I knew this day would come sooner or later. We didn’t talk about Vixx’s “Hyde” back when it came out, and we dodged the bullet then, but now that Voodoo Doll has been in first place for so long, we can’t ignore the elephant in the room any longer. Ravi’s rapping at the beginning of Vixx’s songs is terrible. Here’s the video, if you haven’t heard it yet:


It’s not a bad song! It’s a really interesting video! But the mumblecrusting at the beginning of the song, and other Vixx songs as well, make us either cringe or howl. Guise: it’s so bad. So bad! The rest of the song would be totally fine without it. COMPLETELY. I don’t feel like it adds any value to the song at all. Quite the opposite: it makes the song worse. WHAT THE HELL IS HE SAYING? I can’t even find subtitles to it online. I googled the lyrics to Voodoo Doll and couldn’t find anyone who translated it in, like, the first seven posts that showed up. It’s like they all shook their heads and pretended it didn’t exist.

And his normal speaking voice is totally comprehensible. It’s just this rap persona he takes on that make him sound like someone reading a tongue-twister with a sock stuffed in their mouth. All I could think of is Eddie Murphy talking about James Brown:


Ok! Phew! Finally got that off my chest. We were scared to talk about it, but everyone in the studio agreed. We just hope we didn’t piss off too many people in the process. Though, let’s be honest: this is the internet so we definitely pissed off a bunch of people.

But the rest of the song and video is totally fine! We are a bit torn about the song, though. Martina’s really digging it. I’m just kinda digging it. I agree that it’s a good song, but it doesn’t really blow me away. It’s just like, yep, an ok song. But it’s not something that’s really groundbreaking or all too unique sounding or anything that gives Vixx a clearly distinct sound over other Kpop groups (apart from Ravi’s intros). Sorry guise. I was more impressed by the video than by the song itself. We were going to do a 30 seconds to disagree panel, but we were worried that if we made fun of Vixx’s name, and Ravi’s English, if I added my lukewarm feelings towards the song we’d have pitchforks outside of our studio. So I saved it for the blog post, where I know people are more level-headed. Right guise? *awkward silence* Right? *crickets chirping* Riiiight? *sound of blades being sharpened on grindstones*

Hay! Something that’ll make you laugh and not hate us: voting on this week’s poll!

Or, if that doesn’t make you less grumpy, how about some Bloopers?


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  1. STARLIGHT forever~
    I love Ravi and his rap, and the mv though.

  2. Wow :) If you go onto the Kpop charts tab, this is still 5th.

    Starlights are some powerful fans!

  3. The words at the beginning remind me of a Power Rangers monster

  4. I did that mistake years ago and swore to never repeat it…

  5. Dear Simon & Martina,
    VIXX’s Voodoo Doll won on Music Bank today! It’s their 1st win. Hehe. :D

  6. My answer to the first question is:

    MBLAQ (5 members)
    BIG BANG (5 members)
    SHINee (5 members)
    Se7en (lol)
    and INFINITE (7 members?? I think?)

    That should be 23.

  7. I frankly find the very first scene in the video mighty unbelievable. JUST WHICH K-POP IDOL WOULD HAVE SKIN TEXTURE???

  8. “Who is in the room?” Fangurilla!
    It’s not who -are- in the room, right?…

  9. I love the Eddie Murphy as James Brown reference. I was just talking with my dad and his girlfriend about that not too long ago! Huh! Hah! In da haht tuhb!

  10. I rap along to that every time it comes on, it’s just that catchy XD At least you can understand him better in that than Voodoo anyway, I kind of just go along with it and say what I think he says even though it’s usually wrong, lol

  11. I still think it’s an incredibly unfair showdown. Nothing is ever going to win against Mirotic because that was the best thing that happened to K-pop. (And, incidentally, my introduction to DBSK.)

