we LOVED this dance and we LOVED the music video! We don’t like Ravi’s rap style. Fact. But even in this blog post we mentioned that “the rest of the song and video is totally fine!”

      • Yeah, but it seems people just want to look at the negative. There is always one… there should a t-shirt or something for that when it comes to trolls. Like the highlander, except there is usually more than one…


  97. I’m so glad that you finally reviewed VIXX! :D

  98. Oh Simon, you must not know Starlights that well yet if you think we’ll come running with pitchforks. Or perhaps other fandoms have scarred you. :( Also, your blog post made me suspect that you avoided doing a KMM of Hyde for exactly that reason (didn’t want to say negative things and provoke fangirl rage), and so I hope that we can convince you that we’re not that kind of fandom.

    We all have a good laugh about Ravi’s pronunciation on the regular. The best part is the dying cow EEUUUAAAGH sound that he throws in once in a while. Just to keep things interesting, I imagine.

    That James Brown link was spot on, I laughed my ass off. SO excited to see VIXX get a KMM, thank you!

  99. You have no idea the squeak that came out of my mouth when I saw this in my subscriptions box <3

  100. I first got into Vixx right before they came to Dallas Texas a few weeks ago, I live about a 2 hour drive from Dallas and when I heard a kpop group was coming to Texas I was like WOAH (insert fangurilla freak out) !!!! Sadly I didn’t get to go see them cuz I had to work and all but it was totally awesome that they hit up Texas instead of being like everyone else and only hitting up New York and California, I wish kpop artist would hit up other places, America is a good size country and there are other big cities besides on the west and east coasts guys. *HINT, HINT, HINT!!!!*

    • Panda Pham

      WAT. VIXX CAME TO TEXAS?! K-POP ACTUALLY CAME TO TEXAS? How did I not know about that? ._.

      • XLovelyFantasy

        They had a showcase world tour. So like a mini-concert tour. The fact that it was a showcase saved them money and allowed them to perform in more places than a normal concert “world tour” that is usually actually only in Asia and East Asia and maybe L.A.

    • It was fun getting to see them (and high five them after since I paid for VIP), but the group who organized it Jazzy Group, were really unprofessional and I don’t think I ever want to go through that again. Not to mention they might have ruined it for future trips to Texas because of their poor advertisement and the way they handled things. They were even reprimanded by Jellyfish for messing up so bad.

  101. I died laughing at the “Ravioli” part! Well done guys >~<

  102. The difficulty understanding Ravi and his raps has always been sort of an issue, they commented on how it’s difficult to understand him when pre-debut VIXX was on MyDol. I laughed at the Engrish at the beginning but I didn’t realize a lot of people had a hard time understanding what he said. I absolutely love VIXX and liked the review (even if Simon was so-so about the song & MV). I’m just glad you guys got to review VIXX. I’ve been waiting for a really, really long time.

  103. hapagirl

    I haven’t met someone who wouldn’t agree with the rating for Ravi’s rap, because seriously I didn’t know what he said until someone told me. I’m slowly becoming a Starlight and from the minute I heard the song and watch the video, I was in love! This is seriously one of my favorite songs of the year and maybe of all time. And I bet that girl is a Kissme and was inspired by AJ, but Mordney brainwashed her and she went all crazy! And why did you put Mirotic against this?! It’s one of THE best songs ever!

  104. I really love the song and the MV of Voodoo Doll. But when you’re right, you are. Ravi’s rap is ununderstandable.(is correct the term, I speak spanish :P)… But I still L.O.V.E. the dance and the song. Love the concept.

  105. Simon and Martina, PLEASE do more math problems!!! The math section was probably my favorite kpop music Monday segment/moment EVER!!! That was hilarious XD thank you so much for doing that!

  106. Cyber_3

    Great KMM! I’m not a fan in particular of VIXX, but ever since “On and On” was featured in a k-pop chart update (or was it K-indie), I’ve checked out their m/vs. They have a very high WTF quotient but in an oddly compelling way. I agree that the music is somewhat generic but I really like singing along with “On and On”, I mean we all have those days when we feel we need therapy ;).

    Martina, way to go! You really up-ped the level of Fangurilla’s make-up, she looked so much more feminine today (yet still butch). The lipstick especially was a good shade. I loved also your nod to The Church Lady who was a fave of my sisters and I oh so many years ago. That wig was perfect! I know that you’re a teacher already but it would be fun if you ever got back into it to dress up and be a different teacher character every week/day. Maybe it would make it more enjoyable….not in Korea of course…..

    I feel tempted to do the math, but it will have to wait. Cool questions! ^_^v

  107. Marzia Matalone

    uhmm…am I the only one who got so shocked watching the video? I like the song but the video is too much…it gave me goosebumps…XP…I liked Hyde a lot more…

  108. On SBS Inkigayo the lyrics say “You shot right through my heart, I’ll fall for you.” So that’s official.


    • I think his pronunciation got better somewhere between the recording the song and this live.
      When I listened to the song I thought for SURE that the second line was “I will fall for sure”.

      But in this live I actually hear “you” being pronounced a lot clearer.

  109. BDSM – Bargain Discount Simon Martina … bwahaha!!!! I think my meme in the Boob roller was correct (Fifty Shades of EYK)

  110. The first words that Ravi said are You short right through my heart, I will fight for you… it is just poor english. Sadly.

  111. omg the math equation part was hilarious.


    After a review of Simon and Martina, which intended no hard feels, Jellyfish had decided to change positions in VIXX. This news was only released a few minutes ago. Ravi will be resigned to dancing only.

    In additional news it has been revealed who will now rap instead. A sneak peak of this person.



