Ok JYP. Enough already. We’re not suggesting that you’re ruining your songs by saying your name at the beginning of them, but we are suggesting that this kinda needs to stop. It’s not really adding anything to the songs. If you didn’t include your name in it, doubt anybody would be like “hey, you know, this was a great song, but I just couldn’t get into it because I didn’t have the producer whisper his name at the beginning of the song.” Bah! We know that it’s not for the benefit of the song that you’re including your name though. Yes, branding is important, we know, we know, for business, yada yada. For music, though…helllllll it gets annoying. JAY WHY PEE!

Apart from that tiny complaint, and our general complaint about Kpop songs always seeming to throw in rap breakdowns (seriously guise: not everyone should rap), this song was just about pretty damned perfect. Seriously. It’s so fun and spunky! Check it out if you haven’t already:


Now, we’d like to draw your attention back to Bubble Pop. See, that song had a similar kind of peppy spunky happy fun feel to it. It was a great song (apart from the likewise odd genre mashing dub step breakdown), but the video for it was just sooooo off the mark. Hyuna just squeezed her boobs together, shook her ass, and rubbed the inside of her thighs. Wonder Girls: thank you for not going that route with this video. Thank you for making a fun video to match your song, for being fun and confident in your video rather than relying on sexuality for your video. Really. We’re so happy with this, and really think it’s one of the best videos we’ve seen all year.

On a side note: JYP!

Anyhow, since we’re such huge fans of the new Wondergirls song, we decided to do a giveaway. Woot woot! We’re giving away TWO copies of the new Wondergirls album. All you gotta do is tell us what is your favourite part of the video and why. You can leave your answers in this post as well, but PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR YOUTUBE USERNAME IN YOUR ANSWER. We’re picking from our YouTube subscribers, of course, so we gotta make sure you’re subscribed to our channel. Woot! We’ll pick two winners and mail out your CDs next week.

If you don’t happen to be one of the winners, you can either buy the album on iTunes, or, if you prefer a physical album, then you can buy it from YesAsia by clicking the picture below.


As for this week’s Bloopers, you’ll see that the elevator scene was quite difficult to film, considering the fact that people were trying to get on it. Oops! Oh, and the people you saw with us in the elevator were our good friends Brian and Whitney from Ansan Answers. We know Bucheon; they know Ansan. Check them out!



OH! And people have been asking for our songs. Here are the two F-art B Sides. FYI: Simon’s got the awesomest singing voice ever.

Hello Kitty Emo Rap by simonandmartina

F-art Shopping Reggae by simonandmartina

  1. This is REALLY late, but I think the rapper’s rap in english fit the song a tad bit better. It’s slower paced (I doubt she could rap that fast in English), but her tone is a bit lighter and it feels better. I generally like WG’s songs in English more than Korean, but maybe that’s because I’m biased XD

  2. This video is eerily similar to Put a Ring on It….

  3. “trimming…praying…” =D

  4. I actually don’t mind things like “JYP” or “Mordney present” in the songs because they bring me extra lols every time I hear them. xD I nearly burst out laughing when the giant “JYP” letters lit up on the staircase.

    Anyways, I loooove the song and video! ^^ I just saw the Wonder Girls movie yesterday (late I know ^^; ) and I am just loving these girls more and more every time I see them perform.

  5. I just realized something! I may not be right, but this song could be inspired by the song Be My Baby by The Ronettes, considered the greatest pop song EVER. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QzhbGaCwBzs JYP…you can be a genius sometimes…

  6. LOL I know this is kinda old but I just wanna say that Martina really reminded me of Phoebe from friends with that cat song xDDD

  7. Martina’s Hello Kitty Emo Rap was brilliant.

  8. “rap sequence… WHYYY??” …. totally agree.

  9. lol As a Korean teenager, I’ve never thought rap is so distracting in k-pop music, but now, with your new perspective I can realize the rapping part can be quite awkward in that way:D I think many k-pop music has some parts of rap, especially in idol music, regardless of the overall atmosphere. Anyways, always thanx for your great videos!

  10. i reckon T-ARA’s Roly Poly is more retro. :D clearly u can see Be My Baby is like basically almost the same as Beyonce’s Single Ladies. Like the outfit and dance and the black-and-white background. :D

    • Someone pointed out on youtube that Single Ladies is like Gwen Verdon’s Mexican Breakfast. Be My Baby is similar, but one can clearly see that it’s not the same or “almost the same.”

  11. Simon! I didn’t know ur so talented in rap!

  12. ROLF!! I like Simon and Martina song more!!

  13. Love Simon’s “me gusta” face. That’s the same face I make when something “me gusta”

  14. Youtube: NomzOreos
    My favorite part was mear the beginning when they multiplied and made clones of the singer with the balloon 6 times.

  15. youtube: jelijess
    favourite part: yoobin’s rap! :) since it’s different from the rest of the song, it’s nice to have a change from the same lines repeated over and over. and the swirl formation with a bunch of backup dancers is cool too. 


  17. The two friends in the elevator scene, I saw them on House Hunter International!

  18. YouTube username: DnLaEMT
    My favorite part of the music video is at 00:03 because say JYP hahaha and when the dancers appear in the minute 02:40 =D

  19. I think the reason producers seem to throw in random rap sequences where they don’t seem to belong is because it’s trendy right now, and a lot of Korean culture seems to be about following trends or following a rigid formula to success (ie, clothing, music, appearances, education). I’m not sure you would ever get a Korean Lady Gaga.

  20. I know right?! ….its like when you listen to this really catchy song you hear….JYP PRODUCTION and its like Yo bro i know =.=

  21. YouTube username: CeroHdz
    My favorite part of the music video was in between 0:24 to 0:32. I love how they combined those movements, you just want to move your hands along with them. My favorite part though, has to be the last few seconds where they do what I call the “bunny dance.” That part just cracks me up every time I watch the video, I love it.

  22. youtube username: awsumrose
    my favorite part is at 1:06 when ye eun does the drumming part!! and then a bunch of clones appear doing the same thing:D awesome:)

  23. my favorite part was when they were at the top of the stairs and started dancing while yubin’s saying “the wonder girls… are back” 



  24. Would it be naïve for me to think that if I leave my answer here and in the YouTube comments I have more chances to win? Well, I am going to do it anyway. Copy/paste!

    Youtube username: pcrastello

    My favorite part of the video is the rap, but not for the music specifically. Although by itself it is pretty good (you cannot deny Yubin has great rapping skills), I agree with you that it doesn’t fit the genre of the song at all. What I like about it is the dance. I found those clapping and jumps really fun and hard to not imitate when you listen to the song LOL. I also like when the camera shows the five members and the dancers from above while they dance on that round stage. The camera work is very good in general.

  25. My fav part of the video is when Yubin started rapping!! Like omg breakdown! (Nahh.. just coz that part annoys the freak outta u guys ;P) –srena14

  26. What I liked best about this video was the overall visual of it, especially that everything was black and white with spots of colors appearing at random times. After watching MVs with funky colors changes and shaky cameras recently, it’s nice to just watch something that is easy on the eyes (and my brain). :)

    Youtube: SnowieXTenshi

  27. “meow meow meow meow meow meow touch my head” lol!  i can’t stop singing that part! xD


    ignored the JYP part and sorry that it is quite a long part… 
    starting off from 0:03-0:07 i like how the song is like creating a climax right in the beginning as the opening of the song, the dance of them just moving their shoulders and head may not be very appealing as they are just standing there going up and down but i think it really matches the beat s they synchronise it gives an effect that they are really “wonder girls” as a team. When Yubin says, “and the wonder girls… are back” it makes the opening music sound talk in her place before she said that line it really gives a verys trong impression of the wonder girls. 
    from 0:07-0:19 i like how they have members moving to the right, to the left, and one in the middle while they pose according to the rhythm of the song in the shadows. Slowly, the light gets brighter revealing their faces. When Yubin make the turn with her hand held high, it gives a retro feeling that she is enjoying herself as if she is in a disco. I especially love the part how they move along the huge staircase with the WG lighting is like saying the stage is only their’s. The pause let us anticipate for what is going to show next in the music video. 
    0:19-1:05 the reason why i like this part is actually super simple! haha:D when i first hear “be my baby” i actually like sohee’s and hyelim’s part the most, not only does the lyrics totally fit the music but the dance moves are super cool! not to forget: the black and white effect gives off a ladylike feeling that somehow the without the colours we can still see wonder girls’ talent and how well they can do. 