  12. NO ONE CAN.
    *starts the fanchants* V – I – X -X

  13. *chokes again*


  14. I noticed in hearing Ravi talk and sing under other circumstances that he seems to have a lisp/speech impediment. Not a strong one, but one that he seems to have to pay attention to avoid. I always assumed part of the problem understanding him was due to that. If you listen to him, particularly in “Girls Why” or “Only You” you can really hear it clearly.

  15. I think ,we-Starlights- are that cool when it comes to criticizing Ravi’s rap or whatever else, ‘cuz VIXX has a lot of foreign fans. And thanks to VIXX TV, MTV Diary, Plan V, we got to know more about them and we often laugh at thing they have done ;) We are okey when somebody is constructively criticising Vixx, because we know they aren’t perfect and more chill about it. I’ve never heard about Starlight doing something that could’ve embarrass VIXX. :)I’m not a native speaker ,so I’m sorry for my confusing writting and you didn’t really got me xD I’m not getting sometimes myself either :P

    BTW. Loved this KMM <3 Greetings from Polish nasties !!!!

  16. oh my god…Fangurilla…I’m dying xD

  17. Whoo finally VIXX gets a KMM! This came as a complete (and super awesome) surprise since I didn’t even know that they were still hanging in the top three (I don’t check the charts that often anymore). If Hyde won’t win the EYK awards for the best potential KMM, I won’t be so disappointed anymore hehe.

    I had no idea that Ravi was even speaking English in the beginning until I saw people wondering what the heck he is saying. I tried to look it up as well but couldn’t find anything either. It doesn’t really ruin the song for me, so I don’t even care if it’s there or not.

    I agree with you about the dance! It’s so good and interesting, in the same way as the dance for Hyde and On and On. I really liked that part after Ravi’s rap too where first Ken and the other members slowly come to check up on him. I like it for the choreo and for the part in the song. Ken’s voice is so nice!

    My answer for the first question is: Seven (1), Infinite (7), ZE:A (9) and VIXX (6). As for the other two questions, I was too lazy to do them. :P I guess I’m not getting out of the class room.

  18. Vixx always reminds me of Vicks VapoRub…

    • …and when you put Vicks VaoRub and Nasty together, it always reminds me of that Friends episode with the sexy vaporub …..ridiculously funny but considering eyebleach afterwards…… LOL!

  19. She’s the weird looking girl from Bilasas Baby I’m Sorry (really what did they do to her there o_O)


  20. I tried to solve the maths equations but I COULDN’T DO IT *sobbs* So sad

    great KMM!! I have missed Kpop Music Mondays SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH YOU HAVE NO IDEA!!!!

  21. I’m so FREAKING GLAD AND HAPPY you guys finally reviewed VIXX :D
    What about “SHOULD I GO SHOULD I STAY NOBODY KNOWS”? I’m pretty sure you understood that..

  22. Actually I was wondering about that when I first heard about them. But then I realized. They actually, literally meant. JELLY FISH. Fish made out of jelly. xD

    And Koreans have a hard time pronouncing the r’s and l’s, maybe it’s because they use the same character (ㄹ). And there really isn’t a v character for hangul. Their ‘v’ is their ‘b’ character (ㅂ) xD

  23. I think Ukiss by itself is a cool name but the acronym is pretty terrible! Same with Vixx and Mblaq! Why even make them acronyms?

  24. I agree about the rapping. I’m a bit ish about this song, but I really liked Hyde! But I still didn’t like the rapping in Hyde either! I actually liked Only U as well, and I don’t usually like that kind of song.

  25. One of your best KMM ever! Thanks guise! ^__^

    P.S. I’m going to assume that your math teacher says “Don’t you know?” a lot, Martina?

  26. You are goin’ against a Holy Commandment of K-POP: You shall never compare ANYTHING with Mirotic! It’s sacrilegeous! SINNERS! jajajajajajajajajaj

  27. Awesome review!! I feel like this music video has a special place in my heart (you could almost say.. it shot right through my heart? ….. ) mainly because it reminds me a lot of my days listening to Visual Kei and Japanese heavy metal. A lot of those videos feature gore and and usually have a general creepyness, which I could see a lot of in this video.
    That, and the excessive use of eyeliner (no complaints here).