  113. We are Bui, Bui ey ex ex, bix.
    They all have a little problem with even pronouncing their name properly. (There is progression but in SOME videos it’s so clear)

  114. Jessica Nunes

    guise you can’t put anyone against TVXQ’s Mirotic because is the best mv and music eveeeer even when the Vixx is an awesome kpop group, you are giving me really hard time :((((
    p.s. Vixx have an extra X because of the fans (they liked more Vixx than Vix) and the V simbolizes the 3 meanings

  115. 5:28 Vyyoodoo, huh? hehehe~

    Thankyou so much for this KMM! Vixx has been working their way up my favorites list since the beginning. Super Hero was a really catchy song that got added to my mini-kpop-playlist for my favorite happy-time songs! Hehe. Then with On and On~ THAT WAS IT! They had me!! XD I started watching VIXX TV and learned who the members are, and I just love them! Now they came out with Voodoo Doll and it just shot right–through mah haaart, I will fight for yuuuuu–to my all time favorites! They are now sharing the space with UKISS in my heart~ (maybe VIXX will give UKISS a home while they’re in there…)

    Anywho, I was super excited to see the KMM go up today! Aside from the fact that I luuuurved Voodoo Doll, this KMM itself really had me laughing! Oh man…XD There were so many awesome bits in it! So thankyou thankyou thankyou for doing such a great job! :D

    I’m also really tempted by the bunny hat now that I see Martina wearing it, it looks so adorable! (So nice product placement there, it’s working)

  116. Also, Y SUCH A HORRIBLY MEAN SHOWDOWN? Ip-dip-doo….

  117. When I first discovered VIXX, the one thing I couldn’t get over was Ravi’s rapping. It was so different compared to other rappers I have heard before. My friend and I would always make fun of his raps, especially in “On and On”. A couple weeks ago, we had the amazing opportunity of seeing VIXX live at their global showcase in Dallas. What really surprised me was that when we heard Ravi rap live, he sounded COMPLETELY different than when we would listen to the album version of their music. It really took me by surprise.His voice was so aggressive and fierce! I mean, you can obviously tell already in their songs that his rapping style is more fierce but I don’t know, it just sounded so much better live! In the showcase, each of the members did their own solo act; my personal favorite was Ravi’s solo rap. The rap was perfect and really showed off his skills. I honestly don’t know what is going on with his voice in these songs! lol Ravi really is a good rapper, but he really shouldn’t be doing these intros, it’s just kinda…awkward. I mean, he’s got the deep voice which is perfect for the creepy tone of the video and song, but I wouldn’t make him say those weird English intros.
    Anyways, I love VIXX and I am so happy you guys reviewed them! ^.^ They’re an awesome group!

  118. Mirotic is definitely a classic but in terms of “magic trapping lady”, I like Vixx’s prisons more.

  119. YukiRed

    That was an AWESOME KMM!!

  120. Sweet KMM! I think I know the shirtless math question tho because Taeyang didn’t even have a shirt to begin with so he loses because he can’t throw his one away. Hehehe. Also that hat is very cute. I’ve seen that around a lot I guess it’s really trendy this winter.
    +Bonus points for Simon’s stabbing sound effect! I love you guys.
    P.S. I think Vixx wins this round. Even though Mirotic was great, Voodoo is just brutal and unforgiving to the members and much more crazy :D That math wall.. *shudders*

  121. Mirotic cause shirtless Jaejoong

  122. Ahahaa, laughing so much at this KMM! I loved it that it was a bit longer as well, more S&M for meeee!
    And let’s just pray crazy angry fangirls now don’t make voodoo dolls of the Eat Your Kimchi crew for criticizing Ravis enrishglfwx.

  123. The first time I heard it I knew what he was saying “You shot me through my heart, I will fall for you” i was really disappointed what you said because that’s really rude u know that they work hard for there comeback so it doesn’t matter that Ravi’s English was bad or anything okay what happens if i was a singer and i sang a korean song even though i don’t know how to say it and it sound really bad, does it matter if it was bad I tried my hard to say it in Korean even I don’t know it,same as Ravi he doesn’t know English well and he sang it,for me I say Ravi is good at saying it in English and it wasn’t bad. And when u said that im sorry i had to say it well u guys basically called Ravi terrible how u put the fonts big when u say “WHAT THE HELL IS HE SAYING” and u said u check everywhere, well u could of went to youtube for reaction from people there’s this guy called “JREKML1″ A guy did a reaction to it he didn’t know what he said but found out he did know and told everyone what Ravi said. Also one more thing if u were too scared that we will be upset and those stuff then why did u post it u should’ve kept all those negatives things keep it for urself I’m actually mad

  124. In all seriousness, I think that Ravi is an awesome rapper! He has a smooth stage presence, can free-style, writes his own raps in all of their songs, writes the lyrics to many of VIXX’s songs (S&M: Check out the song Secret Night!! It’s my favorite song right now hahaha), and composes his own songs! His english pronunciation is pretty good too, just not his grammar;; But he’s learning hahaha *awkward laughing* ha…..haha…………….ha

    • I agree with you! Ravi lays it on a bit thick sometimes but he’s got a very recognizable style. His English raps, even if they sound funny, are pretty sticky and stay in your head. Anyway, it’s obviously a deliberate artistic choice. I think does it to sound crazier than he really is (cause Ravi is actually extremely sane, contra his stage image).

      • I’m glad that somebody shares the same ideas as me ^^ I think Ravi must be one of the best rookie(?) rappers of 2012 hahaha He expresses his emotions clearly while doing complex raps, unlike some other rappers that are monotone/expressionless and are literally just talking ;; So yeah, I think that Ravi (a long with all of VIXX) deserves WAYYYYYYYYYYYY more attenion hahaha

  125. I thought it stood for 600 or something like that in Roman Numerals.

  126. omg thank you for mentioning that Ravi speaking thing. I’ve become a pretty big Vixx fan lately but I hate how Ravi has to speak before EVERY SINGLE SONG

  127. Ellen (alatariel)

    So happy that you finally reviewed VIXX. And I have to say that the math section was the best. :’D

  128. The girl in the music video is also in Infinite H’s special girl…. Imagine Voodoo doll as the sequel of Special Girl…..