    YOUTUBE USERNAME: valvaleryp

  29. my favorite part was definitely right after he whispers “Jay why PEEEE” and yubins like “huuuh…this is kinda awkward…. uuh WERE DUH WONDER GIRLS! WERE BAAAAACK…is that what you wanted me to do…introduce ourselves…um im yubin, thats sohee…” haha :P
    youtube channel: shushuhab

  30. so i love your songs. I replayed it more than a sane person probably should XD meow meow meow touch my head~ let’s go dance pun the dance floor, you joom joom my hear just like a locket~

  31. I believe the english is super good in this song because it was specifically designed with an English version.
    Although, some of the lyrics in the English version are even different from the English lyrics in the Korean version.

  32. That’s totally the best Me Gusta face I’ve ever seen a human do. (Okay, it’s the only one. But it still cracked me up.)

  33. Yayyy Big bang!!!Congrats!!!Like if you realized the hidden message of Martina!

  34. First off I want to say that I absolutely love your videos. I recently started listening to K-Pop within the last month and every time I find a song I like I always come here to see if there’s a K-Pop Music Monday video about it. You guys are great and I hope you do these for a while!

    This is the first Wonder Girls song I’ve heard and I instantly fell in love with it. I actually have two favorite parts of the video:
    The first is at the beginning from :08 to :20 where they start off as black silhouettes and begin their separate dance routines. They are all different but they really stuck out to me the first time I watched the music video and I always pay attention to this part when I click replay because I like it so much. Their movements are really fluid without any hints of sexuality and they help set the mood of the video which makes it so special. After they get into positions and the vocals begin, I love how the camera zooms out and you can see each individual step of the lit stairs as well as the huge ‘WG’ symbol. To me it’s a great start to the strong vocal that SoHee brings, who I think definitely shines in this video.My second favorite is from 1:30 to 1:53, where they seem to really use the black and white color scheme to the fullest. I love how the girls have different color ‘scales’ that kind of reflect off their bodies at some parts. This is also SoHee’s second vocal part (sorry I don’t know the technical term) in which the small instances of English really stuck out to me, not only because they rhymed but also just gave out really good feelings. Also the video’s emphasis on her performance on the screen during this time isolates her from the group as really the star of the video. I feel the song/video would be completely different without her. She’s really fantastic.Phew, sorry this might be really long. But I really do appreciate what you two do and I think your videos are funny also. Congratulations on 100,000 describers, I’m sure you’ll have many more to come including myself.Youtube Channel: MidnightSky171

  35. My favorite part of the MV is the use of lighting, particularly the way the lighting changes to make silhouettes. I think it emphasizes the dance very well, and ultimately, this is a dance video, so the focus should be on the dance. 

    My favorite part of the dance is actually the “be my lady” part. It stood out to me when I first watched the music video, and I still think it is a very clever way to portray a lady. The Wondergirls choreography, for me, is very universal. It’s not super complicated, and it’s easily understood, which encourages people dance along with them. I think this is an essential part of the appeal of the Wondergirls. 

    Even though I loved this song and video, I have to go with T-ARA’s “Roly Poly” for most retro. The overall sound plus the choreography and costumes seems more retro to me than the Wondergirls’ “Be My Baby.” 

    Youtube username: AnimosaCascata

  36. I really like this song and the MV, there are some parts I like more and some parts I like less, but one of my favourite parts is around 1:06 min., when there is drum sound before the chorus and in the MV YeEun is like playing the drums and she is “multipled”, it reminds of some old music videos… I really like this short part! :-)

    Answering the question which retro MV I like more – definitely T-ARA’s “Roly Poly” – first of all – the song is absolutely awesome! You can get addicted with it since first few seconds :-) And the MV is awesome as well, their outfits are fabulous! I love them!

    you tube username – ciasteczkowyPotwor87

  37. funny how jyp said the wondergirls moved away from the retro concept and this is the retro edition.

  38.  Be My Baby is such a nice catchy song that is so lovable. and I almost forgot SNSD have a comeback song called THE BOYS…..WG simply WON BY MILES!!
    (sorry to say that but the huge population of SONE do help a lot for them to win triple crowns on all TV show…as some SONE did point out THE BOYS is not a great track for comeback….)_the rapping may be a little bit odd in Be My Baby, but rapping in THE BOYS is even worse!!The dance move at the chorus starting “Please be my baby…” really get me so excited and wanna do the dance with them!! Great Jobs Wonder Girls!! Hope you girls will get all the NUMBER 1 SPOT  for this coming weeks TV show charts!!

    UPDATED!! Wonder Girls won in mCountdown!! WAY TO GO WG!!

  39. My favourite part of the music video is when they are dancing and clapping with the backup dancers at the end of the video because it look so fun and at 3:22 , they stage look like turning around and not the backup dancers. And after the backup dancers finish dancing, Wonder Girls start to sit down on the stage with a sexy and classic style and ended like that. Thanks for reading ^^ and sorry for my bad english.

    YouTube username: HuiHuimoon

  40. T-Ara’s is daringly retro. Be My Baby is just a clear rip off of Beyonce (last 3 mv’s?) and Mariah. 

    I think WG’s choreography is really smart. It catches on a lot easier and nothing says popular like -everybody- imitating your moves, rather than just -wanting- to. 

  41. my favorite part is the dancing on the conveyer belt it hasn’t been done before in any other music video I have seen. They also made it very smooth and work out perfectly.

  42. my favorite part starts at 00:00 and ends at 3:33 xD
    is that it is impossible to choose just one part…
    mv all, as the song are great!!!! \(^o^)/from the moment the song is catchy(^O^☆♪  the camera takes so very good, the main dancescenes where they are going around is really cool  o(^▽^)obut I think the best part is when the other dancers appear and you see the top and alsotakes the rap ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ
    wonder girls definitely have talent and show in a spectacular way ヽ(;▽;)ノmaybe the mv is a bitsimple, but in my opinion they are known for that, and not rely so much on the image but the quality of music(^^)/~~~

  43. Youtube name: TokyoChick123
    The best part is the fluff ball drum solo!!!!!!!! (@ 01:06)

  44. sorry to say this, but you realy realy realy realy need to get a new background song, Because al the bell sound are going to my head, 

    Haaa my poor head

  45. yt acc: afiqah243

    i dont know why but i love so hee solo kinda butt slapping scene~im hook on it (im a girl)
    its just so retro u know that move hehe

    im seriously thinking that yubin should try singing too
    it limits their song range when she dont sing and rap all the time

  46. Throughout the whole video there I was getting distracted by the ‘congrats Big Bang’ background on your laptop :’)
    I’m going with T-ara’s Roly Poly definitely, that whole video was retro and just fun xD

  47. For the poll. Uhm.. Roly Poly by T-ara. Cause the vid was cute and funky.

  48. YouTube Username: tintan121

    My favorite part is whenever the stairs appear because of the optical illusion that its flat. Especially at that start with the WG.

  49. (correction .WG -BMB is not retro ‘it is POP song~
     ..well..watever , ” im still go to WONDERGIRLS – BE MY BABY

  50. Haha JYP just like Mordney Present for U-Kiss videos etc…except Mordney is U-Kiss’ producer and “Present” is Mordney’s Present to everyone! :D

  51. my favorite part is when they r clapped their hands, and it looks like catch mosquito with cute way .aliamaliaful

  52. T-ara Roly Poly

  53. The one thing that I like a lot about the video were the giant fluffy arm bands. They stuck out a lot! The blue ones especially caught my eye because they reminded me of the dyed stripe on Spudgy’s back. HAHA! So automatically I wanted to get one to match Spudgy! :] I also loved the overall retro look the girls were wearing because the bright colors were very appealing. 
    Youtube: YoochunHankyung4Eva

  54. I really like the dance over all. It really ties into the song and it is very energetic. I was introduced to k-pop by my friend from South Korea and she gave me one of the first songs from wonder girls and since then, I have been pouring my heart into k-pop. 
    Youtube: lilly042004 

  55. Thank you, thank you for noticing how heavily Beyonce’s video was referenced! It really bothered me to see such a copy cat video and I don’t even really like Beyonce. Also, you mentioned the words “watching, waiting, dreaming praying” etc. in the song. Between that and the general story of the lyrics I’d say they were intentionally tipping their hat to Dusty Springfield’s “Wishing and Hoping”. Actually, it feels like maybe they were going for a modern version of that song. 

