Like this yo! Like this! Wonder Girls’ new song is awesome, so check it out if you haven’t already…LIKE THIS!


Wonder Girls, you’re right up there with T-ara for us. They give us no nonsense, awesome to dance to music, and we like that a lot. Not as much cowbell as T-ara, but still a lot of fun. And no 20 minute videos, at least!

Anyhow, this was a really tough Music Monday to script for, and not because this song and video weren’t good. They were both awesome in our mind, but the video concept was so simple that it was difficult to criticize/analyze/joke about it. Nope, it was just a plain old simple flashmobesque dance video. But, in a way, it’s not a very simple concept in the kpop world, since we rarely see kpop bands interacting in such a normal, human location. One of the things that makes kpop so magical is that watching a video is often like a visit to Disneyland. It creates sets and locations that make the viewer feel like they’re a part of something real, but also fantastical at the same time. The sets are often really really fake, with no attempt to pretend to be real at all, and it feels like you’re watching a live musical with set changes. Rarely we get glimpses into a “real” looking set, like Junsu’s house in JYJ’s “In Heaven” which looked pretty real…except for all the pickles in the fridge and lack of underpants and socks strewn everywhere. But anyways, I digress.

The point is, we know for fact, this dance was practiced for a little bit before filming with all the people in the Wonder Girl video, but besides maybe a dozen backup dancers, they were just average joes that learned the dance that day and danced with their friends, families, and the Wonder Girls. We think not only is that really cool, it’s also a very rare concept. Idols walking and moving in the real world! I supposed if most male group tried this they might have problems with fans freaking out and screaming and there might have to be super tight security and so on, but it seemed pretty calm in this video. That’s it! Hope our jokes weren’t too lame this week…oh gosh.

Otherwise, here are the winners of the Sistar Signed CD giveway, from our Interview with Sistar. Drumroll please!


I love Sistar because they are legitimately talented and always seem to be themselves when they perform as well as in interviews. They have an approachable feel to them, plus they look like they’re very good role models for girls everywhere :)


I love that the ladies of Sistar are not afraid to be goofy and they are just bursting with personality. You can really see that they love what they do, and have fun every second, whether they are on camera, on stage, or just hanging out with Simon and Martina.
Christina Neel



So, if you’re either one of these people, send us an email! Yay! Otherwise, here are the bloopers for this week. Playing with hairy balls is fun!


  1. Ok was it just my eyes tricking me or did anyone else see MBLAQ and 2PM in the video?

  2. Simon and Martina, this is a question unrelated to Wonder Girls, but related to music. I saw two videos recently. One was Latin Pop and the other was indie. The Latin pop (“Lengua” by Beatriz Luengo) was all super catchy candy colored cuteness, but still unmistakably Latin. I couldn’t help but to compare/contrast it to kpop cuteness. The indie video was Fiona Apple. She was wearing an octopus hat…….so there is that.

    My first thought after watching both videos was, I wonder what Simon and Martina would think of this. I would also imagine that you guys are hearing a lot of North American pop right now whether you want to or not (that Carly Rae Jepsen song is inescapable). So have there been times when you’ve seen a video or heard a song by a non-Korean artist that you’d love to do a music Monday for? Or even a compare/contrast?

  3. Bilasa’s cutsy cutsy creeps me out. I’m voting wondergirls. Maybe if I show my daughter this video she’ll stop playing “please be my baby” endlessly!

  4. JYP is there though. I heard it the first time I listened. 

  5. b1a4. They are lovely. Videos of WG boring

  6. hahaha it just looked like you guys were doing a weird chicken dance!!! hahahaha!!!

  7. My vote goes for Like this, because i love it, yo, i love it :D

  8. Simon, did you…did you just gave Jay why pee Ideas how to put his name in MV? For 1, 32 min? O.o? 

    If I see a plane scribbling JYP’s name on the sky in a MV I am coming after you!

  9. i like wonder girls “like thiz yall like thiz”…….but i have to go with B1A4’s “i like it like it like it”

  10. My vote goes to Wonder Girls! And I didn’t hear the JYP whisper…maybe my hearing is off. Also, nice product placement Martina, very subtle. It was as subtle as any product placement in a K-Pop video.

