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Kpop Music Monday: Vixx “Voodoo Doll”

December 3, 2013


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I knew this day would come sooner or later. We didn’t talk about Vixx’s “Hyde” back when it came out, and we dodged the bullet then, but now that Voodoo Doll has been in first place for so long, we can’t ignore the elephant in the room any longer. Ravi’s rapping at the beginning of Vixx’s songs is terrible. Here’s the video, if you haven’t heard it yet:

It’s not a bad song! It’s a really interesting video! But the mumblecrusting at the beginning of the song, and other Vixx songs as well, make us either cringe or howl. Guise: it’s so bad. So bad! The rest of the song would be totally fine without it. COMPLETELY. I don’t feel like it adds any value to the song at all. Quite the opposite: it makes the song worse. WHAT THE HELL IS HE SAYING? I can’t even find subtitles to it online. I googled the lyrics to Voodoo Doll and couldn’t find anyone who translated it in, like, the first seven posts that showed up. It’s like they all shook their heads and pretended it didn’t exist.

And his normal speaking voice is totally comprehensible. It’s just this rap persona he takes on that make him sound like someone reading a tongue-twister with a sock stuffed in their mouth. All I could think of is Eddie Murphy talking about James Brown:

Ok! Phew! Finally got that off my chest. We were scared to talk about it, but everyone in the studio agreed. We just hope we didn’t piss off too many people in the process. Though, let’s be honest: this is the internet so we definitely pissed off a bunch of people.

But the rest of the song and video is totally fine! We are a bit torn about the song, though. Martina’s really digging it. I’m just kinda digging it. I agree that it’s a good song, but it doesn’t really blow me away. It’s just like, yep, an ok song. But it’s not something that’s really groundbreaking or all too unique sounding or anything that gives Vixx a clearly distinct sound over other Kpop groups (apart from Ravi’s intros). Sorry guise. I was more impressed by the video than by the song itself. We were going to do a 30 seconds to disagree panel, but we were worried that if we made fun of Vixx’s name, and Ravi’s English, if I added my lukewarm feelings towards the song we’d have pitchforks outside of our studio. So I saved it for the blog post, where I know people are more level-headed. Right guise? *awkward silence* Right? *crickets chirping* Riiiight? *sound of blades being sharpened on grindstones*

Hay! Something that’ll make you laugh and not hate us: voting on this week’s poll!

Or, if that doesn’t make you less grumpy, how about some Bloopers?

On that note, if you’re new to our Music Mondays and found this not too offensive, you should subscribe for more! Hopefully this video and our other videos in the future will give you a chuckle.



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