    Altogether, I didn’t hate it, but there was too much material taken from other places and not enough that felt new. Oh yes, and the wicked out of place rap! You voiced my thoughts exactly! I do agree that it’s refreshing to have a song that’s not “lookie lookie I’m so so sexy” though. 

    Anyway, my vote goes to T-ara for Roly Poly! They’re video was much more fresh and original in my opinion. 

  56. Great video, agree with everything. One niggle I’d add, I’m not so retro that I like B&W over color.

    I like both songs but T-ara’s Roly Poly gets my vote. If Youtube has had to replace the hard drive Roly Poly is stored on it’s because I wore it out watching the dance.

    Martina, you keep practicing your guitar. Soon you’ll be challenging Stevie Ray Vaughan as my favorite guitar player.

  57. XD i liked their unique camera work… i’ve never seen it used that way in a music video, so i thought it was pretty cool.
    i also liked that effect where everything is black and white except for certain colors XD
    youtube username: alika421

  58. 헐ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ미국style face
    빵터짐 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    u know what, I had a long day today but u guise made me laugh, as usual.

    I’m not a fan of kpop idols or their muziks just like many koreans are not.

    Hope to see what ur diggin into lately in ur video someday.(ex. 이태원프리덤ㅋㅋㅋ)

    Sometimes me and ma friends so miss

    your korean food videos, delivery in korea, and restaurant reviews..etc…that u used to record in the past.
    (this doesn’t mean it that we wana see some kinda fancy restaurants.. u know what i mean :> )

    Anyways the thing is we love u guise no matter what!

    한국 많이 추워졌다는데 감기조심하세요^^

  59. hahah loved your raps !
    i agree with a lot of what you guys said on the video. i am not a big fan o the WG so i wasnt really impressed by the video, but i do like the feel of it .funny, it also reminded me of some other video ive seen, i just cant figure out which one.. (lols)
     i thought the song was ok ( to me their songs are always just “ok”  but i cant stop singing to it in my head X,D). i like the rapping, i just dont like the annoying bipping that plays durring the rap…
    and yes, the JYP whisper should end!
    my vote goes to T-ara, but i actually “like” both songs/videos.
    btw, me and my dance group danced to Roly Poly on a contest, heres the link if you guys want to check it out ;D

  60. Love the Wonder Girl Dance. They dance perfectly in sync.

    Youtube User: xlindalieu

  61. OMGLOLWTF. That piano tune in the beginning of the second F-Art b-side is the same song they use in the commercials for the Canada Protection Plan…

    I know this from all the times I’ve watched The Price is Right in the mornings and had to sit through all those life insurance ads…

  62. great now i love F-art shopping reggae and hollo kitty emo rap more than be my baby =))))))))))

  63. Martina, you are such a great singer! Wow
    And of course this weeks winner should be T-ara :)

  64. Simon, all of your noraebang experience has culminated in you being a fantastic singer/rapper/song writer. I compared your voice to the same voice in your first noraebang video and you sir…sound amazing both times!  Keep singing for the sake of the world. It’s a better place now.

  65. This video struck me as being odd. I notice that there are several girl groups that are trying to change their image. What are they trying to do? Are they trying to appeal to an american audience? The song was fine the video was a little odd. The girls are just dancing in a coordinated fashion sort of like watching an aerobics class. 

  66. My favorite part of the video is any part with Yubin. While everyone else was being cute and nice, Yubin is in the background bringing the sexy, UNTIL she comes to the front for the rap. Next to CL of 2NE1 she’s probably the best female rapper K-Pop has right now.

    And, what happened to Sohee? I always thought she was the weak link in WG when it came to singing skills, but WOW! She really nailed it in this one. All that time in the states was well spent.

    Seriously, the last part of the video when all the dancers come bouncing out like it’s a pep rally is the best part of the video for me. Everything (the song, the dancing, the actual stage) ramps up and it ends nicely. 

  67. My favorite part was the rap part. I really like the song and all but the dance where they are waving they’re arms is so funny. It looks like they are trying to wave away the smell of a fart even my mom thougt so XD Other then that I really loved the song and choreo ^^

    Youtube username: Ashantiw18

  68. One of this day, you should try asking which F-art song that we like. I get addicted listening both F-art songs this time. I don’t know how many times I reply and laugh at it.

  69. I liked the rap break. Yubin is pretty.
    Youtube: quafflematt

  70. my 3 year old son is obsessed with this song/video. he just wants to play it over and over and over again

  71. sounds bit like a Christmas carol for me ^^’ just waiting for Mariah Carey to start singing “All I want for Christmas is you” ^^

  72. My favourite part of the mv is the chorus part cos I think the choreo is damn cute (: And the fact the stage was turning in the front. Super cool.
    Youtube username : ShinobuSHY (:
    Oh and love the video :D the funny mixed up songs xD

  73. youtube username: maiden573

    My favorite part of the mv is from 1:40-1:50 when Sohee sing “Perfect! *koreankorean* Terrific!” and does that sidewalk. I just love how she pronounces perfect&terrific, it’s super cute and I’ve never ever heard “terrific” in a kpop song + the gorgeous shot of her silhouette is just to die for. 

  74. Simon and Martina both have awesome voices~
    How do they do it.

  75. My favorite part of the MV is their fashion!!! It is so original and classy with a retro twist! But especially………..what was with the furry bracelet/cuffs…….someone was raiding Siwon’s closet from SJ-M wardrobes…….. yah it was pretty awesome.

    ps youtube subscriber gigiowls89

  76.  me gusta face :) liked so mucho… me gusto…nice touch for latinamericans that watch your vids guys.
    Hello from Ecuador- South America.

  77. José Lefebre-Meléndez

    My favourite part of the MV is actually the dance during the rap.  I don’t like the rap itself (although I love Yubin) because it feels like the song would be much better without it, BUT the dance is so adorable.  It cheers me up, always!  *Clap clap clap*  YouTube username: refebure ;D

  78. Thanks for the awesome Kpop Music Monday review! I watched it again after the review and I appreciate the music video a lot more now =D

  79. I love your songs mix, i would love to have it as a ring tone :D can i?????

  80. My YouTube name is thechubbything!
    My favorite part of the new Wonder Girls’ MV is at the very beginning (not the JYP bit, I totally agree with you on that one) but after that when Yoobin sings “The Wonder Girls…are BACK!!” and they’re all on the very top of the staircase. To me, it shows that even after everything that they have gone through in the past few years, they can still stand at the very top as one of the most popular girl groups in Korea and in different parts of the world. They didn’t falter and let bad experiences or failures stop them from having an amazing comeback, instead, they continuously grew and learnt from them – they took it as a challenge and tackled through two tiring and relentless years to come back better and with their musical foundation much more mature and developed. They are showing everybody that things that bring you down can also help to make you stronger; they are giving strength and consolation for people all around the world. The flashing lights at the beginning also symbolizes to me that even under the spotlight from the media and critics, they can stand the pressure and go through the hardship and suffering to become more elegant, closer and stronger to shine brighter than ever before. Wonder Girls is really the best of the best.

  81. youtube name: jesa1020

    I really loved two things about the wonder girls new video. First, the way they use the lighting while they are dancing to show only the silhouette/shape of the wonder girls was pretty awesome. It really lent an artsy feel to the video while also showing off their hot figures. The second thing that I liked about the video was the fact that the wonder girls seem to actually have thighs…non stick figures made their dances better!

  82. My favorite part of this video has to be the awkward leg dance movement that starts at 2:28. 

    At first glance, I thought that they were doing that awkward zombie leg drag walk thing….. 

    Also, Roly Poly! It’s ma jammm.

  83. You have to make me choose between “Be My Baby” and “Roly Poly”? At least you didn’t throw “Figaro” into the mix. Since I have to choose one, I have to go with……the Wonder Girls — but only by THAT much. I grew up on disco, so “Roly Poly” is like, well, mother’s milk is not quite the right phrase, but something like that. I’d still like to see if you have a take on “Figaro”, by the way — more disco goodness.

