Ok JYP. Enough already. We’re not suggesting that you’re ruining your songs by saying your name at the beginning of them, but we are suggesting that this kinda needs to stop. It’s not really adding anything to the songs. If you didn’t include your name in it, doubt anybody would be like “hey, you know, this was a great song, but I just couldn’t get into it because I didn’t have the producer whisper his name at the beginning of the song.” Bah! We know that it’s not for the benefit of the song that you’re including your name though. Yes, branding is important, we know, we know, for business, yada yada. For music, though…helllllll it gets annoying. JAY WHY PEE!

Apart from that tiny complaint, and our general complaint about Kpop songs always seeming to throw in rap breakdowns (seriously guise: not everyone should rap), this song was just about pretty damned perfect. Seriously. It’s so fun and spunky! Check it out if you haven’t already:


Now, we’d like to draw your attention back to Bubble Pop. See, that song had a similar kind of peppy spunky happy fun feel to it. It was a great song (apart from the likewise odd genre mashing dub step breakdown), but the video for it was just sooooo off the mark. Hyuna just squeezed her boobs together, shook her ass, and rubbed the inside of her thighs. Wonder Girls: thank you for not going that route with this video. Thank you for making a fun video to match your song, for being fun and confident in your video rather than relying on sexuality for your video. Really. We’re so happy with this, and really think it’s one of the best videos we’ve seen all year.

On a side note: JYP!

Anyhow, since we’re such huge fans of the new Wondergirls song, we decided to do a giveaway. Woot woot! We’re giving away TWO copies of the new Wondergirls album. All you gotta do is tell us what is your favourite part of the video and why. You can leave your answers in this post as well, but PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR YOUTUBE USERNAME IN YOUR ANSWER. We’re picking from our YouTube subscribers, of course, so we gotta make sure you’re subscribed to our channel. Woot! We’ll pick two winners and mail out your CDs next week.

If you don’t happen to be one of the winners, you can either buy the album on iTunes, or, if you prefer a physical album, then you can buy it from YesAsia by clicking the picture below.


As for this week’s Bloopers, you’ll see that the elevator scene was quite difficult to film, considering the fact that people were trying to get on it. Oops! Oh, and the people you saw with us in the elevator were our good friends Brian and Whitney from Ansan Answers. We know Bucheon; they know Ansan. Check them out!



OH! And people have been asking for our songs. Here are the two F-art B Sides. FYI: Simon’s got the awesomest singing voice ever.

Hello Kitty Emo Rap by simonandmartina

F-art Shopping Reggae by simonandmartina

  1. This is REALLY late, but I think the rapper’s rap in english fit the song a tad bit better. It’s slower paced (I doubt she could rap that fast in English), but her tone is a bit lighter and it feels better. I generally like WG’s songs in English more than Korean, but maybe that’s because I’m biased XD

  2. This video is eerily similar to Put a Ring on It….

  3. “trimming…praying…” =D

  4. I actually don’t mind things like “JYP” or “Mordney present” in the songs because they bring me extra lols every time I hear them. xD I nearly burst out laughing when the giant “JYP” letters lit up on the staircase.

    Anyways, I loooove the song and video! ^^ I just saw the Wonder Girls movie yesterday (late I know ^^; ) and I am just loving these girls more and more every time I see them perform.

  5. I just realized something! I may not be right, but this song could be inspired by the song Be My Baby by The Ronettes, considered the greatest pop song EVER. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QzhbGaCwBzs JYP…you can be a genius sometimes…

  6. LOL I know this is kinda old but I just wanna say that Martina really reminded me of Phoebe from friends with that cat song xDDD

  7. Martina’s Hello Kitty Emo Rap was brilliant.

  8. “rap sequence… WHYYY??” …. totally agree.

  9. lol As a Korean teenager, I’ve never thought rap is so distracting in k-pop music, but now, with your new perspective I can realize the rapping part can be quite awkward in that way:D I think many k-pop music has some parts of rap, especially in idol music, regardless of the overall atmosphere. Anyways, always thanx for your great videos!

  10. i reckon T-ARA’s Roly Poly is more retro. :D clearly u can see Be My Baby is like basically almost the same as Beyonce’s Single Ladies. Like the outfit and dance and the black-and-white background. :D

    • Someone pointed out on youtube that Single Ladies is like Gwen Verdon’s Mexican Breakfast. Be My Baby is similar, but one can clearly see that it’s not the same or “almost the same.”

  11. Simon! I didn’t know ur so talented in rap!

  12. ROLF!! I like Simon and Martina song more!!

  13. Love Simon’s “me gusta” face. That’s the same face I make when something “me gusta”

  14. Youtube: NomzOreos
    My favorite part was mear the beginning when they multiplied and made clones of the singer with the balloon 6 times.