  28. Am I the only one wondering how many people got smacked with that skull pin when they were practicing/filming this? Or is it just who is that clumsy?

  29. FINALLLYYYYYYY I was starting to think you guys were trying to avoid vixx :p i’d love to see you guys do an interview with them someday maybe! I think they’re a pretty open group to stuff like that <3

  30. I don’t disagree with you on Ravi’s mumbling rapping at the beginning, but this is all you could really point out? Forgive me if I’m wrong but aren’t a ton of other Kpop groups “rappers” big mumblers too? I just don’t understand why Ravi’s is so unique to everyone else that it’s all that can be pointed out in this blog post.
    VIXX has steadily been growing on my radar. They had a decent debut and I liked their singing. As they went on I really grew intoxicated (“in-tox-i-cation~~~” *ahem* sorry…) with their dancing. Ohmahgoodness! Their dancing – they’ve gotta be some of the best dancing groups out there. Then I had the most awesome privilege of seeing them live in Dallas and that was it. I’m done. Starlight for life! Their singing, dancing, humor – everything. Then in listening to their new album I can see how much they’ve grown in their singing abilities and musicality. These guys have what it takes to make it big. I just wish others would open their eyes and ears and back them with the support they deserve.

  31. ….I agree, its bizzare…but…I love Ravi’s parts…I dont know why hahahaha

  32. VIXX have always been really good dancers. But their choreography wasn’t really distinct until “On and On” :D

    And Ravi..well since before debut he has had an issue with clearly pronouncing his words when he’s rapping. His korean rapping has probably gotten a lot better, but yeah I had no idea he was saying things in English, but I get that from a lot of other people in other groups.

    This video is awesome!!! I’m glad it got reviewed!! :)))

  33. Yay! VIXX. I really don’t pay attention to many of the rookie bands, especially after thousand that have debuted in the last 2 years, but VIXX caught my eye. I recently saw their showcase in LA, and loved it. They have become a really solid favorite for me. I am so happy for the KMM on them, although I think S&M would have had a ton of fun with Hyde…. hey isn’t that up for KKM potential? time to get voting.

    BUT I can’t vote against TXXQ’s Mirotic. That’s the song that really got me into kpop seriously and it holds a special place in my heart.

  34. Oh, I’m so excited! lol
    I’m not like ‘zomgssocrazyvixxfan’ but when I saw this MV I just loved it and I wanted to see/hear y’alls opinion on it!
    I understand about the Engrish however for me it’s totally cool.
    And it worked really well because this had been stuck in my head since I woke up an hour ago. ^^ Got to listen to it.

    On the dance: Zomgs totally agree Martina! Amazing!

    Also: You need to work on yer Minnesotan accent, dontcha know~
    lol ^^

  35. So curious for a translation. :O!

  36. Yes, I’m so glad they finally got reviewed! I’ve been waiting for this for quite a while. I think this is Ravi’s best rap voice in English, especially when comparing it to Superhero. I actually understood what he said on the first listen, so he’s definitely come a long way! For their name, the CEO thought it would be better appearance wise to add a another X, which I agree with, but I can’t tell you how all those V words fit hahahaha. I also really enjoyed Seungrina playing with Leo & Ravi’s dolls. That was hilarious!

  37. Durring the math part, I only saw U-Kiss on the blackboard and was reminded of mordney and realized why this video would win the EYKAs but felt highly disappointed since She’s Mine wasn’t reviewed nor was it entered into the EYKAs.

  38. I really tried to like the video, I thought the song was cool and the choreography was awesome. But in the end, it was way too gory for me. :( I guess VIXX helped me find a squeamish side I never knew existed. Also, am I the only one who’s reminded of Vicks vaporub when you hear the bands name?

  39. I think they might have been intimidated by us Starlights camping out on the comments and raising the number of comments on a song higher than ever before (I believe we broke the previous record….) I think we Starlights just want VIXX to be noticed and appreciated by others.

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