    Summary: 1 vote for Wonder Girls “Be My Baby”

  84. I really like both…but if i had to pick then i would go with T-ara Roly Poly

  85. YouTube Username: kristinamillicent

    I really loved this new Wonder Girls song. To me, it was like Christmas and Single Ladies combined. Okay, maybe not exactly, but I can’t be the only one who gets a Christmas-y feeling from this song!

    My favorite part of this video has to be when they’re all dancing/skipping in a circle. It’s really cute and matches the tone of the song. I also have to mention that I kinda really love the coloured polka dots on their dresses. So cute. ^_^

    You guys should totally check out the English version of the song. :D

    As for the vote, I’d have to pick Wonder Girls. I really loved the T-ara video (especially the clothing), but I like the Wonder Girls’ song better.

  86. I vote for the wonder girls video. Even thought T-ara did good a good
    job and i liked the video, i did really go crazy for it. My favorite
    part of the video was the beginning when they created the floor was
    moving. I think jyp did a really good job with this song and video.

  87. youtube:cloiebuggeater My fav part of the video is the random 80′s neon colorization of their clothes. 
     I love the concept of T-ara’s video, but didn’t care for the song.  I like Wondergirls’ song better but wasn’t totally sold on the video. I’ll vote WG.F-art Fighting :D The b-sides are awesome!


    ahhh, jyp obba. kkk haha, only kidding, but he is awesome.

    Well, well, why? You wanna know why? Because I love JYP. Have you ever listened to the full version of the song that opens up the MV of Nobody? You know, Honey?

    Even if you have, COME ON GO LISTEN AGAIN: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zAwn8-fphJY

    But also because right after that, we get that funky bopping, the beautiful Wonder Girls shout, and then the awesome high pitch stuff comes in. I love the beginning. It builds up so well. And JYP is there. JYP WOO~

    My youtube username is vinny4969m! Also, I vote for T-ara~ I love that dance. ;o;

  89. not a big fan of k-pop.  actually, can’t stand it.  mostly eye candy.  anyway, just a note to say that i enjoyed your blogs.  humorous and well thought out.  have a question thou, most of your blogs are
    about good things in korea.  was just
    wondering what bothers you about korea. 
    me – korean-american.  born in
    korea but raised in the states.  back in
    korea for a while.  things i dont like
    about korea (besides k-pop :)) – people spitting, drunks on the street, rude
    people that push you out of the way, loud, loud people in restaurants (no, i am
    not bashing korea, it is part of who i am.. maybe hating k-pop a little or a lot).  anyway, just wondering… one more question thou, what’s up with canadians and ‘eh’ after almost ever sentence?  

    • They do not say ‘eh’ after almost every sentence D: Canadians have very different accents depending on where you are, just like America when you have the southern accent or a new yorker accent. Some people say it more than others i hear, but I really don’t notice in Simon and Martina’s case. ‘eh’ is mostly used to call attention to something like: “i know eh?!” I can’t really think of another context in which I’ve heard it though :S except when making fun of Americans making fun of Canadians. That and the igloo joke XD

  90. I really honestly didn’t think I was going to enjoy this music video nor did I know that this would be my new favorite song! My favorite part is of this video is that they looked like confident women. They didn’t have to pull super aegyo-oppa be my baby-so cute-teehee faces or be shaking it all up in my face with raunchy face spasms and body movements, they just looked strong and confident. CONFIDENCE IS SEXY! I wish more people knew this.

  91. youtube name: ChenXiangYun
     T-ara’s Roly Poly My favorite part of the MV was when the are standing in a supposedly w-formation and then then go down in a ripple with their arms spread out then back up …not shure if i’m explaining it right it’s at 1:56 around… but it’s extremely synchronized and their flats are almost perfect. I had similar choreograph for my work for colorguard this season and our flats weren’t ever perfect, though the flats of my seniors came pretty close.  I probably love it because I can’t do it. It’s not really a “part” of the MV but I also love how they’re wearing heels and dancing on stairs, aren’t they scared they’ll tumble like Jack and Jill? 

  92. *word

    Grr. Hate typos.

  93. Voting for Roly Poly, which is also my favorite music video of the entire year.

  94. My favorite part of BE MY BABY by WONDER GIRLS was the RAPPING. To me it was just SO random! XD My first time listening to the song i was thinking “Omg, this song is so awesome! yeah go old school!” then.. ‘rapity rap rap -_- yeh i can rap, so watch me rap!’ and i was like “WOAH… where did that come from? o.o”… The beat totally changed in it, personally, i didn’t like it, if the rap wasn’t there. i would love this song 100% ^^ But i have ANOTHER favourite :] (can i please do that?). My OTHER favourite was when the girls were all together and just pair by pair they leaned forward and stretched out their arms. haha. it reminded me of little children pretending to be AIRPLANES ^^ i cant get over that part XD              YOUTUBE: minjiiyangg   

  95. Cool disco moves on Roly Poly. I also really like the beginning which explains the reminiscing aspect of the video. T-ara for the win!

  96. YouTube username: phaaaaaam
    My favorite part: My favorite part of the music video was the ending dance sequence, where all the extra dancers come in and clap-skip around the girls and it just looks so frigging cool!!! Especially when they give us a bird’s eye view.

  97. Well i loved this song especially the rap thought i kinda admit it somewhat doesnt seem to fit at first but after a while it goes perfect. My vote goes for T.ara the video of Wonder Girls wasnt a retro genre. 

  98. Wonder Girls for sure!!!

  99. My favorite part of the video is near the end when all the backup dancers come out and everyone skips around the graduated ring.  It’s cute and matches the video, but… I can’t help but think of some weird Kpop dance ritual that will call down the fire rain from above.  YOU WILL BE MY BABY… OR YOU WILL PERISH!!  MUAHAHAHAHA!!

    …Ahem, anyway, that’s my favorite part.  caddishdame @ youtube

  100. ROLY POLY!!
    btw, beyonce’s choreographer choreographed this mv thts why it looks like the single ladies’ dance


  102. Martina’s voice is so nice.
    i vote for Tara’s Roly poly

  103. I’m just gonna comment on your songs, OMG THEY’RE BRILLIANT. I love the rip off of the The Boys rap LOL. It gets so annoying that rap sequences seem to be everywhere they don’t need to be!


  104. Hi Simon & Martina (: Wonder Girls is my favorite group ever. My favorite part of the MV is the beginning where they start posing and the stage that they’re standing on is moving them into each other (0:08 - 0:15) Their moves are so sharp and i’m assuming they created the first set of poses of the dance because i know they’re capable of doing so and they’re really amazing dancers!~ It shows what kind of style they’re into. I really like Sohee’s poses as well as the first verse choreography. ^^YT username: vangpakau

  105. I read this part “Hyuna just squeezed her boobs together” with sneeze instead of squeeze. That would be interesting to see in a video. Agree with you about JYP part and the rap. I tolerated the rap more in this one because I really like the song. 
    YT name: pastelcolors
    My favorite part is the stairs sequence because they made good use of stairs. The girls on all different levels at some point. The dance was really good too. Simple and easy to learn if you wanted to.

  106. Youtube Name: Garfunklmibladder

    My fav. part: xD The butt spanking part its like a little rodeo moment in the video I lol’d when I saw it. And I love the part where they make like a circle, its like the ring games we play out here in the islands :3 SO that was cute when they all spun around and clapped and danced the rest of the song. Those are my fav parts.But nothing tops the horseback move xD that is gold~!

  107. WONDER GIRLS!!!

  108. Seeing as this concept was NOT supposed to be retro, T-ARA wins for me. Plus, I didn’t like Be My Baby.

  109. Youtube name: mayms89

    My favorite part of the video is the Bridge part. It’s super cute and It seems that Wonder Girls are so happy while dancing and singing. I love it.I want to be part of that crowd of dancers around Wonder Girls. :D 

  110. YT name: blackjackSoShi99
    My favourite part of the video was definitely near the end of Yubin’s dance part, when they’re all clapping their hands in the circle. It was so cute and also had amazing camera work, when their looking at them dancing from above. I know I could never dance around in a circle like that while wearing heels.