    Actually, one of the criticisms that Ravi received during Mydol was that he rapped with enthusiasm but that it was kind of unintelligible, even if you were a native speaker of the language he was rapping in. I just tend to blank it out at the beginning of the songs. There are other groups that do similar things. I mean, there’s the whole This Is Mordney Present thing that used to be some MVs.

    • Agreed. So I don’t think Starlights will chase Simon and Martina with pitchforks since we are aware people that are not that into the group tend to criticise Ravi’s rapping. Personally I love it. Yeah, there is room for improvement in his English but that is not exclusive for VIXX, I can think of a few rookie groups from last year who are similar in that aspect. Also even established artists can have cringe-worthy English in their songs, in Ravi’s case I don’t find him that bad and I look forward to his raps – but maybe that’s just the life of a fan.

      • I don’t know about that, I’ve seen some Starlight’s on Tumblr going off on rants, saying S&M can say whatever when Simon can say Ravi’s name right (which I don’t get? He’s saying it the same way I do, which, you know, the way it’s written in English). But, when Voodoo Doll came out, Starlight’s were mocking Ravi’s pronunciations, but, the second someone else says something they (and it’s probably the same few every time) just to conclusions saying S&M hate VIXX or something (I didn’t really pay attention). It’s quite sad actually; I can’t always understand Ravi’s raps, but, it’s not like I don’t look forward to it. I like listening to it, the same way I like listening to Outsider, whom I also can’t understand (and I mean, it’s not like I’m fluent in Korean, but, I am learning)

        • stilinskiphiliac

          Ranting on a personal blog and starting a heated quest to behead S&M are two different things though. I have seen rants myself, and I am not going to try and defend or excuse those who have been hateful or upset about this KMM because I do not condone it even if I believe they are allowed to be upset if they chose to, but they do not represent all fans and all in all I think that Starlights have behaved nicely. That is my opinion and you are free to disagree.

        • It’s not so much that people were ranting – I do sometimes even on my Tumblr – it’s when they seem to go out of their way to make it seen by S&M, tagging it only as stuff related to EYK, which I find extremely rude. There were lots of people only tagging their posts as Vixx, which I have no problem with, but when they start tagging it as EYK, I feel as though their trying to make it seen, and some of them were quite rude about it. Overall I think most Starlight’s were pretty calm about it, it was just a handful that were a little out of line, in my own opinion (sorry if I sound rude, I don’t mean too!^^;;)

        • stilinskiphiliac

          Oh no, you don’t sound rude! You write very well and you convey your point in a calm and collected manner, so don’t be sorry. I can agree with the statement that tagging the thing/person/issue that you are ranting about can come across as rude and most of the times is completely unnecessary because, as you said, some of them just want to be seen. But yes, my opinion still stands and I believe Starlights have handled it well. I tend to stay clear of K-pop fans who hold grudges and/or animosity towards S&M because I personally love EYK, I may not agree with them on everything (in this instance their feelings on Ravi’s rapping) – but as they say themselves they only want to spark a conversation, share their thoughts and upload videos that they are proud of, and that I admire.

  130. Oh my, this KMM made my face hurt and I got tears in my eyes from laughing so hard. The acronym to the Ravioli to the math lesson to THE ENGLISH. Your interpretation of the intro made my day XD I always have problems understanding Ravi’s intros, however I don’t mind his rap parts too much and I like the self-introductions. Voodoo Doll is not my favorite VIXX’s song but I like it and yes, the dance is pretty awesome. As for the video, isn’t that Infinite H’s special girl? Also, forgive me AJ but math causes more aggresion than you could ever imagine. Just watch BTS’ MV for N.O.
    Random thought inspired by the 3rd math question: We were all born shirtless.

  131. Ravi has trouble rapping in Korean as well >< go easy on himm

  132. and I guess you used UKISS’ acronym and UKISS stuff written on the blackboard to butter some angry KISSMEs a lil for not reviewing She’s Mine for 4 weeks? HUH?!
    …Mordney gonna get you! …and I’m gonna help~ MUAHAHAHA~!!

  133. Lol I had the same problem with Ravi’s engurish, which was surprising considering how used I am to kpop engurish XD But then i found an eng subbed video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aYVl0t4bFf4 Not sure if it’s right but XD

  134. Uhhmm actually question number three is more of a physics question than an actual math question.
    If you wanted it to be a math question you could use the derivative of the position function (s(t)) to find the velocity (v(t) s’(t))or finding the second derivative of the position function (derivative of the velocity equation) (s”(t) a(t)) to find the acceleration rate of the cars. But if you were going to go with the velocity then you would have to specify if its average velocity in a specific time interval or if it is the instantaneous velocity at a time interval.
    The more you know brought to you by calculus xD

  135. My take on the English at the beginning of the video is that it sounds so muffled and mumbled because it is supposed to sound like someone trying to talk while gagged, which sort of fits the concept of the video.

  136. haha wow you guys really hated Ravi’s rapping. I, probably in the minority judging by the comments, actually kind of like it… perhaps not so much his voice as I thought he had a nice flow. However, I really couldn’t tell about his accent until you said it and am not yet familiarized with Korean accents. It may have also been the… construction, might one say? of the songs. I always thought his rapping bits were rather seamless.

    Listening to the beginning of On & On currently, I do see what you are saying… he does put on a rather angry/gruff sort of accent, very comparable to Fangurilla, (Too much so.. that image will never escape me now haha. Perfect comparison though it may/may not have ruined it for me!)

    I’m guessing you guys hated/would hate Secret Night from this album, then?

  137. thisisjustforfunval

    BTW I completely disturbed my own self, instead of picturing Jay Park in le math problem I initially pictured JYP until I heard the word shirtless and there was a sudden brake in my visual thought process.