  11. My vote goes to B1A4. Also, I am so sad, because you didn’t review Infinite with “The chaser”, oh well. I like this song, it’s catchy. Like this yoooo, like this.

    Happy anniversary~

  12. Im voting for the Wonder Girls, like this yo, like this!! =D

  13. anyone noticed that Miss A isn`t on the JYP artist list in their website?

  14. Congrats on the anniversary~

    Open question to anyone; is Cross Gene on the Kpop charts? With f(x)’s comeback they probably won’t be on KMM, but just curious.

  15. Hey, congratulations, Simon and Martina, for next week!  Happy anniversary!

    (I vote for the Wonder Girls.  That song has been stuck in my head for a couple of days now.  LIKE THIS, YO!)

    I know a lot of people recognise you now in Korea, so you probably don’t get that many strange reactions if/when you go and film something outside (like the Swan Walk), but do you get any weird looks doing stuff like that in Canada?  (It didn’t look like it in the video….)  I was just wondering.

    (P.S.  Anyone and everyone: is it just me, or has TS Ent vanished off the face of youtube?  Their channel just suddenly vanished yesterday.  I was really surprised, especially since it’s their main way of reaching out to international fans.)

  16. I’m totally going with B1A4’s like it like it like it~ <3


  18. I miss you guysss, now you just came out with one video for week…or two…comeback!!!!! Like a full comeback!!!

  19. BILASA!!!!!!!!!!!! 
    Joom joomed my heart like a locket like no one else did. :D

  20. Such a difficult choice! But….. BILASA

  21. Never underestimate JYP he’s everywhere^^
    Vote for Wonder Girls

  22. I like it like it like it
    Oh my beautiful target, you zoom zoom my heart like a rocket

    B1A4, zoomed into my heart with this song and get my vote. I hope they stay that cutesy for at least another year.

  23. I liked this yo like this, this music monday was real fresh^^  The bloopers were priceless… I was cracking up at Simon’s lovey dovey dance when he saw the flies.  Hap-pre anniversary!!! 

  24. i like wonder girls like this! :)

  25. that’s my girls… cool and unique :) 

  26. lol I heard the JYP at the 0:00-0:01 mark XD I thought people were just kidding but it’s actually there! My vote goes to WG like this because now whenever someone’s explaining how to do something I can’t help but think LIKE THIS YO! LIKE THIS!!! XD

  27. Definitely gonna have to give it to B1A4 this time around. Not that I don’t love the Wonder Girls, but…B1A4 joom joom my heart like a rocket. : /
    And people thought TVXQ’s outfits were weird? Ok, well I can see where they got that idea, but seriously? Almost the pot calling the kettle black if you asked me. I had a good few laughs at Big Bang’s outfits too. Like Taeyang’s hair…and TOP’s hat. That hat actually made me angry for some reason… Like how Martina is with turtlenecks.
    I seriously got off topic! Anyway, yeah I loved this song too! It was so refreshing with how simplistic and fun it was! I get tired of trying to figure out what the hell is going on in K-pop videos like 95% of the time, so this video was fantastic, in my opinion.

  28. OMG! did you really buy JYP Diamond Headphones! =0 are they good???!

  29. I like the this song because it makes me wanna get up and dance, it’s fun song!

  30. You guys must’ve had lots of fun dancing in public :D
    No weird looks or anything lol???
    Invite me next time? xD

  31. waaaah i love this song and the mv! I’ve never seen any k-pop folks do a flash mob type of thing before so that was really cool. Also have to agree that these chicks defiantly look approachable. Most of the time any celebrity is viewed as this high deity type person and they seem almost untouchable. We only see them from photos, television and even hear their voices on the radio. Its almost like they’re in one a really big bubble or one of those really big display cases for delicate dolls. I think that’s why people freak out when they actually see a celeb or idol in person; they’re not really real and then they’re in your eye site. So with WG in this spacious place that people frequent often, bumping elbows and dancing with regular people with no security telling them to back up? Very very cool. I wish i was there, i but their manager was freaking out lol.

  32. Seriously. I can’t believe you didn’t hear the ‘JYP’ whisper. IT WAS THERE!!! At the 0:00 mark!!! AARRRRGGGHHH JYP FEELS UNAPPRECIATED!!! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

  33. My theory is that there’s hidden JYP initials on the scenes where people are hanging at the mall…

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