Ok JYP. Enough already. We’re not suggesting that you’re ruining your songs by saying your name at the beginning of them, but we are suggesting that this kinda needs to stop. It’s not really adding anything to the songs. If you didn’t include your name in it, doubt anybody would be like “hey, you know, this was a great song, but I just couldn’t get into it because I didn’t have the producer whisper his name at the beginning of the song.” Bah! We know that it’s not for the benefit of the song that you’re including your name though. Yes, branding is important, we know, we know, for business, yada yada. For music, though…helllllll it gets annoying. JAY WHY PEE!

Apart from that tiny complaint, and our general complaint about Kpop songs always seeming to throw in rap breakdowns (seriously guise: not everyone should rap), this song was just about pretty damned perfect. Seriously. It’s so fun and spunky! Check it out if you haven’t already:


Now, we’d like to draw your attention back to Bubble Pop. See, that song had a similar kind of peppy spunky happy fun feel to it. It was a great song (apart from the likewise odd genre mashing dub step breakdown), but the video for it was just sooooo off the mark. Hyuna just squeezed her boobs together, shook her ass, and rubbed the inside of her thighs. Wonder Girls: thank you for not going that route with this video. Thank you for making a fun video to match your song, for being fun and confident in your video rather than relying on sexuality for your video. Really. We’re so happy with this, and really think it’s one of the best videos we’ve seen all year.

On a side note: JYP!

Anyhow, since we’re such huge fans of the new Wondergirls song, we decided to do a giveaway. Woot woot! We’re giving away TWO copies of the new Wondergirls album. All you gotta do is tell us what is your favourite part of the video and why. You can leave your answers in this post as well, but PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR YOUTUBE USERNAME IN YOUR ANSWER. We’re picking from our YouTube subscribers, of course, so we gotta make sure you’re subscribed to our channel. Woot! We’ll pick two winners and mail out your CDs next week.

If you don’t happen to be one of the winners, you can either buy the album on iTunes, or, if you prefer a physical album, then you can buy it from YesAsia by clicking the picture below.


As for this week’s Bloopers, you’ll see that the elevator scene was quite difficult to film, considering the fact that people were trying to get on it. Oops! Oh, and the people you saw with us in the elevator were our good friends Brian and Whitney from Ansan Answers. We know Bucheon; they know Ansan. Check them out!



OH! And people have been asking for our songs. Here are the two F-art B Sides. FYI: Simon’s got the awesomest singing voice ever.

Hello Kitty Emo Rap by simonandmartina

F-art Shopping Reggae by simonandmartina

  1. I think the reason producers seem to throw in random rap sequences where they don’t seem to belong is because it’s trendy right now, and a lot of Korean culture seems to be about following trends or following a rigid formula to success (ie, clothing, music, appearances, education). I’m not sure you would ever get a Korean Lady Gaga.

  2. Yeah!  She’s awesome.  We’re not questioning her ability.  We just don’t think she should have rapped in this song.

  3. youtube:cloiebuggeater My fav part of the video is the random 80’s neon colorization of their clothes. 
     I love the concept of T-ara’s video, but didn’t care for the song.  I like Wondergirls’ song better but wasn’t totally sold on the video. I’ll vote WG.F-art Fighting :D The b-sides are awesome!

  4. Voting for Roly Poly, which is also my favorite music video of the entire year.

  5. My favorite part of BE MY BABY by WONDER GIRLS was the RAPPING. To me it was just SO random! XD My first time listening to the song i was thinking “Omg, this song is so awesome! yeah go old school!” then.. ‘rapity rap rap -_- yeh i can rap, so watch me rap!’ and i was like “WOAH… where did that come from? o.o”… The beat totally changed in it, personally, i didn’t like it, if the rap wasn’t there. i would love this song 100% ^^ But i have ANOTHER favourite :] (can i please do that?). My OTHER favourite was when the girls were all together and just pair by pair they leaned forward and stretched out their arms. haha. it reminded me of little children pretending to be AIRPLANES ^^ i cant get over that part XD              YOUTUBE: minjiiyangg   

  6. Wonder Girls for sure!!!

  7. Martina’s voice is so nice.
    i vote for Tara’s Roly poly

  8. I’m just gonna comment on your songs, OMG THEY’RE BRILLIANT. I love the rip off of the The Boys rap LOL. It gets so annoying that rap sequences seem to be everywhere they don’t need to be!


  9. I read this part “Hyuna just squeezed her boobs together” with sneeze instead of squeeze. That would be interesting to see in a video. Agree with you about JYP part and the rap. I tolerated the rap more in this one because I really like the song. 
    YT name: pastelcolors
    My favorite part is the stairs sequence because they made good use of stairs. The girls on all different levels at some point. The dance was really good too. Simple and easy to learn if you wanted to.

  10. Youtube Name: Garfunklmibladder

    My fav. part: xD The butt spanking part its like a little rodeo moment in the video I lol’d when I saw it. And I love the part where they make like a circle, its like the ring games we play out here in the islands :3 SO that was cute when they all spun around and clapped and danced the rest of the song. Those are my fav parts.But nothing tops the horseback move xD that is gold~!