  138. Margarita

    ERRRHMAIGAWD! MY PILLOW! Thank you guise so much for putting it up there *____* It really made me feel like all the hours of hard work paid off! I was so afraid you didn’t receive it but thank God you did!!! :D

    A VIXX KMM!!!!!!!!!!!!

  140. lady_kire

    Voodoo Doll vs Mirotic?


  141. I really enjoyed this Music Monday. I’m not a VIXX fan, but it was interesting listening to your opinions and stuff! ^^
    Also, I just pre-ordered a Bunny Beanie and patches ^^

  142. tiff_mash

    Ahahaha! I love that you guys finally reviewed VIXX! But I totally agree with you about Ravi’s intros, they are horrid. I’m 100% a Starlight, but I won’t be coming after you guys with knives just for saying something every starlight knows to be completely true ;)

  143. Raine

    So I saw this video and it was instalove for me. Like insta. The kinda where I greeted my sister by saying, “come sit down and watch this shit, now!” Sooooo I LOVE this song, too. Ravi has always had issues with his English diction and…well, I love his in song self-composed raps anyways. Vixx is the new crack in my house. Well ‘new’ since Hyde. Vixx…I don’t even pay attention to their name. I’m a Shinee fan. WOOT SHAWOL! Shinee…seriously? Shinee…boys? with glitter? Loved the song though and the way it was composed and the dance is amazing! Crack. Even with that…intro…I thought it was a brave video and even if its banned, its made its mark. You didn’t mention the pretty that is Hongbin though. Shame fanguerilla!

  144. Nina Harris

    I know VIXX’s name was chosen on a show when they debuted. It was either that or J.Dice or Seesun. *Shudders at what could have been*

  145. Poor Ravi. His English sucks (he’s trying to get better), but I actually dig the rest of his raps (the ones in the songs, not the intros). I’ve noticed that, on the new album, there are a few songs that don’t have that goofiness in the beginning of them AND he’s actually a damned good writer. The one thing I will say about his English, though, is that he’s very careful around those troublesome letters that most groups screw up (hello, Shinhwa – “YOU’RE MY LUB BENUS”, among many many others). Ravi and Leo are both reeeeally careful about enunciating that stuff properly when they’re singing. Super glad you guys finally bit the bullet and featured them. They’re really starting to make a name for themselves (and the darker concepts are totally working in their favour, which is why I’m glad they’ve only done a couple SUPER FLUFFY LOOK WE’RE ADORABLY NON-THREATENING songs), and it’s awesome to see. Yes, I’m a Starlight. No, I won’t come after you with blades and pitchforks and the like. Pff…did you think you were talking about Exotics???

    Oh crap. Now I gotta hide.

  146. Nina Harris

    If U-Kiss is in a room, how far away is Mordeny?
    Answer: Still forever searching…

  147. I still think VIXX’s name was chosen because XXIV (VIXX backwards) is 24, the day of their debut. Not because of the “explanation” Jellyfish gave it.

  148. Because I live for a challenge….VIXX= Vivaciously Intriguing Xylophonic Xenophiles. A groups of incredibly appealing and melodic artists who produce music videos too gory for their own home country because they are indeed quite fond of their foreign, international fans who will appreciate it nevertheless.

  149. Anyone else notice that the blooper video section of the blogpost, is the Korean Indie Playlisy? ;o

  150. Jase Aaron

    Hm what pic is on the laptop?

  151. ♔Lady Jane 한제인

    I agree that this song isn’t ground-breaking or special. It’s something we’ve all heard before. This is the kind of song Shinee should’ve and would’ve done. Just imagine their vocals and Minho’s rapping – even the choreography, and you’ll see what I mean. It would totally fit. The song’s just like a chaos of noises, compared to their other songs that has a bit more of a refined tune and beat to them (e.g Only U & GR8U). I think even Exo couldshouldawoulda done this song. It’s like the 5-6 producers made a random track each and just jammed it together, just like all of SM’s songs. And for some reason those songs seem to become hits. But I believe it’s their theatrical voodoo concept and rendition that makes it /them stand out, because the concepts they have are something only They could pull off.

    I believe Ravi says “You shot right through my heart, I will fight for you” in the beginning. Still wondering why some people still haven’t figured it out, since I heard it clearly the first time I listened to it, and except Ken’s parts, I actually do like Ravi’s “SHOULD I GO SHOULD I STAY NOBODY KNOWS” part best. Ken’s part in the middle of it all sort of gives a breather to all the chaos, and I think in all of their songs and concepts, this is the one song where he stands out the most. (Note: I have no favourites in Vixx – I love them all equally much).

    • Hmm I do agree with Simon (and Martina)! Thought he was saying something something heart, and something like: I will fight for sure!? :) Naaaw I dont know :)

    • Is it “fight” or “fall” that Ravi says?

      It was the choreography and the MV that really drew me into the song, even though I enjoyed the song to begin with. But you’re right: the concept and how well they pull it off really does make them stand out, and I have the choreo running in my head every time I listen to it, which is probably why I like it so much.

      • ♔Lady Jane 한제인

        Pretty sure it’s “fight” since the lyrics are all about sacrificing oneself for someone they love. And you don’t force yourself to fall for someone :P I do enjoy the song too, but it’s still a bit… meh. In my head, I keep thinking Shinee should’ve done this. And yes, I do love the choreography and the fact that they use a pin to emphasise the voodoo concept^^

  152. I agree that VIXX’s music video was pretty cool and new in the k-pop world (and super creepy yikes >_<) but I'm not really ready to let anyone win over Mirotic… I mean, it's a classic!! *forever DBSK bias*

    Anyway, this KMM was great :D And I love Martina's styling, mixing pink and blue! So pretty~~~
    Of course Simon is pretty too.


    • Ravi beats her all the way.
      I imitated his low ass “yeah” at the Sweden Showcase M&G. And well he’s voice makes you actually shiver.

      • True. Though Ravi can’t keep his cool if people are clinging on him (tho that was MyDol days maybe he has gotten better) and I can imagine Fangurilla would not keep a safe distance from the hot piece of ass that is Ravi. I can picture the battle being quite heated.