  111. HAHA :DD
    YT username: igloo256
    Ok. i think its hilarious how all JYP songs have JYP in the beginning. thats like part of all the songs now. BUT anyways. back to video. I didn’t like the song much (ballad fan here) but this video was AMAZING. the color and director and stuff. my favorite has to be in the BEGINNING when they light up the words JYP and WG (im such a boring person) but yes. it was really cool. 

  112. NO! It sounds like Shania Twain’s Man I feel like a woman! That’s what it sounds like, yup.

  113. Wonder girls:
    YouTube username: Zoey697
    I like the whole video but my favorite part isn’t really in the video. Its the camera work, it is by far the best camera work I have ever seen. It’s not “pointless,” it was used as a part of the video so it makes the video like ten times better. Other K-POP video the camera is just there, focusing on the singer and occasionally zooming in on them but it would like towards the hip area or the bust area. This kind of camera works let the viewer enjoy the video with out being distracted by the random zooming in and out.
    P.S. I’ll post this on my YT account as well.

  114. And your songs were just totally AWESOME. Totally. Imma fan.


  115. My favorite part was actually two parts (can we have that? 2favorite parts oh pretty plz?)

    - When in the begginning whilst on the turntable floor when they are all busting out their best moves and they all stop and Yubin continues dancing like she didn’t get the cue to stop lol

    - When at the end they are raising their arms and skipping/galloping like cutie ponies in a show lol

    youtube account:pec324399

  116. I vote for Roly Poly because it was SO retro. ^^

    I like the song, although I can’t believe that nobody ever mentioned that it sounds SO Christmas-like…! I can see snow, jinglebells, white fur, presents and so on… xD

    I must point out, though, that I always watch teasers and at the beginning I was pretty disappointed that the song itself had a TOTALLY opposite feel than it’s teaser, which pointed out “Me, in”. Hopefully, there will be an MV to that song as well, so I’m ok with it, in general xD

    Mmm, I guess they gave so many lines to Sohee in order to “zagrać jej na ambicji” and force to practice singing more. Well… I wasn’t that impressed by her live, but I must admit she’s not that off-key as before… well, props for her. I’ve always been pretty anti-Sohee, anyway >.<

  117. This is the first Wonder Girls video I’ve ever watched, and I gotta say it was a hit with me.  It was just a solid, fun performance and I liked the song a lot.  It’s fun and catchy, and stays in my head which is a good sign.

    I also liked how they focused more on beauty than sex appeal.  It’s kind of a fine-line sometimes, especially in that industry, but I really think they got it just right.  I feel my daughter could watch this without me feeling embarrased but it’s cool enough to have broad appeal.

    YT username: dmclean635

  118. Simons rap just make you die of laughter especially if you know BILASA

  119. My favourite part is Sohee singing! She is cute, young, but has wonderful and magnificent voice. Sohee is the MAIN vocal for sure. Her beautiful singing parts are huge compared to other members of the group! 

    Also from the first look the spining arena is trying to destroy WG dance, but choreography is perfect, so it looks very well and original.
    By the way, Wonder Girls are really pretty, but they are famous not because theirs sexiness, but soft, pretty voice and profesional singing and dancing. :3

  120. OK, so did anyone else here this song and think of the song little bitty pretty one?

    here’s the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u4RxrOMfuCg

    Maybe im crazy, but this is all I could think of while listening to this song

  121. I’m sorry Wonder Girls but I just can’t like this song. The synths are too cheery and annoying. And I agree with the rap part not fitting in with the song. Also does the word spunky have a different meaning in North America? Because in the UK it means something that would never be used to describe K-pop.  

    • LOL, yeah, it does. It means like fiesty, spirited, plucky, courageous, that kind of thing. Interestingly (well, if you’re a word nerd), from my experience, it’s used almost exclusively to describe girls/women, as in, “that gal’s got a lotta spunk!”  Many a kdrama heroine is spunky, or at least is supposed to be.

      But that words can also mean what I’m guessing it means over there. ;)

      • Thanks for the alternate meanings but I don’t think I’m gonna be able to get my head around our meaning. I burst out laughing at “that gal’s got a lotta spunk!” Anyway I’m not sure it’s wise to be discussing this on here :S

  122. YT Username: Bulletsandcarnage

    My favorite part was during the rap, I know what you guys said about the rap, but was kinda cute when yubin was rapping like a fierce lady and then all of them started jumping with joy hahaha completely loved that, it looks like there where calling for the god of rain or something like that XD

  123. LADY….that´s a bit…..accurate :)
    LOL, that was so hilarious.

    I liked Martina´s singing.

  124. *JYP whisper* My favorite part of the music video was when the Wonder Girls were dancing on the circular platforms with the other dancers, near the end-ish of the video (2:40). The addition of the other dancers made that part stand out to me, and I liked the aerial and circular shots around the platforms showing them dancing around the platforms. *JYP whisper* That part of the video really made me wanna get up and dance and run around in cirlces clapping. Or at least try. :3 I like how the dancers were facing and dancing in each direction (following the circle), so that if you looked at them from any side, you could see them dancing. I was also like, “DEAR SPUDGY HOW DO THEY RUN IN HEELS LIKE THAT WITHOUT FALLING?” *JYP whisper* Ohyeah. And my Youtube username is: ricepanda87 (: Thanks for being awesome! (>^-^)> I think I said “dancing” and “dancers” too many times in this post. 8)

  125. t-ara im always randomly breaking out into a roly poly dance break

  126. This shit is genius! haha you two are too freaking funny!

  127. big ups to the bigbang EMA photo in the back

  128.  i agree with the whole JYP whishper at the beginning of every JYP song, but i guess it’s like some rappers here in the states, they either say the name of theier record label or their names.
    i actually didnt like this song when i first listned to it, but after hearing it again and again, it grows on you! i fond myself humming it, i knew i was hooked, ahh k-pop gotta love it!My favorite part of the video was right at the start of 2:40, when the wonder girls are going up this  circular ramp, they’re multiplied, they’re jumping and skipping to the beat, it kind of reminds me of a part in the oompa loompa song in the new Willy Wonka movie, at one point in the movie they’re jumping and singing everywhere when the little boy gets stuck in the chocolate lake, or something like that.my youtube usename is nicetomeat4

  129. My youtube username is lisaaxp & my favorite part of the video is when Wonder Girls go on that circle stage at like 1:32ish because everything is white/grey except for their outfits which makes it colorfull. Their outfits make it look like an art painting with just colorful polka dots all around with an white/grey background xD PS i loved your F-ART video ~

  130. Hi, first I just have to say when I first heard of the contest, I thought u meant pick your fav part of the the video u guys made… which would have to be your raps lol… but then I read others comments and realized my mistake :P So my fav part of the music video is when they are dancing on those circle stair thingys and then its like from an aerial shot. Thought that was cool. Also btw I dont mind how he always says JYP… my friends and i also wait and say it with a creepy whisper or shout it out when listening to Kpop songs lol. Anyways my youtube username is hotspotter17, and thanks for the great vids

  131. my youtube  usename ..IS amona194

  132. My favorite part is when SooHee is rolling down her sexy window at 0:31 seconds (where they say “Dreaming…”), and Sunye has her “Oh yeah baby boy what’s your name? what’s your sign?” face at 0:32 [repeat this in Simon's reggae voice].
    Now we know that Wonder Girls did that choreography on purpose, they really wanted to appear in K-pop Music Mondays, and they had to pull out a “roll-down your sexy window” move at the beginning so Eat Your Kimchi Fans would go bananas on their new video.

    My YouTube screen name is PinkMarshmallows88

  133. well, maybe this wont be your fav. comment, but I really like that rap part :) Also would be soooo happy to win one of the CDs :P

  134. My YouTube ID is theFULLMoonKnight and I put two answers to the “My favorite part of WG’s Be My Baby is…” I really only want the “Nevermiiiiiiiiiiiind! Blah blah blah my answer to the question” comment to be paid attention to. I apologize about doing that.

  135. i love the song ….my  favourite part of(PLEASE  BE MY BABY…..PLEASE BE MY BABY..)(please be my lady..please be my lady..) idon’t know but i really love the sound …of the (plz….be..my..baby…)(plz..be..my..lady..)