  11. Seeing as this concept was NOT supposed to be retro, T-ARA wins for me. Plus, I didn’t like Be My Baby.

  12. Youtube name: mayms89

    My favorite part of the video is the Bridge part. It’s super cute and It seems that Wonder Girls are so happy while dancing and singing. I love it.I want to be part of that crowd of dancers around Wonder Girls. :D 

  13. NO! It sounds like Shania Twain’s Man I feel like a woman! That’s what it sounds like, yup.

  14. Wonder girls:
    YouTube username: Zoey697
    I like the whole video but my favorite part isn’t really in the video. Its the camera work, it is by far the best camera work I have ever seen. It’s not “pointless,” it was used as a part of the video so it makes the video like ten times better. Other K-POP video the camera is just there, focusing on the singer and occasionally zooming in on them but it would like towards the hip area or the bust area. This kind of camera works let the viewer enjoy the video with out being distracted by the random zooming in and out.
    P.S. I’ll post this on my YT account as well.

  15. And your songs were just totally AWESOME. Totally. Imma fan.


  16. My favorite part was actually two parts (can we have that? 2favorite parts oh pretty plz?)

    – When in the begginning whilst on the turntable floor when they are all busting out their best moves and they all stop and Yubin continues dancing like she didn’t get the cue to stop lol

    – When at the end they are raising their arms and skipping/galloping like cutie ponies in a show lol

    youtube account:pec324399

  17. I vote for Roly Poly because it was SO retro. ^^

    I like the song, although I can’t believe that nobody ever mentioned that it sounds SO Christmas-like…! I can see snow, jinglebells, white fur, presents and so on… xD

    I must point out, though, that I always watch teasers and at the beginning I was pretty disappointed that the song itself had a TOTALLY opposite feel than it’s teaser, which pointed out “Me, in”. Hopefully, there will be an MV to that song as well, so I’m ok with it, in general xD

    Mmm, I guess they gave so many lines to Sohee in order to “zagrać jej na ambicji” and force to practice singing more. Well… I wasn’t that impressed by her live, but I must admit she’s not that off-key as before… well, props for her. I’ve always been pretty anti-Sohee, anyway >.<

  18. OK, so did anyone else here this song and think of the song little bitty pretty one?

    here’s the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u4RxrOMfuCg

    Maybe im crazy, but this is all I could think of while listening to this song

  19. LADY….that´s a bit…..accurate :)
    LOL, that was so hilarious.

    I liked Martina´s singing.

  20. *JYP whisper* My favorite part of the music video was when the Wonder Girls were dancing on the circular platforms with the other dancers, near the end-ish of the video (2:40). The addition of the other dancers made that part stand out to me, and I liked the aerial and circular shots around the platforms showing them dancing around the platforms. *JYP whisper* That part of the video really made me wanna get up and dance and run around in cirlces clapping. Or at least try. :3 I like how the dancers were facing and dancing in each direction (following the circle), so that if you looked at them from any side, you could see them dancing. I was also like, “DEAR SPUDGY HOW DO THEY RUN IN HEELS LIKE THAT WITHOUT FALLING?” *JYP whisper* Ohyeah. And my Youtube username is: ricepanda87 (: Thanks for being awesome! (>^-^)> I think I said “dancing” and “dancers” too many times in this post. 8)

  21. t-ara im always randomly breaking out into a roly poly dance break

  22. This shit is genius! haha you two are too freaking funny!

  23.  i agree with the whole JYP whishper at the beginning of every JYP song, but i guess it’s like some rappers here in the states, they either say the name of theier record label or their names.
    i actually didnt like this song when i first listned to it, but after hearing it again and again, it grows on you! i fond myself humming it, i knew i was hooked, ahh k-pop gotta love it!My favorite part of the video was right at the start of 2:40, when the wonder girls are going up this  circular ramp, they’re multiplied, they’re jumping and skipping to the beat, it kind of reminds me of a part in the oompa loompa song in the new Willy Wonka movie, at one point in the movie they’re jumping and singing everywhere when the little boy gets stuck in the chocolate lake, or something like that.my youtube usename is nicetomeat4

  24. My youtube username is lisaaxp & my favorite part of the video is when Wonder Girls go on that circle stage at like 1:32ish because everything is white/grey except for their outfits which makes it colorfull. Their outfits make it look like an art painting with just colorful polka dots all around with an white/grey background xD PS i loved your F-ART video ~

  25. Hi, first I just have to say when I first heard of the contest, I thought u meant pick your fav part of the the video u guys made… which would have to be your raps lol… but then I read others comments and realized my mistake :P So my fav part of the music video is when they are dancing on those circle stair thingys and then its like from an aerial shot. Thought that was cool. Also btw I dont mind how he always says JYP… my friends and i also wait and say it with a creepy whisper or shout it out when listening to Kpop songs lol. Anyways my youtube username is hotspotter17, and thanks for the great vids

  26. My favorite part is when SooHee is rolling down her sexy window at 0:31 seconds (where they say “Dreaming…”), and Sunye has her “Oh yeah baby boy what’s your name? what’s your sign?” face at 0:32 [repeat this in Simon’s reggae voice].
    Now we know that Wonder Girls did that choreography on purpose, they really wanted to appear in K-pop Music Mondays, and they had to pull out a “roll-down your sexy window” move at the beginning so Eat Your Kimchi Fans would go bananas on their new video.

