Like this yo! Like this! Wonder Girls’ new song is awesome, so check it out if you haven’t already…LIKE THIS!


Wonder Girls, you’re right up there with T-ara for us. They give us no nonsense, awesome to dance to music, and we like that a lot. Not as much cowbell as T-ara, but still a lot of fun. And no 20 minute videos, at least!

Anyhow, this was a really tough Music Monday to script for, and not because this song and video weren’t good. They were both awesome in our mind, but the video concept was so simple that it was difficult to criticize/analyze/joke about it. Nope, it was just a plain old simple flashmobesque dance video. But, in a way, it’s not a very simple concept in the kpop world, since we rarely see kpop bands interacting in such a normal, human location. One of the things that makes kpop so magical is that watching a video is often like a visit to Disneyland. It creates sets and locations that make the viewer feel like they’re a part of something real, but also fantastical at the same time. The sets are often really really fake, with no attempt to pretend to be real at all, and it feels like you’re watching a live musical with set changes. Rarely we get glimpses into a “real” looking set, like Junsu’s house in JYJ’s “In Heaven” which looked pretty real…except for all the pickles in the fridge and lack of underpants and socks strewn everywhere. But anyways, I digress.

The point is, we know for fact, this dance was practiced for a little bit before filming with all the people in the Wonder Girl video, but besides maybe a dozen backup dancers, they were just average joes that learned the dance that day and danced with their friends, families, and the Wonder Girls. We think not only is that really cool, it’s also a very rare concept. Idols walking and moving in the real world! I supposed if most male group tried this they might have problems with fans freaking out and screaming and there might have to be super tight security and so on, but it seemed pretty calm in this video. That’s it! Hope our jokes weren’t too lame this week…oh gosh.

Otherwise, here are the winners of the Sistar Signed CD giveway, from our Interview with Sistar. Drumroll please!


I love Sistar because they are legitimately talented and always seem to be themselves when they perform as well as in interviews. They have an approachable feel to them, plus they look like they’re very good role models for girls everywhere :)


I love that the ladies of Sistar are not afraid to be goofy and they are just bursting with personality. You can really see that they love what they do, and have fun every second, whether they are on camera, on stage, or just hanging out with Simon and Martina.
Christina Neel



So, if you’re either one of these people, send us an email! Yay! Otherwise, here are the bloopers for this week. Playing with hairy balls is fun!


  1. My vote goes to B1A4 :3
    I like it like it like it! ^^

  2. I’m probably one of the outsiders here, but I vote for BILASA! It makes me smile much more than WG does when I listen to their song.

  3. i prefer wonder girls like this.. it’s fun…

  4. like this yo like this!! make me want to follow the dance..

  5. oh my god how i missed ur vids…!! i’ve been to seoul in the middle of the may, returned home at the beginin of june. and since my return, i’ve had no spare time to watch the vids i’ve missed T^T BUT NOW~!! I’M ALONE AT HOME SO I SHALL WATCH UR VIDS THE WHOLE NIGHT BWHAHAHAHAA~!! xD
    the only thing i can tell about ur vid now…?? i loled pretty much at ur low budget mv cover xD especially simon dancin in the middle of caffeteria… xD haha i’d love to see random ppl reaction who were sittin there haha xD
    anyways – good to be back to watchin ur vids & waitin for more osomness…!! :D

  6. Ok was it just my eyes tricking me or did anyone else see MBLAQ and 2PM in the video?

  7. how come infinite “the chaser” wasn’t reviewed? There were many votes and it seemed to disappear on the voting..

  8. I am envisioning the job application for a bodyguard for The Wonder Girls:
    Must be willing to sacrifice self for the safety of group members (and [whispered] JYP), have hands on experience with crowd control, advanced stalker-evasion techniques, unarmed combat, and gettin’ all funky and down with this — like this’ — at any given notice.

  9. I was do happy when you guys did this song cause I voted like crazy for this video. It any way I love the fact that you guys pay attention to the smallest detail that others would have never noticed I reallly respect you guys

  10. Um, this isnt really related, but I think I saw Simon on Qualifications of Men…. near Hyeongbin, right?

  11. My question is, is it more embarrassing doing those silly random (dancing) takes in your home country versus doing them in Korea? I can imagine not really caring about public displays of silliness in Korea (hey, these people don’t know me), but in my own hood, maaaaybe I’d be a little mortified. haha! Kudos to yous guys!

  12. I would love to have Simon and Martina as my english teachers!

  13. Your 2nd KPopMM Anniversary is coming ^^ You should do a Symbolic Edition, with Sunny Hill’s “Is The White Horse Coming?”, Infinite’s “The Chaser”, and Nell’s “The Day Before”
    I know you guys want to review these MVs too *______________*

  14. My vote goes to B1A4. It was a tough decision though, since the wonder girls are awesome too :)

  15. simon, martina. wonder if you guys heard anything about the new kpop festival in LA hosted by SBS? Their facebook website has a youtube tab with 6 of you guys’ videos.

  16. vote goes to Bilasa’s Beautiful Target ;D

  17. @twitter-302205059:disqus totally rad

  18. JAY WHY PEE is actually there..

    My vote is for BILASA’s beautiful target ^^

  19. my vote wonder girls

    and maybe you guys should do a anniversary video!

  20. question: was infinite “chaser” deleted from charts, because i can’t find it anymore? i know , i know it’s wonder girls’ video, but… i’m just curious yeah~

  21. OMG you guys should do one of those Ellen Dance Dare thingies (Ellen DeGeneres).. like when you go up behind people and dance.. when i saw you guys recreating the music video it hit me that you guys would be so awesome at it :D here’s an example

  22. I wasn’t hugely into “Like This” for some reason…it just lacked a hook for me. I’m going to have to go with B1A4. Also Sandeul in a tiger outfit like it’s something normal. It doesn’t matter what the contest it. How can that not win?

  23. I literally LOLED at the Mordney part >.< The sad thing is Eli really should have been able to pronounce that right… -_-;

    Anyway, I choose Bilasa. I do like Wonder Girls 'Like This', but I've never been a fan of the word 'yo'. Remember what Martina did with all those turtlenecks? Yeah, that's how I am with people who say the word 'yo'. Minus the scissors and running over with the car… Maybe.

  24. i like it like it like it B1A4 is way better there my vote sorry wonder girls yours was good to but not as god as B1A4

  25. oh and i vote for wonder girls :)

  26. btw goodluck to b1a4 and other groups getting reviewed :D

  27. thank you for reviewing this! it was a tough competition :D teehee JYP really knows how to sneak up on you and comfort you when you thought you lost him xD

  28. The Wonder Girls get my vote for sure! Their video was fun and the song was catchy, plus the dance was fricking bloobalooby! B1A4 however….was very autotuned and cutey and idk… I was just kind of bored with it. They did not conqure my heart.

  29. omg! i just looked up the headphones because i want them but there like $349.95 im not that rich!

  30. O.o I’m sorry, I can’t stop laughing at the bloopers. Especially since my roommate loves “I Just Had Sex” and plays it all the time. Aya…

  31. omg a b1a4 fan here so voting for them

  32. I love, love, love B1A4’s Beautiful Target! I have to vote for it even though I’m also a huge Wonder Girls fan (I even saw the Wonder Girls with 2PM in Chicago in 2010, and one of my first K-pop CDs all the way beck in 1995 was JYP). However, Beautiful Target is hard to beat! (The JYP whisper jokes are flippin’ hilarious, btw. When you said he had a whispering disorder several videos ago, I almost died. Awesome.)

  33. i really like those headphones there so pretty!

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