  136. My favourite part of the video would be in the beginning introduction when all you can see are their silhouettes (after the “we’re back!” part). After, their faces become clear and they’re all dancing but with different moves and then they all start dancing together. That was so cool, especially because the girls usually start with the same moves in most songs. 

    I love your the F-art videos! Hilarious :)YT: morehugsplease

  137. My youtube username is: pandahatlara

    As obvious as this sounds I think my favourite part has to be the dance
    they do in the chorus. I love kpop songs where there’s a really clear
    and simple set of moves because it makes you wanna get involved and
    follow along! Especially the moves for the “Be my Baby” and “Make me
    your lady” parts – towards the end with the huge group of dancers doing
    those moves I was like “I want to be there with themmmm” XD Coupled with
    the fact that the song is just so upbeat and makes you wanna dance

  138. “yea you better give me milk right now” LMFAO!

  139. Voting for Rolly Polly! <3

    As for my favorite part of the video, I really like the color scheme. I think they did a great job with the black and white, also adding a bit of color like the dance version of Abracadabra by Brown eyed Girls.

  140. Hi mi name is Areli and my youtube username is ArenithaKiriyu 

    My fav part of the video is especially when Hyerim starts to sing because we can see the 1st single when she is part of the family and not just a replacement, shes a great dancer and singer. The choreograpy and the song are very catchy, i listened up the whole week.. =D
    Since sunmi’s left the fans we were expecting a new album where we can see what WG are like “tell me”, “2 different tears”, “irony”, “so hot” etc.

  141. By the way, for the music video, it tells me the URL contained a malformed video id… no idea what that means but people can’t view the video (thought you should know) :)

  142. Is it wrong that my favourite part of the whole video was the very beginning when we hear “JYP…”? I totally feel the same way as you guys, and that part just made me laugh out loud, like REALLY REALLY loud. I mean, SM has them 360° cameras to make it SM, and JYP just has… JYP.
    Plus I also love that “JYP” is also subtitled, just to make it REALLY clear (I actually just love how in general, the video has subtitle for us non korean-speaking fans :D).
    YT: TangyZong

  143. I loved the splashes of color in the mostly black and white video.  It was sort of fun and surprising.  
    I really like this song.  It’s so up-beat and bouncy.

    Youtube:  lyra17

  144. Hmm… The entire choreography of this song was really unique, but I think my favorite part was the “airplane dance”, where they bend at the waist and stick their arms out to the sides, (you know which part I’m talking about?) and they staggered it so different members did it on each beat.

  145. My favorite part when wonder girls and dancers dancing on the big giant circle and the camera zoomed it from the top and it reminds me the hypnotized circle that make me fall in love w/ this song hahahaha.
    My youtube username is Shadowfire821 and Martina, I love korean culture when i was little too lol and i forced my friends to listen to kpop and it works hahaha. I love you guys and you guys always crack me up whenever i watched u guys video <3 <3 <3 

  146. hi!
    i loved the review <3 the f-art comeback ( is their comeback right?)
    i will vote for t-ara roly poly (totally love the colorfull outfits)

    And for your question, my favorite part of the video was  when they are
    dancing around and in the top of  the giant white  snail and suddenly
    are dancing more people and they are just girls ,  i feell like a woman 
    retro party and a little of  the  Macarena video from  Los del Rio ( i
    totally love that song xD)

    P.D. i saw a little Abracadabra outfits in there.
    sorry for my bad english.

    My youtube channel : AnLuMeSi

  147. Good! So I’m not the only one who thought the song was oddly familiar to “Single ladies!”

  148. Simon and Martina should do a MV competition! Kitty Rap × Shopping Reggae

  149. I like the rap part of the video best, not so much the rap itself but the scenes. When they dance in front of the staircase and it’s all lit up looks really cool. Then how they dance in a upward spiral onto the circle platform. It really catches your eye, and it reminded me some of  the dance on Around the World by Daft Punk.  The Wonder Girls have always been my favourite girl group, they are talented and not afraid to stand out from the usual kpop sound.

    Also for the showdown, I think i’m gonna have to go with Roly Poly.  The video just defines retro to me.

    Youtube username: LifeProjections

  150. I’m really trying not to cry from laughing so hard! I LOVE the kitty emo song! Could you make an F-art MV so we can vote for you to review it!? ^^ That would be fun! ^^

  151. I really liked the part where they are dancing on a giant pie! SUPERB GIANT PIE INVATION! BWAHAAAA~

    BTW My youtubename is AnnUnlimited and I love you, guise ^^

  152. As ppl already pointed out, the choreographer was the same as in Single ladies :) I have an issue with JYP saying “naahh Wonder Girls are no longer retro”… Yeaaah, I think we have different opinions about what’s retro. Plus, Roly Poly beats the afro out of WG in retro competition <3

    My fave part of the video is towards the end when the backup dancers run around clapping, because that's totaly what I look like when I hear I passed my physics exam :DDD

  153. The songs u guys made are so cool!!!!:D haha. Seems I just hv become a fan of the random rap breakdowns. Lol, but I think I also just have offended my korean father-in-law cause of Simon. I couldn’t stop listening to the reggae part so I just ignored the poor abeonim who was asking me how to call cuttle fish in polish.. ehh. Anyways, thank you guys so much!!! Your video succesfully restored my energy:) Lots of love!!!!

  154. well it would remind people of Single Ladies since its the same choreographer lol. But i dont think you can compare Yubins rap to people who shouldnt rap…. EVER! yeah… you know who im talking about lol. Anyways, Yubin is one of the best female rappers next to Miryo, Tasha, and CL and although the rap may have been a little out of place and awkward i actually found that it was one of my favorite parts as well as the maknae singing the verses. But my FAVORITE moment in the music video is around that time that you realize that there are splashes of color in their clothes. At first i thought i was going insane but then i read the comments and saw that others saw it too and i was like *sigh of relief*. 

    YT: LaurenGrass

  155. hey great review guys! :)
    My favourite part was at the beginning of the song (minus the JYP part ehem xD), where they danced and the whole floor rotated around, and the camera zoomed out to show WG, which are awesome! and i havent seen anything like that in other music videos :)
    my YT account: happyhappy2610 :)

  156. Oh and I want F-art Shopping Reggae as my ringtone :D!

  157. Ok I gotta say it …. Simon makes the best Beyonce ever ! …but back to Kpop …This song is kinda catchy ……please be my baby ,please be my…. …oh great! now I wont stop singing it! .This week my vote goes to Wonder Grils!

  158. I’m not sure why, but “Be My Baby” reminds me of the song “All I Want for Christmas” (the version from the movie “Love Actually”)  It’s not a bad thing, just puts me in an extra festive spirit!

  159. I love the way they go downstairs while singing, dancing and they don’t even twist their ankle.
    I can’t imagine myself doing that. I can’t even go downstairs with heels without falling heavily.
    YT : knights0dream

  160. Computer background?…NICE :D
    And i want want WAAANT and F-ART (mini) album ASAP ><'
    And my vote goes to Wonder Girls cuz I've been singing this song for the entire week non-stop :D

  161. Sooooooo funny, coz normally the lifts in korean have CCTV…… does yours have one? =D

  162. Hello! first of all, I love them! I’m from Argentina and I love to see them! they are so funny! ^ ^Would love to have guys like you .. My favorite part of ‘Be My Baby’ is the part where the dancers enter clapping along with the “WG” ^ ^ the video is very funny and I love your concept! ^ ^
    p / d: sorry if my English is bad
                                                                     A big hug ^ ^ Emmi :3p/d.2: ♥ I love Spuggy

  163. YAY!!! I love “Be My Baby”! Thanks for reviewing it!

    Hmm…it’s hard to choose just one part of the video cuz I actually loved the whole thing! :) Can I break it down to different parts & explain why I liked them?