    My YouTube screen name is PinkMarshmallows88

  27. well, maybe this wont be your fav. comment, but I really like that rap part :) Also would be soooo happy to win one of the CDs :P

  28. My YouTube ID is theFULLMoonKnight and I put two answers to the “My favorite part of WG’s Be My Baby is…” I really only want the “Nevermiiiiiiiiiiiind! Blah blah blah my answer to the question” comment to be paid attention to. I apologize about doing that.

  29. i love the song ….my  favourite part of(PLEASE  BE MY BABY…..PLEASE BE MY BABY..)(please be my lady..please be my lady..) idon’t know but i really love the sound …of the (plz….be..my..baby…)(plz..be..my..lady..)

  30. My youtube username is: pandahatlara

    As obvious as this sounds I think my favourite part has to be the dance
    they do in the chorus. I love kpop songs where there’s a really clear
    and simple set of moves because it makes you wanna get involved and
    follow along! Especially the moves for the “Be my Baby” and “Make me
    your lady” parts – towards the end with the huge group of dancers doing
    those moves I was like “I want to be there with themmmm” XD Coupled with
    the fact that the song is just so upbeat and makes you wanna dance

  31. Is it wrong that my favourite part of the whole video was the very beginning when we hear “JYP…”? I totally feel the same way as you guys, and that part just made me laugh out loud, like REALLY REALLY loud. I mean, SM has them 360° cameras to make it SM, and JYP just has… JYP.
    Plus I also love that “JYP” is also subtitled, just to make it REALLY clear (I actually just love how in general, the video has subtitle for us non korean-speaking fans :D).
    YT: TangyZong

  32. I loved the splashes of color in the mostly black and white video.  It was sort of fun and surprising.  
    I really like this song.  It’s so up-beat and bouncy.

    Youtube:  lyra17

  33. Hmm… The entire choreography of this song was really unique, but I think my favorite part was the “airplane dance”, where they bend at the waist and stick their arms out to the sides, (you know which part I’m talking about?) and they staggered it so different members did it on each beat.

  34. My favorite part when wonder girls and dancers dancing on the big giant circle and the camera zoomed it from the top and it reminds me the hypnotized circle that make me fall in love w/ this song hahahaha.
    My youtube username is Shadowfire821 and Martina, I love korean culture when i was little too lol and i forced my friends to listen to kpop and it works hahaha. I love you guys and you guys always crack me up whenever i watched u guys video <3 <3 <3 

  35. Simon and Martina should do a MV competition! Kitty Rap × Shopping Reggae

  36. I like the rap part of the video best, not so much the rap itself but the scenes. When they dance in front of the staircase and it’s all lit up looks really cool. Then how they dance in a upward spiral onto the circle platform. It really catches your eye, and it reminded me some of  the dance on Around the World by Daft Punk.  The Wonder Girls have always been my favourite girl group, they are talented and not afraid to stand out from the usual kpop sound.

    Also for the showdown, I think i’m gonna have to go with Roly Poly.  The video just defines retro to me.

    Youtube username: LifeProjections

  37. I’m really trying not to cry from laughing so hard! I LOVE the kitty emo song! Could you make an F-art MV so we can vote for you to review it!? ^^ That would be fun! ^^

  38. I really liked the part where they are dancing on a giant pie! SUPERB GIANT PIE INVATION! BWAHAAAA~

    BTW My youtubename is AnnUnlimited and I love you, guise ^^

  39. As ppl already pointed out, the choreographer was the same as in Single ladies :) I have an issue with JYP saying “naahh Wonder Girls are no longer retro”… Yeaaah, I think we have different opinions about what’s retro. Plus, Roly Poly beats the afro out of WG in retro competition <3

    My fave part of the video is towards the end when the backup dancers run around clapping, because that's totaly what I look like when I hear I passed my physics exam :DDD

  40. well it would remind people of Single Ladies since its the same choreographer lol. But i dont think you can compare Yubins rap to people who shouldnt rap…. EVER! yeah… you know who im talking about lol. Anyways, Yubin is one of the best female rappers next to Miryo, Tasha, and CL and although the rap may have been a little out of place and awkward i actually found that it was one of my favorite parts as well as the maknae singing the verses. But my FAVORITE moment in the music video is around that time that you realize that there are splashes of color in their clothes. At first i thought i was going insane but then i read the comments and saw that others saw it too and i was like *sigh of relief*. 

    YT: LaurenGrass

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