  15. youtube: jelijess
    favourite part: yoobin’s rap! :) since it’s different from the rest of the song, it’s nice to have a change from the same lines repeated over and over. and the swirl formation with a bunch of backup dancers is cool too. 


  17. The two friends in the elevator scene, I saw them on House Hunter International!

  18. YouTube username: DnLaEMT
    My favorite part of the music video is at 00:03 because say JYP hahaha and when the dancers appear in the minute 02:40 =D

  19. I think the reason producers seem to throw in random rap sequences where they don’t seem to belong is because it’s trendy right now, and a lot of Korean culture seems to be about following trends or following a rigid formula to success (ie, clothing, music, appearances, education). I’m not sure you would ever get a Korean Lady Gaga.

  20. I know right?! ….its like when you listen to this really catchy song you hear….JYP PRODUCTION and its like Yo bro i know =.=

  21. YouTube username: CeroHdz
    My favorite part of the music video was in between 0:24 to 0:32. I love how they combined those movements, you just want to move your hands along with them. My favorite part though, has to be the last few seconds where they do what I call the “bunny dance.” That part just cracks me up every time I watch the video, I love it.

  22. youtube username: awsumrose
    my favorite part is at 1:06 when ye eun does the drumming part!! and then a bunch of clones appear doing the same thing:D awesome:)

  23. my favorite part was when they were at the top of the stairs and started dancing while yubin’s saying “the wonder girls… are back” 



  24. Would it be naïve for me to think that if I leave my answer here and in the YouTube comments I have more chances to win? Well, I am going to do it anyway. Copy/paste!

    Youtube username: pcrastello

    My favorite part of the video is the rap, but not for the music specifically. Although by itself it is pretty good (you cannot deny Yubin has great rapping skills), I agree with you that it doesn’t fit the genre of the song at all. What I like about it is the dance. I found those clapping and jumps really fun and hard to not imitate when you listen to the song LOL. I also like when the camera shows the five members and the dancers from above while they dance on that round stage. The camera work is very good in general.

  25. My fav part of the video is when Yubin started rapping!! Like omg breakdown! (Nahh.. just coz that part annoys the freak outta u guys ;P) –srena14

  26. What I liked best about this video was the overall visual of it, especially that everything was black and white with spots of colors appearing at random times. After watching MVs with funky colors changes and shaky cameras recently, it’s nice to just watch something that is easy on the eyes (and my brain). :)

    Youtube: SnowieXTenshi

  27. “meow meow meow meow meow meow touch my head” lol!  i can’t stop singing that part! xD


    ignored the JYP part and sorry that it is quite a long part… 
    starting off from 0:03-0:07 i like how the song is like creating a climax right in the beginning as the opening of the song, the dance of them just moving their shoulders and head may not be very appealing as they are just standing there going up and down but i think it really matches the beat s they synchronise it gives an effect that they are really “wonder girls” as a team. When Yubin says, “and the wonder girls… are back” it makes the opening music sound talk in her place before she said that line it really gives a verys trong impression of the wonder girls. 
    from 0:07-0:19 i like how they have members moving to the right, to the left, and one in the middle while they pose according to the rhythm of the song in the shadows. Slowly, the light gets brighter revealing their faces. When Yubin make the turn with her hand held high, it gives a retro feeling that she is enjoying herself as if she is in a disco. I especially love the part how they move along the huge staircase with the WG lighting is like saying the stage is only their’s. The pause let us anticipate for what is going to show next in the music video. 
    0:19-1:05 the reason why i like this part is actually super simple! haha:D when i first hear “be my baby” i actually like sohee’s and hyelim’s part the most, not only does the lyrics totally fit the music but the dance moves are super cool! not to forget: the black and white effect gives off a ladylike feeling that somehow the without the colours we can still see wonder girls’ talent and how well they can do. 



    YOUTUBE USERNAME: valvaleryp

  29. my favorite part was definitely right after he whispers “Jay why PEEEE” and yubins like “huuuh…this is kinda awkward…. uuh WERE DUH WONDER GIRLS! WERE BAAAAACK…is that what you wanted me to do…introduce ourselves…um im yubin, thats sohee…” haha :P
    youtube channel: shushuhab

  30. so i love your songs. I replayed it more than a sane person probably should XD meow meow meow touch my head~ let’s go dance pun the dance floor, you joom joom my hear just like a locket~

  31. I believe the english is super good in this song because it was specifically designed with an English version.
    Although, some of the lyrics in the English version are even different from the English lyrics in the Korean version.