    I love the beginning where the lights light up the stairs to the WG at the top of the staircase…thought it was really cool and that it symbolized that the WG are back at the top (& spotlights on them)…Woohoo! I also love their move at the top, where they’re moving up and down, but not at the same time, 3 up, 2 down, etc. Their stylist also picked beautiful outfits which the first ones matched perfectly with the lights & staircase. I also really like the splashes of color in the otherwise B&W video. The colors aren’t too much and it doesn’t detract from the overall feel of the MV. Instead it adds to the MV by giving the girls some individuality by giving them all different colors…plus I love the puffy, furry things on their dresses! Lastly, I really do love the aerial views of the video when the girls are dancing with the back-up dancers and it shows them dancing in a spiral, like a snail’s shell (that’s what it reminded me of)…in a good way of course. It was super pretty to look at. Overall, definitely loved the song & the video! Oh, and I’ll vote for the WG for best retro song/video too! :)

    (Youtube ID: lavenderskye)

  164. YT un: sonicphotonic

    My favorite part of the mv is where they start clapping and going up that spiral. The movements from above look amazing.

  165. I vote for the Wonder girls!! Retro reminds me of the wonder girls and the wonder girls reminds me of retro!!

  166. A vote for Wonder Girls of course! This song is so catchy. I watch the video whenever I can. 
    The best part I think is definitely all the catchy dance moves and the way the stage the dancing. It really makes you feel as if you could join in on the video! Thanks for reviewing this! I was hoping you would!  My y0u tube is boypants1993

  167. Youtube username: jazztonish

    My favorite part of the MV would be sometime nearly the end of the video (at 2:57 Min.) when the camera shot everyone dancing on the circle stage from the top view. We could see that all of them turned their bodies and hair beautifully. It looks like a flower is blooming. I also interpret this as to celebrate how wonderful it is for being a woman who is falling in love with a man. 

  168. YAY! so happy to see you guys made a video for WG’s new song!

  169. I vote for Wonder Girls.. they’re songs are very addictive…:D

    If you ask me about what part of the MV i like.. it is the part wherein they are dancing while going down the stairs…. simply because i found it unique & very interesting ^^
     & it looks difficult with those heels.. :D

  170. Glad to know that the Wonder Girls’ comeback is pretty cool. I kept hearing about them, but they weren’t really on the scene when I started listening to kpop, so I didn’t know what to expect.

    Fav retro video: The Wonder Girls. T-ara can be cool and their video is cute (and long!), but I just can’t get over their pronunciation of “roly poly” in that song. Plus, where I’m from, a rolly polly is nickname for pill bugs, these nasty little insects that you don’t want to think about while a kpop song is playing.

  171. Hey guise :)
    nice song btw, excuse me whilst i download it…
    ..and im back.
    yes so i watched this the second it came out, and i was LOVING it!!!!
    And im not just saying that either. I loved the MV, and the song, they were so catchy!
    But of course, people kept saying they were dissatisfied with the song, and i was like :(
    but my favourite part was the very begining, it sucked me right into the song, and i was literally dancing the whole time. (by dancing i mean shaking my shoulders and bobbing my head lol) Right up to the chorus. And the JYP part killed it a bit, but i still love it :)
    Youtube account: xxstar14xx

  172. Oh wait, wished Tablo can be reviewed too. Sad. 

  173. I hope next week Cry Cry be the one being reviewed. Let’s vote people ^^

    LOL I kinda wish to read Simon and Martina talking about the 15 minutes mv/mini drama XD
    (I think they could do it in 10 minutes… )

    And which version (have 3 versions of cry cry!) They prefer ^^~

  174. soo you guys must be reddit-ers
    the “me gusta” face is what I picked up on
    and now that I think about it you’ve also had the ffffffuuuuuuuuu face in another video

  175. Hello Simon and Martina!

    Ok, let me think.
    First of all, I do not watch a video to think about my favourite part of the music video, because well, I have watched it more than 30 times already! Haha. I have been a Wonderful since Gr. 9 (from Tell Me times, yes).

    I liked every moment of the video. Nonetheless, if I did have to choose one favourite part, it has got to be Sohee’s part at the 2nd verse of the song. I really like Be My Baby to see how much Sohee has grown and improved as a singer. She holds a substantial portion in this song and watching her sing and dance is just great!

    To be honest, I was a fan of Sunmi and I was very disappointed when she left the group. Now, I support all Wonder Girls and am proud of them for what they have shown to the world with their new album. Unlike a typical k-pop album, many songs (to me, every song of course!) in the album deserve to be title tracks.

    Thanks for reading my comment!
    (Youtube name: hj9255)  


  176. Youtube name: TokyoChick123

    My fav part is around 00:12-14 when there rapper breaks out some diva moves! She’s like bam you better be paying attention(or should I say watching? ha ha)!! :)

  177. My favorite part is the dance for the chorus.
    The movement when they say “Please be my baby” is quite funny. It’s seems that they want a “baby” when they say “Please be my baby”; I mean they want the guy to become their baby literally. Then, when they said “Make me your lady”, they pretend that they wear a long skirt and they need to hold it. I seriously want to know what the choreographer thinking when he choreographed the dance for ‘Be My Baby’.

    Another thing that I like is the trick they used to make the stage move or looks like move because you can see the unique formation which can’t be seen without this trick for ‘Be My Baby’ dance song. This is the first time I see this trick used in Kpop Music Video and I like it a lot.

    Although this video looks simple, in the box, black & white with very few color, it is filled with various techniques which make this video not boring. It makes me wonder how much the production cost of this video since it might prove that you don’t need to spend so much to create good MV.

    My youtube id: cherrykotori


    To be honest, I was initially dissatisfied with this MV since this is not the joke MV that WG team usually produced. I mean look at WG title song MV so far: Irony –> Tell Me –> So Hot –> Nobody –> 2 Different Tears; all unique and funny on their own way. After watching ‘Be My Baby’ MV few times, I do realize that
    the MV is actually quite good.

    I’ll vote for WG this week because I like Be My Baby and I dislike Roly Poly.

  178. I loved every part of the song, the rap as well. I didn’t mind it at all, on the contrary. And I would miss the JEE WHY PEE too if it weren’t there. It’s a weird thing but I’ve grown accustomed to it and I like my routine. It’s kinda reassuring for some reason.

    As for my favourite part in the video, it’s certainly the little Bingeul Bingeul dance. Isn’t there some korean folk dance resembling it? It’s a fresh, and innocent dance, like little girls playing Amerindians invoking rain around a totem pole. And you know, you get tired of girl groups emulating pole dancing after a while, though the bit missing from my chromosomes won’t let me protest that much. I think this part of the vid is brilliant and would have liked it to last a bit longer, really fun to watch.

    YT: trissinti

  179. My favorite part is that the chorus kind of sounds like North American country music. It’s really different and refreshing! :) 

    youtube user blueyedragon04 :) 

  180. okay, first i want to say that i LOVE the f-art songs. ^__^ they’re hilarious but totally listenable.
    also, martina, you totally rock that short black wig. and you totally don’t look like a boy, you’re too pretty (totally makes me jels b/c i SO look like a boy with short hair)!! :D

    as for the song, a friend of mine posted it last week and i totally felt the rap was weird in the song. it didn’t fit the song nor did it seem to really flow. the rest of the song was just super fun and i loved that it wasn’t all sexual. gold stars for wondergirls!!
    i think my favourite part of the video, which isn’t really a part of the video at all, is their legs. they seem to have more dancer-like legs. i mean, dancers tend to have thicker legs b/c they’re really muscular and strong, and that’s what WG’s legs look like…..not all skinny and stick-like as some other girl k-pop stars have (example:  SNSD…who eat WAY too little food, poor girls). i like that. they have great figures and look a lot healthier overall. GREAT ON YOU, WONDERGIRLS!! 

    (youtube: tattiepoteet)

  181. My favorite part is the “dancing in a spiral” part, it reminds me of The Lion King’s sequence when Simba is singing “I Just Can’t Wait to be King”.

    I mean, we all LOVE ‘The Lion King’ right? Good Job Wonder girls. ^^

    YouTube user: Summer52

  182. my fav part would be the starting of the mv with the stairs and the turning….stage…..or something….and the rapping part where they swirl around the round…stairs….
    i like them simply because they’re fascinating *o*

  183. I like both the Wonder Girls & T-ara’s songs. But for retro video, I am picking T-ara. It just really speaks to me & my memories of high school.

  184. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
    I WAS EXPECTING TABLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TT_________________TT

    sorry for saying this but WTH does jyp always give retro-sounding songs like this to wg? i mean,miss a’s songs totally rock,but i always get this retro-ry(?) feel with wg’s songs..
    sorry but i just don’t dig this.and the rap part doesn’t fit the beat of the song at all.