        • Like what happened in the KMM… *pure shock eyes*
          Ravi can only stand N clinging onto him.

          I KNOW IT WAS U

        • stilinskiphiliac

          HAH. Was probably Aegyozilla, we all know she wouldn’t be invited to a deep growly rap battle, her voice is too much unicorns and rainbows for something like that.

          I also attended the M&G at the Swedish Showcase, though the boys were far too enthusiastic about my little brother to notice me.


          I was in the first group in Sweden ;D

          Aegyozilla can’t handle Raveh.

        • stilinskiphiliac

          Yup. Though Hyuk and I think it was N that showed most reaction to my little brother at the event. But well yeah, maybe Hyuk only got excited ‘cuz he finally got to be a hyung. We were in the 8th group. ^^

          No-one can handle the Raveh (except N). Just got my Voodoo album and god, Ravi’s voice is heaven.

        • Whie Hyukkie was so cute. I was like the 3rd person to touch them o_____o
          I am waiting on my shit load of albums (I bought 5 for the mnet thingie) :’D
          Ravi’s voice in “Thank you for being born”… I want to stab myself.

          Really I feel Simon is disliking every comment I make.

        • stilinskiphiliac

          Hyukkie was adorable, and N was so flawless I couldn’t even breathe. And fuck, they were taller than I had expected.. Omo, that’s awesome of you, I only bought Voodoo + poster for myself and their Hyde album as x-mas gift for my lil’bro. I wish I could buy more album but being a poor student is a difficult life (especially when your stans release new albums and make you want to jump onto the next flight to Korea).

          Nah, Simon is too chill for negativity like that, if you feel stalked maybe you should check for Mordney under your bed he seems more like the malicious type.

        • Hyuk is a giant for me.
          And omg I liked N before but it was a tie between him and Ravi and Leo, but the moment I stood before N, I looked up /I was shyly looking down/ and that smile he gave me. He was smiling widely but when I looked up his smile became twice as big.

          Everything for these idiots. I want chicken, yo~


        • stilinskiphiliac

          I am 173 cm and they were all taller than me. Did Jellyfish have them standing on boxes behind the table or what I was so confused. Or maybe I shrunk from being in the same room as my ultimate bias, I was shaking so hard probably lost a couple of centimetres from that.. yeah, trust me science is my thing.

          N is my bias but Hyuk looked so marvellous that day I was momentarily blinded and then suddenly I was in front of N. His face was so small and cute, his eyes really pretty, and then he smiled broadly, looked into my eyes and high-fived me. I choked out a ‘thank you’ but couldn’t stop staring at him even as I went for the next high-five from Hongbin. ugh, so awkward.

          The chicken~ Sigh. Well, at least I’ve bought one album, and I’ve participated in the Song for VIXX project and going to partake in the Chicken Video project, and I just recently levelled up in the fancafe, I wish I could do more.

          Poor you. Quick, feed him some U-KISS and then maybe he’ll leave you alone.

        • I am even shorter so it was really like O_O TALL MEN.
          I was so calm until I found out Ravi & Leo were like beside me. (Ravi though… I look at the picture and it looks like he was more leaning to me.)
          I almost choked that I barely caught Hongbin’s eyes (his smile and hand yes…)

          It’s okay. I just want to try and get a signed album ;D I didn’t participate with the Song for VIXX (busy) but with the Chicken I am in! I lost my daum info so I can’t do the levelling up ><


        • stilinskiphiliac

          My little brother is tiny so they bent forward a bit to meet his eyes so he didn’t have to strain to reach them, it was the cutest thing. And them giggling after he told them they were ‘daebak’ was heart-warming. Worth every penny.

          Oh, cool, are you visiting Korea or do they have signed albums for sale somewhere? (looks around suspiciously and starts counting my savings)
          Poor you, ugh I better write down mine now this makes me worried. I want to become a member of their official fanclub as well but you never know when the next recruiting period is, sigh. ><


        • Jenny ❤ Leo

          Here~!!!! They’re suppose to do a Meet & Greet on MWave and they have these “mosaics” of 49 tiles and they’re going to pick 24 out of each of the mosaics to give signed albums to~!!!!

          Check it out here: http://mwave.interest.me/meetgreet/view/16

        • It’s not just you, and it’s not boxes behind the table… every member of vixx is tall. They always put them off to the side and/or in the back on music show endings because they block everybody.

        • This ! Sounded funny and sad at the same time…Made me remember when I was younger and was pushed always to the back or “forced ” to sit down when our class was taking pictures >.> …

        • Jenny ❤ Leo

          ……. Starlights have a….. “Chicken Video project”……….
          Where is the info for this may I ask?

        • Jenny ❤ Leo

          Thank you~!!!!!! I don’t have much time so I spend most of it here and on Twitter.
          Tumblr would be a freaking black hole for me if I got started on it again.

        • Ha! It’s not me disliking your comments. Just some angry fan down voting just about every comment here, that’s all :)

        • Ah luckily. Otherwise…
          /has somewhere a Simon Voodoo Doll just IN CASE/

        • Wow wow I don’t think Ravi would support that. After all he knows what it feels like. ;)

    • Elma Fe Katrina Arboleda



      Granted I think VIXX would be a great group to have visit the studio regardless, but still. Fangurilla and Ravi facing off. It would be epic.

  154. This week there was actually suspens, I really didn’t know if you were going to do Doom Dada or Voodoo Doll! But I don’t mind, I voted for both! Now I’m back to vote for Top again…

    I also think Voodoo Doll is a very well done video! But Martina, is this really the most gore KPop video you’ve seen? I think I’ve seen old Brown Eyed Girls, SeeYa and FT Island videos that were pretty horrific… But I don’t really remember, I watched each only once. Ugh.