  32. That’s totally the best Me Gusta face I’ve ever seen a human do. (Okay, it’s the only one. But it still cracked me up.)

  33. Yayyy Big bang!!!Congrats!!!Like if you realized the hidden message of Martina!

  34. First off I want to say that I absolutely love your videos. I recently started listening to K-Pop within the last month and every time I find a song I like I always come here to see if there’s a K-Pop Music Monday video about it. You guys are great and I hope you do these for a while!

    This is the first Wonder Girls song I’ve heard and I instantly fell in love with it. I actually have two favorite parts of the video:
    The first is at the beginning from :08 to :20 where they start off as black silhouettes and begin their separate dance routines. They are all different but they really stuck out to me the first time I watched the music video and I always pay attention to this part when I click replay because I like it so much. Their movements are really fluid without any hints of sexuality and they help set the mood of the video which makes it so special. After they get into positions and the vocals begin, I love how the camera zooms out and you can see each individual step of the lit stairs as well as the huge ‘WG’ symbol. To me it’s a great start to the strong vocal that SoHee brings, who I think definitely shines in this video.My second favorite is from 1:30 to 1:53, where they seem to really use the black and white color scheme to the fullest. I love how the girls have different color ‘scales’ that kind of reflect off their bodies at some parts. This is also SoHee’s second vocal part (sorry I don’t know the technical term) in which the small instances of English really stuck out to me, not only because they rhymed but also just gave out really good feelings. Also the video’s emphasis on her performance on the screen during this time isolates her from the group as really the star of the video. I feel the song/video would be completely different without her. She’s really fantastic.Phew, sorry this might be really long. But I really do appreciate what you two do and I think your videos are funny also. Congratulations on 100,000 describers, I’m sure you’ll have many more to come including myself.Youtube Channel: MidnightSky171

  35. My favorite part of the MV is the use of lighting, particularly the way the lighting changes to make silhouettes. I think it emphasizes the dance very well, and ultimately, this is a dance video, so the focus should be on the dance. 

    My favorite part of the dance is actually the “be my lady” part. It stood out to me when I first watched the music video, and I still think it is a very clever way to portray a lady. The Wondergirls choreography, for me, is very universal. It’s not super complicated, and it’s easily understood, which encourages people dance along with them. I think this is an essential part of the appeal of the Wondergirls. 

    Even though I loved this song and video, I have to go with T-ARA’s “Roly Poly” for most retro. The overall sound plus the choreography and costumes seems more retro to me than the Wondergirls’ “Be My Baby.” 

    Youtube username: AnimosaCascata

  36. I really like this song and the MV, there are some parts I like more and some parts I like less, but one of my favourite parts is around 1:06 min., when there is drum sound before the chorus and in the MV YeEun is like playing the drums and she is “multipled”, it reminds of some old music videos… I really like this short part! :-)

    Answering the question which retro MV I like more – definitely T-ARA’s “Roly Poly” – first of all – the song is absolutely awesome! You can get addicted with it since first few seconds :-) And the MV is awesome as well, their outfits are fabulous! I love them!

    you tube username – ciasteczkowyPotwor87

  37. funny how jyp said the wondergirls moved away from the retro concept and this is the retro edition.

  38.  Be My Baby is such a nice catchy song that is so lovable. and I almost forgot SNSD have a comeback song called THE BOYS…..WG simply WON BY MILES!!
    (sorry to say that but the huge population of SONE do help a lot for them to win triple crowns on all TV show…as some SONE did point out THE BOYS is not a great track for comeback….)_the rapping may be a little bit odd in Be My Baby, but rapping in THE BOYS is even worse!!The dance move at the chorus starting “Please be my baby…” really get me so excited and wanna do the dance with them!! Great Jobs Wonder Girls!! Hope you girls will get all the NUMBER 1 SPOT  for this coming weeks TV show charts!!

    UPDATED!! Wonder Girls won in mCountdown!! WAY TO GO WG!!

  39. My favourite part of the music video is when they are dancing and clapping with the backup dancers at the end of the video because it look so fun and at 3:22 , they stage look like turning around and not the backup dancers. And after the backup dancers finish dancing, Wonder Girls start to sit down on the stage with a sexy and classic style and ended like that. Thanks for reading ^^ and sorry for my bad english.

    YouTube username: HuiHuimoon

  40. T-Ara’s is daringly retro. Be My Baby is just a clear rip off of Beyonce (last 3 mv’s?) and Mariah. 

    I think WG’s choreography is really smart. It catches on a lot easier and nothing says popular like -everybody- imitating your moves, rather than just -wanting- to. 

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