  185. i thot u’re gonna make a review of Cleansing cream MV X( even tho i love WG so much! especially SEXY YUBIN! ^^

  186. Please know that I’m always impressed with WG’s rapper, coz she got her own style.

    But I have to agree, the rap sequence does not match the whole song.

    I was like, ERK?!

  187. My favourite part is the epic intro,i don’t know why it’s just epic.

    youtube name : xkyokochamax

  188. OMG! You guys posted this video so early and you love the video as much as I do!!!

    Okay, my favorite part is when the girls start clapping, jumping, and going around in circles. It’s just so damn happy and enegetic, and it makes me wanna get up dance with them! It’s also an easy dance which is a plus!  So easy and fun to do for the whole family =D

    Im definitely going to play this song during xmas! Both the Korean and english version. Btw, my youtube name is lilian23910.

  189. YT Username: UkayKukay

    Favourite Part: 0:08 – 0:14 <— The silhouettes and the different steps works so well for me. Plus the camera panning illusion… I'm in total awe! It's totally captivating for an intro. It's a part where you'll really replay over and over just to see each's steps, i love that and how it interests me to copy the steps. :))

    Showdown Vote: I love both songs! It's a tie! joke! k k k k … well i'll just give my vote to T-ARA. To me, retro is best represented when super colorful. :D

  190. The best part of Be My Baby is the part(s) Hae Lim sings and the dance that goes with it. I think its really smart way of dancing and it just works. It adds to the peppyness of the song :’D
    youtubeusername: debb0r

  191. I Like Suheeeeeeeeee’s Part <3 <3 when she said waiting ………………………… praying ……………..nanananananana

  192. Vote for T-ara! Best parts arw Yoobin’s parts!

  193. My favorite part would be the intro because it looks very ‘Dreamgirls’ and it would really hook you up to watch until the end of the video. You won’t get bored watching the video a lot of times:> keke The dance was awesome too, plus, the black and white video gives off a simple yet addicting to watch. I like the part where they are in a circle and the other dancers are also dancing…It’s so cool :> I also love their parts there and I really really like the intro with the stairs.

    YT name: puccaem

  194. I loved the beginning before the whole “christmasy” theme came in, like the whole thing where they shook from side to side :) Then when the christmasy part came in, I loved how SoHee danced. I loved how when Sun Ye had to say “Make Me Your Lady” then she does this happy face with the “Ohhhh~~~”, not too sexy not too cute just perfect :D . Ye Eun “Please Be My Baby” she has this tone in her voice that just makes it so RAWR :P LOL. Yoo and Hye didn’t really give me that “spunk” more than the other 3 did. But that’s just my opinion, please don’t hate D:

    Youtube : Scrystal2

  195. I agree for the thing they shouldn’t had rap in all k-pop songs, it sounds weird the first time I listened to “Be My Baby” but now it’s okay ! Agree too for the JAY WHY PEE whisper and also for the choreography who looks like Beyoncé Single Ladies’ one !

    Now which part I like in the MV. I can’t really choose because I like all the MV, but the part starting at 3:15 which the dancers is really nice to me. I think I never saw that in others k-pop MV, the top-view give a better things to the dance, and as it’s the end, you also sing with them so it’s more… interesting if I can say. That’s the part in the MV I like the most ! (my youtube username is flylikeGTOP)

  196. HOORAY for random people in your videos!!!! xD
    Yes I’m talking about Brian and Whitney in the lift. Elevator. Whatever you call it in Korea.
    I think the only other people I’ve seen are Simon’s dad, and Martina’s parents, who are all amaaaazing. <3
    Btw can I get one thing off my mind? ….didn't Simon's dad say "Do you know me?" in that video from waaay back?
    Don't tell me – HE'S RELATED TO MORDNEY……??!!!! o.O GASP!!

  197. my youtube name is fullxofxpridexazn and i actually loved the bits in the movie when the lighting was dark on their bodies, if you get which parts i mean, like how they are dancing and you can only see their black figures dancing in the white for a few seconds. i thought that was just very different and adds to the feel and mood of the classy, broadway like music video.

  198. YouTube username: abzzsh

    To be honest, I LOVED the whole video. At first it may seem blah, as it is retro again (which is WG’s forte). But as the video progress, I got hooked into it! They’re dance is so sassy and classy, unlike other Kpop MV’s we’ve seen so far! It looked so clean and very organized. The video is simple yet (as I’ve mentioned) VERY CLASSY. The stage and the outfits were perfect! They did a great job in choosing this concept for the video.It’s hard to choose a specific scene as I loved everything!! But, I think my most favorite part would be when the back-up dancers appeared during the rap break-down, and they circled around until they reached the top portion of the stage. It’s seemed so fun, and made me wanna dance along! In my opinion, it made the video more exciting and fun to watch. Also the aerial shots with all the dancers, it was awesome!I really wanna win this album, and if I win, this would be my first K-Pop album ever since I became a fan in 2009. Wonder Girls introduced me to the K-Pop world, and I really wanna show my support by having their album. Too bad, I can’t afford to buy it online as it’s very expensive in terms with our currency. It would cost me my whole month’s allowance for school in order to buy it.

  199. To the comment below, it is one of beyonce’s choreographer but I believe it was for the Freak song not that one.

    Anyways, my favorite part of the video is the great formation moves in conjuction with the camera moves! Like, as they get in a diagonal line on the stairs, the camera moves as well to make a really cool look! I also really like the formations when 2 of the girls are on the raised circle platforms. Overall, with the lines and the stairs and the moving floors,the formations in this dance are really great!!
    YT: kaymm

  200. For the past WG music videos, my favorite parts have always been Yoobin’s parts. She’s not even my ultimate bias, that spot belongs to Lim. It’s not different this time round, I ABSOLUTELY LOOOOOVE her rap part in the MV, but her parts get harder and harder to follow/memorize, which is a bummer for me since I can’t follow them as much as I used to :( My youtube username is Ultrahanisah

  201. My favorite part of their MV is when the lights starts to open in the beginning of the MV. It shows how wonder girls improve in their career and now they are in the top. There dance moves in the first seconds are good too. Their steps is cool and addicting. Actually, the whole MV is amazing. I find it really good. YT Username: lakamasabino

  202. I agree that the rapping verse stuck out like a sore thumb in the song, i think it’s the synthesizer noise which changes the melody of the whole song. Yoobin nailed her part though, missed her fierce rapping.

    ‘Be My Baby’ choreographer also did ‘Single Ladies” choreography (A+ for JYP connection).

    My vote goes to T-ara’s Roly Poly. The dance is so hard to learn but it’s so fun! Would be awesome if there’s a flash mob with this song.

  203. I love the circle penguin dance (I call it this right when I watched it) because it’s just lulzy, my youtube username is ttarinna!

  204. I have to vote for Wonder Girls’ video this week… they showed that retro can still be sexy and tasteful. it’s not just bright colors and fluff.

    My favorite part of the video is the chorus since it has just enough harmony in the background and because I’ve watched the girls’ vocal skills grow since their first few songs and I really love when the show off what they can do (without it being too showy if that makes sense)

    (youtube username SironaSelkie)

  205. Guess you didn’t feel parts of the song sounded very Christmassy. While I agree that it shouldn’t be obligatory with a rap part in every kpop song I always feel like Yubin makes the song better. I was a bit disappointed with the song because their MV concept felt like Single Ladies and from what I understood they would have had moved away from retro.

    Lastly I believe Me, In or Stop! would have been a lot better tracks to promote than Be My Baby. At least WG is back in Korea for a while, gotta be happy about that.

  206. My favorite part is the amazing rap of Yoobin, she is one of the most talented rappers in Kpop and the choreo in that part is great~ (the whole MV is awesome!). YT username: IsabellaSwan1987

  207. The dance uses a lot of hand gestures which is great, because Wonderfuls will find it easier to dance to. ^^ But hopping around in heels. I pray that their heels don’t break during performances.

  208. wonder girls’ choreo was done by the same dancer as beyonce’s single ladies. 

  209. T-ara’s Loly Poly!!! <3 <3

  210. We need your cover mp3 again!!! hahaha.

  211. got distracted~


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