    The math part was hilarious, but sorry teacher, I’m too lazy to solve your problems! Too bad for me, I’ll never leave this room. Well, at least I got all the time in the world to vote for the EYKAs now!

  155. PunkyPrincess92

    i LOVE thsi song!! and i really like VIXX!!
    but my god i did not watch the MV!! i couldn’t get through a minute of it!!!
    too gross to handle!!

    okay…i just think Fangurilla beat this mv in creeping me out!!

    why.,….why would you give me maths questions????? i left maths for a reason!!! *throws laptop away*

    • they released a “clean ver” of the mv without all the gore tho if you haven’t seen that yet!! :D (tho it is in no ways clean for fangurlina eyes O_O)


        • Kiran Gangwani

          PRETTY MUCH ʘ‿ʘ

          All I need is N shirtless >_> And Ken but I can live with the Mydol shirtless pictures of him. But N keeps hiding.

        • CHA HAKYEON YOU TERRIBLE LEADER. he really does hide it the dumdum. but even Ken is such a rarity *sigh* i saw this on my tumblr dash and squealed http://jungtaekris.tumblr.com/post/68693565969/fyken-real-v-do-not-edit
          times of desperation for starlights, these are OTL

        • But Cha Butt is the worst like literally he shows his back/butt instead of his abs


          (I had a picture somewhere with CLEARLY Ken time to watch Mydol again to find that part)

          i am hakyeoning at hakyeon

        • And in the “Hyde” cover… omg I have like a thing for finding parts of N’s body exposed. But he’s shy about his body (I think it has to do that the rest has like abs and he doesn’t have them that clear and I think his skintone problem still… but I like my caramel/chocolate leader)

        • ooooooooh there is that but omg his skin tone is beautiful and his body is so friggin graceful who needs super defined abs when you can dance like that uhuhuhu


        • omfg ofc but tbh i’ve nicknamed vixx as da cutiebums cuz ALL OF THEM HAVE THE CUTEST LITTLE BUMS ISTG especially kenjummah idk what to do with that boy

        • /That Nicki Minaj butt of Jaehwan is nice to look at.

        • AND OH OH OH I FOUND IT. KEN ABS. (and since he worked out they will be even more defined now)


        • I see Leo, Bean, Ravi and is that N at the right side… o_o
          (Forehead a bit exposed o_o)

        • OMG YES IT IS
          the cha remains hidden

        • BUT HIIISS FOREHEAAAAAD. With his abs the biggest Mystery of vIXX.

          Oh and well… I went to screencap more mydol
          From how I remember someone discovered it the order is: Leo – N – Hongbin – Ravi.

        • holy shi—
          and we all know there’s a 3rd eye up there somewhere under all that hair

        • Indeed holy shit. VIXX, the God-dols.

          Yeah definitely a 3rd eye for being a great leader. (well the real reason was something that people say he has a big forehead…)

        • Jenny ❤ Leo

          I know~!!!!! I love that darker skin tone and i likes my men with a little bit of chubsy~
          Too much muscle and too defined abs actually scare me….. I’m not entirely sure why……

        • Raneem Gharbi

          asdfghjkl;djkdjkfjg;l I ALMOST CHOCKED ON AIR T.T I can’t handle this N’s shirtless tummy would kill me so I don’t want it yet T.T

      • PunkyPrincess92

        yeah i saw that one!! was so glad when they released that!! i wanted to be able to watch at least SOMETHING with for their new song!!

        random but…i absolutely LOVE that white shabby kinda fancy room (ahaha what a way to explain it) that they’re set in!!! it’s SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BEAUTIFUL!!!

  156. I really can’t stand Ravi’s intros or his self-introductions before he raps.

    Very few of the songs does his rap even fit in or flow with the song; it’s like good song, ok now we gotta jack it up with a weird transition to somehow fit in this sucky rap, weird transition back into good song.

    • thisisjustforfunval

      I really must be blocking his rap out of my memory. My ears must shut off during his rap because I just can’t recall it at all. Lol now I’m afraid to listen to it again at this moment and having it sear itself into my brain since it’s being discussed so much right now. Maybe tomorrow. :-P

  157. OK – I DO know the answer to question 3 at least, Taeyang :) Why you ask!? Because his just that great!
    The other ones is ok – I dont have to leave the room – but I do hope that you go to work instead of me tomorrow ;D

  158. You shot right through my heart
    I will fight for you.

    Most fans have figured it out that this is the thing Ravi says. (First I thought he said “I will fap with you.”)
    Ravi is just my cute idiot. /If you guys ever watch Plan V or MTV Diary you will get why + my DP says also enough.

    But well a song about a Cursed Doll, breaks a bit the curse of VIXX. /cough not to mention VIXX was for 3 weeks straight in the top 3 with GR8U.

    Well… Ravi I am still free now you escaped fangurilla.

  159. KATHyphenTUN

    My answers to be free:
    1) 23 guys in room
    1 guy is “seven” -> 22 guys left
    1 group is made up of 7 -> “Infinite” or “Block B” -> 15 guys in room.
    “bigbang” -> 10 -> “CNBlue” -> 6 -> “Teen Top” – > 0
    There is room for interpretation by my answer will be
    “Seven, Infinite, BigBang, CN Blue, and Teen Top” are in the room

    2) Teen Top -> 34 swipes/min for 8 mins
    Nu’est -> 41 swipes/min
    TeenTop=34 swipes/min x 8 mins = 272 swipes in 8 mins
    Nu’est must surpass TeenTop in swipes therefore they must get 273 swipes.
    273swipes=41 swipes/min x N
    N=6.66 mins for nu’est to surpass Teen Top.

    3)Taeyang 50km/hr
    Jay Park 55km/hr
    assuming both idols are traveling the same distance x to the traffic light and both idols started at the same time t(initial). Jay Park was shirtless first.

    So Professor Martina? How’d I do?

