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Wonder Girls – Like This: Kpop Music Monday

June 12, 2012


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Like this yo! Like this! Wonder Girls’ new song is awesome, so check it out if you haven’t already…LIKE THIS!

Wonder Girls, you’re right up there with T-ara for us. They give us no nonsense, awesome to dance to music, and we like that a lot. Not as much cowbell as T-ara, but still a lot of fun. And no 20 minute videos, at least!

Anyhow, this was a really tough Music Monday to script for, and not because this song and video weren’t good. They were both awesome in our mind, but the video concept was so simple that it was difficult to criticize/analyze/joke about it. Nope, it was just a plain old simple flashmobesque dance video. But, in a way, it’s not a very simple concept in the kpop world, since we rarely see kpop bands interacting in such a normal, human location. One of the things that makes kpop so magical is that watching a video is often like a visit to Disneyland. It creates sets and locations that make the viewer feel like they’re a part of something real, but also fantastical at the same time. The sets are often really really fake, with no attempt to pretend to be real at all, and it feels like you’re watching a live musical with set changes. Rarely we get glimpses into a “real” looking set, like Junsu’s house in JYJ’s “In Heaven” which looked pretty real…except for all the pickles in the fridge and lack of underpants and socks strewn everywhere. But anyways, I digress.

The point is, we know for fact, this dance was practiced for a little bit before filming with all the people in the Wonder Girl video, but besides maybe a dozen backup dancers, they were just average joes that learned the dance that day and danced with their friends, families, and the Wonder Girls. We think not only is that really cool, it’s also a very rare concept. Idols walking and moving in the real world! I supposed if most male group tried this they might have problems with fans freaking out and screaming and there might have to be super tight security and so on, but it seemed pretty calm in this video. That’s it! Hope our jokes weren’t too lame this week…oh gosh.

Otherwise, here are the winners of the Sistar Signed CD giveway, from our Interview with Sistar. Drumroll please!


I love Sistar because they are legitimately talented and always seem to be themselves when they perform as well as in interviews. They have an approachable feel to them, plus they look like they’re very good role models for girls everywhere :)


I love that the ladies of Sistar are not afraid to be goofy and they are just bursting with personality. You can really see that they love what they do, and have fun every second, whether they are on camera, on stage, or just hanging out with Simon and Martina.
Christina Neel



So, if you’re either one of these people, send us an email! Yay! Otherwise, here are the bloopers for this week. Playing with hairy balls is fun!



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