  160. CAUTION: DO NOT DRINK TEA WHEN WATCHING THIS KMM. I had a near death experience, Simon ranting about Ravi’s English and those misheard lyrics subtitles, I choked and could have died sO NOT A COOL WAY TO DIE.

  161. Hahaha laughed so hard at “I will fart for sure”!! LOL I didn’t even notice the weird english!

    • Same. I just went with the excuse, ‘nah, he’s probably speaking korean’ until I saw all the reaction videos and went ‘holy fu- that was english??’. Poor Ravi.

  162. omg i am SO SO happy you guys finally reviewed VIXX!! i agree about Ravi, his intros always make me cringe xD; but now i’m sort of used to them; plus i really love his actual rapping parts, he writes all of them on his own and his composing is even better! if you haven’t listened to Secret Night from the album, PLS DOOOO. Ravi wrote and composed it (but dang the lyrics are nayusty). i just don’t want people to think Ravi is untalented or anything because he’s one of the most talented people out there. with some seriously derpy english issues. xD

  163. I like this 7 minute KMM video length! The past few videos were a bit on the short side and I felt like the music, mv, dance, etc weren’t discussed enough. But today’s video was awesome!!!

  164. No matter how much I love VIXX and his rapping, I’d be an IDIOT not to agree that he’s unintelligible. (side note, I seem to have caught it, I had to type that sentence 7 times to get it right. 7 gourd-damned times. Ugh.) Anyway, since I’ve got kids and worked in a bar, I’m pretty good at deciphering mumblegarbleslur. Wow. That doesn’t make it any better does it?? Anyway, I think he should just rap in his normal voice, deeper if that’s what floats his boat, but the odd accent-y thing isn’t needed.


  166. I love that they incorporate lyrics and dance moves from their past singles. Even GR8U used Hyde!! Gahhh love them!!

  167. Someone tell me the solution of the shirtless Jay Park/ Taeyang task! It’s driving me nuts!

  168. Another topic aside: I AM SO HYPED FOR SECRET’S COMEBACK! *cries* I hope they won’t get backlash for Hyosung’s scandal, I admit she made a mistake but we all do, right? I actually send her a letter in hope to cheer her up, with a necklace I made by myself, with three stars on them. It was supposed to mean “Whatever happens, you’ll always be my star (I’d rather not have you kill anyone though)” I just hope she doesn’t blame herself anymore and that this album will be as awesome as their previous.

    Okey, I think I got a little far ahead of myself my Secrettime side of me is going berserk.

  169. AHAHAH BDSM~ but going for VIXX over merotic… I do like that song but VIXX i much prefer over dbsk (sorry) Plus VOODOO DOLL has to be one of my fave songs right now (being that i am going to move to new Orleans in a few days which is like huge on voodoo i found this so fitting)

  170. I’ll have to watch the KMM later but thanks guise for reviewing VIXX :D

  171. Thank you for finally review VIXX, I love the english and math segment, and Fangurilla with Ravi and Leo represented the dream of every starlight xD … I agree with the thing of Ravi raps, I love him but with the time I learned to ignore and only laugh trying to understand what does he tried to say. I don’t think that we starlights will kill you because we are a peacefull fandom, so you don’t have to worry about the “pitchforks outside of your studio.”.

    PD: I’ll pre-order a pink beanie w/ patches~~ :3

  172. THANK YOU for reviewing Vixx! <3
    I also agree with you about Ravi's rapping. When I first heard the song, I couldn't understand what he was saying at the beginning, but I thought it was just because english isn't my first language… anyway I loved the Eddie Murphy comparision, that video is hilarious lol

    ** on the blog post the bloopers video is wrong. The one there is the last k-indie playlist xD

  173. Isn’t VIXX roman number?

  174. This was a pretty epic video. Also- I just pre-ordered a pink beanie w/ patches!

  175. Hi! :D
    Yeah I agreed with Simon , the MV blows my mind, the song not so much.. I loved the review as always!

    But the highlight was definitely Eddie Murphy! ROFL totally love his stand up xD

  176. I will definitely agree with you on Ravi’s rapping – I mean, I’m a Starlight, and I love Ravi and all, but, dude, you can speak English better than that. I’ve been told what’s being said, but, I can’t hear it. Sometimes it’s better than others though, I guess it just kind of depends on the song (but, I’m also sick right now and I can’t think of a song where I can actually understand Ravi’s English rap)

    • Lina Simões Balestrini

      I think that On&On and Hyde you can understand. Sort of. Either that or I listened to these songs waaaay too much, heh

    • Hey Simon and Martina. :) I’m also a starlight and I agree with her (Kelsey Mae) all the way. Though I remember their Ceo Hwang Se Jun kept talking to Ravi about his pronunciation in his raps and stuff during the Mydol days. Anyone else remember? He kept saying that the way he raps was too fast and it might be a little hard to pronounce. He only said that about his Korean rapping, and though it has gotten great and improved so much it could be the reason his english pronunciation is hard to understand. Hope I helped lol

  177. Kielley Bade

    You guys killed me. I died. Seriously. I honestly don’t like fangurilla but when she had Leo… oh God. And ravis rap… just. Dead. I’m dead. And I literally screamed when I saw you had reviewed voodoo doll.

  178. Really nice, but I really hope that you will review Only U, it’s so great and it’s filmed in my home country after all so… xD

  179. thisisjustforfunval

    You’re English segment has officially killed me, caused me to laugh my lungs right out of my chest. There is no way to survive it!

    P.S. The math segment is pure GOLD!

  180. I CAN’T with Fangurilla. Guaranteed laughs. Love it.

  181. Lina Simões Balestrini

    So, I’m really, reeeeally glad you guise finally reviewed a VIXX MV. It wouldn’t be my first choice (I haaate goooore, I get nightmares and cry on my bed alone at night and my mom is miiiles awaaaay and, and… ahem), I like Hyde a lot better, but I’m just glad you guys did it.

    I don’t get why Ravi does those intros. They’re bad. They make no sense. However, I like him so much, he has so much attitude! And N dance moves are reaaaaally good. Really good. He’s awesome.

    Which is what first draw my attention to them. They are rookies, and just trying to get their space as idols, but something about them is different. The coreographies, the music… I don’t know. To see them gathering more fans and being noticed makes me happy, heh.

    • I think they started getting more popular because of the darker concepts they started taking on

      • Lina Simões Balestrini

        I think that helps. And c’mon, the darker concept suits VIXX perfectly. They can play cute, but it does’t mean it doesn’t look creepy.

        • Josh Chinnery

          I think most boy bands look awkward and creepy as hell when they do cute; just my opinion, but I can’t help but get the gibber shakes when I watch those kinds of videos… *shudders* But yush!! I rather like their dark concepts; it does fit them very well and… I rather like guyliner on my K-Pop boy bands. It just adds something extra :3

        • Lina Simões Balestrini

          I couldn’t agree more! Watching NUES’T being cute made me really uncomfortable. Really. Damn. Uncomfortable. And I’m only using uncomfortable because I can’t think of the words I would use in my native language translated to English, ha

        • Jenny ❤ Leo

          Really? I love both sides of VIXX~
          I loved Why, Girls? ~~

  182. I’m pretty sure Ravi is saying “Though you shot right through my heart, I will fight for you” at least that is what I hear anyway :’)

    • I always hear “You shot right through my heart. I will fall for you.”

      To be honest for the first week the song was out I thought he was speaking in latin again like in Super Hero then later I was walking listening to the song and realized those were English words that I actually understood. I had to stop walking and just take in the revelation that had taken place in my mind.

  183. Elma Fe Katrina Arboleda


  184. BARGAIN DISCOUNT SIMON MARTINA! Hahahaha, I see what you did there guys ;)

  185. Ely

    I’m so happy, you reviewed VIXX! Woohoo! :D Btw, the bloopers video is the K-Indie playlist? :P

  186. Does anyone else shout “Hey Girrrrl!” When fangurrilla comes on? Or is it just me…? Haha
    The bloopers this week are gold!

  187. I consider myself a veteran fan of kpop, and none of the rookie groups from the last 2 years caught my attention until now….I agree with you on the awful nonsense mumbling in english at the beginning :/ it just kinda ruins it. I happened to see this video by accident and I was instantly hooked by the song (the lyrics are really nice IMO) and choreography, and became a VIXX fan C: I just hope their next songs are this catchy

  188. I spend the entire weekend with the song “Mirotic” of TVXQ in my head and then comes up EYK with a vote including this damm song. It was telepathy hahhhahha For now I can not be impartial and choose whether VIXX or TVXQ has the Best Crazy Trapping Magic Lady video hahha Thanks!!! =_=

  189. KissJadeMeNastieHenry

    The maths stuff scared me too! I was terrified! Great music mondays as always! Thanks for reviewing Vixx! It’s my favourite song from them so far! ^_^

  190. I agree about Ravi’s rapping, I kind of don’t like his tone in their songs but otherwise the songs are good. I’m not a fan of his rapping (don’t kill me ;^;).

    • I won’t kill you. I’m hoping we can form a support group, kind of a friendship circle, and arm ourselves with knives and weapons to protect ourselves from hoards of angry people. Deal?

      • Deal accepted, better go and prepare myself. I loved their song Only U, maybe I’m just biased because it’s Sweden and I recognise every place in the video but his rapping put the song off (in my opinon). Some songs don’t really fit with having random rap sequenses in them.

        • Ok. Question: are you better with a light sword, dual blades, or a broadsword? We must prepare accordingly.

        • I can handle all well, but I think I’m the best with *insert nordic accent here* broadsword, I have played my Skyrim and has decided this was the most viking sword for me. COME AT ME FANGIRLS.

        • Daedric Armor for both of us, then. I’ll get to enchanting it!

        • We can surely outcome the hords of fangirls now, I shall walk through Skyrim to find the best weapons what kind of weapon is for your liking?

          Also, can my brave warrior Raggis, join too? I’m sure he would look mighty fabolous in Daedric Armor.

        • Also I have no idea why and how that picture got there.

        • We can surely outcome the hords of fangirls now, I shall walk through Skyrim to find the best weapons what kind of weapon is for your liking?

          Also, can my brave warrior Raggis, join too? I’m sure he would look mighty fabolous in Daedric Armor.

        • Jenny ❤ Leo

          *Comes at you with a katana and tonfas for close combat*

          LOL JK JK~~
          P.S. I keep reading “light sword” as “light saber”…..
          Something is wrong with me… LOL~~

          P.P.S. ……… now i really want a light saber….

        • Ssht It’s Skyrim talk. /nerds can follow/

        • Jenny ❤ Leo

          Ohh~ I don’t actually play Skyrim……

          LOL~ I just have some crazy LARP friends that have been teaching me how to use tonfas and my katana uses is from TKD~

        • ahahah okay x’D
          I played Skyrim but I kind of quit since I couldn’t play like I want to (7hours non stop)

        • Skyrim in my ♡ (nerd time)

        • Jenny ❤ Leo

          IS KAI USING THE FORCE~?!?!
          This I like~~ ke ke ke~

      • Who are your bias when it comes to rapping in K-Pop?

      • PLEASE LET ME IN!!! I couldn’t deal with their song Hyde because his rapping completely ruined it for me (On and On and Superhero are still my jams, though)

  191. i love martina’s hair !!! plus i just pre order the beanie and patches !!! fangurilla one !!!

  192. Vixx made!!! OMG!!!!!

  193. I’m super torn about VIXX. I /LOVE/ that they do some really good dark concepts. But then they do cute songs and I just can’t that kinda of stuff.


  194. I just ordered the hat+patch and I’m not ugly I’m exotic shirt, how nice :p

  195. Lina Simões Balestrini

    Aaah, you guys did a KMM on VIXX! That makes me happy, heh [D

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